Master of Untold Daos by Cute Blacksmith

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Master Is Evil
Chapter 3 - Nine Nines Mysteries Art
Chapter 4 - Fairy Sword Art And The Bamboo Sword
Chapter 5 - How To Mistreat Your Disciple
Chapter 6 - This Bully Is Lacking
Chapter 7 - Fate: Go Kill Yourself…
Chapter 8 - These Two Geezers Are Really Good
Chapter 9 - Don’T Tell Me He Understands When Even I Don’T Understand
Chapter 10 - With The General Away, The Lord’S Order Is Delayed
Chapter 11 - Who Said Anything About Defending?
Chapter 12 - Blazing
Chapter 13 - Standing Before The Blaze, Killing Behind The Fire
Chapter 14 - Thousand Man-Slayer
Chapter 15 - Dao Canon
Chapter 16 - Dire Straits
Chapter 17 - New Mission
Chapter 18 - Feels Like He’Ll Die In One Hit!
Chapter 19 - Bye!
Chapter 20 - A Thousand Merits!
Chapter 21 - Mindless
Chapter 22 - Pitfall Mountain
Chapter 23 - Archfiend Azure Lion’S Secret
Chapter 24 - Whoops, My Hand Slipped
Chapter 25 - Advancement Mission
Chapter 26 - The Great Bandit Era
Chapter 27 - I’M Not, I Never Was
Chapter 28 - No Main Character Treatment For Me
Chapter 29 - Leaning On A Fellow Spy
Chapter 30 - Stalwart
Chapter 31 - The Classic Wall-Bashing Technique
Chapter 32 - First-Hand Knowledge Of The Mind-Numbing Aura
Chapter 33 - The Most Intense Look Of A Lifetime
Chapter 34 - Jade Void Temple’S Secret Domain
Chapter 35 - Danger Rating: Demon God!
Chapter 36 - This Is Such A Sad Story
Chapter 37 - Because You Can’T Beat Her
Chapter 38 - Urgent Mission
Chapter 39 - You Have The Right To Remain Silent
Chapter 40 - Finger From Beyond
Chapter 41 - Ten Thousand Slaughterer
Chapter 42 - The Weakest Acting
Chapter 43 - Wait, Where’S Ling Xian?
Chapter 44 - Poking Death
Chapter 45 - Is Living Too Hard For You?
Chapter 46 - The Same Way He Fought His Senior Sister
Chapter 47 - Waiting To Happen
Chapter 48 - Battle Of Kings – Beginning
Chapter 49 - Battle Of Kings – King Slayer
Chapter 50 - Battle Of Kings – Four Elements Array
Chapter 51 - Battle Of Kings – Ultimate Control
Chapter 52 - Battle Of Kings – Demonic Blood Saber
Chapter 53 - Battle Of Kings – Curtain Fall
Chapter 54 - Control Aura
Chapter 55 - Battle For Pitfall Mountain – Prelude
Chapter 56 - Battle For Pitfall Mountain – Seven Archfiends’ Fight
Chapter 57 - Battle For Pitfall Mountain - Great Act
Chapter 58 - Battle For Pitfall Mountain – Saber Heart
Chapter 59 - Battle For Pitfall Mountain – Intense Fight
Chapter 60 - Battle For Pitfall Mountain – Evisceration
Chapter 61 - Li Suyi
Chapter 62 - Villain Deaths And Excessive Talking
Chapter 63 - Little Sister Of Different Parents!
Chapter 64 - B Ranked Mission
Chapter 65 - What Selling Fake Pill? Can An Alchemist Even Sell
Chapter 66 - You Must Stand Strong
Chapter 67 - Honing Oneself
Chapter 68 - Why Didn’T You Say So?
Chapter 69 - We Want Peace
Chapter 70 - The Peach And The Plum Do Not Speak, Yet A Path Is Born Beneath Them
Chapter 71 - With Ling Xian Taking A Seat, You’Ll End Up
Chapter 72 - A Bunch Of Broken Toys
Chapter 73 - I Don’T Know Why, But I Feel Like Throwing Up
Chapter 74 - You’Ll Die, You Know
Chapter 75 - Wy Are You All Looking At Me With Sympathy?
Chapter 76 - Is There A Need To Be So Excited?
Chapter 77 - Chicken-Flavored, Very Crispy!
Chapter 78 - Yan Mountain’S Fiend Alchemy House
Chapter 79 - Marking The Boat To Recover The Sword(1)
Chapter 80 - Wooden Puppet: I’M All Out Of Luck
Chapter 81 - There'S No Need
