Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life by A Bit of Mountains and Rivers

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Chapter 61 - Father, Swear That You’Ll Never Marry Her
Chapter 62 - Giving Birth To An Heir, Becoming The First Lady (1)
Chapter 63 - Giving Birth To An Heir, Becoming The First Lady (2)
Chapter 64 - Giving Birth To An Heir, Becoming The First Lady (3)
Chapter 65 - Li Li, Don’T Get In The Way!
Chapter 66 - Aloof And Hard To Woo
Chapter 67 - Embarrassing
Chapter 68 - Cousins Vie For The Sweetheart
Chapter 69 - Would You Believe Me If I Said It Was An Accident?
Chapter 70 - Bo Hancheng, You Can’T Fancy Me Or Fall In Love With Me!”
Chapter 71 - Willing
Chapter 72 - Untitled
Chapter 73 - He Doesn’T Want Her
Chapter 74 - Destroy The Four Greatest Families
Chapter 75 - How Can She Compare To My Nianqing!?!
Chapter 76 - Digging Her Own Grave
Chapter 77 - Luo Zheng, What Are You Getting Up To Again?
Chapter 78 - You Are The Person I Hate The Most, Being Near You Makes Me Feel Dirty…
Chapter 79 - Xi Mubai, You Are Not Qualified To Judge Me!
Chapter 80 - Shaming Xi Mubai
Chapter 81 - Don’T You Find It Dirty To Hug Me Like This?
Chapter 82 - Brother Cheng, Don’T Go
Chapter 83 - Miss Luo, You Can’T Be Half-Hearted When It Comes To Wooing Men!
Chapter 84 - Untitled
Chapter 85 - Brother Cheng, Carry Me!
Chapter 86 - Untitled
Chapter 87 - How Am I Inferior To Luo Zheng? How!?!
Chapter 88 - Past And Present Lifetime: Xi Mubai’S Memory Awakens
Chapter 89 - Be Obedient
Chapter 90 - You Don’T Love Or Cherish Yourself
Chapter 91 - Will You Blow My Wound To Help Ease The Pain?
Chapter 92 - Untitled
Chapter 93 - I Belong To You
Chapter 94 - Why Are You Crying?
Chapter 95 - It’S Not Too Late For You To Leave Now
Chapter 96 - Chu Ci, Do Not Scare Her!
Chapter 97 - Top Danger
Chapter 98 - Luo Zheng Vs Mu Nianqing, Who Will He Choose In The End?
Chapter 99 - You Want Mu Nianqing? You May Have Her
Chapter 100 - The Future Lover
Chapter 101 - You And Luo Zheng…
Chapter 102 - Little Imp, Come Here…
Chapter 103
Chapter 104 - Luo Zheng Is Just Pathetic To Me!
Chapter 105 - Brother Cheng, Are You Sending Me Away?
Chapter 106 - Luo Zheng, Are You Too Afraid Of Death? Do You Not Want To Go?
Chapter 107 - You Either Risk Your Life Or Never See Him Again!
Chapter 108 - When I Turn 18 Years Old
Chapter 109 - Wait For Me To Grow Up, Alright?
Chapter 110 - Attraction
Chapter 111 - Hugging Her
Chapter 112 - Change Her Mind… Or Not?
Chapter 113 - Only One Chance
Chapter 114 - The Eldest Son Of The Gu Family, Gu Changye
Chapter 115 - The Girl Scarface Likes
Chapter 116 - Luo Zheng’S Performance
Chapter 117 - Don’T Be Afraid, I Won’T Be Far From You
Chapter 118 - She’S The One I Choose!
Chapter 119 - Fallen For Her
Chapter 120 - Why Make Life Hard For A Fellow Woman?
Chapter 121 - Filth
Chapter 122 - Danger
Chapter 123 - Scarface Discovers The Listening Device
Chapter 124 - Framed By The Pretentious Girl
Chapter 125 - Why Haven’T You Scrammed!?!
Chapter 126 - Either Her Or Me!
Chapter 127 - Reversed Plot
Chapter 128 - Abusing Jiang Yutong
Chapter 129 - Mr. Bodyguard, Are You Really… Not Going To Save Me?
Chapter 130 - Brother Cheng Is Here… (1)
Chapter 131 - Brother Cheng Is Here… (2)
Chapter 132 - : Who’S Mr. Bodyguard?
Chapter 133 - Pretend To Cry And Let Brother Cheng Simmer Down…
Chapter 134 - A Squeamish Little Girl Is Hard To Raise!
Chapter 135 - Xi Mubai’S Sister — Xi Qianqian
Chapter 136 - Serve Gu Changye In Place Of Xi Qianqian!
Chapter 137 - Luo Zheng… You B*Tch… You Actually Didn’T Save Me…
