Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar! by Northern Wind Sword

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Chapter 41 - Now!
Chapter 42 - So Near, Yet So Far!
Chapter 43 - The Might Of Ancestor Lin, Killing In A Single Step!!
Chapter 44 - Creature From Below The Great Abyss!
Chapter 45 - The Palace On The Giant Beast! The Great Desolate Boss!!
Chapter 46 - A Scapegoat!
Chapter 47 - A Beast Tide Came While Fixing The Door And Fences…
Chapter 48 - Xiao Shui Coughs Blood!
Chapter 49 - Ancient Beast, Suanni!!
Chapter 50 - That Thing No Longer Exists…
Chapter 51 - Brother, Aren’T You Going To Drink Before Leaving?
Chapter 52 - From The Great Abyss!
Chapter 53 - The Voice Resounding In Qi Mountain County, A Storm Is Coming!
Chapter 54 - I Think The Lin Family Is Done For
Chapter 55 - The Great Rise And Fall Of The Wang Family’S Ancestor
Chapter 56 - Relying On The Three-Foot Sword, Slaying Flood Dragons In The Way
Chapter 57 - Storm Arrives, City In Chaos!
Chapter 58 - The Grand Banquet Is Near!
Chapter 59 - The Tragic End Of The Lin Family
Chapter 60 - How Could I Not Come To The Grand Banquet?
Chapter 61 - Your Lin Family Is Ridiculous!
Chapter 62 - The Great Abyss Appears, The Battlefield Flowing With Blood!
Chapter 63 - Who Dares To Fight?!
Chapter 64 - Might Of Ferocious Beasts? The Great Desolate Is Not To Be Provoked!
Chapter 65 - Lin Xuan’S Battle? The Might Of The Dual-Pupils!
Chapter 66 - Battle Begins, First Victory!
Chapter 67 - Continuous Defeat, Extremely Tragic!
Chapter 68 - Dark Golden Crow! Lin Hao’S Battle!
Chapter 69 - Innate Divine Power! Heaven-Defying Reversal!
Chapter 70 - Heavenly Eye Technique!
Chapter 71 - The Devouring Power!
Chapter 72 - Dual-Pupils Technique, Overbearing Devour Ability!
Chapter 73 - Absorption Completed, Lin Xuan Wakes Up!
Chapter 74 - The Master Of The Great Abyss Makes A Move! Ancestor Lin’S Half-Step Nascent Soul Cultivation!
Chapter 75 - Confrontation Of Sword And Palm, Unparalleled In This World!
Chapter 76 - Battling The Master Of The Great Abyss! Ancestor Lin’S Crisis!L
Chapter 77 - Unusual Phenomenon, Middle-Aged Lin Xuan!
Chapter 78 - Shaking The Heavens With Half A Finger!
Chapter 79 - The Master Of The Great Abyss Is Just An Ant!
Chapter 80 - Magnificent And Vast, Phenomenon Spirit!
Chapter 81 - Ancient Divine Technique, Jade Drop Cage!
Chapter 82 - First Speech, Nine Secret Words!
Chapter 83 - Sudden Comprehension, The Power Of Words!
Chapter 84 - Chanting Supreme Scriptures, Shattering The Great Abyss!
Chapter 85 - The Great Abyss Retreats, A Sea Of Celebrations!
Chapter 86 - Continue Singing, Continue Dancing!
Chapter 87 - News Of The Outcome, Stunning The Families!
Chapter 88 - : In The Depths Of The Great Desolate, Willow Tree’S Guardian Spirit!
Chapter 89 - Large Families Come To Congratulate, The Ascension Immortal Dynasty Descends!
Chapter 90 - Palace Of The Great Dao, Old Friend Yu Dufei!
Chapter 91 - A Million-Year Mystic Realm, Invitation!
Chapter 92 - Invincibility And Longevity, My Grand Wish!
Chapter 93 - Legend Of Heaven And Earth, The Rise Of A Great Era!
Chapter 94 - First Walk, Seven Reversal Divine Steps!
Chapter 95 - : Heaven-Defying Seven Steps, Crushing The Great Desolate!
Chapter 96 - Embarrassed Ancestor Lin, Terrifying Speed!
Chapter 97 - Entering The Great Desolate, People Of The Desolate Village!
