Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife by Mei Ye Shui Cao

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Chapter 2 — Thank You Qin Jiran noticed both the peculiarity of Su Yanyi’s silence and the shift in her expression. The instant he saw her eyes reddening, his eyebrows scrunched together to form a deep crease, and he asked in an extremely concerned voice, “Yanyi, what’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?” “You don’t want to divorce?” There was a hint of bitterness in Su Yanyi’s voice, but her tone was rather cautious, as though she was struggling to make the most difficult decision of her life. “I…” Of course not! But he couldn’t say that. Even though his heart was brimming with reluctance, he could not bear to make Su Yanyi feel distressed. He took in the look on her face and went as far as to begin blaming and resenting himself for bringing up the question just now. He’d already decided to comply with her wishes, and he was painfully aware of how disinclined she was towards their marriage, so why had he opened his big mouth to ask her that question? Damn! How would she see him? Would she think that he was unwilling to separate because he was infatuated with the power and influence that came with being married to her? Would she assume that he was greedy and didn’t know when to stop? Would she dislike and feel more disgusted with him? He’d clearly exerted himself in an effort to do everything well—he tried his utmost at acting, at working, at preventing her from hating him, and at making her like him. And yet, the result was nothing short of despairing. His efforts weren’t enough to exchange for even a smile from her. Perhaps divorce was the best choice. He would release her from the chains of their marriage, let her be free to do what she wanted to do, and he… as long as he could stay in a place where she couldn’t see him and be allowed to silently watch her and silently like her, then that would be enough for him. “I’ll go make breakfast. After we eat, we’ll go file the divorce.” Qin Jiran had always been a decisive person. Since he had thought it through, then no matter how much pain he was feeling in his heart, as long as it was for Su Yanyi’s sake, he would proceed without hesitation. For a moment, Su Yanyi was astonished. His reaction had fallen far from her expectations. There was no doubt that he liked her. Why was he so accepting and cooperative about the divorce? But then, she immediately understood. In her past life, wasn’t he just as straightforward? The previous her had assumed that it was because he didn’t mind, but now that she had gotten the whole picture, she was finally able to make sense of his thought process. This man was probably doing it for her, so like a fool, he agreed to divorce. After grasping this point, Su Yanyi felt more guilty and sad. “Let’s eat. About the divorce… we’ll talk about it next time.” Regardless of the reason behind the man’s compliance, she herself did not wish to divorce yet. Whether it was due to guilt or to other reasons, she was willing to give the two of them a new beginning. Due to being an orphan who had learned to be self-reliant since childhood, Qin Jiran possessed exceptional culinary skills. However, as he made breakfast that morning, he felt a sense of fear because he didn’t know what was wrong with Su Yanyi, but she stayed behind to stare at him as he cooked. He fumbled, and the salt that he was supposed to add to the dish was almost replaced by sugar. The atmosphere at breakfast was very weird. Qin Jiran tried to stay as silent as possible and focused on eating his food, but he could still feel the burn of Su Yanyi’s gaze on him. So uncomfortable. So many times, he wanted to ask her what she was looking at. Was it because he hadn’t washed his face? When his thoughts reached that point, he began to feel more uneasy. Because he was stressed out over the divorce, he had unwittingly sat outside her bedroom for an entire night. His appearance was most likely a disheveled one, and he didn’t know whether or not she would shun him more for it. Aside from her gaze, there was also something else nagging at him. Su Yanyi had said they would discuss the matter of their divorce next time. Did that mean they weren’t going to divorce? Not yet, at least? What kind of disposition did Su Yanyi possess? He and anyone else who was familiar with her knew that she was a typical case of self-centered and assertive. No one could change her mind for her, and it was within reason to describe her as someone who often assumed an air of self-importance. All of this contributed to one thing: Her decisions would almost always be carried out with no changes or exceptions made. And yet now, she was changing her mind about the divorce. How could Qin Jiran not feel skeptical? Unfortunately, he could only keep all of his doubts bottled up inside. He was not qualified to ask. In any case, temporarily not divorcing was a good thing. Though their husband-and-wife relationship had always been a cold one, he still cherished it nonetheless. Perhaps it was because he knew he wouldn’t receive much, so every little bit became immensely treasurable. Su Yanyi stared at Qin Jiran as she ate with relish; his culinary skills were excellent. Tremella congee1 and small steamed dumplings2, coupled with a few stir-fry dishes… just looking at them made her —someone who’d lived the life of a vegetable for two years— feel moved. One would not know how to cherish something until they’ve lost it—this saying couldn’t be more accurate. “Jiran.” A simple address, and yet it was Su Yanyi’s first time calling him by something so intimate. Qin Jiran was visibly