Martial God Space by Fu Xiao Chen

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 – Houtian Fourth Stage!
Chapter 3 – Library Pavilion
Chapter 4 – Choosing A Power Technique
Chapter 5 – Rushing Thunder Nine Echoes
Chapter 6 – Power Of Two Tigers
Chapter 7 – Earth Heart Fruit
Chapter 8 – Houtian Fifth Stage
Chapter 9 – Seizing Treasure
Chapter 10 – Easily Accomplished
Chapter 11 – Stimulating Battle
Chapter 12 – Cold Moon Beheader
Chapter 13 – Disaster Of Dongyin
Chapter 14 – Houtian Sixth Stage
Chapter 15 – School Inner Weighting
Chapter 16 – Returning To The School
Chapter 17 – Conflict
Chapter 18 – Blood Yuan Domain
Chapter 19 – Competition Starts
Chapter 20 – A Brief Appearance
Chapter 21 – In One Move
Chapter 22 – Then I Will Show You Enough
Chapter 23 – Best Shot
Chapter 24 – Enters Into The Top Three
Chapter 25 – Three Moves To Knock You Down
Chapter 26 – The Winning
Chapter 27 – Houtian Seventh Stage
Chapter 28 – Down The Hill
Chapter 29 – Conflict In The Trading Firm
Chapter 30 – Qingfeng Stronghold
Chapter 31 – Five Blades To Behead Chen Hu
Chapter 32 – Tianyuan City
Chapter 33 – Xiantian Pellet
Chapter 34 – Auction
Chapter 35 – Ambush
Chapter 36 – Strength Of 90 Tigers
Chapter 37 – Competition In The Auction House
Chapter 38 – Climax
Chapter 39 – Sneak Attack
Chapter 40 – Benefits Of Being The Third Party At A Dispute
Chapter 41 – The Besieged Disciple
Chapter 42 – Treatment
Chapter 43 – Changing Muscles Shrink--Ing Bones Technique
Chapter 44 – A Move To Fly
Chapter 45 – Condensed Xiantian Zhen Qi
Chapter 46 – Zhang Yuntian’S Challenge
Chapter 47 – Repercussions
Chapter 48 – Core Disciples Competition Begins
Chapter 49 – Agility Skill Test
Chapter 50 – It’S Actually Him?
Chapter 51 – Blood Yuan Territory
Chapter 52 – If You Commit Suicide Then I Will Leave Your Corpse Intact
Chapter 53 – Killed Instead
Chapter 54 – A Mysterious Expert Appears
Chapter 55 – Houtian Ninth Stage
Chapter 56 – Towards The Fengye Mountain
Chapter 57 –Zhang Family’S Bastards, Die!
Chapter 58 – Suppressing A Xiantian
Chapter 59 – Beheading A Xiantian
Chapter 60 – The Curtain Drops
Chapter 61 – Confrontation
Chapter 62 – Rewards
Chapter 63 – Coiling Dragon Palm
Chapter 64 – Rapid Advancement In Cultivation
Chapter 65 – Departure
Chapter 66 – Blue Flaming Flower
Chapter 67 – Monster
Chapter 68 – Fire Lin Beast
Chapter 69 – Strange
Chapter 70 – Rising Winds
Chapter 71 – To Hit With Hands Or Fists
Chapter 72 – Cao Family’S Trap
Chapter 73 – Breaking Through To The Xiantian Realm
Chapter 74 – All Killed
Chapter 75 – Yi Yuan Main Sect
Chapter 76 – Senior Disciple Shi Yi
Chapter 77 – Bullying
Chapter 78 – Like A Dead Dog
Chapter 79 – Father Becomes The Ancestor
Chapter 80 – Dropping In, To Fight
Chapter 81 – Wen Shiyang Comes Out
Chapter 82 – Creative Concept
Chapter 83 – Fame Spreads
Chapter 84 – The Three Major Sub-Schools
Chapter 85 – The Difference Of Ten
Chapter 86 – You All Can Come Together
Chapter 87 – Ye Xiwen, Come Out
Chapter 88 – Shaoyang Elder
Chapter 89 – Mighty Lin Zhantian
Chapter 90 – Assessment Begins
Chapter 91 – The Gathering Of Geniuses
Chapter 92 – See You Later Hua Menghan
Chapter 93 – Huanmo’S Surprise Attack
Chapter 94 – Masters Intercept
Chapter 95 – Your Family Members Are Bugs
Chapter 96 – Arduous Battle
Chapter 97 – Breakthrough, Xiantian Second Stage
Chapter 98 – Proceeds To Join
Chapter 99 – Desperate Struggle
Chapter 100 – Beheaded In One Blade Strike
Chapter 101 – The Two Beheaded
Chapter 102 – Assessment Ends
Chapter 103 – Enters Into The Tongtian Peak
Chapter 104 – Senior Disciples Are Big Bullies
Chapter 105 – Either Disband Or Die
Chapter 106 – Set Up Their Own Faction
Chapter 107 – Towards The Deepest Parts Of Sect
Chapter 108 – Practice In The Forest
Chapter 109 – Snow Ape
Chapter 110 – Breakthrough In Battle
Chapter 111 – Jing Yannan
Chapter 112 – Battle After A Month
Chapter 113 – I Bet 5000 On Ye Xiwen’S Victory!
Chapter 114 – Victory And Defeat Undecided
Chapter 115 – Xiantian Xiao Successfully Achieved
Chapter 116 – Ye Xiwen Wins
Chapter 117 – Comparable To Seed Disciples
Chapter 118 – Bai Mojiao
Chapter 119 – Young Marquis
Chapter 120 – Pseudo Spiritual Tool
Chapter 121 – Bai Mojiao Stronghold
Chapter 122 – Core Disciple
Chapter 123 – Prince Mo Yan
Chapter 124 – Trap
Chapter 125 – Xiantian Fourth Stage!
Chapter 126 – Situation Reversed
Chapter 127 – Did You Kill Luo Tian?
Chapter 128 – Ye Feng Calls For Help
Chapter 129 – Thousand Islands City Sacrificed
Chapter 130 – Reinforcement From Yi Yuan School
Chapter 131 – Qi Feifan
Chapter 132 – Tianyuan Mirror
Chapter 133 – Returns To Yi Yuan School
Chapter 134 – Competition Begins
Chapter 135 – Two Rounds
Chapter 136 – Fight Between Powerful Contenders
Chapter 137 – New Record
Chapter 138 – Once Again Defeats Mo Han
Chapter 139 – Martial Arts Abolished
Chapter 140 – Mutual Confrontation!
Chapter 141 – Title
Chapter 142 – Mosha Territory
Chapter 143 – Asura
Chapter 144 – The Legendary Hell
Chapter 145 – Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 146 – Xiantian Seventh Peak
Chapter 147 – Rescue
Chapter 148 – Great Devil Commander Beheaded
Chapter 149 – Luo Clan’S Dogs
Chapter 150 – Reparations
Chapter 151 – Target, Truth Level Devil Commander!
Chapter 152 – Bitter Struggle
Chapter 153 – Comparable To Truth Realm
Chapter 154 – Trial Ends
Chapter 155 – Versus Luo Yifan
Chapter 156 – Completely Suppressed
Chapter 157 – War Of Words
Chapter 158 – Qingfeng Mountain’S Origins
Chapter 159 – Conference Of Elders
Chapter 160 – Senior Ye!
Chapter 161 – Crazy Shark Thirteen Pirates
Chapter 162 – Deepwater Black Serpent
Chapter 163 – Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag
Chapter 164 – Luo Yifan’S Plot
Chapter 165 – Raids The Treasure
Chapter 166 – Luo Yifan Beheaded
Chapter 167 – Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array
Chapter 168 – Steps Into The Truth Realm
Chapter 169 – Bai Mojiao’S Plot
Chapter 170 – Arrives At Qianji Island
Chapter 171 – Rolling In The Mud!
Chapter 172 – Prewar Preparation
Chapter 173 – Rise To Fame
Chapter 174 – Simply Worthless
Chapter 175 – He Is Also A Ruthless Man
Chapter 176 – Imperial Guards Are Mediocre
Chapter 177 – Aftermath And Pressure
Chapter 178 – Great Immortal Battlefield
Chapter 179 – Truth Second Stage
Chapter 180 – Devil Commander’S Tomb
