Night Ranger by Dark Blue Coconut Milk

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Newborn Ranger (2)
Chapter 3: Acheron Gang
Chapter 4: Night Of Slaughter
Chapter 5: Mastermind
Chapter 6: Uncle Miller
Chapter 7: Interrogation
Chapter 8: Grave Robber
Chapter 9: Treasure Chest
Chapter 10: Cutthroat
Chapter 11: Single-Handedly
Chapter 12: Masked Twin Blades
Chapter 13: Chaotic Battlefield Expert
Chapter 14: Bitter Struggle
Chapter 15: Becoming Famous
Chapter 16: Void Conch
Chapter 17: Ghost Hallway
Chapter 18: Headless Girl
Chapter 19: Painting World
Chapter 20: The Lich’S Severed Finger
Chapter 21: The Abandoned Altar
Chapter 22: Phantom Assassin
Chapter 23: The Plan
Chapter 24: Twin Snakes Cult
Chapter 25: Murder And Arson
Chapter 26: Desperate Strike
Chapter 27: Deceit
Chapter 28: Death Of A Legend
Chapter 29: Scouting
Chapter 30: Swindler
Chapter 31: Nobility
Chapter 32: The Singing Voice In The Secret Path
Chapter 33: Dragon Strength
Chapter 34: Gathering The Troops!
Chapter 35: Causing Troubles
Chapter 36: Three Moves
Chapter 37: Tactics
Chapter 38: Plague
Chapter 39: Traps
Chapter 40: Overwhelming Assault
Chapter 41: Frightening Mine
Chapter 42: Kingfisher Jade Dagger
Chapter 43: Sly Sorcerer
Chapter 44: Wall Of Fire
Chapter 45: Earth Puppet
Chapter 46: Peerless Ranger!
Chapter 47: Reason For Switching Weapons
Chapter 48: Disciplinary Knights
Chapter 49: Overlord Dignity!
Chapter 50: The Awakened White River Valley
Chapter 51: Curse And Adventure
Chapter 52: Follower
Chapter 53: Black Worm
Chapter 54: Enemies Are Bound To Meet On A Narrow Road
Chapter 55: Blade Techniques
Chapter 56: Divine Spell
Chapter 57: Locusts And Exorcism Pouch
Chapter 58: Night Walker
Chapter 59: Despair Hills
Chapter 60: Mad Lich
Chapter 61: Nature’S Leaf
Chapter 62: Versatile
Chapter 63: Scarlet Copper Dragon
Chapter 64: Mirror World
Chapter 65: [Fang]
Chapter 66: Slander
Chapter 67: Killing
Chapter 68: Ninth Month Medal
Chapter 69: Culprit
Chapter 70: Blue Morphine
Chapter 71: Arbitration
Chapter 72: Competing!
Chapter 73: Battle Of The Holy Grail
Chapter 74: Waiting For An Opportunity
Chapter 75: Vicious Marvin
Chapter 76: Flesh Removal
Chapter 77: Seer
Chapter 78: Book Of Nalu
Chapter 79: Night Is Coming
Chapter 80: The Thieves Society
Chapter 81: Annihilating The Enemies One By One
Chapter 82: Assassination
Chapter 83: Killing With A Borrowed Knife
Chapter 84: Life And Death Situation!
Chapter 85: Skills And Specialties
Chapter 86: Feinan Era
Chapter 87: Blazing Fury
Chapter 88: Hero Saving A Beauty?
Chapter 89: Fate Sorcerer
Chapter 90: Repeating An Old Trick
Chapter 91: Imprisoned
Chapter 92: Break Out
Chapter 93: Advancement! Night Walker
Chapter 94: Fortune Fairy
Chapter 95: Treasure Hunt
Chapter 96: Shadow Doppelganger
Chapter 97: Outlaw Of The Crimson Road
Chapter 98: Berserk Marvin!
Chapter 99: Torture
Chapter 100: Exiled
Chapter 101: The 6Th Pearl
Chapter 102: Night Tracking
Chapter 103: Mystical Oddity
Chapter 104: War Saint!
Chapter 105: Great Elven King!
Chapter 106: Reckless Dual Wielder
Chapter 107: Rise To Fame!
Chapter 108: Territory Situation
Chapter 109: Universe Magic Pool
Chapter 110: Snow Mountain Summit!
Chapter 111: A Special Skill
Chapter 112: Gemini
Chapter 113: Snow Demon Lair
Chapter 114: Shortcut
Chapter 115: Hidden Gate And Treasure Chest
Chapter 116: Border Of Life And Death
Chapter 117: Thunder Fairy Boots
Chapter 118: Awakening! Hidden Bloodline!
Chapter 119: Shapeshift Sorcerer
Chapter 120: Roaring Beast!
