Rebirth – How A Loser Became A Prince Charming by Erbao Angel

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Crushing On Cong Nianwei
Chapter 3: The Days Before The College Entrance Examination
Chapter 4: Graduation Party
Chapter 5: The Moneymaking Barbecue Stand
Chapter 6: A Prince Charming With A Choppy Hairstyle
Chapter 7: Buying A House In Beijing
Chapter 8: Military Training
Chapter 9: The Troublesome Student
Chapter 10: Cong Nianwei’S Suitor At Tsinghua University
Chapter 11: Landai Club
Chapter 12: The Dance Competition And The Fight
Chapter 13: A Fight Between Rough Men
Chapter 14: Eggs Laid By The Red Flag
Chapter 15: The Bateau Interview
Chapter 16: Big Plate Chicken At The China World Mall
Chapter 17: Vinexpo China
Chapter 18: Huang Jiajia Vs. Cong Nianwei
Chapter 19: Cet 4 And The Computer
Chapter 20: Abacus Level 5 And The First Pot Of Old City
Chapter 21: Holding Her Soft Hand
Chapter 22: The 1998 Snowfall
Chapter 23: The First Photo Shoot
Chapter 24: Barbeque On Principal Filter
Chapter 25: The Driving License Exam
Chapter 26: Niu Street And The Zhang Yiyuan Tea Shop
Chapter 27: A Kind Of Successful Confession
Chapter 28: The Long Train Ride Home
Chapter 29: A Martial Artist Among Ordinary People
Chapter 30: Business In The Morning Market
Chapter 31: The Urban Management Officer
Chapter 32: The Big Deal
Chapter 33: The Carrefour Poster
Chapter 34: Three Small Gigs
Chapter 35: Liu Xiaoyang’S Gigot
Chapter 36: Huan Jiajia’S First Test
Chapter 37: Professor Li'S Training Courses
Chapter 38: Business With J Boss
Chapter 39: The Friend-Making Party
Chapter 40: The Red Star Bar
Chapter 41: A Successful Meeting
Chapter 42: Photo Studio Models
Chapter 43: The Cathedral Church
Chapter 44: Nations Of Mi And Cowboy 【1】
Chapter 45: Eldest Brother’S Day
Chapter 46: The Automobile Accessories Market
Chapter 47: The Contract Plan
Chapter 48: The Prince Of The Ball
Chapter 49: Love Rival
Chapter 50: Zhongguancun In 1999
Chapter 51: The Special Disk
Chapter 52: Watching A Movie Together
Chapter 53: Hello Animal World, Farewell Animal World
Chapter 54: Formal Contract
Chapter 55: 10,000 Yuan
Chapter 56: The Tyrant'S Feast And The Wet Shirt
Chapter 57: The Photo Exhibition
Chapter 58: Model Business Photos
Chapter 59: The High School General Examination
Chapter 60: Super Cheater
Chapter 61: Two Dependent People
Chapter 62: Business On The Beach
Chapter 63: Wholesale Market
Chapter 64: Recalling Fang Pingping (Bingbing)
Chapter 65: Everything Is Ready
Chapter 66: Business On The Beach And Delicious Dishes
Chapter 67: The First Date
Chapter 68: Heartbeat
Chapter 69: Swimming In The Sea
Chapter 70: Dog Paddling For The Win
Chapter 71: The New Face Model Competition
Chapter 72: The Preliminary Competition
Chapter 73: Arch Enemies
Chapter 74: Oh! Powerful!
Chapter 75: The Underestimated Military Uniform
Chapter 76: The Talent Show
Chapter 77: The Winners Of The Local Final
Chapter 78: Shabby Rewards
Chapter 79: The Pessimistic T Stage Show
Chapter 80: Bathing With An Enemy
Chapter 81: The End Of The Competition
Chapter 82: An Honourable Sophomore
Chapter 83: A Strong Girl
Chapter 84: The Hapless Duo
Chapter 85: Misfortunes Come In Pairs
Chapter 86: The Troublesome Girl
Chapter 87: The Sleeping Teacher
Chapter 88: The Fun Journey To The Grassland
Chapter 89: A Horse Called Troublemaker
Chapter 90: Threatening But Not Dangerous
Chapter 91: The End
Chapter 92: A Short Interview
Chapter 93: Legend Of Ghost Street
Chapter 94: Mysterious Light Spots
Chapter 95: Emergency
Chapter 96: Gratitude And Resentment
Chapter 97: The Playful Shirt
Chapter 98: The Girlfriend Present
Chapter 99: The Haunting Love Rival
Chapter 100: A Sworn Follower With Low Eq
Chapter 101: Final Rejection
Chapter 102: The Suicide Farce
Chapter 103: Cheating For Mercy
Chapter 104: Thief!
Chapter 105: Catching The Thief
Chapter 106: Short Work Notice
Chapter 107: An Unexpected Friendship
Chapter 108: Opportunity
Chapter 109: Picked By The Designer
Chapter 110: The Beer Bear
Chapter 111: Beer Sales Girls
Chapter 112: Changing Situation
Chapter 113: A Lost Opportunity
Chapter 114: The First Show
Chapter 115: A Strong Look Is Power
Chapter 116: Unreasonable Hostility
Chapter 117: Hypocrite
Chapter 118: Focusing On College
Chapter 119: Never Played Basketball
Chapter 120: Mighty Liu Xiaoyang
Chapter 121: Using Temporary Knowledge
Chapter 122: Youth Without Tears
Chapter 123: A Charming Prince
Chapter 124: A Mysterious First Glance
Chapter 125: Arch Enemies Always Get Together
Chapter 126: Thanks For The Support
Chapter 127: I Love My Grandma The Most
Chapter 128: Love In The Old Times
Chapter 129: The Five Star Wholesale Market
Chapter 130: Busted By The Staff Of The Industrial And Commercial Bureau
Chapter 131: John The Bisexual
Chapter 132: Three Girls And One Man
Chapter 133: Oh, No! They Are All Martial Artists!
Chapter 134: The Four Accountants
Chapter 135: The Brand Endorsement Contract
Chapter 136: Shooting An Advertisement
Chapter 137: The First Car
Chapter 138: House, Car, Bills
Chapter 139: The Great Director
Chapter 140: Just Shut Up And Kiss Me!
Chapter 141: Are You Serious?
Chapter 142: Forgive Me, Grandma Rong!
Chapter 143: A Careless Man Hugs A Princess
Chapter 144: Taking Off The Costume
Chapter 145: Kissing And Cuddling?
Chapter 146: Let Me Go! It'S Indecent!
Chapter 147: Fighting Back
Chapter 148: The Path Winds Through High Peaks
Chapter 149: The Dv Film
Chapter 150: Sunflowers
Chapter 151: The Cctv Hit Show Daming Palace
Chapter 152: Learning About The Buddha Doctrine
Chapter 153: Bianji In A Grey Frock
Chapter 154: Success And Failure
