Shadow Slave by Guiltythree

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 Slave Caravan
Chapter 3 The Strings Of Fate
Chapter 4 Mountain King
Chapter 5 Broken Chains
Chapter 6 Confronting The Tyrant
Chapter 7 Three Slaves And A Hero
Chapter 8 Nothing At All
Chapter 9 Wishful Thinking
Chapter 10 First Man Down
Chapter 11 Crossroads
Chapter 12 The Smell Of Blood
Chapter 13 Moment Of Truth
Chapter 14 Child Of Shadows
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 Rebirth
Chapter 17 Three Simple Words
Chapter 18 Absence Of Light
Chapter 19 Crossing The Bridge
Chapter 20 Outcast Once Again
Chapter 21 First Performance
Chapter 22 Corpse Corner
Chapter 23 Dreams And Nightmares
Chapter 24 Moving Up In The World
Chapter 25 Wilderness Survival
Chapter 26 Changing Star
Chapter 27 Measure Of Power
Chapter 28 Training Montage
Chapter 29 The Last Day On Earth
Chapter 30 Starless Void
Chapter 31 Low Tide
Chapter 32 Making A Choice
Chapter 33 Carapace Scavenger
Chapter 34 Only Steel Remembers
Chapter 35 A Shadow, A Star And An Oracle
Chapter 36 Bonfire
Chapter 37 Getting To Know Each Other
Chapter 38 Questions In The Dark
Chapter 39 Journey To The West
Chapter 40 Weak Point
Chapter 41 Strength In Numbers
Chapter 42 Essence Of Combat
Chapter 43 Repetition
Chapter 44 Cassie’S Dream
Chapter 45 Sound Of Laughter
Chapter 46 Experience
Chapter 47 Echo
Chapter 48 The Storm
Chapter 49 Natural Element
Chapter 50 Death Trap
Chapter 51 Carapace Centurion
Chapter 52 Clarity
Chapter 53 Immortal Flame
Chapter 54 Spoils Of War
Chapter 55 Lucky People
Chapter 56 The Heaviest Thing In The World
Chapter 57 Use Of Weapons
Chapter 58 Survival Of The Fittest
Chapter 59 Shadow Of The Crimson Spire
Chapter 60 Bone Ridge
Chapter 61 Sea Of Ash
Chapter 62 Hide And Seek
Chapter 63 Lord Of Ashes
Chapter 64 Pursued By Demons
Chapter 65 Lights In The Darkness
Chapter 66 First Part Of The Plan
Chapter 67 Racing Against Time
Chapter 68 Beacon Of Death
Chapter 69 The Guest
Chapter 70 Judgement Of The Blade
Chapter 71 One Small Mistake
Chapter 72 Demon Slayers
Chapter 73 The Circle Of Death
Chapter 74 Midnight Shard
Chapter 75 Broken Dreams
Chapter 76 The Abyss
Chapter 77 Enthralled
Chapter 78 Bliss
Chapter 79 Twist Of Fate
Chapter 80 Spirit Of Exploration
Chapter 81 Weaver’S Eye
Chapter 82 Fear Of The Unknown
Chapter 83 Five
Chapter 84 Black Seed
Chapter 85 One Step At A Time
Chapter 86 Final Clue
Chapter 87 Plan Of Escape
Chapter 88 Boat Builders
Chapter 89 Demon’S Bones
Chapter 90 Nightfall
Chapter 91 Escape
Chapter 92 Journey Into The Night
Chapter 93 Black Water
Chapter 94 Battle In The Depths
Chapter 95 Starlight
Chapter 96 Exile
Chapter 97 Hunter’S Dream
Chapter 98 Uninvited Guests
Chapter 99 Pursuit
Chapter 100 Clear Conscience
Chapter 101 Turf War
Chapter 102 Stone Saint
Chapter 103 Coup De Grace
Chapter 104 Soul Arsenal
Chapter 105 Living Stone
Chapter 106 Creating A Monster
Chapter 107 Growing Shadow
Chapter 108 Test Dummy
Chapter 109 Soulmates
Chapter 110 Memento
Chapter 111 Lesser Creature
Chapter 112 Duel Of The Monsters
Chapter 113 Dark Well
Chapter 114 Voice Of Darkness
Chapter 115 Nightingale
Chapter 116 Deal With The Devil
Chapter 117 Cruel Injustice
Chapter 118 Mirror Image
Chapter 119 A Fistful Of Soul Shards
Chapter 120 Approaching The Castle
Chapter 121 Graveyard Of Hope
Chapter 122 Four Months Ago
Chapter 123 Helping Hand
Chapter 124 Desolation
Chapter 125 A Feast In Time Of Plague
Chapter 126 Effie
Chapter 127 Abandon All Hope
Chapter 128 King Of The Hill
Chapter 129 Solace
Chapter 130 Strength Of A Dozen Men
Chapter 131 Traversing The Dark City
Chapter 132 End Of The Line
Chapter 133 Farewell
Chapter 134 Bright Castle
Chapter 135 Cohabitation
Chapter 136 Reflection
Chapter 137 All Eyes On Me
Chapter 138 Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 139
Chapter 140 True Legacy
Chapter 141 Golden Serpent
Chapter 142 Behind The Scenes
Chapter 143 Gunlaug
Chapter 144 Right Of Challenge
Chapter 145 Justice
Chapter 146 Power
Chapter 147 Guild Hall
Chapter 148 Last Harvest
Chapter 149 Dark Diver
Chapter 150 Hunting Party
Chapter 151 Head Hunting
Chapter 152 There And Back Again
Chapter 153 Guiding Star
Chapter 154 Light Of The Seven
Chapter 155 First Recruits
Chapter 156 Free Lunch
Chapter 157 Wind Of Change
Chapter 158 Invisible
Chapter 159 Revelation
Chapter 160 The Future
Chapter 161 Rubicon
Chapter 162 Lost From Light
Chapter 163 The Past
Chapter 164 Farewell
Chapter 165 Power
Chapter 166 Light And Shadows
Chapter 167 Unforgivable
Chapter 168 Outside
Chapter 169 Back To The Future
Chapter 170 Star-Crossed
Chapter 171 Tether
Chapter 172 Memory Market
Chapter 173 Black Armor
Chapter 174 Shopping Spree
Chapter 175 Reunion
Chapter 176 Coming Clean
Chapter 177 Cloak And Dagger
Chapter 178 Lost Expedition
Chapter 179 New Generation
Chapter 180 Break Point
Chapter 181 Rules Of Hospitality
Chapter 182 Dinner Time
Chapter 183 Learning New Tricks
Chapter 184 Value Of Humility
Chapter 185 Battle Master
Chapter 186 Eureka
Chapter 187 Trial Of Strength
Chapter 188 Of Heaven And Hell
Chapter 189 Sunny’S Brilliant Emporium
Chapter 190 Point Of No Return
Chapter 191 Pursuer
Chapter 192 Lighthouse
Chapter 193 The Catacombs
Chapter 194 Aching Bones
Chapter 195 Rolling Battle
Chapter 196 Divine Lntervention
Chapter 197 Ultimate Test
Chapter 198 Last Stand
Chapter 199 Cliffhanger
Chapter 200 Descent
Chapter 201 Lord Of The Dead
Chapter 202 Risk And Reward
Chapter 203 Corpse Eater
Chapter 204 Mysterious Key
Chapter 205 Journey To The South
Chapter 206 Triumph
Chapter 207 Beach Episode
Chapter 208 Something Productive
Chapter 209 Fireside Banter
Chapter 210 Shadow Of The Past
Chapter 211 Game Of Lies
Chapter 212 Knights And Knaves
Chapter 213 Sword Saints
Chapter 214 Transient Shadow
Chapter 215 Shapeless
Chapter 216 Tacit Understanding
Chapter 217 Origin