Chapter 82 - We Have The Pill Eating Contest!
Chapter 83 - A Master Must Pay Their Disciple A Home Visit
Chapter 84 - Battle Of Experts
Chapter 85 - Didn’T You Say You Could Take It?
Chapter 86 - To Battle
Chapter 87 - Try A Thirty-Meter Long Broadsword For Size
Chapter 88 - Title Challenge Mission
Chapter 89 - All I Want Is The Whole Mountain
Chapter 90 - A Lesson To Remember
Chapter 91 - Less Robbing
Chapter 92 - Taking A Huge Loss
Chapter 93 - Since They’Re Useless, It Falls Onto Me
Chapter 94 - The Dirt-Poor Yan Mountain
Chapter 95 - Blood Regalia And Warding Sword Art
Chapter 96 - A Brilliant And Ingenious Plan
Chapter 97 - To Respond In Kind
Chapter 98 - I’Ve Seen Six Of Your Kind Already!
Chapter 99 - All Are Forced Into Poverty
Chapter 100 - Just Follow Ling Xian
Chapter 101 - Power, Speed, Taunting Or Temptation?
Chapter 102 - En, Not Bad At All!
Chapter 103 - Great Venerable’S Excellent Strategy Of Bringing Peace On Earth
Chapter 104 - The Chopsticks Were Too Fragile
Chapter 105 - The Blue Bamboo Above Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 106 - That What They All Said
Chapter 107 - I Didn’T Invite An Actor!
Chapter 108 - Heavenly Tribulation Arrives
Chapter 109 - Strongest Beneath The Heavens
Chapter 110 - Danger Value Hurricane
Chapter 111 - I Have A Bad Feeling About This
Chapter 112 - We’Ll Play For A Couple Of Rounds
Chapter 113 - Fighting Moon Fiend
Chapter 114 - The Problems The Fist Can’T Solve
Chapter 115 - You Have A Great Wife!
Chapter 116 - Your Master’S Grave Already Has Two Inch Of Grass!
Chapter 117 - Lifting The Seal On The Bones Of The Taotie
Chapter 118 - I’M Truly Sorry For Letting You All Down
Chapter 119 - I Don’T Know My Own Strength
Chapter 120 - Ah, Such Regret!
Chapter 121 - All Are Equal Beneath The Array!
Chapter 122 - Speaking Of It Brings Disgrace!
Chapter 123 - Understanding A Fraction Of The True Yan
Chapter 124 - Yan Mountain’S Rules
Chapter 125 - An Auction Can Be A Good Destination
Chapter 126 - I Seem To Hear Someone Calling Me
Chapter 127 - This Daoist Robe Is Waterproof
Chapter 128 - I Suddenly Got In The Mood
Chapter 129 - A Single-Minded Sword Dance
Chapter 130 - The Sunset Is Really Beautiful Today
Chapter 131 - I’M Worried About My Useless Son
Chapter 132 - Wind Fiend Patriarch
Chapter 133 - Playing Around
Chapter 134 - You Have Such A Narrow View Of The World
Chapter 135 - The Twelve Obscure Gateways
Chapter 136 - That Also Works?
Chapter 137 - Moving House Is A Troublesome Matter
Chapter 138 - Warmonger
Chapter 139 - An Eventful Year
Chapter 140 - How Can Archfiends Flying On Swords Lose?
Chapter 141 - Am I A Commander?
Chapter 142 - You Said What?
Chapter 143 - How Peculiar
Chapter 144 - What Gave You The Courage?
Chapter 145 - Disciple Snatching
Chapter 146 - How Are You All So Damn Poor?
Chapter 147 - Weren’T Your Eyes Dry?
Chapter 148 - Entering The Nine Frozen Springs
Chapter 149 - I Refuse… Ah, So Comphy!
Chapter 150 - There’S Something Wrong With This Scene!
Chapter 151 - Too Slow
Chapter 152 - His Eminence Is Here
Chapter 153 - I Want To Be The First Women Under Heaven
Chapter 154 - Flood Dragon'S Warm Greeting
Chapter 155 - He Is Chen Ming!
Chapter 156 - Disaster Rank
Chapter 157 - The Arrival Of A Blood Dragon
Chapter 158 - Don’T Look Since You Can’T Copy It!
Chapter 159 - Right And Wrong
Chapter 160 - Proud Geniuses
Chapter 161 - Killing To Affirm One’S Dao
Chapter 162 - Hope
Chapter 163 - The Light Piercing The Darkness
