Star Odyssey by Along With The Wind

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Camp Of The Seven Sages
Chapter 3: Arrival
Chapter 4: Formcast Model
Chapter 5: Cultivation
Chapter 6: The Die And The Cosmic Art
Chapter 7: Within The City
Chapter 8: Fire Crystals
Chapter 9: Farsight
Chapter 10: Cosmic Palm
Chapter 11: Zombie Horde
Chapter 12: Astral-10
Chapter 13: Liu Shaoge
Chapter 14: Energy Crystals
Chapter 15: The Battle Of Nanjing
Chapter 16: Power Of The Cosmic Palm
Chapter 17: Becoming A Sentinel
Chapter 18: Training Mission
Chapter 19: Timestop
Chapter 20: Origin Of The Apocalypse
Chapter 21: Bai Xue
Chapter 22: Bloodlust Under Moonlight
Chapter 23: The Class Divide
Chapter 24: Targeting The Capital
Chapter 25: The Head Of The Seven Sages
Chapter 26: Melder
Chapter 27: Realmbreaker
Chapter 28: Capital
Chapter 29: Coincidence
Chapter 30: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 31: Shock
Chapter 32: Escaped Criminal
Chapter 33: Another Zombie King
Chapter 34: Murder
Chapter 35: Information
Chapter 36: Robbery
Chapter 37: Planetary Thief
Chapter 38: Gerlaine
Chapter 39: Robbing Together
Chapter 40: Two Pips
Chapter 41: One Palm
Chapter 42: Arrival
Chapter 43: The Perfect Cosmic Art
Chapter 44: Lu Yin And Xia Luo
Chapter 45: Red Lotus Witchbow
Chapter 46: Huo Xiaoling
Chapter 47: Battle With A Broken Blade
Chapter 48: Genius
Chapter 49: Strange Stone
Chapter 50: Corridor
Chapter 51: The Daynight Name
Chapter 52: Five Pips
Chapter 53: Mavis
Chapter 54: The Flying Turtle
Chapter 55: Deal With The Devil
Chapter 56: The Deal
Chapter 57: The Terrifying Qingyu
Chapter 58: Rematch
Chapter 59: Lu Yin Vs Qingyu
Chapter 60: Nightking
Chapter 61: Blood Sample
Chapter 62: The Zishan Family
Chapter 63: Seruzen
Chapter 64: You'Re Being Rude
Chapter 65: Leaving Earth
Chapter 66: Zishan King
Chapter 67: Mira'S Terms
Chapter 68: Lu Yin And Silver
Chapter 69: The Great Yu Empire
Chapter 70: Genma Space Station
Chapter 71: Imitation And Bewildering Strength
Chapter 72: Bai Qian
Chapter 73: Astral Combat Academy
Chapter 74: Arrival And Capture
Chapter 75: Royal Court
Chapter 76: Emperor'S Promise
Chapter 77: Provocation
Chapter 78: Hall Master Of Yu Academy
Chapter 79: Lighting Up The Zishan Residence
Chapter 80: Silver'S Gift
Chapter 81: Good Person
Chapter 82: An Act Of Merit
Chapter 83: Welcome Gift
Chapter 84: Mavis Bank
Chapter 85: Fourth To The Throne
Chapter 86: Battle Force
Chapter 87: Gerbach
Chapter 88: Overbearing Fiancee
Chapter 89: Marriage??
Chapter 90: Misunderstanding
Chapter 91: Friendship And The Flash
Chapter 92: Bazeer
Chapter 93: A Unique Innate Gift
Chapter 94: Lu Yin'S Strategy
Chapter 95: Three Stacks
Chapter 96: Astral-10 Arrives
Chapter 97: Unforgettable
Chapter 98: Assessment Road
Chapter 99: One Palm
Chapter 100: Changing Skies
Chapter 101: Brutality
Chapter 102: Coco
Chapter 103: Unconventional Innate Gift
Chapter 104: Attack
Chapter 105: The Blaze Realm
Chapter 106: Old Friend
Chapter 107: Those Who Passed
Chapter 108: Hidden Gifts
Chapter 109: Rain Observatory
Chapter 110: Ported Battle
Chapter 111: Instant Kill
Chapter 112: Image
Chapter 113: Old Lunatic
Chapter 114: The Treasury And The Mission
Chapter 115: Disassembly
Chapter 116: Lockbreaker
Chapter 117: Possession
Chapter 118: Michelle'S Shock
Chapter 119: Nine Stacks
Chapter 120: Phoenix
Chapter 121: A Tough Battle
Chapter 122: Public Mission
Chapter 123: Melder Breakthrough
Chapter 124: Powerful Lu Yin
Chapter 125: The Star Of The Souldream Tribe
Chapter 126: Michelle And Xi Yue
Chapter 127: Musical Battle Technique
Chapter 128: Washing Board
Chapter 129: Battle Force
Chapter 130: Xi Yue'S Revenge
Chapter 131: Conditions Of Battle
Chapter 132: Extreme Flash
Chapter 133: Request
Chapter 134: Crushed
Chapter 135: Lu Yin'S Reputation
Chapter 136: The New Student Competition
Chapter 137: Seeing Through Weaknesses
Chapter 138: A Powerful Innate Gift
Chapter 139: A Seed And Invisible Attack
Chapter 140: Decisive Battle
Chapter 141: Leader
Chapter 142: Dao Of Purgatory
Chapter 143: Spear Mountain
Chapter 144: Enhance
Chapter 145: The Lockbreaker Society
Chapter 146: Who'S The Top Student?
Chapter 147: The Ninth Star
Chapter 148: Playing With Balls
Chapter 149: Undying Manual
Chapter 150: Space Battle
Chapter 151: Shocking Yu Academy
Chapter 152: Changes On The Zenyu Star
Chapter 153: Enhance
Chapter 154: Green
Chapter 155: Invisible Aura
Chapter 156: Bloodstained Space
Chapter 157: Wendy Yushan
Chapter 158: Lu Yin And Wendy
Chapter 159: Sourcebox Catalog
Chapter 160: Harmless Sourcebox
Chapter 161: Opportunity And Crisis
Chapter 162: Lockbreaking Genius
Chapter 163: New Mission
Chapter 164: All Nine Stars
Chapter 165: Sword Sect
Chapter 166: Umbral Butterfly Tribe
Chapter 167: Bloodline Propagation
Chapter 168: Lu Yin'S Backing
Chapter 169: Lu Yin And Zhuo Daynight
Chapter 170: Money-Making Business
Chapter 171: The Reappearance Of The Scarlet Eyes
Chapter 172: Present
Chapter 173: Promise
Chapter 174: Madam Nalan
Chapter 175: Spacecraft Upgrade
Chapter 176: Thirteen Swords
Chapter 177: The Tournament Approaches
Chapter 178: Astral River And Flowzones
Chapter 179: Conflict
Chapter 180: Inheritance
Chapter 181: Whitebones Gorge
Chapter 182: Selection
Chapter 183: The Academy'S Tabloid
Chapter 184: Battling Against An Area Master
Chapter 185: The Geniuses Of Astral-10
Chapter 186: Challenging A Realm Master
Chapter 187: Robbed
Chapter 188: I Am Seven
Chapter 189: Graduation And Expulsion
Chapter 190: The Palm In The Darkness
Chapter 191: Pirate Port
Chapter 192: Desperate Straits
Chapter 193: A Planet'S Final Stage
Chapter 194: Stonewall Scriptures
Chapter 195: Changing The Future
Chapter 196: Your Name
Chapter 197: Creating An Explosion
Chapter 198: Lu Yin'S Benefactor
Chapter 199: Earth'S Fame
Chapter 200: Breaking Through The Three Academies
Chapter 201: Silver'S Art
Chapter 202: Knocking On The Dragon'S Door
Chapter 203: Lu Yin'S Arrival
Chapter 204: Repeatedly Emerging Powerhouses
Chapter 205: Bright Stage
Chapter 206: Ten Arbiter'S Mount
Chapter 207: The Realm Masters' Entrance
Chapter 208: Karmic Flame Sword
Chapter 209: Shock
Chapter 210: Domain
Chapter 211: Formidable Battle Force
Chapter 212: Starsibyl
Chapter 213: The Wind Of Seasons
Chapter 214: Thirteen Swords
Chapter 215: Lu Yin'S Appearance
Chapter 216: Lu Yin Vs. Chao Zhi
Chapter 217: Lost And Found
Chapter 218: A Battle Between Lockbreakers
Chapter 219: Big Windy Bro
Chapter 220: Lu Yin And Liu Shaoqiu
Chapter 221: Extreme Shockwave Palm
Chapter 222: The Third Sword
Chapter 223: Nemesis Of The Daynight Clan
Chapter 224: Cosmic Sect
Chapter 225: Lu Yin Vs. Nightqueen Yanqing
Chapter 226: The Strongest, Lu Yin
Chapter 227: The Forbidden Names Of The Ten Arbiters
Chapter 228: Five-Stage Formcast Model
Chapter 229: The Tragedy Of Civilization
Chapter 230: The Ten Arbiters' War King
Chapter 231: Warfront
Chapter 232: Attack
Chapter 233: Cosmic Palm'S Power
Chapter 234: Spiritual Academy
Chapter 235: Ghost Monkey
Chapter 236: Animal Hides And Progenitor Wushang
Chapter 237: Beast Annihilator
Chapter 238: Sheng Ao
Chapter 239: Decisive Battle
Chapter 240: War Drummer
Chapter 241: The Scholar Of The Ten Arbiters
Chapter 242: Yao Gu And The Skymender List
Chapter 243: Lu Yin Vs. Silver
Chapter 244: Target
Chapter 245: Rune Technology
Chapter 246: Shenwu Continent
Chapter 247: Breaking Through To The Limiteer Realm