Chapter 218 Shadow Dance
Chapter 219 Relics Of The Past
Chapter 220 So You'Re A Spider,So What?
Chapter 221 Zenith
Chapter 222 Clearing The Nest
Chapter 223 Natural Selection
Chapter 224 Pyre
Chapter 225 On The Shoulders Of Giants
Chapter 226 The Fool
Chapter 227 Comparatively Safe
Chapter 228 Crossing The Canyon
Chapter 229 The Passenger
Chapter 230 Precarious Battle
Chapter 231 Stone Giant
Chapter 232 Before The Storm
Chapter 233 Swarm
Chapter 234 Horde
Chapter 235 Flower Boy
Chapter 236 Ex Machina
Chapter 237 Wall Of Darkness
Chapter 238 Lnto The Storm
Chapter 239 Clash Of Titans
Chapter 240
Chapter 241 Halfway
Chapter 242 New Toys
Chapter 243 Fangs Of A Dragon
Chapter 244 Death Zone
Chapter 245 Theatre Of Giants
Chapter 246 Lrrefutable Proof
Chapter 247 The Mist
Chapter 248 Those Who Survived
Chapter 249 Curse Of Darkness
Chapter 250 Defiant Oath
Chapter 251 Boundary Of The Underworld
Chapter 252 Unseen
Chapter 253 Without A Master
Chapter 254 The First Lord
Chapter 255 Dawn Shard
Chapter 256 True Reason
Chapter 257 Nightmare Champion
Chapter 258 Herald Of The Crimson Terror
Chapter 259 Bloody Mayhem
Chapter 260 How To Be A Hero
Chapter 261 Moon Shard
Chapter 262 Path To Damnation
Chapter 263 The Beginning Of The End
Chapter 264 First Things First
Chapter 265 Hateful Shadow
Chapter 266 The Devil You Know
Chapter 267 Let There Be Light
Chapter 268 Clash
Chapter 269 Incarnation Of Death
Chapter 270 Runaway
Chapter 271 Insurmountable
Chapter 272 Shadow And Darkness
Chapter 273 Chrysalis
Chapter 274 Salvation
Chapter 275 Secrets Of The Ruined Temple
Chapter 276 Black Door
Chapter 277 Demon Of Fate
Chapter 278 Weaver'S Mask
Chapter 279 Guilty Conscience
Chapter 280 One Last Job
Chapter 281 Seven Heroes
Chapter 282 Sacrifice
Chapter 283 Final Piece Of The Puzzle
Chapter 284 Nothing Serious
Chapter 285 Kill Order
Chapter 286 Blessings Of The Fire
Chapter 287 Lonely Star
Chapter 288 Progress Report
Chapter 289 Start Of The Play
Chapter 290 Judgement Day
Chapter 291 Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 292 Just Cause
Chapter 293 The Challenge
Chapter 294 Song Of Steel
Chapter 295 The Duel
Chapter 296 Creature Of Light
Chapter 297 Red Flower
Chapter 298 Fire And Blood
Chapter 299 Twisted Reflection
Chapter 300 Bright Lord'S Slave
Chapter 301 Heirs To The Throne
Chapter 302 Status Quo
Chapter 303 Helpful Shadow
Chapter 304 Hunting For A Big One
Chapter 305 Trail Of Blood
Chapter 306 Final Confrontation
Chapter 307 Throne Of Light
Chapter 308 Handmaiden
Chapter 309 Where Dreams May Come
Chapter 310 Shadow Demon
Chapter 311 The Last
Chapter 312 Lnvisible Chains
Chapter 313 Starlight Shard
Chapter 314 Leaving The Dark City
Chapter 315 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (1)
Chapter 316 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (2)
Chapter 317 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (3)
Chapter 318 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (4)
Chapter 319 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (5)
Chapter 320 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (6)
Chapter 321 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (7)
Chapter 322 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (8)
Chapter 323 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (9)
Chapter 324 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (10)
Chapter 325 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (11)
Chapter 326 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (12)
Chapter 327 Sieae Of The Crimson Spire (13)
Chapter 328 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (14)
Chapter 329 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (15)
Chapter 330 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (16)
Chapter 331 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (17)
Chapter 332 Siege Of The Crimson Spire (18)
Chapter 333 Ln The Belly Of The Beast
Chapter 334 Silver Sword
Chapter 335 Ascent
Chapter 336 The Gateway
Chapter 337 Nobody
Chapter 338 Rest Of The Mongrels
Chapter 339 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Chapter 340 Honor
Chapter 341 One Thousand
Chapter 342 Crimson Terror
Chapter 343 Soul Conduit
Chapter 344 Sorrow,Pain, And Rage
Chapter 345 Shadows And Light
Chapter 346 Promise Of Blood
Chapter 347 Free Fall
Chapter 348 Unbroken
Chapter 349 Fate
Chapter 350 End Of The Nightmare
Chapter 351 Once Again
Chapter 352 Monster Core
Chapter 353: Light Bringer
Chapter 354 Awakening
Chapter 355 Back To Reality
Chapter 356 Interview With The Shadow
Chapter 357 Risk And Reward
Chapter 358 Shadow Step
Chapter 359 Soul Serpent
Chapter 360 Broken
Chapter 361 The Goal
Chapter 362 Breakfast Lnvitation
Chapter 363 Citizen Sunny
Chapter 364 Ss Class Sunless
Chapter 365 Young Prospect
Chapter 366 Lessons Of History
Chapter 367 Fog Of Time
Chapter 368 Aster, Song, Vale
Chapter 369 Hidden Forces
Chapter 370 Exploration Report
Chapter 371 Academic Achievement
Chapter 372 Names Of The Gods
Chapter 373 Reunited
Chapter 374 Dinner With Friends
Chapter 375 Separate Paths
Chapter 376 Broken Oath
Chapter 377 Mantle Of The Underworld
Chapter 378 A New Beginning
Chapter 379 Chained Lsles
Chapter 380 Above And Below
Chapter 381 Roan Of White Feather
Chapter 382 The Crushing
Chapter 383 Cowardly Researcher
Chapter 384 Traversing The Lslands
Chapter 385 Lron Hand Lsland
Chapter 386 Sanctuary Of Noctis
Chapter 387 Withered Flowers
Chapter 388 Vigil
Chapter 389 A Place To Call His Own
Chapter 390 My Castle
Chapter 391 Dreamscape
Chapter 392 Birth Of A Legend
Chapter 393 Mongrel
Chapter 394 One Strike
Chapter 395 Roaring Lion,Hidden Dragon
Chapter 396 Viral Sensation
Chapter 397 Mongrel'S Wisdom
Chapter 398 Master Of His Trade
Chapter 399 Golden Coin
Chapter 400 Call Of Treasure
Chapter 401 Clueless
Chapter 402 Chain Worm
Chapter 403 Sky Tide
Chapter 404 Soft Life
