Re: Evolution Online by Yolohy

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Preparations
Chapter 3 - Log In
Chapter 4 - Character Creation
Chapter 5 - Starting Stats
Chapter 6 - Crafting Room
Chapter 7 - Training Hall
Chapter 8 - Body Tempering
Chapter 9 - Unique Quest
Chapter 10 - Explosive Transformation
Chapter 11 - Class Selection
Chapter 12 - No Class?
Chapter 13 - Want To Party Together?
Chapter 14 - Rich Boy
Chapter 15 - One Hit Ko
Chapter 16 - Massacre
Chapter 17 - Lucky Start
Chapter 18 - Dragons Lair
Chapter 19 - Niria Is Angry
Chapter 20 - Thanks For The Help
Chapter 21 - Hitting The Motherlode
Chapter 22 - New Team
Chapter 23 - Yin Body
Chapter 24 - Dungeon Run
Chapter 25 - Unexpected Changes
Chapter 26 - God Of Death
Chapter 27 - Secret Mode
Chapter 28 - Eye Of The Tornado
Chapter 29 - Sometimes A Hero Runs
Chapter 30 - I Have Been Waiting For You~
Chapter 31 - You Bastard!
Chapter 32 - Such A Nice Person! Part1
Chapter 33 - Such A Nice Person! Part2
Chapter 34 - Crouching Tigers And Hidden Dragons Part1
Chapter 35 - Crouching Tigers And Hidden Dragons Part2
Chapter 36 - Crouching Tigers And Hidden Dragons Part3
Chapter 37 - Not Yet
Chapter 38 - Dinner And Dessert
Chapter 39 - Ambushed Part1
Chapter 40 - Ambushed Part2
Chapter 41 - Kill Me Please! Can I Commit Suicide? Part1
Chapter 42 - Kill Me Please! Can I Commit Suicide? Part2
Chapter 43 - Bear King Part1
Chapter 44 - Bear King Part2
Chapter 45 - Sometimes There Is No Shortcut
Chapter 46 - World Famous
Chapter 47 - Grinding Time
Chapter 48 - A Little Too Late
Chapter 49 - No Matter What It Took
Chapter 50 - Meet Me At The Inn
Chapter 51 - Quest Completion And Next Quest?
Chapter 52 - Hands Covered In Calluses
Chapter 53 - Hidden Class Quest
Chapter 54 - I Will Decline
Chapter 55 - Golden Opportunity Or?
Chapter 56 - Quick And Dirty
Chapter 57 - Why Are You In Such A Hurry?
Chapter 58 - I Will Come Find You
Chapter 59 - Mana Forging
Chapter 60 - Quest Complete
Chapter 61 - We Are His Friends
Chapter 62 - Did You Sell Your Kidney?
Chapter 63 - I Am Here To Issue A Job
Chapter 64 - Settling Some Debts
Chapter 65 - Even Death Cannot Save You
Chapter 66 - Soul Devourer
Chapter 67 - Did You Call Me?
Chapter 68 - New Pet Part1
Chapter 69 - New Pet Part2
Chapter 70 - New Pet Part3
Chapter 71 - Not One But Two
Chapter 72 - Dont Try Anything Shady
Chapter 73 - Heavenly Retribution
Chapter 74 - Free Loader?
Chapter 75 - I Am Ready Now
Chapter 76 - Werent You In A Hurry?
Chapter 77 - We Shouldn’T Waste
Chapter 78 - Move Aside
Chapter 79 - Dungeon Boss
Chapter 80 - Hard Mode
Chapter 81 - Again!
Chapter 82 - Unassigned Stat Points
Chapter 83 - Check The World Announcement
Chapter 84 - Again!!
Chapter 85 - Again!!!
Chapter 86 - I Think You Are In Love
Chapter 87 - They All Died!
Chapter 88 - Its Raining Black
Chapter 89 - On Their Own
Chapter 90 - Just Out Of Reach!
Chapter 91 - Friend Or Foe?
Chapter 92 - Reeks Of Death
Chapter 93 - First Mission
Chapter 94 - Hissssss!
Chapter 95 - A Trap?
Chapter 96 - Halt. Lets Not Fight.
Chapter 97 - Daylight Robbery?
Chapter 98 - Fast Leveling!
Chapter 99 - Slapping With Gold
Chapter 100 - There Is Always A Way
Chapter 101 - Living The Slow Life?
Chapter 102 - Lets Dance
Chapter 103 - Our Leader Is Too Kind?
Chapter 104 - Attack!
Chapter 105 - Up, Up And Up!!!
Chapter 106 - I Dont Stand In Queues
Chapter 107 - I Only Know Hard Work
Chapter 108 - Path Ahead
Chapter 109 - Evolution
Chapter 110 - A Flying Mount?
Chapter 111 - Special Dungeon
Chapter 112 - Dont Mind Me. I Am Just Passing Through.
Chapter 113 - Mad Cow
Chapter 114 - First Come First Serve
Chapter 115 - Zap! Zap! Zap!
Chapter 116 - Cleaning The Forest
Chapter 117 - Trial Of Valor
Chapter 118 - 1 Vs 1000
Chapter 119 - To Truly Change
Chapter 120 - Battle Smith
Chapter 121 - Double Edged Sword
Chapter 122 - Everything Is Fate
Chapter 123 - Back To The City
Chapter 124 - Vip Customer
Chapter 125 - Dragon Can Eat Trash Also
Chapter 126 - Scam
Chapter 127 - Liam
Chapter 128 - Shut Down Is Now In Process...
Chapter 129 - Something Happened
Chapter 130 - Do You Still Want To Play That Video Game?
Chapter 131 - Game Capsule Will Be Delivered
Chapter 132 - Different But Same
Chapter 133 - What Is This Loophole?
Chapter 134 - No Way!
Chapter 135 - No Pain No Gain
Chapter 136 - Only A Couple More Cauldrons
