Soaring the Heavens by Traversing Thousand Sorrows

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Boundless Secular World (2)
Chapter 3: Boundless Secular World (3)
Chapter 4: Boundless Secular World (4)
Chapter 5: The Scholar (1)
Chapter 6: The Scholar (2)
Chapter 7: The Scholar (3)
Chapter 8: Younger Siblings
Chapter 9: Fairy Hong Chen
Chapter 10: As Prophesized (1)
Chapter 11: As Prophesized (2)
Chapter 12: As Prophesized (3)
Chapter 13: Escape
Chapter 14: Arts Mustn'T Be Easily Taught
Chapter 15: Heart Facing The Blue Sea (1)
Chapter 16: Heart Facing The Blue Sea (2)
Chapter 17: Heart Facing The Blue Sea (3)
Chapter 18: Heart Facing The Blue Sea (4)
Chapter 19: Refugee (1)
Chapter 20: Refugee (2)
Chapter 21: Greenhorn (1)
Chapter 22: Greenhorn (2)
Chapter 23: Horse Deputy
Chapter 24: Tenth Surrender
Chapter 25: Four Realms Of Arts
Chapter 26: Charcoal
Chapter 27: Orb Of Will
Chapter 28: Li Xin’S Scheme
Chapter 29: Luo Zhen Rides A Horse
Chapter 30: Eleventh Surrender
Chapter 31: A Valiant Warrior Indeed (1)
Chapter 32: A Valiant Warrior Indeed (2)
Chapter 33: Surrender
Chapter 34: An Old Friend From Changfeng
Chapter 35: Charcoal Wrecks Havoc (1)
Chapter 36: Charcoal Wrecks Havoc (2)
Chapter 37: The Slumbering Dragon Awakens
Chapter 38: Decisive Battle Of South Edict (1)
Chapter 39: Decisive Battle Of South Edict (2)
Chapter 40: Decisive Battle Of South Edict (3)
Chapter 41: A Small Favor
Chapter 42: Hidden Agenda (1)
Chapter 43: Hidden Agenda (2)
Chapter 44: Hidden Agenda (3)
Chapter 45: Hidden Agenda (4)
Chapter 46: Mystic Arts Temple (1)
Chapter 47: Mystic Arts Temple (2)
Chapter 48: Mystic Arts Temple (3)
Chapter 49: Mystic Arts Temple (4)
Chapter 50: Mystic Arts Temple (5)
Chapter 51: Mystic Arts Temple (6)
Chapter 52: Mystic Arts Temple (7)
Chapter 53: Mystic Arts Temple (8)
Chapter 54: Mystic Arts Temple (9)
Chapter 55: Mystic Arts Temple (10)
Chapter 56: Mystic Arts Temple (11)
Chapter 57: Pervert
Chapter 58: The Carefree Lao Bai (1)
Chapter 59: The Carefree Lao Bai (2)
Chapter 60: The Carefree Lao Bai (3)
Chapter 61: Resolving A Knot In One’S Heart (1)
Chapter 62: Resolving A Knot In One’S Heart (2)
Chapter 63: East Arrival Cave Master (1)
Chapter 64: East Arrival Cave Master (2)
Chapter 65: East Arrival Cave Master (3)
Chapter 66: East Arrival Cave Master (4)
Chapter 67: East Arrival Cave Master (5)
Chapter 68: East Arrival Cave Master (6)
Chapter 69: East Arrival Cave Master (7)
Chapter 70: East Arrival Cave Master (8)
Chapter 71: East Arrival Cave Master (9)
Chapter 72: East Arrival Cave Master (10)
Chapter 73: East Arrival Cave Master (11)
Chapter 74: East Arrival Cave Master (12)
Chapter 75: Qian'Er And Xue'Er
Chapter 76: A Distressed Qin Weiwei (1)
Chapter 77: A Distressed Qin Weiwei (2)
Chapter 78: A Distressed Qin Weiwei (3)
Chapter 79: A Distressed Qin Weiwei (4)
Chapter 80: Off With His Head!
Chapter 81: Revelation
Chapter 82: The Cave Master Is Wise!
Chapter 83: Chapter 83:
Chapter 84: Bottomless Pit (2)
Chapter 85: Bottomless Pit (3)
Chapter 86: Bottomless Pit (4)
Chapter 87: Bottomless Pit (5)
Chapter 88: Hatching Dark Eggs (1)
Chapter 89: Hatching Dark Eggs (2)
Chapter 90: Hatching Dark Eggs (3)
Chapter 91: Hatching Dark Eggs (4)
Chapter 92: The Little Ones Are Born (1)
Chapter 93: The Little Ones Are Born (2)
Chapter 94: The Little Ones Are Born (3)
Chapter 95: The Snowy South Edict (1)
Chapter 96: The Snowy South Edict (2)
Chapter 97: The Snowy South Edict (3)
Chapter 98: The Snowy South Edict (4)
Chapter 99: The Snowy South Edict (5)
Chapter 100: The Snowy South Edict (6)
Chapter 101: The Snowy South Edict (7)
Chapter 102: The Snowy South Edict (8)
Chapter 103: The Snowy South Edict (9)