Chapter 248: The Divine Fist
Chapter 249: Hoodwinked
Chapter 250: Finding A Backer
Chapter 251: Two-Stars
Chapter 252: Exchange
Chapter 253: Third Nightking
Chapter 254: Lu Yin'S Tyranny
Chapter 255: Lu Yin'S Background
Chapter 256: Council Of Astral Academy
Chapter 257: Fallen Ring
Chapter 258: Northline Flowzone
Chapter 259: Outerverse Trial
Chapter 260: A Surprising Training Ground
Chapter 261: Powerful Innate Gift
Chapter 262: Initial Encounter
Chapter 263: The Cosmic Sea And The Court Of Seven Names
Chapter 264: Lu Yin And Ming Yan
Chapter 265: Murder From The Sky
Chapter 266: Driver Little Seven
Chapter 267: Yue Xianzi
Chapter 268: Probe
Chapter 269: Lu Yin'S Revenge
Chapter 270: Lu Yin And The Reverent King
Chapter 271: Exposed
Chapter 272: Lu Yin Vs Yue Xianzi
Chapter 273: Threat
Chapter 274: Gathering At Mingdu
Chapter 275: Lu Yin Vs. Han Chong
Chapter 276: Deputy Commander
Chapter 277: Brilliant Sword Genius
Chapter 278: Lu Yin And Zhanlong Daynight
Chapter 279: An Eternal Promise
Chapter 280: The Ghost Monkey'S Conjecture
Chapter 281: Daynight Restoration Technique
Chapter 282: Sweeping Through
Chapter 283: Seal
Chapter 284: Domain
Chapter 285: Secret Sidestep
Chapter 286: Arbiter Wen'S Strength
Chapter 287: Top Results In The Trial
Chapter 288: Changes In The Great Yu Empire
Chapter 289: Eye Of Cold Indifference
Chapter 290: Chaos On Zenyu Star
Chapter 291: Return And Trouble
Chapter 292: Ring Of Authority
Chapter 293: Lu Yin'S Decision
Chapter 294: Methods And Capabilities
Chapter 295: The Yu Secret Art
Chapter 296: Meeting
Chapter 297: A Mysterious Sign
Chapter 298: Attitude
Chapter 299: Assassination
Chapter 300: The “Yu” Surname
Chapter 301: The Tournament Of The Strongest
Chapter 302: A Woman'S Trap
Chapter 303: Leaving One'S Name On The Rain List
Chapter 304: Little R1O'S Chip
Chapter 305: Battle Force
Chapter 306: Experts From The Cosmic Sea
Chapter 307: Heavenly Drum
Chapter 308: Provocation
Chapter 309: Regiment
Chapter 310: Looking Down
Chapter 311: The Mysterious Woman
Chapter 312: Ported Battles
Chapter 313: Lu Yin'S Worth
Chapter 314: The Predecessors' Strength
Chapter 315: True Prodigy
Chapter 316: Changes On Earth
Chapter 317: The Monkey'S Goal
Chapter 318: Gaze Of Contempt
Chapter 319: An Interesting Battle
Chapter 320: Lu Yin Vs. Feng Jiu
Chapter 321: Divination Attack And Forcefield
Chapter 322: Oppression
Chapter 323: Tian Hou And Pressure
Chapter 324: Formidable
Chapter 325: Borrowing Money
Chapter 326: Lu Yin Vs Yun
Chapter 327: The Final Round
Chapter 328: Lu Yin'S Ability
Chapter 329: Struggle To The Death
Chapter 330: Battling A Legend
Chapter 331: Insider Information About The Daynight Clan
Chapter 332: All Kinds Of Privileges
Chapter 333: Borrowing Money Once Again
Chapter 334: Avoiding Danger
Chapter 335: The Unfamiliar Ten Arbiters
Chapter 336: Long-Term Considerations
Chapter 337: Encountering Zhuo Daynight Once Again
Chapter 338: Response
Chapter 339: Prairie Flame Continent
Chapter 340: Tyranny
Chapter 341: Thirty Stacks
Chapter 342: Right And Wrong
Chapter 343: Registered Names
Chapter 344: War
Chapter 345: Unofficial Ruler
Chapter 346: Position And Privileges
Chapter 347: Extortion
Chapter 348: The Elites From Earth
Chapter 349: Pirates?
Chapter 350: Lu Yin'S Backing
Chapter 351: One Slash
Chapter 352: The Massacre Of The Past
Chapter 353: What Do You Think?
Chapter 354: Zhao Ran
Chapter 355: Break Down
Chapter 356: Her Ninth Grandfather
Chapter 357: Xi Qi And The Fish
Chapter 358: Casanova Of The Distinguished Five
Chapter 359: Joining Forces
Chapter 360: Lu Yin'S Ability
Chapter 361: Snatching Loot, A Great Change
Chapter 362: Rabbit
Chapter 363: Meeting Foes
Chapter 364: Lu Yin And Liu Shaoge
Chapter 365: Show Her Who'S Boss
Chapter 366: Wendy'S Promise
Chapter 367: Setting Up
Chapter 368: Disparity
Chapter 369: Battle At Northgate Platform
Chapter 370: Huge Ruckus
Chapter 371: The Astral Ark
Chapter 372: Lu Yin'S Privileges
Chapter 373: Fishing In Outer Space
Chapter 374: The Power Of Lightning
Chapter 375: Corpse King Transformation
Chapter 376: Chance Encounter
Chapter 377: Circling Wolves
Chapter 378: Decent Flavor
Chapter 379: An Arrogant Lu Yin
Chapter 380: A Gap
Chapter 381: The Arrival Of The Strong
Chapter 382: The Strength Of The Top 100 Rankings
Chapter 383: Mooching While Secretly Helping Others
Chapter 384: A Terrifying Power Level
Chapter 385: Ancient Centipede
Chapter 386: Bizarre
Chapter 387: Pattern And Pike
Chapter 388: Intent To Kill
Chapter 389: Looking For Teammates
Chapter 390: The Prestige Of Four Stars
Chapter 391: Altar
Chapter 392: Trapper Qin Chen
Chapter 393: It'S Moving My Heart
Chapter 394: Coaxing, Not Coercing
Chapter 395: Graduation
Chapter 396: Standard Gesture
Chapter 397: You Secret Art
Chapter 398: The Secret Of Sky Platform
Chapter 399: Changes In Both Eyes
Chapter 400: Second War King
Chapter 401: Fourth On The Battle Rankings
Chapter 402: Crossing The Dao Of Heaven'S Ocean Of Death
Chapter 403: Coco'S Deterrence
Chapter 404: Crisis In The Ocean Of Death
Chapter 405: Avery'S Test
Chapter 406: Finger
Chapter 407: The Island At The End
Chapter 408: From Five To Six
Chapter 409: Tempest Flowzone
Chapter 410: Human Nature
Chapter 411: A Strange Space
Chapter 412: Calculations
Chapter 413: Fish Bait
Chapter 414: Vanish
Chapter 415: Envoy
Chapter 416: Mister Mu
Chapter 417: Destiny
Chapter 418: Eyes Closed, Eyes Open
Chapter 419: Extreme Improvement
Chapter 420: Fatesand
Chapter 421: Mishap
Chapter 422: Ling Que
Chapter 423: Second Encounter
Chapter 424: Blackbeard
Chapter 425: Link-Up
Chapter 426: An Exchange And A Secret
Chapter 427: Escape
Chapter 428: Starfall Sea
Chapter 429: Another Deal
Chapter 430: The Mysterious Lu Yin
Chapter 431: Awakened
Chapter 432: The Sea King'S Dome
Chapter 433: Sea King'S Son-In-Law Selection
Chapter 434: A Vicious Tongue
Chapter 435: A Woman Dressed As A Man
Chapter 436: The Power To Protect A Planet
Chapter 437: Acquaintance
Chapter 438: The Sea King'S Dome
Chapter 439: Insane Expenses
Chapter 440: Various Upgrades
Chapter 441: Peak Limiteer
Chapter 442: Mu Rong
Chapter 443: Turning Enemies
Chapter 444: Beautiful Cheerleaders
Chapter 445: Innocent Mu Rong
Chapter 446: Lu Yin'S Strength
Chapter 447: Blade
Chapter 448: Pathetic
Chapter 449: A Fierce Battle
Chapter 450: Unequalled Status
Chapter 451: Tease
Chapter 452: In Front Of The Sea King'S Trident
Chapter 453: Lu Yin And Faceless
Chapter 454: Probing And Order
Chapter 455: Incorrect Posture
Chapter 456: The Sea King And Hai Qiqi
Chapter 457: Pyrolyte
Chapter 458: Creeping Shadow
Chapter 459: An Unusual Mirror
Chapter 460: Lu Yin'S Answer
Chapter 461: Fake
Chapter 462: Northcastle Weave
Chapter 463: Soulsplitting Technique
Chapter 464: The Farmer Boy And Rankings
Chapter 465: Let Me Give You A Lightbulb
Chapter 466: Lu Yin Vs Mu Rong
Chapter 467: Extreme Shock
Chapter 468: The Strongest Limiteer
Chapter 469: War
Chapter 470: Betrothal Gift
Chapter 471: Collapsible Spacecraft
Chapter 472: A Unique Planet
Chapter 473: Conspiracy
Chapter 474: Cruel Side
Chapter 475: Lu Yin'S Methods
Chapter 476: Intractable Feelings
Chapter 477: Fierce Battle On Planet Pyrolyte
Chapter 478: Pyrolyte Mountain
Chapter 479: An Enlighter'S Threat
Chapter 480: Alliance
Chapter 481: Changing Hands
Chapter 482: Soloing Pyrolyte Mountain
Chapter 483: The Ambition To Challenge The Strongest
