Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me by Fu Shifei

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Chapter 66 - The Actor And Actress
Chapter 67 - Dating
Chapter 68 - Dongfang Lianren
Chapter 69 - Do They Think That I Am Snoopy?
Chapter 70 - What The Hell Is Happening
Chapter 71 - The Evil Taste Of The Rich?
Chapter 72 - Mysterious Dongfang
Chapter 73 - You Are The Most Important Person To Me
Chapter 74 - Brother Wei
Chapter 75 - She Is Mine, No One Can Take Her Away
Chapter 76 - I Can Lend You Money
Chapter 77 - Gambler'S Psychology
Chapter 78 - The Kiss Replayed
Chapter 79 - Instinct?
Chapter 80 - This Misunderstanding Is A Bit Huge
Chapter 81 - Guest Visit
Chapter 82 - Dongfang Lianren And Xiao Yike
Chapter 83 - Could It Be, Could It Be That She Is A Lesbian?
Chapter 84 - Fighting Dongfang Lianren
Chapter 85 - Three Problematic Girls
Chapter 86 - Sleeping With My Little Sister
Chapter 87 - Night Raid? The Proof That She Is Not A Lesbian?
Chapter 88 - Dongfang’S Threats And Pleadings
Chapter 89 - A Pervette Under The Quilt And A Succubus Outside The Quilt.
Chapter 90 - Who Did It?
Chapter 91 - Who Is The Criminal?
Chapter 92 - A Reasonable Young Master
Chapter 93 - Smaller Boobies And Pity, I’M A Woman
Chapter 94 - Mean
Chapter 95 - Boundary
Chapter 96 - Ittle Sister Is The Deadly Poison
Chapter 97 - Who Is Whose Hello Kitty?
Chapter 98 - Little Nosy Parker
Chapter 99 - Naughty Little Sister
Chapter 100 - That Time, This Time
Chapter 101 - Not Normal
Chapter 102 - I Saw An Angel
Chapter 103 - You Are Dad? Then Who Is Mom?
Chapter 104 - Good Girl, Call Me Mother One More Time
Chapter 105 - Sorry
Chapter 106 - Clichéd Romantic Drama
Chapter 107 - A Serious Discussion
Chapter 108 - Yuanyuan Is In Trouble.
Chapter 109 - Little Sister’S Sutra Is Invalid. Spanking Is King!
Chapter 110 - Three Problematic Girls
Chapter 111 - Each Is Weirder Than The Last
Chapter 112 - My Shameful Past
Chapter 113 - 3 Meet Lv Siqi Again
Chapter 114 - The Lies Of The Problematic Girls
Chapter 115 - My Luck Became Your Misfortune
Chapter 116 - If The Sky Is Falling I Will Hold It
Chapter 117 - Natural Airhead?
Chapter 118 - Ms. Shu
Chapter 119 - More Than That?
Chapter 120 - Being Jealous?
Chapter 121 - The Story Of Dongfang Lianren
Chapter 122 - How Nice It Would Be If I Were Not Her Elder Brother
Chapter 123 - Mo Fei And I, Invitation And Evasion
Chapter 124 - Brother Wei’S Method Of Chasing Girls
Chapter 125 - Chu Yuan’S Little Trick
Chapter 126 - The Disintegration Of Unity?
Chapter 127 - Three Little Tails
Chapter 128 - The Lipstick Mark Incident Happened Again!
Chapter 129 - Troublemaker Group
Chapter 130 - Something Is Going On Between Liusu And Mo Fei
Chapter 131 - For The Sake Of Chu Yuan, I Am Willing To Let Myself Fall
Chapter 132 - Fishing
Chapter 133 - An Unfair Game
Chapter 134 - Women’S War, A Calamity For The Bystander
Chapter 135 - Dongfang Lianren'S Beauty Mark
Chapter 136 - Kill Three Birds With One Stone
Chapter 137 - Miss Dongfang?!
Chapter 138 - Ms. Shu Is Not Dense?
Chapter 139 - The Rival Who Has Never Met
Chapter 140 - “I Like You” Arc Part 1
Chapter 141 - "I Like You" Arc Part 2
Chapter 142 - I Like You” Arc Part 3
Chapter 143 - Chu Yuan’S Revenge! Part 1
Chapter 144 - Chu Yuan’S Revenge! (Part 2)
Chapter 145 - Women Are Tigers
Chapter 146 - A Pair Of Couple Handsets
Chapter 147 - I Am In A Good Mood, Do You Have A Problem With That
Chapter 148 - So You Are Not Dense
Chapter 149 - Feeling Reluctant To Give Up Is The Real Break-Up
Chapter 150 - Try Out New Phone
Chapter 151 - Women’S War
Chapter 152 - Yes, I Am Jealous
Chapter 153 - The Second Round Of Secret Battle
