Painting of the Nine Immortals by Autumn Morning

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Inhibition And Apprenticeship
Chapter 3: Rebirth
Chapter 4: Fragrance Of Heaven
Chapter 5: Menace Of The Inner Eyes
Chapter 6: Fragments Of The Sixth Samsara
Chapter 7: The Greatest Treasures
Chapter 8: Inheritance From An Immortal
Chapter 9: One Shock After Another
Chapter 10: Cyan Allurement
Chapter 11: A Way
Chapter 12: Humiliation
Chapter 13: Detoxification
Chapter 14: Qi Of The Fifth Level
Chapter 15: One Vs Ten
Chapter 16: The Prominent Ling Clan
Chapter 17: Astounding The City Of Qing
Chapter 18: Ling Tian Xiang’S Invitation
Chapter 19: Ling Hu’S Sorrow
Chapter 20: A Present
Chapter 21: Three Arrayed Ancient Blood
Chapter 22: Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique
Chapter 23: Clan Combat Competition
Chapter 24: Dare To Face Death
Chapter 25: The Flamboyant Debut Of The Guiding Law
Chapter 26: Dethrone
Chapter 27: The Real Number One
Chapter 28: Reward Acceptance
Chapter 29: On Death’S Door
Chapter 30: The Lost Qing Hua Dan
Chapter 31: The Completion Of A Dan
Chapter 32: Three Questions
Chapter 33: Qing Hua Dan’S Miraculous Effects
Chapter 34: Enraged
Chapter 35: The Fat Sheep Before The Door
Chapter 36: Overturned
Chapter 37: Subduing The City Of Qing
Chapter 38: Auction
Chapter 39: Boisterous
Chapter 40: Incontestable
Chapter 41: The Lake Of Ecstasy
Chapter 42: The Unveiling
Chapter 43: The Ambush
Chapter 44: Defeat Of The Xuan Ming Snake
Chapter 45: The Three-Day Battle
Chapter 46: The Great Riot
Chapter 47: The News
Chapter 48: A Desperate Rescue
Chapter 49: A Bloodbath
Chapter 50: The Winged Blitz
Chapter 51: I Dare Kill You
Chapter 52: Stampede Of Ten
Chapter 53: Death Of Fang Han
Chapter 54: The Mighty Ling Xian
Chapter 55: Beauty Favors The Brave
Chapter 56: Lin Qing Yi In Crisis
Chapter 57: Fear And Prestige
Chapter 58: Do Not Approach
Chapter 59: The Second Immortal
Chapter 60: That Woman
Chapter 61: Territory Within A Territory
Chapter 62: Fate And Fortune
Chapter 63: The Rise And Fall Of Ling Xian
Chapter 64: The Lost Century
Chapter 65: The Tremendous Reward
Chapter 66: The Essence Of The Hidden Territory
Chapter 67: The Untainted
Chapter 68: The Undefeatable Territory
Chapter 69: The Storm Is Coming
Chapter 70: Since The Time Of Ling Xian
Chapter 71: Man In Black Against Devils And Beasts
Chapter 72: The Last Laugh
Chapter 73: Brink Of Destruction
Chapter 74: Sorcerer
Chapter 75: Heaven’S Favorite
Chapter 76: Meditational Defeats Foundational
Chapter 77: Curtain Call
Chapter 78: The Gift
Chapter 79: Gong Suo Xin’S Request
Chapter 80: A Long Journey
Chapter 81: Farewell
Chapter 82: Feminine Instinct
Chapter 83: A New Commandment
Chapter 84: The Knockout
Chapter 85: Marriage Proposal
Chapter 86: Greeting Gift
Chapter 87: Blast From The Past
Chapter 88: Formula For The Foundational Dan
Chapter 89: The Final Battle
Chapter 90: Farewell, City Of Qing
Chapter 91: Si Tu Nan
Chapter 92: Attacked
Chapter 93: Heaven Shattering Battle
Chapter 94: Heaven’S Sigh
Chapter 95: Alchemy Practice
Chapter 96: Talent In Alchemy
Chapter 97: The Escape
Chapter 98: The Cliff
Chapter 99: The Wilderness
Chapter 100: The Rescue
Chapter 101: The Awakening
Chapter 102: Dan Gifting
Chapter 103: Two Months
Chapter 104: A Girl’S Mind
Chapter 105: Serendipity
Chapter 106: Drum Beating
Chapter 107: Dao Wu Ji
Chapter 108: Alerting The Wan Jian House
Chapter 109: The Birth Of A Treasure
Chapter 110: Attack Of A Formidable Opponent
Chapter 111: Blue Vs. White
Chapter 112: Battle Between A Dragon And A Phoenix
Chapter 113: The Girl Who Desires Ling Xian
Chapter 114: Supernatural Talent
Chapter 115: The Gathering Of Heaven’S Favorites
Chapter 116: The Opening
Chapter 117: The Arrival Of The Inheritance
Chapter 118: Provocation
Chapter 119: The Best Vs The Best
Chapter 120: Fermented Wine
Chapter 121: The Rampage
Chapter 122: Power And Influence
Chapter 123: The Resurgence Of Waves
Chapter 124: Success Of The Trickery
Chapter 125: The Crisis
Chapter 126: Retreat Of The Enemy
Chapter 127: The Meditation
Chapter 128: The Healing Dan
Chapter 129: Miraculous Effects
Chapter 130: Petal Of Enlightenment
Chapter 131: Chaotic Battles
Chapter 132: Shattered Cyan
Chapter 133: Undefeatable Meditation Stage
Chapter 134: Ruler Of The Meditation Stage
Chapter 135: Soulful Petal
Chapter 136: The Great Gain
Chapter 137: Isolation
Chapter 138: The Crisis
Chapter 139: Birth Of Two Qualities
Chapter 140: Undefeatable
Chapter 141: The Deadly Blow
Chapter 142: Instant Downfall
Chapter 143: The Namesake
Chapter 144: Celebrity Status
Chapter 145: Departure
Chapter 146: Forced Marriage
Chapter 147: Annihilated
Chapter 148: End Of An Era
Chapter 149: Sunset City
Chapter 150: The Secret Surge
Chapter 151: The Golden Pages
Chapter 152: The Path Of Strength
Chapter 153: Unstoppable Growth
Chapter 154: Liao Cang Xiong'S Crisis
Chapter 155: Vast Fortune
Chapter 156: A Dan That Redefines The World
Chapter 157: An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 158: Rage
Chapter 159: Another Turmoil
Chapter 160: Martial Law
Chapter 161: The Third Prince
Chapter 162: On Your Way
Chapter 163: A Descend Into Chaos
Chapter 164: Reacquainted
Chapter 165: Wood Of The Warming Soul
Chapter 166: An Astronomical Amount
Chapter 167: The Motionless Shadow Of Light
Chapter 168: A New Goal
Chapter 169: City Of Yun Xiao
Chapter 170: Killing The Son Of A Deputy
