Nine Yang Sword Saint by Silent Cake And Pastries

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Nine Yang Who Leapt Through Time (Part 2)
Chapter 3 - The Mysterious Old Man (Part 1)
Chapter 4 - The Mysterious Old Man (Part 2)
Chapter 5 - First Touch In Martial Art
Chapter 6 - Inheriting The Position Of Master
Chapter 7 - Betrothing Beloved Daughter
Chapter 8 - Goodbye, Master
Chapter 9 - Terrible Ordeal Over A Thousand Miles
Chapter 10 - The Extraordinary Beauty
Chapter 11 - Cloud Sky City Lord
Chapter 12 - Arrogance And Ferocity
Chapter 13 - Betrothing Yanyan To You, Agree?
Chapter 14 - Yang Dingtian’S Decision
Chapter 15 - Farewell. The Precious Present.
Chapter 16 - Departing For The Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 17 - About Dongfang Bingling
Chapter 18 - Arriving In The Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 19 - Meeting Master’S Wife
Chapter 20 - First Meeting With Dongfang Bingling, A Heartmoving Moment
Chapter 21 - Only Me And You, The Sweetest Moment
Chapter 22 - Do You Like Me? Apprentice Brother Yang
Chapter 23 - Engagement!
Chapter 24 - If I Survive
Chapter 25 - Being Saved
Chapter 26 - You Deserve A Death Of A Thousand Cuts!
Chapter 27 - The Ultimate Battle (Part 1)
Chapter 28 - The Ultimate Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 29 - Dongfang Bingling’S Sword
Chapter 30 - Goodbye, Dongfang Bingling
Chapter 31 - The Wedding
Chapter 32 - Blood Vow! Yanyan’S Heart
Chapter 33 - Getting Along! Back To Cloud Sky City
Chapter 34 - Loyalty! Inside The Cloud Sky City
Chapter 35 - The Position Of Cloud Sky City’S Lord
Chapter 36 - Master Manifestation
Chapter 37 - Dongfang Niemie’S Spirit
Chapter 38 - Yin Yang Combination Technique
Chapter 39 - Talent Test
Chapter 40 - Shocking Talent! The Secret Scroll
Chapter 41 - The Supreme Sword Tactic
Chapter 42 - The Ultimate Swordsmanship With No Rank!
Chapter 43 - The World’S Top Swordsmanship
Chapter 44 - Sword Practicing! Impressive!
Chapter 45 - Yanyan’S Reaction
Chapter 46 - Crazily Practicing Sword! Miracle…
Chapter 47 - It’S All My Fault
Chapter 48 - Wait For Me To Return
Chapter 49 - The Beast Language Master, Ximen Ningning
Chapter 50 - Rare Treasure
Chapter 51 - The Red Wilderness
Chapter 52 - Hunting! Hunting!
Chapter 53 - Must-Kill Sword!
Chapter 54 - Had To Kill!
Chapter 55 - Hunting Wind Shadow Demon Snake!
Chapter 56 - Netherworld Sea
Chapter 57 - Yanyan’S Mind! Meeting Song Yu
Chapter 58 - Fight!
Chapter 59 - Together
Chapter 60 - Gold-Type, Ice-Type
Chapter 61 - Metal Sword Town
Chapter 62 - Accidentally Being Overwhelmed
Chapter 63 - Bumped Into Qin Shaobai
Chapter 64 - Abandoned Devil Silver Ore Mine
Chapter 65 - Hunting For Gold-Type Demon Nucleus
Chapter 66 - Ice-Type Demonic Beast
Chapter 67 - Top Elite
Chapter 68 - The Other Side Of The Unfreezing Pond
Chapter 69 - The Largest Bloody Black Gold Throughout History
Chapter 70 - Killing Zhao Wu Ji (Part 1)
Chapter 71 - The Death Of Zhao Wu Ji (Part 2)
Chapter 72 - The Millennium Owl! Escape From The Mine