Chapter 154 - Romantic Restaurant, Romantic Seats
Chapter 155 - It Is Difficult To Order Food
Chapter 156 - Platinum Rose
Chapter 157 - Young Master Panicked
Chapter 158 - As I Expected
Chapter 159 - I Can Predict The Future
Chapter 160 - Eat As Much As You Can
Chapter 161 - Playing
Chapter 162 - Siscon + Lolicon =?
Chapter 163 - Make Him Bleed
Chapter 164 - Scheming All The Way To The End
Chapter 165 - I Have A Girlfriend?
Chapter 166 - First Kiss Arc - She Is Not Worthy Of You
Chapter 167 - First Kiss Arc - A Kiss
Chapter 168 - First Kiss Arc - Quiet, Flustered, Dizzy, Sweet
Chapter 169 - First Kiss Arc – Narcissism?
Chapter 170 - Drunk
Chapter 171 - Embrasement
Chapter 172 - Elephant
Chapter 173 - The Day And Night That We Disappeared Together.
Chapter 174 - Suck Your Jealousy Dry
Chapter 175 - Taking Advantage
Chapter 176 - Kiss And First Kiss
Chapter 177 - Where Is Mo Fei
Chapter 178 - Jealousy
Chapter 179 - Honest Mobile Phone Thief
Chapter 180 - Please Also Tell Me If Something Troubles You
Chapter 181 - Liu Xiaosheng’S Test?
Chapter 182 - Not Friend Arc — Saying Sorry Once Again Liu Xiaosheng Was Indeed Ver
Chapter 183 - Not Friend Arc- We Are Friends
Chapter 184 - Not Friend Arc -To Deceive Others And To Deceive Yourself
Chapter 185 - Not Friend Arc— Dismissal And Resignation
Chapter 186 - Not Friend Arc— Three Million
Chapter 187 - Not Friend Arc— Foolish
Chapter 188 - Not Friend Arc— Attitude
Chapter 189 - Not Friend Arc— Tears
Chapter 190 - Not Friend Arc— Comedian
Chapter 191 - Not Friend Arc— Minx
Chapter 192 - Not Friend Arc— Like
Chapter 193 - Not Friend Arc— Love Me, Love My Dog.
Chapter 194 - Not Friend Arc— Minx’S Anger
Chapter 195 - Not Friend Arc- Not Friend
Chapter 196 - The Same Bed
Chapter 197 - I Like This Kind Of Morning
Chapter 198 - Gao Dahai’S Constipation
Chapter 199 - Artificial Respiration In The Elevator
Chapter 200 - The Matchmaker Who Sees Me Off
Chapter 201 - Finding A Fault
Chapter 202 - You Are Not Kind And I Am Not Tolerant
Chapter 203 - Take Off Your Hypocritical Face
Chapter 204 - Compensation For Psychological Injury
Chapter 205 - This Chick Is Vicious
Chapter 206 - Settle Privately
Chapter 207 - The Insane Chick
Chapter 208 - Chu Yuan’S New Book
Chapter 209 - Sister Booby’S Multiple Choice Question.
Chapter 210 - Dating With The Minx?
Chapter 211 - Refusing To Admit
Chapter 212 - We Mistook You For Someone Else
Chapter 213 - Because She Likes You, So She Has To Pretend To Dislike You
Chapter 214 - I Want To Be With You
Chapter 215 - Chu Yuan’S Tears
Chapter 216 - The Guest Is Him
Chapter 217 - Little Sister Cares About Elder Brother
Chapter 218 - Surnamed Liu
Chapter 219 - Three Short Messages
Chapter 220 - Superiority And Compassion Are Two Different Things
Chapter 221 - Boyfriend And Boyfriend
Chapter 222 - The Arrogant Dong Xiaoye
Chapter 223 - Winning
Chapter 224 - Policewoman’S Trousers…
Chapter 225 - Taking Advantage
Chapter 226 - Who Is Playing With Whom?
Chapter 227 - Unfamiliar Tears
Chapter 228 - I Like You
Chapter 229 - Answer
Chapter 230 - Guo Xiang’S Temptation
Chapter 231 - Not Submitting To Any Force
Chapter 232 - The Rich Men’S Paradise
Chapter 233 - I'M Sorry, It'S Okay
Chapter 234 - Meet Zhang Peiwen Again
Chapter 235 - Ku’Er (Part 1)
Chapter 236 - Kuer (Part 2)
Chapter 237 - Poaching
Chapter 238 - Mo Fei Is My Girlfriend? !
Chapter 239 - Destroying A Marriage
Chapter 240 - Everyone Has Their Own Plans
Chapter 241 - I Am Her Kept Man?
Chapter 242 - Sorry, My Husband Will Be Jealous
Chapter 243 - Sister Tiger’S Concerns
Chapter 244 - Report Letter And Threatening Letter
