She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel by Young Master Yan

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Chapter 42 - You Are In My Heart
Chapter 43 - His Cruelty Is Meant For Others
Chapter 44 - Tibetan Mastiff, Little Tian Tian
Chapter 45 - Meng Meng, I'M Here To Save You!
Chapter 46 - Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire
Chapter 47 - You Have Only One Weakness
Chapter 48 - At Least He Is Handsome
Chapter 49 - She Is An Angel
Chapter 50 - Your Looks Are Scary Enough To Wake Soemone Up
Chapter 51 - Too Good At Acting
Chapter 52 - Is There Something Wrong?
Chapter 53 - : I'M A Germaphobe
Chapter 54 - A Dog That Relies On Its Master
Chapter 55 - Giving Ning Wentao Good News
Chapter 56 - A Storm Of Tears
Chapter 57 - I Am 9, You Are 3
Chapter 58 - You Are My Only Idol
Chapter 59 - You Are My King!!
Chapter 60 - You Dare To Bet With Me?
Chapter 61 - Please Be Careful In Your Investment
Chapter 62 - Li Yichen'S Disappointment
Chapter 63 - Lord Chen, Aren'T You Tired?
Chapter 64 - I Have Good Taste
Chapter 65 - Su Ye Is An Angel
Chapter 66 - I'M Not Looking For A Fight
Chapter 67 - The Missus Is Different
Chapter 68 - Weep Like A Bitch
Chapter 69 - You'Re Ruining The Pigs' Reputation!
Chapter 70 - Movie Release!!
Chapter 71 - Too Difficult
Chapter 72 - Ning Wentao, The Super Dad!
Chapter 73 - So, You'Re Rich Then?
Chapter 74 - The Abnormal Ning Wentao
Chapter 75 - Shocking Results
Chapter 76 - How'S Your Sore Face?
Chapter 77 - Why Did You Marry Her?
Chapter 78 - Hello, Dear Wife~~
Chapter 79 - Hubby, Why Are You Setting Me Up?
Chapter 80 - Sis, I Love You~
Chapter 81 - Buying A Present~
Chapter 82 - Breaking Box Office Record!
Chapter 83 - How Many Men In This Wechat Group?
Chapter 84 - A Gift Of Two Atriums
Chapter 85 - Keychain~~
Chapter 86 - That Old Hag!
Chapter 87 - Do You Think I'Ll Actually Spend Money On You?
Chapter 88 - Who Was That?
Chapter 89 - He'S My Husband
Chapter 90 - Don'T You Dare Talk Shit To Her Hubby!
Chapter 91 - Bro, You'Re So Cool!
Chapter 92 - You Only Have One Weakness
Chapter 93 - Hubby, Am I The One?
Chapter 94 - God, I’M Married
Chapter 95 - I’M Still Here
Chapter 96 - Cheap Tricks
Chapter 97 - She Held Her Chest
Chapter 98 - He Needs To Be Obedient
Chapter 99 - Being Ugly Is Not Your Fault
Chapter 100 - I'Ve Never Passed The Security Screenings
Chapter 101 - A Secret Weibo Account
Chapter 102 - An Aloof Super Fan
Chapter 103 - I Am A Loyal Fan
Chapter 104 - I'Ll Marry Her If You Break Her Heart
Chapter 105 - Nun Of Yer Biz"
Chapter 106 - She'S Still Her
Chapter 107 - Direct Confrontation
Chapter 108 - Let'S Go, Mantis Shrimp!
Chapter 109 - : "Understood"
Chapter 110 - The Speechless Ning Meng
Chapter 111 - Your Statement Is Illogical
Chapter 112 - Let’S Sing!
Chapter 113 - I’M Like Your Phone~
Chapter 114 - A Beautiful Day Starts With A Rainbow Fart~
Chapter 115 - Why Is She So Stupid?
Chapter 116 - The Naïve Zhen Shanmei
Chapter 117 - Your Weight Must Be Pretty Light
Chapter 118 - Lin Qingbei! Lin Qingbei!
Chapter 119 - How Do You Know About "Nun Of Yer Biz"?
Chapter 120 - Was She That Scared Of Him?
Chapter 121 - I Just Want To Lmao Everytime I See You
Chapter 122 - How To Conciliate The Boss?
Chapter 123 - Ning Meng, I'Ll Kill You!
Chapter 124 - Say You Love Me. Then I'Ll Believe You
Chapter 125 - What An Embarrassment!
Chapter 126 - Let'S Break Up
Chapter 127 - My Boss Is So Dashing Today
Chapter 128 - Three Time’S A Charm
Chapter 129 - How Should Boss Court A Lady?
