Nine Star Hegemon Body Art by Ordinary Magician

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Chapter 1042
Chapter 1043
Chapter 1044
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Chapter 1047
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Chapter 1051
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Chapter 1055
Chapter 1056
Chapter 1057
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Chapter 1062
Chapter 1063
Chapter 1064
Chapter 1065
Chapter 1066
Chapter 1067
Chapter 1068
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Chapter 1071
Chapter 1072
Chapter 1073
Chapter 1074
Chapter 1075
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Chapter 1077
Chapter 1078
Chapter 1079
Chapter 1080
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Chapter 1082
Chapter 1083
Chapter 1084
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Chapter 1094
Chapter 1095
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Chapter 1097
Chapter 1098
Chapter 1099
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Chapter 1117
Chapter 1118
Chapter 1119
Chapter 1120
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Chapter 1123
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Chapter 1128
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Chapter 1130
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Chapter 1140
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Chapter 1148
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Chapter 1150
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Chapter 1160
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Chapter 1180
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Chapter 1237
Chapter 1238
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Chapter 1241
Chapter 1242
Chapter 1243
Chapter 1244
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Chapter 1247
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Chapter 1254
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Chapter 1273
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Chapter 1340
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Chapter 1343
Chapter 1344
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Chapter 1347
Chapter 1348
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Chapter 1350
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Chapter 1353
Chapter 1354
Chapter 1355
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Chapter 1359
Chapter 1360
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Chapter 1364
Chapter 1365
Chapter 1366
Chapter 1367
Chapter 1368
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Chapter 1376
Chapter 1377
Chapter 1378
Chapter 1379
Chapter 1380
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Chapter 1384
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Chapter 1393
Chapter 1394
Chapter 1395
Chapter 1396
Chapter 1397
Chapter 1398
Chapter 1399
Chapter 1400
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Chapter 1404
Chapter 1405
Chapter 1406
Chapter 1407
Chapter 1408
Chapter 1409
Chapter 1410
Chapter 1411
Chapter 1412
Chapter 1413
Chapter 1414
Chapter 1415
Chapter 1416
Chapter 1417
Chapter 1418
Chapter 1419
Chapter 1420
Chapter 1421
Chapter 1422
Chapter 1423
Chapter 1424
Chapter 1425
Chapter 1426
Chapter 1427
Chapter 1428
Chapter 1429
Chapter 1430
Chapter 1431
Chapter 1432
Chapter 1433
Chapter 1434
Chapter 1435
Chapter 1436
Chapter 1437
Chapter 1438
Chapter 1439
Chapter 1440
Chapter 1441
Chapter 1442
Chapter 1443
Chapter 1444
Chapter 1445
Chapter 1446
Chapter 1447
Chapter 1448
Chapter 1449
Chapter 1450
Chapter 1451
Chapter 1452
Chapter 1453
Chapter 1454
Chapter 1455
Chapter 1456
Chapter 1457
Chapter 1458
Chapter 1459
Chapter 1460
Chapter 1461
Chapter 1462
Chapter 1463
Chapter 1464
Chapter 1465
Chapter 1466
Chapter 1467
Chapter 1468
Chapter 1469
Chapter 1470
Chapter 1471
Chapter 1472
Chapter 1473
Chapter 1474
Chapter 1475
Chapter 1476
Chapter 1477
Chapter 1478
Chapter 1479
Chapter 1480
Chapter 1481
Chapter 1482
Chapter 1483
Chapter 1484
Chapter 1485
Chapter 1486
Chapter 1487
Chapter 1488
Chapter 1489
Chapter 1490
Chapter 1491
Chapter 1492
Chapter 1493
Chapter 1494
Chapter 1495
Chapter 1496
Chapter 1497
Chapter 1498
Chapter 1499
Chapter 1500
Chapter 1501
Chapter 1502
Chapter 1503
Chapter 1504
Chapter 1505
Chapter 1506
Chapter 1507
Chapter 1508
Chapter 1509
Chapter 1510
Chapter 1511
Chapter 1512
Chapter 1513
Chapter 1514
Chapter 1515
Chapter 1516
Chapter 1517
Chapter 1518
Chapter 1519
Chapter 1520
Chapter 1521
Chapter 1522
Chapter 1523
Chapter 1524
Chapter 1525 Time Sensitive Mission
Chapter 1526
Chapter 1527
Chapter 1528
Chapter 1529
Chapter 1530
Chapter 1531
Chapter 1532
Chapter 1533
Chapter 1534
Chapter 1535
Chapter 1536
Chapter 1537
Chapter 1538
Chapter 1539
Chapter 1540
Chapter 1541
Chapter 1542
Chapter 1543
Chapter 1544
Chapter 1545
Chapter 1546
Chapter 1547
Chapter 1548
Chapter 1549
Chapter 1550
Chapter 1551
Chapter 1552
Chapter 1553
Chapter 1554
Chapter 1555
Chapter 1556
Chapter 1557
Chapter 1558
Chapter 1559
Chapter 1560
Chapter 1561
Chapter 1562
Chapter 1563
Chapter 1564
Chapter 1565
Chapter 1566
Chapter 1567
Chapter 1568
Chapter 1569
Chapter 1570
Chapter 1571
Chapter 1572
Chapter 1573
Chapter 1574
Chapter 1575
Chapter 1576
Chapter 1577
Chapter 1578
Chapter 1579
Chapter 1580
Chapter 1581
Chapter 1582
Chapter 1583
Chapter 1584
Chapter 1585
Chapter 1586
Chapter 1587
Chapter 1588
Chapter 1589
Chapter 1590
Chapter 1591
Chapter 1592
Chapter 1593
Chapter 1594
Chapter 1595
Chapter 1596
Chapter 1597
Chapter 1598
Chapter 1599
Chapter 1600
Chapter 1601
Chapter 1602
Chapter 1603
Chapter 1604
Chapter 1605
Chapter 1606
Chapter 1607
Chapter 1608
Chapter 1609
Chapter 1610
Chapter 1611
Chapter 1612
Chapter 1613
Chapter 1614
Chapter 1615
Chapter 1616
Chapter 1617
Chapter 1618
Chapter 1619
Chapter 1620
Chapter 1621
Chapter 1622
Chapter 1623
Chapter 1624
Chapter 1625
Chapter 1626
Chapter 1627
Chapter 1628
Chapter 1629
Chapter 1630
Chapter 1631
Chapter 1632
Chapter 1633
Chapter 1634
Chapter 1635
Chapter 1636
Chapter 1637
Chapter 1638
Chapter 1639
Chapter 1640
Chapter 1641
Chapter 1642
Chapter 1643
Chapter 1644
Chapter 1645
Chapter 1646
Chapter 1647
Chapter 1648
Chapter 1649
Chapter 1650
Chapter 1651
Chapter 1652
Chapter 1653
Chapter 1654
Chapter 1655
Chapter 1656
Chapter 1657
Chapter 1658
Chapter 1659
Chapter 1660
Chapter 1661
Chapter 1662
Chapter 1663
Chapter 1664
Chapter 1665
Chapter 1666
Chapter 1667
Chapter 1668
Chapter 1669
Chapter 1670
Chapter 1671
Chapter 1672
Chapter 1673
Chapter 1674
Chapter 1675
Chapter 1676
Chapter 1677
Chapter 1678
Chapter 1679
Chapter 1680
Chapter 1681
Chapter 1682
Chapter 1683
Chapter 1684
Chapter 1685
Chapter 1686
Chapter 1687
Chapter 1688
Chapter 1689
Chapter 1690
Chapter 1691
Chapter 1692
Chapter 1693
Chapter 1694
Chapter 1695
Chapter 1696
Chapter 1697
Chapter 1698
Chapter 1699
Chapter 1700
Chapter 1701
Chapter 1702
Chapter 1703
Chapter 1704
Chapter 1705
Chapter 1706
Chapter 1707
Chapter 1708
Chapter 1709
Chapter 1710
Chapter 1711
Chapter 1712
Chapter 1713
Chapter 1714
Chapter 1715
Chapter 1716
Chapter 1717
Chapter 1718
Chapter 1719
Chapter 1720
Chapter 1721
Chapter 1722 Strengthening The Dragonblood Legion
Chapter 1723
Chapter 1724
Chapter 1725
Chapter 1726
Chapter 1727
Chapter 1728
Chapter 1729
Chapter 1730
Chapter 1731
Chapter 1732
Chapter 1733
Chapter 1734
Chapter 1735
Chapter 1736
Chapter 1737
Chapter 1738
Chapter 1739
Chapter 1740
Chapter 1741
Chapter 1742
Chapter 1743
Chapter 1744
Chapter 1745
Chapter 1746
Chapter 1747
Chapter 1748
Chapter 1749
Chapter 1750 Timely Long Chen
Chapter 1751
Chapter 1752
Chapter 1753
Chapter 1754
Chapter 1755
Chapter 1756
Chapter 1757
Chapter 1758
Chapter 1759
Chapter 1760
Chapter 1761
Chapter 1762
Chapter 1763
Chapter 1764
Chapter 1765
Chapter 1766
Chapter 1767
Chapter 1768
Chapter 1769
Chapter 1770
Chapter 1771
Chapter 1772
Chapter 1773
Chapter 1774
Chapter 1775
Chapter 1776
Chapter 1777
Chapter 1778
Chapter 1779
Chapter 1780
Chapter 1781
Chapter 1782
Chapter 1783
Chapter 1784
Chapter 1785
Chapter 1786
Chapter 1787
Chapter 1788
Chapter 1789
Chapter 1790
Chapter 1791
Chapter 1792
Chapter 1793
Chapter 1794
Chapter 1795
Chapter 1796
Chapter 1797
Chapter 1798
Chapter 1799
Chapter 1800
Chapter 1801
Chapter 1802
Chapter 1803
Chapter 1804
Chapter 1805
Chapter 1806
Chapter 1807
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Chapter 1809
Chapter 1810
Chapter 1811
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Chapter 1813
Chapter 1814
Chapter 1815
Chapter 1816
Chapter 1817
Chapter 1818
Chapter 1819
Chapter 1820
Chapter 1821
Chapter 1822
Chapter 1823
Chapter 1824
Chapter 1825
Chapter 1826
Chapter 1827
Chapter 1828
Chapter 1829
Chapter 1830
Chapter 1831
Chapter 1832
Chapter 1833
Chapter 1834
Chapter 1835
Chapter 1836
Chapter 1837
Chapter 1838
Chapter 1839
Chapter 1840
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Chapter 1842
Chapter 1843
Chapter 1844
Chapter 1845
Chapter 1846
Chapter 1847
Chapter 1848
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Chapter 1850
Chapter 1851
Chapter 1852
Chapter 1853
Chapter 1854
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Chapter 1856
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Chapter 1860
Chapter 1861
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Chapter 1864
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Chapter 1906 Mo Nian’S Power
Chapter 1907 Endless Sea Of Lightning
Chapter 1908 The Dragonblood Attack
Chapter 1909 Evil Spirit Hell, Heavenly Evil Death Blow
Chapter 1910
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Chapter 1912
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Chapter 1915
Chapter 1916
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Chapter 2061
Chapter 2062
Chapter 2063
Chapter 2064
Chapter 2065
Chapter 2066
Chapter 2067
Chapter 2068
Chapter 2069
Chapter 2070 Pill Lightning
Chapter 2071 The Nine Heavens Divine Phoenix’S Huang Feiyan
Chapter 2072 Even More Domineering
Chapter 2073 Sovereign Zi Yang
Chapter 2074 Beitang Rushuang’S Proposal
Chapter 2075 Pill Refinement
Leng Yueyan Chapter 1 The Peace Of The Countryside Is Broken
Leng Yueyan Chapter 2 The Weak Seek To Live
Leng Yueyan Chapter 3 Followers Of The Corrupt God
Leng Yueyan Chapter 4 Bathing In The Divine Blessing
Leng Yueyan Chapter 5 Cruel Rules
Leng Yueyan Chapter 6 The Name Of The Devil Empress
Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 1
Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 2
Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 3
Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 4
Mo Nian Side Story Chapter 5
Chapter 2076 Miscalculation
Chapter 2077 Thousand Hand Soul Condensing Pill
Chapter 2078 Appraising The Spirit Pill
Chapter 2079 The Second Day’S Auction
Chapter 2080 Burying Your Head In The Sand
Chapter 2081 The Stone Race’S Shi Lingfeng
Chapter 2082 Confrontation
Chapter 2083 Heavenly Spirit Water
Chapter 2084 Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Pill
Chapter 2085 Progression Of The World Annihilation Flame Lotus
Chapter 2086 Tian Xiezi
Chapter 2087 Surrounded By Beautiful Flowers
Chapter 2088 Withdrawing?
Chapter 2089 Kun Pengzi
Chapter 2090 Infinite Eight Bitters Root
Chapter 2091 No Effect?
Chapter 2092 Related To The Sovereigns
Chapter 2093 Sovereign Seal
Chapter 2094 Daoist Heavenly Feather’S Advice
Chapter 2095 Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Tribulation Pill
Chapter 2096 More Than Enough Confidence
Chapter 2097 Caught
Chapter 2098 Uncontrollable Rage
Chapter 2099 Heavenly Dao Spirit Silver
Chapter 2100 Devil Ape Roars At The Firmament
Chapter 2101 God Extermination Cannon
Chapter 2102 Mechanism Puppet
Chapter 2103 This Is Your So-Called Foundation?
Chapter 2104 Fighting Shi Lingfeng
Chapter 2105 Strong Start, Weak Finish
Chapter 2106 Major Changes On The Horizon
Chapter 2107 Just What Are You Planning?
Chapter 2108 Preparing To Deploy
Chapter 2109 Burning The Boats
Chapter 2110 Going All-Out Refining Pills
Chapter 2111 Attack
Chapter 2112 Dragon Blood Manifestation
Chapter 2113 The Dragonblood Legion’S Welcoming Ceremony
Chapter 2114 Xia Chen’S Methods
Chapter 2115 Cloud Chasing Divine Ability
Chapter 2116 It’S All Thanks To Boss’S Patronage
Chapter 2117 Getting Rid Of The Lair
Chapter 2118 Killing Their Way Into The Mechanism Sect
Chapter 2119 Truly Powerful Enough To Exterminate Worlds
Chapter 2120 The Sixth Sense, Sense The Heavens
Chapter 2121 Unable To Give The Killing Blow
Chapter 2122 The Old Man’S True Strength
Chapter 2123 On To The Next
Chapter 2124 Battle With The Stone Race
Chapter 2125 Think It Over
Chapter 2126 The Stone Race’S Trump Card
Chapter 2127 Huge Gains
Chapter 2128 The High Priest’S Letter
Chapter 2129 Pill Valley’S Sinister Scheme
Chapter 2130 A Go Between
Chapter 2131 Phoenix Blood Immortal Gold
Chapter 2132 Exploring The Wilds
Chapter 2133 Earth Cavern Tree Demon
Chapter 2134 Once More Seeing The Winged Devil Race
Chapter 2135 Joining Hands To Kill
Chapter 2136 Devil Suppressing Divine Seal
Chapter 2137 Tidying Up
Chapter 2138 A New Collaboration
Chapter 2139 Life Star Pills
Chapter 2140 Drake Against Blood Phoenix
Chapter 2141 Unrivaled Divine Power
Chapter 2142 Hunting Pasture
Chapter 2143 Yue Xihan’S Advice
Chapter 2144 The Blood Emperor’S Descendants
Chapter 2145 News Of The Heavenly Netherworld Vermillion Fruit
Chapter 2146 The Yin Yang World’S Sovereign Seal
Chapter 2147 Sovereign Mo Li
Chapter 2148 Heavens’ Soul Manifestation
Chapter 2149 Jian Wuchen
Chapter 2150 Jian Wuchen’S Origins
Chapter 2151 The Corrupt God Cemetery
Chapter 2152 An Alluring Attack
Chapter 2153 Ximen Tianxiong
Chapter 2154 Yue Zifeng Arrives
Chapter 2155 A Clash Of Sword Cultivators
Chapter 2156 Soaring Sword Qi
Chapter 2157 The True Sword Dao
Chapter 2158 Sword Devil Ghost Slaughterer
Chapter 2159 Sudden Change
Chapter 2160 Flames Of Fury Soar
Chapter 2161 Charging Out Of The Blockade
Chapter 2162 Everything Hangs By A Thread
Chapter 2163 Corrupt God Ancient Tower
Chapter 2164 Divine Sparrow Swallowing The Heavens
Chapter 2165 The Terrifying Kun Pengzi
Chapter 2166 Five Element Sun Hunting
Chapter 2167 Long Chen’S Proposal
Chapter 2168 Zheng Wenlong Arrives
Chapter 2169 Obtaining The Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit
Chapter 2170 The Dao Of Death
Chapter 2171 Refining The Nethergate Pill
Chapter 2172 The Nethergate Star’S Location
Chapter 2173 Coming Out Of Seclusion Together
Chapter 2174 The Dragonblood Legion Gathers
Chapter 2175 Conspiracy
Chapter 2176 Do Not Interfere
Chapter 2177 Guo Ran Vs. Shi Lingfeng
Chapter 2178 The Blood Emperor Family’S Beauty
Chapter 2179 The Peerless Beauty, Xue Luocha
Chapter 2180 What Is Wildly Arrogant
Chapter 2181 A Specialist In Killing Wildly Arrogant People
Chapter 2182 Bone Tower Prison
Chapters 2183 Eight Forms Into One
Chapter 2184 Settling Grudges
Chapter 2185 Cloud Against Huang Feiyan
Chapter 2186 A Chaotic Battle Begins
Chapter 2187 Dragonblood Manifestation Intimidates
Chapter 2188 Sea Demon Race
Chapter 2189 Six Horn Sea Serpent
Chapter 2190 Undefeatable Disposition
Chapter 2191 Hatred And Forgiveness
Chapter 2192 Crazy Advancements
Chapter 2193 Twelfth Heavenstage Of Life Star
Chapter 2194 Shocking World Energy
Chapter 2195 No One Can Stop Him
Chapter 2196 Barbarian Blood Silver Body
Chapter 2197 Stone Emperor, Blood Emperor
Chapter 2198 The Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet
Chapter 2199 Betrayal
Chapter 2200 Helpers Take Action
Chapter 2201 Wind’S Peak
Chapter 2202 Since You Want To Die So Badly, I’Ll Help You Out
Chapter 2203 The Sovereign Appears