Chapter 155: Let’S Build A Love Nest Together
Chapter 156: The Legendary Swordsman Yang Lianting
Chapter 157: Hierarch’S Secret Garden
Chapter 158: The Wire Is Nothing
Chapter 159: I Love You
Chapter 160: Gunpowder Smoke At Fashion Week
Chapter 161: Dirty Tricks
Chapter 162: John'S Promotion
Chapter 163: Shao Xiaobing'S Dirty Trick
Chapter 164: An Admirer From A Foreign Land
Chapter 165: Huang Jiajia'S Confession
Chapter 166: Job Hunting
Chapter 167: Past Life Acquaintance
Chapter 168: In The Bandits’ Nest
Chapter 169: A Warm And Quiet Life
Chapter 170: Farce At The Annual Gala
Chapter 171: The Lolita Fan
Chapter 172: “The Legendary Swordsman” Is On
Chapter 173: The Beijing Film Academy
Chapter 174: Will You Go To The Us, Qin Guan?
Chapter 175: Qin Guan Seized The Opportunity!
Chapter 176: Afrodyn!
Chapter 177: The Nearly Forgotten Money
Chapter 178: A Dog Called Egg
Chapter 179: Feelings Need A Foundation
Chapter 180: The Charming Smile Of A Villain
Chapter 181: Romance Across Time And Space
Chapter 182: Several Slaps On The Face
Chapter 183: Fire!
Chapter 184: The Human Rights Of A Tortoise
Chapter 185: The Manservant
Chapter 186: So Funny!
Chapter 187: Accepting The Younger Brother
Chapter 188: Becoming Famous
Chapter 189: Negotiation
Chapter 190: Dedicating Oneself To The Motherland
Chapter 191: Different Ways Of Life
Chapter 192: A Group Visit To The Studio
Chapter 193: Luring Glances
Chapter 194: Drinking The Strongest Liquor And Marrying The Most Beautiful Woman
Chapter 195: You Are Jealous Of Me
Chapter 196: Tangled
Chapter 197: Arousing Enthusiasm
Chapter 198: What A Shame!
Chapter 199: The Strict Chief Editor
Chapter 200: Black And White
Chapter 201: The Girlfriend'S Supervision
Chapter 202: The Mighty Queen
Chapter 203: A Handsome Boy And A Fortunate Girl
Chapter 204: A Shrewd Merchant
Chapter 205: Hot Sales
Chapter 206: Trouble In Business
Chapter 207: A Girl Named Mou
Chapter 208: The Quiet Before The Storm
Chapter 209: Artists In The 798 Plant [1]
Chapter 210: A Clash Of Emotion And Reality
Chapter 211: A Gaffer Named Wenwen
Chapter 212: Girls
Chapter 213: The Green Tea Bitch And White Pond Lily
Chapter 214: Shareholder
Chapter 215: A Porch Light
Chapter 216: The Mystery Woman
Chapter 217: Nothing About Romance
Chapter 218: My New Awesome Friend
Chapter 219: Weirdos Are Everywhere
Chapter 220: Outburst
Chapter 221: A Seductive Test
Chapter 222: Raising One’S Status
Chapter 223: Sister Xue'S Cold Reception
Chapter 224: Profound Historical Accumulation
Chapter 225: Who Said The City Was Not Literary?
Chapter 226: Making A Decision
Chapter 227: The Meritorious People Backstage
Chapter 228: Project Decided
Chapter 229: The Photo Album
Chapter 230: The Girlfriend'S Visit
Chapter 231: Jealousy
Chapter 232: Dramatic Acting Skills
Chapter 233: Entertainment Circle Reporters
Chapter 234: The Affair
Chapter 235: A Battle
Chapter 236: The Citizen Launch Event
Chapter 237: Rejected Affection
Chapter 238: The Estee Lauder Pen
Chapter 239: Thief!
Chapter 240: A Small World
Chapter 241: Questioning
Chapter 242: Opportunity
Chapter 243: A Big Deal
Chapter 244: Everything Is Ready
Chapter 245: Drunk Without Wine
Chapter 246: A Professional Agent
Chapter 247: Poaching
Chapter 248: Preliminary Discussion
Chapter 249: The Photo Album Release
Chapter 250: Hot News
Chapter 251: Adding Fuel To The Fire
Chapter 252: Endless Strange Affairs
Chapter 253: Chaos
Chapter 254: A Female Companion On The Red Carpet
Chapter 255: The 18Th Line
Chapter 256: My Savior
Chapter 257: An Eagle Falling From The Altar
Chapter 258: Interesting
Chapter 259: Silence
Chapter 260: The Bid Opening
Chapter 261: I’M Sick
Chapter 262: Injections And Buttocks
Chapter 263: An Abundance Of Scripts
Chapter 264: Choice
Chapter 265: Qualifying For An Autographed Copy
Chapter 266: Qualification
Chapter 267: Chaos
Chapter 268: The Offer
Chapter 269: Can I Still Love You?
Chapter 270: Qin Guan'S Fan Club
Chapter 271: The Most Beautiful Student
Chapter 272: The Screen Test
Chapter 273: Displaying And Hiding
Chapter 274: The Possibility Of Becoming A Meat Pie
Chapter 275: You Are Mine
Chapter 276: Amazing
Chapter 277: No Problem, Director Zhang
Chapter 278: Taking Action
Chapter 279: The Horn Of Battle
Chapter 280: Parents Meeting
Chapter 281: Heroes
Chapter 282: Sorry, Qin Guan
Chapter 283: Thank God I Covered My Face
Chapter 284: Hiding
Chapter 285: The Award Ceremony In Tokyo
Chapter 286: On Site
Chapter 287: Tangled Romance
Chapter 288: Vicious Intentions
Chapter 289: A Plan Backfiring
Chapter 290: Spicy Girls!
Chapter 291: Fighting Over Qin Guan'S Chastity
Chapter 292: A Cold Porcelain Doll
Chapter 293: The Cozy Soya Sauce Ramen
Chapter 294: A Fierce Black Dragon
Chapter 295: The Influence Of Asian Models
Chapter 296: The Interesting Industry Of Shinjuku
Chapter 297: Who Sent You Here?
Chapter 298: The Meaning Of Colorful Flags
Chapter 299: The Greatest Punishment Is Indifference
Chapter 300: The Final Job
Chapter 301: A Young Monk On A Cloud
Chapter 302: Wang Yuyan At 16
Chapter 303: Lin Zhiying Is A Gentleman
Chapter 304: The Beauty Of Zhejiang Province
Chapter 305: It’S My Battlefield
Chapter 306: Initial D
Chapter 307: Chen Hao Was Beautiful Those Days
Chapter 308: Men Also Like Gossip
Chapter 309: A National Affair
Chapter 310: Calm Down, Princess!
Chapter 311: I’M Cold, Hug Me
Chapter 312: Notice From Overseas
Chapter 313: When We Were Nobodies
Chapter 314: Melancholy
Chapter 315: We Wish You A Happy Future!
Chapter 316: Elapsed Love
Chapter 317: New York, New York
Chapter 318: Start Of A New Life
Chapter 319: Strange Neighbours
