Soul of Negary by SON

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Chapter 61 - What Comes Next
Chapter 62 - Seven Years Of War
Chapter 63 - Granny Seal'E
Chapter 64 - Seth
Chapter 65 - Princess
Chapter 66 - Rhys Laval
Chapter 67 - The Sword-Wielding Girl.
Chapter 68 - The Book Of Monsters
Chapter 69 - Hales Who Prays To Return To The Black Abyss
Chapter 70 - Ritual
Chapter 71 - Repaying The Favor
Chapter 72 - There Is No Such Thing As Hope And Warmth
Chapter 73 - The ‘Unfathomable’ Ellis
Chapter 74 - Vol1 Ch74: Advent
Chapter 75 - Dracotongue
Chapter 76 - The Three Gods That Came From The First Flame
Chapter 77 - Vol1 Ch77: Draconic Hero
Chapter 78 - Vol1 Ch78: Floating Corpse Maggot
Chapter 79 - Vol1 Ch79: Sword
Chapter 80 - Vol1 Ch80: Three Years Of War
Chapter 81 - Vol1 Ch81: Withdrawal And Negotiations
Chapter 82 - Vol1 Ch82: We Are Knights
Chapter 83 - Some People Do Not Deserve To Be Saved
Chapter 84 - To Walk On The Right Path
Chapter 85 - Vol1 Ch85: King To King
Chapter 86 - Seal Of The Empire
Chapter 87 - I Am A King!
Chapter 88 - The ‘Ghouls’ Of Sacred Valley
Chapter 89 - May The Glory Of My Lord Shines On Me Always
Chapter 90 - Divine Grace Of The Church Of Divine Grace
Chapter 91 - Vol1 Ch91: God Loves The World
Chapter 92 - Vol1 Ch92: Destruction Of Divine Grace
Chapter 93 - Vol1 Ch93: Remains Of The Giant
Chapter 94 - The First Flame (1)
Chapter 95 - The First Flame (2)
Chapter 96 - The First Flame (3)
Chapter 97 - The First Flame (4)
Chapter 98 - Vol1 Ch98: The First Flame (5)
Chapter 99 - : The First Flame (6)
Chapter 100 - Vol1 Ch100: The First Flame (7)
Chapter 101 - Vol1 Ch101: The First Flame (8)
Chapter 102 - The First Flame (9)
Chapter 103 - Vol2 Ch1: Disaster Authority
Chapter 104 - : Vol2 Ch2: Disaster King
Chapter 105 - : Vol2 Ch3: Asteroid
Chapter 106 - Vol2 Ch4: Protagonist
Chapter 107 - Vol2 Ch5: [Otherworld Invasion]
Chapter 108 - Vol2 Ch6: Reconstruction
Chapter 109 - Vol2 Ch7: Supporter
Chapter 110 - Vol2 Ch8: Shackled People
Chapter 111 - Vol2 Ch9: Codename J
Chapter 112 - Vol2 Ch10: A Thoroughly Insane Person
Chapter 113 - Vol2 Ch11: The Justice That Was Never Served
Chapter 114 - Vol2 Ch12: [Loneliness] And [Stray Arrow]
Chapter 115 - Vol2 Ch13: An Assault
Chapter 116 - Vol2 Ch14: Sacrifices
Chapter 117 - Vol2 Ch15: Taken Advantage Of
Chapter 118 - Vol2 Ch16: Apocalypse Stone Tablet
Chapter 119 - Vol2 Ch17: Bargaining Chips
Chapter 120 - Vol2 Ch18: The ‘Resurrection’ Surgery
Chapter 121 - Vol2 Ch19: I Like To Study, Studying Makes Me Happy
Chapter 122 - Vol2 Ch20: Uncrowned
Chapter 123 - Vol2 Ch21: The Path
Chapter 124 - Vol2 Ch22: Disasforce Cultivation Method, First Edition
Chapter 125 - Vol2 Ch23: Scheme
Chapter 126 - Vol2 Ch24: Picking A Fight
Chapter 127 - Vol2 Ch25: Curb-Stomp
Chapter 128 - Vol2 Ch26: The Disqualified King
Chapter 129 - Vol2 Ch27: [Building Collapse]
Chapter 130 - Vol2 Ch28: Disaster Authority Promotion
Chapter 131 - Vol2 Ch29: Exposed Information
Chapter 132 - Vol2 Ch30: Only In Fear Can One Clearly See Their Own Position
Chapter 133 - Vol2 Ch31: God’S Words Realized
Chapter 134 - Vol2 Ch32: [Order Collapse]
Chapter 135 - Vol2 Ch33: Disaster Awakening
Chapter 136 - Vol2 Ch34: Disasforce Material
Chapter 137 - Vol2 Ch35: Fragment Of Disaster God
Chapter 138 - Vol2 Ch36: Symbiotic Weapons
Chapter 139 - : Vol2 Ch37: Big Secret (Boobies)
Chapter 140 - Vol2 Ch38: Regarding Ad Revenue
Chapter 141 - Vol2 Ch39: The 7Th Domain, Yue Bu
Chapter 142 - Vol2 Ch40: Negary Is On His Way