Chapter 181 – Join The Team
Chapter 182 – The So-Called Putting To Test
Chapter 183 – Breaks Through The Blockade
Chapter 184 – Bones Of The Dead Everywhere
Chapter 185 – Schemes And Tricks
Chapter 186 – Xu Yingdao Beheaded
Chapter 187 – Experts Gather
Chapter 188 – Tomb Opens
Chapter 189 – Blood-Robed Ancestor Beheaded
Chapter 190 – Truth Third Stage
Chapter 191 – Terrifying Sword Intention
Chapter 192 – Imperial Guards Commander In Chief
Chapter 193 – Who Is Crazier Than Whom?
Chapter 194 – Counter Attack
Chapter 195 – Feng Kong Beheaded
Chapter 196 – Bai Mojiao’S Raid
Chapter 197 – Fierce Battle With Devils
Chapter 198 – Routed
Chapter 199 – Obstruct Promotion, Court Death
Chapter 200 – Behind The Scenes
Chapter 201 – Fifth Pro-Disciple
Chapter 202 – Qianyu Peak
Chapter 203 – One Xiantian Dan For Each
Chapter 204 – Sensation In Yi Yuan School
Chapter 205 – Accumulation Of Contacts
Chapter 206 – True Disciple Joins
Chapter 207 – To The Imperial City
Chapter 208 – Ninth Prince Yue Lin
Chapter 209 – Alliance
Chapter 210 – Destruction Of Heishui’S Lair
Chapter 211 – The Eighth Prince Arrives
Chapter 212 – Same Level Showdown
Chapter 213 – Four Sacred Beasts
Chapter 214 – Eighth Prince’S Fatal Error
Chapter 215 – Eighth Prince Defeated
Chapter 216 – Demon Island Bell Rings
Chapter 217 – The Sinister Demon Island
Chapter 218 – Great Ominous Mountain
Chapter 219 – God’S Descendants
Chapter 220 – Broken Relations
Chapter 221 – Gilded Tyrant Form
Chapter 222 – World Law Fragment
Chapter 223 – Next Encounter With Battling Heavens Brotherhood
Chapter 224 – Completely Suppressed
Chapter 225 – Law Crushed
Chapter 226 – Overnight Fame
Chapter 227 – Shuffles
Chapter 228 – Wan True Union
Chapter 229 – Struggles Hard To Escape
Chapter 230 – Griffin Valley
Chapter 231 – Power-Up
Chapter 232 – The Yellow River
Chapter 233 – The Six Samsara
Chapter 234 – Truth Sixth Stage
Chapter 235 – Gathering Outside The Immortal Palace
Chapter 236 – Ghost Soldiers Cavalry
Chapter 237 – Hairy Zombies
Chapter 238 – Contest For A Dao Book
Chapter 239 – Showdown With Jiang Hua
Chapter 240 – Heavenly Phoenix Regeneration Technique
Chapter 241 – War With Wan True Union
Chapter 242 – Tramples The Wan True Union
Chapter 243 – Source Of Yellow River
Chapter 244 – Tomb Slave
Chapter 245 – Weak Mentality
Chapter 246 – Approaching War
Chapter 247 – Battle With The Two Tyrants
Chapter 248 – Fight With Fate
Chapter 249 – The Eighth Prince Nailed To The Ground
Chapter 250 – Frightened
Chapter 251 – Execution Of A Tyrant
Chapter 252 – You Were Unqualified
Chapter 253 – Constant Changes
Chapter 254 – Demon Beast Egg
Chapter 255 – Foul-Mouthed Cub
Chapter 256 – Great Changes On The Demon Island
Chapter 257 – Tomb Slave Reappears
Chapter 258 – Rushes All The Way
Chapter 259 – Struggle On The Ominous Mountain
Chapter 260 – If I Cannot Do It, You All Will Die!
Chapter 261 – Deathmatch With A Half-Step Legendary Zombie
Chapter 262 – Slaughtered Zombie
Chapter 263 – Slaughters Again
Chapter 264 – Supreme Figure
Chapter 265 – Shocking Secret
Chapter 266 – Departure From The Island
Chapter 267 – Chu Jingcai Promoted To Legendary Realm
Chapter 268 – Fame Rises In The Southeast Region
Chapter 269 – True Martial University
Chapter 270 – Book Demon
Chapter 271 – Overnight Epiphany
Chapter 272 – Devil Arts Power Technique
Chapter 273
Chapter 274 – Overturning The Heavens Seal
Chapter 275 – Freeloader Wolf Cub
Chapter 276 – Pro-Disciples Get Together
Chapter 277 – You Are A Dog
Chapter 278 – Let Me Crush Your Arrogance
Chapter 279 – Time To Try Another Method
Chapter 280 – Devil Cavalry
Chapter 281 – Old Sect Head
Chapter 282 – Fight With Lu Hongwei
Chapter 283 – Provokes A Legend
Chapter 284 – Lu Hongwei Slaughtered
Chapter 285 – Died In War
Chapter 286 – Aftermath
Chapter 287 – Sets Out On A Journey
Chapter 288 – Long Time No See, Liu Yueru
Chapter 289 – Nighttime Assassination Attempt
Chapter 290 – Ominous Wolf Attacks
Chapter 291 – Showdown With The Ominous Wolf
Chapter 292 – Ominous Wolf Beheaded
Chapter 293 – Escapes Into The Heavenly Calamity
Chapter 294 – Heavenly Calamity Quenches The Body
Chapter 295 – Half-Step Legendary Realm
Chapter 296 – Conspicuous Prestige
Chapter 297 – Legend Slaughtered
Chapter 298 – Overbearing Army Of God
Chapter 299 – Dragon Essence
Chapter 300 – The Fifth God Appears
Chapter 301 – Hand To Hand Fight
Chapter 302 – Sword Command Ownership
Chapter 303 – Competition For Sword Command
Chapter 304 – Puts Down The Evil Freaks
Chapter 305 – Small World Opens
Chapter 306 – Wolf Cub Under Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 307 – Half-Step Legendary Realm’S First Stage
Chapter 308 – Dragon Essence Appears
Chapter 309 – Flood Dragon Slaughtered
Chapter 310 – Battle With The Fifth God
Chapter 311 – The Fifth God Slaughtered
Chapter 312 – Dragon Essence Is Captured
Chapter 313 – Dragon Tomb
Chapter 314 – Flood Dragon’S Blood Pool
Chapter 315 – Heavenly Tribulation Appears Again
Chapter 316 – Surrounded
Chapter 317 – When I Decide To Kill Someone, No One Can Save Them
Chapter 318 – Bloody Battle
Chapter 319 – Utter Annihilation
Chapter 320 – The Name Spread In Ming Empire
Chapter 321 – Famous All The Way
Chapter 322 – 5 Million Ling Dans
Chapter 323 – Longevity Dan Completed
Chapter 324 – Half-Step Legendary Fifth Stage
Chapter 325 – Ying Xin City
Chapter 326 – What Is This Rule?
Chapter 327 – Law Enforcement Disciples Slaughtered
Chapter 328 – Gate-Crashes Into The City
Chapter 329 – Extraordinary Physique
Chapter 330 – The Hidden Star Peak
Chapter 331 – Comprehension Of Principle
Chapter 332 – Observing Person Scripture
Chapter 333 – The Heavenly Tribulation Is Called Forth
Chapter 334 – The Half-Step Legendary Small Complete Realm
Chapter 335 – Foreign Battlefield
Chapter 336 – Strange Beasts Invade
Chapter 337 – Sneak Attack
Chapter 338 – Ling Yi Feng Slaughtered
Chapter 339: Cultivate To Forge Ahead Vigorously
Chapter 340: Conflict
Chapter 341: Dispute
Chapter 342: Luo Yi Hang Attacks
Chapter 343: Fight With Luo Yi Hang
Chapter 344: Enters The Underground World
Chapter 345: Frantic Killing
Chapter 346: Killing Spree
Chapter 347: Xuan Yuan Palace Hall
Chapter 348: Heavenly Tribulation Arrives
Chapter 349: Bitter Struggle With Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 350: Enters Half-Step Legendary Sixth Stage
