Mr Tycoon’s Daring Wife by Xincerely

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Utterly Humiliated
Chapter 3: In A Rush
Chapter 4: Han Wuting
Chapter 5: Strong Backings
Chapter 6: Pushed To Her Lowest
Chapter 7: Saved His Life
Chapter 8: Vengeful Woman
Chapter 9: Once Upon A Time
Chapter 10: What Would I Do Without You
Chapter 11: Nothing To Be Afraid Of
Chapter 12: Perfect Plan
Chapter 13: Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 14: Old Money
Chapter 15: World Of Black And White
Chapter 16: Suddenly Vanished
Chapter 17: Foolish Woman
Chapter 18: Saving Grace
Chapter 19: Beat Her To The Ground
Chapter 20: Absolute Monarch
Chapter 21: Please Have Mercy
Chapter 22: What'S The Worst He Could Do?
Chapter 23: He'S Crazy
Chapter 24: Suspicious Parcel
Chapter 25: Priceless Expression
Chapter 26: Gift War
Chapter 27: Like A Coward
Chapter 28: Former Queen
Chapter 29: Someone You Can'T Afford To Offend
Chapter 30: It Was A Mistake
Chapter 31: It'S Ruined
Chapter 32: What Did You Do
Chapter 33: Nuisance In His Side
Chapter 34: Expecting Someone
Chapter 35: Send Painters Into Madness
Chapter 36: A Gift War To Win
Chapter 37: How Many Days Until The Wedding?
Chapter 38: Called The Wrong Number
Chapter 39: Special Treatment
Chapter 40: Greedy
Chapter 41: A Pawn
Chapter 42: I'M Deleting Your Number
Chapter 43: This Is Stupid
Chapter 44: A Hidden Weapon
Chapter 45: Eagerly Waiting
Chapter 46: Sent To The Main Mansion
Chapter 47: You Owe Me
Chapter 48: Like A Fool
Chapter 49: 25/8 Adonis
Chapter 50: Protective Instincts
Chapter 51: A Tsundere?
Chapter 52: Broken Heirloom
Chapter 53: You Don'T Know Who You'Re Messing With
Chapter 54: The Master Of Schemes
Chapter 55: Burn It To Ash
Chapter 56: Toss A Pig In The Air
Chapter 57: We'Re Family
Chapter 58: Seek Out The Consultant
Chapter 59: All Alone
Chapter 60: I'M Fine
Chapter 61: The Past And The Future
Chapter 62: Are You Human?
Chapter 63: No Other Man Can Ever Replace Me
Chapter 64: There Was A Man On Her Bed!
Chapter 65: Are You Threatening Me?
Chapter 66: Someone Would Get Hurt
Chapter 67: A Sense Of Familiarity
Chapter 68: Force Her To Remember
Chapter 69: Take A Picture, It'Ll Last Longer
Chapter 70: Coal From Diamond
Chapter 71: And If I Say No?
Chapter 72: Grieving For Her Loss
Chapter 73: Honorable Guest
Chapter 74: Don'T Jump To Conclusions
Chapter 75: Make A Mess
Chapter 76: Get Ready
Chapter 77: What If He Doesn'T Care About You Anymore
Chapter 78: The Storm Becomes A Calamity
Chapter 79: Get Out
Chapter 80: An Enemy Of His Woman
Chapter 81: A Friend
Chapter 82: Who Told Him?
Chapter 83: Gracious Offer
Chapter 84: I Would'Ve Taken You Home
Chapter 85: It Would Be Weird
Chapter 86: Dragon'S Treasured Pearl
Chapter 87: The Boss Favors You
Chapter 88: 8 Billion Instead Of 800 Million
Chapter 89: Do You Really Want To Find Out?
Chapter 90: There Is A Limit To My Patience
Chapter 91 I'Ll Let Your Imagination Figure It Ou
Chapter 92 He Didn'T Let Her Go
Chapter 93 Run For The Hills
Chapter 94 Why Did You Forget?
Chapter 95 I Tried To Seduce You
Chapter 96 We Already Have A Good Relationship
Chapter 97 Troublemaker
Chapter 98 Spending Only A Million A Day
