Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven by Mars Gravity

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1: Assault In The Street
Chapter 2: Destiny World
Chapter 3: Appearance Of Unexpected Error
Chapter 4: Undefeated Myth (Part I)
Chapter 5: Undefeated Myth (Part Ii)
Chapter 6: Pu Luo Si
Chapter 7: Beginner Village
Chapter 8: Fighting The Wolf!
Chapter 9: Lolita Guo Guo (Part I)
Chapter 10: Lolita Guo Guo (Part Ii)
Chapter 11 : Eternal Destiny Of Moment
Chapter 12: Crying Lovely Lolita And Callous Master
Chapter 13: Strange Ability Of Guo Guo
Chapter 14: Hidden Mission
Chapter 15: “Enormous Secret”
Chapter 16: Red Autumnal Leaves Alliance
Chapter 17: Blast Him!
Chapter 18: You Knew Too Much!
Chapter 19: Business Deal
Chapter 20: You Can Take A Hike!
Chapter 21: Nothing Else To Do, Just Kill Once Again
Chapter 22: Collecting Chain Mission No. 3
Chapter 23: Variation Blood Wolf
Chapter 24: Ancient Life Ring
Chapter 25: Real? Illusion?
Chapter 26: Buying Sweets, Kidnapping
Chapter 27: Lei Feng, You’Ve Dropped Your Lollipop
Chapter 28: Loli’S Lollipop
Chapter 29: The Bronze Ranked Ring
Chapter 30: Nucleus Of Destiny
Chapter 31: “!@#¥%&……”
Chapter 32: The Most Disgusting Quest In Beginner Village 60001
Chapter 33: Buried God
Chapter 34: Choice, Abyss Level Trial
Chapter 35: Beginner Village’S Hidden Items
Chapter 36: Collateral
Chapter 37: Wild Man Eating Flowers
Chapter 38: Only So-So
Chapter 39: Dark Man Eating Flower Pollen
Chapter 40: Beautiful Performance
Chapter 41: Resistance Earrings
Chapter 42: Final Trial Stage - Amethyst War Tiger
Chapter 43: War Tiger Roar
Chapter 44: The Glimmer Of Hope
Chapter 45: Violent Rush Of The Lord Level Boss
Chapter 46: Victory!
Chapter 47: Skill Scroll - Berserk Fighting Will
Chapter 48: Badge Of Bravery
Chapter 49: Legend Of The Tower Of Destiny
Chapter 50: Actually, Big Brother Is Also An Expert
Chapter 51: The Heaven Defying Items Of The Beginner Village
Chapter 52: Heaven Brilliance Weapon - Demonic Snake
Chapter 53: A Fat Sheep Came
Chapter 54: Extortion Once Again
Chapter 55: Leaving The Beginner Village
Chapter 56: Job Change……..Failed
Chapter 57: …….Failure Once Again
Chapter 58: Archmage Kong Xiu (Part 1)
Chapter 59: Archmage Kong Xiu (Part 2)
Chapter 60: God Summoning Stone
Chapter 61: Dragon Soul
Chapter 62: Dragon Soul Power
Chapter 63: Legend Of The Dragon God Stone
Chapter 64: Lei Feng! You’Re Lei Feng!
Chapter 65: Su Fei Fei (Part 1)
Chapter 66: Su Fei Fei (Part 2)
Chapter 67: Guo Guo
Chapter 68: Land Of Dreams (Part 1)
Chapter 69: Land Of Dreams (Part 2)
Chapter 70: “Trouble” Comes To Visit
Chapter 71: Fei Fei Moves In
Chapter 72: Pain And Perseverance (Part 1)
Chapter 73: Pain And Perseverance (Part 2)
Chapter 74: Proving His Strength
Chapter 75: Recently I’Ve Been Lacking Some Money To Spend……
Chapter 76: Sky High Price (Part 1)
Chapter 77: Sky High Price (Part 2)
Chapter 78: Bickering
Chapter 79: Are You Sure You Aren’T Mistaken
Chapter 80: Little Charming Monster
Chapter 81: Tian Mo Xie On The Level Rankings
Chapter 82: The Unfamiliar Names On The Levels Ranking List
Chapter 83: City Lord Palace’S Unique Quest (Part 1)
Chapter 84: City Lord Palace’S Unique Quest (Part 2)
Chapter 85: Everything Is Fake
Chapter 86: Small Raccoon
Chapter 87: Berserk Fighting Will
Chapter 88: This Is Called Levelling
Chapter 89: Becoming First In A Single Step
Chapter 90: (Unable To Think Of)
Chapter 91: A Terrible Misunderstanding…..
Chapter 92: Falling Wind Town
Chapter 93: Returning The Glass Ball Random Quest
Chapter 94: Daughter Of Heaven
Chapter 95: Gu Ping Town
Chapter 96: The Badge Of Bravery Once Again
Chapter 97: Skeleton Cavern
Chapter 98: A Relaxed Situation
Chapter 99: Skeleton Cavern’S Second Floor
Chapter 100: Skeleton Cavern’S Fourth Floor
Chapter 101: The Remnants Of The Undead Monarch
Chapter 102: Blood Phoenix Azure Wolf (Part 1)
Chapter 103: Blood Phoenix Azure Wolf (Part 2)
Chapter 104: Blood Phoenix Azure Wolf (Part 3)
Chapter 105: Please…..Defeat Me
Chapter 106: The Back Figure In His The Heart