Chapter 104: The Snowy South Edict (10)
Chapter 105: The Snowy South Edict (11)
Chapter 106: Because You Are Unworthy
Chapter 107: Riding The Wind Through The Waves
Chapter 108: The Crystal Coins Eating Little Ones (1)
Chapter 109: The Crystal Coins Eating Little Ones (2)
Chapter 110: White Lotus Third Grade
Chapter 111: March Onwards To The Sea Of Constellations (1)
Chapter 112: March Onwards To The Sea Of Constellations (2)
Chapter 113: March Onwards To The Sea Of Constellations (3)
Chapter 114: March Onwards To The Sea Of Constellations (4)
Chapter 115: Who Is Singing? (1)
Chapter 116: Who Is Singing? (2)
Chapter 117: Who Is Singing (3)
Chapter 118: Finally Rich
Chapter 119: Pi Junzi (1)
Chapter 120: Pi Junzi (2)
Chapter 121: Pi Junzi (3)
Chapter 122: Pi Junzi (4)
Chapter 123: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (1)
Chapter 124: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (2)
Chapter 125: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (3)
Chapter 126: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (4)
Chapter 127: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (5)
Chapter 128: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (6)
Chapter 129: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (7)
Chapter 130: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (8)
Chapter 131: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (9)
Chapter 132: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (10)
Chapter 133: Yao Ruoxian (1)
Chapter 134: Yao Ruoxian (2)
Chapter 135: Yao Ruoxian (3)
Chapter 136: Yao Ruoxian (4)
Chapter 137: Yao Ruoxian (5)
Chapter 138: Yao Ruoxian (6)
Chapter 139: Yao Ruoxian (7)
Chapter 140: Yao Ruoxian (8)
Chapter 141: Yao Ruoxian (9)
Chapter 142: Small Fortune (1)
Chapter 143: Small Fortune (2)
Chapter 144: Refining Artifacts (1)
Chapter 145: Refining Artifacts(2)
Chapter 146: Refining Artifacts (3)
Chapter 147: Refining Artifacts (4)
Chapter 148: Refining Artifacts (5)
Chapter 149: Refining Artifacts (6)
Chapter 150: Refining An Artifact (7)
Chapter 151: Refining Artifacts (8)
Chapter 152: Refining Artifacts (9)
Chapter 153: Refining Artifacts (10)
Chapter 154: Chapter 154 - It'S A Small World (1)
Chapter 155: It'S A Small World (2)
Chapter 156: Yang Qing In Trouble
Chapter 157: Charcoal'S Armor
Chapter 158: Hard To Fulfill The Promise (1)
Chapter 159: Hard To Fulfill The Promise (2)
Chapter 160: Encroaching Dark Forces (1)
Chapter 161: Encroaching Dark Forces (2)
Chapter 162: Chapter 162 - On The Brink Of Crisis (1)
Chapter 163: On The Brink Of Crisis (2)
Chapter 164: On The Brink Of Crisis (3)
Chapter 165: On The Brink Of Crisis (4)
Chapter 166: On The Brink Of Crisis (5)
Chapter 167: First Snow (1)
Chapter 168: First Snow (2)
Chapter 169: First Snow (3)
Chapter 170: First Snow (4)
Chapter 171: First Snow (5)
Chapter 172: Reversal (1)
Chapter 173: Reversal (2)
Chapter 174: Reversal (3)
Chapter 175: Reversal (4)
Chapter 176: Reversal (5)
Chapter 177: Reversal (6)
Chapter 178: Troops Recruitment (1)
Chapter 179: Troops Recruitment (2)
Chapter 180: Troops Recruitment (3)
Chapter 181: Troops Recruitment (4)
Chapter 182: Troops Recruitment (5)
Chapter 183: Seizing Control Of Ever Peace Manor
Chapter 184: The Hall Master'S Reward (1)
Chapter 185: The Hall Master'S Reward (2)
Chapter 186: It'S Easier To Bury Enemies Than To Bury The Hatchet With Them (1)
Chapter 187: It'S Easier To Bury Enemies Than To Bury The Hatchet With Them (2)
Chapter 188: It'S Easier To Bury Enemies Than To Bury The Hatchet With Them (3)
Chapter 189: Lone Vassal
Chapter 190: Another Horse Deputy
Chapter 191: Pledging Brotherhood In The Plum Garden
Chapter 192: An Honest Man
