My Senior Brother Is Too Steady by Get To The Point

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Chapter 61 - Little Poor Peak
Chapter 62 - Difficulties Of Being The Head Disciple Of Ren Sect
Chapter 63 - Fewer Tricks And More Sincerity
Chapter 64 - Walking On The Poisonous Path
Chapter 65 - Junior Sister, This Test Is The Best!
Chapter 66 - So You Are Playing Tricks
Chapter 67 - Those Who Understand Me, Will Live Long!
Chapter 68 - First Experience Of Magical Transformation
Chapter 69 - Don'T Force Me To Draw My Sword!
Chapter 70 - What Is This?
Chapter 71 - I, Ao Yi… Stopped Growing
Chapter 72 - Don’T Worry, We Will Definitely Not Fight This Time
Chapter 73 - Scanning With Immortal Senses And Half-Squatting…
Chapter 74 - I’M Going All Out!
Chapter 75 - The First Stance
Chapter 76 - The Mystery That Shocked Junior!
Chapter 77 - Greetings From The Old One
Chapter 78 - Granted Access To The Dao Repository!
Chapter 79 - Wish Fulfilled, Wine Maiden Clears The Stage
Chapter 80 - Yuan Ze Says, “This Matter Is Going To Be A Success!”
Chapter 81 - : Caused By A Ceramic Bottle…
Chapter 82 - Preparing For Battle
Chapter 83 - Toxic Colludes With Toxic
Chapter 84 - Changshou, Tell Me What To Do
Chapter 85 - The Plan To Destroy Mosquitoes Is…
Chapter 86 - If I Were The Culprit Of The Sneak Attack…
Chapter 87 - Poison Array Battle. Heh, Poison Array Battle!
Chapter 88 - New Funeral Service
Chapter 89 - Hurry And Go Invite…
Chapter 90 - Crying Is Also A Technique
Chapter 91 - Paper Army Strikes!
Chapter 92 - Come Here!”
Chapter 93 - The Opening Of Little Qiong Crematorium
Chapter 94 - Please Be Steady
Chapter 95 - A Little Trump Card
Chapter 96 - Frightening Mosquitoes
Chapter 97 - The Powerful Big Shot
Chapter 98 - I’Ll Treat Your Disciple Well
Chapter 99 - The Fear Of The “Wild” God
Chapter 100 - A Man Should Treat Himself…
Chapter 101 - The Birth Of Poverty
Chapter 102 - You Don’T Understand The Sea God At All!
Chapter 103 - The First Battle During The Destruction Of The Divine Sect
Chapter 104 - Something’S Wrong With The Script
Chapter 105 - The Secret About The Strongest In Xiong Village
Chapter 106 - Li Changshou Who Was Not Confident Enough
Chapter 107 - Suddenly, The Dragon Becomes Lame
Chapter 108 - I’Ll Take The Merit, You Take The Blame
Chapter 109 - Senior Brother Smiles
Chapter 110 - Fellow Daoist, Have You Heard…
Chapter 111 - It’S Impossible For The Qi Refinement Cultivators To Appear In Brothels
Chapter 112 - The Influence Of The Ash Scatterer
Chapter 113 - Specializing In All Bewitching Mystical Abilities
Chapter 114 - The Culprit Who Bullied The Teacher
Chapter 115 - Fellow Daoist, The Path Is Narrow
Chapter 116 - Paying Someone Back In Their Own Coin, Doubled
Chapter 117 - Sigh, My Relationship Has Turned Sour
Chapter 118 - Little Qiong Peak’S Special Production Of The Ambition Pill
Chapter 119 - The Grand Competition Begins, The Two Sect Masters Support
Chapter 120 - It’S A Fight Between Two Experts
Chapter 121 - The Only Way To Defeat Fear
Chapter 122 - The Man In White In The Sea God Temple
Chapter 123 - The One Who Knows My Heart Is The Sea God Of The South Ocean
Chapter 124 - Cultivation “Talent” Lan Lingle
Chapter 125 - The Must-Visit Scenic Spot Of The Immortal Du Sect
Chapter 126 - I Learned It, I Learned It
Chapter 127 - Li Changshou’S Gift Of Farewell
Chapter 128 - Senior Brother’S “Anger”
Chapter 129 - Immortal Sense Poisonous Pill: Burning Heart
Chapter 130 - Master, I’Ve Tried My Best
Chapter 131 - You Are Very Handsome In The First Place
Chapter 132 - Genuine Fake Pill
Chapter 133 - Little Qiong Peak’S Wandering Plan
Chapter 134 - I… Have A Fellow Daoist
Chapter 135 - Blind Frogs Meet Dead Mosquitoes
Chapter 136 - Clang!
Chapter 137 - The Little Battle In The South Continent, Changshou Pays Respect To The Statue
Chapter 138 - The Second Supporter Of Ren School!
Chapter 139 - The Lessons Of The Great Daoist Master
Chapter 140 - Shocking The Crowd With One Move
Chapter 141 - Daoist Changgeng
Chapter 142 - Fell From The Sky…
Chapter 143 - Little Qiong, My “Brother” Lin
Chapter 144 - Only Little Aunt-Master Can Defeat Little Aunt-Master!
Chapter 145 - The Furry Version Of ‘Sea God Battle Tactic’ Of The Four Books Of Stabilizing The Sect
Chapter 146 - This Grand Disciple…
Chapter 147 - I Have A Date With The God Of Fortune
Chapter 148 - The Righteous Master Zhao
Chapter 149 - The First Standard Scam Of The Primordial World
Chapter 150 - Senior Brother Takes On The Profession Again And Spreads About Steadiness
Chapter 151 - Little Qiong Peak’S Classroom
Chapter 152 - Pretending To Be Injured — From The Beginner Stage To Giving Up
Chapter 153 - The Birth Of A Paper Effigy Of The Heaven Immortal Realm
Chapter 154 - People Who Are Good At Using Dharma Treasures…
Chapter 155 - Ling’E Asks For A Favor Before Leaving Ding
Chapter 156 - Changgeng’S First Memorial
Chapter 157 - Small Merit Waistcoat
Chapter 158 - Why Is The Sea God Here?
Chapter 159 - Little Xiong’S Apprenticeship
Chapter 160 - The Three Sects Gathered, The Jade Token Shakes
Chapter 161 - The Map Of Mountains And Rivers
Chapter 162 - The Bear Is In The Open, Li Changshou Is In The Dark
Chapter 163 - Advanced Test Of Ren School
Chapter 164 - Changshou’S Reverse Teaching Method
Chapter 165 - The Faraday Cage’S Road To Fame In The Primordial World
Chapter 166 - Watch My Eyes And Act According To The Hints
Chapter 167 - You Think I’Ve Lost, But…
Chapter 168 - Fraud-Qiong Xiao’S Advanced Version
Chapter 169 - The Primordial World Is Too Complicated, The Dao Path Is Slippery And Obstructed
Chapter 170 - Great Daoist Master, Why Don’T You Swear…
Chapter 171 - Ordinary Battle Mode
Chapter 172 - Sigh, Golden Immortals Are Indeed Hard To Kill