Chapter 98 - Wolf Village Versus Desolate Village, Battle Is Near!
Chapter 99 - A Loud Sound In The Sky, Lin Xuan’S Brilliant Entrance!
Chapter 100 - Terrifying Child, The Shocked People Of Desolate Village!
Chapter 101 - Altars Everywhere, Devouring Power!
Chapter 102 - The Guardian Spirit Appears, The Powerful Willow Immortal!
Chapter 103 - Lin Xuan’S Deal With The Great Desolate!
Chapter 104 - Anxious Lin Family, Uneasy Great Desolate!
Chapter 105 - Lin Xuan’S Return, Cultivation Breakthrough Again!
Chapter 106 - Meeting Yu Dufei Again, Going To The Ascension Immortal Dynasty!
Chapter 107 - Lin Xuan’S Suspicions
Chapter 108 - Real Intentions Revealed, Ascension Immortal Dynasty!
Chapter 109 - Blood Sacrificing Geniuses, The Truth Revealed!
Chapter 110 - Shocking Change, The Calamity Of The Prodigies!
Chapter 111 - Massacre, Shameless Yu Dufei!
Chapter 112 - How Can 30% Of A Ninth Level Golden Core’S Soul Exchange For My Lin Family’S Saint Child?
Chapter 113 - Ascension Immortal Nine Cauldrons, Refining The Prodigies Of Great Families!
Chapter 114 - Borrowing Lin Hao’S Strength, The Crisis Is Hard To Resolve!
Chapter 115 - First Vow, World Destruction Heavenly Lightning!
Chapter 116 - The Anger Of A Sovereign King, The Corpse Of A Million, The Respect Of The Heavens!
Chapter 117 - Bathed In Lightning, Surrounded By Sun And Moon, A Tree Under The Heavens!
Chapter 118 - Primordial Heavenly Punishment, Lin Xuan’S Nine Heavens Divine Lightning!
Chapter 119 - Cauldron Snatched, The Furious Ascension Immortal Dynasty!
Chapter 120 - Deduction Failure, Terrifying Lightning Punishment!
Chapter 121 - The Return Of The Two, Rage Of The Lin Family!
Chapter 122 - : The Furious Lin Family Takes Action!
Chapter 123 - The Powerful Ancestor Lin!
Chapter 124 - The Terrifying Storm Sweeping The Northern Azure Continent!
Chapter 125 - Shocking Change In The Northern Azure Continent!
Chapter 126 - : Recovery, Secret Of The Ascension Immortal Cauldron!
Chapter 127 - Ascension Immortal Dynasty Advances Towards The Lin Family!
Chapter 128 - Declaration Of Heaven And Earth, Heavenly Dao Bears Witness!
Chapter 129 - Lin Xuan’S Return, The Universal Five Grains Painting!
Chapter 130 - Primordial Treasure, Array Formation!
Chapter 131 - Borrowing Heavenly Treasures, The Pain Of Many Families!
Chapter 132 - Lin Xuan’S Plan, Going To Meet The Great Abyss Master!
Chapter 133 - Entering The Great Abyss Alone!
Chapter 134 - The Secret Of The Nine Cauldrons, The Great Abyss Master’S Past!
Chapter 135 - Cooperation Achieved, Arrival Of The Army!
Chapter 136 - Women Of The Lin Family, Flatten The Fence Sitters!
Chapter 137 - Come And Kill Me, I’M Here!
Chapter 138 - The Battle Begins, Dark Feather Battles The Lin Family!
Chapter 139 - Brazen Attack, The Might Of Ancestor Lin!
Chapter 140 - Help Invited By Little Friend Lin Xuan!
Chapter 141 - Gathering Of Five Nascent Soul Experts!
Chapter 142 - The Former Emperor, Domineering Yu Change!
Chapter 143 - The Great Abyss Master Arrives!
Chapter 144 - Lin Xuan: Retreat Slightly, Don’T Actually Win!
Chapter 145 - The Great Abyss Master Makes A Move Against The Ultimate King!
Chapter 146 - The Army Arrives, Mountain Of Corpses And Sea Of Blood, The Battle Of No Return!
Chapter 147 - Taking Advantage While Fighting!
Chapter 148 - Lin Xuan Makes A Move, Successful Return!