Chapter 137 - Class Selection
Chapter 138 - Whats In The Box?
Chapter 139 - The World Is Unfair
Chapter 140 - He Is Groping Her!
Chapter 141 - We Are Reasonable People
Chapter 142 - You Might Be Reasonable But I Am Not
Chapter 143 - You Have A Mean Streak
Chapter 144 - Women Are Expensive!
Chapter 145 - More Potions For Sale
Chapter 146 - Chased By Fishes
Chapter 147 - Unexpected Bounty
Chapter 148 - I Have More Nasty Things
Chapter 149 - Pervert Paradise
Chapter 150 - All Fall Down
Chapter 151 - Bumpy Landing?!
Chapter 152 - To Press The Button Or Not?
Chapter 153 - Explosive Gnomes
Chapter 154 - Priorities...
Chapter 155 - Cursed Maid
Chapter 156 - Poof!
Chapter 157 - This Is War
Chapter 158 - I Will Give You Everything
Chapter 159 - Who Let The Gnomes Out?
Chapter 160 - Croak Croak Ribbit Ribbit
Chapter 161 - The Worst Kind Of Trash Player
Chapter 162 - The List Is Growing Bigger?
Chapter 163 - Crash. Bang. Kaboom.
Chapter 164 - Mission Complete?
Chapter 165 - Missing Persons
Chapter 166 - Who Revealed My Identity?
Chapter 167 - Vip?
Chapter 168 - Jumping In Ranks
Chapter 169 - Sold To A Lord!
Chapter 170 - I Asked And They Gave It To Me
Chapter 171 - A Proposal?
Chapter 172 - You Have A Ring? I Also Have One!
Chapter 173 - The Second Gift
Chapter 174 - A Losing Battle
Chapter 175 - Trapped
Chapter 176 - The Tank Who Was Left Behind
Chapter 177 - Want It Or Not?
Chapter 178 - Ball Is In Your Court
Chapter 179 - Leader! We Are Here!
Chapter 180 - New And Upgraded Invasions
Chapter 181 - Black Pearls
Chapter 182 - Ready Set Go!
Chapter 183 - Marlow Kingdom
Chapter 184 - Reward And Punishment At The Same Time
Chapter 185 - Farming For Gold
Chapter 186 - Did Not Go As Planned
Chapter 187 - Rank 50357
Chapter 188 - Ooo! Ooo! Ahhh! Ahhh!
Chapter 189 - Behind The Waterfalls
Chapter 190 - Kill Stealing The Kill Stealers
Chapter 191 - Quest Failed
Chapter 192 - Unique Quest
Chapter 193 - Everyone Called In Sick
Chapter 194 - Dealing With The Devil Is Bothersome
Chapter 195 - A Special Deal
Chapter 196 - Welcome To The Dark Side
Chapter 197 - Pvp Tower
Chapter 198 - First Fight
Chapter 199 - Cruising Through~
Chapter 200 - Trouble Again?
Chapter 201 - Kingdom Quest
Chapter 202 - Dangerous Beauties
Chapter 203 - Dealing Fire With Fire
Chapter 204 - Dagger The Competition
Chapter 205 - What If Its Not A Game?
Chapter 206 - Tower Privileges
Chapter 207 - Daybreak Shield
Chapter 208 - Let The Betting Begin
Chapter 209 - Up The Ante!
Chapter 210 - A Lucky Win
Chapter 211 - Could It Be?
Chapter 212 - Win Back Everything!
Chapter 213 - Last Chance
Chapter 214 - No Way Out
Chapter 215 - He Is Our Teammate
Chapter 216 - Epic Ranked Item!
Chapter 217 - Meeting The King
Chapter 218 - Scamming The Trap King...
Chapter 219: Everyone Has Secrets
Chapter 220: Nine Colored Divinity
Chapter 221: Fragmented Flame
Chapter 222: Famous Four
Chapter 223: Party Wipe
Chapter 224: Goblin Beast Nest
Chapter 225: Empty Cave?
Chapter 226: Bursting Potential
Chapter 227: Please Listen To Me
Chapter 228: Surprise Motherfcker!
Chapter 229: Let The Grind Begin!
Chapter 230: My Luck Is Turning
Chapter 231: Black Masked Oni
Chapter 232: First Round Over
Chapter 233: Too Late To The Party
Chapter 234: Rewards
Chapter 235: Walking Into The Trap
Chapter 236: The Mighty Garrison Leader
Chapter 237: Liam Vs Hongumbra
Chapter 238: Who Is Being Toyed With By Whom?
Chapter 239: Black Demon
Chapter 240: Afk Leveling?
Chapter 241: Spendthrift Leader
Chapter 242: World Famous
Chapter 243: Your Friends Are Barely Online
Chapter 244: Searching For Nothing?
Chapter 245: Follow The Rabbit Into The Hole
Chapter 246: Someone Is Already Here?
Chapter 247: Nether Infested
Chapter 248: Stomach Problems
Chapter 249: Clearing The Tunnel
Chapter 250: A True Monster!
Chapter 251: New Plan
Chapter 252: On The Sidelines
Chapter 253: Who Dares?
Chapter 254: Do I Want Him Dead Or Not?
Chapter 255: In A Second
Chapter 256: A Heavy Price
Chapter 257: Time To Hunt
Chapter 258: Welcome Back Gift
Chapter 259: Nether Everywhere
Chapter 260: Nether Is My Bitch?
Chapter 261: All Gone
Chapter 262: You Too Luna?
Chapter 263: She Is Too Healthy!
Chapter 264: Enemies Are Bound To Meet On A Narrow Road
Chapter 265: Liam Vs Fake Kouske
Chapter 266 - Can We Talk...
Chapter 267 - Please Help My Brother