Chapter 2204 The Mighty Brick Trump Card
Chapter 2205 Divine Punishment
Chapter 2206 Four Divines Writ
Chapter 2207 Remnant Of The Wine God
Chapter 2208 The Emotions Of The Common Mortals
Chapter 2209 Immemorial Spirit Race
Chapter 2210 Getting Conned
Chapter 2211 Once More Coming
Chapter 2212 The Remains Return To Haunt
Chapter 2213 Is The Name Long Chen Something You Can Say?
Chapter 2214 Remember This
Chapter 2215 Intimidation
Chapter 2216 Close Female Confidante
Chapter 2217 I Can’T Die
Chapter 2218 The God'S Servant
Chapter 2219 The Pill Sovereign’S Will
Chapter 2220 Di Feng’S Patience
Chapter 2221 The Sea Demon Race’S Goal
Chapter 2222 Killing Into The Eastern Sea
Chapter 2223 Old Monster From The Depths Of The Sea
Chapter 2224 Poison Pill
Chapter 2225 Black Soil Claims The Sea
Chapter 2226 Sea Demons Compromise
Chapter 2227 Spiritual Mark
Chapter 2228 The Results Of The Gathering
Chapter 2229 The Divine Families Come Calling
Chapter 2230 Star Field Divine World
Chapter 2231 Once More Gathering
Chapter 2232 Let This Little One Handle It
Chapter 2233 Shen Chengfeng
Chapter 2234 All Living Things Are Chess Pieces
Chapter 2235 Indistinct History
Chapter 2236 Everyone Pitching In
Chapter 2237 Grand Formation Complete
Chapter 2238 The Sovereign Seal Breaks
Chapter 2239 Titanic Arm Blood Race
Chapter 2240 Earthen Net Covers The Sky
Chapter 2241 Despicable Trick
Chapter 2242 The Bravery Of The Blood Race
Chapter 2243 Limit
Chapter 2244 Grand Formation Activated
Chapter 2245 Explosive Blood Bull Monsters
Chapter 2246 Source Of Calamity
Chapter 2247 Bombardment
Chapter 2248 Killed In One Blow
Chapter 2249 Blue Ring Blood Race
Chapter 2250 Blunting Their Sharpness
Chapter 2251 Hundred Beasts Slaughter
Chapter 2252 Reaping Lives
Chapter 2253 Beauties Of The Legion
Chapter 2254 Bloodline Clones
Chapter 2255 The Hole
Chapter 2256 Devoured Soul Black Armor Corps
Chapter 2257 Violent Wilde
Chapter 2258 Huo Long Comes Out
Chapter 2259 No Time To Wait For You
Chapter 2260 Ye Benchang
Chapter 2261 Take Care Of Calamity Coming From The Mouth
Chapter 2262 Elder Long’S Warning
Chapter 2263 Competing Geniuses
Chapter 2264 The Most Terrifying Existence
Chapter 2265 A Thirty-Seven-Year-Old Supreme Expert
Chapter 2266 Respite From The Blood Race
Chapter 2267 Heading Into The Depths Of The Yin Yang World
Chapter 2268 Gathering Of The Blood Race
Chapter 2269 The Blood Race’S Divine Fetus
Chapter 2270 Once More Descending Upon The Giant Egg
Chapter 2271 Deciding To Help
Chapter 2272 Luo Chuan
Chapter 2273 Luring Enemies
Chapter 2274 Layers Of Blockades
Chapter 2275 Mysterious Killer
Chapter 2276 Attacking The Netherpassage Realm
Chapter 2277 Entering The Netherworld
Chapter 2278 Standing Before The Gates Of Hell
Chapter 2279 Nethergod
Chapter 2280 The Ability To Kill You
Chapter 2281 Karmic Hell Flames
Chapter 2282 Nethergod Order
Chapter 2283 Powerless
Chapter 2284 Mystery Of The Pill Sovereign
Chapter 2285 Subdue Her?
Chapter 2286 Divine Boasting
Chapter 2287 Doing Some Happy Stuff
Chapter 2288 Core Of The Star-Field
Chapter 2289 A Loathsome Guest Comes To The Netherworld
Chapter 2290 Returning To The Netherpassage Path
Chapter 2291 Leng Yueyan’S Warning
Chapter 2292 Walking The Path Untrodden
Chapter 2293 Half-Life Half-Death Bridge
Chapter 2294 Breaking The Laws
Chapter 2295 The Final Juncture
Chapter 2296 Sending Off
Chapter 2297 Rebirth After Death
Chapter 2298 Bandits Never Leave Empty-Handed
Chapter 2299 The Righteous Path’S Decline
Chapter 2300 Peng Wanshan
Chapter 2301 Going In Advance
Chapter 2302 A Big Gift
Chapter 2303 Too Young, Too Immature
Chapter 2304 Who Cares About You?
Chapter 2305 Annihilating The Disciples Of The Kunpeng Race
Chapter 2306 Lightning Spirit Body
Chapter 2307 Six Dao Divine Lightning
Chapter 2308 Sharing As A Group
Chapter 2309 A Risk Taken Out Of Desperation
Chapter 2310 Six-Color Yuan Spirit
Chapter 2311 The Nethergate Star’S Power
Chapter 2312 Lightning Whichapter Terrifies The World
Chapter 2313 Merging With The Peng Emperor’S Heroic Spirit
Chapter 2314 A Sovereign Flips The World With The Wave Of A Hand
Chapter 2315 A Sovereign’S Karma
Chapter 2316 War Erupts
Chapter 2317 Dragonblood Legion Vs. Heavenly Dragon Legion
Chapter 2318 The Netherpassage Realm, Life And Death Energy
Chapter 2319 Heaven Devouring Toad
Chapter 2320 Slaying Kun Pengzi
Chapter 2321 Ye Yaochen
Chapter 2322 Hunting Down Tian Xiezi
Chapter 2323 Corrupt God Cemetery
Chapter 2324 Heaven Executioner
Chapter 2325 Ninth Form Of Heaven Corrupter, Soul Drawer
Chapter 2326 Corrupt Emperor Xie Qianmo
Chapter 2327 Resolving Grudges
Chapter 2328 The Coffins Inside The Inner Cemetery
Chapter 2329 Lotus Throne
Chapter 2330 Judgement Day For The Kunpeng Race
Chapter 2331 Unknown To Be Alive Or Dead
Chapter 2332 The Killing God’S True Face
Chapter 2333 Seizing The Divine Rune
Chapter 2334 Opportunity Within Crisis
Chapter 2335 It’S A Trap
Chapter 2336 The Hand Behind The Scenes
Chapter 2337 Deciding With Just A Word
Chapter 2338 The Unified Xuan Beasts
Chapter 2339 Planning Something Big
Chapter 2340 Pretending
Chapter 2341 The New Seventh Commander, Yan Fei
Chapter 2342 One Eye Open, One Eye Closed
Chapter 2343 Guo Ran Fights An Old Monster
Chapter 2344 Heaven Earth Twisting Massacre
Chapter 2345 Demonic Furnace
Chapter 2346 A Liar And A Scammer
Chapter 2347 Sacred Son Of The Blood Race
Chapter 2348 Report Your Name
Chapter 2349 Scared To Death
Chapter 2350 Fairies Drive Away The Devil
Chapter 2351 Being Offered As Sacrifice
Chapter 2352 Beating Up The Sacred Son
Chapter 2353 Waving Goodbye
Chapter 2354 Readying The Troops
Chapter 2355 Playing Matchmaker
Chapter 2356 The Mysteries Of The Heavens Cannot Be Leaked
Chapter 2357 Grandmaster Ling-Er
Chapter 2358 Activating The Runes
Chapter 2359 Refining A Giant Pill
Chapter 2360 Good Things Come In Pairs
Chapter 2361 Confidence? No Need
Chapter 2362 Giving Proof
Chapter 2363 Feng Fei
Chapter 2364 Deputy Elder
Chapter 2365 The Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 2366 Bezoar Blood Ignition Pill
Chapter 2367 I Want Bull Balls
Chapter 2368 Want To Play? I’Ll Play
Chapter 2369 Do You Want To Gamble?
Chapter 2370 Staking Everything On One Throw
Chapter 2371 Falling Into The Con
Chapter 2372 Saving Enemies
Chapter 2373 Coughing Up Blood From Anger
Chapter 2374 Treating People The Way They Treat Others
Chapter 2375 The Goal Is To Play You To Death
Chapter 2376 Reclaiming The Camp
Chapter 2377 Who Is Conning Who?
Chapter 2378 No Choice But To Save Them
Chapter 2379 Weeping From Being Conned
Chapter 2380 Going Back On One’S Word
Chapter 2381 Put On Trial
Chapter 2382 Don’T Fuss. Hurry And Take Your Medicine.
Chapter 2383 A Battle Of Words
Chapter 2384 Brothers, Perform
Chapter 2385 What Is Most Important?
Chapter 2386 The Probing Of The Deputy Elder
Chapter 2387 Ye Zhiqing
Chapter 2388 The High Spirited Shen Chengfeng
Chapter 2389 The Divine Families’ Treasury
Chapter 2390 Young Master Ye Qian
Chapter 2391 Heaven Gathering Blood Flame
Chapter 2392 The Pill Doyen
Chapter 2393 Pill Competition
Chapter 2394 A Draw?
Chapter 2395 Heavenly Flame Orb
Chapter 2396 Hundred Dao Merger Spirit Pill
Chapter 2397 Tuition Fee
Chapter 2398 The Former Master Of The Moon And Star Refining Furnace
Chapter 2399 Endless Ridicule
Chapter 2400 Five-Color Pill Lightning
Chapter 2401 The Dao Of Annihilation
Chapter 2402 Earth Rank Top Tier Tribulation Pill
Chapter 2403 Fortune Or Calamity Are Decided By Yourself
Chapter 2404 Pill Sovereign’S Divine Radiance
Chapter 2404 Pill Sovereign’S Divine Radiance
Chapter 2405 Sovereign Sprout
Chapter 2406 The High Priest’S Support
Chapter 2407 Samsara Void Extinguisher
Chapter 2408 Unexpected Failure
Chapter 2409 Visiting The Mo Family
Chapter 2410 Once More Entering The Netherworld
Chapter 2411 The Netherworld’S Ancient Tomb
Chapter 2412 A God’S Mortal Husk
Chapter 2413 Heaven Swallowing Sun Hunting
Chapter 2414 Karmic Flames Burn The Heavens
Chapter 2415 Do You Dare To Fight Me
Chapter 2416 Collecting The Karmic Hell Flames
Chapter 2417 Taking A Door Bolt
Chapter 2418 A Strange Sneak Attack
Chapter 2419 Something Wrong With The Brain
Chapter 2420 Competition Of Spiritual Strength
Chapter 2421 The Divine Gate’S Anger, Both Sides Injured
Chapter 2422 Returning To The Martial Heaven Alliance
Chapter 2423 Netherbeast
Chapter 2424 Refining Pills Together
Chapter 2425 Second Heavenstage Of Netherpassage
Chapter 2426 Moving Out For The Star Field Divine World
Chapter 2427 The Senior Generation’S Commitment
Chapter 2428 The Arrogant Mo Nian
Chapter 2429 Mysterious Man
Chapter 2430 Turn The Tables
Chapter 2431 Ghost Ship
Chapter 2432 Legend Of A Sovereign
Chapter 2433 Flow Of Time
Chapter 2434 Unknown Lifeforms
Chapter 2435 Two Races Fight?
Chapter 2436 Spatial Crack
Chapter 2437 Fortune Found Within Danger
Chapter 2438 Escaping Back Into The World
Chapter 2439 The Luo Spirit Race
Chapter 2440 Life Spirit God
Chapter 2441 Golden Scale Blue Eye Eagle
Chapter 2442 Towering Tree
Chapter 2443 Bone Tile
Chapter 2444 Violent Lightning Devours The Heavens
Chapter 2445 Spies
Chapter 2446 Huo Long Awakens
Chapter 2447 Sea Demons Block The Way
Chapter 2448 Magic Trick Transformation
Chapter 2449 The Power Of The Third Step Of Netherpassage
Chapter 2450 Crushing Through Power
Chapter 2451 Death Substitute Talisman
Chapter 2452 Black Marsh
Chapter 2453 Friend Of The Human Race
Chapter 2454 Heavenly Qilin Demon Tree
Chapter 2455 The Miserable Heavenly Qilin Demon Fruit
Chapter 2456 Seven Star World Extermination
Chapter 2457 Guo Ran’S Luck
Chapter 2458 Dangerous Scheme
Chapter 2459 Crisis Descends
Chapter 2460 God Reincarnation
Chapter 2461 Ensemble Of Heroes Fights The Corrupt King
Chapter 2462 Realm Suppression
Chapter 2463 Corrupt God Underworld Spear
Chapter 2464 Crushed
Chapter 2465 Killing Tian Xiezi
Chapter 2466 Ten Thousand Dragon Nest
Chapter 2467 Startling News
Chapter 2468 Hidden Dragon Star Soul Grass
Chapter 2469 The Secrets Of The Ten Thousand Dragon Nest
Chapter 2470 Ye Ming
Chapter 2471 Dark Energy
Chapter 2472 Core Of The Dragon Nest
Chapter 2473 Zhao Ritian
Chapter 2474 Dragon King Blood Essence Stone
Chapter 2475 A Treasure Left For Who?
Chapter 2476 Azure Dragon Seal
Chapter 2477 I Want To Kill Someone
Chapter 2478 A Wild Dragon’S Power
Chapter 2479 Giant Spirit Breaks The Heavens
Chapter 2480 Smoothly Making Money
Chapter 2481 Million Metal Whirlpool
Chapter 2482 Dragon Might Shakes The Heavens
Chapter 2483 An Arrow At The End Of Its Flight
Chapter 2484 Heaven Suppressing Dragon Coiling Rod
Chapter 2485 Flame Prison Traps The Heavens
Chapter 2486 Chaotic Battle
Chapter 2487 Taking The Divine Bones
Chapter 2488 Feng Fei Lowers Her Head?
Chapter 2489 Snow White Robes
Chapter 2490 The Ghost Ship Reappears
Chapter 2491 I’Ll Accompany You
Chapter 2492 Setting Foot On The Ghost Ship
Chapter 2493 Two Paths
Chapter 2494 Resentful Spirit
Chapter 2495 Once More Meeting Yun Shang
Chapter 2496 Heaven Shrouding Mirror
Chapter 2497 Nine Star Heir
Chapter 2498 Senior Apprentice-Brother’S Gift
Chapter 2499 Void Mirror
Chapter 2500 Mishap
Chapter 2501 Three Emperor Manifestation
Chapter 2502 The Power Of A Heaven-Seizer
Chapter 2503 Corpse Devouring Armored Spider
Chapter 2504 The World’S Number One Handsome Man
Chapter 2505 Heaven-Defying Karmic Luck
Chapter 2506 Wilde’S Terrifying Power
Chapter 2507 Covering The Stars
Chapter 2508 Impending Crisis
Chapter 2509 Barbarian Blood Giant Vs. Golden Giant
Chapter 2510 Fiend King’S Corpse
Chapter 2511 Darkness Swallows The Heavens
Chapter 2512 Snatching Gold
Chapter 2513 Wind Moon Severs Twilight And Dawn
Chapter 2514 Soul Assimilation Reincarnation
Chapter 2515 Nine Star World Extermination Flame Lotus
Chapter 2516 The Secret Beneath The Tree
Chapter 2517 Little Pretty Boy?
Chapter 2518 Secret Transaction
Chapter 2519 Sea God’S Trident
Chapter 2520 Contemptible
Chapter 2521 The Fiend King’S Revival
Chapter 2522 Luo Spirit Race Reinforcements
Chapter 2523 Fighting Desperately To Survive
Chapter 2524 Pressing Forward
Chapter 2525 Hating My Weak Self
Chapter 2526 Final Trump Card
Chapter 2527 Six Star Battle Armor
Chapter 2528 One Roar Shatters The Heavens
Chapter 2529 Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
Chapter 2530 Guo Ran Happily Obtains A Cornucopia
Chapter 2531 Ye Ming’S Self Detonation
Chapter 2532 Mother God
Chapter 2533 A Warrior Can Be Killed, But Not Humiliated
Chapter 2534 Resolving Hatred
Chapter 2535 Also A Sovereign Sprout?
Chapter 2536 The Peak Of The Mother Tree
Chapter 2537 Cultivation Land
Chapter 2538 A Feast
Chapter 2539 Battle Plan
Chapter 2540 Dragon Slayer
Chapter 2541 New Comprehension
Chapter 2542 Giant Demonic Forest
Chapter 2543 Long Chen’S Fear
Chapter 2544 Creating A Side Door? Tenth Heavenstage Of Netherpassage
Chapter 2545 Not Dead?
Chapter 2546 Impending Crisis
Chapter 2547 Ye Lingshan’S Heart-Devil
Chapter 2548 Leaving The Star Field Divine World
Chapter 2549 Ye Liangchen
Chapter 2550 Long Aotian
Chapter 2551 Enemies Arrive, World Gate Opens!
Chapter 2552 Absolute Power Suppression
Chapter 2553 Fearless
Chapter 2554 Heaven Merging Realm
Chapter 2555 Ape King Roars At The Nine Heavens
Chapter 2556 Help You Out
Chapter 2557 Huo Linger Comes Out To Fight
Chapter 2558 Phoenix Roams The Heavens
Chapter 2559 Untameable
Chapter 2560 The Heavens Weep
Chapter 2561 Clash Of Divine Items
Chapter 2562 The Terrifying High Priest
Chapter 2563 Leaving Things Like This
Chapter 2564 The Martial Heaven Continent’S Reserves
Chapter 2565 Will We Die?
Chapter 2566 Ten Thousand Dragon Essence Blood Tempering
Chapter 2567 The Allure Of The Ninth Form Of Split The Heavens
Chapter 2568 Bitter Pill
Chapter 2569 The Secret Of Resentful Death City
Chapter 2570 Heaven Devastating Bracelet
Chapter 2571 Sovereign Seal Vanishes
Chapter 2572 One Person Blocks The Path
Chapter 2573 Tit For Tat
Chapter 2574 World Divine Item
Chapter 2575 Forcing Enemies To Retreat
Chapter 2576 When The Old Tiger’S Not At Home
Chapter 2577 Controlling The Heavens’ Wrath
Chapter 2578 Uncontrollable
Chapter 2579 Unable To Pass
Chapter 2580 Unleashed Fury
Chapter 2581 Mysterious Cloud Seas
Chapter 2582 Sealing The Essence, Qi, And Spirit
Chapter 2583 The Blood Race’S Provocations
Chapter 2584 One Punch One Kill
Chapter 2585 Dragon Battle Armor
Chapter 2586 How Do You Want To Die?
Chapter 2587 Despicable Blood Race
Chapter 2588 Terrifying Figure Arrives
Chapter 2589 Blood Fiend Devil Lord
Chapter 2590 Fighting The Devil Lord
Chapter 2591 The Terrifying Blood Fiend Devil Lord
Chapter 2592 The Wolf God’S Egg
Chapter 2593 Silently Provoking A Calamity
Chapter 2594 Autumn Water Divine Sword
Chapter 2595 Once More Going To The Corrupt God Cemetery
Chapter 2596 Revealing What Is Hidden
Chapter 2597 Sovereign Zi Yang
Chapter 2598 Chosen By The Heavens
Chapter 2599 Spirits Cry, Ghosts Weep
Chapter 2600 One Blow Breaks The Heavens
Chapter 2601 Visiting The Grand Xia
Chapter 2602 Visitor From The Divine Families
Chapter 2603 Emissary Of The Divine Families
Chapter 2604 The High Priest’S Encouragement
Chapter 2605 Show Of Power
Chapter 2606 The Evil Hand
Chapter 2607 The Most Terrifying Area
Chapter 2608 Negotiation
Chapter 2609 The Eighth Heavenly Dragon Legion’S Trouble
Chapter 2610 Demon King
Chapter 2611 Plucking Feathers
Chapter 2612 Wild Dragon Roars At The Heavens
Chapter 2613 Sovereign Han Wei, Ninth Divine Emissary?
Chapter 2614 Master Of The World
Chapter 2615 Not Giving A Chance
Chapter 2616 Original Devil Race Comes Out
Chapter 2617 Barbarian Blood Black Dragon
Chapter 2618 Hostility Mounts
Chapter 2619 Competition Between Two Dragons