Chapter 193: Discipline
Chapter 194: Hong Mian'S Mission
Chapter 195: Debriefing
Chapter 196: Caught Them!
Chapter 197: Skinned Alive
Chapter 198: Case Investigation
Chapter 199: A Welcoming Reception
Chapter 200: Masked Again
Chapter 201: An Unexpected Calamity
Chapter 202: Accusations
Chapter 203: Just In Time
Chapter 204: Tricked
Chapter 205: Xiong Xiao'S Grief
Chapter 206: Tipped Off
Chapter 207: Screwed Up
Chapter 208: Protecting Manor Head
Chapter 209: Dogfight
Chapter 210: Demoted To A Horse Deputy
Chapter 211: Is Everyone Together On This?
Chapter 212: He'S Involved, Again?
Chapter 213: Cave Master Yan
Chapter 214: List Of Renumerations
Chapter 215: A Word Of Warning
Chapter 216: Failed To Run Away
Chapter 217: Discreetly Cultivating
Chapter 217: Discreetly Cultivating
Chapter 218: Master Is A Tycoon
Chapter 219: Accidentally Consuming A Yao Core
Chapter 220: A Horse’S Mouth On A Cow’S Head
Chapter 221: Charcoal Awakens
Chapter 222: Stealing Arts
Chapter 223: Digging One'S Own Grave
Chapter 224: This Old Man Is Coming
Chapter 225: Exchange
Chapter 226: A New Discovery
Chapter 227: The Two Girls’ Initial Growth
Chapter 228: The Broken Ten Year Promise
Chapter 229: A Long Cry In Suppressing Second Hall
Chapter 230: The Hall Master Has To Take The Blame Too
Chapter 231: A Big Embarassment
Chapter 232: Wu Menglan Went Ballistic
Chapter 233: Artisan'S Hidden Signature
Chapter 234: A Problem Of Shame
Chapter 235: Didn'T See Anything
Chapter 236: Longing To Journey Afar
Chapter 237: Qin Weiwei Wishes To Become Friends
Chapter 238: Overwhelmed By Honor
Chapter 239: First Visit To The School Of Blue Jade
Chapter 240: Roping Him In
Chapter 241: A Matter To Entrust
Chapter 242: Twin Fairies Beyond Heaven
Chapter 243: Inconsiderate
Chapter 244: The Fallen Elder Hong
Chapter 245: Luo Shuangfei
Chapter 246: An Unruly Bunch
Chapter 247: Insurance
Chapter 248: Mad From Shame
Chapter 249: A Love For Thieving
Chapter 250: Immoral
Chapter 251: Big Brother Yan
Chapter 252: *Chapter Hidden*
Chapter 253: Capital City
Chapter 254: Jade Capital Peak
Chapter 255: The Outlandish Luo Shuangfei
Chapter 256: Goods Exchange
Chapter 257: That Was Disgusting Enough
Chapter 258: A Trivial Skill
Chapter 259: Causing Trouble Again
Chapter 260: Qin Weiwei Is Furious
Chapter 261: A Coincidental Encounter On Jade Lake
Chapter 262: The Lord’S Bountiful Reward
Chapter 263: Don'T Question The Rights And Wrongs
Chapter 264: A Battle Of Experts
Chapter 265: An Overjoyed Lin Pingping
Chapter 266: Mother’S Pride
Chapter 267: A Cat Meowing
Chapter 268: He Knows Too Much
Chapter 269: Adding Insult To Injury
Chapter 270: Repay With My Body
Chapter 271: Betrayal
Chapter 272: Private Apology
Chapter 273: Lend Some Orbs Of Will
Chapter 274: One Versus Eight
Chapter 275: Merciless Slaughter
Chapter 276: A Stumble To Prevent A Fall
Chapter 277: Another Bloodbath
Chapter 278: Waited A Long Time
Chapter 279: Charcoal Breaking Past The Encirclement
Chapter 280: Something’S Odd
Chapter 281: Yang Qing Firmly Forbids
Chapter 282: Promotion
Chapter 283: Shocked Senseless
Chapter 284: Promises
Chapter 285: Proposal
Chapter 286: Promoted To Mountain Chieftain
Chapter 287: A Small Compensation
Chapter 288: Using Oneself As Bait
Chapter 289: Today Will Be The Day You Die
Chapter 290: Defeated At The Hands Of His Own Men
Chapter 291: Pursue And Kill!
Chapter 292: Ghost Rain
Chapter 293: Came So Quickly
Chapter 294: Two Ladies Deflowered
Chapter 295: Report
Chapter 296: Got Another Little Sister For No Reason
Chapter 297: Quarrel
Chapter 298: The Capable Ones Should Assume The Roles
Chapter 299: An Expected Outcome
Chapter 300: Yue Yao Is Here?