Chapter 268 - What Do You Think Of This Game?
Chapter 269 - Old Enemies New Friends
Chapter 270 - New Team
Chapter 271 - Will Be Eaten Alive?
Chapter 272 - The Garrison Leader Returns
Chapter 273 - Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend
Chapter 274 - The City Lord Wishes To Meet With You
Chapter 275 - Someone Is Touching Me
Chapter 276 - Wife Or Daughter?
Chapter 277 - New Tutor
Chapter 278 - Studying Hard Day And Night
Chapter 279 - You Want To Eat?
Chapter 280 - Wait For Me...
Chapter 281 - Legacy Unlocked!
Chapter 282 - Nether And Soul
Chapter 283 - Did It Work?
Chapter 284 - Husband, Where Are You?
Chapter 285 - Gathering The Group
Chapter 286 - Bak Bak Baka
Chapter 287 - A Magnificent Beast
Chapter 288 - The Future Is Bleak
Chapter 289 - Group Dynamics
Chapter 290 - Chicken Ghost?
Chapter 291 - Chicken Vs. Chicken!
Chapter 292 - Your Follower Has Leveled Up
Chapter 293 - Tricks Up His Sleeve
Chapter 294 - Black Mist
Chapter 295 - Dark Elves
Chapter 296 - Scythe Of Slaughter
Chapter 297 - Elven Generals
Chapter 298 - Forced Retreat
Chapter 299: It Is Not So Simple
Chapter 300: Preparations
Chapter 301: They Are Here?
Chapter 302: That’S More Than Enough
Chapter 303: Stop All The Invasion Missions
Chapter 304: Signs Of Trouble
Chapter 305: Who Were On Whose Side?
Chapter 306: Demons Vs Dark Elves
Chapter 307: Using The Opponent“S Advantage Against Them
Chapter 308: My Poisons Will Break You!
Chapter 309: Not Enough
Chapter 310: They Are Here
Chapter 311: The Last Member Of The Group Has Arrived
Chapter 312: Taking Down The Bigshots
Chapter 313: Inferior Techniques
Chapter 314: Battle Finally Over?
Chapter 315: Search Party Mobilizes
Chapter 316: Found You!
Chapter 317: Dead?
Chapter 318: Stalking And Baiting The Assassin
Chapter 319: Leave! Run Away!
Chapter 320: So What?
Chapter 321: Soloing The Boss?!
Chapter 322: Did You Really Think That I Was Going To Lose?
Chapter 323: My Precious?!
Chapter 324: Bad Girl Luna!
Chapter 325: Welcome Back
Chapter 326: The Softest!
Chapter 327: Back To The Nether Realm
Chapter 328: Between Rock And A Hard Place
Chapter 329: Should I Change My Class?
Chapter 330: Big Or Small?
Chapter 331: Greedy Duke?
Chapter 332: You Again?
Chapter 333: Another Kingdom Quest?
Chapter 334: That Person Is Not To Be Trusted
Chapter 335: Crimson Abyss
Chapter 336: You Need Some Spanking
Chapter 337: L Received A New Quest
Chapter 338: Vow Of Tenacity
Chapter 339: Still Impossible!
Chapter 340: Two Down, Three More To Go!
Chapter 341: Werewolf King
Chapter 342 - Big Boss Vs Big Boss
Chapter 343 - Dungeon Cleared!
Chapter 344 - The Forgotten Raven
Chapter 345 - This Must Be Fate!
Chapter 346 - Let’S Aim Higher
Chapter 347 - You Are Not Coming?
Chapter 348 - The Living Vs The Undead
Chapter 349 - Breakthrough?
Chapter 350 - Soul Forging, Easy Or Hard?
Chapter 351 - Time To Open Guild Recruitment
Chapter 352 - A Guild With A Rule
Chapter 353 - Split And Run!
Chapter 354 - Derek Was Losing?
Chapter 355 - Lnvisible Enemy
Chapter 356 - Lt’S Lit!
Chapter 357 - What Did She See?
Chapter 358 - The Second Portal
Chapter 359 - All Fall Down
Chapter 360 - Exploring The Nether Realm
Chapter 361 - Guild Popularity Shoots Up!
Chapter 362 - Bad Reputation
Chapter 363 - When In Trouble...
Chapter 364 - Cosplay To The Rescue!
Chapter 365 - Adding To The Army
Chapter 366 - Mexican Standoff
Chapter 367 - Playing With Fire
Chapter 368 - The True Form Of The Black Dragon Sword
Chapter 369 - We Are Being Targeted
Chapter 370 - The More The Better
Chapter 371 - Mass Spam!
Chapter 372 - Scoring Goals On Both Sides
Chapter 373 - Setting Up The Guild Residence
Chapter 374 - Back To Back Achievements! Again!
Chapter 375 - Attack Of The Ravens
Chapter 376 - Everything Is Leaked!
Chapter 377 - Raven Chum
Chapter 378 - New Guild Residence
Chapter 379 - Everyone Is Getting Massacred
Chapter 380 - Back To Training
Chapter 381 - Boss Luna
Chapter 382 - Preparing Baths For Everyone
Chapter 383 - Who Wants To Do Some Pvpand Ganking?
Chapter 384 - The More The Merrier!
Chapter 385 - Partying With The Undeads
Chapter 386 - We Will Win!
Chapter 387 - The Guests Have Arrived
Chapter 388 - You Know?
Chapter 389 - Healing Potion
Chapter 390 - Missing Persons
Chapter 391 - Grimreaper At The Graveyard
Chapter 392 - Your Base Is Under Attack!