Chapter 164 - Demonic Sect'S Methods Are Shameless
Chapter 165 - Ripples Of Demonic Energy
Chapter 166 - Ambush!
Chapter 167 - Spreading Seeds To Raise An Army
Chapter 168 - Grasping The Meaning Of Endless Pills
Chapter 169 - Heavenly Tribulation: Just You Wait!
Chapter 170 - Attack By Starlight!
Chapter 171 - Eight Sacred Powers Aura
Chapter 172 - Missed It
Chapter 173 - Zealot Aura
Chapter 174 - This Immortal Master Doubts Your Origins
Chapter 175 - This Again?
Chapter 176 - Entering The Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 177 - Killing A Sovereign
Chapter 178 - Honing A Dull Saber
Chapter 179 - You Want To Murder Your Master?
Chapter 180 - Control Aura Lvl 2
Chapter 181 - Massacre Board
Chapter 182 - Storm Is Coming
Chapter 183 - Scarlet Tide
Chapter 184 - Why Are You Here?
Chapter 185 - Bringing Children
Chapter 186 - You'Re Lucky You Ran Into Me!
Chapter 187 - He Ain'T Afraid Of Turning Into A Fake Immortal
Chapter 188 - Conning Skill
Chapter 189 - This Place Will Bore The Name Of Yan Mountain!
Chapter 190 - How Dumb Do You Thing We Are?
Chapter 191 - Can We Change The Lines?
Chapter 192 - Swarm Of Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 193 - Fighting A Battle Of Wits And Brawn With Air
Chapter 194 - Rise Of The Scarlet Tide
Chapter 195 - Ghost Immortal Is Out Of Service
Chapter 196 - You Say We’Re Even, But I Have Yet To Reply
Chapter 197 - If One Could Turn Back, What Would Be The Point Of Boundless?(1)
Chapter 198 - Spit Image
Chapter 199 - Rush
Chapter 200 - Forest Of Origin
Chapter 201 - Only Fierce?
Chapter 202 - Actually, Liu Xuancha Is Quite Reliable
Chapter 203 - Taking Advantage Of Immortal Master Chen
Chapter 204 - Soaring Wildly Through The Clouds, Master And Disciple Leave Streams Of Tears
Chapter 205 - Just A Bit More, But I Can'T Cultivate It Anyway
Chapter 206 - Immortal Rage
Chapter 207 - Enlighten Aura
Chapter 208 - The New Title Challenge Mission
Chapter 209 - There Are No Spirit Stones I, Immortal Master Chen, Can'T Spend
Chapter 210 - Heaven Spirit Vein
Chapter 211 - War Escalates
Chapter 212 - Your Friend, Yan Mountain, Is Here
Chapter 213 - Yan Mountain Financial Group Will Arrive In 30 Seconds
Chapter 214 - Fighting A Sovereign Is A Blessing
Chapter 215 - You'Re One Damn Smooth Talker
Chapter 216 - Danger Rating: Cataclysm
Chapter 217 - Wait A Sec!
Chapter 218 - Words Aren’T Needed, Goodbye!
Chapter 219 - The Strongest Summon!
Chapter 220 - Is This Called Somewhat Close?
Chapter 221 - Can'T Use The Same Move Twice
Chapter 222 - Come See The Treasure!
Chapter 223 - Crab Related
Chapter 224 - Strategy’S Menace
Chapter 225 - Movement From All Sides
Chapter 226 - Immortal Master Doesn'T Walk!
Chapter 227 - Breaking The Law
Chapter 228 - Ravenous Ghost Sovereign
Chapter 229 - The Book Of Life And Death
Chapter 230 - You'Re Too Late In Figuring Out!
Chapter 231 - All Kings Are For Nurturing My Sword
Chapter 232 - The Sky Rumbles, A Light Descends
Chapter 233 - As A Fully-Grown Chives
Chapter 234 - I Can Raise Even A Pig To Be King
Chapter 235 - Heart Enlightenment
Chapter 236 - Flying Pigs
Chapter 237 - Can I Eat It? Is It Tasty?
Chapter 238 - You Already Paid
Chapter 239 - Quack? No, I'M A Scientist!
Chapter 240 - Child, Master Is Very Disappointed In You
Chapter 241 - Grave Matters
Chapter 242 - Dear Son-In-Law!
Chapter 243 - Bingo! No Reward Though
Chapter 244 - World-Shaking Battle(I)
