Refining the Mountains and Rivers by Canteen Buns

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Chapter 476A – Fry In Chili Oil
Chapter 476B – Fry In Chili Oil
Chapter 477 – The Black Continent In The Sea Of Poison
Chapter 478 – Continent Collapsing
Chapter 479 – I Want To Laugh
Chapter 480 – Great Dao Body
Chapter 481A – Your Heart Is Too Black
Chapter 481B – Your Heart Is Too Black
Chapter 482 – Grandmaster, There Are Very Important Things We Forgot To Mention
Chapter 483 – The Demon Ascension Gate Opens
Chapter 484A – Paying Respects To The Demon Statue
Chapter 484B – Paying Respects To The Demon Statue
Chapter 485A – The Young Master Sun Who Loves To Double
Chapter 485B – The Young Master Sun Who Loves To Double
Chapter 486A - Cosmic Seacross Bell
Chapter 486B - Cosmic Seacross Bell
Chapter 487 – Soulguard Stone
Chapter 488 – Demon Beast, Demon Blood, Points
Chapter 489 – Whereareyougoing
Chapter 490 – Ancient Monster Tree
Chapter 491 – Bodyguard
Chapter 492 – Demon Wolf Pack
Chapter 493 – Crushed Stones Like Rain
Chapter 494 - Killing The Demon Wolf King
Chapter 495 – Sky Bloodlineyou’Re Mine
Chapter 496 – Thoroughly Plundered
Chapter 497 – Watchstone
Chapter 498 – Take Advantage
Chapter 499A – Monster Race’S Great Emperor
Chapter 499B – Monster Race’S Great Emperor
Chapter 500 – Monster Race Bloodline Curse
Chapter 501 – Scion Zhao Qianyuan
Chapter 502A – Everyone Has Dark Intentions, Demon Beasts Blocking The Way
Chapter 502B – Everyone Has Dark Intentions, Demon Beasts Blocking The Way
Chapter 503A – The Seventh Eye
Chapter 503B – The Seventh Eye
Chapter 504A – Sun Zifu’S Awakening
Chapter 504B – Sun Zifu’S Awakening
Chapter 505 – Between The Real And Illusory Flames
Chapter 506 – The Other Squad
Chapter 507 – More And More Interesting
Chapter 508 – Crazy
Chapter 509A – A Great Play
Chapter 509B – A Great Play
Chapter 510 – Become Prey
Chapter 511 – Terrifying Monster Emperor
Chapter 512A – The Intelligent Monster Race Great Emperor
Chapter 512B – The Woman With The Myriad Poison Body
Chapter 513 – The Demon Head
Chapter 514 – The Meek True Demon Guards
Chapter 515A – Smoothly Passing
Chapter 515B – Smoothly Passing
Chapter 516A – To Wear The Crown, One Must Bear Its Weight
Chapter 516B – To Wear The Crown, One Must Bear Its Weight
Chapter 517 – Those Who Know Nothing Fear Nothing
Chapter 518 – The Strongest Momentum
Chapter 519A – Genuine Murder License
Chapter 519B – Genuine Murder License
Chapter 520 - I Have A Great Deal Of Curse Strength
Chapter 521 – Old Servant And Brothers
Chapter 522 – Temptation Of The Demon Blood Crystal
Chapter 523 – Demonic Path Holy Land’S Small World
Chapter 524A – Utter Trash
Chapter 524B – Utter Trash
Chapter 525 – Monkey Calls Himself King
Chapter 526 – The Flower Of Ambition Quietly Blooms
Chapter 527A – Quarter Moon Is Not The Limit
Chapter 527B – Quarter Moon Is Not The Limit
Chapter 528A – Moon Fall
Chapter 528B – Moon Fall
Chapter 529 – Large Red Jujube
Chapter 530 - Woes And Blessings
Chapter 531A - Holy Nether Guard Commander
Chapter 531B - Holy Nether Guard Commander
Chapter 532A – An Unwelcome Person
Chapter 532B – An Unwelcome Person
Chapter 533A – Road To Ascending Heaven
Chapter 533B – Road To Ascending Heaven
Chapter 534A – Thank You
Chapter 534B – Thank You
Chapter 535A – Undying Awakens
Chapter 535B – Undying Awakens
Chapter 536A – Like A God Looking Down From The Clouds Above
Chapter 536B – Like A God Looking Down From The Clouds Above
Chapter 537A – Forgiveness And The Heart Of The People
Chapter 537B – Forgiveness And The Heart Of The People
Chapter 538 – Painful Realization
Chapter 539A – Lord Commander, I’Ve Been Wronged
Chapter 539B – Lord Commander, I’Ve Been Wronged
Chapter 540A – Pick The River Of Stars
Chapter 540B – Pick The River Of Stars
Chapter 541 – The Heavens Have Opened Their Eyes
Chapter 542 – Ascending Heaven, Or Buried In The Sea
Chapter 543 – Holy Palace Inheritance
Chapter 544A – Hopes Shattered
Chapter 544B – Hopes Shattered
Chapter 545A – Final Glimmer
Chapter 545B – Final Glimmer
Chapter 546A – The Sea Wants To Kill
Chapter 546B – The Sea Wants To Kill
Chapter 547A – The Beam Of Light From The Skies
Chapter 547B – The Beam Of Light From The Skies
Chapter 548A – Holy Son Armor
Chapter 548B – Holy Son Armor
Chapter 549A – Trust
Chapter 549B – Trust
Chapter 550 – Pitiful People Who Deserve Death But Cannot Die
Chapter 551 – The Mu Family Is Doomed To Tragedy
Chapter 552A – The Kick Before The Flight
Chapter 552B – The Kick Before The Flight
Chapter 553A – The Situation Has Been Decided
Chapter 553B – The Situation Has Been Decided
Chapter 554A – Waves Stirring
Chapter 554B – Waves Stirring
Chapter 555A – Bai Xinyuan
Chapter 555B – Bai Xinyuan
Chapter 556A – Holy Son Seal
Chapter 556B – Holy Son Seal
Chapter 557A – Reunion
Chapter 557B – Reunion
Chapter 558A – Final Sliver Of Kindness
Chapter 558B – Final Sliver Of Kindness
Chapter 559 – The Noble Family That Returned
Chapter 560 – Manor
Chapter 561A – The Confident Fang Family
Chapter 561B – The Confident Fang Family
Chapter 562 – Demon Realm Channel Collapsed
Chapter 563A – Ning Family, Fang Family
Chapter 563B – Who Gave Them Such Courage
Chapter 564A – Reversing The Situation
Chapter 564B – Reversing The Situation
Chapter 565A – Sea Of Purgatory
Chapter 565B - Sea Of Purgatory
Chapter 566A – Strange But Sudden Impulse
Chapter 566B – Strange But Sudden Impulse
Chapter 567A – Seed
Chapter 567B – Seed
Chapter 568 – The Seal Completely Opened
Chapter 569A – Opening
Chapter 569B – Opening
Chapter 570A - Terrifying
Chapter 570B - Terrifying
Chapter 571A - City Ruins
Chapter 571B - City Ruins
Chapter 572A - Struggle Of The Prey
Chapter 572B - Struggle Of The Prey
Chapter 573 – Yellow Springs Fog
Chapter 574 – Mountain Valley
Chapter 575 – Blood Cocoon
Chapter 576A – Yellow Springs Hell
Chapter 576B – Not The Only One Who Fell
Chapter 577A – Plundered Dry
Chapter 577B – Betrayal
Chapter 578A – Bronze Coffin
Chapter 578B – Large And Soft
Chapter 578C – Large And Soft
Chapter 579A – Ice And Fire
Chapter 579B – Ice And Fire
Chapter 580A – Nine Furnaces
Chapter 580B – Nine Furnaces
Chapter 581A – Emperor Zhou
Chapter 581B – Emperor Zhou
Chapter 582 – Virtual World
Chapter 583A – Overdrawing The Source
Chapter 583B – Overdrawing The Source
Chapter 584A – The Good Fortune Already Has A Master
Chapter 584B – The Good Fortune Already Has A Master
Chapter 584C – The Good Fortune Already Has A Master
Chapter 585A – Despair
Chapter 585B – Despair
Chapter 586A – We Won’T Die
Chapter 586B – We Won’T Die
Chapter 587A – Rich Scavenger
Chapter 587B – Rich Scavenger
Chapter 588 – The Divine Stone From The Heavens
Chapter 589A – Madame Sea
Chapter 589B – Madame Sea
Chapter 590A – The Sea Race’S Capital City Once More
Chapter 590B – The Divine Stone Falling Into The Sea Mausoleum
Chapter 590C – The Divine Stone Falling Into The Sea Mausoleum
Chapter 591A – The Bolie Seafolk Sent Running In Fear
Chapter 591B – The Bolie Seafolk Sent Running In Fear
Chapter 592A - Sea Mausoleum
Chapter 592B - Sea Mausoleum
Chapter 593A - The City Deep Within The Sea Mausoleum
Chapter 593B - The City Deep Within The Sea Mausoleum
Chapter 594A - Give Up Escaping
Chapter 594B - Give Up Escaping
Chapter 595 - The Divine Stone Recognizes A Master
Chapter 596A – Returning Home
Chapter 596B – Returning Home
Chapter 597A – Fallen Wing
Chapter 597B – Fallen Wing
Chapter 598A – Source Of Disaster
Chapter 598B – Source Of Disaster
Chapter 599A – Specters
Chapter 599B – Submerged
Chapter 600A – Spectral Disaster
Chapter 600B – Spectral Disaster