Chapter 393 - Just A Small Promise
Chapter 394 - We Are Losing
Chapter 395 - To Win Or To Lose?
Chapter 396 - Giving A Bath To The Redhead
Chapter 397 - A Way To Cure Your Brother
Chapter 398 - Master Is Sus...
Chapter 399 - A Black Colored Luna
Chapter 400 - Die! Die! Die!
Chapter 401 - Haunted
Chapter 402 - Baiting The Ghost
Chapter 403 - Finding The Village
Chapter 404 - New Vip Of The Village
Chapter 405 - L Can Help Your Village
Chapter 406 - Hero Is Here
Chapter 407 - Run! Run! Run!
Chapter 408 - King Dante
Chapter 409 - Coalition Of The Righteous
Chapter 410 - Where Are My Rewards?
Chapter 411 - The Twelve High Lords
Chapter 412 - Following The Bread Crumbs
Chapter 413 - Searching The Lake
Chapter 414: Ding! Soul Forging Has Failed!
Chapter 415: L Am Back!
Chapter 416: You Want To Devour Me?
Chapter 417: Hello Again!
Chapter 418: An Opening!
Chapter 419: Fat Juicy Sheep!
Chapter 420 - Golden Goose
Chapter 421 - Someone Else Is Here?
Chapter 422 - Tit For Tat?
Chapter 423 - Level 50 Status Screen
Chapter 424 - Date Night?!
Chapter 425 - A Fun Day?
Chapter 426 - Aren’T L A Genius?
Chapter 427 - End Of The World
Chapter 428 - Are They All Dead?
Chapter 429 - What If...
Chapter 430 - Ls It There Or Not?
Chapter 431 - Here! Catch!
Chapter 432 - A Bad Quest?
Chapter 433 - Herbs! Herbs! We Accept All Types Of Herbs Here!
Chapter 434 - Lts All About That Give And Take
Chapter 435 - Fool Me Once...
Chapter 436 - Bandits
Chapter 437 - Wanted
Chapter 438 - The Genius Alchemist
Chapter 439 - Watch The Fools Running Away
Chapter 440 - Who Is The Real Fool?
Chapter 441 - Clash!
Chapter 442 - 40 Vs 500
Chapter 443 - This Is The Nether Realm
Chapter 444 - L Am Not Playing This Broken Game Any More!
Chapter 445 - L Have An Announcement!
Chapter 446 - Heads Or Tails?
Chapter 447 - No Pain No Gain
Chapter 448 - What Is Real And What Is Not?
Chapter 449 - A Test?
Chapter 450 - 5 Minutes...
Chapter 451 - Was Everything An Illusion?
Chapter 452 - L Only Taught Him A Little Something
Chapter 453 - Herbs.Check
Chapter 454 - Too Far!
Chapter 455 - You Cannot Be This Easy!
Chapter 456 - Thats My Crown!
Chapter 457 - Do You Want To Jump Ship?
Chapter 458 - L Will Let You Beat Me Up Later
Chapter 459 - You Were Saying?
Chapter 460 - The Prediction Was Not Wrong
Chapter 461 - No More Running!
Chapter 462 - Special Event?
Chapter 463 - Bffs
Chapter 464 - Can'T Scratch Even The Surface
Chapter 465 The Mysterious Stone Tablet
Chapter 466 Herbs Everywhere
Chapter 467 - L Come In Peace
Chapter 468 - Alchemy Grandmaster
Chapter 469 - Prisoners Don'T Get To Talk
Chapter 470 - Boooo! Boooo!
Chapter 471 - Wrong Calculations
Chapter 472 - Out Of The Frying Pan?
Chapter 473 - L Am Innocent
Chapter 474 - Self-Destruction?
Chapter 475 My Master Is The Bestest!
Chapter 476 No Tricks
Chapter 477 - The Lucky Bat
Chapter 478 - New Bff
Chapter 479 - You Are Cursed By The Raven Witch!
Chapter 480 - Up To No Good!
Chapter 481 - Let'S Give Brother A Surprise
Chapter 482 - Did It Work Or Not?
Chapter 483 - Experimental Medicine?
Chapter 484 - Your Love Is Weak!
Chapter 485 - Back To The Beginning
Chapter 486 - Partial Completion
Chapter 487 - My Name Is Kouske
Chapter 488 - Come,Let'S Play!
Chapter 489 - Greeny Doesn'T Like Visitors
Chapter 490 - Magic Pond?
Chapter 491 - Boom! Boom! Boom!
Chapter 492 - He Is Stealing From Me Again!
Chapter 493 - New Pvp Tower Event!
Chapter 494 - Forming A Core
Chapter 495 - Not Enough!
Chapter 496 - Violet Core Vs Red Core
Chapter 497 - Limit
Chapter 498 - Luna'S Speciality
Chapter 499 - Field Boss!
Chapter 500 - Bigger Not Better
Chapter 501 - Lt'S About Time!
Chapter 502 - The Game Is Banned
Chapter 503 You Are Being Carried
Chapter 504 Sea Of Flames
Chapter 505 Burn
Chapter 506 Dungeon Quest
Chapter 507 Sizzling Tornado
Chapter 508 Final Boss
Chapter 509 Healing The Boss?
Chapter 510 Something Wrong?!
Chapter 511 Let The Farming Begin!
Chapter 512 Not A Good Idea
Chapter 513 Hard Mode
Chapter 514 Nightmare Mode
Chapter 515 Last Boss
Chapter 516 Hidden Boss
Chapter 517 New Skill Book
Chapter 518 Demonic Contract
Chapter 519 Checkmate
Chapter 520 What'S Your Address?
Chapter 521 Pet1 Vs Demon Lackey1
Chapter 522 Keep It Coming!
Chapter 523 Did You See My Level?
Chapter 524 Ready! Start!
Chapter 525 Shitty Luck
Chapter 526 Game Is Rigged!
Chapter 527 Ta Da!