Chapter 173 - The Little Daoist Master With The Certificate
Chapter 174 - A Mistake In The Deep Sea
Chapter 175 - Mystical Abilities: Cast Beans And Turn Them Into Soldiers!
Chapter 176 - It’S A Mistake
Chapter 177 - Vicious Meets Vicious
Chapter 178 - The Tricks Of Changshou
Chapter 179 - I’M Most Afraid Of Strangers Suddenly Showing Me Concern
Chapter 180 - Great Luck Of The Dao Sect, Continues For Another Hundred Million Seconds!
Chapter 181 - A Small Step In The Primordial World’S Correction
Chapter 182 - Li Changshou Stages An Act
Chapter 183 - Be Brave And Say No To Fraud!
Chapter 184 - Can You Be Afraid Of The Mighty Figure?
Chapter 185 - I Can’T Do It!
Chapter 186 - The Answer Isn’T That Simple!
Chapter 187 - A Hefty Gift To Trick Li Changshou
Chapter 188 - I Understood, Understood Everything!
Chapter 189 - The Back View
Chapter 190 - Human Dharma Treasure Candidate
Chapter 191 - If You Don’T Change, You Can’T Get Your Soul
Chapter 192 - You Can’T Judge A…Bean By Its Cover…
Chapter 193 - Here It Comes
Chapter 194 - Sensitive Moon Elder, Protecting Li Changshou
Chapter 195 - Boundless Sea
Chapter 196 - Don’T Talk, Kiss The Goose
Chapter 197 - An Evil Conscience
Chapter 198 - I, Ao Yi, Definitely Can’T…
Chapter 199 - May I Ask For Fairy Le’Er’S Name?
Chapter 200 - So Sad
Chapter 201 - Since Ancient Times, There Have Been Many Emotions And Hatred. This Hatred…
Chapter 202 - While Keeping A Low Profile, There Are Traces Of Extravagance
Chapter 203 - Changshou Has His Own Brilliant Plan
Chapter 204 - Grandmaster, This Is As Far As I Can Help You
Chapter 205 - No One Can Defeat This Penniless Priest In This Field!
Chapter 206 - Oath Of The Great Dao, One Key, And Five Chains
Chapter 207 - Gongming Is Definitely Going To Help!
Chapter 208 - The Super Evolution Of Immortal Bean Soldiers
Chapter 209 - The Good Planners Are Finally…
Chapter 210 - From The Director To The Audience
Chapter 211 - Your Name Is Bian Zhuang!
Chapter 212 - Smile Without Saying A Word
Chapter 213 - The Spinus Is Not Settled For The South Ocean!
Chapter 214 - The Secret Plan Of The Twelve Strategies Of The Steadiness Sutra
Chapter 215 - Great Daoist Master, Look Who’S There
Chapter 216 - We’Ve Even Prepared Music For The Debut
Chapter 217 - 40,000 On The Surface, But In Actual Fact…
Chapter 218 - Nine Revolutions Pill Enters Becomes A Trump Card!
Chapter 219 - Who Hasn’T Scolded The Jade Emperor?
Chapter 220 - A Powerful Medicine
Chapter 221 - The Little Reward Of The Heavenly Dao’S Confusion
Chapter 222 - Hehe
Chapter 223 - You Are Looking For The Sea God, It Has Nothing To Do With Me…
Chapter 224 - First Experience Of The Venomous Tongue Of Life
Chapter 225 - I, Fugui Am Not Worthy Of Having A Dao Companion!
Chapter 226 - Baseless Rumor
Chapter 227 - Master Zhao’S… Female Fan?
Chapter 228 - The Life Of Being Watched
Chapter 229 - Cunning Rabbit
Chapter 230 - To Be An Outstanding Queen
Chapter 231 - The Hot Tribulation
Chapter 232 - Ave You Heard Of The Sea God Of The South Ocean?
Chapter 233 - Little Elder Moon Of Immortal Du Sect (Ren School)
Chapter 234 - Causing Changshou’S Hair Loss
Chapter 235 - T’S His Fault For…Being Too Proactive
Chapter 236 - We Will Be Reaching The East Of The Netherworld
Chapter 237 - Little Ghost Is Hard To Deal With
Chapter 238 - Li Changshou’S Little Fundamental Routine
Chapter 239 - Rescue Aunt-Master Tree!
Chapter 240 - Traditional Art
Chapter 241 - New Member Of Little Qiong Peak
Chapter 242 - Heavenly Courts, Jade Emperor’S Current Situation
Chapter 243 - My Friend, The Jade Emperor
Chapter 244 - Going To Heaven!
Chapter 245 - As Expected Of You
Chapter 246 - The Bragging I’Ve Done Before, Today…
Chapter 247 - New Form Of The Primordial World Entertainment
Chapter 248 - Seal! Reward! The Righteous God!
Chapter 249 - Can I Have A Discount?
Chapter 250 - The Traditional Art Of Ren School
Chapter 251 - A Good Person
Chapter 252 - Only Getting Ordinary Official Treatment
Chapter 253 - The Only Way To Treat A Coma
Chapter 254 - The Human Sect’S Six Jies
Chapter 255 - The Formula Is Still The Familiar Smell
Chapter 256 - Tricks And Live Teaching
Chapter 257 - Sending Aunt-Master…Off
Chapter 258 - Reincarnation Vip Passage
Chapter 259 - Countdown To The Golden Immortal Tribulation!
Chapter 260 - Choosing The Place For Tribulation Transcendence
Chapter 261 - Are You Sure You Want To Transcend The Tribulation This Time?
Chapter 262 - The Ten Thousand Spirit Tribulation!
Chapter 263 - The Strongest Mystical Ability Of Li Changshou!
Chapter 264 - Seriously, I Can’T Stop You
Chapter 265 - There Are Always Some Things That Are Hard To Understand
Chapter 266 - Look At This Trap, It’S Big And Deep
Chapter 267 - Take Care, Old Friends
Chapter 268 - The First Contest In The Primordial World…
Chapter 269 - It’S Impossible To Forcefully Insult
Chapter 270 - The First “Battle” With Randeng
Chapter 271 - I Need To Fill Myself Up!
Chapter 272 - Master, Look Here…
Chapter 273 - Life-Protecting Envoy
Chapter 274 - Seasonings Are The Romance For Men!
Chapter 275 - Reporting To The Lingxiao Hall, Ritian Is Going To Battle!
Chapter 276 - Handsome, Who Are You?
Chapter 277 - A Big Fish Accidentally Exploded
Chapter 278 - The King Of Poems
Chapter 279 - The White-Robed Heavenly Thearch Has Killing Intent
Chapter 280 - Everything Is… A Choice
Chapter 281 - Unable To Find The Treasure, Unintentionally Blowing Things Up
Chapter 282 - Shou… Shou’Er
Chapter 283 - Ah, It’S Loneliness…
Chapter 284 - Entering The Fire Cloud Cave For The First Time, The Snow Fox Questions Her True Feelings
Chapter 285 - Care For The Peaceful Life Of The Retired Human Emperor
Chapter 286 - You’Re Not Showing Me Respect If You Don’T Take It
Chapter 287 - Thank You, Senior!
Chapter 288 - The Long Path To Immortal Ascension