Chapter 149 - The Universal Five Grains Painting, Activate!
Chapter 150 - Sword Qi Dominance, Overwhelming Blood!
Chapter 151 - Golden Core Begging For Mercy, Not Sincere Enough!
Chapter 152 - Exasperated Nascent Soul Of The Ascension Immortal Dynasty
Chapter 153 - Trapped Nascent Soul, An Army About To Be Wiped Out!
Chapter 154 - The Power Of The Universal Five Grains Painting!
Chapter 155 - The Universal Five Grains Sends You All To The Netherworld!
Chapter 156 - The Resentful Great Abyss Master
Chapter 157 - First Slaughter Of A Million! Ancient Sword Embryo!
Chapter 158 - Immortal Entrapping Sword?
Chapter 159 - The Might Of The Immortal Entrapping Sword Embryo!
Chapter 160 - Challenging Five People With A Single Sword!
Chapter 161 - End Of The Battle, The Big Winner, Lin Family!
Chapter 162 - Lin Xuan’S Arranged Marriage!
Chapter 163 - The Roar Above The Ascension Immortal Dynasty!
Chapter 164 - : Terrifying Formation, Lingering Power!
Chapter 165 - Heavenly River Blood Fish, Divine Might Forbidden Ground!
Chapter 166 - Ancient Mystic Realm Opens!
Chapter 167 - Ascension Immortal Dynasty And Lin Family, Auspicious Clouds Shaking The Three Continents!
Chapter 168 - Ancient Mystic Realm, Chaos!
Chapter 169 - The Mystic Realm Opens, Countless Treasures!
Chapter 170 - Change Of Events, The Curtain Of Chaos Begins!
Chapter 171 - Thinking Of Entering The Mystic Realm!
Chapter 172 - Going To The Great Desolate To Find The Guardian Spirit!
Chapter 173 - Emerald Light Pillar, Supreme Treasure Appears!
Chapter 174 - Lin Xuan’S Attack!
Chapter 175 - Meeting Other Prodigies!
Chapter 176 - Fire God Hall!
Chapter 177 - Arrogant And Domineering Fire God Hall!
Chapter 178 - Formation In The Sky, Shocking Ancient Seal!
Chapter 179 - Treating Lin Xuan As Bait!
Chapter 180 - Entering The Mountain Range!
Chapter 181 - Is Everyone Here?
Chapter 182 - Domineering Massacre!
Chapter 183 - Lin Xuan Makes A Move
Chapter 184 - Fighting Many Alone!
Chapter 185 - : The Devastated Fire God Hall Elder!
Chapter 186 - Fish Bait Becomes A Ferocious Beast!
Chapter 187 - Shooting Oneself In The Foot!
Chapter 188 - An Eye For An Eye!
Chapter 189 - Red Goose, Bamboo Forest, A Pot Of Stew, The Flavors Of Joy!
Chapter 190 - Ancient Lightning!
Chapter 191 - Sudden Change!
Chapter 192 - All Dead!
Chapter 193 - All That Hard Work Ended Up In Someone Else’S Hands?
Chapter 194 - : Ancient Beast, Transformed Mountain Range, Stunned Lin Xuan!
Chapter 195 - Demonic Lightning Blood!! Slaughtering Everything!
Chapter 196 - : Nine Heavens Divine Lightning! Profound Vitality!
Chapter 197 - Demonic Lightning Blood Bamboo Runs For Its Life!
Chapter 198 - The Terrifying Mystic Realm!
Chapter 199 - Fire God Hall’S Next Move!
Chapter 200 - The Origin Of The Demonic Lightning Blood Bamboo!
Chapter 201 - The Ancient Insect Appears, The Plot Of The Mystic Realm Begins!
Chapter 202 - Beichen Zhan’S Son? Meeting So Soon?
Chapter 203 - : Three People Fight!
Chapter 204 - Stepping On His Face
Chapter 205 - You Should Calm Down, News About The Little Guy!
Chapter 206 - Legendary Insect Emperor, Lin Xuan Makes A Move!
Chapter 207 - Preparing Medicine!
Chapter 208 - The Arrogant Lin Xuan!
Chapter 209 - Bones Shattered, Meridians Melted, Lin Xuan’S Crisis?!
Chapter 210 - Breaking Through To The Circulation Sea Realm