Chapter 2620 Dragon Breaking Claw
Chapter 2621 Does Your Face Not Hurt?
Chapter 2622 Great Circle Of Netherpassage
Chapter 2623 Devil Race’S Expert
Chapter 2624 Attacking Devil Spirit Mountain
Chapter 2625 Mid Stage Heaven Merging
Chapter 2626 Bite To Death
Chapter 2627 Sneaking Into Devil Spirit Mountain
Chapter 2628 Horned King Majesty
Chapter 2629 Taking Control
Chapter 2630 Depths Of The Devil Sea
Chapter 2631 Western Desert Ax
Chapter 2632 Impossible To Escape
Chapter 2633 Forcibly Charging Through
Chapter 2634 A Heaven-Shaking Saber
Chapter 2635 The Western Desert Ax Accepts A Master
Chapter 2636 Restoring The Old Name Of Glory
Chapter 2637 Living Fossils
Chapter 2638 Restoring The Divine Tablet
Chapter 2639 Devil Soul Gathering Spirit Pearl
Chapter 2640 Resolving The Curse Energy
Chapter 2641 Tribulations In Batches
Chapter 2642 The Heavenly Daos Change
Chapter 2643 The Dragonblood Legion’S Tribulation
Chapter 2644 Lightning Beasts On The Level Of Sovereign Sprouts
Chapter 2645 The Old Man’S Might
Chapter 2646 The Final Wave
Chapter 2647 Unable To Acknowledge A Master
Chapter 2648 Chosen Son Of The Heavens
Chapter 2649 Long Chen’S Fury Explodes
Chapter 2650 I’Ll Give You Proof
Chapter 2651 Drawing Lightning Into The Sea
Chapter 2652 Did I Give You Face?
Chapter 2653 Alldevil Heavenwalker
Chapter 2654 Wild Beast Nine-Headed Lion
Chapter 2655 Gate Of The Heavens
Chapter 2656 Messy Battle
Chapter 2657 Copy Of The Heavenly Daos
Chapter 2658 Heaven Shattering God Extermination Arrow
Chapter 2659 Exterminating Clones
Chapter 2660 Lei Linger
Chapter 2661 The Five Sovereigns Descend
Chapter 2662 So Arrogant?
Chapter 2663 The Difference Compared To A Sovereign
Chapter 2664 The Martial Heaven Continent Is Mine
Chapter 2665 World Divine Chains
Chapter 2666 Heaven String, Earth String
Chapter 2667 Forced To Detonate
Chapter 2668 Nine Dragons Devour The Heavens Diagram
Chapter 2669 The Terrifying Long Aotian
Chapter 2670 Heaven Slaughtering God Slaying Song
Chapter 2671 The Strongest Spirit Bone
Chapter 2672 The Number One Genius In Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 2673 The Lord Saint Descends
Chapter 2674 Outside This World
Chapter 2675 The Lord Saint’S Helplessness
Chapter 2676 Manifestation Of The Heavens’ Wrath
Chapter 2677 Heaven And Earth Resonate
Chapter 2678 My Fury Is The Heavens’ Fury
Chapter 2679 Shameless
Chapter 2680 Ten Thousand Ancient Dragon Spirit
Chapter 2681 Full Firepower
Chapter 2682 The True Six Star Battle Armor
Chapter 2683 Beating Long Aotian
Chapter 2684 Long Aotian’S Bloody Path
Chapter 2685 Sovereign Seal Undone
Chapter 2686 Leader Of The Sea Demons
Chapter 2687 Bloody Massacre Of The Sea Demons
Chapter 2688 Central Plains Cauldron
Chapter 2689 Three-Eyed Ghost Mastiff
Chapter 2690 Divine Items Collide
Chapter 2691 Undying Body
Chapter 2692 After Beating The Son, Beat The Dad
Chapter 2693 Karmic Flames Incinerate The Yuan Spirit
Chapter 2694 The Laws Of Hell
Chapter 2695 Fighting The Sovereigns
Chapter 2696 Sovereign’S Divine Might
Chapter 2697 Fighting All Five Sovereigns
Chapter 2698 Heaven-Shaking Saber
Chapter 2699 Success In Sight
Chapter 2700 Ancestral Spirit Blood Offering
Chapter 2701 Advancing To The Heaven Merging Realm
Chapter 2702 The Fight For The Karmic Luck Pearl
Chapter 2703 Killing The Dragon Woman
Chapter 2704 Sovereignless Martial Heaven Continent
Chapter 2705 Heavenly Flame Demon Domain
Chapter 2706 Taking Out Capital
Chapter 2707 Pill Formulas
Chapter 2708 Heaven Merging Pill
Chapter 2709 Not To Be Eaten
Chapter 2710 The Strange Heaven Merging Pill
Chapter 2711 Once More Changing It
Chapter 2712 Clone
Chapter 2713 Heaven Merging Demon Pill
Chapter 2714 Long Chen’S Unease
Chapter 2715 The Sinister Play
Chapter 2716 Striking Back
Chapter 2717 Beat Out Your Bull Ball
Chapter 2718 Gui Si
Chapter 2719 Using Numbers
Chapter 2720 Deadlock
Chapter 2721 Wall Of Ascension
Chapter 2722 No Belief
Chapter 2723 Zither Soul
Chapter 2724 Sentient Shoehorns
Chapter 2725 The Terror Of Demonic Pills
Chapter 2726 Changing The Nine Stars
Chapter 2727 Failure
Chapter 2728 Punitive Forces
Chapter 2729 Surrounded Once More
Chapter 2730 Trick And Hatred
Chapter 2731 Sovereign Crown
Chapter 2732 Captured
Chapter 2733 The Southern Sea Zither’S Secret
Chapter 2734 Bone Scraping Torture
Chapter 2735 Humiliation
Chapter 2736 Pill Spirit Flame
Chapter 2737 Ling Yunzi Arrives
Chapter 2738 The Eastern Wasteland Bell Appears
Chapter 2739 Profiting From Disaster
Chapter 2740 Core Of The Star Field
Chapter 2741 Pill Flame Refines The Soul
Chapter 2742 The Secret From Back Then
Chapter 2743 Slaughtering His Way Into The Divine Families
Chapter 2744 Evil Woman
Chapter 2745 Trial
Chapter 2746 The One From Back Then
Chapter 2747 Elder Long’S Death
Chapter 2748 A Blood Debt Must Be Paid In Blood
Chapter 2749 Nine Dragon Slaughter
Chapter 2750 Immortal Corpse
Chapter 2751 The Divine Families’ Trump Card
Chapter 2752 The Eastern Wasteland Bell Chooses A Master
Chapter 2753 Sovereign Ye Ming
Chapter 2754 The Secret Behind A Sovereign’S Power
Chapter 2755 Violently Beating A Sovereign
Chapter 2756 The Battle Starts, The World Shakes
Chapter 2757 Imminent Peril
Chapter 2758 Familiar Faces
Chapter 2759 Ling Yunzi Vs. Gui Si
Chapter 2760 Devil Soul Refining Song
Chapter 2761 The Terrifying Zi Yan
Chapter 2762 The High Priest Takes Action
Chapter 2763 Major World Golden Coin
Chapter 2764 Money Blinds The Eye
Chapter 2765 The Power Of Wealth
Chapter 2766 Killing Move
Chapter 2767 Sovereigns Appear
Chapter 2768 The Sovereigns’ Devotion
Chapter 2769 The Only Way
Chapter 2770 Taking It
Chapter 2771 Primal Chaos Bead Vs. Heaven Devastating Bracelet
Chapter 2772 Emperor Mo Nian
Chapter 2773 The Next Crisis Descends
Chapter 2774 Saints Arise
Chapter 2775 Wolf God, Awaken!
Chapter 2776 Besieged By Four Sovereigns
Chapter 2777 The Dragonblood Legion Comes Out To Fight
Chapter 2778 The Dragonblood Legion Slaughters
Chapter 2779 The Five Sovereigns Pass Away
Chapter 2780 Reinforcements
Chapter 2781 The Wolf God Awakens
Chapter 2782 Blood Moon Wild Wolf
Chapter 2783 Hu Feng Against Alldevil Heavenwalker
Chapter 2784 Gambling Life
Chapter 2785 Heaven-Shaking Sword
Chapter 2786 Hu Feng Falls
Chapter 2787 Nethergod Sisters
Chapter 2788 Burning The Boats
Chapter 2789 Injury And Pain
Chapter 2790 Gods Kneel And Beg For Mercy
Chapter 2791 Nether Corpse Insect Poison
Chapter 2792 The Ultimate Form Of The Six Star Battle Armor
Chapter 2793 Unparalleled Power
Chapter 2794 Dragonbone Evilmoon’S Pride
Chapter 2795 A Thousand Reincarnations
Chapter 2796 Hidden Power
Chapter 2797 Mo Nian Formally Accepts A Master
Chapter 2798 Strange Master, Odd Disciple
Chapter 2799 Destitute Guo Ran
Chapter 2800 Help?
Chapter 2801 Opportunity Lies Up Ahead
Chapter 2802 High Firmament Academy
Chapter 2803 Long Chen’S Oath
Chapter 2804 Stripped Of Qualifications
Chapter 2805 Dirty Tricks
Chapter 2806 Heaven-Defyingly Difficult Exam
Chapter 2807 Pill Institute
Chapter 2808 Unable To Endure Any Longer
Chapter 2809 Violently Beating A Teacher
Chapter 2810 Seven Star Elder
Chapter 2811 Once More Encountering The Jewel Blood Jade Orchid
Chapter 2812 New Path
Chapter 2813 The Teacher Exams
Chapter 2814 Dirty Tricks Behind The Exam
Chapter 2815 Beating An Examiner
Chapter 2816 Killing
Chapter 2817 Public Courtroom
Chapter 2818 Long Chen’S Confidence
Chapter 2819 Don’T Provoke Me
Chapter 2820 Divine Lightning Elder
Chapter 2821 Heaven, Earth, Human, Mortal
Chapter 2822 Who Is More Ruthless?
Chapter 2823 Old Foes Meet Once More
Chapter 2824 All A Misunderstanding?
Chapter 2825 Have Them Scram
Chapter 2826 Declining To Join
Chapter 2827 Official Ceremony
Chapter 2828 Stunning Everyone
Chapter 2829 Long Chen’S Killing Intent
Chapter 2830 God Institute’S Elite Group
Chapter 2831 Medicinal Field
Chapter 2832 Huo Linger Awakens
Chapter 2833 First Meeting With The Elite Group
Chapter 2834 Long Chen’S Methods
Chapter 2835 Guess?
Chapter 2836 The Elite Group’S Unknown Side
Chapter 2837 The Devil’S Training Begins
Chapter 2838 The Transformation Of Trash
Chapter 2839 Hope Of Lei Linger Awakening
Chapter 2840 Disciples Of The Immortal Institute
Chapter 2841 The Immortal Institute’S Luo Ning
Chapter 2842 The Challenges Begin
Chapter 2843 Luo Sisters
Chapter 2844 One Shocking Move
Chapter 2845 Slander
Chapter 2846 Guts
Chapter 2847 Divine Scripture Pavilion
Chapter 2848 Chu Kuang
Chapter 2849 Despicable
Chapter 2850 Historical Records
Chapter 2851 An Amazing Figure
Chapter 2852 The Ying Prefecture’S Luo Family
Chapter 2853 Giving Lessons
Chapter 2854 Transmitting The Sword
Chapter 2855 Long Chen’S Sword Dao
Chapter 2856 Wilderness
Chapter 2857 Heavenly Flame Seed
Chapter 2858 Black Fang Viper
Chapter 2859 A Mouth Like A Torrent
Chapter 2860 The Early Bird Gets The Worm
Chapter 2861 Sisters In Trouble
Chapter 2862 Slaughtering A Few People To Play
Chapter 2863 Acting The Pig To Eat The Tiger
Chapter 2864 Bloodline Spirit Weapon
Chapter 2865 The Heavenly Flame Seed Appears
Chapter 2866 Long Chen’S Calculations
Chapter 2867 Companion Ore
Chapter 2868 Allowed To Kill
Chapter 2869 Four Peak Realm Expert
Chapter 2870 Long Chen Cons People
Chapter 2871 Flame Setting Divine Bead
Chapter 2872 The Cause And Effect
Chapter 2873 Unbound By Laws Or Rules
Chapter 2874 Devil Domain
Chapter 2875 Trial
Chapter 2876 Magistrate Apologizes
Chapter 2877 A Glib Tongue
Chapter 2878 True Shamelessness
Chapter 2879 Start Your Performance
Chapter 2880 Competing
Chapter 2881 Tearing Off Any Face
Chapter 2882 Play With You
Chapter 2883 Item-Spirit Merger
Chapter 2884 One Star Top Grade Pills
Chapter 2885 Seven Supreme Yang Technique
Chapter 2886 Soul Lock Heart Interrogation
Chapter 2887 Blood Spirit Bone Armor
Chapter 2888 Immortal Institute Instructor Exam
Chapter 2889 Starry River Of The Sky Art
Chapter 2890 Blood Merging Soul Calling Pill
Chapter 2891 Paving A Path
Chapter 2892 Fully Expelled Mortal Qi
Chapter 2893 Cold Water Over The Head
Chapter 2894 God Institute’S Divine Competition
Chapter 2895 Cheating?
Chapter 2896 Competition Begins
Chapter 2897 Maze Battlefield
Chapter 2898 Will That Shakes The Heavens
Chapter 2899 Devil Slaughter Path
Chapter 2900 Berserk Blood Mammoth
Chapter 2901 Menacing Beast Meets Menacing Human
Chapter 2902 Using Money To Pave The Way
Chapter 2903 Forced Into A Disadvantage
Chapter 2904 Mu Qingyun Vs. Gu Fei
Chapter 2905 Fighting Spirit Items
Chapter 2906 The Barrier Forms
Chapter 2907 Devil Eye Yang Fang
Chapter 2908 Despicable And Shameless
Chapter 2909 Mu Qingyun Admits Defeat?
Chapter 2910 Power That Is Not Human
Chapter 2911 Contractual Soul Beast
Chapter 2912 Long Chen Erupts
Chapter 2913 Every Thread Is Priceless
Chapter 2914 Heaven-Shaking Aura
Chapter 2915 I’Ll Be A Butcher Today
Chapter 2916 Chu Huairen’S Confidence
Chapter 2917 Four Divine Beast Golden Body
Chapter 2918 Fierce Battle Between The Tiger And Dragon
Chapter 2919 The God Path’S Power
Chapter 2920 A Terrifying Figure
Chapter 2921 Six Star Battle Armor
Chapter 2922 World Extermination Flame Lotus Shocks
Chapter 2923 I’Ll Give You Half
Chapter 2924 Victory
Chapter 2925 Moving Out To The Inner Academy
Chapter 2926 Rainbow Crane
Chapter 2927 Removing The Peng Bird
Chapter 2928 Can’T Afford To Offend
Chapter 2929 You Talk Too Much
Chapter 2930 A Fight Breaking Out
Chapter 2931 Boss San Is Mighty
Chapter 2932 Luo Qingyang
Chapter 2933 Helping Others Is Its Own Pleasure
Chapter 2934 Establishing An Independent Guild
Chapter 2935 Bad News
Chapter 2936 Shocking Words
Chapter 2937 Lord Brahma And The Nirvana Scripture
Chapter 2938 Too Infuriated To Think
Chapter 2939 Existences That Cannot Be Provoked In The Inner Academy
Chapter 2940 Divine Flame Spirit Pool
Chapter 2941 Exceptionally Talented, A Self-Made Genius
Chapter 2942 Earth Master Status Plate
Chapter 2943 Brazen Plot
Chapter 2944 Sending Charcoal In Snow
Chapter 2945 Terrifying Archer
Chapter 2946 Preparing To Break Through
Chapter 2947 Igniting Stars
Chapter 2948 Tribulation In The Immortal World
Chapter 2949 Advancing To The Divine Flame Realm
Chapter 2950 Spending A Fortune
Chapter 2951 Third Rank Of The Inner Academy, Long Yanzong
Chapter 2952 Who Is She?
Chapter 2953 Area Forbidden To Life
Chapter 2954 Asking For Humiliation
Chapter 2955 Boss Long San Returns A Gift
Chapter 2956 Alliance Head Admits Defeat
Chapter 2957 Scram
Chapter 2958 Money Making Method
Chapter 2959 Devil Battlefield
Chapter 2960 Battle Strategy
Chapter 2961 Conning People To Death?
Chapter 2962 Long Chen’S Piercing Cloud Arrow
Chapter 2963 Guild Rankings
Chapter 2964 Mocking
Chapter 2965 Heavenly Flame Prison
Chapter 2966 An Ocean’S Worth Of Points
Chapter 2967 Advancements
Chapter 2968 Heaven Shaking Sword
Chapter 2969 Eagle Eye And Shadow
Chapter 2970 Once More Hearing Of The Bloodkill Hall
Chapter 2971 Moving Out Alone
Chapter 2972 Blazing Devil Swamp
Chapter 2973 Devil Domain Battlefield
Chapter 2974 Terrifying Giant Crocodile
Chapter 2975 A Woman Chosen By The Heavens
Chapter 2976 Long Chen Acting Shamelessly
Chapter 2977 Splitting The Spoils And Running Off
Chapter 2978 Devil Crystal Turns Into Swords
Chapter 2979 Nine Prefecture Convention
Chapter 2980 An Instructor’S Vocation
Chapter 2981 The Title Pill Sovereign
Chapter 2982 Luo Ning Injured
Chapter 2983 Punitive Forces
Chapter 2984 Three Exchange Agreement
Chapter 2985 One Sword Kills
Chapter 2986 Intimidation
Chapter 2987 Polite Words
Chapter 2988 Immortal King Zichuan
Chapter 2989 Jialin Immortal Land
Chapter 2990 Bai Xiaole
Chapter 2991 Three Flower Pupil
Chapter 2992 Palace Master
Chapter 2993 A Marvel Father And Mother
Chapter 2994 Karma
Chapter 2995 Starting A Slaughter
Chapter 2996 Vicious Killing
Chapter 2997 Once More Seeing The Daynight Furnace
Chapter 2998 Old Man Offered To The Heavens
Chapter 2999 The Situation Is Off
Chapter 3000 Clear River Palace
Chapter 3001 Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent
Chapter 3002 Boss San Cons People
Chapter 3003 Sisters Join Forces
Chapter 3004 Decawater Divine Lightning
Chapter 3005 Primal Bloodline
Chapter 3006 Traitors
Chapter 3007 Killing Them All
Chapter 3008 Cleaning The Family
Chapter 3009 Deserving Ten Thousand Deaths
Chapter 3010 Nine Cauldron Church’S Lu Chunyang
Chapter 3011 The Hand Behind The Scenes
Chapter 3012 Ancient Corpses
Chapter 3013 Splitting The Treasury?
Chapter 3014 Jiuli Immortal Characters
Chapter 3015 Heaven Merging Stone Spirit
Chapter 3016 Bring You Out
Chapter 3017 Defeating The Stone Spirit
Chapter 3018 Terrifying Junior Brother
Chapter 3019 Mysterious Star Diagram
Chapter 3020 Starry River Sage
Chapter 3021 Preparing For Enemies
Chapter 3022 Playing Big
Chapter 3023 Arrival
Chapter 3024 Dressing Up As God, Playing The Devil
Chapter 3025 Drink While It’S Hot
Chapter 3026 No More Misgivings
Chapter 3027 Finally Venting
Chapter 3028 Bloodline Summoning
Chapter 3029 The Confident Zhao Wuzheng
Chapter 3030 Devil Ape Tears Apart The Heavens
Chapter 3031 New Divine Ring Power
Chapter 3032 Daynight Armor
Chapter 3033 Daynight Divine Radiance
Chapter 3034 Six Stars, Half Open?
Chapter 3035 Wiping Out Chu Yang
Chapter 3036 Stone Spirit Exterminates Golden Bell
Chapter 3037 Shi Tongtian
Chapter 3038 The Academy’S Foundation
Chapter 3039 Choosing A Suitable Person
Chapter 3040 Help
Chapter 3041 The Arrogant Boss Long San
Chapter 3042 Information On Long Aotian
Chapter 3043 Wood Foundation Divine Fruit
Chapter 3044 Fifth Heavenstage Of Divine Flame
Chapter 3045 A Useless Piece Of Trash
Chapter 3046 Duplicated Three Flower Pupils
Chapter 3047 Future Son-In-Law
Chapter 3048 Profound Cultivation
Chapter 3049 Nine Flower Envoy
