Online Game: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely by Pro Power Leveling

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Chapter 156 - Eternal Sea Guardian Blue
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Chapter 158 - Three General-Level Sea Demons
Chapter 159 - Blood Sucking Sea Demon
Chapter 160 - A Man With Three Supreme Skills
Chapter 161 - Beheading
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Chapter 163 - What Do You Want?
Chapter 164 - Abyss Prison
Chapter 165 - Rescuing Rhett
Chapter 166 - The Third Assessment Mission
Chapter 167 - Bert
Chapter 168 - War Coming
Chapter 169 - : Eternal Sea Vortex
Chapter 170 - Hemophagia Sea Demon
Chapter 171 - Matthew, The Eternal God
Chapter 172 - Follow Me Out To Sea
Chapter 173 - You Can Go
Chapter 174 - Tricking Of Skills
Chapter 175 - Odd Generals Of The Golden Shell Crab Race Chapter
Chapter 176 - Leaders Of Sea Race Gather
Chapter 177 - Please Pardon Me If I Did Not Serve You Well
Chapter 178 - You’Re Not Here, I’Ll Steal Your Home
Chapter 179 - Stop Him!
Chapter 180 - Eternal Sea Guardian Alan
Chapter 181 - Meeting At The City Lord’S Mansion
Chapter 182 - The Eighth Eternal Sea Guardian
Chapter 183 - Eternal Sea Bow And Arrow
Chapter 184 - Ida, It’S Your Turn Now
Chapter 185 - New Orange Equipment
Chapter 186 - Return To Jinyao City
Chapter 187 - War Vault
Chapter 188 - Flood Dragon Tribe
Chapter 189 - Battle Of Eide
Chapter 190 - Targeted Whale Shark Clan
Chapter 191 - Flipped Or Slid?
Chapter 192 - Killing Bert
Chapter 193 - Battling Bill Again
Chapter 194 - Give You An Nner Core
Chapter 195 - Battle Against Jinsha
Chapter 196 - Moore
Chapter 197 - Eternal Sea Berserk Transformation
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Chapter 199 - Meeting Liu Ruyan Again
Chapter 200 - Why Did You Come Back So Soon?
Chapter 201 - Failed Again
Chapter 202 - Battling Madam Octopus Again
Chapter 203 - Beheading Madam Octopus
Chapter 204 - Mermaid Race
Chapter 205 - Kidnapping Aisha
Chapter 206 - Origins Of The Dragon Race
Chapter 207 - Subdue Aisha
Chapter 208 - The Weaknesses Of The Flood Dragon Race
Chapter 209 - Tthe Great War Was Coming
Chapter 210 - Versus Drew
Chapter 211 - Control Of Flying Daggers
Chapter 212 - I Said That I Would Protect You
Chapter 213 - Your Soul Will Be Scattered Today
Chapter 214 - Support Ma Xiu
Chapter 215 - Will Remember You
Chapter 216 - This Fellow Did Not Seem To Be Very Smart
Chapter 217 - The Leader Of The Flood Dragon Clan Was Unsealed
Chapter 218 - Dragon Race Summon Signal
Chapter 219 - The Correct Usage Of The Eternal Sea Pearl
Chapter 220 - Before The Great War
Chapter 221 - The Arrival Of Lin Ya
Chapter 222 - I Don’T Know Why My Blade Is Red
Chapter 223 - Battle Begins
Chapter 224 - Seven Swords Of The Boundless Sea
Chapter 225 - Please Receive The Sword
Chapter 226 - Seven Swords
Chapter 227 - Seven Sword Slashes You
Chapter 228 - Killing Lin Ya
Chapter 229 - Level 50 Main City
Chapter 230 - Rong Ling
Chapter 231 - Gold Spirit City
Chapter 232 - I’Ll Give You Some Face
Chapter 233 - Mission Completed
Chapter 234 - Taking Back The Mineral Vein
Chapter 235 - Gold Armor Stone
Chapter 236 - The Elders Of The Water Spirit City Came To Attack
Chapter 237 - Okes Seem To Be Contagious
Chapter 238 - It Will Be More Difficult In The Future
Chapter 239 - A Beautiful Bride, Defeated By Reality
Chapter 240 - A Wife Is A Wife Nonetheless!
Chapter 241 - Hiding Secrets
Chapter 242 - Li Yi’S Black Aura
Chapter 243 - Who Says You Can’T Use Dirty Tricks In Fights?
Chapter 244 - Come Down If You Can
Chapter 245 - Dragon Taming
Chapter 246 - It Does Not Belong To You
Chapter 247 - Bring On The Big Boss
Chapter 248 - A Terrifying Powerhouse From His Past Life
Chapter 249 - Before The Fight, Let’S Hype It Up
Chapter 250 - Girls Get More And More Fierce These Days
Chapter 251 - Do You Even Feel Shame?
Chapter 252 - Nice Try
Chapter 253 - A Tree Fighting A Dragon?
Chapter 254 - 254 The Battle Outside The City
Chapter 255 - 255 Single-Handily Combat Against 18 Crystal City Warriors
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Chapter 261 - 261 Battling The Two City Lords Alone
Chapter 262 - 262 World Fusion, God Slaying Power!
Chapter 263 - 263 Global Crisis, Where Are You?
Chapter 264 - 264 Despair, Ice Lotus Blooming!
Chapter 265 - 265 Today, I’Ll Slaughter The Gods!
Chapter 266 - 266 The Journey Had Just Begun!
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Book Details / Information: It was the year 2021 AD. The game jointly developed by the entire world, “Heavenly Enlightenment”, was released. In this game, in-game coins could be exchanged for real money, which instantly attracted countless players from all across the world. Various nations around the globe also competed fiercely for the resources in the game. Lu Yuan was a player of “Heavenly Enlightenment. At the start, he received the SSS rank talent — Infinite skills upgrade! Fireball LV999: Fireball descends from the sky and rains destruction upon the world! Heal LV999: the Angel descends to revive ten thousand people! …… With his infinite upgrading talent, while others were still desperately trying to farm mob monsters, Lu Yuan had already killed the boss effortlessly. While others were still toiling to raise the favourability meter of NPCs, Lu Yuan was already sleeping on the same bed as the NPC queen. The other players all started to protest! “Report him, he’s cheating!” “Lu Yuan had severely affected the balance of this game, we strongly demand to ban Lu Yuan!” …….

