Returning From The Immortal World by Jing Ye Ji Si

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Transformation Of The Nature
Chapter 3: The Truth Is Revealed
Chapter 4: The Supreme Art Of Quintessential Space
Chapter 5: I Will Protect This Family
Chapter 6: Humiliation
Chapter 7: Kicked Out Of Class
Chapter 8: The Dumbest Decision
Chapter 9: Fierce Beautiful Girl
Chapter 10: Insensitive
Chapter 11: A Kiss To Qingcheng
Chapter 12: I Will Take Care Of You For Life
Chapter 13: Monthly Test Began
Chapter 14: Frigid Irony And Scorching Satire
Chapter 15: The Restaurant Was Smashed
Chapter 16: Barbarism Must Be Met With Barbarism
Chapter 17: Demon
Chapter 18: The Hidden Mastermind
Chapter 19: Debt Collection
Chapter 20: Severing All Ties
Chapter 21: So Pleased As To Lose One’S Sense Of Measure
Chapter 22: I’Ll Become Number One
Chapter 23: It’S Not The Most Shameless, Only More Brazen
Chapter 24: The Good Luck That Makes People Jealous
Chapter 25: Refusing The Toast, Only To Be Forced To Drink
Chapter 26: Getting Rich Overnight
Chapter 27: The Place With A Spiritual Vein
Chapter 28: Incompatible As Fire And Water
Chapter 29: An Overnight Sensation
Chapter 30: Releasing Public List Of Successful Examinees
Chapter 31: Acted Like Pretentious Pricks And Got Slapped In The Face
Chapter 32: A Shrewd Well Behaved Mommy’S Boy
Chapter 33: Carving The Clouds And Cut Out The Moon
Chapter 34: Life And Death Struggle
Chapter 35: The Ingredients And Materials Completed
Chapter 36: The Way To Control Subordinates
Chapter 37: Destiny Will Allow Enemies To Meet
Chapter 38: It’S Okay Looking For A Fight
Chapter 39: Cleaning Up Enemies In A Flash
Chapter 40: Big Sister The Boss
Chapter 41: Deviants Have Always Come From Barren Mountains And Wild Rivers
Chapter 42: Learning How To Apply What One Learned
Chapter 43: Looks And Shapes Might Be Similar, But The Soul Is Different
Chapter 44: Gambling Skill’S Breakthrough
Chapter 45: Admitting Defeat
Chapter 46: Building The Heavenly Palace
Chapter 47: Luxurious Villa
Chapter 48: Concocting Body Refining Liquid Succeeded
Chapter 49: Vitality Tempering Peak Stage
Chapter 50: Jia Ruidao Asks For Help
Chapter 51: Once Thriving, Thriving Thoroughly. Once Lost, Losing Thoroughly
Chapter 52: The Ultimate Madness
Chapter 53: The Hero Rescued The Belle
Chapter 54: Beating The Grass To Scare The Snake
Chapter 55: Disaster To The Family Member
Chapter 56: Small Hints Of Traces
Chapter 57: Decision
Chapter 58: The Rage
Chapter 59: The Old Den
Chapter 60: Nothing More Than Just An Idiot
Chapter 61: Are You A Human Or A Ghost?
Chapter 62: Good News
Chapter 63: The Slaughterhouse
Chapter 64: Provocation
Chapter 65: Condition
Chapter 66: Half Master
Chapter 67: Conversation Skills
Chapter 68: Being Tracked
Chapter 69: The God Of War Incarnation
Chapter 70: Relationship
Chapter 71: The Longstanding Enemy
Chapter 72: Kneeling And Begging For Forgiveness
Chapter 73: Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 74: Back To School
Chapter 75: The First Meeting
Chapter 76: Trusted Subordinates
Chapter 77: A Truly Kind-Hearted Mother
Chapter 78: Unofficial Disciple
Chapter 79: A Huge Business Opportunity
Chapter 80: Paradise Club
Chapter 81: Learning Gambling Techniques
Chapter 82: The Sadness From The Past
Chapter 83: Confessing Mistakes
Chapter 84: Thousand Revolution Array
Chapter 85: Self-Pride
Chapter 86: The Tides Of Shocks
Chapter 87: Apathetic
Chapter 88: One And His Enemies Are Bound To Meet
Chapter 89: Everything Was The Same Just Like Before
Chapter 90: Who’S The Sacred Being?
Chapter 91: First Win
Chapter 92: Four Consecutive Wins
Chapter 93: The Final Bout
Chapter 94: Driven Out
Chapter 95: Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 96: Fellow Cultivators
Chapter 97: Violet Redbud Auction
Chapter 98: Determined To Win
Chapter 99: The Bidding Race
Chapter 100: Unhesitating By Any Means And Cost
Chapter 101: The Owner
Chapter 102: Humbly Asking For Guidance
Chapter 103: A Huge Surprise
Chapter 104: Hunting And Killing Fierce Beasts
Chapter 105: A Warm And Caring Mother
Chapter 106: Saving A Person
Chapter 107: Treating Illness
Chapter 108: Settling A Dispute
Chapter 109: Ashamed And Unable To Show Face
Chapter 110: Accepting Disciple
Chapter 111: Crossing The River Of The Dragon
Chapter 112: Conflict
Chapter 113: Incurring Hatred
Chapter 114: Tuina Massage
Chapter 115: Returning To Star City
Chapter 116: What’S In Your Brain?
Chapter 117: The Trick To Make Someone Do Something
Chapter 118: Driven Out
Chapter 119: Gifting Money
Chapter 120: Title At End
Chapter 121: Mom Got Injured
Chapter 122: A Wretched Bawl
Chapter 123: Pleading Voices
Chapter 124: The Invitation To Work And Serve
Chapter 125: Incited Crowd
Chapter 126: Heavily Beaten
Chapter 127: The So-Called Friends
Chapter 128: Fly Into A Rage
Chapter 129: Heavy Destruction
Chapter 130: The Evil Star
Chapter 131: Threats
Chapter 132: Who’S Friends With You?
Chapter 133: The Problems With Education
Chapter 134: It’S All Greek To Me
Chapter 135: Managing People In The Right Way
Chapter 136: Strange
Chapter 137: Magical
Chapter 138: A Land With Precious Feng Shui
Chapter 139: A Car Driver
Chapter 140: Solving The Doubts
Chapter 141: Ouyang Lulu Was Shocked
Chapter 142: At The Bottom Of The Ocean
Chapter 143: Being In A Stupor State
Chapter 144: Returning To School
Chapter 145: A Nobody
Chapter 146: Enemies Are Bound To Meet Again
Chapter 147: A Loud And Clear Slap On The Face
Chapter 148: The Boundary Limit Of Being Shameless
Chapter 149: Much More Powerful
Chapter 150: Being Thoroughly Humiliated
Chapter 151: Security Guards Arrival
Chapter 152: A Good Play
Chapter 153: Knocking The School’S Door And Fight
Chapter 154: Outcome
Chapter 155: Price
Chapter 156: Haggling Over The Price
Chapter 157: An Unexpected, Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 158: Singing
Chapter 159: Ideal Mood Realm
Chapter 160: Declining The Offer
Chapter 161: Giving Someone A Favor With A Small Price
Chapter 162: College Entrance Test
Chapter 163: Secrets
Chapter 164: Mutual Cooperation
Chapter 165: It’S For You Sweetheart!
Chapter 166: Being Forced To Suffer In Silence
Chapter 167: Forgetting The Previous Discord
Chapter 168: A Fly
Chapter 169: Courting Trouble
Chapter 170: Traveling Across The Road Ruled By Might
Chapter 171: Easily Solved
Chapter 172: Dangers Lurking On Every Side
Chapter 173: Rogue Strategy
Chapter 174: Miserable Ends
Chapter 175: Guilty And Deserves To Be Punished
Chapter 176: Seeking Riches And Honor Amidst Danger
Chapter 177: He'S That Demonic Star
Chapter 178: Snatching The Treasures
Chapter 179: Returning Home
Chapter 180: Parting Ways
Chapter 181: Chief Wolf
Chapter 182: Paying Debts
Chapter 183: Small Gathering
Chapter 184: Fight
Chapter 185: Genuine And Honest Thoughts
Chapter 186: Telling The Truth
Chapter 187: The Closed Down Winery
Chapter 188: Crisis' Foreboding
Chapter 189: Threats
Chapter 190: Front
Chapter 191: The Surging Tide In The Dark
Chapter 192: Lack Of Evidence
Chapter 193: Long Hanwen’S Thoughts
Chapter 194: Gathering
Chapter 195: Trap
Chapter 196: Making Someone To Taste His Own Medicine
Chapter 197: Exorbitant Demands
Chapter 198: Divine Doctor
Chapter 199: The Rule Of The Powerful
Chapter 200: Playing With A Big Gambit
Chapter 201: Good News
Chapter 202: The Ending
Chapter 203: The Mastermind Behind The Scenes
Chapter 204: Psychological Torture
Chapter 205: Sensation
Chapter 206: A Rare Annoying Woman
Chapter 207: The Exotic Flower’S Style
Chapter 208: Digging The Pit
Chapter 209: Capture Operation
Chapter 210: Anger
Chapter 211: Outstanding Merit
Chapter 212: Car Training At The Driving School
Chapter 213: A Top-Notch Skill
Chapter 214: The Broadening Experience
Chapter 215: Paying Compensation
Chapter 216: Sorted Out
Chapter 217: Accomplishing The Task
Chapter 218: Closely Related
Chapter 219: Demon Stone
Chapter 220: Geologist
Chapter 221: Disappointment
Chapter 222: Too Conceited To Differentiate Good From Bad
Chapter 223: Contest
Chapter 224: Inciting Awe
Chapter 225: Heavy Blows
Chapter 226: Proficient In Numerous Skills
Chapter 227: Like A Deity
Chapter 228: Runic Fiend Bone
Chapter 229: A Very Busy Person
Chapter 230: Acting Like A Snob
Chapter 231: Being Doubted
Chapter 232: Giving Medical Treatment
Chapter 233: Reputation Spread Out Far
Chapter 234: Regrets
Chapter 235: Spirited
Chapter 236: Treating Cancer
Chapter 237: Remarkable Effect
Chapter 238: Other Relatives
Chapter 239: The Causes Of The Matter
Chapter 240: Back Home
Chapter 241: Moving Problems
Chapter 242: Mysterious Medical Skill
Chapter 243: The Fast Change In Attitude
Chapter 244: Devastating Oppression
Chapter 245: Resolving The Problems With Violence
Chapter 246: The Killer Under The Pain
Chapter 247: The Su Village Big Event
Chapter 248: College Entrance Test Scores
Chapter 249: The Cry For Help
Chapter 250: Test
Chapter 251: The Reek Of Blood Enveloped The World
Chapter 252: The Japanese
Chapter 253: Tang Xiu’S Intentions
Chapter 254: Smooth Solution
Chapter 255: The Charm Of Romance
Chapter 256: Making A Clean Break With The Past
Chapter 257: First Meeting
