Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator! by Mr Gua

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Chapter 52 - The Stone Of Wisdom Of The Ancient Gods!
Chapter 53 - Payment For Medical Treatment!
Chapter 54 - I, Tyrant, Will Occupy These Areas!
Chapter 55 - How Dare You Have Such Thoughts About Elder Sister!
Chapter 56 - Leaving The Beginner Village
Chapter 57 - The Origin Of Order And Chaos!
Chapter 58 - Elves?
Chapter 59 - Stop! You’Re Not Allowed To Leave!
Chapter 60 - Elf Race Reputation!
Chapter 61 - : Please Come This Way, There Are Many Monsters Here
Chapter 62 - Hidden Class!
Chapter 63 - End Of The Forest, Demon Soul King!
Chapter 64 - This Boss Is Too Easy To Deceive
Chapter 65 - I Want Your Small Treasure Trove
Chapter 66 - Crushing The Boss With Strength
Chapter 67 - Human! You Didn’T Keep Your Promise!
Chapter 68 - Entering Iron Skull City!
Chapter 69 - Class Advancement, Explosive Growth Of Stats!
Chapter 70 - A Massive Reward From Commander Klent!
Chapter 71 - Entering The Church Of Light
Chapter 72 - The Test From The Dragon Of Light
Chapter 73 - Triggering A Large Event Mission!
Chapter 74 - Angel’S Wings!
Chapter 75 - Iron Skull City’S Equipment Leaderboard
Chapter 76 - Competing For The Acquisition, Over A Hundred Million In Price!
Chapter 77 - Purification Crystal, Delayed Payment!
Chapter 78 - Monopoly!
Chapter 79 - Meeting Elf Mayra Again
Chapter 80 - Saving The Elven Princess?
Chapter 81 - (Night Elf) + (Unknown Crystal Heart)…
Chapter 82 - The Elf Race’S Taboo!
Chapter 83 - Don’T Do Strange Things To The Princess!
Chapter 84 - The Requirement To Awaken Aisha!
Chapter 85 - Reaching The Destination, Stunned Players
Chapter 86 - : Popular Antidote!
Chapter 87 - Preparing To Awaken Aisha!
Chapter 88 - Underground Tomb
Chapter 89 - A Strange Undead Ritual!
Chapter 90 - Lich Boss!
Chapter 91 - Dragon Soul!
Chapter 92 - Fire Dragon Crystal!
Chapter 93 - Merge! Greedy Long Tongue Bat!
Chapter 94 - Holy Angel Gabriel!
Chapter 95 - Legendary-Grade! Phantom Assassin!
Chapter 96 - Toward The Expeditionary Army Camp!
Chapter 97 - Black-Hearted Merchant, Getting Rich Overnight!
Chapter 98 - Selling The Purification Crystals!
Chapter 99 - Fraud?
Chapter 100 - A Stage That Belongs To Aisha!
Chapter 101 - The Depreciation Of The Gold Coin
Chapter 102 - Earning Four Hundred Million!
Chapter 103 - Heading Towards The Energy Zone
Chapter 104 - The World Alliance’S Intentions?
Chapter 105 - Tsk!
Chapter 106 - Lorne’S Skeleton Army!
Chapter 107 - Taking Advantage Of The Chaos To Sneak Into The Cave
Chapter 108 - Undead Bone Dragon!
Chapter 109 - Piercing Arrow
Chapter 110 - Boss! Our Boss Is Missing!
Chapter 111 - Wanted Across The Server
Chapter 112 - Toward The Lake Of Death
Chapter 113 - (Fire Of Death) + (Dragon Bone Fragment) = (???)
Chapter 114 - Insane Level Up
Chapter 115 - Death Worm
Chapter 116 - Death Creature Summoning Array!
Chapter 117 - Acquiring Corpses!
Chapter 118 - Massacre!
Chapter 119 - Everyone Reached Level 20!
Chapter 120 - Rotten Lich!
Chapter 121 - Death Substitution Necklace!
Chapter 122 - Reaching Level 30!
Chapter 123 - Cross Fire And Long Tongue Bat’S Deal
Chapter 124 - Dark Guild’S Attack
Chapter 125 - Poisonous Spider Demon
Chapter 126 - Super Fusion, Merging Five Materials!
Chapter 127 - Bone Spider King!
Chapter 128 - Crazy Hunting Operation
Chapter 129 - Tit For Tat!
Chapter 130 - The Abyss In The Ravine!
Chapter 131 - Dragon Commander, Walter
Chapter 132 - An Intense Battle!
Chapter 133 - Dragon Slayer Achievement!
Chapter 134 - An Important Plan Of The Dark Guild!
Chapter 135 - Platinum-Grade Equipment, Protection Barrier
Chapter 136 - Legendary Talent [Master Of Experience]!
Chapter 137 - Massive Reward
Chapter 138 - Dark Assassins’ Ambush!
Chapter 139 - Rapid Defeat!
Chapter 140 - Dumbfounded Bloodthirsty
Chapter 141 - Diamond Grade Equipment, Ghost Shadow Necklace
Chapter 142 - Looking For The Cold Desolate Dragon City
Chapter 143 - Mines