Chapter 3050 Young Master Changchuan
Chapter 3051 The Rainbow Crane Race’S Gift
Chapter 3052 Someone From The Luo Family
Chapter 3053 Dragon King Reverse Scale
Chapter 3054 An Accompanying Treasure?
Chapter 3055 Black Saber
Chapter 3056 Setting Out
Chapter 3057 Who Do You Like?
Chapter 3058 Enpuda’S Disciple
Chapter 3059 Corpse Devil Dao, Ku Wuya
Chapter 3060 Golden Crow Monster
Chapter 3061 Try And Look Again?
Chapter 3062 Violently Beating The Alliance Head
Chapter 3063 What Is Called Arrogance
Chapter 3064 Privilege
Chapter 3065 Blaze Dragon Gate
Chapter 3066 Huayun Trading Company
Chapter 3067 One’S Capital
Chapter 3068 Vip
Chapter 3069 The Academy’S Decision
Chapter 3070 Instructor Convention
Chapter 3071 Provoking Everyone
Chapter 3072 Does Your Face Not Hurt?
Chapter 3073 The Heavens’ Number One Dipper User
Chapter 3074 Triggering Everyone’S Rage
Chapter 3075 Attacked On All Sides
Chapter 3076 A Master
Chapter 3077 Carrying On The Con
Chapter 3078 Dao Discussion Reward
Chapter 3079 World Extermination Lightning Radiance
Chapter 3080 Preparing For The Martial Dao Convention
Chapter 3081 Dirty Race?
Chapter 3082 Young Master Wuji
Chapter 3083 Stopping Pain
Chapter 3084 The Preliminaries Commence
Chapter 3085 Infuriating Provocation
Chapter 3086 Vicious
Chapter 3087 Past The Qualifiers
Chapter 3088 Martial Heaven Old Friend
Chapter 3089 Dragonblood Warrior Qin Feng
Chapter 3090 Second Expert
Chapter 3091 Powerful Dragonblood Warrior
Chapter 3092 Bloodkill Expert
Chapter 3093 An Assassin’S Weakness
Chapter 3094 Fights Between Experts
Chapter 3095 Qin Feng Vs. Chu Zhen
Chapter 3096 Bai Shishi Goes Out
Chapter 3097 Dark Tiger Power
Chapter 3098 Catching One
Chapter 3099 Bai Xiaole Fights
Chapter 3100 Three Flower Pupils Manifest
Chapter 3101 Chu Gan
Chapter 3102 Chu Family’S Four Heroes
Chapter 3103 Overestimating Oneself
Chapter 3104 Did I Give You Too Much Face?
Chapter 3105 Treasure Item Bracers
Chapter 3106 Absolute Power
Chapter 3107 The Chu Family’S Sinister Play
Chapter 3108 Terrifying Fatty
Chapter 3109 Strange Woman
Chapter 3110 The Influence Of The Purgatory Eyes
Chapter 3111 The Lecherous Wuji
Chapter 3112 The Zither Sect’S Expert
Chapter 3113 Natural Charm
Chapter 3114 Heaven Shaking Physical Body
Chapter 3115 Long Chen Vs. Young Master Wuji
Chapter 3116 Heavenly Flame Prison
Chapter 3117 Karmic Flames Refine The Soul
Chapter 3118 Gui Yun Appears On Stage
Chapter 3119 The Terrifying Gui Yun
Chapter 3120 World Blood Slash
Chapter 3121 Giving A Treasure Pill
Chapter 3122 Heavenly Flame, Azure Rainbow Flame
Chapter 3123 Nine Dragon Space Sealing Formation
Chapter 3124 Your Dad Caught In A Jar
Chapter 3125 Silently Profiting
Chapter 3126 Easily Killed
Chapter 3127 Heavenly Dao Fruit Reappears
Chapter 3128 Liao Yuhuang
Chapter 3129 Xiaole Admits Fear
Chapter 3130 Fully Convinced.
Chapter 3131 Long Chen Vs. Liao Yuhuang
Chapter 3132 Musical Scale
Chapter 3133 Liao Yuhuang Admits Defeat
Chapter 3134 Die Wu
Chapter 3135 The Evil Gui Yun
Chapter 3136 Long Chen’S Rage
Chapter 3137 Bai Shishi Vs. Ku Wuya
Chapter 3138 Golden Lotus Manifestation
Chapter 3139 Shocking Change
Chapter 3140 Sinister Ku Wuya
Chapter 3141 Blood Match
Chapter 3142 Peak Fury
Chapter 3143 Absolute Power
Chapter 3144 Unleashed Power
Chapter 3145 Corpse Devil Projection
Chapter 3146 One Saber Shakes Experts
Chapter 3147 A World King’S Pressure
Chapter 3148 Entering A Weak State?
Chapter 3149 Immortal King Ancient Corpse
Chapter 3150 Long Chen’S Greatest Power
Chapter 3151 A Heaven-Shaking Saber, Ghosts And Gods Flee
Chapter 3152 Heavenly Flame Barrier
Chapter 3153 Corpse Devil Sect Master
Chapter 3154 Enpuda Shows Himself
Chapter 3155 Absolute Confidence
Chapter 3156 Wiping Out Gui Yun
Chapter 3157 A Chaotic Battle Commences
Chapter 3158 Slaying Divine Lords
Chapter 3159 Slaughter At Will
Chapter 3160 Silver Moon City’S Lord
Chapter 3161 Peak Shamelessness
Chapter 3162 Purgatory Eyes, Power Of Destruction
Chapter 3163 The Dean Appears
Chapter 3164 The Champion
Chapter 3165 Prizes
Chapter 3166 Zhao Clan Courting Death
Chapter 3167 Losing The Rice To Lure The Chicken
Chapter 3168 News Of Zheng Wenlong
Chapter 3169 The Weak Are Prey To The Strong
Chapter 3170 Lacking Morals Leads To Smoke
Chapter 3171 Old Friends Of The Martial Heaven Continent (1)
Chapter 3172 Old Friends Of The Martial Heaven Continent (2)
Chapter 3173 Old Friends Of The Martial Heaven Continent (3)
Chapter 3174 Old Friends Of The Martial Heaven Continent (4)
Chapter 3175 Old Friends Of The Martial Heaven Continent (5)
Chapter 3176 Twelfth Heavenstage Of Divine Flame
Chapter 3177 Bai Shishi Undergoes Tribulation
Chapter 3178 Crane Cry Valley
Chapter 3179 Devil Sea
Chapter 3180 Rank Five Heavenly Dao Rune
Chapter 3181 Peak Rank Heavenly Dao Rune
Chapter 3182 Fiendish Power
Chapter 3183 Heavenly Swell Domain? Dao Dawn Domain?
Chapter 3184 Refining The Dragon Scale
Chapter 3185 The Academy’S Old Monsters
Chapter 3186 Sudden Attack
Chapter 3187 Despicable Shameless
Chapter 3188 Handling It Himself
Chapter 3189 An Ocean Of Devil Corpses
Chapter 3190 Heavenly Tribulation, Divine Punishment
Chapter 3191 Destroying Heaven And Earth
Chapter 3192 You’Re Finally Here
Chapter 3194 Black Sword
Chapter 3195 Crisis Of Life And Death
Chapter 3196 Purgatory Eyes, Sealing Art
Chapter 3197 Sowing A Seed
Chapter 3198 Lei Linger Manifests
Chapter 3199 Seventh Star - Violet Tower
Chapter 3200 Tying Up Loose Ends
Chapter 3201 An Expert From Outside
Chapter 3202 Flourishing Academy
Chapter 3203 Going To The Ying Prefecture
Chapter 3204 Luo Family Grand Elder
Chapter 3205 Deep Sea Crocodile Bull
Chapter 3206 Collecting Corpses
Chapter 3207 Sea Devil
Chapter 3208 Two Headed Six Horn Sea Serpent
Chapter 3209 Raging Flames Fill The Heavens
Chapter 3210 Apocalyptic Flame Lotus
Chapter 3211 The Hesitation Of The Inner Heart
Chapter 3212 Bloodkill Order
Chapter 3213 Honing Heavenly Staircase
Chapter 3214 Who Is More Arrogant
Chapter 3215 Honing Trial
Chapter 3216 Immortal King Zichuan
Chapter 3217 Fury Explodes
Chapter 3218 The Difference
Chapter 3219 Sharpening
Chapter 3220 A Fair Battle
Chapter 3221 The Grand Dao Is Formless
Chapter 3222 Saber Teller
Chapter 3223 Perfection Appears Flawed
Chapter 3224 Going Down The Mountain
Chapter 3225 Resolve Grudges
Chapter 3226 Secret Of The Violet Blood
Chapter 3227 Wood Foundation Divine Arrow
Chapter 3228 Sword Pointed At The Chu Family
Chapter 3229 Collective Honing
Chapter 3230 Preparing For Battle
Chapter 3231 Descending Upon The Sheng Prefecture
Chapter 3232 Mysterious Altars
Chapter 3233 Sharp Attack
Chapter 3234 King Item
Chapter 3235 Snatching The King Item
Chapter 3236 The Chu Family’S Sinister Scheme
Chapter 3237 Bone Blade Flame Devil
Chapter 3238 Terrifying Three-Eyed Lifeform
Chapter 3239 The Chu Family’S Destruction
Chapter 3240 The Long Clan
Chapter 3241 The Luo Family’S Financial Crisis
Chapter 3243 Zheng Wenlong Arrives
Chapter 3244 Only I, Mo Nian, Will Rise To Glory
Chapter 3245 Helping Each Other
Chapter 3246 Becoming Dean?
Chapter 3247 Vile Dragon Domain
Chapter 3248 Peakless Pill
Chapter 3249 Sending Charcoal In Snow
Chapter 3250 The Peakless Pill Unpermitted By Heaven And Earth
Chapter 3251 Dragonblood Warrior Qi Yu
Chapter 3252 Spirit Psychic Bloodline
Chapter 3253 Crossing The Devil Sea
Chapter 3254 A Strange But Marvelous Idea
Chapter 3255 Once More Encountering A Ghost Ship
Chapter 3256 Yin Soldiers Through The Dao
Chapter 3257 Precious Sword Given To A Beauty
Chapter 3258 Long Chen’S Dream
Chapter 3259 Come To Pay Respect
Chapter 3260 Yuhua Palace Master
Chapter 3261 Yuhua Patriarch
Chapter 3262 Wily Old Fox
Chapter 3263 The Bravery Of A Dragonblood Warrior
Chapter 3264 Long Chen Vs. Jiang Baihe
Chapter 3265 You’Re Still Too Immature
Chapter 3266 Bone Saber’S Divine Radiance Starts To Show
Chapter 3267 Psychic Beasts
Chapter 3268 Underworld Ghost Seed
Chapter 3269 Lifeform Of The Ghost Dao
Chapter 3270 Clash Of King Items
Chapter 3271 Ominous Omen
Chapter 3272 Qi Yu Returns
Chapter 3273 Vile Dragon Domain
Chapter 3274 The Fisherman Profits
Chapter 3275 Local Gang
Chapter 3276 Zhao Qinglong
Chapter 3277 Zhaoming Ancient City
Chapter 3278 Do You Have An Opinion?
Chapter 3279 Cleaning Up The Sect
Chapter 3280 One Sword To Slay An Immortal King
Chapter 3281 Immortal King Tiers
Chapter 3282 Spirit King Pill
Chapter 3283 Terrifying Place
Chapter 3284 Ghost Wailing Ape
Chapter 3285 Vile Dragon Valley
Chapter 3286 Terrifying Black Dragon
Chapter 3287 The Lost Ruins
Chapter 3288 The Skeleton At The Bottom Of The Abyss
Chapter 3289 Devil Dragon Nest
Chapter 3290 Devil Eye Water Lily
Chapter 3291 Snatching The Seed Pod
Chapter 3292 Terrifying Devil Eye Water Lily
Chapter 3293 Crazy Devil Dragons
Chapter 3294 Devil Eye
Chapter 3295 Pursuit
Chapter 3296 The Unmatched Devil Eye Water Lily
Chapter 3297 Establishing The Altar
Chapter 3298 Jia Luo
Chapter 3299 Who Is More Sinister?
Chapter 3300 There’S More Than Just One Way
Chapter 3301 Third Heavenstage Of Four Peak
Chapter 3302 Heavenly Rainbow Flame
Chapter 3303 Flocking Toward One Place
Chapter 3304 Flames Of Fury Ignite
Chapter 3305 Blasting Through Rotten Wood
Chapter 3306 The Heavenly Rainbow Fairy
Chapter 3307 Utmost Righteousness
Chapter 3308 Con
Chapter 3309 Nine Underworld Hall
Chapter 3310 Heavenly Rainbow Appears
Chapter 3311 Terrifying Battle
Chapter 3312 Evil Flame Yan Xu
Chapter 3313 Darklight Heaven
Chapter 3314 A New Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 3315 The Feather Race’S Kun Wu
Chapter 3316 Blown Up With A Single Punch
Chapter 3317 Dark Lifeforms
Chapter 3318 Facing The Devil Race
Chapter 3319 Mo Ke Race
Chapter 3320 Battling The Devil Race
Chapter 3321 Whale Absorption
Chapter 3322 Mo Yan Retreats?
Chapter 3323 Full Power
Chapter 3324 Who Dares To Touch My Feather Race?!
Chapter 3325 Kun Wu’S Fury
Chapter 3326 Fearless
Chapter 3327 Heavenly Rainbow Chooses A Master
Chapter 3328 Devil World Heavenly Bead
Chapter 3329 Furiously Attacking Tian Mo
Chapter 3330 Bloodily Fighting All Sides
Chapter 3331 Destroying Heaven And Earth
Chapter 3332 Shocking Change
Chapter 3333 Once More Seeing Her
Chapter 3334 Treacherous Bloodkill Hall
Chapter 3335 The Other Power In Long Chen’S Body
Chapter 3336 Final Smile
Chapter 3337 Heart-Devil
Chapter 3338 Leaving The Heavenly Rainbow Domain
Chapter 3339 Unfathomable
Chapter 3340 Pool Of Dragons, Nest Of Tigers
Chapter 3341 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 3342 Auspicious Crane Dance
Chapter 3343 Who Do You Think You Are Talking To?
Chapter 3344 Guests Pay A Visit
Chapter 3345 Status Exposed
Chapter 3346 Timely Assistance
Chapter 3347 Old Brilliance
Chapter 3348 Heaven-Defying Heavenly Dao Tree
Chapter 3349 Creating An Earth Tier Immortal King
Chapter 3350 Ghost Dao Mark
Chapter 3351 Seventh Heavenstage Of Four Peak
Chapter 3352 Trap
Chapter 3353 Massacre
Chapter 3354 Earth Tier Immortal Kings
Chapter 3355 Rank Two Heaven Fiend, Ice Fangs
Chapter 3356 Strange Divine Weapons
Chapter 3357 Demon Moon Reveals Her Power
Chapter 3358 Enpuda’S Arrangement
Chapter 3359 Mo Nian Appears
Chapter 3360 All Fatties Are On The Same Side
Chapter 3361 Chaotic Flow Of Space
Chapter 3362 Fish In Troubled Water
Chapter 3363 Switching Sides Just Before Battle
Chapter 3364 World Extermination Flame Lotus
Chapter 3365 Leng Yueyan’S Emotions
Chapter 3366 Preparing For Battle
Chapter 3367 Changgong Hao
Chapter 3368 The Valiant Longbow Race
Chapter 3369 Ghost Sovereign Mark
Chapter 3370 Confidence In One’S Backing
Chapter 3371 Conning A God
Chapter 3372 Easily Subdued
Chapter 3373 Unexpected
Chapter 3374 Crisis Arrives
Chapter 3375 The Netherworld’S Black Sea
Chapter 3376 Forceful Visit
Chapter 3377 Sudden Change
Chapter 3378 Taking A Risk
Chapter 3379 The Terrifying Black Sea
Chapter 3380 Black Sea’S Fiend Spirits
Chapter 3381 Terrifying Broken Sword
Chapter 3382 Twelfth Heavenstage Of Four Peak
Chapter 3383 Underworld-Nether War
Chapter 3384 Nether Blood Giant
Chapter 3385 Waited A Long Time For You
Chapter 3386 Wu Tian
Chapter 3387 Undying Indestructible Race
Chapter 3388 Brothers
Chapter 3389 Like-Minded
Chapter 3390 Returning To The Immortal World
Chapter 3391 Integral Heaven Star-Field
Chapter 3392 Ying Bokong
Chapter 3393 Beat You Until You’Re Convinced
Chapter 3394 Sacred Pill Hall
Chapter 3395 Heavenly Geniuses Gather
Chapter 3396 Lightning Falcon Race
Chapter 3397 Elephant Emperor War Chariot
Chapter 3398 Establishing Might Before The City
Chapter 3399 Are You Interested In Being My Companion?
Chapter 3400 Lei Yuner
Chapter 3401 Giving Face But Not Receiving Face
Chapter 3402 Having Children?
Chapter 3403 Half-Step World King
Chapter 3404 Shameless Move
Chapter 3405 Toppling Common Knowledge
Chapter 3406 Full Cultivation Of Seven Powers
Chapter 3407 Controversy
Chapter 3408 Long Chen’S Betrothal Gift
Chapter 3409 Lightning Spirit Blood Soul Pill
Chapter 3410 Water Mallard Race
Chapter 3411 Shameless Sacred Pill Hall
Chapter 3412 Lightning Falcon Secret Art
Chapter 3413 Gathering
Chapter 3414 Intolerable Bullying
Chapter 3415 Surrounded By Difficulty
Chapter 3416 Nine Star Heir
Chapter 3417 The Nine Star Line’S Mission
Chapter 3418 You’Re Talking Nonsense
Chapter 3419 Towering Killing Intent
Chapter 3420 Identity Exposed
Chapter 3421 Skinning
Chapter 3422 Coming Late
Chapter 3423 Trusted By The Core Of The Star-Field
Chapter 3424 Positions Switched
Chapter 3425 Dragon Soul Roar
Chapter 3426 You’Re Too Naive
Chapter 3427 Heavenly Tribulation Descends
Chapter 3428 The Care Of The Heavenly Daos
Chapter 3429 Lightning Gates
Chapter 3430 Ancient Corpses Of The Ghost Ship
Chapter 3431 Black Swords Reappear
Chapter 3432 Destroying The Divine Lord Immortal Realm
Chapter 3433 Repaying Kindness With Enmity?
Chapter 3434 Divine Saber Minghong
Chapter 3435 Brahma Divine Statue
Chapter 3436 Lightning World Destruction
Chapter 3437 Revolt?
Chapter 3438 Let’S Talk Nicely
Chapter 3439 The Present Of The Core Of The Star-Field
Chapter 3440 Returning In Glory
Chapter 3441 Changes
Chapter 3442 Devils Invade
Chapter 3443 A Strong Return
Chapter 3444 The Divine Lightning Elder’S True Power
Chapter 3445 Dog-Headed Generals
Chapter 3446 Divine Object Of The Primal Chaos Era
Chapter 3447 Who Is The Bigger Boss?
Chapter 3448 Collective Tribulation
Chapter 3449 Gain Some Profit
Chapter 3450 The Real Start
Chapter 3451 Loan Shark Returns
Chapter 3452 Give You A Chance
Chapter 3453 An Existence More Terrifying Than The Ghost Sovereign
Chapter 3454 Powerful Violet Tower Pill
Chapter 3455 Bai Shishi’S Luck
Chapter 3456 Xu Zixiong'S Barbarian Blood Power
Chapter 3457 Deep Sea Fiend Devils
Chapter 3458 Who Runs Out Of Patience First
Chapter 3459 Major Bad Turn Of Events
Chapter 3460 Heaven-Shaking Attack
Chapter 3461 Ghost Dao Possession
Chapter 3462 Enpuda Appears
Chapter 3463 Enpuda’S Scheme
Chapter 3464 Rank One Heavenly Fiend, Nine Underworld Luocha
Chapter 3465 Your Whole Family Consists Of Fools
Chapter 3466 Chaotic Scene
Chapter 3467 The Second Form Of Split The Heavens
Chapter 3468 World King Avatar
Chapter 3469 Lightning Radiance Destroys The World
Chapter 3470 Slaying Jia Luo
Chapter 3471 The Man In The Shadows
Chapter 3472 Preparing To Leave
Chapter 3473 Mysterious Mirror
Chapter 3474 Consuming The Violet Tower Pill
Chapter 3475 Stepping Onto A New Journey
Chapter 3476 Giant Ship
Chapter 3477 Just Wait
Chapter 3478 Target, Violet Flame Heaven
Chapter 3479 Brother And Sister Of The Bai Clan
Chapter 3480 Settling Debt
Chapter 3481 Scram!
Chapter 3482
Chapter 3483
Chapter 3484
Chapter 3485
Chapter 3486
Chapter 3487
Chapter 3488
