Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece by Chen Rui

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: The Death Of Cyrus The Younger (2)
Chapter 3: Rebirth
Chapter 4: Davos
Chapter 5: Gods Favored
Chapter 6: Chess Player
Chapter 7: Javelin And Food
Chapter 8: Mersis
Chapter 9: Night March
Chapter 10: Meno
Chapter 11: Meeting
Chapter 12: Help?
Chapter 13: Xenophon (1)
Chapter 14: Xenophon (2)
Chapter 15: Miracle Physician
Chapter 16: Conflict
Chapter 17: Dances With Wolves
Chapter 18: The Eastern Kingdom Of Dream
Chapter 19: Suspicion
Chapter 20: Bandit
Chapter 21: Marigi
Chapter 22: Stop
Chapter 23: Shock
Chapter 24: Showing Up Prominently
Chapter 25: Negotiation Breakdown
Chapter 26: Cheirisophus
Chapter 27: New Leader
Chapter 28: Initial Authority
Chapter 29: War Council
Chapter 30: General Assembly
Chapter 31: An Astonishing Cheer (I)
Chapter 32: An Astonishing Cheer (Ii)
Chapter 33: Cheiristoya
Chapter 34: Guards
Chapter 35: Mithridates Scheme
Chapter 36: Decapitation Strike
Chapter 37: Raid Of Artaozus
Chapter 38: Slingers Of Rhodes
Chapter 39: Respective Plans
Chapter 40: Hellish Encirclement And Annihilation (I)
Chapter 41: Hellish Encirclement And Annihilation (Ii)
Chapter 42: Reminiscing The Ancient Capital
Chapter 43: Archery Battle
Chapter 44: Medical Benevolence
Chapter 45: Spring Breeze
Chapter 46: Mountain Warfare
Chapter 47: Cheiristoyas Appointment
Chapter 48: Race Against Time (I)
Chapter 49: Race Against Time (Ii)
Chapter 50: Negotiation
Chapter 51: Carduchians
Chapter 52: Crossing The River (I)
Chapter 53: Crossing The River (Ii)
Chapter 54: Crossing The River (Iii)
Chapter 55: Byzantium
Chapter 56: Thurii
Chapter 57: Davos Camp
Chapter 58: Oracle
Chapter 59: To Magna Graecia
Chapter 60: Agreement Signing
Chapter 61: Farewell
Chapter 62: Arrival
Chapter 63: Ruins
Chapter 64: Scuffle!
Chapter 65: Camp Building!
Chapter 66: Inquiry And Explanation (I)
Chapter 67: Inquiry And Explanation (Ii)
Chapter 68: Reconnaissance (I)
Chapter 69: Reconnaissance (Ii)
Chapter 70: Reconnaissance (Iii)
Chapter 71: Reconnaissance (Iv)
Chapter 72: Goals!
Chapter 73: Request Of Mersis
Chapter 74: Mercenary Market Information (I)
Chapter 75: Mercenary Market Information (Ii)
Chapter 76: Davos Camp
Chapter 77: War Plan
Chapter 78: Before The Battle
Chapter 79: The Battle Of Thurii (I)
Chapter 80: The Battle Of Thurii (Ii)
Chapter 81: The Battle Of Thurii (Iii)
Chapter 82: The Battle Of Thurii (Iv)
Chapter 83: Retreat
Chapter 84: Camps Defense
Chapter 85: Contradiction
Chapter 86: Undercurrent
Chapter 87: Choice
Chapter 88: Allies
Chapter 89: Luring The Enemies Into An Ambush
Chapter 90: The Battle Of The Great River (I)
Chapter 91: The Battle Of The Great River (Ii)
Chapter 92: The Battle Of The Great River (Iii)
Chapter 93: Postwar
Chapter 94: Night Raid
Chapter 95: Recapture
Chapter 96: Davos Thoughts
Chapter 97: Cornelius
Chapter 98: Ecclesia
Chapter 99: Thuriis Loss
Chapter 100: A King Or An Archon?
Chapter 101: Archon For Life
Chapter 102: The First Council Meeting (I)
Chapter 103: The First Council Meeting (Ii)
Chapter 104: The First Council Meeting (Iii)
Chapter 105: The First Council Meeting (Iv)
Chapter 106: The First Council Meeting (V)
Chapter 107: The First Council Meeting (Vi)
Chapter 108: Proposal
Chapter 109: Andrea
Chapter 110: The Happiness Of Giorgris
Chapter 111: Bagul
Chapter 112: Proposal Concerning The Slaves
Chapter 113: The Aid Of Taranto
Chapter 114: Heras Ceremony And Wedding Celebration
Chapter 115: The Invitation Of Syracuse
Chapter 116: Dionysius, The Tyrant
Chapter 117: Legion And Flag (I)
Chapter 118: Legion And Flag (Ii)
Chapter 119: Marijis Business Plan (I)
Chapter 120: Marijis Business Plan (Ii)
Chapter 121: Alliance With Thurii (I)
Chapter 122: Alliance With Thurii (Ii)
Chapter 123: Izam Of Corduene
Chapter 124: Heracleides The Architect
Chapter 125: New Roads
Chapter 126: Recruits And Training (I)
Chapter 127: Recruits And Training (Ii)
Chapter 128: Rugby
Chapter 129: The Sorrow Of Kunogelata
Chapter 130: Welcome To Amendolara
Chapter 131: Mathematics And Waterwheel
Chapter 132: The Situation In Lucania
Chapter 133: Amendolaras Medical Treatment
Chapter 134: Slave Disturbance
Chapter 135: Thuriis Diplomatic Affair
Chapter 136: Outbreak Of War
Chapter 137: Repaying Evil With Kindness
Chapter 138: The Fall Of Thurii
Chapter 139: Intimidation
Chapter 140: Burning The City
Chapter 141: Rescue
Chapter 142: Surprise Attack (I)
Chapter 143: Surprise Attack (Ii)
Chapter 144: Surprise Attack (Iii)
Chapter 145: Post Victory
Chapter 146: Establishing The Thua Union
Chapter 147: Renewing The Alliance
Chapter 148: The Envoy Of Crotone-Lysias
Chapter 149: Reconstruction Of Thurii
Chapter 150: Armistice Agreement And The Alliance Of Thua Union
Chapter 151: Pregnancy