Chapter 245 - World-Shaking Battle(Ii)
Chapter 246 - World-Shaking Battle(Iii)
Chapter 247 - World-Shaking Battle(Iv)
Chapter 248 - World-Shaking Battle(V)
Chapter 249 - World-Shaking Battle(Vi)
Chapter 250 - Is Chen Ming An Autarch?
Chapter 251 - What’S The Best Way To Do This?
Chapter 252 - The Complete Eight Sacred Powers Aura!
Chapter 253 - Without Immortal Master Chen, The Land Will Never Find Peace!
Chapter 254 - Assembly
Chapter 255 - Are You Guys Ganging Up On Me?
Chapter 256 - Hear, Hear, Is That How A Human Speaks?
Chapter 257 - Everlasting Valor Aura
Chapter 258 - Yan Mountain’S Financial Group Standing By
Chapter 259 - Power Overwhelming, Strength Unleashed
Chapter 260 - An Assassination Per Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Chapter 261 - A Red Flower!
Chapter 262 - The Grass Seen From Afar
Chapter 263 - You’Re Not Angry?
Chapter 264 - Ten Thousand Swords Subdue Demons(I)
Chapter 265 - Ten Thousand Swords Subdue Demons(Ii)
Chapter 266 - Ten Thousand Swords Subdue Demons(Iii)
Chapter 267 - Eating And Singing
Chapter 268 - Clash Of Giants
Chapter 269 - You Must Have Worked Hard For Your Cultivation To Reach Thus Far
Chapter 270 - Now Do You Understand The Farmer God Sword Art?
Chapter 271
Chapter 272 - Skill Shouting!
Chapter 273 - Preparation For The Decisive Fight
Chapter 274 - Decisive Battle(I)
Chapter 275 - Decisive Battle(Ii)
Chapter 276 - Decisive Battle (Iii)
Chapter 277 - Decisive Battle (Iv)
Chapter 278 - Decisive Battle(V)
Chapter 279 - Suyi’S Assassination
Chapter 280 - From The Moment I Saw You
Chapter 281 - A New Beneath Immortal
Chapter 282 - Going To The Demonic Sect, Aiming For The World!
Chapter 283 - Let The Sword Fly A While Longer
Chapter 284 - As Luck Had It, So Am I
Chapter 285 - You Gave Me The Sword Spring And Autumn
Chapter 286 - I’Ll Return You This Saber Called Grass Cutter
Chapter 287 - Battle For The Crown
Chapter 288 - In A Time Without Heroes…
Chapter 289 - Ruler’S Presence
Chapter 290 - Vanquishing Demons
Chapter 291 - Pff!
Chapter 292 - You’Ve Got A Star!
Chapter 293 - Pill Cauldron: I-I-I Can’T Speak
Chapter 294 - The Path To Immortality
Chapter 295 - Just Hand That Damn Punk Over!
Chapter 296 - Showtime!
Chapter 297 - Besieged By Eight Corpses
Chapter 298 - Those Who Wavered Are Already Dead
Chapter 299 - The Tree Of Martyrs
Chapter 300 - Strife
Chapter 301 - The Reaper Has Come To Reap!
Chapter 302 - The Origin Of The Hall Of Martyrs
Chapter 303 - Grabbed A Baldy, I Mean A Monk
Chapter 304 - Headless Assembly
Chapter 305 - To Immortality!
Chapter 306 - Star Lord Lingyu
Chapter 307 - Master’S Grace Is A Foot Taller Than Heaven
Chapter 308 - Expansion Star
Chapter 309 - That’S A Long Story
Chapter 310 - Grandpa Always Warned Me…
Chapter 311 - Faceless
Chapter 312 - A Monk Lies In A Temple That Lies On A Mountain
Chapter 313 - Who Could Have Seen It Coming?
Chapter 314 - Eight Dragon-Ascending Steps
Chapter 315 - No Faceless Around
Chapter 316 - Isn’T It You?
Chapter 317 - Willing To Grasp Sire’S Blade
Chapter 318 - Myself Is Shan Liuyun!
Chapter 319 - Star Dragon
Chapter 320 - Aw, What An Adorable Girly
Chapter 321 - Yes, I’M A Thief. And?
Chapter 322 - Jade Lake’S Nursing Home!
Chapter 323 - You Are Now
Chapter 324 - More Or Less A Retard
Chapter 325 - Kicking Heavenly Court’S Kindergarden!
Chapter 326 - Pulling A Sword, With The Wrong Script
Chapter 327 - My Sect Has A Tree
Chapter 328 - Why The Bra Then?
