Paradise Of Demonic Gods by Bear Wolfdog

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 Assignments
Chapter 3 Talent
Chapter 4 Escape
Chapter 5 Capture
Chapter 6 Torture
Chapter 7 Choice
Chapter 8 Speedy Improvement
Chapter 9 Struggle
Chapter 10 The School Of Sword Arts
Chapter 11 Grizzly Bear
Chapter 12 Explanation
Chapter 13 Progress
Chapter 14 Focus
Chapter 15 Knight
Chapter 16 Kaunitz
Chapter 17 Watch And Learn
Chapter 18 Flattery
Chapter 19 Countering Every Encountered Move
Chapter 20 Silver Moon
Chapter 21 Technique Theft
Chapter 22 In Secret
Chapter 23 The Last Three Months
Chapter 24 Begin
Chapter 25 Charge Through
Chapter 26 Collision
Chapter 27 Second
Chapter 28 Stage Cleared
Chapter 29 Five Categories
Chapter 30 Making A Show Of Oneself
Chapter 31 Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique
Chapter 32 Speed Learning
Chapter 33 Disciple
Chapter 34 Potential
Chapter 35 Wait
Chapter 36 Namelist
Chapter 37 Joyfulness And Sadness
Chapter 38 Knock-Out With One Sword
Chapter 39 Enrolment
Chapter 40 Goal
Chapter 41 Moving In
Chapter 42 First Transition
Chapter 43 Job Information
Chapter 44 Four Types Of Jobs
Chapter 45 Application
Chapter 46 Plan
Chapter 47 Conversation
Chapter 48 Job Transition
Chapter 49 Rumors
Chapter 50 Emotions
Chapter 51 Waves And Mental Cultivation Methods
Chapter 52 Negative Side
Chapter 53 Accomplishment
Chapter 54 The Last Month
Chapter 55 Profoundness And Comprehension
Chapter 56 Postpone
Chapter 57 Choice
Chapter 58 Success? Failure?
Chapter 59 Regaining Consciousness
Chapter 60 The Day Of The Duel
Chapter 61 Fire
Chapter 62 Empire’S Divine Weapon
Chapter 63 Battle
Chapter 64 Fervent
Chapter 65 News
Chapter 66 Killing Techniques
Chapter 67 Reaction
Chapter 68 Wind Disaster
Chapter 69 Attempt And Middleman
Chapter 70 Reply
Chapter 71 Remarkable Achievement
Chapter 72 Great Master
Chapter 73 Prince
Chapter 74 Falling Back
Chapter 75 Retreat In Defeat
Chapter 76 Competition
Chapter 77 Drawing Lots
Chapter 78 Start
Chapter 79 Bet
Chapter 80 Destroy
Chapter 81 Comprehension
Chapter 82 Retire
Chapter 83 Sword And Qi Controlling Each Other
Chapter 84 Defeating The Enemy
Chapter 85 Thoughts
Chapter 86 Blurred Specialty
Chapter 87 Information
Chapter 88 Confidence
Chapter 89 Lilia
Chapter 90 Start Of The Match
Chapter 91 The Burst
Chapter 92 Quick Sword Vs Quick Arrow
Chapter 93 Victory
Chapter 94 Giving Guidance
Chapter 95 Investigation
Chapter 96 Discussion
Chapter 97 Mounting A Tiger
Chapter 98 Investigating One By One
Chapter 99 Judgement
Chapter 100 The Last Gamble
Chapter 101 Consequence
Chapter 102 Respective Reaction
Chapter 103 Waking Up
Chapter 104 Follow-Up
Chapter 105 Barging In
Chapter 106 Suppression, One By One
Chapter 107 Too Weak
Chapter 108 Uninhibited
Chapter 109 Discuss
Chapter 110 One Against Four
Chapter 111 Humiliation And Punishment
Chapter 112 Teaching
Chapter 113 Sword And Spear
Chapter 114 Interlinked Forces
Chapter 115 Rationale
Chapter 116 Longspear
Chapter 117 A Contest
Chapter 118 Sparring
Chapter 119 Thrilling
Chapter 120 Victory Or Defeat
Chapter 121 Waiting For Someone
Chapter 122 Effulgence Weapon
Chapter 123 Pursue
Chapter 124 Tremors
Chapter 125 War
Chapter 126 Conspiracy
Chapter 127 Leave
Chapter 128 Metamorphosis Of The Mental Cultivation Method
Chapter 129 Knocking On The Door
Chapter 130 Dispute
Chapter 131 Today, I Know That I Am Me
Chapter 132 Collect
Chapter 133 Return
Chapter 134 Getting Out Of The Cage
Chapter 135 Chase
Chapter 136 Kill, Kill, Kill
Chapter 137 Asking For Directions
Chapter 138 Injured
Chapter 139 Acquaintance
Chapter 140 Crisis And Chance Encounter
Chapter 141 Medicine
Chapter 142 Danger
Chapter 143 Assassination
Chapter 144 Flaw
Chapter 145 Heated Fight
Chapter 146 Poison
Chapter 147 Gathering Together
Chapter 148 Slash
Chapter 149 With Great Ease
Chapter 150 You Are Fast! He Is Fast! I Am The Fastest! (Part I)
Chapter 151 You Are Fast! He Is Fast! I Am The Fastest! (Part Ii)
Chapter 152 You Are Fast! He Is Fast! I Am The Fastest! (Part Iii)
Chapter 153 Failure And Support
Chapter 154 Surround
Chapter 155 Going Blind
Chapter 156 Gratitude
Chapter 157 Seism Steel And Meetings
Chapter 158 Money
Chapter 159 The Whereabouts Of The Divine Weapon
Chapter 160 Making Things Difficult
Chapter 161 Checking The Goods
Chapter 162 Versailles Clan
Chapter 163 Three Moves
Chapter 164 Terror And Pity
Chapter 165 Conversation (Part I)
Chapter 166 Conversation (Part Ii)
Chapter 167 Magnificent Results
Chapter 168 Exchange
Chapter 169 Success Of The Effulgence Weapon
Chapter 170 Skull
Chapter 171 Request And News
Chapter 172 Flaw
Chapter 173 Short Of Money
Chapter 174 Digging And The Elite Class
Chapter 175 Bashed Up
Chapter 176 Exchanging Blows
Chapter 177 Receiving The Goods
Chapter 178 Selling Bones
Chapter 179 News
Chapter 180 Auction (Part I)
Chapter 181 Auction (Part Ii)
Chapter 182 Auction (Part Iii)
Chapter 183 Auction (Part Iv)
Chapter 184 Auction (Part V)
Chapter 185 Come To An End
Chapter 186 I Must Kill
Chapter 187 Buy, Buy, Buy (Part I)
Chapter 188 Buy, Buy, Buy (Part Ii)
Chapter 189 Assassination, Frontal Attack
Chapter 190 Within A Second
Chapter 191 Kidnap
Chapter 192 Turning Point And Departure
Chapter 193 Finally Succeeded
Chapter 194 Smash, Smash, Smash