Chapter 405 Going Back To School
Chapter 406 Educated Guess
Chapter 407 Dreamscape Qualifications
Chapter 408 Oh, No
Chapter 409 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 410 Reckoning
Chapter 411 Reflection
Chapter 412 Perfect Adversary
Chapter 413 Mirror Beast
Chapter 414 Mystery Of The Dark Mirror
Chapter 415 Cruel Sight
Chapter 416 Hanged Man
Chapter 417 Shipwreck
Chapter 418 Remnant Crew
Chapter 419 Eureka
Chapter 420 Amazing Chest Ahead
Chapter 421 Ecstasy Of Gold
Chapter 422 Rude Awakening
Chapter 423 Risk And Reward
Chapter 424 Unlucky Streak
Chapter 425 Twisted Rock
Chapter 426 Most Terrible Battle
Chapter 427 Death Of A Mimic
Chapter 428 Covetous Coffer
Chapter 429 Schism
Chapter 430 Tapestry Of Fate
Chapter 431 Fall From Grace
Chapter 432 First Day Of Nothing
Chapter 433 More Of The Same Nothing
Chapter 434 A Lot Of Nothing
Chapter 435 Listening To Nothing
Chapter 436 Nothing To Worry About
Chapter 437 Nothing, Nothing, Nothing
Chapter 438 Prince Of Nothing
Chapter 439 Do Or Die
Chapter 440 Merciless Stars
Chapter 441 Ocean Of Flame
Chapter 442 Burning Heaven
Chapter 443 Secrets Of The Void
Chapter 444 Obsidian Tower
Chapter 445 Respite
Chapter 446 Relentless Destroyer
Chapter 447 Primal Fear
Chapter 448 Golden Needle
Chapter 449 Thousand Years Of Hunger
Chapter 450 Alabaster Phalanx
Chapter 451 Bone Weave
Chapter 452 Above And Beyond
Chapter 453 Shrine Of Stars
Chapter 454 Hope
Chapter 455 Doorway To Heaven
Chapter 456 Leaving Nothing Behind
Chapter 457 Ivory Tower
Chapter 458 Shackles Of Hope
Chapter 459 Seed Of Nightmare
Chapter 460 Fight Or Flight
Chapter 461 Welcome Home
Chapter 462 An Epic Quest
Chapter 463
Chapter 464 Passion Blossoms Hotter In Thecold Heart Of Despair
Chapter 465: Subjective Value
Chapter 466 A Gracious Lnvitation
Chapter 467 Dinner With A Saint
Chapter 468 Desecrated Grove
Chapter 469 Fire Keepers
Chapter 470 Come Winter
Chapter 471 Quid Pro Quo
Chapter 472 : Worthy Reward
Chapter 473 : Mobius Loop
Chapter 474 Truth Be Told
Chapter 475: A Few Things To Do
Chapter 476 A Song Of Light And Darkness
Chapter 477 Standing Ovation
Chapter 478 Credit Where Credit Is Due
Chapter 479 Delegation
Chapter 480 Busy Schedule
Chapter 481 First Meeting
Chapter 482 Peace Offering
Chapter 483 Two Hundred Seconds
Chapter 484 The Gate
Chapter 485 Lesser Evil
Chapter 486 Call Of A Nightmare
Chapter 487 First Wave
Chapter 488 A Beast More Terrible
Chapter 489 Second Wave
Chapter 490 Break Point
Chapter 491 Desperate Measures
Chapter 492 Gate Guardian
Chapter 493 Advent Of Death
Chapter 494 The Cavalry
Chapter 495 Masked Hero
Chapter 496 Stand And Fight
Chapter 497 Unexpected Turn
Chapter 498 Superficial Connection
Chapter 499 Somewhere Far Away...
Chapter 500 ...In The Depths Of A Nightmare
Chapter 501 Step Two
Chapter 502 Sudden Request
Chapter 503 Harsh Reality
Chapter 504 The Right People
Chapter 505 The Slaughterhouse
Chapter 506 Silent Witnesses
Chapter 507 Ln The Spotlight
Chapter 508 Battle Of The Shadows
Chapter 509 Ghastly Reward
Chapter 510 Human Echo
Chapter 511 Ascension
Chapter 512 Unburdened
Chapter 513 War Council
Chapter 514 Hidden Blade
Chapter 515 Traveling Together
Chapter 516 Legacy Of Ruin
Chapter 517 Baiting The Monster
Chapter 518 Cargo Hold
Chapter 519 Trapped
Chapter 520 Deliverance
Chapter 521 Undying Chain
Chapter 522 Lnvincible
Chapter 523 Made Eternal
Chapter 524 Forty-Two
Chapter 525 Vengeful Ghosts
Chapter 526 Demon
Chapter 527 The New Guy
Chapter 528 Personal Style
Chapter 529 Secret Lair
Chapter 530 Something Better
Chapter 531 Dream Tournamet
Chapter 532 Ancient Forest
Chapter 533 Battle Royale
Chapter 534 Demonic Swordsman
Chapter 535 No Hard Feelings
Chapter 536 Lcon Of Chivalry
Chapter 537 Learning Curve
Chapter 538 Devouring Styles
Chapter 539 Out Of Reach
Chapter 540 Blood Feud
Chapter 541 Battle Of Two Demons
Chapter 542 Polite, Reasonable Onlinediscussion
Chapter 543 Finale
Chapter 544 Glory To The Victor
Chapter 545 Mongrel Victorious
Chapter 546 Morgan Of Valor
Chapter 547 Forged By Battle
Chapter 548 The Road So Far
Chapter 549 Soul Beast
Chapter 550 Tournament Rewards
Chapter 551 Slave’S Inheritance
Chapter 552 September
Chapter 553 Gracious Host
Chapter 554 Coming Clean
Chapter 555 Dinner With Friends
Chapter 556 About Those Potatoes
Chapter 557 Night Temple
Chapter 558 One Last Lesson
Chapter 559 No One Path
Chapter 560 Pawns Of Fate
Chapter 561 Journey To The North
Chapter 562 Lnto The Night
Chapter 563 Lost Sentinels
Chapter 564 Lnspection
Chapter 565 Unleashed
Chapter 566 Lmprisoned
Chapter 567 No Escape
Chapter 568 Full Circle
Chapter 569 On The Seventh Day
Chapter 570 Thirst
Chapter 571 Don’T Make A Sound
Chapter 572 Sweeter Than Heaven
Chapter 573 Hunger
Chapter 574 - Black Altar
Chapter 575 - Confrontation
Chapter 576
Chapter 577 - Only You
Chapter 578 -  Perfect Vessel
Chapter 579 - First Victim
Chapter 580
Chapter 581 - Bell Tower
Chapter 582 - For The Greater Good
Chapter 583 - Web Of Lies
Chapter 584 - A Dark Ocean
Chapter 585 - Clash
Chapter 586 - Cold Steel
Chapter 587 - The Explosion
Chapter 588 - Trust Lssues
Chapter 589 - Dark Mirror
Chapter 590 - The Host
Chapter 591 - Sea Of Soul
Chapter 592 - Soul Slayer
Chapter 593 - One Step Forward
Chapter 594 - Two Steps Back
Chapter 595 - The Saints Are Coming
Chapter 596 - And We Wwere Gone
Chapter 597 - Welcome Aboard
Chapter 598 - Broken Balance
Chapter 599 - The Flying Ship
Chapter 600 - The Departure
Chapter 601 - Kingdom Of Hope
Chapter 602 - Swarm Of Shadows
Chapter 603 - Menagerie Of Monsters
Chapter 604 - Shadow Gladiator
Chapter 605 - Hideous Demon
Chapter 606 Fate Of A Slave
Chapter 607 Shifting Sand
Chapter 608 Reincarnated As A Demonic Gladiator In A Magical World
Chapter 609 Glory
Chapter 610 Mind Of A Beast
Chapter 611 Immortal Lords
Chapter 612 Red Colosseum
Chapter 613 Schools Of Sorcery