Chapter 484: Arrival
Chapter 485: Shameless
Chapter 486: Lu Yin'S Decision
Chapter 487: Disparity
Chapter 488: Clean Sweep
Chapter 489: Even Fiercer
Chapter 490: Video
Chapter 491: Go To Planet Pyrolyte
Chapter 492: Entrance
Chapter 493: Overwhelming Power
Chapter 494: Punishing Enemies
Chapter 495: Dangerous Words
Chapter 496: Running In The Opposite Direction
Chapter 497: Appearance
Chapter 498: Two Fingers
Chapter 499: Night'S End, Daybreak
Chapter 500: A Legendary Battle Technique
Chapter 501: Detailed Plan
Chapter 502: Unsolvable Calculation
Chapter 503: Working Together
Chapter 504: Strike
Chapter 505: The Fifth Sword
Chapter 506: Opening Line
Chapter 507: Patron
Chapter 508: Unforeseen Events
Chapter 509: The First
Chapter 510: Invincible Strength
Chapter 511: Peeled
Chapter 512: Making Money
Chapter 513: Strength On Strength
Chapter 514: Power Vessel
Chapter 515: Spirit
Chapter 516: Searching For Self-Confidence
Chapter 517: Breakthrough
Chapter 518: Unexpected Person
Chapter 519: Instant Kill
Chapter 520: Ocd And The Formcast Model
Chapter 521: The Ten Arbiters' Names
Chapter 522: The Pirate King And The Sea King
Chapter 523: Defend And Attack
Chapter 524: Lu Yin'S Hidden Trump Cards
Chapter 525: The Power Of The Secret Technique
Chapter 526: Making A Fortune
Chapter 527: Ringleader
Chapter 528: Upper Three Gates
Chapter 529: Changing Skies
Chapter 530: Crisis
Chapter 531: Exhaustion And Plunder
Chapter 532: Upgrading Crazily
Chapter 533: Karthika'S Death
Chapter 534: The Ancient Agreement And The Hidden Earth Society
Chapter 535: Primeval Surname Alliance
Chapter 536: An Old Friend
Chapter 537: Returning To Earth
Chapter 538: Cowards
Chapter 539: Nalan Requests Aid
Chapter 540: Target
Chapter 541: Alluring Seductress
Chapter 542: Insider Information About Mavis
Chapter 543: Lei Long'S Death
Chapter 544: Enlighters' Bane
Chapter 545: En Ya And The Four Ministries
Chapter 546: Restructuring Authority
Chapter 547: Mulled Wine And An Old Friend
Chapter 548: Checkmate
Chapter 549: Anti-Killing Situation
Chapter 550: Arrangement
Chapter 551: All Sorts Of Methods
Chapter 552: The Third
Chapter 553: Might Of The Secret Technique
Chapter 554: Stronghold
Chapter 555: Strange Mummy
Chapter 556: Planet Woodrock
Chapter 557: Poison
Chapter 558: Poison Master
Chapter 559: Ironblood Weave
Chapter 560: Former Haunt
Chapter 561: Parallel Universe
Chapter 562: Act
Chapter 563: Wildness
Chapter 564: Suppressing A Breakthrough
Chapter 565: Drafted
Chapter 566: Aden
Chapter 567: Borrowing Money
Chapter 568: Battle System
Chapter 569: Seasons Fort
Chapter 570: Sudden Battle
Chapter 571: Wang Wen
Chapter 572: Decent Artillery Shells
Chapter 573: Nine Lined Battle Force
Chapter 574: Six-Stage Formcast Model
Chapter 575: Endless Battle
Chapter 576: Lu Yin And Wang Wen
Chapter 577: Hot Pursuit
Chapter 578: Perished Powerhouse
Chapter 579: Lu Yin'S Function
Chapter 580: Exchange
Chapter 581: Fusion
Chapter 582: Strategic Thinking
Chapter 583: A Helping Hand
Chapter 584: The Hunting Corpse
Chapter 585: Becoming An Explorer
Chapter 586: Tree Of Phenomena
Chapter 587: Bloodied Handprint
Chapter 588: One Finger To Pierce The Void
Chapter 589: Practicing The Yu Secret Art
Chapter 590: Contribution And Collapse
Chapter 591: Puzzled
Chapter 592: Targeted
Chapter 593: Kong Shi'S Hopes
Chapter 594: Desperation
Chapter 595: Terrifying Cursewind
Chapter 596: That Finger'S Elegance
Chapter 597: Borrowing Power
Chapter 598: Path Of Cultivation
Chapter 599: Upgrade
Chapter 600: Plans For An Alliance
Chapter 601: Mistchild'S Worth
Chapter 602: A Peculiar Innate Gift
Chapter 603: Employment And A Secret
Chapter 604: A Trace Of Unfamiliarity
Chapter 605: Collision Of Forcefields
Chapter 606: Secret Changes
Chapter 607: Scouting
Chapter 608: Probing
Chapter 609: Gather
Chapter 610: Overwhelming Strength
Chapter 611: Starting Anew
Chapter 612: Corpse King: Second Transformation
Chapter 613: Dusk Of The Empire
Chapter 614: The End Of The Show
Chapter 615: Leaving
Chapter 616: A Strange Land
Chapter 617: Miserable Fatty
Chapter 618: The Daosource Sect
Chapter 619: Budding Terrace
Chapter 620: The Fifth Mainland
Chapter 621: Follow
Chapter 622: Mr. Bai And The Scripture Pavilion
Chapter 623: Ancient Characters
Chapter 624: The Squeal Of A Pig
Chapter 625: The Hunt
Chapter 626: Ancient Legends
Chapter 627: Secret News
Chapter 628: The Ten Arbiters' Authority
Chapter 629: The Six-Fingered Tribe
Chapter 630: Assassination Attempt
Chapter 631: Re-Encountering The Scarlet Eyes
Chapter 632: Ban Jiu'S Good News
Chapter 633: Verifying Destiny
Chapter 634: Discipleship Ceremony
Chapter 635: Sky-Eater Pig
Chapter 636: Progenitor Chen'S Name
Chapter 637: Realmling
Chapter 638: Successive Appearances
Chapter 639: Nine Mountains And Eight Seas
Chapter 640: Cauldron
Chapter 641: Blood Looney
Chapter 642: White Knight
Chapter 643: Escape
Chapter 644: The Hoe’S Elegance
Chapter 645: The Third Soul Split
Chapter 646: Ling Gong
Chapter 647: Alluring Healing
Chapter 648: Life Depleting Poison
Chapter 649: Sierrasea Path
Chapter 650: A Blunt Reply
Chapter 651: Billowing Star
Chapter 652: The Future
Chapter 653: Reality
Chapter 654: The Xun Family
Chapter 655: Candid Words
Chapter 656: Lu Yin’S Privileges
Chapter 657: The Cause
Chapter 658: Destroying The Xun Family
Chapter 659: Search
Chapter 660: Regression No. 91
Chapter 661: Former Arrangements
Chapter 662: Taking Action
Chapter 663: Puyu’S Death
Chapter 664: Liu Shaoge’S Ability
Chapter 665: Initial Establishment Of The Alliance
Chapter 666: Geniuses From Earth
Chapter 667: Fabricating History
Chapter 668: Awakening
Chapter 669: Traces Of A Foe
Chapter 670: Comprehensive Collaboration
Chapter 671: Lockbreaker Competition
Chapter 672: Realm Of Control
Chapter 673: Lockbreaking
Chapter 674: A Woman’S Thoughts
Chapter 675: A Different Feeling
Chapter 676: The Fourth Imperial Squadron’S Captain
Chapter 677: Assassination Attempt
Chapter 678: Power Struggle Within Sourcepeak Planet
Chapter 679: Sourcepeak Planet
Chapter 680: Evaluation
Chapter 681: Felynn
Chapter 682: Secret Plan
Chapter 683: Wei Rong
Chapter 684: An Old Friend From Umbral
Chapter 685: Hall Of Insight
Chapter 686: Treasure Hunt
Chapter 687: Ku Wei And The Fish
Chapter 688: Lu Yin And Ku Wei
Chapter 689: Jianqiang Takes Action
Chapter 690: Unlucky Deng Pu
Chapter 691: Realm Of Control
Chapter 692: Do You Like Chilli Powder?
Chapter 693: Mutual Harm
Chapter 694: Taking Action
Chapter 695: Ambition And The Beginning
Chapter 696: An Era’S Pioneer
Chapter 697: Daemon Slash
Chapter 698: Era Of Great Changes
Chapter 699: Wei Rong’S Name
Chapter 700: Green Eyes’ Second Transformation
Chapter 701: Terrifying Array
Chapter 702: Distant Dream
Chapter 703: Harvest
Chapter 704: Box
Chapter 705: Reaction
Chapter 706: Progenitor Chen’S Mausoleum
Chapter 707: Return
Capter 708: Endless Borders
Chapter 709: The Four Great Conglomerates
Chapter 710: Possession Again
Chapter 711: Tong Chou And The Skybeast Claw
Chapter 712: The Third Battlefield
Chapter 713: Ellen Gale’S Diary
Chapter 714: Old Gu De
Chapter 715: Lu Yin’S Revenge
Chapter 716: That Person
Chapter 717: Late Clues
Chapter 718: Visit
Chapter 719: Hostage
Chapter 720: Planet Hydrotink’S Guardian Angel
Chapter 721: Lu Yin And Wei Rong
Chapter 722: An Alternative Path
Chapter 723: Your Home Was A Mining Planet?