Chapter 144 - Rich Mineral Resources
Chapter 145 - Triggering The Game Materialization Function!
Chapter 146 - Equipment Materialized Into The Real World!
Chapter 147 - Assassination?
Chapter 148 - Burning Passion
Chapter 149 - “Oracle Bone” Defense Shield!
Chapter 150 - Content Of The System Update
Chapter 151 - Fire Elemental Giant
Chapter 152 - One-Eyed Giant Snake And Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon!
Chapter 153 - Extortion!
Chapter 154 - Crazy Damage
Chapter 155 - Level 100 First Kill Achievement!
Chapter 156 - Unknown Fragment Stained With Blood
Chapter 157 - Evolution, Long Tongue Bat Dragon!
Chapter 158 - The Blood Crystal Coffin At The Bottom Of The Lake!
Chapter 159 - : Destroying The Totem Stone Pillar!
Chapter 160 - Naga Queen!
Chapter 161 - Blood Essence Of An Ancient Demon
Chapter 162 - Headless Horseman!
Chapter 163 - Clearing The Fire Elemental Giants!
Chapter 164 - Killing Monsters Crazy!
Chapter 165 - Blueprint For The Construction Of The Cold Desolate Dragon City!
Chapter 166 - An Incomparably Massive City!
Chapter 167 - City Of Treasures!
Chapter 168 - Dragon Tomb!
Chapter 169 - Growth Of Divine Power!
Chapter 170 - Seeing The Dragon Of Light Again!
Chapter 171 - Sssss-Level Reward!
Chapter 172 - Divine Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 173 - : Four Orange Skills!
Chapter 174 - Death Angel Equipment Set!
Chapter 175 - Divine Radiance (2)
Chapter 176 - A Race That Knows Technology!
Chapter 177 - A New Potion Contract!
Chapter 178 - Raising Affinity!
Chapter 179 - The Tyrant Award!
Chapter 180 - The First Player Owned Shop!
Chapter 181 - Grand Opening!
Chapter 182 - Ridiculous Sales
Chapter 183 - Clean Up And Wait For Me
Chapter 184 - Rich Family
Chapter 185 - Cooperation Of Two Sisters!
Chapter 186 - Maeve’S Suspicion
Chapter 187 - Acquisition Mission!
Chapter 188 - Gnome Mineral Company
Chapter 189 - Mining Robot!
Chapter 190 - Recruiting The Gnomes!
Chapter 191 - Purchasing Resources
Chapter 192 - Gnome Airship!
Chapter 193 - Kickback!
Chapter 194 - Beginning To Repair The Cold Desolate Dragon City
Chapter 195 - Equipment Merging
Chapter 196 - The Descent Of The [City Creation Token]!
Chapter 197 - Vast Ocean Ring!
Chapter 198 - Demonized Beastmen
Chapter 199 - Bold Idea
Chapter 200 - Lorne'S "Cheat" Method
Chapter 201 - Successful Experiment
Chapter 202 - Farming Points Crazily
Chapter 203 - Stunned Players
Chapter 204 - The Birth Of The First Guild Establishment Token In The Server!
Chapter 205 - Reservation, 100,000 Gold Coins!
Chapter 206 - The Auction Begins
Chapter 207 - Crazy Price!
Chapter 208 - First Move!
Chapter 209 - Establishing The Guild, [Above The Clouds]!
Chapter 210 - Getting Weirder
Chapter 211 - Crazy Production
Chapter 212 - Encountering A Silver Boss!
Chapter 213 - 100% Block
Chapter 214 - Boss-Grade Material
Chapter 215 - : Merging The Wolf Head Demon
Chapter 216 - Crazy Auction
Chapter 217 - The Swamp Under The Cliff
Chapter 218 - Steadily At The Top Of The Points Ranking
Chapter 219 - Grew Wings And Flew Away
Chapter 220 - End Of Event, City Creation Token In Hand!
Chapter 221 - Orange Skill [Energy Shield]
Chapter 222 - Unknown Item Treasure Chest
Chapter 223 - Establishing The Guild Base
Chapter 224 - I’M Not Afraid Of Curses, I’M Afraid Of Being Poor
Chapter 225 - : Encyclopedia Of Rare Herbs
Chapter 226 - Giant Purification Crystal!
Chapter 227 - Divine Artifact! Earth Hammer!
Chapter 228 - Birth Of The Second Divine Artifact! Ghost Deity Necklace!
Chapter 229 - : I’M Willing To Pay 100,000 Gold Coins
Chapter 230 - Purchasing At Half Price
Chapter 231 - Players’ Stockpile
Chapter 232 - The Direction Of The Shop’S Development
Chapter 233 - Boss! Please Don’T Suicide!
Chapter 234 - Furious Speck
Chapter 235 - Ghost Deity?
Chapter 236 - Recruiting Doge
Chapter 237 - Large Weapon—Crystal Cannon!
Chapter 238 - Reaching The Lake Of Death
Chapter 239 - Establishing The Territory, Cold Desolate Dragon City!
Chapter 240 - Shocked Gnomes