Chapter 138 - Zheng, Are You Trying To Escape?
Chapter 139 - Forcing Luo Zheng To Identify Bo Hancheng!
Chapter 140 - I’Ll Convince My Brother To Marry You And Make You My Sister-In-Law!
Chapter 141 - He’S As Precious As My Life, And I’D Rather Die Than Betray Him!
Chapter 142 - Scarface Is Old K?
Chapter 143 - Dead Or Alive, I’Ll Be By Your Side And You’Ll No Longer Be Alone…
Chapter 144 - Little Imp, Do You Trust Me?
Chapter 145 - Brother Cheng Is Sad About Zheng Getting Poisoned!
Chapter 146 - You’Re Afraid Of Me
Chapter 147 - Don’T Ignore Me, Brother Cheng…
Chapter 148 - Chu Ci Feels The Sorrow Of Being A Singleton
Chapter 149 - This Time, Let Me Protect You, Alright?
Chapter 150 - Zheng Wants To Take The Rap For Mr. Bodyguard…
Chapter 151 - Luo Zheng Will Love Xi Mubai For Life
Chapter 152 - Luo Zheng, Don’T Hold Yourself Cheap In Front Of Me!
Chapter 153 - Why Provoke Me When She Loves Xi Mubai!?!
Chapter 154 - Give Her A Sedative, I’Ll Be Responsible For The Consequences…
Chapter 155 - No Brother Mubai, Only Brother Cheng!
Chapter 156 - She Wants Xi Mubai Not You
Chapter 157 - If It Were All Just An Act
Chapter 158 - Past And Present Life – Luo Zheng Vs Xi Mubai
Chapter 159 - Is Mu Nianqing The One Who Saved You?
Chapter 160 - Dial The Number To Verify If Mu Nianqing Exists!
Chapter 161 - Luo Zheng, What Are You Crying For?
Chapter 162 - Hugging Brother Cheng’S Legs
Chapter 163 - Am I Really The One You Want To See?
Chapter 164 - Brother Cheng, You’Re My Only Man
Chapter 165 - B*Tch, Compensate Me For My Leg!
Chapter 166 - Xi Qianqian Wants To Harm Zheng
Chapter 167 - Brother, She Wants To Harm Me And Push Me Down The Stairs
Chapter 168 - Mrs. Xi Calls The Police And Wants Zheng To Go To Jail!
Chapter 169 - Mother, No…
Chapter 170 - Shaming Herself
Chapter 171 - Can You Forgive Qianqian On My Account?
Chapter 172 - Give Her A Few Slaps To Vent Her Anger
Chapter 173 - Luo Zheng, I’Ll Let You Hit Me!
Chapter 174 - Slapping Xi Mubai Hard
Chapter 175 - Mubai, You’Re Out Of Your Mind!
Chapter 176 - Luo Zheng, Why Do You Hate Me?
Chapter 177 - Harassed Forever And Will Never Be At Peace!
Chapter 178 - Why Don’T You Adore Me Anymore?
Chapter 179 - Xi Mubai, Do You Like Me?
Chapter 180 - She’S Just Like A Cheating Wife
Chapter 181 - Little Imp, Tell Him How We’Re Related!
Chapter 182 - Relationship
Chapter 183 - Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not?
Chapter 184 - Are You A Fool?
Chapter 185 - Brother Cheng, Don’T Be Like This, I’M Scared…
Chapter 186 - Luo Zheng, I Think You’Re Filthy!
Chapter 187 - Untitled
Chapter 188 - Disgust
Chapter 189 - Bo Hancheng, I Hate You!
Chapter 190 - Bo Hancheng… I Don’T Want You Anymore…
Chapter 191 - Save Me, Save Me…
Chapter 192 - Brother Cheng Gives In Out Of Sympathy
Chapter 193 - Fainted
Chapter 194 - Bo Hancheng … I Only Care About You… You’Re Not Allowed To Ignore Me…
Chapter 195 - Is Mu Nianqing His Savior?
Chapter 196 - Xi Mubai’S Life Savior “Luo Luo”
Chapter 197 - : His Little Wife Needs To Grow Up Slowly…
Chapter 198 - Luo Luo Is Mu Nianqing
Chapter 199 - Snatching Away Her Sweetheart
Chapter 200 - Zheng Gets Caught Running Away
Chapter 201 - Brother Cheng Vs Little Sister Zheng
Chapter 202 - Brother Cheng … You’Re Heartless…
Chapter 203 - Teach Me…
Chapter 204 - Getting Into Mr. Bodyguard’S Good Books
Chapter 205 - You’Re Still Young…
Chapter 206 - Are You Satisfied, My Sister Zheng?
Chapter 207 - Sister Zheng, Are You Addicted?
Chapter 208 - Pleasure
Chapter 209 - She’S His First Girl
Chapter 210 - Complimenting Her And Calling Her A Gem