Chapter 320: The Eight-Nation Alliance
Chapter 321: Heavy Metal Rock
Chapter 322: The German Sun
Chapter 323: Applause
Chapter 324: Schools Open
Chapter 325: Throwing Herself At Him
Chapter 326: The Hero Saved The Beauty
Chapter 327: Luxurious Columbia University
Chapter 328: Class Has Begun!
Chapter 329: Chinatown
Chapter 330: Are You Kidding?
Chapter 331: The Quintessence Of Chinese Culture
Chapter 332: Homework At Night
Chapter 333: Racial Segregation
Chapter 334: Theatre Club
Chapter 335: Part-Time
Chapter 336: Resume Delivery
Chapter 337: Not That Simple
Chapter 338: Second Rate Model
Chapter 339: The Italian Festival
Chapter 340: The Difference Between F And B+
Chapter 341: A Difficult Interview
Chapter 342: Military Style
Chapter 343: Saving A Beauty
Chapter 344: The Final Test
Chapter 345: Appreciation From An Old Manager
Chapter 346: Slow Down, Grampa
Chapter 347: Chinese Freemasons
Chapter 348: Robbery
Chapter 349: Hands Up
Chapter 350: The Russian Tearoom
Chapter 351: A Scream During The Show
Chapter 352: The Director
Chapter 353: J Clothing Is Coming
Chapter 354: The World Is My Stage
Chapter 355: An Order From Broadway
Chapter 356: Midterms
Chapter 357: Stop Jabbering, Rongzhi!
Chapter 358: Welcoming Party At Columbia
Chapter 359: Together Again
Chapter 360: Impressing The Whole Audience
Chapter 361: Is The Crown Valuable?
Chapter 362: An Influential Man On Campus
Chapter 363: Freelance Photographer
Chapter 364: Hello, New York Fashion Week!
Chapter 365: Giorgio Armani
Chapter 366: Similar Concepts
Chapter 367: Getting Noticed
Chapter 368: Good Graces
Chapter 369: New York Times
Chapter 370: Three Invitations
Chapter 371: The Armani Product
Chapter 372: The Armani Advertisement
Chapter 373: Unblessed Love
Chapter 374: To Forge Iron One Must Be Strong
Chapter 375: Roar
Chapter 376: You Are The Boss
Chapter 377: Invitations From Everyone
Chapter 378: Carmine Cong Nianwei
Chapter 379: Will You Run For Chairman?
Chapter 380: The Party Shooting
Chapter 381: Treating The Wounded And Rescuing The Dying
Chapter 382: Underground Doctor
Chapter 383: I’M Not Gay!
Chapter 384: The First Film
Chapter 385: I Can Play Piano
Chapter 386: Forbidden Kiss Between Boys
Chapter 387: Adoration
Chapter 388: Massacre
Chapter 389: The Real Demon
Chapter 390: Battles Among The Ivy League
Chapter 391: Escaping From Trouble
Chapter 392: The New York Chinese Yacht Club
Chapter 393: Careers
Chapter 394: The Intelligence Of Actors
Chapter 395: Sister Xue'S Idol
Chapter 396: Quick Shooter
Chapter 397: Ambiguous Attitude
Chapter 398: Sister Xue’S Success
Chapter 399: Julia Roberts
Chapter 400: The Wide-Mouthed Beauty
Chapter 401: Resisting External Temptation
Chapter 402: A Woman'S Heart Is The Worst Thing In The World
Chapter 403: The Affair
Chapter 404: Open For Business
Chapter 405: The Art Dealer
Chapter 406: Chinese Treasure
Chapter 407: One Of The Most Valuable Certificates In The Us
Chapter 408: Christmas Shopping Guidance
Chapter 409: Uninvited Christmas Guests
Chapter 410: Top Brands
Chapter 411: A Promotional Conference
Chapter 412: The Cpa Exams
Chapter 413: The Real Prince
Chapter 414: The First Client
Chapter 415: The Old Accounting Firm
Chapter 416: Latent Rules
Chapter 417: Qu Xuemei Is Coming
Chapter 418: Enough Profit
Chapter 419: Election
Chapter 420: Batter On The Trigger
Chapter 421: Something Happened
Chapter 422: A Powerful General
Chapter 423: Different Kinds Of Figurants
Chapter 424: Dracula Makeup
Chapter 425: The Green Hand
Chapter 426: Uniformed Temptation
Chapter 427: Fans Everywhere
Chapter 428: The Oscars
Chapter 429: The Award Ceremony
Chapter 430: Happiness Is Simple
Chapter 431: Crush Him
Chapter 432: Let'S Blossom
Chapter 433: Stealing Flowers
Chapter 434: The Lingerie Show
Chapter 435: High-End Jewellery
Chapter 436: The Tv Show
Chapter 437: Terrible Business
Chapter 438: New Work
Chapter 439: The Screen Test
Chapter 440: Flirting
Chapter 441: A Good Bath Towel
Chapter 442: Exhausted
Chapter 443: On Show
Chapter 444: Escaping From The Cinema
Chapter 445: Qin Guan'S Limited Influence
Chapter 446: The Power Of A Single Person
Chapter 447: Explosion
Chapter 448: Baselworld
Chapter 449: The Show
Chapter 450: Jewellery Buyers
Chapter 451: The Chinese Are The Richest
Chapter 452: A Display Of Ignorance
Chapter 453: Sweet Life
Chapter 454: An Office On Wall Street
Chapter 455: The Grocery Store Robbery
Chapter 456: Reinforcements
Chapter 457: The Importance Of Special Weapons
Chapter 458: Complete Victory
Chapter 459: Busy All Day Long
Chapter 460: Acquaintances In Cannes
Chapter 461: Again And Again
Chapter 462: Unexpected Winner
Chapter 463: A Shameless Speech
Chapter 464: Devotion
Chapter 465: Another Female Acquaintance
Chapter 466: An Unreliable Affair
Chapter 467: Countermeasures
Chapter 468: Unknown Sentiment
Chapter 469: Breaking News
Chapter 470: Devastation
Chapter 471: Success
Chapter 472: Ranking Actors
Chapter 473: God Or Fraud?
Chapter 474: Sos From Japan
Chapter 475: Solution
Chapter 476: A New Task
Chapter 477: Superman
Chapter 478: Being A Teacher
Chapter 479: Advantages
Chapter 480: Awful
Chapter 481: Makeup Artists Kneeling Down
Chapter 482: Emergency
Chapter 483: Mickey Mouse And Kfc
Chapter 484: Fun During A Traffic Jam
Chapter 485: Fierce Girls
Chapter 486: Unimpeded
Chapter 487: Extremely Annoyed
Chapter 488: Going Through Flowers
Chapter 489: Never Provoke A Woman
Chapter 490: A Heartfelt Film
Chapter 491: Fresh Blood From China
Chapter 492: Lv Yan The Cleaner
Chapter 493: Buenos Aires
Chapter 494: No Good
Chapter 495: A Father'S Love
Chapter 496: Professionalism