Chapter 301: Desperately Poor
Chapter 302: An Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 303: A Large Sum
Chapter 304: Heavy Bleeding
Chapter 305: A Done Deal
Chapter 306: Are Those Wines That Expensive?
Chapter 307: Ship Construction Task
Chapter 308: Adoptive Father
Chapter 309: Yao Ruoxian'S Presents
Chapter 310: A Let Down
Chapter 311: The Destruction Of The School Of Blue Jade
Chapter 312: Fickleness Of Human Relationships
Chapter 313: Empty-Handed
Chapter 314: White Lotus Seventh Grade
Chapter 315: Full Set Of Second Grade Transcendent Artifacts
Chapter 316: Extortion
Chapter 317: Confrontation
Chapter 318: Candidate List Announcement
Chapter 319: Endless Visitors
Chapter 320: Yan Beihong’S Trust
Chapter 321: Mass Movement Of Six Nations
Chapter 322: The Troops Of The Fifth Earthly Branch
Chapter 323: All Options Lead To Death
Chapter 324: Truth
Chapter 325: Your Death Will Be When You Leave The Ship
Chapter 326: Abused Power For Personal Revenge
Chapter 327: Light Punishment
Chapter 328: We Are Friends
Chapter 329: Adopting Another’S Power To Do Evil
Chapter 330: Establishing Relations
Chapter 331: The Final Nail In The Coffin
Chapter 332: Arrival
Chapter 333: Merits Of The First Battle
Chapter 334: A Spear And A Steed
Chapter 335: Who Has The Larger Force?
Chapter 336: Fierce Battle Against The Three Major Sects
Chapter 337: Sharing Life And Death For Nine
Chapter 338: Western Constellations Palace
Chapter 339: A Decisive Murderer
Chapter 340: Mark Of Fealty
Chapter 341: Splitting The Loot
Chapter 342: Splitting The Loot (2)
Chapter 343: Extra Incentive
Chapter 344: No Escaping Fate
Chapter 345: Mystic Yin Mirror Artifact
Chapter 346: A Risky Plunder
Chapter 347: Unequal Distribution
Chapter 348: Secrets Of The Mystic Yin Mirror
Chapter 349: Plot
Chapter 350: Looks Impressive
Chapter 351: The Might Of The Mountain Suppressing Hammer
Chapter 352: Retreat Is The Only Option
Chapter 353: A Sudden Change
Chapter 354: Break Off All Ties
Chapter 355: A Liar?
Chapter 356: New Alliance Master
Chapter 357: No Rest For The Weary
Chapter 358: Never Betray Those Who Place Their Faith In Me
Chapter 359: Sharing The Artifacts
Chapter 360: Tiny Mantids Vs. Seeker Birds
Chapter 361: Completely Impressed
Chapter 362: Might Of The Spirit Illusion Greatsword
Chapter 363: Charcoal On A Rampage
Chapter 364: Encountering Heart-Devouring Bats Again
Chapter 365: Monsters At Sea
Chapter 366: Meeting Pi Junzi Again
Chapter 367: So It Had Been A Major Incident
Chapter 368: Push The Blame
Chapter 369: The Overwhelming Thunderclap
Chapter 370: Asking For Trouble
Chapter 371: Great Losses For The Red Scarves Alliance
Chapter 372: Broken Net
Chapter 373: Miserable Old Man
Chapter 374: Neither Task Will Be Neglected
Chapter 375: The Demons Start To Move
Chapter 376: Continue Waiting
Chapter 377: Strange Movements
Chapter 378: Back On Their Trail
Chapter 379: Five Mighty Artifacts
Chapter 380: A Strong Foe Arrives
Chapter 381: Demon Refining Gourd
Chapter 382: Trapped
Chapter 383: Danger
Chapter 384: End Of The Road
Chapter 385: A Strong Helper
Chapter 386: Demon Refining Gourd Destroyed
Chapter 387: Yue Yao To The Rescue
Chapter 388: Distracted
Chapter 389: Persistent Spectre
Chapter 390: Skyfire Mountain
Chapter 391: A Test Of Endurance
Chapter 392: False Benevolence
Chapter 393: A Dire Situation
Chapter 394: A Pitiful Broken Body
Chapter 395: Lao Bai Makes His Move
Chapter 396: Rebirth
Chapter 397: Supreme Fire Palace
Chapter 398: Fearsome Fiery Star Technique
Chapter 399: Charcoal’S Subjugation Crusade
Chapter 400: Extinguished Flames
Chapter 401: Reuniting With Charcoal
Chapter 402: Yan Beihong Furious
Chapter 403: May Heaven And Earth Bear Witness To My Oath
