Reign of the Hunters by Season Of Fireworks

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 Gongzi You
Chapter 3 The Side Quest
Chapter 4 The Robin’S Bug
Chapter 5 A Change Of Fate?
Chapter 6 The Impolite Black Wolf
Chapter 7 Lukewarm Water
Chapter 8 Clingy Wolf
Chapter 9 Old Friends
Chapter 10 If You Can Find That Map
Chapter 11 Collateral Damage
Chapter 12 An Overpowered Skill Book
Chapter 13 A Player From The Leaderboard
Chapter 14 Trust Is A Premium Ability
Chapter 15 Heishan’S Lair
Chapter 16 Thousand Sunsets
Chapter 17 The Mysterious Ring
Chapter 18 A New Pet!
Chapter 19 Icy Cave Hard Difficulty!
Chapter 20 First Blood On Icy Cave Hard Difficulty!
Chapter 21 First Blood On Icy Cave Hard Mode! (2)
Chapter 22 Clear Moon
Chapter 23 School Begins!
Chapter 24 World Conqueror
Chapter 25 Sandstorm Scorpion
Chapter 26 Brooch Of Deceit
Chapter 27 Customer Service No.094
Chapter 28 Peacock Blue
Chapter 29 A Citizen Of Red Lake City
Chapter 30 Substitutes
Chapter 31 Why?
Chapter 32 Cleared! Cruel Pit!
Chapter 33 F*Ck Off
Chapter 34 Flutter N’ Sway
Chapter 35 Killing The Wild Boar King
Chapter 36 What Is A Player?
Chapter 37 Fruit Jelly
Chapter 38 A Rigged Quest
Chapter 39 This Has Nothing To Do With Me
Chapter 40 Under Attack
Chapter 41 The Other Continent
Chapter 42 The Top Of The Charts
Chapter 43 Challenging The Automaton Formation
Chapter 44 Expert Of Destruction
Chapter 45 Automaton Formation! First Five!
Chapter 46 As Long As You Shoot Properly
Chapter 47 In Command Of The First Squadron
Chapter 48 First Squadron, First Five!
Chapter 49 Winter Hotspring
Chapter 50 Armored Giant Tortoise
Chapter 51 Which Girl Hadn’T Fallen In Love With All The Wrong Bastards When They Were Young?
Chapter 52 1 Vs 5? Or Was It 5 Vs 1
Chapter 53 The Past Doesn’T Matter
Chapter 54 Bai Mo
Chapter 55 Remote Depths
Chapter 56 The Most Important Thing Is: Does He Treat You Well?
Chapter 57 Bane Of The Automatons
Chapter 58 It’S Not Time Yet
Chapter 59 The Mystifying Battle Commander
Chapter 60 The Frosty Wasteland
Chapter 61 The Beginning Of The End
Chapter 62 A Confusing Difficulty
Chapter 63 Second Rally
Chapter 64 Dispute For Commander’S Position
Chapter 65 Upwards Ho!
Chapter 66 Nightmare Difficulty
Chapter 67 The Dungeon (Part 1)
Chapter 68 The Dungeon (Part 2)
Chapter 69 Good Things Come In Pairs
Chapter 70 Morrow Canyon
Chapter 71 It’S A Small World
Chapter 72 Featherfall
Chapter 73 Melodious Flute
Chapter 74 Buren Monastery
Chapter 75 Sacrificial Altar
Chapter 76 Sacred Hall
Chapter 77 A City Under Siege
Chapter 78 Van Der Loof’S Request
Chapter 79 Hero!
Chapter 80 Experts Were Born Through Deaths
Chapter 81 Unavoidable Confrontation
Chapter 82 The Valiant Shall Emerge Victorious
Chapter 83 Gaming And Life
Chapter 84 Sha’Gar
Chapter 85 The Parents Want To Play Too?
Chapter 86 Dragon Dance Competition
Chapter 87 Brick
Chapter 88 White Bomb
Chapter 89 Genesis
Chapter 90 Final Victory
Chapter 91 Duel
Chapter 92 Happy New Year
Chapter 93 A Hunter’S Bottleneck
Chapter 94 Anthony The Hunter
Chapter 95 Half-Eyed Garrison
Chapter 96 The Burning Crevice
Chapter 97 Tamed! Epic Tier Monster!
Chapter 98 Eavesdropping
Chapter 99 Sneak Attack