Chapter 99 How Cliché
Chapter 100 A Puddle Of Blood
Chapter 101 An Exchange
Chapter 102 You'Re Awake
Chapter 103 A Frenzied Monster
Chapter 104 Send The Entire Army After Him
Chapter 105 Never Forge
Chapter 106 Her Body Was Pushed To The Limi
Chapter 107 I Would Fight To The Death
Chapter 108 Your Woman
Chapter 109 Freaky In Bed
Chapter 110 When Am I Expecting?
Chapter 111 It'S The Truth
Chapter 112 For The Rest Of Your Life
Chapter 113 Does That Feel Better?
Chapter 114 What Have You Done To Me?
Chapter 115 In The Future
Chapter 116 All Night Long
Chapter 117 I Didn'T!
Chapter 118 Touch Me In Your Sleep
Chapter 119 Do You Like It?
Chapter 120 I'Ll Be Good
Chapter 121 A Face To Their Brand
Chapter 122 You'Re Not The Boss Of Me
Chapter 123 Rot In Hell
Chapter 124 Mangled Appearance
Chapter 125 Because They Hate Me
Chapter 126 The Irrational Lover
Chapter 127 A Hypocrite
Chapter 128 You'Ll Dirty Your Hands
Chapter 129 Take A Guess
Chapter 130 Wrong Woman
Chapter 131 Devil And Angel
Chapter 132 Happiest Around Each Other
Chapter 133 Unreasonable
Chapter 134 Thunder
Chapter 135 You Don'T Know Her
Chapter 136 Source Of Happiness
Chapter 137 It Hurts
Chapter 138 Pathetic
Chapter 139 Not Ready
Chapter 140 A Dead End
Chapter 141 Gifts
Chapter 142 I'Ll Take I
Chapter 143 Easily Provoked
Chapter 144 Keep Your Promise
Chapter 145 Plump Backside
Chapter 146 Precious Babies
Chapter 147 Pushed Over The Rooftop
Chapter 148 Our Intimate Moments
Chapter 149 She Should'Ve Said So Sooner
Chapter 150 Dream On
Chapter 151 Empress
Chapter 152 Ghosts And Monsters
Chapter 153 I Want To Ride I
Chapter 154 A House Divided
Chapter 155 Granse
Chapter 156 Carelessness
Chapter 157 Unnecessary Eyes Following Her
Chapter 158 Not A Simple Person
Chapter 159 Your Future
Chapter 160 Ready For War
Chapter 161 Sea Of Gold
Chapter 162 Blame Herself
Chapter 163 Did I Stutter
Chapter 164 Tyrannical King
Chapter 165 It'S Not A Gun
Chapter 166 Try To Be Better Next Time
Chapter 167 Slander My Name
Chapter 168 Too Paranoid
Chapter 169 It'S Rude
Chapter 170 Generic Complimen
Chapter 171 Suffer A Hundredfold
Chapter 172 Empty And Lonely
Chapter 173 Don'T Run
Chapter 174 Don'T Reject Them
Chapter 175 The Rumor
Chapter 176 Future Madam Yang
Chapter 177 You'Re Crazy
Chapter 178 Family Meant Nothing
Chapter 179 Slip Of The Tongue
Chapter 180 Scars Ran Deep
Chapter 181 It'S Good
Chapter 182 Warning
Chapter 183 A Little Birdy
Chapter 184 Not Faithful
Chapter 185 You Owe Me
Chapter 186 Other Side Of The City
Chapter 187 A Mistress
Chapter 188 Suit Jacke
Chapter 189 A Flask On The Table
Chapter 190 Don'T Wai
Chapter 191 In The Room Alone
Chapter 192 She Is On Her Way
Chapter 193 She Can Handle Herself
Chapter 194 Prejudice
Chapter 195 Violen
Chapter 196 Folded Ears
Chapter 197 Something New
Chapter 198 Important Matters
Chapter 199 Hubby
Chapter 200 Stop Nagging
Chapter 201 Aggressive
Chapter 202 Burned
Chapter 203 Marriage Bureau
Chapter 204 Easy Prey
Chapter 205 Town Fool
Chapter 206 Relationships Are Fickle
Chapter 207 Who Bullied You
Chapter 208 Take His Woman
Chapter 209 Don’T Corrupt Her
Chapter 210 Somewhere Private
Chapter 211 Old
