So You’re Such A Doctor Song by Leaf Snow

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Sis, The Doc Is Female, Right?
Chapter 3 - It'S An Honor For You To Let Him Examine You (Part 1)
Chapter 4 - It'S An Honor For You To Let Him Examine You (Part 2)
Chapter 5 - Medical Examination
Chapter 6 - Apologize To Me
Chapter 7 - Changqing, Are You Going To Look Down On Me?
Chapter 8 - Her Face Uncontrollably Blushed Once Again.
Chapter 9 - Stop Acting Like An Entitled Bitch
Chapter 10 - Blind Date
Chapter 11 - Hadn’T Forgotten About His Ex-Girlfriend, Guan Ying
Chapter 12 - To Have Seduced Someone Like Zuo Qian To Dance To Your Tune.
Chapter 13 - Am I Only Just A Muse?
Chapter 14 - Agree To My Conditions First. Only Then Will I Marry You
Chapter 15 - From Today Onwards, You Are A Married Person
Chapter 16 - Her Feeble Soul Was Afflicted With 10000 Points Of Damage
Chapter 17 - His Body Was So Ideal That She Couldn’T Find Any Flaws.
Chapter 18 - I’M On My Way To The Tv Station Now
Chapter 19 - Is This Zuo Qian Interested In You?
Chapter 20 - It Goes Without Saying That The Man Will Take Care Of These Things
Chapter 21 - Your Face Is So Red Part 1
Chapter 22 - Your Face Is So Red Part 2
Chapter 23 - Name A Price—How Much Money Do You Want In Order For You Divorce Chuyi?
Chapter 24 - I Dislike Drawing A Clear-Cut Dividing Line In A Relationship
Chapter 25 - Could You Get Any More Repulsive Than This? Part 1
Chapter 26 - Could You Get Any More Repulsive Than This? Part 2
Chapter 27 - Marrying Song Chuyi Was Worth It
Chapter 28 - You Don’T Understand. My Husband Wants The Dog, He Doesn’T Want The Person
Chapter 29 - My Newly Acknowledged Godson Went Missing Because Of Me
Chapter 30 - Changqing Is Afraid To Be Alone At Night
Chapter 31 - Song Chuyi, I’M Not Going To Talk To You Anymore Part 1
Chapter 32 - Song Chuyi, I’M Not Going To Talk To You Anymore Part 2
Chapter 33 - Station Head Feng, Is Chi Yining Really Suitable?
Chapter 34 - In The End, She Didn’T Even Give A Crap About It.
Chapter 35 - Song Chuyi Caught Her While She And Fu Yu Were Together.
Chapter 36 - Was She Trying To Gain His Favor? Part 1
Chapter 37 - Was She Trying To Gain His Favor? Part 2
Chapter 38 - From Now On, Keep Your Distance From Fu Yu.
Chapter 39 - Dr. Song Is Furious
Chapter 40 - Lesson
Chapter 41 - It Angered Him Even More.
Chapter 42 - The Kid Gloves Treatment Wasn’T Going To Work On Her, So Dr. Song Had No Choice But To Play Hardball.
Chapter 43 - Getting Even With Her Part 1
Chapter 44 - Getting Even With Her Part 2
Chapter 45 - Talking In A Coquettish Manner, Acting Cute, And Pretending To Be Pitiful.
Chapter 46 - Can Your Mind Get Even Dirtier Than This?
Chapter 47 - Don’T Go, I Didn’T Mean That Just Now.
Chapter 48 - Let’S Just Hope You’Re Not Shooting An Ad For Sanitary Napkins .
Chapter 49 - Let’S Hope That Scumbag Song Will Never Watch The Television Ever Again For The Rest Of His Life. Part 1
Chapter 50 - Let’S Hope That Scumbag Song Will Never Watch The Television Ever Again For The Rest Of His Life. Part 2
Chapter 51 - Guan Ying’S Plea.
Chapter 52 - They Won’T Want To Have Babies With You
Chapter 53 - A Wife That Has No Standing In Her Family
Chapter 54 - It Is Dispensable
Chapter 55 - Depression. Part 1
Chapter 56 - Depression. Part 2
Chapter 57 - Could Changqing Be The Person Occupying Fu Yu’S Heart?
Chapter 58 - Can I Look For You?
Chapter 59 - So What If I’M Pretty? No One Likes Me.
Chapter 60 - Let Me Remind You—You Have A Husband
Chapter 61 - You Don’T Love Me, Nor Do I Love You
Chapter 62 - Envy
Chapter 63 - Running Into That Dr. Song Who Carried You Back 1
Chapter 64 - Running Into That Dr. Song Who Carried You Away 2
Chapter 65 - Divorce After A Year 1
Chapter 66 - Divorce After A Year 2
Chapter 67 - When Did You Become So Nice?
Chapter 68 - Play A Game
Chapter 69 - Drink
Chapter 70 - Too In Need Of A Woman’S Care 1
Chapter 71 - Too In Need Of A Woman’S Care 2
Chapter 72 - Song Chuchu, I Suddenly Find You Very Handsome
Chapter 73 - Your Husband Got Beaten Up 1
Chapter 74 - Your Husband Got Beaten Up 2
Chapter 75 - Your Husband Got Beaten Up 3