Chapter 100 Fluttering Red Feather
Chapter 101 Tan Polang
Chapter 102 Your Sorrow Is Your Own Problem
Chapter 103 Guild War
Chapter 104 The Battle
Chapter 105 Bankrupt~
Chapter 106 Pioneering For The First Time
Chapter 107 Dungeon Exploration In Progress
Chapter 108 Yep! I’M A Thief!
Chapter 109 Who? It’S Me!
Chapter 110 Leaving After The Deed Is Done
Chapter 111 Not Thirsting For Fame And Glory (Part 1)
Chapter 112 Not Thirsting For Fame And Glory (Part 2)
Chapter 113 Why Can’T It Be Robbed?
Chapter 114 We’Re A Family
Chapter 115 Objective
Chapter 116 The Troublesome Boss
Chapter 117 First Blood! Frosty Wasteland Inner Sanctum!
Chapter 118 Trade
Chapter 119 Carnivore
Chapter 120 Slavery Contract
Chapter 121 The Young Appraiser
Chapter 122 Blue Light Coast
Chapter 123 The Pot Calling The Kettle Black
Chapter 124 Man Proposes, God Disposes
Chapter 125 The Empty Harbour
Chapter 126 The Treasure Of Hidden Treasure Gulf
Chapter 127 Land Of Dau’Er
Chapter 128 Exploration Completed
Chapter 129 This Day
Chapter 130 Deathmatch
Chapter 131 Retreat
Chapter 132 Hongmen Banquet (Part 1)
Chapter 133 Hongmen Banquet (Part 2)
Chapter 134 Hongmen Banquet (Part 3)
Chapter 135 Damned Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 136 It’S Over
Chapter 137 Blitz Cavern
Chapter 138 Rivals
Chapter 139 Dungeon Exploration Begins
Chapter 140 The Battle Begins
Chapter 141 Face To Face
Chapter 142 Ambitionist
Chapter 143 Showdown
Chapter 144 Are You F*Cking Kidding Me?
Chapter 145 Preparing For A New Dungeon
Chapter 146 Epic Quest
Chapter 147 A Request
Chapter 148 Friends?
Chapter 149 Out Of Bounds
Chapter 150 Severing Ties
Chapter 151 Safe Journey
Chapter 152 Green Hill’S Moon
Chapter 153 The Pauper Green Hill’S Moon (Part 1)
Chapter 154 The Pauper Green Hill’S Moon (Part 2)
Chapter 155 Perseverance Due To The Lack Of Bargaining Chips.
Chapter 156 Unbridled Willow
Chapter 157 The First Boss Of Castle Ruins
Chapter 158 Birth Of The Dark Cleric Fruit Jelly
Chapter 159 First Blood? First Five?
Chapter 160 The Cheating Second Boss
Chapter 161 A Surprise?
Chapter 162 What A Mess
Chapter 163 Someone Else’S Gossip
Chapter 164 Mausoleum Of Blades
Chapter 165 How Did You Know That?
Chapter 166 Western Continent’S Surprise Attack
Chapter 167 Sudden Attack
Chapter 168 Opponents
Chapter 169 Your Nemesis Knows You Best
Chapter 170 It Has Only Just Begun
Chapter 171 Western Continent’S Objective
Chapter 172 Since You Want Me To Wait, Then Wait I Shall
Chapter 173 What’S This Feeling?
Chapter 174 Hi~ We Meet Again!
Chapter 175 The Thrill Of The Battle
Chapter 176 A Comparison
Chapter 177 Farewell
Chapter 178 The Higher One Climbs, The Colder They Feel
Chapter 179 A Certain Depressed Someone
Chapter 180 Everybody Has A Headache-Inducing Problem
Chapter 181 The Difference Between An Amateur And A Pro
Chapter 182 Swamp Of Sorrows
Chapter 183 Somebody’S Looking To Die
Chapter 184 Looking For Trouble
Chapter 185 I Am Gongzi You
Chapter 186 Purity Essence
Chapter 187 A Talkative Commander
Chapter 188 Behind Enemy Lines
Chapter 189 Can’T Mess With Her, But You Can Hide From Her
Chapter 190 Dragonia
Chapter 191 Poaching
Chapter 192 The Bustling Forums