Chapter 351: Everyone Gets Slaughtered
Chapter 352: Rumor Spreads Everywhere
Chapter 353: Provocation? Conflict?
Chapter 354: The Fifth Layer Of The ‘Tyrant Body Technique’
Chapter 355: Fighting With The Divine Hou
Chapter 356: Full-On Hand-To-Hand Combat
Chapter 357: Slaughters Luo Yi Hang
Chapter 358: Star Colossus Appears
Chapter 359: Frightened At Every Step
Chapter 360: Double Breakthroughs
Chapter 361: Half-Step Legendary Seventh Stage
Chapter 362: To Transform A Star Colossus Into A Blood Slave
Chapter 363: A Great Plan
Chapter 364: Slaughters Fan Ming
Chapter 365: Becomes Famous In The University
Chapter 366: Very Rich ‘Hidden Star City’
Chapter 367: Which Bastard Dares To Cause Trouble?
Chapter 368: Completely Victorious
Chapter 369: Big Brother Shows Up!
Chapter 370: Heard That You’Ve Comprehended The ‘Hidden Star Scripture’
Chapter 371: Martial Arts Competition To Be Held-In Five Years
Chapter 372: A Whole New Level Of Respect
Chapter 373: Mission With The Highest Reward
Chapter 374: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 375: Missions Nobody Dares To Take
Chapter 376: Two Years Later
Chapter 377: Everyone Exclaims In Admiration
Chapter 378: Only You Can!
Chapter 379: Semi-Sage Blood Slave!
Chapter 380: Southern Wasteland’S Fire Cloud Cave!
Chapter 381: The Barbarian People’S Astonishment
Chapter 382: Great Exhibition Of Divine Power
Chapter 383: As Easy As Crushing Dry Weeds And Smashing Rotten Wood!
Chapter 384: ‘Sunflower Water’ Essence!
Chapter 385: Captures The Sunflower Water Essence!
Chapter 386: Cross Tribulation In The Water
Chapter 387: Half-Step Legendary Ninth Stage!
Chapter 388: Slaughters Everyone
Chapter 389: Barbarian God’S Real Body!
Chapter 390: Gilded Body Accomplished!
Chapter 391: Slaughters Zhu Tian Zong!
Chapter 392: Returns To The True Martial University!
Chapter 393: Turns Out To Be The Army Of God!
Chapter 394: Raises Hand To Suppress!
Chapter 395: Titan Body Arrives!
Chapter 396: Hand To Hand Combat!
Chapter 397: What Is Ye Xiwen’S Physique?
Chapter 398: Suppresses The Titan Body!
Chapter 399: Going To Be Defeated?
Chapter 400: Kill You After You Are Terrified
Chapter 401: You Have No Sense Of Shame, You Old Guy
Chapter 402: Second God Dies!
Chapter 403: Causes A Sensation In The True Martial University!
Chapter 404: Half-Step Legendry’S Great Complete
Chapter 405: I’M Afraid That I May Not Catch Up With You!
Chapter 406: Exterminates The Star Beasts!
Chapter 407: Gets Intercepted
Chapter 408: Give Them A ‘Pleasant Surprise’
Chapter 409: Seizes The Inner Core
Chapter 410: Beat You Into A Dead Dog!
Chapter 411: Evil Genius’S Provocation!
Chapter 412: Fights With The Evil Genius!
Chapter 413: Tidies-Up The Evildoer
Chapter 414: Is This Considered ‘Slaying A God’?
Chapter 415: Steps Into Semi-Sage!
Chapter 416: The Wind Dragon’S Lair Is Born!
Chapter 417: Treasures All Over The Dragon Planet!
Chapter 418: There Will Always Be Someone Fiercer Than You!
Chapter 419: Comes And Snatches The Monster!
Chapter 420: Defeats Completely!
Chapter 421: Hits The Jackpot
Chapter 422: Consecutive Fortuitous Encounters!
Chapter 423: Enlightened Mind Ancient Tree
Chapter 424: Experts Arrive Thick And Fast!
Chapter 425: Desperate Situation!
Chapter 426: A Race Between Life And Death!
Chapter 427: Dies In One Slap!
Chapter 428: Kills Heaven’S Pride Expert!
Chapter 429: Phoenix Appears Unexpectedly!
Chapter 430: Separated
Chapter 431: Martial Arts Competition Begins!
Chapter 432: The True Martial University’S Reputation Is Going To Drop?
Chapter 433: Slams A Big Slap On The Face
Chapter 434: Passes Effortlessly!
Chapter 435: Wins Again In One Move!
Chapter 436: Many Powerful Enemies!
Chapter 437: We Want Information On Emperor Chen!
Chapter 438: Do You Have Information On Ye Xiwen?
Chapter 439: Everyone Is Shocked
Chapter 440: They Aren’T Pushovers
Chapter 441: You Must Admit Defeat Without Any Delay
Chapter 442: You Think Highly Of Yourself; Take This Move
Chapter 443: Qin Wang Vs Emperor Chen!
Chapter 444: Qin Wang Vs. Emperor Chen (Part 2)!
Chapter 445: Qin Wang Vs. Emperor Chen (Part 3)!
Chapter 446: Qin Wang Vs. Emperor Chen (Part 4)
Chapter 447: Look For An Opportunity To Get Rid Of Emperor Chen
Chapter 448: Treated As An Eyesore By Everyone!
Chapter 449: Showdown With Chi Tian
Chapter 450: Suppresses Chi Tian!
Chapter 451: Slaughters Chi Tian!
Chapter 452: Becomes Famous Everywhere
Chapter 453: I Bet 3 Million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ On Myself!
Chapter 454: Rips Apart The God Spirit
Chapter 455: Strikes To Kill The Twin Stars Brothers!
Chapter 456: Ye Xiwen, Do You Dare To Fight?
Chapter 457: Fight Until The World Collapses
Chapter 458: The Devil Wings Of Wind And Thunder
Chapter 459: Suppresses Emperor Chen In The Fight
Chapter 460: An Unforeseen Event Happens!
Chapter 461: Strikes Back
Chapter 462: He Possesses 1000 Dao Principles!
Chapter 463: Emperor Chen Dies!
Chapter 464: Unexpected Intruders
Chapter 465: The Curtain Drops!
Chapter 466: Bonus Rewards
Chapter 467: Northern Dipper Organization
Chapter 468: Enters The True Martial Secret Territory!
Chapter 469: He’S Really A Freak!
Chapter 470: Comprehends The Secret Cultivation!
Chapter 471: Amazes With His Progress!
Chapter 472: Enters The Intermediate Stage Of Semi-Sage Realm!
Chapter 473: An Unforeseen Event In The Great Yue State
Chapter 474: I’Ll Wait For Them To Come!
Chapter 475: Is That Ye Xiwen?
Chapter 476: Enters Yi Yuan School!
Chapter 477: Meets Friends And Family Again!
Chapter 478: Violent Development!
Chapter 479: Incriminates Ye Xiwen
Chapter 480: Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 481: Kill Those Who Are Most Excited
Chapter 482: Easily Accomplished With A Backhand Slap!
Chapter 483: Ambush!
Chapter 484: Ye Xiwen’S Tyranny!
Chapter 485: Slaughters The Blood-Red-Clothed Young Master!
Chapter 486: Don’T Dare To Kill?
Chapter 487: Could Only Do That Much!
Chapter 488: Enters The Late Stage Of The Semi-Sage Realm!
Chapter 489: Cuts Off That Dog’S Claw!
Chapter 490: Get Out!
Chapter 491: Cripples Martial Arts Cultivation
Chapter 492: Mu Sheng Jie Appears!
Chapter 494: Unstable Situation
Chapter 495: Declaration Of War Drops
Chapter 496: Wood Dragon Of The Horn Brings News!
Chapter 497: Obtains The Medicinal Ingredients