Chapter 107: Abyss
Chapter 108: The Old Man In The Abyss
Chapter 109: Dragon God’S Stone, The Mysterious Fox’S Voice
Chapter 110: Light And Dark Dragon Soul’S Power
Chapter 111: Job Advancement – Reverse Boned Evil Dragon!
Chapter 112: Profound Snow Spirit Fox
Chapter 113: Persevering
Chapter 114: Soul Blood Contract
Chapter 115: Dragon Rend, Dragon Shadow, Seven Heavy Splits
Chapter 116: Dragon Soul Blast – Losing Emotions
Chapter 117: Yao Yao
Chapter 118: Headband Of Bravery
Chapter 119: The Unique Quest’S Ultimate Reward
Chapter 120: Blood Sacrifice Of Destiny
Chapter 121: Broken Heart (Part 1)
Chapter 122: Broken Heart (Part 2)
Chapter 123: A Nightmare Of The Past
Chapter 124: The Forbidden Room
Chapter 125: Going Out
Chapter 126: Assassination
Chapter 127: Underground Casino
Chapter 128: Ten Million? It’S A Good Thing You’Re Not Too Embarrassed To Say This
Chapter 129: Big Or Small
Chapter 130: A Bold Three Hundred Million Bet
Chapter 131: Outrageous…….
Chapter 132: Young Miss Li
Chapter 133: I Hate Men Who Hit Women
Chapter 134: The Angered Young Master Zuo
Chapter 135: Swaggering Off
Chapter 136: Work Hard Fei Fei!
Chapter 137: Chen Xue Chen Xin (Part 1)
Chapter 138: Chen Xue Chen Xin (Part 2)
Chapter 139: Dark Green Plains Wolf
Chapter 140: Misty Rain Revival
Chapter 141: Shielding Breaking A Thousand Armies, Madame Autumn Water (Part 1)
Chapter 142: Shielding Breaking A Thousand Armies, Madame Autumn Water (Part 2)
Chapter 143: Beautiful Enchantress Liu Qi Yue
Chapter 144: Beautiful Enchantress Liu Qi Yue (Part 2)
Chapter 145: Heavenly Stellar City’S Chain Chamber Of Commerce
Chapter 146: Phantom Forest
Chapter 147: Demonized Battle Tiger
Chapter 148: Golden Sword Lion
Chapter 149: Tian Xie’S Past
Chapter 150: Hidden Boss – Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin (Part 1)
Chapter 151: Hidden Boss – Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin (Part 2)
Chapter 152: Life Punishment
Chapter 153: Blood Sacrifice Of Destiny, Blood Coloured Hurricane
Chapter 154: Purple Streaked Sword
Chapter 155: Rainbow Bracelet
Chapter 156: Starting From The Beginning
Chapter 157: Meeting Broken Heart Once Again
Chapter 158: Hope And A Miracle
Chapter 159: Femme Fatale
Chapter 160: Single Slash Soaring Through The Skies
Chapter 161: Killing With A Single Strike
Chapter 162: Deterrent
Chapter 163: Shock And Awe
Chapter 164: Become My Housekeeper
Chapter 165: Ling Family’S Ling Yun
Chapter 166: Enchantress
Chapter 167: The Start! Three Part Large System Quest (Part 1)
Chapter 168: The Start! Three Part Large System Quest (Part 2)
Chapter 169: Heavenly Soul Tomb
Chapter 170: Sword Soul, Blade Soul, Spear Soul
Chapter 171: An Overwhelming Might
Chapter 172: Immovable Soul, Sacred Soul
Chapter 173: The Mercenary King (Part 1)
Chapter 174: The Mercenary King (Part 2)
Chapter 175: Heavenly Soul Gathered Together
Chapter 176: Forcefully Killing
Chapter 177: The Mercenary King’S Glory Badge
Chapter 178: God’S Gift
Chapter 179: Immortal Shadow
Chapter 180: Calling Out
Chapter 181: Miracle Of The Sea
Chapter 182: Going To The Ten Thousand Bone Ruins
Chapter 183: War Soul Hall’S Lei Ting
Chapter 184: Son Of God – Buried God
Chapter 185: Ten Thousand Bone Ruins
Chapter 186: Ya Ya (Part 1)
Chapter 187: Yaya (Part 2)
Chapter 188: Yaya (Part 3)
Chapter 189: Frost Wolf’S Hole
Chapter 190: Frozen Bone Path
Chapter 191: Broken Heart’S First “Quest”
Chapter 192: Tailoring Technique
Chapter 193: Charming Enchantress
Chapter 194: The Knocking In The Night Filled With Thunder (Part 1)
Chapter 195: The Knocking In The Night Filled With Thunder (Part 2)
Chapter 196: She Is Called Xiao Xi
Chapter 197: Xiao Xi
Chapter 198: A Morning With Xiao Xi Present
Chapter 199: Going To The Frost Wolf’S Hole Once Again
Chapter 200: Another Quiz
Chapter 201: Standing Before The Frozen Bone Path Again
Chapter 202: Yao Yao’S Rage – Profound Spirit Wall (Part 1)
Chapter 203: Yao Yao’S Rage – Profound Spirit Wall (Part 2)
Chapter 204: The Dead Frost Wolf