stunned. And then, with some disbelief and restless tentativeness, he responded, “Yes?” “Breakfast was very good… thank you.” She sounded a bit unnatural as she expressed her thanks, but nonetheless, the words “thank you” were said earnestly. She thanked him for not only breakfast but also everything he had done for her in her past life. Because she was oblivious to love, and it was too foreign to her, she couldn’t guarantee that she would be able to reciprocate his feelings, but the vow she had made to herself back then was genuine. “You’re welcome. If you like it, I’ll make it again next time.” Qin Jiran’s voice contained a trace of uncontrollable giddiness. This was his first time being praised by Su Yanyi, and it made his heart race and his mind fall into a dream-like state. At twenty-eight, Qin Jiran was older than Su Yanyi by two years, and not too long ago, he became the nation’s youngest Starlight Award winner. His public image had always been depicted as a high and superior one. Distant and indifferent, handsome and domineering; he gave off the impression of an unapproachable male god who could only be viewed from far away. Only in front of Su Yanyi would he be reduced to a silly and shy boy. Only in front of her would he reveal such an awkward and naive expression. As she took in his flustered state, Su Yanyi couldn’t help but start to scold herself. How blind had she been in her past life to not notice the man’s feelings for her?! She was so useless! VIN: Doesn’t this chapter just make you want to coddle QJR? Also, you can click/press on the footnotes above the words to see pictures of the food they had. RELEASE SCHEDULE: 5x a week. Why? Because chapter 65 begins the 8k (in raws) chapters, so I’ll need time to stockpile those.
Chapter 3 — The Virtuous Wife System After breakfast, under Qin Jiran’s thoughtful and attentive gaze, Su Yanyi returned to her bedroom. She laid quietly on her bed and closed her eyes before falling into a state of deep contemplation. Rebirth had allowed her to return to three years prior, on the day she and Qin Jiran were supposed to divorce. However, since she was reborn, things were bound to be different. This time, she had chosen not to divorce. One, because she did not have the heart to hurt Qin Jiran again, and two, because it was something she herself decided, with her own wishes in mind. Setting aside her marriage problems, she began to ponder on the issue of her enemies. She knew that the car accident in her past life had been pre-planned. The scheme had been fueled by the influence of both jealousy and greed. Jealousy towards her, and greed towards her family’s assets. When she was confined in bed, she’d yearned to annihilate those treacherous people. Now, she was reborn, and she wasn’t dreaming either. One by one, little by little, she would show those people how terrifying a thing offending her was! Wang Zhilin. Weren’t you in love with Qin Jiran? Weren’t you envious of me for holding his heart? Then why don’t I let you become the woman he hates most so that for the rest of your life, you would not gain a single shred of his attention? Didn’t your family want to seize the Su family’s properties? Then I’ll destroy the Wang family and make it into a stepping stone for the Su family! Anything you want, I’ll take away! Anything you care about, I’ll destroy! I’ll make you regret living in this world! I’ll drain you of your will to live! As Su Yanyi laid calmly on her bed, her face without the slightest of fluctuations, a frightening storm was brewing in her heart. Soon, the entire City A would be swept up in the reign of terror that would come with the idea she had in mind! Wang Zhilin! Wang family! Everyone who had betrayed her, and everyone who’d kicked her when she was down… just wait to receive her punishment! Drop! Drop! Drop! Decision: NO divorce. System requirements met! Commencing official installment of the Virtuous Wife System… Host, please wait patiently! While the seeds of hatred were still sprouting in her heart, Su Yanyi suddenly heard a very strange voice. The voice had a robotic quality to it, and it seemed to have sounded from her own mind. She wanted to open her eyes, but she found herself immobilized. It felt just like when she was in a vegetative state; her mind was functioning like a normal person’s, but she couldn’t control her body. Panic seized her and made it hard for her to breathe, but that lasted for only a moment. Su Yanyi calmed down and patiently waited. One had to agree that her great success was well-deserved, as she was an exemplar of someone who possessed strong psychological diathesis. At the same time, she was intrepid and resilient. She was capable of adapting, quickly and easily, to her rebirth and the strange voice in her head. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long. After about three minutes, she heard the somewhat bizarre-sounding voice again. Virtuous Wife System, installment complete. The Virtuous Wife System will help every host become a perfect and virtuous wife! The robotic voice ceased, but before Su Yanyi could react, a cute, little girl’s voice started to speak. [Drop! Hello, Master. System No. 001 is at your service. You can call me Lil’ Zero or Lil’ One. Congratulations to Master for obtaining the Virtuous Wife System. Master, you must work hard to become a virtuous wife, okay?] The System’s voice sounded like it was deliberately trying to play cute, which Su Yanyi thought was funny. Whatever little amount of tension she was feeling instantly dissipated. She became very interested in conversing with the System. “001? Is that your serial number? Does that mean there are other Systems out there?” Rare things were precious things—Su Yanyi was already beginning to consider the singularity of this ‘System.’ [The universe contains endless possibilities, but the Virtuous Wife System is one-of-a-kind. There are no pirated versions of it!] “What does the System do? What do I have to give in exchange? Why do I have it?” Su Yanyi was utterly perplexed by this System business, and her rebirth too. Neither could be explained using science. [The System has many functions. Master, you will have to slowly figure them out on your own. And don’t worry, the System does not require Master to give anything in exchange! And as for why Master has the System, that’s because after several data statistic tests were run, Master was selected.] “Then what do I need to do now?” Although Su Yanyi was skeptical, since the System seemed to only bring benefits and came with no catches, she was beginning to accept it. Her intuition told her that the System was an accessory to her rebirth and that the two were meant to complement each other. It would not bring her harm. Please confirm the activation of the System. Yes or no? “Yes!” System activation: Success! Host Level: 1 Points: 0 There are six major functions available for use: [Lvl. 1] Space Dimension [Lvl. 1] Pinpoint Location [Lvl. 1] Culinary Arts [Lvl. 1] Medical Prowess [Lvl. 1] Resources [Lvl. 1] Auxiliary Assistance [Each function has a different usage. Master, please experience them slowly and use them reasonably.] Half an hour passed with Su Yanyi engaged in an ask-and-answer conversation with the System. Finally, she was able to get an understanding of the System’s various major functions. Each major function was relatively self-explanatory; the Space Dimension function, for example, was responsible for storage. Level 1 granted a cubic meter1 of space. Judging from the fact that a leveling aspect existed, there would obviously be follow-up expansions. The Pinpoint Location function would allow her to determine a specific individual’s location. Level 1 could only support one person, and it was mandatory to set Qin Jiran as that one person. The Culinary Arts and Medical Prowess functions allowed the host to learn some basic culinary and medical skills. Su Yanyi had given them both a cursory skim —just enough to get a general idea— before shifting her focus to the last two major functions. The Resources function was miraculous. Level 1 gifted two scripts and ten songs. She’d given them each nothing but a brief glance, and she could already affirm how valuable the scripts and songs were. They were definitely at the top-tier level, which made Su Yanyi feel delighted, and she even began to look forward to the later developments of the System. She was only at Level 1, and yet she was already provided with so many functions. To what extent would the System reach after further development? Would it bring her more delightful surprises? The last function, Auxiliary Assistance, was like a daily help function. At Level 1, the host was given one chance to ask for help or advice. As for what kind of help, the System did not specify. The host had to figure it out themselves. Despite that, Su Yanyi was certain that the function would prove to be a very useful one. After learning about the System, she felt as though she had been smashed on the head by a meat pie—a pure meat pie, and most importantly, it was free! VIN: Click/press on the footnote to see how big a cubic meter is. It’s actually quite small. RELEASE SCHEDULE: 5x a week. Why? Because chapter 65 begins the 8k (in raws) chapters, so I’ll need time to stockpile those.
Chapter 4 — The Task is Difficult “The System can be upgraded, right? How is it done?” [Master has to complete missions to level up. The Accumulation Mission requires Master to make dear Mr. Qin smile —genuinely— ten times. Each time will come with a one-point reward. Ten points are needed to unlock the Upgrade Mission. The Upgrade Mission requires Master to brew Mr. Qin a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee that you brewed yourself, okay, Master?] “…..” That explained why the System was called the Virtuous Wife System. Su Yanyi suddenly felt enlightened. She had to make Qin Jiran smile genuinely ten times? She felt that the task was a bit difficult. Admittedly, aside from when he was acting, she had never seen a smile on his face before. However, Su Yanyi was interested in taking the challenge. As the matter of fact, she felt that compared to upgrading the System, making Qin Jiran smile was far more motivating and meaningful. She really did want to see how that man looked when he was smiling! ….. Meanwhile, Qin Jiran was talking on the phone, giving instructions to someone. “Let me know everything you can dig up about what’s happened to and around her recently.” His voice was grim, and his expression was one of concern, with a hint of determination. He didn’t want to do an investigation on Su Yanyi, but he was even more unwilling to be kept in the dark if something bad had happened to Su Yanyi. If he were the Qin Jiran from three years ago, he would’ve been powerless to do anything, but the current him held the power to do some of the things he wanted to do. To him, the events during breakfast and Su Yanyi’s change had been clear as day. Neither her decision to not divorce and the “thank you” she gave during breakfast were things that she would do under normal circumstances. After three years of marriage, her indifference and stubbornness had left a deep impression on him. Her eyes only contained herself. Regardless of the occasion, he had never heard a “thank you” come out of her mouth before. Words of praise were scarce, and the