Chapter 498: Attacks Suddenly!
Chapter 499: Slaughters The Enemy!
Chapter 500: Makes Loud Noise By Entering The Imperial Capital!
Chapter 501: A Group Of Goons
Chapter 502: Closed-Door Practice!
Chapter 503: Attacked One After Another
Chapter 504: Ye Xiwen, A Great Master Of Alchemy?
Chapter 505: The Frightening Sage Realm Tribulation
Chapter 506: Sage Realm! Sage Realm!
Chapter 507: Slaughtered In One Sword Slash!
Chapter 508: You’Re A Monster!
Chapter 509: Amidst The Winds Of Change!
Chapter 510: President Of The Association Of Alchemy Masters Comes To Visit!
Chapter 511: A Bereaved Race
Chapter 512: The Meteor Sect!
Chapter 513: A Lot Of Princes!
Chapter 514: Completely Dominated
Chapter 515: Members Of The Southern Dipper!
Chapter 516: Rumors Make Noise!
Chapter 517: Great Gains
Chapter 518: Who Tricks Whom
Chapter 519: Pursue A Narrow Gain While Neglecting A Greater Danger
Chapter 520: Steps Into Intermediate Sage Realm
Chapter 521: Meteor Sect? I Am Not!
Chapter 522: Slaughters Sheng Feiyue!
Chapter 523: Changes In The Last Three Years!
Chapter 524: Hallucinatory Star Field!
Chapter 525: Do What You Want To Do, And Become Friends With Those Who’Re Deserving
Chapter 526: Assists In The Fight!
Chapter 527: Astonishes Everyone!
Chapter 528: Talking Nonsense Can Get A Person Killed!
Chapter 529: Talking Nonsense Can Really Get A Person Killed!
Chapter 530: Sends Everyone Flying!
Chapter 531: Can’T We Ask Ye Xiwen For Help?
Chapter 532: Fight Begins!
Chapter 533: Things Take A New Turn
Chapter 534: Fights Li Fei Bai
Chapter 535: Slaughters Li Fei Bai!
Chapter 536: Great Gas Building!
Chapter 537: Dispute Is About To Begin
Chapter 538: Great Profits
Chapter 539: Competition In The Auction (Part 1)
Chapter 540: Competition In The Auction (Part 2)!
Chapter 541: Competition In The Auction (Part 3)!
Chapter 542: Closed-Door Practice
Chapter 543: Enters The Late Stage Of Sage Realm!
Chapter 544: Pursued And Besieged!
Chapter 545: Cut The Weeds And Eliminate The Roots
Chapter 546: Pressing Battle!
Chapter 547: Slaughters King Tai!
Chapter 548: Escapes From The Chase!
Chapter 549: This Is The Helper You’Ve Found?
Chapter 550: Who Agrees? Who Opposes?
Chapter 551: Tests Ye Xiwen’S Might?
Chapter 552: My God, How Can He Be So Powerful?
Chapter 553: Why Is He So Powerful?
Chapter 554: He’S A Monster!
Chapter 555: Slaughters Successfully
Chapter 556: Scheming Against Me? It’S Just Wishful Thinking!
Chapter 557: Compels
Chapter 558: Many Eyes Are Watching Attentively
Chapter 559: Tomb Opens
Chapter 560: Becomes Hostile And Launches A Surprise Attack
Chapter 561: One Vs Two
Chapter 562: Steps Into Sage Realm Peak
Chapter 563: Ye Xiwen, Thank God It’S You!
Chapter 564: He Has Become Even More Powerful!
Chapter 565: Who Is The Oriole?
Chapter 566: Gong Yan Jia, Don’T Even Think Of Doing That!
Chapter 567: Slaughters Gong Yan Jia!
Chapter 568: Go To The Side And Die
Chapter 569: Hand Over The ‘Sacred Spring Of Life’, And I’Ll Spare Your Life
Chapter 570: Intimidates All Directions!
Chapter 571: I Expropriate Your Eligibility For The Heritages!
Chapter 572: Who The Hell Are You?
Chapter 573: Competition For The Seats!
Chapter 574: How Come You Talk So Much Nonsense?
Chapter 575: I Want The Tenth Seat!
Chapter 576: Breakthrough Into Sage Small Perfection Realm!
Chapter 577: Heritages Conclude
Chapter 578: Great Sage; It’S Just So-So
Chapter 579: Great Sage’S Might!
Chapter 580: Is He Some Kind Of A Monster?
Chapter 581: Death Of A Great Sage Leaves Everyone In Shock
Chapter 582: Five Years Pass In An Instant
Chapter 583: I Want All These Heavenly Treasures!
Chapter 584: Ye Xiwen! Ant-Like Man?
Chapter 585: Beats Thoroughly
Chapter 586: Now He Has Realized That He Should Come Out. What On Earth Were You Doing Earlier?
Chapter 587: Destroyed Your Martial Cultivation
Chapter 588: Ye Xiwen Is Back!!
Chapter 589: What? I Challenged You! What Of It?
Chapter 590: If Anyone Dares To Come, Then I Will Slap Them To Death
Chapter 591: He’S The Way Huang Wuji Used To Be All Those Years Ago
Chapter 592: What Kind Of A Magical Power Has He Practiced?
Chapter 593: You Can’T Make Plans Together If Your Paths Are Different
Chapter 594: Demon Repellent Tablet
Chapter 595: The Demon Inscribed Tablet Is Mine!
Chapter 596: Defeats Cao Yuyu
Chapter 597: The Curtain Drops
Chapter 598: Hand Over Ye Xiwen? No!
Chapter 599: Steps Into Sage Great Perfection Realm!
Chapter 600: Devil World Trial Begins
Chapter 601: Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 602: Enters Devil World
Chapter 603: Kills In All Directions
Chapter 604: Magic Crystal Ore Deposits; Become Rich Overnight!
Chapter 605: There’S An Ambush!
Chapter 606: A Heavy Slap On His Face!
Chapter 607: Rushes Out Of The Tight Encirclement
Chapter 608: Freeze For This Young Lady
Chapter 609: The Second Layer Of Devil Wings Takes Form
Chapter 610: Wind And Thunder Wings; Completed!
Chapter 611: Who Are We Going To Deal With This Time?
Chapter 612: I’Ll Help You If You Ask!
Chapter 613: Mission Exposed
Chapter 614: Ye Xiwen Steps Into Action
Chapter 615: Leave This To Me
Chapter 616: Entirely One-Sided
Chapter 617: All Counterattacks Go In Vain
Chapter 618: Slaughters Everyone
Chapter 619: One Stone Stirs Up A Thousand Waves
Chapter 620: Sage Accomplished Realm
Chapter 621: You’Ll Need To Be Alive To Get The Reward!
Chapter 622: Directly Slaughters
Chapter 623: Plunders Wealth
Chapter 624: They Want To Fight… Then They Shall Have It
Chapter 625: Blasts Away In One Punch
Chapter 626: Is It Worth The Trouble To Follow The Path To Your Own Doom?
Chapter 627: Absolutely Tyrannical
Chapter 628: What? It’S Him… How Is It Possible?
Chapter 629: Sitting And Waiting For The Heroes Of The World
Chapter 630: You’Re A Group Of Spineless Cowards
Chapter 631: You Want A One-On-One Battle? Or Will You Fight Together!
Chapter 632: Miscalculation
Chapter 633: Slaughters A Whole Lot Of People
Chapter 634: Dead… All Are Dead!
Chapter 635: Countless Staring Eyes
Chapter 636: Are You All Really Going To Watch Someone Die And Do Nothing To Save Them?
Chapter 637: Unrivalled
Chapter 638: Slaughters In A Row
Chapter 639: Slaughters In A Row (Part 2)
Chapter 640: Leaves The Entire World In Shock
Chapter 641: Devil World Competition Ends
Chapter 642: Xiao Ya’S Shocking Natural Talent