Chapter 404: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 405: Dividing The Spoils
Chapter 406: Mysterious Satanic Arts
Chapter 407: Doomed
Chapter 408: A Friend Of Luo Shuangfei?
Chapter 409: I Have An Older Sister
Chapter 410: Assemble!
Chapter 411: Site Of The Final Battle
Chapter 412: Yue Yao’S Decision
Chapter 413: Wager
Chapter 414: Mu Fanjun Is A Woman?
Chapter 415: Openly Challenged!
Chapter 416: Spear Of Dazzling Destruction
Chapter 417: Pi Junzi Is A Burden
Chapter 418: Yue Yao Poaching Talent
Chapter 419: A Lecherous Fellow
Chapter 420: Don’T Be Afraid, I Am Here!
Chapter 421: A Suspicious Party
Chapter 422: Doubting One Another
Chapter 423: Busted
Chapter 424: Made A Killing
Chapter 425: Demanding Justice
Chapter 426: Frenzied
Chapter 427: Glory Of The Survivors
Chapter 428: Limitless Future
Chapter 429: One Missing
Chapter 430: Tenth Place, Miao Yi!
Chapter 431: Second Bro?
Chapter 432: Siblings Reunited
Chapter 433: Fairy Hong Chen’S Past
Chapter 434: Waiting For The Day Of Overturning The Heavens
Chapter 435: A Hard Place To Sweep
Chapter 436: Lie Huan’S Wrath
Chapter 437: Might Of A Supreme Yao Lord
Chapter 438: Cat’S Out Of The Bag
Chapter 439: Give The Youngster A Chance
Chapter 440: Unexpected Returns
Chapter 441: Fall From Grace
Chapter 442: Good News
Chapter 443: Trouble Brewing In Mount Calming Sea
Chapter 444: Day Of His Return
Chapter 445: Welcome Back
Chapter 446: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 447: Strange Movements
Chapter 448: Same Old Trick
Chapter 449: Insubordination
Chapter 450: In Passing
Chapter 451: Handover
Chapter 452: Big Brother Xiao?
Chapter 453: The Hall Master Is My Sworn Big Brother
Chapter 454: Getting Him To Leave Quickly
Chapter 455: So That Bastard Has Some Background
Chapter 456: Revisiting The Capital City
Chapter 457: Scarce Opportunities, Fierce Competition
Chapter 458: Some Happy, Some Sad
Chapter 459: Sudden Calamity
Chapter 460: Spoke Too Much
Chapter 461: A Different Mastermind
Chapter 462: My Man’S Sworn Brother
Chapter 463
Chapter 464
Chapter 465
Chapter 466
Chapter 467
Chapter 468
Chapter 469
Chapter 470
Chapter 471
Chapter 472
Chapter 473
Chapter 474
Chapter 475
Chapter 476
Chapter 477
Chapter 478
Chapter 479
Chapter 480
Chapter 481
Chapter 482
Chapter 483
Chapter 484
Chapter 485
Chapter 486
Chapter 487
Chapter 488
Chapter 489
Chapter 490
Chapter 491
Chapter 492
Chapter 493
Chapter 494
Chapter 495
Chapter 496
Chapter 497
Chapter 498
Chapter 499 - No Longer The Same
Chapter 500 - Secret Decree
Chapter 501 - No Room For Refusal
Chapter 502 - Legend Of The Ghost Ship
Chapter 503 - An Uncertain Future
Chapter 504 - Niu Er
Chapter 505 - Mountain-Crossing Dragon
Chapter 506 - Substitute Horse
Chapter 507 - Tempest Tavern
Chapter 508 - One Tough Family
Chapter 509 - Dim Sum
Chapter 510 - Devious Four
Chapter 511 - Lady Boss
Chapter 512 - All Are Lonesome
Chapter 513 - Captain Again?
Chapter 514 - Demon-Subduing Vajra
Chapter 515 - Dejected Old Acquaintances
Chapter 516 - Monopolizing The Market
Chapter 517 - Inferno Qilin Spear
Chapter 518 - Single Spear: Ten Deaths
Chapter 519 - Completely Drained
Chapter 520 - Almost Became In-Laws
Chapter 521 - Save One Just In Case
Chapter 522 - Screwing One’S Own Ancestor
Chapter 523 - Twins
Chapter 524 - The Ascetic
Chapter 525 - The Netherdragon Ship
Chapter 526 - Finally Aboard
Chapter 527 - The Wandering Warlock
Chapter 528 - The Difficulty Of Asking For Favors
Chapter 529 - Going To Get Busted Eventually
Chapter 530 - A New Mission
Chapter 531 - Becoming An Employee?
Chapter 532 - The New Employee
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FeiTian, 飞天