Chapter 76 - Your Husband Got Beaten Up 4
Chapter 77 - Your Husband Got Beaten Up 5
Chapter 78 - Et Me Warm You Up Properly
Chapter 79 - I Am Her Husband, Is This Reason Sufficient 1
Chapter 80 - I Am Her Husband, Is This Reason Sufficient 2
Chapter 81 - I Guarantee You’Ll Be So Drunk That Mr. Song Has To Carry You Away
Chapter 82 - She Almost Drove Him Mad
Chapter 83 - Song Chuchu, What Did You Do To Me Last Night?
Chapter 84 - We Could Have Something Going On
Chapter 85 - She Was Being Hugged By Him
Chapter 86 - Changqing, We’Re Husband And Wife
Chapter 87 - Song Chuchu, You’Re Too Useless
Chapter 88 - She Was Actually Very Cowardly
Chapter 89 - Song Chuchu Was Really Too Stupid, Insensitive
Chapter 90 - You’Re Too Handsome It Irks Me
Chapter 91 - Deep In The Night, A Call From Guan Ying
Chapter 92 - Not Others
Chapter 93 - This Person Is Her Husband
Chapter 94 - Anyway, I Don’T Want To See You
Chapter 95 - Does Your Wife Do Skits?
Chapter 96 - Let Me Tell You, I Have A Husband
Chapter 97 - It Wasn’T Me, Robben Did It
Chapter 98 - Simply More Dashing Than God
Chapter 99 - You Can Humiliate Me As You Wish
Chapter 100 - He Actually Got His Ex-Girlfriend’S Good Friend To Be His Wife
Chapter 101 - Chuyi Is Changqing’S Husband 1
Chapter 102 - Chuyi Is Changqing’S Husband 2
Chapter 103 - You Always Approach Me
Chapter 104 - Dad, I Will Strive To Become A Father Sooner
Chapter 105 - : She Had Such A Hobby
Chapter 106 - I Can’T Let You Watch In Vain
Chapter 107 - With Regards To Morning Exercise
Chapter 108 - He Wasn’T Going To Beg Her
Chapter 109 - I Don’T Want To Train My Body With You
Chapter 110 - Can You Be More Responsible?
Chapter 111 - Forcing My Wife To Hype Up A Ship. What’S Going On?
Chapter 112 - Frightened
Chapter 113 - Just Happen To Let Them Have Their Own World
Chapter 114 - Your Wife Was With Fu Yu The Entire Night
Chapter 115 - An Expression Of So Much Wrath
Chapter 116 - Haven’T You Already Given Me Up To Guan Ying?
Chapter 117 - Song Chuyi Is Really Despicable
Chapter 118 - Song Chuyi Went To Switzerland
Chapter 119 - Why Did She Feel She Was Disappointing
Chapter 120 - He Was Actually Singing A Love Song With Another Woman
Chapter 121 - Changqing Laid In His Embrace
Chapter 122 - Don’T Go—I Don’T Want To Stay Here Alone
Chapter 123 - Why Don’T You Go Sleep In My Room?
Chapter 124 - Am I So Detestable To You?
Chapter 125 - It Seemed As Though With Him Around, Everything Would Be Safe
Chapter 126 - She Had Never Been So Embarrassed In Her Entire Life
Chapter 127 - Song Chuchu Wouldn’T Possibly Be Jealous Of A Woman
Chapter 128 - Unreasonable
Chapter 129 - Don’T Look At Me
Chapter 130 - Almost Made Changqing Smitten
Chapter 131 - I’M Not Letting You Hug Me, I Don’T Care For It
Chapter 132 - At That Moment, Her Heart Was About To Melt
Chapter 133 - Chuyi, It’S Been A While
Chapter 134 - You Are Too Overbearing
Chapter 135 - I’M Here
Chapter 136 - : How Would My Wife Dare To Sit
Chapter 137 - From Today Onwards, You Are My God
Chapter 138 - Coax Your Husband
Chapter 139 - The One In The Morning Is A Reward, The One At Night Is Welfare
Chapter 140 - Did You Put The Singapore Dollars In My Wallet?
Chapter 141 - The Song Chuchu Then And Now
Chapter 142 - The Song Chuchu Then And Now 2
Chapter 143 - I Merely Openly Loved Fu Yu For A While
Chapter 144 - It’S Not Bought For Me
Chapter 145 - Tonight You Will Know How Healthy I Am
Chapter 146 - Don’T Urge Me To Stay
Chapter 147 - It’S Too Much
Chapter 148 - You Were Made A Solid Cuckold
Chapter 149 - Are You Sick?
Chapter 150 - Too Torturing To The Singles
Chapter 151 - She Saw Robben At The Yan’S
Chapter 152 - You’Re Married To Song Chuyi, Right?
Chapter 153 - Why Are You Showering Early In The Morning?
Chapter 154 - Somewhere I Don’T Even Know
Chapter 155 - Chuchu, I Was So Scared Just Now
Chapter 156 - Are You Unwilling To See Me Lose Out?
Chapter 157 - Would He Be This Gentle Too?
Chapter 158 - Why Aren’T You Tired At All?
Chapter 159 - Changqing Was Jealous
Chapter 160 - Song Chuchu, I Hate You
Chapter 161 - Where’S The Candle-Lit Dinner They Agreed On?
Chapter 162 - Hint At Me To Give You Fresh Flowers