Chapter 205: The Frost Wolf’S Request
Chapter 206: Pet System Quest, Finished!
Chapter 207: Amethyst Young Girl
Chapter 208: Violent Star Shadow Spirit
Chapter 209: The Heavenly Stellar City Lord’S Anxious Call
Chapter 210: Magic Track Appearing
Chapter 211: Weakened Xiao Xi
Chapter 212: Xiao Bei (Part 1)
Chapter 213: Xiao Bei (Part 2)
Chapter 214: King
Chapter 215: Goddess’ Sigh
Chapter 216: Yao Yao’S Might
Chapter 217: Guardian Spirit’S Rage
Chapter 218: War God’S Spirit
Chapter 219: The Awakened War God
Chapter 220: The War God’S Wish (Part 1)
Chapter 221: The War God’S Wish (Part 2)
Chapter 222: Wishing Glass
Chapter 223: Not Much, Just Four Hundred Million
Chapter 224: Interstellar Travel
Chapter 225: Liu Qi Yue’S Method
Chapter 226: Big Move
Chapter 227: The Shock Of Golden Equipment
Chapter 228: An Excited Scene
Chapter 229: China’S Strongest Dagger
Chapter 230: Undead Spear
Chapter 231: Auction Finale – Spiritual Grade Sword
Chapter 232: Over A Hundred Million!
Chapter 233: Sky High Price Of One Billion!
Chapter 234: Endless Cycle Of Reincarnation
Chapter 235: Ash Sheep
Chapter 236: Illusory Beast Clan Ruins
Chapter 237: The Four God Statues
Chapter 238: The Dark Illusory Beast Power
Chapter 239: Undead Protection Arrow God
Chapter 240: Dark Ghost King (Part 1)
Chapter 241: Dark Ghost King (Part 2)
Chapter 242: The Sacred Mark’S Awakening
Chapter 243: Illusory God Change – Carlos Fernandez
Chapter 244: Demon Breaking World Of Death
Chapter 245: The Collapse Of The Dark Ghost King
Chapter 246: Red Lotus Killing Gods
Chapter 247: The Dark Ghost King’S Retreat
Chapter 248: Seven Sins
Chapter 249: Evil Mind
Chapter 250: Illusory Beast God’S Envoy
Chapter 251: Demon God Li Xiao
Chapter 252: Waking The Sacred Mark Beast
Chapter 253: Kaka
Chapter 254: Kaka’S Illusory Spirit Change
Chapter 255: Destiny’S Magic Swallowing
Chapter 256: Heavenly Sun City (Part 1)
Chapter 257: Heavenly Sun City (Part 2)
Chapter 258: The Broken Rainbow Dusk (Part 1)
Chapter 259: The Broken Rainbow Dusk (Part 2)
Chapter 260: Trade
Chapter 261: Rainbow Dusk, Obtained
Chapter 262: The Defending Falling Wind Town Quest
Chapter 263: Seeing Sha Sha Again, The Seeds Of Hope
Chapter 264: A Shocking Reversal From A Single Person’S Power (Part 1)
Chapter 265: A Shocking Reversal From A Single Person’S Power (Part 2)
Chapter 266: A Shocking Reversal From A Single Person’S Power (Part 3)
Chapter 267: Rend · Light
Chapter 268: I Will Destroy The Wings Of Shrouded Heaven!
Chapter 269: Touching His Name
Chapter 270: The Name Is Floating Clouds
Chapter 271: Descending From The Sky
Chapter 272: Murder!
Chapter 273: Demon King Of Guns
Chapter 274: The Grace Of A Live Once Saved
Chapter 275: The Final Hope (Part 1)
Chapter 276: The Final Hope (Part 2)
Chapter 277: Crazy Decision
Chapter 278: Going To America
Chapter 279: Broken Hope
Chapter 280: Dragon Blood, Dragon Essence
Chapter 281: Miracle
Chapter 282: Thirteen Scars
Chapter 283: New Life
Chapter 284: Seven Star Gourd
Chapter 285: Meeting Nameless Again
Chapter 286: The True Meaning Of The Seven Sins (Part 1)
Chapter 287: The True Meaning Of The Seven Sins (Part 2)
Chapter 288: Seven Sins – Begin
Chapter 289: Finding The Red Sheep!
Chapter 290: A New Cell Phone
Chapter 291: Seven Sins – Arrogance (Part 1)
Chapter 292: Seven Sins – Arrogance (Part 2)
Chapter 293: Seven Sins – Arrogance (Part 3)
Chapter 294: Pet Rankings
Chapter 295: Tower Of Destiny (Part 1)
Chapter 296: Tower Of Destiny (Part 2)
Chapter 297: Tower Of Destiny (Part 3)
Chapter 298: Destiny’S Chess Board
Chapter 299: Nightmare Claws
Chapter 300: Demonic Grudge Butterfly
Chapter 301: Zhao Tian Hua
Chapter 302: Tower Of Destiny’S Tenth Floor
Chapter 303: The Rainbow Seeds Picked By Yaya
Chapter 304: Returning To The City
Chapter 305: Shaming In Front Of Everyone
Chapter 306: Familiar Eyes
Chapter 307: Xue Yao Yue, Meng Yu Yi
Chapter 308: Explosive Moving Xiao Bei
Chapter 309: Two Dragon Souls
Chapter 310: Hundred Herbs Sage
Chapter 311: Hundred Herb Spirit
Chapter 312: Hundred Herb Book