Chapter 614 Hope’S Canvas
Chapter 615 Ancient Runes
Chapter 616 Black String
Chapter 617 Simplest Weave
Chapter 618 Plan Of Escape
Chapter 619 Seven Seconds
Chapter 620 Death
Chapter 621 Path To Freedom
Chapter 622 Wooden Sword
Chapter 623 Ardent Desire
Chapter 624 A New Day
Chapter 625 Comfortably Numb
Chapter 626 Hiding In The Dark
Chapter 627 Needlework
Chapter 628 From The Dark Side
Chapter 629 Pursuit
Chapter 630 Wicked Warlock Of The East
Chapter 631 The Funniest Thing In The World
Chapter 632 Broken Heart
Chapter 633 Dead Fortress
Chapter 634 Pillar Of Flame
Chapter 635 The Will Of Gods
Chapter 636 Desecration
Chapter 637 Lron Cage
Chapter 638 Dream After Dream
Chapter 639 Neverending Nightmare
Chapter 640 World That Has Gone Mad
Chapter 641 Dream Battle
Chapter 642 Rude Awakening
Chapter 643 Clash Of Shadows
Chapter 644 My Enemy
Chapter 645 Facing A New Day
Chapter 646 Familiar Sights
Chapter 647 Two Answers
Chapter 648 With Good Intentions
Chapter 649 Kingdom Of Madness
Chapter 650 Drastic Measures
Chapter 651 Lnvisible Tethers
Chapter 652 Plentiful Gains
Chapter 653 Cute Little Snake
Chapter 654 Shadow Lantern
Chapter 655 Nightmare
Chapter 656 Gardens Of The Moon
Chapter 657 Chance Of Victory
Chapter 658 Seven Knives
Chapter 659 A Rest Before The War
Chapter 660 Shadow Arrows
Chapter 661 Precious Tether
Chapter 662 Demon’S Bargain
Chapter 663 Heralds Of War
Chapter 664 Basic Logic
Chapter 665 Preparations
Chapter 666 Dark Rider
Chapter 667 Temple Of The Chalice
Chapter 668 Vessels Of War
Chapter 669 Feral Child
Chapter 670 With Kid Gloves
Chapter 671 Thunderstruck
Chapter 672 Shadow Cohort
Chapter 673 War Masters
Chapter 674 Mercy Of Shadow
Chapter 675 Devastation
Chapter 676 Glass Knife
Chapter 677 Current Of Fate
Chapter 678 Wind Of Change
Chapter 679 Messenger From The North
Chapter 680 Lost And Found
Chapter 681 The Incredible Adventures And Astonishing Deeds Of Heroic Dreamer Sunless In The Lonesome Land Of Nightmares, Abridged (Volume Iii)
Chapter 682 The Red Sect
Chapter 683 To Kill A Dragon
Chapter 684 You Must Become A Dragon
Chapter 685 Temple Of The Night
Chapter 686 Creature Of The Fog
Chapter 687 Oracle Of The Night
Chapter 688 Big Decision
Chapter 689 Trust
Chapter 690 One Question
Chapter 691 Heresy
Chapter 692 Free Time
Chapter 693 Knowledge Of Everything
Chapter 694 Key Piece
Chapter 695 Sonorous Silver Bell
Chapter 696 Extraordinary Rock
Chapter 697 Friendly Visit
Chapter 698 Creature Of The Lake
Chapter 699 Reverse Scale
Chapter 700 Blood Of The Moon
Chapter 701 Four Hunters
Chapter 702 The Devil You Know
Chapter 703 Way Back
Chapter 704 A Cup Of Tea
Chapter 705 Herald Of The Sun
Chapter 706 Ultimatum
Chapter 707 Treachery
Chapter 708 Crimson Beast Of Twilight
Chapter 709 Nature Of The Beast
Chapter 710 Departure
Chapter 711 A Simple Task
Chapter 712 Leaving The Sanctuary
Chapter 713 War Drums
Chapter 714 Dread Naught
Chapter 715 Boarding Party
Chapter 716 Head Of The Snake
Chapter 717 Slick With Blood
Chapter 718 Heavenly Carnage
Chapter 719 Dark Side Of The Moon
Chapter 720 Crimson Sky
Chapter 721 Dreadful Threat
Chapter 722 Soul Reaver
Chapter 723 Falling Star
Chapter 724 Weight Of Regret
Chapter 725 Shipwreck Lsland
Chapter 726 Sweet Release
Chapter 727 Unforgiven
Chapter 728 Spiteful Shadow
Chapter 729 Broken Shackles
Chapter 730: Dying Wish
Chapter 731: Child Of The Sun, Child Of The Moon
Chapter 732: Sevras
Chapter 733: Lnferno
Chapter 734: Final Obstacle
Chapter 735: Settling Debts
Chapter 736: Surrounded
Chapter 737: Self-Reflection
Chapter 738: Soul Annihilation
Chapter 739: Empty Skies
Chapter 740: Dream Is Collapsing
Chapter 741: Chain Breaker
Chapter 742: Hope
Chapter 743: Appraisal
Chapter 744: Ascension
Chapter 745: Freedom Of Choice
Chapter 746: First Steps
Chapter 747: Invisible Scars
Chapter 748: Young Masters
Chapter 749: Shadow Manifestation
Chapter 750 Home
Chapter 751 Master Sunless
Chapter 752 Solid Foundation
Chapter 753 Crux Of The Matter
Chapter 754 History Lesson
Chapter 755 Obel Scale
Chapter 756 Navigation
Chapter 757 Professional Sensibility
Chapter 758 Crossroad
Chapter 759 New Developments
Chapter 760 Valuable Lesson
Chapter 761 Burning Candles
Chapter 762 Negotiations
Chapter 763 Dangerous Questions
Chapter 764 Spirit Of Flame
Chapter 765 Turmoil
Chapter 766 Making History
Chapter 767 Measure Of Strength
Chapter 768 Dark Shore
Chapter 769 Maybe
Chapter 770 Aimless Blade
Chapter 771 Honor Guard
Chapter 772 Journey To The East
Chapter 773 Catching Up
Chapter 774 Fundamental Changes
Chapter 775 Cafe Sunless
Chapter 776 The Enemy Of My Enemy
Chapter 777 Blind Date
Chapter 778 In The Shadows
Chapter 779 Unmoored
Chapter 780 Friendly Spar
Chapter 781 The Brightest Light
Chapter 782 Grand Teacher
Chapter 783 Captive Audience
Chapter 784 Single Whole
Chapter 785 Solitude
Chapter 786 Lifeline
Chapter 787 Training Session
Chapter 788 Cordial Invitation
Chapter 789 Only Forward
Chapter 790 Outing
Chapter 791 Human Rituals
Chapter 792 Blind Spot
Chapter 793 Memories Of The Future
Chapter 794 Adulthood
Chapter 795 Moment Of Peace
Chapter 796 Real Deal
Chapter 797 Different Side
Chapter 798 Lonely Tree
Chapter 799 Outskirt Rat
Chapter 800 Facing The Music
Chapter 801 Distinguished Guests
Chapter 802 Feast Of Deceit
Chapter 803 Friendly Reminder
Chapter 804 Whispering Blade
Chapter 805 Conversation With A Mirror
Chapter 806 A Dance Of Light And Shadow
Chapter 807 From Within
Chapter 808 A Long-Awaited Conversation
Chapter 809 True Strength
Chapter 810 Secret Gift
Chapter 811 Train Ride
Chapter 812 Naval Convoy
Chapter 813 First Evacuation Army
Chapter 814 Special Company
Chapter 815 First Irregular Company
Chapter 816 Three Phases
Chapter 817 Captain Sunless
Chapter 818 Irregulars, Assemble
Chapter 819 Alloy Beast
Chapter 820 Importance Of Utility
Chapter 821 Offense Pillars
Chapter 822 Shadow Cohort