Chapter 241 - Distribution Mission
Chapter 242 - First Entry Into The City Lord’S Zone
Chapter 243 - Meeting The City Lord!
Chapter 244 - Labor Utilization Token
Chapter 245 - Target! Cold Desolate Dragon City!
Chapter 246 - The Shocked Commander Rhett
Chapter 247 - Free Gift Of Iron Skull City!
Chapter 248 - Two Million Workers, Constructing The Dragon City With All Their Strength
Chapter 249 - Global Announcement! Establishment Of The Cold Desolate Dragon City!
Chapter 250 - Cross Fire Coughs Blood
Chapter 251 - Please Concentrate On Dating Us
Chapter 252 - Global Sensation
Chapter 253 - Giving You A Loud Slap
Chapter 254 - Conditions To Create Crystal Cannons
Chapter 255 - : Repair Completed!
Chapter 256 - : Business Plan
Chapter 257 - Solving The City Guard Problem
Chapter 258 - Radiant Knight
Chapter 259 - Announcing The Event Mission To The Players
Chapter 260 - A Storm Is Coming, Undercurrents Rushing
Chapter 261 - Female Streamer’S Shock
Chapter 262 - Players Gone Crazy
Chapter 263 - Rapid Growth Of The City’S Population
Chapter 264 - : Fundamental Law Of The Cold Desolate Dragon City
Chapter 265 - The Battle For The Second City Creation Token!
Chapter 266 - Discovering The Infiltrators
Chapter 267 - Stunned Netherworld Guild Members
Chapter 268 - Infiltrators Wiped Out
Chapter 269 - Sudden Situation! Monster Attack!
Chapter 270 - Mission To Defend The City
Chapter 271 - Horrifying Discovery, The Terrifying Tyrant
Chapter 272 - Aisha Reaches Level 30
Chapter 273 - Ice Crystal Unicorn Set
Chapter 274 - Opening 40 Platinum Treasure Chests In A Row
Chapter 275 - Crazy Attributes
Chapter 276 - 40,000 Attack Power!
Chapter 277 - The Defense Event Begins
Chapter 278 - A Grand Army Of A Million Monster!
Chapter 279 - Exaggerated City Wall Defense
Chapter 280 - Aisha Attacks!
Chapter 281 - Players Gone Crazy
Chapter 282 - Mountain Giant!
Chapter 283 - Spirit Fruit
Chapter 284 - : Mountain Giant King!
Chapter 285 - High Defense
Chapter 286 - Death By A Sharp Blade
Chapter 287 - Octopus Sea Demon Leader
Chapter 288 - Battle!
Chapter 289 - Island Turtle!
Chapter 290 - Killing The Octopus Sea Demon Leader
Chapter 291 - Combination Equipment
Chapter 292 - The Sinful Soul Of The Octopus Sea Demon Leader
Chapter 293 - Projection Equipment
Chapter 294 - Second Materialization Chance!
Chapter 295 - Heading Towards The High-Level Energy Zone
Chapter 296 - Coincidence
Chapter 297 - Burning Passion
Chapter 298 - Concentration Plan
Chapter 299 - Intimate Interaction
Chapter 300 - Leaving Cold Desolate Dragon City
Chapter 301 - Nature Forest
Chapter 302 - Dark Elves
Chapter 303 - Damn! He’S Tyrant!
Chapter 304 - Dark Elf Body
Chapter 305 - Night Elf Camp
Chapter 306 - Coincidence
Chapter 307 - Unparalleled Domination Coughs Blood
Chapter 308 - This Is The Guy Who Deceived The Elven Girl
Chapter 309 - The Shock Caused By The Dragon Blood Grass
Chapter 310 - Can I Have Them?
Chapter 311 - Grand Invitation
Chapter 312 - Saving The Ancient Tree Of Life
Chapter 313 - Merging Demoness?
Chapter 314 - Setting Off! Moon’S Reflection Lake!
Chapter 315 - Domination
Chapter 316 - Bull Python Leader
Chapter 317 - Repairing The Lost Legacy Divine Equipment
Chapter 318 - Elf Contract
Chapter 319 - Arriving At Emerald City
Chapter 320 - Taboo Mystic Realm
Chapter 321 - Domination Guild’S Movement
Chapter 322 - Merging Demoness!
Chapter 323 - Birth Of The Spider Lady!
Chapter 324 - Spider Queen, Black Weaver
Chapter 325 - Powerful Strength
Chapter 326 - The Gold Coins In The Valley
Chapter 327 - The Final Boss!
Chapter 328 - Intense Battle
Chapter 329 - Final Boss Kneeling And Begging For Mercy
Chapter 330 - Elemental Bow
Chapter 331 - Dragon Eye Talisman Stone
Chapter 332 - Conspiracy
Chapter 333 - Cunning Person
Chapter 334 - Rage
Chapter 335 - Noble Identity
Chapter 336 - : Invitation From The City Lord Of The Emerald City
Chapter 337 - Strange Situation! The Game Shuts Down!
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