Chapter 211 - Terrifying Strength
Chapter 212 - Quasi Insect Emperor’S Resurrection
Chapter 213 - Heavenly Lotus Flower
Chapter 214 - Conflict
Chapter 215 - Ancient Dragon Scale Beast?
Chapter 216 - Young Demon
Chapter 217 - : I Want To Go Back
Chapter 218 - All Killed
Chapter 219 - I’M Not Going Anymore
Chapter 220 - Conflict With A Woman
Chapter 221 - : White Holy Garment
Chapter 222 - Suppressing Qing Hu
Chapter 223 - Scarlet Dragon Immortal Flame
Chapter 224 - Lei Yunzi
Chapter 225 - Lei Yunzi, Defeated!
Chapter 226 - Fight!
Chapter 227 - Battling The Golden-Haired Woman
Chapter 228 - Saintess Of The Golden Soul Hall
Chapter 229 - The Golden-Haired Woman’S Final Method
Chapter 230 - The Death Of The Saintess
Chapter 231 - Battle Of Life And Death Begins
Chapter 232 - The Confidence Of The Young Demon
Chapter 233 - Fighting For The Stone Tablet
Chapter 234 - Little Guy
Chapter 235 - : Encounter Of The Two
Chapter 236 - Another Invincible Being’S Demise
Chapter 237 - Metal Origin Source
Chapter 238 - Spirit Connecting Fruit
Chapter 239 - Chaotic Battle
Chapter 240 - Kill Them All
Chapter 241 - We’Re His Cousins
Chapter 242 - Setting A Trap
Chapter 243 - Battle Between Two Prodigies
Chapter 244 - Purple Prefecture Expert
Chapter 245 - Complete Annihilation
Chapter 246 - Face Slapping
Chapter 247 - Five-Element Great Origin Technique
Chapter 248 - Could It Be That A Treasure Appeared?
Chapter 249 - Treating The Two Kids As Prey
Chapter 250 - Snatching Underpants
Chapter 251 - Even Dogs Are Stronger Than You
Chapter 252 - Worthless Invincible Prodigies
Chapter 253 - Array Formation Master
Chapter 254 - The Embarrassed Old Freak Xu
Chapter 255 - Still Laughing?
Chapter 256 - Little Guy'S Breakthrough
Chapter 257 - Five-Clawed Golden Dragon
Chapter 258 - Heaven Ascension Tower
Chapter 259 - Meeting
Chapter 260 - Perfect Dao Heart
Chapter 261 - : Opportunity
Chapter 262 - Zi Xiao
Chapter 263 - Sneak Attack
Chapter 264 - Cooperation
Chapter 265 - Undying Tree Vine Demon
Chapter 266 - Circulation Sea Tree Demon
Chapter 267 - Fighting Ying Zhao Again
Chapter 268 - Defeated
Chapter 269 - Continuous Breaking Of Records
Chapter 270 - Puppet
Chapter 271 - Beast Tide
Chapter 272 - Framed
Chapter 273 - Mutated Nine Heavens Divine Lightning
Chapter 274 - In Trouble
Chapter 275 - Zhao Jinsha’S Death
Chapter 276 - Pursuit
Chapter 277 - Continuous Pursuit
Chapter 278 - Where Are You Going?
Chapter 279 - Stunned Continuously
Chapter 280 - Nan Nan
Chapter 281 - Poison Swamp
Chapter 282 - Rubble Ground
Chapter 283 - Abyss
Chapter 284 - : Emperor Blood Saber
Chapter 285 - Refinement
Chapter 286 - : System, Where Did You Go?
Chapter 287 - Blood Dying The Sky Red
Chapter 288 - Longevity Medicine
Chapter 289 - Accepting It
Chapter 290 - Number One Immemorial Killing Formation
Chapter 291 - Nine-Layered Residence
Chapter 292 - Toying With The Prodigies
Chapter 293 - Heaven Shattering Nine Styles
Chapter 294 - Battling The Third Prince
Chapter 295 - Whoever Moves Will Die
Chapter 296 - Shadow Dragon
Chapter 297 - Two Slaps
Chapter 298 - Fleeing With The Broken Arm
Chapter 299 - Eighth Level
Chapter 300 - Skull Valley
Chapter 301 - Purple Prefecture Realm Skeleton Man
Chapter 302 - Weakness
Chapter 303 - The World Is Different
Chapter 304 - Extreme Anger
Chapter 305 - East Desolate Tremor