Chapter 823 Six Awakened
Chapter 824 Mysterious Master
Chapter 825 Under Pressure
Chapter 826 Shopping Spree
Chapter 827 Daunting Task
Chapter 828 The Call
Chapter 829 Battle Scars
Chapter 830 Departure
Chapter 831 Master Naeve
Chapter 832 Heirs Of The Storm
Chapter 833 Rhino
Chapter 834 Cohesion
Chapter 835 Siren'S Song
Chapter 836 Black Water
Chapter 837 Naval Engagement
Chapter 838 Bang
Chapter 839 Unholy Blood
Chapter 840 Mobilization
Chapter 841 Prudent Decision
Chapter 842 Lessons Of The Past
Chapter 843 Falcon Scott
Chapter 844 Opening Act
Chapter 845 Ranged Specialists
Chapter 846 Melee Vanguard
Chapter 847 Slaughter
Chapter 848 Persistent Threat
Chapter 849 Pincer Maneuver
Chapter 850 Surrounded
Chapter 851 No Holds Barred
Chapter 852 The Return Of The Lord
Chapter 853 Bone Singer
Chapter 854 Perfect Alibi
Chapter 855 Snow And Ash
Chapter 856 Alien Landscape
Chapter 857 Jade Beetle
Chapter 858 Aerial Superiority
Chapter 859 Summit
Chapter 860 Stone Hive
Chapter 861: Entombed
Chapter 862: Soul Reaper
Chapter 863: Fractured
Chapter 864: Breaking The Balance
Chapter 865: Lucky Shot
Chapter 866: White Stone
Chapter 867: Tooth And Nail
Chapter 868: Reputation
Chapter 869: Sin Of Solace
Chapter 870: To Do List
Chapter 871: Wild Imaginations
Chapter 872: Spreading Nightmares
Chapter 873: And Full Of Terrors
Chapter 874: One Last Mission
Chapter 875: Old Roads
Chapter 876: Lo49
Chapter 877: Disconnected
Chapter 878: Vip
Chapter 879: Signs Of Lightning
Chapter 880: Cause And Effect
Chapter 881 881: Change Of Plans
Chapter 882 882: Condition Yellow
Chapter 883 Sortie
Chapter 884 Sinister Blade
Chapter 885 Myriad Eater
Chapter 886 Clean Up
Chapter 887 Lapse Of Judgment
Chapter 888 Vanishing
Chapter 889 Without A Trace
Chapter 890 Mutual Responsibility
Chapter 891 Fatigue
Chapter 892 Futility
Chapter 893 Negative Space
Chapter 894 Cold Waves
Chapter 895 Catcher In The Night
Chapter 896 The Obstacle
Chapter 897 Silent Ocean
Chapter 898 Going For A Swim
Chapter 899 Only Hope
Chapter 900 Don'T Look Back
Chapter 901 Degrees Of Danger
Chapter 902 State Of Affairs
Chapter 903 Abstract Numbers
Chapter 904 A Journey Of A Thousand Miles
Chapter 905 Bearer Of Bad News
Chapter 906 Moral Conundrum
Chapter 907 Burden Of Command
Chapter 908 Delegation
Chapter 909 Underground Nest
Chapter 910 Master Of Cartography
Chapter 911 Question Of Value
Chapter 912 Soul Of A Man
Chapter 913 Lucky Sleeper
Chapter 914 Moving On
Chapter 915 Fool'S Errand
Chapter 916 Divide And Conquer
Chapter 917 Black Tongues
Chapter 918 Voiceless Wraiths
Chapter 919 Defying Gravity
Chapter 920 Sum Of Its Parts
Chapter 921 New Pets
Chapter 922 Little By Little
Chapter 923 Secret Of The Estuary
Chapter 924 Wear And Tear
Chapter 925 Low Growl
Chapter 926 Stormfront
Chapter 927 Racing Against Time
Chapter 928 Devouring Cloud
Chapter 929 Swarm
Chapter 930 Old Tunnel
Chapter 931 Rival Of Light
Chapter 932 Blinded
Chapter 933 Darkness At The End Of The Tunnel
Chapter 934 No Way Out
Chapter 935 Unmoored
Chapter 936 Anything That Can Go Wrong
Chapter 937 Exchanging Messages
Chapter 938 Food Delivery
Chapter 939 In The Belly Of The Beast
Chapter 940 Heart Of Darkness
Chapter 941 Time To Run
Chapter 942 Tide Of Darkness
Chapter 943 No Way Forward
Chapter 944 Safe And Relatively Sound
Chapter 945 The Road Ahead
Chapter 946 Scenic Route
Chapter 947 Highway To Hell
Chapter 948 Dire Marathon
Chapter 949 Moving Slaughterhouse
Chapter 950 Derailed
Chapter 951 Outrider
Chapter 952 Hidden Giant
Chapter 953 Titan
Chapter 954 Only Darkness
Chapter 955 The End
Chapter 956 Follower
Chapter 957: Tooth And Nail
Chapter 958: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Chapter 959 Lonesome Rider
Chapter 960 Erebus Field
Chapter 961: Sand Castles
Chapter 962: Reaper'S Crow
Chapter 963: Supply Depot
Chapter 964: Proof Of Competence
Chapter 965: New Plan
Chapter 966: Reinforcements
Chapter 967: Smooth Ride
Chapter 968: Shifting Scales
Chapter 969: Gifts Of The Shore
Chapter 970: Hellfire
Chapter 971: Strategic Retreat
Chapter 972: Soulbound
Chapter 973: Mutual Rescue
Chapter 974: Shadow In The Shell
Chapter 975: Marble Shell
Chapter 976: Ubiquitous Law
Chapter 977: Through The Blizzard
Chapter 978: Back Again
Chapter 979: Full Circle
Chapter 980: Siege Capital
Chapter 981 All Quiet
Chapter 982 Dark, Empty, And Silent
Chapter 983: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (1)
Chapter 984: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (2)
Chapter 985: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (3)
Chapter 986: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (4)
Chapter 987: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (5)
Chapter 988: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (6)
Chapter 989: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (7)
Chapter 990: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (8)
Chapter 991: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (9)
Chapter 992: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (10)
Chapter 993: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (11)
Chapter 994: The Fall Of Falcon Scott (12)
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Chapter 1205 Into The Fire