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

A striking man of mysterious origin and peerless talent, he looks back at the world, in all its entirety, with utter disdain. And yet, in the treacherous and unpredictable ultimate formation of the Boundless Secular World, he guards a breathtaking ancient qin with broken strings, waiting silently for the destined one to arrive!

A boy encounters him, and knows for the first time that the world beneath the Heavens is a fickle place. Not even demons, devils, ghosts and monsters can match the frivolity of human nature!

A slender physique, and jade-like beauty, but the sword that strikes between heaven and earth is not unlike a streaming rainbow!

The vastness of the starry sky, the seven emotions and six desires! Greed, anger and ignorance! The teachings of Buddha will grant you boundless strength!

A sea of blood will come, at the cost of all mortal beings full of honest hope!

The ghosts wail as the gods roar, but the sea of blood has no end!

Where, pray tell, is the path I should take?

Since there is no path, no matter how bitter and bloody the sea, even if my boat is made out of bones, I will soar to the heavens above!

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Chapter 1: Boundless Secular World (1)

Chapter 1: Boundless Secular World (1)

“Stop running! You, Miao brat, you can’t run from me! I, your father, demand that you stop this instant!”

Three young men, each carrying long blades, ran in the same direction along the dark and strange trail that lay between the mountains. Every so often, they waved their blades threateningly at the man running just ahead of them, signaling him to stop.

Their threats were useless, since the man wouldn’t even halt in his tracks. In fact, he started to quicken his pace, moving faster than before.

The young man, wielding a butcher’s knife, ignored their calls as he ran. While sprinting, he looked back and loudly yelled, “Mad dogs! Can’t you see what kind of place this is? You’re all f*cking nuts!”

It would be crazy if he stopped. His life would be in jeopardy. A snapping sound could be heard from the places he trod on as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him, black patches of grass turning to flying dust in his wake.

All around him, the grass, the trees and all the plants were colored black.

They weren’t purposely dyed black, nor was it a naturally organic color. They were all carbonized, which had caused them to turn black. Nobody knew what their original state looked like a hundred thousand years ago, and neither would anyone know what would become of them a hundred thousand years later. In this place, it was as if time had stopped completely. The plants, akin to blackened, life-like statues, were shrouded and concealed within a white mist.

This place, similar to the netherworld, was known as the Boundless Secular World. Legend has it that a hundred thousand years ago, a hundred thousand celestial troops and generals travelled far across the Heavens, giving chase to the Great Devil, with the sole intent to kill. In the midst of their pursuit, they eventually arrived at this location. Unfortunately, the Great Devil was too strong, leaving the celestial troops and generals no choice but to finally lay out the Ultimate Deathly Strike Formation. With this last move, they altogether perished, taking the Great Devil with them.

For the better part of a hundred thousand years, the white mist took on a perpetually treacherous and frightening shade of blood-red. This blood mist appeared menacing, seeming to devour everything in its path. Human, spirits and gods alike didn’t dare to trespass this place,and so the mist prevented any living creature from going further.

But once every thousand years, the Ultimate Deathly Strike Formation would leave one side of its vaporous net open. When the blood mist turned back to being white in color, mortals were able to go in for a glimpse of whatever mystery was occurring within. However, demons and devils and all other non-human living beings were not able to enter arbitrarily, or else they would dissolve into a pool of black water just from touching the strange dense mist. Not even the strongest cultivator could withstand the erosion of the mist. Overall, it was extremely strange and no one could figure out the reason for this phenomenon.

However, these were the burial grounds of the Immortal Devil. It was obvious that the treasured items guarded by the Immortal Devil were also buried in the same spot. This piece of news attracted a large number of cultivators to lust after them. Not only that, the area was abundantly rich in an immortal herb called the Glorious Star, a divine healing medicine revered as a priceless treasure by many cultivators.

Every one thousand years, cultivators began to grow restless whenever the time arrived for the Boundless Secular World to open its ‘gates’ once more. Since they weren’t able to enter, the cultivators resorted to luring in mortals with promises of riches in exchange for their help in obtaining the items they sought. It didn’t matter who it was, so long as they could find the Immortal Devil’s treasures or the Glorious Star immortal herb, they would be accepted unconditionally into their School of Immortals.

But a certain kind of monster dwelled here. Legend has it that the monster guarded the Immortal Devil’s tomb. It was bloodthirsty in nature and killed as if the lives of others were trifling matters.