instances of her changing her mind were almost nonexistent. And yet, just a few hours ago, it all occurred. Qin Jiran couldn’t not overthink it. Just what had happened? Qin Jiran sat on the sofa outside of Su Yanyi’s bedroom and began to think. Last night, he’d also sat in the same spot and contemplated for the entire night. He’d thought about the time he first met her. The indescribable feeling he would get when she made his heart race. His decision to enter the entertainment circle for her. Their contract. Their marriage. And lastly, her indifference and disdain towards him… Maybe it was due to the contractual nature of their marriage, but Su Yanyi had always believed that he’d agreed to it because it was a transaction that promised him a desirable future. Therefore, the way she treated him was three times colder than how she usually treated others. When he agreed to her proposal, he’d expected the result to be like this, but in front of her, he was unable to say a single word of rejection. Back then, he had even felt a bit muddle-headed. However, he never regretted his decision. He only blamed himself for being awkward and incompetent. Three years had passed, but he was still unable to make Su Yanyi feel even the slightest of affections towards him. Qin Jiran felt somewhat depressed as he sat there, and he released a heavy sigh. And thus, when Su Yanyi walked out of her bedroom, the first thing she saw was his dejected appearance. She raised her eyebrows, and a sliver of a smile entered her eyes. The sight of him like this was so unusual that it amused her. Qin Jiran took in her outfit and asked, “Are you going out?” It was eight in the morning. Their original plan was to go out and get the legal divorce procedures done, but now that they weren’t going, they both had free time on their hands. Did she change her mind again? His heart dropped, and his face hardened, but he reluctantly strove to remain expressionless. He would respect Su Yanyi’s decision, no matter what it was. “I’m going to the company,” she explained, which was something she rarely did. After a round of deliberation, Su Yanyi, who had always been proficient in everything she did, was unable to sit still knowing that all of those little traitors and the people who’d kicked her when she was down were still bustling around. The look in her eyes became ice-cold. Qin Jiran had been looking at her the entire time and naturally noticed the coldness in her eyes. His eyebrows scrunched together, and in a somewhat solemn tone, he asked, “Did something happen?” She shot him a glance and did not answer. She didn’t know how to answer. It wasn’t like she could tell him that she knew who would betray her in the future and was going to go deal with them. A bit of unease crept into Qin Jiran’s heart. He felt that he had been rude to ask. After all, why would she tell him about her matters at work? Forcing down the bitterness in his heart, he apologized as calmly as possible, “Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” Worry had caused him to step out of line. Su Yanyi was probably fed up with him already. As Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran, who was clearly trying to endure his feelings of dejection, she became the one scrunching her eyebrows instead. “There’s no need to apologize.” If one were to call Qin Jiran ineloquent, then Su Yanyi wouldn’t be considered any different. The words that were meant to be interpreted as comfort came out stiff and without the slightest of emotions. However, Su Yanyi herself was not aware of this problem. She lifted the corners of her lips in an attempt to smile at him, but what Qin Jiran saw was the complete opposite. No matter how he looked, all he saw was a cold smile, and it made his heart tighten with a touch of pain. It seemed that she was more disgusted with him now. She’d even revealed a cold smile. At that, the corners of his lips also curved into a smile, but it was one of mockery towards his own incompetence and clumsiness. He didn’t even know how to make the woman he loved like him back. The situation was still so despairing, even after all the time and thought he’d spent on pursuing her. Meanwhile, when Su Yanyi saw the forced smile on his face, the furrow between her brows deepened. If you don’t want to laugh, then don’t laugh. Such a forced smile… did he think she was blind? “Don’t smile.” Her scrunched up eyebrows and her cold tone of voice gave her a very imposing vibe. The mood instantly became so stiff that even she noticed it. Su Yanyi reflected on herself for a moment before speaking in what she assumed was a reassuring voice, “Don’t smile. It doesn’t look good.” Don’t smile if you don’t want to. Honestly, a forced smile was not good-looking at all. What she wanted to see was his real, genuine smile. “…..” Having been told twice to not smile, Qin Jiran found himself quite speechless. Retracting the pitiful arches from his lips, he looked at her with an embarrassed gaze and was somewhat at a loss. Could it be that even his smile was disliked? Then from now on, should he stop smiling? He really didn’t want to evoke her ire. [Little Theater] Film Emperor: Dear, you used to be so cold to me, you know? Beloved Wife: Just bear with it, for now. The gentleness is still running wild on the path of learning. VIN: Misunderstandings, oof. If only she’d continued speaking. RELEASE SCHEDULE: 5x a week. Why? Because chapter 65 begins the 8k (in raws) chapters, so I’ll need time to stockpile those.
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Su Yanyi: The president of Resplendent Entertainment, the legendary Entertainment Queen, and the support pillar every artist wanted.