Chapter 289 - Have You Seen The Divine Lightning Of Heavenly Punishment…When The Primordial World Is
Chapter 290 - Before The Treasure Was Born, The Big Boss Arrived First
Chapter 291 - Who Has No Personal Habits!?!
Chapter 292 - The Copper Coin Of Treasurefall!
Chapter 293 - Obtaining The Five-Element Pearls Again
Chapter 294 - Yun Xiao’S Three Questions To Make Randeng Retreat
Chapter 295 - On The Starry Night, Ling’E Will Soon Transcend The Tribulation
Chapter 296 - Nine Heavens Elemental Spirit Tribulation!
Chapter 297 - Senior Brother, I Must…
Chapter 298 - Changgeng Teases The Black Leopard According To Orders
Chapter 299 - Secret Trump Card
Chapter 300 - Bring The Jade Emperor For “Fishing”
Chapter 301 - Brother Yu, Your Path Is Blocked
Chapter 302 - The White-Robed Jade Emperor’S Heart
Chapter 303 - Xuan Du Tours Around The Little Qiong Peak, Changshou Wants To Pass The Sutra
Chapter 304 - Firstly, I Should Have A Small Plan
Chapter 305 - Discussing About The Saint
Chapter 306 - Angst Pagoda Master Is Here
Chapter 307 - One Of The… Ultimate Trump Cards
Chapter 308 - First Meeting With The Saint, Changshou Schemes Against The Golden Cicada
Chapter 309 - Collecting The Dragon Clan’S Matters, Searching For The Mental Demon At The Mountain Gate
Chapter 310 - Only… Can You Defeat The Inner Demons!
Chapter 311 - Heavenly Emperor’S Demon-Slaying Sword, The River Splits The Gods!
Chapter 312 - Sea God, Do You Lack Female Disciples?
Chapter 313 - The Great Daoist Master’S Return, The Three-Immortal Island Gives Peaches
Chapter 314 - The Sea God Who Is Familiar With The Three Schools!
Chapter 315 - Dragon Heart In The Crystal Palace!
Chapter 316 - Is Your Melon Definitely Going To Be Ripe?
Chapter 317 - What Spiritual Beast? What Spiritual Beast Do You Want?
Chapter 318 - Little Qiong Peak’S Longevity Peach
Chapter 319 - The Sect Master’S Bewitchment
Chapter 320 - What Did You Think Of When I Came Here Today? Today, You Came Here To Solve My Thoughts.
Chapter 321 - Take Care, Jie School
Chapter 322 - The Immortal Peach Banquet Is Coming, Changshou Is Planning To Become A God!
Chapter 323 - The Heavenly Courts Are Rising From Now On!
Chapter 324 - Immortal Life Is Just A Show
Chapter 325 - I, The Sea God, Will Protect The Pride Of The Western Saints Today!
Chapter 326 - Changgeng Reaches Three Promotions At The Immortal Peach Banquet, Accepting The Dragons Of The Four Seas!
Chapter 327 - Li Changshou’S Sense Of Crisis
Chapter 328 - Raising Junior Sister For 100 Years, Use…
Chapter 329 - I Want To Have A Land In The Heavenly Courts And Become Neighbors With The Grand Supreme Elder
Chapter 330 - The Stern And Swift True Heavenly Emperor!
Chapter 331 - It’S You, Li!
Chapter 332 - 2 Arrangement For Cultivation To Ascending To The Heavens
Chapter 333 - Don’T Worry, My Lips Are Sealed!
Chapter 334 - Surrender
Chapter 335 - Losing But Not Getting Outnumbered!
Chapter 336 - Fairy Follows The Beginning Of The West Ocean
Chapter 337 - No One Knows More Than Me (Stalling For Time]
Chapter 338 - The Civil Official Of The Heavenly Courts Is Not Good At Fighting
Chapter 339 - The Strongest Assistant Of The Primordial World!
Chapter 340 - Coincidentally Passing By
Chapter 341 - Li Changshou’S Calculations Are Sometimes Lacking, The Dragon Tribulation Begins!
Chapter 342 - I’M Willing To Take Care Of The People!
Chapter 343 - The Joy Of Not Being A Person
Chapter 344 - Hearing The Enemy’S Name For The First Time
Chapter 345 - Lips Are Sealed
Chapter 346 - Who Is Strong In The Primordial World?!
Chapter 347 - A Gentleman Doesn’T Have To Take Too Long To Take Revenge
Chapter 348 - The Two Sects’ Battle In The Middle Continent, The Spiritual Mountain Is Disturbing
Chapter 349 - The Three Sects’ Immortals Arrive On The Spiritual Mountain!
Chapter 350 - Li Changshou Does Not Even Show His Face
Chapter 351 - Your Name Is The Wonderful Seven Treasures Tree!
Chapter 352 - A Small Matter
Chapter 353 - Undecided
Chapter 354 - Three Steps Of A Treatment
Chapter 355 - A Beautiful Spirit
Chapter 356 - Actually, You Can Have It
Chapter 357 - The Amazing Gynecologist, The Water God
Chapter 358 - Underground Demon Cave, Magi Soul Sword!
Chapter 359
Chapter 360 - Battle Of Demonic Luck!
Chapter 361 - Taking Advantage When Li Changshou Is In Danger
Chapter 362 - Worshiping The Virgin Mary In The Palace
Chapter 363 - Nuwa’S Three Questions
Chapter 364 - Goddess By The Pool
Chapter 365 - Li Changshou’S Determination And Dao
Chapter 366 - Qi Yuan’S Amazing Adventure
Chapter 367 - A Lesson That Must Be Experienced In Life
Chapter 368 - Small Scheme, Great Revenge
Chapter 369 - Divine Beads Against Divine Light, Gong Ming Meets Kong Xuan
Chapter 370 - Disciple Of Ren School, Present For Assistance
Chapter 371 - Immortal Child’S Longevity
Chapter 372 - Life Just Gets Better For Some People
Chapter 373 - Hunting The Water God
Chapter 374 - Fellow Daoist Ksitigarbha Is Not Lying To Me
Chapter 375 - The Battle Power Of The Heavenly Courts’ Civil Official Gone?
Chapter 376 - I, The Water God, Definitely Didn’T Work With Ksitigarbha
Chapter 377 - She’S Just My Sister…
Chapter 378 - The First Spring Of The Pure Yang Withered Wood
Chapter 379 - Jade Emperor’S Troubles
Chapter 380 - “Normal”
Chapter 381 - Guardian! The Most “Gentle” Ancestor Of The Magi!
Chapter 382 - The Punishment Of The Queen Mother And The Jade Emperor’S Trouble
Chapter 383 - Although I’M Only A Turbid Immortal..
Chapter 384 - The Best Reward For Warriors Is…
Chapter 385 - Shang Dynasty
Chapter 386 - Senior Brother, Take Care
Chapter 387 - Support
Chapter 388 - Give Me… Some Face!
Chapter 389 - Shang Dynasty (2)
Chapter 390 - A Little Wine Feast
Chapter 391 - The Conversation With The Grand Pure One