Chapter 643: This Matter… Will Make Big Noise!
Chapter 644: Fights Over A Disciple
Chapter 645: Are You Telling Me That Great Sage Tools Are Some Sort Of Cabbage?
Chapter 646: Makes A Breakthrough Into The Initial Stage Of Half-Step Great Sage Realm
Chapter 647: Signs Of Unrest
Chapter 648: Aboriginals? I’Ll Give You A Slap On Your Face!
Chapter 649: He… Compared To Three Years Ago… Stronger
Chapter 650: Fighting Against A Great Sage? It’S A Miracle!
Chapter 651: To Create Another Miracle?
Chapter 652: To Be Crushed
Chapter 653: Total Destruction
Chapter 654: Returning To The Dragon Veins
Chapter 655: Fierce Battle With The Dragon Vein
Chapter 656: Surprise Meeting With A Demon Worshiper
Chapter 657: Vastly Differen
Chapter 658: Fled In Desperation
Chapter 659: The Great Escape
Chapter 660: A Huge Uproar
Chapter 661: Half-Step Great Sage Intermediate
Chapter 662: Alchemy? That’S Quite Profitable!
Chapter 663: Clowns
Chapter 664: Alchemy
Chapter 665: Successful Pellets Refining
Chapter 666: A Big Business
Chapter 667: Using Powerful Connections To Intimidate Others
Chapter 668: Promotion From Beidou
Chapter 669: Big Dipper’S Long Game
Chapter 670: Preparing For Closed Cultivation
Chapter 671: Like A Dog
Chapter 672: Fed Up And Attack
Chapter 673: You Are In Trouble, You Are In Deep Trouble!
Chapter 674: Master, He Was The One Who Abolished Brother Zhou’S Martial Arts!
Chapter 675: Was He A Great Sage Too?
Chapter 676: Battle
Chapter 677: Is He A Monster?
Chapter 678: That Monster-Like Person Was Injured …
Chapter 679: All Previous Efforts Were Wasted
Chapter 680: Darn, Who Said He Is A Semi Sage?
Chapter 681: About To Star
Chapter 682: Shocking Four Thrones
Chapter 683: Mutations
Chapter 684: Blood Wolf Plunderer’S Attack
Chapter 685: Collapse Of The Defense
Chapter 686 He Is Going To Make A Breakthrough
Chapter 687: Half-Step Great Sage Late
Chapter 688: I’Ll Crush You
Chapter 689 Beheaded In Cold Blood Murder
Chapter 690: Take Advantage Of The Chaos
Chapter 691: A Windfall
Chapter 692: Becoming An Upstart!
Chapter 693: Stumbling Block
Chapter 694: Is Ye Xiwen Out Of His Mind?
Chapter 695: Shocking Many Great Sages
Chapter 696: Shocking Strength
Chapter 697: Join Forces To Suppress The Enemy
Chapter 698: Kill Them All
Chapter 699: Quelling Mu Shengjie’S Spirit
Chapter 700: Seething True Martial School
Chapter 701: Close Cultivation
Chapter 702: Mu Shengjie Completed Close Cultivation
Chapter 703: Two Steps To Tumble Everyone’S Confidence In Ye Xiwen!
Chapter 704: The Duel Between Two Masters
Chapter 705: Respective Advantages
Chapter 706: Time To Stop This!
Chapter 707: To Take Advantage Of Your Illness To Kill
Chapter 708: The End Of A Legend
Chapter 709: Return Of The Tibetan Star Son
Chapter 710: A Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 711: A Huge Debate
Chapter 712: An Opportunity To Quickly Increase Strength
Chapter 713 The Idea Of ??Fighting An Adult Star Beas
Chapter 714: Going Straight Into The Sealed Site
Chapter 715: Sudden Change After Three Years
Chapter 716: The Comprehensive Invasion Of The Emergence School
Chapter 717: Is He Still A Human?
Chapter 718: Don’T You Even Think About Leaving Today!
Chapter 719: Activating The Great Sage Retribution
Chapter 720: Tyrant Body Scripture’S Eighth Level
Chapter 721: Successive Massacre
Chapter 722: The Escalation Of The Heaven’S Retribution
Chapter 723: Finally Entered Great Sage
Chapter 724: Entering The Peak
Chapter 725: Horrifying Master From Southern Dipper
Chapter 726: Southern Dipper’S Motive
Chapter 727: Terrifying Spatial Ability
Chapter 728: Depressed Black Robed Man
Chapter 729: The Star Beast’S Compromise
Chapter 730: Sinister Star Beast
Chapter 731: Break Through Straight Into Half-Step Transcendence Realm
Chapter 732: Talented Bloodline Of The Great Star Beast
Chapter 733: Black-Robed Man Fled In Disarray
Chapter 734: Obtaining A Scroll
Chapter 735: Chaotic World Plunged In The Flames Of War
Chapter 736: Raging Fury
Chapter 737: Rescue
Chapter 738: Divine Legion Reappearance
Chapter 739: Chaotic Great Yue Empire
Chapter 740: The Return Of The Wolf Cub
Chapter 741: Brother
Chapter 742: My Brother Said He Would Beat You Up
Chapter 743: Really Beat Him Up
Chapter 744: Bloodline Power
Chapter 745: Great Sage Intermediate
Chapter 746: Slaying The First Divine Lord
Chapter 747: Riddles In Origin
Chapter 748: Gratitude For Giving Birth? Gratitude For Upbringing!
Chapter 749: Life And Death Battle
Chapter 750: Another Encounter With Soul Destruction Temple Master
Chapter 751: An Eye For An Eye
Chapter 752: Severe Injury
Chapter 753: Kill Nie Han
Chapter 754: Return To True Martial School
Chapter 755: Invincible
Chapter 756: Directly Tore It Apar
Chapter 757: Catch A Turtle In The Jar
Chapter 758: Emergence Of Transcendent Realm Warrior
Chapter 759: Lucky? What A Joke. That’S Strength!
Chapter 760: Big Harvest
Chapter 761: Ten Years Later, Improvement In Strength
Chapter 762: Step Into Great Sage Great Mastery
Chapter 763: It’S Time To Fight Back!
Chapter 764: Emergence School Took The First Move
Chapter 765: 殇 Sacrifice
Chapter 766: Unmatched Power
Chapter 767: Start Fighting Back
Chapter 768: Emergence School’S Defea
Chapter 769: Chase Down The Emergence School Leader
Chapter 770: Golden Opportunity
Chapter 771: Killing The Emergence School Leader
Chapter 772: The Old Ghost Within The Immortal Exterminating Saber
Chapter 773: Suppress The Immortal Exterminating Saber
Chapter 774: Huang Wuji! The Next-In-Line School Master!
Chapter 775: Shock The World
Chapter 776: One Wave After Another
Chapter 777: Thirty Years Unstable Situation
Chapter 778: The Changes In Thirty Years
Chapter 779: Another Year Of Recruitmen
Chapter 780: Recruiting Distinguished Talents
Chapter 781: The Ascension Ceremony Begins
Chapter 782: Is This The Way You Treat Your Guests?
Chapter 783: Getting Slapped In The Face Again
Chapter 784: I’M Shaming You, What About It!!
Chapter 785: Using A Sledgehammer To Crack A Nu
Chapter 786: Come At Me Together!
Chapter 787: Fight Against A Transcendent Realm Expert? That’S Impossible!
Chapter 788: Killing Techniques Beneath The Heaven’S Retribution
Chapter 789: Five Elements Lightning Retribution
Chapter 790: Transcendent Realm
Chapter 791: Transcendent Tool Displaying Its Migh
Chapter 792: Defeat One After Another