Chapter 121: Asuran Bear
Chapter 122: Ancient Red Dragon'S Awakening!
Chapter 123: Shadow Prince, Legend Monk!
Chapter 124: Gods’ Agreement
Chapter 125: Djinn
Chapter 126: Outcast
Chapter 127: River Shore City'S Great Changes!
Chapter 128: Turmoil In The Territory!
Chapter 129: The Overlord Returns!
Chapter 130: Powerful Suppression!
Chapter 131: Unrivalled In The Night!
Chapter 132: Great Devil Head
Chapter 133: Grandfather’S Secret
Chapter 134: Spider Crypt
Chapter 135: Constellation
Chapter 136: Elizabeth
Chapter 137: Beheaded
Chapter 138: Burning Jewel Bay!
Chapter 139: Battle Of Legends!
Chapter 140: Dragon Killer Sword
Chapter 141: Human Skin Kite
Chapter 142: Night Jump
Chapter 143: Hidden Granary
Chapter 144: King Cobra
Chapter 145: Frightening Silver Wire
Chapter 146: Eleven Golden Bulls
Chapter 147: Magical Marvin
Chapter 148: Expected And Unexpected
Chapter 149: Gathering Of Legends!
Chapter 150: Origami Skill
Chapter 151: Night
Chapter 152: Pitiful Crimson Patriarch
Chapter 153: Multi-Layered Trap
Chapter 154: Making A Move!
Chapter 155: Tonight’S Main Character!
Chapter 156: Sullen Shadow Prince
Chapter 157: False Divinity
Chapter 158: Waking Up Under The Frozen River!
Chapter 159: Demon
Chapter 160: Innate Assassin
Chapter 161: Deal
Chapter 162: Contract
Chapter 163: Heavenly Sword Saint
Chapter 164: Grudge
Chapter 165: Corpse King
Chapter 166: Loot!
Chapter 167: Blood Race
Chapter 168: Melee Battle In The Hidden Chamber!
Chapter 169: Command
Chapter 170: Commander
Chapter 171: Magical Scroll
Chapter 172: Avenger
Chapter 173: Ice World
Chapter 174: Insane And Genius
Chapter 175: Deceiver
Chapter 176: Two-Headed Snake Marvin
Chapter 177: That Man
Chapter 178: God And Man
Chapter 179: Technique And Competing
Chapter 180: Jealous?
Chapter 181: Fiancée
Chapter 182: Third Rank!
Chapter 183: Exciting Matter
Chapter 184: Beauty And The Beast
Chapter 185: Cultivation Tank
Chapter 186: Wilderness Clearing Order
Chapter 187: Rebellion
Chapter 188: Night Devil King!
Chapter 189: Pearl Island
Chapter 190: Sea Emperor’S Crown
Chapter 191: Slaughtering A Dragon?
Chapter 192: Ivan’S Humiliation
Chapter 193: That Cannon’S Charm
Chapter 194: Dragon Slayer
Chapter 195: Whispers From Hell
Chapter 196: Birthday
Chapter 197: Resting Warriors
Chapter 198: Thorny Path
Chapter 199: Saint, Ruler, Mighty
Chapter 200: Eternal Night Imprint
Chapter 201: Dark Knights
Chapter 202: Crimson Cross
Chapter 203: Ice Empress
Chapter 204: Cridland
Chapter 205: The Day Before The War
Chapter 206: Iron Ogre
Chapter 207: Legend Ogre
Chapter 208: This Round Is On Me
Chapter 209: Heated Battle!
Chapter 210: Bloody Devil King
Chapter 211: Archdevil
Chapter 212: Grandfather’S Painting
Chapter 213: Ancestor’S Mystery
Chapter 214: Territory Development
Chapter 215: Setting Off Once Again
Chapter 216: White Deer In The Desert
Chapter 217: Assassin Alliance
Chapter 218: King Assassin
Chapter 219: Fountain Of Youth
Chapter 220: Strange Village
Chapter 221: Brain Eating Monster
Chapter 222: Are You Interested In Having Some Fun?
Chapter 223: White Deer Cave
Chapter 224: Magic Mirror Maze
Chapter 225: Weeping Sky
Chapter 226: Rainbow Stone
Chapter 227: Lie And Change
Chapter 228: Angry Heavenly Deer
Chapter 229: Marvin’S Counterattack
Chapter 230: Golden Scissors
Chapter 231: The Lake Monster
Chapter 232: March! Underworld
Chapter 233: Moss Prison
Chapter 234: Luring The Tiger Away From Its Mountain
Chapter 235: This Is Worth It!
Chapter 236: Plague God