Chapter 143 - Vol2 Ch41: Yue Bu Natives
Chapter 144 - Vol2 Ch42: Original Venue
Chapter 145 - : Vol2 Ch43: Attack
Chapter 146 - Vol2 Ch44: Aberration
Chapter 147 - : Vol2 Ch45: The Ten Disasters
Chapter 148 - Vol2 Ch46: Source Pool
Chapter 149 - Vol2 Ch 47: Grand Ideal
Chapter 150 - Vol2 Ch48: No Need For Concern
Chapter 151 - Vol2 Ch49: The Great Cataclysm
Chapter 152 - Vol2 Ch50: Disaster King
Chapter 153 - Vol2 Ch51: Sisters, Brothers, Please Subscribe To My Book (Shameless Self-Promotion)
Chapter 154 - Vol2 Ch52: If There Are No Brothers Or Sisters, Genderless Are Good As Well! (Even More Shameless Self-Promotion)
Chapter 155 - Vol2 Ch53: Biomass Gear
Chapter 156 - Vol2 Ch54: Rays Of Light
Chapter 157 - Vol2 Ch55: Amateurs Pecking One Another
Chapter 158 - Vol2 Ch56: Birth Of A Disaster King
Chapter 159 - Vol2 Ch57: Stalling For Time
Chapter 160 - Vol2 Ch58: [Traffic Jam], Online And Waiting To Be Named
Chapter 161 - Vol2 Ch59: The Second Confrontation
Chapter 162 - Vol2 Ch60: Like How You Saw That Flower, And Like How I Met You
Chapter 163 - Vol2 Ch61: Transitive
Chapter 164 - Vol2 Ch62: That Which Will Come
Chapter 165 - Vol2 Ch63: Fright
Chapter 166 - Vol2 Ch64: Purple Vines
Chapter 167 - Vol2 Ch65: Expansion Of Error
Chapter 168 - Vol2 Ch66: The Evil Eye That Stares At Me
Chapter 169 - Vol2 Ch67: Exhausted Feeble Ones, Crawl Under My Foot
Chapter 170 - Vol2 Ch68: Confronting What The Heart Earnestly Seeks
Chapter 171 - Vol2 Ch69: A Beautiful Dream Built On Lies
Chapter 172 - Vol2 Ch70: The Ideal State Has Been Marginally Achieved
Chapter 173 - Vol2 Ch71: Explosive Growth
Chapter 174 - Vol2 Ch72: Again And Again
Chapter 175 - Vol2 Ch73: Come At Me, All Of You
Chapter 176 - Vol2 Ch74: [School Of Ice]
Chapter 177
Chapter 178 - Vol2 Ch76: Contaminating The [Protagonist Aura]
Chapter 179 - Vol2 Ch77: The Enemy That Had Yet To Arrive
Chapter 180 - Vol2 Ch78: The Fourth Cycle
Chapter 181 - Vol2 Ch79: Disaster Authority Project
Chapter 182 - Vol2 Ch80: The Path Of Error
Chapter 183 - : Vol2 Ch81: Leisure
Chapter 184 - Vol2 Ch82: Prelude
Chapter 185 - Vol2 Ch83: The [Origin] Plague
Chapter 186 - : Vol2 Ch84: Beginning Of The Invasion
Chapter 187 - : Vol2 Ch85: Invading
Chapter 188 - Vol2 Ch86: The Disasters
Chapter 189 - Vol2 Ch87: Hunting And Killing
Chapter 190 - Vol2 Ch88: Your Name Is Somewhat An Eyesore
Chapter 191 - Vol2 Ch89: Worship Of Impurity
Chapter 192 - Vol2 Ch90: Drawing Power From The Impurity
Chapter 193 - Vol2 Ch91: The Victor Is Truth
Chapter 194 - Vol2 Ch92: Foolish
Chapter 195 - Vol2 Ch93: Unified Timeline Battlefront
Chapter 196 - Vol2 Ch94: Bridge
Chapter 197 - Vol2 Ch95: Attendant
Chapter 198 - Vol2 Ch96: Emptying An Ocean With A Bucket
Chapter 199 - Vol2 Ch97: I’M Tired
Chapter 200 - Vol2 Ch98: Departure And Announcement
Chapter 201 - Vol3 Ch1: Sickness
Chapter 202 - Vol3 Ch2: The Blood Of Evil
Chapter 203 - Vol3 Ch3: Spirit Cleansing Day
Chapter 204 - : Vol3 Ch4: Precious
Chapter 205 - Vol3 Ch5: Righteous Gods And The Night Watchers
Chapter 206 - Vol3 Ch6: Long May The Sun Shine
Chapter 207 - Vol3 Ch7: Dispute
Chapter 208 - Vol3 Ch8: Within The Dim Sewers
Chapter 209 - Vol3 Ch9: Question Of The Half-Man, Half-Snake Monster
Chapter 210 - Vol3 Ch10: A Thousand Repeats, A Single Tune, What Is Even The Use Of Living?
Chapter 211 - Vol3 Ch11: Then Let Me Tell You
Chapter 212 - Vol3 Ch12: Living Is The Process During Which People Discover Themselves To Be Doomed To Mediocrity
Chapter 213 - Strike To Kill