Chapter 171: Strategy
Chapter 172: About To Begin
Chapter 173: The Turquoise Taffeta Robe
Chapter 174: Bartering
Chapter 175: Wealthier Than A Nation
Chapter 176: The Incomplete Treasure
Chapter 177: Killing Nobility Again
Chapter 178: The Nobility Killer
Chapter 179: Eighteen Foundational Cultivators
Chapter 180: Fighting A War Alone
Chapter 181: Slaughterhouse
Chapter 182: A Fish Who Seeks The Truth
Chapter 183: The Completion Level
Chapter 184: The Unprecedented
Chapter 185: Inciting Yunzhou
Chapter 186: Shi Ao Island
Chapter 187: The Awakening
Chapter 188: Saving The Immortal Of Alchemy
Chapter 189: Flick Of A Finger
Chapter 190: Respect
Chapter 191: Political Forces
Chapter 192: The Yun Clan In Trouble
Chapter 193: A Lesson
Chapter 194: The Breakthrough Of Yun Yan
Chapter 195: Kneeling In Remorse
Chapter 196: Temporary Stay
Chapter 197: Three Years
Chapter 198: A Request
Chapter 199: Thunderous Moves
Chapter 200: You’Re Too Strong
Chapter 201: Sisters In Training
Chapter 202: The House Of Zi Yang
Chapter 203: Overbearing
Chapter 204: Unprecedented
Chapter 205: Battle Of The Physiques
Chapter 206: The Extraordinary War
Chapter 207: Unrivaled In White
Chapter 208: Heroic Spirits Reaching The Clouds
Chapter 209: Karma
Chapter 210: The Honorable Guest
Chapter 211: The End Of The Tryout
Chapter 212: The Third Immortal
Chapter 213: The Immortal Trap
Chapter 214: Declined, Again
Chapter 215: The Supreme Inheritance
Chapter 216: Learning
Chapter 217: The Seizing
Chapter 218: Handicapped
Chapter 219: The Phoenix
Chapter 220: The Great Battle
Chapter 221: The Staunch Phoenix
Chapter 222: The Broken Array
Chapter 223: Insufferable Arrogance
Chapter 224: Exposed
Chapter 225: Another Slap In The Face
Chapter 226: Bang Bang Bang
Chapter 227: Gasps Of Admiration
Chapter 228: The List
Chapter 229: Rattling Shi Ao Island
Chapter 230: Scrambling
Chapter 231: Encouragement
Chapter 232: The Plan
Chapter 233: To Be Reborn
Chapter 234: Feng Jiu Ge
Chapter 235: Taming Three Thousand Beasts
Chapter 236: Reigniting The Great Battle
Chapter 237: The Duel
Chapter 238: The Disorder Of Yin And Yang
Chapter 239: Godswar
Chapter 240: Curtains Closing
Chapter 241: Servant
Chapter 242: The Yellow Fruit Of Mystery
Chapter 243: Collusion
Chapter 244: Tenth-Ranked Dan
Chapter 245: The Perfect Medicinal Dan
Chapter 246: Rattling The House Of Zi Yang
Chapter 247: God'S Trial
Chapter 248: Resistance
Chapter 249: Catastrophe
Chapter 250: A Peerless Heaven’S Favorite
Chapter 251: Call To Question
Chapter 252: Hundreds And Thousands
Chapter 253: Out The Door He Goes
Chapter 254: Bewildering The Thirty Six Islands
Chapter 255: Living In Seclusion
Chapter 256: The Palace Of Fortune
Chapter 257: Discussion
Chapter 258: The Arrival Of The Alliance
Chapter 259: Presumptuous
Chapter 260: Fighting Solo
Chapter 261: Defeat, Defeat, Defeat
Chapter 262: Disgracing Heroes
Chapter 263: Hopelessness
Chapter 264: Shut Up If You Want To Live
Chapter 265: A Terrifying Attainment
Chapter 266: Dirt Faced
Chapter 267: The Conclusion
Chapter 268: A Stormy Situation At The Zi Yang House
Chapter 269: Jade Plate
Chapter 270: A Problem Without A Solution
Chapter 271: A Token Of Love
Chapter 272: Confirmation
Chapter 273: The Pursuer
Chapter 274: Handicapped
Chapter 275: A Sea Of People
Chapter 276: As If Walking On Flat Ground
Chapter 277: Blood Brother
Chapter 278: Two People'S Worth Of Stress
Chapter 279: Leaders Of The Pack
Chapter 280: Killing Spree
Chapter 281: A Murky War
Chapter 282: Seven Manors And Three Gardens
Chapter 283: The Wait
Chapter 284: The Alliance Of Tyrants
Chapter 285: Head Strong
Chapter 286: Respect
Chapter 287: Eight Demons
Chapter 288: A Deal
Chapter 289: A Shocking Plan
Chapter 290: Destruction And Blood
Chapter 291: Two Heroes
Chapter 292: The Mirror That Broke The Demons
Chapter 293: Another Turmoil
Chapter 294: Fighting Against Seven Warriors
Chapter 295: Blood Bath
Chapter 296: Retreat
Chapter 297: Satisfied
Chapter 298: An Attempt
Chapter 299: The Undefeatable
Chapter 300: The Victor
Chapter 301: The Manor Of Light
Chapter 302: Power Of The Undefeatable Realm
Chapter 303: Hurry Along
Chapter 304: The Array Lifting Stone
Chapter 305: Make Your Move
Chapter 306: Rampage
Chapter 307: Killing All Enemies
Chapter 308: Losing The Right
Chapter 309: Undefeatable Foundational
Chapter 310: A Shocking Gain
Chapter 311: Treasure And Anticipation
Chapter 312: A Grand Offering
Chapter 313: The Leaf Of Everlasting Life
Chapter 314: The Storage Pouch
Chapter 315: Training And Returning
Chapter 316: Crossfire
Chapter 317: Grace
Chapter 318: The Beginning Of A Battle
Chapter 319: Physical Fight Against Two Completions
Chapter 320: Entrusted
Chapter 321: Paving A Blood Path
Chapter 322: Sudden Attack
Chapter 323: The Escape
Chapter 324: Powerlessness And Desire
Chapter 325: Coming To An End
Chapter 326: Competing To Win Over
Chapter 327: A Modest Gift
Chapter 328: Dare Not Be Arrogant
Chapter 329: Deliberation
Chapter 330: Sorrow And Appreciation
Chapter 331: Zi Dong Lai’S Final Words
Chapter 332: Closing Doors
Chapter 333: The Three Kings Of The Beasts
Chapter 334: Breaking The Immortal Trap
Chapter 335: Entering The Completion Level
Chapter 336: The Arrival
Chapter 337: Undefeatable Completion
Chapter 338: The Plan
Chapter 339: A Small Obstacle
Chapter 340: Recent Events
Chapter 341: The Backbone
Chapter 342: The Decision
Chapter 343: The Discourse