Chapter 724: Alliance Leader Lu
Chapter 725: Future Battle
Chapter 726: Seven Skygods
Chapter 727: Yu Bloodline
Chapter 728: Bizarre Ball Of Light
Chapter 729: The Final Imperial Edict
Chapter 730: Desperation
Chapter 731: Twin Souls
Chapter 732: Bury You
Chapter 733: Genius Of The Sword
Chapter 734: Returning To The Daosource Sect
Chapter 735: Apex Battlefield
Chapter 736: Lu Yin’S Decision
Chapter 737: Lucky Star
Chapter 738: Wu Taibai
Chapter 739: Blazing Furnace
Chapter 740: Terrifying Absorption Rate
Chapter 741: Origins
Chapter 742: Changes In The North
Chapter 743: The Empire Moves Out
Chapter 744: Lu Yin’S Power
Chapter 745: Revenge
Chapter 746: All-Out War
Chapter 747: Zi Xianxian
Chapter 748: Mislead
Chapter 749: Clean-Up Operation
Chapter 750: Disappearance
Chapter 751: Limited Outlook
Chapter 752: Overbearing Mavis
Chapter 753: The Spirit Of Cultivation
Chapter 754: The Goddess, Luo Shen
Chapter 755: Zi Xue & Bai Xue
Chapter 756: Surprise Attack
Chapter 757: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 758: Spear And Shield
Chapter 759: Smoker
Chapter 760: Lu Yin And Luo Shen
Chapter 761: Member
Chapter 762: Lu Yin’S Conditions
Chapter 763: Neo-Vestige Sect
Chapter 764: Intercept
Chapter 765: Three Arrows
Chapter 766: Civilization
Chapter 767: Lu Yin’S Single Punch
Chapter 768: Meeting In Person
Chapter 769: Agreement
Chapter 770: Arrow Selection
Chapter 771: Five Arrows
Chapter 772: Residual Aura Of An Arrow
Chapter 773: Old Pirate Friend
Chapter 774: Sheepshead Port
Chapter 775: One-Eyed
Chapter 776: Forced
Chapter 777: Lu'S Grand Auction
Chapter 778: Sensation
Chapter 779: Blood-Red Bell
Chapter 780: Monstrous Lie
Chapter 781: Icy Carriage Battle
Chapter 782: Setting Off
Chapter 783: Iceform Sutra
Chapter 784: Millions City
Chapter 785: Qiong Xi’Er
Chapter 786: Qiong Family'S Banquet
Chapter 787: Strange Conversation
Chapter 788: Tomboy
Chapter 789: Beginning Of The Banquet
Chapter 790: Divination Qualification
Chapter 791: One Move
Chapter 792: Meanness
Chapter 793: Betrothal Gift
Chapter 794: Lu Yin, Love Expert
Chapter 795: Reappearance Of Death Energy
Chapter 796: Mobile Fortress
Chapter 797: Double Power
Chapter 798: Desperate Straits
Chapter 799: Hope
Chapter 800: Absorption And Cycles
Chapter 801: Blackless God And Mister Mu
Chapter 802: Ce Secret Art
Chapter 803: Captain Of The Fifth Squadron
Chapter 804: Forceful Slander
Chapter 805: Yu Elder
Chapter 806: The Cosmic Five
Chapter 807: Suppress
Chapter 808: Brave Torrential Progress
Chapter 809: Enemy Troops
Chapter 810: Invasion
Chapter 811: Probing
Chapter 812: Threat
Chapter 813: Adventurers’ Guild
Chapter 814: Dark Phoenix To The Rescue
Chapter 815: Outside The Battlefield
Chapter 816: Tiny Arrow
Chapter 817: Lu Yin Vs. Master Bei
Chapter 818: 100,000 Disciples
Chapter 819: Western Weaves’ Invasion Plan
Chapter 820: Dominance
Chapter 821: Lu Yin’S Secret
Chapter 822: Fate Decided By The Heavens
Chapter 823: Target Of Suspicion
Chapter 824: Reentering The Daosource Sect
Chapter 825: Champions’ Stage Conferring Titles
Chapter 826: Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation
Chapter 827: Brightstar Corporation
Chapter 828: Meeting An Old Friend Again
Chapter 829: Yuan Shi
Chapter 830: Toppling The Heavens
Chapter 831: Compulsory Conscription
Chapter 832: Mojiang Family’S Spear Shadows
Chapter 833: Black Fiery Phoenix
Chapter 834: Arrival
Chapter 835: Lu Yin Vs. Autumnfrost Qing
Chapter 836: This Is Fate
Chapter 837: Crossing Lavazones
Chapter 838: Foundational Arrow
Chapter 839: Transfer
Chapter 840: Escape Trio Team
Chapter 841: Lu Yin Vs. Butcher
Chapter 842: Six Pips: Possession
Chapter 843: Strange Encounter
Chapter 844: The Start Of The Counterattack
Chapter 845: Bell And Pyrolyte
Chapter 846: Hall Of Honor’S Generosity
Chapter 847: Why Are You Angry?
Chapter 848: A Thatched Cottage
Chapter 849: The Old Assassins
Chapter 850: Standard Answer
Chapter 851: Shifting The Border
Chapter 852: Unexplainable Shock
Chapter 853: Military Contributions
Chapter 854: Honor Chosen
Chapter 855: Fifteen Points
Chapter 856: Reason
Chapter 857: Vanquishing The Wei Family
Chapter 858: Noteworthy Background
Chapter 859: The Loser’S Lament
Chapter 860: Lu Yin And Xuan Jiu
Chapter 861: Little Seven
Chapter 862: Astral Cemetery
Chapter 863: Shuttling Through The Astral River
Chapter 864: Returning To The Innerverse
Chapter 865: Circumstances
Chapter 866: Planet Amber
Chapter 867: Hong Ying
Chapter 868: Lu Yin Vs. Hong Ying
Chapter 869: Realmling Bai Ling
Chapter 870: Sea King’S Shard
Chapter 871: Kneel
Chapter 872: Battling An Enlighter
Chapter 873: Hostage
Chapter 874: Ten Venerables
Chapter 875: Truesight
Chapter 876: Dojo Structure
Chapter 877: Thundercharge Dojo
Chapter 878: Coercion
Chapter 879: Terrifying Civilization
Chapter 880: Intercept
Chapter 881: Lu Yin’S Ultimate Move
Chapter 882: Mt. Stacks Dojo
Chapter 883: Overlaying Stacks Path
Chapter 884: Forging Onwards With Large Strides
Chapter 885: Arbiter'S Record
Chapter 886: Shock
Chapter 887: Reunion With An Old Friend
Chapter 888: Unrivaled Lu Yin
Chapter 889: Arbiter Lan Si
Chapter 890: Lu Yin And The Divine Fist
Chapter 891: The Ten Arbiters And The Realmlings
Chapter 892: Lu Yin And Bai Ling
Chapter 893: An Era
Chapter 894: One Drop Of Blood
Chapter 895: Hope And Despair
Chapter 896: This Is My Friend
Chapter 897: Qualification And Authority
Chapter 898: Returning Again
Chapter 899: Gu Yue’S Name
Chapter 900: Command Of The Ten Arbiters
Chapter 901: Lu Yin’S Attitude
Chapter 902: Bet
Chapter 903: Skylush Planet
Chapter 904: What Is Beauty?
Chapter 905: Accomplishment And Transcending
Chapter 906: Eliminating The Threat
Chapter 907: Zi Rong’S Death
Chapter 908: Lu Yin’S Threat
Chapter 909: Enormous Power
Chapter 910: Four Cycles
Chapter 911: Wang Wen’S Gift
Chapter 912: A Choice Without A Solution
Chapter 913: Shattered Cauldron
Chapter 914: Xin N And The Platform Of Inception
Chapter 915: Central United Forces
Chapter 916: Lu Yin’S Hidden Influence
Chapter 917: Wei Rong’S Gift
Chapter 918: New Captain
Chapter 919: Ambush
Chapter 920: The Windflower Crew
Chapter 921: Brought Together By Fate
Chapter 922: Silentflock System
Chapter 923: Challenging Everyone
Chpater 924: Lu Yin’S Ability
Chapter 925: Star Chart
Chapter 926: Purchasing Astral Routes
Chapter 927: A Trace Of Possibility
Chapter 928: For Lack Of A Better Choice
Chapter 929: Lu Yin’S Influence
Chapter 930: The Current Ten Arbiters
Chapter 931: Disappearance
Chapter 932: Gods' Origin
Chapter 933: Barging Through The White Mist
Chapter 934: Hidden Person
Chapter 935: Lockbreaking Ability
Chapter 936: Pace
Chapter 937: The New Captain
Chapter 938: Court Meeting
Chapter 939: Strange Rumors And Ruins
Chapter 940: Removal And Creation
Chapter 941: Obsession And Half A Statue
Chapter 942: Attraction
Chapter 943: Firewood Gathered By A Crowd Makes A Bigger Fire
Chapter 944: Explorer And Cruiser
Chapter 945: Breakthrough
Chapter 946: Surprise Reinforcements
Chapter 947: Returning A Favor
Chapter 948: Half-King Lu
Chapter 949: Alarming News
Chapter 950: Reimbursement
Chapter 951: Influence
Chapter 952: The Changing Astral River
Chapter 953: Lu Yin’S Evolution
Chapter 954: Progenitor Items
Chapter 955: An Emotional Scene
Chapter 956: Eyes
Chapter 957: Transport Continent
Chapter 958: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 959: Young Master Changbai
Chapter 960: Secret Technique: Power Transfer
Chapter 961: So Much Money
Chapter 962: The Cosmic Sea
Chapter 963: Starlight Island
Chapter 964: Battle Borne Of Mutual Understanding
Chapter 965: Meeting With An Old Friend
Chapter 966: Daosource Three Skies
Chapter 967: Greenmen Duo
Chapter 968: Battle News
Chapter 969: Crimson Servant And The Lifesource Tokens
Chapter 970: Hello
Chapter 971: Cosmic Sect Vs. Realming
Chapter 972: Coordinating With Divination
Chapter 973: You Guess
Chapter 974: Invincible Sky Zhi
Chapter 975: War Of Words
Chapter 976: Vitality Qi
Chapter 977: Daosource Three Skies And Ten Arbiters
Chapter 978: Open Eyes
Chapter 979: All Acquaintances
Chapter 980: His Name Is Lu Yin
Chapter 981: Infamous Throughout The Cosmic Sea
Chapter 982: Burial Garden
Chapter 983: Provocation
Chapter 984: Bu Kong
Chapter 985: Clinging On
Chapter 986: Time Reversal Technique
Chapter 987: Number One Of The Top 100 Rankings
Chapter 988: Lu Yin’S Ultimate Move
Chapter 989: Sword Radiance
Chapter 990: Offensive And Defensive Sword Techniques
Chapter 991: Eternal Scene
Chapter 992: Forceful Eradication
Chapter 993: Righteousness And Reward
Chapter 994: Lu Yin Vs. Shi Zhongjian
Chapter 995: Outlandish Reason
Chapter 996: A Pitiful Old Friend
Chapter 997: People Of Affection
Chapter 998: The Greatest Battlefield
Chapter 999: Separation
Chapter 1000: Lu Yin Vs. Arbiter Zhenwu
Chapter 1001: Skybreaker
Chapter 1002: Bid Farewell
Chapter 1003: Obsession
Chapter 1004: End Of The Cosmic Phenomenon
Chapter 1005: Mandate Of Heaven
Chapter 1006: Hopelessness And Awakening