Chapter 313: Seven Sins – Sloth (Part 1)
Chapter 314: Seven Sins – Sloth (Part 2)
Chapter 315: Seven Sins – Sloth (Part 3)
Chapter 316: Wealth Rankings
Chapter 317: Monstrous Young Girl, Star Bomb
Chapter 318: Endless Cycle Of Reincarnation’S Astonishing Lineup
Chapter 319: Dark Horse, Dark King
Chapter 320: Killing A Horse First To Kill A Person
Chapter 321: Blood Coloured Hand
Chapter 322: Flames Of Jealousy
Chapter 323: Flames Of Rage
Chapter 324: Disdain
Chapter 325: Easily Destroyed
Chapter 326: Trampled
Chapter 327: Another Anomaly
Chapter 328: Signs Of Danger
Chapter 329: Terrifying Item – Star Bomb
Chapter 330: Xie Tian, I’M Here To Save You!
Chapter 331: Precious Star
Chapter 332: Explode! Ultimate Large Star Bomb
Chapter 333: Greedy Little Girl
Chapter 334: Sky High Asking Price
Chapter 335: Situ Chana Meeting Murong Qiu Shui
Chapter 336: Tail That Can’T Be Thrown Away
Chapter 337: Heaven Grade Item – Ten Thousand Mile Tracker
Chapter 338: Illusory Stone
Chapter 339: Weeping Ice Feather Deer
Chapter 340: Appearing Again! Carlos Fernandez (Part 1)
Chapter 341: Appearing Again! Carlos Fernandez (Part 2)
Chapter 342: Killing The Mysterious God Beast
Chapter 343: Karmic Reincarnation, Azure Dragon Ring
Chapter 344: Versatile Mount
Chapter 345: Flower Of Life, Grass Of Life
Chapter 346: Xie Tian’S Little Servant (Part 1)
Chapter 347: Xie Tian’S Little Servant (Part 2)
Chapter 348: Tearful Meng Yu Yi
Chapter 349: Mysterious God Gun – Nirvana (Part 1)
Chapter 350: Mysterious God Gun – Nirvana (Part 2)
Chapter 351: Mysterious God Equipment – Azure Dragon Ring (Part 1)
Chapter 352: Mysterious God Equipment – Azure Dragon Ring (Part 2)
Chapter 353: Heaven Defying Item
Chapter 354: Speechless Pity – Xing Bao Er (Part 1)
Chapter 355: Speechless Pity – Xing Bao Er (Part 2)
Chapter 356: Seven Sins – Wrath (Part 1)
Chapter 357: Seven Sins – Wrath (Part 2)
Chapter 358: Seven Sins – Wrath (Part 3)
Chapter 359: Prelude To The Explosive Flames Of Rage
Chapter 360: The Person Behind
Chapter 361: Plans And Counter Plans
Chapter 362: Prepared Large Gift
Chapter 363: Enticement
Chapter 364: Retaliation Begins
Chapter 365: Explode, Flames Of Rage (Part 1)
Chapter 366: Explode, Flames Of Rage (Part 2)
Chapter 367: Explode, Flames Of Rage (Part 3)
Chapter 368: Do, You, Dare?
Chapter 369: Perfectly Resisted
Chapter 370: “Tian Mo Xie”
Chapter 371: Large Explosion!
Chapter 372: The Real Tian Mo Xie (Part 1)
Chapter 373: The Real Tian Mo Xie (Part 2)
Chapter 374: The Real Tian Mo Xie (Part 3)
Chapter 375: Shrouded Heaven’S Difficulties
Chapter 376: No More Tian Mo Xie
Chapter 377: New Communication Device
Chapter 378: New Inventory
Chapter 379: Naked Blackmail (Part 1)
Chapter 380: Naked Blackmail (Part 2)
Chapter 381: Undying Monster Dragon (Part 1)
Chapter 382: Undying Monster Dragon (Part 2)
Chapter 383: Undying Monster Dragon’S Gallbladder
Chapter 384: Blackmailing The Heavenly Stellar City Lord (Part 1)
Chapter 385: Blackmailing The Heavenly Stellar City Lord (Part 2)
Chapter 386: Blackmailing The Heavenly Stellar City Lord (Part 3)
Chapter 387: Non Equivalent Agreement
Chapter 388: Because I Am The Boss!
Chapter 389: Facing The Wings Of Shrouded Heaven Again
Chapter 390: Two Conditions
Chapter 391: A Boss Must Have His Servant
Chapter 392: Five Billion Transaction
Chapter 393: Meeting The Red Sheep Again!
Chapter 394: Terrifying Little Fireball
Chapter 395: Huge Harvest
Chapter 396: Seed – Heavenly Charming Cherry Flower
Chapter 397: Mysterious Merchant!
Chapter 398: Shocking Products
Chapter 399: Star Picking Gloves
Chapter 400: *!
Chapter 401: The Final Steal!
Chapter 402: The Shocked Yuan Ya
Chapter 403: Demon Clan’S Seal
Chapter 404: Repaired! Rainbow Dusk
Chapter 405: The Nemesis Of Elements!
Chapter 406: Please Kindly Accept It
Chapter 407: Another Trade
Chapter 408: Shadow In The Night
Chapter 409: Seven Sins – Gluttony
Chapter 410: Terrifying Gluttony
Chapter 411: Situ Luo Yu (Part 1)
Chapter 412: Situ Luo Yu (Part 2)
Chapter 413: Swallow High Pill