Chapter 497: Thank You
Chapter 498: Animal Actors
Chapter 499: Farce In The Aquarium
Chapter 500: Common Animal Enemy
Chapter 501: The Harvard Pig
Chapter 502: Troublemaker
Chapter 503: Competition
Chapter 504: National Athletes
Chapter 505: The Crazy List
Chapter 506: Traps
Chapter 507: Mischief
Chapter 508: Bikinis And Kapoks
Chapter 509: The Luxury Car Advertisement
Chapter 510: Troublesome Female Stars
Chapter 511: Three Women
Chapter 512: A Mighty Girlfriend
Chapter 513: The Music Video
Chapter 514: A Strong Backbone
Chapter 515: Famous
Chapter 516: An Invitation
Chapter 517: The Party
Chapter 518: Deal
Chapter 519: Kicking Up A Fuss
Chapter 520: Medley
Chapter 521: The Dance
Chapter 522: Getting Away
Chapter 523: The Walk Of Fame
Chapter 524: Shakespeare Outdoors
Chapter 525: Oh, Juliet
Chapter 526: Vigor
Chapter 527: Performing
Chapter 528: Girls
Chapter 529: Competing For A Role
Chapter 530: Smiling
Chapter 531: Diamonds Cut Diamonds
Chapter 532: The Paramount Business Operation
Chapter 533: Adapted Script
Chapter 534: American Blog
Chapter 535: Img And China
Chapter 536: Negotiation
Chapter 537: A Smile Among The Noise
Chapter 538: The Official Blog
Chapter 539: The War Across The Great Wall
Chapter 540: Mixed Reviews
Chapter 541: Kneeling On The Keyboard
Chapter 542: The Berlin Film Festival
Chapter 543: Brine Pig Elbows
Chapter 544: The Silver Bear
Chapter 545: Hater Or Fan?
Chapter 546: Silence In China
Chapter 547: Striking Sales
Chapter 548: Tiffany And 798
Chapter 549: Sunflowers
Chapter 550: Small Trouble
Chapter 551: The Oil Painting Deal
Chapter 552: Your Sweetness
Chapter 553: Tasha Tudor
Chapter 554: New Neighbor
Chapter 555: America'S Next Top Model
Chapter 556: Instant Data
Chapter 557: The Whole World Joins In The Fun
Chapter 558: Broadway
Chapter 559: Don'T Speak, Just Kiss Me
Chapter 560: A Living Landmark
Chapter 561: The Big Urchin
Chapter 562: An Old Schoolmate
Chapter 563: London, London
Chapter 564: Hint
Chapter 565: Getting A Room
Chapter 566: The Right Person Will Wait
Chapter 567: Disastrous Food
Chapter 568: The Four Actors Together
Chapter 569: Competition
Chapter 570: Old Friends
Chapter 571: The Trust Of The Nation
Chapter 572: What Strong American Men Want
Chapter 573: Crying Easily
Chapter 574: Discovering An Asian Designer
Chapter 575: The Iron Frog
Chapter 576: Beating Jude Law
Chapter 577: First-Class Romance
Chapter 578: Never Collaborate With A Madman
Chapter 579: Asian People Eat Vegetables Every Day
Chapter 580: A Peaceful Time
Chapter 581: Going Back In Time
Chapter 582: A Family Of Squirrels
Chapter 583: A Spanish Cow
Chapter 584: Genius
Chapter 585: Busy Working
Chapter 586: A Musical Interview
Chapter 587: Record Release
Chapter 588: Cutting The Ribbon
Chapter 589: Cutting The Ribbon
Chapter 590: Out Of Control
Chapter 591: At The Police Station
Chapter 592: Captivated
Chapter 593: An Invitation From The Sergeant
Chapter 594: Milan: An Art Paradise
Chapter 595: Marco Polo’S Contribution
Chapter 596: Traditional Chinese Costumes
Chapter 597: Tough Questions
Chapter 598: A Love For Fur
Chapter 599: The Sicilians
Chapter 600: Warmth
Chapter 601: The Opening Show
Chapter 602: The Crackpot Attack
Chapter 603: A Mistake
Chapter 604: Gunpowder Smoke
Chapter 605: A Red-Haired Girl In A Bikini
Chapter 606: Showdown
Chapter 607: Surrounded
Chapter 608: Ancient Benefactors
Chapter 609: Preparing For The Rise Of The Asians
Chapter 610: Flourishing China
Chapter 611: An Unprecedented Performance
Chapter 612: The Ambitious Textile Industry
Chapter 613: Becoming Famous
Chapter 614: Bursting A Bubble
Chapter 615: Returning Home Momentarily
Chapter 616: Information Disclosure
Chapter 617: Stars At The Airport
Chapter 618: Awkward
Chapter 619: Diamond Cuts Diamond
Chapter 620: The Chinese Stamp
Chapter 621: An Exquisite Young Man
Chapter 622: The Sculpting Master
Chapter 623: Cunning Filmmakers
Chapter 624: Taking Clients Out To Dinner
Chapter 625: Accidents Happen
Chapter 626: Setting Out For Qinghai
Chapter 627: A World Without Thieves
Chapter 628: The Kekexili National Nature Reserve
Chapter 629: Simple Tibetan Girls
Chapter 630: Half-Naked
Chapter 631: The Sin Of Desire
Chapter 632: A Matrimonial House
Chapter 633: Lao Liu
Chapter 634: Distracted
Chapter 635: The Human Kindness Of A Hutong
Chapter 636: The Dirty Tricks Of The Real Estate Industry
Chapter 637: National Day
Chapter 638: I Love You, China!
Chapter 639: Community Service Advertisements
Chapter 640: Injustice
Chapter 641: The Charity Bazaar
Chapter 642: The Good Packer
Chapter 643: The Auction
Chapter 644: Time
Chapter 645: The Exclusive Vip Stylist
Chapter 646: The Illustrated Fairy
Chapter 647: Finding Faults
Chapter 648: Internet Tycoons
Chapter 649: Small Bets In Las Vegas
Chapter 650: Acting Skills Vs. Gambling Strategy
Chapter 651: The Casino Staff
Chapter 652: The Magic Show Prop
Chapter 653: An Excited Audience
Chapter 654: Penny
Chapter 655: A Superficial Selection
Chapter 656: The First Positive Feedback
Chapter 657: The Shaolin Temple In New York
Chapter 658: A Statement From The Benefactor
Chapter 659: Showing Off Before The Experts
Chapter 660: A Splendid Martial Arts Performance
Chapter 661: A Provoking Performance
Chapter 662: Great Admiration
Chapter 663: Memories Of Youth
Chapter 664: Old Guys Among Children
Chapter 665: The Familiar Park
Chapter 666: The Riot On The Monkey Mountain
Chapter 667: Getting Used To Having You Around
Chapter 668: Climbing Over A Wall
Chapter 669: A Traditional Spring Festival
Chapter 670: Good Wang Xiaoya
Chapter 671: Can You?
Chapter 672: Lv Opera