Chapter 793: Intensified Confrontation
Chapter 794: Thoroughly Shaming
Chapter 795: Shock The World
Chapter 796: Stranger Li Feng
Chapter 797: Shocking News
Chapter 798: The Attraction Of Ancient Battlefields
Chapter 799: Rush To Daokong Mountain
Chapter 800: Defeating Wei Mingyang Again
Chapter 801: Hunt Down
Chapter 802: Taking The Red Spider Lily
Chapter 803: The Experts Arriving One After Another
Chapter 804: Main Body Entering The Half-Step Transcendent Realm
Chapter 805: Dive Into The Bottom Of The Lake
Chapter 806: Harvest At The Spring Bottom
Chapter 807: Ascending The Transcendent Realm First Level Peak
Chapter 808: Intense Battle
Chapter 809: Killing The Eight Stars School’S Great Elder
Chapter 810: Kill Everyone
Chapter 811: The Problems After Becoming Famous
Chapter 812: Waves After Waves
Chapter 813: Turning The Tables
Chapter 814: Wipe Out The Base
Chapter 815: Heating Up The Situation
Chapter 816: Everyone Becoming Speechless
Chapter 817: Eat Another Fist Of Mine
Chapter 818: Invisible Deterrence
Chapter 819: The Fierce Battle Within The Cave
Chapter 820: Acquiring The Token Plate
Chapter 821: Parting
Chapter 822: Before Parting With Each Other
Chapter 823: Stunning Prodigies Of Every Domains
Chapter 824: Scram!
Chapter 825: Defeat With One Hi
Chapter 826: Depose Everyone’S Martial Arts Techniques
Chapter 827: Transcendent Realm Second Level
Chapter 828: The Shock Of The Masters In The City
Chapter 829: Beheading Ma Yuanfeng
Chapter 830: I Want To Kill
Chapter 831: Unleashing Divine Power
Chapter 832: Escaping Death
Chapter 833: Half-Step Transcendent Realm Intermediate
Chapter 834: Awakened Magical Power
Chapter 835: Arriving At South Initiate Island
Chapter 836: A Fraud? Or Does He Have What It Takes!
Chapter 837: Who Else Is Not Convinced?
Chapter 838: The Arena Begins
Chapter 839: The Wang Family? Completely Ignored!
Chapter 840: Wu Chenhai Attacks!
Chapter 841: Shocking Attack
Chapter 842: Crippling Wu Chenhai With A Kick
Chapter 843: Tip Of The Iceberg Of Ye Xiwen’S Power
Chapter 844: Severely Injured Jia Qing
Chapter 845: Yuan Xuehai’S Strength
Chapter 846: Taking Complete Control Of The Battle
Chapter 847: Becoming Champion
Chapter 848: Wu Family’S Conspiracy
Chapter 849: Go To Spiritual Volcano
Chapter 850: Breakthrough In The Volcano
Chapter 851: Half-Step Transcendent Realm Late
Chapter 852: Defeating Jia Qing Again
Chapter 853: Leaving South Initiate Island
Chapter 854: Encounter An Ambush
Chapter 855: Massacre
Chapter 856: Slaughtering Everyone
Chapter 857: Meeting Wang Mengyu Again
Chapter 858: Scarlet Thunder Immortal
Chapter 859: The Auction Begins
Chapter 860: Emergence Of Experts
Chapter 861: Is Ye Xiwen The Murderer?
Chapter 862: The Crisis Is Temporarily Resolved
Chapter 863: Wood Burning Saber Technique
Chapter 864: Acquiring Saber Technique
Chapter 865: Holy Realm Dweller’S Mansion Map
Chapter 866: Retribution
Chapter 867: Tyrant Body Scripture Great Mastery
Chapter 868: Transcendent Realm First Level
Chapter 869: Holy Realm Dweller’S Mansion Opens
Chapter 870: Is This Still The Power Of Transcendent Realm First Level?
Chapter 871: Entering The Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion
Chapter 872: Tianyuan Mirror’S Ascension
Chapter 873: Phoenix’S Flame Frui
Chapter 874: Phoenix’S Flame Fruit, Count Me One!
Chapter 875: Obtaining Phoenix’S Flame Fruit!
Chapter 876: Killing The Cangnan Duo
Chapter 877: Wild Goose Pecked The Hunter’S Eyes!
Chapter 878: Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion’S Center
Chapter 879: Encirclemen
Chapter 880: Burning Corpse
Chapter 881: Recovery
Chapter 882: Conquer The Mutated Flame
Chapter 883: Transcendent Realm Second Level
Chapter 884: Wang Family’S Crisis
Chapter 885: Ye Xiwen’S Arrival
Chapter 886: Terrifying Ye Xiwen
Chapter 887: Inevitable Clash
Chapter 888: Fire Spiritual Pool
Chapter 889: Ye Xiwen Was Overwhelming
Chapter 890: Fighting E Ying
Chapter 891: Ancient Barrens Giant Crocodile
Chapter 892: Killing E Ying
Chapter 893: Who Else Has A Dispute On This?
Chapter 894: The Disturbed Monster
Chapter 895: A Duel Against Crown Prince Crocodile
Chapter 896: Three Years Close Cultivation
Chapter 897: 99Th Concubine
Chapter 898: Conflict!
Chapter 899: What Qualifications Does He Have?
Chapter 900: Complementing The Others
Chapter 901: Keeping Silent Is A Slap In The Face
Chapter 902: You Only Have One Chance
Chapter 903: Hurting Someone Intentionally?
Chapter 904: Completely Suppressed
Chapter 905: This Is More Like Deliberately Injuring Someone!
Chapter 906: It’S Not That He Is Too Weak, But Ye Xiwen Is Too Strong
Chapter 907: Fight Of Two Beauty
Chapter 908: An Easy Victory
Chapter 909: Ye Xiwen’S Accurate Prediction
Chapter 910: Heavy Water Collar Region
Chapter 911: Graceful Saber Slash
Chapter 912: Hurting E Hong Fatally
Chapter 913: Being Popular
Chapter 914: Meteor Explosion, Completed
Chapter 915: Chaos Demon Sea
Chapter 916: Inexplicable Hostility
Chapter 917: Ambush From The Back
Chapter 918: To Chaos Demon Sea
Chapter 919: Purple Ghost Fire Lotus
Chapter 920: Inevitable Battle!
Chapter 921: Ye Xiwen Making The Move
Chapter 922: The Pressing Danger
Chapter 923: Madly Trading Hits
Chapter 924: Behead Bai Yin
Chapter 925: Fourth Level Within Grasp
Chapter 926: Tracked
Chapter 927: Tipping Poin
Chapter 928: I Won’T Do This Kind Of Thing
Chapter 929: Bouncing Back From Desperation
Chapter 930: Stunning The Audience
Chapter 931: Transcendent Realm Fourth Level
Chapter 932: Another Trouble Popping In Soon
Chapter 933: The Prince’S Trail
Chapter 934: Blend In
Chapter 935: The Poisonous Young Master
Chapter 936: Sealed Site
Chapter 937: Entering The Sealed Site
Chapter 938: Attack Of The Giant Demon
Chapter 939: The Troublesome Giant Demon
Chapter 940: When Shepherds Quarrel, The Wolf Has A Winning Game
Chapter 941: Demonic Saber Is Born
Chapter 942: The Canary Behind The Mantis Preying On Cicada
Chapter 943: Running Away
Chapter 944: Temper
Chapter 945: Transcendent Realm Fifth Level
Chapter 946: Behead
Chapter 947: Is There A Fellow Human Expert?
Chapter 948: The Legend Of Demonic Saber’S Wielder
Chapter 949: Amazing Clash
Chapter 950: What Is His Bloodline?
Chapter 951: It’S Time To End This!
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Wu Shen Kong Jian, 武神空间