Chapter 211 - I’M Good, I’M Good, I’M Very Obedient!
Chapter 212 - Third Brother, You’Re So Coquettish!
Chapter 213 - It’S Tough Handling A Spoiled Wife
Chapter 214 - She’S Really Spoiled!
Chapter 215 - Untitled
Chapter 216 - Brother Cheng… My Heart Hurts…
Chapter 217 - Cold And Aloof
Chapter 218 - In My Heart, You Are The Best Person In The World
Chapter 219 - You’Ve Already Given Me What I Want
Chapter 220 - Evil Girl, It’S Only Right For Me To Take Your Things
Chapter 221 - I Will Kill You, You Unfilial Daughter…
Chapter 222 - Belongings Left Behind By Mother
Chapter 223 - The Exposure Of Zheng’S Background
Chapter 224 - Snatching Away The Love Of Mu Nianqing’S Life
Chapter 225 - Sending Zheng To Gu Changye For A Night
Chapter 226 - The Young Master Of The Gu Family
Chapter 227 - Luo Zheng, You Must Stay Away From Bo Hancheng, It’S Best If You Don’T See Him At All!
Chapter 228 - You Pushed Teacher Bo Away, And Said That You Only Wanted Xi Mubai …
Chapter 229 - Zheng Fights For Brother Cheng
Chapter 230 - He’S Her Greatest Weakness And Obsession!
Chapter 231 - Luo Zheng, Are You… Luo Luo?
Chapter 232 - Xi Mubai, I Am Luo Luo, Xi Mubai Is Just An Imposter!
Chapter 233 - The Girl Hidden In My Heart
Chapter 234 - Knocking Sense Into Xi Mubai
Chapter 235 - Brother Cheng, Don’T Get The Wrong Idea
Chapter 236 - She Fell Straight Into His Arms!
Chapter 237 - Jealous Mr. Bodyguard
Chapter 238 - I Can’T Marry You
Chapter 239 - Bo Hancheng, Do You Love Me?
Chapter 240 - Untitled
Chapter 241 - If You Go Back On Your Word, I Won’T Mind… Ruining You
Chapter 242 - Untitled
Chapter 243 - Untitled
Chapter 244 - You Belong To Me, You Must Be Clean
Chapter 245 - He Slaps Her: Little Imp, You Really Need To Be Taught A Lesson!
Chapter 246 - Why Did You Hit Me? I Hit You Because I’M Your Man!
Chapter 247 - Be Obedient, Okay?
Chapter 248 - He Will Protect Her And Wait For Her To Grow Up Slowly
Chapter 249 - Father, Am I Pretty? Do I Look Like Mother…
Chapter 250 - She’S Just A Plaything, Who Does She Think She Is!?!
Chapter 251 - Gu Changye’S Fiancee
Chapter 252 - Her Eyes Are So Beautiful
Chapter 253 - Your Fiancee Tampered With Your Medicine
Chapter 254 - Gu Changye Strangles Her: How Dare You Defame My Wife?
Chapter 255 - Your Fiancee Is Noble And Dignified By Day, But At Night …
Chapter 256 - Death Vs Survival
Chapter 257 - Father And Daughter Killing Each Other, What A… Wonderful Show!
Chapter 258 - The Madman’S Secret
Chapter 258 - : The Madman’S Secret
Chapter 259 - Miss Luo, Young Master Is So… Gentle With You!
Chapter 260 - Gu Changye Once Said: “I Will Send You Abroad And Make
Chapter 261 - Sl*T, The Gu Family Does Not Welcome You, Get Out…
Chapter 262 - Plotting Against…
Chapter 263 - Plotting Against Gu Sisi, Make Her Marry Xi Mubai!
Chapter 264 - Getting What She Wished For
Chapter 265 - Gu Changye Puts A Ring On Qi Sumei’S Finger, Are You Happy Marrying Me?
Chapter 266 - Luo Zheng, Don'T Be Like This...
Chapter 267 - She Calls Him "Brother Mubai", Men Are All Cheap!
Chapter 268 - Zheng Meets Mu Nianqing Again
Chapter 269 - Rushing Into Brother Cheng'S Embrace
Chapter 270 - Mr. Bo, Luo Zheng Is My Person, I Naturally Have To Be Responsible
Chapter 271 - Mr. Bo, Luo Zheng Is My Person, I Naturally Have To Be Responsible
Chapter 272 - Mr. Bo, Luo Zheng Is My Person, I Naturally Have To Be Responsible
Chapter 273 - He Strangles Her, "Are You Courting Death?"
Chapter 274 - : He'S Gone ...
Chapter 275 - He Really Wants To Kill Luo Zheng!
Chapter 276 - : Are You Willing To Be My Woman?
Chapter 277 - Untitled
Chapter 278 - She'S Holding Onto Bo Hancheng...