Chapter 344: Barging In
Chapter 345: New Heights
Chapter 346: Watch Out For Your Head
Chapter 347: Next, Xuan Yin House
Chapter 348: Astounding Before Leaving
Chapter 349: Sail On
Chapter 350: Bai Xiao Qi
Chapter 351: A Monstrous Storm
Chapter 352: Victory Against The Heavens
Chapter 353: Reality Speaks Louder Than Words
Chapter 354: Flattery
Chapter 355: Xian Ling
Chapter 356: The Arrival
Chapter 357: Making A Move
Chapter 358: The Investigation
Chapter 359: Repression
Chapter 360: The Move
Chapter 361: Yan Clan'S Anticipation
Chapter 362: The Arrival
Chapter 363: The World Shakes Wherever He Goes
Chapter 364: Under The Gaze Of Thousands
Chapter 365: Utter Silence
Chapter 366: A Spectacular Scene
Chapter 367: The Cemetery
Chapter 368: Fulfilled Wish
Chapter 369: About The Alliance
Chapter 370: More Trouble
Chapter 371: Stealing The Spotlight
Chapter 372: Provocation
Chapter 373: Asking For It
Chapter 374: The Grand Gift
Chapter 375: Another Surprise
Chapter 376: The Great Banquet
Chapter 377: Sad Ending For Yan Xiong Fei
Chapter 378: Focal Point
Chapter 379: A War Between Two Women
Chapter 380: Famous All Around Trading Island
Chapter 381: Three-Stepped Suppression
Chapter 382: His Gaze
Chapter 383: A Trade Fair
Chapter 384: Fragments Of The Sixth Samsara
Chapter 385: Great Knowledge
Chapter 386: Possession
Chapter 387: More Fragments
Chapter 388: Luo Xin Jie
Chapter 389: An Intriguing Battle
Chapter 390: One Slap In Debt
Chapter 391: A Great Gain
Chapter 392: The Three Forces’ Condition
Chapter 393: The Holy Treasure Of The Chu Clan
Chapter 394: A Venomous Plan
Chapter 395: Insane Speed
Chapter 396: Matchup
Chapter 397: Treasure From The Seventh Level
Chapter 398: Power Of The Tower
Chapter 399: Well-Behaved
Chapter 400: Swollen
Chapter 401: The Unnamed Flower
Chapter 402: The Curse
Chapter 403: The Devious Burial Flower
Chapter 404: A Solution
Chapter 405: Lifted
Chapter 406: A Thousand Thanks
Chapter 407: Kneeling Down
Chapter 408: Goodbye
Chapter 409: Befall
Chapter 410: Fighting Against Dragons Alone
Chapter 411: Heaven Defying Potential
Chapter 412: Undefeatable Potential
Chapter 413: A Comical Scene
Chapter 414: Hanging By A Thread
Chapter 415: Under His Thumb
Chapter 416: Running Away
Chapter 417: A Gift Of Thanks
Chapter 418: A Promise
Chapter 419: Silent Communication And Isolation
Chapter 420: The Final Battle
Chapter 421: The Zither Of The Crouching Dragon
Chapter 422: One Song Changed This Mortal Life
Chapter 423: Leader Of The Bai Clan
Chapter 424: The Only Ruler
Chapter 425: Reigniting Of The War
Chapter 426: Power Play
Chapter 427: Sweeping The Enemies
Chapter 428: Like A God
Chapter 429: The Legend
Chapter 430: The King Of Innocence
Chapter 431: The Return
Chapter 432: After A Long While
Chapter 433: The Hero
Chapter 434: Homeland
Chapter 435: Possessed
Chapter 436: A Plan
Chapter 437: Headquarter Of The Qi Zhen Pavilion
Chapter 438: Long Time No See
Chapter 439: Trouble At The Door
Chapter 440: Suppression
Chapter 441: Fear
Chapter 442: Spending Money As If It’S Dust
Chapter 443: Rich Tyrant, Promise?
Chapter 444: Four Leaders
Chapter 445: Frightening The Crowd
Chapter 446: Fighting Under Pressure
Chapter 447: Ending It
Chapter 448: Potential Threat
Chapter 449: Yet Another Turmoil
Chapter 450: Reunited
Chapter 451: An Agreement
Chapter 452: At Your Front Door
Chapter 453: Break
Chapter 454: Come At Me
Chapter 455: The Never Ending Battles
Chapter 456: Bowing Down To A Hero
Chapter 457: Sneak Attack
Chapter 458: Awakening
Chapter 459: Honor
Chapter 460: The Unparalleled Great Technique
Chapter 461: The Disorder Conquering Immortal Fists
Chapter 462: Tough Training
Chapter 463: A Small Milestone
Chapter 464: Accept Your Death
Chapter 465: The Great Battle Against The Third Prince
Chapter 466: Slaughter
Chapter 467: Everything Is Changing
Chapter 468: Playing Tricks On The Emperor
Chapter 469: Target
Chapter 470: Shock And Anticipation
Chapter 471: I Will Defeat You
Chapter 472: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 473: Greeting The Supreme Headmaster
Chapter 474: Happiness All Around
Chapter 475: The New Elder
Chapter 476: Residency
Chapter 477: These Days
Chapter 478: The Imperishable Temple
Chapter 479: The Upcoming War
Chapter 480: Initial Success With The Slayer Sword
Chapter 481: The Journey
Chapter 482: A Toast From A Heaven’S Favorite
Chapter 483: Activation
Chapter 484: A Strange Place
Chapter 485: Insane Array Breaking Speed
Chapter 486: Xue Yu Chan
Chapter 487: Deliria
Chapter 488: The Depressed Duo
Chapter 489: The Opening Battle Fires
Chapter 490: Who Will Defeat Whom?
Chapter 491: Untitled
Chapter 492: Blackmail
Chapter 493: The Violet Divine Gold
Chapter 494: Breaking The Ancient Array
Chapter 495: Stunned
Chapter 496: Trapped Again
Chapter 497: Strike One By One
Chapter 498: Fighting Against The Foreign Kinds
Chapter 499: Defeating The Six Armed Gorilla
Chapter 500: Defeating The Three Eyed Heaven’S Favorite
Chapter 501: Undefeatable Solo
Chapter 502: Shocking A Crowd Of Heroes
Chapter 503: Convergent Of The Strong
Chapter 504: Three Pages Of A Book
Chapter 505: Reigniting The Battle Fires
Chapter 506: The Reincarnation Of The God Of War
Chapter 507: Giant Crisis
Chapter 508: A Bloody Battle
Chapter 509: Bravery
Chapter 510: Undefeatable
Chapter 511: Retreat
Chapter 512: Healing
Chapter 513: Advanced Stage
Chapter 514: Counting The Gains
Chapter 515: An Eerie Stone Monument