Chapter 245 - Two Women Were Thinking Too Much
Chapter 246 - Murder
Chapter 247 - Smart Maniac? The Enemy Of The Long Family?
Chapter 248 - Trying To Be A Hero
Chapter 249 - Death
Chapter 250 - Love? No, It’S Dignity!
Chapter 251 - They Were Not Lustful, They Just Hate The Rich
Chapter 252 - Trust
Chapter 253 - Long Xiaotian’S Life
Chapter 254 - Smart? Or Stupid?
Chapter 255 - A Gift For Dong Xiaoye?
Chapter 256 - Don’T Underestimate Me!
Chapter 257 - Alright, I Am Not A Hero, I Am A Scum
Chapter 258 - Dong Xiaoye Cried
Chapter 259 - Concerns
Chapter 260 - The Second Battle Between Dong Xiaoye And Mo Fei
Chapter 261 - A Fake Loyal Friend And A Temptress Superior
Chapter 262 - Unfaithful? Womanizer? Bad Man Is Not Bad!
Chapter 263 - Little Sister Is No Longer Little
Chapter 264 - Half Apple
Chapter 265 - Sister Tiger Was Stabbed In The Back
Chapter 266 - Mess
Chapter 267 - Shu Tong
Chapter 268 - Taking Off Trousers
Chapter 269 - Talking Nonsense
Chapter 270 - It'S Hard To Be A Man
Chapter 271 - No One Wants Chu Yuan?
Chapter 272 - Xiao Zi, Envelope, And My Stepmother’S Worries
Chapter 273 - Brick Bed, Low Table, And Warm Alcohol
Chapter 274 - Dong Xiaoye'S Strange Behavior
Chapter 275 - Sister Tiger Has Something On Her Mind?
Chapter 276 - Boar And Tiger
Chapter 277 - Implicit Emphasis
Chapter 278 - Dongfang Is Missing?
Chapter 279 - The Big Liar And The Little Liar
Chapter 280 - Yao Wan'Er’S Foresight
Chapter 281 - It’S A Woman’S Privilege To Lie To You
Chapter 282 - Differences And Similarities Between Men And Women
Chapter 283 - Why Do Women Have So Many Secrets?
Chapter 284 - The Definition Of A Successful Man
Chapter 285 - Mo Yizhi’S Ambition
Chapter 286 - The Second Reason
Chapter 287 - Is It Her?
Chapter 288 - Ravish A Kiss
Chapter 289 - Something Bad Happened To Chu Yuan
Chapter 290 - Lady Chu Yuan?
Chapter 291 - Zhen Nuo
Chapter 292 - It’S Not A Diet, It’S A Hunger Strike!
Chapter 293 - The Man Who Stabbed Sister Tiger In The Back
Chapter 294 - The Long Family’S Trick
Chapter 295 - Tempting ‘Discount Card’
Chapter 296 - The Progress Of The Police Investigation Part 1
Chapter 297 - The Progress Of The Police Investigation Part 2
Chapter 298 - The Progress Of The Police Investigation Part 3
Chapter 299 - Fake Girlfriend?!
Chapter 300 - Chu Yuan Is Being Unreasonable
Chapter 301 - Dongfang Is Going Abroad?
Chapter 302 - Then Why Don’T You Just Marry Him!
Chapter 303 - Zhen Nuo’S True Identity Turned Out To Be…
Chapter 304 - The Awkward Atmosphere
Chapter 305 - Dong Xiaoye And Shu Tong’S Confrontation
Chapter 306 - Disguise?
Chapter 307 - There Are Rumours All Over The Company?!
Chapter 308 - Be Liusu’S Cousin-In-Law? !
Chapter 309 - Absurd
Chapter 310 - Two Problematic Girls
Chapter 311 - Blatantly Peeping?
Chapter 312 - Sleepwalking…
Chapter 313 - Feeling Too Guilty…
Chapter 314 - I Know The Third Lady?
Chapter 315 - She’S Back? !
Chapter 316 - Favor, Money, Women, The Three-Pronged Approach.
Chapter 317 - Digress From The Topic
Chapter 318 - Same Bed, Siblings, And Night Chat (Part 1)
Chapter 319 - Same Bed, Siblings, And Night Chat (Part 2)
Chapter 320 - Same Bed, Siblings, And Night Chat (Part 3)
Chapter 321 - No Resignation Allowed
Chapter 322 - A Mess
Chapter 323 - A Bouquet Of Sunflowers
Chapter 324 - There Are Only Suspects
Chapter 325 - Thick Black Theory
Chapter 326 - Liusu'S Slap
Chapter 327 - Dong Xiaoye Isn'T Acting Naturally
Chapter 328 - Relationship Expert Dong Xiaoye?
Chapter 329 - I Want To Observe You!
Chapter 330 - Chu Yuan Felt Defeated
Chapter 331 - Don'T Look Like Siblings
Chapter 332 - Simple And Naive
Chapter 333 - Liusu Or Mo Fei
Chapter 334 - She Is Really Back