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Ye Xiwen was previously only an ordinary university student on Earth, but unexpectedly crossed through into the world known as the Zhen Wu Jie world! In this world, formidable warriors are able of turning over mountains and collapsing the ocean, destroying the sky and extinguishing the earth! He originally had ordinary aptitude, because of that he received the mysterious special space! Any martial art can be deduced within the mysterious space, other people practice for decades, he only needs a year! So long as he has enough spirit stones, any talents he faces are all floating clouds!

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Chapter 1 – Mysterious Space

Chapter 1 – Mysterious space

The Yi Yuan school, situated on top of the Qing Feng mountain, stretching an extreme length. It was now the midsummer season, in the sky, the sun slowly fell down, the setting sun drawing a long shadow.

On the lakeside of one – not very large – small lake sat an around seventeen or eighteen-year-old black-clothed teenager grabbed a block of stone from the lakeside and threw it out, immediately making several splashes in the lake.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat at a loss, he didn’t expect he suddenly crossed through. Originally, Ye Xiwen was in 21st Century Earth and previously was only an ordinary university student. A month before, he finally accepted the fact that he crossed through. As a matter of fact, it was not someone pranking him, rather he really crossed through.

Being in this world for already over a month, he was slowly able to accept the fact that here was not Earth. Even though the local conditions and customs here resembled ancient China, he knew that here was not Earth, but was the Zhen Wu Jie world.

This was a martial world, martial arts spawning countless years of history. In this world, martial arts spawned splendid civilisations. Formidable warrior practitioners reaching the apex can move mountains and drain seas, cut into mountains and split rock, even lifespan was prolonged indefinitely.

Ye Xiwen’s identity now was the Yi Yuan school elder’s third son, but also an adopted son that the father, Ye Kongming, came back with eighteen years ago. Inside the school, this was not regarded as a secret.

The Yi Yuan school was one of the Da Yue country’s most rich and powerful large sects, as said by experts.

But, located on top of the Qing Feng mountain was only one of the Yi Yuan school’s branches amongst the Da Yue country’s Yi Yuan schools. Those resembling the Yi Yuan school’s branches were many, specialised to transport talents to Yi Yuan school’s head school.

Ye Xiwen’s cultivation was only at the Houtian third stage, at his age this cultivation could only be considered ordinary.

In Zhen Wu Jie, warriors stepping into martial arts begin at the Houtian first stage, continuously climbing until the Houtian ninth stage. As for above Houtian, it’s Xiantian, as for how Xiantian was divided, Ye Xiwen just did not know. After all, the Yi Yuan school’s school master’s ability was at the Xiantian domain level.

The Yi Yuan school altogether was divided into the outer sect, the inner sect, finally the core’s third level was the core disciple level. The core disciple level, afterwards, were able to leave for the Yi Yuan school’s head school to participate in an examination to enter the head school.

The level of the Yi Yuan school’s disciples wasn’t really divided according to age, rather it was divided according to the strength of the Houtian nine mortal body domains. After cultivating to the domain level of the third stage, then you would be able to ascend to the inner sect from the outer sect. After cultivating to the fifth stage, then you were able to promote to the core. And if you wanted to participate in the Yi Yuan school’s main school’s examination, the minimum requirement was the seventh stage.

The requirement can’t be not high. Ye Xiwen predecessor’s aptitude was average, this year he was eighteen years old, but his cultivation was just recently practiced to the late third stage. This kind of achievement, although not regarded as strange, can only merely be considered ordinary.