Chapter 1007: Machinery Ant Nest
Chapter 1008: Surging Storm
Chapter 1009: The Bald Elder
Chapter 1010: Elder And Younger Brothers
Chapter 1011: Meaning
Chapter 1012: Route And The Hui Family
Chapter 1013: Return
Chapter 1014: Shock
Chapter 1015: Planetary Warehouse
Chapter 1016: Understood
Chapter 1017: Merits And Mistakes
Chapter 1018: Sixteen Layers Of Darkflames
Chapter 1019: Beating The Battle Drums
Chapter 1020: Upgraded Items
Chapter 1021: Images On The Stone Plaque
Chapter 1022: Night Advent
Chapter 1023: Huge Sinner
Chapter 1024: Lu Yin’S Authority
Chapter 1025: Dispute
Chapter 1026: Leaf King
Chapter 1027: Sealed Off
Chapter 1028: Unexpected Fortune
Chapter 1029: Strange Matters
Chapter 1030: Quaking Cauldron
Chapter 1031: Cloning Technique
Chapter 1032: Intense Battle Of Realmlings
Chapter 1033: Consecutive Breakthroughs
Chapter 1034: Flirtatious Lilyrose
Chapter 1035: Reserve Ark
Chapter 1036: Connected
Chapter 1037: Network
Chapter 1038: Planet Fleabane’S Battle Invitation
Chapter 1039: Lu Yin Vs. Lan Si
Chapter 1040: The Might Of The Ten Arbiters
Chapter 1041: Miserable Duel
Chapter 1042: A Ruthless Person
Chapter 1043: Lu Yin’S Smile
Chapter 1044: The Restored Astral River
Chapter 1045: Achieved It
Chapter 1046: Lu Yin And Nightking Zhenwu
Chapter 1047: The Gasfire Alliance
Chapter 1048: Invitation
Chapter 1049: Daynight Strikes
Chapter 1050: Henchman
Chapter 1051: Branch Family’S Fall
Chapter 1052: Stripped
Chapter 1053: Daynight Feast
Chapter 1054: General Antagonism
Chapter 1055: Efficiency
Chapter 1056: Grade-Skipping Evaluation
Chapter 1057: Root Of Intelligence
Chapter 1058: Return
Chapter 1059: Looking Forward For A Long Time
Chapter 1060: Daynight Flowzone
Chapter 1061: Obstinate Woman
Chapter 1062: Nightking Planet
Chapter 1063: A Familiar Taste
Chapter 1064: Legend Of The Night Watch Pagoda
Chapter 1065: Lu Yin’S Provocation
Chapter 1066: New Legend
Chapter 1067: Song Of The Fireplume Tribe
Chapter 1068: Liberation And Aspiration
Chapter 1069: Freak Changes And Schemes
Chapter 1070: Zhenwu’S Arrow Technique
Chapter 1071: Desperation
Chapter 1072: You Deserve To Die
Chapter 1073: Great Chaos
Chapter 1074: Deathmatch
Chapter 1075: A Battle Beyond Comprehension
Chapter 1076: Only Weakness
Chapter 1077: Funeral Dirge
Chapter 1078: Nightking Planet’S Doomsday
Chapter 1079: Ten Arbiters Meeting
Chapter 1080: Old Grievances And New Qualifications
Chapter 1081: Family
Chapter 1082: Qualification
Chapter 1083: Universe’S Number One Mysterious Technique
Chapter 1084: Honor Zone
Chapter 1085: Stolen Stone Of Inheritance
Chapter 1086: Cultural Exchange Zone
Chapter 1087: Eversky Bridge
Chapter 1088: Fusion Of Battle Techniques
Chapter 1089: Choice
Chapter 1090: The Cosmic Sect
Chapter 1091: Promotion Method
Chapter 1092: Reverberating Drumbeats
Chapter 1093: Much Obliged
Chapter 1094: Sweeping Through The Cosmic Sect
Chapter 1095: Skystar Jade Wall
Chapter 1096: Mavis And Tortoise
Chapter 1097: Cutting In Line
Chapter 1098: Mountain And Seas Zone
Chapter 1099: The Might Of The Ten Arbiters
Chapter 1100: You'Re Not Worthy
Chapter 1101: Absolutely Unrivaled
Chapter 1102: Lu Yin’S Longing
Chapter 1103: Contributions
Chapter 1104: Fighting For Life
Chapter 1105: Xie Secret Art
Chapter 1106: Upgrade
Chapter 1107: Dead Regiment
Chapter 1108: So Close Yet So Far
Chapter 1109: Lu Yin And Shang Qing
Chapter 1110: Confronting Ku Lei
Chapter 1111: Unexpected Person
Chapter 1112: Golden Screens
Chapter 1113: Contest On The Seabed
Chapter 1114: Lu Yin Vs. Jin He
Chapter 1115: Battle Of The Ten Arbiters
Chapter 1116: Fated Outcome
Chapter 1117: Lu Yin And Lei N
Chapter 1118: Tablet World
Chapter 1119: Remnant
Chapter 1120: Ancient Battle
Chapter 1121: Design
Chapter 1122: The Cosmic Sect’S Secret Technique
Chapter 1123: Splitting Mountains And Inheritances
Chapter 1124: Five Mountains
Chapter 1125: Burial Garden’S Inheritor
Chapter 1126: Lu Yin Vs Yu Qi
Chapter 1127: Swallowed
Chapter 1128: The Ghost Monkey’S Name
Chapter 1129: You’Ve Won
Chapter 1130: Xia Jiuyou
Chapter 1131: Nine Clones Secret Technique
Chapter 1132: Contest Of Strength
Chapter 1133: Total Oppression
Chapter 1134: Ultimate Confrontation
Chapter 1135: Destiny
Chapter 1136: Black Coffin
Chapter 1137: Peerless Sword Technique
Chapter 1138: Looking For Treasures
Chapter 1139: Pleading Words
Chapter 1140: The Thirteenth Sword
Chapter 1141: Shaman God
Chapter 1142: Declaration Of War
Chapter 1143: Strength And Its Usage
Chapter 1144: Progenitor Chen
Chapter 1145: Worldliness And Array
Chapter 1146: Vanish
Chapter 1147: Capture And Chaos
Chapter 1148: A Plot Spanning Eons
Chapter 1149: Aeternus Nation
Chapter 1150: Ultimatum
Chapter 1151: Aeterna
Chapter 1152: Absorbing
Chapter 1153: Break Through
Chapter 1154: Ultimate Weapon
Chapter 1155: A Minor Episode
Chapter 1156: A Black And White Mist
Chapter 1157: The Seven Courts
Chapter 1158: Progenitor Chen’S Clones
Chapter 1159: Liberation
Chapter 1160: An Opening And Conditions
Chapter 1161: Zenith
Chapter 1162: Big Bro Monkey
Chapter 1163: Giants And A Pool Of Blood
Chapter 1164: Bottom Of The Pool
Chapter 1165: Exposed
Chapter 1166: Breakthrough
Chapter 1167: The Second Innate Gift
Chapter 1168: Group Tactics
Chapter 1169: Anointing A Champion
Chapter 1170: Lead The Way
Chapter 1171: Giant’S Memories
Chapter 1172: Realm Of Memories
Chapter 1173: Bully
Chapter 1174: Assail
Chapter 1175: Attitude
Chapter 1176: The Specter Clan
Chapter 1177: News
Chapter 1178: Honor Zone
Chapter 1179: Absorbing The World
Chapter 1180: Vitality-Draining Poison
Chapter 1181: Arbitration World
Chapter 1182: Judgment
Chapter 1183: Not To Be Disclosed
Chapter 1184: A Familiar Stranger
Chapter 1185: Cynet’S Boss
Chapter 1186: The Great Eastern Alliance Convention
Chapter 1187: Edible Forest
Chapter 1188: Lu Yin And Bu Laoweng
Chapter 1189: Not Giving Up
Chapter 1190: Eversky Island’S Style
Chapter 1191: Overseer Xin
Chapter 1192: Mushroom Head
Chapter 1193: A Mere Commotion
Chapter 1194: God Of Death
Chapter 1195: Array Master
Chapter 1196: The Pride Of A Lockbreaker
Chapter 1197: Energy Flow
Chapter 1198: Sourcebox’S Contents
Chapter 1199: Star Devourer
Chapter 1200: Inception Array
Chapter 1201: The End Of The Inheritance Corridor
Chapter 1202: Daynight Praises
Chapter 1203: The Champions' Stage Titles
Chapter 1204: Rebel
Chapter 1205: The First Disciple
Chapter 1206: Grandmaster
Chapter 1207: First Flowzone
Chapter 1208: War Against The Sect
Chapter 1209: Internal Strife
Chapter 1210: Lu Yin’S Confidence
Chapter 1211: Sword Qi Barrier
Chapter 1212: Lu Yin And Liu Qianjue
Chapter 1213: The Purge
Chapter 1214: Sword Formation
Chapter 1215: A Request
Chapter 1216: Altercation
Chapter 1217: Mutual Destruction*
Chapter 1218: Unexpected Aid
Chapter 1219: Royal Frost Continent
Chapter 1220: Sealing Array
Chapter 1221: Repair
Chapter 1222: Temptation
Chapter 1223: Exploitation
Chapter 1224: Masters Of Blazing Mist Flowzone
Chapter 1225: It’S Worth It
Chapter 1226: Exposed
Chapter 1227: Geoffrey
Chapter 1228: Progenitor Hui’S Insignia
Chapter 1229: The Froststone And The Frostgate Army
Chapter 1230: Attack
Chapter 1231: The Battle Of The Blaze Realm
Chapter 1232: Lu Yin And Leader Hong
Chapter 1233: Lu Yin Vs Leader Hong
Chapter 1234: Summoning A Champion
Chapter 1235: The Blaze Realm’S Collapse
Chapter 1236: Lu Yin'S Self-Esteem
Chapter 1237: Lu Yin'S Status
Chapter 1238: Command
Chapter 1239: Zenith Mountain
Chapter 1240: Registration
Chapter 1241: Bright Starry Sky
Chapter 1242: Mentor’S Help
Chapter 1243: Big Gamble
Chapter 1244: Master’S Order
Chapter 1245: Master’S Gift
Chapter 1246: Pinnacle Of Comprehension
Chapter 1247: Upper Realm
Chapter 1248: Predicted List
Chapter 1249: Coincidence
Chapter 1250: Resolution
Chapter 1251: Circumstances
Chapter 1252: The Friendship Of The Ten Academies
Chapter 1253: Challenge
Chapter 1254: Lu Yin Vs Lightson
Chapter 1255: Lu Yin And Wu Taibai
Chapter 1256: Attack
Chapter 1257: Declaration
Chapter 1258: Zenith Begins
Chapter 1259: Breeze
Chapter 1260: Lu Yin’S Power
Chapter 1261: No Restrictions
Chapter 1262: A Bunch Of Familiar Faces
Chapter 1263: Mixed Battle
Chapter 1264: Mavis And Lu Yin
Chapter 1265: Lu Yin’S Power
Chapter 1266: Attitude
Chapter 1267: Guess
Chapter 1268: Lu Yin’S Standards
Chapter 1269: Clearing The Checkpoint
Chapter 1270: Boring
Chapter 1271: An Old Enemy
Chapter 1272: The Invincible Progenitor Chen
Chapter 1273: Poor Di Fa
Chapter 1274: The Third Layer
Chapter 1275: Ability And Luck
Chapter 1276: Outlook And Scope
Chapter 1277: The Hall Of Honor’S Disgrace
Chapter 1278: Unique Battle Technique
Chapter 1279: Gaia'S Swamp
Chapter 1280: Not Living Up To The Name
Chapter 1281: Way Of Doing Things
Chapter 1282: State Of Mind
Chapter 1283: Horrifying Spiritual Force
Chapter 1284: Exposed
Chapter 1285: The Strength Of A Palm
Chapter 1286: Liquor Hero’S Strength
Chapter 1287: Supreme Statue
Chapter 1288: Regression Of The Times
Chapter 1289: How Many Punches?