Chapter 73 - Obtaining Four Demon Nuclei
Chapter 74 - Kill The Follower, Nine Yang’S Blood!
Chapter 75 - Heading To Horror Mountain Village
Chapter 76 - The Young Master Of Horror Mountain Village
Chapter 77 - Where Is The Millennium Owl?
Chapter 78 - The Perfect Formation Is Right Here
Chapter 79 - Magma Crypt, Millennium Owl!
Chapter 80 - Conquering The Owl
Chapter 81 - How To Kill?
Chapter 82 - Two Items!
Chapter 83 - Deep Sea Xuan Poison
Chapter 84 - The Arrival Of Yin Yang Festival
Chapter 85 - The Returning Of Ning Ning! Kill….
Chapter 86 - Death Of The Millennium Owl
Chapter 87 - Continuous Breakthrough!
Chapter 88 - How Many Levels Of Breakthrough? Weapons Of God
Chapter 89 - Back To Cloud Sky City
Chapter 90 - The Violent Sword Spirit! The Battle Ring
Chapter 91 - The Split Second Killing At The Wheel Challenge
Chapter 92 - The Surprise At The Wheel Challenge
Chapter 93 - The Ultimate Sword At The Wheel Challenge!
Chapter 94 - The Shocking Scene At The Wheel Challenge!
Chapter 95 - Killing Gan Lang! The Final Opponent!
Chapter 96 - The Battle With Tang Li, Kill!
Chapter 97 - The Destruction Of Tang Li! The Final Victory
Chapter 98 - Yanyan Devoting Her Body
Chapter 99 - Meeting Dongfang Bingling
Chapter 100 - The Catkins Village, Yang Dingtian Put Himself In The Verge Of Danger!
Chapter 101 - Goodbye Dongfang Bingling
Chapter 102 - Dongfang Bingling, I Will Dazzle Your Eyes!
Chapter 103 - Dongfang Bingling’S Shock!
Chapter 104 - Yun Wanli’S Miserable Death! Supreme Devil Woman
Chapter 105 - Senior Brother, Kill This Demon Woman!
Chapter 106 - Return To Cloud Heaven City, Tang Xin’S Death!
Chapter 107 - Soldiers Awaiting At The City Walls! Yang Dingtian Severing All Ties…
Chapter 108 - Truth! Qing Shaobai Must Die!
Chapter 109 - Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual
Chapter 110 - Poison Hands Devil Corpse
Chapter 111 - Onwards To Temple Of Blood
Chapter 112 - Land Of Chaos, Dugu Fengwu?
Chapter 113 - Who Is She? Poison Hands Devil’S Lair!
Chapter 114 - Poison Showdown! Shocking!
Chapter 115 - Devil Snake Captured! Entering The Temple Of Blood!
Chapter 116 - Favorable Attention From Dugu Xiao!
Chapter 117 - Battle Of Spirit! Wedding Ceremony!
Chapter 118 - Night Of Bridal Room! Objective, The Blood Pool!
Chapter 119 - Entering The Blood Pool! Surge Of Energy
Chapter 120 - Cultivation Breakthrough!
Chapter 121 - Continuous Breakthrough! Demon Woman Going Berserk!
Chapter 122 - Terror-Stricken Lion King! Objective, Leaving The Temple Of Blood!
Chapter 123 - Escape!
Chapter 124 - Return To Cloud Heaven City! Duel Grounds!
Chapter 125 - Supreme Evil Soul Art!
Chapter 126 - Decisive Battle With Qin Shaobai
Chapter 127 - Qin Shaobai’S Destruction! (Part 1)
Chapter 128 - Qin Shaobai’S Destruction! (Part 2)
Chapter 129 - Qin Shaobai’S Destruction! (Part 3)
Chapter 130 - Heaven Defying Sword Soul, Battle Of Cloud Heaven City! (Part 1)
Chapter 131 - Heaven Defying Sword Soul, Battle Of Cloud Heaven City! (Part 2)
Chapter 132 - Sea Of Hades! Time Of Affection! Going North!