Chapter 279 - Zheng Slaps Mu Nianqing
Chapter 280 - Bo Hancheng, Please Tell Me You'Re Lying...
Chapter 281 - She'S Your Woman? Who Am I Then!?! What Am To You Then...
Chapter 282 - There Are So Many Women In This World, You Can Have Anyone But Mu Nianqing...
Chapter 283 - You’Re My Only Saving Grace... You’Re Mr. Bodyguard...
Chapter 284 - Mu Nianqing, Why Do You Have To Snatch Everything That Belongs To Me?
Chapter 285 - : Luo Zheng, Stop Holding Yourself Cheap, I’Ll Take You Away!
Chapter 286 - You Clearly Know That He Doesn'T Love You But You'Re Still Holding On To Him Dearly, What'S The Point?
Chapter 287 - Get Lost, Don’T Touch Me!
Chapter 288 - Gu Changye Defends Zheng Against Brother Cheng
Chapter 289 - I Want You To Choose, Do You Want Me... Or Her?
Chapter 290 - It Was My Fault... You Can'T Be Him...
Chapter 291 - My Mr. Bodyguard... Died On The First Night Of Snowfall In The Previous Life...
Chapter 292 - My Mr. Bodyguard... Died On The First Night Of Snowfall In The Previous Life...
Chapter 293 - You'Re Just A Rat Who Is Only Worthy Of Living In The Dark And Never Worthy Of Seeing The Light Of Day!
Chapter 294 - He Died In The Previous Life And Lives In The Present
Chapter 295 - Luo Zheng, I Regret It
Chapter 296 - Marry You And Make You My Wife
Chapter 297 - Since You Need A Man So Badly, I’Ll Satisfy You!
Chapter 298 - I’M Willing
Chapter 299 - I, Xi Mubai, Must Have Been Blind To Have Fallen For You!
Chapter 300 - Past And Present Life: Xi Mubai’S Memory Awakens
Chapter 301 - Sorry, I Accidentally Lost You
Chapter 302 - Taking Medicine
Chapter 303 - Will You Marry Me And Remain As A Living Widow For The Rest Of Your Life?
Chapter 304 - How Would Brother React When He Sees The Love Of His Life?
Chapter 305 - Kill Gu Changye
Chapter 306 - Only A Dead Man Can Keep A Secret Forever!
Chapter 307 - Save Me…Brother Cheng… I Feel So Sad…
Chapter 308 - Vixen
Chapter 309 - It Hurts… Don’T Poke Me… Get Out…
Chapter 310 - Children Who Are Afraid Of The Cold, Are All Jaded
Chapter 311 - When A Person Cares Too Much About Someone Else, It'S Often Just The Start Of A Relationship...
Chapter 312 - Tonight, You'Ll Arrange...
Chapter 313 - Not Lovers, But Seemed To Be Lovers
Chapter 314 - He'S Calling Luo Zheng'S Name...
Chapter 315 - Untitled
Chapter 316 - Rejection
Chapter 317 - Don'T Leave Me Alone... I'M So Scared...
Chapter 318 - Luo Zheng, I'M Going To Bar You From The Exam!
Chapter 319 - He Carries A Torch For Me?
Chapter 320 - Zheng Suffers A Relapse During The Exam
Chapter 321 - She Persists On Stubbornly
Chapter 322 - Mr. Bodyguard Saw Zheng...
Chapter 323 - Please... Leave... Don'T Look At Me...
Chapter 324 - What Destroyed Me... Is Not The Blue Poison... It'S You... Bo Hancheng...
Chapter 325 - Who Are You To Me? I Don'T Need You To Care About Me!
Chapter 326 - Bo Hancheng, You Have No Right To Control Me!
Chapter 327 - Luo Zheng, Look At The Horrendous State That You Are In Now...
Chapter 328 - If You Want To Hate Me, Go Ahead!
Chapter 329 - Little Imp, It'S Me! I'M Bo Hancheng, Your Brother Cheng...
Chapter 330 - Brother Cheng Didn'T Abandon You, He Was Just Angry At You...
Chapter 331 - Untitled
Chapter 332 - Brother Cheng Is Mr. Bodyguard... Not A Substitute...
Chapter 333 - Zheng Commits Suicide
Chapter 334 - So Filthy! When I Go Back, I Must Shower A Few Times…
Chapter 335 - Slapping Himself Hard
Chapter 336 - He Saw Her Stark Naked…
Chapter 337 - Bo Hancheng, I Hate You!
Chapter 338 - Untitled
Chapter 339 - Be Good And Have Some Porridge