Chapter 329 - These Aren’T Enough For Me To Help You
Chapter 330 - : The Immortal World Trembles!
Chapter 331 - Went Cold Before Entering The Limelight!
Chapter 332 - That’S The Same As Saying As If I Lost Respect
Chapter 333 - How To Make A Complete Immortal Toy
Chapter 334 - Not Nearly Enough!
Chapter 335 - King Ranked Pills Development
Chapter 336 - Why Always Me?
Chapter 337 - Don’T Go Drinking With Third Senior Brother!
Chapter 338 - Bottle Popping Art!
Chapter 339 - Randomness Is First Under Heaven!
Chapter 340 - Fate Is Here!
Chapter 341 - Learning It Fills Me With Joy!
Chapter 342 - I Can!
Chapter 343 - That’S Not What I Meant
Chapter 344 - My Patience’S Wearing Thin
Chapter 345 - My Power Goes Beyond Imagination!
Chapter 346 - Habit Is Good!
Chapter 347 - Don’T Ask Or You’Ll Deviate
Chapter 348 - To Hell With Your Altruism!
Chapter 349 - Barely Living
Chapter 350 - The Daily Refining On Scarlet Tide Continent
Chapter 351 - Peace In The Galaxy
Chapter 352 - How Refreshing!
Chapter 353 - Shedding Mortality Project!
Chapter 354 - I Only Thought Of Killing Everyone
Chapter 355 - Dark Tide
Chapter 356 - Have I, Chen Ming, Been Scared Of My Disciple?
Chapter 357 - I Urge You To Stay True
Chapter 358 - Damn! The Qilin Arm Is Acting Up Again!
Chapter 359 - Outlining Expert
Chapter 360 - Archeological Breakthroughs
Chapter 361 - All Immortal Kings Are Lunatics!
Chapter 362 - To Boost Morale, One Words Is Enough!
Chapter 363 - Night Raid
Chapter 364 - A Spirit Stone As Comfort!
Chapter 365 - I Don’T Know Them Now, But Soon Will
Chapter 366 - Let Me See You Write Fear
Chapter 367 - : This Immortal Master Sells At -201% Off!
Chapter 368 - Sealed Paths
Chapter 369 - A New Expansion Order
Chapter 370 - Yan Mountain Astray
Chapter 371 - War For Pill Domination (I)
Chapter 372 - War For Pill Domination(Ii)
Chapter 373 - War For Pill Domination(Iii)
Chapter 374 - Chain Assassinations
Chapter 375 - Mind The Funeral
Chapter 376 - Perfect Escape
Chapter 377 - Ah, So Tiring
Chapter 378 - Daily Slip In Talent
Chapter 379 - Here’S To A Long Life. Here’S To The Glorious Dead
Chapter 380 - Roar, Roar
Chapter 381 - Invitation To A Duel
Chapter 382 - You Shouldn’T Have
Chapter 383 - Unrealistic
Chapter 384 - Sudden Battle(I)
Chapter 385 - Sudden Battle(Ii)
Chapter 386 - Sudden Battle(Iii)
Chapter 387 - Sudden Battle(Iv)
Chapter 388 - Sudden Battle(V)
Chapter 389 - Sudden Battle(Vi)
Chapter 391 - Sin Searing Book
Chapter 392 - Improvement
Chapter 393 - Obvious Tricks
Chapter 394 - Here’S A Return Gift
Chapter 395 - I’Ve Seen Three Hundred Like You Already
Chapter 396 - Done!
Chapter 397 - Southern Gate Monastery
Chapter 398 - Rather Be Empress Than Consort!
Chapter 399 - Immortal Kings’ Love Life
Chapter 400 - Hidden Emperor
Chapter 401 - Dragon Race’S Tale Of Abstinence
Chapter 402 - Wherever I’M From, Wherever I Shall Go
Chapter 403 - If Not I, Who Then Shall Enter Hell?
Chapter 404 - Grandmaster’S Skill Is Divine
Chapter 405 - Hopeless
Chapter 406 - I Love Studying
Chapter 407 - The World Trembled
Chapter 408 - Ninth Crown Prince
Chapter 409 - Compete Then Eat! And You'Ll Never Go Cold!
Chapter 410 - Scaring Bian Canwang Silly
Chapter 411 - What Did I Say?
Chapter 412 - The Problem Is, This Is The Fourth Day
Chapter 413 - Grasping Four Domains
Chapter 414 - I Want To Burn Incense For Sage Ran Zui
Chapter 415 - I’M Close To Bursting
Chapter 416 - I'M Too Poor
Chapter 417 - This Must Be 'Like'