Chapter 133 - Paying Respect To Young Lord! Fire Immunity Chilling Pearl!
Chapter 134 - Black Pearl, Contest!
Chapter 135 - Defeating Tuoba, Shocking Everyone!
Chapter 136 - Substitute
Chapter 137 - Second Rank Of Pig Slaying Sword Art! Meeting Xuwu Piaoyan Again!
Chapter 138 - Sword Practice! Demonic Anomaly Tuoba Ye!
Chapter 139 - Killing Tuoba Ye (Part 1)
Chapter 140 - Killing Tuoba Ye (Part 2)
Chapter 141 - Killing Tuoba Ye (Part 3)
Chapter 142 - Smashing Tuoba Ye Into Pieces! Lover…
Chapter 143 - Mu Lianyi, You Are Young Lord’S Woman!
Chapter 144 - Tearing Apart Lovers, Fire Immunity Chilling Pearl!
Chapter 145 - Exposing The Hideous Face!
Chapter 146 - Extremely Despicable, Using Wisdom To Defraud Wu Xingwen!
Chapter 147 - I Will Let You Wish You Were Dead!
Chapter 148 - Wu Xingwen’S Destruction!
Chapter 149 - Going North! Demon Woman!
Chapter 150 - Demon Woman’S Changes
Chapter 151 - Penetrating With A Single Blade
Chapter 152 - Unlucky Demon Woman
Chapter 153 - Obtaining Supreme Treasure
Chapter 154 - Impersonating The No.1 Martial Expert Of The World!
Chapter 155 - Learning The Hidden Sect’S Sword Art, Shocking The Demon Woman!
Chapter 156 - Zealotry! Divine Weapons Manor
Chapter 157 - Hidden Sect’S Successor! Shuddering, Shivering!
Chapter 158 - First Encounter With Qin Huaiyu! A King Meeting A King!
Chapter 159 - Battle With Qin Huaiyu (Part 1)
Chapter 160 - Battle With Qin Huaiyu (Part 2)
Chapter 161 - Yang Dingtian Battle Against Qin Huaiyu, Absolute Shock!
Chapter 162 - Playing With The Demon Woman! Fire Cloud Devil Cave
Chapter 163 - Let’S Settle This Once And For All, Demon Woman!
Chapter 164 - Saved Your Life!
Chapter 165 - Sword Forging! Demon Woman’S Shock
Chapter 166 - Peerless Youngling Sword!Land Of Profundity
Chapter 167 - Supreme Fortune, Heaven-Defying Hidden Realm!
Chapter 168 - Demon Woman Searching A Road, Cultivate!
Chapter 169 - Demon Woman Killing Yang Dingtian!
Chapter 170 - Fatal Palm Strike, Insane Tribulation
Chapter 171 - Extreme Tribulation, Breakthrough!
Chapter 172 - Wicked Boss, Invisible Killer!
Chapter 173 - Complementing One Another! Breakthrough Again!
Chapter 174 - Dual Layers Of Ice And Fire!
Chapter 175 - Instant Kill, Breakthrough! Fatal Thunder Element…
Chapter 176 - Time Passing Quickly, Countless Battle Outcomes…
Chapter 177 - Breakthrough How Many Levels Ultimately?
Chapter 178 - Insane Reward! Ultimate Risk…
Chapter 179 - Getting Through The Infernal Trial Mission, Leaving!
Chapter 180 - Learning The Thunder Mystic Skill!
Chapter 181 - Devil Heaven Split! Master Awakening!
Chapter 182 - Mystic Flame’S Location! Mind Scroll!
Chapter 183 - Spiritual Tribulation! Mystic Skill Strengthening!
Chapter 184 - Burst In Strength!
Chapter 185 - Leaving The Island! Brigand Yang Dingtian!
Chapter 186 - Fake Yang Dingtian! Making A Move…
Chapter 187 - Incredible, Eliminating The Enemies!
Chapter 188 - Mystic Skill Instant Kill! Saving The Beauty!
Chapter 189 - Cloud Heaven City’S Situation! Who Is Impersonating Yang Dingtian?
Chapter 190 - Betrothal!