Chapter 601A – Seize The Stone Column
Chapter 601B – Seize The Stone Column
Chapter 602A – Might Die But Will Not Bow
Chapter 602B – Might Die But Will Not Bow
Chapter 603 – Inheritance Of The Ancients
Chapter 604 – We Welcome Your Return
Chapter 605 – Goodbye, For Now
Chapter 606A – He Returned
Chapter 606B – He Returned
Chapter 607A – Give Me A Confession
Chapter 607B – Give Me A Confession
Chapter 608A – Three Great Elders Apologize
Chapter 608B – Three Great Elders Apologize
Chapter 609A – A New Era Has Arrived
Chapter 609B – A New Era Has Arrived
Chapter 610A – The Demon Sovereign Visits The Immortal Sect
Chapter 610B – The Demon Sovereign Visits The Immortal Sect
Chapter 611A – Great Yan’S Thistle Capital
Chapter 611B – Great Yan’S Thistle Capital
Chapter 612A - Plot
Chapter 612B - Plot
Chapter 613A – Buried With Her
Chapter 613B – Buried With Her
Chapter 614A – Just A Dream, Just A Play
Chapter 614B – Just A Dream, Just A Play
Chapter 615 – So It Was Like This
Chapter 616 – Burying ‘Ning Ling’
Chapter 617 – Netherworld Lotus
Chapter 618 - Devil Mark
Chapter 619 – The First Grinding Stone
Chapter 620 - First Kill
Chapter 621A – God Skeleton
Chapter 621B – God Skeleton
Chapter 622A – A Finger To Ask The Heavens
Chapter 622B – A Finger To Ask The Heavens
Chapter 623A – God Hunters’ Huntmaster
Chapter 623B – God Hunters’ Huntmaster
Chapter 624A – Sealed Stone World
Chapter 624B – Sealed Stone World
Chapter 625A – Stone Beads
Chapter 625B – Stone Beads
Chapter 626A - It’S You
Chapter 626B - It’S You
Chapter 626C – It’S You
Chapter 627A – Transformation Of Will
Chapter 627B - Transformation Of Will
Chapter 628A - Have Him Hurry Up
Chapter 628B – Have Him Hurry Up
Chapter 628C – Have Him Hurry Up
Chapter 629A - Killing Frozensky Frostfire
Chapter 629B - Killing Frozensky Frostfire
Chapter 630A - The Young Maid
Chapter 630B - The Young Maid
Chapter 631A – Walking Corpses And The Divine Palace
Chapter 631B – Walking Corpses And The Divine Palace
Chapter 632 - Statue
Chapter 633 – The Mist That Corrodes Statues
Chapter 634A – Raising A God
Chapter 634B – Raising A God
Chapter 635A – Give Me Back My Life
Chapter 635B – Give Me Back My Life
Chapter 636A – Ancient Tree
Chapter 636B – Ancient Tree
Chapter 637A – Substantialization Of Will
Chapter 637B – Substantialization Of Will
Chapter 638A – Drink Wine Before Killing
Chapter 638B – Drink Wine Before Killing
Chapter 639A – With The Master Dead, The Hatchet Cannot Survive
Chapter 639B – With The Master Dead, The Hatchet Cannot Survive
Chapter 640A – Sealed Stone World’S Great Dao Boundary
Chapter 640B – Sealed Stone World’S Great Dao Boundary
Chapter 641A – Invading The Immortal Sect
Chapter 641B – Invading The Immortal Sect
Chapter 642A – Immortal Sect Catastrophe
Chapter 642B – Immortal Sect Catastrophe
Chapter 642C – Immortal Sect Catastrophe
Chapter 643A - God Devouring Race
Chapter 643B – God Devouring Race
Chapter 644A – Awakening Ning Ling
Chapter 644B – Awakening Ning Ling
Chapter 645A - The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’S Avatar Dies
Chapter 645B – The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’S Avatar Dies
Chapter 646 – None Of You Can Leave
Chapter 647A – Medicine Garden And Tonic
Chapter 647B – Medicine Garden And Tonic
Chapter 648A – We’Ve Returned
Chapter 648B – We’Ve Returned
Chapter 649A – Monster Race Fires Burning The Heavens
Chapter 649B – Monster Race Fires Burning The Heavens
Chapter 650 - Qin Empire Betrayal
Chapter 651 – Heaven Slaying Earth Burying
Chapter 652A – Receiving The Black Sky Observer
Chapter 652B – Receiving The Black Sky Observer
Chapter 653A – Limitless Drifts Beneath The Moon
Chapter 653B – Limitless Drifts Beneath The Moon
Chapter 654A – Immortal Origin’S Punishment
Chapter 654B – Immortal Origin’S Punishment
Chapter 655A – First Life Clan
Chapter 655B – First Life Clan
Chapter 656A – Child
Chapter 656B – Child
Chapter 657 – Dream
Chapter 658 – Awakening From A Dream
Chapter 659 – 200 Years
Chapter 660 – Fighting At Xianyang
Chapter 661A – Blue Heaven Finger
Chapter 661B – Blue Heaven Finger
Chapter 662 – Immortal Origin Vs Spectral Disaster
Chapter 663 – Devil Race
Chapter 664 – Powerful Devil
Chapter 665 – The Ancient Race Appears
Chapter 666 – Are You Afraid Of Death?
Chapter 667 – Suppressing All Directions
Chapter 668 – Origin Of The Devil
Chapter 669 – That Clan
Chapter 670 – Strange Dreamland
Chapter 671 – Empty Childhood Memories
Chapter 672 – The Existence That Wields The Scorching Sun
Chapter 673 – Ashes And Embers
Chapter 674A – In This World, What Is Love?
Chapter 674B – In This World, What Is Love?
Chapter 675A – Spatial Black Hole
Chapter 675B – Spatial Black Hole
Chapter 676A – Entering A New World
Chapter 676B – Entering A New World
Chapter 677A - Shepherds
Chapter 677B - Shepherds
Chapter 678A – Life’S Greatest Shame
Chapter 678B – Life’S Greatest Shame
Chapter 679A – Companion Spirit Grass
Chapter 679B – Companion Spirit Grass
Chapter 680A – I Won’T Die
Chapter 680B – I Won’T Die
Chapter 681A – The Foggy Mountain Valley And The Blood Flame Fruit Tree
Chapter 681B – The Foggy Mountain Valley And The Blood Flame Fruit Tree
Chapter 682A – Terrifying Blood-Red Tentacles
Chapter 682B – Terrifying Blood-Red Tentacles
Chapter 683 - Unexpectedly Smooth
Chapter 684 - Chain Of Stars
Chapter 685A – Turmoil At Parasol Tree Mountain
Chapter 685B – Turmoil At Parasol Tree Mountain
Chapter 686A – ‘Great Person’
Chapter 686B – ‘Great Person’
Chapter 687A – Light, Small, Thin, Transparent
Chapter 687B – Light, Small, Thin, Transparent
Chapter 688 – Splendid Stage
Chapter 689A – Zhou Li, Do You Acknowledge Your Guilt?
Chapter 689B – Zhou Li, Do You Acknowledge Your Guilt
Chapter 690A – Cross The Bridge And Burn It
Chapter 690B – Cross The Bridge And Burn It
Chapter 691A – Ash Line Grass Discovered
Chapter 691B – Ash Line Grass Discovered
Chapter 692 - The Hidden Fog Sect’S Search
Chapter 693A – Final Trials
Chapter 693B – Final Trials
Chapter 694A – The Title Of Grandmaster Is Without A Doubt
Chapter 694B – The Title Of Grandmaster Is Without A Doubt
Chapter 695A – Sun Xiangzhang’S Envy
Chapter 695B – Sun Xiangzhang’S Envy
Chapter 696A – Blue Orchid Wondrous Flower
Chapter 696B – Blue Orchid Wondrous Flower
Chapter 697 - The Reason Is That Simple
Chapter 698 - Give This Chance
Chapter 699A – Receiving Attention
Chapter 699B – Receiving Attention
Chapter 700A – Species Creation, Realm Of A Grand Expert
Chapter 700B – Species Creation, Realm Of A Grand Expert
Chapter 700C – Species Creation, Realm Of A Grand Expert
Chapter 701 – Like This Mister Sha Liuhe
Chapter 702 – Zhou Li Brings A Gift
Chapter 703 – Dark Parliament
Chapter 704 – Richapter Reward Mission
Chapter 705 - Ash Line Grass Transaction
Chapter 706A – First Attempt Failed
Chapter 706B – First Attempt Failed
Chapter 707 – Soul Injuries Worsening
Chapter 708 – The Beast King War Of The Seven Sects
Chapter 709A – I Will Leave
Chapter 709B – I Will Leave
Chapter 710 – Treating The Dark Star Ice Serpent
Chapter 711 – A Vast Heart And Open Minded Teacher
Chapter 712 - There Really Is A Spy
Chapter 713 - The Vicious Young Master Of The Tiger Pennant
Chapter 714A – A Great Mess
Chapter 714B – A Great Mess
Chapter 715 – Are They Strong And Famous?
Chapter 716 – Playing The Pity Card
Chapter 717A – Teacherteacher
Chapter 717B – Teacherteacher
Chapter 718 - Woman Dress Up For Those They Like
Chapter 719 - Swing Swing
Chapter 720 - An Unexpected Idiot
Chapter 721 - Please Come One More Time
Chapter 722A – First Time Contact
Chapter 722B – First Time Contact
Chapter 723 – Bet