Chapter 212 People Pleaser
Chapter 213 All The Wealth In The World
Chapter 214 Her Screams
Chapter 215 Trust Me
Chapter 216 Seductress
Chapter 217 Other Men
Chapter 218 Let Me Go
Chapter 219 Just A Dream
Chapter 220 My Future Wife
Chapter 221 I Can Handle I
Chapter 222 Like Candy
Chapter 223 Cage
Chapter 224 Swollen And Bruised
Chapter 225 I Don'T Care
Chapter 226 Assassins
Chapter 227 Arm-Candy
Chapter 228 Another Man'S Leftovers
Chapter 229 Not The One Marrying Her
Chapter 230 Alcohol And Cigarettes
Chapter 231 Torn
Chapter 232 Under The Table
Chapter 233 Dirty Things
Chapter 234 Do I Make Myself Clear?
Chapter 235 Disciplined
Chapter 236 Distracting
Chapter 237 Adultery
Chapter 238 Nursery Rhyme
Chapter 239 Predict The Future
Chapter 240 Possession
Chapter 241 Undress Me
Chapter 242 Come And Get I
Chapter 243 You Don'T Own Me
Chapter 244 Invitation To War
Chapter 245 Gift From Hell
Chapter 246 Are You Crazy?
Chapter 247 Rely On Appearances
Chapter 248 One Day I Will Beat You
Chapter 249 How Was This Possible?
Chapter 250 Bark For You
Chapter 251 Grand Adventure
Chapter 252 Tainted With Sins
Chapter 253 Lady Boss
Chapter 254 Non-Existent Trus
Chapter 255 Tell Me The Truth
Chapter 256 The Men Around Her
Chapter 257 Seize Him
Chapter 258 Snatching The Pheonix
Chapter 259 Beast In The Sheets
Chapter 260 Let Go Of Me
Chapter 261 Call The Police
Chapter 262 Leaving Him
Chapter 263 Surprises
Chapter 264 River Of Blood
Chapter 265 Send You Overseas
Chapter 266 Perverted
Chapter 267 All Of My Fortune
Chapter 268 Succumbing To Him
Chapter 269 I'M Not An Intern
Chapter 270 The Most Pathetic Heiress
Chapter 271 Own Up Right Now
Chapter 272 Shattered And Discarded
Chapter 273 Knock Him Down
Chapter 274 Tails Tucked Between Legs
Chapter 275 They Better Be Edible
Chapter 276 I'Ll Take Responsiblity
Chapter 277 Hope To Die
Chapter 278 Not Enough
Chapter 279 Do It Now
Chapter 280 Missing Ring
Chapter 281 My Youth
Chapter 282 Come Alone
Chapter 283 Candidate
Chapter 284 Audacious And Sinful
Chapter 285 Eyes Of Your Children
Chapter 286 Scheming
Chapter 287 Cold Dinner
Chapter 288 Master And Servan
Chapter 289 Freshly Steamed Buns
Chapter 290 Courting Death
Chapter 291 My Money Is Your Money
Chapter 292 Grab Her Bags And Leave
Chapter 293 Setting The Bar Too High
Chapter 294 One Night Stands
Chapter 295 Lonely
Chapter 296 Hostages
Chapter 297 Oh Dear.
Chapter 298 Better Safe Than Sorry
Chapter 299 Cry Himself To Sleep
Chapter 300 Good Friend
Chapter 301 His Wrongdoings
Chapter 302 Qiuqiu
Chapter 303 Wretched Souls
Chapter 304 My Man
Chapter 305 Come For Me
Chapter 306 Other Women
Chapter 307 That Is The Limit Of My Kindness
Chapter 308 Perfection
Chapter 309 Deserted Road
Chapter 310 Saved A Country
Chapter 311 Ride All Night Long
Chapter 312 Barge In
Chapter 313 Just Tell Her
Chapter 314 Tiantian
Chapter 315 A Mirror Reflection
Chapter 316 Broken Facade
Chapter 317 Despicable
Chapter 318 Another Nightmare
Chapter 319 Four Decades
Chapter 320 Sharp V
Chapter 321 Don'T Call Him Tha
Chapter 322 Babysitter
Chapter 323 War Of Two Households
Chapter 324 Split Into Three
Chapter 325 Open Windows
Chapter 326 How Dumb.