Chapter 191 - Saving Ling Wu’S Father
Chapter 192 - Attack On Black Blood Island! Shocking Everyone!
Chapter 193 - Annihilation Of The Pirates! Qin Huaiju Is Afraid Of Water!
Chapter 194 - Death Of The Fake Yang Dingtian!
Chapter 195 - Heaven Dao Union Conference, Heading To Cloud Heaven City Again!
Chapter 196 - Ling Wu’S Determination!
Chapter 197 - Running Bride,At Cloud Heaven City!
Chapter 198 - Kneeling To Young Lord Wu Ming!
Chapter 199 - Emphatic Chiding, Soaring Arrogance!
Chapter 200 - Demanding For The Third Rank Of Pig Slaying Sword Art!
Chapter 201 - Map Of The Mystic Flame, Clan Head Qin Visiting!
Chapter 202 - Extreme Arrogance, Skill That Shocked Everyone
Chapter 203 - Thunder Attribute Mystic Skill, Instant Kill!
Chapter 204 - Urgent Need To Breakthrough!
Chapter 205 - Ingredients To Cleanse The Marrow, Auction House!
Chapter 206 - Eighth-Grade Mystic Skill Manual!
Chapter 207 - Extreme-Grade “Supreme Treasure”
Chapter 208 - Auction Start!
Chapter 209 - Sky-High Auction Price!! Obtaining A Giant Sum!
Chapter 210 - Contest For The Supreme Treasure!
Chapter 211 - Extremely Expensive Transformation Elixir! Extremely Nice Surprise!
Chapter 212 - Yang Dingtian’S Big Windfall!
Chapter 213 - Contest For The 8Th-Grade Mystic Skill Manual!
Chapter 214 - Manual Obtained!Dark Horse…
Chapter 215 - To Escape
Chapter 216 - Queen Of Underground
Chapter 217 - Battle With Rival In Love (Part 1)
Chapter 218 - Battle With Rival In Love (Part 2)
Chapter 219 - It All Depends On Your Performance!
Chapter 220 - Yang Dingtian’S Plan!
Chapter 221 - Devil!
Chapter 222 - Conquered!
Chapter 223 - Leaving For Qin City!
Chapter 224 - Rampant! Saving The Fox Race!
Chapter 225 - Scheming For The Map, Making Use Of Ye Feng!
Chapter 226 - Worship!
Chapter 227 - : Qin Mengli Surrenders! Past Events
Chapter 228 - Entering Qin City!
Chapter 229 - The Prowess Of Qin City! Cultivating In Seclusion
Chapter 230 - Cleansing Of Meridians!
Chapter 231 - Infatuation! Method For Great Breakthrough!
Chapter 232 - Great Breakthrough In Cultivation!
Chapter 233 - The Third Rank Of Pig Slaying Sword Art!
Chapter 234 - Martial Mystic Class! Devil Flame Saber Art!
Chapter 235 - Birthday Feast!!
Chapter 236 - Dongfang Bingling, Dugu Fengwu, Ning Rou’Er!
Chapter 237 - Fierce Battle! Die…
Chapter 238 - Fatal Strike!
Chapter 239 - Heaven-Defying Qi Transformation Art!
Chapter 240 - You Can Die Now!
Chapter 241 - Knocking Out Ye Feng Instantly! Shocking
Chapter 242 - The Plan To Obtain The Mystic Flame
Chapter 243 - Contending Against The Qin Clan’S Father And Son, Obtaining The Map (Part 1)
Chapter 244 - Contending Against The Qin Clan’S Father And Son, Obtaining The Map (Part 2)
Chapter 245 - Map In Possession! Life Or Death?
Chapter 246 - Escape! Convince Qin Wanchou!
Chapter 247 - Comprehending The Mystic Flame Map! Paying Respects To The Military Advisor!
Chapter 248 - Attempt To Leave Qin City!
Chapter 249 - Shen Lang’S Grand Wedding!
Chapter 250 - Leaving For East Parting Grassland!
Chapter 251 - Arrival At East Parting Continent…