Chapter 724 - Dragon City
Chapter 725 – Spirit Beast Confrontation
Chapter 726 – Ordinary Girl
Chapter 727A – Shadow Clan Auction
Chapter 727B – Shadow Clan Auction
Chapter 728 – Bid
Chapter 729 - Disrupter
Chapter 730 – Take Care Of Yourself
Chapter 731 - Withdrawing
Chapter 732A – Seven Beasts Collide
Chapter 732B – Seven Beasts Collide
Chapter 733 - The First Round
Chapter 734 - Seven Rings
Chapter 735A - Not The Limit
Chapter 735B - Not The Limit
Chapter 736 - Zhou Li’S Probing
Chapter 737 - Dark Side Of Human Nature
Chapter 738A – Breaking Ten Rings
Chapter 738B – Breaking Ten Rings
Chapter 739 - Witchapter Comes First
Chapter 740 - I Understand What I Should Understand
Chapter 741A – Great Storms
Chapter 741B – Great Storms
Chapter 742 – Unexpected
Chapter 743 - A Tragic Farce
Chapter 744 – Resurrection Lily
Chapter 745 – Zhou Li’S Help
Chapter 746A – Explosive Anger
Chapter 746B – Explosive Anger
Chapter 747 – Western Tomb’S Secret
Chapter 748 – Legend Of Hell
Chapter 749 – The Old Master’S Attendant
Chapter 750 – The Buried Bones
Chapter 751A – A Dream
Chapter 751B – A Dream
Chapter 752 – The Dao Monarchapter Has Fallen
Chapter 753 – Godfall Art
Chapter 754 – Killing A Divine Dao
Chapter 755 – I’M Sorry
Chapter 756A - New Saint Son
Chapter 756B - New Saint Son
Chapter 757 – Dao Monarchapter Vs Ancient (1)
Chapter 758 – Dao Monarchapter Vs Ancient (2)
Chapter 759A
Chapter 759B
Chapter 760
Chapter 761
Chapter 762
Chapter 763
Chapter 764A
Chapter 764B
Chapter 765
Chapter 766
Chapter 767
Chapter 768
Chapter 769A
Chapter 769B
Chapter 770
Chapter 771
Chapter 772
Chapter 773
Chapter 774
Chapter 775
Chapter 776B
Chapter 776A
Chapter 777 – The Blood Red Face
Chapter 778 – Dragon Soul
Chapter 779 – The Hidden Fog Sect’S Curse
Chapter 780 – Tens Of Thousands Of Years
Chapter 781A – Lifting The Curse
Chapter 781B – Lifting The Curse
Chapter 782 – Breaking Off
Chapter 783 – Murder
Chapter 784A – All Parties Gather
Chapter 784B – All Parties Gather
Chapter 785 - True Murder
Chapter 786 – Dire Situation
Chapter 787 - Terrifying Broken Saber
Chapter 788 - Borrowing Power To Open The Door
Chapter 789A – Desert World
Chapter 789B – Desert World
Chapter 790 – Giant Spirit Race
Chapter 791 - Killing As Proof
Chapter 792 – Take Revenge For You
Chapter 793 – Senators Gather
Chapter 794A – His Goal
Chapter 794B – His Goal
Chapter 795A - A Big Play
Chapter 795B - A Big Play
Chapter 796 - Expose You
Chapter 797 - A Clown
Chapter 798A - Wasted Plans
Chapter 798B - Wasted Plans...
Chapter 799 - Fusing With The Ancient’S Heart
Chapter 800 - Controlling Power
Chapter 801A – Mister Sha’S Excitement
Chapter 801B – Mister Sha’S Excitement
Chapter 802 - Soulspirit Physique
Chapter 803 - Myriad Dragon Body
Chapter 804 - The Impatient Mister Sha
Chapter 805 - Hard
Chapter 806A – Mister Sha Makes His Move
Chapter 806B – Mister Sha Makes His Move
Chapter 807A – A Slap
Chapter 807B – A Slap
Chapter 808 – Human-Shaped Dinosaur
Chapter 809 – The Sea’S Edge
Chapter 810 - Bad Luck
Chapter 811 - Deep Sea Beast
Chapter 812 - Framed
Chapter 813 - Thick Fog
Chapter 814A - Bullying
Chapter 814B - Bullying
Chapter 815 – White Ape
Chapter 816 – Starfall Archipelago
Chapter 817A – First Round
Chapter 817B – First Round
Chapter 818A – Luo He
Chapter 818B – Luo He
Chapter 819 – Banquet Disturbance
Chapter 820 - Finals
Chapter 821A – Gathering Tokens
Chapter 821B – Gathering Tokens
Chapter 822A – Entering The Mystic Realm
Chapter 822B – Entering The Mystic Realm
Chapter 823A – Sky Reaching Jade Pendant
Chapter 823B – Sky Reaching Jade Pendant
Chapter 824 – Shadow Vortex
Chapter 825 – World’S Will
Chapter 826A – Embryo Egg
Chapter 826B – Embryo Egg
Chapter 827 – Death
Chapter 828 – Changing Fate
Chapter 829A – Changing Fate Ii
Chapter 829B – Changing Fate Ii
Chapter 830 - Changing Fate Iii
Chapter 831 - No Longer The Same Qin Yu
Chapter 832 – Today I See The World
Chapter 833 – Crazy Sea God
Chapter 834A – Fight The Sea God
Chapter 834B – Fight The Sea God
Chapter 835 – Are You Speaking Of Me?
Chapter 836 – Leaving The Alliance
Chapter 837 – Releasing The Giant Spirit Clan
Chapter 838 – Passing The Test
Chapter 839 – Getting The Best Deal One More Time
Chapter 840 – Uniting The Dark Parliament
Chapter 841A – Deep Within The First Moon Mountain Range
Chapter 841B – Deep Within The First Moon Mountain Range
Chapter 842A – God Rules
Chapter 842B – God Rules
Chapter 843 – The Great Dragon Behind The Stone Door
Chapter 844 – Debuting One After Another
Chapter 845 – Dao Monarchapter And The Puppet
Chapter 846 – You Have Gone Too Far
Chapter 847 - Dragon Devouring
Chapter 848 - Super Dragon Fusion
Chapter 849 - Plot
Chapter 850 - No More Giant Spirit Clan
Chapter 851A – Great Dao Is Forever Lonesome
Chapter 851B – Great Dao Is Forever Lonesome
Chapter 852 - Fight The Ancient
Chapter 853 - Ancient God Armor, Ancient God Spear
Chapter 854A – Origin Of Rebirth
Chapter 854B – Origin Of Rebirth
Chapter 855A – Brothers For Life
Chapter 855B – Brothers For Life
Chapter 856 – The Doctor Is Harming Me
Chapter 857 – Dangerous World
Chapter 858A – Flesh And Blood Distortion Art
Chapter 858B – Flesh And Blood Distortion Art
Chapter 859A – Investigation
Chapter 859B – Investigation
Chapter 860A – The Opportunity Arrives
Chapter 860B – The Opportunity Arrives
Chapter 861A – Enforcement Of The Word
Chapter 861B – Enforcement Of The Word
Chapter 862A – Chaos Stone
Chapter 862B – Chaos Stone
Chapter 863 – Curse Life Form
Chapter 864 – Sun And Moon Force Field
Chapter 865 – Level
Chapter 866 - Assassin
Chapter 867A – Ascendant Bluegold Array
Chapter 867B – Ascendant Bluegold Array
Chapter 868 – East Capital
Chapter 869A – The Best Method
Chapter 869B – The Best Method
Chapter 870 – To Use The Eye As Bait
Chapter 871 – Cannot Lose
Chapter 872 – Waited Long Enough
Chapter 873 – Frontal Assault
Chapter 874 – Forest Of Bone Spikes
Chapter 875 – Batwing Dragon
Chapter 876 – Great Dragon Overlord’S First Appearance
Chapter 877 – Hiding In Great King City
Chapter 878 – Alchemy - Doom Of Stars
Chapter 879 - Abandoned
Chapter 880 – Smooth Rescue
Chapter 881 – Hiding In The Mine
Chapter 882 – Treasure
Chapter 883A - Ancient Race’S Undying Body
Chapter 883B - Ancient Race’S Undying Body
Chapter 884 - Betrayed
Chapter 885 – Captured
Chapter 886 – Blood Puppet Mark
Chapter 887A – Summoned Once Again
Chapter 887B – Summoned Once Again
Chapter 888 – Joining Forces
Chapter 889 – Now Is The Time
Chapter 890 - Killing The Dragon
Chapter 891 - Flower Altar
Chapter 892 – The Offering Made In Frozen Time And Space
Chapter 893 – Glory Of The God Mark
Chapter 894 – Problem Of The Soul
Chapter 895 – Saving The Dirty Old Bum
Chapter 896 – Immaterial Mountain
Chapter 897 – New Faith
Chapter 898 – Chaos At The City Lord Mansion
Chapter 899 – Skyshard Sword
Chapter 900 – Butcher
Chapter 901 – Cannot Be Saved
Chapter 902A – Divine Tools Are Ominous
Chapter 902B – Divine Tools Are Ominous
Chapter 903 – Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 904 - Doll
Chapter 905 – If You Want It Then Come With Me
Chapter 906 – Smash The Rice Bowl
Chapter 907- Examination
Chapter 908 – Compromise
Chapter 909A – Meeting
Chapter 909B - Resonance
Chapter 910 – Qualified Shield
Chapter 911 – Invisible Person
Chapter 912A – Help You Take It
Chapter 912B – Help You Take It
Chapter 913 – Did You Watchapter Carefully
Chapter 914 – Know Everything
Chapter 915 – Flee In Fear
Chapter 916 – Excuse
Chapter 917 – God Mark Holy Stone
Chapter 918 – Changes At Roc City
Chapter 919 – A Terrifying Place
Chapter 920 – Blood And Slaughter
Chapter 921 - Investigating The Abyss