Chapter 214 - Vol3 Ch14: The Church And The Axle Ritual
Chapter 215 - Vol3 Ch15: The Night Watchers
Chapter 216 - Vol3 Ch16: Reason
Chapter 217 - Vol3 Ch17: Formation Of The Impure Hermit Order
Chapter 218 - Vol3 Ch18: Chromie
Chapter 219 - Vol3 Ch19: The Clock Tower
Chapter 220 - Vol3 Ch20: Impurity Which Embodies Chaos
Chapter 221 - : Vol3 Ch21: The Soundless Cult
Chapter 222 - Vol3 Ch22: The Domain Of Dreadful Silence
Chapter 223 - Vol2 Ch23: The World’S Other Aspect
Chapter 224 - Vol3 Ch24: Useless Useless Useless
Chapter 225 - Vol3 Ch25: Unnamed
Chapter 226 - Vol3 Ch26: Spirit Vision
Chapter 227 - Vol3 Ch27: To Live Is To Make Choices One After Another
Chapter 228 - Vol3 Ch28: I Have Witnessed The Truth
Chapter 229 - Vol3 Ch29: Evil God
Chapter 230 - Vol3 Ch30: Besieging Battle (1)
Chapter 231 - Vol3 Ch31: Besieging Battle (2)
Chapter 232 - Vol3 Ch32: Besieging Battle (3)
Chapter 233 - Vol3 Ch33: Besieging Battle (4)
Chapter 234 - Vol3 Ch34: Besieging Battle (5)
Chapter 235 - Vol3 Ch35: Besieging Battle (6)
Chapter 236 - Vol3 Ch36: Besieging Battle (7)
Chapter 237 - Vol3 Ch37: Besieging Battle (8)
Chapter 238 - Vol3 Ch38: Besieging Battle (9)
Chapter 239 - Vol3 Ch39: Change
Chapter 240 - Vol3 Ch40: Disappeared Soul
Chapter 241 - Vol3 Ch41: The Gear
Chapter 242 - Vol3 Ch42: Zealous
Chapter 243 - Vol3 Ch43: Conflict
Chapter 244 - Vol3 Ch44: Disaster
Chapter 245 - Vol3 Ch45: True Name
Chapter 246 - Vol3 Ch46: Pursuit
Chapter 247 - Vol3 Ch47: Everything Is In My Hand
Chapter 248 - Vol3 Ch48: Apparition
Chapter 249 - Vol3 Ch49: Vestige
Chapter 250 - Vol3 Ch50: Fierce Battle
Chapter 251 - Vol3 Ch51: Combat
Chapter 252 - Vol3 Ch52: Unstable Mutation
Chapter 253 - Vol3 Ch53: The Ruins Open
Chapter 254 - Vol3 Ch54: Linking Substance
Chapter 255 - Vol3 Ch55: Within The Ruins
Chapter 256 - Vol3 Ch56: Gluttonous Demon Ghosts
Chapter 257 - Vol3 Ch57: Anti-Mages And New Mutations
Chapter 258 - Vol3 Ch58: Sprout
Chapter 259 - Vol3 Ch59: Anti-Mages
Chapter 260 - Vol3 Ch60: Silence Arrives
Chapter 261 - Vol3 Ch61: Conflict
Chapter 262 - Vol3 Ch62: Parasite And God’S Descent
Chapter 263 - Vol3 Ch63: Dim Silence Envoy
Chapter 264 - Vol3 Ch64: Would You Like To Believe In A Different God?
Chapter 265 - Vol3 Ch65: Eve Of Arrival
Chapter 266 - Vol3 Ch66: Dim Silence’S Resolution
Chapter 267 - Vol3 Ch67: Darr Swallowed A God
Chapter 268 - Vol3 Ch68: Clues Of A New World
Chapter 269 - Vol3 Ch69: Flower Of Unknown Name (1)
Chapter 270 - Vol3 Ch70: Flower Of Unknown Name (2)
Chapter 271 - Vol3 Ch71: Flower Of Unknown Name (3)
Chapter 272 - Vol3 Ch72: Flower Of Unknown Name (4)
Chapter 273 - Vol3 Ch73: Modification Of Soul’S Blood
Chapter 274 - : The Bell Tolls
Chapter 275 - Vol3 Ch75: Heading Off To A New World
Chapter 276 - Vol4 Ch1: Scr Society For Psychical Research?
Chapter 277 - Vol4 Ch2: Containment Breach
Chapter 278 - Vol4 Ch3: Announcement
Chapter 279 - Vol4 Ch4: Under The Dome
Chapter 280 - Vol4 Ch5: Day One
Chapter 281 - Vol4 Ch6: You Didn’T Think It Would Be ‘Day Two’, Did You?
Chapter 282 - Vol4 Ch7: This Time, Is It Actually ‘Day Three’
Chapter 283 - Vol4 Ch8: Devil Goat
Chapter 284 - Vol4 Ch9: Essence Of Distortion
Chapter 285 - Vol4 Ch10: Mass Containment Breach
Chapter 286 - Vol4 Ch11: Yin Teeth Girl
Chapter 287 - Vol4 Ch12: The Storyteller Machine
Chapter 288 - Vol4 Ch13: Lonely Armor
Chapter 289 - Vol4 Ch14: Unusual Assembled Unit
Chapter 290 - Vol4 Ch15: Humanity’S Complete Defeat
Chapter 291 - Vol4 Ch16: The Face Of God And Artificial Unintelligence