Chapter 306 - Willow Immortal’S Shock
Chapter 307 - Heavenly Secret
Chapter 308 - An Unexpected Breakthrough
Chapter 309 - What Do You Want To Do To My Grandson?
Chapter 310 - Why Did The Lin Family’S Ancestor Breakthrough Again?
Chapter 311 - The Movements Of The Various Great Factions
Chapter 312 - Face Slapping
Chapter 313 - Leg Numbness
Chapter 314 - Exterminating Immortal Ascension
Chapter 315 - Discussion
Chapter 316 - Movements Of All Parties
Chapter 317 - Feeding It To The Dog At Home
Chapter 318 - Arrival Of The Ancient Family
Chapter 319 - Junior Sparring
Chapter 320 - Body Refinement Technique
Chapter 321 - Challenging Saint Child Lin
Chapter 322 - Misunderstanding
Chapter 323 - Saintess Of The Beichen Family
Chapter 324 - Embarrassment Of The Lin Family
Chapter 325 - Killing With A Punch
Chapter 326 - Killing The Demon With A Single Sword Slash
Chapter 327 - Improvement
Chapter 328 - Two Great Ancestors Breakthrough
Chapter 329 - Reversal
Chapter 330 - Returning To The Great Abyss
Chapter 331 - Compromise
Chapter 332 - Advancement Of The Divine Eye
Chapter 333 - The Shen Family Was Attacked
Chapter 334 - Destruction Of The Shen Family
Chapter 335 - Envoy Of The Ascension Immortal Dynasty
Chapter 336 - Destruction Of The Wang Family
Chapter 337 - Feather King
Chapter 338 - Consecutive Deaths
Chapter 339 - Calm Before The Chaos
Chapter 340 - Ridiculous
Chapter 341 - Old Xie
Chapter 342 - Supporting My Ancestor’S Body
Chapter 343 - Sudden Change
Chapter 344 - Breaking Through To Soul Formation
Chapter 345 - Old Xie’S Death
Chapter 346 - Right Before The Battle
Chapter 347 - Full Mobilization
Chapter 348 - : Counterattack
Chapter 349 - Five Tigers Formation
Chapter 350 - Returning The Same Words
Chapter 351 - Battle Of The Soul Formation Experts
Chapter 352 - Reappearance Of The Great Abyss Master
Chapter 353 - : Doesn’T The Ancestor Cultivate The Saber?
Chapter 354 - Moving Formation
Chapter 355 - The Ascension Emperor’S Death
Chapter 356 - Robbing The Treasure Vault
Chapter 357 - Killing With A Fist
Chapter 358 - Entering The Imperial Palace
Chapter 359 - In-Name Disciple
Chapter 360 - Resisting The Nascent Soul Formation Stage Cultivator
Chapter 361 - Law Stone
Chapter 362 - The Tortured Jin Yi
Chapter 363 - Strange Stone Pillar
Chapter 364 - : Spiritual Fruit Hot Pot
Chapter 365 - A Big Deal
Chapter 366 - Subduing The True Dragon Qi
Chapter 367 - Returning To The Battlefield
Chapter 368 - Change Of Situation
Chapter 369 - How Is Your Lin Family Worthy?
Chapter 370 - Collective Breakthrough
Chapter 371 - Lightning Tribulations Everywhere
Chapter 372 - Another Family’S Saint Child
Chapter 373 - : Retching A Mouthful Of Blood
Chapter 374 - Let That Child Disappear
Chapter 375 - Complete Victory
Chapter 376 - The Lin Family Is The Number One Family
Chapter 377 - Suanni’S Visit
Chapter 378 - Celebration Party
Chapter 379 - : Drinking Fine Wine
Chapter 380 - : Great Dao Deification
Chapter 381 - Have You Heard?
Chapter 382 - Evil Spirit Formation
Chapter 383 - Meeting The Great Abyss Master
Chapter 384 - Light Of The Law
Chapter 385 - Breakthrough
Chapter 386 - Land Of Great Danger
Chapter 387 - What Do You Know?
Chapter 388 - : The Shangheng Family Of The Central Yan Continent
Chapter 389 - Opening The Letter
Chapter 390 - I Want To Go
Chapter 391 - Space Fragment
Chapter 392 - True Dragon Qi In The Sky