Chapter 163 - How Can He Be So Romantic?
Chapter 164 - Women Gathered Together
Chapter 165 - Come Clean With Me—Were You Missing Me?
Chapter 166 - She Almost Fainted For A Moment
Chapter 167 - It Was Actually Packed With Longing
Chapter 168 - So Cute
Chapter 169 - Butter Up To Me
Chapter 170
Chapter 171 - You Want A Kiss, Right?
Chapter 172 - Full
Chapter 173 - No Other Men Had Ever Been This Nice To Me
Chapter 174 - For Some Things, There Are Knots After All
Chapter 175 - Not Willing To Harm Changqing
Chapter 176 - Even More Childish Than Her 1
Chapter 177 - Even More Childish Than Her 2
Chapter 178 - Not Even Letting You Off During Broad Daylight
Chapter 179 - Then Don’T Hug Me
Chapter 180 - What On Earth Were You Thinking About?
Chapter 181 - You Don’T Even Love Me
Chapter 182 - Let Me Spend Money
Chapter 183 - Song Chuyi Had Goosebumps All Over
Chapter 184 - Brother Chulang Is This Your Girlfriend?
Chapter 185 - I Knew You Doted On Me The Most
Chapter 186 - We Don’T Have A Child Currently
Chapter 187 - Is This Real?
Chapter 188 - I’M Only Away For Two Days
Chapter 189 - I Was Wrong
Chapter 190 - Delicate And Beautiful
Chapter 191 - The Return Date Hasn’T Been Set
Chapter 192 - She Would Act Just Like A Snail
Chapter 193 - Had To Act Coquettishly Before Him
Chapter 194 - Old Song Is Getting Crazier
Chapter 195 - He Could Not Hold It In
Chapter 196 - Said You’Re Ignoring Him Every Day
Chapter 197 - Is It Really Okay?
Chapter 198 - Can I Change Husbands?
Chapter 199 - Delete His Number 1
Chapter 200 - Delete His Number 2
Chapter 201 - Her Husband Is So Poor
Chapter 202 - Had Quite A Delightful Time Taking Photos
Chapter 203 - Changqing’S Little Heart Was Lifted
Chapter 204 - You Would Definitely Be Bullied
Chapter 205 - Snow White
Chapter 206 - I’M Hurting, Everywhere’S Hurting, And I Feel Dizzy Too 1
Chapter 207 - I’M Hurting, Everywhere’S Hurting, And I Feel Dizzy Too 2
Chapter 208 - I’M Really Not Used To It
Chapter 209 - Is This Still Her Song Chuchu? 1
Chapter 210 - Is This Still Her Song Chuchu? 2
Chapter 211 - Chuchu Is Ill
Chapter 212 - In The Future, I Will Only Keep You Company
Chapter 213 - Submerged In Ruan Yang’S Beauty
Chapter 214 - Why Would He Find Her Dumb In The Past?
Chapter 215 - Your Husband Is So Nice To You
Chapter 216 - You Didn’T Even Say That You Like Me
Chapter 217 - Finally Asked For A Kiss From Him
Chapter 218 - So Active And Unrestrained
Chapter 219 - Aren’T I Handsome?
Chapter 220 - Teach Her A Lesson Back Home
Chapter 221 - A Patient From The Hospital Dropped It
Chapter 222 - : A Sour Smell?
Chapter 223 - Do You Know?
Chapter 224 - Annoying
Chapter 225 - Chuchu, I’M Jealous
Chapter 226 - Force Him Onto The Path Of Becoming A Beast
Chapter 227 - Not Even Entering A Beauty Contest
Chapter 228 - Holding Onto Song Yunyang’S Hand
Chapter 229 - Song Chuyi’S Lover
Chapter 230 - I’M So Young And Beautiful
Chapter 231 - Leaving In A Dignified Way
Chapter 232 - Please Get A Divorce With Me
Chapter 233 - When He Was About To Be Driven Mad
Chapter 234 - Hatred From Love
Chapter 235 - Four Golden Flowers Walloped Miserably
Chapter 236 - Song Chuyi Was Furious
Chapter 237 - Couldn’T Even Handle
Chapter 238 - I Don’T Know, And I’M Not In A Relationship With Him
Chapter 239 - This Damned Woman
Chapter 240 - Chuchu Was Already On The Brink Of Going Berserk
Chapter 241 - Don’T Even Know
Chapter 242 - Not So Upset
Chapter 243 - Dogs Don’T Want Him
Chapter 244 - Song Chuyi Likes Qing Bao
Chapter 245 - It’S All For You
Chapter 246 - Like A Cow
Chapter 247 - I Am Her Husband
Chapter 248 - Let Me Kiss You
Chapter 249 - I Bought You A Diamond Ring
Chapter 250 - Life Is Full Of Surprises
Chapter 251 - The Appearance Of The Ring
Chapter 252 - What Do You Think About That?
Chapter 253 - Don’T Dare To Imagine 1
Chapter 254 - Don’T Dare To Imagine 2
Chapter 255 - Thumping Ferociously
Chapter 256 - Like The Couch A Lot
Chapter 257 - It’S Interesting Anywhere
Chapter 258 - In Order To Make My Wife Happy
Chapter 259 - How Embarrassing
Chapter 260 - If Only She Was A Little More Foolish
Chapter 261 - The Person I Like
Chapter 262 - Qing Bao, Do You Like Me?