Chapter 516: Slaughter
Chapter 517: Running Away, Scared
Chapter 518: Instructions
Chapter 519: The Demonic Monument
Chapter 520: Making A Trade
Chapter 521: A Lesson
Chapter 522: Thoughts
Chapter 523: Appreciation And The Return
Chapter 524: Powerhouses Of All Kinds
Chapter 525: The Prey
Chapter 526: The Demon Making A Move
Chapter 527: The Start Of A Rampage
Chapter 528: Trouble
Chapter 529: Three Titles
Chapter 530: Blackmail
Chapter 531: A Familiar Face
Chapter 532: The Body Of The Immortal Path
Chapter 533: Blood Drop From The Heart
Chapter 534: An Eerie Transformation
Chapter 535: A Strange Reaction
Chapter 536: Soldiers Outside The Walls
Chapter 537: Unassociated
Chapter 538: Acts Of Heroism
Chapter 539: Impossibly Undefeatable
Chapter 540: Paving A Path
Chapter 541: A Temporary Pause
Chapter 542: The Seething Yunzhou
Chapter 543 - Yuezhou
Chapter 544 - Sin And Guardianship
Chapter 545 - Renumeration
Chapter 546 - Under The Current
Chapter 547 - An Invitation
Chapter 548 - Accepting The Move
Chapter 549 - Barging In
Chapter 550 - Admitting Defeat
Chapter 551 - Anger Diminishing
Chapter 552 - The Auction In Shambles
Chapter 553 - Mine
Chapter 554 - Scale
Chapter 555 - Returning With A Full Basket
Chapter 556 - Information
Chapter 557 - Broken
Chapter 558 - The Amalgamation Of Clones
Chapter 559 - Breaking Through The Breakthrough
Chapter 560 - Finalization
Chapter 561 - Deserving Of Death
Chapter 562 - Against The Puppet
Chapter 563 - Destruction
Chapter 564 - Extinction
Chapter 565 - Appreciation And Respect
Chapter 566 - My City Of Sin
Chapter 567 - The Astonishment And The Ruler
Chapter 568: - A Reminder
Chapter 569 - Departure Of The Victor
Chapter 570 - The City Of Dan
Chapter 571 - Nothing Is For Sale
Chapter 572 - Oblivion And Provocation
Chapter 573 - Forty Three Names
Chapter 574 - Mental Breakdown
Chapter 575 - Hong Yan Xin
Chapter 576 - A Guess
Chapter 577 - A Request
Chapter 578 - A Plead
Chapter 579 - Acceptance
Chapter 580 - Rest
Chapter 581 - The Gathering Is Near
Chapter 582 - The Sign Up
Chapter 583 - Astonishment From The Initial Test
Chapter 584 - The Second Test
Chapter 585 - The Astonishment Continues
Chapter 586 - Purple Still
Chapter 587 - Black Horse
Chapter 588 - The Buddha And The God
Chapter 589 - Bet Placed By Important Figures
Chapter 590 - Going Towards The Forest Of A Thousand Poison
Chapter 591 - Sheep Skin Scroll
Chapter 592 - Irony
Chapter 593 - Crazy Score
Chapter 594 - Dear God
Chapter 595 - The End Of The Test
Chapter 596 - Challenge
Chapter 597 - Envy
Chapter 598 - Slapped In The Face Again
Chapter 599 - The Third Round
Chapter 600 - An Arrogant Monster
Chapter 601 - A Worthy Opponent
Chapter 602 - Nine And Eight Ninth
Chapter 603 - The Winner
Chapter 604 - God’S Trial
Chapter 605 - Crushing God’S Trial With Fists
Chapter 606 - Valiant
Chapter 607 - The Cauldron Of The Rejuvenated Lifeless Wood
Chapter 608 - Two Miraculous Items
Chapter 609 - Leaving In Glory
Chapter 610 - Two Immortals
Chapter 611 - Battle Against The Ancestor Of Technique
Chapter 612 - Approval
Chapter 613 - Inheritance
Chapter 614 - The Shang Qing Sect
Chapter 615 - Royal Level Talent
Chapter 616 - Passing Easily
Chapter 617 - A Finger
Chapter 618 - One Man Army
Chapter 619 - The Bridge Of Self-Reflection
Chapter 620 - Snatching
Chapter 621 - The Path Of Crafts
Chapter 622 - Ninth Realm In One Night
Chapter 623 - Beauty For A Professor
Chapter 624 - Crisply Crafting
Chapter 625 - Dong Fang Yu Admitting Defeat
Chapter 626 - The Tower Of Tomorrow’S Moon
Chapter 627 - The Two Fakers
Chapter 628 - The Test
Chapter 629 - The Suspicion
Chapter 630 - He Is Right
Chapter 631 - Sad Ending For Some
Chapter 632 - Exhilaration
Chapter 633 - Success
Chapter 634 - The Exchange Program
Chapter 635 - An Astronomical Number
Chapter 636 - The Crazy Dong Fang Yu
Chapter 637 - The Hall Of Mission
Chapter 638 - Perfect Perfection
Chapter 639 - Astonishing The Path Of Array
Chapter 640 - Astonishing The Path Of Crafts
Chapter 641 - A Mystery Of Ten Years
Chapter 642 - Magnificent
Chapter 643 - Charging By The Hour
Chapter 644 - An Invitation
Chapter 645 - Depression And Anger
Chapter 646 - Dumbfounded
Chapter 647 - Skilled In Both Arrays And Crafts
Chapter 648 - The Hall Of Exchange
Chapter 649 - Disturbance
Chapter 650 - Fear
Chapter 651 - A Pretend Pig
Chapter 652 - Revealing The Original
Chapter 653 - Slaughter
Chapter 654 - Isolation
Chapter 655 - Easy And Free
Chapter 656 - The Shackled Powerhouse
Chapter 657 - The Demon Peeking Its Head
Chapter 658 - In A Hurry
Chapter 659 - A Promise
Chapter 660 - Interlude
Chapter 661 - Short Term Goal
Chapter 662 - Competition Of The Four Paths
Chapter 663 - The Name From Memory
Chapter 664 - Another Astonishment
Chapter 665 - Gradually Approaching
Chapter 666 - Heaven’S Favorites Of The Three Paths
Chapter 667 - The Beginning Of The Competition
Chapter 668 - The Beginning Of Another Astonishment
Chapter 669 - Suspicion
Chapter 670 - First, The Path Of Alchemy
Chapter 671 - Brewing Using The Palm
Chapter 672 - A Carving Away
Chapter 673 - An Unprecedented Heaven’S Favorite
Chapter 674 - Insane Speed
Chapter 675 - A Stage For Two People
Chapter 676 - Not Of The Same Level
Chapter 677 - Crushed
Chapter 678 - The Reveal Of Identity
Chapter 679 - The Fourth Path
Chapter 680 - A Chaotic Situation
Chapter 681 - The Pioneer
Chapter 682 - Grand Slam
Chapter 683 - Glory