She lost everything to one scheme, and only then did she realize that the man she had always treated with coldness and indifference was actually deeply in love with her. At the end of her life, she was left with endless, irreparable regret.

“If I am given another life, I will make every single person who owed me pay me back a hundredfold, and I will do everything within my power to ensure you a safe and happy life!”

Maybe her persistence was simply too impressive, because in the blink of an eye, she returned to a time three years ago and obtained a very special System—The Virtuous Wife System.

Was this telling her that she had been the Entertainment Queen for too long, so she should try something new and become a virtuous wife instead?

Qin Jiran: The new generation Film Emperor, handsome and domineering, a lofty male god in the eyes of countless fans.

In his entire life, he only ever loved Su Yanyi. It was a pity that she did not love him back, and even after three years of marriage together, it was all still just a contractual transaction to her.

“Yanyi, do we have to divorce?” Hidden within the man’s cold, hard expression was deep sorrow and despair.

In both her past life and her present life, their fates intertwined. Su Yanyi was reborn back to the day they were supposed to divorce.

Will she adhere to the choice she had made in her past life, or will she embark on a different path?

With the help of the Virtuous Wife System, the dense and stoic Su Yanyi set out to pamper her oblivious husband, stumbling over her own inexperience as she tried to convince him that no, he was not having auditory hallucinations, and no, she was not feeling ill!

Just, why was the first task —make him smile genuinely ten times— already so difficult?

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Chapter 1 — Rebirth

Anger. Reluctance. Regret.

A distant voice, gradually fading away.

The moment of death!

Darkness. Struggle. Consciousness.

A pair of eyes, suddenly flying open.

The moment of rebirth!


It was a cold pair of eyes, touched by murderous intent. A trace of doubt flickered across those lustrous orbs—remarkably fierce, dark, detached, and incomparably profound.

“I didn’t die?” The woman’s aloof voice was tinged with obvious disbelief, but the emotion that showed, for the most part, was unrepressed surprise. Unrepressed, pleasant surprise.

This was especially so when she discovered that she was actually able to move her body, which made the look of pleasant surprise blossomed further.

What was going on? Didn’t she die? Killed by that woman, whose face had been hideously contorted by jealousy? The expression that had been on that woman’s face was still fresh in her mind, and it elicited sympathy from her.

Sympathy for that woman, who’d poured in her heart and soul in a vain attempt to attain her desires. Why? Because the man that woman loved had only ever wanted one woman, and the woman he wanted was her—Su Yanyi!