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Apocalypse


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I’m still alive? Where is this?”

Lu Yuan opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. It was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Looking at the familiar layout of the apartment, Lu Yuan felt a little incredulous. He finally remembered where this was.

Have I been reborn?

I’m back to three years ago?

Countless thoughts flashed through Lu Yuan’s mind, and his thoughts were finally settled when he saw the time that was ticking on the clock above his head.

May 1st, 2071.

11:55 pm.

In five minutes, the Apocalypse would be released.

“The Apocalypse” was announced to the public as a cross-generational online game jointly developed by hundreds of countries on Earth.

It was 100% realistic and was known as the Second World.

It could defeat all the games on the market in an instant.

This was supposed to be a cross-generational event and a celebration of the world. However, after the game was initiated, no one could have imagined that this game would become the bane of the destruction of the world one year later.

One year after the open beta, the game world and reality merged, disaster erupted.

The monsters and NPCs that were looked down upon by the players in the game in the past displayed unparalleled destructive power as soon as they entered reality.

Since the game and reality overlapped, the players’ in-game strength was also synchronized into reality, so they were not afraid of the normal monsters.

It was not until the Gods of the game world that fell from the vault of Heavens appeared in reality that the players understood what kind of hell was awaiting them.

A massacre from another world to the present world.

A massacre between civilizations.

In his previous life, even if Lu Yuan tried his best, he could not stop the Gods who had fallen to become Saints from encroaching on Earth step by step.

Even with the unprecedented unity of mankind and the concerted efforts of all countries, there was still nothing they could do. They could only watch as their land and resources were slowly taken over.

After sorting out the memories in his mind, Lu Yuan was a little dazed.

One second ago, he had died in despair, and in the next second, he was back to the time before the Apocalypse started its open beta.

“Since the Heavens have given me a chance to do it again, I will not make the wrong choice this time.”

Picking up the gaming helmet on the table and putting it on his head, Lu Yuan secretly made up his mind.

Last time, it was only when he slowly came into contact with the core of the world that he realized what he had missed at the beginning.

Since he could start all over again, he was confident that he would be able to go even further in the Apocalypse this time and achieve achievements that he had never even dared to imagine in his previous life.

Lu Yuan stopped reminiscing and looked at the clock above him. It was already 11:59 pm.

Without hesitation, he turned on his gaming helmet and entered the game.

“Player’s DNA detected!”

“Player’s pupils detected!”

“Detection completed!”

“World loading!”