Chapter 684 - A New Nickname
Chapter 685 - Uproar And Crisis
Chapter 686 - The Cliff Of Enlightenment
Chapter 687 - Enlightenment
Chapter 688 - The Killer Sword
Chapter 689 - The Hand Of Breakage
Chapter 690 - Illusion Versus Reality
Chapter 691 - Overcoming The Inner Demon
Chapter 692 - The Highness Turned Into A Servant
Chapter 693 - Chu Zhong Tian’S Message
Chapter 694 - Aurora Light
Chapter 695 - The Arrival
Chapter 696 - Fury
Chapter 697 - Unbreakable
Chapter 698 - A Rampage
Chapter 699 - Temporary Calmness
Chapter 700 - The Secret Of The City Of Sin
Chapter 701 - Night Of The Full Moon
Chapter 702 - Darkness And Brightness
Chapter 703 - A Different World
Chapter 704 - A Shocking Plan
Chapter 705 - The Beginning Of A Massacre
Chapter 706 - Heinous Power
Chapter 707 - Bombardment
Chapter 708 - Indestructible
Chapter 709 - Taking On The Qing Ming House
Chapter 710 - One Foot In The Door
Chapter 711 - Collapsed
Chapter 712 - A Demon
Chapter 713 - Taking Over
Chapter 714 - The House Leader
Chapter 715 - Great Gains
Chapter 716 - A Secret And The House Name
Chapter 717 - Living In Relaxation
Chapter 718 - The Owner Of The Array
Chapter 719 - Burial
Chapter 720 - Vanished
Chapter 721 - Uproar And Breakthrough
Chapter 722 - Breaking Down Before Rising
Chapter 723 - Troubles
Chapter 724 - Undefeatable Realm And The Immortal Bone
Chapter 725 - A Fortunate Thing
Chapter 726 - Paying A Visit
Chapter 727 - Out In The Open
Chapter 728 - Overbearing
Chapter 729 - A Treasurable Weapon
Chapter 730 - Divinity
Chapter 731: Leaving At Ease
Chapter 732: Farewell
Chapter 733 - The City Of Flowers
Chapter 734 - A Sea Of Blooming Flowers
Chapter 735: Ling Xian In Awe
Chapter 736: All Speechless
Chapter 737: Luo Jun
Chapter 738 - Fighting Against The Six Heroes
Chapter 739 - Forceful
Chapter 740 - Unparalleled Glory
Chapter 741 - Lifespan
Chapter 742 - Acceptance
Chapter 743 - Absorbing The Essence
Chapter 744 - Cleansing The Sword
Chapter 745 - Taming The Heavenly Sword
Chapter 746 - Next Steps
Chapter 747 - The Wretched Demon
Chapter 748 - Deterrence
Chapter 749 - Repression
Chapter 750 - Roping In
Chapter 751 - The Ship Won’T Sink
Chapter 752 - Gracious Giving
Chapter 753 - Two Fingers
Chapter 754 - The Gentle Dong Fang Yu
Chapter 755 - Compliments
Chapter 756 - Overlord Of The World
Chapter 757 - Hardship And Breakthrough
Chapter 758 - Crafting
Chapter 759 - A Surprise Gain
Chapter 760 - Bad News
Chapter 761 - Abyss
Chapter 762 - An Opportunity
Chapter 763 - An U-Turn
Chapter 764 - Activation
Chapter 765 - Another Turmoil
Chapter 766 - Ingratitude
Chapter 767: Thousand Miles Of Passion
Chapter 768 - A Heaven Defying Slaughter
Chapter 769 - Unstoppable Waves
Chapter 770 - The Core
Chapter 771 - Unstoppable
Chapter 772 - Undefeatable In Shang Qing
Chapter 773 - Fulfilled
Chapter 774 - A Crisis
Chapter 775 - The Ins And Outs
Chapter 776 - The Common Enemy Of Yuezhou
Chapter 777 - The Powerful Leader Of Cultivation
Chapter 778 - The Display Of Vigor
Chapter 779 - The Immortal Bone Of Battle
Chapter 780 - A Good Ending
Chapter 781 - Slaughtering With A Sword
Chapter 782 - Merging The Clone
Chapter 783 - Surrounded By Enemies
Chapter 784 - A Hopeless Situation
Chapter 785 - A Female Army
Chapter 786 - Must Marry You
Chapter 787 - The Great Sacrifice
Chapter 788 - Hatred
Chapter 789 - Demonic
Chapter 790 - The Start Of A Rampage
Chapter 791 - Tyrannical
Chapter 792 - Waiting And Reflecting
Chapter 793 - Red Rain Falling
Chapter 794 - He Died
Chapter 795 - I Am Ling Xian
Chapter 796 - Causes
Chapter 797 - Enhanced Abilities
Chapter 798 - The Path Of The Strong
Chapter 799 - The Strongest Enlivener
Chapter 800 - The Demonic Highness
Chapter 801 - Twisting The Truth
Chapter 802 - Through The Roof Furious
Chapter 803 - Paying A Visit
Chapter 804
Chapter 805 - Fight Me If You Dare
Chapter 806 - Yielding
Chapter 807 - A Request
Chapter 808 - A Gift
Chapter 809 - Gazing Into Yunzhou
Chapter 810 - The Stubborn Young Girl
Chapter 811 - The Cold Shoulder Treatment
Chapter 812 - People Are Worth Less Than Clothes
Chapter 813 - The Eyes Of The Falling Stars
Chapter 814 - The Killing
Chapter 815 - Catching Up
Chapter 816 - Dao Wu Ji’S Astonishment
Chapter 817 - I Was Fated To Meet This Woman
Chapter 818 - Wan Jian House'S Situation
Chapter 819 - The Whole Story From Back Then
Chapter 820 - The News Of Death
Chapter 821 - An Imperious Invitation
Chapter 822 - Violent Strikes At The Emperor
Chapter 823 - Stepping Down
Chapter 824 - The Greatest Humiliation
Chapter 825 - Three Days
Chapter 826 - Challenging The Golden Roc
Chapter 827 - Reckless And Brave
Chapter 828 - Bold And Fearless
Chapter 829 - Breaking The Golden Roc
Chapter 830 - Killing Three Kinds
Chapter 831 - Sit And Wait For The Supreme Headmaster
Chapter 832 - Visiting The Young Master
Chapter 833 - An Unlimited Amount Of Glory
Chapter 834 - Gifts
Chapter 835 - An Old Friend
Chapter 836 - Competition Of The Apprentices
Chapter 837 - Past Resentment
Chapter 838 - Gone Like Smoke
Chapter 839 - Legend Of The Phoenix
Chapter 840 - Difficulty
Chapter 841 - Meeting Ru Yu Again
Chapter 842 - Forced Marriage
Chapter 843 - The Overbearing Wang Clan
Chapter 844 - Conquering
Chapter 845 - The Tree Of The Warming Soul
Chapter 846 - Making A Deal
Chapter 847 - Indestructible
Chapter 848 - Killing Original With One Hand
Chapter 849 - Seeking Thunder For The Body
Chapter 850 - Handled
Chapter 851 - Appreciation