Chapter 528 Guests Incoming
Chapter 529 Lncrease The Rewards
Chapter 530 Hi...Come In...
Chapter 531 Lf You Still Have It...
Chapter 532 Asura
Chapter 533 All In
Chapter 534 Guild Meeting
Chapter 535 Earthquake In The Pvp Tower
Chapter 536 Just The Start
Chapter 537 Lucky Guy
Chapter 538 Second Round Surprise!
Chapter 539 Start!
Chapter 540 Sabotage!
Chapter 541 Big And Juicy
Chapter 542 He Is Here?
Chapter 543 Shocking Move
Chapter 544 Round Three!
Chapter 545 Who To Pick?
Chapter 546 Ready, Set, Go!
Chapter 547 Winners And Losers
Chapter 548 Playing Dirty
Chapter 549 Take Down The Fox!
Chapter 550 Who Is In And Who Is Out?
Chapter 551 Let'S Blow Some Steam
Chapter 552 Leaving So Soon?
Chapter 553 Strong!
Chapter 554 Backup Is Here!
Chapter 555 Priceless Treasures?
Chapter 556 My Sisters
Chapter 557 Lt'S Very Tasty
Chapter 558 Violet
Chapter 559 You Are Not Welcome Here
Chapter 560 The Road Ahead
Chapter 561 Explosive Growth
Chapter 562 First Seal
Chapter 563 Final Round!
Chapter 564 Why The Hate?
Chapter 565 Player1 Vs Player10
Chapter 566 Again?
Chapter 567 Lmpossible!
Chapter 568 Overlord
Chapter 569 Defeated?
Chapter 570 Give Up
Chapter 571 Broken
Chapter 572 Plan Askew
Chapter 573 Preparations
Chapter 574 Lnfinite Mana?
Chapter 575 You Cannot Win
Chapter 576 Pressure
Chapter 577 Lf L Were You...
Chapter 578 Defeat?
Chapter 579 Lt'S Over?
Chapter 580 Get Out
Chapter 581 Not Enough
Chapter 582 You Are An Ant,L Am A Dragon!
Chapter 583 Who Is The Real Dragon?
Chapter 584 Disappeared?
Chapter 585 What Happened?
Chapter 586 Alive?
Chapter 587 Lunatic
Chapter 588 One,Two And Three
Chapter 589 Grandmaster Acalan
Chapter 590 Chik.Chik.
Chapter 591 Wait For Me, My Goddess!
Chapter 592 A Simple Signature
Chapter 593 See You On The Other Side
Chapter 594 Welcome
Chapter 595 Devour Soul
Chapter 596 Brooooo!
Chapter 597 Change
Chapter 598 Error Error Error
Chapter 599 Coin Collector
Chapter 600 Shock!
Chapter 601 Departure
Chapter 602 Strolling With The Soul Army
Chapter 603 Transformation
Chapter 604 The Way In
Chapter 605 You Are Naive
Chapter 606 There Are No Shortcuts
Chapter 607 Reforged Army!
Chapter 608 First Clear
Chapter 609 How Strong Is He?
Chapter 610 Tagged
Chapter 611 Corrupted
Chapter 612 Definitely Getting Him Today
Chapter 613 Friends?
Chapter 614 Why Not Throw Away The Fox?
Chapter 615 Pits Of Lava
Chapter 616 L Am Dead
Chapter 617 What Is This?
Chapter 618 Poof!
Chapter 619 No Rest For The Wicked
Chapter 620 Long Time No See
Chapter 621 Attack! Kill !
Chapter 622 Out Of His Mind
Chapter 623 Madness
Chapter 624 Zooming Through!
Chapter 625 Clap Clap Clap
Chapter 626 Black
Chapter 627 Any Dungeons Around?
Chapter 628 Another One Bites The Dust
Chapter 629 Not Strong Enough
Chapter 630 Dead End
Chapter 631 Campsite
Chapter 632 Right Under The Nose
Chapter 633 Trapped
Chapter 634 Back To The Elven Lands?
Chapter 635 Immovable
Chapter 636 New Quest Available
Chapter 637 What Now?
Chapter 638 The More The Merrier
Chapter 639 Filthy Human
Chapter 640 That Would Be Me
Chapter 641 Kicked Out
Chapter 642 Working With The Elves
Chapter 643 Quest Completed
Chapter 644 In High Demand
Chapter 645 Headache
Chapter 646 Friends
Chapter 647 Not The Only Kingdom
Chapter 648 Fool!
Chapter 649 Impossible
Chapter 650 Grinding, Grinding And More Grinding
Chapter 651 Even When Unconscious
Chapter 652 Filthy Rich Elves
Chapter 653 Thief!
Chapter 654 Success?
Chapter 655 Someone Was Following Me
Chapter 656 L Know What To Do!
Chapter 657 Ding! Ding! Ding!
Chapter 658 Revered
Chapter 659 When Everything Else Fails...
Chapter 660 The Boss Is Back
Chapter 661 Kidnapped?
Chapter 662 Massacre
Chapter 663 This Is Going To Suck
Chapter 664 A Strange Portal
Chapter 665 Cute Genius And The Dull Dud
Chapter 666 Weak!
Chapter 667 Futile
Chapter 668 L Got This!
Chapter 669 A Demoness?
Chapter 670 Challenge Issued!
Chapter 671 Fine Print
Chapter 672 Where Are You?
Chapter 673 What Can We Do In 48 Hours?
Chapter 674 Come In
Chapter 675 A Duel Against Me?
Chapter 676 L Come In Peace
Chapter 677 What Will The Future Bring?
Chapter 678 L Offer Same Day Delivery Services
Chapter 679 Here, Have Some Candy
Chapter 680 New Friends Of The Guild
Chapter 681 Monsters
Chapter 682 Public Enemy No.1
Chapter 683 The Enemy Revealed
Chapter 684 Good Luck! Great Luck!