Chapter 237: The Throne’S Secret
Chapter 238: The Fall Of A World!
Chapter 239: Plane Destroyer
Chapter 240: Astral Beast!
Chapter 241: The Fall Of A Hero?
Chapter 242: Legends' Wrath!
Chapter 243: Celestial Stairway
Chapter 244: 4Th Rank!
Chapter 245: Profiting From Someone’S Misfortune?
Chapter 246: Insane
Chapter 247: The Monarch’S Return!
Chapter 248: Saint’S Strength
Chapter 249: Avengers Alliance?
Chapter 250: Rebirth
Chapter 251: Dark Hole
Chapter 252: Hot Spring
Chapter 253: Hook Horror
Chapter 254: God Domain
Chapter 255: Chaos Ground
Chapter 256: Hera
Chapter 257: Information
Chapter 258: Underdark’S Winter
Chapter 259: War
Chapter 260: Azmyths
Chapter 261: Taboo Ability
Chapter 262: Wind Knight
Chapter 263: Life And Death Blockade!
Chapter 264: Breaking Through!
Chapter 265: Golden Blood
Chapter 266: Breakthrough! Bloodline Limitations!
Chapter 267: Diamond Can’T Break!
Chapter 268: Assassination
Chapter 269: Black Dragon
Chapter 270: Opportunity
Chapter 271: Sacrifice
Chapter 272: Wasteland Of Death
Chapter 273: Ancient Castle Tulip
Chapter 274: Vampire Primogenitor
Chapter 275: Legend Item
Chapter 276: Bloodthirst
Chapter 277: Dense Blood Nucleus
Chapter 278: Blood Swallowing
Chapter 279: Mind Reading
Chapter 280: Crazy Clarke
Chapter 281: A Real Man!
Chapter 282: Lethal Weapon!
Chapter 283: Transformation
Chapter 284: Luck And Fate
Chapter 285: Tearing A Dragon Apart!
Chapter 286: Fate Tablet!
Chapter 287: The Universe Magic Pool’S Turmoil!
Chapter 288: Silver Scholars
Chapter 289: Unsolved Mystery
Chapter 290: Rejected
Chapter 291: Mark 47
Chapter 292: Essence Data Transformation
Chapter 293: Twin Fate Flower
Chapter 294: Three Sisters
Chapter 295: Slave
Chapter 296: Planar Conquest!
Chapter 297: Prince And Rebels
Chapter 298: Calculated
Chapter 299: Tumor
Chapter 300: Miracle
Chapter 301: Ball
Chapter 302: Marvin’S Plan
Chapter 303: Open! Gate Of Hell!
Chapter 304: Start The War!
Chapter 305: Night Beheading
Chapter 306: Staking It All
Chapter 307: Idol
Chapter 308: Godly Dexterity
Chapter 309: Hellhound
Chapter 310: Descent
Chapter 311: Sword Of Judgement
Chapter 312: Hell Space
Chapter 313: Crisis
Chapter 314: Assassination
Chapter 315: Twelve Curses
Chapter 316: Confrontation!
Chapter 317: Battle To Death! Shadow Prince!
Chapter 318: Underworld’S Grim Reaper
Chapter 319: Price
Chapter 320: Plane Traction
Chapter 321: Six Months
Chapter 322: Winter Is Coming
Chapter 323: Black Sail
Chapter 324: Venting
Chapter 325: Plan And Alliance
Chapter 326: Path To Legend!
Chapter 327: Advancement Manual
Chapter 328: Curved Dagger – Azure Leaf
Chapter 329: Vestige
Chapter 330: Swing Inn
Chapter 331: Holy Blood
Chapter 332: Pursuers
Chapter 333: Pale Hand
Chapter 334: Devil Tongue
Chapter 335: Nightmare Crystal
Chapter 336: Stealth Master
Chapter 337: Tidomas
Chapter 338: Evil Spirit Barrier
Chapter 339: Theater Spirit
Chapter 340: Child Of The Shadows
Chapter 341: Spirit Orb
Chapter 342: Ghost Armband
Chapter 343: Steel Gates
Chapter 344: Identity
Chapter 345: Arsenal
Chapter 346: Taboo Metal
Chapter 347: Control Room
Chapter 348: Slaughterer
Chapter 349: Go Big Or Go Home!
Chapter 350: Race Against Time
Chapter 351: Shaking The South
Chapter 352: Mechanical Titan
Chapter 353: Activation
Chapter 354: Launch
Chapter 355: Judgement Day
Chapter 356: God Realm Collapse!
Chapter 357: Divine Source
Chapter 358: Roll! Titan!
Chapter 359: Black Dragon Nemesis
Chapter 360: Energy Crisis
Chapter 361: Another One
Chapter 362: Rebirth