Chapter 3489
Chapter 3490
Chapter 3491
Chapter 3492
Chapter 3493
Chapter 3494
Chapter 3495
Chapter 3496
Chapter 3497
Chapter 3498
Chapter 3499
Chapter 3500
Chapter 3501
Chapter 3502
Chapter 3503
Chapter 3504
Chapter 3505
Chapter 3506
Chapter 3507
Chapter 3508
Chapter 3509
Chapter 3510
Chapter 3511
Chapter 3512
Chapter 3513
Chapter 3514
Chapter 3515
Chapter 3516
Chapter 3517
Chapter 3518
Chapter 3519
Chapter 3520
Chapter 3521
Chapter 3522
Chapter 3523
Chapter 3524
Chapter 3525
Chapter 3526
Chapter 3527
Chapter 3528
Chapter 3529
Chapter 3530
Chapter 3531
Chapter 3532
Chapter 3533
Chapter 3534
Chapter 3535
Chapter 3536
Chapter 3537
Chapter 3538
Chapter 3539
Chapter 3540
Chapter 3541
Chapter 3542
Chapter 3543
Chapter 3544
Chapter 3545
Chapter 3546
Chapter 3547
Chapter 3548
Chapter 3549
Chapter 3550
Chapter 3551
Chapter 3552
Chapter 3553
Chapter 3554
Chapter 3555
Chapter 3556
Chapter 3557
Chapter 3558
Chapter 3559
Chapter 3560
Chapter 3561
Chapter 3562
Chapter 3563
Chapter 3564
Chapter 3565
Chapter 3566
Chapter 3567
Chapter 3568
Chapter 3569
Chapter 3570
Chapter 3571
Chapter 3572
Chapter 3573
Chapter 3574
Chapter 3575
Chapter 3576
Chapter 3577
Chapter 3578
Chapter 3579
Chapter 3580
Chapter 3581
Chapter 3582
Chapter 3583
Chapter 3584
Chapter 3585
Chapter 3586
Chapter 3587
Chapter 3588
Chapter 3589
Chapter 3590
Chapter 3591
Chapter 3592
Chapter 3593
Chapter 3594
Chapter 3595
Chapter 3596
Chapter 3597
Chapter 3598
Chapter 3599
Chapter 3600
Chapter 3601
Chapter 3602
Chapter 3603
Chapter 3604
Chapter 3605
Chapter 3606
Chapter 3607
Chapter 3608
Chapter 3609
Chapter 3610
Chapter 3611
Chapter 3612
Chapter 3613
Chapter 3614
Chapter 3615
Chapter 3616
Chapter 3617
Chapter 3618
Chapter 3619
Chapter 3620
Chapter 3621
Chapter 3622
Chapter 3623
Chapter 3624
Chapter 3625
Chapter 3626
Chapter 3627
Chapter 3628
Chapter 3629
Chapter 3630
Chapter 3631
Chapter 3632
Chapter 3633
Chapter 3634
Chapter 3635
Chapter 3636
Chapter 3637
Chapter 3638
Chapter 3639
Chapter 3640
Chapter 3641
Chapter 3642
Chapter 3643
Chapter 3644
Chapter 3645
Chapter 3646
Chapter 3647
Chapter 3648
Chapter 3649
Chapter 3650
Chapter 3651
Chapter 3652
Chapter 3653
Chapter 3654
Chapter 3655
Chapter 3656
Chapter 3657
Chapter 3658
Chapter 3659
Chapter 3660
Chapter 3661
Chapter 3662
Chapter 3663
Chapter 3664
Chapter 3665
Chapter 3666
Chapter 3667
Chapter 3668
Chapter 3669
Chapter 3670
Chapter 3671
Chapter 3672
Chapter 3673 Unmatched
Chapter 3674 Making A Getaway
Chapter 3675 Profiting From Disaster
Chapter 3676 Tenth Heavenstage Of Divine Lord
Chapter 3677
Chapter 3678
Chapter 3679
Chapter 3680
Chapter 3681
Chapter 3682
Chapter 3683
Chapter 3684
Chapter 3685
Chapter 3686
Chapter 3687
Chapter 3688 Treasure Tree’S Clever Use
Chapter 3689 Violet Flame Heaven Capital
Chapter 3690 The Human Race’S Most Flourishing Era
Chapter 3691 Dreams Vanish Before Mo Nian
Chapter 3692 The Number One Flashy Man Of Past And Present
Chapter 3693 Enpuda’S Suspicions
Chapter 3694 Once More Seeing The Nine Underworld Luocha
Chapter 3695 The Asura Race’S Spirit Calling Art
Chapter 3696 Business Opportunity
Chapter 3697 Long Qinian
Chapter 3698 Vermilion Bird Empire, Imperial Princess?
Chapter 3699 Borrowing Someone Spear To Injure Someone
Chapter 3700 Selling Dirty Goods
Chapter 3701 Swindling
Chapter 3702 Nirvanic Bead
Chapter 3703 Vermilion Bird Will
Chapter 3704 Earth Evasion Talisman
Chapter 3705 Yu Qingxuan’S History
Chapter 3706 Heavenly Ruler Seal Empire
Chapter 3707 Heavenly Ruler Seal’S Prince He Changtian
Chapter 3708 Too Many Wolves, Not Enough Meat
Chapter 3709 Xia Chen Vs. He Changtian
Chapter 3710 Talisman Cultivator’S Divine Might
Chapter 3711 Supreme Domain
Chapter 3712 Ten Thousand Flames Burn The Heavens
Chapter 3713 Who Is Courting Death
Chapter 3714 Price
Chapter 3715 Violet Thunderclap Empire’S Weng Taibei
Chapter 3716 Disadvantageous Praise
Chapter 3717 Supreme Heavenly Dao Fruit
Chapter 3718 Targeted By Everyone
Chapter 3719 Xia Chen’S Shortcomings
Chapter 3720 Old Enemies Of The Devil World
Chapter 3721 Once More Seeing The Kunpeng
Chapter 3722 Dragon King Reverse Scale
Chapter 3723 Put Away Your Weapons
Chapter 3724 Butterfly Spirit Reappears
Chapter 3725 Damn Eunuch
Chapter 3726 Dragonblood Warrior Yue Shan
Chapter 3727 Grand Dao Flower
Chapter 3728 Desolate World
Chapter 3729 Start
Chapter 3730 Chaos
Chapter 3731 Blood-Soaked World
Chapter 3732 Scorched Earth Land, Ice Soul Divine Flame
Chapter 3733 Mother Flame
Chapter 3734 Flame Qilin
Chapter 3735 Biting The Hand That Feeds You
Chapter 3736 Rush Of Excitement
Chapter 3737 Collecting Interest
Chapter 3738 Terrifying Yin Changsheng
Chapter 3739 Borrowing Power To Fight
Chapter 3740 Arrest Warrant
Chapter 3741 Restorative Golden Lotus
Chapter 3742 The Wonders Of The Golden Lotus
Chapter 3743 Luo Tribe
Chapter 3744 Major Matter Of The Violet Blood Race
Chapter 3745 New Discovery
Chapter 3746 Descendants Of The Sun
Chapter 3747 Specialized In Scamming The Human Race
Chapter 3748 Powerful Huo Linger
Chapter 3749 Fulfill Your Wish
Chapter 3750 Ice Soul Displays Power
Chapter 3751 Speak With Power
Chapter 3752 Calligraphy Sect’S Li Chenggang
Chapter 3753 Heavenly River Nine Revolution Jade Bamboo
Chapter 3754: The Powerful Li Chenggang
Chapter 3755: He Pushed Me
Chapter 3756: Miserable Jiang Lei
Chapter 3757: Heavenly River Blood Sea
Chapter 3758: Golden Unicorn
Chapter 3759: The Increasingly Powerful Minghong Saber
Chapter 3760: Bing Po Leaves
Chapter 3761: Holy Land
Chapter 3762: Once More Seeing The Mysterious Woman
Chapter 3763: Fifth Volume Of The Nirvana Scripture
Chapter 3764: Land Of Buried Corpses
Chapter 3765: Out Of Control World Extermination Flame Lotus
Chapter 3766: Demonic Beasts Secretly Undergoing Tribulation
Chapter 3767: The World’S Laws
Chapter 3768: Chosen By The Heavens?
Chapter 3769: Boiling Blood Sea
Chapter 3770: Underworld Eye Giant
Chapter 3771: Kun Tu
Chapter 3772: Heaven-Defying Wills Clash
Chapter 3773: Fight Of Tribulation Clouds
Chapter 3774: Apocalyptic
Chapter 3775: Huo Linger Conveniently Benefits
Chapter 3776: Each Harboring Their Own Motives
Chapter 3777: Playing Big
Chapter 3778: Dealing With The Present Predicament
Chapter 3779: Soul Corpse Reincarnation
Chapter 3780: The Final Wave Of Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 3781: Terrifying Nine Star Heirs
Chapter 3782 On Our Side?
Chapter 3783 Pretending To Be A Pig To Eat The Tiger
Chapter 3784 Double Dragon Destruction
Chapter 3785 Primal Chaos Era’S Dragon Scale
Chapter 3786 An Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 3787 Power Of Four Stars
Chapter 3788 Mo Nian’S Intentions
Chapter 3789 Slapped To Death
Chapter 3790 Clear Sky City
Chapter 3791 Mo Nian’S Manifestation
Chapter 3792 Follow Big Brother
Chapter 3793 Eight Gates Eight Trigrams
Chapter 3794 Big Business
Chapter 3795 Heaven-Shaking Tomb
Chapter 3796 Good Wishes
Chapter 3797 Yue Xiaoqian’S Crisis
Chapter 3798 Two-Headed Monster
Chapter 3799 Shi Yang
Chapter 3800 Immemorial Devil Corpse
Chapter 3801 Seven Stars Fully Activated
Chapter 3802 Heaven-Shaking Power
Chapter 3803 Full Power Attack
Chapter 3804 One Punch Annihilates Shi Yang
Chapter 3805 Different Path
Chapter 3806 The Most Evil Race Is The Human Race
Chapter 3807 Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 3808 Junior City Lord
Chapter 3809 Secure In One’S Backing
Chapter 3810 Have Another
Chapter 3811 You Bring Out The People, I’Ll Put Out The Work
Chapter 3812 Heavenly Boundary Line
Chapter 3813 Bewilderment Barrier Of The Heavenly Daos
Chapter 3814 Skeleton
Chapter 3815 Heavenly Eye
Chapter 3816 Fullmoon Divine Rhinoceros
Chapter 3817 Gathering Treasures
Chapter 3818 Heaven Swallowing Toad
Chapter 3819 Core Of The Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 3820 Life And Death Gates
Chapter 3821 Fusang Tree
Chapter 3822 Immemorial Evil Corpses
Chapter 3823 Ghost Dao Lifeforms
Chapter 3824 Subduing Ghost Lifeforms
Chapter 3825 Main Tomb
Chapter 3826 Vajra Blood Bat
Chapter 3827 Moon Flame
Chapter 3828 Profiting
Chapter 3829 Uninvited Guests
Chapter 3830 Dead And Reborn?
Chapter 3831 Terrifying Corpse Devil Dao
Chapter 3832 Dual Yin Yang Trees
Chapter 3833 Appearing One After Another
Chapter 3834 Double Supreme
Chapter 3835 I’Ll Fulfill Your Wish
Chapter 3836 Asura Manifests All Things
Chapter 3837 Drinking Blood
Chapter 3838 Chaotic Battle
Chapter 3839 Bronze Cauldron
Chapter 3840 Triple Supreme Long Aotian
Chapter 3841 Seven-Color Supreme Blood
Chapter 3842 Seven Planet World Suppression
Chapter 3843 Power Shakes The World
Chapter 3844 Terrifying Seven-Color Supreme Blood
Chapter 3845 Long Chen’S New Technique
Chapter 3846 Superficial
Chapter 3847 Thousand Illusion Spirit Coffin
Chapter 3848 Three Eye Giant
Chapter 3849 Long Chen’S Fury
Chapter 3850 Long Chen’S Undefeatable Dao
Chapter 3851 Dual Blood
Chapter 3852 Enraged Long Aotian
Chapter 3853 Sun Moon Five Element Flag
Chapter 3854 World Extermination Snow Lotus
Chapter 3855 World-Shaking Collision
Chapter 3856 Three Flower Deathblow
Chapter 3857 Fight For The Ancient Cauldron
Chapter 3858 Six Dao Heavenly Eye
Chapter 3859 Treacherous Shi Yang
Chapter 3860 A Call
Chapter 3861 The Dragon Expert’S Suggestion
Chapter 3862 Unbelievable
Chapter 3863 God Sealing Seal
Chapter 3864 Combined Attack
Chapter 3865 Pointers
Chapter 3866 Violet Blood Divine Shield
Chapter 3867 Claiming Blood
Chapter 3868 Dragon Burial Land
Chapter 3869 Once More Seeing Long Qinian
Chapter 3870 Bloodline Summoning
Chapter 3871 A Shine That Illuminates Past And Present
Chapter 3872 So Simple?
Chapter 3873 Guo Ran Vs. Weng Tianyao
Chapter 3874 Ji Wuming Retreats
Chapter 3875 Shi Yang Appears
Chapter 3876 Unrivaled Xia Chen
Chapter 3877 All-Out Assault
Chapter 3878 The Transformed Xia Chen
Chapter 3879 The Situation Turns Critical
Chapter 3880 Dragonblood Legion Fights All Sides
Chapter 3881 Malevolent Spirit Possession
Chapter 3882 Ten Thousand Dragons Roar At Heaven And Earth
Chapter 3883 Malevolent Spirit Devours Souls
Chapter 3884 World Extermination Palm
Chapter 3885 Circular Slaughter Formation
Chapter 3886 Respectfully Sending You On Your Way
Chapter 3887 Unrivaled Sword Cultivator
Chapter 3888 Give You Three Moves
Chapter 3889 Treacherous Long Qinian
Chapter 3890 Unstoppable Sword
Chapter 3891 Splitting Sharpness
Chapter 3892 Masochist?
Chapter 3893 Contemptible Ji Wuming
Chapter 3894 Dong Mingyu Vs. Ji Wuming
Chapter 3895 Clash Of Assassins
Chapter 3896 Ji Wuming’S Most Powerful State
Chapter 3897 Silence Of The Night
Chapter 3898 Fairies Appear
Chapter 3899 Mysterious Staff
Chapter 3900 Violet Pupil Nine Tail Demon Fox
Chapter 3901 Regret
Chapter 3902 Unbeatable Shi Yang
Chapter 3903 Weng Tianyao Attacks
Chapter 3904 Meng Qi Arrives
Chapter 3905 Golden Bell
Chapter 3906 Powerful Enemies Appear
Chapter 3907 You Should Die Instead
Chapter 3908 Mo Nian Steals From The Master
Chapter 3909 Flying Into A Rage
Chapter 3910 Old Double Supreme Monsters
Chapter 3911 Little Snow Annihilates Qilin
Chapter 3912 Life Sacrifice
Chapter 3913 Shi Yang’S Terrifying Trump Card
Chapter 3914 Kun Tu
Chapter 3915 One-Shot Underworld Eye Giant
Chapter 3916 True Power
Chapter 3917 Dragon Roars At The Nine Heavens, Ten Thousand Spirit Burial
Chapter 3918 Annihilation
Chapter 3919 Give You A Gift
Chapter 3920 Fighting Powerful Enemies
Chapter 3921 Double Kill
Chapter 3922 Each Harboring Their Own Thoughts
Chapter 3923 The Soul Hooking Terror Devil From The Hell Of Ceaseless Pain
Chapter 3924 Divine Dragon Tail Pendulum
Chapter 3925 Kunpeng Wings
Chapter 3926 First Generation Jiuli Immortal Characters
Chapter 3927 Violet Blood Seal Release
Chapter 3928 The Human Race’S History
Chapter 3929 Out Of The Tiger’S Mouth, Into The Wolf’S Throat
Chapter 3930 Unable To See The Light Of Day
Chapter 3931 Dragon Sparrow Blessing
Chapter 3932 Marriage Proposal, Betrothal Gift
Chapter 3933 Devil Demonic Poison
Chapter 3934 Thirty-Thousand-Meter Trees
Chapter 3935 Future Path
Chapter 3936 Blood Flame Sorghum
Chapter 3937 Refining Kunpeng Wings
Chapter 3938 Great Success
Chapter 3939 Prince Pulling Chariot
Chapter 3940 As Many Experts As Clouds In The Sky
Chapter 3941 Crown Prince
Chapter 3942 Philosopher?
Chapter 3943 Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Land
Chapter 3944 Invitation
Chapter 3945 Yu Qianxue
Chapter 3946 Even A Tiger Does Not Eat Their Cub
Chapter 3947 Helping A Dog Eat Crap
Chapter 3948 Wear Mourning Clothes
Chapter 3949 War Of Tongues
Chapter 3950 A Faulty Note
Chapter 3951 A Donkey Breaking Wind
Chapter 3952 Zenith Star Covering Art
Chapter 3953 Beating Up Eunuch Wei
Chapter 3954 Mediocre?
Chapter 3955 Using Force
Chapter 3956 The Rules
Chapter 3957 The Empresses’ Attitude
Chapter 3958 Long Chen’S Betrothal Gift
Chapter 3959 Starting From Zero
Chapter 3960 Evolving The Seven Star Battle Armor
Chapter 3961 The Nineteenth Prince Zhu Yifeng
Chapter 3962 Selling Oneself
Chapter 3963 Losing Money, Winning A Beauty’S Laughter
Chapter 3964 An Ant Calling Itself An Elephant
Chapter 3965 Princess Detention
Chapter 3966 Making The Princess Faint From Rage
Chapter 3967 Little Black Room
Chapter 3968 Escaping The Sea Of Bitterness
Chapter 3969 Let’S Call It Even
Chapter 3970 The Aura Of Hell
Chapter 3971 The True Me?
Chapter 3972 Despicably Shameless
Chapter 3973 The Imperial Family’S Cultivation Grounds
Chapter 3974 Smashed Into A Meat Patty
Chapter 3975 Dragon Power Test
Chapter 3976 The Difference Is Too Great
Chapter 3977 Dragon Soul Body Forging Art
Chapter 3978 A New Direction
Chapter 3979 Black Robes For A Banquet
Chapter 3980 Unbridled
Chapter 3981 The Caring Mother’S Sword
Chapter 3982 Taking Advantage Of Weakness
Chapter 3983 Verbal Battle With A Philosopher
Chapter 3984 Eyes Growing Out Of Your Butt
Chapter 3985 Ignorant Fellow
Chapter 3986 Trap
Chapter 3987 Treacherous Little Person
Chapter 3988 Complete Defeat
Chapter 3989 Crushing Weng Tianyao
Chapter 3990 Slapping The Face Of An Earth Venerate
Chapter 3991 Long Chen’S Mission
Chapter 3992 The Plan Of The Vermilion Bird Empire’S Royal Family
Chapter 3993 Made Into A Scapegoat
Chapter 3994 The Strongest Trial By Fire
Chapter 3995 Heaven And Earth Switch Places
Chapter 3996 Borrowing Power To Refine The Spirit
Chapter 3997 Cruel Rules
Chapter 3998 The Second Gate
Chapter 3999 Second Refinement
Chapter 4000 War Arrives?
Chapter 4001 Three Thousand Dragon Power
Chapter 4002 First Step Of The Dragon Soul Body Forging Art
Chapter 4003 Trial By Fire Battleground
Chapter 4004 The Winged Devil Race Again
Chapter 4005 Beginning Soul Refinement
Chapter 4006 Splitting The Mind In Two
Chapter 4007 Scourges Last For Thousands Of Years
Chapter 4008 Endless Sea Of Fire
Chapter 4009 A True Trial By Fire
Chapter 4010 The Ninth Level
Chapter 4011 A Gamble
Chapter 4012 Heavenly Collapse Manifestation
Chapter 4013 Immemorial Vermilion Bird
Chapter 4014 Corroborate The Heart
Chapter 4015 Passing The Trial
Chapter 4016 Rushing To The Battlefield
Chapter 4017 Huge Treasure
Chapter 4018 Immemorial Lightning Beast
Chapter 4019 Lightning Sea Sacrificial Altar
Chapter 4020 Blue Flame Voracious Wolf
Chapter 4021 Blue Flame Empire Lord Lan Tianba
Chapter 4022 Fighting A Three-Flower Earth Venerate
Chapter 4023 Subduing The Blue Flame Voracious Wolf
Chapter 4024 Sending A Big Gift
Chapter 4025 Silver Wing Blood Falcon
Chapter 4026 An Immense Battle Starts
Chapter 4027 Shadow Of The Weak
Chapter 4028 Slaying An Earth Venerate
Chapter 4029 Insidious Scheme
Chapter 4030 Rich Boy Bringing Wealth
Chapter 4031 After Beating The Junior, Beat The Senior
Chapter 4032 Fighting Liao Bencang
Chapter 4033 Supreme Dragon Might