Chapter 130 - I Will Treat Our Five Years As Me Feeding A Dog
Chapter 131 - It’S My Turn To Perform!
Chapter 132 - How Revolting! How Disgusting!
Chapter 133 - Did She Win The Argument?
Chapter 134 - It’S Not Me, Don’T Think Too Much
Chapter 135 - Meat Pies Falling From The Sky
Chapter 136 - I’M Not Angry
Chapter 137 - I Just Want A Romantic Relationship With You~
Chapter 138 - The Unmarried Would Not Get It!
Chapter 139 - You Are Different From The Rest
Chapter 140 - Madam Is Still Not Back Home
Chapter 141 - Her Beauty Was Reckless
Chapter 142 - That Is How Ning Meng Consoles People
Chapter 143 - She Will Only Comment On The Music!
Chapter 144 - I Will Beat You Once Every Time I Hear That
Chapter 145 - Lord Chen Is Proud And Charming
Chapter 146 - I Couldn'T Get Used To It When You'Re Not By My Side
Chapter 147 - The Sponsor Daddy
Chapter 148 - Are You Done Messing Around?
Chapter 149 - Let'S Make A Bet
Chapter 150 - Women Need To Appear Elegant
Chapter 151 - Money Grubbers
Chapter 152 - A Pair Of Diamond Earrings
Chapter 153 - They Had An Argument
Chapter 154 - Similar People Get Together
Chapter 155 - When Had He Annoyed Her?
Chapter 156 - Bark Bark Bark!
Chapter 157 - The Girl He Likes
Chapter 158 - No One Dared To Speak Up
Chapter 159 - Which Row Are You In?
Chapter 160 - Throwing Rocks On Your Own Feet
Chapter 161 - Why Are You Here?
Chapter 162 - Was This The Zhen Shanmei He Knew?
Chapter 163 - She Was An Elegant Princess
Chapter 164 - Since Your Husband Cheated On You
Chapter 165 - Why Don’T You Come Back And Stay With Me?
Chapter 166 - Are You Jealous?
Chapter 167 - I Want A Divorce!
Chapter 168 - You Need To Compensate For It If You Bully My Friend!
Chapter 169 - Do You Still Want A Divorce?
Chapter 170 - Dad Has Found You A Grandpa
Chapter 171 - Nothing Counts But Love
Chapter 172 - Qi Shan'S First Love
Chapter 173 - This Is Indeed How Fei Bai Deals With Things!
Chapter 174 - Ning Meng As The Agent
Chapter 175 - They Were Involved In A Scandal
Chapter 176 - Don'T Worry. I'Ve Got A Plan
Chapter 177 - Ning Meng Strikes Back
Chapter 178 - I'Ve Heard You Have Many Admirers, Huh?
Chapter 179 - Does Your Boss Use The Weibo App?
Chapter 180 - Hubby, Did You Miss Me?
Chapter 181 - I'Ll See You Home?
Chapter 182 - I'M Married. Thank You For Asking!
Chapter 183 - If You Need It, All You'Ll Have To Do Is Ask
Chapter 184 - Don’T Blame Me For Not Reminiscing On Our Memories
Chapter 185 - Let’S Go Home
Chapter 186 - Something Serious Has Happened!
Chapter 187 - On What Basis Are You All Scolding Ning Meng For?
Chapter 188 - The Wrath Of Ceo Ning
Chapter 189 - A Father’S Love Is As High As A Mountain
Chapter 190 - Feeling Refreshed After Releasing Spite!
Chapter 191 - Does He Like Me?
Chapter 192 - Li Shiyao’S Evidence!
Chapter 193 - The Speechless Huo Beichen
Chapter 194 - Can I Kill Him?
Chapter 195 - It Was Me!
Chapter 196 - A Valuable Lesson From Daddy
Chapter 197 - Diamond Earrings
Chapter 198 - Is Missus Coming Home Today?
Chapter 199 - Being Hit On
Chapter 200 - Still As Popular As Always
Chapter 201 - The Usual?
Chapter 202 - What Are You Doing?
Chapter 203 - Thanks For Driving Me Home
Chapter 204 - Of Course I Would Mind
Chapter 205 - Little Tiantian Misses You
Chapter 206 - Jerk And Breakfast
Chapter 207 - No. Nothing. Never!
Chapter 208 - The Cunning Su Tiantian
Chapter 209 - Sis Meng Is On Fire With Her Roasting
Chapter 210 - Pay Up!!
Chapter 211 - High School Friend~
Chapter 212 - The Hardships Of Meng Meng When She Was Younger
Chapter 213 - One