Chapter 673: A Wonderful Opera
Chapter 674: An Invitation From Hong Kong
Chapter 675: Three Roles On Auction
Chapter 676: Kowloon
Chapter 677: Shanghai, The Oriental Pearl
Chapter 678: Cooperation
Chapter 679: No Comparison, No Harm
Chapter 680: Mainland Residents Are So Weird!
Chapter 681: The Clever Shanghainese
Chapter 682: Unromantic
Chapter 683: Giving A Lesson To Hong Kongers
Chapter 684: A Hot Kiss
Chapter 685: Spring Dandelions
Chapter 686: Suppression And Resistance
Chapter 687: Pushing Forward The Film Festival
Chapter 688: Another Award
Chapter 689: The Acceptance Speech
Chapter 691: Declining Prosperity
Chapter 692: The Time Cover
Chapter 693: An American Translation Of Chinese Tv Series
Chapter 694: A Warm Corner
Chapter 695: Serving The Country
Chapter 696: An Important Award Ceremony
Chapter 697: Internal Conflict
Chapter 698: The Sales King Of The Fair
Chapter 699: A High-Risk Advertisement
Chapter 700: The Crazy Building-Jumping Hero
Chapter 701: A Dangerous Beauty
Chapter 702: The Second Ad
Chapter 703: Magic
Chapter 704: Waterloo?
Chapter 705: The Company'S Last Film
Chapter 706: The Teen Choice Awards
Chapter 707: Muddling Up The Ceremony
Chapter 708: A Big Award
Chapter 709: The New Villa
Chapter 710: Borrowing A Private Jet
Chapter 711: A Judge In Dubai
Chapter 712: Joining The Crew
Chapter 713: Breeding
Chapter 714: A Strange Man
Chapter 715: It'S Hard To Shoot A Children'S Film
Chapter 716: Cuckold By Mistake
Chapter 717: Collapsing At The First Blow
Chapter 718: The Completion Of The Last Film
Chapter 719: Officially Returning To China
Chapter 720: Untitled
Chapter 721: Chaos
Chapter 722: A Skilful Inquest
Chapter 723: The Contract
Chapter 724: Meeting Wang Jianlin
Chapter 725: Settlement
Chapter 726: New Rich And Old Rich
Chapter 727: Niggling
Chapter 728: The Coming Storm
Chapter 729: Acquiring Original Shares
Chapter 730: The Athens Olympics Closing Ceremony
Chapter 731: A Global Press Conference
Chapter 732: The Different Responses Of Two Directors
Chapter 733: The First Scene In Tianjin
Chapter 734: Juanquan
Chapter 735: Whisper Of Pipa
Chapter 736: Romance In The Republic Of China
Chapter 737: An Aesthetic Erotic Scene
Chapter 738: A Beam Of Light Among Web Novels
Chapter 739: National Effort
Chapter 740: Hong Kong, Macao And Taiwan Vs. The Chinese Mainland
Chapter 741: A Top Brand Gathering
Chapter 742: Paris
Chapter 743: God Makes Fools Out Of People
Chapter 744: Changing The Rules
Chapter 745: The Strongest Becomes King
Chapter 746: The World'S Largest Fair
Chapter 747: A Strange Exhibiting Method
Chapter 748: Where Are My Shoes?
Chapter 749: A Local Specialty
Chapter 750: Short-Listed
Chapter 751: Our Career
Chapter 752: Conspiracy
Chapter 753: The New Fabric
Chapter 754: The Best Place To Flaunt One’S Wealth
Chapter 755: Refusal
Chapter 756: The Underwater Restaurant
Chapter 757: A New Script
Chapter 758: The Investment
Chapter 759: A Homey Taste
Chapter 760: Acting Separately
Chapter 761: A High Box Office
Chapter 762: A Different Golden Globes Ceremony
Chapter 763: The Supporting Actor Award Winner
Chapter 764: A Funny Performance
Chapter 765: Panic Among The Domestic Media
Chapter 766: Fan Stories
Chapter 767: A Successful Film
Chapter 768: The Sarft Outpatient Department
Chapter 769: Unexpected Trouble
Chapter 770: The Official Document
Chapter 771: The Villa On Beverly Hills
Chapter 772: Everyone Has Fun
Chapter 773: The Oscar Opening Ceremony
Chapter 774: Waterloo
Chapter 775: Getting Together
Chapter 776: Don'T Be Nervous!
Chapter 777: Two Tigers Can'T Live On The Same Mountain
Chapter 778: First Love And Noodles
Chapter 779: The Kiss
Chapter 780: Believe Me! You Can!
Chapter 781: Arduous Conditions
Chapter 782: Chicken Feathers Everywhere
Chapter 783: The Avalanche Of Despair
Chapter 784: A Coming Storm
Chapter 785: Challenge Accepted
Chapter 786: Sister Xue'S Wedding
Chapter 787: Be Nicer To Yourself
Chapter 788: A Strange Role
Chapter 789: Registration
Chapter 790: A Show For Nobody
Chapter 791: Master Tian'S Looks
Chapter 792: Being Criticized
Chapter 793: Antique Jewellery
Chapter 794: A Green Lotus Out Of Water
Chapter 795: Fish And Crab
Chapter 796: The Power Of Charm
Chapter 797: Girlfriend Exposed
Chapter 798: A Mystery Man Online
Chapter 799: Our Way
Chapter 800: Not Really
Chapter 801: A Dedicated Guy
Chapter 802: Yin And Yang
Chapter 803: An Independent Brand
Chapter 804: Extensive Promotion
Chapter 805: No Label
Chapter 806: Hello, Taiwan
Chapter 807: The Golden Horse Night Market
Chapter 808: On The Red Carpet
Chapter 809: A Show With Four Famous Actors
Chapter 810: Sun [1]
Chapter 811: Filming In The Louvre
Chapter 812: Tough Penance
Chapter 813: Jean Reno
Chapter 814: The Zurich Bank
Chapter 815: The Terrible Force Of Faith
Chapter 816: Emergency
Chapter 817: The Motherland'S Help
Chapter 818: The Most Thoughtful Aid
Chapter 819: Famous
Chapter 820: Jewellery
Chapter 821: A Good Example For Models
Chapter 822: Cctv'S Attention
Chapter 823: The Spring Festival Gala
Chapter 824: The Backbone Of Underground Music
Chapter 825: Gao Xiaosong Joins In
Chapter 826: A Group Of Comedians
Chapter 827: The Second Rehearsal
Chapter 828: Internal Fans
Chapter 829: Night Snack
Chapter 830: Happy Spring Festival!
Chapter 831: Absent From The Award Ceremony
Chapter 832: Unfair
Chapter 833: The Crew
Chapter 834: A Renowned Thief Vs. A Nobody
Chapter 835: No Body Double
Chapter 836: Losing All Four Rounds
Chapter 837: Guo Tao'S Pants Fall Down
Chapter 838: Four Directors
Chapter 839: Four Scripts
Chapter 840: The Hong Kong Entertainment Circle