Chapter 252 - Going Through, Beautiful Fox Lady!
Chapter 253 - Masscare! Foxman Race’S Princess!
Chapter 254 - The Final Whereabouts Of The Mystic Flame!
Chapter 255 - Convincing Ba Bi! Finding Out The Location Of The Mystic Flame!
Chapter 256 - Stumbling Block, Dongfang Bingling!
Chapter 257 - Public Murder! Robbing Yang Dingtian!
Chapter 258 - Searching For Mystic Flame!
Chapter 259 - Located The Mystic Flame’S Whereabouts!
Chapter 260 - Arrival Of Dugu Fengwu!
Chapter 261 - Trapping Dongfang Bingling (Part 1)
Chapter 262 - Trapping Dongfang Bingling (Part 2)
Chapter 263 - Trapping Dongfang Bingling (Part 3)
Chapter 264 - Dongfang Bingling’S Sacrifice!
Chapter 265 - Rescue Dongfang!
Chapter 266 - Warm Space, Defrosting The Beautiful Person!
Chapter 267 - Identity Exposed!
Chapter 268 - Demon Woman’S Pursuit!
Chapter 269 - Hot Blood Entering Bingling!
Chapter 270 - Dongfang Bingling’S Heartbeat
Chapter 271 - Killing Intent From An Old Friend!
Chapter 272 - Fight Then” Yan Bieqin, Deal!
Chapter 273 - In Order To Obtain The Mystic Flame, Gamble!
Chapter 274 - Mystic Flame Blooming!
Chapter 275 - Dugu Fengwu’S Pledge!
Chapter 276 - Mystic Flame’S Owner!
Chapter 277 - Devouring The Mystic Flame!
Chapter 278 - The True Mystic Flame!
Chapter 279 - Dongfang Bingling!
Chapter 280 - Cold-Blooded Bingling!
Chapter 281 - Mutual Destruction?
Chapter 282 - Sully And Trust!
Chapter 283 - The Final Splendidly Red Flames!
Chapter 284 - Demon Flame Choosing The Host! Monarch Flame!
Chapter 285 - Mystic Flame Refinement, Insane Breakthrough!
Chapter 286 - Dongfang Bingling’S Sinful Debt
Chapter 287 - Look After! Marriage?
Chapter 288 - The Dying Zhuri Beila!
Chapter 289 - The Deal With Xiangxiang Beila!
Chapter 290 - Clarifying The Identity! A Pretense To Reality?
Chapter 291 - The Godlike Yang Dingtian (Part 1)
Chapter 292 - The Godlike Yang Dingtian (Part 2)
Chapter 293 - The Godlike Yang Dingtian (Part 3)
Chapter 294 - Curing Zhuri Beila!
Chapter 295 - Instant Killing Leiming, Astonishment!
Chapter 296 - Alliance Marriage With Foxman Race! Method To Save Bingling!
Chapter 297 - Celestial Red Sea, The Edge Of The World!
Chapter 298 - The Lonely Temple!
Chapter 299 - Dongfang Bingling’S Heart
Chapter 300 - Dongfang Bingling’S Love?
Chapter 301 - Choice? Marriage? Shen Lang, Do You Love Me?
Chapter 302 - Dongfang Bingling, I’M Yang Dingtian!
Chapter 303 - Bingling Awakens, Cardinal Treasure!
Chapter 304 - Tan Tai’S Secret! Leaving The Red Sea!
Chapter 305 - Meeting Dugu Fengwu And Qin Huaiyu!
Chapter 306 - Enemies From The Past, Saving Xiangxiang Beila!
Chapter 307 - Demon Woman, Your Opponent Is Me!
Chapter 308 - A Sword To Kill
Chapter 309 - Yin Tianchong’S Death! Leaving East Parting Grassland!
Chapter 310 - The Death Of Demon Woman! Flying Back To Northwest Continent!
Chapter 311 - Dongfang Bingling, Let’S Perish Together!
Chapter 312 - Bingling’S Life Or Death! Returning To Northwest Continent
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Cửu Dương Kiếm Thánh, NYSS, 九阳剑圣