Chapter 258: An Unexpected Turn Of Events
Chapter 259: Only As Strangers
Chapter 260: The Not Unexpected Decision
Chapter 261: Visiting And Inviting Personally
Chapter 262: The Tang Family Members
Chapter 263: Everyone Gathered At Once
Chapter 264: The Rejection From The Heart
Chapter 265: Cousin
Chapter 266: Addressing Name
Chapter 267: Exchanging Life For Life
Chapter 268: His Life Is Not Guaranteed
Chapter 269: Martial Arts Master
Chapter 270: Awakening
Chapter 271: Settling Placement
Chapter 272: The Feelings Between Master And Disciple
Chapter 273: Strength Demonstration
Chapter 274: The Mansion In Hong Kong
Chapter 275: Traffic Accident
Chapter 276: Malicious Intention
Chapter 277: Bidding
Chapter 278: Successfully Obtaining The Items
Chapter 279: Li Juren’S Invitation
Chapter 280: The Shocking Past Events
Chapter 281: The Hit
Chapter 282: A Silent And Cold Massacre
Chapter 283: The God Of Killing
Chapter 284: Paying A Visit
Chapter 285: Wasting Money
Chapter 286: Terrified
Chapter 287: An Astronomical Price For A Lesson
Chapter 288: Retention
Chapter 289: The Slob—Wretched Fat Man
Chapter 290: Profiting From The Relationship With Someone
Chapter 291: Envy And Jealousy
Chapter 292: A Good Attitude
Chapter 293: Provocation
Chapter 294: Giving Directions
Chapter 295: Viviani
Chapter 296: A Ridiculous Request
Chapter 297: The Mingled Grief And Hatred.
Chapter 298: Going To The Appointment
Chapter 299: Shape Without A Soul
Chapter 300: Plea
Chapter 301: I’M Not Into It
Chapter 302: Traveling To The Sea
Chapter 303: Capture The Thieves By Capturing Its Leader First
Chapter 304: They’Re Devils
Chapter 305: Constant Harassing
Chapter 306: Annihilated
Chapter 307: Liberators
Chapter 308: Heavenly Blessed Land
Chapter 309: Breakthrough
Chapter 310: Highest Existence
Chapter 311: Enjoying Familial Affection
Chapter 312: Good Suggestion
Chapter 313: Purchasing Airplanes
Chapter 314: Wolf Head Returns
Chapter 315: Proper Placement
Chapter 316: Stopping Over Hong Kong
Chapter 317: Return Trip
Chapter 318: Excellence
Chapter 319: Recalling Past Events
Chapter 320: The Details Of The Event
Chapter 321: A Woman’S Feelings Toward Her Lover
Chapter 322: Bikini Girls
Chapter 323: Jaw-Dropping Surprise
Chapter 324: Magical Object For Chasing After Hot Chicks
Chapter 325: Chaotic Fight
Chapter 326: Expert
Chapter 327: Vip Among Vips
Chapter 328: Acting According To The Circumstances
Chapter 329: Just This Once
Chapter 330: Ordering In Advance
Chapter 331: Gu Needles
Chapter 332: Car Race
Chapter 333: Arrogance
Chapter 334: Rescuing Someone’S Life
Chapter 335: Surprising Result
Chapter 336: Good And Evil
Chapter 337: The Troubles Upon The Tang Family
Chapter 338: Grave Situation
Chapter 339: Traces And Clues
Chapter 340: Déjà Vu
Chapter 341: A Belle Visits
Chapter 342: Who Are You Exactly?
Chapter 343: Utterly Confused And Bewildered
Chapter 344: Giving A Bit Of Advice
Chapter 345: Emergency Situation
Chapter 346: Magical Medical Skill
Chapter 347: Startled By An Outstanding Man
Chapter 348: Dire Situation
Chapter 349: Unforeseen Circumstances
Chapter 350: Information
Chapter 351: Rescue
Chapter 352: The Mantis Stalking The Cicada
Chapter 353: Blitzkrieg Attack
Chapter 354: Cleansing Autumn Wind
Chapter 355: The Good Fortune Of The Tang Family
Chapter 356: Transfer Of Authority
Chapter 357: Restless And Flustered
Chapter 358: Layout
Chapter 359: Coercion Business
Chapter 360: One More Time
Chapter 361: Cutting Off The Tails
Chapter 362: Tang Xiu’S Visit
Chapter 363: Private Talk
Chapter 364: A Bloody Night
Chapter 365: Wailing And Despairing
Chapter 366: Excited
Chapter 367: Hunting
Chapter 368: Assassination And Extortion
Chapter 369: Cashing In And Calling It A Day
Chapter 370: A Few Families Rejoice While A Few Others Are Anxious
Chapter 371: The Yao Family’S Reaction
Chapter 372: Small World
Chapter 373: Going Home
Chapter 374: Wine Tasting Conference
Chapter 375: Gods Nectar
Chapter 376: Establishing A Good Reputation
Chapter 377: Reward
Chapter 378: One Can’T Avoid One’S Enemy
Chapter 379: Assault In The Middle Of The Street
Chapter 380: Settling A Trivial Matter
Chapter 381: Fierce Guest Knocking At The Door
Chapter 382: Perplexed
Chapter 383: Untouchable
Chapter 384: A Knot In The Heart
Chapter 385: Compensation
Chapter 386: A Father With A Child
Chapter 387: Do Good Deeds To The End
Chapter 388: Heart-Brain Gu Poison
Chapter 389: Refining The Divine Cauldron, Progressing In Cultivation
Chapter 390: Removing The Gu Poison
Chapter 391: Purchasing Materials
Chapter 392: Sold Out
Chapter 393: Successful Crafting
Chapter 394: Huge Profits
Chapter 395: The Closer You Are To A Gentleman, The Deeper Your Affection Is
Chapter 396: Yan’Er Regains Consciousness
Chapter 397: Burning With Impatience And Anxiety
Chapter 398: Master And Disciple Reunion
Chapter 399: Confession
Chapter 400: There’S Only You In My Eyes
Chapter 401: Yan’Er’S Prestige
Chapter 402: Feast At Hong Gate?
Chapter 403: Contest Of Beauties
Chapter 404: Cut The Throat For A Word Of Disagreement
Chapter 405: Like A Tiger Who Has Grown Wings
Chapter 406: Fatty Ji Who Was Clueless About The Good Stuff
Chapter 407: Sank Into Slumber, Yet Again
Chapter 408: Everyone Acts And Pretends
Chapter 409: Refuses A Toast Only To Drink A Forfeit
Chapter 410: Visit
Chapter 411: The Bigger The Hope, The Greater The Disappointment
Chapter 412: Unlicensed Taxi
Chapter 413: An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 414: An Eyesore
Chapter 415: If One Is Not Enough, How About Two?
Chapter 416: Incidents Always Happens
Chapter 417: The Real Beneficiary
Chapter 418: Fleeing
Chapter 419: An Old Classmate Comes Visiting
Chapter 420: Boss Is My Man
Chapter 421: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter 422: The Homeless Children
Chapter 423: It’S The Clothes That Makes The Man
Chapter 424: Gifting The Flower Gifted By Another
Chapter 425: Violent Angel
Chapter 426: Vowing Not To Let The Matter Drop
Chapter 427: Making Trouble
Chapter 428: Betrayal
Chapter 429: Silently Swallowing Insult And Humiliation
Chapter 430: The Thought To Retaliate Is Breeding
Chapter 431: Having A Will But Without Strength
Chapter 432: Showing Off
Chapter 433: A True Color Of A Man
Chapter 434: Beat It!
Chapter 435: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
Chapter 436: Getting Butchered
Chapter 437: The Good-For-Nothing Man
Chapter 438: Cheering On Wanying
Chapter 439: Accompanied By A Belle
Chapter 440: Jadewind Zither
Chapter 441: The Superstar Appeals For Help
Chapter 442: Let Us Just Book A Room
Chapter 443: The Falling Flowers Are Yearning For Love, Yet The Heartless Brook Ripples On
Chapter 444: Leaving One’S Mark At The First Shot
Chapter 445: Fragments Of Memories
Chapter 446: A Chance Encounter
Chapter 447: Cooperation
Chapter 448: A Superstar’S Compliment
Chapter 449: Praises
Chapter 450: Internet Celebrity
Chapter 451: There Is No Story Without Coincidences
Chapter 452: The Wild Belle
Chapter 453: The Quarrel Between Laugh And Tears
Chapter 454: A Big Deal
Chapter 455: I’Ll Help Round You Off!
Chapter 456: Devil
Chapter 457: Cruel And Evil
Chapter 458: Struggling At Death’S Door
Chapter 459: Acrimonious Falling Out
Chapter 460: A Sensational Moment
Chapter 461: Terrible News
Chapter 462: Nuisance
Chapter 463: Keeping A Mistress In A Golden House
Chapter 464: Overall Arrangement
Chapter 465: Precise Pinpointing
Chapter 466: Scared
Chapter 467: Killing Anyone Who Puts Up Resistance With Lawful Authority
Chapter 468: Those Who Detest Society And Its Ways
Chapter 469: Run!
Chapter 470: Crucial Intelligence
Chapter 471: The Crisis At The Airport
Chapter 472: You Are A Savior
Chapter 473: Obedient Children
Chapter 474: Dragon Soul
Chapter 475: Major Suspicion Points
Chapter 476: Everyone Gathers Together
Chapter 477: Threats
Chapter 478: Night Talk
Chapter 479: Trouble Comes Knocking At The Magnificent Tang Corporation
Chapter 480: Being Looked Down And Despised
Chapter 481: Meeting By Chance
Chapter 482: Reasons To Get Startled
Chapter 483: Between Laugh And Tears
Chapter 484: You’Re My Man!
Chapter 485: The Idea To Rear Fierce Beasts In A Pen
Chapter 486: From What Background Does He Come From?
Chapter 487: Offering Help Only To Get Refused And Scolded
Chapter 488: Contrasting Attitudes
Chapter 489: Plagued By Bad Karma
Chapter 490: Filthy Rich
Chapter 491: Han Qingwu’S Transformation
Chapter 492: An Attempt To…
Chapter 493: Lay Out
Chapter 494: Variables
Chapter 495: Solving The Problems
Chapter 496: The Main Character Arrives
Chapter 497: Unprecedented Event In History
Chapter 498: The Power Of An Internet Celebrity
Chapter 499: Problems With One’S Attitude
Chapter 500: Hiding Abilities
Chapter 501: Filming Without Permission
Chapter 502: The Real Doctors
Chapter 503: Shocking The Sage Doctor’S Disciple
Chapter 504: Amazed And Shocked By The Celestial-Like Man
Chapter 505: Spending Money To Prolong His Own Life
Chapter 506: As Far Apart As Heaven And Earth
Chapter 507: Ancient Tomb?
Chapter 508: Bloody Night
Chapter 509: Visiting Beijing Again
Chapter 510: A Colossal Sum Of Money