Chapter 335 - Shu Tong'S Parents Have Arrived
Chapter 336 - Cousin-In-Law...
Chapter 337 - Mr. Chu’S Secretary
Chapter 338 - Acting Vs Acting
Chapter 339 - The Threat Is Useless
Chapter 340 - Xue Ziyuan Is The Third Lady?
Chapter 341 - The Abnormality Of Dongfang Little Brat
Chapter 342 - Digging My Own Grave
Chapter 343 - Humiliating
Chapter 344 - The Consideration Of Liusu
Chapter 345 - Elder Brother, Come And Wash Your Younger Sister’S Feet
Chapter 346 - Unexpected Guest
Chapter 347 - Smiling Medusa
Chapter 348 - The Embarrassment In The Car
Chapter 349 - Ziyuan
Chapter 350 - Change
Chapter 351 - The Temptation Of Ziyuan
Chapter 352 - Two People
Chapter 353 - Siblings Who Look Like A Couple
Chapter 354 - The Smell Of Perfume On Clothes
Chapter 355 - Chu Yuan’S Luck And Misfortune
Chapter 356 - Office Conflict
Chapter 357 - Another Assumption
Chapter 358 - There Is Only One Secret
Chapter 359 - I Have Been Tolerant Before
Chapter 360 - Little People’S Dignity
Chapter 361 - Old Pervert!
Chapter 362 - I Want To Know Everything He Wants To Know
Chapter 363 - Mo Fei, Acting Like A Kid
Chapter 364 - Mo Yizhi'S Method
Chapter 365 - Debt
Chapter 366 - Mrs. Mo
Chapter 367 - Long Shan’S Love And Hate
Chapter 368 - You Are Our Ideal Son
Chapter 369 - Run Into Xiao Yike
Chapter 370 - Yes, I'M Playing With You
Chapter 371 - Married
Chapter 372 - It’S All Minx’S Fault
Chapter 373 - Xiao Yike And Yao Wan’Er
Chapter 374 - So Which Number Are You?
Chapter 375 - Mudy Roses
Chapter 376 - Fan Fan
Chapter 377 - Race
Chapter 378 - Shu Tong’S Parents
Chapter 379 - The Relationship Between Me And Liusu Is Exposed?
Chapter 380 - Zhu Danchen’S Whereabouts
Chapter 381 - Pretty?
Chapter 382 - Happiness Is Just A Little Bit Of Satisfaction
Chapter 383 - Chapter 383
Chapter 384 - Liusu’S Decision
Chapter 385 - Elder Brother And Younger Sister
Chapter 386 - Tiger Whip
Chapter 387 - Turtle Whip
Chapter 388 - Boy Band
Chapter 389 - Exposed?
Chapter 390 - An Invitation That Cannot Be Rejected
Chapter 391 - Adding A Prize
Chapter 392 - Zhang Mingjie’S Confession
Chapter 393 - Interests
Chapter 394 - Wolf
Chapter 395 - 6 Brawl
Chapter 396 - The Price Of Winning
Chapter 397 - Min Rou’S Indifference
Chapter 398 - Shirt And Drink
Chapter 399 - The Price Of Peeping
Chapter 400 - Reminder Of Shu Tong
Chapter 401 - Office Relationship
Chapter 402 - Mo Fei’S Test
Chapter 403 - Does It Give You A Headache?
Chapter 404 - Apology
Chapter 405 - Min Rou
Chapter 406 - The Disharmony In The Office
Chapter 407 - You Are Annoying Cheeky
Chapter 408 - I Don'T Have A Boyfriend
Chapter 409 - It’S Just Unrequited Love
Chapter 410 - Two Little Bees
Chapter 411 - Yang Wei And Gong Fanlin
Chapter 412 - A Special Drink
Chapter 413 - Extortion
Chapter 414 - Fight
Chapter 415 - The Attachment Of Gangsters
Chapter 416 - Ambush
Chapter 417 - Dong Xiaoye’S Warning
Chapter 418 - Xu Heng And The Minx’S Father?!
Chapter 419 - Three Questions From Three Girls
Chapter 420 - Dongfang Secretly Uses Computer In The Middle Of The Night
Chapter 421 - Shu Tong Lied?
Chapter 422 - Another Misunderstanding
Chapter 423 - Chu Yuan, Your Boyfriend Is Looking For You
Chapter 424 - Lv Siqi’S Reminder
Chapter 425 - What’S Weird About It?
Chapter 426 - Home And Housekeeper
Chapter 427 - Anger? Jealousy?
Chapter 428 - Sang Yingjie’S Phone Call
Chapter 429 - The Real Mastermind Behind The Scene
Chapter 430 - Chapter 431 Information Was Leaked?!
Chapter 431 - Punishment
Chapter 432 - Dangerous Game
Chapter 433 - I Like You Just Like You Like Me
Chapter 434 - A Sudden Question
Chapter 435 - Yang Wei’S Sense Of Responsibility
Chapter 436 - Mutual Insincere Sincerity