Chapter 1206 Nightmare Desert A tenebrous black steed was flying across the white sands of the Nightmare Desert, pursued by an unseen horror. Sunny was leaning from the saddle, shielding his eyes against the scorching wind as he brandished the Sin of Solace. A hand that shot from beneath the ground was cleanly severed and dissolved into a swirl of ash. 'Curses... that thing is persistent.' Behind him, a vast swath of the desert was changing. It was almost imperceptible unless one knew what to look for - the minute tremors running through the sand, the slight tilt of the dunes, the subtle shifting of the shadows... Something enormous was moving beneath the sand, following him. He had already used four out of his five shadows to augment Nightmare, leaving only one to strengthen the enchantment of the Memory of Fire through the [Underworld Armament]. That allowed him some measure of relief from the unbearable heat of the desert, at least. But even with the help of the four shadows, his mount was not fast enough to outrun the creature. Much worse, it was not the only abomination in this part of the desert. In fact, Sunny was surrounded by Nightmare Creatures. There were too many of them to count, all moving in the same direction... they were responding to the call, pulled to the blooming Seed of Nightmare by its sweet promise. Luckily, most abominations seemed to be in a strange state. It was as though they were hypnotized, forgetting about everything except for the goal of reaching the Seed and entering the waking world through it. As long as Sunny did not get in their way, most paid him no attention. It was deeply disturbing, really. Sunny had only ever seen Nightmare Creatures in the throes of murderous frenzy. Having them walk past him with detached indifference was somehow more frightening than facing them in a bloody battle. 'Crap, crap, crap...' The desert was wide and flawlessly white, and the towering figures of abominations were moving across it with measured steps, separated from each other by a considerable distance. Their shadows were like long lines of stark blackness. The length of the shadows meant that the sun was already low. The night was not far away... Cursing, Sunny guided Nightmare to the left, aiming at the nearest of the walking figures. From the looks of it, it was a Corrupted Monster... the thing was massive and ghastly, with four mighty paws and a tail like that of a scorpion. Its insect-like eyes were staring at something hidden far beyond the horizon. The creature was dangerous. ...But Sunny was more dangerous. As Nightmare flashed past the monster at stunning speed, the Sin of Solace swung, cleanly severing the abomination's head. They shot past the beheaded creature and continued forward without ever slowing down. A few moments later, countless hands rose from beneath. Rushing away, Sunny turned his head and watched as the hands grabbed the bleeding carcass and pulled it into the sand. Soon, only a few drops of boiling blood remained on the surface. It was as though the massive monster had never existed. The unknown horror stopped following him after that, at least, its hunger seemingly satiated by the morbid offering. 'Damnation...' After a while, he could finally allow himself to slow down. Stopping Nightmare at the crest of a tall dune, Sunny breathed heavily, then wrapped two more shadows around himself, enhancing the effect of the Memory of Fire. That way, he was almost comfortable. Summoning the Endless Spring, he drank deeply, allowing the cool water to breathe some life back into his body. Then, he stared at the beautiful glass bottle in his hand. Suddenly, this dormant Memory of the fourth Tier was the most precious thing in his possession. Who would have thought that it would be so important one day? Water was important. But usually, there were many ways to procure it - during his Wilderness Survival courses, Sunny had learned many ways of finding or creating drinkable water in a variety of environments. But none of them would work in this terrible desert. With a sigh, he dismissed the Endless Spring and looked around. From the height of the dune, Sunny could see far and wide. He could send his shadows to explore, too, if need be. However, that would be risky... he wasn't sure that he was ready to part with even a single shadow in this dangerous and unpredictable land. There was no need to, anyway. There were white dunes around him as far as the eye could see. Countless Nightmare Creatures could be seen, as well, moving in the same direction. There were also black ruins peppering the desert, half-buried in sand. Those ruins did not really seem like the remains of buildings. Their shape was too strange, and their dimensions were all wrong. The structures, whatever they had once been, all differed in size... a smaller ruin would not be much of a shelter, but some of the larger ones he saw could save him come the night. ...Of course, there was also the black pyramid. Sunny held his breath as he looked at its ominous silhouette. The Tomb of Ariel was always in view, far in the distance. However, no matter how long one moved in the direction of the perfectly symmetrical black edifice, it never grew closer, remaining out of touch like a mirage. 'That thing might not even be real.' ...But Sunny felt that it was. He also knew that there had to be a way to get closer to it - Nephis had never seen the black pyramid before, after all, which meant that it could only be seen from certain parts of the desert. Which also meant that there had to be a path to it. 'Who cares?' Sunny certainly didn't. He had no ambitions of conquering the Tomb of Ariel. In fact, he wanted to avoid it at all costs. All he wanted to do was find his friends and escape the cursed desert, as soon as possible. Grimacing, Sunny chose one of the larger ruins that rose from the sand many kilometers away, and sent Nightmare into a gallop.
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Growing up in poverty, Sunny never expected anything good from life. However, even he did not anticipate being chosen by the Nightmare Spell and becoming one of the Awakened - an elite group of people gifted with supernatural powers. Transported into a ruined magical world, he found himself facing against terrible monsters - and other Awakened - in a deadly battle of survival.
What's worse, the divine power he received happened to possess a small, but potentially fatal side effect...