Chapter 292 - Vol4 Ch17: The Correctness Of Negary
Chapter 293 - Vol4 Ch18: The 22Nd [Redacted]
Chapter 294 - Vol4 Ch19: The Inexistent World
Chapter 295 - Vol4 Ch20: Non-Achievement
Chapter 296 - Vol4 Ch21: Timeline Alteration
Chapter 297 - Vol4 Ch22: The Ultra Space-Time Squad And Dino Sapiens
Chapter 298 - Vol4 Ch23: Terrifying Upright Apes
Chapter 299 - Vol4 Ch24: Grid Of The Divine Flame
Chapter 300 - Vol4 Ch25: Earthbound Statues
Chapter 301 - Vol4 Ch26: Creation Of Gargoyles
Chapter 302 - Vol4 Ch27: The Statue Timeline
Chapter 303 - Vol4 Ch28: The Birth Of Vampires
Chapter 304 - Vol4 Ch29: To Be Continued
Chapter 305 - Vol4 Ch30: Intertwining Fate
Chapter 306 - The Tower Of Babel Incident
Chapter 307 - Vol4 Ch32: Undead
Chapter 308 - Vol4 Ch33: The Plot
Chapter 309 - Vol4 Ch34: Dinosaurs
Chapter 310 - Vol4 Ch35: Edge Of Tomorrow
Chapter 311 - Vol4 Ch36: Something’S Not Right
Chapter 312 - : Vol4 Ch37: Your Enemy
Chapter 313 - Vol4 Ch38: Escape From Him
Chapter 314 - Vol4 Ch39: Chain Reaction
Chapter 315 - : Vol4 Ch40: The Unified Front That Resists Negary
Chapter 316 - Vol4 Ch41: Breaking Through The Timeline
Chapter 317 - Vol4 Ch42: One Who Could Not Become Stronger Need Only Welcome Death
Chapter 318 - Vol4 Ch43: The Six Disaster Incarnations
Chapter 319 - Vol4 Ch44: Endpoint Of Data – Revelation
Chapter 320 - Vol4 Ch45: Fruits Of Sin
Chapter 321 - Vol4 Ch46: The Battle Called Breakthrough (1)
Chapter 322 - : Vol4 Ch47: The Battle Called Breakthrough (2)
Chapter 323 - Vol4 Ch48: The Battle Called Breakthrough (Last)
Chapter 324 - Vol4 Ch49: The Battle Called Breakthrough (Last Last)
Chapter 325 - Vol4 Ch50: The Battle Called Breakthrough (Left Left Right Right B A B A)
Chapter 326 - Vol4 Ch51: The Battle Called Breakthrough (End)
Chapter 327 - Vol4 Ch52: Self-Replication Experiment
Chapter 328 - Vol4 Ch53: End Of Fusion
Chapter 329 - Vol4 Ch54: Dim Silence
Chapter 330 - Vol4 Ch55: A High-Stake Gamble And A Talent Culturing Ground
Chapter 331 - Vol5 Ch1: House Of Mages’ Invitation
Chapter 332 - Vol5 Ch2: If Even Shit Can Leave This Place, We Should Be Able To As Well
Chapter 333 - Vol5 Ch3: Sediments
Chapter 334 - Vol5 Ch4: Regarding The Social Structure Of The Sediments
Chapter 335 - Rapid Growth
Chapter 336 - Vol5 Ch6: Maggot Humanoid
Chapter 337 - Vol5 Ch7: Fusion Explosion
Chapter 338 - Vol5 Ch8: Admittance Qualifications
Chapter 339 - Vol5 Ch9: The Eerie Institute
Chapter 340 - Vol5 Ch10: Ghostly Shadow
Chapter 341 - Vol5 Ch11: Erroneous Spirits And Divining By Astrology
Chapter 342 - Vol5 Ch12: Field
Chapter 343 - Vol5 Ch13: Magic Inheritance And Lady
Chapter 344 - Vol5 Ch14: Ambush And Demoness
Chapter 345 - Vol5 Ch15: The Grand Library And The Death Wish
Chapter 346 - Vol5 Ch16: Illicit Relations
Chapter 347 - Vol5 Ch17: Awareness Of Sacrificial Offerings
Chapter 348 - Vol5 Ch18: Sewer Adventures
Chapter 349 - Vol5 Ch19: Closing The Door Behind Oneself
Chapter 350 - Vol5 Ch20: Moron Michael
Chapter 351 - Vol5 Ch21: Replacing
Chapter 352 - Vol5 Ch22: Maggots
Chapter 353 - Vol5 Ch23: Those Who Fall Into Desperation Should Strive To Survive
Chapter 354 - Being Clearly Set Up In Every Way
Chapter 355 - Vol5 Ch25: Struggles Of A Maggot
Chapter 356 - : Vol5 Ch26: Berserk
Chapter 357 - The Retreating Spirit And The Clean-Up Enforcers
Chapter 358 - Vol5 Ch28: My Spirit
Chapter 359 - Vol5 Ch29: Reason
Chapter 360 - Vol5 Ch30: Causing A Scene
Chapter 361 - Vol5 Ch31: Miscellaneous Matters
Chapter 362 - Vol5 Ch32: The Polyhedron And Mana Fetus