Chapter 193 Jealousy And Suspicion Are The Most Potent Poison
Chapter 194 It’S You!
Chapter 195 A Person With Aspirations
Chapter 196 A Bet
Chapter 197 Epic Tier Quest
Chapter 198 A Fight To The Death
Chapter 199 Mutual Benefits
Chapter 200 A Thousand Times
Chapter 201 Party Coordination
Chapter 202 Congratulations
Chapter 203 Ye Ci’S Troubles
Chapter 204 We’Re A Team
Chapter 205 This Banquet Will Not End Well
Chapter 206 A Few Things
Chapter 207 What A Troublesome Dilemma
Chapter 208 Happiness Is Like A Flower
Chapter 209 Axia Mist
Chapter 210 Full Stop
Chapter 211 This Is A Choice
Chapter 212 Andrei
Chapter 213 The Search For Bella
Chapter 214 What Is Bella?
Chapter 215 Everything Happened Too Fast
Chapter 216 We’Re Moving
Chapter 217 First Five
Chapter 218 Depravation
Chapter 219 The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 220 First Battle In The Golan Arena
Chapter 221 Top Player
Chapter 222 What A Shitty Decision
Chapter 223 Cause And Effects
Chapter 224 Mithril
Chapter 225 Black Iron Dwarf
Chapter 226 Flashbang
Chapter 227 Bon Voyage
Chapter 228 Do Your Best!
Chapter 229 Orthus
Chapter 230 Brief Encounter
Chapter 231 Is That Possible?
Chapter 232 Ambition
Chapter 233 A Deal
Chapter 234 Discovery Of Vo’Sok
Chapter 235 Exploring Vo’Sok
Chapter 236 The Truth
Chapter 237 Liar
Chapter 238 A Trustworthy Ally
Chapter 239 Belief
Chapter 240 Hidden Mechanism
Chapter 241 Bai Mo
Chapter 242 Taking A Res
Chapter 243 De’Frei Spotted
Chapter 244 Scepter Of Life
Chapter 245 Quest Completed
Chapter 246 Friend Of The Goblins
Chapter 247 We Shall Meet Again
Chapter 248 Cooperation
Chapter 249 Guild Affairs
Chapter 250 Blossom
Chapter 251 Quest Lock Part 1
Chapter 251 Quest Lock Part 2
Chapter 252 A Secret Part 1
Chapter 252 A Secret Part 2
Chapter 253 Moore Part 1
Chapter 253 Moore Part 2
Chapter 254 The Beach Part 1
Chapter 254 The Beach Part 2
Chapter 255 Bone Arrow Part 1
Chapter 255 Bone Arrow (Part 2)
Chapter 256 An Absurd Quest Part 1
Chapter 256 An Absurd Quest Part 2
Chapter 257 The Doluo Tribe Part 1
Chapter 257 The Doluo Tribe Part 2
Chapter 258 Alaunar Part 1
Chapter 258 Alaunar Part 2
Chapter 259 Shaman Part 1
Chapter 260 Dalufar Part 1
Chapter 260 Dalufar Part 2
Chapter 261 Forbidden Grounds Part 1
Chapter 261 Forbidden Grounds Part 2
Chapter 262 Illusion? Or Could It Be Real? Part 1
Chapter 262 Illusion? Or Could It Be Real? Part 2
Chapter 263 Soul Restoration Part 1
Chapter 263 Soul Restoration Part 2
Chapter 264 Stuck Part 1
Chapter 264 Stuck Part 2
Chapter 265 Dark Inferno Part 1
Chapter 265 Dark Inferno Part 2
Chapter 266 A Hero Like Khu’Tak Part 1
Chapter 266 A Hero Like Khu’Tak Part 2
Chapter 267 Servant Part 1
Chapter 267 Servant Part 2
Chapter 268 Doluo Civil War Part 1
Chapter 268 Doluo Civil War Part 2
Chapter 269 To The Northern Continent! Part 1
Chapter 269 To The Northern Continent! Part 2
Chapter 270 Breeze Part 1
Chapter 270 Breeze Part 2
Chapter 271 Fair Deal Part 1
Chapter 271 A Fair Deal Part 2
Chapter 272 Spotless Autumn Part 1
Chapter 272 Spotless Autumn Part 2
Chapter 273 Sacred Snowy Mountain Part 1
Chapter 273 Sacred Snowy Mountain Part 2
Chapter 274 Legend Part 1
Chapter 274 Legend Part 2