Chapter 414: Seven Sins – Lust
Chapter 415: Flaming Desire
Chapter 416: Fuzzy Picture
Chapter 417: Assassination In The Rain
Chapter 418: Complete Defeat!
Chapter 419: Controlled
Chapter 420: Meeting In Reality
Chapter 421: Connecting
Chapter 422: Suggestion
Chapter 423: Grown Up Guo Guo
Chapter 424: Evil Demon’S Eye, Evil Demon’S Claw (Part 1)
Chapter 425: Evil Demon’S Eye, Evil Demon’S Claw (Part 2)
Chapter 426: Divine Xiao Yao
Chapter 427: Wind Power User
Chapter 428: Fire Sprites
Chapter 429: World Ending Flames Of Hell
Chapter 430: Trembling Ye Tian Xie
Chapter 431: “Subdue”
Chapter 432: Venomous Tongue
Chapter 433: Violated
Chapter 434: Luo Yu Being Taken
Chapter 435: Confrontation Between Two Girls
Chapter 436: Situ Luo Yu’S Compromise
Chapter 437: Change Of Heart (Part 1)
Chapter 438: Change Of Heart (Part 2)
Chapter 439: Liu Qi Yue’S Plan
Chapter 440: Flames Of Passion
Chapter 441: Wild
Chapter 442: Seven Sins, End
Chapter 443: Chasing Through The Sea Of Flames, Azure Dragon Incarnation (Part 1)
Chapter 444: Chasing Through The Sea Of Flames, Azure Dragon Incarnation (Part 2)
Chapter 445: Chasing Through The Sea Of Flames, Azure Dragon Incarnation (Part 3)
Chapter 446: Purple Glow Under The Deep Sea (Part 1)
Chapter 447: Purple Glow Under The Deep Sea (Part 2)
Chapter 448: Purple Glow Under The Deep Sea (Part 3)
Chapter 449: Purple Crystal Young Girl
Chapter 450: Broken Shark
Chapter 451: The Knight From The Abyss – Dragon Abyss (Part 1)
Chapter 452: The Knight From The Abyss – Dragon Abyss (Part 2)
Chapter 453: The Knight From The Abyss – Dragon Abyss (Part 3)
Chapter 454: Cracking The Sky With A Single Slash Part 1
Chapter 455: Cracking The Sky With A Single Slash Part 2
Chapter 456: Cracking The Sky With A Single Slash Part 3
Chapter 457: Breaking The Azure Dragon
Chapter 458: Abyssal Claw Emperor
Chapter 459: Qiu Qiu
Chapter 460: Claw Emperor’S Demon Seal
Chapter 461: Xing Li
Chapter 462: Recovered Xiao Xi
Chapter 463: Fei Fei’S Birthday Party
Chapter 464: Angel’S Blue Part 1
Chapter 465: Angel’S Blue Part 2
Chapter 466: Crystal Soft Jade Ring
Chapter 467: Who Shows Who Part 1
Chapter 468: Who Shows Who Part 2
Chapter 469: Ran Ling Feng Part 1
Chapter 470: Ran Ling Feng Part 2
Chapter 471: Unbearable To Look Back
Chapter 472: Disappearing Jewelry Store
Chapter 473: Xing Li And Xiao Xi
Chapter 474: Dragon Soul Rend, Dragon Soul Roar Part 1
Chapter 475: Dragon Soul Rend, Dragon Soul Roar Part 2
Chapter 476: Dragon Soul Rend, Dragon Soul Roar Part 3
Chapter 477: Curse Stone
Chapter 478: Hidden Door
Chapter 479: Demonic Ba
Chapter 480: Dark Soul Bead Part 1
Chapter 481: Dark Soul Bead Part 2
Chapter 482: Rainbow Ribbon
Chapter 483: Yuan Ya’S Tears
Chapter 484: Small Conflic
Chapter 485: Large Conflic
Chapter 486: Prelude
Chapter 487: One Person!
Chapter 488: Shock Kill!
Chapter 489: Shocked!
Chapter 490: Dragon’S Prestige!
Chapter 491: Qi Meng’S Decision
Chapter 492: Dragon Soul Explosive Thrus
Chapter 493: Too Lazy To Waste Words
Chapter 494: Destroyed Guild!
Chapter 495: Xiao Jie’S Decision
Chapter 496: Previous International Competition
Chapter 497: Eating Tofu
Chapter 498: Fei Fei’S Birthday Banquet Part 1
Chapter 499: Fei Fei’S Birthday Banquet Part 2
Chapter 500: Forever Bodyguard Part 1
Chapter 501: Forever Bodyguard Part 2
Chapter 502: Forever Bodyguard Part 3
Chapter 503: Same Song, ?Phoenix Courting Phoenix? Part 1
Chapter 504: Same Song, ?Phoenix Courting Phoenix? Part 2
Chapter 505: A Lover Becoming Family
Chapter 506: Demon’S Whisper
Chapter 507: Staying Overnigh
Chapter 508: Murong Family’S Liu Wan Rou
Chapter 509: Scene Under The Moon
Chapter 510: Small Reward
Chapter 511: Teasing
Chapter 512: Holy Spirit Instructor Part 1
Chapter 513: Holy Spirit Instructor Part 2
Chapter 514: Holy Spirit Instructor Part 3
Chapter 515: Person Of Another World Part 1
Chapter 516: Person Of Another World Part 2
Chapter 517: Person Of Another World Part 3
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Defiance of natural order of a single young Dragon soul.