Chapter 841: The Top 50 Most Handsome Guys In The World
Chapter 842: The Hong Kong Film Awards
Chapter 843: My Dream
Chapter 844: Hani Village
Chapter 845: The Sauce
Chapter 846: Chinese Zhusuan
Chapter 847: An Awkward Scene
Chapter 848: A Ripe Peach
Chapter 849: As Smooth As Velvet
Chapter 850: Misery
Chapter 851: A Way Of Escape
Chapter 852: The Lausanne Track Meeting
Chapter 853: A Glimpse
Chapter 854: Chaos
Chapter 855: Group Photo
Chapter 856: Spain
Chapter 857: The Quintessence Of Spanish Culture
Chapter 858: The Silver Shell Awards And Young Chinese Actresses
Chapter 859: People Are Not Equal
Chapter 860: The Importance Of The Ornamental Column Awards
Chapter 861: Confidence
Chapter 862: Replacing Older Actors
Chapter 863: Two Award-Winning Actors
Chapter 864: Bathing
Chapter 865: Wild Girls
Chapter 866: Good Fortune In Love
Chapter 867: An Investing Setback
Chapter 868: Earning Great Profits
Chapter 869: Visiting The Research Institute
Chapter 870: Never Show Off On A Construction Site
Chapter 871: I Love Bargains
Chapter 872: Reaching Hong Kong
Chapter 873: Contrast
Chapter 874: Style
Chapter 875: Ridiculous Justice
Chapter 876: Not Another Teen Movie
Chapter 877: Belated Report
Chapter 878: Benevolent Fund
Chapter 879: Meeting Friends In Thailand
Chapter 880: The Princess
Chapter 881: Drama
Chapter 882: Hand-Kissing
Chapter 883: A Big Event
Chapter 884: A Smooth Coup D’Etat
Chapter 885: Pomelo Leaves
Chapter 886: A Steamed Bun
Chapter 887: The Premiere
Chapter 888: A Shocking Box Office Success
Chapter 889: Ultraman At The Tokyo Film Festival
Chapter 890: Farewell, My Love
Chapter 891: A Shocking Twist
Chapter 892: Feedback From All Sides
Chapter 893: A Guest Appearance
Chapter 894: The Base In Pinggu
Chapter 895: Qin Tengyun
Chapter 896: The Difficulties Of Performing
Chapter 897: The End
Chapter 898: Straying From The Point
Chapter 899: Meeting The Father-In-Law
Chapter 900: Secrets Of Men
Chapter 901: Mr. Right
Chapter 902: The Civil Affairs Bureau
Chapter 903: Growing Old Together
Chapter 904: New Neighbors
Chapter 905: Good Neighbors
Chapter 906: The Guidance Of Public Opinion
Chapter 907: Sharing Happiness
Chapter 908: The Different Fate Of Two Movies
Chapter 909: An A-Level Film
Chapter 910: A Great Film
Chapter 911: Thank You All
Chapter 912: A Beautiful Misunderstanding
Chapter 913: Who Likes Vegetables?
Chapter 914: The Stuntman
Chapter 915: The Invitation From Madame Tussauds
Chapter 916: Two Endings
Chapter 917: A Confused Actress
Chapter 918: The Third Floor Of Madame Tussauds
Chapter 919: The Daily Express
Chapter 920: An Acute Question
Chapter 921: The Pianist
Chapter 922: The Grammy Sponsorship
Chapter 923: Are You Ready?
Chapter 924: How To Get A Star On The Walk Of Fame
Chapter 925: The Star Ceremony
Chapter 926: The Best Group Photo
Chapter 927: An Honest Friend
Chapter 928: The Guest Judge
Chapter 929: The Wedding Ring
Chapter 930: A Sudden Attack
Chapter 931: Vancouver
Chapter 932: A Short Scene
Chapter 933: Roosevelt
Chapter 934: A Former President
Chapter 935: Project Runway
Chapter 936: Decision
Chapter 937: Three Kinds Of People One Shouldn’T Ignore
Chapter 938: Monkey Boxing
Chapter 939: A Second-Hand Grammy Invitation
Chapter 940: Two Different Groups
Chapter 941: A Gorgeous Military-Style Outfit
Chapter 942: Low
Chapter 943: Shock
Chapter 944: Shut The Door And Release Xiao Song
Chapter 945: A Big Event
Chapter 946: Project Runway
Chapter 947: Acquaintance
Chapter 948: A Bitter Critic
Chapter 949: Eye Candy
Chapter 950: The First Meeting
Chapter 951: Demand Exceeds Supply
Chapter 952: Fighting For An Invitation
Chapter 953: Breaking Old Traditions
Chapter 954: Grandpa And Grandchild
Chapter 955: A Brave Attempt
Chapter 956: Early Retirement
Chapter 957: Plotting
Chapter 958: The Country With The Most Handsome Guys
Chapter 959: The Venice Film Festival
Chapter 960: Grand Slam
Chapter 961: Cheers! Good Boys!
Chapter 962: The Chinese Television And Acting Association
Chapter 963: The Final
Chapter 964: The Meaning Of A Tv Show
Chapter 965: Youth
Chapter 966: The Winner'S Outfit
Chapter 967: Be Careful Around Qin Guan
Chapter 968: The News Disaster
Chapter 969: The General Stockholder Meeting
Chapter 970: At The Construction Site
Chapter 971: A Good Script
Chapter 972: China’S Road
Chapter 973: The Sixth Fuwa
Chapter 974: The National Promotional Film
Chapter 975: Air China
Chapter 976: A Lovely Director
Chapter 977: The Unveiling
Chapter 978: A 500,000,000 Box Office
Chapter 979: Subprime Crisis
Chapter 980: Watching A Romantic Movie
Chapter 981: The Fuwa Actors
Chapter 982: A National Treasure And An Award-Winning Actor
Chapter 983: Another Ad
Chapter 984: Camera!
Chapter 985: Joining The Military
Chapter 986: Push-Ups
Chapter 987: Life Is Like A Tv Show
Chapter 988: The Dining Hall Menu On Tuesdays
Chapter 989: A Special Skill
Chapter 990: An Awkward Proposal
Chapter 991: The First Step Of The Wedding
Chapter 992: The Second Step
Chapter 993: Teacher Chen
Chapter 994: Strength In Unity
Chapter 995: Accident
Chapter 996: A Crazy Ending
Chapter 997: My Wife Is Coming
Chapter 998: A Group Wedding
Chapter 999: Going To The Olympics
Chapter 1000: Another Ending
Chapter 1001: Encore
Chapter 1002: Do You Want An Autograph, President Hu?
Chapter 1003: The Bazaar-Going Actor
Chapter 1004: The Guy From Warner Bros.
Chapter 1005: Driven Away
Chapter 1006: Possessed By The Joker
Chapter 1007: A Strange Task
Chapter 1008: A Great Box Office
Chapter 1009: Another Billion-Dollar Movie
Chapter 1010: The Final Episode
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Alternative Titles:

HALBAPC, 重生之抠脚大汉变男神

Source: Qidian International
Book Details / Information: Qin Guan was reborn and sent back to his final semester in High School 18 years ago. Getting a second chance at life, he works hard to turn things around and eventually become a Prince Charming. What will his life be like the second time around? What will he have to go through? How will he succeed in turning from a loser into a Prince Charming?

Translator: Lan_, May_Wiggins

Editor: Efydatia

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Eighteen Again

Chapter 1: Eighteen Again

Translator: May Wiggins Editor: Efydatia

Qin Guan was reborn and sent back eighteen years in time.

He was having a pancake at the dining table when he realized what had happened. He was so shocked, and the scallion pancake his mom had made for him was so resilient hat small pieces landed on his face as he tore at it with vigor.

A scallion escaped and landed on his hair, the sauce splattering right in his nostrils.

Qin Guan’s dad, who was sitting across from him at the table, glanced at him calmly and turned a page on the newspaper that stood between them like usual.

His dad looked really young. He had few wrinkles on his face as he was just over 40, the very prime of his life. He was reading a newspaper while eating. He seemed really good at multitasking, unlike 18 years later when he would have poked himself in the face with his chopsticks if he’d tried to do the same thing.

Qin Guan touched the sauce on his face and looked at the dishes on the table. There was fried oyster, shredded cucumber and millet congee. He turned towards his mom, who was making pancakes in the kitchen. He thought that she still looked attractive.