Chapter 214 - The Speechless Fei Bai
Chapter 215 - The One And Only And For This One Lifetime
Chapter 216 - I Have Read Them
Chapter 217 - It’S You; It Will Always Be You
Chapter 218 - Please Come Home Tonight
Chapter 219 - Lord Chen Losing His Icy Cold Image
Chapter 220 - The Unattainable Flowers
Chapter 221 - Face Slap!
Chapter 222 - I Have A Date Tonight
Chapter 223 - The Villa'S Password
Chapter 224 - Sos To Fei Bai
Chapter 225 - Missus, Let'S Kill'Em?
Chapter 226 - Mr Fei Bai Is A "Do-Gooder"?
Chapter 227 - Zombies Will Tear Open Your Head
Chapter 228 - Lord Chen Is Jealous Again
Chapter 229 - The Un-Derstanding Lord Chen
Chapter 230 - Hehttps://Listnovel.Com/Wp-Admin/Edit.Php?Post_Type=Wp-Manga&Page=Wp-Manga-Storager Birthday
Chapter 231 - Open The Door
Chapter 232 - When Can I Ever Get A Girlfriend?
Chapter 233 - Please Stop With The Dog Food
Chapter 234 - I Will Protect You
Chapter 235 - Just Get Used To It
Chapter 236 - Missing Gold Out Of The Five Elements
Chapter 237 - Lord Chen’S Birthday Present
Chapter 238 - Any Requests Will Do?
Chapter 239 - Still As Spoilt As Always~
Chapter 240 - My Husband Is A Loyal Dog~
Chapter 241 - Son-In-Law!
Chapter 242 - Send Me A Wrapped Packet~
Chapter 243 - Huggy~
Chapter 244 - Brother, Brother~
Chapter 245 - Brother Has An Idea~
Chapter 246 - 8 Years Ago, There Was A Boy...
Chapter 247 - Super Shameless
Chapter 248 - A Family Of Three
Chapter 249 - The Stifled Puppy Boy
Chapter 250 - A Sleeping Puppy
Chapter 251 - She Is Nastily Adorable
Chapter 252 - Lord Chen'S Super Boyfriend Power
Chapter 253 - Step Hen, Kick Down That Door!
Chapter 254 - Meng Meng Was Furious!
Chapter 255 - Who Was This "Ning Meng"...?
Chapter 256 - Why Do You Love Me?
Chapter 257 - The Puppy Boy'S Little Scheme~
Chapter 258 - You Are You
Chapter 259 - Author: Ning Meng
Chapter 260 - The Familiar Mirage High
Chapter 261 - What Do You Mean?
Chapter 262 - Explain Clearly
Chapter 263 - Happy Idiots
Chapter 264 - Fei Bai Is Scarier Than A Ghost!
Chapter 265 - Loyal Dog Lord Chen
Chapter 266 - Go Ahead And Buy It!
Chapter 267 - Pushing Lord Chen’S Buttons
Chapter 268 - Meng Meng Roasting Again!
Chapter 269 - Poor Little God
Chapter 270 - Can You Listen To What I Have To Say?
Chapter 271 - It’S My Boss’ Orders
Chapter 272 - He Is The Future God Of E-Sports
Chapter 273 - See You In The Qualifying Match!
Chapter 274 - Are You Coming Home Tonight?
Chapter 275 - Still Want To Play?
Chapter 276 - Heartthrobber
Chapter 277 - The Comic Is Updated
Chapter 278 - I'M Asleep!
Chapter 279 - Ride With The Wind
Chapter 280 - A Completed Comic!!
Chapter 281 - Taste?
Chapter 282 - Aren'T You Forgetting Something?
Chapter 283 - I'M Coming Back At The End Of This Month
Chapter 284 - His Careful Measures
Chapter 285 - His Deep Feelings For Her
Chapter 286 - Ugly Murderous Intent
Chapter 287 - Everything Is In Order
Chapter 288 - One More Kiss!
Chapter 289 - You Must Give Your Boyfriend Some Space
Chapter 290 - Naw, Don’T Be Angry
Chapter 291 - She Had Always Been Awesome~
Chapter 292 - Can You Help Us Solve It Then
Chapter 293 - How Exactly Are You Planning To Make The Missus Follow Your Orders?
Chapter 294 - Suddenly Felt Like Teasing Her
Chapter 295 - A-Explosive??
Chapter 296 - Would You Like To Join The Group Chat?
Chapter 297 - Mr. Huo Returns Home Every Night
Chapter 298 - Her Heartache
Chapter 299 - You Can Sleep On My Bed
Chapter 300 - Missus, You Need To Bear Some Responsibility
Chapter 301 - A Short Chapter
Chapter 302 - Please Don’T Force Us To Take Further Action