Chapter 922 – Secret Of The Slash Marks
Chapter 923 – Someone At The Tree
Chapter 924 – Ruler Of Thunder
Chapter 925 - Blood Servant
Chapter 926 - Change
Chapter 927 – Coveting Of The Blood Moon
Chapter 928 – A Boundless Sword From The East
Chapter 929 - Cut The Moon
Chapter 930 - World Key
Chapter 931 – Imperial Capital’S Ding Family
Chapter 932 – Old Ancestor
Chapter 933A – Seeing Cui Yongji Again
Chapter 933B – Seeing Cui Yongji Again
Chapter 934- Heavenly Center’S Great Stargazer
Chapter 935 – Fortune Makes A Fool Of Men
Chapter 936 – Sword Maniac Li’S Crazy Challenge
Chapter 937 – The Sword At The Mountain
Chapter 938 – Fragment
Chapter 939 – Moving Toward The Altar
Chapter 940 – Shaking The Imperial Capital
Chapter 941 – 3000 Rainbow Arcs, 3000 Paths
Chapter 942 - Fireworks Of A Trillion Great Daos
Chapter 943 - The Severed Heaven Abyss Opens
Chapter 944 – A Million Miles In One Day
Chapter 945 – Entering The Severed Heaven Abyss
Chapter 946 – Hiding Lei Xiaoyu
Chapter 947 – Rebirth Lotus
Chapter 948A – Barrier Of World Fragments
Chapter 948B – Barrier Of World Fragments
Chapter 949 – Zero
Chapter 950 – Great Sun Sword Intent
Chapter 951 - Blood Phantom
Chapter 952 – The Terrifying Zero
Chapter 953 – Meeting The Li Family’S Sword Maniac Again
Chapter 954 – Defend Against Injustice
Chapter 955 – The Smart Zhuo Han
Chapter 956 – The Same Snowfield
Chapter 957 – An Unfair Destiny
Chapter 958 – Blood Field
Chapter 959 – Murong Qiye
Chapter 960 – Eating Humans
Chapter 961 – A Girl Must Be Reserved
Chapter 962 – Laughable And Ignorant
Chapter 963A – Zhuo Han’S Killing Intent
Chapter 963B – Zhuo Han’S Killing Intent
Chapter 964 – Defeat You Openly And Honestly
Chapter 965 – True Form
Chapter 966 – Into The Abyss
Chapter 967 - Coexistence Of Sun And Moon
Chapter 968A – The Blood Moon Reappears
Chapter 968B – The Blood Moon Reappears
Chapter 969 – Nourishment
Chapter 970 - Old And Undying
Chapter 971A – No Retreat
Chapter 971B – No Retreat
Chapter 972 – Sword Of The Moon
Chapter 973 – Sun And Moon Within One
Chapter 974A – Blood Moon And Cursed Eye
Chapter 974B – Blood Moon And Cursed Eye
Chapter 975 – One Sword To Cut
Chapter 976 – The Peach - Planting Woman
Chapter 977A – Path Of 10,000 Souls
Chapter 977B – Path Of 10,000 Souls
Chapter 978 – Myriad Sword Mountain
Chapter 979 – Hand That Person Over To This Old Lady
Chapter 980 – Scum Man
Chapter 981 – Act
Chapter 982A – Protection Of The World
Chapter 982B – Protection Of The World
Chapter 983 - Breaking The Void
Chapter 983 - Breaking The Void
Chapter 984 - Stranded God Canyon
Chapter 984 - Stranded God Canyon
Chapter 985 – Reputation
Chapter 986 – Amazing Teacher
Chapter 987A - Solving Without Pause
Chapter 987A - Solving Without Pause
Chapter 987B - Solving Without Pause
Chapter 988 – Solving Problems
Chapter 989 – High Quality
Chapter 990A – Must Work Hard
Chapter 990B – Must Work Hard
Chapter 991 - On Purpose
Chapter 992 - Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
Chapter 993A - Venting Anger
Chapter 993B - Venting Anger
Chapter 994 - Hard To Find
Chapter 995 - Small Enmities And Great Enmities Are Still Enmities
Chapter 996A – Adapt To The Situation
Chapter 996B – Adapt To The Situation
Chapter 997A - Problem Of Status
Chapter 997B - Problem Of Status
Chapter 998 – Great Revelation Art
Chapter 999 – A Ruler’S Disciple
Chapter 1000A – Cultivation Limit
Chapter 1000B – Cultivation Limit
Chapter 1001 - Cage Of The Rules
Chapter 1002 - Won’T Remain Silent
Chapter 1003 – Seizing World Tribulation
Chapter 1004 – Don’T Even Think About It
Chapter 1005A – A True God Is Born
Chapter 1005B – A True God Is Born
Chapter 1006 – One Out Of Three
Chapter 1007 – Change
Chapter 1008 – Abyssal Species
Chapter 1009 - Killed
Chapter 1010A - Abyss
Chapter 1010B - Abyss
Chapter 1011 – Three Mountains
Chapter 1012 – Strange Woman
Chapter 1013A – Don’T Dare To Take A Master
Chapter 1013B – Don’T Dare To Take A Master
Chapter 1014 – Soul Grinding Pan
Chapter 1015 - City
Chapter 1016 - Strange Rules
Chapter 1017 - Room
Chapter 1018 – Private School Teacher
Chapter 1019 – Nighttime Attack
Chapter 1020 – Old Acquaintances
Chapter 1021 – Evil Demon Source
Chapter 1022 – Wasting Time
Chapter 1023 - Wooden Door
Chapter 1024A - Players
Chapter 1024B - Players
Chapter 1025A – Throw The Walnut
Chapter 1025B – Throw The Walnut
Chapter 1026 – The Initial Plan
Chapter 1027 – The Abyss Arrives
Chapter 1028 – Terror
Chapter 1029 – Cangwu’S Ambition
Chapter 1030 – Black And White
Chapter 1031 – Make A Move
Chapter 1032A – Ruler’S Mark
Chapter 1032B – Ruler’S Mark
Chapter 1033 – Yawn
Chapter 1034 – Abyssal Source
Chapter 1035 – Mysterious Feature
Chapter 1036 – Blood Refining
Chapter 1037 – Beast Tide
Chapter 1038 - Mian Ya
Chapter 1039A - Pendant Of Disguise
Chapter 1039B - Pendant Of Disguise
Chapter 1040 - The Merry Forest
Chapter 1041 – Demon Commander
Chapter 1042A – I Am Cow Sledgehammer
Chapter 1042B – I Am Cow Sledgehammer
Chapter 1043A – Selling Medicine
Chapter 1043B – Selling Medicine
Chapter 1044 – Abyss Walker
Chapter 1045 – Your Excellency Liu Huo
Chapter 1046A - Extortion
Chapter 1046B - Extortion
Chapter 1047 - Unusual Events
Chapter 1048 - Cooperation
Chapter 1049A – Beast Tide Mutation
Chapter 1049B – Beast Tide Mutation
Chapter 1050 – Mighty Invincibility Pill
Chapter 1051 – Hunting Mission Failure
Chapter 1052A - The Abyss’S Will Moves
Chapter 1052B - The Abyss’S Will Moves
Chapter 1053A – Shadowless Demon
Chapter 1053B – Shadowless Demon
Chapter 1054 – Discovering With His Own Strength
Chapter 1055 – Peak Of The Abyss
Chapter 1056 - Beating Up Demon Beasts
Chapter 1057 - Abyssal Demon Dragon
Chapter 1058 – Defeated Once More
Chapter 1059 – Hope To Survive
Chapter 1060 – Thousand Mirage Demon Mirror
Chapter 1061 – Going All Out
Chapter 1062 – Abyssal Titan
Chapter 1063 – Titan Vs Dragon
Chapter 1064A – 100,000 Foot Long Dragon
Chapter 1064B – 100,000 Foot Long Dragon
Chapter 1065 – Demon Dragon Clan Elder
Chapter 1066 – Ten Days
Chapter 1067 – Look At The Abyss
Chapter 1068 – One Against Two
Chapter 1069 – Strange Taste
Chapter 1070 – Netherworld Platform Auction
Chapter 1071A – The Ambition Towards A Royal Woman
Chapter 1071B – The Ambition Towards A Royal Woman
Chapter 1072 - The Commotion Causing Feature
Chapter 1073 - Blue Wave’S Advances
Chapter 1074 – Money Well Spent
Chapter 1075 – Spring Breeze 13Th Madame
Chapter 1076A – We’Ll Meet Again
Chapter 1076B – We’Ll Meet Again
Chapter 1077A – The Hidden Dangers Of The Thousand Mirage Demon Mirror
Chapter 1077B – The Hidden Dangers Of The Thousand Mirage Demon Mirror
Chapter 1078 – Maternal Instincts
Chapter 1079 – 13Th Madame Makes Her Move
Chapter 1080 – Red-Eye Demon Clan
Chapter 1081 – Demon Commander Level
Chapter 1082 – Two Demon Commanders
Chapter 1083 – Heir-Severing Kick
Chapter 1084A – Come As Agreed
Chapter 1084B – Come As Agreed
Chapter 1085A – Feature ‘Vanishes’
Chapter 1085B – Feature ‘Vanishes’
Chapter 1086 – The Chess Game Left Behind
Chapter 1087 – Adversity Peak City
Chapter 1088A – Nightmare Clan’S Ancestral Land
Chapter 1088B – Nightmare Clan’S Ancestral Land
Chapter 1089 – Soul Tempering Power
Chapter 1090 - Slightly Wet Feeling
Chapter 1091A – The Shadow World’S Strength
Chapter 1091B – The Shadow World’S Strength
Chapter 1092 – The Cruel And Merciless Wicked Girl
Chapter 1093 – Slumping To The Floor
Chapter 1094A – Cloud Mist
Chapter 1094B – Cloud Mist
Chapter 1095A – The New King
Chapter 1095B – The New King
Chapter 1096 – The Invitation
Chapter 1097 – Pass Of Beauties
Chapter 1098 – A Difficult Second Path