Chapter 340 - It'S Not That You Don'T Want Me, But Rather, I... Luo Zheng, Don'T Want You Anymore
Chapter 341 - Do You Really Think…I Must Have You? You’Re Overestimating Yourself!
Chapter 342 - You Didn’T Touch Mu Nianqing, Because Of… Luo Zheng?
Chapter 343 - Mu Nianqing Hatches A Plot And Spikes The Drink
Chapter 344 - Imprisoned By Him
Chapter 345 - Don’T Repeatedly Say That You Hate Me, I’M Afraid I Might Kill You…
Chapter 346 - Li Ge Is Not Xi Mubai But Bo Hancheng, Her Mr. Bodyguard!
Chapter 347 - Please… Save Me Some Dignity…
Chapter 348 - Come Here And Let Me Hug You, Alright?
Chapter 349 - Brother Cheng… Just Take It That You’Re Taking Pity On Me…
Chapter 350 - Save Me… Save Me…
Chapter 351 - Don’T Die…I Don’T Want You To Die…
Chapter 352 - Untitled
Chapter 353 - Mr. Bo, Please Respect Yourself And Stay Away From Me
Chapter 354 - Luo Zheng, I’M Asking For It!
Chapter 355 - This Is My Man’S Home, Miss Luo Is Only A Guest, I’M The Mistress…
Chapter 356 - Mu Nianqing, We Are Half-Sisters, My “Wonderful Sister”
Chapter 357 - You’Re A Pure And Innocent Girl, Why Do You Want To Be So Cheap As To Be A Homewrecker?
Chapter 358 - Miss Luo, Have You Ever Slept With Hancheng?
Chapter 359 - Zheng Killed Mu Nianqing… (1)
Chapter 360 - Zheng Killed Mu Nianqing… (2)
Chapter 361 - Bo Hancheng… She Was The One Who Forced Me… She Forced Me To Kill Her…
Chapter 362 - Let Her Die… I Refuse To Let You Touch Her… She’S Going To Harm You…
Chapter 363 - Sir, She’S A Murderer…
Chapter 364 - Mr. Bo… I’M Scared… Don’T Go…
Chapter 365 - Zheng Gets Put Behind Bars
Chapter 366 - Little B*Tch, Don’T Feign Dead, Get Up!
Chapter 367 - Bo Hancheng, You’Re Wrong, I Really Wanted To Kill Her!
Chapter 368 - Slapping Him Again
Chapter 369 - Are You Satisfied? Mr. Bo!
Chapter 370 - Remember This, Remember It Well, You Were The One Who Provoked Me First…
Chapter 371 - Little Imp, You Want To Kill Me?
Chapter 372 - It Was My Fault For Provoking You, Will You… Let Me Off?
Chapter 373 - You’Re Holding Yourself Extremely Cheap
Chapter 374 - Forget It, I Won’T Apologize To Her, Over My Dead Body!
Chapter 375 - Bo Hancheng… I Hate You… I Hate You So Much…
Chapter 376 - Brother Cheng, If You Feel Sad For Her And Want Me To Apologize, I’Ll Do It…
Chapter 377 - Bo Hancheng… Will You Believe Me If I Said That She Ruined Me In My Previous Life?
Chapter 378 - Zheng Leaps Out Of The Car And Her Life Is At Stake!?!
Chapter 379 - Find A Substitute To Apologize For Luo Zheng!
Chapter 380 - As Long As You Cooperate With Luo Zheng, I’Ll Compensate You With Anything You Want…
Chapter 381 - Bo Hancheng Threatens Mu Nianqing To Protect Zheng
Chapter 382 - I, Mu Nianqing, I Will Never Lose To A Pathetic Loser!
Chapter 383 - I Didn’T Expect You To… Have Such A Problem, Senior Mubai
Chapter 384 - How Can You… Make Me Admit That I Lost To Mu Nianqing…
Chapter 385 - Brother Cheng, Come Back! Hide Xi Mubai In The Closet…
Chapter 386 - Hey, Open Your Mouth
Chapter 387 - Brother Cheng, I’M Really Urgent, Will You Accompany Me First?
Chapter 388 - I’M Hungry Too, Satiate Me First…
Chapter 389 - You Know, I Won’T Blame You…
Chapter 390 - Luo Zheng, Can You Love Yourself More!?!
Chapter 391 - Running Into Bo Hancheng
Chapter 392 - Recalcitrant Little Imp, You’Re Eloping With Another Man Behind My Back…
Chapter 393 - Untitled
Chapter 394 - Caught In The Midst Of Running Away! He’S Coming…
Chapter 395 - You’Re A Teacher And Yet, You’Re Vying With Your Student For His Girlfriend. That’S Disgusting!
Chapter 396 - Snatching Luo Zheng Away From Xi Mubai’S Embrace
Chapter 397 - Bo Hancheng, Must You Humiliate Me In Such A Manner?