“Respected player, welcome to the World of Apocalypse!”

A cold system notification sounded in his ears, and Lu Yuan’s consciousness gradually connected with the gaming helmet. As his consciousness shuttled into the game world, he entered a deeper level of the game space.

In front of him was a plaza.

In the middle of the plaza, there were all sorts of statues.

These statues were divided and stood in five different areas, neatly arranged.

Even though this was not Lu Yuan’s first time entering the Apocalypse, he was still shocked by the realness of it.

Lu Yuan gently touched a statue in front of him, and the intense feeling of history rushed at his face. At the same time, the sky suddenly changed.

A light shadow synchronized into the sky.

“For the Empire!” A berserker holding an epee roared in the light shadow. He waved the bloodthirsty sword light and attacked a giant humanoid creature in the distance.

Behind him, a woman wearing a mage robe was waving the staff in her hand. She was mumbling something, and a large red magic array appeared above the giant humanoid’s head. Countless meteors fell.

Priests, knights, thieves…

All of the professions used their specialties to attack the massive human creature.

“The Battle of the Northern Snow Plains,” Lu Yuan muttered as he looked at the CG animation in the sky.

No Apocalypse player was unfamiliar with this battle.

This battle caused the world’s core to be destroyed, which in turn led to the Gods falling from the Vault of Heavens, turning them into Saints that walked the world.

The human world fell into chaos, and the chaotic times began.

This was the main storyline of the Apocalypse, and it was also the fuse between the fusion of game and reality.

[Player, please choose your race!] A system notification sounded.

In the next moment, the nine statues on the plaza lit up.

These nine statues represented the nine great races in the game of the Apocalypse.

Human Race, Half-elf Race, Orc Race, Dragon Race, Half-undead Race, Half-dwarf Race, Half-titan Race, Half-deity Race, and Half-elemental Race.

Other than the Human Race, the other eight races were all hybrids of the humans and other races.

Each race had its unique talents. The Human Race had extraordinary intelligence and learning ability, while the Half-elves had more outstanding speed and reaction speeds.

The other races also had their unique talents. All were relatively balanced, and not one race was stronger than the other.

Lu Yuan, who had been reborn, naturally had his considerations.

“I choose the Human Race!”

The learning ability and wisdom brought by the Human Race might not be of much use in the early stages, but in the later stages, it was related to an inheritance.

In his previous life, Lu Yuan had chosen the Half-elf Race, which did not meet the inheritance requirements. He could only watch as other players fought for the inheritance, causing him to miss the opportunity to become stronger.

[Ding! The player has chosen race. Player, please choose your profession.]

Following the system notification, the nine statues dimmed, and the statues representing the five professions lit up.

Warriors, mages, priests, thieves, and archers.

These were the five basic professions of the Apocalypse.

Players who had just entered the game could only choose within these five basic professions. As for the various advanced professions, players would have to explore and obtain them in the game.

“That one!” After Lu Yuan finished speaking, he looked expectantly at the small statue next to the statue that represented the mage profession. That statue seemed to be hidden by the other statues. If one did not look closely, one would not be able to see it.

In his previous life, he had missed this greatest opportunity. Now that he had been reborn, he did not know if this opportunity was still present.

[Player choosing… Unknown error detected, system checking…]

As the cold system notification sounded, Lu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and a smile appeared on his face.

As expected, it was still present… Lu Yuan waited silently.

[Unknown error detected, system checking…]

[Unknown error detected, system checking…]

[System checking completed, the error can not be fixed, the profession can not be selected. As compensation, the player may choose to create a profession or choose another profession.]

[By choosing another profession, the player can obtain a top-class hidden profession inheritance scroll for that profession.]

[Player will obtain a Light Ascetic profession-changing scroll by choosing the warrior profession.]

[Player will obtain a Shadow Lord profession-changing scroll by choosing the thief profession.]

“The player chooses to create a profession. The player chooses to create a liberal profession with no profession division. The player may learn the core skills, talents, and specialties of other professions…” Lu Yuan began to describe the details of the liberal profession to the system.

This was the fantasy that he had whenever he was hit by regret in his previous life.

In his previous life, Lu Yuan did not choose to create a profession because he was greedy for the hidden profession scroll. It was only after he entered the game and his understanding of the professions became deeper that he gradually understood what he had lost back then.

[Analyzing profession….]


Total Chapters in book: 266
Estimated words: 393181 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1966(@200wpm)___ 1573(@250wpm)___ 1311(@300wpm)