Ye Xiwen, inside the Yi Yuan inner sect, was merely one very ordinary disciple among inner sect disciples. Though unlike respected core disciples, but also not resembling the generally low-status outer sect disciples. Plus his father was the Yi Yuan school’s elder, thus he was still usually regarded as not bad.

Only he did not receive too much attention. Ye Xiwen’s predecessor’s aptitude was too ordinary. The Houtian late third stage within inner sect disciples could only be considered intermediate, especially compared with his two elder siblings. Even more so, his eldest brother, Ye Feng, was only twenty-one years old this year and was already at the Houtian peak eighth stage. Inside the school, he was super-talented. And his elder sister, Ye Ruxue was only a year older than him and had also already reached the Houtian seventh stage.

In such a case, he certainly did not attract attention!


Behind Ye Xiwen came a rustling sound in the woods. A fatty, seventeen or eighteen-year-old silk-clothed man jumped out from behind the bushes. Ye Xiwen’s face exposed a bit of a smile. This man was called Wang Lie, he was a great close friend from childhood. His home was a rich household below the Qing Feng mountain in the town of Qing Feng and had a very close relationship with the Yi Yuan school. Ever since Wang Lie was young, he was sent up the mountain for training. The two’s relationship was superb.

Naturally, the two’s talents were the same, Ye Xiwen was at the late third stage. Wang Lie, compared to Ye Xiwen, was stronger, at the peak third stage. This was a reason the two have been very close.

“It is already evening, you did not go back to rest. What did you come here to do?” Ye Xiwen asked with a smile.

“It’s not being worried about you?” Wang Lie said smilingly. “You were always acting strange lately, in real odd and weird ways!”

“Rest assured, nothing is the matter!” Ye Xiwen said.

Nothing more than adapting from crossing over from Earth!

“You are at the critical time of breaking through to the fourth stage, and still not behind closed doors.” Ye Xiwen said. Houtian third stage can only be considered ordinary within the inner sect disciples, but Houtian fourth stage were the elite in the inner sect’s disciples. Even if it was only a difference of one stage, the status was as different as heaven and earth.

“Hey, I came to try to find you just for this matter. I plan to go behind closed doors, probably for a long time. But recently you have been acting in really odd and weird ways, I’m a little worried.” Wang Jie looked somewhat anxious and said to Ye Xiwen. He grew up with Ye Xiwen since childhood. Although the two were always boisterous and frivolous, he was actually very concerned about his brother, and, of course, he never imaged that his brother had already been substituted.

“Go rest assured, what matter can I have?” Ye Xiwen laughed, “It’s getting late, you go back first, I’ll sit for a moment then go!”

“Good, do not be late, take care not to come across demon beasts!” Wang Lie urged.

The Yi Yuan school was situated on the Qing Feng mountain, amongst the mountain were some very fierce demon beasts, these demon beasts all possessed the magical power of terrible beasts. Compared with ordinary beasts they were much stronger, only warriors had the ability to equal them.

“En, I know!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

Although he said that, here in the Yi Yuan school’s local vicinity were no demon beasts. But it was also a troublesome thing in the case a formidable demon beast ran out and did not play by the rules and he’d be crying and weeping without a place to go.

The demon beasts on this mountain were too many, he also had no alternative but to protect himself. The reason why the Yi Yuan school was situated on such a mountain was to intimidate the mountain’s many demon beasts in order to avoid the demon beasts from descending the mountain to disturb the people. Although, it was impossible to block all demon beasts, always one or two escaped the net. But the bottom of the mountain also had a dojo to practice martial arts to build up one’s strength, and the warriors were also many, thus, it didn’t matter.

Because of this relationship, the Yi Yuan school’s disciples on the outside always received respect. Within twenty-five kilometres in this regard, wherever they walked they were respected at a glance.

Wang Lie finished speaking, then turned around to depart. Although his build was plump, he was a martial artist after all. Moving gracefully, he rapidly disappeared into the thickets.

Ye Xiwen sat for a moment, just on the verge of leaving when he suddenly caught a glimpse of the lake, multi-coloured light rays burst crazily, covering the lake for a split second, once more immediately recovering its tranquility.

Ye Xiwen was very doubting, how were multi-coloured rays possible, could it be that some strange treasure was inside, thinking here, Ye Xiwen stood up somewhat excited. In the case that there was some strange treasure, then he would truly flourish.

After deciding, Ye Xiwen abruptly dived into the water, submerging unceasingly. Regardless of his previous life or this life, Ye Xiwen’s swimming ability was very good.

Ye Xiwen slowly submerged, slowly approaching the centre of the lake. This was actually a very ordinary lake, no demon beasts existed within the water. In such a location, the Yi Yuan school’s experts had already eradicated them, therefore Ye Xiwen was not worried about coming across any dangerous demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes to look, just seeing a small, multi-coloured ball of light laying calming inside the centre of the lake. Yes, that’s right. Ye Xiwen felt it laying there.

Ye Xiwen did not feel any danger, only thinking that it was very gentle. Immediately slowly diving, coming to its side.

Ye Xiwen extended his hand, grabbing the ball of multi-coloured rays of light. Suddenly, the multi-coloured light rays issued a fierce, bright light. Instantly leaping inside Ye Xiwen’s body afterwards.

Ye Xiwen was alarmed, looking again, he saw that the multi-coloured ball of light at the centre of the lake had already vanished.

Ye Xiwen promptly surfaced, swimming to the shore, repeatedly gasping for air. Furthermore, still in somewhat of a panicked state. Inspecting his whole body he discovered it was not short of anything, easing him down.

He used Zhen Qi to evaporate droplets of water. Just about to go back, Ye Xiwen suddenly discovered that a piece of dusky, special space appeared inside his mind.

This was a very strange situation, obviously only in the Xiantian domain level can one look inside, looking at every vein in your own body. But it so happens that Ye Xiwen was able to sense the very mysterious space within his mind.

Ye Xiwen found that as long as he held his breath, he could feel the presence of such a space. Ye Xiwen thought it was all too strange, also not daring to stay in this lake, he dashed all the way back at once, returning to the inside of his small courtyard. So much as without the time to greet his parents.

Qing Feng mountain was incomparably vast, and the area the Yi Yuan school covered was also unusually wide. Not much else but many houses. In addition, Ye Kongming was also an elder inside the Yi Yuan school, a high position of power. Ye Xiwen, after growing into adulthood, was separated to living in the small courtyard close to his parents’ home.

Ye Xiwen, still in a panicked state, returned inside his home. At this time, the sky was already pitch-black.

Ye Xiwen held his breath, completely concentrating his attention. Immediately, that special space, appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind yet again. Ye Xiwen, not as usual, did not relax his mind, rather he continued to hold his breath.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen saw black before his eyes, abruptly appearing inside a piece of chaos. Ye Xiwen was immediately with great alarm, but he reacted quickly. Here was not an other place, rather it was the piece of space inside his mind. In this period of time, he had seen it many times, so he quickly recognised it.

It should be unlikely that he entirely came in, possibly a portion of his soul came in. But for what the use this space was, he currently did not know.

But soon, Ye Xiwen quickly discovered a problem, he could not get out. There was simply no exit. No matter how he walked, in the midst of chaos, the surrounding landscape was also exactly the same.


Total Chapters in book: 950
Estimated words: 1955554 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 9778(@200wpm)___ 7822(@250wpm)___ 6519(@300wpm)