Chapter 152: The War Preparation Of Syracuse And The Trade Revival Of Thua Union
Chapter 153: The Construction Of Bridges And The Discussion In The Senate
Chapter 154: Shocking Disputes Over The Reconstruction Of The Temple
Chapter 155: The Influence Of The Temple Of Hades In The Future
Chapter 156: The Thua Union In The Eyes Of The Foreigners (I)
Chapter 157: The Thua Union In The Eyes Of Foreigners (Ii)
Chapter 158: Turns Out That Beer Was Invented By The Egyptians
Chapter 159: Becoming Rich And Noble, Nothing Is Forgotten
Chapter 160: An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 161: Join Hands
Chapter 162: Persuade
Chapter 163: Heated Debate In The Senate
Chapter 164: Spy
Chapter 165: Arriving On The Lands Of The Lucanians
Chapter 166: Deceiving A City
Chapter 167: Killing And Appeasement (I)
Chapter 168: Killing And Appeasement (Ii)
Chapter 169: The Return Of Laos And The Glory Of Sybaris
Chapter 170: Theonia City-State Union
Chapter 171: Meeting Timasion
Chapter 172: The Worries Of Cheirisophus
Chapter 173: The Visit Of Davos (I)
Chapter 174: The Visit Of Davos (Ii)
Chapter 175: The Visit Of Davos (Iii)
Chapter 176: The Visit Of Davos (Iv)
Chapter 177: The Arrival Of Avinoges
Chapter 178: Having An Audience With Cincinnag
Chapter 179: Sparta
Chapter 180: Spartas Punishment
Chapter 181: Triumphant Return And Former Comrades (I)
Chapter 182: Triumphant Return And Former Comrades (Ii)
Chapter 183: Triumphant Return: The Highest Honor Of A Unions Warrior
Chapter 184: Cloud And Rain (Love Making)
Chapter 185: The Arrival Of Sparta
Chapter 186: Arrogance: The Symbol Of Sparta
Chapter 187: The Incitement Of Phidias
Chapter 188: The Action Of Taranto And The Remorse Of Agasias
Chapter 189: The Vigilance Of Dionysius And The Funeral Of The Spartan King
Chapter 190: The Court In The Market Of Thurii
Chapter 191: Amendolaras Economic Development Zone
Chapter 192: Theonias Rugby Competition (I)
Chapter 193: Theonias Rugby Competition (Ii)
Chapter 194: The Ambition Of Timasion
Chapter 195: Surprise Attack On Krimisa
Chapter 196: Storming Krimisa
Chapter 197: Capturing The City
Chapter 198: Fall
Chapter 199: The Trouble Caused By The Mercenaries
Chapter 200: The War Potential Of Theonia
Chapter 201: The Outbreak Of The Second Crotone War
Chapter 202: War Preparation
Chapter 203: Before The War
Chapter 204: Ambush
Chapter 205: Battle Of Trionto River (I)
Chapter 206: Battle Of Trionto River (Ii)
Chapter 207: Battle Of Trionto River (Iii)
Chapter 208: Battle Of Trionto River (Iv)
Chapter 209: Battle Of Trionto River (V)
Chapter 210: Battle Of Trionto River (Vi)
Chapter 211: After The Battle Of Trionto River
Chapter 212: The Enemy Passed Through The Earthen Wall
Chapter 213: Disagreement In Crotone
Chapter 214: The Counterattack Of Milo
Chapter 215: The Cooperation Of Three Legion
Chapter 216: The Suggestion Of Kunogelata
Chapter 217: Crotones Naval Harassment
Chapter 218: Invasion Of The Northern Plain Of Crotone
Chapter 219: Storming Aprustum
Chapter 220: Fall Of Aprustum
Chapter 221: Peace Negotiation
Chapter 222: Unusual Alliance Agreement
Chapter 223: Entering Krimisa
Chapter 224: We Are One Family
Chapter 225: Son
Chapter 226: Crotokatax Davos
Chapter 227: Triumphant Return
Chapter 228: Kings Election
Chapter 229: Affairs In Sparta
Chapter 230: Senate Meeting After The War (I)
Chapter 231: Senate Meeting After The War (Ii)
Chapter 232: Senate Meeting After The War (Iii)
Chapter 233: Senate Meeting After The War (Iv)
Chapter 234: The Plan For Grumentum And The Battle On The Sea Near Scylletium
Chapter 235: Crotones Call For Reinforcement
Chapter 236: Hielos Decision
Chapter 237: Spartas Syssitia
Chapter 238: Agesilaus Intention
Chapter 239: The Indignation Of Leotychides
Chapter 240: Davos Proposal
Chapter 241: The Family Situation Of Kunogelata
Chapter 242: The Establishment Of The South Italia Alliance
Chapter 243: Theonias Deployment
Chapter 244: Peace In South Italia Under The Leadership Of Theonia
Chapter 245: The Four Strifes In Western Mediterranean
Chapter 246: Silver Coin Of Theonia And The Institute Of Mathematics
Chapter 247: Ballista
Chapter 248: Akademia Of Theonia (I)
Chapter 249: Akademia Of Theonia (Ii)
Chapter 250: Akademia Of Theonia (Iii)
Chapter 251: Prelude To War
Chapter 252: Attack Plan
Chapter 253: Attack On Grumentum
Chapter 254: Occupying Grumentum And Eleas Concern
Chapter 255: The Banquet Of Avinoges
Chapter 256: The Proposal To Make Hades As The Theonians Belief
Chapter 257: The Celebration Ceremony For The Completion Of The Temple Of Hades (I)
Chapter 258: The Celebration Ceremony For The Completion Of The Temple Of Hades (Ii)
Chapter 259: The Celebration Ceremony For The Completion Of The Temple Of Hades (Iii)
Chapter 260: The Uniqueness Of The Temple Of Hades