Chapter 195 Result And Great Western City
Chapter 196 Late Arrival And Gathering
Chapter 197 Three Seeds And Lilia
Chapter 198 David
Chapter 199 Disciple
Chapter 200 Astonishment And Entrance
Chapter 201 Attention
Chapter 202 Rejection
Chapter 203 Prove
Chapter 204 Color
Chapter 205 The Revelation
Chapter 206 Speech
Chapter 207 The Final Rest And Reorganization
Chapter 208 Begin
Chapter 209 Slashing The Heavenly Pillar (Part I)
Chapter 210 Slashing The Heavenly Pillar (Part Ii)
Chapter 211 Slashing The Heavenly Pillar (Part Iii)
Chapter 212 Slashing The Heavenly Pillar (Part Iv)
Chapter 213 Rest
Chapter 214 Eating, Drinking And Discovery
Chapter 215 Contention For The Top Tier (Part I)
Chapter 216 Contention For The Top Tier (Part Ii)
Chapter 217 Contention For The Top Tier (Part Iii)
Chapter 218 Contention For The Top Tier (Part Iv)
Chapter 219 Contention For The Top Tier (Part V)
Chapter 220 Contention For The Top Tier (Part Vi)
Chapter 221 Eat
Chapter 222 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part I)
Chapter 223 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part Ii)
Chapter 224 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part Iii)
Chapter 225 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part Iv)
Chapter 226 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part V)
Chapter 227 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part Vi)
Chapter 228 Compare (Part I)
Chapter 229 Compare (Part Ii)
Chapter 230 Compare (Part Iii)
Chapter 231 Chat
Chapter 232 Arena (Part I)
Chapter 233 Arena (Part Ii)
Chapter 234 Arena (Part Iii)
Chapter 235 Arena (Part Iv)
Chapter 236 Arena (Part V)
Chapter 237 Arena (Part Vi)
Chapter 238 Top Eight
Chapter 239 Repetitive Brutal Attacks
Chapter 240 Going All Out
Chapter 241 Cleaning Up
Chapter 242 Obstacle
Chapter 243 Start Of The Finals
Chapter 244 Duel (Part I)
Chapter 245 Duel (Part Ii)
Chapter 246 Duel (Part Iii)
Chapter 247 Imperious
Chapter 248 Domineering
Chapter 249 Second Prince
Chapter 250 Moon
Chapter 251 Mystical Prints
Chapter 252 Choice
Chapter 253 Learning
Chapter 254 Second Transition Information
Chapter 255 Entering The Sacred Land
Chapter 256 Progressing Onward All The Way
Chapter 257 Density
Chapter 258 The Completion Of The Second Transition
Chapter 259 Coming Out From Seclusion
Chapter 260 Trading
Chapter 261 Lead The Way
Chapter 262 Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor
Chapter 263 Suppress
Chapter 264 Effects
Chapter 265 Reputation And Money
Chapter 266 Cultivation And Heading Out
Chapter 267 Sending Gifts And Registering
Chapter 268 Registration And Cultivation
Chapter 269 Seen
Chapter 270 Crowding Around
Chapter 271 Conversation
Chapter 272 Surprise
Chapter 273 Getting Ready For Publication
Chapter 274 Attending Class
Chapter 275 Demonstration
Chapter 276 Departure
Chapter 277 Killing Techniques Hall
Chapter 278 Thunderbolt Sword Technique
Chapter 279 Challenge
Chapter 280 Passing The Stage
Chapter 281 Canyon
Chapter 282 Disbelief
Chapter 283 Malicious Intent
Chapter 284 Fight
Chapter 285 Bearing The Weight
Chapter 286 Heavenly Waterfall
Chapter 287 Number Five
Chapter 288 Sword Formation
Chapter 289 Comprehension
Chapter 290 Armor
Chapter 291 Picking Up
Chapter 292 Proud
Chapter 293 Following
Chapter 294 The Wait
Chapter 295 Goal
Chapter 296 Joining
Chapter 297 Book
Chapter 298 Hate
Chapter 299 Infamy
Chapter 300 Popularizing
Chapter 301 Copyright
Chapter 302 Training Partner
Chapter 303 Synthesis
Chapter 304 Level 21
Chapter 305 Invitation
Chapter 306 Request
Chapter 307 Ancient Era
Chapter 308 Snatch
Chapter 309 Dispute
Chapter 310 Analyzing
Chapter 311 Crowding Around To Watch
Chapter 312 Materials
Chapter 313 Temptation
Chapter 314 Interrupt
Chapter 315 Discuss
Chapter 316 Letters
Chapter 317 Absorbing
Chapter 318 Full-Powered Dash
Chapter 319 Level 22
Chapter 320 Feedback
Chapter 321 Investigate
Chapter 322 Fury
Chapter 323 Pressure
Chapter 324 Synthesis
Chapter 325 Sneak In
Chapter 326 Collision
Chapter 327 Receiving An Attack
Chapter 328 Flee
Chapter 339 Meeting
Chapter 340 Pursue (Part I)
Chapter 341 Pursue (Part Ii)
Chapter 342 Surround And Attack
Chapter 343 Horror
Chapter 344 Tear Apart
Chapter 345 Letter Delivery
Chapter 346 Synthesis And Beginning
Chapter 347 Situation
Chapter 348 Grim
Chapter 349 Divine Level
Chapter 350 Refute
Chapter 351 Authority
Chapter 352 Dispute
Chapter 353 Surround And Attack
Chapter 354 Comes To A Conclusion
Chapter 355 Gathering
Chapter 356 Assassinate
Chapter 357 Slaughter
Chapter 358 First Level Of The Mystical Prints
Chapter 359 Level 23, Heavenly Thunders And Terrestrial Magnetism
Chapter 360 Checking And Accepting The Materials
Chapter 361 Counterfeit
Chapter 362 Wait
Chapter 363 Bleed
Chapter 364 Dealing With The Aftermath
Chapter 365 Delicacies
Chapter 366 Shadow
Chapter 367 Competition Of Speed
Chapter 368 Fast
Chapter 369 Improvement
Chapter 370 Fierce
Chapter 371 Terrene Shrine
Chapter 372 Azure Dragon
Chapter 373 Level 24
Chapter 374 The Gao Clan
Chapter 375 Internal Conflict
Chapter 376 Golden Physique
Chapter 377 Instant Kill
Chapter 378 Picking Up
Chapter 379 Return
Chapter 380 Sunstone
Chapter 381 Selling For Money
Chapter 382 Throne
Chapter 383 Chat
Chapter 384 Monster
Chapter 385 Fight To The Death
