MMORPG – Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian by Flying Alone

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Rebirth
Chapter 3: Soul Brothers
Chapter 4: The Launching Of ‘God’S Miracle’
Chapter 5: Rapid Leveling
Chapter 6: Black Panther King
Chapter 7: Crimson Rage
Chapter 8: Gathering Materials
Chapter 9: A Handsome Reward
Chapter 10: Rogue Clan
Chapter 11: Main Story Quest
Chapter 12: Ranking
Chapter 13: Entering The Dungeon
Chapter 14: Who Is The Noob?
Chapter 15: The Black Claw
Chapter 16: Barbarians And Their Barbaric Ways
Chapter 17: The Second Boss
Chapter 18: Nuked?
Chapter 19: Solo Kill
Chapter 20: Difficult Mode
Chapter 21: A Piece Of Cake
Chapter 22: Hardcore Mode
Chapter 23: Close Call
Chapter 24: Jubilant March
Chapter 25: The Undefeatable Boss
Chapter 26: Hardcore Mode, First Clear!
Chapter 27: Analyze
Chapter 28: Hidden Boss
Chapter 29: All Clear
Chapter 30: Jumbo Loot
Chapter 31: Pride Quad
Chapter 32: Spawn Camping
Chapter 33: A Small Obstacle
Chapter 34: Physician’S Friend
Chapter 35: Final Quest
Chapter 36: Golden Venomous Python King
Chapter 37: Great Lucky Hands
Chapter 38: Earthen Round Shield’S Hot Sales
Chapter 39: Invitation
Chapter 40: Attack On The Gray-Silver Boss
Chapter 41: A Handsome Reward
Chapter 42: The Brother Dragon Of The Massage Parlor
Chapter 43: Sacred Training Ground
Chapter 44: Rapid Leveling
Chapter 45: Fatty’S Death
Chapter 46: Ridiculous Reasons
Chapter 47: Sword And Fire Mercenary
Chapter 48: The Old Scammer
Chapter 49: The Top 3 Guild
Chapter 50: Strength Of The Minion
Chapter 51: Water Spirit Wattland
Chapter 52: Earth Spirit Oz
Chapter 53: A Wasted Effort
Chapter 54: The Second First-Clear Achievement
Chapter 55: Onward To The Middle Wing
Chapter 56: Fire Spirit Farr
Chapter 57: Air Spirit Ains
Chapter 58: Wiped And Wiped Again
Chapter 59: One More Time!
Chapter 60: Guild Contribution
Chapter 61: One Straight Flush
Chapter 62: Emmy’S Test Of Strength
Chapter 63: Crafting The Antidote
Chapter 64: A Boss That Didn’T Drop Equipment
Chapter 65: Undefeatable?
Chapter 66: Reverse Lifesteal
Chapter 67: Another Godlike Boss?
Chapter 68: Guranda The Chameleon
Chapter 69: Shape Shifting Tool
Chapter 70: Freyna The Shadow Assassin
Chapter 71: Onward, To The Fourth Floor
Chapter 72: Lincar The Slaughterer
Chapter 73: Magic Scroll
Chapter 74: Shurian
Chapter 75: Crisis In The Storm
Chapter 76: Handsome Reward
Chapter 77: The Skeletal War Horse!
Chapter 78: Alliance Proposal
Chapter 79: A Guest From Far Away
Chapter 80: Queen Of The Shadow Dance
Chapter 81: Another Fight
Chapter 82: Decide With A Battle!
Chapter 83: Assault
Chapter 84: Main Wing! Here We Come!
Chapter 85: Exploration
Chapter 86: The Rewards Of The Failure
Chapter 87: The Final Beheading
Chapter 88: Mess With Me? I’Ll Mess With You!
Chapter 89: Distributor
Chapter 90: Infuriated Humbly Gentleman
Chapter 91: Hot Sales
Chapter 92: Multimillionaire
Chapter 93: The Pub
Chapter 94: Two Ladies’ Arrival
Chapter 95: Not Afraid Of Ghosts
Chapter 96: Speed Achievement
Chapter 97: Level 30 Job Quest
Chapter 98: Blue Giant Hull
Chapter 99: Super Healer!
Chapter 100: Shadowmoon Castle
Chapter 101: Sister’S Revenge
Chapter 102: Cheating Boss
Chapter 103: Laxus The Gardener
Chapter 104: Defense Army Captain Lothar
Chapter 105: Young Master Wrath
Chapter 106: Irresistible
Chapter 107: The Head Of Butlers Mack
Chapter 108: So I See
Chapter 109: The End Of The Hot Sale
Chapter 110: Another Encounter With Rouge Clan
Chapter 111: Land Lease
Chapter 112: Run For Your Life!
Chapter 113: The Second Floor
Chapter 114: Clear Lotus – The Ice Whisperer
Chapter 115: A Change Of Heart
Chapter 116: Powerful Servant
Chapter 117: Barga - The Mead
Chapter 118: Sixth Floor
Chapter 119: Dual Boss
Chapter 120: Luck Is Also Part Of Strength
Chapter 121: Rescue Merlinda
Chapter 122: Ron Weasley
Chapter 123: Double Assassination!
Chapter 124: Beyond Perfect Score
Chapter 125: Hermione The Witch
Chapter 126: Chimera
Chapter 127: The 13Th Floor
Chapter 128: Lease Obtained!
Chapter 129: Little Merchandize Shop
Chapter 130: A Challenge Of Sword And Fire
Chapter 131: Two Down
Chapter 132: Invitation From Snow Seeker
Chapter 133: King Of The Mountain Giants
Chapter 134: Collapsed And Crushed
Chapter 135: Loot Distribution
Chapter 136: Hammer Heart Castle
Chapter 137: One Against Twenty Four
Chapter 138: Escort Mission
Chapter 139: Polishing Reputation
Chapter 140: Hunting Sheeps
Chapter 141: Aura Effect
Chapter 142: The Fall Of The Evil Necromancer Zac
Chapter 143: New Member
Chapter 144: Another One!
Chapter 145: Continuous Grinding
Chapter 146: First Boss Of The Castle
Chapter 147: Harmonious And Loving Party
Chapter 148: The Prince
Chapter 149: Family Vengeance
Chapter 150: 3Rd Floor
Chapter 151: The Queen Of Centaurs
Chapter 152: An Incestophile And Cinderella
Chapter 153: Kill Them Both