Chapter 261: The Secret Of Theonias Strength? (I)
Chapter 262: The Secret Of Theonias Strength? (Ii)
Chapter 263: Slave Liberation Ceremony And Theonias Rugby Tournament
Chapter 264: Eleas Affiliation
Chapter 265: Alarming News From Terina
Chapter 266: Assault On Bruttii?
Chapter 267: The Kinadon Incident And The Counterattack Of Messapi
Chapter 268: Returning To Rescue
Chapter 269: Messapi-Peuceti Alliance
Chapter 270: The Death Of Archytas
Chapter 271: The Theonians Abide By Their Promise
Chapter 272: History Of The Three Race
Chapter 273: Theonias Interest Comes First
Chapter 274: Another Huge Blow
Chapter 275: Leotychides
Chapter 276: The Meetings Undercurrent
Chapter 277: Military Discussion
Chapter 278: A Surprising Turn Of Event
Chapter 279: The Response Of The Messapi-Peuceti Alliance
Chapter 280: Conflict
Chapter 281: Retreat?
Chapter 282: The Scheme Of The Messapi-Peuceti Alliance
Chapter 283: Ambush And Counter-Ambush
Chapter 284: Battle Of Anlen Hills (I)
Chapter 285: Battle Of Anlen Hills (Ii)
Chapter 286: Battle Of Anlen Hills (Iii)
Chapter 287: Battle Of Anlen Hills (Iv)
Chapter 288: Battle Of Anlen Hills (V)
Chapter 289: A Request For Help From The Siro Tribe
Chapter 290: The Messapi-Peuceti Alliances Plea For Armistice
Chapter 291: The Arrival Of Marigi
Chapter 292: Lead By Example
Chapter 293: Envoy To Brutti (I)
Chapter 294: Envoy To Bruttii (Ii)
Chapter 295: Envoy To Bruttii (Iii)
Chapter 296: Return
Chapter 297: Classified Report
Chapter 298: Henipolis
Chapter 299: Pride And Prejudice
Chapter 300: The Beginning Of The War With Bruttii
Chapter 301: Prelude To War (I)
Chapter 302: Prelude To War (Ii)
Chapter 303: Probe
Chapter 304: Hero
Chapter 305: Shouldering An Important Responsibility Alone
Chapter 306: North And South Pinned Down, Breaking Through The Middle
Chapter 307: After Capturing The City
Chapter 308: Bruttii Trembles
Chapter 309: Cheers From Thurii
Chapter 310: Fall Of Motya
Chapter 311: Changes In Lucania
Chapter 312: Baripiris Scheme
Chapter 313: Ballista
Chapter 314: Fortress Offense And Defense (I)
Chapter 315: Fortress Offense And Defense (Ii)
Chapter 316: Bruttiis Retreat And Eleas Invasion
Chapter 317: Meeting Up In Besidice
Chapter 318: Winning Over Besidice
Chapter 319: Wiping Out Pyxous
Chapter 320: Betting It All
Chapter 321: War Is Coming
Chapter 322: Reconnaissance Before The Battle Of Finita River
Chapter 323: Cavalrys Offence At The Battle Of Finita River
Chapter 324: Midday Break At The Akademia Of Theonia
Chapter 325: Pollux Criticism
Chapter 326: The Army Reserve In The Battle Of Finita River
Chapter 327: Sorrow After The War
Chapter 328: Sedrum
Chapter 329: Persuasion
Chapter 330: Hegesitus
Chapter 331: Impact After The Battle
Chapter 332: Victory In Sight
Chapter 333: Conquering Bruttii
Chapter 334: Syracuses Expansion
Chapter 335: Davos Second Wife
Chapter 336: Corinthian War
Chapter 337: Crotones Physicians
Chapter 338: Cariades The Believer
Chapter 339: Protest In Krimisa
Chapter 340: The Influence Of Theonia
Chapter 341: Military Training
Chapter 342: Killing Intent
Chapter 343: Observing Theonias School Park
Chapter 344: Conspiracy And Marriages Day
Chapter 345: Marriages Day Celebration And Blessings
Chapter 346: Hemis And Agnes
Chapter 347: Theonias Medical Symposium
Chapter 348: Davos Academic Lecture
Chapter 349: Theonias Port Market
Chapter 350: Thuriis Medical Market
Chapter 351: Thuriis Hot Spring Bathhouse
Chapter 352: Pollux Persuasion
Chapter 353: Asking The Temple For Help
Chapter 354: Not Even Letting One Less
Chapter 355: Father And Son
Chapter 356: Mixed Reactions
Chapter 357: Public Trial
Chapter 358: Public Trial And New Bill
Chapter 359: The Merchants Restlessness
Chapter 360: Davos Began To Move
Chapter 361: Davos Speech
Chapter 362: Announcement Of New Acts
Chapter 363: Envoys To Syracuse
Chapter 364: Banquet
Chapter 365: Heated Discussion
Chapter 366: Thucydides
Chapter 367: Dionysius Plan
Chapter 368: The New Navarch Of Theonias Navy And The Theonia Play
Chapter 369: Agesilaus Return
Chapter 370: Corvus
Chapter 371: Guests From Athens
Chapter 372: Isocrates Discovery
Chapter 373: The God Of Foreign Races Heracles
Chapter 374: A Secret Hidden In The Legends
Chapter 375: A Speech From A Historical Figure
Chapter 376: Library
Chapter 377: Carthages Current Situation
Chapter 378: The Magonids
Chapter 379: Davos Father-In-Law
Chapter 380: Rhegiums Request
Chapter 381: Visitor From The South
Chapter 382: The Eve Of The Festival
Chapter 383: Assassination
Chapter 384: Anger
Chapter 385: Envoy To Locri
Chapter 386: Declaring War On Locri
Chapter 387: Dionysius Move
Chapter 388: Spartas Move
Chapter 389: Athens Decision
Chapter 390: Enemys Situation In The North
Chapter 391: Davos Entaglement