Chapter 393 - Snatching The Dragon Egg
Chapter 394 - Returning To The Lin Family
Chapter 395 - Bounty
Chapter 396 - Don’T Beat The Child
Chapter 397 - Staying Away From Danger
Chapter 398 - Obedient Lin Xuan
Chapter 399 - The Spiritual Qi Released By The Dragon Egg
Chapter 400 - Ancestor’S Breakthrough Again
Chapter 401 - Lin Family’S Ancestor Breaks Through To The Soul Formation Realm
Chapter 402 - Finally Broken
Chapter 403 - True Dragon Child
Chapter 404 - : Qilin Bag
Chapter 405 - The Baby Dragon That Can Spray Water
Chapter 406 - Drenched
Chapter 407 - The Lin Family’S Special Spirit Qi
Chapter 408 - The Excited Crowd
Chapter 409 - Setting Off
Chapter 410 - There’S A Mystic Realm Full Of Spiritual Fruits
Chapter 411 - Memories Of The Past
Chapter 412 - I’Ll Take You Flying
Chapter 413 - Entering The Mystic Realm
Chapter 414 - Disappeared
Chapter 415 - Change In Spiritual Qi
Chapter 416 - Thinking Of A Way
Chapter 417 - Sudden Spiritual Qi Refinement
Chapter 418 - An Unparalleled Tribulation
Chapter 419 - Shocking Meeting Of The Great Abyss Master
Chapter 420 - Deceived
Chapter 421 - Reconstructing The Spirit Meridians Again
Chapter 422 - Lin Xuan’S Absurdity
Chapter 423 - The Cooperation Between Ancestor Lin And The Great Abyss Master
Chapter 424 - The Vengeful Baby Dragon
Chapter 425 - Attacked By Strange Beasts
Chapter 426 - Difficulty In The Xiang Sea, Near Death
Chapter 427 - Taking Out The Scroll
Chapter 428 - Let Me Try It
Chapter 429 - The Supreme One Is Always Right
Chapter 430 - That’S It?
Chapter 431 - Fed By Heaven
Chapter 432 - Time To Gain Experience
Chapter 433 - Using The Beasts For Practice
Chapter 434 - Lin Zhuosi
Chapter 435 - Passed Out From Excitement
Chapter 436 - Fighting Against Trash
Chapter 437 - The Irritable Lin Bao
Chapter 438 - Feeding The Baby Dragon
Chapter 439 - The Escaped Baby Dragon
Chapter 440 - The Rich Lin Xuan
Chapter 441 - 1 Capturing The Escaped Baby Dragon
Chapter 442 - I Can Do It
Chapter 443 - Seasick
Chapter 444 - Going Ashore To Check
Chapter 445 - This Forest
Chapter 446 - Sudden Accident
Chapter 447 - Falling Down Into The Forest
Chapter 448 - Formation In The Formation
Chapter 449 - Baby Dragon Breaks The Illusion
Chapter 451 - Try The Devouring Power
Chapter 452 - The Vanishing Green Light
Chapter 453 - Don’T Go Up And Seek Death
Chapter 454 - Breaking Out Of The Void Illusion
Chapter 455 - Lin Xuan’S Coma
Chapter 456 - Abnormal Records
Chapter 457 - Critical Situation
Chapter 459 - Strange Beast, Black Crow
Chapter 460 - At The Mercy Of Others
Chapter 461 - Let’S Fight
Chapter 462 - Weak True Dragon Qi
Chapter 463 - Fight
Chapter 464 - Summoning The True Dragon
Chapter 465 - Within The Chaos
Chapter 466 - True Dragon
Chapter 467 - Situation Unknown
Chapter 468 - Sudden Appearance Of True Dragon Qi
Chapter 469 - Subduing Black Crow
Chapter 470 - Source
Chapter 471 - White Yin’S Clue
Chapter 472 - After The Great Battle
Chapter 473 - Looking Like A Mortal Enemy
Chapter 474 - Play For Two Days
Chapter 475 - In Exchange
Chapter 476 - Negotiating Terms
Chapter 477 - Splitting The Moon Stone
Chapter 478 - What Is The Moon Stone?
Chapter 479 - Arriving At The Central Yan Continent
Chapter 480 - Linjin City
Chapter 481
Chapter 482
Chapter 483
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Alternative Titles:

圣婴坠地; 一声啼哭开天门!

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Reincarnated as a baby who was in his mother's womb for a hundred years, the moment Lin Xuan was born, the whole world was shocked.

When he took his first breath, he gathered all the purple qi from 30,000 miles east. He was dubbed the Saint Child by others.

When he let out his first cry, it helped all of the cultivators around him break through their limits.

When he first opened his eyes, his parents mastered the Divine Eyes technique.

When he first moved his fingers, he tore open a crack in space. It was the Devastating Finger.

When he took his first step, cracks formed on the crust of the earth. It was the Chaotic Eight Steps.

When he first spoke, first ate, and first showered…

His Ancestor praised, “He’s the pride of our family.”

The Holy Maiden argued, “He’s mine!”

The Empress announced, “I’m willing to wait until he’s an adult!”

Buddda’s apprentice cursed, “Why am I meditating here? I can break through just by being close to him!”

By the time the baby grew into a child, he was already invincible.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Hundred Years of Pregnancy, The Descent of a Divine Miracle!


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In the Profound Sky Continent, Qi Mountain County’s Great Yan City, many people were discussing the latest news.

“Hey brother, did you know? Another genius youth has appeared in our Great Yan City. At such a young age, he has already obtained the best admission score of the Divine Wind Academy. Moreover, I heard that he’s only 16 years old and is already at the ninth level of Qi Refinement!”

“Of course I know. Who in the entire Great Yan City doesn’t know such a genius?”

“However, to be honest, in the past hundred years, there have been too many geniuses appearing in our Great Yan City. They’re like bamboo shoots growing after the rain, appearing continuously.”

“Unfortunately, it seems that the Lin family’s situation is a little awkward. Ever since the Lin family’s Lin Hao became our City Lord, there has been no decent geniuses in the Lin family for more than a hundred years!”

“Looks like the Lin family is about to decline…”

“What a pity for City Lord Lin Hao. He’s a great City Lord. What a pity, what a pity!”

“Hey, I heard that City Lord Lin Hao’s wife has been pregnant for a hundred years?”

“Including this year, it has indeed been a hundred years!”

“Sigh, what a pity. Back then, City Lord Lin Hao and his wife were a match made in heaven. The marriage between the two elites made the entire Great Yan City envious for several years.”

“That’s right. I heard that when the City Lord’s wife was pregnant back then, all the large families of the entire Profound Sky Continent came to the Lin family to congratulate her.”

“Now, that baby has actually been in her womb for a hundred years and has yet to be born. It’s really worrying!”

“That’s right. I’ve never heard of a fetus being in the womb for so long. I think it should be a stillborn!”

“Sigh, let’s not talk about this. After all, City Lord Lin Hao is really good!”


In a place filled with endless darkness, the power of chaos wrapped around a youth. The youth curled up his body and continued to feel warmth from his surroundings.

“Where am I?”

Lin Xuan was a little confused.

He wanted to open his eyes to look at his surroundings, but he realized that no matter how hard he tried, he could not open his eyes.

It was not only his eyes, his limbs were also curled up tightly. His entire body and every move contained a huge resistance that made him unable to move.

What was this place?

Lin Xuan was a little anxious and very puzzled.

Shouldn’t he be sleeping at home? Why did he suddenly appear here?

Was he kidnapped? Was he dreaming?

Just as Lin Xuan was puzzled, a gentle voice sounded in his mind. It sounded like a woman’s voice.