Chapter 1290: Infinite Power
Chapter 1291: A Recognized Monster
Chapter 1292: Making A Reputation
Chapter 1293: Down The Liquor
Chapter 1294: Creation
Chapter 1295: Knowing Or Not
Chapter 1296: Incredible Methods
Chapter 1297: Baring Fangs
Chapter 1298: Lu Yin And Liu Tianmu
Chapter 1299: Celestial Demon’S Howl
Chapter 1300: Unable To Divine
Chapter 1301: The Thirteen Swords
Chapter 1302: The Thirteenth Sword
Chapter 1303: Is It Over?
Chapter 1304: Hidden Innate Gift
Chapter 1305: The Final Ten
Chapter 1306: Lighting The Joss Stick
Chapter 1307: Fairness?
Chapter 1308: Channeling Diagram
Chapter 1309: Lu Yin Vs. Wang Yi
Chapter 1310: The Invincible Progenitor Chen
Chapter 1311: Arrival Of A Progenitor
Chapter 1312: The Fourth Aspect (Of Qiu Shi)
Chapter 1313: Peerless Battle Technique
Chapter 1314: Completely Suppressed
Chapter 1315: Top Five
Chapter 1316: Xia Jiuyou Vs Lu Yin
Chapter 1317: Joining Forces
Chapter 1318: Unknown Innate Gift
Chapter 1319: The Third Stream Of Ancestral Qi
Chapter 1320: A Battle Of Despair
Chapter 1321: God Of Death Transformation
Chapter 1322: All Together
Chapter 1323: Absolutely Invincible
Chapter 1324: Top Prize
Chapter 1325: Attempt
Chapter 1326: Rewind
Chapter 1327: Means
Chapter 1328: Income
Chapter 1329: A Sudden Attack
Chapter 1330: Meeting
Chapter 1331: Treasure Of The Ages
Chapter 1332: Starsibyl Planet
Chapter 1333: One Attacks, Another Defends
Chapter 1334: Aid Requested From The Hidden Earth Society
Chapter 1335: Back To The Academy
Chapter 1336: Boundless
Chapter 1337: Trading Pointers
Chapter 1338: Ambush
Chapter 1339: Merging
Chapter 1340: Leaving A Name On Boundless
Chapter 1341: Cultivation Method
Chapter 1342: True Universe
Chapter 1343: Source
Chapter 1344: Laying Down
Chapter 1345: Luo Shen’S Dance Performance
Chapter 1346: Jiang Chen
Chapter 1347: Black Street
Chapter 1348: Vanish
Chapter 1349: Strange Place
Chapter 1350: Long Qi Of The White Dragon Clan
Chapter 1351: Celestial Frost Sect
Chapter 1352: Lu Yin And Long Xi
Chapter 1353: Promotion
Chapter 1354: White Mountain Library
Chapter 1355: Legend
Chapter 1356: Seed Garden
Chapter 1357: Shenwu'S Sky
Chapter 1358: Roving White Dragon
Chapter 1359: Bifrost
Chapter 1360: Lower Realm
Chapter 1361: White Dragon Rolls Over
Chapter 1362: Realmless
Chapter 1363: The Legend Of Wu Tian
Chapter 1364: Humility’S Gate
Chapter 1365: Yinshan District
Chapter 1366: Yu Chen
Chapter 1367: Luck
Chapter 1368: Where Opportunity Lies
Chapter 1369: Top Secret
Chapter 1370: Confrontation
Chapter 1371: Expelled
Chapter 1372: The Situation
Chapter 1373: Way Of Doing Things
Chapter 1374: Multiple Arrests
Chapter 1375: A Favor
Chapter 1376: That Person At The Top
Chapter 1377: Encouragement
Chapter 1378: Yet Another Acquaintance
Chapter 1379: Wager
Chapter 1380: Trust Me
Chapter 1381: Time Needed For Retirement
Chapter 1382: Evidence
Chapter 1383: Supervisor Of The Nine Gates
Chapter 1384: Stubborn To The End
Chapter 1385: The Fourteenth Gate
Chapter 1386: Observing The Sword Monument
Chapter 1387: Missions And Rewards
Chapter 1388: The Woman With The Liu Surname
Chapter 1389: The Sword Monument’S Inheritance
Chapter 1390: Unravel
Chapter 1391: Multiple Inheritances
Chapter 1392: Kui Luo
Chapter 1393: Flying Armor Pass
Chapter 1394: Powerhouses From Various Factions
Chapter 1395: Stellular Tribulation
Chapter 1396: Rewards
Chapter 1397: Tribulation Crystals
Chapter 1398: The Battlefield Behind The Mother Tree
Chapter 1399: Opening The Three Meridian Points
Chapter 1400: Tribulation Crystal Pillar
Chapter 1401: Transformation
Chapter 1402: Can I Snatch It?
Chapter 1403: Flying Armor Array
Chapter 1404: Biased
Chapter 1405: Decisive
Chapter 1406: A Sinister Plan
Chapter 1407: Reveal
Chapter 1408: Hope Restaurant
Chapter 1409: Mr. Zui
Chapter 1410: Virtue Archives
Chapter 1411: Liu Yi And Fei Hua
Chapter 1412: Meeting
Chapter 1413: Junior Progenitor Planet
Chapter 1414: Dragon Saliva And Shortcuts
Chapter 1415: Not Very Tasteful
Chapter 1416: A Mysterious Place
Chapter 1417: What’S That Attitude?
Chapter 1418: Little Tricks
Chapter 1419: Dominion Realm
Chapter 1420: Withered Glory
Chapter 1421: Reverse Growth
Chapter 1422: Obligations Of A Brother-In-Law
Chapter 1423: Rogue
Chapter 1424: Lost Families
Chapter 1426: Efficiency
Chapter 1427: Long-Lost Weapon
Chapter 1428: Already Enough
Chapter 1429: Extreme Strength
Chapter 1430: Faking Death
Chapter 1431: Revealed
Chapter 1432: Origin
Chapter 1433: A Familiar Place
Chapter 1434: Free For All
Chapter 1435: Trespasser?
Chapter 1436: Attack
Chapter 1437: Zenith
Chapter 1438: Reappearance Of Invincibility
Chapter 1439: God Of Death
Chapter 1440: Spoils Of Victory
Chapter 1441: My Surname Is Lu
Chapter 1442: Life Experience
Chapter 1443: Hidden World
Chapter 1444: Can You Act?
Chapter 1445: Return
Chapter 1446: Continuous Possession
Chapter 1447: Seven-Stage Formcast Model
Chapter 1448: Mass Upgrade
Chapter 1449: San Liang’S Ambitions
Chapter 1450: Qing Chen Mountain
Chapter 1451: Unease
Chapter 1452: Acting Gate Master
Chapter 1453: Nine Gates
Chapter 1454: Gate Master?
Chapter 1455: Return To Huaiyuan
Chapter 1456: Cloud Shuttle
Chapter 1457: Intimidation
Chapter 1458: Polarization
Chapter 1459: Stellular Liquid
Chapter 1460: Nutrients
Chapter 1461: Bringer Of Misfortune
Chapter 1462: Purpose
Chapter 1463: Jade Butterfly Conspiracy
Chapter 1464: Attack
Chapter 1465: Forceful Accusations
Chapter 1466: Meeting Place
Chapter 1467: Reversal
Chapter 1468: Pretty Far
Chapter 1469: Enlighter Realm Breakthrough
Chapter 1470: Return By Yourself
Chapter 1471: The Lu Surname
Chapter 1472: Sparring
Chapter 1473: Unknown Informant
Chapter 1474: Dispute
Chapter 1475: You Are A Traitor
Chapter 1476: Seed Garden
Chapter 1477: Lotus Vine Tree And A Blade Of Grass
Chapter 1478: Thriving
Chapter 1479: Big Faced Tree
Chapter 1480: History
Chapter 1481: Heavy Feelings
Chapter 1482: The Crimson Garden
Chapter 1483: Authority
Chapter 1484: A Madman'S Obsession
Chapter 1485: Mutation
Chapter 1486: Ceaseless Impetus
Chapter 1487: Dragon Mountain
Chapter 1488: Anteater
Chapter 1489: Second Array Base
Chapter 1490: Headquarters
Chapter 1491: Another Team
Chapter 1492: Cloudguard Robes
Chapter 1493: Sourcebox Cones
Chapter 1494: Talent
Chapter 1495: Bai Zhen
Chapter 1496: Hidden Needle
Chapter 1497: Humanoid Stellular Tribulation
Chapter 1498: Tracking
Chapter 1499: Hua Family Beast Masters
Chapter 1500: The Second Array Base
Chapter 1501: Marquis Green Bamboo
Chapter 1502: Going All Out
Chapter 1503: Aurelian Force
Chapter 1504: The Lu Family’S Ex-Retainer
Chapter 1505: New World
Chapter 1506: Desolate
Chapter 1507: Flaming Ink Secret Technique
Chapter 1508: Whiteless God
Chapter 1509: Battle Wit
Chapter 1510: Inheritance Of Ancient Progenitors
Chapter 1511: Choice
Chapter 1512: The Hope Of Humanity
Chapter 1513: Rescue Mission
Chapter 1514: A Large-Scale Assault
Chapter 1515: Xiang City And The Forsaken Soldiers
Chapter 1516: The Stacking Mountain Range
Chapter 1517: Young Master Tu
Chapter 1518: Seven Heroes
Chapter 1519: Lu Bastard
Chapter 1520: Knows One
Chapter 1521: Crisis
Chapter 1522: Oath
Chapter 1523: What Has He Done?