Chapter 392 - Request For Help From The Netherworld
Chapter 393 - Secret Legend Of The Goddess Nuwa’S Palace
Chapter 394 - Great Grief
Chapter 395 - The Desire To Remove The Chains
Chapter 396 - Heavenly Crisis
Chapter 397 - Experts, We Need Many Experts
Chapter 398 - Magnificent Array
Chapter 399 - Professional Team
Chapter 400 - Empress Earth Seven Emotions
Chapter 401 - Eight Nine Mystical Techniques
Chapter 402 - Changshou Returns To The Mountain, Black Leopard Visits
Chapter 403 - Working
Chapter 404
Chapter 405 - A Divine Beast
Chapter 406 - Are You Really Going To Fight With The Heavenly Courts?
Chapter 407 - The Great Daoist Master’S Gift
Chapter 408 - Once, There Were 100,000 Demons, Stepping On The Sky And Breaking The Demon Court
Chapter 409 - I Have To Admit That There Is A Bet
Chapter 410 - Which Clan Is Strong In Persecuting The Auspicious Beasts?
Chapter 411 - The Theory Of The Black Pool
Chapter 412 - For Nothing”
Chapter 413 - Such A Spiritual Bead
Chapter 414 - This Child Doesn’T Even Know How To Get Into Trouble!
Chapter 415 - The Western Sect’S Scheme
Chapter 416 - The Light Of Righteousness!
Chapter 417
Chapter 418
Chapter 419
Chapter 420
Chapter 421
Chapter 422
Chapter 423
Chapter 424
Chapter 425
Chapter 426
Chapter 427 - Mischievous Imp
Chapter 428
Chapter 429
Chapter 430 - Embarrassing Truth Listener
Chapter 431 - The Heavenly Demon’S Thoughts
Chapter 432 - You Chase Me, You Chase Me…
Chapter 433 - Ling’E Returns To The Mountain
Chapter 434 - Youming And Ningshuang
Chapter 435 - The Beginning Of The Tribulation
Chapter 436 - Battling The North Continent (1)
Chapter 437 - Everything Is Equal!
Chapter 438 - Jade Emperor, What A Wreck
Chapter 439 - Changshou Has Decided To Calculate The Western Sect. The Jade Emperor Enrages And Enlightens The God!
Chapter 440 - No, You Are Not Happy
Chapter 441 - Chief Instructor Of Three Hundred Chang’E
Chapter 442 - Talk About Tribulation In The Lingxiao Hall
Chapter 443 - Yun Xiao Gets Drunk
Chapter 444 - Immortal-Slaying Flying Saber Technique
Chapter 445 - The Heavenly Courts Arise Again, And The Water God Palm Kills!
Chapter 446 - Battling The North Continent!
Chapter 447 - Just The Moon Palace
Chapter 448 - The Water God Challenges The Moon Palace, And The Jade Rabbit Is Prevented
Chapter 449 - Changshou’S Secret Love
Chapter 450 - Five Words To Kill An Immortal Elder
Chapter 451 - Little Trump Card
Chapter 452 - A Little Counterattack
Chapter 453 - The Female Immortal’S Desire For Victory
Chapter 454 - As Cold As This
Chapter 455 - Heng’E
Chapter 456 - Summoned By The Grand Pure One!
Chapter 457 - Worshiping The Grand Pure One In The Grand Pure One Temple
Chapter 458 - Xuanya Enters The Sky And Visits The Jade Spring
Chapter 459 - Wen Jing Reports, Bian Zhuang Is Panicking
Chapter 460 - Meeting The God Of Plague In The World Edge Secret Realm
Chapter 461 - First Meeting With Lu Yue
Chapter 462 - The God Of Plague Blows Heroes When He’S Drunk
Chapter 463 - Life Transformation Plus One
Chapter 464 - The Frightening Story Of The Primordial World
Chapter 465 - The Method To Use Lingle
Chapter 466 - The Owner Of The Heavenly Dao Bond
Chapter 467 - Yama Lords’ Words, Saintess
Chapter 468 - Change In The Blood Sea
Chapter 469 - A Stable Summon! A Group Of Expert Experts!
Chapter 470 - Steady Like The Wind, A Long Life
Chapter 471 - The First Battle Of Seven Emotions!
Chapter 472 - How Can Being Reasonable Be Considered Offending A Saint? Empty?
Chapter 473 - The Grandmaster Of Heaven Is Online…
Chapter 474 - Li Changshou Debate
Chapter 475 - Activate The Gong!
Chapter 476 - Killing Tai Yi, Righteous Heart!
Chapter 477 - Primordial Beginning Laughs At Jie Yin, Li Changshou Defends Ksitigarbha
Chapter 478 - The Second Turn Of The Three-Path River
Chapter 479 - Hope They Are Fine
Chapter 480 - The Heavens Bestow Treasures And The Lady Of Earth’S Invitation
Chapter 481 - Feng Taibai, Steadily Hide
Chapter 482 - At This Time, Let’S Increase The Details…
Chapter 483 - My Senior Brother’S Non-Miserable Asura Arena
Chapter 484 - Li Changshou Tried His Best
Chapter 485 - The Strange Changes In Ling Zhuzi, Visiting The Glacial Palace Again
Chapter 486 - Kunlun Jade Void Bank
Chapter 487 - Immortal Alliance Leader
Chapter 488 - Golden Roc
Chapter 489 - A Poisonous Hit From The Fairy
Chapter 490 - The Water God Boiled The Eagle
Chapter 491 - Have You Comprehended?
Chapter 492 - The Night Before The Immortal Alliance Meeting
Chapter 493 - Changgeng’S Steadiness!
Chapter 494 - The Debate Between Immortals And Mortals (I)
Chapter 495 - The Debate Between Immortals And Mortals (2)
Chapter 496 - Poison Immortal Longevity Tribulation, The Sixth General Visits The Sky
Chapter 497 - The Heavenly Dao Is Attacking! Look!
Chapter 498 - The White-Robed Jade Emperor
Chapter 499 - Go
Chapter 500 - I’M Back, I’M Back!
Chapter 501 - The Gathering Of The Storm Red Lotus, Interrupting The Hidden Struggle
Chapter 502 - Brother-In-Law ~
Chapter 503 - Interesting Soul
Chapter 504 - Dao Sect, A Non-Battle Agreement!
Chapter 505 - God-Slaying Spear Appears!
Chapter 506 - The Strongest Immortal Group, Entering Dreams Online!
Chapter 507 - Ah, The Aura Of Spring
Chapter 508 - You Are Not Important
Chapter 509 - Banana Fan!
Chapter 510 - Visiting The Three Pure Ones’ Courtyard, Keeping The Fairy’S Sleeping Face
Chapter 511 - Shock! The Saint Of Jie School And The Heavenly Courts’ Water God…
Chapter 512 - Sometimes, Li Changshou Is Poor
Chapter 513 - Which Is Strong In The Primordial World’S Propaganda!?!
Chapter 514 - After All, I’M Not Some Evil
Chapter 515 - Support
Chapter 516 - Ling’E’S Perfect Experience
Chapter 517 - Unlucky Rock
Chapter 518 - Duobao: I, Water God, Pay
Chapter 519 - Duobao Rebukes The Immortals Of Jie School