Chapter 363 - Vol5 Ch33: Turmoil
Chapter 364 - Vol5 Ch34: Brali Fallen On The Streets And The Spirit Of Resentment
Chapter 365 - Vol5 Ch35: The Ignorant Artificial God Plan
Chapter 366 - Vol5 Ch36: Unexpectedly Gaining A Coachman
Chapter 367 - : Vol5 Ch37 Test
Chapter 368 - Vol5 Ch38: Admission
Chapter 369 - Vol5 Ch39: Hehehe, I’Ve Returned
Chapter 370 - Vol5 Ch40: Beginning Of The Banquet
Chapter 371 - Vol5 Ch41: The Chaotic Battle Begins
Chapter 372 - Vol5 Ch42: Five Star Delivery Room, Praiseworthy!
Chapter 373 - Vol5 Ch43: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 374 - Vol5 Ch44: Blueprint Of The Tree Of Life
Chapter 375 - Vol5 Ch45: Filling The Pit
Chapter 376 - Vol5 Ch46: Descent Of Gods
Chapter 377 - Vol5 Ch47: Power Levels
Chapter 378 - Vol5 Ch48: True Might Of The Bear
Chapter 379 - Vol5 Ch49: ‘Negary’ Vs ‘Negary’
Chapter 380 - Vol5 Ch50: The Blink Of An Eye
Chapter 381 - Vol5 Ch51: Killer J’S Showtime
Chapter 382 - Vol5 Ch52: The Unreachable Gate
Chapter 383 - Vol5 Ch53: Killer J Will Remember This Grudge
Chapter 384 - Vol5 Ch54: Competition
Chapter 385 - Vol5 Ch55: A Trap
Chapter 386 - Vol5 Ch56: Schemes
Chapter 387 - Vol5 Ch57: Red Tears Of Infidelity
Chapter 388 - Vol5 Ch58: Who’S Trapping Who?
Chapter 389 - : Vol5 Ch59: Unique Infallible Golden Arrow
Chapter 390 - Vol5 Ch60: Damage For All Parties
Chapter 391 - : Vol5 Ch61: The Rising Sun
Chapter 392 - : Vol5 Ch62: Taking Over And Multitudes
Chapter 393 - Vol5 Ch63: Giving Proper Thanks
Chapter 394 - Vol5 Ch64: Chromie’S Hunting Magic
Chapter 395 - Vol5 Ch65: Source Energy
Chapter 396 - Vol5 Ch66: The Unrepenting Abyss
Chapter 397 - Vol5 Ch67: Attack
Chapter 398 - Vol5 Ch68: Gin Expresses Sympathy
Chapter 399 - Vol5 Ch69: Our Souls Have Never Been Free
Chapter 400 - Vol5 Ch70: A Man Of Guilt
Chapter 401 - Vol5 Ch71: Freedom Is A Hoax
Chapter 402 - Vol5 Ch72: Finally Meet
Chapter 403 - Vol5 Ch73: God’S Offering
Chapter 404 - Vol5 Ch74: The Aspect Of Mind
Chapter 405 - Vol5 Ch75: Wind And Clouds Are Always Unpredictable
Chapter 406 - Vol5 Ch76: Double Irises
Chapter 407 - Vol5 Ch77: Layers Of Scheming
Chapter 408 - Vol5 Ch78: In The End, It’S Still Dependent On This Great Me To Save The World ╮ ( ̄▽ ̄) ╭
Chapter 409 - Vol5 Ch79: Your Big Brother Is Already A High-Efficiency Spiderman, And You’Re Still Here Sleeping
Chapter 410 - Vol5 Ch80: He’S Trying To Ascend
Chapter 411 - Vol5 Ch81: Light
Chapter 412 - Vol5 Ch82: I Will Not Become A Memory
Chapter 413 - Vol6 Ch1: Laying Dead In A New World
Chapter 414 - Vol6 Ch2: Desolate And Demon
Chapter 415 - Vol6 Ch3: The Framed Inferior Desolate
Chapter 416 - Vol6 Ch4: Open The Way To Flee
Chapter 417 - Vol6 Ch5: The World Spirit
Chapter 418 - Vol6 Ch6: Manipulate
Chapter 419 - Vol6 Ch7: Omens Of Resurrection
Chapter 420 - Vol6 Ch8: Lan Shan
Chapter 421 - Vol6 Ch9: Herding Living Beings
Chapter 422 - Vol6 Ch10: Disaster World Transformation Plan
Chapter 423 - Vol6 Ch11: Lord Of Disaster
Chapter 424 - Vol6 Ch12: [Disaster] Is Approaching
Chapter 425 - Vol6 Ch13: Evil God Invasion.
Chapter 426 - Vol6 Ch14: Enters The Evil God
Chapter 427 - Vol6 Ch15: A Traitor’S Role Is To Produce Quick Results
Chapter 428 - Vol6 Ch16: Beating Oneself Up
Chapter 429 - Vol6 Ch17: Land Of Eternal Peace
Chapter 430 - Vol6 Ch18: Your Heart Has Never Been At Peace
Chapter 431 - Vol6 Ch19: Advent Of Disaster
Chapter 432 - Vol6 Ch20: Three-Pronged Consciousness
Chapter 433 - Vol6 Ch21: Difficult Position And Fantasy Technology