Chapter 1524: Leave
Chapter 1525: Creation Realm
Chapter 1526: Grandmaster Gu Yan
Chapter 1527: Adventure King
Chapter 1528: Humanoid Sourcebox
Chapter 1529: Humility’S Gate’S Commander Apprenticeship
Chapter 1530: Cloakstone
Chapter 1531: Death Of A Junior Progenitor
Chapter 1532: Just Like That?
Chapter 1534: Esteemed Name
Chapter 1535: Mention Of The Hidden Earth Society
Chapter 1536: Is It Complicated?
Chapter 1537: Extremes Must Be Reversed
Chapter 1538: Arrogance
Chapter 1539: New Heights
Chapter 1540: Worshiping The White Dragon Clan’S Progenitor
Chapter 1541: Progenitor Long’S Blessing
Chapter 1542: Stable Zone
Chapter 1543: Playing Against A Grandmaster
Chapter 1544: Stunning Achievements
Chapter 1545: What Is That?
Chapter 1546: Shocking Events
Chapter 1547: Battle Of Dragon Mountain
Chapter 1548: The Truth That Kui Luo Knows
Chapter 1549: Lu Yin’S Name
Chapter 1550: Invincible God Of Death
Chapter 1551: Unrivaled Healing Technique
Chapter 1552: Swaying Public Opinion
Chapter 1553: The Name Of Zhu Tong
Chapter 1554: Leaving
Chapter 1555: Return
Chapter 1556: New Follower
Chapter 1557: Experience
Chapter 1558: Lifelong Endeavor
Chapter 1559: Grandmaster Xiu
Chapter 1560: Record
Chapter 1561: Ancient Spirit Sea
Chapter 1562: A Game
Chapter 1563: God Of Death Domain
Chapter 1564: Giants’ Technology
Chapter 1565: Senior Brother?
Chapter 1566: Overturned
Chapter 1567: Black Street
Chapter 1568: Offending People
Chapter 1569: Sincerity
Chapter 1570: The Man Behind The Scenes
Chapter 1571: He’S Here
Chapter 1572: Unbeatable
Chapter 1573: The Mountains And Seas’ Inheritance
Chapter 1574: Aurora Fortress
Chapter 1575: Business Deal
Chapter 1576: Bloodstains
Chapter 1577: A Successful Breakthrough
Chapter 1578: Microarray Technology
Chapter 1579: Debt From The Past
Chapter 1580: Disciple
Chapter 1581: The Way You Want
Chapter 1582: Pattern On The Sole
Chapter 1583: No Choice
Chapter 1584: Big Bro Monkey
Chapter 1585: The Truth
Chapter 1586: Smoke And Smoke
Chapter 1587: Harvest Begins
Chapter 1588: Return
Chapter 1589: Confrontation
Chapter 1590: Influence
Chapter 1591: Fennel Flowzone
Chapter 1592: Transience
Chapter 1593: Stellular Energy Pill
Chapter 1594: Foreign Visitors
Chapter 1595: Hidden Seeds
Chapter 1596: Bizarre Sect
Chapter 1597: River Of Death Energy
Chapter 1598: Arrow Sect
Chapter 1600: Wen Family’S Inheritance
Chapter 1601: Keep Watch
Chapter 1602: A Forceful Break-In
Chapter 1603: Gaia’S Swamp
Chapter 1604: Mountain Seas Painting
Chapter 1605: The Colossal Giants
Chapter 1606: Lu Yin’S Surprise
Chapter 1607: The Blood Of Progenitor Chen
Chapter 1608: Transforming Destiny
Chapter 1609: A Troubled Giant
Chapter 1610: Yes Or No?
Chapter 1611: Unease
Chapter 1612: Infiltration
Chapter 1613: The Time Has Come
Chapter 1614: Gaining Control
Chapter 1615: Wealthy Again
Chapter 1616: Mystery
Chapter 1617: Assailant
Chapter 1618: Incredible Pill
Chapter 1619: War Preparations
Chapter 1620: Borrowing The Strength Of Others
Chapter 1621: Future Catastrophe
Chapter 1622: The Real Enemy
Chapter 1623: Battle Of The Four Pirate Crews
Chapter 1624: Position
Chapter 1625: Crisis Of The Giants
Chapter 1626: Arrival
Chapter 1627: Back-Up Plan
Chapter 1628: Who In The World Is That?
Chapter 1629: Formidable Clone
Chapter 1630: The Reason
Chapter 1631: Price To Pay
Chapter 1632: The Path That Was Chosen
Chapter 1633: Mountains And Seas Painting
Chapter 1634: Non-Existent People
Chapter 1635: The Giants’ Whereabouts
Chapter 1636: Deal
Chapter 1637: Seeing The Sea King Again
Chapter 1638: Contradiction
Chapter 1639: Frankness
Chapter 1640: Reunion
Chapter 1641: Three Cards
Chapter 1642: Burden
Chapter 1643: I’M Taking It
Chapter 1644: The Dragon Lord Surrenders
Chapter 1645: Give It A Try
Chapter 1646: Lord Of Blazing Mist Flowzone
Chapter 1647: Lu Yin And Madam Hong
Chapter 1648: Odd Deal
Chapter 1649: Slimy Lu
Chapter 1650: Heaven And Earth
Chapter 1651: Challenge
Chapter 1652: A Mysterious Sword
Chapter 1653: Sword Vs. Sword
Chapter 1654: Turn Around
Chapter 1655: Joining With A Sword
Chapter 1656: Ancient You Ming
Chapter 1657: War Of Destruction
Chapter 1658: That Aura
Chapter 1659: Ruins
Chapter 1660: The Power Of A Progenitor
Chapter 1661: Make A Match
Chapter 1662: Attract
Chapter 1663: Celestial Frost Pond
Chapter 1664: A Powerful Enemy
Chapter 1665: A Huge Shock
Chapter 1666: Please Help Us, Ancestor
Chapter 1667: Judgment
Chapter 1668: Prison
Chapter 1669: The Bottom Of The Celestial Frost Pond
Chapter 1670: Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 1671: That Symbol Again
Chapter 1672: Disappear
Chapter 1673: Bathing Pool
Chapter 1675: A Bloody Sky
Chapter 1676: I Want It All
Chapter 1677: Missing
Chapter 1678: Progress
Chapter 1679: Life Force
Chapter 1680: I Punched Him
Chapter 1681: Flourish
Chapter 1682: The Warden
Chapter 1683: Do You Regret It?
Chapter 1685: No Misery
Chapter 1686: Send You Off
Chapter 1687: Powerful
Chapter 1688: The True Leader
Chapter 1689: Control
Chapter 1690: Keep It A Secret
Chapter 1691: Tail
Chapter 1692: Take A Beating
Chapter 1694: Caught All Of Them
Chapter 1695: The Shine Of Money
Chapter 1696: A Mysterious Place
Chapter 1697: Little Tree
Chapter 1698: Guess
Chapter 1699: Unlucky
Chapter 1700: An Important Guest
Chapter 1701: There’S A Problem
Chapter 1702: Bad Luck Leads East*
Chapter 1703: Eternal Life
Chapter 1704: Annihilation
Chapter 1705: Shangwu’S Technique
Chapter 1706: Return To Sky Creation Academy
Chapter 1707: Determination
Chapter 1708: First Protector Of Mt. Microcosms
Chapter 1710: Route
Chapter 1711: Opportunity
Chapter 1712: Control
Chapter 1713: First Edition City
Chapter 1714: Control Vs Cooperation
Chapter 1715: Lu Yin And Little R1O
Chapter 1716: A Real Man
Chapter 1717: Broken
Chapter 1718: Aspiring Youth
Chapter 1719: Thoughts Brought To Reality
Chapter 1720: The Sophic Rift
Chapter 1721: The Third Fleet
Chapter 1722: Skirmish
Chapter 1723: Contact With The Lost Course Army
Chapter 1724: True And False
Chapter 1725: Why Is It Gone?
Chapter 1726: Identity
Chapter 1727: The Origin Progenitor’S Sutra
Chapter 1728: Transformation
Chapter 1729: Murkiness
Chapter 1730: Cooperation
Chapter 1731: A Trove Of A Secret Techniques
Chapter 1732: New Terms
Chapter 1733: Kui And Luo
Chapter 1734: He’S My Junior Disciple Brother
Chapter 1735: Fairness: Right And Wrong
Chapter 1736: Unfamiliar With Their Junior
Chapter 1737: That Strange Place, Earth
Chapter 1738: Habitual Madness
Chapter 1739: Triggering Destiny
Chapter 1740: Limited Time
Chapter 1741: Grand Plan
Chapter 1742: Beyond The Battlefield
Chapter 1743: Long-Term Scruples
Chapter 1744: Chance Encounter
Chapter 1745: Bubble
Chapter 1746: The Silhouette
Chapter 1747: Interests Above All Else
Chapter 1748: A Grave Matter
Chapter 1749: Shocking News
Chapter 1750: Sharing Intel
Chapter 1751: Bait
Chapter 1752: Fame And Fortune
Chapter 1753: Joining The Alliance
Chapter 1754: Goals In Life
Chapter 1755: The Importance Of An Opponent
Chapter 1756: Venom Flowzone
Chapter 1757: Qing Cao
Chapter 1758: Local Produce
Chapter 1759: Measure For Measure
Chapter 1760: Lu Yin'S Gift
Chapter 1761: Tempting The Heart
Chapter 1762: The Highest Consumption
Chapter 1763: Yi'S Emporium
Chapter 1764: This Much Money?