“Xuan’er, why are you being naughty again?”

“It’s already been a hundred years. I no longer want anything else. I only hope that you can come to this world safely and healthily…”

“As long as you can be delivered safely, I am willing to pay any price.”

“I have heard many people say some bad things, but I feel that Xuan’er must be fine. You will definitely come to this world safely…”

Lin Xuan was slightly stunned.

These words were like a spring breeze, warming his heart. At the same time, memories surged in his mind.

Looking at these memories, Lin Xuan was caught between laughter and tears.

He actually transmigrated!

When he woke up, he had become a fetus!

No wonder he could not open his eyes previously.

Moreover, he had been in the womb for a hundred years. This was definitely not Earth.

After all, even Nezha of the legends had only stayed in his mother’s womb for three years.

Compared to him, a hundred years was simply on a different level.

[…A host who meets the requirements has been detected. System binding…]

[…Prodigy System binding complete…]

A robotic voice sounded in Lin Xuan’s mind. Lin Xuan was slightly stunned. It was actually a system commonly seen in web novels! Moreover, it was called the Prodigy System?

Lin Xuan was puzzled. What was the use of this system? Prodigy? Could it be that it wanted him to be invincible?

[Host, the system will not automatically reward you. Only when you make an achievement can you obtain a reward. You will not be invincible immediately.]

‘Achievement? What achievement? How?’ Lin Xuan thought curiously.

[This system has countless achievement missions. No matter what the host does for the first time, you will be able to complete the corresponding achievement mission.]

[After the host completes an achievement mission, you will receive all kinds of rewards.]

[Opportunities, good fortune, influence to the surroundings, and various ways to improve oneself.]

[The lucky people around you will obtain some opportunities because of this. The size of the fortuitous encounters is related to their opinion of the host, but it is far inferior to the fortuitous encounters the host receives.]

When Lin Xuan heard this, he was delighted as he thought, ‘I’m clearly a Saint Child. No matter what I do, I can affect my surroundings. Moreover, the better the person is to me, the greater the influence they will receive. This is even more useful than being invincible.’

[Host, although what you think is a little exaggerated, that is indeed the case. No matter what the host does for the first time, it will be accompanied by a powerful fortuitous encounter, or the miracle of this world, or even the miracles of other worlds, phenomena, secret techniques, and so on. It’s all possible.]

Lin Xuan nodded slightly.

In short, this Prodigy System was not an active system. It was more inclined to assist him.

“Right, how should I activate the system?” Lin Xuan asked in his mind.

[Host, you just need to be born!]

Lin Xuan nodded slightly and did not ask anymore. He clenched his small fists and used his greatest strength to start moving.

In a luxurious room, the air emitted a faint fragrance.

In front of the window, there was a woman in a white robe. In her hand was a cup of high-grade spiritual tea that could help to nourish the fetus. In her other hand, she held a book called “The Strongest Prenatal Education in the Profound Sky Continent”.

The woman drank the best spiritual tea while reading the best prenatal education book.

Sunlight shone into the room and shone on the woman.

The woman gently put down the book in her hand and hummed a children’s song while touching her lower abdomen.

Her appearance could not be considered beautiful, but at a glance, she was still astonishing. Moreover, she was the type that became more and more pleasing to the eye as time passed. She was like a holy lotus flower, simple and peaceful.

Looking at her bulging belly, a motherly smile appeared on the woman’s face. Her eyes were filled with gentleness. However, at this moment, the woman suddenly felt an intense pain in her stomach.


The woman could not help but frown and shout.

The woman’s cry was not loud, but the personal maidservant who had been taking care of the woman carefully immediately rushed in and asked anxiously.

“Madam, what’s wrong?”

“What happened?”

The woman lay on the chair. At this moment, although she was in intense pain, she was also filled with joy.

She said in surprise, “It moved. My Xuan’er moved!”

It moved?

The maidservant’s eyes suddenly widened. She hurriedly rushed up and pressed herself against the woman’s abdomen. Immediately after, the maidservant was extremely excited.

“Young Master is moving! Young Master is moving!”

“Anyone outside? Come quickly. Bring the best doctor here! Hurry!”

“Inform Master and ask him to come back. Madam is about to give birth!”


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