Chapter 386 Offering Sacrifice
Chapter 377: Pain
Chapter 378: Kicking A Ball
Chapter 379 Make A Move
Chapter 380 Confrontation Battle
Chapter 381 Come To An End
Chapter 382 White Bone Divine Weapon
Chapter 383 Ten Million
Chapter 384 Expenditure And Crisis
Chapter 385 Identifying Appearance
Chapter 386 Visit
Chapter 387 Divine Blood
Chapter 388 Improvement
Chapter 389 Let Go
Chapter 390 Snatch Away
Chapter 391 Pursuit (Part I)
Chapter 392 Pursuit (Part Ii)
Chapter 393: Pursuit (Part Iii)
Chapter 394 Pursuit (Part Iv)
Chapter 395: Dragons
Chapter 396: Army
Chapter 397: Capture Him
Chapter 398: Slaying Dragons
Chapter 399: One Against Many
Chapter 400: Search
Chapter 401: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 402: Impending Doom
Chapter 403: Tremendous Improvement
Chapter 404: Black Magic
Chapter 405: Universal Truth
Chapter 406: Divine Arts
Chapter 407: Rapid Speed
Chapter 408: Suspect
Chapter 409: Lobster
Chapter 410: Expensive And Fast
Chapter 411: Seize
Chapter 412: Completion
Chapter 413: Attaining Divine Level
Chapter 414: Interview
Chapter 415: News
Chapter 416: Volcano
Chapter 417: Natural Disaster
Chapter 418: Like A Person
Chapter 419: Rich
Chapter 420: Serious Injury From A Single Hit
Chapter 421: Start Of Auction
Chapter 422: Ongoing Auction
Chapter 423: Divine Remains
Chapter 424: Smashed Easily
Chapter 425: Crush
Chapter 426: Engulf
Chapter 427: Try
Chapter 428: Success
Chapter 429: Wait
Chapter 430: Dark Secrets Behind The Scene
Chapter 431: Five Tiers Of Perfection
Chapter 432: Divine Level And Earthquake
Chapter 433: Gathering Together
Chapter 434: Blood Kaiser
Chapter 435: Radiant Cult
Chapter 436: Fury Of The Thunderbolts
Chapter 437: Knocking On The Door
Chapter 438: Ability
Chapter 439: Appearance
Chapter 440: Thrashing
Chapter 441: Collect
Chapter 442: Seventh Onslaught
Chapter 443: Tian Yi
Chapter 444: A Chance Encounter
Chapter 445: Rebirth
Chapter 446: Gathering And Trading
Chapter 447: Shopping And Medicinal Herbs
Chapter 448: Procuring Without Restraint
Chapter 449: Offering And Fighting
Chapter 450: State Of Upheaval
Chapter 451: Slapped To Death, One After Another
Chapter 452: Layers Of Conspiracy
Chapter 453: Gathered Together
Chapter 454: Challenge
Chapter 455: Nightfall
Chapter 456: Light Meteor
Chapter 457: Three Experts
Chapter 458: Resistance And Surrender
Chapter 459: Reply
Chapter 460: Learned
Chapter 461: Killing And Retreating
Chapter 462: Search And Transmit
Chapter 463: Change
Chapter 464: Church And Base
Chapter 465: Breakthrough
Chapter 466: Test
Chapter 467: Number 9, Number 10
Chapter 468: Evil
Chapter 469: Chasing A Dog
Chapter 470: Evolve
Chapter 471: Kill
Chapter 472: All Sorts Of News
Chapter 473: Mother
Chapter 474: Preparation
Chapter 475: Challenge
Chapter 476: Number One Will
Chapter 477: No Choice But To Submit
Chapter 478: Setting Off
Chapter 479: Old Acquaintance
Chapter 480: Questioning
Chapter 481: Invitation
Chapter 482: Plans And A Gathering
Chapter 483: Entrance
Chapter 484: Ferocious Beast
Chapter 485: Ferocity
Chapter 486: Anti-Ether
Chapter 487: Appearance
Chapter 488: Windthunder
Chapter 489: Retreat
Chapter 490: Federation
Chapter 491: Surround And Attack
Chapter 492: Pursue And Attack
Chapter 493: Too Weak
Chapter 494: Stubborn As A Mule
Chapter 495: Final Warning
Chapter 496: Rising Into The Air
Chapter 497: Outer Space
Chapter 498: Search
Chapter 499: Joining Forces
Chapter 500: Merger And Death
Chapter 501: Like The Sun At The Highest Point In The Sky
Chapter 502: Arriving, Life And Death
Chapter 503: Improvement And Confrontation
Chapter 504: One Sword
Chapter 505: Hung Up And Beaten
Chapter 506: One Against Two
Chapter 507: Chasing, Chasing, And Chasing
Chapter 508: In Desperate Straits
Chapter 509: Breaking Through
Chapter 510: Meeting Again
Chapter 511: Despot
Chapter 512: Unyielding
Chapter 513: Kneeling Down
Chapter 514: Admitting Defeat
Chapter 515: Faraway
Chapter 516: Explosion
Chapter 517: Three Months
Chapter 518: Returning
Chapter 519: Eruption
Chapter 520: Could It Be That They Are Gods?
Chapter 521: Splitting Up
Chapter 522: First Onslaught
Chapter 523: Situation
Chapter 524: Intercept
Chapter 525: Swordless Sword
Chapter 526: Countering And Lying In Ambush
Chapter 527: Feces
Chapter 528: Magnificent Work
Chapter 529: Mystical Prints And The Wang Clan
Chapter 530: Mountainous Sea Dynasty
Chapter 531: Meeting
Chapter 532: Fierce And Brutal
Chapter 533: Smashing With A Single Stomp
Chapter 534: Thunder-Permeating
Chapter 535: Terrible Defeat (Part I)
Chapter 536: Terrible Defeat (Part Ii)
Chapter 537: Battle
Chapter 538: Nine-Tiered Heavens
Chapter 539: Lifespan And Destiny
Chapter 540: Internal And External
Chapter 541: Collecting
Chapter 542: Sea Demon Shield
Chapter 543: World Annihilation Tide
Chapter 544: Surrender
Chapter 545: Number One In The World
Chapter 546: Disciple
Chapter 547: Discuss
Chapter 548: Slaves
Chapter 549: Hurrying On With The Journey
Chapter 550: Ambush
Chapter 551: Ghost King
Chapter 552: Outburst
Chapter 553: Gigantic Snake
Chapter 554: Astonishing News
Chapter 555: Talk
Chapter 556: Seven Days And Seven Nights
Chapter 557: Revenge
Chapter 558: Fist Arts
Chapter 559: Contention
Chapter 560: One Against Two
Chapter 561: Slashing Repeatedly