Chapter 363: Duel!
Chapter 364: Legendary Showdown!
Chapter 365: Beheaded!
Chapter 366: Sunrise Island
Chapter 367: Real Or Fake
Chapter 368: Time Breakpoint
Chapter 369: Xunshan Monastery
Chapter 370: Desperation
Chapter 371: Ice Monster Cave
Chapter 372: Cloud Monk
Chapter 373: Legend!
Chapter 374: Secret Garden
Chapter 375: Magic Medicine King
Chapter 376: Mana Wraith [1/10]
Chapter 377: Mutual Deception [2/10]
Chapter 378: Ahead Of Time [3/10]
Chapter 379: Impending [4/10]
Chapter 380: Ambushed [5/10]
Chapter 381: Desolate Tower Ruins [6/10]
Chapter 382: 7Th Tower [7/10]
Chapter 383: Caster Notes
Chapter 384: Complicated
Chapter 385: Nine Hells [8/10]
Chapter 386: Blade Technique Style Greatmaster [9/10]
Chapter 387: Corps Contract [10/10]
Chapter 388: Garden Of Eden
Chapter 389: Dust Of History
Chapter 390: Truth Tablet
Chapter 391: Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 392: Ancient Youth
Chapter 393: Ancient Gnomes
Chapter 394: Return
Chapter 395: Purple Fire Crystal
Chapter 396: Crisis After Crisis
Chapter 397: Ruler Of The Night!
Chapter 398: Powerful!
Chapter 399: Rise
Chapter 400: Witch Ruler
Chapter 401: Sword Harbor’S Crisis!
Chapter 402: Layer Of Ice And Sea Monster
Chapter 403: Arrogant Marvin
Chapter 404: Duel Or Group Battle?
Chapter 405: One Man Army!
Chapter 406: Shaking The South!
Chapter 407: Smoke Rising
Chapter 408: Eternal Bottle
Chapter 409: Gemini Souls
Chapter 410: Mystery
Chapter 411: Angel And Devil
Chapter 412: Fallen Angel
Chapter 413: Second Gathering Of Legends!
Chapter 414: Remains Island
Chapter 415: Miserable Condition
Chapter 416: Dark Phoenix’S Plan
Chapter 417: Black Coral Island
Chapter 418: Cursing Banshee
Chapter 419: Final Day
Chapter 420: Judgement Declaration!
Chapter 421: Start Of The Calamity!
Chapter 422: Chaos And Order
Chapter 423: No Way Back
Chapter 424: Ascending
Chapter 425: Magic Wizards
Chapter 426: Sanctuary
Chapter 427: To Battle!
Chapter 428: Stars Glittering!
Chapter 429: Astral Plane Seal
Chapter 430: Turning Point
Chapter 431: Tiramisu
Chapter 432: Reinforcements
Chapter 433: Old Alliance Of The Seven Orders
Chapter 434: God-Slaying
Chapter 435: Torture
Chapter 436: Variable
Chapter 437: Eve
Chapter 438: One More Time
Chapter 439: Pursuit
Chapter 440: Fall
Chapter 441: Plane Will
Chapter 442: Witch Tears
Chapter 443: Departed
Chapter 444: Refugees
Chapter 445: Marvin’S New Regulations
Chapter 446: Eye Of Justice
Chapter 447: Trial’S Outcome
Chapter 448: Bloody Forest [Part 1]
Chapter 449: Bloody Forest [Part 2]
Chapter 450: Bloody Forest [Part 3]
Chapter 451: Setting Out
Chapter 452: Sewer Entrance
Chapter 453: Morrigan’S Heart
Chapter 454: Duel
Chapter 455: Amo
Chapter 456: Dream Divine Servant
Chapter 457: Invitation
Chapter 458: Temptation
Chapter 459: Lumber Woods
Chapter 460: Whispering Treant
Chapter 461: Chromatic Dragons
Chapter 462: Nightmare Boundary
Chapter 463: Crystal Statue
Chapter 464: Loyal Tidomas
Chapter 465: Suspicions
Chapter 466: Dragon Soul
Chapter 467: Book Of Forgiveness
Chapter 468: Twin Planes
Chapter 469: Ancient Times’ Secrets
Chapter 470: Biting Book
Chapter 471: Threat
Chapter 472: Library
Chapter 473: Throwing Knives Formation
Chapter 474: Destroyer
Chapter 475: 3Rd Floor
Chapter 476: Whole New World
Chapter 477: Ancient Well
Chapter 478: Conspiracy
Chapter 479: Fairy
Chapter 480: Corrupt
Chapter 481: Hartson’S Scheme
Chapter 482: Grudges
Chapter 483: Chessboard
Chapter 484: Elemental Plane Of Water
Chapter 485: Cage