Chapter 4034 Slaying Liao Bencang
Chapter 4035 Must Kill
Chapter 4036 Exploding Killing Intent
Chapter 4037 What If You Add Me?
Chapter 4038 Unrivaled Dong Mingyu
Chapter 4039 Four Forms Superimposed
Chapter 4040 Retribution Comes
Chapter 4041 A Curse That Shakes The Heavens
Chapter 4042 Unmatched Golden Lotus Seed
Chapter 4043 Eight Great Divine Commanders
Chapter 4044 The Hell Gate Opens
Chapter 4045 I Will Save My Woman
Chapter 4046 The Heavens Will Be Pierced
Chapter 4047 Sweeping Through The Eight Empires
Chapter 4048 The Nether Emperor’S Secret
Chapter 4049 Peerless Grade Golden Pill
Chapter 4050 Declining A Wedding
Chapter 4051 Primal Chaos Divine Item Heaven Earth Cauldron
Chapter 4052 Nirvana Overflow Heaven
Chapter 4053 Going To The Tiger
Chapter 4054 Enemies On A Narrow Road
Chapter 4055 Dragon Sparrow Divine Might
Chapter 4056 Sea Whale Heaven Whale
Chapter 4057 A Sea Of Skeletons
Chapter 4058 Life Crystal
Chapter 4059 Undying Dragon Tree
Chapter 4060 Devouring The Life Crystal
Chapter 4061 Leaving The Fiend Eye
Chapter 4062 Expert Of The Primal Chaos Era
Chapter 4063 Warrior Of The Starry Sky
Chapter 4064 Whale Corpse
Chapter 4065 Unmatched Power
Chapter 4066 Lost Heart-Devil
Chapter 4067 Rapid Refinement
Chapter 4068 Landing On The Nirvana Overflow Heaven
Chapter 4069 Demon Tide
Chapter 4070 Repaying Kindness With Enmity
Chapter 4071 Uncle Tree Makes A Move
Chapter 4072 Eternal Clan, Heavenly Divinity Race
Chapter 4073 Pursuit Of The Ye Clan
Chapter 4074 Battle Of Heaven Venerates
Chapter 4075 Crushing Weaklings?
Chapter 4076 The Sound Of Courting Death
Chapter 4077 Disdaining To Kill
Chapter 4078 Triple Supreme
Chapter 4079 Ye Clan Heavenly Genius Ye Wuchen
Chapter 4080 Endless Treasure Lands
Chapter 4081 Sage King Convention
Chapter 4082 Sage King Crown
Chapter 4083 Business Dao, Human Dao
Chapter 4084 Come At Me If You Have The Guts
Chapter 4085 The Situation
Chapter 4086 Nirvana Divine Rune
Chapter 4087 Shadow Assassins
Chapter 4088 Dragon Spirit Blessing
Chapter 4089 Plunder The Rich To Help The Poor
Chapter 4090 Unparalleled Dragon Might
Chapter 4091 The Fastest Shortcut To Getting Rich
Chapter 4092 Flying Horse
Chapter 4093 Once More Encountering Feng Fei
Chapter 4094 Uncle Tree’S Innate Divine Ability
Chapter 4095 Old Friend From The Academy
Chapter 4096 Lending A Hand
Chapter 4097 Heading To The Fullmoon Race
Chapter 4098 Fullmoon Race Leader
Chapter 4099 Deliberately Making Things Hard
Chapter 4100 Test
Chapter 4101 The Hand Behind The Scenes
Chapter 4102 Fulfilling Promises
Chapter 4103 The Last Generation Leader’S Death
Chapter 4104 Dark Creature
Chapter 4105 Dropping Jaws
Chapter 4106 Starry Radiance Moon Divine Pill
Chapter 4107 Dark Gate
Chapter 4108 Enticed
Chapter 4109 Golden Lotus Seed Reacts
Chapter 4110 Golden God Slayer Divine Arrow
Chapter 4111 Dark Domain Lord
Chapter 4112 Natural And Artificial
Chapter 4113 Whetstone
Chapter 4114 Breakthrough
Chapter 4115: Joining Forces To Slay A Domain Lord
Chapter 4116: Ninth Heavenstage Immortal King
Chapter 4117: Secret Concerns
Chapter 4118: Righteous Chivalry
Chapter 4119: Linglong World
Chapter 4120: An Unfortunate Mishap
Chapter 4121: Where The Crux Lies
Chapter 4122: Terrifying Seven Star Battle Armor
Chapter 4123: Heavenly Tiger Race
Chapter 4124: Let’S Talk Nicely
Chapter 4125: Count Yourself Vicious
Chapter 4126: Opportunity
Chapter 4127: Leaked Information
Chapter 4128: Beating Them At Their Own Game
Chapter 4129: Cursing People Is Wrong
Chapter 4130: Refusing The Consequences
Chapter 4131: Let’S See
Chapter 4132: Great Desolate Winged Devil
Chapter 4133 Scram Or Die
Chapter 4134 Guo Ran Vs. Triple Supreme
Chapter 4135 Blood Devil Race Xue Qingkuang
Chapter 4136 Heaven Raising Spear
Chapter 4137 Heaven Merging Blood Lotus Seed
Chapter 4138: The Blood Devil Race’S Calculations
Chapter 4139: Who Is Scheming Against Who?
Chapter 4140: Carrying On The Con
Chapter 4141: Laughable
Chapter 4142: Getting Everything
Chapter 4143: Besieged By Heaven Venerates
Chapter 4144: Uncle Tree Shakes Venerates
Chapter 4145: Terrifying Eternal Divine Weapon
Chapter 4146: Strange Person Undergoing Tribulation
Chapter 4147: Who Is Robbing Who?
Chapter 4148: You’Ve Got Blood In Your Stool
Chapter 4149: Furiously Slain
Chapter 4150: Black Tortoise Race
Chapter 4151: Long Clan’S People
Chapter 4152: Overbearing
Chapter 4153: More Than One Can Bear
Chapter 4154: Slaughter You To The Last
Chapter 4155: The Jiang Clan’S Word
Chapter 4156: Curse Of Misfortune
Chapter 4157: No Rest Until Death
Chapter 4158: Ice Soul Flame Lotus
Chapter 4159: Dressing As A Pig To Eat The Tiger?
Chapter 4160: High Level Show Off
Chapter 4161: Wanted Criminal
Chapter 4162: Unknown Power
Chapter 4163: Incomparable Genius, Starry River Sage
Chapter 4164: Who Are You Trying To Scare?
Chapter 4165: Commission Fee
Chapter 4166: Ruins Of The Academy
Chapter 4167: Hero, Spare Me
Chapter 4168: Specialized In Treating Arrogance
Chapter 4169: Who Is The Strongest?
Chapter 4170: The Battle God Palace’S Master
Chapter 4171: Don’T Need To Give Face
Chapter 4172: Root Of The Tumor
Chapter 4173: Palace Master’S Divine Might
Chapter 4174: Unscrupulous Businessmen
Chapter 4175: I’Ll Take Charge
Chapter 4176: Appraisal
Chapter 4177: Illustrative Records
Chapter 4178: Auction Chips
Chapter 4179: Sky-High Price
Chapter 4180: Continuing The Auction
Chapter 4181: Exposed
Chapter 4182: Triple Supreme Heaven Dao Fruit
Chapter 4183: Terrifying Ghost Dao Lifeform
Chapter 4184: I Want This Fox
Chapter 4185: Unexpected Violet Blood
Chapter 4186: Arrogant Xu Family
Chapter 4187 Fight?
Chapter 4188 Fight Or Fuck Off
Chapter 4189 Little Nine
Chapter 4190 High Firmament Palace
Chapter 4191 Eternal Bone Stele
Chapter 4192: Illusion
Chapter 4193: Original Nirvana Scripture
Chapter 4194: Comprehension
Chapter 4195: Limit
Chapter 4196: Dragon Claw
Chapter 4197: The Dragon Expert’S Instructions
Chapter 4198: Mastery Of The Cloud Dragon Immolation Claw
Chapter 4199: Martial Stage Appears
Chapter 4200: Martial Stage Staircase
Chapter 4201: In A Rush To Reincarnate?
Chapter 4202: Brothers Reunite
Chapter 4203: Bad Premonition
Chapter 4204: Spear Accepts Master
Chapter 4205: Trap?
Chapter 4206: Shadow Sect, Wind Sect, Ice Emperor Line
Chapter 4207: Get A Rod For The Dog That Doesn’T Bite
Chapter 4208: Sinister And Treacherous
Chapter 4209: The Weak Should Die?
Chapter 4210: Sacrificing Fresh Blood To This World
Chapter 4211 Violet Blood Dyes The Sky
Chapter 4212 Traitors Of The Violet Blood Race
Chapter 4213: Xu Yifeng’S Other Power
Chapter 4214: Will You Kill Him Or Will I?
Chapter 4215: Drawing Stars Into The Body, Thousand Star Fist
Chapter 4216: Karmic Luck Divine Bead
Chapter 4217: Dark Creatures
Chapter 4218: Watching As They Die
Chapter 4219: What Long Chen Was Waiting For
Chapter 4220: Refining The Soul Through Space
Chapter 4221: To Not Reciprocate Would Be Rude
Chapter 4222: Domineering Ruyan
Chapter 4223: Internal Disorder
Chapter 4224: Cloud’S Might
Chapter 4225: Warm-Up
Chapter 4226: Zifeng’S Shocking Display
Chapter 4227: Half-Step Eternal
Chapter 4228: Qualified To Be My Enemy
Chapter 4229: Secrets Of The Shadows
Chapter 4230: Mirror World
Chapter 4231: Divine Ability Crushing
Chapter 4232: Grand Yan Human Emperor
Chapter 4233: A Fishwife In The Streets
Chapter 4234: Origin Of The Grudge
Chapter 4235: Terrifying Trap
Chapter 4236 – Legacy Of The Sovereigns
Chapter 4237 – Finally Here
Chapter 4238 – Eternal Creature
Chapter 4239 – Ultimate Battle Commence
Chapter 4240 – Big Trouble
Chapter 4241 – Terrifying Lian Yuying
Chapter 4242 – This World Requires Reverence Lian Wuying had personally taken action. Using absolute force, she directly exterminated one of the terrifying dark domain lords, shocking everyone. Even more shocking than that, she gave the order for the Undying race’s experts to attack, and they flooded toward Long Chen. Millions and millions of Undying experts poured toward Long Chen like a flood. Seeing this, Liu Ruyan’s side also shot into motion. The Undying Willow race led another faction of the Undying race’s experts, rushing toward Long Chen’s side as well. However, curiously, Liu Ruyan didn’t directly intercept Lian Wuying’s troops. Instead, the two of them directly rushed toward Long Chen practically side by side. “Brave warriors of the devil race, Long Chen has our blood on his hands! He is the mortal enemy of the devil race! Anyone who kills him will be a true warrior of the devil race!” Following that, the devil race’s army also began to move. Although they had repeatedly taken heavy losses on the martial stage, they were still numerous. “Warriors of the Blood race, the time to avenge our race’s people has come! Slaughter them!” The Blood race’s experts also made their move. “Long Chen is brothers with Wu Tian! Anyone who cuts off his head will be favored by the Nether Emperor! It’s just up to who has that ability!” A furious roar came from the Netherworld’s experts. “Shadow race’s warriors, the target is right there. Long Chen’s head is mine. As for the heads of the others, take them as you please.” The Shadow race’s princess led hundreds of thousands of experts from the Shadow race to suddenly vanish into mid-air. “Long Chen’s life belongs to the demonic beast race! We won’t let other races take it first! The time for my demonic beast race to rise has come! Warriors, it’s time to show this world the new demonic beast race!” A roar came from the demonic beast race, but in truth, countless demonic beast experts had been rushing toward Long Chen before this person shouted. Enemies flooded Long Chen’s camp from all sides, immediately singling him out as their primary target. This sudden shift in the situation left the majority of observers utterly stunned. “What is going on? Why are they targeting Long Chen all at once?!” demanded Bai Zhantang. “Because Long Chen has the ability to destroy those pillars of light. Thus, they have to eliminate him as quickly as possible,” said the palace master. “Could they all be…?!” Bai Zhantang was shocked. It seemed that all these people were acting under the banner of avenging enmity while concealing their true intentions. “They’re in danger!” Bai Shishi’s mother clenched her fists, her palms sweaty. Long Chen’s scant group was now the target of practically all the races’ powerful experts. “Hahaha!” However, upon seeing all these enemies charging toward him, Long Chen actually raised his head and laughed. “A pack of fools. Even when you’re being used, you don’t realize it. There’s no need for more words. Let us speak with our weapons!” Long Chen turned toward the Dragonblood warriors. Seeing the familiar faces, Long Chen was filled with intense emotion. “Brothers, in the Martial Heaven Continent, we ended up together because of battle, and now we are reunited in battle once more. We live for battle, to cut down all the injustices beneath the heavens. Others view us as pawns, ants, and fools, but we know that while a person’s life might be as weak as a piece of paper, a person should live like an unyielding stone. We have fathers, mothers, and brothers, and in their eyes, we are not ants. We are the sun and moon, the pride of their lives. Without us, their world would become dark. Thus, we cherish our lives more than anyone. It is precisely because of this that we cultivate with our lives on the line, that we fight with our lives on the line. Only then can we live with dignity. Brothers, open your throats and roar! Take out your weapons and kill! On the battlefield, there is no right and wrong, only victory and defeat, life and death! Anyone who wants to take our lives is an enemy, and there is only one thing to do to our enemies! Kill!” Long Chen’s voice gradually intensified as he spoke until it was like rolling thunder splitting apart the heavens. His final word in particular caused the entire world to dim and a haze of blood to appear in the air. The next moment, the entire world turned scarlet, both inside and outside the martial stage. It was like a bloody air was growing, as if foretelling something. “Kill!” “Kill!” “Kill!” The Dragonblood warriors drew their weapons and roared, forming a resonance with Long Chen’s command. In that moment, the Dragonblood warriors’ souls seemed to have become closely connected. “Kill!” “Kill!” “Kill!” There were also the disciples of the Starry River Sect, the High Firmament Academy, the Battle God Palace, and the other heavenly geniuses who had come to assist Long Chen. This speech set their blood ablaze. As of now, there was no longer any fear in their hearts, only an overflowing will to fight. As death was no longer able to make them afraid, with their blood blazing, only by killing their enemies could they unleash their emotions. Just as Long Chen finished raising their morale, a sword slashed down like a meteorite at him, its power shaking the martial stage. It was Ye Wuchen. This time, Ye Wuchen’s manifestation was present, and his Blood Qi was blazing. With the three-colored divine radiance flowing around him, his aura was dozens of times stronger. Ye Wuchen no longer wanted to conceal his power. In his full-power state, he prepared to kill Long Chen in an instant. On the other side, the fabric of space twisted and turned. That ephemeral Ghost Dao lifeform appeared once more, his manifestation flowing, resembling a giant skeletal structure. Sinister Ghost Qi swirled around it, accompanied by the anguished cries of countless ghosts. As his aura erupted like a volcanic eruption, he let out a claw that caused his manifestation to tremble. Following that, a white bone claw also reached out of his manifestation. The two claws seamlessly fused together, giving rise to thousands of claw-like images that materialized in the air. “Ten Thousand Claws Return to One!” Suddenly, the Ghost Dao lifeform shouted, and those thousands of claw-images merged into one, a single normal-sized white bone claw. After shrinking, this claw didn’t make any sound. It was deathly silent, like the silence before death. Long Chen slowly turned his head to them. As if he didn’t even see both of their terrifying attacks, he coldly said, “This world requires reverence, for it is only through reverence of power that people can learn to cultivate a respectful heart. Dragon King Battle Armor!” BOOM! When Long Chen’s seven-colored divine ring appeared, it was accompanied by a majestic dragon cry. With his body covered in 108,000 dragon scales, he was like a blazing golden sun illuminating the world.