Chapter 562: Leave, Leave, Leave
Chapter 563: Spoils Of War
Chapter 564: Divine Armor
Chapter 565: Origin Essence Stone
Chapter 566: Eight Directional Crimson Dragon
Chapter 567: Banquet
Chapter 568: Meeting
Chapter 569: Reversed Scales
Chapter 570: Beating Up
Chapter 571: Rehlings
Chapter 572: Sybarite Concubine
Chapter 573: Terror
Chapter 574: Shaking Strongly
Chapter 575: Admitting Mistakes
Chapter 576: Display Of Power
Chapter 577: Formation
Chapter 578: Breaking Formation
Chapter 579: Come To A Conclusion
Chapter 580: Four Tiers Of Perfection
Chapter 581: Shang
Chapter 582: Sword Formation
Chapter 583: Hades
Chapter 584: News
Chapter 585: Danger
Chapter 586: Joint Attack
Chapter 587: Mysterious Young Man
Chapter 588: Sensing
Chapter 589: Five Tiers Of Perfection And Just Right
Chapter 590: Seizing
Chapter 591: Retaliation
Chapter 592: Pursue And Kill
Chapter 593: Chasing, Chasing, And Chasing
Chapter 594: Striving For The Divine Level
Chapter 595: Exercising Great Tolerance, Striving For The Divine Level In A Single Attempt
Chapter 596: Eternal Sword Seigneur
Chapter 597: Sword Prowess, Sword Force And Sword Realm
Chapter 598: Slaying Dragons
Chapter 599: Slaying Divine Level Experts
Chapter 600: Ensnare And Kill
Chapter 601: Comes To A Conclusion
Chapter 602: Incoming Enemy
Chapter 603: Xia
Chapter 604: Threat
Chapter 605: Fist And Sword
Chapter 606: Second Tier
Chapter 607: Four Kills
Chapter 608: Astonishing The World
Chapter 609: Billows
Chapter 610: Tianmen
Chapter 611: Connection Through Marriage
Chapter 612: Mystic Abyss' Legacy
Chapter 613: Treasures
Chapter 614: Four Celestial Eradication Swords
Chapter 615: Divine Level Cultivation
Chapter 616: Mingyue Mountain
Chapter 617: Trash
Chapter 618: Kill One First Before Talking
Chapter 619: Are You Going To Stand In My Way?
Chapter 620: Crushing One By One
Chapter 621: Choice
Chapter 622: Undaunted Despite Repeated Setbacks
Chapter 623: Becoming An Ordinary Person
Chapter 624: Manuals And Rituals
Chapter 625: Xingwang Mountain
Chapter 626: Do You Want To Be My Student?
Chapter 627: Kneel Until You Are Convinced
Chapter 628: Receiving Sword Attack
Chapter 629: Moving Mountain, Moving Mountain
Chapter 630: Meeting
Chapter 631: Astral Ancestor
Chapter 632: Snuffed Out
Chapter 633: Condense
Chapter 634: Advancing To The Second Tier
Chapter 635: Success
Chapter 636: Tiandao
Chapter 637: Time
Chapter 638: Powerful Black Magic
Chapter 639: Unable To Hang On For Even A Second
Chapter 640: Fell From The Sky
Chapter 641: Sword Intent
Chapter 642: Panwu Heavenly Raiment
Chapter 643: Altar
Chapter 644: Divine Armor Will
Chapter 645: Ambush
Chapter 646: Holy Light
Chapter 647: King
Chapter 648: Stopping
Chapter 649: Inferno
Chapter 650: Thunder Calamity
Chapter 651: Desert Oasis
Chapter 652: Conversation
Chapter 653: Snowy Mountain
Chapter 654: Appraisal And Preparation
Chapter 655: Grand Spectacle
Chapter 656: Center Of Attention
Chapter 657: Bringing In The Net
Chapter 658: Those Who Kneel Shall Not Die
Chapter 659: Bai Di Takes Action
Chapter 660: Directly Stomped To Death
Chapter 661: Assemble
Chapter 662: Had Enough?
Chapter 663: Immeasurable And Remarkable Power
Chapter 664: Impact And Abnormalities
Chapter 665: Second Tier Of The Nine-Tiered Heavens
Chapter 666: Pondering
Chapter 667: Countermeasure
Chapter 668: Result
Chapter 669: Kidnap
Chapter 670: Rescue
Chapter 671: Shocking The Entire World
Chapter 672: Live Stream
Chapter 673: Prove
Chapter 674: Talk
Chapter 675: Saint Seiya
Chapter 676: Meeting
Chapter 677: Sounding Out
Chapter 678: Tracking
Chapter 679: Flee
Chapter 680: Great Impact
Chapter 681: Ether
Chapter 682: Discover
Chapter 683: Profoundness
Chapter 684: Take Action
Chapter 685: Doomsday
Chapter 686: Retaliation
Chapter 687: Deplorable
Chapter 688: Return
Chapter 689: Descent
Chapter 690: Crush
Chapter 691: Proceeding To
Chapter 692: Crushing Stomp
Chapter 693: Disregard
Chapter 694: Infiltrating
Chapter 695: Current Trend
Chapter 696: Persuading
Chapter 697: Slap In The Face
Chapter 698: Cooperation
Chapter 699: Adamant
Chapter 700: Great Western
Chapter 701: Talk
Chapter 702: Fierce Might
Chapter 703: End
Chapter 704: Arrival
Chapter 705: Beaten To Death
Chapter 706: Awakening
Chapter 707: Duel
Chapter 708: Chaos
Chapter 709: Pinnacle
Chapter 710: The Number One Person
Chapter 711: Divine Country
Chapter 712: Abyss
Chapter 713: Forcing The Enemy To Retreat
Chapter 714: Retreat
Chapter 715: Reputation
Chapter 716: Missing
Chapter 717: Celestial Cloud
Chapter 718: Adam'S Blood
Chapter 719: Seize
Chapter 720: Desert
Chapter 721: Warding Off
Chapter 722: Irresistible Force
Chapter 723: Tracking
Chapter 724: Ice Sealed
Chapter 725: Extraordinary
Chapter 726: Being Saved
Chapter 727: Descent
Chapter 728: Chance Encounter
Chapter 729: Prison
Chapter 730: Systems
Chapter 731: Different
Chapter 732: Observation
Chapter 733: Teach
Chapter 734: The Silver Shield
Chapter 735: Conflict
Chapter 736: Routed
Chapter 737: Experiment
Chapter 738: Reason
Chapter 739: Advancing The Attack
Chapter 740: Round Up In One Swoop
Chapter 741: Wolf Pack
Chapter 742: Antarctica
Chapter 743: Research
Chapter 744: Pursue And Attack
Chapter 745: Surrounded
Chapter 746: Take By Storm
Chapter 747: Question
Chapter 748: Disseminate