Chapter 327 In Control
Chapter 328 A Memory Or A Dream?
Chapter 329 Hanging Off The Radio Tower
Chapter 330 Die Happy Right Now
Chapter 331 Throne
Chapter 332 Taking Off Her Dress
Chapter 333 Something Unfair
Chapter 334 A Lot More
Chapter 335 Who Else Were You Expecting
Chapter 336 Manners
Chapter 337 Out Of Respec
Chapter 338 Special Treatmen
Chapter 339 First Place
Chapter 340 Xiao Fei
Chapter 341 Then What'S The Problem?
Chapter 342 Someone Has To Pay
Chapter 343 Another Mistake
Chapter 344 Burned
Chapter 345 This Was Only The Beginning
Chapter 346 How Much You Mean To Me
Chapter 347 - Gone.
Chapter 348 - Do It Properly
Chapter 349 - Have Some Dignity
Chapter 350 - What'S Wrong?
Chapter 351 - Hear Me Out
Chapter 352 - Attempting To Snoop
Chapter 353 - Grow Up
Chapter 354 - My Woman
Chapter 355 - Progress Over Perfection
Chapter 356 - Three Heads
Chapter 357 - Unexpected Guest
Chapter 358 - Insult Me
Chapter 359 - Red
Chapter 360 - Torment Me
Chapter 361 - Ugly Dispute
Chapter 362 - Memories
Chapter 363 - The World Was Ending Tonight
Chapter 364 - Old Tiger
Chapter 365 - Functioning Arm
Chapter 366 - Wellbeing
Chapter 367 - Eternal Flames
Chapter 368 - Foggy Fields
Chapter 369 - Pity
Chapter 370 - Apsolutely Not.
Chapter 371 - Reign
Chapter 372 - The Meaning Of Your Actions
Chapter 373 - Deal With It — [Arc Ends]
Chapter 374 - Morning Hugs And Kisses
Chapter 375 - Within Nine Months
Chapter 376 - Not Enough
Chapter 377 - The Rest Of Our Lives
Chapter 378 - At My Lowest
Chapter 379 - Reasonable Hour
Chapter 380 - It'S Already Tarnished
Chapter 381 - What If
Chapter 382 - Only Human
Chapter 383 - Freshly Bloomed Lilies
Chapter 384 - Scorned Wife
Chapter 385 - His Wallet And Reputation
Chapter 386 - Rare Phenomenon
Chapter 387 - Cute
Chapter 388 - Mere Acquaintances
Chapter 389 - Monkey Face
Chapter 390 - Only Two Inches
Chapter 391 - Big Appetite
Chapter 392 - Big Thigh
Chapter 393 - The Wind
Chapter 394 - Unworthy Heads
Chapter 395 - Pain
Chapter 396 - Pretty Nails
Chapter 397 - Please Me
Chapter 398 - Stern And Unforgiving
Chapter 399 - Dislike
Chapter 400 - This Is Unacceptable
Chapter 401 - Mosquito Bites
Chapter 402 - Signature
Chapter 403 - Dirty Laundry
Chapter 404 - Ticklish
Chapter 405 - Couldn'T Escape
Chapter 406 - What A Pity
Chapter 407 - Wrapped In Bandages
Chapter 408 - A Prodigy And A Genius
Chapter 409 - Insane
Chapter 410 - New Era
Chapter 411 - It Takes Two To Cheat
Chapter 412 - Scum
Chapter 413 - Taken Man
Chapter 414 - Desperate
Chapter 415 - Glowing
Chapter 416 - This Is A Mess
Chapter 417 - I'M Only Kidding
Chapter 418 - Disappearing Wife
Chapter 419 - It'S A Promise
Chapter 420 - Pamper Me
Chapter 421 - A Blank Cheque?
Chapter 422 - Mother And Ceo
Chapter 423 - Naive And Weak
Chapter 424 - The Vows
Chapter 425 - Side-Story Part One
Chapter 426 - Side-Story Part Two
Chapter 427 - Final Side Story Part One
Chapter 428 - Finale.
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Book Details / Information: "Stay with me and I will give you everything your heart desires. For you, my darling, I would part the mountains, split the sea, and cause havoc on Earth just to have you."