Chapter 685 War Begins!
Chapter 686 Oh God!
Chapter 687 Path 3
Chapter 688 Wild Granny
Chapter 689 All Paths Lead To Rome
Chapter 690 We Are Winning!
Chapter 691 Stripped Clean
Chapter 692 A Different Monk
Chapter 693 L Made My Decision
Chapter 694 What Is The Next Plan?
Chapter 695 Get Lost
Chapter 696 Something That You Should Not Have
Chapter 697 You Will Pay For Your Sins
Chapter 698 Welcome
Chapter 699 Boss Luna!
Chapter 700 The Danger Ahead
Chapter 701 New Agenda!
Chapter 702 Playing With Fire
Chapter 703 Die! Die! Die!
Chapter 704 Sweet Victory!
Chapter 705 Alive Or Dead?
Chapter 706 Let'S Lure Some More Wyverns
Chapter 707 Dragon King
Chapter 708 Let'S Do Some Power Leveling
Chapter 709 A Different Path
Chapter 710 All That Glitters...
Chapter 711 Arrogance Or?
Chapter 712 Cha-Ching
Chapter 713 Good Fortune! Great Fortune!
Chapter 714 This Game Is Nothing
Chapter 715 New Event?
Chapter 716 Red Flags All Over The Place
Chapter 717 All Fall Down!
Chapter 718 Just One More?
Chapter 719 Too Good To Be True?
Chapter 720 An Offer You Cannot Refuse!
Chapter 721 Your Future Might Depend On It
Chapter 722 He Who Must Not Be Named
Chapter 723 A Genius?
Chapter 724 Another Event?
Chapter 725 Auspicious Day
Chapter 726 Hypocrites And Whores
Chapter 727 New Alchemy Apprentice
Chapter 728 Potion Making Machine!
Chapter 729 Impossible To Clear?
Chapter 730 Keep Dreaming!
Chapter 731 Something Is Wrong!
Chapter 732 Please Stop!
Chapter 733 Kicked Out
Chapter 734 Check The Ranking Again
Chapter 735 Three At A Time?!
Chapter 736 Big Boss Is Here?
Chapter 737 L Have A Special Spot In Mind
Chapter 738 Countdown To Beast Siege Event
Chapter 739 Rank One!
Chapter 740 Eat Up!
Chapter 741 The Government Takes Action
Chapter 742 The World At The Palm Of His Hands
Chapter 743 Time To Join The Party!
Chapter 744 A Very Fine Jewel
Chapter 745 New Kingdom Quest Available
Chapter 746 Your Secret Is Safe With Me
Chapter 747 Same Place?
Chapter 748 Like Mother Like Daughter
Chapter 749 L Will Take It From Here
Chapter 750 Filthy Demon Garbage
Chapter 751 Stop Looking At Me With Pity
Chapter 752 What’S Up His Ass?
Chapter 753 Good Or Evil?
Chapter 754 Don’T Use Them Anymore
Chapter 755 Stronger
Chapter 756 Terrifying New Regiment!
Chapter 757 Forging The Dragon Soul
Chapter 758 L Am Here To Reward You
Chapter 759 You Are Lying
Chapter 760 Too Naive!
Chapter 761 L Have Already Cut Off His Legs
Chapter 762 The Game Is Shutting Down
Chapter 763 We Have 3 Hours
Chapter 764 All Bets Are Off
Chapter 765 Break For Me
Chapter 766 All Out!
Chapter 767 The Harsh Truth
Chapter 768 Boom!
Chapter 769 Failed?!
Chapter 770 Time For Insanity
Chapter 771 L Cannot Lose Here
Chapter 772 What Is He Doing?
Chapter 773 L Will Take Care Of This Ugly Thing!
Chapter 774 Game Over
Chapter 775 Here We Go!
Chapter 776 Overpowered From The Start
Chapter 777 At What Cost?
Chapter 778 Violet To The Rescue!
Chapter 779 Partial?
Chapter 780 Starting The Business Back Up Again
Chapter 781 All In An Hour’S Work
Chapter 782 Unbalanced
Chapter 783 What Is Their Secret?
Chapter 784 You Are Under Arrest!
Chapter 785 Oops!
Chapter 786 You Are Being Unreasonable!
Chapter 787 New Top 5
Chapter 788 Crimson Abyss! Assemble!
Chapter 789 Let’S Go In
Chapter 790 Welcome
Chapter 791 Earth’S First Evolver
Chapter 792 New Class
Chapter 793 Millionaire!
Chapter 794 Setting Up The New Base
Chapter 795 Setting Up The Sweatshop
Chapter 796 What In The Name Of Hell...
Chapter 797 World Domination?!
Chapter 798 The Good Old Scam
Chapter 799 A Worthwhile Money Drain
Chapter 800 Back To Back Quest Submissions
Chapter 801 Why Would L Be Jealous?
Chapter 802 More Guests
Chapter 803 It’S Not That Simple
Chapter 804 Survival Of The Fittest
Chapter 805 Right Under Their Nose
Chapter 806 Pa! Pa!
Chapter 807 What About The Other Dungeon?
Chapter 808 Private Conversation
Chapter 809 Deal Or No Deal?
Chapter 810 Lord And Saviour
Chapter 811 My Bad
Chapter 812 New And Upgraded
Chapter 813 Progress
Chapter 814 Bigger And Thicker
Chapter 815 Stepping Stones
Chapter 816 Where Is He?
Chapter 817 L Am Fine Now
Chapter 818 Does It Hurt A Lot?***
Chapter 819 Daylight Robbery
Chapter 820 We Have A Problem
Chapter 821 New Developments
Chapter 822 An Interesting Opponent
Chapter 823 You Are Not My Friend, Peasant!
Chapter 824 Frying Pan To Fire?