Chapter 511: Encountering Familiar Faces
Chapter 512: Disparity
Chapter 513: The Power Of Fate And Destiny
Chapter 514: Nine Phoenix Hairpin
Chapter 515: Experienced And Farsighted
Chapter 516: Temporary Priority
Chapter 517: Earthshaking Shock
Chapter 518: The Treasury Vault Of The Situ Family
Chapter 519: Distressed
Chapter 520: Intense Stimulation
Chapter 521: Getting Removed From Duty
Chapter 522: Shaken To The Core
Chapter 523: The Blind Elderly
Chapter 524: Agreement
Chapter 525: A Great Thief From The Occult Sect
Chapter 526: Exorbitant Price
Chapter 527: A Scumbag
Chapter 528: Goading
Chapter 529: Inviting Someone For Asking Help
Chapter 530: Glib Talk
Chapter 531: Palpitated Small Heart
Chapter 532: Serious Accident
Chapter 533: Hercules
Chapter 534: Ancient Tomb’S Teleportation Portal
Chapter 535: Colossal Fortuitous Encounter
Chapter 536: The Benefits
Chapter 537: The One You Marry Will Die
Chapter 538: Second Generation Nouveau-Riche
Chapter 539: Ready For Action
Chapter 540: The Eldest Disciple Of The Thief Branch
Chapter 541: Being Hung Upside Down And Red Beet
Chapter 542: Meeting The Foe In Person
Chapter 543: Fight
Chapter 544: Stamping About In Fury
Chapter 545: Panicked And Confounded
Chapter 546: Running Into Cheng Yannan
Chapter 547: The Tragic Death Of Yao Qingteng
Chapter 548: Oppressing The Fierce Beasts
Chapter 549: The Haven Of Fierce Beasts
Chapter 550: Visiting Someone To Demand Debt Payment
Chapter 551: Powerful Intimidation
Chapter 552: A Big Deal
Chapter 553: Cry For Help
Chapter 554: Rushing To The Martial Arts School
Chapter 555: Shuddering
Chapter 556: Unfathomable
Chapter 557: Uprooting The Source Of Trouble
Chapter 558: Display Of Might At Sea
Chapter 559: An Inexperienced Man Who Has Seen Little And Regards Many Things As Strange
Chapter 560: The Weeping Divine Beast
Chapter 561: Successfully Obtaining A Golden Body
Chapter 562: The Powerless Tang Family
Chapter 563: Everyone Hits A Man Who Is Down
Chapter 564: Last Living Eunuch
Chapter 565: Rejecting A Face-Saving Offer
Chapter 566: The Frog At The Bottom Of The Well
Chapter 567: Raising The Blade And Brandishing It
Chapter 568: Decision
Chapter 569: Ruthless
Chapter 570: Getting One’S Just Desserts
Chapter 571: Unexpected Encounter At The Airport
Chapter 572: The New Godfather
Chapter 573: Sleeping While Standing
Chapter 574: Fully Isolated And Assailed On All Sides
Chapter 575: Foul Taste
Chapter 576: Arrogant And Domineering
Chapter 577: Recalling The Unbearable Past Events
Chapter 578: Relentless Pursue And Beating
Chapter 579: The Appearance Of The Last Living Eunuch Yet Again
Chapter 580: Detaining Someone To Be Of Use For Oneself
Chapter 581: Yao Qinglong Returns To The Country
Chapter 582: Scheming Each Other
Chapter 583: Like A Rat In The Hole
Chapter 584: Getting To The Root Of The Matter
Chapter 585: The Duty Of A Boyfriend
Chapter 586: Unreasonable
Chapter 587: Selling The Villa At A Very Low Price
Chapter 588: What Kind Of Joke Is This?
Chapter 589: Suppression
Chapter 590: No One Will Compensate You If You Die From Excess Anger
Chapter 591: Swinging Returns
Chapter 592: A Loud Applause And A Loud Slap
Chapter 593: Change Of Attitude From Arrogance To Humility
Chapter 594: A Cry For Help From The Disciple’S Son
Chapter 595: A Big Silk Pants Of The Capital
Chapter 596: Five Minutes
Chapter 597: Pulling Out The Curtained Area
Chapter 598: Gynecological Disease
Chapter 599: The Father And Son Of The Zhao Family
Chapter 600: Becoming Famous In The Capital
Chapter 601: A Threshold To Enter
Chapter 602: Body Refining Medicament
Chapter 603: Wondrous Effects
Chapter 604: Becoming The Public Enemy Of Beijing
Chapter 605: Seeing The Elders Of The Family
Chapter 606: Confiding What Was Inside The Heart
Chapter 607: Welfare House
Chapter 608: Taking The Actions One Is Capable Of
Chapter 609: Before The Live Broadcast
Chapter 610: Heartfelt Throbbing Moments
Chapter 611: Becoming Popular Again
Chapter 612: Self-Centered And Egotistic
Chapter 613: The New Upstarts
Chapter 614: The Bloating Billow
Chapter 615: The More You Get, The More You Want
Chapter 616: Acting Like A Snob
Chapter 617: Looking For Trouble
Chapter 618: Extreme Beating
Chapter 619: One Punch Kill
Chapter 620: Crushed
Chapter 621: Having A Conflict Only To Find That The Opponent Is Known
Chapter 622: Finding A Chick To “Talk” About Life
Chapter 623: Beasts In Human Clothing
Chapter 624: Holding A Candle To The Devils
Chapter 625: Setting Up Pitfalls
Chapter 626: As The Plot Proceeds
Chapter 627: Losing All Standing And Reputation
Chapter 628: Something Sent By Others At A Time Of Need
Chapter 629: Savage Beast’S Attack
Chapter 630: Venturing Deeper Into The Mountain To Hunt
Chapter 631: Sculpting The Body In The Dragon Spring
Chapter 632: Drastic Increase In Strength
Chapter 633: Blood Paints The Forested Mountain
Chapter 634: Big Heroes
Chapter 635: A New, Fresh Start
Chapter 636: Raking In Money
Chapter 637: A Sudden Incident
Chapter 638: Disappearing From The Scene
Chapter 639: Gold Has Its Own Value, But Jade Is Priceless
Chapter 640: Massive Capital
Chapter 641: Moving Fast Before Anyone Else Has The Chance To Do It
Chapter 642: Monstrously Talented Person
Chapter 643: Jade Beauty
Chapter 644: Gender Equality
Chapter 645: A Game Of Gambling
Chapter 646: Going Out For Wool And Going Home Shorn
Chapter 647: Fruitful Harvest
Chapter 648: Getting Into Action!
Chapter 649: Overwhelming Force
Chapter 650: Moving
Chapter 651: Generous Reward
Chapter 652: Spending Money Like Water
Chapter 653: Charming Belles Of Modern Times
Chapter 654: An Unexpected Noise
Chapter 655: The Power Of Science And Technology
Chapter 656: The Emergence Of A Big Incident
Chapter 657: The Schemed Miao Wentang
Chapter 658: There Must Be Something Strange About Things Going Wrong
Chapter 659: Sword Formation’S Might
Chapter 660: Reinforcement
Chapter 661: As Terrifying And Dreadful As It Is
Chapter 662: Artificer
Chapter 663: Black Winterwood
Chapter 664: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 665: Solving Enmity
Chapter 666: Plot
Chapter 667: Devious And Execrable Motives
Chapter 668: Mutual Losses
Chapter 669: Buying Time To Settle The Account Afterwards
Chapter 670: His Identity
Chapter 671: Greed
Chapter 672: Serving A Husband
Chapter 673: Refusing To Give Up The Sinister Scheme
Chapter 674: Encountering Each Other’S Adversary
Chapter 675: Fierce And Bitter Combat
Chapter 676: Are They Human?
Chapter 677: Moving Fast To Kill
Chapter 678: Great Exhibition Of Martial Prowess
Chapter 679: Sparing All The Future Troubles
Chapter 680: Pledging Allegiance
Chapter 681: Tagging Along Like Dogskin Plaster
Chapter 682: Mistress Relationship
Chapter 683: Getting Shot While Lying Low
Chapter 684: Putting On A Pretentious Dignity
Chapter 685: Unexpected Guest
Chapter 686: Downhearted
Chapter 687: Refusal
Chapter 688: Are You Not A Man?
Chapter 689: Women Are Troublesome
Chapter 690: The Limit Of Being Shameless
Chapter 691: Comparing Network?
Chapter 692: Is This A Joke?
Chapter 693: Harboring Resentment
Chapter 694: Material Girl
Chapter 695: Being Trampled On
Chapter 696: A Foolish Rich Man?
Chapter 697: The Might Of The Mysterious Array
Chapter 698: Dealing With The Damages
Chapter 699: Strange Incidents
Chapter 700: Han Jintong’S Crisis
Chapter 701: Like A Rat In A Hole
Chapter 702: Drawing A Sword To Render Help
Chapter 703: The Might Of Immortal Magic Arts
Chapter 704: Giving A Promise And Denying It In Succession
Chapter 705: Shanjenna’S Opportunity
Chapter 706: A New Toy
Chapter 707: The Beaten Dignity Of An Elderly
Chapter 708: Gotten Rid Of By The Uncle
Chapter 709: Taking A Risk
Chapter 710: A Storm Of Jealousy
Chapter 711: A Garden Full Of Belles
Chapter 712: How About Becoming My Brother-In-Law?
Chapter 713: Major Incidents
Chapter 714: The Old Mouse Of Shanghai
Chapter 715: Deterrence
Chapter 716: Get Rich Or Die Trying
Chapter 717: Sitting On A Treasure Mountain Without Knowing
Chapter 718: Femme Fatale
Chapter 719: Han Qingwu Is Drowning In The River Of Love
Chapter 720: Having A Good Laugh At Someone Making A Fool Of Himself
Chapter 721: I Already Have A Perfect Wife At Home, So There Is No Bed Left For You
Chapter 722: Helping A Romance To Have A Happy Ending
Chapter 723: Threshing Wastrels
Chapter 724: Getting Beaten Up
Chapter 725: It’S A Small World
Chapter 726: Unrestrained Gambling
Chapter 727: Self-Death Path
Chapter 728: Frantic Killing Intent
Chapter 729: Strange And Unusual Leads
Chapter 730: Having No Choice
Chapter 731: Research Breakthrough
Chapter 732: Being Stared At
Chapter 733: Contrary To Expectation
Chapter 734: Frantic Bee And Lascivious Butterfly
Chapter 735: Being Frightened Out Of Their Wits
Chapter 736: Money
Chapter 737: Extremely Expensive Life Essence Pills
Chapter 738: Dog Eat Dog
Chapter 739: Prohibited Goods
Chapter 740: Finding A Candidate For Experiments
Chapter 741: Contradiction Between Words And Deeds
Chapter 742: Disrupting Someone’S Intention
Chapter 743: Strange Turn Of Event
Chapter 744: The Equilibrium And Harmonization Of The Yin And Yang
Chapter 745: The Abundant Harvest Of Dual Cultivation