Chapter 434 - Vol6 Ch22: Wishing Technique
Chapter 435 - Vol6 Ch23: Fight Of The Frontline Researcher
Chapter 436 - Vol6 Ch24: Battling To Escape From Destiny
Chapter 437 - Vol6 Ch25: Being Bald Gives You Extra Crit Chance
Chapter 438 - Vol6 Ch26: A Secretly Conducted Ritual
Chapter 439 - Vol6 Ch27: This Killer J Has Never Held A Grudge
Chapter 440 - Vol6 Ch28: After All, Negary Is Not A Devil
Chapter 441 - Vol6 Ch29: The Young Big Brother, My Loli Voice
Chapter 442 - Vol6 Ch30: The Unextinguishing Will
Chapter 443 - Vol6 Ch31: The Organization Has Decided
Chapter 444 - : Vol6 Ch32: New Beginning, New War
Chapter 445 - Vol6 Ch33: Celestial – Desolate War (1)
Chapter 446 - Vol6 Ch34: Celestial – Desolate War (2)
Chapter 447 - Vol6 Ch35: Celestial – Desolate War (3)
Chapter 448 - Vol6 Ch36: Celestial – Desolate War (4)
Chapter 449 - Vol6 Ch37: Celestial – Desolate War (5)
Chapter 450 - Vol6 Ch38: Celestial – Desolate War (6)
Chapter 451 - Vol6 Ch39: Celestial – Desolate War (7)
Chapter 452 - Vol6 Ch40: Serpent God
Chapter 453 - Vol6 Ch41: Head Snake
Chapter 454 - Vol6 Ch42: Snake Hunt
Chapter 455 - Vol6 Ch43: Pain
Chapter 456 - Vol6 Ch44: I Am Pain
Chapter 457 - Vol6 Ch45: Feel ‘Pain’
Chapter 458 - Vol6 Ch46: The Celestials’ Battle
Chapter 459 - Ol6 Ch47: The Meaning Of Progress
Chapter 460 - Vol6 Ch48: The Power Of Retorts And Fusion
Chapter 461 - Vol6 Ch49: Countdown To The End Of Lying Dead
Chapter 462 - Vol6 Ch50: Resurrection
Chapter 463 - Vol7 Ch1: Skeleton
Chapter 464 - Vol7 Ch2: Changes
Chapter 465 - Vol7 Ch3: Everything Is Me
Chapter 466 - Vol7 Ch4: Even Dust Has Their Moment Of Glory
Chapter 467 - Vol7 Ch5: Who Am I?
Chapter 468 - Vol7 Ch6: Magnificence And Glory
Chapter 469 - Vol7 Ch7: Miserable World
Chapter 470 - Vol7 Ch8: Negary’S Human Aspect
Chapter 471 - Vol7 Ch9: Confrontation
Chapter 472 - Vol7 Ch10: Corpse Victory
Chapter 473 - Vol7 Ch11: Corpse Defeat
Chapter 474 - Vol7 Ch12: One Without Anything?
Chapter 475 - Vol7 Ch13: Return Of Evil Spirits
Chapter 476 - 476 Vol7 Ch14: New Content Has Been Added, Time To Fight A Few Boss
Chapter 477 - 477 Vol7 Ch15: Uncle, Let’S Play Together~
Chapter 478 - 478 Vol7 Ch16: Dying In Despair
Chapter 479 - 479 Vol7 Ch17: Scramble
Chapter 480 - 480 Vol7 Ch18: The Completed Bridge
Chapter 481 - 481 Vol7 Ch19: Supreme God World
Chapter 482 - 482 Vol7 Ch20: My Naive Sister
Chapter 483 - 483 Vol7 Ch21: If You Aren’T Willing To Change, Then So Be It
Chapter 484 - 484 Vol7 Ch22: The Apostles And The Salvation Church
Chapter 485 - 485 Vol7 Ch23: What Is A Pugilist?
Chapter 486 - 486 Vol7 Ch24: Big Bone Boiled Into Soup
Chapter 487 - 487 Vol7 Ch 25: Wicked Spirit Terracotta Warrior
Chapter 488 - 488 Vol7 Ch26: Because They Love Me
Chapter 489 - 489 Vol7 Ch27: No Longer A Hero When I Met You Again
Chapter 490 - 490 Vol7 Ch28: Dragon Beasts Are Not Dragons
Chapter 491 - 491 Vol7 Ch29: The Path Of A Pugilist Is The Path Of Forging Swords
Chapter 492 - 492 Vol7 Ch30: I Am!
Chapter 493 - 493 Vol7 Ch31: What Kind Of ‘Strong’?
Chapter 494 - 494 Vol7 Ch32: Ancestor, Dragon Wings, Letting Go, And A Different Kind Of Father
Chapter 495 - 495 Vol7 Ch33: Defeat And Attack
Chapter 496 - 496 Vol7 Ch34: Rally, Heroes Of This World!
Chapter 497 - 497 Vol7 Ch35: The Duke
Chapter 498 - 498 Revive, Saintess Nala!
Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Fantasy, Mystery, Ongoing, Psychological, Supernatural, Xuanhuan Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , Alternative names: SON, 奈格里之魂,