Chapter 520 - Brother, Something’S Wrong With You
Chapter 521 - I Keep A Low Profile
Chapter 522 - Translation, Translation, What Is A Surprise?
Chapter 523 - Grand White Palace! Grand White Hall!
Chapter 524 - Roll, Dark Waves!
Chapter 525 - Feed”
Chapter 526 - Taibai’S Toast
Chapter 527 - Long Ji Becomes A Disciple!
Chapter 528 - Tai Bai’S Support
Chapter 529 - As An Immortal, Happiness Is Most Important
Chapter 530 - The Water God Temple
Chapter 531 - Changgeng Cultivates The Mysterious Body And Will Go To Purple Cloud Palace!
Chapter 532 - Changgeng’S Crew Is Online…
Chapter 533 - The Call Of The Grand Pure One
Chapter 534 - Saint-Peeking
Chapter 535 - The Six Saints Gather In The Purple Cloud Palace!
Chapter 536 - The King And The Minister'S Crosstalk
Chapter 537 - Hong Jun'S Furnace
Chapter 538 - The Two Sects Are Acting
Chapter 539 - There'S Only One Truth!
Chapter 540 - The Fairy'S Determination
Chapter 541 - Tragic Kun Peng
Chapter 542 - Arcane Demon Master!
Chapter 543 - The Year Of The Wanderer
Chapter 544 - Ao Yi Transcends The Tribulation And Challenges The Golden Immortal. There Are Waves Outside The Little Qiong Peak
Chapter 545 - When The Spirit Mountain Moves, Letters From All Around!
Chapter 546 - Maitreya!
Chapter 547 - Immortal Tribulation, Little Qiong Peak!
Chapter 548 - Brother Shou Of The Society
Chapter 549 - 'Magnanimous' Li Changgeng
Chapter 550 - Ling'E'S Life Is Too Hard. The Three Thousand Worlds Battle!
Chapter 551 - This Little Heavenly Dao That Slips Around
Chapter 552 - Heavenly Demons Will Never Be Slaves!
Chapter 553 - Urgent First Move!
Chapter 554 - Maitreya Curses!
Chapter 555 - Meeting Yun Xiao, Warning The Dragon Race, Confronting The Western Fury
Chapter 556 - The Third Place In The Primordial World To Protect One'S Shortcomings
Chapter 557 - Yang Jian Leaves The Jade Spring, Tai Bai Plans For Bodhi
Chapter 558 - Plucking Grapes And Capturing Bodhi!
Chapter 559 - Mental Demons In The Dream, The Jade Emperor Knows Everything
Chapter 560 - The Wind And Clouds Are Rising, Changgeng Wielding Little Chess
Chapter 561 - The First Volume Of The Heaven Punishment
Chapter 562 - The Evil Power Of The Primordial World, The White House
Chapter 563 - Heavenly Eye! Open!
Chapter 564 - Erlang Smashes The Mountain And Protects Taibai, Finally, He Listened To The Content And Did Not Listen To The Xuan
Chapter 565 - Doomsday Brocade Sachet Advanced Version
Chapter 566 - A Wave Of Unrest Has Started Again
Chapter 567 - Helping The Xuandu City
Chapter 568 - Kun Peng'S Invitation
Chapter 569 - Giant Star Yang Jian!
Chapter 570 - The Saintess Enraged To Meet The Seven Emotions
Chapter 571 - Pangu
Chapter 572 - This Kun Peng Is Abnormally Active
Chapter 573 - Tianyi'S Business!
Chapter 574 - The Heavenly Demon... Is Crippled
Chapter 575 - Kind Junior Brother Is Present...
Chapter 576 - The Kun Peng Game
Chapter 577 - Dao Ancestor'S Doubt
Chapter 578 - Ling'E'S Attack!
Chapter 579 - The Great Dao Will Not Extinguish
Chapter 580 - The Strongest Fish-Catching Heavenly Group In The Primordial World!
Chapter 581 - An Unexpected Reward
Chapter 582 - Li Changshou'S Battle
Chapter 583 - Gentle
Chapter 584 - Heh, 98%
Chapter 585 - Taming The Flying Saber, Unveiling The Battle!
Chapter 586 - Gathering The Wind And Clouds, Primordial Violet Qi Leads To God
Chapter 587 - The Real Purple Qi!
Chapter 588 - Taibai Resists The Dao Ancestor, Yun Xiao Leads Qingping!
Chapter 589 - Fairy'S Mortal Heart
Chapter 590 - Kun Peng'S Heart Meridian, Secret Chamber Of Waves!
Chapter 591 - Are You Sure This Is Not Some Silly Challenge?
Chapter 592 - The Door Of The Heavenly Dao, Gongming Is Confused
Chapter 593 - Li Changshou In Danger
Chapter 594 - Entering The Purple Cloud Palace Again
Chapter 595 - Return Too White, The Heavenly Courts Will Move
Chapter 596 - Make A Big Deal!
Chapter 597 - Daji Appears And The Demons Are Exiled
Chapter 598 - The North-Pacifying Demon, Steadily Dealing The Spirit Mountain
Chapter 599 - Change Of The Construction Discussion: The Show Of The Later Stage
Chapter 600 - Facing The Western Saints, Taibai Soul Search!
Chapter 601 - Changgeng Attacks Wen Jing, The Stone Of The East Continent Appears!
Chapter 602 - Definitely This Time!
Chapter 603 - The Twelve Golden Immortals Of Chan School
Chapter 604 - Little Zhong, Not A Bad Person
Chapter 605 - Bian Zhuang'S Death Trap
Chapter 606 - Longevity Counterattack
Chapter 607 - "King And Minister"
Chapter 608 - Counterattack Storm!
Chapter 609 - Changshou, Capture Me!
Chapter 610 - The Price Of Making A Show
Chapter 611 - The Jade Emperor'S Might Suppresses Kunlun!
Chapter 612 - Ling Xiao'S Arrival, Judge Randeng!
Chapter 613 - Taibai Shows Killing Intent
Chapter 614 - The Situation Changes
Chapter 615 - In Front Of The Lingxiao Hall! Turn The Limit!
Chapter 616 - Lights Out! Lights Out!
Chapter 617 - The Warrior Of The Reincarnation Pagoda Shaking The Ancient Coffin
Chapter 618 - Brother, I Can Only Help You This Much
Chapter 619 - The Saint'S Small Clothes, Run To The Training Grounds
Chapter 620 - Sudden Attack
Chapter 621 - Attacking The Chaos Bell!
Chapter 622 - Damn! Heartless!
Chapter 623 - The Difficult Situation Of The Bell
Chapter 624 - The Killing Tribulation Begins
Chapter 625 - The Top Mission Of The Grand Pure One Temple
Chapter 626 - The End Of The Most Ancient Pure Yang Of The Human Race
Chapter 627 - The Return Of The Three Xuanyuan Demons In The Huaguo Mountain
Chapter 628 - Li Jing Is Waiting To Leave The Mountain, Ling'E'S Longevity Tribulation
Chapter 629 - Friends, Be Casual
Chapter 630 - The Main Cause Of Ling Zhuzi'S Reincarnation
Chapter 632 - A Letter From The Netherworld, The Grand Duke Is Arrival
Chapter 633 - The Flower Has Reopened, But The Petals Are Different