Chapter 437 - Elder Sister?
Chapter 438 - Leaving Bei Tian? Part 1
Chapter 439 - Leaving Bei Tian? Part 2
Chapter 440 - Mo Yizhi Got Angry
Chapter 441 - Xuanxuan Fast Food Restaurant
Chapter 442 - A Chance Encounter With An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 443 - Two Mysterious Women
Chapter 444 - Unpredictable
Chapter 445 - Trust
Chapter 446 - Much Plumper Than They Look
Chapter 447 - More Than Once
Chapter 448 - Protection From Women
Chapter 449 - Inexplicable Anger
Chapter 450 - I Can Pay Back What I Owed Them, But I Can’T Pay Back What I Owed You
Chapter 451 - Invitation And Rejection
Chapter 452 - A Date?
Chapter 453 - My Money And Your Money
Chapter 454 - The Old-Fashioned Romance Is Out Of Date
Chapter 455 - The Third Wheel That Comes Out From Nowhere
Chapter 456 - The Entanglement Between “Buddies” And “Couples”
Chapter 457 - Sister Tiger’S Temper
Chapter 458 - Blow…
Chapter 459 - Ziyuan’S Lies
Chapter 460 - A Gimmicky Movie
Chapter 461 - The Secret Between Me And Stars (1)
Chapter 462 - The Secret Between Me And Stars (2)
Chapter 463 - The Secret Between Me And Stars (3)
Chapter 464 - The Secret Between Me And Stars (4)
Chapter 465 - The Secret Between Me And Stars (5)
Chapter 466 - The Secrets Between Me And Stars (6)
Chapter 467 - My Secrets With Stars (7)
Chapter 468 - My Secrets With Stars (8)
Chapter 469 - My Secrets With Stars (9)
Chapter 470 - Of My Secrets With The Stars 10
Chapter 471 - Fickle Love
Chapter 472 - The Beauty Of Movies And The Cruelty Of Reality
Chapter 473 - The Dishonest Little Sister
Chapter 474 - We Are Here To Buy Small Merchandises
Chapter 475 - Warm Invitation
Chapter 476 - Sincerity
Chapter 477 - Rumours Keeps Spreading
Chapter 478 - The Confidant In The Bathroom (1)
Chapter 479 - The Confidant In The Bathroom (2)
Chapter 480 - The Third Lady? !
Chapter 481 - Friends
Chapter 482 - The Most Arrogant Person?
Chapter 483 - The Bloody Case Caused By Half A Brick
Chapter 484 - Dong Xiaoye’S Past
Chapter 485 - Her First Kiss…
Chapter 486 - Dinner (1)
Chapter 487 - Dinner (2)
Chapter 488 - Dinner (3)
Chapter 489 - Conflict
Chapter 490 - The Sealed Memories
Chapter 491 - You Can Hate Me
Chapter 492 - Hateful And Cruel Gentle?
Chapter 493 - Chu Yuan’S Shameless Fight
Chapter 494 - 494 Chapter 495 Two People, The Same Thing
Chapter 495 - 495 Chapter 496 Angry Xiao Yike
Chapter 496 - 496 Chapter 497 The World Is So Big That Nothing Is To Be Surprised At
Chapter 497 - 497 Chapter 498 I Need To Get Back At You First
Chapter 498 - 498 Chapter 499 A Chaotic Day
Chapter 499 - 499 Chapter 500
Chapter 500 - 500 Chapter 501 Don’T You Dare Think That You Can Get Rid Of Me…
Chapter 501 - 501 Chapter 502 Moon Valley
Chapter 502 - 502 Chapter 503 The Third Lady’S Double
Chapter 503 - 503 Chapter 504 Perfect Match
Chapter 504 - 504 Chapter 505 Talk
Chapter 505 - 505 Chapter 506 Dong Xiaoye’S Freedom
Chapter 506 - 506 Chapter 507 Zhang Mingjie’S Request
Chapter 507 - 507 Chapter 508 Apologize And Reconcile
Chapter 508 - 508 Chapter 509 It’S Hard To Be A Good Person
Chapter 509 - 509 Chapter 510 Visiting
Chapter 510 - 510 Chapter 511 The Young Master Of The Liu Family
Chapter 511 - 511 Chapter 512 Deal
Chapter 512 - 512 Chapter 513 Surprise And Anger
Chapter 513 - 513 Chapter 514 Master Player
Chapter 514 - 514 Chapter 515 The Tacit Understanding Between Liusu And Mo Fei
Chapter 515 - 515 Chapter 516 Homework
Chapter 516 - 516 Chapter 517 That’S Good…
Chapter 517 - 517 Chapter 518 Like
Chapter 518 - 518 Chapter 519 Homophonic
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Problematic Sister Fell In Love With Me, 问题妹妹恋上我

