Rich Daughter Reincarnates as Her Eighteen-Year-Old Self to Rescue Her Younger Brothers! by Chocolate Lover

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Chapter 141 - Chapter 141: Half The Effort, Double The Result
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""I've destroyed your face. Let's see how you'll seduce men now!""

""I want to pluck all your hair too. Let's see how you'll seduce other married men!""

The woman screamed while she cut off Mei Shu's hair. She then directly stabbed the scissors into her head and put an end to her pitiful life.

Mei Shu had already been bedridden for over ten years. Her face was practically unrecognizable. Her four younger brothers were either injured, crippled, sick, or barely alive. This was all thanks to the woman next to her bed.

Many years ago, Mei Shu's mother died in a car accident. Not long after that, her stepmother moved in with her stepsister, Mei Mu. Mei Shu's stepmother found a way to send Mei Shu to the countryside. After that, Mei Shu's stepmother and stepsister slowly took over all the Mei family's possessions.

When Mei Shu was about to turn eighteen, they brought her home. The only reason they did that was to acquire the inheritance her mother left behind.

After that, they kept plotting and scheming against her. They sowed discord between Mei Shu and her four younger brothers. Until the day Mei Shu died in the hospital, her brothers still had no idea she wasn't the one who started the fire that ruined their lives.

After dying, Mei Shu refused to move on. She reincarnated to the time she was seventeen with her own system. She wanted to change her fate and rescue her brothers!

In their previous lifetime, she and her brothers treated each other like enemies. In this lifetime...

""Mei Shu, I'll do anything you tell me to,"" her first brother said.

""Who dares to bully my sister?"" Her second brother asked.

""Mei Shu belongs to me!"" Her third brother exclaimed.

""Do you wish to marry my sister? Let's see if you have what it takes!"" Her fourth brother uttered.

[System: Quest completed! You'll be rewarded with a husband!""

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Ah!” Mei Shu woke up from his nightmare. When she opened her eyes and saw the mirror-paved ceiling, tears flowed out of the corners of her eyes again.

The face in the mirror, which had been burned so badly that its features were almost plastered together, also showed a trace of tears.

“Tsk tsk, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror again.”

Mei Mu pushed open the door of the ward. At first, a look of disgust appeared on her face, but she quickly revealed a happy smile. “You used to be the number one beauty in Lin City. Aren’t you touched to see the ceiling I specially built for you every day?”

Mei Shu’s eyes were filled with intense hatred. In the ten years she had been lying in bed, her hatred had become stronger and stronger day by day. However, she could not do anything to the other party. She had been hit in the spine by a cabinet in the fire, causing her to be paralyzed. She could not even get out of bed!

Back then, Mei Mu had set that fire and tried her best to save Mei Shu so that Mei Shu could only live on at death’s door and let Mei Shu suffer a fate worse than death.

Seeing Mei Shu like this, Mei Mu deliberately took a few steps forward and smiled smugly. “By the way, tomorrow is my wedding with Li Zhen. Don’t worry, I’ll help you enjoy your boyfriend and the inheritance your mother left you.”

“B*tch! I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!” Mei Shu tried her best to get up. Her back was only a few centimeters away from the bed before she collapsed back onto the bed weakly. She could only let out a hoarse roar.

The fire ten years ago caused Mei Shu’s entire body to be severely burned. Her eldest brother was also crippled. Mei Mu even distorted the truth and said that it was Mei Shu who set the fire, causing her four younger brothers to hate her even more. All of this was because of the woman beside her bed.

Mei Mu shrugged nonchalantly and revealed a look of disdain. “I’ve already destroyed your face. You can’t even control your body. What? You want to seduce men to work for you? Don’t go out and scare people!”

Mei Mu looked at Mei Shu’s scalp, which hadn’t been burned because she was wearing a helmet. In the past ten years, her long hair had grown black and shiny again. When she thought of how Li Zhen had specially asked her to dye her hair black and straighten it before the wedding last night, she felt angry.