Chapter 746: Gifted And Genius
Chapter 747: Personality Test
Chapter 748: It’S All About Survival
Chapter 749: Let Bygones Be Bygones, But Be Forever Loyal To The Country
Chapter 750: Ridiculous, Nonsensical Bragging
Chapter 751: Grave Situation
Chapter 752: In The Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 753: An Accompanying Crisis
Chapter 754: One Move
Chapter 755: Weird Change
Chapter 756: Blood Rain In The Dark Night
Chapter 757: Luring In The Enemy Deep
Chapter 758: Killing Enemies Under Sword Formation
Chapter 759 – Heavenly Favorite Part 1
Chapter 759 – Heavenly Favorite Part 2
Chapter 760 – Impute The Responsibility To Others Part 1
Chapter 760 – Impute The Responsibility To Others Part 2
Chapter 761 – Distorted Human Nature Part 1
Chapter 761 – Distorted Human Nature Part 2
Chapter 762 – The Rage Was Accumulating Part 1
Chapter 762 – The Rage Was Accumulating Part 2
Chapter 763 – Being Troubled By His Father-In-Law Part 1
Chapter 763 – Being Troubled By His Father-In-Law Part 2
Chapter 764 – The Mess Part 1
Chapter 764 – The Mess Part 2
Chapter 765 – Fly Into A Rage Part 1
Chapter 765 – Fly Into A Rage Part 2
Chapter 766 – The Chaos Has Arisen Part 1
Chapter 766 – The Chaos Has Arisen Part 2
Chapter 767 – Fate
Chapter 767
Chapter 768
Chapter 769
Chapter 770
Chapter 771
Chapter 772
Chapter 773
Chapter 774
Chapter 775
Chapter 776
Chapter 777
Chapter 778 - Master, I Miss You
Chapter 779 - Shock And Regret
Chapter 780 - Bestowed With An Opportunity?
Chapter 781 - The Power Of Prophecy
Chapter 782 - It’S A Small World
Chapter 783 - Ambushed
Chapter 784 - The Price Of Arrogance And Stubbornness
Chapter 785 - In Despair
Chapter 786 - Holding Onto A Straw Of Hope
Chapter 787 - Methods Of Immortal Experts
Chapter 788 - Mental Demon Possession
Chapter 789 - Abnormal Behavior
Chapter 790 - My Life Is Only For You
Chapter 791 - Self-Sacrifice For The Greater Good
Chapter 792 - The Path Of Breakthrough
Chapter 793 - Ridiculous Troublemaker
Chapter 794 - Consecutive Loud Howling
Chapter 795 - Going Home Just To Get Butchered
Chapter 796 - Sharpening The Butcher Knife
Chapter 797 - The Choice Of Ma Family
Chapter 798 - Going Alone
Chapter 799 - A Man Who'S Lucky To Be Loved By Pretty Girls
Chapter 800 - Degree Of Danger
Chapter 801 - Rooms Made Of Steel
Chapter 802 - Getting More Important And Taken Seriously
Chapter 803 - The Struggles Of Different Standpoints
Chapter 804 - Showcasing One’S Special Prowess
Chapter 805 - Like Being Assisted By The Gods
Chapter 806 - Submitting
Chapter 807 - Dragon Soul Blood Spirit
Chapter 808 - Eliminating ‘Scourges’ For Humanity
Chapter 809 - A Huge Undertaking
Chapter 810 - Departure
Chapter 811 - The Real Me
Chapter 812 - Crushing Torture
Chapter 813 - It’S Absolutely Impossible!!!
Chapter 814 - Do Not Provoke Them
Chapter 815 - Choosing To Believe
Chapter 816 - Conflict At The Sea
Chapter 817 - Fierce Battle At High Seas
Chapter 818 - One-Sided Massacre
Chapter 819 - Seeking World Hegemony?
Chapter 820 - Completely Annihilated
Chapter 821 - Obsession And Intoxicated Feelings
Chapter 822 - Being Conscious Of What’S Right And What Principles To Follow
Chapter 823 - The Groundwork For The Future
Chapter 824 - Gentlemanly Manner
Chapter 825 - Reckless Use Of Excellent Resource
Chapter 826 - Underground Gladiatorial Match
Chapter 827 - Promotion For Power And Fortune
Chapter 828 - Friendship Grows From The Exchange Of Blows
Chapter 829 - A Wise Man Knows When To Retreat
Chapter 830 - Rubbing And Pinching
Chapter 831 - Using Carrot And Stick Treatment
Chapter 832 - Glazed Golden Physique
Chapter 833 - Plucking The Hairs Of A Miser
Chapter 834 - Taking Advantages From The Chaotic Incident
Chapter 835 - The Riotous Revelry Of The Rogues
Chapter 836 - Punishing Some People To Warn The Rest
Chapter 837 - The Survival Of The Fittest
Chapter 838 - Just A Third Of My Strength
Chapter 839 - The Richest Man In Qinglin County
Chapter 840 - Paying A Visit
Chapter 841 - Establishing Friendship
Chapter 842 - Dramatic Change In Attitude
Chapter 843 - Yes, I Love Tang Xiu
Chapter 844 - Doomed Love
Chapter 845 - Being Half-Hearted Is Hurtful
Chapter 846 - Drunken Dragon Powder
Chapter 847 - Becoming Well-Known Yet Again
Chapter 848 - The Savior
Chapter 849 - Clues And Traces
Chapter 850 - Tragic And Miserable
Chapter 851 - A Calamity Brought By A Beauty
Chapter 852 - Inflicted With Heavy Losses
Chapter 853: Aphrodisiac Poison
Chapter 854: Sacrificing Chastity
Chapter 855: Raising Pedestal
Chapter 856: The Growing Charm
Chapter 857: Cultivation Art In Exchange For Treasure Troves
Chapter 858: Excessive Confidence
Chapter 859 - Man Will Do Anything In His Means For Riches
Chapter 860 - Trapped Like A Turtle In The Jar
Chapter 861 - Cherishing What Should Be Treasured
Chapter 862 - Improving Cultivation
Chapter 863 - May You Live The Life With No Worries
Chapter 864 - Back To Campus
Chapter 865 - I’M Sorry
Chapter 866 - Courting Disaster
Chapter 867 - Flushing The Crown
Chapter 868 - Hopelessly Stupid
Chapter 869 - Sending Barrage Of Blows
Chapter 870 - Adding The Trimmings
Chapter 871 - Who Is Your Boss?
Chapter 872 - Colossal Deal
Chapter 873 - Surprising Takeaway
Chapter 874 - The Signet Of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 875 - Visiting With Sincerity
Chapter 876 - Lives That Turn For The Better
Chapter 877 - Shaking Up The Whole Country
Chapter 878 - It’S Never Good To Win A Lover With Wealth
Chapter 879 - The Crush Of A Young Lady
Chapter 880 - Drop The News Bomb On Them
Chapter 881 - A Wisp Of Hope
Chapter 882 - Raising Price Of The Deal
Chapter 883 - Greedy Like A Snake That Wants To Swallow An Elephant
Chapter 884 - Alerted
Chapter 885 - Clever Rabbits Have Three Burrows
Chapter 886 - I’M Exactly That Black Sheep Of The Family, Dad
Chapter 887 - A Cat-And-Mouse Game
Chapter 888 - Losing Everything
Chapter 889 - Conditions And Transactions
Chapter 890 - Eldest Brother Must Die
Chapter 891 - No Strength, No Pressure
Chapter 892 - Might Makes Right
Chapter 893 - You Wanna Send The Money Or Get Beaten?
Chapter 894 - This Guy Is Really Cool And Handsome
Chapter 895 - You’Ll Never Suffer A Loss For Calling Me A Brother
Chapter 896 - Inborn Rebellious Nature
Chapter 897 - You Got Cuckolded?
Chapter 898 - All The Troubles Come From The Tongue
Chapter 899 - Immeasurably Deep
Chapter 900 - Concealed Killing Intent
Chapter 901 - It’S All A Matter Of Face
Chapter 902 - Being Haughty First And Respectful Afterward
Chapter 903 - Ineffable Difficulties
Chapter 904 - Forceful Medical Treatment
Chapter 905 - I’M Not A Man If I Don’T Avenge This Enmity!
Chapter 906 - The Joy Of Having Several Partners
Chapter 907 - Cannon Fodders
Chapter 908 - Invisible Infiltrating Attack
Chapter 909 - Nine Fetuses Of Hundred Ghosts Streamer
Chapter 910 - Soul Devourer
Chapter 911 - You Want To Become My Enemy Relying On Your Family?
Chapter 912 - A Perfect Result
Chapter 913 - The Strange State Of The Body
Chapter 914 - Greeting Honored Guests?
Chapter 915 - A Mountain With Two Tigers
Chapter 916 - A Sheer Fantasy
Chapter 917 - The Living Dead
Chapter 918 - The Biggest Reliance
Chapter 919 - Acting As An Agent For Heaven
Chapter 920 - You Deserve To Die For Your Crimes
Chapter 921 - Opening The Immortal Trove
Chapter 922 - The Frightened Immortal
Chapter 923 - Forethought To Prepare For Rainy Days
Chapter 924 - Tang Xiu'S Women Are The Shortcut
Chapter 925 - The Backers Behind The Lian Family
Chapter 926 - Undetected By Anyone
Chapter 927 - Love Rival Provocation
Chapter 928 - My Boss Is Really Strong
Chapter 929 - A Must Not Be Broken Rule
Chapter 930 - Paying A Visit To Send Money
Chapter 931 - The Miraculous Effect Of Body Refining Liquid
Chapter 932 - Opening The Opportunity
Chapter 933 - Profiting From Other’S Relationship
Chapter 934 - Those Who Can Kill Me Haven’T Yet Born
Chapter 935 - The Love So Deep That It’S Unforgettable
Chapter 936 - Men Of Iron
Chapter 937 - Lavish Gifts
Chapter 938 - A Display Of Authority
Chapter 939 - Horrifying Conjecture
Chapter 940 - One Yuan For One Life
Chapter 941 - A Commitment
Chapter 942 - Asking For A Slap In The Face
Chapter 943 - The Aspect A Man Could Really Satisfy His Woman
Chapter 944 - Crisis In Nine Dragons Island
Chapter 945 - Believing In Fate
Chapter 946 - Common Enemies
Chapter 947 - How Is This Possible?!
Chapter 948 - Beyond Logic Technique
Chapter 949 - Heavy Casualties
Chapter 950 - Pre-Battle
Chapter 951 - Submitting To Pressure After Turning Down The Demand
Chapter 952 - Mobilizing Experts
Chapter 953 - Preparation For Rainy Days
Chapter 954 - Li Juren’S Choice
Chapter 955 - Nine Dragons Alignment Array
Chapter 956 - Trading Resources For Cultivation
Chapter 957 - Enemy Trace
Chapter 958 - Unavoidable Clash
Chapter 959 - The Battle Of Powerful Experts
Chapter 960 - Fighting For Survival
Chapter 961 - A Pressing And Critical Situation
Chapter 962 - Harboring Bad Intentions
Chapter 963 - Bloodbath On The Barren Island
Chapter 964 - To Return Back To The Apex In The Immortal World
Chapter 965 - Killing Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 966 - Favoritism