In the Year 2030, the ground-breaking online game “Divine Realm” shook the whole world. Its system of allowing players to exchange in-game currency into real-life money attracted everyone’s attention.

Lorne was also a player of “Divine Realm,” but he had a unique talent—the Monster Merging Simulator.

It allowed him to merge a “prototype material” and “body parts” to create a new monster and tame it.

[Slime] + [Poison] = Poisonous Slime (Elite)!

[Brown Bear] + [Granite x5] = Rock Bear (Bronze)!

[Spider] + [Baphomet’s Skull] = King of Bone Spiders (Boss)!

[Leader of the Minotaurs] + [Lava’s Core] + [Fire Elemental Inheritance Crown] = Lord of Flames (Silver Boss)!

With that, just as other players were trying their best to level up, Lorne and his powerful pets began their expedition to the Dark Abyss that was shrouded in darkness…

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Monster Merging Simulator


Atlas Studios


Atlas Studios

Federal calendar, 2030.

The “Virtual Reality” technology, which had always been the focus of attention, had achieved an unprecedented breakthrough three years ago. The World Alliance used this as a foundation and gathered the wisdom of the world to develop an epochal virtual online game—”Divine Realm”!

According to the World Alliance, the purpose of creating this game was to perfect the artificial intelligence’s lack of ’emotion’.

So, any citizen who entered the game was contributing to human technology.

On the other hand, to promote the game, the World Alliance had made a special announcement.

The contents of “Divine Realm” were all operated by the “smart-brain”. No one could interfere. Furthermore, the gold coins in the game were linked to real money. Any gold coin could be exchanged for 1,000 dollars of real money.

There were even online rumors that if the ‘Virtual Reality’ technology improved, it would reach the level of ‘Virtual Realism’ and bring everything in the game to the real world.

The authenticity of the latter part could not be verified for the time being, but 100% simulated virtual games were still epochal products.

Whether it was farming gold coins to earn money, enjoying the thrill of fighting in the game, or resting in the other world, they could attract countless players.

Therefore, once this game was released, it attracted the attention of the entire world. The sales of the game equipment also exceeded 4 billion in a month!

That made up half of the world’s population.

As for the remaining half, it was not that they did not want to play the game, but the equipment was too expensive.

The game equipment for “Divine Realm” was very expensive. Even the cheapest cost 100,000 alliance dollars. It was not something an ordinary family could accept.

Lorne could not afford it.

Three years ago, his sister, Roanna, suffered from a disease that was beyond medical understanding and was permanently unconscious.

This was also the main reason for Lorne’s financial breakdown.