Chapter 749: Take Action
Chapter 750: Show
Chapter 751: Reaction
Chapter 752: Intense Reaction
Chapter 753: Impending Military Force
Chapter 754: Negotiations
Chapter 755: Cut Off
Chapter 756: Struck Out
Chapter 757: Annihilation
Chapter 758: Known By All
Chapter 759: Writing
Chapter 760: Light Pursuit
Chapter 761: Return
Chapter 762: Love
Chapter 763: Imperial Capital
Chapter 764: Charlot
Chapter 765: Disciple
Chapter 766: Future
Chapter 767: Verification
Chapter 768: Gathered Together
Chapter 769: Fantasy
Chapter 770: Barge In
Chapter 771: Join Forces
Chapter 772: Strike
Chapter 773: Surround And Attack
Chapter 774: Going All Out
Chapter 775: Cut
Chapter 776: Changes
Chapter 777: Plan
Chapter 778: Each Making Their Own Preparations
Chapter 779: Interference From The Church
Chapter 780: Contacting To Join Forces
Chapter 781: Looking For Someone
Chapter 782: Advancing To The Center
Chapter 783: Two Guardian Kings
Chapter 784: Engulf
Chapter 785: Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes
Chapter 786: Four People
Chapter 787: Split Up
Chapter 788: Warding Off
Chapter 789: New Sword
Chapter 790: Taking Advantage Of His Predicament
Chapter 791: For Love
Chapter 792: Five Million
Chapter 793: Expropriating And Sealing
Chapter 794: Kill
Chapter 795: Xingwu Region
Chapter 796: Receiving Sword Attack
Chapter 797: The Great Western Region’S Hopeless Situation
Chapter 798: Failure
Chapter 799: Charge Out
Chapter 800: Pursue And Kill
Chapter 801: Sand Country'S Heroes
Chapter 802: To The Bitter End
Chapter 803: Consecutive Breakthroughs
Chapter 804: Great Radiant World
Chapter 805: Human Heart
Chapter 806: Illusion
Chapter 807: Expropriate
Chapter 808: Ritual
Chapter 809: In A Daze And Darkness' Aberration
Chapter 810: Descent
Chapter 811: Tough
Chapter 812: Evil God Tribe
Chapter 813: Overwhelming
Chapter 814: Superluminal
Chapter 815: Battle Form
Chapter 816: World In Upheaval
Chapter 817: Terrible Battle
Chapter 818: Defeat
Chapter 819: Inner Heart
Chapter 820: Terror
Chapter 821: Slash To Kill
Chapter 822: Astonished
Chapter 823: Internecine Strife
Chapter 824: Rebels And Traitors
Chapter 825: Rebuilding The Imperial Capital
Chapter 826: News
Chapter 827: Communicating Secrets
Chapter 828: Ring Of Time
Chapter 829: Setting Up A Formation
Chapter 830: Heading To Earth
Chapter 831: Requesting For Assistance
Chapter 832: Parallel World
Chapter 833: Beating Into Submission
Chapter 834: Divinity Challengers
Chapter 835: Geomagnetic Storm
Chapter 836: The Association'S Plan?
Chapter 837: The Mage King Makes His Move
Chapter 838: Ineffective
Chapter 839: Interstellar
Chapter 840: Travel
Chapter 841: Struck And Sent Flying
Chapter 842: Magic Remnants
Chapter 843: Investigate
Chapter 844: Gathering
Chapter 845: Remnants Discovered
Chapter 846: Interrogation
847 Opportunity
848 Preparing To Attack The South
849 Setting Up And Researching
850 Wordless Monumen
851 Knowledge
852 Battling And Clearing Stages
853 External Influence
854 Seclusion And Derivation
855 Instructing
856 Cultivating On The Sun
857 Reforging
858 Two Countries Engaging In A Pincer Movemen
859 Serious Injuries
860 Besiege
861 Squared Up For Battle
862 Weakening
863 The World Of The Sword Master, Killing Within A Short Momen
864 Heavenly Lion
865 A Lion'S Roar
866 Illusions
867 Crushing You
868 Self-Detonation
869 Capturing
870 Realm Traversing Guardian King
871 The Church'S Great Secre
872 Dealings
873 Submission
874 Teach A Lesson
875 Resistance
876 Astonished
877 Striving To Clear The Tier
878 End Of The World
879 Qiu Dao
880 Safety Zone
881 Divine Emperor
882 Trump Card
883 Unusual Actions
884 Testing
885 Life And Death
886 Preparations
887 Taking Action
888 Attacking
889 Cage
890 Trap And Persuade To Surrender
891 Betrayal And Deception
892 Collision And Battle
893 Charging Into The Sky And Annihilation
894 Devastating Setback
895 Exterminate
896 Cube
897 Projection
898 Return
899 Wiping Out A Faction
900 Pries
901 Spiritual Root And Secret Manuals
902 Summoning
903 Heart Sword
904 Envoy
905 Treasure
906 Coming Together
907 Join Forces
908 Plan
909 Striving To Clear The Tier
910 Three Colored Rings
911 Army
912 Book Of Wisdom
913 White Valley
914 Leader
915 To Yield
916 Prying And Summoning
917 Subduing One By One
918 Discuss
919 Meeting
920 Terror
921 Conflic
922 Grade
923 Agreemen
924 Unsheathe
925 Sword Ligh
926 Consecutive Slashes
927 Besiegement By Two Strong Forces
928 Vaporized
929 Desire
930 Tense
931 Rampage
932 Reply
933 Pursue And Attack
934 Planning
935 Snatching Swords
936 Pursue And Kill
937 Having The Upper Hand
938 Collecting
939 Requesting For Assistance
940 Desperate Straits
941 Hesitate
942 Collecting Pages
943 Battlefield On Saturn
944 Silver
945 Attaining Another Breakthrough
946 Comprehending
947 Taking Away
948 Virtual Image
949 Heavenly Kingdom
950 Coming Out From Seclusion
951 United
952 Battle
953 Collision
954 Self-Detonation
955 Sword Realm And Illusions
956 Illusory Arts
957 Changing Locations
958 Indiscriminate Bombings
959 Instan
960 Invincible
961 Never-Ending
962 Contend
963 Beliefs
964 The End
965 Chaotic Battle
966 Besiege A City
967 Wipe Ou
968 Change
969 Tier Six
970 Wind And Storm
971 Plan
972 Scouting
973 Cryp
974 Strange Shadow
975 Elucidate
976 Notice