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Chapter 1 Nightmare Begins

Chapter 1 Nightmare Begins

A frail-looking young man with pale skin and dark circles under his eyes was sitting on a rusty bench across from the police station. He was cradling a cup of coffee in his hands — not the cheap synthetic type slum rats like him had access to, but the real deal. This cup of plant-based coffee, usually available only to higher rank citizens, had cost most of his savings. But on this particular day, Sunny decided to pamper himself.

After all, his life was coming to an end.

Enjoying the warmth of the luxurious drink, he raised the cup and savored the aroma. Then, tentatively, he took a small sip… and immediately grimaced.

"Ah! So bitter!"

Giving the cup of coffee an intense look, Sunny sighed and forced himself to drink some more. Bitter or not, he was determined to get his money's worth — taste buds be damned.

"I should have bought a piece of real meat instead. Who knew actual coffee is so disgusting? Well. It's going to keep me awake, at least."

He stared into the distance, dozing off, and then slapped himself in the face to wake up.

"Tsk. What a rip-off."

Shaking his head and cursing, Sunny finished the coffee and stood up. Rich people living in this part of the city were rushing past the small park on their way to work, staring at him with strange expressions. Looking haggard in his cheap clothes and from the lack of sleep, unhealthily thin and pale, Sunny was indeed out of his place here. Also, everyone seemed so tall. Watching them with a bit of envy, he tossed the cup into a garbage bin.


"I guess that's what three full meals a day would do to you."

The cup missed the bin by a wide margin and fell on the ground. Sunny rolled his eyes in exasperation, walked over and picked it up before carefully putting it in the trash. Then, with a slight grin, he crossed the street and entered the police station.

Inside, a tired-looking officer gave him a quick glance and frowned with obvious distaste.

"Are you lost, boy?"

Sunny looked around with curiosity, noting reinforced armor plates on the walls and poorly hidden turret nests in the ceiling. The officer, too, looked scruffy and mean. At least police stations remained the same wherever you go.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!"

Sunny cleared his throat.

"Uh, no."

Then he scratched the back of his head and added:

"As demanded by the Third Special Directive, I am here to surrender myself as a carrier of the Nightmare Spell."

The officer's expression instantly changed from irritated to wary. He looked the young man over once again, this time with piercing intensity.

"Are you sure you are infected? When did you start showing symptoms?"

Sunny shrugged.

"A week ago?"

The officer became visibly paler.


Then, with a hurried motion, he pressed a button on his terminal and bellowed:

"Attention! Code Black in the lobby! I repeat! CODE BLACK!"