Chapter 392: Plans Cant Keep Up With The Changes
Chapter 393: Davos Strategic Plan
Chapter 394: The First Battle Between Theonia And Samnite (I)
Chapter 395: The First Battle Between Theonia And Samnite (Ii)
Chapter 396: Samnites Attack
Chapter 397: Alexius Evasion
Chapter 398: Davos Farewell
Chapter 399: Syracuse Is About To Make Its Move
Chapter 400: Syracuses Invasion
Chapter 401: Pheidon
Chapter 402: Choice
Chapter 403: Theonia Union Has Arrived
Chapter 404: Pyxous Current Situation
Chapter 405: Theonian Warriors
Chapter 406: Dionysius Wrath And Phidias Resentment
Chapter 407: Theonias March And Syracuses Advance
Chapter 408: Initial Battle Against Syracuse (I)
Chapter 409: Initial Battle Against Syracuse (Ii)
Chapter 410: Liberating Poseidonia
Chapter 411: Crisis: Allaro Rivers Defensive Line
Chapter 412: The Choices For The Legions In The South
Chapter 413: Battle Of Poseidonia (I)
Chapter 414: Battle Of Poseidonia (Ii)
Chapter 415: First Big Victory
Chapter 416: The Alliances Decision
Chapter 417: United Under A Common Goal
Chapter 418: Camp Disturbance
Chapter 419: Crushing Defeat
Chapter 420: Dionysius Ambition
Chapter 421: Linking Up With Potentia
Chapter 422: Pamots Decision
Chapter 423: Davos Plan For The North
Chapter 424: Kunogelatas Vigilance
Chapter 425: Battle Of Allaro River
Chapter 426: Battle Of Allaro River (Ii)
Chapter 427: Battle Of Allaro River (Iii)
Chapter 428: Battle Of Allaro River (Iv)
Chapter 429: Battle Of Allaro River (V)
Chapter 430: Battle Of Allaro River (Vi)
Chapter 431: Battle Of Allaro River (Vii)
Chapter 432: Battle Of Allaro River (Viii)
Chapter 433: Victors Vigilance
Chapter 434: Wolf And Sheep
Chapter 435: Crotones Choice
Chapter 436: Good And Bad News
Chapter 437: Another Bad News
Chapter 438: Heraclea In Danger
Chapter 439: Rescuing Heraclea
Chapter 440: Shocking Change
Chapter 441: Conspiracy And Decisiveness
Chapter 442: Entrapment
Chapter 443: Pacifying The Chaos
Chapter 444: The Peoples Voice And Henis Request
Chapter 445: Suspicious About Laos
Chapter 446: Dionysius Subsequent Strategy
Chapter 447: Dionysius Scheme
Chapter 448: The Brave And The Vile
Chapter 449: Hades Sign
Chapter 450: Shocking Method
Chapter 451: Siege Of Crotone (I)
Chapter 452: Siege Of Crotone (Ii)
Chapter 453: Siege Of Crotone (Iii)
Chapter 454: Spartas Mediation
Chapter 455: Iphicrates
Chapter 456: The Return Of The King
Chapter 457: The Return Of The King (Ii)
Chapter 458: Provisional Constitution
Chapter 459: War Preparation (I)
Chapter 460: War Preparation (Ii)
Chapter 461: War Preparation (Iii)
Chapter 462: Battle Of The Gulf Of Taranto (I)
Chapter 463: Battle Of The Gulf Of Taranto (Ii)
Chapter 464: Battle Of The Gulf Of Taranto (Iii)
Chapter 465: Battle Of The Gulf Of Taranto (Iv)
Chapter 466: Battle Of The Gulf Of Taranto (V)
Chapter 467: Battle Of The Gulf Of Taranto (Vi)
Chapter 468: Battle Of The Gulf Of Taranto (Vii)
Chapter 469: Continuous Combat (I)
Chapter 470: Continuous Combat (Ii)
Chapter 471: Continuous Combat (Iii)
Chapter 472: After The Victory
Chapter 473: The Shock Of The Syracusans
Chapter 474: Syracuses Response
Chapter 475: Discussing About Family Matters
Chapter 476: Pacifying The North
Chapter 477: The Hidden Troubles Of The Theonian Army
Chapter 478: Theonias Complete Mobilisation
Chapter 479: Officers
Chapter 480: Sarissa
Chapter 481: A New Military Unit
Chapter 482: Training And Returning Home
Chapter 483: Blissful Moment
Chapter 484: Cheirisophus Arrival
Chapter 485: Enemy, Not Friend
Chapter 486: Second Siege Of Crotone
Chapter 487: Fall Of Crotone
Chapter 488: Armys Departure
Chapter 489: Battle Of The Sea Near Crotone (I)
Chapter 490: Battle Of The Sea Near Crotone (Ii)
Chapter 491: Battle Of The Sea Near Crotone (Iii)
Chapter 492: Theonias March And Syracuses Argument
Chapter 493: Inside Krimisa
Chapter 494: Henipolis Resolve
Chapter 495: Invitation To A Decisive Battle
Chapter 496: Seclians Voyage (I)
Chapter 497: Seclians Voyage (Ii)
Chapter 498: Athelycus Ambition
Chapter 499: Henipolis Guilt
Chapter 500: Dionysius Cruelty
Chapter 501: To Fight Or Not To Fight
Chapter 502: Veiled Battle
Chapter 503: River Crossing
Chapter 504: East And West Side
Chapter 505: Hielos Decision
Chapter 506: Reinforcements
Chapter 507: Battle Of Wits
Chapter 508: Battle Of Crotone (I)
Chapter 509: Battle Of Crotone (Ii)
Chapter 510: Battle Of Crotone (Iii)
Chapter 511: Battle Of Crotone (Iv)
Chapter 512: Battle Of Crotone (V)
Chapter 513: Battle Of Crotone (Vi)
Chapter 514: Battle Of Crotone (Vii)
Chapter 515: Battle Of Crotone (Viii)
Chapter 516: Battle Of Crotone (Ix)
Chapter 517: Battle Of Crotone (X)
Chapter 518: After The Battle
Chapter 519: Laos Ownership
Chapter 520: Carthage
Chapter 521: First Off, Terina
Chapter 522: Siege Of Scylletium
Chapter 523: Davos Strategic Plan