The main character was the number one player in the previous VRMMO’s, with his superhuman arrogance (which would make even the worst young master blush), charisma and strength he will give a new VR game a try, to once again become the best!

But all doesn’t go as expected, as because of a bug in the game he goes into the game world without his starting class….

And this begins his journey towards reaching the peak of the game?

or will it totally go the other way?

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Volume 01: Eternal Moment of Destiny


Beijing University, Chinese “national” supreme institution of learning was situated in northern downtown of Beijing. After it had experienced a severe test of difficulties and hardships for several hundred year, it now have substantial amount of history and culture and also has a pivotal role in the institutions of higher learning all over the world. Now entering Beijing University is the dream and honor of all the people in China.

Here exist the magnificent gardens of imperial family, also have beautiful landscape of Jiangnanwith unusual “beauty”. Campus within the ancient wooden tower, having trees with shade giving foliage, bright garden, bright unusual “color” moving steps, classical and refined pavilions and water entwining the surrounding mountains.

Blazing summertime, endless stream of people were continuously moving back and forth which had added a bit of enthusiasm to the originally hot and warm air. Today was another session of registration of Beijing University so there was a long endless orderly traffic flow of people which didn’t even appear to be chaotic. Almost all the initial students who were admitted in Beijing University had parents or other relatives accompany them but he nevertheless was alone.

Outer appearance of 17 or 18 years, angular face, tall figure, taking slow footsteps, head was slightly raised with proud looks, his single strand of unruly hair was hanging down in front of his forehead, his two curved eyebrow was just like a paint brush. Behind his legs was not too big suitcase which was rolling along with his idle steps. He possessed a strange charm of a male, especially that careless smile and eyes which occasionally flash through one’s mind which allowed him to possess a kind of unspeakable attractiveness.