Chapter 263 - Women Did Not Have It Easy
Chapter 264 - Going To Switzerland
Chapter 265 - Gaze Like The Devil’S
Chapter 266 - It Was All Worth It
Chapter 267 - I Called You Chuchu
Chapter 268 - I’M A Coward
Chapter 269 - Meeting Lin Yueli Again
Chapter 270 - Is This Your Brother?
Chapter 271 - Not Allowed To Be Friends
Chapter 272 - Sad Memories
Chapter 273 - Brought Your Wife To Watch The Sunrise
Chapter 274 - A Kind Of Fate
Chapter 275 - A Kiss In The Depths Of The Night
Chapter 276 - I’Ll Watch The Sunrise With You
Chapter 277 - Secretly Looking Forward To His Arrival
Chapter 278 - Can Give Birth Again
Chapter 279 - She Was So Childish
Chapter 280 - Just Listen To This Kind Of Songs
Chapter 281 - Autumn Turned To Winter Unknowingly
Chapter 282 - After A Few Months
Chapter 283 - Because I’M Not Divorced
Chapter 284 - End-Of-Year Award Ceremony
Chapter 285 - Chinese Designer
Chapter 286 - Was Simply That
Chapter 287 - This Shameless Man
Chapter 288 - Obscene Questions
Chapter 289 - Unlike Me, I Don’T Have Any Dreams 1
Chapter 290 - Unlike Me, I Don’T Have Any Dreams 2
Chapter 291 - The Late Marriage Proposal
Chapter 292 - You’Re Too Childish
Chapter 293 - Then Come Over Here To Hug Me
Chapter 294 - You Look Really Good Today
Chapter 295 - I Just Like You
Chapter 296 - Saying His Heartfelt Thoughts To His Mom For The First Time
Chapter 297 - Bully My Wife
Chapter 298 - A Ton Of Bad Habits
Chapter 299 - Merry Christmas
Chapter 300 - Having Each Other In Their Minds
Chapter 301 - Praising Your Acting Skills
Chapter 302 - Duoyao As The Bridesmaid, Molun As The Groomsman
Chapter 303 - Song Chuchu Has Changed
Chapter 304 - She’S Someone I Had My Eyes On
Chapter 305 - The Romantic Things He Said Softly In Her Ear Were More Touching Than Anything Else
Chapter 306 - My Honeymoon Is About Being Unreasonable Whenever I Want
Chapter 307 - He Thought She Would Cry And Complain About The Pain But He Didn’T Think She Would Say “I Love You So Much” Instead
Chapter 308 - Changqing Would Never Believe That Jiang Duoyao Was Such A Person
Chapter 309 - We’Re Having A Baby
Chapter 310 - I Heard About What Happened To Miss Jiang Recently; It Does Seem Quite Bad
Chapter 311 - Miss Jiang, I’Ll Tell You Honestly That I’M Indeed Interested In You
Chapter 312 - Molun Wasn’T Like This In The Past. Was He Led Astray By Jiang Duoyao?
Chapter 313 - I Ran Into Your Brother At A Bar A Couple Of Days Ago And He Was Pretty Drunk
Chapter 314 - Only The Ordinary Is Real And Only Companionship Is Everlasting.
Chapter 315 - Changqing Felt Increasingly Hopeless As She Looked On. It Seemed Like Dogs Cannot Be Randomly Crossbred Indeed
Chapter 316 - In The End, Song Chuchu Said, “Don’T Take Sweet Talk Seriously.
Chapter 317 - I Suddenly Feel Like I’M A Knowledgeable And Kind Person
Chapter 318 - Mr. Yan Almost Could Not Recognize Her When They Met Again
Chapter 319 - Yan Molun Said, “You’Ve Become Skinnier And Uglier.”
Chapter 320 - Could This Be The Legendary Teasing?
Chapter 321 - I Won’T Repay You With My Body Even Though You Saved Me Yesterday
Chapter 322 - I’M Not Just Impressive At This; I’M Even More Impressive At Other Things
Chapter 323 - It Means I Would Only Get Bath Water For The Woman I Am Interested In
Chapter 324 - The Situation Right Now Is… Yan Molun Kissed Me…
Chapter 325 - Who Knows? Anyway, You’Re A Woman Who Doesn’T Mean What You Say
Chapter 326 - Afraid I Wouldn’T Come Back? Missed Me?
Chapter 327 - Don’T Tell Anyone, Especially Chuchu.
Chapter 328 - How Thick Must The Ring Be For It To Fit When You Return After Three Months?
Chapter 329 - In This Life, There Was A Kiss That Happened While Riding A Horse On A Beautiful Grass Plain
Chapter 330 - Holding Hands Before Hugging. Take It Step By Step. Don’T Be Too Impatient
Chapter 331 - You Know What, Yan Molun Got Water For Sang Hua Too Yesterday
Chapter 332 - Who’S Jealous? Don’T Hold Onto Me. Go Hold On To Your Sang Hua
Chapter 333 - She Was Just Like A Nestling Held Tightly By Him In His Embrace
Chapter 334 - I’M Willing To Do Anything With You Just To Make You Happy
Chapter 335 - You’Re So Much Older Than Me. You’Re An Old Man Who Cheated A Young Girl In Her Prime