Chapter 634 - The Meeting Of The Saints
Chapter 635 - The Double Tour
Chapter 636 - That'S A Lie. Neither Will Give In
Chapter 637 - The Celestial Thearch'S Teacher
Chapter 638 - Heavenly Worker Number One
Chapter 639 - Jie School'S Decree To Kill!
Chapter 640 - The Little Secret Of The Heavenly Dao
Chapter 641 - Spirits Surrounded By Ten Thousand Immortals!
Chapter 642 - Study Of Speech
Chapter 643 - Dao Battle Spirit Mountain!
Chapter 644 - Xuan Du And Duobao'S Battle Against Zhun Ti, Gongming Lays Flat On Kunlun Road
Chapter 645 - I'Ll Say Something Fair
Chapter 646 - The Western Sect Will Rest For Now
Chapter 647 - Strangely Spontaneous
Chapter 648 - The Bell Stays In The Little Qiong Peak
Chapter 649 - Tai Bai'S Little Class
Chapter 650 - Father!
Chapter 651 - Master Of Rhythm
Chapter 652 - The Trivial Matter Of Being An Official
Chapter 653 - Di Xin'S Arrival
Chapter 654 - Black Leopard Changes Its Name And Schemes Against Bodhi
Chapter 655 - Countdown To The God-Conferment Tribulation!
Chapter 656 - Shen Bao, Jiang Gong, Yu Xu, Chen Tang, Li Jing, Lin'Er
Chapter 657 - How Many Ways Can You Write Zha?
Chapter 658 - Meeting Zi Shou At Night
Chapter 659 - The Storm In The South Continent
Chapter 660 - Chaoge City Is Seizing The Righteous Throne
Chapter 661 - Very Energized
Chapter 662 - Emperor Xin
Chapter 663 - Reincarnation Of General Lingzhu
Chapter 664 - Chentang Transformation!
Chapter 665 - Choice
Chapter 666 - : It'S Him, It'S Him, It'S Him
Chapter 667 - Li Changshou'S Little Mistake
Chapter 668 - Ao Bing
Chapter 669 - The Battle In Nuwa Temple
Chapter 670 - Screw The Heavenly Dao!
Chapter 671 - The Middle Story Of The Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 672 - Ashes
Chapter 673 - Forty Percent
Chapter 674 - General Dongmu Is In Danger, Da Ji Is About To Appear
Chapter 675 - This Treasure Is Interesting
Chapter 676 - Nezha!
Chapter 677 - The First Conflict With Young Master Ao
Chapter 678 - Tragic Sect Leader
Chapter 679 - Daji Enters The Palace
Chapter 680 - Ao Bing'S Killing Intent
Chapter 681 - The First Soul Of The God-Conferment!
Chapter 682 - The Dragon Ascension
Chapter 683 - Perfected Taiyi'S Lesson
Chapter 684 - Flooding Chentang Pass!
Chapter 685 - My Father, Li Jing Of Chentang Pass!
Chapter 686 - Taibai Jinxing Suppresses The Dragon
Chapter 687 - Steadiness
Chapter 688 - Dao Discussion (Part 1)
Chapter 689 - Grandmaster, I Really Didn'T Intentionally Scheme This Time
Chapter 690 - The God-Conferment "Academy"!
Chapter 691 - First Battle Between Chan And Jie Schools
Chapter 692 - Almost Broke The Bell
Chapter 693 - Gongming'S Wedding!
Chapter 694 - Ling'E'S Wave Must Be Impressive!
Chapter 695 - You Don'T Understand!
Chapter 696 - Shennong'S Spirit Conception Pill!
Chapter 697 - Crazy Kill
Chapter 698 - The Golden Spirit Is Happy
Chapter 699 - True Or Fake, A Strategy To Bewitch The Heavens
Chapter 700 - Taibai Jinxing'S Bow
Chapter 701 - Imprisoned In Goddess Nuwa'S Palace
Chapter 702 - May This Flame Give You Some Warmth
Chapter 703
Chapter 704 - The Saints Are In Peril
Chapter 705 - Changshou Is Worried
Chapter 706 - Killing Saints
Chapter 707 - From Today Onwards, There Are Only Five Saints In The Primordial World!
Chapter 708 - Scattering Ashes Is A Ritual
Chapter 709 - The Great Tribulation Breaks The Path!
Chapter 710 - Ancient Dragon Soul
Chapter 711 - Dao Discussion (Hong Jun)
Chapter 712 - Using Mosquitoes To Scheme Against Golden Lotus
Chapter 713 - Enemy Of The Living Beings!
Chapter 714 - Wen Zhong'S Life Destruction
Chapter 715 - Dao Ancestor Arrives!
Chapter 716 - Winning The Dao Ancestor For A While!
Chapter 717 - Grandmaster, You'Re Pretending
Chapter 718 - Guang Chengzi'S Strategy
Chapter 719 - Zhai Xing
Chapter 720 - Changshou Arrives
Chapter 721 - Open The Wound!
Chapter 722 - Heavenly Lord Of Primordial Beginning
Chapter 723 - Heavenly Change
Chapter 724 - Taiqing Is Not Defeated!
Chapter 725 - Wandering Xuandu City!
Chapter 726 - Look At The Primordial World From Another Perspective
Chapter 727 - Li Changshou'S Treasure List
Chapter 728 - Hehehe
Chapter 729 - Oh, That Familiar Accent
Chapter 730 - Meeting Duobao First, Then The Grand Supreme Elder
Chapter 731 - The Grand Supreme Elder Points A Stone Embryo!
Chapter 732 - Sit In Fangcun Mountain, Bodhi Waits For The Monkey To Come
Chapter 733 - Becoming Buddha!
Chapter 734 - Seizing Power In The Spiritual Mountain
Chapter 735 - The Stone Monkey Is Born!
Chapter 736 - Dao Ancestor, The Big Horse Monkey!
Chapter 737 - Erased Memories
Chapter 738 - The Sutra Man
Chapter 739 - Teaching The Monkey (I)
Chapter 740 - Teaching Monkeys (2)
Chapter 741 - The Ending Of The Void Bodhi
Chapter 742 - Undying Golden Soul
Chapter 743 - Void Bodhi
Chapter 744 - Master Of Taking Over
Chapter 745 - Betrayal
Chapter 746 - Crisis, The Golden Cicada Is In Crisis
Chapter 747 - Jie Yin
Chapter 748 - The Great Sage!
Chapter 749 - Sun Wukong Is Going To Heaven Again, Bodhi Is Sitting In The Lotus Pool
Chapter 750 - Xuanya'S Reminder
Chapter 751 - Bad
Chapter 752 - The Dao Of Equalization Arrives Again!
Chapter 753 - The Purple Cloud Palace!
Chapter 754 - Hong Jun Dao Discussion! (2)
Chapter 755 - Weak But Dominating
Chapter 756 - May My Dao Light The Flames Of The Stars From The Long Night
Chapter 757 - Punishing The Heavens!
Chapter 758 - Fighting The Dao Ancestor!
Chapter 759 - Actually, Someone Lied
Chapter 760 - The Weakest Golden Immortal
Chapter 761 - Little Qiong Peak Will Never End
Chapter 762 - Side Story 1: Traveling Together
Chapter 763 - Side Story 1: Traveling Together
Chapter 764 - Side Story 1: Traveling Together
Chapter 765 - Side Story 1: Traveling Together
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Alternative Titles:

My Senior Brother is a Bit Too Cautious, 我师兄实在太稳健了

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Book Details / Information: After being reborn in the ancient times before the Great God-Conferment War, Li Changshou becomes a minor cultivator. He is neither destined for great things nor great woe. His only dream is to live a long life as a cultivator. In order to survive in the cruel Primordial Times, Li Changshou tries hard not to accumulate any karma—killing inevitably leads to feuds.

Thus, he always plans thoroughly before doing anything and never allows himself to walk into dangerous situations. He hides his trump cards well, trains himself in escape techniques, refines poisonous pills, and masters his mystical abilities. Before making any moves, he takes on an extremely steady demeanor. Yet, every move of his ends up earth-shattering. Once he is done, he will disappear without a trace.

Li Changshou originally plans to remain hidden and safe in the mountain. There, he is supposed to cultivate until he ascends to immortality. However, everything changed one year when his master seems to think that their lives are too peaceful… He takes in a junior sister…

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Little Ling’e


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Melodious bell chimes resonated between the clouds as the Primordial Five Continents, which were located at the center of the Trichiliocosm1, welcomed a new dawn. The sun rose from the east as the stars faded into the vault of heaven.

On the north-west of the East Continent of Purvavideha1, at an inconspicuous corner near the Middle Continent, a gigantic array formation covered the dozens of emerald mountains below it. The array formation was smooth as silk and appeared similar to an inverted crystal bowl.

Under the bright sun rays, the walls of the array formation radiated colorful bursts of light. Waves of visible spiritual energy drifted within the array formation.

Divine creatures and spiritual beasts were playing in the mountains. Shadows appeared briefly in between the clouds occasionally.

Waves of smoke spiraled upwards as music from the string instruments danced in the air.

Many people were sitting in a lotus position and practicing breathing exercises at the clearing beside the houses in the woods. Some were also floating freely in the sky. It appeared like a picture of an immortal mountain.

As the morning rays shone on the array formation, a white cloud drifted towards it from the East Ocean.

Two shadows were standing on the cloud—one was tall, and the other was shorter. The taller person was an old Daoist priest. Beside him was a sweet girl, who seemed to be around eight or nine years old.

“The clouds were never-ending, and so were our thoughts. Yet, why is there a need to worry when the gentle breeze blew at our sides?”

The old Daoist priest sang emotionally.

“When the Primordial World was created, the Great Dragon-Phoenix War soon erupted. Time flew by in a snap of the fingers.

“The pavilion leading to the Platform of the Immortals could not be seen. Only the magnificent songs from above the heavens could be heard.

“Overcoming one’s obstacles, helping others with their obstacles, and crossing the river of troubles. Laughing at humans, laughing at the gods, and preventing disasters.

“Why does one miss his homeland? Their ancestors have risked their lives and achieved serenity.

“Ling’e, listen up!

“According to the legends, after the ancient Great Mage-Demon War, the humans won the upper hand in achieving Heavenly Dao. The humans at the Qi Refinement Realm gradually occupied most places apart from the North Continent of Uttarakuru. We are spread out across the Trichiliocosm and can be found within thousands of first-order clusters. However, the South Continent of Jambudvipa was where humans’ destiny lies, and thus we are prohibited from entering there.

“We are now in the East Continent. This is one of the best cultivation places in the Three Realms.

“Ling’e, look at these immortal mountains in front. Don’t they look delicately beautiful and magnificent?”

The little girl nodded obediently. Her beautiful eyes batted lightly. An eager smile appeared between her chubby cheeks that were full of baby fats.

She opened her mouth and answered, “Yeah. It’s very magnificent, indeed!” Her voice sounded like the chirpings of a newborn bird—it was melodious yet timid.

“Being able to occupy a spirit meridian close to the Middle Continent proves that our sect is indeed very powerful!”

The old Daoist priest combed through his beard and smiled in contentment. He shook his horsetail whisk to express his pride in his sect.

The girl in a lotus dress asked softly, “Master, why don’t we choose to occupy a spirit meridian in the Middle Continent instead?”

The old Daoist priest did not have an answer to that. He forced a laugh and said, “There are too many powerful people in the Middle Continent. We would face many troubles daily if we occupied a spirit meridian in the Middle Continent. This place is more tranquil and free, Ling’e.”

The little girl cupped her hands, lowered her head, and replied, “Yes, I’m listening!”

“I am leading you into the path to immortality. From now onwards, you must focus on your cultivation. Do not slack off in the process. You must aim to succeed in your cultivation early, go down the path to become an immortal, pursue immortality, and reap the fruits to your efforts in practicing Dao!”

The little girl tilted her head and asked softly, “But, Master… have you ascended to become an immortal?”

The old Daoist priest covered his mouth and coughed. “I made some mistakes in my cultivation several years ago. However, I will reach Immortal Ascension in about 10 to 20 years.

“Let’s go. Follow me into the array formation.

“You must remember that the name of our sect is the Immortal Du Sect. Our ancestor who created the sect is the famous Perfected Du’e from West Kunlun. The Dao that we inherited is the Single Qi Heaven Regularization Dao. This is a complex but exceptional cultivation technique to achieve immortality!