Chapter 486: Familiar
Chapter 487: Withering World Tree
Chapter 488: Familiar Shadow
Chapter 489: Shadow
Chapter 490: Origin Leaves
Chapter 491: Crimson Wasteland
Chapter 492: Eisengel [Two In One]
Chapter 493: Demon Wizard
Chapter 494: Dream Guardian
Chapter 495: Trapper
Chapter 496: Balkh
Chapter 497: Altar
Chapter 498: Abyssal Blood Pond
Chapter 499: Eternal Night Seal
Chapter 500: Characteristic – Arch-Enemy
Chapter 501: Devil Horsemen
Chapter 502: Harvest [Two In One]
Chapter 503: Holy Light City
Chapter 504: Cold Light’S Grasp
Chapter 505: Black Swan Hill [Two In One]
Chapter 506: Magic Eye
Chapter 507: Ice Worm
Chapter 508: Truth Scale
Chapter 509: Wilderness Hall
Chapter 510: Bone Dragon
Chapter 511: Ruler’S Wrath
Chapter 512: Jade Banshee
Chapter 513: Regis Ruins
Chapter 514: Miss Silvermoon
Chapter 515: Whisperer
Chapter 516: Half-God’S Trail
Chapter 517: Pursuit!
Chapter 518: Wilderness
Chapter 519: Hunt
Chapter 520: Autumn Hunting Ground
Chapter 521: Start Of The Hunt
Chapter 522: Confrontation
Chapter 523: Sacrificial Ground
Chapter 524: Oracle
Chapter 525: Encounter
Chapter 526: Winter
Chapter 527: Witch
Chapter 528: Ivy [Two In One]
Chapter 529: Treasure
Chapter 530: Death
Chapter 531: Flames
Chapter 532: Thief
Chapter 533: Ethereal Jar
Chapter 534: Collapse
Chapter 535: Evolution! False Divine Vessel!
Chapter 536: Sacrifice! Life And Death!
Chapter 537: Night Flower
Chapter 538: The Power Of The Domain!
Chapter 539: Wilderness God!
Chapter 540: Faniya
Chapter 541: Connected
Chapter 542: Past (1)
Chapter 543: Past (2)
Chapter 544: Resurrection
Chapter 545: Delay
Chapter 546: Ruler Ability
Chapter 547: Truth!
Chapter 548: Rebirth
Chapter 549: Leaving
Chapter 550: Lavis
Chapter 551: Chaos
Chapter 552: Entering The City
Chapter 553: Fame
Chapter 554: Unforeseen Event
Chapter 555: Siblings
Chapter 556: Surgery
Chapter 557: Past Life!
Chapter 558: Classmate Party
Chapter 559: Dream? Reality?
Chapter 560: Lance
Chapter 561: Questions
Chapter 562: Hero’S Heart
Chapter 563: Dark Specter
Chapter 564: News From The North
Chapter 565: Three Things
Chapter 566: Queen’S Worries
Chapter 567: New Discovery
Chapter 568: Dream Land
Chapter 569: Vassals
Chapter 570: Setting Off! To The Underdark!
Chapter 571: Underdark Winter (1)
Chapter 572: Underdark Winter (2)
Chapter 573: Eternal Frozen Spring
Chapter 574: Great Vortex
Chapter 575: Artifact
Chapter 576: Swamp
Chapter 577: Candle Boat
Chapter 578: Book Of Nalu’S Information
Chapter 579: Counterattack
Chapter 580: Black Knight’S Trail
Chapter 581: Evenly Matched
Chapter 582: Devil Town [2 In 1]
Chapter 583: Watcher (1)
Chapter 584: Watcher (2)
Chapter 585: Speedy
Chapter 586: Myths
Chapter 587: Scorched Lord
Chapter 588: The Man Who Tricked The Devil
Chapter 589: Bloody Throne
Chapter 590: Spirit
Chapter 591: Battle For The Blades! [1]
Chapter 592: Battle For The Blades! [2]
Chapter 593: Breakthrough
Chapter 594: Seed (1)
Chapter 595: Seed (2)
Chapter 596: Contract Stone
Chapter 597: Post-Godly Dexterity
Chapter 598: Killing Instinct
Chapter 599: Starting The Operation
Chapter 600: Bone Breaking Screech
Chapter 601: God Slaying Seal
Chapter 602: Fierce
Chapter 603: Poison Drug
Chapter 604: Alchemy Box
Chapter 605: Specter Barrier
Chapter 606: The Hermit
Chapter 607: Duel
Chapter 608: The Right To Control
Chapter 609: Fate Power (1)
Chapter 610: Fate Power (2)
Chapter 611: Fusion
Chapter 612: True Essence Of Wisdom
Chapter 613: Information
Chapter 614: Deep River
Chapter 615: Tacit Understanding