Chapter 154: Centaur Guard
Chapter 155: Gigantic Skeleton
Chapter 156: Engaging Zac
Chapter 157: Killing A Yellow-Gold Boss
Chapter 158: Quest Complete
Chapter 159: Every Cook Praises His Own Broth
Chapter 160: Robbery
Chapter 161: Double Homicide
Chapter 162: The Violent Sun Xin Yu
Chapter 163: Strong Support
Chapter 164: Girl Friend
Chapter 165: The First Boss, Jenny
Chapter 166: Frivolous Maid
Chapter 167: Lanier The Vampire
Chapter 168: The Third Boss, Demison
Chapter 169: Rather Spirited Momentum
Chapter 170: Blood Guardian Angelo
Chapter 171: Fight Against Master Waller
Chapter 172: Practice And Collaborate
Chapter 173: Forum War Of Words
Chapter 174: Take Down
Chapter 175: The Second Piece Of [Guild Upgrade Order]
Chapter 176: Humbly Gentleman The Buffoon
Chapter 177: High Price
Chapter 178: An Interesting Scene
Chapter 179: Level 50!
Chapter 180: Expedition, Start!
Chapter 181: First Wave
Chapter 182: Shameless Pricks
Chapter 183: Nazghoul
Chapter 184: The Third Wave
Chapter 185: Leash Of The Stead From Hell
Chapter 186: Hijack!
Chapter 187: The Fifth Wave
Chapter 188: In Jeopardy
Chapter 189: The Eighth And Ninth Wave
Chapter 190: Demon Snake Queen
Chapter 191: The 10Th Wave
Chapter 192: Hellfire Demon King Bariyada
Chapter 193: The Reinforcements Have Arrived
Chapter 194: The End Of The Expedition!
Chapter 195: Notice Of The Gathering Of Classmates
Chapter 196: King Of The Frost Chimera
Chapter 197: Fire Resistance Potion Recipe
Chapter 198: Zhou Kang Ming
Chapter 199: A Boring Attack
Chapter 200: Class Idol
Chapter 201: Yang Zhi Xian
Chapter 202: A Meeting Of Chance At The Karaoke
Chapter 203: Rage For The Damsel
Chapter 204: Gu Jun Stance
Chapter 205: Till He Suffers
Chapter 206: Please Take Me In!
Chapter 207: Sleeping On The Wrong Bed
Chapter 208: Lovelorn?
Chapter 209: Poisonous Fireland
Chapter 210: Connecting The Six Cities
Chapter 211: Roshan - Copper Hammer
Chapter 212: Silky Soft Bra
Chapter 213: Queen Of Medusa
Chapter 214: Destructive Power
Chapter 215: Solid Blockade
Chapter 216: A Call From The Princess
Chapter 217: Grinding
Chapter 218: A Change In The Royal Lineage
Chapter 219: The Gold-Eared Bear King’S Little Cub
Chapter 220: Winter’S Wind Bear King
Chapter 221: Super-Powered Pet Mount
Chapter 222: Valley Of High Tree
Chapter 223: Demonic Treant King
Chapter 224: Aura Stone
Chapter 225: Imperial Sky
Chapter 226: Utterly Flattened
Chapter 227: One Sword Stroke
Chapter 228: Lord Of Flames Arcel
Chapter 229: Reclaiming The Throne!
Chapter 230: The Princess And The Impostor
Chapter 231: The Traitor Of The Kingdom
Chapter 232: The Chase
Chapter 233: Mission Accomplished!
Chapter 234: Counter Attack!
Chapter 235: Super-Ultra-Op Reward!
Chapter 236: Service Hiring
Chapter 237: Spectre War Zone
Chapter 238: The Infiltration
Chapter 239: Invincible King Arthur
Chapter 240: Frozen Ice Weeding
Chapter 241: Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre
Chapter 242: The Sudden Appearance Of A Territory
Chapter 243: Battle For Terra Nulius
Chapter 244: Battle Commences!
Chapter 245: Seizing The Territory
Chapter 246: Territory Construction
Chapter 247: Fire Chocobos
Chapter 248: Utter Slaughter
Chapter 249: Rival In Love
Chapter 250: 10,000 Phantoms
Chapter 251: Lost Dream
Chapter 252: The Gamble
Chapter 253: Another War General ! Get!
Chapter 254: First Shot
Chapter 255: Soaring Swords Professional League
Chapter 256: The Weird Spectre
Chapter 257: The Diary
Chapter 258: Smaug’S Revenge
Chapter 259: The Forgotten King
Chapter 260: Thunderbolt Prison
Chapter 261: The Competition Between Strong Guilds
Chapter 262: Dancing Machine
Chapter 263: Childhood Idols
Chapter 264: Unobstructed Flow
Chapter 265: ‘Fire Phoenix’ Party
Chapter 266: The Strongest 4 Of White Jade Castle
Chapter 267: Progressing Into Shanghai
Chapter 268: Rescue Our Men!
Chapter 269: Eliminate The Spider Queen
Chapter 270: Liu Wei
Chapter 271: Hit A Corner
Chapter 272: The Assembled Weapon
Chapter 273: Catarina The Queen Of Spider
Chapter 274: Dark Enigmatic Sword
Chapter 275: Divide And Conquer
Chapter 276: Group Battle
Chapter 277: Just As Easy
Chapter 278: Quarterfinals
Chapter 279: Rigged?
Chapter 280: Tricks
Chapter 281: Here I Come!
Chapter 282: We Are The Champions!
Chapter 283: Second Adjustment Of Class Mechanics
Chapter 284: Snow White
Chapter 285: Stone Giant Herlow
Chapter 286: Destroy The Magic Mirror
Chapter 287: Shaenita
Chapter 288: The Truth About The Dark And The Light
Chapter 289: The Second Territory Command Order
Chapter 290: Monster Raid
Chapter 291: Defend The Territory (1)
Chapter 292: Defend The Territory (2)
Chapter 293: Defend The Territory (3)
Chapter 294: Defend The Territory (4)
Chapter 295: Defend The Territory (5)
Chapter 296: Defend The Territory (6)
Chapter 297: A Handsome Reward
Chapter 298: Heading To The Japan-Korea Region