Chapter 4243 – Most Trusted Companions Long Chen’s Blood Qi ignited, unleashing a torrent of violent power in the form of a golden sphere of light. BOOM! To everyone’s surprise, Ye Wuchen and the Ghost Dao lifeform’s attacks simply exploded on contact with that sphere of light. Moreover, the sphere of light wasn’t affected at all and continued growing in every direction. “What?! Their attacks were simply crushed by Long Chen’s aura?!” Shocked cries echoed through the crowd. Long Chen had only unleashed his aura, yet it had shattered both of their powerful attacks. This scene left everyone utterly stunned. With Long Chen's Blood Qi raging, waves of astral winds radiated outward in all directions. He was in the eye of a hurricane, with the tempest of astral winds swirling wildly across the entire martial stage. At the same time, the deafening rumblings shook people’s ears. Ye Wuchen and the Ghost Dao lifeform, being the closest to Long Chen, found themselves steadily pushed back by the force of the astral winds. The space beneath their feet quaked as they tried to stabilize themselves, but they were still continuously forced back. The current Long Chen seemed like a dragon god looking down on the rest of the world. Moreover, there was an enormous figure within his divine ring, a figure of a giant golden dragon. However, it was so big that people were only able to see a portion of its body through the divine ring, not its full body. At this time, the various races’ armies were terrified by what they were facing, so they involuntarily slowed their assaults. “Don’t be afraid! We will crush him in one blow!” It was unknown where this shout came from. Following that, the experts of multiple races crashed toward Long Chen. In front of that endless tide of experts, Long Chen suddenly raised his head and roared. “Dragon Roars at the Nine Heavens!” Simultaneously, as he let out a thunderous roar, a dragon's roar resonated from his divine ring. These roars then intertwined, producing a voice that seemed to echo from the primal chaos era. It carried the power of time and a wild bloodlust. Soundwaves then rippled in front of Long Chen, resembling a tsunami “Not good!” Witnessing the soundwaves distort and rupture the very void, the expressions of many experts underwent a drastic change, and they hastily retreated. Wherever the waves went, countless experts blew apart. These soundwaves killed all enemies, regardless of their race and affiliation. As a result, the various races fell into chaos. The ones at the front were trying to retreat, while those at the rear didn’t know what was happening and were still trying to advance. In the chaos, they could neither advance nor retreat. The ones who witnessed the unfolding catastrophe were horrified, as they had never encountered such terrifying soundwaves before. Even Supreme experts didn’t have the slightest ability to resist them. Countless experts were directly slain, turning the inside of the martial stage into a scene of scarlet chaos. No one knew just how many experts had carelessly lost their lives to this one roar from Long Chen. BOOM! Just then, the void quivered and lily leaves covered the sky. Hundreds of thousands of experts from the Devil Eye Water Lily race had summoned their true bodies and raised their defensive formation. BANG! However, those lily leaves were directly blasted apart by the soundwaves. Even the Devil Eye Water Lily race was unable to resist that attack. Even so, after passing through their defenses, Long Chen’s roar had lost much of its power. Despite it continuing onward, it no longer had much killing power, at least not enough to threaten these experts. “An insignificant trick! You dare to act arrogant with just this? I’ll deal with you!” As the Devil Eye Water Lily race managed to suppress Long Chen’s dragon roar, Lian Wuying shot forward, her manifestation bursting into existence. Within an endless immortal pool, a heaven-shrouding water lily bloomed. The lily glowed, and in an instant, she traversed the battlefield. In her hand materialized a peculiar weapon—a lily seed pod, within which flickered a divine radiance of five colors. With the speed of a meteor, she hurled it at Long Chen. The void directly crumbled before the onslaught of this seed pod, leaving behind a visible scar in the void. The five-colored divine radiance contained five kinds of divine energy: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. “Although you aren’t a person, you also need to know reverence.” Long Chen snorted and directly reached out a hand, his five fingers like claws closing in on the five-colored lily seed pod. BOOM! A burst of five-colored divine radiance erupted, causing the heavens and earth to shake. Gasps of astonishment filled the air as Long Chen securely caught Lian Wuying's five-colored seed pod. Observing the surging energy waves, everyone was left in awe and disbelief. “What level of power is this?!” Even innate Heaven Venerates felt afraid in front of them. Lian Wuying’s strength was unquestionable. After all, she had crushed a dark domain lord all on her own, easily slaying it. As for that five-colored lily seed pod of hers, it caused even the Heavenly Daos to crumble, which meant that this attack was absolutely terrifying. However, Long Chen had forcibly received it. Contrary to everyone's expectations, Lian Wuying's expression remained unchanged upon witnessing her weapon being caught. Her manifestation quivered as she recalled it back. The void beneath their feet then shattered like ice. Lian Wuying was calling back her weapon, but Long Chen didn’t even budge. That five-colored lily seed pod seemed to have melded with Long Chen’s hand. “Long Chen, this Lian Wuying is mine.” Just then, Liu Ruyan’s voice rang out from behind Long Chen. She had already led the Undying race’s experts over to Long Chen’s camp, increasing their power. “That isn’t important. What is important is that you have to protect my brothers,” said Long Chen without looking back. “And why is that?” demanded Liu Ruyan furiously. “Because we are companions who can trust each other,” said Long Chen. Upon hearing this, Liu Ruyan’s expression became odd. She couldn’t help grumbling, “Only a ghost would be your trusted companion.” However, Liu Ruyan did not continue acting stubborn. Although she wanted to personally fight Lian Wuying, she actually endured it because of Long Chen. “Those who can risk their lives to help me are all my brothers and sisters. If they are willing to risk their lives for me, then I am also willing to risk my life for them. Please help me.” Long Chen’s voice softened. There was even a pleading note to it. All the experts who had come to help him were moved when they heard this. It was now clear that with Long Chen’s power, there had been no need for them to help him. Hence, these words struck them in the softest parts of their hearts. It felt like even if they had to die for Long Chen, they would be willing. Liu Ruyan was also startled. In all her years knowing Long Chen, it was her first time hearing him speak like that to her. As a result, her own heart softened. “Don’t worry, I will personally guarantee their safety,” promised Liu Ruyan. Hearing that, Long Chen fully relaxed. But then, a violet sword pierced through the air out of nowhere, striking Long Chen. BOOM! Long Chen released the five-colored lily seed pod and shot back like a shooting star. “Xu Yifeng!” Guo Ran and the others were enraged. The attacker was the heavenly genius of the Violet Blood race’s Xu family, Xu Yifeng. He had been hiding for a long time, only to suddenly launch a sneak attack at this moment. Long Chen was actually struck by him. “Stop him!” Suddenly, a shriek rang out. People were stunned to see Long Chen actually flying toward another light pillar. After that, Long Chen slashed a black dagger at that light pillar.
Chapter 4244 – Violet Blood Divine Abilities No one had expected that after being surrounded and attacked by so many people, rather than thinking about how to survive, Long Chen was still planning on breaking those pillars of light. Furthermore, he succeeded. Borrowing the power from Xu Yifeng’s sneak attack, he arrived in front of a second light pillar before anyone could react. BOOM! Long Chen’s black dagger slashed through the light pillar, tearing it open. The next moment, its divine light flowed out, and another dark domain lord emerged, surging into the fray. The radiant light then crashed toward those in the vicinity. Long Chen, having learned from the previous encounter, directed the opening toward his enemies this time. “Get out of the way!” A startled cry rang out, warning the others. However, that dark domain lord already smashed down like a shooting star, its enormous body filled their entire line of sight. BOOM! The dark domain lord descended with tremendous force, and the resulting astral winds obliterated numerous experts. However, just at that moment, there was an immense explosive sound. Astonishingly, the dark domain lord had struck an even larger entity just before touching the ground. It was a black tortoise. When the dark domain lord landed on the shell, an immense power sent the dark domain lord tumbling back. The black tortoise also tumbled through the air a few times, yet not even the faintest scratch marred its resilient shell. Its incredible durability was apparent, so it must be something on par with an Eternal divine weapon. Suddenly, the black tortoise opened its mouth. As its four claws slid it across the martial stage, its mouth snapped down toward the dark domain lord. However, just as it was about to bite the dark domain lord, an enormous lily leaf wrapped around the dark domain lord. “Lian Wuying, that is mine!” roared the black tortoise. “It belongs to whoever can get it,” sneered Lian Wuying. With a pull, the dark domain lord’s body was sent flying, and the black tortoise’s mouth snapped down on nothing. After that, more lily leaves appeared, wrapping around the dark domain lord, leaving it with no room to struggle. Perhaps because this dark domain lord had not recovered from the immense impact just now, it didn’t manage to break through a single layer of leaves this time. The lily leaves then opened, and the dark domain lord was gone. All that remained was a pile of bones that tumbled to the stage. “Lian Wuying, you are courting death!” roared the black tortoise. His prey had actually been snatched from his jaws. Furthermore, after devouring a second dark domain lord, Lian Wuying’s aura strengthened once more. As a peak Immortal King, her aura vaguely showed signs of breaking through the limits of this realm. On the other hand, Lian Wuying didn’t even respond and just looked at Long Chen. Long Chen was as quick as lightning, already shooting toward another distant light pillar. “Stop him! Two of the nine pillars have been broken! If another is broken, the formation will become completely unbalanced!” shouted someone. The next moment, a violet-gold bell appeared, shattering the void in front of Long Chen. It was the Violet Blood race’s Eternal divine weapon wielded by Xu Xin-er. Right at the start, she already used her Eternal divine weapon, seeming like she intended to fight Long Chen to the death. Long Chen snorted. He could easily tell that this bell might look to be unleashing a mighty strength, but its power was secretly reserved so that she could pull it back instantly. In this case, Xu Xin-er was quite crafty. She only did this as a show, wanting Long Chen to go around. She had no intention of actually fighting Long Chen. Long Chen then pushed forward, stabbing the black dagger toward the bell. As expected, Xu Xin-er didn’t dare to use her bell to receive that black dagger and hastily fell back. After all, Long Chen’s black dagger was capable of breaking the pillars of light, things that not even Eternal divine weapons managed to shake. Hence, no one else dared to use their precious weapons against Long Chen’s black dagger. Long Chen pierced through the remaining violet qi, but suddenly, divine light erupted in front of him. A sharp sword-like violet divine radiance then pierced toward Long Chen. Facing this attack, a sensation of death swelled within him. In an instant, he understood that Xu Xin-er’s attack had not been an attempt to intimidate him but rather a prelude to Xu Yifeng's imminent strike. Their cooperation was perfect. Xu Xin-er’s violet qi had completely covered up Xu Yifeng’s attack. By the time Long Chen noticed it, it was too late to dodge. BOOM! The violet divine radiance pierced through the sky, striking the martial stage’s barrier and tearing through it. The violet divine light was like a sword stabbing the river of stars high above. Everyone was shocked. Up until now, no one had been able to shake the martial stage’s barrier, but Xu Yifeng’s attack could directly pierce it. However, the barrier swiftly mended the breach as if nothing had happened. However, the undeniable truth remained that he had succeeded in penetrating it, leaving everyone in astonishment. The sheer sharpness of that attack was absolutely terrifying, possessing the potential to obliterate even an innate Heaven Venerate in one go. When people looked back at the battlefield, they saw Long Chen standing in the air. However, his arm was now stained with blood. Long Chen was staring at his arm coldly, his eyes reflecting peculiar fluctuations. He had been injured by the Violet Blood race's divine ability. While the wound appeared severe, it was in fact only superficial, though it bore a frightening appearance. What Long Chen found incomprehensible was that the surrounding violet qi actually flowed into his arm, seemingly helping him heal. “Your body once had violet blood flowing through it. Furthermore, it was even more domineering and purer than his. It’s like a subject accidentally hurting the emperor without realizing it. After mistakenly injuring the emperor, the subject does his best to make up for it. However, don’t absorb this violet qi. It will affect the purity of your bloodline. You should keep your body thirsting for its original blood. Remember, your violet blood is in Long Aotian’s body,” reminded the dragon expert. Long Chen was startled. It was no wonder he felt such a thirst when looking at this violet qi. It seemed that his body was urgently anticipating the return of his violet qi. However, this violet qi wasn’t his. If he was going to absorb anything, it should be his own violet blood. Just as Long Chen was staring silently, Xu Yifeng and Xu Xin-er, as well as the rest of the Xu family’s experts were dumbfounded. Xu Yifeng’s attack had perfectly and directly struck Long Chen, who had only blocked with a single arm. According to reason, Long Chen should have died from this attack. It had to be known that this attack had directly pierced the martial stage’s barrier, and that was after passing through Long Chen. In other words, Long Chen had received its full power. The martial stage’s barrier was pierced through, but Long Chen only suffered such a light injury? The Xu family’s experts found it unbelievable. Long Chen slowly raised his arm, and the shattered dragon scales quickly recovered. All traces of blood that had been dripping from the wounded arm disappeared, leaving it as if nothing had occurred. Suddenly, Long Chen’s Kunpeng wings flapped, and she shot toward another pillar of light. However, the moment he shot toward it, the black dagger in his hand vanished. “Stop him!” Lian Wuying appeared in front of that light pillar. Her lily leaves then rose, blocking Long Chen’s way. BOOM! Just as everyone was anticipating the battle between Long Chen and Lian Wuying, in the distance, another light pillar exploded. “What?!” Everyone was startled. Looking over, they saw Mo Nian with a black dagger in his grasp.
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Long Chen, a crippled youth who cannot cultivate, is constantly targeted and bullied by his fellow noble heirs. After a particularly vicious beating, he wakes up and realizes a Pill God’s soul has somehow merged with him, giving him some additional memories. Within those memories is the mysterious Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, a cultivation technique that even he can train in, but whose secrets and origin are still a mystery to him. Relying on his improved instincts as he finally begins to cultivate, he realizes a huge conspiracy is underfoot within the Phoenix Cry Empire, one involving his father, members of the imperial family, and even the Emperor himself.