Chapter 967 - Moving Openly
Chapter 968 - You Know But Fart
Chapter 969 - Overwhelming Stench
Chapter 970 - Excessive Hospitality
Chapter 971 - The Surviving Members Of The Yao Family
Chapter 972 - Only Dead Men Tell No Tales
Chapter 973 - Schemes Within Schemes
Chapter 974 - The Death Of Karst
Chapter 975 - You Deserve To Be Packed Up
Chapter 976 - I’M Not A Busybody
Chapter 977 - Helping Out Till End
Chapter 978 - Profiting From Other’S Ill Luck
Chapter 979 - His Purpose
Chapter 980 - Favor
Chapter 981 - A Lesson
Chapter 982 - Setting A Trap
Chapter 983 - Expressing Goodwill?
Chapter 984 - The Eve Of The Storm
Chapter 985 - The Suffering Of Bystanders
Chapter 986 - Choice
Chapter 987 - Disowned Dogs
Chapter 988 - Rebellion Before The Battle
Chapter 989 - The Sudden Unforeseen Turn Of Events
Chapter 990 - The Anomaly Of The World
Chapter 991 - Alone Against Three Enemies
Chapter 992 - Dealing With The Aftermath
Chapter 993 - The Remaining Few
Chapter 994 - The Final Stand
Chapter 995 - Favors
Chapter 996 - A Chance To Earn Fortune
Chapter 997 - A Greedy And Savage Wolf?
Chapter 998 - Using Poison
Chapter 999 - The Death Of An Expert
Chapter 1000 - Arguments
Chapter 1001 - The Poison’S Effect
Chapter 1002 - Tang Xiu’S Fury
Chapter 1003 - Enemy’S Foes Are My Ally
Chapter 1004 - Beyond Expectation
Chapter 1005 - Curiosity Might Kill The Cat
Chapter 1006 - There’S Always Someone Better Than You
Chapter 1007 - Getting Snatched From The Jaws Of Death
Chapter 1008 - A Crisp Yet A Bit Upset Feeling
Chapter 1009 - Tang Xiu’S Plan
Chapter 1010 - Knocked Out By A Single Blow
Chapter 1011 - Demanding Justice?
Chapter 1012 - Criminals
Chapter 1013 - A Little Fairy
Chapter 1014 - Domineering
Chapter 1015 - Establishing Tang Sect
Chapter 1016 - The Embryonic Form
Chapter 1017 - The Shadows
Chapter 1018 - Brave Women
Chapter 1019 - Back To Shanghai
Chapter 1020 - Final Confrontation
Chapter 1021 - The Shattered Hearts
Chapter 1022 - Severing Past Life
Chapter 1023 - Overdosed
Chapter 1024 - The Tang Sect’S Tokens
Chapter 1025 - A Strange Pocket World
Chapter 1026 - Imprisoned Creatures
Chapter 1027 - Requiting Favors
Chapter 1028 - The Best Salvation And Ending Is Death
Chapter 1029 - It’S Still A Harvest All The Same
Chapter 1030 - Accidents On The Way Back
Chapter 1031 - He’S A Fearsome Man
Chapter 1032 - Heroes
Chapter 1033 - Bizarre Ending
Chapter 1034 - The Second In Command
Chapter 1035 - The Bounty Hunters
Chapter 1036 - Transaction
Chapter 1037 - Trapped
Chapter 1038 - Truly Rich
Chapter 1039 - Saving The Little Girl
Chapter 1040 - A Distinct Status
Chapter 1041 - The Six Family’S Cooperation
Chapter 1042 - Getting Bullied?
Chapter 1043 - Praises
Chapter 1044 - As Close As Brothers
Chapter 1045 - Rushing Toward Ugley
Chapter 1046 - Demonic Beasts
Chapter 1047 - Arrangement
Chapter 1048 - Probing The Situation
Chapter 1049 - Despised By Others
Chapter 1050 - Surprise Discovery
Chapter 1051 - Balderdash Statements
Chapter 1052 - It Was Regretful…
Chapter 1053 - Slapping Own Face
Chapter 1054 - Strategy
Chapter 1055 - Tang Xiu’S Intention
Chapter 1056 - Laying Out Arrays
Chapter 1057 - Meat Shredder
Chapter 1058 - Speculations
Chapter 1059 - Immersing In Cultivation
Chapter 1060 - Genuinely Powerful
Chapter 1061 - : An Extravagant Action
Chapter 1062 - Making A Clean Sweep
Chapter 1063 - Transaction
Chapter 1064 - Love Rival
Chapter 1065 - Slaughters
Chapter 1066 - Mutually Damaged
Chapter 1067 - The Approaching Crisis
Chapter 1068 - Arrogance
Chapter 1069 - The Decisive Battle Arrives
Chapter 1070 - Killing Demonic Beasts
Chapter 1071 - Shedding Blood Like Water
Chapter 1072 - Teaming Up
Chapter 1073 - Annihilation
Chapter 1074 - Stopping By Jingmen Island
Chapter 1075 - The Sect’S Secret History
Chapter 1076 - The King Of Dogs
Chapter 1077 - Skullduggery
Chapter 1078 - Real Business
Chapter 1079 - The Scared Cheng Yannan
Chapter 1080 - High-Tech Products
Chapter 1081 - Huge Transaction
Chapter 1082 - Thoroughly Convinced
Chapter 1083 - Potential Enemies
Chapter 1084 - Vicious Dog-Eat-Dog Situation
Chapter 1085 - Watching The Night Battle
Chapter 1086 - The Place Of Death
Chapter 1087 - Unexpected Interlude
Chapter 1088 - Everything Musn’T Go To Waste
Chapter 1089 - Using The World As An Array
Chapter 1090 - Large Array Serves As A Furnace
Chapter 1091 - Golden Core
Chapter 1092 - Everything Is Settled
Chapter 1093 - The Sanguine Pill’S Effects
Chapter 1094 - A Bunch Of Scoundrels
Chapter 1095 - Speaking More Is Useless
Chapter 1096 - The Price Of Life
Chapter 1097 - Interest
Chapter 1098 - Being Left With No Choice
Chapter 1099 - Cultivation Speed
Chapter 1100 - You Arranged Me There On Purpose!!!
Chapter 1101 - How Is This Possible?
Chapter 1102 - Embarrassed Beyond Words
Chapter 1103 - The Secret Chess Pieces
Chapter 1104 - Luck Factor
Chapter 1105 - Unbelievable
Chapter 1106 - Being Looked Down Upon
Chapter 1107 - This Must Be A Dream
Chapter 1108 - Thoroughly Convinced
Chapter 1109 - Just 30%
Chapter 1110 - Difficult To Unravel
Chapter 1111 - Using Third-Party Force To Kill
Chapter 1112 - Getting Tampered With
Chapter 1113 - Captured
Chapter 1114 - Kneeling For Mercy
Chapter 1115 - Stretching Muscles
Chapter 1116 - Beasts Fighting Beasts
Chapter 1117 - Slaying People Like Chopping Watermelon?
Chapter 1118 - To Die Out Of Loyalty
Chapter 1119 - Crossing Over
Chapter 1120 - Searched By Someone Through The Internet
Chapter 1121 - Annoying Troubles
Chapter 1122 - Blue Starfish Mansion
Chapter 1123 - Dramatic Change Of Attitude
Chapter 1124 - Countless Bad Karma
Chapter 1125 - Demanding An Exorbitant Price
Chapter 1126 - Purifying Marrows And Cleansing Veins?
Chapter 1127 - Swearing-In
Chapter 1128 - I’M Not Short On Money
Chapter 1129 - Plans
Chapter 1130 - Acquaintances
Chapter 1131 - The Most Valuable Treasure
Chapter 1132 - Treason And Insurgent
Chapter 1133 - Thorough Investigation
Chapter 1134 - Findings Of The Investigation
Chapter 1135 - Was Found Stealing
Chapter 1136 - Facts One Wishes To Hide
Chapter 1137 - Wolf Head’S Suggestion
Chapter 1138 - Bold And Presumptuous
Chapter 1139 - Who Do You Think You’Re?
Chapter 1140 - Kowtowing And Begging For Mercy
Chapter 1141 - I Give You The Honor
Chapter 1142 - Preserving Your Life
Chapter 1143 - To Turn A Blind Eye
Chapter 1144 - Conversation
Chapter 1145 - Secret Meeting
Chapter 1146 - Someone’S Story
Chapter 1147 - Floating Snow Chateau
Chapter 1148 - Wishful Calculation
Chapter 1149 - Refusal
Chapter 1150 - Regrets
Chapter 1151 - Rapid Increase In Strength
Chapter 1152 - A Cry For Help From Japan
Chapter 1153 - The Water Is Deep
Chapter 1154 - Problems Smoothly Fixed
Chapter 1155 - Buddhist Sect’S Exiled Disciple
Chapter 1156 - Gradual Realization
Chapter 1157 - Big Business
Chapter 1158 - Those Who Have Money Are Kings
Chapter 1159 - Tampered Games
Chapter 1160 - Trap
Chapter 1161 - Your Men Are Trash
Chapter 1162 - The Fish Is On The Hook
Chapter 1163 - Buddhist Sect’S Squad
Chapter 1164 - Woman Furnace
Chapter 1165 - Saintess
Chapter 1166 - The Scene Is Getting More Lively
Chapter 1167 - To Act And Take It Or Not?
Chapter 1168 - Bloody Battle
Chapter 1169 - Neither Side Wins
Chapter 1170 - Tang An’S Selfishness
Chapter 1171 - A Trial
Chapter 1172 - Deadly Cards
Chapter 1173 - The Weak
Chapter 1174 - Unexpected Gains
Chapter 1175 - Preparing The Fuse For Explosion
Chapter 1176 - Intentionally Making Trouble
Chapter 1177 - Pulling A Snake From Its Hole
Chapter 1178 - Killing Enmity Is Better Than Keeping It Alive
Chapter 1179 - Trapped Like A Turtle In The Jar
Chapter 1180 - Major Measure
Chapter 1181 - The Challenge To Battle
Chapter 1182 - Preparation Before The Battle
Chapter 1183 - Open War
Chapter 1184 - Who Are They?
Chapter 1185 - Steamrolling Strike
Chapter 1186 - He Must Be Punished Due To His Heart
Chapter 1187 - Closing The Curtain
Chapter 1188 - Most Precious Loot
Chapter 1189 - Obey Or Be Executed!
Chapter 1190 - Spiritual Energy Flooding
Chapter 1191 - Going Home
Chapter 1192 - Bumping Into Bullies On The Trip
Chapter 1193 - Murky Situations
Chapter 1194 - Long Zhengyu’S Tragic Condition
Chapter 1195 - Devising Plan And Methods
Chapter 1196 - Selling Tang Xiu For Two Pieces Of Clothes
Chapter 1197 - Staging A Play
Chapter 1198 - Commitment
Chapter 1199 - Rumors
Chapter 1200 - Losing Patience
Chapter 1201 - Double-Cross
Chapter 1202 - Temporary Conclusion
Chapter 1203 - Acting Pretentious
Chapter 1204 - Fishing In Troubled Waters
Chapter 1205 - Turning Everyone Down
Chapter 1206 - Setting Up Genesis Auction House
Chapter 1207 - Stunt Antics
Chapter 1208 - Backbreaking Work
Chapter 1209 - The Sword Dance In The Ocean
Chapter 1210 - Huge Undertaking
Chapter 1211 - Seizing Someone’S Life Back
Chapter 1212 - Precious Gift
Chapter 1213 - The Way Of The Strong
Chapter 1214 - The Auction Begins
Chapter 1215 - House Tang’S Major Event
Chapter 1216 - Earthshaking Event
Chapter 1217 - Gargantuan Plan
Chapter 1218 - House Tang’S Members Are Still Kicking
Chapter 1219 - Punishment To Deter The Rest
Chapter 1220 - Scaring Them Out Of Their Wits
Chapter 1221 - Apologizing
Chapter 1222 - Towards The Stars