Chapter 336 - I Didn’T Have A Woman I Wanted To Be Meticulous For. You’Re The First
Chapter 337 - If Something Were To Happen To You, I Would Never Be Able To Live With Peace Of Mind…
Chapter 338 - If You Really Can’T Think Of Something, Come And Help Me Scrub My Back Later
Chapter 339 - Sleeping Together In A Tent With Yan Molun At Night…?
Chapter 340 - No One Would’Ve Thought That They Would Part On Bad Terms On The Last Night Of The Trip Back To Northern City
Chapter 341 - Yan Changqing, Haven’T You Been Going Overboard Recently?
Chapter 342 - Is This What It Feels Like To Have A Boyfriend?
Chapter 343 - Now That I Have A Girlfriend, I Can Only Pamper Her So I Still Have To Do Everything Myself
Chapter 344 - You Haven’T Seen Those More Intense Ones. Compared To Those, This Is Nothing
Chapter 345 - She Stared Blankly At The Few Messages And Felt Her Heart Melt
Chapter 346 - Who Is He? Why Don’T You Want To See Him?
Chapter 347 - This Isn’T Playing Pool. This Is Simply Seducing.
Chapter 348 - Call Me Brother Molun…
Chapter 349 - Why Don’T… I Call You Uncle
Chapter 350 - He Had Thought Too Highly Of Him. He Actually Named A Dog After An American Model With Big Breasts
Chapter 351 - She Simply Couldn’T Accept Such A Perverted Side Of Hers
Chapter 352 - Changqing Said: Ahahahah, Congratulations, Ahahah
Chapter 353 - Sister Shuang Is Here; Go Hide In The Guest Room First.
Chapter 354 - Changqing, How Is Chuyi Doing? I Haven’T Seen Him In A Very, Very Long Time
Chapter 355 - The Message In The Morning Wasn’T Sent By You, Right?
Chapter 356 - I Must Be Going To See Hades…
Chapter 357 - You Don’T Love Me As Much As Brother Molun Loves Duoyao
Chapter 358 - Her Current Symptoms Were The Same As When She Was On Her Period. She Was Weak All Over
Chapter 359 - Isn’T This The Time When You Come In Handy?
Chapter 360 - Am I Going To See Hades Again?
Chapter 361 - Finding You Was Like Finding My Doraemon
Chapter 362 - Do You Mean You’Re Going To Teach Any Man Who Has Ideas About Me A Lesson?
Chapter 363 - I Don’T Dare To Walk Into Your World. I’M Too Afraid
Chapter 364 - Brother Molun Is Too Impressive. He Settled This In Minutes
Chapter 365 - Changqing, Don’T Worry. If Someone Bullies You Next Time, Tell Brother Shaobin. I’Ll Definitely Help You
Chapter 366 - Brother Molun, You’Ve Disappointed Me. I Didn’T Think You Were Like This.
Chapter 367 - I’M A Man, I Can’T Be Too Petty
Chapter 368 - Yan Molun Frowned And Dissed Her Silently: She’S Terminally Ill
Chapter 369 - The Difference Between Hades And An Angel
Chapter 370 - I Didn’T Do Anything Wrong. What Gives You The Right To Teach Me A
Chapter 371 - Do You Like Bai Yuhuang Or Do You Like Me?
Chapter 372 - If I Didn’T Like This Person, I Wouldn’T Even Date Him.
Chapter 373 - How Many Bees And Butterflies Had He Attracted Without Her Noticing?
Chapter 374 - Chuchu’S Birthday
Chapter 375 - I Wish That From Now On, My Qing Bao Would Give Me A Little Tiger Every Year For My Birthday
Chapter 376 - Preterm Labor
Chapter 377 - Yan Wo
Chapter 378 - I Told My Sis That I Intend To Give Birth To A Pair Of Yin Er With Hong Zao
Chapter 379 - He Didn’T Expect That The Baby Was Very Sensible And It Was The Baby’S Mom Who Was The Problem
Chapter 380 - Seeing Yan Wo Suddenly Makes Me Feel Like Becoming A Father Now
Chapter 381 - I’M Called Ruan Yang. How Could I Possibly Have Amnesia?
Chapter 382 - You Must Take Responsibility For This
Chapter 383 - Ruan Yang From The Past Is Really Oddly Confiden
Chapter 384 - Did Jiang Duoyao Get You The Wrong Bra? It“S Huge
Chapter 385 - I Was Just Sounding You Out. You“Re Actually Quite A Good Person
Chapter 386 - If I Wanted To Take Advantage Of You, It Wouldn’T Be Just Holding Your Hand
Chapter 387 - He Only Wished He Could Grow A Little Taller. After All, Happiness Came Too Suddenly
Chapter 388 - Ruan Yang Didn’T Tell Me To Beat You Up; I Wanted To Do I
Chapter 389 - He Took Me To Box On Our First Date—Who Could Take It? Crazy.
Chapter 390 - Ruan Yang, This Is The Second Time You Forced A Kiss On Me. Don“T Push Your Luck.