Chapter 418 - People Long To Call Out King Wordless
Chapter 419 - Fu...
Chapter 420 - Quack
Chapter 421 - Nr. 0
Chapter 422 - Sky Bearer
Chapter 423 - Gathering Of Heroes
Chapter 424 - Let'S Start With Play-Fighting
Chapter 425 - This Ninth Is Kinda Weak
Chapter 426 - Head Senior Sister Is Calling You
Chapter 427 - Star Dragon'S Descent
Chapter 428 - In Other Words, A Man Must Have Stamina
Chapter 429 - I Keep Letting People Down
Chapter 430 - A Great Boss' Performance
Chapter 431 - A Hint On Strength Against Adversity
Chapter 432 - The Hardships Of The Living
Chapter 433 - Altruism To The Rescue
Chapter 434 - Immortal Master Chen'S Grim Fairy Tales
Chapter 436: - Dubious Seniority
Chapter 437 - River Of Time
Chapter 438 - My Master Once Told Me…
Chapter 439 - A Dimwit'S A Fool Of Course
Chapter 440 - It Seems You Have No Inkling Of The Meaning Of Taboo
Chapter 441 - Never Gamble With Your Second Senior Brother
Chapter 442 - Demonic Cultivation'S Straggler
Chapter 443 - Flay Immortals
Chapter 444 - We Can’T Stay Here
Chapter 445 - Heavenly Dao Sanctuary
Chapter 446 - Since You Asked, You Must Have An Answer
Chapter 447 - Myself Is Chen Ming, Please Advise
Chapter 448 - Chen Ming'S Disciples
Chapter 449 - Chop!
Chapter 450 - Crownless Assembly Doesn'T Like Rules
Chapter 451 - Moon Nation
Chapter 452 - A Wacky Battle
Chapter 453 - Yan Mountain’S Third Sect Leader: Uh, I Don'T Speak
Chapter 454 - Dance In The Ninth Heaven
Chapter 455 - Dazzling Fireworks
Chapter 456 - Wow, So It'S Evening!
Chapter 457 - Impulsive And, Uhm, Even More Impulsive
Chapter 458-1 - Wu Fu
Chapter 458-2 - Best Versus Best
Chapter 459 - We Challenge You To A Duel
Chapter 460 - Savage Battle
Chapter 461 - Confucius: Not A Word…
Chapter 462 - : Unsullied Ground
Chapter 463 - He Doesn'T Seem To Be From The Mortal World
Chapter 464 - I Can Give Auras Too?
Chapter 465 - 3,000 Dao Injuries
Chapter 466 - Untold Daos
Chapter 467 - Reward: King
Chapter 468 - You'Re Telling Me I Conned Honest People?
Chapter 469 - First Encounter With Barbarians
Chapter 470 - Foxkin Extermination, Nu Xiao'S Ha-Ha
Chapter 471 - Zhuo Qingyao'S Deterring Education
Chapter 472 - Yan Mountain'S Ascending Diary, First Entry
Chapter 473 - Yan Mountain'S Ascending Diary, Second Entry
Chapter 474 - Yan Mountain'S Ascending Diary, Third Entry
Chapter 475 - S-Ranked Mission
Chapter 476 - Cicada Race'S Sprouts
Chapter 477 - Such Honest Children
Chapter 478 - Tough Choice
Chapter 479 - What Did I Just Say?
Chapter 480 - Got No Time To Fuss With You
Chapter 481 - Annoying Status
Chapter 482 - Stupendous Idea!
Chapter 483 - The Hell Is That?
Chapter 484 - Marvelous Treasure!
Chapter 485 - Worldly Treasure
Chapter 486 - Enjoying The Show
Chapter 487 - Each With His Own Plan
Chapter 488 - Psych!
Chapter 489 - Strip!
Chapter 490 - A New Faceless
Chapter 491 - Am I Cicada?
Chapter 492 - He Scaled The Immortal Stage
Chapter 493 - Announcing The Changing Sky
Chapter 494 - There'S Plenty Who Want To Kill Us
Chapter 495 - If You'Re Bored, Go Listen A Story
Chapter 496 - You Won!
Chapter 497 - Almighty Crownless' Honorable Presence
Chapter 498 - Oh My Freakin' Poodle!
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Follow Chen Ming as he accepts disciples, establishes a sect, and fights his way in a world that deems him a cannon fodder.
He goes against any common sense using his wits and novel knowhow to finish missions and arm himself against his cruel fate.