Mei Mu knew that Mei Shu was the one who Li Zhen really loved, so she always imitated Mei Shu, intentionally or unintentionally. She kept living under Mei Shu’s shadow. This fact made her furious.

From the corner of her eye, she saw the scissors on the bed and couldn’t help but grab them. Mei Mu roared as she crazily cut Mei Shu’s hair. “I’m going to pull out all your hair too. Let’s see how you can seduce other people’s husbands!”

Mei Shu was powerless to struggle. She looked at the crazy Mei Mu and cursed fiercely, “Crazy woman, you and your mother will suffer retribution. Everything you obtained through your schemes will eventually be lost!”

“Hahaha, lost? You still want to snatch it back from me?!” Mei Mu laughed arrogantly. Then, she used all her strength to stab the scissors into Mei Shu’s temple.

Mei Shu stared at Mei Mu with wide eyes until her breathing stopped. Her clean pupils clearly reflected the appearance of her enemy.

[Ding! I’m a Rebirth System, Little Eight. Do you need to activate the Rebirth Service?]

Mei Shu looked at the pitch-black space and asked, “Rebirth system?”

The system’s voice carried a hint of temptation. [Yes! Do you want to go back to the past and change your fate?]

Mei Shu replied without hesitation, “Yes!”

[Very good! Once you are bound to me, you have to complete the ultimate mission. Otherwise, the fate of you and your brothers will be ten times worse than in this life. Are you sure you want to bind and activate Rebirth?]

Mei Shu thought of the various schemes that her stepmother, Wang Yue, and Mei Mu had plotted since they entered the Mei family. First, they framed and instigated her brothers to hate her to the core. Then, they snatched her mother’s inheritance from her. In the end, they even injured her and her four brothers, crippled them, and sickened them, making them struggle to survive!

Mei Shu hated herself even more for being weak and useless every time she thought about it for the past ten years. She wanted to change her fate in this life! She wanted to control everything firmly in her hands. No one could touch what belonged to her!

Mei Shu gritted his teeth tightly, her blood-shot eyes filled with determination. “Bind! As long as I can take revenge on them, I will complete any mission!”

The System resisted the urge to whistle. It loved hosts who actively completed missions like this the most. As long as it completed this mission and reached the required task quota, it could apply for retirement!

[Ding! Bound!]

Mei Shu opened her eyes again and realized that she was in a driving car. After calmly surveying her surroundings, she deduced the time of her rebirth from the faded school uniform of Xinghua No. 1 Middle School. This was Wang Yue rushing to pick her up and take her back to the Mei family before she turned 18.

The car had already driven into the city. Butler Zhao Yan saw from the rearview mirror that Mei Shu had woken up and was looking out of the window.

He couldn’t help but think of the madam’s last words. He sighed slightly in his heart and revealed a kind smile. “The city has developed particularly rapidly in recent years, so it’s normal for you to feel unfamiliar. Miss, you will get used to it after staying here for a while.”

Mei Shu looked at Zhao Yan and smiled. In her previous life, her younger brothers had never treated her well because they had listened to Wang Yue and her daughter’s framing. The servants at home had even looked down on her. Zhao Yan was the only person in the family who treated her well. Later, he died in the fire to save her.

Mei Ye didn’t know if there would be any changes in this life. She wanted to inquire about it before she got home. “Uncle Zhao, how are my younger brothers now?”

Zhao Yan paused for a moment. Thinking that Mei Shu was only a half-grown child and had only just returned after being sent to the countryside by Wang Yue for many years, he was afraid that it would be useless even if he said it. It would only add to Mei Shu’s worries. So he decided to explain the situation briefly. “Little Young Master is now in the third grade of primary school. The other three young masters are all in boarding school.”

This was similar to the situation when she came back in her previous life. Mei Shu calmed down a little.


Total Chapters in book: 172
Estimated words: 186835 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 934(@200wpm)___ 747(@250wpm)___ 623(@300wpm)