Chapter 398 - Mr. Bo, My Brother Mubai Is Still My Boyfriend, Regardless Of How Weak He May Be!
Chapter 399 - You Said That I’M The First Man Who Has Ever Touched You, And Also The Last One…
Chapter 400 - Deliberately Kissing Xi Mubai In Front Of Bo Hancheng…
Chapter 401 - Mr. Bo, Don’T You Find Me Dirty?
Chapter 402 - Untitled
Chapter 403 - Bo Hancheng Ties Luo Zheng With The Belt
Chapter 404 - Your Body Is Too Dirty, You Must Go Back And Wash Up. Otherwise, I Won’T Be Interested…
Chapter 405 - Bo Hancheng…He Has Never Touched Me…
Chapter 406 - Don’T Act Like This, I’M Scared, I Really Am…
Chapter 407 - Bo Hancheng, You’Re A Jerk, You’Re A Heartless Jerk…
Chapter 408 - She Is Still Clean…
Chapter 409 - Hurt?
Chapter 410 - Bo Hancheng, Are You Trying To Force Me To Death!?!
Chapter 411 - I’M In Pain… My Body Hurts So Much… Let Me Off
Chapter 412 - Get Lost, Get Lost Now…
Chapter 413 - Untitled
Chapter 414 - I Don'T Fancy You, I Have A Fiancee...
Chapter 415 - If My Sister Is Still Alive, She Should Be As Old As You...
Chapter 416 - Zheng Gets Kidnapped
Chapter 417 - : Save Me, Save Me! I'M Really Scared...
Chapter 418 - My Mother Had A Child Out Of Wedlock, My Father Is Just A Heartless Man!
Chapter 419 - A Mother Becomes Worthy Because Of Her Son!
Chapter 420 - Untitled
Chapter 421 - I'Ll Take Him Down With Me Before I Die!
Chapter 422 - Get Lost!
Chapter 423 - Calling Bo Hancheng For Help
Chapter 424 - Little Vixen, Stay Away From My Third Brother, I'M His Fiancee...
Chapter 425 - Will You Save Me If I Beg You?
Chapter 426 - Threatening Gu Changye
Chapter 427 - Third Brother, Did You Touch That Woman? They'Re Not Worthy To Get Into Your Bed...
Chapter 428 - If Luo Zheng Is Still Alive, I Should Ask You For Help...
Chapter 429 - Fallen For Her...
Chapter 430 - I'M Luo Zheng'S Man
Chapter 431 - : Let Him Go
Chapter 432 - Bo Hancheng, My Life Is My Fault, My Death... Is My Fault!
Chapter 433 - Sister Zheng, Can You Bear To Not See Me Again?
Chapter 434 - Come Back... Come Back...
Chapter 435 - : Scolding Her? How Are You Worthy!?!
Chapter 436 - 6: The Sound Of Gunshots And Danger!
Chapter 437 - Bo Hancheng Vs Gu Changye, Who Will She Choose?
Chapter 438 - Her Brother Cheng Is Convincing Her...
Chapter 439 - Zheng Refused Bo Hancheng...
Chapter 440 - Luo Zheng, I Must Have Lost My Mind!
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“Keep it in your mouth... Swallow it... Baby, be good...“
“No... it’s very bitter...”
He feeds the sickly young girl with some medicine, as gently as he can. Unfortunately, she pouts and refuses to give in.
After being reborn as a 17-year-old, Luo Zheng seeks for Mr. CEO to repay his kindness. However, being too careless... she ends up being duped into marrying him, thus becoming Mrs. Bo!
'What happened to the sham marriage that we agreed on?'
“Be good, let me kiss you, just once.”
“Be good, you must listen to me. I’ll pamper you.”
“Be good, stay away from him. I don’t like it.”
Finally, she loses her temper and pushes him away while protesting, “Bo Hancheng, you jerk. I don’t want to repay you for your kindness anymore, I want a divorce!”
“Be good and stop throwing a tantrum. Divorce doesn’t exist in my dictionary, only... a deceased spouse does.”
Resolute and ruthless, his hands are stained with blood; he’s cold and unfeeling...
He carefully retracts his talon-like hands and gently pulls her back to him. He decides to shower her with all his love and he swears to pamper his wife to bits!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Missy, I’ll Rescue You