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My old man pointed to the flower-like woman and said, ""Call her mother from now on."" He then pointed to a flower-bud-like girl and said, ""This is your little sister.""

My sister is not cute.

She is arrogant, taciturn, and weird, but she knows how to please our parents.

She is two-faced and deceitful, but it seems like she only treats me that way.

I care for her, try to please her as much as I could, but she still dislikes me.

Until one day, I found out her secret, our relationship begins to get a little bit weird...


This book does not have incest, does not involve taboo topics.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Angel-like Stepmother; Devil-like Stepsister





“Buzz… buzz…”

The vibrations from my mobile phone pulled me from my dream. The sun’s rays snuck past the crevices of my swaying window curtains, shining into my eyes through my heavy, half-open eyelids. I instinctively turned my head, but what came instead of reprieve from the burning rays was a continuous throbbing in my skull. A headache… great.


Hangover symptoms. I couldn’t help but curse the bratty girl, Liusu, inwardly. Despite knowing that I was a lightweight when it came to drinking, she still dragged me to the bar, forcing me to stay there till midnight. That girl really knew how to make my rare two-day vacation start terribly.


“Xiao Nan, are you still sleeping?” A cold voice laced with discontent came from the other end of the phone.

“Dad?” My spine involuntarily straightened itself as I quickly swallowed my sleepiness back into my stomach, “how, how can I… I had already woken up a long time ago.”

“Really?” My old man certainly did not believe it, but he did not carry on. He just said lightly, “You didn’t forget that you’re coming home for dinner today, right?”

“No, didn’t you say that you had something that you wanted to discuss with me?” I felt a kind of inexplicable awe towards my old man. Even after I moved out after finding a proper job, this feeling still didn’t go away.

“Hmm,” my old man paused for a second before saying, “both your mother and sister miss you too. Come home quickly.”

Old-fashioned and inflexible people were not good at creating an emotional atmosphere. My dad was a typical example of this. It seemed like he had run out of topics after that, so he hung up immediately.

Looking at the time, it was already ten o’clock. I couldn’t help but sigh again before reluctantly getting out of bed. Being honest, I really did not want to return home.