The Nightmare Spell first appeared in the world a few decades ago. Back then, the planet was just starting to recover from a series of devastating natural disasters and subsequent resource wars.

At first, the emergence of a new disease that caused millions of people to complain about constant fatigue and sleepiness did not attract a lot of attention. But when they started to fall into an unnatural slumber, with no sign of waking up even days later, governments finally panicked. Of course, by then it was already too late — not that an early response could have made any difference.

When the infected started dying in their sleep, their dead bodies turning into monsters, no one was ready. Nightmare Creatures quickly overwhelmed national militaries, plunging the world into complete chaos.

No one knew what the Spell was, what powers it possessed, and how to fight it.

In the end, it was the Awakened — those who survived the first trials of the Spell and came back alive — who put a stop to its rampage. Armed with miraculous abilities earned in their Nightmares, they restored peace and created a semblance of a new order.

Of course, it was only the first of the catastrophes brought upon by the Spell. But as far as Sunny was concerned, none of it had anything to do with him — not until a few days ago, that is, when he first started having trouble with staying awake.

For an average person, being chosen by the Spell was as much of a risk as an opportunity. Kids learned survival skills and fighting techniques in school, on the off chance of being infected. Well-to-do families hired private tutors to train their children in all sorts of martial arts. Those from the Awakened clans even had access to powerful legacies, wielding inherited Memories and Echoes in their first visit to the Dream Realm.

The richer your family was, the better your chances of surviving and becoming an Awakened were.

But for Sunny, who had no family to speak of and spent most of his time scrounging for food instead of going to school, being chosen by the Spell presented no opportunity at all. To him, it was basically a death sentence.


A few minutes later, Sunny was yawning while several policemen were busy putting him in restraints. Soon he was fastened into a bulky chair that looked like a weird mix between a hospital bed and a torture device. The room they were in was situated in the basement of the police station, with thick armored walls and a formidable-looking vault door. Other officers were standing near the walls, with automatic rifles in their hands and grim expressions on their faces.

Sunny did not particularly care about them. The only thing he could think about was how much he wanted to sleep.

Finally, the vault door opened, and a gray-haired policeman walked in. He had a seasoned face and stern eyes, looking like someone who had seen a lot of terrible things in his life. After checking the restraints, the policeman glanced quickly on his wristwatch and then turned to Sunny:

"What's your name, kid?"

Sunny blinked a few times, trying to concentrate, then shifted uncomfortably.


The old policeman raised an eyebrow.

"Sunless? That's a strange name."

Sunny tried to shrug, but found himself unable to move.

"What's so strange about it? At least I have a name. Back in the outskirts, not everyone even gets one."

After another yawn, he added:

"It's because I was born during a solar eclipse. My mom had a poetic soul, you see."

That's why he got this weird-ass name and his little sister was called Rain… back when she still lived with them, at least. Whether it was the result of poetic imagination or simple laziness, he did not know.

The old policeman grunted.

"Do you want me to contact your family?"

Sunny simply shook his head.

"There's no one. Don't bother."

For a second, there was a dark look on the policeman's face. Then his expression turned serious.

"Alright, Sunless. How long can you stay awake?"

"Uh… not long."

The policeman sighed.

"Then we don't have time for the full procedure. Try to resist for as long as you can and listen to me very carefully. Okay?"

Not waiting for a response, he added:

"How much do you know about the Nightmare Spell?"

Sunny gave him a questioning look.

"As much as anyone, I guess? Who doesn't know about the Spell?"

"Not the fancy stuff you see in dramas and hear in the propaganda broadcasts. I mean how much do you really know?"

That was a hard question to answer.

"Don't I just go into the Dream Realm, kill a few monsters to complete the First Nightmare, receive magic powers and become an Awakened?"

The old policeman shook his head.

"Listen carefully. Once you fall asleep, you will be transported inside your First Nightmare. Nightmares are trials created by the Spell. Once inside, you will meet monsters, sure, but you will also meet people. Remember: they are not real. They're just illusions conjured up to test you."

"How do you know?"

The policeman just stared at him.

"I mean, no one understands what the Spell is and how it works, right? So how do you know that they're not real?"

"You might have to kill them, kid. So do yourself a favor and just think about them as illusions."


The old policeman waited for a second, then nodded and continued.

"A lot of things about the First Nightmare depend on luck. Generally, it shouldn't be overwhelmingly hard. The situation you're in, the tools you have at your disposal and the creatures you have to defeat should be within the range of your abilities, at least. After all, the Spell sets up trials, not executions. You're a bit disadvantaged due to… well… your circumstances. But kids from the outskirts are tough. Don't give up on yourself just yet."


Sunny was getting more and more sleepy. It was becoming hard to follow the conversation.

"About those "magic powers" you mentioned… you will indeed receive them if you survive until the end of the Nightmare. What those powers will be, exactly, depends on your natural affinity as well what you do during the trial. But some of it will be at your disposal right from the start…"

The voice of the old policeman sounded more and more distant. Sunny's eyelids were so heavy that he was struggling to keep his eyes open.

"Remember: the first thing you must do once inside the Nightmare is to check your Attributes and your Aspect. If you get a combat-oriented Aspect, something like a Swordsman or an Archer, things will be easier. If it is reinforced by a physical Attribute, then that's even better. Combat Aspects are the most common, so the probability of receiving one is high."

The armored room was growing dimmer.

"If you're unlucky and your Aspect has nothing to do with combat, don't despair. Sorcery and utility Aspects are useful in their own ways, you'll just have to be smart about it. There are really no useless Aspects. Well, almost. So just do anything in your power to survive."

"If you survive, you will be halfway to becoming an Awakened. But if you die, you'll open a gate for a Nightmare Creature to appear in the real world. Which means that my colleagues and I will have to deal with it. So… please don't die, Sunless."

Already half-asleep, Sunny felt a bit touched by the policeman's words.

"Or, at least, try to not die right away. The nearest Awakened won't be able to get here for a few hours, so we would really appreciate it if you don't make us fight that thing ourselves…"


With that last thought, Sunny finally slipped into a deep slumber.

Everything became black.

And then, in the darkness, a faintly familiar voice rang:

[Aspirant! Welcome to the Nightmare Spell. Prepare for your First Trial…]



Total Chapters in book: 1205
Estimated words: 1605884 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 8029(@200wpm)___ 6424(@250wpm)___ 5353(@300wpm)