Chapter 299: Mythical King Of Tyrannosauruses - Morchason
Chapter 300: Takeshi'S Fort
Chapter 301: Monster Siege Again!
Chapter 302: Hovering Amphitheatre
Chapter 303: The Ravine Of Coyotes
Chapter 304: Investigation In The Demon’S Territory
Chapter 305: Summoned Soldiers
Chapter 306: Heroic Leap
Chapter 307: At Her Doorstep
Chapter 308: Something Is Amiss?
Chapter 309: Collecting The Dragon Crystals
Chapter 310: The Ancient Dragon Soul
Chapter 311: Rescuing The Priestess Of The Moon
Chapter 312: A Sneaky Business
Chapter 313: The Darkness
Chapter 314: Sightless Slayer Hazel
Chapter 315: Beastman Lord
Chapter 316: The Third Violet-Platinum Boss
Chapter 317: Alchemist'S Intuition
Chapter 318: Dance Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 319: Luo Xin Yan
Chapter 320: Dividing The Power
Chapter 321: Beat Down
Chapter 322: The Confession
Chapter 323: Meteor Sword
Chapter 324: Underwear Thief
Chapter 325: For The Sake Of Fixing The Magic Mirror
Chapter 326: Saving Lagguda
Chapter 327: Batmans Of The Ghastly Mountains
Chapter 328: Giant Cyclops Phango
Chapter 329: The Search For A New Source Of Energy
Chapter 330: Rematch With Imperial Sky
Chapter 331: Going Up Ghastly Mountain
Chapter 332: King Of Batman
Chapter 333: Burrow
Chapter 334: Heading For Emerald Island
Chapter 335: The Missing Daughter
Chapter 336: Mermaids
Chapter 337: Buying Time
Chapter 338: The King Has Arrived
Chapter 339: Mythical Turtle
Chapter 340: The Flying Dutchman
Chapter 341: Floating Clouds Guild
Chapter 342: Crimson-Gold Crab
Chapter 343: The Ghost Captain
Chapter 344: Treasure Chest
Chapter 345: Blizzard Sky, Luna'S Dew
Chapter 346: Level 80, Finally!
Chapter 347: The Search For Kent
Chapter 348: Unstoppable
Chapter 349: Bloody Shura Mauta
Chapter 350: Search For The [Titan’S Chest Plate]
Chapter 351: Blackwater Abyss
Chapter 352: Huge Python Mopy
Chapter 353: Slaying The Enemy'S Chieftain
Chapter 354: Kazalo Appears
Chapter 355: The Mighty Titan Chest Plate
Chapter 356: Answering A Fool According To His Folly
Chapter 357: Mining Cave Defense Battle
Chapter 358: Like Water Through A Brick Wall
Chapter 359: It’S All About The Reputation
Chapter 360: A Time To Counter
Chapter 361: Eins Brook
Chapter 362: The Fifth Dimensional Key Fragment
Chapter 363: Party Summon Order
Chapter 364: Guild Wars
Chapter 365: Pandemonium
Chapter 366: Easy As Pie
Chapter 367: Unsealing The First Magic Circle Seal
Chapter 368: Rhine Wildhammer’S Quest
Chapter 369: This Is But A Small Favor
Chapter 370: Lord Of The Myriad Ghosts
Chapter 371: Blood Rage Armor Set
Chapter 372: Killua Castle
Chapter 373: Rescuing Winchester
Chapter 374: Unicorn
Chapter 375: Returning To Kullia Castle
Chapter 376: The Hunt Of The Evil
Chapter 377: Demon Portal
Chapter 378: Destroying The Portal
Chapter 379: Sword Of Purging Devourer
Chapter 380: The Search For The Sixth Key Fragment
Chapter 381: The Return Of Megatron
Chapter 382: Foil The Plan
Chapter 383: Search And Destroy The Allspark
Chapter 384: Devastator
Chapter 385: The New Servant
Chapter 386: A Fierce Fight Against Megatron
Chapter 387: Spirit Of The Flame
Chapter 388: The Competition
Chapter 389: Sailor Moon
Chapter 390: The Needle That Fell Out Of The Haystack!
Chapter 391: Imperial Sky Assault (1)
Chapter 392: Imperial Sky Assault (2)
Chapter 393: Imperial Sky Assault (3)
Chapter 394: Imperial Sky Assault (4)
Chapter 395: Silent Hail Town
Chapter 396: Incoming Vampire Attack
Chapter 397: Fallback
Chapter 398: The Garden Of Vampires
Chapter 399: The Vampire’S Touch
Chapter 400: Constance
Chapter 401: The King Of Vampire
Chapter 402: Lost Love
Chapter 403: Reborn Anew
Chapter 404: Collecting Skeleton Bones
Chapter 405: Zombie Dental Extraction
Chapter 406: Eliminating The Necromancer!
Chapter 407: The Spartan Warriors
Chapter 408: Book Of Experiences
Chapter 409: The Obsidian Gargoyles
Chapter 410: The Vengeful Spirit Mordoro
Chapter 411: Victory At A Price
Chapter 412: The Resurrected Anelia
Chapter 413: Thrown Into A Battle Of Chance
Chapter 414: Powerful Summons!
Chapter 415: Titan Set Armor Completed!
Chapter 416: Island Of The Sacred One
Chapter 417: Kill Cynapor
Chapter 418: The King Of Naga
Chapter 419: Breaking The Cages
Chapter 420: Marvados
Chapter 421: The Four Horsemen
Chapter 422: Overwhelming Aura
Chapter 423: The Three Saints
Chapter 424: Rain Down, Hell From Above
Chapter 425: Requiem
Chapter 426: A Tight Battle Spot
Chapter 427: Knock Down!
Chapter 428: The Warbringer
Chapter 429: Shaloni
Chapter 430: Ancient Demonic Souls
Chapter 431: The Resurrection Of The Ancient Demonic Statue
Chapter 432: The Beginning Of A Bitter Battle!
Chapter 433: A Smooth Clearance
Chapter 434: Herb Foraging Familiar
Chapter 434.5: Dimensional Key
Chapter 435: Sun Xin Yu’S Old Man
Chapter 436: Realm Of Sacred Glory
Chapter 437: Level 4 Gem Stone
Chapter 438: Captain America
Chapter 439: Raising Rank