My mother left the world early due to an illness when I was still very young, leaving me with only a few pictures and vague memories of her loving smile. When raising me as a kid, my old man had taken up the responsibilities of both parents. When I was twelve years old, I put on that small adult look and told my old man something… something that I still regret today. I still vividly remember every word that came out from my mouth, “Dad if you feel lonely, you can find me a mom.”

My old man patted my head, telling me that he was not lonely. But a mere two months later, he brought back a beautiful woman. He pointed at her, “Call her Mom.” Then pointed to a little girl, who was sniffling and tightly hugging the woman’s thigh and said, “This is your little sister.”

Shit! Buy one get one free!

Even up to this day, my old opinion remains as Dried radish – spicy in its heart! It meant that sometimes, the more innocent some people looked from outside, the more you couldn’t underestimate them.


It was eleven o’clock when I finally arrived downstairs at my parents’ house.


I tidied up my collar and rang the doorbell.

There was no one talking inside; only some light and hurried footsteps could be heard. My heart involuntarily tightened. “Alas, it is really my bad day.”

The door opened, and as I expected, behind it was an expressionless, yet ridiculously beautiful face. Looked at me with her big bright eyes, her lips compressed into a contemptuous line. She looked at me as she would a dead fish, continually sending out the disgusting smell of rot.

‘Bratty girl, what did I do to upset you this time?’

Even if I was not satisfied with her expression, I could not show it. I had to force myself to smile and say. “Yuanyuan, it’s only been a few days, yet you’ve grown to be even more beautiful again.”

The one who opened the door was my sixteen-year-old little sister, Chu Yuan.

Not to brag about it, but my sister was definitely the most beautiful female I’ve ever seen in terms of appearance. Even Cheng Liusu, that narcissistic, self-important, thick-skinned woman, would admit that she was not as pretty as her.

She had bright eyes that resembled the moon, sparkling white teeth, long, shapely eyebrows, and a cute nose. Her delicate skin looked so tender that it gave off the impression that water would burst out of it if anyone as much as gave her a pinch. Her dark, long, and fluffy hair were coiled up in a lovely cartoon hairpin clip. Even without makeup, she would still attract the attention of many just by walking along the streets. If she smiled, I imagine that being called anything other than an angel would be an injustice.

However, despite her angelic looks, to me, she was the kind of angel that landed face towards the ground when arriving in the human world.

As usual, the bratty girl ignored me and returned back to the living room. Leaving me faced with just the tall, slender view of her back as she moved away from me. Although I had long grown immune to such embarrassment, I could not help but feel sad. ‘Sigh, that’s why I don’t want to come home.’

“Yuanyuan, is that your elder brother?” My stepmothers’ voice came from the kitchen. From her sweet voice, it would have been impossible for other people to guess her actual age.

“Yes…” Chu Yuan responded reluctantly. As usual, her character of cherishing every word like gold remained unchanged.

I sighed again and put on my slippers, “Dad, Mom, I’m back…”

“Oh, my dear son!” Before I even finished speaking, I was interrupted by a gust of fragrant wind. A person had jumped into my arms, tightly holding onto my waist.

“I haven’t seen you for more than a month, I missed you so much!” said the person.

Well, she said this almost whenever I came back home.

“Mom, aren’t you worried Dad will be jealous of me?” I gently disengaged from the tight hug of my childish stepmother. With a somewhat embarrassed grin on my face, I carried on, “I’m not a kid anymore. Please stop treating me like a child.”

My beautiful stepmother took away my coat while glancing at my old man sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper. Disdainfully, she said, “Let him be jealous. I love my son dearly, and it’s not any of his business.”

The old man did not know what to do with my childish stepmother, either. He just shook his head helplessly. He was incredibly tolerant of my stepmother. I always felt like he treated her like a child. My stepmother was only 36 years old this year. She was thirteen years younger than my old man.

Frankly speaking, stepmother treated me as if I were her own son, which was probably the reason why Chu Yuan didn’t like having me around.

When her mother remarried, Chu Yuan was only five years old. It was when she was old enough to slightly understand what happened, but not old enough to handle the emotions inside her. When facing an unfamiliar environment and a strange new home, it was expected that she would exclude herself from her new family. She must have felt that I had taken away my stepmother’s love from her, which was kind of true.