Chapter 852 - Borrowing Thunder For Training
Chapter 853 - A Sliver Of Gap
Chapter 854 - Submission
Chapter 855 - The Fusion Of Three Powerful Moves
Chapter 856 - Acquired
Chapter 857 - My Name Is Ling Xian
Chapter 858 - The Court Of Thunder
Chapter 859 - Entering The Peak
Chapter 860 - Collecting
Chapter 861 - The Heavenly Palace
Chapter 862 - A Small Slap In The Face
Chapter 863 - Aggressively Breaking Through The Levels
Chapter 864 - A Big Scene
Chapter 865 - Invitation
Chapter 866 - Jealousy, Envy, And Hatred
Chapter 867 - The Gathering Of Heaven’S Favorites
Chapter 868 - Get The Hell Out Of The Young Master’S Way
Chapter 869 - A Violent Beating
Chapter 870 - Fairy Wu
Chapter 871 - Three Slaps
Chapter 872 - Trouble At The Door
Chapter 873 - A Jade Cup Suppresses A Heaven’S Favorite
Chapter 874 - Wang Jun’S Obstruction
Chapter 875 - An Aggressive Kill
Chapter 876 - The Great Mausoleum
Chapter 877 - Connection
Chapter 878 - Pages Of Enlightenment
Chapter 879 - The Golden Dan Of Frozen Blood
Chapter 880 - Heaven Granted Talents
Chapter 881 - Pure Blooded Noble Kind
Chapter 882 - A Small Victory
Chapter 883 - Almighty
Chapter 884 - Unreal Enlightenment Skills
Chapter 885 - : A Terrifying Speculation
Chapter 886 - A Big Secret
Chapter 887 - The Top Heaven’S Favorites
Chapter 888 - Rebuttals
Chapter 889 - Powerful To The Extreme
Chapter 890 - Defeating Noble Kinds With One Hand
Chapter 891 - Defeating The Goddess Of Battles
Chapter 892 - Leaving In Sorrow
Chapter 893 - Equally Divided
Chapter 894 - An Important Step
Chapter 895 - The Sixth Immortal
Chapter 896 - Ten Stone Doors
Chapter 897 - Cold Mocking And Heated Sneering
Chapter 898 - Beating The Levels
Chapter 899 - Showing Off All Abilities
Chapter 900 - A Well-Rounded Monster
Chapter 901 - Fight Together
Chapter 902 - Two Great Techniques
Chapter 903 - Execution
Chapter 904 - The Powerful God Of Gold
Chapter 905 - Hopelessness
Chapter 906 - The Eerie Pool Of Blood
Chapter 907 - The Seal
Chapter 908 - The Sun Stone
Chapter 909 - Another Apprentice
Chapter 910 - See You In A Few Hundred Years
Chapter 911 - Jealousy
Chapter 912 - The Palace Of Heaven’S Favorites
Chapter 913 - Talents From All Over The World
Chapter 914 - Coincidentally Meeting Two Women
Chapter 915 - Using Blood As A Lure
Chapter 916 - The Exact Location
Chapter 917 - Fighting On Behalf Of
Chapter 918 - An Undefeatable Attack
Chapter 919 - Stomped Under A Foot
Chapter 920 - Settled
Chapter 921 - The Right
Chapter 922 - The Peak Of The Soul
Chapter 923 - The Lock Of Eternity
Chapter 924 - A Forced Kiss
Chapter 925 - At The Door
Chapter 926 - The Inheritor Of The Previous Generation
Chapter 927 - Smashed To Pieces
Chapter 928 - Clues
Chapter 929 - The Plate Of Escape
Chapter 930 - An Explosive Scene
Chapter 931 - Self-Inflicted Slap
Chapter 932 - Plenty Of Gains
Chapter 933 - Aggressive Kills
Chapter 934 - A Strange Appearance
Chapter 935 - An Omnipotent’S Grave
Chapter 936 - Breaking The Array In Seconds
Chapter 937 - Fighting Against Demons Of The Dead
Chapter 938 - Four Paths
Chapter 939 - Raging Flame Of Hatred
Chapter 940 - The Mystery About Immortality
Chapter 941 - A Joke
Chapter 942 - Mercilessness
Chapter 943 - The Surviving Route
Chapter 944 - Splitting The Treasures
Chapter 945 - The Young Master’S Spiritual Stones
Chapter 946 - The Fat Man’S Sadness
Chapter 947 - Forced To Retreat
Chapter 948 - Searching
Chapter 949 - Four Heaven’S Favorites
Chapter 950 - The Great Battle Against Bai Yuan
Chapter 951 - A Clone
Chapter 952 - Leaving In Ease
Chapter 953 - Terrifying Endurance
Chapter 954 - Another Godly Medicine
Chapter 955 - The Flame Of A Real Phoenix
Chapter 956 - Bathing In Fire
Chapter 957 - Transformation
Chapter 958 - Extremes Of The Three
Chapter 959 - Pure Blood
Chapter 960 - The Sea Of Death
Chapter 961 - Another Encounter
Chapter 962 - Beaten Down
Chapter 963 - Iron Of Hades
Chapter 964 - Acquaintances
Chapter 965 - The Fight Against Three Heaven’S Favorites
Chapter 966 - The Undefeatable Star
Chapter 967 - The Cauldron Of Mountain And River
Chapter 968 - A Painful Defeat
Chapter 969 - Yuan Wu Tian Jun
Chapter 970 - A Strange Method
Chapter 971 - An Arrogant Attitude
Chapter 972 - Suppression After Suppression
Chapter 973 - The Strange Tri-Colored Flower
Chapter 974 - Be Careful
Chapter 975 - Three Powerhouses
Chapter 976 - The Dragon Opposition Fists
Chapter 977 - A Moron
Chapter 978 - The Prowess Of A Powerhouse
Chapter 979 - The Demeanor Of A Phoenix
Chapter 980 - A Forceful Snatch
Chapter 981 - The Primitive Text
Chapter 982 - Unique Immortal Bone
Chapter 983 - Completing The Cosmic Technique
Chapter 984 - Agglomeration Of The Tri-Colored Flower
Chapter 985 - Within Reach
Chapter 986 - An Auction
Chapter 987 - A Dominating Push
Chapter 988 - The Demonic Sage Body
Chapter 989 - Against Demonic Silhouettes
Chapter 990 - The Demonic Blood
Chapter 991 - Signs
Chapter 992 - The Leader Of The Heaven’S Favorites Palace
Chapter 993 - Rules And Rewards
Chapter 994 - A Series Of Victories
Chapter 995 - 900 Victories
Chapter 996 - The Result
Chapter 997 - Fight Between The Best
Chapter 998 - Aggressive And Powerful
Chapter 999 - The End To A Legend
Chapter 1000 - Benefits
Chapter 1001 - The Mysterious Powerhouse
Chapter 1002 - Di Jun
Chapter 1003 - Come Battle
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Untolerated by heaven, a boy was restricted by the most powerful spell.