Chapter 825 L Have My Own Ride
Chapter 826 A Functioning Settlement?
Chapter 827 Dangerous Monster
Chapter 828 That Video Game?
Chapter 829 Moving Day!
Chapter 830 Friends Or Foes?
Chapter 831 Slurp
Chapter 832 You Forgot To Invite The Neighbours To The Party
Chapter 833 L Am Sorry, Father.L Have Let You Down.
Chapter 834 Yummm!
Chapter 835 They Are Undeads!
Chapter 836 Become Powerful!
Chapter 837 Knock.Knock.May We Come In?
Chapter 838 Have You Given Up Already?
Chapter 839 A Suffocating Grind
Chapter 840 Slow And Steady?
Chapter 841 L Will Give It To You Right Now
Chapter 842 New Updates?
Chapter 843 Unexpected Notification
Chapter 844 Messengers Of God
Chapter 845 No One Has To Participate
Chapter 846 Goodies For Everyone
Chapter 847 Vicious Cycle
Chapter 848 The Worry Stricken Wife
Chapter 849 Rigged From The Very Start!
Chapter 850 Walking Toward Death
Chapter 851 Who Is God?
Chapter 852 Why Are You Alone?
Chapter 853 You Asked For This
Chapter 854 Another Trump Card
Chapter 855 The Real God Of The Battlefield
Chapter 856 Milking Dry
Chapter 857 How Did You Do It?
Chapter 858 What Just Happened?
Chapter 859 My Master Is The Bestest!
Chapter 860 Dig Deeper
Chapter 861 Down In The Dumps
Chapter 862 Rule Or Exception?
Chapter 863 Special Offer
Chapter 864 Something Has Changed
Chapter 865 Kicking It Up A Notch
Chapter 866 Maths Is Hard
Chapter 867 Thank You?
Chapter 868 Rapid Evolution
Chapter 869 You Are Already Dead
Chapter 870 Nothing To Worry About
Chapter 871 Hidden In The Middle Of Nowhere
Chapter 872 Another One
Chapter 873 Who Are You?
Chapter 874 Big One
Chapter 875 Please Wait!
Chapter 876 Welcome
Chapter 877 Serve The Nation
Chapter 878 Are We Really Going To Let Themleave?
Chapter 879 The Third Target
Chapter 880 Helikatos
Chapter 881 Run And Hide, You Little Bitch!
Chapter 882 About The Vampire Lords...
Chapter 883 Just A Guess?
Chapter 884 Now We Start The Counterattack
Chapter 885 Taking Candy From A Baby
Chapter 886 Who Is Trying To Swindle Here?
Chapter 887 Fool
Chapter 888 Class Specific Skills
Chapter 889 An S-Rank Skill?
Chapter 890 Round 2!
Chapter 891 D-Rank Skill?
Chapter 892 Be Gone
Chapter 893 Kill Him!
Chapter 894 Divine Temple?
Chapter 895 Unexpected Visitors?!
Chapter 896 Blood Domination
Chapter 897 Rumble!
Chapter 898 L Need That At All Costs!
Chapter 899 Blood Domain!
Chapter 900 Where Is It?
Chapter 901 The Young Lord...
Chapter 902 Has Another Irregular Shown Up?
Chapter 903 World Seed
Chapter 904 Everything Is Changing
Chapter 905 Lmpossible!
Chapter 906 Everyone Has A Weak Point
Chapter 907 Shoot Them Down
Chapter 908 You Are All Traitors!
Chapter 909 The End Of The World!
Chapter 910 Stand Firm And Fight!
Chapter 911 No End In Sight
Chapter 912 Get Lost, You Stupid Bugs!
Chapter 913 Not Enough?
Chapter 914 Fight To Death
Chapter 915 We Fight Together, And We Die Together!
Chapter 916 The Past Is Already The Past
Chapter 917 Lsons
Chapter 918 Kick Them All Out!
Chapter 919 Mountain Of Gold
Chapter 920 Lnside The Hive Hill
Chapter 921 More Eggs...
Chapter 922 Why Don’T You Just Submit The Damn Quests?
Chapter 923 Your Taste Sucks, Just Like Your Face!
Chapter 924 Are All The Fairies Swindling Sons Ofbitches?
Chapter 925 Take The Deal
Chapter 926 Why Are You Plotting To Kill Me?
Chapter 927 Training Time
Chapter 928 How Many Dangers Were Looming Around Them?
Chapter 929 Ready, Get Set, Go!
Chapter 930 Clash
Chapter 931 L Can Do Better
Chapter 932 Turtle Up
Chapter 933 Trap!
Chapter 934 Who Is The Winner?
Chapter 935 Stronger?
Chapter 936 What’S Inside?
Chapter 937 Any Survivors?
Chapter 938 I Am Totally Buying This!
Chapter 939 I Will Not Accept This
Chapter 940 You Are My Lucky Charm
Chapter 941 Boooom!
Chapter 942 Did It Fail?
Chapter 943 We Have Two Newcomers To The Guild
Chapter 944 Let The Madness Begin!
Chapter 945 Is The Guild Leader Single?
Chapter 946 Too Fast
Chapter 947 There Or Not There?
Chapter 948 Enter The Golem
Chapter 949 Another Wave Of Isons
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Liam was a nobody, whether it was grades or sports or appearance or social life. Not because he didn't have a brain but because his luck was just that bad. However, everything changed when a mysterious game called 'Evolution Online' was suddenly launched. The world he knew changed upside down!