Chapter 391 - I Might Have Too Many Strengths. It“S Not Strange If You Were To Fall For Me
Chapter 392 - Ruan Yang, That Foul Woman, Actually Wore A Swimsuit To Seduce Him
Chapter 393 - Yeah, Don“T You Know That Women Are This Stubborn?
Chapter 394 - He Composed Himself. Aiya, Screw It – Is This Woman Trying To Arouse Me Again?
Chapter 395 - Looks Like Miss Ruan Has Deep Feelings For You
Chapter 396 - This Feeling Of Sneaking Around Actually Feels Not Bad
Chapter 397 - Teach Zhao Zhu A Lesson
Chapter 399 - Ruan Yang, You Can“T Overdo It. You Have To Be Responsible.
Chapter 400 - The Hatred Between Me And Xin Ziao Is Irreconcilable
Chapter 401 - First Time Seeing Ruan Yang Cry Before His Eyes. It“S Like Seeing A Ghos
Chapter 402 - Give Me A Kiss And I Will Continue Eating With You
Chapter 403 - You Kept Kissing Me For No Reason. I Was Completely Confused By Tha
Chapter 404 - I Told I“Ll Let You Kiss Me. I Won“T Go Back On My Words. Why Must You Rush It Now?
Chapter 405 - The Kind I Make Is Like This. Even If You Don“T Want To Drink It, You Have To Finish It.
Chapter 406 - When I Went Back Last Night, I Watched Your Movies Again For A Long Time. I Don“T Seem To Grow Sick Of Them
Chapter 407 - I Don’T. I Never Even Thought About That. Ruan Yang, You“Re Too Dirty
Chapter 409 - No Matter How Low Li Shaobin“S Eq And Iq Are, He Could Figure Some Things Out Now
Chapter 410 - Ruan Yang, You Were Chatting To That Ophthalmologist Today. I“M Angry.
Chapter 411 - Why Don“T You Wait Here For Me For A While? I“Ll Go In, Brush My Teeth, And Come Out To Kiss You
Chapter 412 - I Will Change Your Issue Of Liking Big-Busted Women In The Future
Chapter 413 - Ruan Yang, Let“S Register Our Marriage.
Chapter 414 - The Hospital Is Sending Chuyi To The States To Further His Studies For Half A Year
Chapter 415 - My Heart Is All Soft Because Of My Qing Bao. I Only Want To Kiss You For The Rest Of My Life
Chapter 416 - Cut It Out And Just Come Sleep On The Bed.
Chapter 417 - You Can Also Call Me Binbin. That“S What My Family Calls Me
Chapter 418 - A Date With Xiaoxia
Chapter 419 - Ruan Yang Is My Girlfriend Now
Chapter 420 - I“M Afraid, Ruan Yang. I Really Don“T Want You To Recover Your Memories
Chapter 421 - Isn“T It More Interesting To Apply Lip Gloss Like This?
Chapter 422 - Yangyang, I Want A Kiss. If You Don“T Give Me A Kiss, I“Ll Annoy You
Chapter 423 - Xin Ziao, You Scoundrel. I“M Warning You—Stay Away From My Girlfriend
Chapter 424 - Both Of You Must’Ve Skied Together Before. I Feel Very Uncomfortable.
Chapter 425 - Changqing Couldn’T Help But Picture Ruan Yang And Li Shaobin Together
Chapter 426 - Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 427 - He Gave Her A Bad Impression The First Time He Stayed Over. How Miserable
Chapter 429 - Li Zhongchi Wanted To Curse. Why Couldn“T He Tell That He Was So Useless?
Chapter 430 - Yangyang, I Love You
Chapter 431 - Changqing: Nicely Done. I Just Like How You Display Your Love So Publicly.
Chapter 432 - 432 Hit Me, Scold Me, Pinch My Face
Chapter 433 - The Place Where It All Started Is Also Where It All Ends
Chapter 434 - He Really Wanted To Ask Her How She Sees Him Now, But He Couldn’T Bring Himself To.
Chapter 435 - Ruan Yang Felt That She Had Lost All Face In Front Of Li Shaobin
Chapter 436 - I“M Not Like Your Sis Who Only Wants To Bed Me But Refuses To Take Responsibility
Chapter 437 - I Only Provoked You Because You Looked Like You Wanted To Be Provoked.
Chapter 438 - Qing Bao, Don“T Be Angry Anymore. You Look The Best To Me
Chapter 439 - Yan Wo“S Revenge
Chapter 440 - Chuchu, What Did You Think Of My Performance Just Now? I Didn“T Give Myself Away, Did I?
Chapter 442 - Li Shaobin, Thank You
Chapter 443 - Hubby, Shouldn“T You Learn From Brother Shaobin And Post Something Like This?
Chapter 444 - Song Chuyi Was Crestfallen. “Can“T You Have A Better New Year“S Wish?“
Chapter 445 - Look At How Third Brother Is Being So Protective Of Miss Ruan
Chapter 446 - Ruan Yang, You“Re Really Shameless
Chapter 447 - Why Is Ruan Yang So Smart And Sensitive? It Makes Him Lose Even The Slightest Amount Of Privacy
Chapter 448 - Listen To How Much Sense Brother Shaobin Is Making. This Is A Good Man