Chapter 275 The Sacred Spring (Part 1)
Chapter 275 The Sacred Spring Part 2
Chapter 276 What Makes A Warlock? Part 1
Chapter 276 What Makes A Warlock? Part 2
Chapter 277 Some Help Please? Part 1
Chapter 277 Some Help Please? Part 2
Chapter 278 The Drow Tribe Part 1
Chapter 278 The Drow Tribe Part 2
Chapter 279 Unlucky! Part 1
Chapter 279 Unlucky! Part 2
Chapter 280 Avalanche Part 1
Chapter 280 Avalanche Part 2
Chapter 281 Final Outcome Part 1
Chapter 281 Final Outcome Part 2
Chapter 282 Bounty Part 1
Chapter 282 Bounty Part 2
Chapter 283 Hero City Part 1
Chapter 283 Hero City Part 2
Chapter 284 Wisteria Garden Part 1
Chapter 284 Wisteria Garden Part 2
Chapter 285 Spotless…
Chapter 286 It Sure Is Lively Part 1
Chapter 287 It Sure Is Lively Part 2
Chapter 288 Beyond Expectation
Chapter 289 Murderer
Chapter 290 Incarcerated
Chapter 291 Visitors
Chapter 292 I’M Here As Well
Chapter 293 Zuo Xiaolan’S Worries
Chapter 294 To The Forums Part 1
Chapter 295 To The Forums Part 2
Chapter 296 To The Forums Part 3
Chapter 297 Reaction Part 1
Chapter 298 Reaction Part 2
Chapter 299 Reaction Part 3
Chapter 300 Reaction Part 4
Chapter 301 Reaction 5
Chapter 302 Reaction 6
Chapter 303 Consolation?
Chapter 304 The Means And The End
Chapter 305 Willingly Taking The Bai
Chapter 306 Driven Insane
Chapter 307 Agreemen
Chapter 308 A Scheme
Chapter 309 Awkward… 1
Chapter 310 Awkward… 2
Chapter 311 Things To Be Said
Chapter 312 Troubled Thoughts
Chapter 313 Confession
Chapter 314 Not Your Responsibility
Chapter 315 The Stream Of Visitors
Chapter 316 Release
Chapter 317 The Pet Shop
Chapter 318 Holy Dragon
Chapter 319 Sea Of Sand
Chapter 320 First Contac
Chapter 321 A Tes
Chapter 322 What If She’S Gongzi You?
Chapter 323 Golden Era’S First Move
Chapter 324 Assassins
Chapter 325 Don’T Worry
Chapter 326 Target: Gongzi You!
Chapter 327 An Anatomy Of Gongzi You
Chapter 328 Tug Of War
Chapter 329 A Clever Scheme
Chapter 330 Counter Measure
Chapter 331 There’S One More
Chapter 332 Outcome
Chapter 333 Yolan’S Blueprint.
Chapter 334 The Builder’S Guild
Chapter 335 A Maze Dungeon
Chapter 336 Solving The Riddle
Chapter 337 Dominoes
Chapter 338 Ingenuity
Chapter 339 Preparations
Chapter 340 A Cunning Strategy!
Chapter 341 Turning Poin
Chapter 342 God Is On My Side!
Chapter 343 Defea
Chapter 344 Aerial Steed
Chapter 345 The Fate Of Fate
Chapter 346 None Of My Business
Chapter 347 Return To Hero City
Chapter 348 Business Partner
Chapter 349 Killing The Famous
Chapter 350 Tamra’S Diary
Chapter 351 Tamra
Chapter 352 Andriel’S Grave
Chapter 353 Andriel’S Reques
Chapter 354 The Fun Begins Now!
Chapter 355 Choice
Chapter 356 On The Same Boa
Chapter 357 Mutual Understanding
Chapter 358 Cooperation?
Chapter 359 Hidden Cemetery
Chapter 360 Old Foes
Chapter 461 Figh
Chapter 262 Refusing To Let Go
Chapter 363 You Can’T Win
Chapter 364 Business Trip
Chapter 365 Refusal
Chapter 366 Hello Gongzi You
Chapter 367 Living The Momen
Chapter 368 The Forgotten Key
Chapter 269 Black Widow
Chapter 370 Bad Luck Returns
Chapter 371 Heart Of Darkness
Chapter 372 To Enter The Dark Shrine
Chapter 373
Chapter 374
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Alternative Titles:

Liè zhě tiān xià, 猎者天下

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The happiest thing in the world is to be able to amend what you have done wrong. She who acted willfully because of a game, was reincarnated into a time when she still had her parents’ love.

For the sake of her family, she began her life as a pro gamer.

But this time, she was no longer the Human Sorceress that she was familiar with. She was an Elven Huntress. Could she still acquire the power to be the Right Hand of God?

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Chapter 1 Reincarnation

Chapter 1 Reincarnation

Ye Ci sat on the observation floor of Glory Corporation’s main building.

By her side lay the trophy she had just obtained: Fate’s Second Battle of the Kings, Solo PVP Runner Up.

As Ye Ci lowered her head to take a glance at the crystal trophy, she felt an emptiness within her heart.

She rummaged through the pocket of her coat and retrieved the cigarettes that she had just bought.

Ye Ci never smoked, but today, she felt tempted to smoke one.Lighting the cigarette she had in her mouth with ineptitude, Ye Ci took a deep puff and immediately gagged. She looked up into the night sky and grimaced.

Ye Ci caressed the trophy with her slender fingers and raised the trophy up high before shouting in a hoarse voice, “Mum, dad, I did it. But why don’t I feel the slightest bit of happiness?”

“Look, I got a trophy. I have become strong. I’m standing at the top, but why am I not happy!?” In this bustling city with neon lights lighting up the skyline, nobody noticed the tiny lone human being.

She cupped her face with her hands. It was dry, devoid of even a single drop of tear. “Is this what I deserved? Is this what I get for turning my back on everything for the sake of becoming stronger?” Ye Ci screamed in agony.

In the next moment, a laughter that she could not suppress left her mouth.

“I turned my back on everything? I became stronger? The truth is, I was abandoned by everybody else. What have I done to possess the achievement I have today? I angered dad to death, mom left, and I’ve abandoned all my friends. I was notorious back then. I thought that I was special, I thought that nobody could understand me. The truth is, I am trash.”