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Chapter 1 - Accepting A Disciple

Chapter 1: Accepting a Disciple

“Ding! Master of Untold Daos System is installing…”

“Progress… 10%.”


“100%, installation complete! Welcome to the Master of Untold Daos System. Remember to leave a positive review!”

Chen Ming listened with stupefaction at the gentle voice of a young lady echoing inside his head.

What the hell happened? Did I crossed over?

Chen Ming felt lost. He was an orphan—an average Joe—who started work after graduating and enjoyed reading parody novels. He was just enjoying one such novel when—out of carelessness—spilled water on a power outlet. That shocked him into hearing the system lady’s voice.

Then the memories began coming in waves, flooding his mind. Chen Ming was twenty-three years old and a cultivator in the second realm. He was one of the four Grand Elders in the Endless Swords Sect, the highest status below that of the Sect Leader. He had healthy parents, while his grandfather was the Regent. He was filthy rich and even had his grandfather’s affection to boot! He was a carefree and distinguished young man who—at the tender age of twenty-three—entered the 2nd stage of Dao Initiation realm; not to mention being an elder in the Endless Swords Sect. That wasn’t the end though. He had the Ancient Desolate Sword Body, formed the Benevolent Sword Heart, and attained perfection in wielding the Lustrous King Sword Art.

Cultivation had four realms: the Dao Sense realm, the Dao Initiation realm, the Dao Comprehending realm and the Transcending realm.

Why did he have to cross over in such a powerful body?

F*ck you! Crossing over should come with a cheat. Having this moron’s useless knowledge is asking for death! Are you just a stepping stone for the furious Main Character coming for revenge, to smack your face in and take your treasures? And the Main Character will have the second-highest cultivation, right? There aren’t even manuals for the highest stage yet! The Main Character will also cultivate an outrageous cultivation method, right? Mine is too plain!

No wonder you’re not the Main Character! Your parents are way too healthy and you haven’t suffered enough.

The script was wrong from the start!

If his grandfather passed, or he turned into the next Sect Leader or a Lord, he might get rid of the emperor and seize the throne. The ministers would not object. Hell, they might even shed tears.

If he didn’t have enough strength, the Main Character would simply pull him—as cannon fodder—in a scripted world-shaking battle for revenge. If he was strong, then a single spit from him on his flying sword would conveniently kill the Main Character’s parents. The outcome: death by Main Character, according to script!

Should he kill the Main Character at his weakest? No no no, were you jesting? Haven’t you heard of the Main Character’s Aura? Chen Ming might have had the Ancient Desolate Sword Body, the Benevolent Sword Heart, the Lustrous King Sword—cool stuff though—but up against the Main Character? Only death awaits! Could their powers even compare? And if the Main Character didn’t win, he would use a god knew what freaky art to escape right before his eyes.

Based on many years of reading novels, he knew that danger lurked everywhere. His worry was that—at any moment—the Main Character would destroy the world, and him along with it. No, the only chance of survival was to firmly—and unwaveringly—latch on to Main Character’s leg.

But the next moment found him depressed, assuming he would be the Main Character’s little brother.

What if he was gay? With his dashing looks, wouldn’t it be the same as throwing himself in Main Character’s arms?

“Ding! System started. Given the host’s current status, you have a disciple position open. First mission: Accept a disciple! Reward: 10 merits.”

“What are they used for?” questioned Chen Ming.

“Merits help the host comprehend cultivation methods. As host is bound to the Master of Untold Daos System, host’s constitution became the Limitless Dao Body. It allows host to learn every cultivation method in the world. Furthermore. a lottery ticket will be awarded when a disciple breaks through into a new realm!”

Chen Ming mulled it over, aware of the word ‘comprehend’. With enough merits, he would gain instant enlightenment of any cultivation method or magical art!

It sounded as if he could have Main Characters as disciples.

I have such a wonderful mind!

And who could have a loftier status than a Main Character’s Master? Hmm?

In the mountain range’s depths, on a mist-covered mountain, laid a ten-thousand-foot a stone square stage.

Thousands of youngsters were on the stage, looking at the dozen immortal masters standing on a tall terrace. These immortal masters were all cultivators, each of them in search of a disciple to teach them the Great Dao.