Chapter 1223 - A Pocket World
Chapter 1224 - Black Dragon
Chapter 1225 - Slaying The Dragon
Chapter 1226 - Natural Battlefield
Chapter 1227 - Tang Sect Owns The Place
Chapter 1228 - A Promise
Chapter 1229 - Taking Advantage Of Someone’S Weakness
Chapter 1230 - Unforeseen Event
Chapter 1231 - A Young Leader
Chapter 1232 - A Born Commander
Chapter 1233 - Someone Needs You
Chapter 1234 - I Want To Be A Cultivator
Chapter 1235 - Approval And Authorization
Chapter 1236 - Nonagon Bulwark
Chapter 1237 - Pirates
Chapter 1238 - Dealing With Pirates
Chapter 1239 - Massacring An Island
Chapter 1240 - Buying Time
Chapter 1241 - Pulling The Snake Out Of Its Hole
Chapter 1242 - Absorbing Memories
Chapter 1243 - They’Re All Damned
Chapter 1244 - Wizard Ancestor
Chapter 1245 - Cannon Fodders
Chapter 1246 - The Prelude Of The Battle
Chapter 1247 - Devour
Chapter 1248 - Incorporating Manpower
Chapter 1249 - Entering Seclusion
Chapter 1250 - Time Passed By
Chapter 1251 - We’Re No Longer As We Have Been
Chapter 1252 - The Founding Of The Great Tang Empire
Chapter 1253 - Candidates With Ulterior Motives
Chapter 1254 - Mischievous Stunts
Chapter 1255 - Back To Shanghai
Chapter 1256 - The Future Destiny Of Magnificent Tang Corporation
Chapter 1257 - Meeting By Chance
Chapter 1258 - Boss?!
Chapter 1259 - The Boss’S Summon
Chapter 1260 - The Truth Of The Investigation
Chapter 1261 - Big Sis-In-Law
Chapter 1262 - The Choice You Can Pick
Chapter 1263 - Shoot Me!
Chapter 1264 - Colossal Project
Chapter 1265 - Being Inflexible
Chapter 1266 - Culling Out Future Troubles
Chapter 1267 - Between Life And Death
Chapter 1268 - Taking Another Chance
Chapter 1269 - A Bloody And Difficult Battle
Chapter 1270 - The Mysterious Grim Reaper
Chapter 1271 - Bringing Things To An End
Chapter 1272 - The Frightened King Yama
Chapter 1273 - : Captured Alive
Chapter 1274 - Conditions And A Deal
Chapter 1275 - Easily Breaking The Arrays
Chapter 1276 - The Last Battle
Chapter 1277 - Thorough Extermination
Chapter 1278 - Parting Time
Chapter 1279 - Brothers Forever
Chapter 1280 - The Nine Maids
Chapter 1281 - Departure
Chapter 1282 - The Immortal World
Chapter 1283 - Ransacking You Clan
Chapter 1284 - A Profession That Brings In Fortune The Fastest
Chapter 1285 - Encountering Battle On The Road
Chapter 1286 - Massacring Celestial Immortals
Chapter 1287 - Plentiful Gains
Chapter 1288 - Huge Transaction
Chapter 1289 - Being Thorough
Chapter 1290 - Benefitting From An Unexpected Turn Of Events
Chapter 1291 - Selling Goods
Chapter 1292 - Earth Core
Chapter 1293 - Who Profited From Whom
Chapter 1294 - The Convict Arena Prison
Chapter 1295 - I’M Taking You Home
Chapter 1296 - Return Journey Preparation
Chapter 1297 - En Route To The Immortal World
Chapter 1298 - Who Says Master And Disciple Can’T Be Lovers?
Chapter 1299 - Pigging Out
Chapter 1300 - Inquisitiveness Can Be Dangerous
Chapter 1301 - Big Gambling
Chapter 1302 - Super Bodyguards
Chapter 1303 - I’Ll Always Be Your Woman
Chapter 1304 - Running Out Of Demon Stones
​ Chapter 1305 - The Dark Court
Chapter 1306 - Snatching Someone’S Cherished Items
Chapter 1307 - Recollection Of The Pas
Chapter 1308 - Robbery
Chapter 1309 - Getting Robbed
Chapter 1310 - The Dogs Of The Pas
Chapter 1311 - Unlike The Rich
Chapter 1312 - Adventuring Spirit
Chapter 1313 - Here We Go And Win Again
Chapter 1314 - Reunion Of Close Relatives
Chapter 1315 - Returning Smoothly
Chapter 1316 - Getting Along
Chapter 1317 - We Are Of The Same Roo
Chapter 1318 - Meddling In Others' Business
Chapter 1319 - That Heartless Man
Chapter 1320 - Coming To The Rescue
Chapter 1321 - Master And Disciple Identifying Each Other
Chapter 1322 - She… Is It Worth The Trouble?
Chapter 1323 - Rapid Progress
Chapter 1324 - He Cares About You
Chapter 1325 - True Love For Life And Eternity
Chapter 1326 - A Loose Tongue May Cause A Lot Of Troubles
Chapter 1327 - Expensive Information
Chapter 1328 - Enormous Spending
Chapter 1329 - Karmic Ties Of The Pas
Chapter 1330 - : A Grandiose Blitzkrieg Attack
Chapter 1331 - Star Tears’ Suspicion
Chapter 1332 - Trap
Chapter 1333 - Each With A Sinister Plot
Chapter 1334: - Going With The Flow
Chapter 1335 - A Plan To Subdue And Kill A Supreme
Chapter 1336 - Playing People Is Fun
Chapter 1337 - Killing And Extinguishing A Supreme
Chapter 1338 - Insta-Killing Perfected Golden Immortal
Chapter 1339 - Nephew And Paternal Aunt Recognizing Each Other
Chapter 1340 - Soul Sealing Spell
Chapter 1341 - Tracking And Pursuit
Chapter 1342 - Senescent Fiend Yi Zun
Chapter 1343 - Using Devour Again To Kill
Chapter 1344 - Fortunate Breakthrough
Chapter 1345 - Wordless Golden Medallion
Chapter 1346 - Paying Bill For Others
Chapter 1347 - Happy Days Of Living Together
Chapter 1348 - Intriguing And Perplexing
Chapter 1349 - Gathering Information
Chapter 1350 - A Fight Between Powerhouses
Chapter 1351 - Being Driven Beyond Forbearance
Chapter 1352 - The Opening Of The Secret Palace
Chapter 1353 - Killing People And Robbing Treasures
Chapter 1354 - Super Cheat
Chapter 1355 - Achieving Two Targets At Once
Chapter 1356 - Coincidentally Obtained Another Supernatural Ability
Chapter 1357 - Routing Enemies Easily
Chapter 1358 - Tang Xiu’S Back Garden
Chapter 1359 - Sweeping Everything
Chapter 1360 - The Supreme’S Inheritance
Chapter 1361 - Supreme Pill Recipe
Chapter 1362 - Black Zephyr Old Freak
Chapter 1363 - Who Is The Most Dazzling
Chapter 1364 - Reaching The Summit
Chapter 1365 - Worthless Lives
Chapter 1366 - Interception
Chapter 1367 - Fighting To Save The Critical Situation
Chapter 1368 - Inciting Troubles
Chapter 1369 - Trapping A Worthless Dead Man
Chapter 1370 - Nothing Was Gained But A Double Loss
Chapter 1371 - Clash
Chapter 1372 - Being Humiliated
Chapter 1373 - Positive Result
Chapter 1374 - Missing A Chance
Chapter 1375 - Enormous Wealth
Chapter 1376 - A Total Ingrate
Chapter 1377 - Cleaning Up The House
Chapter 1378 - The Great Sensations In The Immortal World
Chapter 1379 - Emotional Entanglement
Chapter 1380 - Eighty-Eight Years
Chapter 1381 - Those Who Follow Me, Shall Prosper; Those Who Oppose Me, Shall Die
Chapter 1382 - Persuading The Enemy To Surrender
Chapter 1383 - Star Tear’S Return
Chapter 1384 - He’S The Star Cultivation Great Emperor
Chapter 1385 - He Has A Harem Of Wives
Chapter 1386 - A Fortuitous Encounter In The Nefas Abyss
Chapter 1387 - The Splendor Of A Legend
Chapter 1388 - A Departed Old Friend
Chapter 1389 - Myriad Spirit Palace’S Entire Wealth
Chapter 1390 - A Complete Slaughter
Chapter 1391 - A Treasure Brought By A Tempest
Chapter 1392 - A Step Away
Chapter 1393 - Looking Like A Dandy Silk Pants
Chapter 1394 - People Will Die For Wealth, Just As Birds For Food
Chapter 1395 - The Miserable State Of The Pristine Immortal Confucianist Sect
Chapter 1396 - The Stronger Party Wins
Chapter 1397 - The Beautiful Daughter-In-Law And The Parents-In-Law Meet
Chapter 1398 - Rapid Development
Chapter 1399 - A Terrifying Number Of Supremes
Chapter 1400 - Complete Shock
Chapter 1401 - Chaos Of War
Chapter 1402 - Great Celebrations
Chapter 1403 - An All-Out Fight
Chapter 1404 - A Life Saved At The Cost Of Others
Chapter 1405 - A Mutual Defeat
Chapter 1406 - Declaration Of War
Chapter 1407 - An Outcome Beyond Everyone’S Expectations
Chapter 1408 - Blocked At The Front, Chased From The Back
Chapter 1409 - Tang Xiu’S Voice
Chapter 1410 - Five Great Bloodlines
Chapter 1411 - Eight Hundred Years Later
Chapter 1412 - Old Friends
Chapter 1413 - The Matters Of Earth
Chapter 1414 - Nicely Done
Chapter 1415 - Mutual Deception
Chapter 1416 - Ji Chimei’S Meritorious Contribution
Chapter 1417 - Divine Artifact, Star Disk
Chapter 1418 - Ascending To The God Realm (End Of Main Storyline)
Chapter 1419 - God Realm (1): Trouble At The Immortal Exuviate Pond
Chapter 1420 - God Realm (2): A Show Of Divine Might
Chapter 1421 - God Realm (3): Chaos Wrought By Carnage In The Divine Domain
Chapter 1422 - God Realm (4): Legacy Of The Supreme God, The Free And Unfettered Path
Chapter 1423 - God Realm (5): Karmic Cycle, Golden Peng Joins The Ranks
Chapter 1424 - God Realm (6): Forming A Master And Servant Contract, Divine Origin City’S Location
Chapter 1425 - Earth Realm (1): The Beauty Hasn’T Aged, But Where Is The King?
Chapter 1426 - Earth Realm (2): A Fateful Meeting, A Fateful Love
Chapter 1427 - Earth Realm (3): Duanmu Lin’S Hidden Ill-Intentions, Ji Mu’S Fortuitous Opportunity
Chapter 1428 - Earth Realm (4): A Vain Death Prompted By An Unchangeable Nature And An Unquenchable Thirst For Power
Chapter 1429 - Earth Realm (5): Those Whom The Heavens Wish To Destroy, They First Make Mad
Chapter 1430 - Earth Realm (6): Tang Sect Enforcers Wipe Out The Dissidents, World Core’S Divine Power
Chapter 1431: - Myriad Realms (1): Master’S Fail-Safe, Fortune-Blessed Disciple
Chapter 1432 - Myriad Realms (2): An Eternity Is Too Long; One Needs To Seize Every Moment!
Chapter 1433: Myriad Realms (3): Tang Xiu Refines The Puppets, Golden Peng’S Tough Battle With Sacred Demon
Chapter 1434: Myriad Realms (4) - End
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Xian Jie Gui Lai, 仙界归来, 仙界歸來