Chapter 449 - Changqing And Duoyao Exchanged Glances. Could They Do Things Over And Change Partners?
Chapter 450 - Changqing Told Me To Wake You Up With A Slap If You Kept Staring Foolishly At Your First Love
Chapter 451 - I“M Not A Li If I Don“T Maim Him Today
Chapter 452 - Even If You“Re Unhappy, You Should Still Act Like A Man
Chapter 453 - Ruan Yang, You“Re Also A Very Smart Person. You Have To Find A Way To Keep Him Under Control
Chapter 454 - Since The People From The Li Family Told Her To Keep Him Under Control, She Would Use Her Most Formidable Method To Keep Him Under Control
Chapter 455 - Old Song, You“Re A Nice Person. Just Take It As You“Re Doing Good
Chapter 456 - Ruan Yang, You“Ve Misunderstood Brother Shaobin
Chapter 457 - You Broke Our Eternity Just Like Tha
Chapter 458 - Yangyang, It Was Uncomfortable In The Car
Chapter 459 - I Feel Like You“Re Aggravating Me And Chuchu
Chapter 460 - Yan Molun, You Haven“T Even Proposed. Why Are You So Worked Up?
Chapter 461 - You Just Agreed To Brother Molun In A Bathtub Without Any Principles Because Of A Walle
Chapter 462 - If I Find Out That You“Re Fooling Around Outside, You“Re Dead Mea
Chapter 463 - Men Sometimes Have Weird Habits, Especially Li Shaobin. His Habits Are Weirder.
Chapter 464 - F*Ck, This Ruan Yang Is Really Cunning. How Scheming
Chapter 465 - Xin Ziao Felt Like Vomiting Blood
Chapter 466 - Don’T Look For Me. Go And Look For Your First Love
Chapter 467 - Other Than The Class Reunion, How Many Times Have You Met Her Behind My Back?
Chapter 468 - Does It Hurt? Come, I’Ll Help You Put Some Of This On. I Guarantee It Won’T Hurt Anymore
Chapter 469 - Yangyang, Don’T Be Nervous. I Haven’T Flown For Too Long So I’M A Little
Chapter 470 - He’S Still Here, Alive And Kicking, Yet She’S Already Thinking Of Remarrying.
Chapter 471 - Rest Well Today. Tomorrow, We’Ll Consummate Our Marriage
Chapter 472 - Ruan Yang, Go On. At Most, We’Ll All Die Here Together
Chapter 473 - I Was Worried Sick Tonight. I Thought There Would Be No Bride Tomorrow
Chapter 474 - When Are You Going To Let Me Be The Groom Too? I Don’T Want To Be The Best Man Anymore
Chapter 475 - The Awkwardness During The Wedding
Chapter 476 - The Wedding Continues
Chapter 477 - Maybe She Just Doesn’T Deserve To Be Happy
Chapter 478 - Shaobin, Do You Regret Marrying Me?
Chapter 479 - I Will Recover Quickly. At Least I’M Feeling Very Blessed With You By My Side Now
Chapter 480 - Thank You, Hubby (Revenge On Zhao Zhu)
Chapter 481 - : Why Are You Helping Me Save Money? You Should Learn From Changqing
Chapter 482 - Mm… I Don’T Like You Being Like That. My Heart Aches For You
Chapter 483 - I Want To Be A Clean Man
Chapter 484 - You’Re Trying To Dismiss Me With Just A Kiss After All That I’Ve Done?
Chapter 485 - You Still Know That You Have To Come Back? I Thought You Had Forgotten That You Have A Husband At Home
Chapter 486 - Not Long After Xin Ziao Drank It, He Vomited Blood And Dropped Dead
Chapter 487 - Ruan Yang Was A Little Speechless. What Kind Of Boyfriend Did Duoyao Get?
Chapter 488 - I Have To Let Ruan Yang Know That She’S Not The Only Woman In The World
Chapter 489 - I Didn’T Even Sleep Well Last Night. I Was Really Afraid That You’D Set Your Eyes On Other Women And Didn’T Want Me Anymore
Chapter 490 - She Is… That Classmate I Had A Crush On In High School
Chapter 491 - Miss Zhou, Why Did You Help Xin Ziao Do Something Like That?
Chapter 492 - I Bought A Set Of Couple Shirts When I Went Shopping In The Afternoon. Do You Want To Try It On?
Chapter 493 - Ruan Yang, You’Re So Naughty Early In The Morning
Chapter 494 - I’M Preparing To Restore The Patriarchy Again
Chapter 495 - Arrogant
Chapter 496 - Hubby, Did You Think Of Me In The Past Few Days?
Chapter 497 - Everything You Said About Doting On Me, Pampering Me, And Listening To Me After We Got Married Were All Lies
Chapter 498 - When I Kissed You That Day, You Looked As Though You Didn’T Care And Even Looked As Though I Was Annoying.
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SYDS, Yuánlái Nǐ Shì Zhèyàng De Sòng Yīshēng, 原来你是这样的宋医生