The youngsters were exited to know they could become an immortal master’s disciple. They would then shed their mortal coil and become cultivators!

This was the Endless Swords Sect, and Chen Ming was one of these immortal masters.

His mind made up, Chen Ming began taking an interest in these children. Next to him, Li Changgeng noticed Chen Ming’s behavior, and intrigued him, “Elder Chen, you will also accept a disciple?”

The previous Chen Ming never took a disciple. His focus was cultivation and accepting a disciple would shorten his training. It was no wonder it surprised Li Changgeng to find Chen Ming taking an interest in these children.

Chen Ming laughed, embarrassed. “This old man is getting on in years and time has come for me to accept a disciple. It will embarrass me greatly if no one came to pay my last rites at this old man’s passing. It would be nice to find an unpolished gem to pass on my legacy.”

The gray-haired Li Changgeng looked at the charming, lively, handsome and bright Chen Ming. His hair was smooth and black—jade-like—and his skin flawless. A Dao Initiation realm cultivator could live up to three hundred years.

You just stepped in this realm at twenty-three; you’re still a child. If you call yourself an old man, then what am I? An old fart with a foot in his grave?

Li Changgeng laughed out of embarrassment, “True. Elder Chen, you honor Endless Swords Sect with your position, despite having no disciples. This won’t do, please look and see if there’s any child connected to you by fate.”

The elder presiding over the stage heard what Chen Ming said  and empowered his shout with his cultivation, “You’re fortunate, children. The Endless Swords Sect’s youngest Grand Elder and the Yan Kingdom Regent’s grandson, Grand Elder Chen, will accept a disciple!”

All the youngsters were excited at this. They grew up hearing Chen Ming’s legend. If they could pay respect to Chen Ming, they would surely soar above the clouds!

Chen Ming watched the children with indifference. In less than a day, they gathered the details regarding their history and talent into a ledger.

Li Changgeng took the ledger and handed it over to Chen Ming, “The youngsters qualified to enter the Endless Swords Sect are in here. Elder Chen, you have never accepted a disciple, so please go first.”

Chen Ming received the ledger and saw that the first ten had great talents, despite the lack of notable backgrounds. The first youngster even had the Destiny Sword Body.

Li Changgeng thought Chen Ming would choose these children. But who could have imagined that he flipped to the last page instead and checked the least qualified youngsters! His words were:

How could the Main Character take first place? He can’t get bullied in the sect if he’s the first!

The way he saw it, this youth with the Destiny Sword Body would be the first mini-boss the Main Character would trample.

Forget it, let’s skip the first ten. The last ten are more fit to be the Main Character, anyway!

Chen Ming looked at the last child. Zhuo Qingyao was thirteen years old and at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm. She had a trashy talent, was poor, lost her parents, and crossed the Myriad Mountains for an apprenticeship. Her Dao Heart was strong and after going through such an arduous journey, she still only qualified among the last.

Chen Ming brightened at this. She was a freak!

There were countless beasts and monsters in Myriad Mountains. Only a cheat could get a 1st stage of Dao Sense realm child alive out of there!

What? You thought she only had incredible luck? Even if she did, would she still be the Main Character based on heaven-defying luck alone when she survived through thousands of monsters?

Zhuo Qingyao stood behind many youths, watching Chen Ming opening the ledger. The first ten youths stepped forward, letting him inspect them. They even put their cultivation on display, to draw Chen Ming’s interest.

Zhuo Qingyao never hoped to be chosen, not when she had such a low talent. She had—for far longer than the rest—absorbed spiritual energy, but very little went into tempering her meridians. With her younger brother a slave to the city lord’s residence, she came here to become an immortal and save him.

She knew that no one would pick her, but she still hoped to train in a proper cultivation method.

On the terrace, the lofty and elegant Chen Ming watched the youths. His unfeeling eyes sweeping the crowd, “Who is Zhuo Qingyao?”

The youngsters looked around everywhere for the lucky Zhuo Qingyao. She gazed at the charming, lively, handsome and bright Chen Ming,

Is the living legend looking for me?

Chen Ming smiled gently, exuding a noble character, “Who is Zhuo Qingyao?”

Zhuo Qingyao’s heart held some hope as she shyly stepped forward. She faced Chen Ming and cupped her hands, “My humble name is Zhuo Qingyao.”

Chen Ming descended the terrace and walked before Zhuo Qingyao. He smiled at her and spoke in an undeniable voice, “From this moment on, you will be my first disciple.”


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