Source: Zenith Novels
Book Details / Information: A supreme expert in the Immortal World had died, and a strand of his soul returned to its original body on Earth. Tang Xiu discovered with amazement that ten thousand years passed in the Immortal World, yet only a single year passed on Earth.

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Chapter 1: I’Ll Keep Playing With You

Chapter 1 – I’ll Keep Playing with You

“Tang Xiu, where did you hide the money? Take it out right now!”

“Tang Xiu, even if you need money you can’t just steal it! As they say, ‘Stealing needles when young, stealing gold when old’. You cannot make a habit out of stealing, or else your life will be finished.”

“Tang Xiu, I believe you owe the school three thousand dollars of tuition fee. Are you planning to take that money to pay for it?”

[TN: Using dollars in place of yuan for better flow.]

Roughly a dozen or so people surrounded Tang Xiu and spoke endlessly. Doubt and disgust filled their eyes, and their tones were full of impatience.

Tang Xiu’s face swelled with red, and signs of blood could be seen as he bit on his lips. His eyes became misty, but he firmly said with his neck raised, “I didn’t steal any money!”

“Shangwen, Meiyun, you’ve seen Xiu’er grow up! He’s always been honest from a young age, his studies and personality has always been excellent, and he never lies! Since he said he didn’t steal any money, then the three thousand dollars lost definitely isn’t related to him,” Su Lingyun said. She was begging a middle-aged man and woman in a house as she tightly hugged her son in her embrace.

“Lingyun, we never said Xiu’er stole any money. We just think he hid the three thousand dollars possibly because he wanted you to be less worry.” The middle-aged man turned his head to the side. He didn’t even dare to look straight at Su Lingyun.