In order to solve the mysteries around him, he must rely on his new alchemy techniques and the powerful but baffling Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Countless enemies block him as he attempts to climb to the peak of the cultivation world.

Fate destined him to be only a chess piece, but he would not bow to the will of the Heavens.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Volume 1: Dragon Soaring From the Shallows

Chapter 1: Memories of a Pill God

“Who am I? I am… Long Chen!”

“I look down on the very heavens, the arrogant Nine Firmaments’ peerless Pill God - Long Chen? … I am someone who is cheated and bullied by everyone, a spineless good-for-nothing incapable of cultivating - Long Chen?”

His mind was filled with confusion, and at the same time severe pain came from all over his body . Long Chen was unable to stop his mind’s chaotic thoughts and emitted a pained groan .

“Chen-er, you’ve finally awakened? Thank god, your mom was worried sick for you! If you want to brag about how strong you are then fine, but why did you have to go duel with those people!?”

A kind and gentle voice sounded beside Long Chen’s ear . The voice was full of happiness and comfort, but towards the end it also became choked with emotion .

Long Chen slowly opened his eyes . His blurry vision gradually became clearer, and a woman’s face appeared before him .

The woman appeared to be in her thirties and she was extremely beautiful . However, in the corner of her eyes were some deep wrinkles that did not match up with her young age .

Currently this woman was tearfully looking at Long Chen with eyes that were full of love, making Long Chen’s heart feel a burst of warmth .

“Child, you scared your mom to death . ” As the woman spoke her eyes became even redder and her tears streamed down .


Long Chen looked at this familiar yet strange face . He doubtingly said this one word, his face filled with confusion .

“Child, don’t scare your mom! Don’t you recognize me?” The woman’s face immediately became panicked .

At this moment, an elderly man appeared beside the woman . He examined Long Chen he said, “Mrs . Long, Long Chen suffered a blow to the back of his head so it’s possible he will need to rest a bit to recover his memories . Don’t be too worried; just now I gave the young master some medicine . The medicinal effects still haven’t completely dissolved, so just let the young master rest for a bit longer . ”

Mrs . Long looked worriedly at Long Chen . Reluctantly she nodded her head and she followed the elderly man out of the room .

Long Chen heard the elderly man in the distance softly advising the woman, “Mrs . Long, the fact that young master Long managed to return with his life is already infinitely lucky . Don’t force it too much . ”

Mrs . Long tremblingly replied, “Master alchemist’s meaning is that my son will… . ”

The elderly man who had been called an alchemist sighed, “The young lord’s hindbrain received an acute shock . To tell the truth, being able to wake up is already extremely lucky; however the repercussions will definitely still be very severe . Losing his memory is quite possible in this situation… . ”

The two people gradually walked further and further away so Long Chen could no longer hear it clearly . . . but what was barely audible to him was the sound of Mrs . Long’s sobbing .

Long Chen gazed blankly at the ceiling above as he felt the severe pains throughout his body, especially at the back of his head which was bursting with a swollen aching pain .

Just what happened? I’m Long Chen, and so Mrs . Long is my flesh and blood mother . How could I have such an unfamiliar feeling?

And all these confusing memories, where did they come from? I have memories that I’m an arrogant, exceedingly powerful person… but at the same time I remember that I’m an often bullied and extorted bitter trash?

Pill God Long Chen? Trash Long Chen? Which is the real me? Am I the Pill God’s reincarnation? Or am I a fusion of the Pill God’s spirit with a trash weakling?

Long Chen’s mind was full of endless questions . “Whatever, it doesn’t matter . I am Long Chen . If I’m the Pill God then or not doesn’t mean anything right now; the most important thing is that I’m still alive . ”

“I have two sets of memories that have mixed together; how would I even try to fix this kind of insane problem? Instead, what I need to do now is let myself recover as quickly as possible . ”

Sensing his body’s current condition, he quickly located many fractures . He had three broken ribs, one arm broken in two places, and most severe of all, his hindbrain was injured to the point where a large portion of his scalp had caved in . He had definitely been victim to an extremely vicious assault .

“Huh, although I have no way to condense energy, my Spiritual Strength appears to be extremely powerful . I can actually sense everything within thirty meters of my body . ”

Long Chen was pleasantly surprised . According to his garbled memories, Spiritual Strength was extremely invaluable, and it was especially the most important thing to Pill Cultivators!

Profit, profit! Whether he was the reincarnation of the Pill God or just a mix containing the Pill God’s memories, the present him had definitely greatly profited .

The previous him had lived a whole lifetime as a Pill God, and now that allowed the current him to possess an exceptionally strong spirit; just what kind of awesomeness was this?

However, when he carefully examined his body, his expression changed . “My Spiritual Root has been taken away . My abdemon’s Spirit Bone is also missing a piece that appears to be dug out . And my heart has a hole? Just who would be this ruthless and take my Spirit Root, Spirit Bone and Spirit Blood? No wonder I can’t cultivate . ” Long Chen was completely infuriated .

The current him’s Spiritual Strength was exceptionally strong, even to the point where just a quick glance allowed him to solve the mystery of why the current him was a completely useless cripple .

The Spirit Root was located in the Dantian’s energy source; it was a cultivator’s foundation . Without the Spirit Root, there was no way to sense heaven and earth’s spiritual energy, let alone absorb it for cultivating .

Spirit Blood was something that people were born with; it was a trace of Xiantian blood . While basically all people were born with it, the majority of cultivators didn’t know anything about it .

The Spirit Bone was found in the pit of a person’s abdomen and slightly bulged out . Ordinary people wouldn’t have a Spirit Bone . Even amongst cultivators, maybe only one in ten thousand might have it, which marked them as a genius .

However, Long Chen Spirit Bone’s location was obviously missing a piece which had clear marks of being dug out by some person .

His face became exceedingly unsightly . If his memories were not all mixed up then how could he not remember just who had done this to his body?

Although these three things were precious, they wouldn’t have any use once they left the owner’s body . If they wanted to harm him, then why did they have to use such a harsh method? Using this kind of method was practically causing him to live a life worse than death .

However, anger only brought on more anger, and since he was already missing them, being angry did not have any use .

You better not let me find out who did this .

Long Chen couldn’t help but to gnash his teeth in anger . This was an extremely great blow to him . With him possessing a Spirit Bone, even if he was an idiot, he would still have been an absolute genius .

But now some despicable bastard had caused him to become a useless person who was incapable of cultivating, causing him to be humiliated and receive condescending looks from practically everyone .

Just when Long Chen was about to be unable to hold back his anger, the room’s door was gently pushed open, and a pretty thirteen-year-old maiden walked in . This was Long Chen’s maid who was called Bao-er .

“Young lord, it’s time to take some more medicine . ”

“Medicine? What medicine is it?” Long Chen nose moved slightly as he asked .

“This is something Mrs . Long paid an enormous price for . It’s a Tiger Bone Pill that can quickly heal the young lord’s injuries . ” Bao-er replied .

She opened the elaborate small case in her hand, revealing the medicinal pill inside . “It is said this medicinal pill came from Pill Master Yun Qi . The medicinal strength is very strong . ”

Looking at the thing, Long Chen’s face became a bit strange . Even this kind plaything could be called a pill? Its shape was extremely uneven and seemed more like a meatball .

Even not talking about the shape, its color was completely black and there wasn’t even a trace of lustre . If it wasn’t emitting a very faint medicinal aroma, then Long Chen might even suspect it was a ball of sheep dung .

After staring at the thing in his hand for a long time, Long Chen finally sighed . Someone who had lost over eighty percent of the medicinal pill’s essence could still be called a master? Long Chen bewilderedly wondered how someone had managed to create something that could become so soft and mushy .

Pills could be divided into five grades: low grade, middle grade, high grade, top grade, and peerless grade . As for the pill in his hand, it couldn’t even count as one of the five grades . Long Chen suddenly realized that this was just a defective good . It was a trash pill . Normally Pill Masters would definitely not sell these kinds of medicinal pills since they couldn’t afford to lose their customers . Oftentimes they would be turned into medicinal liquids or just directly thrown out .

“Young lord, don’t daydream . In order to obtain this precious pill, Mrs . Long already sold off her own precious jewellery . You should hurry and take it,” urged Bao-er .

Long Chen couldn’t help but to feel some pain in his heart . His impression of his mother was that she loved him very dearly to the point where it was like drowning in love and pampering . It reached the point where his mother would basically never refuse any of his requests .

His mother had done everything and anything for him . She had given birth to him while she was still young . She had grown up innately beautiful, but now she was barely thirty something years old and already had wrinkles in the corner of her eyes . Seeing those deep wrinkles, Long Chen knew that she had already sacrificed far too much for him .

Looking at the medicinal ball in his hand, he observed that although it was a defective good, the medicinal ingredients were still not bad . Although impurities took up over eighty percent of it, it wouldn’t have any problems healing his injuries .

Taking the ball of medicine, Long Chen ordered Bao-er to not leak any news of him out, excluding his mother of course .

Although Bao-er didn’t really understand, she still trusted Long Chen and obediently nodded .

After taking the medicine, although Long Chen had no way to use cultivation to absorb the medicinal strength, he managed to guide the medicinal energy to his wounds by using his formidable Spiritual Strength, making his speed of recovery extremely quick .

The second day, Long Chen slowly opened his eyes and he had a smile plastered on his mouth as he exercised his muscles .

Excellent! Although that medicine was pretty bad, medicinal ingredients themselves were of a high quality . Other than my hindbrain, the majority of my injuries have already healed, and the amount of energy left is more than enough to heal completely .

He slowly walked towards the mirror . Looking at his reflection, he saw a nothing-out-of-the-ordinary handsome youngster with eyebrows like swords and bright eyes . Long Chen took a deep breath, “From today onwards, I, Long Chen, will no longer be the previous Long Chen . I will rise above others . ”

Although his body was still slightly weak, walking was no longer a problem . Long Chen left the room and saw that the sun had already risen from the east .

After pondering deeply for an hour, he called over Bao-er and gave her a list of medicinal ingredients for her to find .

However, Bao-er’s expression became a bit embarrassed . Long Chen wondered what it was before quickly realizing that the current Long family was extremely hard pressed for money, and Bao-er had no method to get a loan .

Otherwise his mother would not have had to sell off her own jewellery, a part of her exceptionally precious dowry . The present Long family had already fallen into extremely dire straits .

Feeling around in his pocket, he found that he had just over eighty silver coins . Although this wasn’t a lot, it was enough to buy those medicinal ingredients .

Bao-er worked diligently, and not even two hours later she had managed to buy the medicinal ingredients and returned home . Long Chen immediately set about to dividing and measuring them into different portions before boiling them in a large bowl .

Six hours later, a very thick medicinal liquid was releasing a medicinal aroma . When Long Chen saw the bowl with the cheap medicinal liquid, a smile appeared on his mouth .

“I, Long Chen, will rise above others, starting from this one bowl of medicinal liquid . ”


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