Nobody would dare risk their own lives to come here unless they were either desperate or were fugitives, since ascending to immortality would require at least a life to enjoy!

Miao Yi wasn’t a desperate man, nor was he a fugitive. He was only seventeen years of age, and wasn’t considered as too young or too old. It was viewed as a normal sight for the locals to get married and have children at his age.

He had his eyes set on the Li Family’s beautiful daughter, who owned a tofu store right in front of his butcher stall. And so he sent a matchmaker over to propose. Once Old Li, the tofu store’s owner, understood what was going on, he instantly threw the matchmaker out of his house. The two families lived close by, just across the street, so why wouldn’t they know each other? A butcher kid with no money and status, with two young burdens to raise, would dare to even dream of marrying his daughter?

Even if the matchmaker’s words were persuasive enough to raise the dead, it was all futile. Old Li’s wife yelled angrily for quite some time out in the streets, her words impossible to avoid as she flung insults along the lines of a toad wishing to eat swan meat.

He would have been better off not proposing. Afterwards, Old Li was constantly wary around Miao Yi, guarding against him as if he were a thief. Since then, he never once allowed his daughter, who had grown up with Miao Yi ever since infancy, to meet with him again, fearing that Miao Yi would abduct her without warning. The two families had completely cut off ties with each other. Indeed, neighbors always were this quick to turn against each other.

Honestly, Miao Yi didn’t even like Old Li’s daughter all that much. His family’s financial condition didn’t exactly put him in the mood to be concerned with love affairs. He was only complying to society’s local customs. So it wouldn’t be a big deal if the marriage didn’t end up happening. However, after this whole matter, he came to understand a certain truth.

His foster parents had treated Miao Yi with kindness. Before they passed away, they left behind a son and daughter under his care. Miao Yi didn’t want his siblings to wind up with the same fate as him. And as luck would have it, the Boundless Secular World had lifted its seal, and so he entered its domain with the intention of securing a better future for his siblings.

But not long after entering, who would have thought that he’d be instantly targeted by his old enemy, Huang Cheng, accompanied by his lackeys. Upon sighting them, he had no choice but to make his escape without doing anything, swearing as he went.

The dense mist lightly swirled through the surroundings. Those who came to take their chances could be seen scattered amongst the thick fog, all turning their heads to stare in shock at the four people giving chase. None of them expected such young fellows, not yet fully grown, would dare to make such a scene in this dangerous place.

“That brat’s zodiac must be a dog! He can really run! Boss, I can’t keep up any longer. Let’s rest!”

Zhao Xingwu, second of the Zhao brothers, panted to catch his breath.

His older brother, Zhao Xingkui, also shouted at Huang Cheng, “That’s right, Boss, let’s rest.”

Huang Cheng, too, couldn’t keep running. He gasped for air as he placed his hand on a large boulder to support himself, with the Zhao brothers resting to the side.

Miao Yi was dead tired. Seeing that nobody was chasing him anymore, he also braced himself onto a large boulder and turned to sit down, his mouth wide-open as he breathed heavily. He pointed at the three men and shook his head. “Huang Cheng, are you insane? Take a look at where you are before you go around stirring up trouble. Do you really want to die that badly?”

Huang Cheng tapped his long blade against the boulder twice before directing it towards Miao Yi. “You should blame it on yourself, trying to rise above your station. You’re merely a pig butcher and yet you dream to ascend to immortality? You even dare to aspire above my Huang Clan? I, your father, have come here today to eliminate all future nuisances!”

His father was the widely-known Huang, the Head Guard serving under the City Lord of Changfeng City. Miao Yi’s home was situated in an area that fell under his jurisdiction. From a young age, both Miao Yi and himself had never seen eye to eye, with Miao Yi always gaining the upper hand. But as it was only a child’s quarrel, it wouldn’t look good if his father abused his authority to intimidate Miao Yi, otherwise the entire neighborhood would drown you in their spit.

He was immediately shocked to find out Miao Yi wanted to take his chances in the Boundless Secular World. With his family background, even he was unable to suppress Miao Yi. So if Miao Yi were to become an Immortal, wouldn’t that make his current situation even more terrible?

Even if he ended up beaten to death, he couldn’t allow Miao Yi to surpass him. And so he gathered two of his lackeys, with murder on his mind!

Miao Yi kept glancing at the gleaming blades held in their hands, heaving heavily as he asked, “You seriously intend to kill me?”

The three men gave menacing smiles. Huang Cheng looked around and spoke with a cynical air, “This isn’t the city, so it’s not unusual for people to die out here. Who would be able to figure out the culprit?”

Miao Yi was shocked. As kids, they had gotten into harmless fights, but the most they had done was badly bruise each other. It had never escalated to the point of murder. After all, their city’s laws weren’t for decorational purposes.