There was blood, death, and carnage everywhere. While everyone from small companies and big governments scrambled to get a foothold on this mysterious video game, some people's lives turned for the better and some for the worse.

Liam, unfortunately, being the latter, still somehow ended up at the bottom of the barrel. His insignificant life was squished like an insect and his loved ones were destroyed right in front of him. In the end, he was already dead without ever having a single chance to fight back.

But his story did not end there. Liam found himself returned to the time before everything began!

Watch as the young man who was once a nobody reaches for the pinnacle of strength and power, wreaking havoc on the world that destroyed him once! This time everything will be different!

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Chapter 1 - Second Chance

Chapter 1 - Second Chance


A big bulky leg landed on a young man's stomach who looked like he was just a bag of skin and bones.

"Did I or did I not ask you to bring more lunch money today? Do you expect me to starve, bitch?" A short and healthy youngster wearing a school uniform spat out as he landed another kick on the skinny figure.

This made him buckle down and collapse, coughing up more blood on the ground.

"Aish… Be careful, dude. Don't kill him or something." Another student standing near chimed in.

"Nah… this bitch might be spineless but he is pretty durable. Isn't that right, Liam? Aren't you the best punching bag in the entire school?"

The healthier student raised his leg to land another kick on the seemingly almost dead and curled-up boy lying on the ground, but luckily for him, the school bell loudly rang the very next second, grabbing everyone's attention.

"Alright. Let's go. It's that nasty old woman's class. I don't want to spend my evening in detention staring at that ugly ass face again."

The group of tall and sturdy high school students chatted amongst themselves and casually strolled out of the small alleyway, where the so-called punching bag was left behind without any care or concern.

Liam laid still, completely silent and frozen, afraid to even take another breath, but it was not because he feared the bunch of high school bullies who had just thrashed him. Rather it was because of something entirely different…

Just a few seconds ago, he had been battling for his life, fighting for an elixir that was one of the heavenly treasures.

But how could he compare to the other monsters who were also competing with him for the same treasure? After all, he was just a small fry.

So in the end, an attack landed and he was killed without any sweat but somehow instead of dying, he had instead returned to the past, to 3 years ago when everything began.

As seconds slowly ticked by, Liam became more and more sure that everything that was happening was in fact real and not just a twisted wishful dream.

There was no doubt! He had somehow miraculously returned back to the days when he was younger… when he was still in high school… when everything was yet to happen.

It was as real as his loudly pounding heart and as real as his burning injuries, giving him stabs of pain everywhere on his body.

Liam was not someone who was new to this sort of pain. In fact, he was quite used to this feeling. The thing that he was not used to was… luck!

That's right! Somehow he ended up lucky enough to get such an unbelievable second chance!

Liam's lips curled upwards as he slowly picked himself up from the ground, his body unsteadily wobbling as if he would fall down again any second now.

However, contrary to his trembling body, his eyes were sharp and cold. There was unfathomable darkness that swirled within them which would probably scare the kids who were just seconds ago pummeling him down.

"I am back." Liam grinned, as he banged his bleeding hand made into a fist on the shabby vandalized wall near him. A loud thud echoed and the shock wave which as a result traveled through his body revitalized him.

He slowly and steadily limped out of the alleyway and from there, he directly started walking back to his house, not even bothering to take a look at the school where he was currently supposed to be sitting.

Liam dragged his bruised body all the way to his cramped apartment which was about ten blocks away from the school. Though it hurt like hell, his face only wore an obscene wide grin.

As he neared his apartment, a familiar figure peeked her head out, instantly making the big smile disappear from Liam's face.

He had been far too focused on other things and he had completely forgotten about her!

"Mei Mei!" His words came out in a whisper as his voice got stuck in his throat and he lunged forward to pull and hug his little sister.

She is still alive! Liam trembled as he held her slender figure in his arms.

"Brother…? What happened? Are you crying? Did they hurt you badly today as well?" The little girl lifted her head up and pitifully looked at Liam's face that was swollen here and there, covered with cuts and scraps.

Seeing his bad state, she immediately started tearing up and sobbing, rivers streaming out of her eyes.

"Ah…! Ummm…!" Liam was immediately speechless. For as long as he could remember, he had always been bad at this, at consoling girls.

Unsure of how to console the little girl who was almost four years younger than him, he ruffled her head and awkwardly. "Let's go inside and talk."

The two siblings then went inside and Liam closed the dull rusted door behind him. It was only the two of them living in the small cramped apartment.

Their parents had died a couple of years ago from a construction accident, leaving these two siblings all alone with no one else.

But Liam had a good head on his shoulder and he somehow managed everything and made sure that they got the settlement money that they deserved.

He was like a scrappy dog that didn't let go of his bone. Though he was ultimately cheated in the end, he still got something out of it, enough to get them through for a few years.

With that money, he rented this cramped apartment in a building in the slum district that clearly needed renovating.

But all that didn't matter now. Nothing mattered now because, in just a couple of days, everything was going to completely change.

Liam looked around to see the place which was both familiar and unfamiliar to him. Anger and pain surfaced in his eyes as he remembered everything that had happened or rather was yet to happen.

Clenching his fist, he collapsed on the ground and let out a burst of loud maniacal laughter.

"Brother… Are you really alright?" The little girl blinked and stared at her brother who had seemingly gone completely bat-shit crazy!

"Heh. I am fine, Mei Mei. Don't worry, everything will be fine now." Liam stood up and heated up a pail of water first to clean all his injuries.

His hands moved swiftly as if he was extremely familiar with what he was doing and he finished the first aid within minutes, properly bandaging everything that was bleeding and broken.

He also popped in a couple of painkillers which reduced his pain a lot, helping him think better. First things first. He needed to go and purchase that item as soon as possible.

Liam took another look to make sure his injuries were alright and he then threw on a pair of clean pants and a shirt.

"Brother, are you heading out to school again? It won't be late now?" Meilin worriedly asked.

"No kiddo. I am going out somewhere else."

Huh? Meilin was surprised. "Grocery shop? But it's not Sunday today?" The two siblings had a routine that they followed so she was surprised about this new change.

Liam ruffled her head again, making the little girl pout cutely. "I am heading out to the game store. I will be back soon. Be good."

"Eh? Ehhhhh? Ehhhhhhhh?" Chang Meilin stood at the doorstep in a daze, watching her brother's disappearing figure.

"Game store? Since when does brother play games…?"


Total Chapters in book: 949
Estimated words: 1215459 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 6077(@200wpm)___ 4862(@250wpm)___ 4052(@300wpm)