- - - -

In every love story, there's always a vengeful and venomous fiancée who was engaged to the rich and handsome CEO that fell for the poor, but gentle and innocent female lead. In his greed for her love, he broke his poor fiancée whose love drove her to the brink of insanity.

No one ever cared about how the fiancée felt.

Zhao Lifei was prepped her entire life to marry one man, but suddenly, his heart was captured by another. She was face-slapped, destroyed, and disowned for loving Zheng Tianyi. She was willing to sacrifice her youth, time, and heart for the man, but all she got was pain and despair.

It took two harsh, but awakening years for Zhao Lifei to finally understand the mistakes she has made in the past.

After her redemption, it was now Zhao Lifei's turn to experience a love grander than the female lead.

Smarter, feistier, and wittier, Zhao Lifei knew how to survive the cruel, backstabbing, and harsh upper-class society was.

"A bastard fiancé that broke my heart? Screw him, I'll find someone richer!"

"All of my friends have abandoned me? Whatever, I'll find better ones!"

"My parents disowned me? That's fine, my grandfather is wealthier and more powerful than both of them combined!"

To the polar opposite of the snarky Zhao Lifei, was the incredibly wealthy and powerful, yet ruthlessly cold Yang Feng.

Yang Feng, the King of the Business Empire, was a man to be feared. Heart of ice, eyes of stone, merciless but enticingly handsome, there was not a single person in this world that dared to offend him.

Many have tried, but none had succeeded in garnering his attention. That is, until his path unexpectedly collides with Zhao Lifei.

Challenges will arise, chaos will commence, and drama will ensue. But then again, what is a love story without disturbance? They say love without conflict is just a simple crush and the story of Zhao Lifei and Yang Feng was anything but that.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Prologue

"Zheng Tianyi, please-"


A beautiful woman was pushed and thrown onto the floor. Her perfectly curled hair was a mess, her makeup was ruined and there were bruises beginning to form on her wrists.

Glowering eyes filled with pure hatred and disgust stared down at her. He was supposed to be her loved fiance, the man she would soon wed in one year. Yet, here he was, glaring daggers into her body.

The look he gave her was bone-chilling as if she had brutally slaughtered his entire family. Was it possible to hate someone so much to the point of where their eyes were practically burning with venom?

A simple glance at his infuriated eyes was enough to send chills down one's spine.

Standing next to the ruthless man with her arms wrapped around his left one was a tiny and petite woman, whose face screamed innocence. Pure, docile, gentle, and anything sweet could be used to describe Xia Mengxi. Her skin was pale, like the first fall of snow. Her face was small and adorable, like a cherished and doted bunny.

Because of her meek nature, docile-smiles, and the allure of a female lead, she always provoked the protective nature of men — more specifically, Zheng Tianyi, who vowed to ruin anyone that dared to harm her.

Zhao Lifei, his childhood friend for two decades and beloved fiancee for one decade, was unfortunate enough to experience this treatment.

"You disgust me," He spat out each word, every syllable prickling her heart.

Zhao Lifei felt like the antagonist of their Cinderella story that seemed to walk right out of a Korean drama, one that involved a poor, unfortunate Xia Mengxi who managed to capture the heart and attention of a ruthless, but incredibly handsome billionaire.

"Don't touch me with your dirty hands." His voice, so dark, but smooth and pleasant to the ears, echoed throughout the room.

The socialites of Shenbei watched from the corner, their mouths moving non-stop as they mocked, gossiped, and laughed at the honorable Zhao Lifei, whose reputation was pushed to ruins.

Zhao Lifei glanced up at the man. Her heart was torn in every direction and painfully ached at the horrible stare he was giving her.

Zheng Tianyi looked at her like she was the scum at the bottom of his shoes, something that was always with him and would never let go.

"Tianyi, I-"

"Did I allow you to call me that? You vengeful b*tch." He snarled at her, his voice dangerously low.

Zhao Lifei felt a pang within her heart. She looked at him as if she had been brutally kicked.

When did it all go wrong?

Zhao Lifei had dedicated all of her time, attention, and life to him. When he needed help in his company, she was there as the influential daughter of the Zhao family.

She helped him pull strings, threatened the people, did the dirty work, and allowed herself to be pushed into the brink of stress, worrying over issues that he should've cared about. And while she slaved away at his desk, Zheng Tianyi was with his lover halfway across the world.

Zhao Lifei's long, slender fingers curled into fists. Because of her naivety and heart, she had decided to fall deeply in love with him.

Zheng Tianyi narrowed his eyes at her pathetic state.

He couldn't believe in his youth, he thought this lowly woman deserved the title of a friend. When she was a child, she was quite normal and caring. Now that she has gotten older, he saw how much of a crazy woman she was.

How despicable.

He was fine when she displayed signs of jealousy. What man didn't want a beautiful woman desiring after him? But Zhao Lifei had severely crossed the line when she dared to taunt and bully his lover, Xia Mengxi.

Who did she think she is? He allowed her to exploit the title of "Zheng Tianyi's Fiance" to a high extent and this is how she repays him? By attempting a hit at Xia Mengxi's life?

"You're nothing but a pawn in my game. How dare the pawn come after the Queen." Zheng Tianyi continued to berate the woman in front of him.

She had already fallen from her grace, but that didn't mean he understood the meaning of mercy.