Chapter 977 - Discuss
Chapter 978 - Snoop
Chapter 979 - Darkness
Chapter 980 - Fighting
Chapter 981 - Driven Back And Captive
Chapter 982 - Inference And Threat
Chapter 983 - Information
Chapter 984 - Joining Forces
Chapter 985 - News
Chapter 986 - Opening Of The Meeting
Chapter 987 - Countless Experts
Chapter 988 - Four Seas
Chapter 989 - Taking Turns
Chapter 990 - Appearance
Chapter 991 - Phenomenal Saint
Chapter 992 - Mountain-Like Mighty Prowess
Chapter 993 - Strike And Kill
Chapter 994 - Turbid Flow
Chapter 995 - Suppress
Chapter 996 - Consecutive Attacks
Chapter 997 - Bug Swarm
Chapter 998 - Leave Behind
Chapter 999 - Reformation
Chapter 1000 - Consternation
Chapter 1001 - Slash And Kill
Chapter 1002 - Crown Prince
Chapter 1003 - Palm Imprint
Chapter 1004 - Contest
Chapter 1005 - Aftermath
Chapter 1006 - Continent
Chapter 1007 - Training
Chapter 1008 - Estrangement
Chapter 1009 - Converse
Chapter 1010 - Middle-Earth
Chapter 1011 - Secret Conversation
Chapter 1012 - Military Forces
Chapter 1013 - Ambush
Chapter 1014 - Realm
Chapter 1015 - Demon Sect
Chapter 1016 - Derivation
Chapter 1017 - Disha
Chapter 1018 - Flying
Chapter 1019 - Serene Mountain
Chapter 1020 - Hostility
Chapter 1021 - Demon Sovereign
Chapter 1022 - Blood Sea
Chapter 1023 - Profoundness
Chapter 1024 - Secular
Chapter 1025 - Lives’ Wisdom
Chapter 1026 - Prince Xin
Chapter 1027 - Outside The City
Chapter 1028 - Speaking With Confidence And Composure
Chapter 1029 - Endowed With Extraordinary Intelligence
Chapter 1030 - Persuade To Surrender (Part 1)
Chapter 1031 - Persuade To Surrender (Part 2)
Chapter 1032 - Putting Up A Desperate Fight
Chapter 1033 - Final Battle
Chapter 1034 - Xiao Shen
Chapter 1035 - Shatter
Chapter 1036 - Instant Kill
Chapter 1037 - Exchange
Chapter 1038 - Son Of Heaven’S Qi Nurturing
Chapter 1039 - Six Paths Converge
Chapter 1040 - Foot Of The Mountain
Chapter 1041 - Resolving
Chapter 1042 - Heading Up The Mountain
Chapter 1043 - Curious
Chapter 1044 - Surrender
Chapter 1045 - Profoundness
Chapter 1046 - Blood Sea
Chapter 1047 - Great Dao
Chapter 1048 - Suppress
Chapter 1049 - Three Mountains Four Peaks
Chapter 1050 - Hostility
Chapter 1051 - Weapon
Chapter 1052 - Create
Chapter 1053 - Traitors
Chapter 1054 - Heaven-Blessed
Chapter 1055 - Test
Chapter 1056 - Massacre
Chapter 1057 - Massacre Expedition And Collecting
Chapter 1058 - Sharp Swords And Selection
Chapter 1059 - Heading South
Chapter 1060 - Besieged
Chapter 1061 - Steel Cavalry
Chapter 1062 - Charging Forth
Chapter 1063 - Cavalier
Chapter 1064 - Besieged
Chapter 1065 - Massacre
Chapter 1066 - Great Victory
Chapter 1067 - Abducting People
Chapter 1068 - Studying Profoundness
Chapter 1069 - Observing
Chapter 1070 - Swindle
Chapter 1071 - Circumstances
Chapter 1072 - Confrontation
Chapter 1073 - World
Chapter 1074 - Seal Off
Chapter 1075 - Retaliation
Chapter 1076 - South And North
Chapter 1077 - Young Lady
Chapter 1078 - Cleaning Up
Chapter 1079 - Son Of Heaven'S Sword Manipulation
Chapter 1080 - Subduing
Chapter 1081 - Challenge To Battle
Chapter 1082 - Helix
Chapter 1083 - Crowd Around
Chapter 1084 - Fight
Chapter 1085 - Chase
Chapter 1086 - Sattva
Chapter 1087 - Giant
Chapter 1088 - Strife
Chapter 1089 - Influence
Chapter 1090 - Take Over
Chapter 1091 - Divine Gate Reversal
Chapter 1092 - Win
Chapter 1093 - Companion
Chapter 1094 - Silver Mage King
Chapter 1095 - Search
Chapter 1096 - Disaster!
Chapter 1097 - Pursue And Attack
Chapter 1098 - Spaceship
Chapter 1099 - Discuss
Chapter 1100 - Silver Shadow
Chapter 1101 - Black Hole
Chapter 1102 - Mass And Illusion
Chapter 1103 - Battlefield
Chapter 1104 - Horror
Chapter 1105 - Seven Emotions Sword
Chapter 1106 - Probing Downward
Chapter 1107 - Transformation
Chapter 1108 - Superluminal Speed
Chapter 1109 - Star Explosion
Chapter 1110 - Splitting The Loot
Chapter 1111 - Handle
Chapter 1112 - Life Span
Chapter 1113 - Return To Zero
Chapter 1114 - Aptitude
Chapter 1115 - Descent
Chapter 1116 - Massacre
Chapter 1117 - Sensing
Chapter 1118 - Expedition
Chapter 1119 - : Arrival
Chapter 1120 - Inquiry
Chapter 1121 - Guard
Chapter 1122 - Converse
Chapter 1123 - Enter
Chapter 1124 - Trio
Chapter 1125 - Attack
Chapter 1126 - Crush
Chapter 1127 - Devouring
Chapter 1128 - Great Dao
Chapter 1129 - Pursue And Attack
Chapter 1130 - Changes
Chapter 1131 - Cceleration
Chapter 1132 - Strife
Chapter 1133 - Duel
Chapter 1134 - Traverse Worlds
Chapter 1135 - Probing
Chapter 1136 - Repose Palace
Chapter 1137 - Old Friend
Chapter 1138 - Everyone
Chapter 1139 - Discuss
Chapter 1140 - Objection
Chapter 1141 - Appearance
Chapter 1142 - Make A Move
Chapter 1143 - Pursue And Kill
Chapter 1144 - Heavenly Court
Chapter 1145 - : Magic
Chapter 1146 - Warrior
Chapter 1147 - Charging In
Chapter 1148 - Exchange
Chapter 1149 - Delusion
Chapter 1150 - : Sattva Sword Technique
Chapter 1151 - You Expend Money, I Expend Life
Chapter 1152 - Growing
Chapter 1153 - Attention
Chapter 1154 - Something Is Brewing
Chapter 1155 - Emerging Endlessly
Chapter 1156 - Unifying Dao
Chapter 1157 - War
Chapter 1158 - Eye Of Denouement
Chapter 1159 - Timeline Migration
Chapter 1160 - Tempering
Chapter 1161 - Fall
Chapter 1162 - End
Chapter 1163 - Start
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Ma Thần Nhạc Viên, 魔神乐园