Chapter 303 - What A Tearful Story
Chapter 304 - Don’T Come To My House Tonight!
Chapter 305 - Eng Meng, Please Don’T Be Angry, Ok?
Chapter 306 - How To Apologize To The Missus?
Chapter 307 - Bossy Lady!
Chapter 308 - Exposé
Chapter 309 - The Real Scam
Chapter 310 - Straight-Laced Man And Straight-Laced Woman
Chapter 311 - Chapter 311: Lord Chen’S Romantic Words
Chapter 312 - Your Radiant Beam Brought Healing To My World
Chapter 313 - I’M Not A Delicate Little Flower
Chapter 314 - Hit Me!
Chapter 315 - Fainting At The Sight Of Blood
Chapter 316 - Bad Luck!
Chapter 317 - Meng Meng Is Very Angry!
Chapter 318 - Don’T Offend Your Girlfriend’S Girlfriends
Chapter 319 - Delete The Weibo Post
Chapter 320 - What Took You So Long?
Chapter 321 - Meng Meng, You Still Have Me
Chapter 322 - Mr. And Mrs. Huo
Chapter 323 - He Was Not A Good Husband
Chapter 324 - Her Animosity
Chapter 325 - Their Love That Invites Envy
Chapter 326 - Don’T Be Afraid
Chapter 327 - Name Cleared!!
Chapter 328 - Tiantian’S Payback Time
Chapter 329 - What’S The World Coming To?
Chapter 330 - Did You Ask Me To Apologize To A Human Trafficker?
Chapter 331 - She Is Too Cool!
Chapter 332 - You’Re A Piece Of Sh*T
Chapter 333 - I’M Back!
Chapter 334 - The Clueless Huo Beichen
Chapter 335 - What A Coincidence~
Chapter 336 - Don’T Call Me Girlfriend
Chapter 337 - Truth Or Dare
Chapter 338 - I’M Back!
Chapter 339 - The Unlucky Qi Shan
Chapter 340 - Oh My, You’Re So Pitiful!
Chapter 341 - I Regret…
Chapter 342
Chapter 343 - Like An Abandoned Waifu
Chapter 344 - Delicate Temperament
Chapter 345 - Why Are Grown-Ups So Bad At Lying?
Chapter 346 - Do You Know Ning Ke?
Chapter 347 - Open One Eye And Close One Eye
Chapter 348 - My Birthday
Chapter 349 - What Are You Doing Here?!
Chapter 350 - This Is Ning Ke?
Chapter 351 - Closest Aide
Chapter 352 - How About Your Ex-Girlfriend?
Chapter 353 - Are You Done With Your Spit-Take?
Chapter 354 - Caught A Cold?
Chapter 355 - The Only Person Who Still Remembers Sis Is Me!
Chapter 356 - Everything To Her Name
Chapter 357 - He Could Not Forget About Me
Chapter 358 - Did Not Invest. Not First Love.
Chapter 359 - You’Re As Shameless As I Was In My Younger Days
Chapter 360 - She Was Not A Mother Teresa
Chapter 361 - Evil Intentions
Chapter 362 - The World’S Most Pathetic Murderer. There’S None Like Her!
Chapter 363 - I’M Sorry! It’S All My Fault!
Chapter 364 - I’M Synonymous With Being Kind-Hearted
Chapter 365 - I’M Very Curious~
Chapter 366 - Roasting People As You Please
Chapter 367 - Li Shiyao’S Unspoken Troubles
Chapter 368 - Evil Trap
Chapter 369 - Mr. Man Of Steel—Fei Bai
Chapter 370 - The Shameless Li
Chapter 371 - He'S No Son Of Mine!
Chapter 372 - The Relentless Roasts
Chapter 373 - Who'S Ru Hua?
Chapter 374 - Poor Little Qi Shan~
Chapter 375 - Huo Beichen, The Foxy Kuudere
Chapter 376 - Bitten Lip Look!!
Chapter 377 - Let’S Eat Some Meat Tonight
Chapter 378 - Poison
Chapter 379 - Can I Be Saved?
Chapter 380 - I Want To Die In Your Car!
Chapter 381 - She Is The Light Of My Life
Chapter 382 - The Light Is Lost. She Has Withered Away.
Chapter 383 - She Could Never Chase After The Light She So Longed For
Chapter 384 - Let'S Break Up!
Chapter 385 - He Broke Up With Her For Nothing??
Chapter 386 - Tragedy
Chapter 387 - He Should Have Told Her
Chapter 388 - The Tender-Hearted Su Ye
Chapter 389 - The Burning Rage On My Soul
Chapter 390 - Would She Be Willing To Come Back?
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Alternative Titles:

After wearing the book; she became a big fan, 穿书后她成了万人迷

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All Ning Meng did was criticize the novel that she had read. When she woke up the next morning, she realized that she had entered the novel that she had read the previous night and became the unfaithful female supporting character. And soon, she would divorce her powerful husband and lead a miserable life. To prevent that from happening, Ning Meng has to find ways to stay by his side. That would mean she would make a lot of enemies along the way. Time for her to use the knowledge from the real world to turn her life around and not let others take advantage of her.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I’m Not Going To Divorce Him


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Meng regained consciousness. The moment she opened her eyes, she realized that she was sitting at the edge of the rooftop. Her lean calves were left dangling in the air and wind was blowing at her red dress. It seemed like she was ready to jump down from the building. Looking down from such height would allow fear to take over one’s heart. Her body was frozen and she could feel her back starting to drip cold sweat. Immediately, she held on tight to the guard rail that was right beside her. It was at this moment she started to wonder if she was dreaming because it all felt so real for her.

“What are you trying to do?!”

A deep voice could be heard from her back. She then turned around slowly and saw a man in a suit standing afar. He had a cold stare and his tall figure was exuding immense pressure to others. She could not help but shiver when she sensed his dangerous presence. Ning Meng was on the verge of crying. She wanted to know what on earth she was doing as well. Earlier, she was sleeping in her own bedroom. And she had no idea how she got here.

“Meng Meng. Please don’t do something so stupid! Huo Beichen is here. He will say yes to whatever you want to do!”

The one that talked to her was a woman with thick makeup. She was standing right behind the tall man. Right after that, she winked to signal Ning Meng to talk about the divorce matter.

“Go ahead and talk about the divorce!”

“Divorce?” said the man in an ice-cold manner.

The way he looked right now was terrifying enough to make Ning Meng cry again. From what she knew, she had never been in love before. Divorcing a man that she never met before in her life made her feel confused.

Somehow, she felt like she had heard the name Huo Beichen before. Memories that did not belong to her suddenly flooded into her brain. She started to lose sight of her surroundings and she could feel that her brain was about to explode. After a short while, she finally calmed down. Her mouth was left agape.

What was happening to her right now was the exact plot that she read in her novel last night. The novel had a pretty exciting typical plot. The main character, Su Tiantian was a toxic person. All those that messed with her would not end well no matter what. She was born into a poor family. After that, she moved into the Ning family when her family married her current stepfather. As for Ning Meng, she was the daughter that was born with a golden spoon in the Ning family. Ever since Su Tiantian moved into the Ning family, Ning Meng had never stopped messing with her and teasing her.

That was why Su Tiantian swore that she would make Ning Meng pay the ultimate price. The only thing that stopped her from doing was Ning Meng’s husband, Huo Beichen. That was because he was a powerful person.

It was an arranged marriage that brought Ning Meng and Huo Beichen together. To put it more crudely, they had never loved each other. And this had made Su Tiantian’s mother which was also Ning Meng’s stepmother to encourage her to use suicide to force Huo Beichen to divorce her.

To her surprise, this entire drama was the prelude of her stepmother’s and Su Tiantian’s ultimate revenge plan. The moment Huo Beichen left her side, the two of them started to mess with Ning Meng. In the end, she was left disfigured and lost her mind.

After knowing the ending, Ning Meng had decided not to let the same tragedy happened again. She had decided that she would never divorce Huo Beichen no matter what.

“Who told you that I wanted to divorce with him?” said Ning Meng in a determined manner while turning around to look at Huo Beichen.

The light from sunset shone on Huo Beichen and his shadow had perfectly depicted his tall and slim figure. His jawline and his red lips on his face were relieved when he heard that Ning Meng had no intention to divorce him. Still, he had this ice-cold look on him.

“What? You are not going to divorce him?! Aren’t you going to use suicide to threaten him to divorce you?”

The stepmother, Cao Xuehao frowned, and her thick makeup made Ning Meng worried that the powder on her face might fall on the ground.

“I have no intention of committing suicide!”

“What are you doing on the rooftop then?”

“I’m just enjoying the view here. Do you believe that?”

Ning Meng held the guard rail even tighter now. Her hands and legs were shaking involuntarily.



Total Chapters in book: 390
Estimated words: 332831 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1664(@200wpm)___ 1331(@250wpm)___ 1109(@300wpm)