Chapter 1099 – Fingerprint
Chapter 1100A – Changes At Nine Nether Pagoda
Chapter 1100B – Changes At Nine Nether Pagoda
Chapter 1101A. Abyss Gazer
Chapter 1101B. Abyss Gazer
Chapter 1102: A Normal Man
Chapter 1103: Asked To Marriage
Chapter 1104A. The Way Thing Are
Chapter 1104B. The Way Thing Are
Chapter 1105: Bold Plan
Chapter 1106: Conflict
Chapter 1107: Idiot
Chapter 1108: Cannot Provoke
Chapter 1109A - Dominion
Chapter 1109B - Dominion
Chapter 1110: An Act
Chapter 1111: Who Doesn’T Want To Be King?
Chapter 1112: The Time Of Death Arrives
Chapter 1113: Acting, Routines
Chapter 1118: The Late King’S Reincarnation
Chapter 1114A. Persuasion
Chapter 1114B. Persuasion
Chapter 1115A - Nightmare Beast Hunt
Chapter 1115B - Ancestral Land Projection
Chapter 1116: Hidden Trump Card
Chapter 1119: Figuring Out The Key Point
Chapter 1120: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 1121: Nightmare Beast Heart
Chapter 1122: Angry Ant King
Chapter 1123: Awakening The Royal Bloodline
Chapter 1124A. The Abyssal Gaze Reappears
Chapter 1124B. The Abyssal Gaze Reappears
Chapter 1125: Kill Those That Want To Kill You
Chapter 1126: Deceit
Chapter 1127: Beast King Battle Body
Chapter 1128: Surprise After Surprise
Chapter 1129A. Cooperate To Destroy The Ancestral Land
Chapter 768: Stirring The Waters
Chapter 1129B. Cooperate To Destroy The Ancestral Land
Chapter 1130A. I’M So Tired
Chapter 1130B. I’M So Tired
Chapter 1131: Coming To An Agreement.
Chapter 1133A. Help And Thanks
Chapter 1134: Truly Old Man
Chapter 1135: The Truth
Chapter 1136A. Chosen Platform
Chapter 1136B. Chosen Platform
Chapter 1137: Sudden Change
Chapter 1138: Boundary Of The Nameless True King
Chapter 1139: Blood Dyed Crown
Chapter 1140: A True King Arrives
Chapter 1141: Netherworld Royal Bloodline
Chapter 1142: Putting On A Fierce Tiger Pelt
Chapter 1144: Old Turtle And The Abyss
Chapter 1145A. Shadow Of The Abyss
Chapter 1145B. Shadow Of The Abyss
Chapter 1146: Powerful Fighters
Chapter 1148: Counterattack
Chapter 1149A. Undying Body
Chapter 1149B. Undying Body
Chapter 1150: I Don’T Believe
Chapter 1151: New Nightmare King
Chapter 1152: Disappearing Is Death
Chapter 1153: Time To Go Back
Chapter 1154: Looking At The Sky
Chapter 1155: Cold Sea, Black City
Chapter 1156A. Going Out To Sea
Chapter 1156B. Going Out To Sea
Chapter 1157: The Nether Royal Bloodline Hiding In The Cold Sea
Chapter 1158: Changing Ships
Chapter 1159A. Nether Island
Chapter 1159B. Nether Island
Chapter 1160: The Vortex At The Center Of The Cold Sea
Chapter 1161 – Plunge
Chapter 1162A. Wrath Of The Abyss
Chapter 1162B. Light And Darkness
Chapter 1163: Origin
Chapter 1164A. Returning Home
Chapter 1165: Darkness Faction
Chapter 1166: Saving Others
Chapter 1168: The Eternal Night Arrives
Chapter 1169: Land Of Disorder
Chapter 1170: Become Famous
Chapter 1171: Selective Mystic Realm
Chapter 1172: Bait
Chapter 1173A. Problem
Chapter 1173B. Problem
Chapter 1174: Troublesome
Chapter 1175: Golden Fruits
Chapter 1176: Split Body
Chapter 1177: Sly Fate Clan
Chapter 1178A. Life For A Life
Chapter 1178B. Life For A Life
Chapter 1179: Ruan Jing
Chapter 1180: Realm Within A Realm
Chapter 1181: Space Laws
Chapter 1182: One Against Many
Chapter 1183A. Soldier Statue
Chapter 1183B. Soldier Statue
Chapter 1184: Only Death Is Freedom
Chapter 1185: Contract Scent
Chapter 1186: Origin God Level Spirit Stone
Chapter 1187: Thunder Dominion
Chapter 1188A. Human Bead
Chapter 1188B. Human Bead
Chapter 1189: Found
Chapter 1190: Brother Qin, Rest In Peace
Chapter 1191: The Quiet And Picturesque Miss
Chapter 1192: Meat Patty
Chapter 1193A. Furnace
Chapter 1193B. Furnace
Chapter 1194: Mystic Realm Collapse
Chapter 1195: Blood Sucking
Chapter 1196A. A Story
Chapter 1196B. A Story
Chapter 1197: Caught
Chapter 1198– Questioning Loyalty
Chapter 1199A. Strongest Backwater Cultivator
Chapter 1199B. Strongest Backwater Cultivator
Chapter 1200A. Fierce Curse
Chapter 1200B. Fierce Curse
Chapter 1201: Peach Blossom Spring’S Peachy
Chapter 1202: Great Furnace
Chapter 1203A. Furnace Saint
Chapter 1203B. Furnace Saint
Chapter 1204A. Third Seated White Phoenix
Chapter 1204B. Third Seated White Phoenix
Chapter 1205: Master And Disciples Different From What I Thought
Chapter 1206: The Arrogant Azure Dragon
Chapter 1207A. Contribution Points
Chapter 1207B. Contribution Points
Chapter 1208: A Scum Dragon That Bullies The Weak And Fears The Strong
Chapter 1209: Blue Point Finger
Chapter 1210A. Time Flies And Cannot Be Pursued
Chapter 1210B. Time Flies And Cannot Be Pursued
Chapter 1211A. A Suicidal Thought
Chapter 1211B. A Suicidal Thought
Chapter 1212A. The Dragon Saint Cannot Accept This
Chapter 1212B. The Dragon Saint Cannot Accept This
Chapter 1213: Peachy’S Suitors
Chapter 1214: The Villain Qin Yu
Chapter 1215A - Prize
Chapter 1215B - Prize
Chapter 1216: Beat Up
Chapter 1217: Dragon Pearl
Chapter 1218A. The Excited Dragon Saint!
Chapter 1218B. The Excited Dragon Saint!
Chapter 1219A. Shameless
Chapter 1219B. Shameless
Chapter 1220: Someone Is In For Bad Luck
Chapter 1221: Peachy Takes The Arena Stage
Chapter 1222: Ten Mile Peach Forest
Chapter 1223: I Will Take The Wooden Box For You
Chapter 1224A. The Darkened Abyssal Titan
Chapter 1224B. The Darkened Abyssal Titan
Chapter 1225: Light And Dark Body
Chapter 1226: Becoming A Saint
Chapter 1227A. Die With Me
Chapter 1227B. Die With Me
Chapter 1228: True Saint Arrives
Chapter 1229: Saint Battle
Chapter 1230A. Elder Senior-Apprentice Brother
Chapter 1230B. Elder Senior-Apprentice Brother
Chapter 1231: Shadow
Chapter 1232: Transmission
Chapter 1233A. The Great Beast Awakens
Chapter 1233B. The Great Beast Awakens
Chapter 1234: Killing A Saint
Chapter 1235: Found
Chapter 1236: Played
Chapter 1237: Sword Cuts Down
Chapter 1238A. A Small Goal
Chapter 1238B. A Small Goal
Chapter 1239: Symbiosis
Chapter 1240: Arrival
Chapter 1241: She Is Already Dead
Chapter 1242: Goal: Ruler!
Chapter 1243A. Great Expectations
Chapter 1243B. Great Expectations
Chapter 1244: Guidance
Chapter 1245: True God’S Path
Chapter 1246A. The Concealed Truth
Chapter 1246B. The Concealed Truth
Chapter 1247: Lost Garden
Chapter 1248: No Feeling
Chapter 1249: The Seal Opens
Chapter 1250: Storm Of Bees And Insects
Chapter 1251: Bad Luck Star
Chapter 1252: Source Of Life
Chapter 1253: Rules Trial Field
Chapter 1254: Causing Trouble
Chapter 1255A. Array Spirit Duplication
Chapter 1255B. Array Spirit Duplication
Chapter 1256A. Sin
Chapter 1256B. Sin
Chapter 1257: Old Turtle’S Caution And Discretion
Chapter 1258: A Little Happiness
Chapter 1259: A Misunderstanding
Chapter 1260: Thick, Large And Black
Chapter 1261: Innate Spirit
Chapter 1262: Heaven’S Punishment
Chapter 1263: Destructive Will
Chapter 1264A. The Beginnings Of A Feast
Chapter 1264B. The Beginnings Of A Feast
Chapter 1265: The Rule System
Chapter 1266A. Vicious Cycle
Chapter 1266B. Vicious Cycle
Chapter 1267: Being Plotted Against
Chapter 1269: Heaven-Holding Mountain
Chapter 1270: The Picturesque Scene
Chapter 1271: Fantasy Spider
Chapter 1272B. Let Me Finish Absorbing First
Chapter 1273: Escaping Into The Crack
Chapter 1274: Mutant Iron Earth Beetles
Chapter 1275: A Root With Control Over Space Rules
Chapter 1276: Meeting Cang Zhu Again
Chapter 1278A. Enthusiastic Hosts
Chapter 1278B. Enthusiastic Hosts
Chapter 1279: Losing All Cultivation
Chapter 1280A. So I Am Qin Yu
Chapter 1280B. So I Am Qin Yu
Chapter 1281: The Possibility Of Rebirth
Chapter 1282: Land Of Bones
Chapter 1283A. An Opportunity For Instant Success
Chapter 1283B. An Opportunity For Instant Success