Chapter 616: Darkness
Chapter 617: An Enigmatic Foe
Chapter 618: Martyr (1)
Chapter 619: Martyr (2)
Chapter 620: Martyr (3)
Chapter 621: Self-Immolation Fire
Chapter 622: Life And Death Battle
Chapter 623: Black Dragon Wing
Chapter 624: Appeasement
Chapter 625: World’S End
Chapter 626: Magic Addict Shape!
Chapter 627: Reappearance!
Chapter 628: Consecutive Advancement
Chapter 629: Nemesis (1)
Chapter 630: Nemesis (2)
Chapter 631: Shadow Duel (1)
Chapter 632: Shadow Duel (2)
Chapter 633: Endless Source
Chapter 634: Judgement Of Truth!
Chapter 635: Arrangement!
Chapter 636: Terrifying Game (1)
Chapter 637: Terrifying Game (2)
Chapter 638: Terrifying Game (3)
Chapter 639: Return
Chapter 640: Endless Path
Chapter 641: Blackmail
Chapter 642: Legend Team
Chapter 643: Ice Jade Palace (1)
Chapter 644: Ice Jade Palace (2)
Chapter 645: Storming
Chapter 646: Slaughtering Dragons Like Pigs
Chapter 647: Behind The Gate
Chapter 648: Alliance
Chapter 649: Morella
Chapter 650: Splitting
Chapter 651: Agate
Chapter 652: Great Changes (1)
Chapter 653: Great Changes (2)
Chapter 654: Great Changes (3)
Chapter 655: Brothers
Chapter 656: Inheritance
Chapter 657: Leader
Chapter 658: Deception And Wisdom [2 In 1]
Chapter 659: Lost
Chapter 660: End
Chapter 661: New Great Elven King
Chapter 662: Sky Tower
Chapter 663: God Of Magic?
Chapter 664: Divine Shackles
Chapter 665: Order Ripper
Chapter 666: Ruler Of Shadows
Chapter 667: Destroyer
Chapter 668: Bloodline Pulsation
Chapter 669: Major Events
Chapter 670: Pass
Chapter 671: Powerful
Chapter 672: Feinan
Chapter 673: Marvin On Fire (1)
Chapter 674: Marvin On Fire (2)
Chapter 675: Marvin On Fire (3)
Chapter 676: Shadow Fire
Chapter 677: Godlike
Chapter 678: Lord Of Hell’S Curse!
Chapter 679: Choice
Chapter 680: Overall Strengthening
Chapter 681: Source Harvest
Chapter 682: The Root Of The Problem
Chapter 683: Entering The Tower
Chapter 684: New World [2 In 1]
Chapter 685: Ethereal Plane
Chapter 686: The Mystery Of Ascension
Chapter 687: The Vampires’ Secret Precepts
Chapter 688: Monster
Chapter 689: Male And Female
Chapter 690: Perfect Fusion
Chapter 691: Unfathomable Ability
Chapter 692: Cloak
Chapter 693: The Final Sacrifice
Chapter 694: World Ending Twin Snakes!
Chapter 695: Grievous Injuries!
Chapter 696: Uproar
Chapter 697: The Hearts Of The People
Chapter 698: Fall Out!
Chapter 699: Valkyrie And Fate Sorceress
Chapter 700: Counter Storm
Chapter 701: Display Of Strength
Chapter 702: Inheritor
Chapter 703: Ethereal Plane Seal
Chapter 704: Absolute Sanctuary!
Chapter 705: Rose Dukedom
Chapter 706: Leisure
Chapter 707: Eternal Night Kingdom
Chapter 708: Return!
Chapter 709: Ambush
Chapter 710: Light Flow Reversal
Chapter 711: Kill!
Chapter 712: War God’S Might
Chapter 713: Three Slaps
Chapter 714: Plundering Duo
Chapter 715: Target! Astral Sea!
Chapter 716: Dragon Thief
Chapter 717: Dragon Thief (2)
Chapter 718: False Ascension
Chapter 719: Night Ring
Chapter 720: Collapsed Earth
Chapter 721: Plane Guardian’S Strength! (2)
Chapter 722: Plane Guardian’S Strength! (2)
Chapter 723: Plane Guardian’S Strength! (3)
Chapter 724: Earth Sovereign
Chapter 725: Elemental Life Mark
Chapter 726: Beast
Chapter 727: Banished
Chapter 728: Confirmation!
Chapter 729: Evil Street
Chapter 730: Revelation
Chapter 731: Redemption (1)
Chapter 732: Redemption (2)
Chapter 733: Redemption (3)
Chapter 734: Redemption (4)
Chapter 735: Conclusion!
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Alternative Titles:

An Ye You Xia, Dark Night Ranger, Ám Dạ Du Hiệp, 暗夜游侠

Source: Qidian International
Book Details / Information: After transmigrating into a weak noble body, Marvin discovered that he was familiar with the world, this was the game he played in his previous life and… Damn! He only had six months before the Great Calamity!

As a former top player, he would obviously fight to save the world… Yeah, no. Time to plan and prepare for the upcoming events, better to use that knowledge to get ahead rather than fight with gods.

Follow Marvin’s journey through this new world.

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Chapter 1: Newborn Ranger (1)

Chapter 1: Newborn Ranger (1)

Translator: Translation Nation Editor: Translation Nation

The third day after crossing over.

Marvin stood by the window, watching the people coming and going on the street during the evening. There was a curvy woman throwing flirtatious glances at him from the adjacent alley.

This was Fierce Horse Inn’s best room; from here you could see the iconic landmark of River Shore City, the Silver Hourglass, which was the Silver Church's headquarters.

Not far away, a youth was secretly stealing a rich man’s purse, his movements very nimble. He had at least three levels in the Thief class.

Everything was the same as the real world.

The only thing different was Marvin himself.

"Stats window," he said in his mind. A series of information appeared before his eyes.

Name: Marvin

Race: Human/?


Strength – 11

Dexterity – 16

Constitution – 9

Intelligence – 14

Wisdom – 14

Charisma – 13(+1)

Class: Noble Rank 3 (150/200)

Adventurer Class: None

Health Points: 10/26 (Fever)

[Weakness Penalty: Attributes Reduction - 70%]

Exp (Experience Points): 40 (Noble) [Unused]

SP (Skill Points): None

AP (Ability Points): None

Class Skills:

– Noble (Baron):

Dignity – 25

Management – 31

Perception – 16

Diplomacy – 19

Accounting – 28

Horsemanship – 30


Aside from these pieces of information, which were the same as in the video games from his previous life, the world Marvin had woken up in was no different from a real world.

He was quite bewildered, but after three days of asking around and adapting, he mainly confirmed three things:

First, he had crossed over to another world and arrived in the game he had been infatuated with back on Earth, "Feinan Continent".

Second, besides not knowing why he could see the same interface from the game, this was a real world! Every person was a living being and on top of that, he was well acquainted with some of them.

Third, he was in trouble, very big trouble.

If his memory wasn’t wrong, he must have arrived on the eve of the "Great Calamity." Very soon, the peaceful world in front of him would be subjected to earth-shattering changes. The history of Feinan’s Wizards’ Reign of the Fourth Era was about to end. All the gods would work together to destroy the Universe Magic Pool and would take advantage of this fertile land.

As for that thing…

"The Fourth Fate Tablet. Oh god…" Marvin massaged his temples, trying to organize his thoughts.

In fact, for the moment this wasn’t the biggest issue. The Great Calamity would only happen in half a year, followed by an era of chaos, but he still had time.

As a Legend level player who was very familiar with this world’s situation, even though half a year was somewhat tight, it was still enough for him to gain enough power to defend himself.

The most important issue was his immediate situation.

His high fever coupled with his own terrible physique meant that he could die at any moment just because he had caught a common cold.

This made Marvin speechless. While spending the past three days assimilating the fourteen year old youth’s memories, Marvin had sadly found out that his body wasn’t his only problem; he was in dire straits as he had recently lost his land. A month ago, a group of gnolls attacked his territory and occupied his castle and his mines, leaving him no choice but to rely on the River Shore City Lord; he hoped that the City Lord would send him troops to clean up the pack of gnolls.

While fleeing his territory for River Shore City, the pitiful kid caught a cold and ultimately died, granting Marvin his opportunity to transmigrate. Whether or not it was a coincidence, the youth whose memories he fused with was also named Marvin.

The birth of a new soul was very painful. Marvin had used a lot of effort to persuade the host's soul remnant to let go, and it came at a cost. He had to promise to protect what that the pitiful youth wanted to protect:

His territory, his younger brother, and a woman.

This was what he cherished the most and protected with his life. The two memories fused together, including their feelings. Even if Marvin wanted to break his promise, he probably wouldn’t be able to.

So although the Great Calamity was quite dreadful, for Marvin the first priority was to regain his territory within a month.

Otherwise, the youth’s soul remnant would curse him, and his already awful good-for-nothing attributes would be weakened even more. This was something Marvin would be very reluctant to see.

It should be known that back in the game, when his Thief had finally advanced to [Ruler of The Night], his base attributes combined exceeded 100!

His dexterity was well over 20!

This meant that when he was a level 1 Thief, he had an extra dexterity passive, [Anti-Gravity Steps].

[Anti-Gravity Steps]: Special skill reward due to Dexterity exceeding one’s limit. For a short duration, you can walk on an upright wall while ignoring gravity. Cannot be more than 6 meters.

It was this overpowered dexterity passive that made him the [Ruler of the Night]. At the time of Marvin’s transmigration, there were a total of 11 players in the game who had successfully become gods, and Marvin was one of them.

But now, this body...

Marvin couldn’t bear to look at it. Forget about gnolls; a mere goblin could probably kill him in a one on one, right?

How could he not have a single fighting class? He was simply a good for nothing rich pampered brat. He would open his arms to be clothed, and open his mouth to be fed. Besides Diplomacy and Horsemanship being slightly useful, the rest of his skills had nothing to do with the adventurer path!

However, Marvin was relieved that the brat hadn’t randomly picked a class. If by any chance he had crossed over and found himself with a trashy wizard build, it would have been even worse.