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Freshman student Yang Dingtian possesses the Nine Yang Body, found only 1 in million. His Yang Fire is incomparably vigorous and thus, he cannot be near a female’s charms for his entire life. On the night of his 19th birthday, he decided to bid farewell to his virgin life. After stealing and tasting the forbidden fruit, he spontaneously combusted as the result!

In death he crossed over to another world; a world that held respect for Martial Power. His, originally, catastrophic Nine Yang Body was the Nine Yang Body that couldn’t be seen in a millennium! He was saved by a mysterious old man when he was at his last moments and the old man received him for a disciple, then betrothed his daughter to him. Thus, in this odd way, Yang Dingtian became the successor of the largest clan under Heaven, and became the number-one-beauty-under-heaven’s fiance.

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Chapter 1 - Nine Yang Who Leapt Through Time (Part 1)

Chapter 1: Nine Yang Who Leapt Through Time (Part 1)


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

“Where am I? Didn’t I burn to death?”

Yang Dingtian found himself in a completely foreign world. He was in a cave, a particularly deep cave. Crystal-clear ice covered every inch.

He had been in the female teacher’s dormitory in Shui Mu University a few minutes earlier having sex with his stunning girlfriend and teacher, Li Bijun. When they reached climax, his entire body had been boiling hot. It then ignited, and he lost consciousness from the excruciating pain.

By the time he woke up, he was already in this strange cave.

Yang Dingtian turned twenty this year and was a sophomore student. His dad was a huge fan of Jin Yong, so he gave him a domineering name like Yang Dingtian.

(TL note: Jin Yong is a Chinese novelist who was known for his wuxia novels. Yang Dingtian’s name, Dingtian, roughly translates to “against the heavens” or “on top of the heavens”, which carries quite a domineering meaning in Chinese. Another meaning for “Ding” is “Poke” so this may lead others to think in an erotic way…)

He was fairly attractive, intelligent, sensitive, kind, and a little mischievous. His strength was due to the vigorous Yang Fire within him. Since he was young, he had never been afraid of the cold and could even stand temperatures of ten below zero degrees Celsius dressed in just a shirt. He never gained a single pound no matter how much he ate and had a huge appetite.

Of course, these weren’t bad things. Even so, his parents had brought him to countless doctors, and they all came to the same conclusion. Despite being underweight, he was perfectly healthy.

A sloppy Daoist priest traveling to the west came across Yang Dingtian when the latter was eight years old. Astonished, he said, “I never thought that the legendary Nine Yang Body actually existed.”

The priest had told Yang Dingtian that the Yang Fire in his Nine Yang Body exceeded others by several times. He could never have sex or even masturbate because of it. Even if he abstained from all sexual activities, his Yang Fire would likely still consume him before he turned twenty-five.

Yang Dingtian’s family believed the Daoist priest had lied, so they just ignored him.

Yang Dingtian began to realize things were getting worse as he went through puberty. Whenever he lusted after a girl in real life, photos, or videos, a vigorous flame would burn within him, and his body temperature would skyrocket.

The situation only got more intense. Yang Dingtian first dated and caressed a girl when he was eighteen. He fainted with a fever burning over 42 degrees Celsius that peaked in less than a minute. His girlfriend had been so frightened that she screamed and called an ambulance which fortunately saved his life.

Only then did Yang Dingtian recall the Daoist priest warning him against sexual activities.

His first masturbation attempt proved that the priest might have been speaking the truth.

Yang Dingtian never tried to have sex before he turned twenty. He couldn’t hold it in any longer. His girlfriend was so sexy that she had obliterated his defenses. On the night of his birthday, she finally broke through his last line of defense with the help of alcohol, drugs, eroticism, and lust. They had begun a steamy session in bed.

The outcome proved the Daoist priest right. Yang Dingtian, possessing the Nine Yang Body, really did ignite as he attempted physical intimacy. His father seemed able to predict the future when he gave him his name. Yang Dingtian really had the name Yang…, Ding Tian.

(TL note: Can be interpreted as going to heaven.)

Just when Yang Dingtian had burned to nothingness, lost consciousness, and fell into endless darkness, he woke to find himself in a completely unfamiliar environment. He was deep within an ice cave.

“Where the hell is this place?” Yang Dingtian shrank slightly. He couldn’t believe he actually felt the cold. He had absolutely no clue what it felt like to be cold growing up. He did now.

“Could this be an arctic cave?” Yang Dingtian asked himself. It truly was like the North Pole because he had never felt cold even when it was twenty to thirty degrees below zero in his north-eastern hometown. It had to be at least fifty to sixty below zero here.

Yang Dingtian climbed to his feet, naked, as he began to explore the cave. He couldn’t wrap his head around inexplicably showing up here rather than burning to death. He probably would have frozen to death in just a few minutes if he hadn’t possessed the Nine Yang Body.

The cave looked hopelessly deep with only a sliver of sky visible. It must have been bright outside. The rays of light passed through the small hole and reflected off the ice to illuminate the entire cave.

Yang Dingtian could tell that the cave was at least a thousand meters deep. The smooth, vertical walls would be impossible to scale without tools.

The bottom of the cave was only roughly a hundred square meters in area, something that Yang Dingtian could easily explore in a couple of steps. He desperately searched for an exit or a secret door, but he only found more ice after a long search. There was nothing behind or beneath the ice either, not even stone or soil. There was just more ice.