“Do you remember what I have said? This will lead you in your cultivation in the future. You must not forget it.”

“Yes! I have remembered it all!”

The little girl nodded her head earnestly. The old Daoist priest flicked his horsetail whisk and directed the white cloud to gradually approach the array formation in front. He took out a palm-size jade token and held it in his hand.

As the jade token emitted beautiful green lights, a crack slowly appeared on the array formation that protected the mountains. The old Daoist priest and the little girl entered the array formation on the white cloud.

Just as the master and disciple entered the array formation, a few white cranes glided in between the clouds and approached them. A few youngsters, who were clad in Daoist robes or colorful dresses, were standing on the cranes. They were the inner sect disciples who were currently responsible for patrolling the mountains.

They came forward and greeted the old Daoist priest by the title Martial Uncle Qi Yuan. After finding out that this little girl was the old Daoist priest’s new disciple, they left swiftly on the white cranes.

The little girl’s large eyes sparkled and reflected the two graceful female disciples’ silhouettes as they left.

“Master, when can Ling’e move freely in the air on the immortal cranes?”

“You will be able to do that on any objects once you manage to cultivate the Five Qi in your chest.” The old Daoist priest combed through his beard and smiled. “You may think that what you saw were immortal cranes, but they were actually all formed from some Dharma artifacts. Do not be impatient. Cultivation takes time.

“I will first bring you to our mountain peak before settling the various administrative procedures pertaining to you entering the sect.

“Including you and me, our line of succession only has three people. Despite so, we occupy a mountain within the sect. It is our absolute honor to be awarded that.”

When Qi Yuan talked about that, his old and wrinkled face displayed some pride.

However, the little girl’s focus was not on the fact that they ‘occupied their own mountain’. She counted with her fingers.

‘Three people?’

“Master, but there are only two of us.”

“Oh? Didn’t I tell you on the way here? Look at my memory.”

Qi Yuan lifted his head and looked at the clouds that were drifting by. He said nonchalantly, “You have a Senior Martial Brother before you. I took him in as a disciple 100 years ago. Now, he could be… yeah, could be considered a talented cultivator who is responsible for his own cultivation.

“It’s just that… Hehehe…”

The little girl stood on tiptoe. “Master, your laugh is so weird.”

“Ling’e, you must remember…” Qi Yuan looked down at his precious disciple, whom he had just picked up from a third-order universe. His expression was solemn, and there was light in his eyes. The creases on his face seemed to form a huge word—solemn.

The little was exceptionally gifted in cultivation and was a little clever. Since she was young, she had been familiar with ceremonial formalities and was very knowledgeable. Seeing how solemn her master appeared, she focused her attention and listened attentively.

The old Daoist priest suddenly sighed softly and appeared like a balloon that was losing air. He said in a hushed voice, “Your big Senior Martial Brother had also experienced some problems with his cultivation. He seemed to be saying nonsense all the time and would harbor some unorthodox and controversial opinions.

“You can ask him to teach and help you with your cultivation in the future, but you must most definitely ensure that you do not heed his morals on being a man!

“I will focus my attention on teaching you how to behave and conduct yourself.”

The little girl blinked. Although she did not really understand what her master said, she nodded and answered obediently, “Yes! I will follow what you said!”

The old Daoist priest finally let out a breath after hearing that. He pointed the horsetail whisk that he was holding in front and shook it.

“Look. This is our Little Qiong Peak.”

As one’s gaze followed the direction of the horsetail whisk’s tail, they would see a ‘malnourished’ and short mountain peak that was situated in the middle of several tall mountain peaks.

All other places within the sect looked like sculptures and drawings in the forest or sky-high roofs and pagodas on the mountain peak. Meanwhile, this mountain peak was much more rustic and simple. It looked like a place where no one would usually go.

Many precious creatures were walking in the lush bushes. The only infrastructure there were the two straw huts beside the small lake by the hillside and the few herb gardens beside the straw huts.

The old Daoist priest seemed very satisfied with his mountain peak. He drove the white cloud, landed directly at the hillside with the little girl, and passed a simple array formation.

This array formation could only prevent outsiders from detecting what was happening inside. Because of the restrictions in the Immortal Du Sect, within the gigantic array formation that protected the mountains, only the array formation at the restricted area in the mountain behind had defensive properties.

As they landed in front of the hut, the white cloud dissipated by itself.

The little girl’s canvas boots stepped on the short grass that was still dripping morning dew. The grass was gentle and soft. The scent of the grass and trees lingered in the gentle breeze. She could not help but indulge herself in the beautiful lake view and scenery. A gasp leaked from in between her soft, pink lips.

The surface of the small lake twinkled as the morning rays on the mountain shone on it.

The few spiritual fish in the lake leaped above the water surface, and crystal-like water droplets accompanied them. They seemed to be welcoming the little cultivator that newly arrived.

The old Daoist priest smiled as he observed his little disciple’s reactions. He raised his voice and said, “Changshou, why aren’t you here to meet your Junior Martial Sister?”

The little girl instinctively looked at the hut with shut doors. Anticipation grew in her heart.

Her senior martial brother had been cultivating in the immortal sect. He must be wise, heroic, and charming. He would definitely be similar to the demon-slaying heroes that she had been hearing about from the legendary tales from a young age.

However, the hut was quiet. No noise could be heard from inside.

The old Daoist priest shouted again, “Changshou? Why are you hiding in the house? Are you being shy?”

The old Daoist priest muttered to himself while dragging the little girl towards the hut. “This is weird. I could detect that his aura was still lingering in the room.” He lifted his hands and pushed the two wooden doors open. A strange medicinal scent blew in his face. The old Daoist priest darted his eyes and saw the origin of the aura that he had detected—a paper doll that was placed on the wooden bed!


The old Daoist priest and the young girl suddenly started wobbling back and forth. The expression on the old Daoist priest’s face changed immediately. He dragged the little girl and started evacuating hastily. While he was moving, he could not help but curse out loud, “Oh, no! It’s the Immortal Enervating Scent that Changshou had concocted!”

The little girl felt that the universe was spinning. Although her master pulled her, she started falling to one side immediately.


‘Water sounds?’

As she was falling, the little girl could not resist looking in the direction of the splash.

On the surface of the lake, a lean silhouette appeared to be reaching for the skies. He was only wearing black trousers. His sturdy and evenly-distributed muscles were shimmering faintly under the sunlight. As he moved, two streams of sparkling water followed the movements of his long drenched hair.

The amount of sunlight was just right. When this young man’s relatively handsome face showed up before the little girl’s eyes, her face flushed red instantly.

However, she had yet to start on her cultivation, and there was no way she could withstand the effects of the medicinal scent. She had already lost consciousness before landing on the ground. Her face was still burning red.

Just as she had expected—the valiant big senior martial brother of her dreams!


Total Chapters in book: 764
Estimated words: 2826984 (not accurate)
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