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Alternative Titles:

SON, 奈格里之魂

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Heed my call! O’ Dragon of Eternal Sin, the Progressive Disaster, the Forerunner, the Land of Eternal Peace, the Flames of Soul Burning, He Who Owns The Deep Soul, the Sound of Origin, the First Cause of All Things, the Principle of Circles… o’ great Negary, your servant calls for your return!

Within the darkness, someone was harmoniously chanting, he was smiling, as he knew he would finally become one with his God.

And all of this, came from the remnant soul that was deceived to travelling to a different world and had his Protagonist Aura stolen.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Vol1 Ch1: The beginning of everything





Standing in the wilderness, not even the gusts of frigid autumn wind could dampen Wang Yuan’s good mood. After all, having received the Different Worlds System, he would be able to travel through infinite worlds, if he wasn’t the main character, who was? Just thinking about the wonderful life from now on made him ecstatic.

“Is this a different world?” Wang Yuan glanced around his surroundings and took a deep breath, felt that the air in a different world was just as fresh as the one he was used to, and asked the Different Worlds System: “Can you tell me what kind of world this is? And can I really communicate with the natives of this world? You’re not going to tell me that English is the common language for the entire universe, are you?”

[There is no need for the host to consider the problem of communication. The System is equipped with True Word. This is a language with the Exclusivity property that can be understood by any sentient lifeforms, one of the main languages of the multiverse] an icy cold voice responded, listening to it would give you the impression of a computer-like artificial intelligence.

[This world is classified as a low-magic world with relatively primitive witch doctors and life training crafts as the mainstream. The world consists of mostly white people, equivalent to the European Middle Age of the host’s world]

[Of course, the host does not need to know this. This knowledge is now meaningless to the host] for some reason, when it said this, the System’s cold voice held a slightly mocking tone.

“Huh? Why?” Wang Yuan was still focused on observing this new world, so he didn’t notice the approaching danger and curiously asked.

[Because this world has the misfortune characteristic] the System’s icy cold voice slowly spoke: [In the majority of other worlds, an intangible but very real concept known by the name of ‘luck’ is always present as they operate, the main product of which is something called the Protagonist Aura]

[And this world has the unique characteristic of being able to suppress that ‘luck’, rendering it useless here. Even with a Protagonist Aura, a tiny chance is still a tiny chance, and coincidences are truly nothing but coincidences, it would not be forcefully turned into an inevitability] the Different Worlds System continued to speak with its aloof, distant voice, but the insuppressible maliciousness and discord within its words were beginning to leak.

“So Protagonist Auras actually exists? Haha, then this world’s protagonist is quite the hapless guy” Wang Yuan laughed, then suddenly felt a bit disorientated while something seemed to be dripping from his nose.

When Wang Yuan unconsciously wiped his nose, he found that his hand was completely red and hurriedly looked up. But the nosebleed couldn’t be stopped at all, so he angrily questioned the System: “System, didn’t you say that there were no dangers when travelling to another world?”

[The System’s transference technology is extremely stable, it would definitely not harm humans in the slightest]

“Then why is my nose bleeding?” Wang Yuan asked in confusion as he pinched his nose, then noticed that red spots were beginning to appear on the back of his hand while visually becoming bigger and spreading all over his skin.