He accidentally acquired a painting inhabited by nine souls that claimed to be immortal.

Then, the legend of a strong young man who violated heavenly principles against the course of nature began.

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Chapter 1: Youth With A Dream

Chapter 1: Youth with a Dream

Translator: /Tatienne Editor: Tennesh/Rundi

Inside a secret chamber in Master Fang’s pavilion, the spirits of heaven and earth swarmed inside a red cauldron like wild ocean waves. A gush of unique medicinal fragrance began to scatter – announcing the near conclusion of the brewing process.

Master Fang, one of the only three alchemists in the City of Qing, had a solemn look on his face. All 10 of his fingers were moving frantically as he drew out Alchemistic techniques one after another in an attempt to proceed with the final step of the brewing process: collecting the Dans.

The fragrance of the medicine continued to diffuse, its spirit prancing. 36 purple Dans rose out of the cauldron in the size of dragon eyes, they froze in mid-air, emitting waves of refreshing scents.

Master Fang rolled up his sleeves and collected the Dans inside a ring. A glimpse of a smile flashed across his aged and tired face.

The Dan he has brewed was named the Dan of Cleansed Marrow – the hardest to brew out of the Nine Traditional Medicine. Based on his past achievements, refining this Dan was not easy. However, if he was able to successfully brew the Dan of Cleansed Marrow, he would be only one step away from reaching the Eighth Realm for alchemy.

The closeness of achieving this goal is the reason for his happiness. He started practicing alchemy at the age of 18 and became one of the Ninth Realm Alchemist when he reached 30. He has paced around in the Ninth realm for 20 years, unable to achieve further success. Though disappointed and regretful, the successful brewing of this Dan showed him a sliver of hope. It was as if the door to the Eighth Realm was slowly opening for him.

“Ling Xian, it is all thanks to your support that I was able to create the Dan of Cleansed Marrow. I hereby thank you.” Master Fang smiled gently, looking at the boy beside him, who was dressed in a robe made out of sackcloth.

The youth was around 14 years old; he had handsome features and a tall and straight stance. Even though his robe was coarse and thick, he still gave out the vibe of calmness and serenity.

“Master Fang you have over praised me. I am simply a student who is trying to learn the art of alchemy by assisting you,” Ling Xian grinned. He radiated with a degree of maturity and reliability that did not match his young age.

Master Fang exclaimed, “you need to stop being so humble. You have been my apprentice for six years and I have grown to know you well. If it wasn’t for your precise mixture of the different powders and your comprehensive assistance, I would not have finished brewing the Dan of Cleansed Marrow.”

“I only did what I was supposed to do. Even if I did not exist, Master Fang could have easily refined the Dan of Cleansed Marrow with your profound experience,” Ling Xian said softly.

“Haha, don’t flatter me boy, I am well-aware of my own abilities.” Master Fang stroked his beard. Even though he knew Ling Xian is simply boosting his ego, he couldn’t help but to laugh. Obviously what Ling Xian said was effective.

Ling Xian smiled silently. He was a child of the Ling Clan. His parents had passed away since he was a child. Before the age of eight, he survived purely off his Clan’s savings and charity. It was only when he became an alchemy student here six years ago to assist Master Fang, did his life improve a little.

Towards Master Fang, who gave him shelter and taught him alchemy, Ling Xian has always been grateful. Therefore, he would never claim credit for himself for their work or do the types of things that might annoy Master Fang.

“Regarding medicine, you have just as much knowledge as me. Shame though, if you were able to go under training for Taoism, then you would’ve became a Ninth Realm Alchemist three years ago.” Master Fang sighed as he gazed at the handsome boy before him regretfully.

“Master Fang, you have said that 37 times,” LingXin chuckled bitterly. Ever since he started retaining memories, the most common sentence he’s heard was how much of a pity it is that he cannot go under training.

Unfortunately, he just simply cannot practice Taoism.

“If me repeating those words several times will allow you to become an alchemist, then I am willing to say what I said everyday.” Master Fang stroke his beard again, the regretful feeling he had grew stronger to a point where it became hard to explain.

If Ling Xian could go under training, he would have gone under a prestigious trainer a long time ago and would have inherited the Buddha’s mantle.

After a long time of interaction, Master Fang have sensed the youth’s greatness. He has been deeply shaken by his talent, as for all his life, he had never met anyone with talent that even compare with Ling Xian’s. Ling Xian had memory abilities that surpass regular mortals, a calm attitude, as well as a rare understanding of the world.

However, because of his lack of ability to draw out spirits from heaven and earth, his great talent had no value.

“This is what fate is. It is something I cannot change.” Ling Xian softly sighed.