The thought of that man caused a drastic change to come over Su Yanyi; her icy-cold and indifferent expression warmed and softened by a visible degree.

However, there was no time to consider those things now. She’d noticed something strange about her situation. When she slowly moved her four limbs, she realized that they were no longer stiff and uncontrollable.

Due to a car accident, Su Yanyi had been confined to bed for two whole years. Her current new discovery left her delighted, and the delight didn’t just end there. When she planted her feet on the floor and stood up, steady and firm, she almost felt like crying.

Cold, arrogant, strong, and merciless—Su Yanyi was often described as that type of woman. She stood at the pinnacle of the entertainment world as its queen, and if anyone were to claim that Su Yanyi was capable of crying, no one would believe it.

Unfortunately, the car accident had reduced her to a vegetative state. Apart from her family, friends, and that man, everyone else had mocked her and treated her as though she were unconscious, or that she would never even wake up again.

At the foot of her hospital bed, she’d witnessed the reveal of countless ugly expressions, and she’d been subjected to all kinds of vicious insults.

It had been as if the entire world hated her; whether it was something she’d done or something that had nothing to do with her, she was blamed for it.

Everyone’s discontent was due to her mistakes, and everyone’s grudges were hers to pay. It was utterly loathsome and at the same time laughable!

At the time, she’d swore that if she were to one day wake up, she would let all of them pay the consequences—especially those who’d colluded together to harm her. She would not let any of them go!

Since she was awake now, did that mean she had regained her consciousness? In the last moment, had that woman decided not to kill her? Su Yanyi was confused and uncertain, but then she immediately started to notice several strange inconsistencies.

Her surroundings were extremely familiar to her. She was in her house and bedroom—or rather, her former house and bedroom. Before she divorced that man, this was the place she’d lived in for three years. Afterward, she’d never returned again.

Qin Jiran. In name, he was her ex-husband, but their marriage had been nothing more than a business transaction. Or at least, she’d assumed it was nothing more than a business transaction. It wasn’t until she fell into a vegetative state that she realized just how much the man had loved her.

During those two years as a human vegetable, aside from her family and servants, the only person who’d stayed by her side and tirelessly took care of her was that man.

He’d persisted, regardless of their divorced status and the muddled state of her consciousness. His figure was now embedded deeply in her heart.

At the time, she’d made another vow. She’d vowed that, if possible, she would repay the man’s affections. If she couldn’t love him back, then she would still do her best to make him happy and grant him a good life.

Now then. Since she was here, what about that man? How did she return to this place? Su Yanyi carried her doubts with her as she cautiously walked around the room. Her keen eyes surveyed her surroundings until suddenly, she froze.

An all-too-familiar figure was reflected in the clear surface of a nearby mirror. It was herself, but at the same time, there was something indescribably odd about her reflection.

Twenty-three was her age when she secretly married Qin Jiran. Twenty-six was when they secretly divorced, and a short year later, the car accident happened. Afterward, for two years, she was a human vegetable.

In the year of her divorce, her image had undergone a drastic change. She’d even chopped off her waist-length hair. Whether it was the style of her pajamas or the length of her glossy black hair, she felt that the current her looked… off.

As if she had gone back in time.

With some uncertainty, she looked around and found her phone in a very familiar spot. Her phone was on, and after using it to check the date, Su Yanyi’s entire person faltered.

“Is someone playing a joke on me? Or…” She paused briefly, and then in a trembling yet pleasantly surprised voice, “I went back to three years ago?”

Su Yanyi had always been an expressionless person. Anger and happiness never showed on her face, but this time, her face was brimming with jubilation. It didn’t matter if it was her consciousness that had been regained or a rebirth that had occurred.

To her, both were great news!

She quickly steadied her slightly erratic breathing and tapped on her phone screen, dialing a number she’d memorized a long time ago. The call was answered almost immediately, and Su Yanyi’s sharp ears also happened to pick up the familiar ringtone coming from another part of the house.

Qin Jiran’s ringtone.

She opened the door. With some haste, she walked out, and then she heard the man’s familiar voice through both her phone and reality, at the same time.

“Yanyi?” There was a touch of bitterness in Qin Jiran’s voice, as though he was trying his best to sound more gentle, but it sounded dry and unwelcoming nonetheless.