“But now…”

Ye Ci closed her eyes. Her mind was overwhelmed by the embarrassment she felt when her right to join the competition had been denied just because she didn’t have any teammates, just because she didn’t have any friends.

“Fate is not about individual strength, as the strength of an individual comes from the people surrounding them. Miss Ye, I’m sorry, but the essence of the Battle of Kings is group battle. Without a group that is willing to accept you, we have no choice but to refuse your entry.”

No groups were willing to accept her…

Hehe, how could any group be willing to accept her!

She was the number 1 Sorceress in Fate, yet the most callous and black-hearted one as well. She had never offered assistance to a single soul in her 10 years of playing Fate.

Even in real life, she was the embodiment of selfishness and cruelty.

After pulling out her cellphone, Ye Ci dialed one of the few numbers that were stored in it. She was lonely. She wanted to speak to someone, anyone.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service.”

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service.”


90% of the few numbers stored in her phone were no longer in service. Exactly how long ago had she lost contact with other human beings?

The cursor on the screen stopped at the last number. It was a number that she was extremely familiar with, and it represented the final sliver of warmth within the depths of her heart. That person…he might still be around. She dialed after a moment of hesitation.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service.”

The cold voice of the receiver seemed to have sapped Ye Ci of all her energy. Her situation was laughable. Was there anybody else in this world who was like her? Seemingly glamorous on the surface, yet isolated from her kin.

After struggling to stand up, Ye Ci threw the phone into the air. “Inactive numbers! I, Ye Ci, do not need you people…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the night wind swept her off balance and she fell down the building. She subconsciously extended her arm out of desperation and managed to grab hold on something. Raising her head, she realised that the object she was dangling from at the edge of this hundred-meter-tall building was none other than her trophy.

Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, after which tears began streaming out.

In the end, was this the only thing she had left?

Was there still any meaning to her life?

Let it go, let it all go. Let her miserable life come to an end like that, in loneliness and sorrow.

Throwing a final glance at the PVP trophy, Ye Ci loosened her grip.

Endless darkness swallowed her entire being; it were as if she had never existed.

A splitting headache came.

However, the cozy sunlight lulled her to sleep for a moment longer.

The girl on the bed took in a deep breath and curled underneath her blanket, returning to her sweet dreams.

10 seconds later, the soft white blanket was pushed aside violently. The girl sat up abruptly and surveyed everything in the room, looking as though she had seen a ghost.

“Is this heaven? Or am I dreaming?” She muttered to herself before shaking her head, “I doubt that a person like me could make it to heaven…”

She lowered her head and looked at her white, tender hands. Those hands wormed themselves into the comfort of her blanket and forcefully pinched her leg.

“Ahh!!” She screamed at the excruciating pain, tears flowing down her cheeks.

It’s not a dream!

“What happened? What’s going on?” A middle-aged man with an apron stormed into the room with a ladle in hand. The anxiety on his face was clearly displayed on his face as he asked the girl on the bed urgently, “Ci Ci, what happened? Are you ok? Did you fall onto the floor after a dream again!?”

Ye Ci sat on her bed staring at the man, unable to recover from her surprise.

“Don’t tell me that you have a concussion!?” Ye Nantian waved his hand in front of Ye Ci.

“Dad!” Ye Ci grabbed hold of his hand, stood up, and wrapped her arms around Ye Nantian’s neck as tears streamed down uncontrollably from her eyes.

She didn’t want to care anymore. Even if it was just a dream, she’d be happy just to be able to meet her parents once again.

“What’s with you?” Ye Nantian was puzzled. His daughter had never had such an intimate interaction with him ever since she was 15. Her sudden change today left him bewildered.

“Dad, it’s good to see you again.” Ye Ci spoke from the depth of her heart. Tears blurred her vision as she held on tightly to her dad.

“What are you talking about!? You’re speaking as though I came back from the dead.” Ye Nantian laughed and patted Ye Ci on the back before pulling her to the side. “I’m going to make breakfast, come down quickly when you’re fully awake!”