Chapter 440: A Mess
Chapter 441: A Sabotage
Chapter 442: When The Dust Settles…
Chapter 443: Dimensional Key
Chapter 444: Sweeping Gold
Chapter 445: The Fourth Prince Ludovic
Chapter 446: Spider Silk Dress
Chapter 447: An Upgrade In Aoe
Chapter 448: The Third Prince, Marlin Frodo
Chapter 449: Recovery Aura
Chapter 450: Take Both When You Can!
Chapter 451: The Second Prince Rogalli
Chapter 452: Death Water Elemental
Chapter 453: Ring Of Blazing Flame
Chapter 454: ‘Civil War’ In The Imperial Sky
Chapter 455: Demon Blade Of Death
Chapter 456: Queen Madisha
Chapter 457: Bloody-Shadow Strike
Chapter 458: Five Floors, All Clear!
Chapter 459: Reward? Rewardsss
Chapter 460: Server Update
Chapter 461: Battle Companion
Chapter 462: Entering The Chaos Realms
Chapter 463: Felice, Too Cute, Too Powerful
Chapter 464: Cleansing The Spectres
Chapter 465: Flying Mount!
Chapter 466: Luilina
Chapter 467: Begging For Life, When Death Knocks
Chapter 468: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is…Let’S Just Set Them Upon Each Other
Chapter 469: An Upgrade On The Pet Mount
Chapter 470: Mayor Rockya
Chapter 471: Daffodil In Distress!
Chapter 472: Massacre
Chapter 473: Winst Castle
Chapter 474: Messick
Chapter 475: Returning To The Winst Castle
Chapter 476: Monk Of Flame Inheritance
Chapter 477: The Return Of The Whiner
Chapter 478: The Unkillable Cockroach
Chapter 479: The Forbidden Scroll
Chapter 480: Declaring War Over Emerald City
Chapter 481: Chapter 482 The Siege
Chapter 482: The Appearance Of The Emerald Kingdom’S King
Chapter 483: The Queen’S Protection
Chapter 484: S Class Inheritance Fragment
Chapter 485: Milkmaid Deity
Chapter 486: Cloak Of The Orcs
Chapter 487: Boy? Or Girl?
Chapter 488: A Vixen Orc?!
Chapter 489: Starting The Inheritance Quest
Chapter 490: Meka
Chapter 491: Gathering The Materials
Chapter 492: Tiger King Anusuba
Chapter 493: Two Skill Books On The House!
Chapter 494: Hold The Peni... Eherm, Door! Hold The Door!
Chapter 495: Meka And The Countess
Chapter 496: Inheritance Trial
Chapter 497: The True Ordeal
Chapter 498: Black Dragon Anubask
Chapter 499: Glare Of The Death God
Chapter 500: Han Ying Xue’S Battle Companion
Chapter 501: The Gargoyle King
Chapter 502: Bewitchment And Disarment
Chapter 503: Nine Head Hydra Geopolo
Chapter 504: The Last Target, Fire Element King Laguana
Chapter 505: One More Round With Dusk Phoenix
Chapter 506: Completed Quest
Chapter 507: The God Of War Inheritance
Chapter 508: Han Ying Xue And Sun Xin Yu
Chapter 509: Class Balancing
Chapter 510: The God Of War Transformation
Chapter 511: Magical Fruit Of Ying And Yang
Chapter 512: Winged Monkey King Chakra
Chapter 513: Battle Against The Winged Monkey
Chapter 514: Heaven Shaker
Chapter 515: The Japan-Korea Region'S Counterattack
Chapter 516: An Easy Obliteration
Chapter 517: Aiding Fatty Han
Chapter 518: The Vampire Count Ferra
Chapter 519: A Fierce Battle With An Ethereal Boss
Chapter 520: ‘First Clear’ Of Ethereal Tier Boss
Chapter 521: The Vampire Inheritance
Chapter 522: Wei Yan Er Goes To University!
Chapter 523: Please, Save My Son!
Chapter 524: Level 4 Guild Upgrade Order
Chapter 525: Land Of Savages
Chapter 526: Slaughtering The Indians
Chapter 527: The Hidden Properties Of A Battle Companion
Chapter 528: Attribute Growth Star Points
Chapter 529: The Harpy Queen
Chapter 530: The Messenger Man
Chapter 531: Violet Thunderhawk
Chapter 532: Assault Of The Japan-Korea Region
Chapter 533: The Empire Helps Back
Chapter 534: 1 Vs 30,000 (1)
Chapter 535: 1 Vs 30,000 (2)
Chapter 536: 1 Vs 30,000 (3)
Chapter 537: 1 Vs 30,000 (4)
Chapter 538: Wrap Up
Chapter 539: The War'S Post Mortem
Chapter 540: A Conflict Of Interests
Chapter 541: Slow-Acting Poison
Chapter 543: Heavily Fortified Goblin Campsite
Chapter 544: The Appearance Of The First Player With A Class A Inheritance
Chapter 545: The Return Of Dusk Phoenix
Chapter 546: The Blood Spider Queen
Chapter 547: Abominating Guillotine Axe
Chapter 548: Breaking The Second Seal
Chapter 549: The Bliss In The Pool
Chapter 550: A Malicious Invite
Chapter 551: Disguise Vs Disguise
Chapter 552: One Sided Victory
Chapter 553: A Tiny Debt
Chapter 554: The Pirate’S Treasure Map
Chapter 555: Baroque Island
Chapter 556: Lion’S Pride
Chapter 557: Mountain Rat
Chapter 558: The 12 Chinese Zodiacs
Chapter 559: The Pirate’S Old Lair
Chapter 560: Snowman Snow
Chapter 561: Crimson Flame Of The ‘Blazing Flame’
Chapter 562: ‘Light-Speed' Light
Chapter 563: Blackbeard Ditch
Chapter 564: Ferocious Battle With Blackbeard
Chapter 565: Darkness Inheritance
Chapter 566: Ancient Creatures
Chapter 567: The Legendary Quest
Chapter 568: Sword Of Purging Devourer, A Shock To The World
Chapter 569: Frenzied Attacks
Chapter 570: All Out Attack
Chapter 571: Fallback
Chapter 572: The Melancholic Of Sword Of Light
Chapter 573: Sharing The Loots
Chapter 574: Reinforcement