Su Yanyi stared at the man in front of her. Countless memories played in her mind, and every one of them lined up perfectly with the present. Back then, she’d also walked out of her bedroom to see Qin Jiran sitting there.

Detached, expressionless, and indifferent.

This was one of the reasons why the previous Su Yanyi never realized how the man felt about her. He always had a cold and alienating aura about him, so how could she possibly have sensed any tenderness from him at all?

And yet, perhaps it was because this time she knew about his feelings for her, his expression now gave off a different impression. The warmth and nervousness that were hidden behind his chilly facade suddenly made her think: Cute.

After she finished organizing all of her thoughts together, she finally opened her mouth and said the same words she did in her past life.

“Why are you here?”

Qin Jiran felt a bit awkward, but he hid it very well and asked as casually as possible, “Are you hungry? I’ll go make breakfast, let’s eat together.”

There was a time when Su Yanyi was ignorant of the changes in this man’s expression. She’d always assumed that their relationship was built on business and mutual cooperation, so she’d never cared to figure out what the man was really thinking.

They’d interacted with such indifference that there had been absolutely no need for her to consider his mood.

However, she was surprised to discover that she could no longer ignore the changes in his expressions. It was suddenly very easy to notice the loss and exhaustion on his face. Again, maybe it was because she knew of his feelings now.

Su Yanyi opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end, she remained silent.

When her lack of expression and silence fell into Qin Jiran’s eyes, he misunderstood and took it for silent refusal. It seemed that she didn’t even want to eat breakfast with him anymore.

He contemplated for a moment, and then with some difficulty, he forced down his sad mood. He used an extremely complicated tone of voice to say, “Yanyi, do we have to divorce?”

His words made the look in Su Yanyi’s eyes become similarly complicated. So, she really had traveled back to three years ago. Not only that but to a very special day too. It was the day the previous her decided to go through the divorce procedures with Qin Jiran.

When she was in a vegetative state, she’d once considered something: If she could go back in time, would she still be able to divorce Qin Jiran so heartlessly? Treat him so coldly?

Her attitude toward him had never been good. When they first met, she was the president of her own entertainment company, and he was just a newcomer.

If it weren’t for the sake of satisfying her family’s requirements, she wouldn’t have married, and she never would’ve gotten together with Qin Jiran. The marriage contract had been her own idea. Using a business-like transaction method, she’d married him not for love, but for the sake of accomplishing the mission her family had set for her. In return, she was his great support pillar and aided in making his road to stardom a smooth one.

Thus, the relationship between Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran was like one between a superior and her subordinate. Even though they lived in the same house, they would often not see each other for months at a time, and when they did, they would only exchange a few meaningless words, at most.

Su Yanyi had believed that Qin Jiran agreed to the contract because he wanted fame and success. Therefore, when she chose to get a divorce, she hadn’t felt any remorse or guilt. It had never occurred to her that the reason he entered the entertainment circle and agreed to marry her was all because he liked her.

Only when she was lying in a vegetative state did she realize that. The innumerable nights he’d spent by her bedside, using an emotional voice to talk to her, his feelings so heavy that even she had felt depressed for him.

On many occasions, she had thought that if given the chance, she would treat this man better, as to not squander his deep love for her.

And now, she was reborn and sent back to three years ago. There was no way for her to not look at him with a complicated gaze. He fully occupied her mind.

The way he looked when he was attentively taking care of her.

The way he looked on those countless late nights when his eyes brimmed with tears, and he whispered that he loved her.

The way he looked when he spoke his oath-like hopes, word by word, to her.


“Yanyi, you’ll definitely get better. When you do, you’ll be able to go wherever you want to go. You’ll be able to see the sun rise and fall. You’ll be able to do whatever you want to do.”

“Yanyi, please. I’m begging you, please. Get better soon. Even though you’ll leave my side after you get better, you have to get better…”

“Yanyi, is it because I’m not good enough? Is it because you hate me too much, is that why you refuse to wake up?”

“Yanyi, I don’t want anything else. I just want you to wake up…”

“Yanyi, wake up. Wake up…”

Sometimes gentle and tender; sometimes weak and low; sometimes sad and mournful. Those emotions of his were all kept deep in her heart.

Hearing the man say the exact same words he had spoken in her past life, Su Yanyi instantly felt her eyes redden.

Divorce? Whoever dared to say that word in front of her again, she would let them have a taste of what being a human vegetable was like!

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