“His studies and personality has always been excellent? Hoho. Indeed, before your son entered Starcity Secondary School, his studies and personality had been excellent, but after impressively staying there for only a single year, his marks fell dramatically. He’s placed first in the entire grade if you count backwards, and if it weren’t for your pleading, your son would have probably been kicked out, right?” said the middle-aged woman coldly. She completely ignored Su Lingyun’s eyes of near absolute despair.

After hearing her younger brother, Su Shangwen, and her sister-in-law, Zhang Meiyun, Su Lingyun’s complexion turned pale. Her eyes also became dim and lifeless, but after seeing her son in her embrace, she had no choice but to force up courage and once again attempt to defend her son’s innocence.

However, this time, before Su Lingyun even had a chance to speak, she was interrupted by two sharp voices.

“Aunt, don’t protect Tang Xiu anymore. You can defend him for a moment, but you cannot defend him for his entire life. There are only so many people in the family. You say he didn’t steal the three thousand dollars, so that means the money just flew away on its own?”

“Aunt, the reason why we suspect Tang Xiu is because he’s the most likely who will steal in this house. In your eyes, naturally Tang Xiu’s the most excellent. But you also know the horrible things he’s done in school this year. Copying homework, cheating on tests, starting fights . . . As his cousin, I can’t even raise my head proudly at school.”

The ones who interrupted Su Lingyun were the son and daughter of Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun. If one were to say Su Shangwen’s and Zhang Meiyun’s words were spoken rather empathetically and that they knew to soften their tone, then son and daughter clearly didn’t.

“Su Yaning, Su Xiangfei, you are both speaking nonsense and spitting false accusations!” Tang Xiu nearly shouted his throat out.

“Shangwen, Meiyun, please, don’t make things difficult for him! If the money can’t be found, then just act as I’m borrowing it! You also know ever since the car accident a year ago, he became a bit disoriented and can’t take any agitation. If something truly happens to him, I won’t be able to continue living on my own!” she powerlessly begged. When oppressed by her little brother’s family, the tears falling from Su Lingyun’s eyes were akin to connect pearls.

Speaking those words made it seem Su Lingyun used all of her breath.

Thinking the treatment her son received in the past year, she couldn’t help feeling sorrow as she wept soundlessly.

Although her son had lost his father from a young age, he had always been very obedient growing up. Moreover, his grades were particularly excellent, and two years ago, he even entered Starcity Secondary School with the grades of first place in the entire city. During first year, he remained outstanding in various exams and contests, including being placed first in all subjects.

However, due to a car accident during second year first semester, his son’s brain received a powerful collision. As a result, it heavily injured his memory and comprehension skills, and he was even diagnosed to have a mental disability by a doctor. If it weren’t for her pleading, and that the school seemed to have in him a hint of hope, his son would have likely been expelled by the school already.

Seeing Su Lingyun’s heartbroken appearance, the house sank into a short period of silence. Su Yaning and Su Xiangfei even looked at each other, their expressions showing they could not bear looking at that scene.

When everyone’s attention was attracted by Su Lingyun, Tang Xiu, who was held in her embrace, slightly trembled. A tinge of light was also emitted by his eyes.

“Where is this place? Didn’t I die after failing the tribulation? What is going on?” Tang Xiu puzzledly examined his surroundings, his eyes filled with confusion.

Tang Xiu remembered he stood at the top of the Immortal World. He was passing the tribulation of divinity, and as long as he succeeded, he would be able to become a god in the Immortal World, and obtain the qualifications to cross the gate of eternal life.

Doing his best to recall what exactly happened, Tang Xiu’s facial muscles distorted as an extremely painful expression flashed into his eyes. Before reawakening, the last scene he was aware of finally appeared within his mind . . .

It was the most crucial moment of Tang Xiu’s tribulation: when he was near the end, when all of his soul and heart was concentrated on fighting back the divine tribulation. His back was open; he nearly lacked any protection. He was in a completely defenseless state against several good friends of his whose cultivations were just a bit inferior, who were also at the peak of the Immortal World, and who possessed countless divine armaments and god-level talismans.

Immediately after, just as he barely endured the nine levels of lightning tribulation, what he faced was a formless yet most terrifying tribulation of the heart—coincident with the Demonic Tribulation, the good friends of his who were initially protecting him actually, in absolute coordination, sent a fatal strike towards him.

Of those people, outrageously, it included his lover of several hundred years, Xue Qingcheng.

Under their coordinated attack, Tang Xiu’s fate was nearly already decided. Even, before his body completely shattered and his consciousness was completely lost, those people had already impatiently rushed up to take the dropped mysterious ancient book that he incidentally found within an ancient demonic remains—the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space.

“Human nature is so revolting. Before an absolute secret divine art, camaraderie and affection are all so!

“But, since I failed the tribulation, I shouldn’t have had any chance to survive. My body should have become dust, and my soul should have scattered away. Yet now, what is happening?”

Within a daze, a familiar woman’s fragrance wafted into Tang Xiu’s nose.

Inhaling, when he smelt that fragrance, an expression of extreme enjoyment appeared on Tang Xiu’s face. His emotions too gradually calmed down.

He only slowly turned his head around after a good while, facing the woman who was hugging himself.

A gentle countenance clearly appeared in front of Tang Xiu. It was familiar and close, and in comparison to the complexion in his memories, there seemed to be a trace of a faint mark of a “fishtail” at the corners of her eyes.

“Inner demon! Damned inner demon! I’m already died, so how can I be disturbed by this inner demon!” Tang Xiu quickly shook his head, and forced himself to avoid looking at the face he thought of for over ten thousand years.

But when he looked at the others in the house, he couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Of the myriad of years within the Immortal World, Tang Xiu had experienced countless sentimental tribulations, both big and small. However, after so many, even though Tang Xiu severed himself from all of his relatives, the only one he could not give up was his mother. So, in future sentimental tribulations, only Tang Xiu’s mother appeared, not any other relatives.

“Are the ones in front of my eyes not my inner demons?” Tang Xiu looked at his surroundings suspiciously. He also started muttering.

Then, after a huge explosion went off in his brain, the memories Tang Xiu didn’t touch for ten thousand years instantly opened. At the same time, enigmatic memories appeared in his mind.

“I’ve actually returned to the Earth I so long desired? Ten thousand years passed in the Immortal World, but only one year passed on Earth?” Only after a long while did Tang Xiu understand what happened.

The enigmatic memories that appeared in Tang Xiu’s mind was all of his body’s accumulated memory in the year that had passed.

In the car accident a year ago, although Tang Xiu’s physical body was fine, his soul was injured. That caused his intellect to drop which in turn caused him to experience horrid days at school. He was absorbing information like an observer, but he would very rarely participate in activities.

However, all of the information was stored in Tang Xiu’s head, letting him clearly know what had occurred in the past year on earth.

The single strand of Tang Xiu’s injured soul had travelled to the Immortal World, and entered the body of a wealthy grandson of the Immortal World’s Vermilion Bird Holy Sect’s manager. There, he lived a life of ten thousand years, all full of excitement. He lived a life of a dream-like ten thousand years!

He just had never expected when he was schemed against and died in the Immortal World that the strand of soul would once again return to the body on earth. At this moment, only a year had passed since the accident.

“Fairy Wanhua, Emperor Danqing, Zither Demon Jiuyao, on the day I return to the Immortal World will be the moment you will all die!”

Recollecting the bits and bobs of his life in the Immortal World, and when the final section of memory reappeared in his brain, Tang Xiu nearly screamed out with gritted teeth.

Tang Xiu’s furious roar broke the silence in the house, attracting everyone’s gaze over.

“Xiu’er . . . You . . . What happened?” Su Lingyun was the first to react to it. She hugged Tang Xiu in panic and asked him with an anxious face.

Seeing Tang Xiu’s facial muscles twisted, then recalling his body’s state, the people in the house all revealed regretful expressions, then all cast their blaming gazes and Su Shangwen’s family.

Clearly, they never expected Tang Xiu to suddenly “go mad”, and judging by the present circumstances, it was even caused by his own family. They couldn’t help looking at one another, feeling a pang of guilt.

“Tang Xiu, don’t bother acting here. Fairy, emperor, demon? You think you’re playing a game? I’ve never heard of any game that has bosses like Fairy Wanhua, Emperor Danqing, Zither Demon Jiuyao.” Just as the entire house’s people were all lost at what to do, a cold snort rang out. It was from Tang Xiu’s cousin, Su Xiangfei, as he sneered.

“You damn retard, you now know how to feign insanity? I was almost tricked by you. Don’t think we’ll ignore the three thousand dollars by pretending to be pitiful. I’ll say this clearly to you mother and son: if you don’t take out the three thousand dollars today, don’t even think of stepping out of this door!” After a brief moment of panic, Zhang Meiyun secretly looked at Tang Xiu. After a short instant, she became furious and fiercely shouted at him.

After Tang Xiu’s roar, he himself knew he lost a bit of control. Then, he felt his mother’s anxiousness and panic, so he hurriedly organized his emotions and quickly consoled her, saying he was fine. That scene coincidentally entered Zhang Meiyun’s eyes, and naturally, it infuriated her.

“The offsprings of a rat continue digging holes.” Tang Xiu coldly glared at Zhang Meiyun, then his eyes landed onto Su Xiangfei’s body. He said indifferently, “Su Xiangfei, are you certain you want to keep on playing this game? If you feel that this is rather interesting, I won’t mind playing with you!”

Extra Information

Returning from the Immortal World (仙界歸來) is an ongoing Chinese web novel by Jing Ye Ji Si (靜夜寄思). It has over 830 thousand characters, and is listed, on qidian, under the category of “City Life” and the subcategory of “Abnormal Ability”. There are 270+ chapters; the novel was started on 12th April, 2016.


Total Chapters in book: 1443
Estimated words: 3210570 (not accurate)
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