All of his efforts over the years had been to make money to pay for her medical expenses, but unfortunately, that effort had not been enough.

As of today, not only did Lorne not have any savings, but he even owed a huge sum of medical fees to the hospital, for a total of a million alliance dollars.

According to the Federal Rights Law, if he could not pay 30% of the amount he owed by the end of the month, the hospital had the right to stop providing Roanna’s medical treatment immediately.


“You are my last hope…”

In the shabby and cheap rental room, the penniless Lorne was hugging a metal helmet with messy circuits. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

This strange thing was the login helmet of “Divine Realm.”

Although it had been badly damaged a month ago, the core was thankfully intact.

So Lorne brought it home and tried to repair the damaged circuit so that it could be activated again.

Of course, Lorne was still very nervous.

Because he had no idea if he could log into the game with the ‘restored’ equipment.

If this failed, then it was all over.

“It’s impossible to earn 300,000 alliance dollars in half a month.”

“Only the game ‘Divine Realm’ can save us now. According to the exchange rate, 300,000 alliance dollars is only 300 gold coins.”

“If I can master the game well in the early stages, 300 gold coins shouldn’t be too difficult. If I’m lucky, I might be able to obtain high-level equipment and solve all the problems I face now.”

Looking up at the yellow ceiling, Lorne’s eyes were filled with hope.

The result of failure was something he dared not imagine. To him, this matter could only succeed, but it had to succeed!

After a while, it was 11: 59. There was less than a minute before the opening of “Divine Realm”.

Lorne lay down on the bed and put on the crude iron helmet.

He took a deep breath.

Then, he turned on the power.

The next second, an electronic voice sounded.

“Ding! The game ‘Divine Realm’ begins now.”


“Game loading complete.”

“Identification complete. Logging in now…”

The voice at the beginning were smooth, but when he was waiting to log in…


An alarm sounded.

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!”

“Anomaly detected, trying to analyze it….”

Lorne’s heart sank.

Unusual login?

‘Did they detect me?’

Damn it!

He had to succeed!

Lorne gritted his teeth. He was extremely nervous.

However, the alarm did not stop. It still sounded harsh.

“Analysis failed, Analysis renewed…”

“Analysis failed, Analysis renewed…”

“Analysis failed, Analysis renewed…”


“Analysis complete, abnormality denied. Determined to be a special login player.”

“Detected that the player is a special login player. You will obtain an exclusive talent awakening opportunity.”


Lorne’s eyes narrowed. He could not hide his excitement.

Although he did not know the meaning of ‘special login player’, being able to enter the game normally was already the greatest blessing of the Goddess of Luck.

Taking two deep breaths, Lorne calmed down.

Then, he looked at the light blue system panel.

The next moment, a golden-red light burst forth.

The brilliant light made it difficult to see. Lorne could only see through the gaps in his fingers to see what was in the light.

‘Is that… a wheel?’


It was a golden-red wheel spinner!

But before Lorne could read it, the golden-red wheel began to spin.

Ten seconds later, the wheel stopped spinning.

“Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a talent of unknown grade—[Monster Merging Simulator] (Unique).”

Unknown grade?


Anyone who played online games knew that “unknown” represented endless possibilities, and “unique” represented the only one in the world!

Just from these two pieces of information, one could tell that he had obtained an incredible gift!

Thinking of this, Lorne quickly opened the Talent Menu.

The next moment.

He gaped in astonishment.


Talent: [Monster Merging Simulator]

Quality: ???

Effect: Capture or kill monsters to obtain various materials and use the simulator to synthesize and create a new, powerful monster.

Synthesis Formula: [Prototype Monster] + [Body Part Material] = [New Monster]. (Note: Multiple materials can be added at once. The number of times the same material can be used is limited.)

Rule 1: Synthesized monsters are considered summoning units. Their numbers are affected by the number of pet spaces available to the player.

Rule 2: Synthesized monsters will obey their master’s commands.

Rule 3: The prototype of a synthesized monster will largely determine the form of the new monster.

Rule 4: The higher the compatibility level between the ‘prototype monster’ and ‘material’, the more superiority the final product would have, and the higher the attributes of the same type of monster. (1% Superiority = 1% Additional Attributes.)

Rule 5: The synthesized monster cannot be given to others. It can only be released into the wild.



Total Chapters in book: 337
Estimated words: 440472 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2202(@200wpm)___ 1762(@250wpm)___ 1468(@300wpm)