Chapter 524: Caulonias Choice
Chapter 525: Great Victory In Hipponion
Chapter 526: Hidden Warfare
Chapter 527: Researching Colossal Siege Tower
Chapter 528: Might
Chapter 529: News Of Victory
Chapter 530: Rhegiums Cooperation
Chapter 531: Target: Sicily
Chapter 532: Attack On Megalos
Chapter 533: A Successful First Battle
Chapter 534: Antonios Arrangement
Chapter 535: Seraphinus Suggestion
Chapter 536: Cheirisophus Proposal
Chapter 537: Sudden Changes In The War Situation
Chapter 538: Arriving In Campania
Chapter 539: Port Of Syracuse
Chapter 540: Dionysius Officials
Chapter 541: Herolis
Chapter 542: Syracuses Allied Armys Attack
Chapter 543: Ballistae Bombardment
Chapter 544: Battle Of The Sea Near Naxos
Chapter 545: Attack And Defense Of The Camp In Scylletium (I)
Chapter 546: Attack And Defence Of The Camp In Scylletium (Ii)
Chapter 547: Rebellion (I)
Chapter 548: Rebellion (Ii)
Chapter 549: Rebellion (Iii)
Chapter 550: Battle Of Megalos (I)
Chapter 551: Battle Of Megalos (Ii)
Chapter 552: Attack And Defence Of The Camp In Scylletium (Iii)
Chapter 553: Battle Of Megalos (Iii)
Chapter 554: Battle Of Megalos (Iv)
Chapter 555: Winning Series Of Battles
Chapter 556: Dionysius Agonising Choice
Chapter 557: Deciding The Response To Taranto
Chapter 558: Carthages Decision
Chapter 559: Departure
Chapter 560: With Strength And To Spare, One Must Pursue The Quivering Foe
Chapter 561: Face Up
Chapter 562: Iphicrates Victory
Chapter 563: Psychological Attack
Chapter 564: Carthages Envoy
Chapter 565: The Carthaginians Avarice
Chapter 566: Probe
Chapter 567: Division Of Power (I)
Chapter 568: Division Of Power (Ii)
Chapter 569: Predicament
Chapter 570: Syracuses New High-Ranking Officials
Chapter 571: Each With Their Own Interests
Chapter 572: Heloris Proposal
Chapter 573: Rescue
Chapter 574: Agesilaus Hopeful Wish
Chapter 575: Marching Into Scylletium
Chapter 576: End Of The War In Magna Graecia
Chapter 577: Confrontation With Spartas Envoy (I)
Chapter 578: Confrontation With Spartas Envoy (Ii)
Chapter 579: Departure
Chapter 580: Deceit
Chapter 581: The Curtain Falls
Chapter 582: Galademus, The Taxation Official
Chapter 583: Suspicion
Chapter 584: The Twin City Of Naxos
Chapter 585: A Private Banquet With The Praetor
Chapter 586: The Constable And The Tribunal Officer
Chapter 587: Investigation
Chapter 588: Heinous Case
Chapter 589: The Priest Of Hades And The Slave
Chapter 590: Contradictions
Chapter 591: Ladician
Chapter 592: The King And The Court Herald
Chapter 593: The Queen And The Princess
Chapter 594: The Royal Family Of Theonia (I)
Chapter 595: The Royal Family Of Theonia (Ii)
Chapter 596: Asistes Evaluation (I)
Chapter 597: Asistes Evaluation (Ii)
Chapter 598: Asistes Evaluation (Iii)
Chapter 599: Praetors Election (I)
Chapter 600: Praetors Election (Ii)
Chapter 601: Recalling The Messapi-Peuceti Event (I)
Chapter 602: Recalling The Messapi-Peuceti Event (Ii)
Chapter 603: Prince Adoris
Chapter 604: Battle Strategy
Chapter 605: Battle Of Ofanto
Chapter 606: The King And The Chief Of Military
Chapter 607: Resignation
Chapter 608: The New Praetor Of Naxos
Chapter 609: Davos True Purpose
Chapter 610: Abellinum
Chapter 611: The Mountain Pass Town
Chapter 612: Experience In Thurii (I)
Chapter 613: Experience In Thurii (Ii)
Chapter 614: Experience In Thurii (Iii)
Chapter 615: The Opening Ceremony Of Theonias Rugby Champions League (I)
Chapter 616: The Opening Ceremony Of Theonias Rugby Champions League (Ii)
Chapter 617: The Opening Ceremony Of Theonias Rugby Champions League (Iii)
Chapter 618: The Opening Ceremony Of Theonias Rugby Champions League (Iv)
Chapter 619: Trial Of Ladician
Chapter 620: Meeting With Garni
Chapter 621: Advice For Abellinum
Chapter 622: Leotychides And Siprus
Chapter 623: Legatus And The Young Officers
Chapter 624: Kunogelatas Last Advice
Chapter 625: The Trial
Chapter 626: Macedonias Plea
Chapter 627: Spartas Debate Over The Treatys Renewal
Chapter 628: The Situation In Eastern Theonia (I)
Chapter 629: The Situation In Eastern Theonia (Ii)
Chapter 630: Tarantos Military Port
Chapter 631: Funeral
Chapter 632: Argument In Carthage
Chapter 633: Theonias Military Council (I)
Chapter 634: Theonias Military Council (Ii)
Chapter 635: The Fall Of Thebes
Chapter 637: End Of The Daunian War
Chapter 638: Meeting His Future Father-In-Law
Chapter 639: The Akademia
Chapter 640: Plato
Chapter 641: Theonian Akademias Academic Invitation
Chapter 642: Treasury And Salary
Chapter 643: Regarding The Tax Collection
Chapter 644: The Princess Wedding (I)
Chapter 645: The Princess Wedding (Ii)
Chapter 646: The Princess Wedding (Iii)
Chapter 647: Hippocrates Arrival
Chapter 648: Platos Arrival
Chapter 649: Meeting With Plato
Chapter 650: The Start Of The All-Greek Academic Symposium