Source: volarenovels
Book Details / Information: “Obtaining the topmost degree of talent in sword arts in the world requires giving up 72 years of lifespan, which leaves you with only five more years of your life. At the same time, you will never be able to feel love, kinship, and friendship, and you’ll end up leading a lonely life until your death, unable to procreate, or to have any descendants.

“From now onwards, everything related to happiness in the human world shall no longer be of your concern. Are you willing to accept this?”

“Hahahaha, I’m already alone bereft of all support, my hopes dashed to pieces, shouldering only absolutely irreconcilable grudge and hatred, why would I disagree? Why would I not want it? I couldn’t ask for anything better!!”

His sword sweeps across the Divine Continent for seven days and nights, moving 90,000 miles through the starry skies, unhindered.

He slays saints and buddhas in Heaven, slaughters demons and devils in Hell, sweeping away all the grievances in his heart.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 Demonic City

Chapter 1 Demonic City

In the year 2035 came the shocking news of a great explosion occurring in the airspace above one of the biggest cities in Xin Country – Roiling Ocean City. Not only did the landmarks and geographical areas in its surroundings abruptly undergo a huge transformation, but an otherworldly dimensional-gap also appeared in the skies. This caused a part of the current world to partially merge with the Other World.

Afterward, the city underwent a series of transformations which led other people in the world to name it Demonic City, one which had caught the attention of countries worldwide.

From the time of the great explosion until now, it had already been sixteen years. And at this very moment, Fang Xingjian, sixteen years of age, was standing atop a bluestone bridge, practicing his Basic Sword Technique.

He had learned this set of Basic Sword Technique from a common martial school. Although it was simple, it contained the full set of basic sword moves which were essential knowledge for every practitioner in Demonic City.

An hour later, under the glare of the winter sun, drops of perspiration were shining on Fang Xingjian’s body. The vigorous set of movements had made his muscles heat up repeatedly, tempering them.

After finishing his set, Fang Xingjian gradually pulled his sword back, meanwhile focusing his attention on the Stats Window in his brain.


Fang Xingjian




Warrior’s Squire













Basic Sword Technique

Level 3 (15325/32500)

Single-handed Sword Grab

Level 2 (23455/42200)


Level 2 (11325/23900)

Those who had experienced the transformation were akin to people in an MMORPG world; they could level up and even add points to their stats. Within the circumference of the world in Demonic City, everything had undergone a core transformation, while the original laws and physics of the world no longer applied here. Ever since Demonic City and the Other World had merged together, all material objects within the boundaries of the city manifested as if they had entered the Other World. When material objects entered Demonic City, they would undergo a change where their information would be presented as data and statistics. Naturally, this also applied to humans.

For example, earlier, when Fang Xingjian had been practicing the basic sword skills, he had gained experience in both the Basic Sword Technique and the Single-handed Sword Grab. As long as he kept practicing, and as long as he met the requirements, his level of proficiency in these two techniques would naturally rise.

Those with good talent would gain a lot of experience points after each practice session, and would also require little experience in order to advance to the next level. Not only that, if one’s talent was great enough, the level of one’s techniques could break into level 10, 12, 13, and even level 15!

However, Fang Xingjian knew what his own talent amounted to. Based on the large amount of experience points he needed in order to advance to the next level, he knew that his talent was only average. At most, he would only be able to train the three techniques he was practicing up to level 10.

Cautiously, he put the long training sword away. Each and every one of his training weapons had been bought with the savings he had managed to put together cent by cent. Thus, he cared for them a great deal.

Next, Fang Xingjian took up the hundred-jin-heavy steel greatsword lying by his side. The greatsword was a blunt, monolithic practice tool, which sacrificed all other factors in favor of weight.

With Fang Xingjian’s physical strength, both his hands trembled as he lifted the greatsword. His agility also slowed extremely when he tried to execute sword techniques with the weapon, facing extreme difficulty in using it.

After practicing only half a set of the Basic Sword Technique, he could not bear it anymore. The sword fell to the ground with a clatter, spidery cracks appearing on the ground from the impact. Fang Xingjian drew in huge breath after huge breath, both his arms aching with pain and soreness, unable to lift the greatsword again.

“This won’t do, I’m still so far away from the realm of ‘lifting a heavy object as though it were light’.”

The state where one had the ability to wield a hundred-jin-heavy sword whilst dancing about as though wielding a common sword was called ‘lifting a heavy object as though it were light’. Legend said that this was a standard originating from the Other World. It would only be achievable when one’s strength, agility, endurance, and flexibility stats each reached 10 points or more.

Strength, agility, reaction, endurance, and flexibility were known as the ‘five major attributes’.