His parents saw her as a lifetime partner, but she saw this as a despicable joke. "Use my kindness as a warning, Zhao Lifei. Stay away from me and my wife." His voice was chillingly cold, like the freezing wind of the Arctic.

If looks could kill, she would've long been cremated and her ashes would have been thrown into the sewers. The atmosphere was frigid, nipping Zhao Lifei's heart.

Perhaps her anger and delusion had finally cracked her, but she wanted to laugh at the title he placed over Xia Mengxi. Wife? More like his Mistress.

The Zheng family never approved of that woman, because of her lowly background and heritage.

"Do you understand me?" Zheng Tianyi hissed in anger when he saw her distant expression.

He bent down and roughly gripped her chin up. Zhao Lifei winced in pain, which caused him to tighten his hold. She knew it was going to leave a nasty bruise on her jawline.

"Stay. Away. From. Xia Mengxi." Zheng Tianyi's voice was so calm, that it was beginning to scare the crowd.

Suddenly, bubbles of confidence surged within Zhao Lifei. It was fueled by her anguished heart that desired revenge for being torn, stomped, and disregarded.

"And if I don't?" She retorted back at him, her fiery temper beginning to come out again.

A black shadow flew at the speed of light and before anyone could react, a hand had smacked her face with so much force, that it turned to the side.

The crowd gasped in shock. Never in a billion years, would they expect Zheng Tianyi to strike a woman.

Zhao Lifei's face was immediately swung to the side with so much force, she knew she got whiplash. Tears gathered in her eyes at the stinging pain in her cheeks, but she pushed them down.

"Oh my god! Tianyi, are you alright?!" Xia Mengxi immediately grabbed Zheng Tianyi's rough, calloused hand. It was bright red because of how hard he had smacked her.

"Does it hurt a lot?" She gently asked him with her sweet as honey voice. She blew onto his red hand, lightly rubbing her cold fingers against it.

Zheng Tianyi's eyes softened at the sight of the fragile woman beside him. "I'm fine, sweetheart." He whispered to her.

Zhao Lifei hatefully stared at the couple.

Zheng Tianyi had one arm wrapped around Xia Mengxi's waist, holding her incredibly close to him. When Zhao Lifei saw him hold Xia Mengxi like the most precious thing in the world, she nearly laughed.

Who would've thought the Devil was capable of love?

"Honey, let's not pay any more attention to her. I'm beginning to pity her..." Xia Mengxi's voice turned soft and mellow, like the spring breeze on a hot summer day.

Instantly, Zheng Tianyi agreed with her. The halo of the female lead was too hard to reject. "As you wish, sweetheart." He whispered to her.

He always agreed to whatever she desired. He was smitten by her, and every inch of his heart craved for her. But his parents and Zhao Lifei saw it as foolish puppy love. They had recently begun to date and were most likely in the honeymoon stage.

That's what Zhao Lifei believed in, to convince her broken heart. But a deep part of her knew that wasn't true.

The love that Zheng Tianyi had for Xia Mengxi was beyond words.

Zhao Lifei wanted to keep her mouth shut, but her heart was begging her to open her mouth and seal her fate. Nothing mattered anymore.

Her pride was destroyed, her parents disowned her, the people had humiliated her and her reputation was blasted into nothingness. What more did she have to lose? Something hot, angry, and bitter trickled down her eyes.

Zheng Tianyi's dark eyes flickered in surprise, at the sight of her tears. It was the first time she had cried in front of him.

He nearly laughed, until he realized it wasn't tears of sorrow. It was tears of anger that came from the violent waves of her broken heart.

Zhao Lifei saw red. She slowly stood up, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and in a momentary flash, she wanted blood to spill.

But a force was holding her down. "Stay down, it's futile to fight back" A voice whispered to her.

When Zhao Lifei glanced to the side, she was startled to see a mirror reflection of herself. Was she going crazy? Was all this anger and delusions finally getting to her? Did Zheng Tianyi's slap the senses out of her?

"He'll destroy you if you try to fight him. Stay down." The woman softly told Zhao Lifei.

When Zhao Lifei reached a hand to push the woman away, the hand went straight through her. Gasping in shock, Zhao Lifei stared at the woman with her eyes wide open. And that's when the floor beneath her collapsed.

Zheng Tianyi and Xia Mengxi were gone. The people that taunted and humiliated her were gone.

Zhao Lifei stood in an abyss of darkness, unsure of where she went wrong.


Total Chapters in book: 428
Estimated words: 651740 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3259(@200wpm)___ 2607(@250wpm)___ 2172(@300wpm)