Qin Guan got up and walked to the bathroom. He turned on the tap and washed his face by the sink. When he’d cleaned all the sauce off, he thought to himself, “Take things as they come. That’s the spirit.”

Lifting his head, Qin Guan grabbed a towel off the shelf. He chanced a glimpse at the mirror and lowered his head, then raised it back up.

“Oh my God! Who is that?”

In the mirror, there was a man with thin rosy lips, pretty white teeth, and a Roman nose. If he ignored the scallion on his hair, he looked like a complete toy boy. No, a lady-killer.

Qin Guan grinned, and the man in the mirror smiled as well, revealing his bright white teeth. Qin Guan looked in the mirror and removed the scallion from his hair. He looked around, and then put his hands down his blue-and-white school trousers and touched his penis. “There it is! Good, I’m still a man.”

Qin Guan had always had more male hormones than most people. At 18, he already had whiskers on his face.

Thanks to his stubble, pot belly, his chest and leg hair, the fact that he wore a vest and shorts, and of course his favorite pastime of watching TV with his legs spreading wide, Qin Guan looked like the very definition of a sloppy guy.

Now his body had changed, and Qin Guan, who was just beginning to accept that he had been reborn, was confused once again.

“Was I reborn or did I travel through time? How come my appearance has changed?”

Before Qin Guan could think it over, his mom’s voice rang out through the house.

“Qin Guan, are you full? You’re going to be late for class!”

Qin Guan was aware that 18 years ago he had still been in high school. He popped his head out and took a look at the calendar in the living room. It was March, 1998. Jesus, it was only several months before the College Entrance Examination!

Qin Guan hastily toweled his face and ran to his bedroom. He grabbed his schoolbag and swept all the test papers that had been on his desk inside it.

Snatching his bike key off the desk, he walked into the living room, picked up the rest of his pancake and shoved it into his mouth, lisping, “Mom, I’m out.”

He put on his green cotton jacket and ran down the stairs.

Qin Guan reached the entrance of the building and got on his bike. It was an old 28-inch-diameter that made all kinds of noise but had a nonfunctional bell.

As he headed to school, he finished the rest of his pancake and thought to himself, “What were the questions on the College Entrance Examination? I can’t remember. Forget it. Should I ask Zhou Jing to come play a video game? Yes, definitely.”

Wow, did it feel good to be young.

Qin Guan’s high school was one of the best in the province. The campus was swarming with straight-A students.

Qin Guan had taken a lot of blows since enrolling there. He had gradually gotten used to it, but with so many straight-A students around, former straight-F students had to work extra hard. However, thanks to their influence, Qin Guan had managed to get accepted into a respectable technical college.

Although he would have to go through the suffering of the College Entrance Examination one more time, Qin Guan did not feel stressed at all. He would just follow the steps of the straight-A students like last time. He would need to change his major, though. There were hardly any cute girls at technical colleges, a fact that Qin Guan had always complained about before his rebirth.

Riding over another slope, Qin Ran could finally see the school gate. There were more students on the road, all in blue-and-white or red-and-white uniforms. Panting for breath, Qin Guan stopped at the base of the slope. He wheeled his bike up with one hand, while he used his other hand to push the last piece of pancake into his mouth.

If there was anything bad about his rebirth, it was his physique. He might be taller, but he was rather thin. Looking at his small ribs, Qin Guan let out a sigh. He decided his priority would be to work out.

Qin Guan was wheeling the bike forward when he passed by a group of girls. The girls giggled and ran alongside him for several steps.

One of the girls looked back and whispered to the girl next to her, “Wow, he looks so cute, even while eating a pancake!”

The other girl whispered back, “The school hunk? I sure envy that pancake!”

Qin Guan listened in. He was so surprised to hear the word pancake that he nearly spat out the sauce before swallowing it. From what he remembered, high school girls were quite shy. How come they suddenly wanted to switch places with a pancake?

When the girls walked away, Qin Guan wheeled his bike forward and entered the campus. He went to the bike shed, locked his bike and walked into the teaching building.

Qin Guan went to the third floor, into Class 8, Grade 3, and found his seat. It was the one by the window, in the second row from the back. He knew his way around well, so he reached his seat fast and dropped his schoolbag on the desk. How good it felt to relive that!

In less than five minutes, the bell rang. Watching the head teacher come in, Qin Guan felt his eyes water. He had not seen her in years, but the elderly lady was still as plump as ever.

Qin Guan took a look at the seat behind him. It was empty. Zhou Jing, who always sat in the back row, was late again. As Qin Guan was thinking about him, a tall boy rushed through the door and bumped right into the head teacher.

The teacher saw it was Zhou Jing and started yelling at him, “You’re late again, Zhou Jing! How many times have you been late? You know the rule, go stand in the corner!”

Zhou Jing did not say anything. He left his schoolbag in his seat and went to stand in the corner. Under the guidance of the head teacher, the straight-A students started their routine morning self-study. When the teacher was not looking his way, Qin Guan twisted his head back, pouted his lips at Zhou Jing and whispered, “Did you stay up late last night reading about martial arts and chivalry fiction?”

Zhou Jing looked shocked that Qin Guan would initiate a conversation with him. Stuttering, he answered, “Are you talking to me?”

Qin Guan felt confused.

“Yes,” he said.

Zhou Jing sniffled and said, “You’ve been buried in books for the past three years. You’re always ashamed to be seen with straight-F students like me, because you think we’ll damage your image and reputation. Now you’re talking to me first. Did the sun rise in the west today? Maybe it does once in a blue moon!”

Qin Guan felt horrible. How the hell had this version of Qin Guan behaved at school before his rebirth?

The way Zhou Jing had described him chilled Qin Guan to the bone. He turned to Zhou Jing again and said, “I had a brain fade for two and a half years, but now I’m feeling better. I’ll make it up to you. Let’s go to an arcade this weekend.”

Zhou Jing looked excited. “I’ll take your word for it. Your treat, though,” he added quickly.

Qin Guan grinned and formed the victory sign with his fingers before turning back to his book.


Total Chapters in book: 1009
Estimated words: 897043 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 4485(@200wpm)___ 3588(@250wpm)___ 2990(@300wpm)