Chapter 575: Preventing Future Trouble
Chapter 576: Queen Of Blades
Chapter 577: To Whom It Belongs
Chapter 578: Certain Defeat
Chapter 579: Shadow Dancer Inheritance
Chapter 580: The Devastating Assault Of The God Of War
Chapter 581: Shadow Clone
Chapter 582: Warlord Hachir
Chapter 583: Two In A Row!
Chapter 584: Frost Lord Maron Curse
Chapter 585: A Chopped-Off
Chapter 586: Lost Of Control Over The Progress Of The Dungeon
Chapter 587: Final Assault
Chapter 588: Victory!
Chapter 589: Crown Of The Living Frost
Chapter 590: Princess Helena
Chapter 591: Castle Anjar
Chapter 592: The Reason For His Past
Chapter 593: Saving Banct
Chapter 594: Standing Guard
Chapter 595: A Fierce Fight With The Japanese And Koreans
Chapter 596: A Change Of Stream
Chapter 597: Scared
Chapter 598: Helping Out
Chapter 599: The Myth Assaults
Chapter 600: Chokehold
Chapter 601: Liu Wei’S Torture
Chapter 602: Hachilles
Chapter 603: A Close Call
Chapter 604: Armor Piercing Potion
Chapter 605: Finding Alice
Chapter 606: The Black-Hearted Goblin
Chapter 607: Saving The Villagers
Chapter 608: Sosh
Chapter 609: Eat Your Way To Level Up!
Chapter 610: Level 120
Chapter 611: The Dark Knight
Chapter 612: The First Step To Acquiring Phoenix Pet
Chapter 613: Hunt For The Mello Ram
Chapter 614: Metamorphosis
Chapter 615: Darkness Inheritance
Chapter 616: High Priestess Chiffony
Chapter 617: Possession
Chapter 618: Milkmaid Deity
Chapter 619: The Secret
Chapter 620: Blazing Fire Phoenix
Chapter 621: Death Arbiter
Chapter 622: One Sword Stroke Versus Death Arbiter
Chapter 623: Fight With Everything You Have!
Chapter 624: Phoenix Transformation
Chapter 625: A Torturous Torture
Chapter 626: World League Championship
Chapter 627: Quarterfinals
Chapter 628: A ‘Different’ Tactic
Chapter 629: A Wild Pussy Has Appear!
Chapter 630: How To Treat Your Guest
Chapter 631: Reverse Play
Chapter 632: Semifinal
Chapter 633: Let The Finals Begin!
Chapter 634: Full Recovery Potion
Chapter 635: Absolute Slaughter!
Chapter 636: Gurant’S Thumb Ring
Chapter 637: The Soul Breaker
Chapter 638: War Of Nations
Chapter 639: Game Of Thrones
Chapter 640: The Curtains Fall Perfectly
Chapter 641: Gagaro’S Mist
Chapter 642: Contest On The Bridge
Chapter 643: Mist Skeleton King
Chapter 644: Resurrection Monolith
Chapter 645: The Mist Blood Zombie
Chapter 646: The Zombie Lord
Chapter 647: Necromancer
Chapter 648: The Necromancer Garces
Chapter 649: Mist Death Knight
Chapter 650: Death Knight, Ishildur
Chapter 651: Blood Driven Madness
Chapter 652: Ghastly Frost Dragon
Chapter 653: A Decisive Battle With The Ghost Dragon
Chapter 654: Dragon Slayer Battle Axe
Chapter 655: Identifying Scroll
Chapter 656: Light Of The Rainbow
Chapter 657: Gathering The Feathers
Chapter 658: Hartens
Chapter 659: A Vulture
Chapter 660: Phony Crap
Chapter 661: Deep Sleep
Chapter 662: Brain Dead
Chapter 663: Death Moon Pirates
Chapter 664: Mythical Dense Water
Chapter 665: The Dark Magician Brosh
Chapter 666: Abyssal Blast
Chapter 667: Breaking The Third Seal
Chapter 668: Another Serious Blood Loss
Chapter 669: Felice’S Advancement
Chapter 670: Charge Up Strike
Chapter 671: Exposing The Atrocious Side
Chapter 672: One Trouble After Another
Chapter 673: A Bottled Up Battle
Chapter 674: Strike Back On The Japan-Korea Region
Chapter 675: The True Pushing Technique
Chapter 676: Eternal Flame
Chapter 677: Mar Gaia Forest
Chapter 678: Getting Back The One Ring
Chapter 679: The Dark Rider
Chapter 680: The One Ring
Chapter 681: Souron’S Castle
Chapter 682: Orc Leader Grandlar
Chapter 683: The Dark One, Souron
Chapter 684: Dark Star Shield
Chapter 685: Legendary Tier
Chapter 686: The Fight For Souron’S Castle
Chapter 687: Spamming The Forbidden Scroll
Chapter 688: Backstabbing
Chapter 689: The New Territory
Chapter 690: Background Of The Eternal Flame
Chapter 691: Spider Kingdom
Chapter 692: Red Dragon Pet
Chapter 693: Dragon Marquis
Chapter 694: Andros’S Wrath
Chapter 695: Dark Mist Canyon
Chapter 696: Andros’S Shadow Clone
Chapter 697: Real Demonic Battle Boots
Chapter 698: Cheng Xue Yao
Chapter 699: Newbie
Chapter 700: Snowbark
Chapter 701: Book Of Revelations - The Eighth Chapter
Chapter 702: Identity
Chapter 703: Mythical Dragon Realm
Chapter 704: The Four Man Team
Chapter 705: Dominance
Chapter 706: Victory
Chapter 707: Blood Thirsty Skeletal Soldier
Chapter 708: Violet Scale Spiked-Back Creeper
Chapter 709: Crimson Fire Crow
Chapter 710: Darok
Chapter 711: The Way To Fight Is To Lose?
Chapter 712: Savage Bone Crushing Hammer
Chapter 713: Probing Into The Truth
Chapter 714: Information For Sale
Chapter 715: The Ghostface Monkey King
Chapter 716: Empowered Damage Output
Chapter 717: High Tier Territory
Chapter 718: Forrest Gump’S Fortress
Chapter 719: A Second Forbidden Magic
Chapter 720: A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 721: Book Of Revelation: Chapter 4