I always felt that the relationship between elder brothers and younger sisters was more estranged than between sisters or brothers of the same age. It might be even worse than that between elder sisters and younger brothers. I was seven years older than Chu Yuan. So we naturally did not have any common topics. The lack of common topics led to a lack of communication. Therefore, no matter how well I treated her, she still didn’t like me.

I had feelings too. Saying that I didn’t have any complaints after being alienated by her was absolute bullshit. However, my parents loved her dearly, and I did not want to upset my stepmother. It would give my father a real headache if that really happened, so I could only silently endure it.

Now that I had a job, and after moving out, I also had my own life. So I decided to stop thinking about it and move on.

But just because I decided to move on, it didn’t mean that I stopped disliking her. Besides my own name, the word “sister” was the last thing I wanted to think about.

By the way, my name was Chu Nan. I was twenty-three years old and staying true to my name, I am still a virgin.

I almost cried to death when I learned that my name sounded like the word – virgin in Chinese. I often wondered if my dad wanted to curse me intentionally. He was a university teacher, so why would he give me such a bad name?

“Xiao Nan, you have lost weight again. Is work too stressful?”

“Have I? It can’t be.” Fearing the unending stream of questions that could soon arise, I hurriedly changed the topic and asked, “What is it that you want to talk about so urgently?”

“We can’t call you over unless it’s something urgent?” My stepmother gave me a glare of pretended vexation and said. Suddenly, the sound of bubbling came from the kitchen, startling my stepmother, “Oops, the soup is still on the stove! Ask your father to tell you.”

My careless stepmother quickly rushed back to the kitchen. On the way, she still didn’t forget to say, “Yuanyuan, pour a glass of water for your elder brother. You silly child. Why don’t you know how to behave yourself?”

‘Oh, my dear mother, you must not blame her!’ Sure enough, Chu Yuan, who was watching TV on the couch, stared at me balefully, as if it was my fault that she was reprimanded.

“It’s nothing serious, let’s talk about it during the meal.” My old man put the newspaper on the coffee table, turned it upside down, knocked on the table, and said to me, “Help me see what these lines are. It’s not very clear what words they have printed. My eyes are getting…”

The ink was very light; the print was very blurry; even I could only grasp what it meant after a while, let alone my old man.

“Um… parents’ and society’s closed-minded attitude toward sex education, resulting in… resulting in the curiosity of teenagers to be suppressed. So it is very likely to be abnormalized. Once they are introduced to the outside world, such as pornography, obscene novels, etc. on the internet, they will easily develop the impulse to try it out. This is the fundamental cause of precociousness, puppy love, and even sex crimes.”

What’s this?’ As I looked at the article’s headline, it was written: ‘Seventeen years old boy commits street robbery to pay for abortion fee of his fifteen-year-old girlfriend.’ Complicated feelings appeared in my head. The boy was seventeen, but he had already become a father. And me… Twenty-three years old, and I was still a virgin!

“Sigh,” my old man sighed. Being a teacher, his passion burned brightly, filling him with the need to elaborate. “The internet is really a double-edged sword. It is indeed very convenient, but a mere twenty clicks on a site’s links would easily lead you to an adult site due to its convenience. Otherwise, how would this child become like this…”

I really wanted to ask my old man where he came to know of such information, but managed to hold myself back as I feared that he would hit me.

“Are you not getting tired of standing? Sit down.” My old man waved his hand and signaled for me to take a seat.

“Oh.” I, too, felt like I was acting too restrained in front of my old man. So as soon as I heard him, I sat down at a moment’s notice. At this moment, I suddenly heard someone scream from behind me.

My little sister Chu Yuan quickly sprang toward the other end of the sofa as if she had just received an electric shock. She sat inelegantly with her slender legs crossed, both hands grabbing onto her tender left foot. While rubbing her left foot, she glared daggers at me, beads of tears in her eyes, looking as if she was a little tiger that was about to bite someone.

‘Didn’t the bratty girl go get water for me? Why is she still lying here?’

I wasn’t sure if I really sat on her foot or not, but it definitely would not have hurt that much even if I did. However, I still had to force out a smile, saying, “I’m sorry, Yuanyuan, I didn’t mean it… Ah~!”


Without a word, the damned girl fiercely swung her right leg at me. I could feel my nose swell up from the impact of her kick, followed by the sight of bright red blood flying in the air, forming a tiny rainbow…

However, she did not stop there. She continued to pound my chest with her exquisite jade feet. There was no sign of her stopping.

‘God damn, this girl is so ruthless, but I… I must endure…’

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