He didn’t resemble those initial admitted students of campus with variety of general excitement and were admiring the scenery of campus. He didn’t have a tint of turmoil from the beginning to the end and have only that single smile. He slightly raise his head and look straight ahead and sorrowfully thought in mind………finally I arrived here.

“That……..Ni hao, senior! May I ask, where should I go to find dormitory with room no 39……….ah? You are a new student too?”

Surprised by the sudden voice, he turned back only to find a single young man with meager bookish face. He was tall not at all short but in front of him he was half a head short. His hand was pulling a suitcase, in comparison it was twice as small as simple backpack carrying on his back. Clearly this meager male with his suitcase have the reaction of I have asked direction to similar new student.

“I am also trying to find room no. 39, so we are in same place?” He replies with a casual smile.

As if the weak smile affected the meager male, he hastily nodded his head and hurriedly took several steps forward, “Un-huh, well……That’s right I am called Liu Hua, virtual electron faculty.”

“Ye Tian Xie, same faculty.” He responded with a casual smile.

Ye Tian Xie? What a peculiar name. Lin Hua thought in his mind. In excitement he said, “Wa!Destiny Destiny, We meeting and having same room is destiny, right…….”

The school ground of Beijing University was very big. Wandering around for the long time didn’t even cover half the school ground. Finally they arrived at the area of dormitory. All the way, Liu Hua continuously found a topic for conversation. Even though Ye Tian Xie answered questions, he never take the initiative to start the conversation. All the way he looked at the front with calm gaze as if looking for something. Also this maybe his standard nature.

“Ni hao, Senior! May I ask, what way is the dormitory with room no. 39.” Liu Hua size the opportunity to ask in high politeness to the obvious senior guy with spectacles.

“Oh, bypass the lake over there, after that again bypass another two buildings. ………Yet it would be better if I take you there, here the structure is very much complex. You would need more time to be familiar with it. Come with me.” Glasses man push up the spectacles frame of bridge of his nose and walk ahead.

“Thank you Senior.”

“You are welcome. Come follow me.”

Inside Beijing University there is 16 shallow water lakes. So even though it is hot summer, there is still gently blowing cold breeze. All of those coming from far away lakeside can experience joyful and relax in there heart. The jade green willow tree branch on the lake surface sway when hit by soft breeze. Occasionally the leaf of willow tree drift and fall slowly at lake surface and the lake surface lightly ripple for a period of time. A gust of gentle breeze blows, in a flash a scale of fish sparkles. The ever changing light and shadow of rocking movement enhance the beauty of each other.

The step of Liu Hua stop subconsciously. His body unable to move, he release the hand which was dragging his suitcase unconsciously. Even when that thick and heavy suitcase fall over at his leg, he didn’t return to his consciousness.

His strange reaction cause Ye Tian Xie to stop his step and following his gaze when he looked, his originally calm eyes as if water, reflected single extraordinary splendor. In the heart a simple a line of verse appeared. “No Wonder…….”

At the lakeside, stand a single calm one of a kind dream girl wearing a pale blue clothes. She was slim and graceful with lithe and graceful figure dressed in a skirt covered with several transparent silver ice like fine silk fabric, like a cloud of smoke it covered outside of her skirt. With a gentle breeze, like dancing they float like a ripple, at the same time behind her waist thick waterfall like hair swayed which reflect brilliantly in compliance with her jade snow dimple. Her elegance could hold whole world. From their location they could only see her from side against the background of this poetic and picturesque riverside beautiful scenery. Nevertheless single glimpse of her can cause anyone’s heart to have a countless ripple like throwing a huge rock in a calm lake.

Her beauty and the beauty of secular woman was absolutely not same. Naturally she possessed one of a kind elegance and holy and pure grandeur just like the magical beauty of celestial beings. She calmly stood at the lakeside just like water goddess suddenly appeared at waterside. Seeing her would automatically give birth to a dream with illusionary feeling. Although she only appeared to feel a secular world, however no one can absolutely match her status within this world. From afar her ice and snow white smooth skin was like a jade stone, shining magnificent like water crystals. In contrast to that winter sun which shines with power and vitality, she resemble the bright moon. Her lips resemble pink cherry… matter if her curved crescent moon shape slender arched eyebrows or clear eyes with duel pupil or bright and clean smooth jade like aromatic cheek, petal like soft lip among them make her different among other female. She must have ability to shed off all unrefined parts.

“Fairy Maiden………female celestial being…….” the soul of Liu Hua unknowingly already flew off, eyes were widened staring forward, his gaze was as if he was dreaming and seeing a person’s silhouette and nothing else. Throughout his childhood he had never before dazed like this.

Eyeglasses guy gaze also stayed dull for a while, afterwards he regain his demurral, at the same time he turned over to Lin Hua and pound him in his arm and said, “Turn over and lets go to your dormitory over there.”