Chapter 1284: Through The Split Sea
Chapter 1285: Black Altar
Chapter 1286: Promise To Return To The East Sea
Chapter 1287: Corpse Spirit
Chapter 1288: There Really Was A Problem
Chapter 1289: The Massive Eye In The Sky
Chapter 1290: Saint Illusion
Chapter 1291: Terrifying
Chapter 1292: Elder Apprentice Brother Filling The Gap
Chapter 1293: Treacherous And Sharp
Chapter 1294: The One With Many Heads
Chapter 1295: Problematic
Chapter 1296: Trouble
Chapter 1297A. Battle Of Saint Slaying
Chapter 1297B. Battle Of Saint Slaying
Chapter 1298: Battle Of Saint Slayer (2)
Chapter 1299: Battle Of Saint Slayer (3)
Chapter 1300: Dawn Of The Sea Of Bitterness (Battle Of Saint Slaying (4))
Chapter 1301: Battle Of Saint Slaying (Final)
Chapter 1302: Black-Eyed Nine Heads
Chapter 1303: Blue Dragon’S Crushed Goal
Chapter 1304: Overblown Turtle
Chapter 1305: The Dragon Saint’S Shiver
Chapter 1306: Red Peak Straits
Chapter 1307: Finding Cang Zhu
Chapter 1308: Replacement
Chapter 1309: Black Turtle
Chapter 1310: Great Force
Chapter 1311: Then Then Then
Chapter 1312: Strange World Of Darkness
Chapter 1313: A Stupid Move
Chapter 1314: Six Six, Thirty-Six
Chapter 1315: Be Friends
Chapter 1316: Ally With You
Chapter 1317: Beginning Of The Dark Transformation
Chapter 1318: Completely Mad
Chapter 1319: Fire Of Eternal Night
Chapter 1320: This Is Easy
Chapter 1321: Great Condition
Chapter 1322: Furnace’S Great Dao
Chapter 1323: It Is Fate
Chapter 1324: Eye Of Eternal Night
Chapter 1325: Two For Two
Chapter 1326: Knocking The Dragon Saint Out
Chapter 1327: That Thing
Chapter 1328: One Chance
Chapter 1329: The Thing In The Mountain With High Expectations
Chapter 1330: One Step
Chapter 1331: One Cannot Be Too Flamboyant
Chapter 1332: The Spring Master Threw The Furnace Into The Sea
Chapter 1333: Peachy Is The Cause
Chapter 1334: Bounded Zero Place
Chapter 1335: Return To The East Zhou Family
Chapter 1336: One Must Know Their Place
Chapter 1337: Clashing Factions
Chapter 1338: Young And Enthusiastic
Chapter 1339: The Aura Of A Ruler
Chapter 1340: Familiar Sword Intent
Chapter 1341: Waiting For The Opportunity To Kill
Chapter 1342: Great Dao Avatar
Chapter 1343: Securing Teleportation
Chapter 1344: Good Person’S Rage And Embarrassment
Chapter 1345: Main Actor Qin Yu
Chapter 1346: General Tiger Roar Ran
Chapter 1347: Cursed Backlash
Chapter 1348: The Fire Spirit
Chapter 1349: The Mysterious Clan Joins The Hunt
Chapter 1350: Kill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 1351: Heaven Decides The Clan Numbers
Chapter 1352: Guessing From White Pagoda
Chapter 1353: Scaredy Bird
Chapter 1354: Big Bird Wants To Cry
Chapter 1355: Comfortable As An Old Show
Chapter 1356: The Chaos Was Becoming More Chaotic
Chapter 1357: Drawing A Boundary
Chapter 1358: The Basics Of Being An Actor
Chapter 1359: Li Little Strong
Chapter 1360: Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 1361: Space Target
Chapter 1362: Who Was It?
Chapter 1363: The Second Avatar Of Peachy
Chapter 1364: Border Cliff Saint Is My Right Arm
Chapter 1365: Group Of Actors
Chapter 1366: Do Not Be Affected!
Chapter 1367: The Message From A Long Time Ago
Chapter 1368: Addicted To Killing
Chapter 1369: Half-King
Chapter 1370: The Feeling Of Being Watched
Chapter 1371: This Man Is Mine
Chapter 1372: Shaking Off The Crazy Woman
Chapter 1373: Collaborate
Chapter 1374: Both Parties Are Cheating
Chapter 1375: Make A Move
Chapter 1376: Plucking Peaches
Chapter 1377: Ancient True Saints
Chapter 1378: Got It
Chapter 1379: Seal Pact
Chapter 1380: Hexagram
Chapter 1381: Massacre
Chapter 1382: Thick Blood For The Ship
Chapter 1383: Second Personality
Chapter 1384: Powerful Ghost Path User
Chapter 1385: Reaching The Mountain Of Flames
Chapter 1386: Soul Shattering
Chapter 1387: Some Things Were Better Left Unsaid
Chapter 1388: To Continue With Remorse
Chapter 1389: All That Is Left Is Storage Space
Chapter 1390: Fire Spirit Putting In Effort
Chapter 1391: The Statue Is Alive
Chapter 1392: Rewards
Chapter 1393: Star Retrieval
Chapter 1394: Connection
Chapter 1395: Divine Way
Chapter 1396: How Bold
Chapter 1397: A Deeper Key
Chapter 1398: I Have A Secret Technique
Chapter 1399: Tragic
Chapter 1400: The Ruler Is Female
Chapter 1401: I Am The Trap
Chapter 1402: Finding Someone To Help
Chapter 1403: I Want Some Compensation
Chapter 1404: A Generous Man
Chapter 1405: Addicted To Taking Advantage
Chapter 1406: A Successful Businessman
Chapter 1407: He Had Been Tricked Too
Chapter 1408: The Death Of The Six Saints
Chapter 1409: Furnace Giving Birth To Great Dao
Chapter 1410A. Idle Chess Piece
Chapter 1410B. Idle Chess Piece
Chapter 1411: Powerful Soft Peach
Chapter 1412: Even Stronger Woman
Chapter 1413: Three Impressions
Chapter 1414: Guesses And Obsessions
Chapter 1415: Peach Garden In Danger
Chapter 1416: Recovering Divinity
Chapter 1417: Breaking Through Two Realms
Chapter 1418: Appearance Of The Ghost Path
Chapter 1419: Peachy Takes Action
Chapter 1420: I Am Back
Chapter 1421: The Warning With Saint Slaying
Chapter 1422: Vanquished Nation Gate
Chapter 1423: Sovereign Of The Vanquished Nation
Chapter 1424: Onlookers
Chapter 1425: The Change In Catastrophe
Chapter 1426: The Peach Garden’S Wine Cellar
Chapter 1427: The Art Of Self-Decomposition
Chapter 1428: Stone Pagoda’S Secret
Chapter 1429: Dusk Order
Chapter 1430: Revenge Underway
Chapter 1431: Not Enough Enemies
Chapter 1432: Asking For Help
Chapter 1433: ‘Somewhat’ On My Side
Chapter 1434: Master’S Aura
Chapter 1435: Lure
Chapter 1436: Darkness Ruler
Chapter 1437: Sacrifice Great Dao For A Strike
Chapter 1438: The Attack From The Mysterious Being
Chapter 1439: Reforming Great Dao
Chapter 1440: Arriving In The World Of Darkness
Chapter 1441: Scheming And Devious
Chapter 1442: Lingering Around
Chapter 1443: Darkness Ruler In The Palace
Chapter 1444: You Fell For It
Chapter 1445: Reverse Of The Great Dao
Chapter 1446A. Splitting The Sky
Chapter 1446B. Splitting The Sky
Chapter 1447: Spirit Of The Great Dao
Chapter 1448: Origin Of The Spirit
Chapter 1449: Eliminate The Spirit
Chapter 1450: Secrets Of The Outer Void
Chapter 1451: Flood Dragon Saint
Chapter 1452: Ten True Saints Descending
Chapter 1453: Battle Between Rulers
Chapter 1454A. A True Saint Slayer
Chapter 1454B. A True Saint Slayer
Chapter 1455: Dao Domain
Chapter 1456: Unexpected Gains
Chapter 1457: Your Honor Holy Light Saint
Chapter 1458A. The Divine Nation
Chapter 1458B. The Divine Nation
Chapter 1459: New God
Chapter 1460A. Pet
Chapter 1460B. Pet
Chapter 1461: You Had A Bad Dream
Chapter 1463: Terrifying Half-King
Chapter 1462: The Power To Close Doors
Chapter 1464: Space Portals
Chapter 1465: She Is Not Her
Chapter 1466: The Lord From City Governor’S Mansion
Chapter 1467: Red Lantern
Chapter 1468: Struck A Metal Wall
Chapter 1469: Delaying For Time
Chapter 1470: The Annoyance Of Being A Shield
Chapter 1471: What Goes Around, Comes Around
Chapter 1472: Enter The Capital
Chapter 1473: Grand Divine Nation
Chapter 1474: Interception
Chapter 1475: Mad Man
Chapter 1476: Someone From The Capital
Chapter 1477: I Will Remember You
Chapter 1478: What Is She Waiting For
Chapter 1479: Enter The Imperial Palace
Chapter 1480: Pass
Chapter 1481: Set Up
Chapter 1482: Taotie
Chapter 1483: The Barbarian Clan’S Treasure
Chapter 1484: Boiling Mountain Fantasy
Chapter 1485: Taotie Projection
Chapter 1486: Devour
Chapter 1487: Fight
Chapter 1488: Stealing Essence
Chapter 1489: Drooling From Greed
Chapter 1490: A Fight Begins
Chapter 1491: The Blood Drenched Altar
Chapter 1492: Wait For The Right Moment
Chapter 1493: Passage
Chapter 1494: Behaved Correctly