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You have not even married yet, how can I grow old?



A man flung two documents onto the couch with a straight face.

A woman huddled quietly on the couch, exuding a beauteous aura while clad in a snowy white gown.

“Ouch… ”

The two documents were not light and they woke her, the instant it hit her head.

She opened her eyes feebly and smiled when she saw his face. “Hey, Brother Mubai.”

At the same time, she slowly sat up straight.

She then noticed that her slender legs were shackled to a long and thick chain that made it impossible for her to leave the room.

“Luo Zheng, this is the third day. If you still don’t sign the papers, you’ll starve to death here!”

Xi Mubai stared at her in disdain and spoke in an aloof manner.

Three days ago, the heiress of the Luo Family married Xi Mubai, the eldest son of the Xi Family. The two of them had an extravagant wedding which made her the subject of envy from every woman.

Unfortunately, on the night of their wedding, the police showed up at their door, claiming to have received a report of the Luo Family hiding drugs.

Soon afterwards, the police indeed found large boxes of drugs in the underground cellar of the Luo Family home and many members of the Luo Family were put behind bars.

Within just three short days, the Luo Family became bankrupt. They were charged with possession and trafficking of drugs. They plunged from heaven to hell, which came as a shock to many spectators.

However, no one knew that the person who made the report, was none other than Xi Mubai… no one knew that he was also the one who had used Luo Zheng to hide the drugs in the Luo Family home.

Ever since the Luo Family landed in hot soup, Luo Zheng had been locked inside the room by her newlywed husband who refused to let her eat or drink.

Xi Mubai would show up in the room everyday and ask her to sign the documents and when she refused, he would threaten to starve her to death, if she did not relent.

Luo Zheng threw a fit and broke into hysterics at the start. However, she finally saw the truth now.

She looked down at the two documents in front of her. One, was a divorce agreement and the other… a kidney donation agreement!

She grinned foolishly and said in a voice that had become hoarse because of her excessive crying. “Brother Mubai, you know that I’ll never sign the documents! I did everything I could to marry you because I’ve been in love with you for ten years. How could I bear to divorce you? It’s just starving to death. As long as I can continue being your wife and have your name carved on my tombstone, I… will die with no regrets!”

She then swung her ankles while the chains moved loudly, producing a deafening, metallic screech.

“Luo Zheng, you lunatic!”

Xi Mubai’s face grew sullen because he did not expect her to be so stubborn.

Everyone said that Luo Zheng loved him as much as she did ten years ago.

However, Luo Zheng was just a silly, idiotic and man-crazy woman who knew nothing about love.

He initially thought that she was pampered and spoiled, and would definitely give in once her life was in danger. He was sure that she would succumb and sign the papers to donate a kidney!

In hindsight, he reckoned that she probably did genuinely love him… but the love she had for him, made him feel utterly disgusted!

“Lunatic? Hehe, yes! Brother Mubai, I am a lunatic who loves you… ”

Luo Zheng did not deny it and instead admitted to it with a smile. Somehow, she managed to tug at Xi Mubai’s heartstrings.