[In the shallow words of you humans, that is travel sickness] the Different Worlds System scoffed: [People in the host’s world can get all sorts of sickness just by travelling a bit too far away from their town due to a change in environment, let alone travelling to another world]

[Normally, travel sickness is just a stomach ache or vomiting at worst, but this is a different world. The host’s body has adapted to surviving in the Asia region of Earth, so in this new world, against foreign bacteria, the host’s body doesn’t have the necessary antibodies to fight these diseases. The host’s immune system is practically useless in this world]

[Not to mention, the various bacteria and viruses that came with the host from the host’s world can easily mutate and change in this new environment. If this was spring, or if the temperature was suitable and there were enough people travelling around, the host would have brought quite a decently-sized plague to this world]

“Bleh…” Wang Yuan crouched down and began to vomit everything in his stomach. As soon as he was done, Wang Yuan began to cough uncontrollably as his body temperature began to increase at an unnatural rate.

“I want to go home, bring me home, I need to see a doctor!” Wang Yuan shouted.

[As you wish!] the Different Worlds System calmly spoke.

A force began to act on Wang Yuan’s body, shifting his gradually powerless body to one side to see a rock next to him. The word ‘Home’ was carved on one side and ‘Doctor’ on the other side.

[Does the host have any other requests?] the Different Worlds System’s cold and malicious voice continued to ring in Wang Yuan’s ear.

“Bastard, I said I wanted to go home!” Wang Yuan painfully shouted.

[My apologies, because the host does not use True Word and the host’s language has too many homophones, I could only execute the host’s command according to my understanding] while it was apologizing, the Different Worlds System’s voice had no hint of remorse: [Just like the following sentence: ‘Wear as much as you can’ can have different meanings in different seasons]

“Save me, cure my disease!!” Wang Yuan tried clutching at the last straws he could.

[As you wish] the Different Worlds System said, then Wang Yuan suddenly felt a pinch before it spoke again: [I have examined your disease]

“Don’t play words games with me


! Why do you want to push me to my death!? I’m just a normal person, there are over 7 billion people on the planet, why me!” Wang Yuan wasn’t stupid, he now fully understood that the System was purposefully pushing him to his death.

[The scales of equivalent exchange has yet to be balanced, then I shall explain it to the host] the Different Worlds System briefly checked something before continuing: [The host only assumed himself to be a normal person, while in fact, the host carries something of extreme value on himself]

[That is the host’s Protagonist Aura. If this System had not appeared, the host would have begun his hero’s journey not too long later]

[And to rob a Protagonist Aura, the following three steps must be achieved. Firstly, the Protagonist Aura must be in a suppressed stage, which this world perfectly accomplished. Secondly, the scales of equivalent exchange must be balanced; the System’s actions of aiding the host’s inter-world travel, fulfilling the host’s wishes and answering the host’s questions are all for the sake of balancing this scale. Naturally, because of the System’s prior knowledge of these rules, the scales are yet to be balanced. Thirdly, the host must die, at the same time the cause of death must not be directly related to the System]

[Once these three steps are accomplished, the host’s Protagonist Aura will belong to this System]

“So that’s why you want to kill me…” Wang Yuan muttered in despair and coughed uncontrollably again. Even when he wanted to sit back up, his limbs were numb and powerless so he just fell down again.

[That is not the case, the System did not kill the host, because that would not allow the System to collect the host’s Protagonist Aura. The host was killed by the environment of this world, and the System has already attempted to help the host through the host’s requests] the Different Worlds System corrected him.

[According to System examination, the host has one minute left to live. If the host has any last words, please go ahead and say it. Naturally, the System will not pass it on, as the scales of equivalent exchange have already been balanced] the Different Worlds System was still using an icy cold voice to speak the mocking words that pierced the soul.

“…” the Different Worlds System’s icy cold sarcastic remarks caused Wang Yuan to be completely speechless. Of course, he had a lot he wanted to say, but he would rather continue to live than to leave any last words; unfortunately, he was already powerless to change anything, he didn’t even have the strength to sit up.

In hindsight, he didn’t even know how many mistakes he had made since the beginning. Starting with naively placing complete trust in this System with unknown origins, and letting it take him to some unknown world without thinking of any consequences, his death right here and now was nothing but his own fault.

As his vision slowly became blurred, Wang Yuan seemed to see images flashing in front of his eyes, in which he successfully awakened a supernatural ability; slapped the faces of clueless young masters and showed off his strength, becoming the urban ruler; then the school Madonna, a pair of twin sisters, a shy librarian, a sexy female teacher, a young lady of a rich family, all of them came flocking to his side… but then everything slowly faded, and all that was waiting for him was the cold grasp of death.

[Confirmed deceased] a glowing polygonal crystal came out of Wang Yuan’s body and began to record the System log: [The host has died, his soul shackles confirmed broken, initiating the collection of the Protagonist Aura through equivalent exchange]

[Protagonist Aura collection complete, Aura collector YD2335 begin registry. Classification: Urban Supernatural Ability. Quality: Medium. Completion rate: 100%]

[Discovered the host to have begun to form a remnant soul, initiating world transference to avoid the contamination of the Protagonist Aura]

After it finished registering the Protagonist Aura, the polygonal crystal immediately broke through the void of space and disappeared from this world, leaving the corpse of a traveller from another world as well as the remnant soul slowly forming from it.


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