Chapter 651: A Heated Debate On A Mathematical Incident
Chapter 652: A Lecture On Truth
Chapter 653: Platos Observation (I)
Chapter 654: Platos Observation (Ii)
Chapter 655: Farewell
Chapter 656: Delphi
Chapter 657: Amphictyonic League
Chapter 658: The Drought And The News About Rome
Chapter 659: The Current Rome
Chapter 660: Romes Expansion
Chapter 661: Volscis Request For Help
Chapter 662: Rome And Carthage
Chapter 663: Davos Ambition
Chapter 664: Rome: The City Of Seven Hills (I)
Chapter 665: Rome: The City Of Seven Hills (Ii)
Chapter 666: Rome: The City Of Seven Hills (Iii)
Chapter 667: The Roman Senate
Chapter 668: Camillus Decision
Chapter 669: Rescuing The Campanian League
Chapter 670: Battle Against The Caudini (I)
Chapter 671: Battle Against The Caudini (Ii)
Chapter 672: Battle Against Caudini (Iii)
Chapter 673: Battle Against Caudini (Iv)
Chapter 674: Declaring War On Theonia? (I)
Chapter 675: Declaring War On Theona? (Ii)
Chapter 676: The Magonids Scheme
Chapter 677: Sacrificial Offering
Chapter 678: Discussion On The Handling Of The Caudini
Chapter 679: Discussion On Saving Volsci
Chapter 680: Tearing Up The Treaty
Chapter 681: War Preparation
Chapter 684: Samnites Tribal Meeting
Chapter 685: Arriving In Volsci
Chapter 686: Amintas Preliminary Plan
Chapter 687: Theonia V Rome (I)
Chapter 688: Theonia V Rome (Ii)
Chapter 689: Theonia V Rome (Iii)
Chapter 690: Theonia V Rome (Iv)
Chapter 691: Theonia V Rome (V)
Chapter 692: Theonia V Rome (Vi)
Chapter 693: Theonia V Rome (Vii)
Chapter 694: Theonia V Rome (Viii)
Chapter 695: Theonia V Rome (Ix)
Chapter 696: Theonia V Rome (X)
Chapter 697: Theonia V Rome (Xi)
Chapter 698: Both Parties Pre-War Preparation
Chapter 699: Syracuses Past Ten Years (I)
Chapter 700: Syracuses Past Ten Years (Ii)
Chapter 701: Syracuses Choice
Chapter 702: Rhegiums Changes
Chapter 703: Uncles Gift
Chapter 704: Family Gathering And Rhegiums Situation
Chapter 705: Delegation To Egypt (I)
Chapter 706: Delegation To Egypt (Ii)
Chapter 707: Delegation To Egypt (Iii)
Chapter 708: Strategic Deployment In Sicily (I)
Chapter 709: Strategic Deployment In Sicily (Ii)
Chapter 710: Phryntors Suggestion
Chapter 711: Siege And Rescue
Chapter 712: Theonias Retaliation
Chapter 713: Disagreement In The Roman Senate (I)
Chapter 714: Disagreement In The Roman Senate (Ii)
Chapter 715: Electing A Dictator
Chapter 716: Change In The Situation
Chapter 717: The Kingdoms Year-End Assembly
Chapter 718: Carthages Deployment
Chapter 719: Seclians Appointment
Chapter 720: The Iberian Armys Military Offensive On The North Coast
Chapter 721: The Carthaginian Armys Military Offensive On The South Coast
Chapter 722: Leotychides Change Of Plan
Chapter 723: The Samnites Plan
Chapter 724: The Romans And The Samnites Acted
Chapter 725: Theonias Response
Chapter 727: Alexius Urgent Appointment
Chapter 728: Rescuing Ausculum (I)
Chapter 729: Rescuing Ausculum (Ii)
Chapter 730: After The Initial Battle
Chapter 731: Theonia V Carthage (I)
Chapter 732: Theonia V Carthage (Ii)
Chapter 733: Theonia V Carthage (Iii)
Chapter 734: Theonia V Carthage (Iv)
Chapter 735: Theonia V Carthage (V)
Chapter 736: Theonia V Carthage (Vi)
Chapter 737: Incident In Thebes (I)
Chapter 738: Incident In Thebes (Ii)
Chapter 739: Epaminondas First Battle
Chapter 740: The Naval Battle Of Cephaloedium (I)
Chapter 741: The Naval Battle Of Cephaloedium (Ii)
Chapter 742: Victory In Aphrodisia
Chapter 743: Davos Decision
Chapter 744: Brothers
Chapter 745: Thuriis Chamber Of Commerce (I)
Chapter 746: Thuriis Chamber Of Commerce (Ii)
Chapter 747: -Thuriis Chamber Of Commerce (Iii)
Chapter 748: The Aristias Brother
Chapter 749: The Trainee Judge Pleka
Chapter 750: Bidding Goodbye
Chapter 751: Expedition To Rome
Chapter 752: Carthages Reaction
Chapter 753: Carthages New Supreme Commander
Chapter 754: Unifying The Carthaginian Navy
Chapter 755: The Great Naval Battle Of Selinus (I)
Chapter 756: The Great Naval Battle Of Selinus (Ii)
Chapter 757: The Great Naval Battle Of Selinus (Iii)
Chapter 758: The Great Naval Battle Of Selinus (Iv)
Chapter 759: The Storm
Chapter 760: The New Laos
Chapter 761: After The Storm
Chapter 762: Capturing Selinus And Marching To Latium
Chapter 763: The Arrival Of Theonias Main Army
Chapter 764: Landfall In Latium
Chapter 765: Latium Landing (I)
Chapter 766: Latium Landing (Ii)
Chapter 767: Capturing Ostia
Chapter 768: Dispute In The Roman Senate
Chapter 769: Defending Rome
Chapter 770: Catastrophe Of The Latium Populace
Chapter 771: The Saviour Of Latiums Populace
Chapter 772: The March To Rome
Chapter 773: Rome In Crisis
Chapter 774: Skirmish
Chapter 776: Siege Arrangement (I)
Chapter 778: Measures Before The Siege
Chapter 779: Working Together Like Brothers
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Alternative Titles:

MHAG, 古希腊之地中海霸主

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

This is a time of great powers: The vast Persia, Sparta that was founded by force, Athens with its trade and business, Thebes the rising star, The ambitious Macedonia, The twin heroes of the Western Mediterranean, The rising Rome and so on.

This is an era of brilliant stars: Agesilaus II – the last king of Sparta, Epaminondas – the Rising General of Thebes, Philip II – the founder of Macedonian’s hegemon, Dionysius – the tyrant of Syracuse, Camillus – the Roman dictator and savior…

This is an era of contention among a hundred schools of thought: Plato – the great philosopher, Antisthenes – founder of cynicism, Pythagoras – school of number, Democritus – the encyclopedia scholar, Hippocrates – the father of western medicine, Aristophanes – the great dramatist…

What will the hero bring to the world when he comes to this age as a humble mercenary through rebirth?

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Chapter 1: The Death Of Cyrus The Younger (1)

Chapter 1: The death of Cyrus the Younger (1)

“The king’s army is coming! The king’s army is coming!!…” A scouting cavalry galloped from afar, shouting repeatedly in Persian and Greek.

The soldiers, who were about to stop for a rest, became agitated.

“Patikias, are you telling the truth? Artaxerxes is really coming?!” Seeing the cavalry who had just jumped off the horse, Cyrus the Younger


asked immediately.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness. Artaxerxes


is coming! Artagasses are here too! And that…damn Tissaphernes


is here as well!!” Patikias gasped and said it in a hoarse voice.

“Very good, my friend! Very good! He is here at last!!” Cyrus the Younger jumped off the horse excitedly, and as he let his servant put on his breastplate, he shouted to his adjutant, Ariaeus


, “Notify the whole army and prepare for battle!!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Ariaeus hurriedly calls the messenger, “Notify the Greeks immediately, and quickly line up on our right flank! Prepare to fight!”

The messenger sped away.

Ariaeus also called all the persian generals. Cyrus the Younger allowed them to lead soldiers on their left flank, while he led 800 cavalry in the center.

Artapatus carefully asked, “How many enemies are there?”