Chapter 722: A Fierce Battle With God’S Left Hand
Chapter 723: Book Of Revelation: Chapter 10
Chapter 724: The Spectres Invade
Chapter 725: Tower Clearing
Chapter 726: More Set Equipment
Chapter 727: The Proof Is Here
Chapter 728: Everything Out
Chapter 729: Destruction Of The Mithril Refinery
Chapter 730: Skeletal Smith
Chapter 731: The Dragon Race – Longador
Chapter 732: Two-Handed Weapon
Chapter 733: Ancient Spiritual Beast King
Chapter 734: A ‘Fun’ Situation To All Parties Indeed
Chapter 735: A Seize
Chapter 736: Apocalyptic Bondage
Chapter 737: Fall Between Two Stools
Chapter 738: Protect The Giant Dragon!
Chapter 739: World Boss
Chapter 740: Skeleton Admiral Mathuven
Chapter 741: Siege
Chapter 742: The Fall Of Mathuven
Chapter 743: A Sight To Behold: The Lord Of The Seven Spectre King
Chapter 744: Dark Source Stone
Chapter 745: Newly Researched And Developed Corrosive Beast
Chapter 746: Darkness Falls
Chapter 747: A Losing War
Chapter 748: The Search For Reinforcement
Chapter 749: Unauthorized Entry
Chapter 750: A Stronger Felice
Chapter 751: The First Attempt To Counterattack
Chapter 752: The Light Of Victory
Chapter 753: Adequate Preparation
Chapter 754: Ending The Boss Fight
Chapter 755: Magnificent Treasure
Chapter 756: The Additional Effect Of The Book Of Revelation
Chapter 757: Loch Ness Monster
Chapter 758: Island In The Center Of The Earth
Chapter 759: Frosty Chimera Cub
Chapter 760: Servant Guardian
Chapter 761: Book Of Revelation: Chapter 5
Chapter 762: Gold Tier Servant
Chapter 763: Drop It With Money!
Chapter 764: A Solid Hit In The Face
Chapter 765: The Second World League Championship
Chapter 766: Retaining The Title As The Champions
Chapter 767: Marlin'S Land Of Salt
Chapter 768: Searching For Water
Chapter 769: Exterminating The Z'Orlak Orcs
Chapter 770: The Spectre Cavern
Chapter 771: Skeletal Guardian, Antarkt
Chapter 772: Taking Down The First Boss!
Chapter 773: Aluonu The Gargoyle
Chapter 774: Remedial Measures
Chapter 775: Replicating The Magic Circle
Chapter 776: The War Chariot System
Chapter 777: Defeat The Ambitious Schemer Brocks
Chapter 778: The Function Of The Kingcross’S Sword
Chapter 779: The Revival Of A Salted Fish
Chapter 780: A Variable Tank
Chapter 781: Tank'S Prowess
Chapter 782: Sandra The Rover
Chapter 783: A Wind-Up Work!
Chapter 784: Armadillomon’S Leash
Chapter 785: Planning
Chapter 786: Kidnap!
Chapter 787: Ill-Fate
Chapter 788: Beginning Of A Storm
Chapter 789: Proof Of Innocence
Chapter 790: The Race To Level 200
Chapter 791: Battle Of The Best
Chapter 792: The Gates Of Hell
Chapter 793: Entering The Holy City
Chapter 794: The Qualifications
Chapter 795: Harcus The Old Gambler
Chapter 796: The Ancient Hybrid Beast King
Chapter 797: Greling Crypt
Chapter 798: Spectre Ghost King Hargino
Chapter 799: The Prowess Of The Gates Of Hell
Chapter 800: Snow Queen Inheritance
Chapter 801: New Party Members
Chapter 802: Tesseract
Chapter 803: Baa'Ljilr The Imposter
Chapter 804: Death Source Stone
Chapter 805: Poseidon’S Pearl
Chapter 806: Re:Gates Of Hell'S
Chapter 807: The Spectre’S Heart
Chapter 808: Enhancing The Equipment
Chapter 809: The Search For The Wind Essence Pearl
Chapter 810: The Four Essence Pearls
Chapter 811: Fire Elemental Core
Chapter 812: Flame Elemental Lord Ganesh
Chapter 813: The Ice Weaver Set Equipment
Chapter 814: Frost Lord, Antoine
Chapter 815: Shadow Lord Margalor
Chapter 816: Switch Targets
Chapter 817: Lord Of Light, Dustan
Chapter 818: Ending The Fight
Chapter 819: Unlimited Life Works
Chapter 820: Equipment Upgrade System
Chapter 821: The Start Of The Invasion
Chapter 822: Void Dweller, The Crosser
Chapter 823: Queen Of Misery Zhura
Chapter 824: Demonic Pearl
Chapter 825: The Fifth Wave, Flames Of Fire
Chapter 826: Aimore Mage Captian Heaphy
Chapter 827: Tactical Retreat
Chapter 828: Gate Of Hell Activated!
Chapter 829: Annihilation!
Chapter 830: Demon Commander Isles
Chapter 831: A Close Call
Chapter 832: Sky Slicer
Chapter 833: Staying In The Lead
Chapter 834: Demon Lord Kenzack
Chapter 835: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Chapter 836: Killing The Celestial Tier Boss
Chapter 837: Goddess Of War Scion Form
Chapter 838: Song Of Despair
Chapter 839: The Fallen Wind Ranger
Chapter 840: God Killer Chest Plate
Chapter 841: Regalia
Chapter 842: Sharing Is Caring
Chapter 843: Blazing Coral
Chapter 844: Returning A Favor With Emnity
Chapter 845: Maya The Devourer
Chapter 846: Drawn-Out Battle
Chapter 847: Takedown
Chapter 848: Demon Lord Hulkinsh
Chapter 849: Soloing A Celestial Tier Boss!
Chapter 850: Acquisition Succeeded!
Chapter 851: The Disbanding Of Eternal Flame
Chapter 852: Reckless Attempt
Chapter 853: An Unprecedented Finale
Chapter 854: Battle!
Chapter 855: Smoldering Intensity
Chapter 856: Conclusion
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Alternative Titles:

Wǎngyóu zhī zhàn yù tiānxià, 网游之战御天下

Source: Qidian International
Book Details / Information: The phoenix is a creature of legends, a wonder of the world, an imagery of life and destruction. This fabled creature signifies the rise of a hero in a virtual world where battles occur for the sake of honor and glory!

Zhang Yang was a professional gamer in the first and most fantastic game that revolutionized the world: God’s Miracle. A game where traditional knowledge in RPGs did not matter anymore, players would have to manually target and evade attacks, giving rise to a significant gap in skill between a professional and an amateur gamer.

Zhang Yang’s downfall came a little too soon. His girlfriend was snatched, his guild was harassed and disbanded, and he was even driven to commit suicide! Jumping off the top floor of a hotel, Zhang Yang seemed as though he was soaring like a phoenix. Little did he know that the end of his life also signified his rise from the ashes!

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Chapter 1: Together In Death

Chapter 1: Together in Death

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

8th of March, year 2039. Night. In a luxury suite on the 19th floor of the Tian Lun Pavilion Grand Hotel.

Even though the desire had died down, but the ambiguous feeling of it still lingered around. Zhang Yang sat in his bed with his top half naked watching the bare and empty pillow on his bed, his heart filled with the inconceivable.

He came to participate… no... perhaps in other words, he came here as a final resort to stop his girlfriend’s wedding. Based on only one sole reason… that is, because he was not the groom!

He and Lin Yu met each other through an online game called ‘God’s Miracle’. Though they first started off as enemies, they eventually got to know each other and ultimately developed feelings towards each other. However, Lin Yu’s family’s background was worlds apart from his. Her family had reached a point where their assets had surpassed a massive number which was in the billions. So naturally, they would not hand over their only daughter to some unheard-of man such as him!

Even then, Zhang Yang was not a poor and miserable nobody. He had a luxurious home, a few branded cars, and a few hundred thousand in his bank account. In the eyes of regular women, he was what they would deem as a bachelor with exceeding qualifications. Still, as compared to the Lin Family, there still existed a huge gap between them.

With his efforts in vain, the elders of the Lin Family treated him just as coldly. They almost chased him out of the house! The only thing that Lin Yu could do was to shed her tears for him. She could not ever agree to leave this planned marriage for his own. She only resorted to one desperate request and that was to never see her again.

Zhang Yang knew that Lin Yu was a girl who obediently respects her elders. Her mother threatened to take her own life to compel Lin Yu to go along with their wishes. That was enough reason for Lin Yu to accept the hand in marriage between the equally wealthy Liu Family’s only son, Liu Wei! In fact, the marriage should have been held 3 or 4 years back. It was only delayed because of Lin Yu’s constant struggle. But right now, it was obvious that her struggle had come to an end.

Zhang Yang withdrew quietly from Lin Yu’s wedding and went back to his hotel room. His heart fell into the depths of despair as he thought of his beloved who would become someone else’s wife. He went to have a dull drink before retiring to his room completely drunk. In the midst of it, he received a call. He could not recall what he said but not long after that, a woman came into his room and laid on his bed.

Zhang Yang was so incredibly drunk that he instantly went into ‘action’ when the both of them embraced each other. As the situation developed, Zhang Yang sobered up and realized that he recognized the woman who he was entangled with. It was the person who taught him Chinese Studies back in university, Miss Yu Li!

Eventually, Yu Li too recognized Zhang Yang. They ended their ‘session’ as they were both unimaginably abashed. But as compared to him, Yu Li was more embarassed than he was. She became a hostess but bumped into her old student. This made her feel ashamed, resulting in her bolting out of the room without even bothering to collect her payment.

With the mark left on his chest where Yu Li kissed him, Zhang Yang shook his head as he struggled to get the thoughts of this one night stand out of his mind.

But still, why would Yu Li give up her job as a teacher to sell herself to a hotel to become a hostess? There were many possibilities for her to do so. Perhaps a teacher’s salary was insufficient, or perhaps she had bad luck in making acquaintances and was forced by her boyfriend or husband to do this. Or perhaps she needed the financial help to pay for her parent’s illness…

Zhang Yang did not have much left in him to think about Yu Li because right now, while he was sober, he was being tortured by the pain in his heart. In his mind, there was only one person he could think of. Lin Yu.


The sound of the door crashing was heard as two burly men wearing suits and dark sunglasses barged in. Their cold facial expressions and body builds carried a strong killing intent.

Trailing behind them, of average height and size, was a man who walked in wearing a white formal suit and a pair of gold-framed glasses. He had the handsome face of a young man, yet he wore a careless smile on his face like a true gentleman.

“Liu Wei!” Zhang Yang immediately recognized that young man as he gritted his teeth.

One of the burly men grabbed a chair and Liu Wei immediately sat on it. He crossed his legs and said, “You must be wondering why I left my newly wedded wife to come here in the middle of the night.”

“Hmph, cut the bullshit!” said Zhang Yang coldly as he stared at his ‘rival’. Both he and Lin Yu knew that Liu Wei was adamant in marrying Lin Yu. However, this was not because of his feelings towards her, it was due to the Lin Family’s fortune. Both the Lin and Liu Families were heads of the business world. If they were to unite through marriage, then they could rule over a larger market together.