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Changqing has always felt that she’s incomparable to Guan Ying in every aspect. Even though she is pretty and has a good family background, this world is nothing more than a world where Princes are more attracted to Cinderellas.

Her first love that she dearly remembers in her heart for years eventually becomes Guan Ying’s current boyfriend and her fiancé is Guan Ying’s ex. He has yet to forget Guan Ying.

A business marriage brings Changqing and Song Chuyi together despite the absence of love.

In public, he is her friend’s ex and in private he is her husband who cannot be publicly–known.

At the hospital, her good friend enjoys her husband’s embrace while she can only act as though he’s a stranger.

At a gala dinner, her good friend hooks her arm around her first love’s arm shyly and she can only smile and give them her blessings.

In this marriage, Changqing thinks that all is well other than the fact that Song Chuyi doesn’t love her.

First, her husband is a doctor and he can treat all her illnesses while saving up on medical expenses.

Second, doctors love cleanliness and her husband would always ensure the cleanliness of the house.

Third, at the end of every month, her thin wallet would grow thick with cash that her husband stuffs in secretly.

Fourth, as a person who doesn’t like to exercise, she always get dragged around by her husband day and night to do some pleasurable exercise that is beneficial for the body and mind.

Fifth, she would never have to worry that she would be out of money.

There are always so many uncountable advantages that Changqing enjoys.

After the marriage, on a certain night, Changqing looks at Dr. Song gloomily. “Hubby, why are you so nice to me when you don’t even love me?”

Dr. Song continues reading his medical books and ignores her. It’s sometimes quite a headache when your wife is too s*upid and daft.

Until one day, Changqing realises that there’s really no free lunch in this world…

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Chapter 1 - It Turns Out That Guan Ying Is Fu Yu'S Type

Chapter 1: It Turns Out That Guan Ying is Fu Yu’s type


Henyee Translations


Henyee Translations

Evening, at 8 o’clock. A long period of drizzle.

Shortly after Yan Changqing arrived at the third floor of the clubhouse, Sound of Snow, she suddenly remembered that she had yet to ask Ruan Yang which private lounge the group was staying at.

Just before she could make a call, she spotted a bunch of people standing outside at the left end of the corridor and recognized Ruan Yang, Jiang Duoyao, and Guan Ying among them.

The group was from the same dormitory at university and had a fairly good relationship between themselves. As tonight was a rare occasion when they had some spare time on their hands and were in the South city at the same time, they decided to meet up through their chat group.

However, currently, there was a striking gray figure standing beside Guan Ying.

Under the dim light, the man looked mysterious. He glared straight at Guan Ying with his delicate and pretty eyes filled with resentment deep inside. Although it was clear he was angry, not a single flaw could be seen from his exquisite facial features that were stretched to their limit even from being angry.

Changqing scrambled over to the group as she assumed Guan Ying had offended him. At the same time, the man suddenly strode in her direction with his long legs.

His steps were extremely quick, and he collided with Changqing’s shoulder, forcing her to bang into the wall next to her.

She was stunned as she watched the man disappearing from her view after he went down the stairs.

“Changqing, are you all right?” Ruan Yang asked as she rushed over.

Changqing shook her head in a daze. She saw Guan Ying’s fragile face laced with apologetic tears and asked, “What was that about?”

Jiang Duoyao and Ruan Yang stared at each other with mixed feelings and fell silent…

“Changqing, you came. Let’s go in.” Guan Ying wiped away her tears and gently pulled her into the private lounge. It was only after she entered the room that she discovered there was a burly man inside the VIP lounge. The man was wearing a black shirt and long pants, holding a scarlet red cigarette between his fingertips. In the dim lighting, the man’s blurred face looked firm and well-defined.

“Changqing, this person here is President Fu of Shangwei media.” Guan Ying clung close to the stranger and introduced them softly. “Fu Yu, this is my friend, Changqing.”

Changqing was taken aback as she recalled the time she last saw Fu Yu. It was summer vacation of her first year in university. He stood on the balcony crawling with lush Boston Ivy and watched her transferring her luggage into the car one by one.

It had been 5 years since then, and she was taken by surprise that he was now the President of a media company.

She noticed Guan Ying’s hand that was clinging to his arm and felt a swelling sense of mixed emotions coupled with a slight itching and tightness in her heart.

Did he recognize me? Should I pretend not to know him or…

“Changqing, you’re all grown up.” Fu Yu’s profound eyebrows moved as he dispelled her hesitation.

“The two of you know each other?” Guan Ying was surprised.

Jiang Duoyao jokingly complained, “Changqing, why didn’t you tell us earlier that you knew someone as important as President Fu?”

“It’s been around four to five years since we last met as well,” Changqing answered while she gave a dry smile. She sat beside Ruan Yang and explained. “In the past, my Grandma and I used to live in Yangzhou, and President Fu lived next to our house. Later on, after I moved to South city, we lost contact and we haven’t seen each other since then. If I knew President Fu’s future would be so bright, I would’ve shamelessly maintained my connection with him no matter what.”

Fu Yu smiled at her and said, “You really know how to joke, huh? With your dad around, why would you ever need to maintain a relationship with me?”

Changqing pursed her lips and smiled. Both her hands rested on her knees, and her posture was prim and proper. In fact, she herself knew she behaved like this only when she was nervous.

“What a small world,” Guan Ying commented as her small face that was brimming with love rested on top of Fu Yu’s shoulder.

Changqing silently shifted her face away from them.

The world was small indeed. The childhood friend she chased for so many years in the past had now become her friend’s boyfriend.

Seeing as someone like Fu Yu was with someone like Guan Ying, she realized she really didn’t understand him at all in the past or even now.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, Guan Ying held Fu Yu’s hand as they exited the clubhouse. Fu Yu turned back, looked at Changqing and asked, “Where do you live? Do you want me to take you home?”


Total Chapters in book: 494
Estimated words: 1033750 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 5169(@200wpm)___ 4135(@250wpm)___ 3446(@300wpm)