“Uhhhh……..a?” Liu Hua just only woken up from his dream. He with one hand tug glasses guy and spoke incoherently, “Se…Senior, that fairy Maiden….ah no…..that senior, she… she…..what is she called?”

As expected glasses guy know this goddess, nevertheless he nodded his head and said in a calm voice, “she……simply come here to see, you still don’t need to know her name, do not even attempt to have any idea on her, without a doubt we should not have any wild wishes. If you got a dead wish then you can try.”

“This……does she have a boyfriend or have…….quite a great background?” Liu Hua asked. At the same time his heart suddenly give birth to the feeling of emptiness. Female Celestial with merely a glance to make people dazed, just assume who can get this fairy’s private favor. Even knowing that this dream is wishful thinking and forever cannot be realized, but if this kind of female really had fate……. In his heart still have some kind of pain. He refrained from insisting to turn his head to look at her, for fear that he will once more become absent-minded and became incapable of moving away his gaze.

“She doesn’t” Eyeglasses guy customary push his spectacles and shook his head and said, “The first day she entered the Beijing University initiate a huge riot. People wanting to pursue her are countless, among them naturally several have illustrious backgrounds. But after a little while not a single one of them had a thought to pursue her. Look over there.”

Following the signal of glasses man, he looked only to see a sturdy man 10 li away from the female. Sturdy but it was also obvious that he was fat, he was standing in accordance with the willow tree with his eye semi-opened. He was not only fat but in addition strong. His height was also amazing, with a single glance he was nearly 2 meters.

“That big fatty?” Liu Hua asked.

Eyeglasses guy stared him and hastily said in a low voice, “……..he hates it extremely when other calls him fat. If he had heard you just now then weather you believe me or not, he would have tossed you directly into the lake.”

“Does he……..have a very big background?” Liu Hua at once shrink his neck.

“His temper was notoriously violent, in this whole Beijing University, no one dares to offend him rashly. About his background……” Glasses man voice became even lower, “also not clear…… I heard he is only son of senior officer of China, that is all.”

“Wha….What?” the eye of Liu Hua suddenly widened.

“It is said that he also pursued her but similarly meet refusal, although he didn’t use power to force her but since he didn’t get her, he also absolutely not allowed other people to come near her. As a result let alone hitting her, as long as any male dare say a single word to her then he will repent for it for his life time……sigh, let’s walk, these things even if I don’t tell you, you would not take long to know. I do not know how many new students entering school, overrate themselves and try to pursue her only to get bitter taste later on.” Eyeglasses man simply sigh.

Liu Hua was silent. In China who is able to offend supreme senior officials…….and who is bold enough to offend their son.

All along he didn’t utter a single word, at this moment Ye Tian Xie suddenly, drag his suitcase and move forward directly to the direction of the female celestial.

“Ai! Tian Xie!” Liu Hua subconsciously stretched his hand to catch him but suddenly he entered a strange trance which cause him unable to touch Ye Tian Xie body parts but grab air. Liu Hua body became numb all of a sudden, if felt like he punched the wall with full power but all of a sudden wall disappeared. In general his whole body felt uncomfortable. In this short duration, Ye Tian Xie had already reached that female side.

“Hey! Beautiful girl, can you take me to dormitory having room no. 39?” Ye Tian Xie raised his eyebrow and took a closer look of this dream like celestial being face.

Liu Hua and glasses guy both had the impulse to hit the wall. That careless and sloppy movement, flippant expression in his eyes and the way of starting the conversation already made them anticipate the reply that celestial being girl may give. That is giving him an indifference glare by fairy maiden and the fatty glaring him like a tiger eyeing its prey and rushing to punch him into the lake.

However, all the things they expected to happen didn’t happen. They both had complex expressions in their eyes. The simple turn of elegant neck towards him resemble like disgrace to beautiful Celestial being. Celestial being entire face faced to his direction making the pupil of Ye Tian Xie overflowing with unusual ripples in his soul. She slowly raise the edge of her smooth lips which turned into single beautiful pitch arc.

At this moment, suddenly the entire campus was quite as if it was a ghost town. Only the rustling sound of willow tree and wind could be heard. She revel a gentle smile. This smile was so beautiful that it make people unable to move away their gaze. Countless people couldn’t believe that she slowly extend her one hand and placed it in the hand of Ye Tian Xie. Her fair and clear white wrist almost looked transparent. Others can only imagine ultimate attainment of the feeling of touch underneath such smooth hand.

“I will bring you there.” She took his hand and turn around gracefully. Ye Tian Xia however simply smiled and rather hold her hand and took a step in front.

Her extremely beautiful and graceful view of the back was gradually disappearing. Liu Hua and the glasses guy were numb to see those two figure gradually disappearing and didn’t recover their consciousness for a long time.

And that fatty had already turned and was leisurely watching Chengze lake scenery, as if he did not even see what just happened.


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