Chapter 1495: Eye
Chapter 1496: The Woman Who Picks Peaches
Chapter 1497: Barbarian King
Chapter 1498: Lantern
Chapter 1499: The Barbarian Clan Will Never Be Enslaved
Chapter 1500: The New Barbarian King
Chapter 1501: Please Start
Chapter 1502: Ants On A String
Chapter 1503: Heaven And Earth’S Spirit Of Fate
Chapter 1504: Reappearance Of The Blood Moon
Chapter 1505A. The Barbarian King Is Dead And The Imperial Tomb Is Destroyed
Chapter 1505B. The Barbarian King Is Dead And The Imperial Tomb Is Destroyed
Chapter 1506: Misfortune
Chapter 1507: Returning To The Capital City
Chapter 1508: Celebrate Together
Chapter 1509: Undercurrent
Chapter 1510: Chess Piece
Chapter 1511: Spirit Summoning Ceremony
Chapter 1512: Heroic Spirit Possession Test
Chapter 1513: General Jinwu
Chapter 1514: Meeting The Desolate King
Chapter 1515: ‘Hunting’ Target
Chapter 1516: Extortion
Chapter 1518: Retrieving Incense
Chapter 1520B. Mine
Chapter 1521: Barbarian Curse
Chapter 1522A. The Disturbance In The Deep Mine
Chapter 1522B. The Disturbance In The Deep Mine
Chapter 1523: Sinners On Strike
Chapter 1524: Found You
Chapter 1525: Suppress
Chapter 1526: Misty Ghost Grotto
Chapter 1527: Can’T Take It
Chapter 1528: ‘Soul Seed’ Spirit Embryo
Chapter 1529: Urgent Military Report
Chapter 1530A– Fated To Be A Pawn
Chapter 1530B. Fated To Be A Pawn
Chapter 1531: First-Class Earl Chongwu
Chapter 1532: Vortex
Chapter 1533: No One Shall Have It Easy
Chapter 1534: The Mountain Is Coming
Chapter 1535: She Was It
Chapter 1536: There Is No Harm In Using It
Chapter 1537: Boundary Breaking Seal
Chapter 1538: Sealing The Lantern
Chapter 1539: Amassing Troops
Chapter 1540A. Meeting A Half-King Again
Chapter 1540B. Meeting A Half-King Again
Chapter 1541: Will You Believe Me?
Chapter 1542: Two Strange Trees
Chapter 1543: This Life Is So Nice
Chapter 1544: Eat And Drink
Chapter 1545: Golden Crow Tribe
Chapter 1546: A God From The Heavens
Chapter 1547: Swallowing The Crow
Chapter 1548A. Ascetic
Chapter 1548B. Ascetic
Chapter 1549: Great Shaman Mengshan
Chapter 1550: Celebration Of The New Totem
Chapter 1551: There’S A Problem
Chapter 1552: Unruly
Chapter 1553: Accepting Punishment
Chapter 1554A. Finish Setting Up
Chapter 1556: Holy Judgment
Chapter 1557: Too Much Is As Bad As Too Little
Chapter 1558: Seal Myself
Chapter 1559: White Glare
Chapter 1560A. Imperial Decree
Chapter 1560B. Imperial Decree
Chapter 1561: Returning To Seascape City Again
Chapter 1562: Are You Anxious?
Chapter 1563A. Heaven Inquiry
Chapter 1563B. Heaven Inquiry
Chapter 1564: Zhou, Not Li
Chapter 1565A. Pure Bead
Chapter 1565B. Pure Bead
Chapter 1566A. Turmoil In The Imperial Capital
Chapter 1566B. Turmoil In The Imperial Capital
Chapter 1567A. Don’T Want To Meet
Chapter 1567B. Don’T Want To Meet
Chapter 1568: She Was Her
Chapter 1569: The Li Family Before The Country
Chapter 1570: Main Court Meeting
Chapter 1571: Middle-Aged Man Mister Zhou
Chapter 1572: Short Long River Sword
Chapter 1573: The Man From Parasol County
Chapter 1574: Another Guest At The Mansion
Chapter 1575: Young Ancestor
Chapter 1576: Incense Child
Chapter 1577: Scholar
Chapter 1578: Imperial Palace Inner Warehouse
Chapter 1579: Intelligent Man
Chapter 1580A. Lord Min
Chapter 1580B. Lord Min
Chapter 1581: Why Am I Always The One Getting Hurt
Chapter 1582: Your Ancestor
Chapter 1583: The Wife Goes Into Action
Chapter 1584: Don’T Bite The Hand That Feeds You
Chapter 1585: Source Of Trouble
Chapter 1586: Lunatic
Chapter 1587: Demon Destruction Flame
Chapter 1588: Great Vortex Array
Chapter 1589: Incense Feedback
Chapter 1590: Different Entry Levels
Chapter 1591: Who Could Ensure Their Survival?
Chapter 1593: Cooperate
Chapter 1594: Accident
Chapter 1595: How Cruel
Chapter 1596: Rebellion And Dog
Chapter 1597A. Foolish Woman
Chapter 1597B. Foolish Woman
Chapter 1598: Gathering Troops From Qinghe
Chapter 1599: Grandeur Stone And Millet Tree
Chapter 1600: The Fairy In Grandeur Nation
Chapter 1601: Cloud Mist Valley
Chapter 1602A. Brothers
Chapter 1602B. Brothers
Chapter 1603: The Qin Family From Niu Village
Chapter 1604: In A Blink Of An Eye, A Lifetime Has Passed
Chapter 1605: Half Luck
Chapter 1606: The Assassination Outside The Marshal Tent
Chapter 1607: Investigation
Chapter 1608: Too Late
Chapter 1609: Brothers In Arms
Chapter 1610: Going Underground
Chapter 1611: White-Robed Qin Yu
Chapter 1612: The Different Opinions In The Barbarian Clan
Chapter 1613: Devouring Heart Bug
Chapter 1614: Battle
Chapter 1615: Winning Both Battles
Chapter 1616: That Clan Makes A Move
Chapter 1617A: Divine Stone Tribe
Chapter 1617B: Divine Stone Tribe
Chapter 1618: Rourou’S Strange Feelings
Chapter 1619: Unsatisfied
Chapter 1620: What Does It Have To Do With Me?
Chapter 1621: Rushing Against The Heavens’ Lightning
Chapter 1622: Soul Separation
Chapter 1623: The Coldest Place
Chapter 1624: Disappear
Chapter 1625: Heart Chill
Chapter 1626: Created The World
Chapter 1627: Back
Chapter 1628: Capabilities
Chapter 1629: Qin Nation Realm
Chapter 1630: The Jade In The Seizing Heavens Sect
Chapter 1631: Dog Came
Chapter 1632: Don’T Dare To Enter The Palace
Chapter 1633: So Called Of One Mind
Chapter 1634: Important Guest’S Arrival
Chapter 1635: Breaking Legs
Chapter 1636A: Barbarian Clan Ancestral Court
Chapter 1636B: Barbarian Clan Ancestral Court
Chapter 1637: Paving The Way To The Gate
Chapter 1638: The Nine Bends Of The Heaven Crossing Great Dao
Chapter 1639: Betting With Life
Chapter 1640: Eating Demons Like Sweets
Chapter 1641: East Pole Mountain
Chapter 1642: Lantern Festival
Chapter 1643: Sun Moon Stone
Chapter 1644: Scene In The Restaurant
Chapter 1645: Stay
Chapter 1646: Beautiful Big Eyes
Chapter 1647: Don’T Blow Things Up
Chapter 1648: God In The Small World
Chapter 1649: Sun Moon Eyes
Chapter 1650: ‘Surplus’ Word
Chapter 1651: Songtao Pavilion
Chapter 1652: Yang Family
Chapter 1653A: Brave Lady
Chapter 1653B: Brave Lady
Chapter 1654A: Carp Dragon Gate
Chapter 1654B: Scholars And ‘Fate’
Chapter 1655: It Only Looks Like True Immortal Brew
Chapter 1656: Infinite Monastery’S Old Daoist
Chapter 1657A: Chess Piece
Chapter 1657B: Chess Piece
Chapter 1658A: Demon Pool
Chapter 1658B: Demon Pool
Chapter 1659A: Ferry
Chapter 1659B: Ferry
Chapter 1660A: Many Pagoda Mountain
Chapter 1660B: King Realm Cultivator
Chapter 1661: Unable To Accept The Greeting
Chapter 1662: Sheep Horn Ore
Chapter 1663: Ancient People
Chapter 1664: Hiding Merit And Fame
Chapter 1665: Questioning
Chapter 1666: Old Ancestor Bull
Chapter 1667: An Acquaintance Of Rourou
Chapter 1668: Opening Heavens Sword Sect
Chapter 1669: Verifying Identity
Chapter 1670: Got The Sun Moon
Chapter 1671: Evil Brat’S Spirit Does Not Leave Us
Chapter 1672: New Sunmoon Force Field
Chapter 1673: Quite Relieved
Chapter 1674A: Yushan Master
Chapter 1674B: Yushan Master
Chapter 1675: Make A Note
Chapter 1676: The Scheme Against The Bull Family
Chapter 1677: Chengshan Crab
Chapter 1678: Interesting
Chapter 1679: Demon Clan Territory
Chapter 1680: Fate Was Not With The Demon Clan
Chapter 1681: The Eye In The Fog
Chapter 1682: Escaping Breaking Heaven Mountain
Chapter 1683: Rapid Assassination
Chapter 1684: You Deserve It
Chapter 1685: Old And Experienced
Chapter 1686: That’S All?
Chapter 1687A: Swallow Mountain
Chapter 1687B: Swallow Mountain
Chapter 1688: Reopening Of The Sect
Chapter 1689: Challenge
Chapter 1690: Sword Spirits’ Satisfaction
Chapter 1691A: Elite Sword Family
Chapter 1691B: Elite Sword Family
Chapter 1692: Scheming Battle
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Refining the World, 祭炼山河