He patted Ye Ci’s head again and walked out of the room.

Ye Ci sat on her bed and stared blankly at the digital clock on the wall as if it was a magnificent piece of sculpture.

20th August 2050, 7.37am

Year 2050?

It’s the year 2050!!!?

After being stupefied state for an untold amount of time, she sprang into action. Rushing to her desk, she grabbed hold of a mirror with trembling hands to look at her reflection.

The face of a 18 or 19 year old appeared in the mirror. The face had a healthy shade of red with a little bit of baby fat. There was life and vigor in her eyes.

This was her 10 years ago.

Ye Ci was a hundred percent sure. This face did not have the scar left behind by that car accident 10 years ago.

But what happened?

Ye Ci put down the mirror and looked around the room. There was a bamboo bed, a book rack, and a computer desk, along with with a Fate promotional poster hanging on the wall. A corner of the room was emptied out.

Did she return 10 years back in time?

She had returned 10 years back in time!

Ye Ci’s heart initially filled with frenzied happiness, but it was soon replaced with other emotions.

God had treated her well. Just when she had thought that she would end her life full of regrets, she received a second chance!

Was this a chance for her to rectify her mistakes?

Ye Ci could no longer hold herself back. She stood up and rushed towards the living room.

Ye Nantian was currently busy serving breakfast while Zuo Xiaolan was wiping off the dust from the cupboard. Both of them raised their heads upon hearing Ye Ci’s footsteps.

The first thing that Ye Ci saw after entering the living room was the scene filled with warmth that was long gone from her life.

She blinked, and there was a lump in her throat.

There were countless times when she had thought that she would be a good daughter if her dad could come back from the dead, and her mother would not leave her. She would stop being wilful, selfish and rebellious. She would be an attentive and obedient daughter.

She would never have thought that she’d receive such a chance.

Ye Ci bit her lips for a moment before letting out a hearty laugh. “Dad, mum, good morning!” Ye Ci said with a loud and cheerful voice.

Zuo Xiaolan sat on the sofa while gazing at Ye Ci, who had been busying away in the kitchen. She nudged Ye Nantian and murmured to him, “Say, what’s wrong with Ci Ci? She seems a little too obedient these few days. Not only did she break up with those friends who were being a bad influence, she even offered to do housework. Something must be wrong!”

“Are you not happy that your daughter became obedient?” Ye Nantian threw a grin at his wife and beckoned for Ye Ci to sit down with them.

Ye Ci sat down with her parents. She was happy, despite not knowing why her father had called for her. To her, the life she was currently in was heaven. She was fine with anything.

Ye Nantian cleared his throat and said, “Ci Ci, you once told me that you want a Fate Gaming Cabin. I promised you that I’d buy one for you if you could get into a university. So, I will fulfill my promise now. The Gaming Cabin will be here tomorrow.”

Ye Ci was stunned for a moment. Her past memories replayed in her mind like a movie.

Yes, the Fate gaming cabin.

Her fate was changed from that moment onwards.

The fate of her family was also changed at that moment.

If she could start over, what would be her choice?

“However, you have to tell me, why would you need such a high end gaming cabin? You can play the game with a regular helmet as well, so why would you need a holographic gaming cabin?”

Ye Nantian was unaware of the turmoil within Ye Ci’s mind and was silently staring at her with a smile.

The gaming cabin was just a bet with a friend. Despite not being rich, her parents were willing to buy the luxurious item for her out of love, one that cost about a hundred thousand bucks.

How did she answered her parents at that time? She said that she wanted to soar in Fate.

What happened in the end? She did it. However, in her quest to soar high in the sky, she had lost her friends, her parents, her happiness, and even her life. It was all due to her presumptuous foolishness and arrogance!


Total Chapters in book: 490
Estimated words: 1109130 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 5546(@200wpm)___ 4437(@250wpm)___ 3697(@300wpm)