At this juncture, another female voice delicately sounded in the air. “Zheng, why do you have to pester Mubai so desperately? Not only are you making yourself seem cheap, you’re putting Mubai in a spot too… ”

Xi Mubai immediately turned around to welcome her. “Nianqing, you’re in poor health and you’re pregnant too. What are you doing here?”

Luo Zheng’s smile stiffened and she stared at the woman’s slightly raised tummy while watching XI Mubai show her concern.

“Who does the child belong to?”

She asked in a hoarse voice while her fingernails sunk into the flesh of her palm.

She refused to give up even after having guessed the answer. She insisted on getting to the bottom of the truth!

“Zheng, why don’t you get it? You have to grant the wishes of your loved one, not possess them! Since you love Mubai, divorce him and grant him his wishes… ”

“Mu Nianqing, I’m asking you, who does the child belong to!?!”

Luo Zheng ignored Mu Nianqing’s advice and broke into hysterics.

Mu Nianqing was rather shocked. Xi Mubai held Mu Nianqing’s hand and glared daggers at her. “Luo Zheng, stop acting crazy, the child is obviously mine!”

“Zheng, just agree to the divorce. As for the donation of the kidney… forget it! No matter what, we used to be sisters. How could I want your kidney… ”

Mu Nianqing sighed softly.

“Nianqing, I know you’re kind and you can’t bear to be harsh to her but your kidney is failing and your life is in danger! The child and I can’t do without you! She owes you so much. It’s just donating a kidney, isn’t it? She’s not going to die anyway! It’s actually an advantage for her.”

Upon hearing their words, Luo Zheng’s heart wrenched in pain and she glowered at them sternly.

She was like a crazy woman. She dashed towards them with resentment in her eyes and hollered, “Donate a kidney to her? Xi Mubai, dream on! I’ll never sign the papers, let alone donate a kidney to her. Over my dead body! Mu Nianqing, I’m going to drag you to hell with me… ”

“Ah! It hurts… ”

Luo Zheng knocked into Mu Nianqing’s abdomen, causing the latter to shriek in pain.


Xi Mubai immediately slapped Luo Zheng without hesitation and warned, “Luo Zheng, I’m going to drag you down with me if anything were to happen to Nianqing and the child!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he picked up Mu Nianqing and left.

Luo Zheng fell onto the ground and began bleeding from her lips. Due to the fact that she was shackled, she had no choice but to stare at them and watch them leave.

At the same time, Mu Nianqing turned around and stared at Luo Zheng with a condescending expression.

She mouthed, “Luo Zheng, you’ve lost.”


Luo Zheng screamed in agony and despair.

She watched as he left while pressing her fingers against the ground. “Xi Mubai, it’s been ten years. I loved you for ten whole years! For the past ten years, have you ever… loved me, even if just a little bit?”

At last, she began begging and wailing in agony.

“No, not even a bit! Luo Zheng, you want me to love you? Over my dead body!”

Xi Mubai never once turned around and left cruelly instead.

The door was then closed and Luo Zheng was blocked from the outside world.

“Over your dead body? Haha… ”

Luo Zheng burst into maniacal laughter as tears flowed down her eyes, making her look particularly pathetic.

At last, she could no longer support herself and ended up falling onto the cold, hard ground.

Her vision turned dark and she felt extremely weak because it had been a long time since she ate anything.

Am… I dying soon?

She did not expect to die all alone!

She looked out of the French window blankly, only to discover that snowflakes were falling.

It was the first snow of winter.

All of a sudden, the French window shattered into pieces.

Luo Zheng squinted and watched as a man broke through the window.

He was just like a king, staring down at her while advancing towards her. At last, he finally stopped beside her.

They looked at each other and Luo Zheng first held the gaze of a dark and deep pair of eyes, before scrutinizing his features in the dim light.

Luo Zheng was truly fascinated.

The handsome man was dressed in a black coat which accentuated his lankiness and he exuded a lofty and prestigious vibe that made him seem like he was on a pedestal.

“You… ”

As soon as Luo Zheng spoke, he hovered above her, picked her up gently and lowered her down onto the couch.

He then got down on one knee like a pious follower, grabbed her ankle and placed it on his knee.

All of a sudden, he picked up the chains and stared at it coldly

He forcefully pulled them apart, breaking the chains, as if he were ruining a toy. Luo Zheng finally regained her freedom!

“Sorry Missy, for being late.”


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