Particularly because the Universe Magic Pool would be destroyed in half a year. Apart from the legendary ones, every wizard would drop one rank (5 levels). The rule of the wizards in Feinan would be over. The rest of the classes would begin to rise, all kinds of Gods would spread their own religion and bit by bit, their religions would become widespread. The fires of war would be lit and every living being would suffer.

And the wizards would be the most pitiful group. They lost their qualifications before the war even started.


"Knock, knock, knock!"

"Come in." Marvin walked back to his bed.

A young lady with brown hair entered. She seemed to be around twenty years old. She appeared somewhat tired, and her cleanly washed leather armor had some fresh blade cuts. Her ears were somewhat pointy, but not enough to suggest that she was a pure elf.

This was Marvin’s butler and bodyguard, and the only person who had stayed by his side so far. He still remembered that night where the fire burned the barn down. It was this woman who, without a thought for her personal safety, pulled him out of the fire and slaughtered their way out, saving his life from the hands of the gnolls. She had walked from White River Valley to River Shore City, almost 5 kilometers, while carrying him.

Her name was Anna and she was a half-elf. Limited by his abilities, Marvin couldn’t see her attributes. However, based on these three days of observation, Anna should have a rank 1 adventurer class with 4 or 5 levels. She was probably either a Fighter or a Ranger, mostly likely the former. At least in his memories, Anna rarely used a bow and arrow, traps and the like.

Her weapon was a sword, and like her leather armor, it was in poor shape because there had been no maintenance for a long time.

"Master, I went to the City Hall today and asked but the officials still gave me the same answer…"

Anna set her sword down to the side, her pretty face still looking a little tired. "But fortunately, I earned 20 silvers today. At least we won’t have to worry about next week’s rent. And you can get soup at night."

"Big Sis Anna, how much do we have?" Marvin suddenly asked.

Anna’s face showed a hint of surprise. Since Marvin woke up from his serious fever, this was the first time he spoke with her.

She didn’t ponder and quickly answered, "29 silvers."

"29 silvers aren’t enough," Marvin muttered while frowning. "Did my mother leave the jewelry box?"

Anna was startled at first before becoming angry. "Master Marvin?! Do you want to sell your mother’s relics?!"

Marvin nodded, his eyes very calm. "I remember a necklace being inside; it should be worth some money."

Anna was looking at Marvin in disbelief, her eyes showing her disappointment. "Don’t tell me that you want to go to the casino?"

Marvin froze for a moment, as he hadn’t expected Anna to misunderstand him. He searched his again memories and found out that when the original owner of the body had first arrived in River Shore City, he had some money on him, but a malicious "friend" tricked him into going to the casino.

The outcome was naturally losing a lot of money. Ever since then, his health which had slightly improved began to slowly take a turn for the worse as the sickness began to grow stronger.

Obviously, that so-called friend was a shill for the casino. He was specialized in tricking people like Marvin who had little money and no powerful backer.

"I can’t give it to you Master Marvin. If you need money, I’ll earn it," Anna said stubbornly. "But I won’t allow you mess around. You should know that Young Master Wayne already owes the wizard alliance two months of tuition. If we don’t continue to pay the tuition, he will be forced to drop out from the Magore."

"We don’t have much money left and we can’t afford to squander it again!"

Marvin couldn’t help but chuckle, saying softly, "Big Sister Anna, I asked you for the necklace not for gambling, but to use it to cure my body."

"Cure?" Anna stared blankly for a moment.

"My bodily health hasn’t improved all this time and I can’t keep going like this. I know of a priest of the Silver God. As long as we pay him, he will cast a low level [Remove Disease] and [Cure Light Wounds] on me. That way, my body will heal back to normal," Marvin explained. "I can’t remain a weak noble."

"I need to train and fight so that I can retake our territory. I also want to protect a few cherished people."

He stood up from the bed, changed his clothes and looked a little more spirited.

"Trust me, Big Sis Anna." He looked at the half-elf butler.

Anna gritted her teeth, but in the end took the jewelry box from the bottom of the luggage. As expected, there was a pearl necklace inside.

"I’ll go with you, to stop you from being tricked again…"

"No need." Marvin took the jewelry box, with a somewhat serious expression.

"Anna, you have been busy the whole day so you should have some rest. I might not come back tonight. You have to be careful. I heard two hooligans in the alley today who seemed to be talking about you."

"I don’t think they have good intentions. Even though you are a rank 1 adventurer, some gangs are very powerful. We still have to be careful."

Up until Marvin left the room, Anna was still sitting there, staring blankly.

Oddly, today’s Marvin seemed a bit different. Very different from the kind and weak youth from the past. He even looked somewhat… domineering, just like his father. The kind of dignity unique to nobles.

And outside the door, Marvin was looking at the system log, and he could only shake his head.

"I feel a bit guilty using a skill on Anna… Whatever, it’ll be the last time I guess."


[Dignity (25) cast…]

[Wisdom check...]

[Skill successfully activated…]


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