For 10 years, he tried all the methods he could think of to draw spirits into his body. However, no matter what he does, the moment he pulls in these spirits, they disappear instantly as if they weren’t there in the first place.

According to ancient literature, there were two main reasons why someone cannot attract spirits. The first reason was that many people are simply mortals who were not birthed with the ability to gather spirits. The second reason explained that those who have been castrated cannot converge the spirits gathered, therefore they are considered disabled.

Ling Xian was different. He was not a mere mortal, nor was he a handicap. However, no matter how much effort he puts into practicing and training, no matter how much medicine he takes, he cannot gather spirits and become an apprentice who works towards achieving greatness and immortality.

There was nothing he could do.

Since he was little, he’s had the dream of climbing up to the First Realm to view the mortals from above.

However, if he cannot even go under training, how can he reach the top of the peak?

“The idea of Taoism is to reach immortality and go against the principles to seek the great truth about life. Ling Xian, do not give up. Even though your situation is a little special, I truly believe that there are ways to resolve it.” Master Fang comforted him as he shook his head.

Ling Xian nodded and said, “I never thought of giving up. It’s just that I don’t want to put in anymore futile effort by continue consuming the same medicine. But I am prepared to purchase a Dan of the Inner Eye as a final resort.”

“Dan of the Inner Eye?” Master Fang frowned, “Ling Xian, though the Dan may increase the probability of you overcoming your inability to train, but we both know that this probability is tiny. For the ten thousand years the Dan of the Inner Eye existed, there has only been three cases where it worked out. The possibility is one out of a billion.”

“I am fighting for that one in a billion chance.” Ling Xian said, his eyes reflecting his determination, “other than using the Dan to try and unlock the Inner Eye, I cannot think of any other method to change my fate.”

The Inner Eye is one of the strongest and most mysterious techniques in the Taoism community.

There are 108 types of Inner eyes and each type possesses abilities that are mysteriously forceful. The ones who could wake the Inner Eye were not just those who are favored by God. Even if the Inner Eye unlocked were not useful for battle, the ones who unlocked them were fought over and praised by all prestigious Clans.

A classic example was the 99th ranked eyesight that allowed one to see the light all treasures emit. Even if the treasure was sealed with many different spells, one with such eyesight is able to notice the them. The eyesight could also be used to search for spirits and historic remains. Its uses were countless.

Based on the history record, 30,000 years ago, a casual trainee acquired those pupils out of sheer coincidence. Within a few short years, he discovered many spirits and found treasures that were worth millions. In the end, he became a famous powerhouse within the community. People called him The Gentleman with Many Treasures.

“Since you have made up your mind, then I will no longer try to talk you out of it. Here are 500 spiritual stones, take it as your compensation for helping me.” Master Fang waved his hand in the air, and uniquely shaped stones appeared out of thin air.


Ling Xian felt a wave of warmth. To assist the brewing of a Dan, the most you can earn was five stones. This time, it was rather obvious that Master Fang was trying to help him purchase the Dan of the Inner Eye.

Master Fang saw his hesitation, and chuckled softly, “there is no need to quarrel with me. Just think of it as my sponsorship. With your natural latent, once you acquire the Inner Eye and start training, you will for sure be highly regarded in the future. Think of this as an early investment.”

Ling Xian was silent. He has always been a lonely kid with nobody on his side because he had no ability to practice Taoism. All his life he has been mocked and taunted. But now, he was being taught by one of the only three alchemists in the City of Qing, and his Master was willing to invest in him so he can fight for that tiny chance of releasing the Inner Eye. Ling Xian was truly touched.

After a few moments of silence, Ling Xian placed the 500 stones inside his pouch. He bowed deeply towards his Master who was smiling kindly. “If I am able to reach the Cloud of Qing, I will walk through fire and swim across the ocean to pay you my gratitude.”

“You saying that is already enough. I do not seek any return. I simply think you have great potential, and you have been through such roughness. I want to help in ways that I can.” Master Fang chuckled again, “go on. It is already noon. I know you will be going to work at Mr. Wang’s, so I will not ask you to stay for tea.”

Ling Xian nodded and exited the secret chamber. His heart was filled with appreciation and excitement.

What Master Fang has given him was not simply 500 stones in payment – it was an opportunity. An opportunity to fly like a dragon at the highest point in the sky!

“I will succeed,” Ling Xian thought silently, as he walked toward the direction of QiZhen pavilion.

Though the Dan of the Inner Eye was one of the most recognized medicine, the real and good quality Dans were only sold in specialized counters that sell luxury treasures, namely inside the Qi Zhen pavilion.

With a market price of 700 stones, it was not that expensive for a monk with somewhat of a background. However, for Ling Xian, 700 was an astronomical figure. By working part time, staying frugal, and combining those past compensations with the stones he received from Master Fang, he had enough to pay for the Dan with his savings.

Soon, Ling Xian arrived before the three-floored Qi Zhen pavilion where merchants meet.

As he was about to enter, he suddenly heard a hoarse voice in his head. The voice seemed to be faraway, yet it seemed to be right beside his ear.

“Huh, it is someone with a ban. How can a being with such rare talent show up at such a place?”

Who was it?

Ling Xian jumped. He could clearly feel a set of eyes gazing at him.

“I have slept for tens and thousands of years. I cannot believe that as soon as I wake up, I am able to encounter a boy with such potential. I have such good luck.” The voice continued to murmur. He seemed to be exclaiming about the passing of time, but he was also exclaiming his own good luck.

“Not sure which grandmaster this is, but please do not joke with me. I was born disabled, I am not a rare talented being as you have described me.” Ling Xian carefully said, his voice showing a hint of nervousness, but he was not at all flustered. 14 years of hardships, he has endured countless mockery and eye rolls. These experiences have shaped him into someone who perseveres, who is mature, who is always composed.

“Disabled?” The voice asked before bursting into laughter, “that is the funniest joke I have heard in 30,000 years. If you are someone with a disability, then the Nine Heaven Clans and the Three Spiritual Bodies are all trash.”

Ling Xian frowned. He knew about the Nine Heavenly Bodies. Each one of them had a shocking talent and powers that were out of the world. So what the hoarse voice meant is that, his potential as a handicap was stronger than the Nine Heavenly Bodies?

“I know you do not believe me now, but you will believe me in a little bit.” The voice spoke again.

The next second, Ling Xian watched as a painting flew out of the Qi Zhen pavilion. Glistening with nine different colors, it flew with the vibe of desolation. It swaddled Ling Xian and disappeared.

It was as if they disappeared into a different world.


Total Chapters in book: 1003
Estimated words: 1777068 (not accurate)
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