“You’re f*cking mad! Since you braved all this way to kill me, why do you even need to be scared that I’ll become immortal?” Miao Yi exclaimed in disbelief as he pointed at their surroundings.

The clear meaning of his words was simple to understand; since they had dared to venture into this place, they had the opportunity to find its treasures. They could present the treasures to the Immortal for themselves to have a chance to become one as well. Why did they need to be threatened by the thought of him doing so?

“Che!” Huang Cheng grunted in disdain as he took in his surroundings, looking resolute.

In spite of his arrogance and ignorance of the area, he had wanted to do this. The handmaiden his father had gifted to the Immortal had gotten hold of some insider information, severely warning him not to meddle in Miao Yi’s affairs. As to what she meant by ‘affairs’, she would not reveal a single word.

It was because of this big sister’s role, staying by the Immortal’s side as a handmaiden, which had helped his father secure the position as Head Guard.

“Be good! Stop fooling around, hurry up and go home.” Miao Yi waved his hand at them, carrying his butcher knife as he stood up, turned and left.

Huang Cheng was stunned, but in a flash became furious. That brat was treating him like a kid! He waved his blade and shouted, “Stop right there!”

“Catch me if you can. You’re well aware of how dangerous it is inside, so come if you don’t fear death.”

Having said that, Miao Yi strode down his own path, too lazy to bother himself with them anymore.

Huang Cheng looked around him and realized they had already journeyed too deep inside. It would be dangerous if they ventured further in.

Their initial plan was to trail Miao Yi from behind and into this area, with the intention of ambushing him. But the grass in this awful place was all carbonized. A snapping sound was heard as they walked, so they were found out by Miao Yi before they could even get close to him. As a result, they had made it this far by accident.

“Great, run then, Miao brat. If you have the guts, run as far as you can. A monk may run but the temple always remains. Anyway, you still have two little kids back home. Dealing with them later on would be the same as dealing with you.”

Huang Cheng didn’t dare to head in any further, so he acted like a ruffian, behaving shamelessly while throwing threats at Miao Yi.

After saying that, Miao stopped dead in his tracks and slowly turned his body around. The man was right in his words; it reminded him that if by chance he couldn’t return, these bastards would definitely bully the heck out of his younger siblings.

Seeing that the threat was effective, Zhao Xingkui, with a perverted expression, made the situation even worse as he said, “That little sister of his is a beautiful girl with fair and smooth skin. If you rip all her clothes off...”

“Shut up!”

Yet, Zhao Xingkui spoke even more perverted words, even adding some lewd actions. Miao Yi was enraged and pointed his knife towards the three, as he gnashed his teeth and said, “You are all courting death!”

Huang Cheng waved at Miao Yi in a playful manner and said, “If you have the guts, don’t run. Come to us! I’ll wait for you right here. Indeed, I am here to court death. Come! Come kill me!”

Miao Yi stifled his anger and stared at the three with an expressionless face. He did not charge forward to fight desperately. Instead, he tightly closed his mouth.

Normally, he would fight them. Since he had butchered pigs from a young age, he had the strength. Things like fighting against three people at the same time wouldn’t be anything new. However, this time, all three of them had blades in their hands, while he himself was not exactly invincible against blades and spears. If he was stabbed, that wouldn’t be a joke. Giving his life to three bastards was not worth it.

Seeing no reaction from him, the three men whistled and cheered, all the while insulting Miao Yi as a good-for-nothing, a spineless coward for thinking he could scare them.

However, Miao Yi turned his eyes to the other adventurers that were approaching. Among the adventurers, there was a big, sturdy man with a long saber in his hand, revealing a fierce pair of eyes, akin to those of a hawk or a wolf. One glance, and one would know that this man was not a virtuous crop.

Miao Yi’s lips curled, as he coldly laughed. When they neared him, he suddenly waved his blade and shouted, “Hand over the immortal herb!”

Huang Cheng and the other two froze for a second, thinking that Miao Yi had gone mad. Immediately, they noticed something was wrong. They realized that those people passing by them had also stopped, and were staring at them with indecipherable expressions.Those strange eyes sent a chill down the three men’s hearts.

Seeing that the three were just young, inexperienced fellows, someone moved a step forward in approach. He did not care whether it was real or fake, he intended to make sure of it for himself.

“Don’t listen to his gibberish. We don’t have the immortal herb. We are just here to get even with him. We are not even here to gather the immortal herb,” Huang Cheng hastily explained.

However, these words had to be more credible. Coming to this place, one where you could lose your life, just to get even with somebody... What a joke! Did these kids think that they were all idiots?


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