“Oh My God! How am I supposed to get out of here? This horrid place doesn’t even have food. I’ll starve to death in a few days.” Yang Dingtian dejectedly sat on the ice. He didn’t have his mobile phone because he was naked. There probably wouldn’t be a signal even if he had it.

He stood again shortly and shouted towards the sky, “Someone! Help! Is there anyone out there?”

Yang Dingtian yelled a dozen times, but not even an animal showed up at the hole.

He sat against an icicle.

“I wonder how Bijun is right now. Did she burn with me?” Yang Dingtian thought of his girlfriend and English teacher in sorrow.

Later, he reluctantly searched the cave again as he wondered if Bijun had transmigrated with him.

Clearly, it was impossible for Li Bijun to be present because the cave was empty.

“Dad, look at the bloody name you gave me. It’s just far too overbearing, and I can’t stand it.” Yang Dingtian thought of his father, Jin Yong’s hard-core fan, as well as his unreasonable and strict mother. They’d probably already heard of his death. He wondered how sad they were.

He looked back through the hole to the sky and sighed. “How can I get out of this horrible cave?”

Suddenly, he was dazzled. The sun had arrived above the cave, and it forced him to squint.

Yang Dingtian opened his eyes swiftly, frozen from shock. What he had seen had been so distressing, even horrific, that he jolted to his feet

There were two suns in the sky. There were actually two suns!

Yang Dingtian thought he had seen wrong or that it had been a hallucination. He rubbed his eyes hard to clear them.

No mistake. There were two suns. One was significantly larger than the other. One was also significantly brighter than the other.

“Oh My God! This isn’t Earth. Earth only has one sun, but there are two here. W-where the hell is this place then? An alien planet? A different world?”

“Have I leaped through time? Have I actually leaped through time and space?”

Yang Dingtian collapsed on the ice again. He felt the world spinning as though he were about to faint.

Other people transmigrated through electric shocks, disasters, being struck by lightning, or through plane crashes which were the most common premises behind transmigration. Only he, Yang Dingtian, had nearly burned to death and leaped through time while in the middle of having sex. This method of time travel was unprecedented.

“Dad, look at this bloody name you gave to your son! Yang Dingtian! What a domineering name it is! I wasn’t fortunate enough to enjoy this name, yet it sent me to another world!


“Farewell, mom and my dad, farewell my friends, and farewell Earth!”

“Mom and dad, don’t be too heartbroken. You’re both still young, so perhaps you can have another child.”

“Bijun, you probably burned to death with me, so we could be considered lovers that perished in a fire.”

Yang Dingtian leaned against the icicle in the center of the cave and finally accepted the fact that he had leaped through time and arrived in a different world. He suppressed his tears as he recalled the past.

“No, I can’t just continue grieving like this. Time-travelers in novels achieve great success. I can’t just die of starvation after leaping through time.” Yang Dingtian stood up. He wanted to find a way out.

In the end, he struggled for several hours and failed to scale even half a foot up the walls. The ice was far too slippery and hard. There was nothing he could do. He looked for a way out again, but the results were no different.

The shock and sorrow from the last few hours coupled with the struggle exhausted him. He returned to the middle of the cave and leaned against the icicle again, resting while he thought of another way out.

He only planned to rest for a while, but he ended up falling asleep.

It was fortunate that he possessed the rare Nine Yang Body. He had accumulated Yang Fire in his body for nearly two dozen years, and only a little had leaked out when he had sex with Li Bijun back on Earth. He barely felt cold as he slept naked in the frigid cave. It would be impossible for him to freeze.

Yang Dingtian’s hunger woke him a while later. His constitution required more food than that of ordinary people, and it was agonizing after several dozen hours without eating.

There was only ice in this hell. There was no food.

Yang Dingtian stood again and found the two suns appearing in the hole above the cave. He had slept for at least a whole day, but he was unsure how long that was in this world.

After standing up, Yang Dingtian noticed that the icicle behind him was a little different.

His stove-like body had melted most of it away over the ten hours he’d slept near it.

He wasn’t surprised. The crystal-blue icicle had become more transparent as it melted, and there seemed to be something inside it.

There was something inside the icicle?!


Total Chapters in book: 312
Estimated words: 799340 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3997(@200wpm)___ 3197(@250wpm)___ 2664(@300wpm)