“About 60,000…or 80,000…” There was a little fear on his face when Patikias recalled what he had seen.

“So many people!!” The attendants exclaimed with fear.

“Haha! Are you scared? My friend.” Cyrus the Younger came forward and gave Patikias a powerful hug, and he did not mind Patikias’ dusty and sweaty body at all. Then, he turned around and got on the horse and shouted, “Friends, are you afraid?!”

Of course, the followers of Cyrus the Younger expressed their courage one after another.

“Even if Artaxerxes had more soldiers, he is still the timid Artaxerxes! Don’t forget, a small hound could scare him to pee!” Cyrus the Younger’s vulgar words made the people around him laugh.

“And I have you! And my army! Together we defeated the mighty Athens! The Athens that had repeatedly defeated us in Persia!” Cyrus the Younger’s eyes swept through each person and the men straightened their chest.

“We still have the brave Greeks! They fought side by side with us!” Cyrus the Younger looked to the right where the Greek heavy infantry began their slow formation. Seeing this, he felt confident, “We are unstoppable! We are invincible!!”

“For victory” Artapatus shouted first, then everyone screamed one after another, “For victory!!”

In the face of high morale, Cyrus the Younger raised his right hand, “Friends! Warriors! After this victory, I swear to Mazda, the Supreme god, that I will do my best to repay your friendship and dedication!!”

“Cyrus, THE GREAT!!” No one knows who shouted. Immediately, like a flash flood, a loud shout erupted.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Hey, Matonis. Is there something going on?” Davos couldn’t help but slap the shoulder of a soldier that is in front of him.

“How many times have you asked? No! No!” Matonis wiped his sweaty neck with his left hand and irritably shouted, “Why hasn’t the enemy come yet? The sun had already reached the middle of the sky! If we wait any longer, we’ll be scorched by its flame!”

“Matonis, Even if your meat is roasted, I don’t want to smell it. One of this days, I’ll vomit when eating meat.” A soldier’s glib remark next to him caused a burst of laughter among the soldiers.

“Shut up! Olivos, you lecherous guy, if you want me to put your hand in your mouth and let you taste your own meat, then continue talking!” Matonis fiercely threatened while waving his sturdy arm.

“Oh, I am so scared!” Olivos put on a frightened look and caused another burst of laughter.

“Everyone stand up and stop making noises! Meno


is coming!” As soon as Hielos’s voice fell, he heard a sharp voice coming, “Little children, what do you think this place is! Is it your family’s dinner place?”

A well-proportioned soldier with a red feather on his helmet stood in front of the square, pointing at them and scolding, “This is the battlefield! If you don’t go all out, then Hades will be happy to visit you!”

“The rotten-mouthed Meno!” Someone in the troops shouted.

“Who said that?! You come out for me!!!” They all laughed and were glad to see Meno jumping in front of them and shouting angrily.

Then someone shouted loudly, “Look ahead!!!”

The soldiers then looked ahead. Soon, the smile on their face was quickly replaced by panic.

Smoke and dust rose everywhere in sight, covering the hills, trees and houses, all of which were grey.

After a while, a thin black line drilled out the smoke and dust, it began to stretch to both sides, gradually becoming thicker…

A moment later, when the soldiers could barely see the outline of the enemy, countless lights began to shine in the dazzling sunlight.

The cold light emitted by the armor, spear and shield… seems to be like the endless Galaxy in the night sky; The sound of footsteps, shouting and hissing of horses gathered into a rolling wave, which made the earth tremble, not to mention the human legs.

Just as Olivos felt like he was about to fall, he heard Hielos shout, “Ready to fight!”

“Ready to fight!!”

“Ready to fight!!!”

Greek mercenary soldiers put on their helmet, took off the shield hanging on their left shoulder, held their spears, and began to strike their shields.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!…” The loud noise made Olivos realize that he is also in a powerful army, and his mood gradually calmed down.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Persian king’s army is still moving slowly and orderly, The chariots are at the forefront, followed by the archers without armor, next came the light cavalry, and finally the infantries with long-shield and spear, the sparabara


. The heavy cavalry is divided into two parts, some of them are to protect the Persian King; some are deployed on the far left wing of the army…

The vast Persian army is like the thick clouds in the sky before a storm, slowly pressing and suffocating.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

At this moment, Cyrus the Younger, with several followers, galloped left to right, giving instructions to every Greek mercenary leader…

With constant cheers, he had reached the far right end of the Greek army formation, and he could even see the roaring Euphrates river not far away.

“Honor to you, Your Highness!” Clearchus


performed a military salute.

Cyrus the Younger looked at the Greek whom he trusted most, then pointed to the central location of the Persian King’s army and said, “When the battle begins, I want you to lead your men straight into the center of the enemy. Kill Artaxerxes, the victory of this battle must be ours!”

1. Cyrus The Younger son of Darius II of Persia and younger brother of Artaxerxes II Mnemon.

2. Artaxerses II of Persia was a Persian King from 404 BC till 358 BC.

3. Tissaphernes was the Satrap(Governor) of Lydia.

4. Ariaeus was a Persian general who fought alongside Cyrus the Younger.

5. Meno was one of the Greek generals who had work under Cyrus the Younger as a mercenary.

6. Sparabara were the front line infantry of the Achaemenid Persian Empire.

7. Clearchus is another Greek general and a mercenary under Cyrus the Younger.


Total Chapters in book: 773
Estimated words: 1423715 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 7119(@200wpm)___ 5695(@250wpm)___ 4746(@300wpm)