The strength attribute represented the ability to fight against resistance, in motion.

The agility attribute represented the muscles’ actions: the contractions of one’s muscles, as well as their explosive strength.

The reaction attribute represented the level of efficiency with which the brain processed information input. The combination of the agility and reaction attributes represented the speed of each movement one could make in battle.

The endurance attribute represented the muscles’ and the heart blood-vessels’ endurance. The higher the stats, the more times one could execute one’s techniques.

The flexibility attribute represented the degree of ease with which one could perform actions. The higher the stats were for the flexibility attribute, the steadier one’s strength and speed, and the closer one would be to the maximum value of damage range. The attack’s explosiveness would also be stronger, and the chance of injury reduced.

However, the five major attributes’ effects did not grow in direct proportion to the number of stat points. 10 stat points in the strength attribute would give you more than a few times’ increase in strength, compared to having only 5 stat points. It did not simply mean a two-fold increase in strength.

Reaching the state of ‘lifting something heavy as though it were light’ also meant that strength, agility, endurance, and flexibility had at least 10 stat points each, allowing one to move as fast as a galloping horse, and to have strength akin to a water buffalo. Each punch or kick would be enough to kill an ordinary person.

Fang Xingjian was currently wielding the greatsword not because he wanted to test the depths of his strength, but to temper and train his various attributes.

After putting the greatsword away, Fang Xingjian ended his morning practice and started washing his body before changing into a blue shirt and black suit.

The shirt’s color had already faded from repeated washing, and the western suit had shrunk so much that it no longer fit him. Despite this, he was still wearing them. It was obvious how bad Fang Xingjian’s financial situation was.

Fang Xingjian walked out of the small courtyard, his eyes falling on layers and layers of fascinating and enchanting Chinese-styled courtyards.

On his way, he saw many muscular guys clad in western suits, patrolling. There were also several ladies clad in white who were watering the flowers, sweeping the floors, and doing miscellaneous chores. As they saw Fang Xingjian approaching, all of them bowed and called out, “Young Master Fang.”

They appeared to be part of a great clan of ancient tradition, emanating the attitude of a wealthy family.

In fact, as one of the Five Great Clans in the current Demonic City, the Fang Clan was comparable to a feudal clan from ancient times.

The Fang Clan, history told, was a great feudal clan which had been in existence for more than two hundred years. In the previous era, during their most glorious times, they had owned over ten thousand mu[1] of fields, over a hundred businesses, and countless slaves, servants, and beautiful concubines.

However, about one hundred years ago, their previous accumulated wealth had all been exhausted. With the dawn of the new era, they experienced a huge transformation. The Fang Clan was terrified that Xin Country would want to deal with the great clans of the old era, and thus they turned to hiding overseas, re-establishing their roots there.

It was not until twenty years ago when the country’s actions had become open and forthright and the international situation had turned volatile that the Fang Clan had moved their business back within Xin Country.

Four years after their return to the country, about sixteen years ago, the descent of the Other World had occurred. Outside Demonic City, everything had stayed the same, but those within it had become inhabitants of the transformed world. Countless people made use of this chance to rise, venturing into the Other World. After they came back, because of their huge increase in power, they accomplished many heaven-shocking and earth-shattering deeds.

Out of the people who came back, the five strongest ones’ families became known as the Five Great Clans, and Fang Clan was one of the five.

It was a pity that the Fang Clan’s lord had died in a battle in the Other World, seven years ago. Gradually, the Fang Clan had begun to decline, and eventually, it had become the weakest member of the Five Great Clans.

Fang Xingjian walked through the long corridor and stepped into the dining hall. On the seat of honor there was a middle-aged woman, her beauty and grace evident despite her years. The woman’s rich black hair was meticulously tied up, and she was wearing red-colored western attire with an upright collar, along with brightly shining high heels. Overall, she appeared to be very strict.

The corners of her eyes slightly curled upwards, and her sword-shaped eyebrows also angled upwards as she stayed silent, fierceness radiating from her features. With a single look, one could tell that this person was difficult to communicate with.

Only through extremely thorough scrutiny would one be able to notice the deep traces of fatigue marked by the furrows on her forehead.

The Old Granny had been focusing her attention on a document in her hand, and only when Fang Xingjian had entered the dining hall did she raise her head to look at her grandson[2], indifferently uttering, “Sit.”

This person was currently in charge of the Fang Clan. She was Fang Xingjian’s maternal grandmother, the forty-nine-year-old matriarch of the Fang Clan, Li Shuanghua.

Fang Xingjian cautiously sat upright towards the front of his chair, his back straight, his buttocks only taking up one-third of the seat.

Beside him was a couple over the age of thirty. They were none other than his mother’s brother and sister-in-law, Fang Xingjian’s second uncle and second aunt.

Fang Xingjian smiled as he nodded to his second uncle. His second uncle looked as though he wanted to say something, but was stopped by his wife, and could only cast a helpless glance at Fang Xingjian. In recent years the clan of his second uncle’s wife had been rising in prestige and had gained a great increase in strength. This had allowed her words to hold more weight at home. In the past, his second uncle had always managed his wife strictly, but now, it was the opposite, as he followed obediently and acted in accordance to everything his wife said.

Fang Xingjian had never been highly regarded in the family. Usually, only his second uncle would talk to him, asking him about his life. But now that his second uncle was being controlled so strictly by his wife, the latter had stopped talking to Fang Xingjian.

Ever since they had married, there had been no news of any pregnancy, which was also the reason why the Old Granny disliked his second uncle’s wife. If it were not for the fact that his wife’s family had risen in prestige during the past few years, the Old Granny would have already forced his second uncle to divorce long ago.

With the exception of the Old Granny, the three of them sat upright, and none of them dared to speak. Based on the current tyrannical strength of the Old Granny, in addition to her presence as someone in charge of a great feudal clan, no one dared to go against her words. Basically, in this place, her words were the law.

After fifteen minutes, the Old Granny frowned, making the three of them nervous as they watched her put the document away. Before glancing up, she instructed a female servant, “Xing, go and see why Third Master is taking so long. Get him here in five minutes.”

[1] classifier for fields/unit of area equal to one fifteenth of a hectare

[2] The Fang Clan is Fang Xingjian’s mother side of the family. For unknown reasons, Fang Xingjiang has taken on his mother’s surname instead of his father’s. Generally, daughters and their children are valued less, since a daughter is generally ‘married out’ of her own family into her husband’s.


Total Chapters in book: 1163
Estimated words: 1954561 (not accurate)
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