Liu Wei laughed but his facial expression contained no intentions of humor. He said, “Any women that belongs to me should not have any other men in their minds. And even if they do, I’d allow only the memories of a dead man! Do you understand now, Zhang Yang?”

Zhang Yang was astounded. He knew that this man, the only son of the Liu Family, would do something outrageous. But this is a hotel, a public place. It was just beyond imagination!

“There’s no need to be surprised! This state of Ji is under my family’s influence. Even if I put a hole in the sky, there would be someone to patch it up for me in my stead.” Liu Wei continued to speak as he laughed coldly, “That bitch actually delayed the wedding for 4 years because of you! Hmph! After I’m done with you, I shall go back and take really good care of her.”

Zhang Yang went into rage, fiercely did a backflip from the bed and onto his feet and shouted, “If you even dare to lay your hand on a strand of her hair, I’ll kill you!”

“Haha, not only will I be going to touch a strand of her hair, I will also be going to mess her up, mess her up really badly! That bitch actually slept with you for a number of times, did she not? That bitch actually made me out to be the bad person!” Liu Wei’s handsome countenance faded.

“Bastard!” Zhang Yang screamed and leaped towards Liu Wei.

Liu Wei scoffed and commanded the two burly men, “Throw him off the balcony!”

“Roger!” Answered the men instantly and simultaneously as they went into action.

Liu Wei had the highest of confidence in his experienced bodyguards and in a very relaxed manner he said, “A man broken by the lost of the love of his life, jumped off to end his life. How does that sound as the title of tomorrow’s newspaper headlines? I do wonder how that bitch would react to this. The face that she would make would certainly be very amusing!”

Even so, Zhang Yang did not show any signs of fear. He lost both his parents when he was very young and had been rebellious ever since. Since then, there was no one who bothered to care about his brawls, and he eventually became some sort of the local’s little tyrant. Eventually he toned down after he enrolled in a university. He stopped getting into fights and instead joined a martial art’s society and had proper skill showdowns.

He was born with a naturally strong and agile body build. After joining the society for merely two years, he was said to have beaten the 9th National Martial Arts Competition’s Champion’s instructor. Through the years, he had never stopped his training and this led to his unparalleled strength.

These two men must have had a certain degree of skill to become Liu Wei’s bodyguard. But still, in Zhang Yang’s eyes, they were still nobodies.

‘Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!’

Zhang Yang’s fists were as fast as electric, flowing and dancing around. His feet moved like a snake and with a move called ‘False Steps Chaos Punch’, he beat them both until they had no chance of countering.

Liu Wei was both surprised and enraged. He never knew that Zhang Yang had such formidable skill. Without actually thinking things through, he pulled out a small firearm and fired at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang was not curious about how a notorious family like the Lius could have gotten hold of a firearm. Instead he was surprised that Liu Wei would actually open fire at a public place! At the moment, his eyes were directed at the black hollow muzzle of Liu Wei’s gun, he instinctively waved his arm and hit one of the bodyguards who staggered in front of him, blocking his front.


As the deafening sound of gunshots faded into the distance, a mark of fresh red blood appeared on the vest of the bodyguard. The man fell onto the ground before he could even let out any cries of pain.

Liu Wei did not stop there, even though he was stunned for a moment, he held his gun back up and aimed at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang, who was not afraid of getting a beating went to brawl with the other man. He then held the man as a meat shield and rushed towards Liu Wei.

The man saw that Liu Wei was aiming directly at him. Terrified, the man started to sweat as he screamed, “Please Master Liu, don’t shoot! Don’t shoo- “

‘Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!’

Being selfish and reckless, it was impossible for Liu Wei to listen to the cries of his own underlings. He then pulled the trigger repeatedly, letting 6 shots off as he emptied his magazine.

Within the smoke, bullet wounds could be seen on the dead bodyguard’s abdomen, chest and head. He had died before death could come to him. Zhang Yang pushed the body aside and rushed forward so quickly that he hit Liu Wei as he reloaded his gun.

In a flash, Zhang Yang emerged from behind the dead man’s body. He then powerfully lifted his hammer-like fists and punched Liu Wei’s face firmly.

The punch was so powerful that it sent Liu Wei’s gold-framed glasses flying off. A stream of blood came oozing out from a brand-new wound that he had just received.

Zhang Yang pulled Liu Wei out from under the man’s body and immediately, another punch followed.


He screamed continuously. Liu Wei was a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he had never and could never endure this level of pain. In the end, however, he was still a ruthless man. With eyes carrying ill intent, he glared at Zhang Yang and yelled, “You bastard. You dared to strike me! You’re a dead man! Not only will I kill you, I’ll mutilate your corpse and feed them to the dogs!”

No matter how well one could control his temper, under the circumstances of being shot for 7 rounds, one might still lose his nerves completely. Zhang Yang’s rage was already well beyond comprehension. After listening to Liu Wei’s endless taunting, his rage rose by yet another level as he delivered one more punch. With a ‘Pa!’ sound, Liu Wei’s face was covered in his own blood and with ‘Wa’ sound, he spat out 7 to 8 pieces of his broken teeth.

‘Master Liu! Master Liu!’ several voices could be heard echoing through the hallway and more burly bodyguards came rushing into the room. Some of them had bulging waists, indicating that they were carrying weapons.

Liu Wei regained his composure and screamed shrilly, “Kill him! Kill him!’

‘Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!’

The bodyguards who received the order rushed towards Zhang Yang. Some of them even pulled out their knives.

Zhang Yang’s blood was dripping from his waist. Even though he had a meat shield to protect him, he still got shot in his abdomen. In just mere moments, he could feel the energy in him gradually seeping out. His vision blurred and he knew that he could faint at any time.

In a situation like this, staying conscious alone would be difficult, what more taking on those burly men.

Zhang Yang directed his gaze at Liu Wei and murmured, “Am I actually going to be doing the citizens a favor?”

With a burst of laughter, Zhang Yang grabbed onto Liu Wei and dashed towards the balcony. Gaining an unstoppable momentum, the two of them soared into the air before falling down from the 19th floor like two shooting stars.


Total Chapters in book: 856
Estimated words: 2260019 (not accurate)
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