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

While the blue light blossoms, the insignificant struggle at the bottom. He grasps the opportunity to change his fate and embarks on an unprecedented path…

I will control my destiny, not Heaven!

Perhaps he is naïve, or perhaps, is the start of a new epic journey!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The sun lets out blazing trails that shines upon the herb garden while the thick fragrance from the myriad of spiritual plants flows everywhere .

With bowed head, Qin Yu is stretching the fence wire and making sure everything is in order . When he stood up a violent coughing fit took him over dying his pale cheek in faint red . The setting sun's rays peeking through loosen hair strands illuminating half of his face . His thin body with average appearance, the face sporting a few spots make it seem oddly friendly .

For this exact reason, half a year ago when the garden was attacked by a wild boar, as the master of the garden was about to punish him, his heart softens and so Qin Yu managed to escape from a cruel fate of being beaten to death . But because his injury didn’t receive proper care, even with that fellow Tu Dou taking care of him, he was still left with a cough . And having a paler complexion than others was called by others a sick ghost .

At this, Qin Yu smiled but soon became indifferent . Being an orphan, from a young age he understood that might makes right, knew when to keep his head down and avoid troubles . He continues to arrange the items and clean the bluestone road .

This stone is the Sacred Mountain Sects most famous item . Its quality and toughness makes it perfect for the cultivator sects to use it as a building material . The stone is considered Sacred Mountain Sects main trading item, allowing it to earn quite a profit of spirit stones from it . But of course, spirit stones, these high quality cultivation items, and Qin Yu, as an outer disciple don’t have the opportunity to get his hands on them . Most of them get in the pockets of the Sect Leader and Elders, and a small part is given to the sect’s direct disciples .

The savings that he got while being in Sacred Mountain Sect for seven years, might not be enough to even buy the bluestone beneath his feet . Qin Yu has a slight envious feeling but quickly reign it in . He understands clearly that with his average talent he can’t have these kind of thoughts .

It’s time .

Qin Yu carefully cleans the shovels tip . Being in charge of the bluestone road in vicinity of the herb garden, he needs to clear the leaves, petals and other things that the wind left on the road, that are difficult to remove . Therefore, the tip of his shovel is mixed with a bit of iron essence that is used in magic tools . With just a few grains, the sharpness has been increased several times .

Tu Dou jokingly said that this is Qin Yu’s most valuable item, considered to be 9th grade magic tool . Although, this shovel belongs to the sect and he is only allowed to use it .

“This guy, he has a nasty mouth!” Qin Yu curses in a low voice, with a faint smile .

Suddenly, there was the sound of laughter coming from the distance . Try as it might, besides the carefree nature of the laughter it still couldn’t hide a hint of its arrogant nature .

Startled, Qin Yi quickly stepped aside and cupping his hands .

“Third senior brother’s natural talent is truly amazing! Managed to reach Foundation Establishment from 7th layer of Qi Refining in 27 days . A new record for Sacred Mountain Sect!”

“Let alone Sacred Mountain Sect, even in the Southern Kingdom territory of hundred thousand li1 there is no one that can catch up to senior brother Wei Wei!”

“Senior brother Wei Wei, there is a lot that little sister doesn’t understand about cultivation . I hope senior brother may have some free time tonight . ”

“Junior sister Zhang, senior brother Wei Wei’s schedule, besides cultivating each day, is full . Only after three days can you meet with him . ”

The loudest and the most brilliant laughter from the crowd belongs to third senior brother . On each side he is surrounded by young girls filled with laughter and orchid fragrance, that sometimes make some innocent touches . Their worshiping gazes makes him more and more proud .

Qin Yu’s look is slightly dazed .

Third senior brother Wei Wei, with unclear history, bragged about being a royal officer clan patriarch’s son, a peak Golden Core cultivator . Once he found out his talent in cultivation, the clan changed his name to bring prestige to the clan when he reaches the patriarchs level .

Before, this kind of talk was seen as a joke, even with third senior brother somewhat grand name, what people said about him wasn’t very nice . That he has a sharp and shameless mouth, other people like to fuss over small details and think whatever suits them, not believing that he came from a powerful clan .

But two months ago, third senior brother to rebuke all the rumors and sayings about him he showed everyone by reaching Foundation Establishment from 7th layer of Qi Refining in 27 days . And continued to effortlessly rise until he reached 3rd layer in Foundation Establishment two days ago .

This kind of speed, not just the in the little Sacred Mountain Sect, even in the more famous cultivator sects is among the top!

On the same day that third senior brother reached Foundation Establishment, he begged all night in tears so that the Patriarch would take him as his Direct Disciple . The second day, he was officially accepted, he managed to turn his fate around and become a well-respected figure .

On that day all outer sect disciples, close to a thousand, were looking on with red eyes .

Nowadays third senior brother, the hope of the sect’s future, became increasingly flamboyant and arrogant, putting pressure on all other direct disciples .

“Everyone, junior sister is exaggerating . Since I began cultivating, have always kept calm . You shouldn’t say bad things about me . ” Wei Wei’s indifferent attitude made the other rush to flatter him ‘senior brother is so modest’, ‘we believe you’, ‘senior brother’s heart is unshakable’ and so on .

While walking along the stone path, third senior brother took a light glance of Qin Yu standing at the side, but quickly moved on with an indifferent look . They both have different status and might never meet each other again . Even if they recognize each other, so what?

The sounds of laughter are moving further away, but can still hear faint coy laughter from the girls . It appears third senior brother flowery speech is teasing the young girls .

Qin Yu calmly left after he took a glance in that direction, moving further away, the setting sun shining from the back upon his frail young body make him seem like a lonely tree .

After work, he doesn’t return to his dwelling, instead going through different roads and walking beside a hill for a while and reached a valley .

The lush vegetation here rarely sees human traces, but Qin Yu, after a few breaths, squints his eyes and very fast finds hoof prints, that from the depth they seem to be from a large animal .

Crouching and looking carefully at the hoof prints, he finds that the creature is missing a hoof . His face shows a smile, thinking ‘Finally found you!’ . This valley didn’t have wild boars, only, half a year ago one burst in the herb garden and almost killed him . After searching for clues for a long time, Qin Yu finally found its tracks a few days ago .

Not entering the valley, he stands on tiptoes and look at the trees in the valley . Making sure that the trap is well placed and then walking back the same way he came .

The sect’s surroundings spiritual energy is quite dense, making these boars smarter and sensitive to smell . So Qin Yu doesn’t wish to alert it of his presence and ruin his chances .

Dealing with this wild boar, he doesn’t do it just for revenge .

Qin Yu heard that this wild boar with a missing front left hoof for many years has entered the herb garden and eaten many spiritual herbs, containing in his flesh is a great amount of spiritual energy . This is the reason why he is after the wild boar . If he can catch and eat it, his illness might be cured .

Not delaying he went straight to his dwelling, along the way he was made fun of by the people he came across with .

Qin Yu lowered his head with a forced smile, until he reached his small yard where he regains his normal appearance . After freshening up he eats a meal and slowly drinks water . Qin Yu is very clear about the condition of his body, always unwell . When he coughs his chest pain increases, since a few days ago he even started to cough blood .

In the youngster’s heart there is a terrible fear, that with great difficulty resists from thinking about it and continues to eat .

After eating and washing up he rested for a while, and when he was at his calmest began cultivating .

Outer sect disciples can also cultivate; to enter a cultivator sect one must have talent in cultivation, even if it isn’t that great .

The outer sect disciples of Sacred Mountain Sect are using the three pages long True Wood Art . Although Qin Yu is a beginner in cultivation, he also knows that True Wood Art is incomplete and poor, to the point that it doesn’t have a grade .

Not having any other choice, he never complained and for seven years, each and every day Qin Yu cultivates, barely enough to reach the 2nd layer of Qi Refining . By using the Art, he feels a weak cool energy that moves around inside his body, making him feel slightly comfortable .

After two hours, he opens his eyes with a disappointed look . Qin Yu can feel that, after cultivating, the pressure in his chest lessens . But, being just at 2nd layer Qi Refining, isn’t enough to remove it completely .

And each time the energy passes around his chest, it dissipates, not much, but enough for Qin Yu’s speed not be able to recover completely . Recently, he feels that his cultivation is on the verge of regressing to the 1st layer of Qi Refining . When that happens the energy from the first layer won’t be capable to keep his illness in check and it will turn for the worse .

So, Qin Yu can only cultivate for two hours each day .

After getting up and stretching his body, he walks outside and starts slowly running along a desolate trail . For Qin Yu’s tired body after a day’s work, is quite a challenge, but the energy circulating through him helps while he carries on with clenched teeth .



With heavy breath as if working the bellows, the youngster’s pale face is starting to show a hint of red . After an hour, Qin Yu stops with heavy steps, his body swaying slightly and ears ringing .

He struggles to stand straight, closes his eyes and calms his breathing . After his heart calms a bit, turns his body around and going back the way he came .

Running for an hour, the road home takes him more than two hours, and when he will arrive, as usual, he will arrive when the sky turns dark .

Dragging his body, as he was about to leave the trail, Qin Yu stops with a puzzled look . From early age he realized that his senses are sharper than an average person, especially his hearing and sight . The night wind brought with it small noises, making him focusing in the direction the noises are coming from . It seems to have come from not far from here, the wild boar’s valley . Was the trap triggered?

Not knowing where the new strength came from, he happily turned his tired body and went up the slope .

The lands belonging to the Sacred Mountain Sect has dense spiritual energy, making the plants growing here go through a change . Like this vine here, usually even a farmer can gather it, but the ones on the slope, have their toughness similar to cow leather .

Rushing through the vines, out of excitement he isn’t even aware that his legs are stinging from being hit by them .

At the top, he strained his hearing to find out that the noise really came from the valley, eyes sparkling with joy . And as he approached the valley, the scream that suddenly appears makes him stop in his tracks!

Wei Wei!

No mistake, it’s his .

Why is he here?

Qin Yu at first, was afraid of being wrong, but the sweet smell of blood assaulting his nose, made his forehead cover in sweat . Quietly trying to turn his body and leave, his heart tightened and thrown himself to the ground .

The spears edge flashed blue, cut his robes dangerously close to his head as it went by and struck the ground . Qin Yu’s robe is soaked in cold sweat, if he were hit then he would become headless corpse .

“Junior brother, since you’re here, why leave?” The Patriarch’s head disciple’s face was a bit pale but he still had a smile . His kind words completely stark contrast to the intent to kill from before .

Wei Wei, collapsed on the ground, is sporting a long wound on his abdomen, the blood wetting the ground; gasping for breath like a fish out of water, without any trace of his previous arrogant demeanor . Seeing who it is, his eyes suddenly brighten, in a loud voice he said: “Junior brother Qin Yu, quickly help me! Han Dong is crazy; he wants to kill me!”


Total Chapters in book: 1992
Estimated words: 4700934 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 23505(@200wpm)___ 18804(@250wpm)___ 15670(@300wpm)