Chapter 1765: Takeaway
Chapter 1766: The Star Disappears
Chapter 1767: Unbelievably Expensive Information
Chapter 1768: A Visit
Chapter 1769: The Hidden Flower
Chapter 1770: Infernal Zone
Chapter 1771: Wireless Jincan
Chapter 1772: Testing Each Other
Chapter 1773: Provocation
Chapter 1774: Stubborn Rock
Chapter 1775: An Explanation
Chapter 1776: A Clear Sky
Chapter 1777: Conclusive Evidence
Chapter 1778: It Will Fall Under The Lu Surname
Chapter 1779: Merits And Demerits
Chapter 1780: A Small Windfall
Chapter 1781: The So-Called Distance
Chapter 1782: A Multi-Tiered Strategy
Chapter 1783: Personal Reasons
Chapter 1784: Welcome To Compete
Chapter 1785: A Strange Face
Chapter 1786: A Major Event
Chapter 1787: Progenitor Chen?!
Chapter 1788: Integrating The Innerverse
Chapter 1789: Blood Spilled Across The Universe
Chapter 1790: The Lu Family’S Unique Technique
Chapter 1791: Burial Garden’S Gates
Chapter 1792: Fruit
Chapter 1793: Tracked By Something Unseen
Chapter 1794: I Can Do It
Chapter 1795: Cautious
Chapter 1796: What Went Wrong?
Chapter 1797: Jiu Han
Chapter 1798: Trapped
Chapter 1799: Numbers
Chapter 1800: Tea Mountain
Chapter 1801: Wandering Corpse
Chapter 1802: Bloodstained Shirt
Chapter 1803: Sneak Attack
Chapter 1804: Solved
Chapter 1805: Divination Method
Chapter 1806: Skyeater Goose
Chapter 1807: Hollow Palm
Chapter 1808: Water God Dojo
Chapter 1809: Status Quo
Chapter 1810: Shudders
Chapter 1811: Legends Of Burial Garden
Chapter 1812: An Unnerved Kui Luo
Chapter 1813: Yang Kong
Chapter 1814: Returning To Find Things Unfamiliar
Chapter 1815: Lie Yanzi
Chapter 1816: Sense Of Existence
Chapter 1817: Means Of Control
Chapter 1818: Full Of Wealth
Chapter 1819: Progenitor Ku’S Power Of Time
Chapter 1820: Re-Entering
Chapter 1821: Praying To A Statue
Chapter 1822: Infinity Realm
Chapter 1823: Hua Wu
Chapter 1824: Man Of My Word
Chapter 1825: Poison Triggered
Chapter 1826: Completing More Cycles
Chapter 1827: Ancestor Tortoise
Chapter 1828: A Meeting Gift
Chapter 1829: An Alliance
Chapter 1830: Dismissal
Chapter 1831: Lu Yin And Leaf King
Chapter 1832: The New Overseer
Chapter 1833: Reminder
Chapter 1834: Crisis
Chapter 1835: Struggle
Chapter 1836: Test
Chapter 1837: Means Of Escape
Chapter 1838: Why Is Your Surname Lu?
Chapter 1839: Direct Family And Branch Families
Chapter 1840: Immovable Heavenly King Elephant
Chapter 1841: Dream
Chapter 1842: Again?
Chapter 1843: Wu Tian’S Legacy
Chapter 1844: Soldier Crew
Chapter 1845: Cause
Chapter 1846: Cocky
Chapter 1847: My Lord
Chapter 1848: The Origin Of The Arcane Art
Chapter 1849: A Change In Situation And A Surprise
Chapter 1850: A Disc And A Knife
Chapter 1851: Sneak Attack
Chapter 1852: Crisis In The North
Chapter 1853: I Will Take Charge
Chapter 1854: War In The North
Chapter 1855: Determination
Chapter 1856: Officially Started
Chapter 1857: Shadow Assassination
Chapter 1858: Blitzkrieg
Chapter 1859: Guess My Bottom Line
Chapter 1860: His Back
Chapter 1861: Face-Off
Chapter 1862: Saving People
Chapter 1863: Breathe Fire
Chapter 1864: Endless Fear
Chapter 1865: Image
Chapter 1866: Peak Enlighter
Chapter 1867: Sole Of My Foot
Chapter 1868: Strange Corpse
Chapter 1869: Intimidated Comrades
Chapter 1870: Multi-Layered Trap
Chapter 1871: A Helping Hand
Chapter 1872: New Gardener
Chapter 1873: A Deal
Chapter 1874: The Void Wanderer Ancestor
Chapter 1875: Hidden Means
Chapter 1876: Lan Xian
Chapter 1877: Stellular Tribulation
Chapter 1878: Growing
Chapter 1879: One Punch
Chapter 1880: Invincibility
Chapter 1881: Chaotic Time And Space
Chapter 1882: Heaven’S Furnace
Chapter 1883: Who Is Truly Invincible?
Chapter 1884: Opening And Sealing
Chapter 1885: Repeat
Chapter 1886: Waiting
Chapter 1887: Jiu Chi
Chapter 1888: Attitude
Chapter 1889: Flawed State Of Mind
Chapter 1890: Strategy Fulfilled
Chapter 1891: Simulation
Chapter 1892: Lu Yin'S Attitude
Chapter 1893: Who Would Have Thought?
Chapter 1894: A Harvest And A Champion
Chapter 1895: Arrow Sect'S Desperate Situation
Chapter 1896: A Different Fate
Chapter 1897: Painful News
Chapter 1898: Chaos
Chapter 1899: Setting Off
Chapter 1900: Absolute Beast Cage
Chapter 1901: That Which Should Not Be Seen
Chapter 1902: Who Is This?
Chapter 1903: What'S The Big Deal?
Chapter 1904: The Legend Of The Origin Progenitor
Chapter 1905: Remove Your Veil
Chapter 1906: Dragon Gate Realm
Chapter 1907: Nan Yuan’S Removal
Chapter 1908: Higher Pursuits
Chapter 1909: The Crazy Big Tree
Chapter 1910: Uncle Tree
Chapter 1911: Skyraiser City
Chapter 1912: Xi Shuang
Chapter 1913: Slaps
Chapter 1914: Issue Settled
Chapter 1915: A Warning
Chapter 1916: Reasonable Madmen
Chapter 1917: Position
Chapter 1918: Raining White Petals
Chapter 1919: Nearly Perfect, But Still One Flaw
Chapter 1920: Follow Lu Yin
Chapter 1921: Strange Metal
Chapter 1922: Hot-Headed Big Sis
Chapter 1923: Is It Still Far?
Chapter 1924: Peacewater Planet
Chapter 1925: Mask Of Death
Chapter 1926: Great Seal
Chapter 1927: Knocking On The Door
Chapter 1928: Great Wisdom Hidden Behind Stupidity*
Chapter 1929: Guesses And Negotiations
Chapter 1930: Strange Lightning
Chapter 1931: Alternative Brilliance
Chapter 1932: The Source
Chapter 1933: Everchanging You Ming
Chapter 1934: Not Giving Face
Chapter 1935: Trial
Chapter 1936: The Truth
Chapter 1937: Lu Yin'S Inclination
Chapter 1938: Netherworld River
Chapter 1939: Starpiece Region
Chapter 1940: Lu Yin’S Visit
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Chapter 2044
Chapter 2045: Heavy Injury
Chapter 2046: Fear
Chapter 2047: A Choice
Chapter 2048: The Lu Family’S Dao Chosen
Chapter 2049: The Secret Of The Dao Monarch
Chapter 2050: Two Lives
Chapter 2051: Two Wishes
Chapter 2052: Be My Disciple
Chapter 2053: Returning To The Daosource Sect
Chapter 2054: Chu Yuan And Heluo Mavis
Chapter 2055: Proving The Name Of The Eras
Chapter 2056: The Limit To Endurance
Chapter 2057: Equal Status
Chapter 2058: Guess
Chapter 2059: The Modern World
Chapter 2060: Collapse
Chapter 2061: Origin Progenitor’S Statue
Chapter 2062: Vanish
Chapter 2063: Origin Progenitor’S Sword
Chapter 2064: The Past
Chapter 2065: Responsibility
Chapter 2066: Hero
Chapter 2067: A Civilization
Chapter 2068: I Am A Human
Chapter 2069: The Mainland Collapses
Chapter 2070: The Eagle And The Fish
Chapter 2071: The Power Of Time
Chapter 2072: Tidal Flats
Chapter 2073: Twenty Years
Chapter 2074: Changes
Chapter 2075: High Profile
Chapter 2076: Representing The Heavens
Chapter 2077: Thinking About The Future
Chapter 2078: Chaotic Times
Chapter 2079: Stabilizing
Chapter 2080: Internal And External Cultivation
Chapter 2081: Eras
Chapter 2082: The Next Batch
Chapter 2083: Attack
Chapter 2084: Trouble
Chapter 2085: Outstanding Individuals
Chapter 2086: Sounding Out
Chapter 2087: Slipper
Chapter 2088: Provocation
Chapter 2089: Clash Of Eras
Chapter 2090: The Universe And The Stars
Chapter 2091: The Gap
Chapter 2092: Earth-Shattering News
Chapter 2093: Throw Them Out
Chapter 2094: The Battle Of Speed
Chapter 2095: Lu Yin And Chu Yuan
Chapter 2096: Erasing Time
Chapter 2097: Change
Chapter 2098: The God Of Death’S Reappearance
Chapter 2099: Eight-Star Garan Innate Gift
Chapter 2100: Spatial Memory
Chapter 2101: Confidence
Chapter 2102: A Finger
Chapter 2103: The Circle Of Life
Chapter 2104: The Only Dao Chosen
Chapter 2105: Evidence
Chapter 2106: Stepping On The Stars
Chapter 2107: Return Home
Chapter 2108: That Child
Chapter 2109: Blood Alchemy
Chapter 2110: Bone Grafters
Chapter 2111: Lu Yin And Destina
Chapter 2112: Three Steps
Chapter 2113: The Origin Progenitor
Chapter 2114: Seizing Stellular Energy
Chapter 2115: Shadow Of The Past
Chapter 2116: Ancient Aura
Chapter 2117: Cusp Of A Breakthrough
Chapter 2118: Sealing Technique
Chapter 2119: The Mirror
Chapter 2120: Wei-Induction Technique
Chapter 2121: Response
Chapter 2122: Progenitor Smoke
Chapter 2123: Xi Wei
Chapter 2124: Smoke
Chapter 2125: The Daosource Sect Incident
Chapter 2126: The Great Goddess
Chapter 2127: A Huge Harvest
Chapter 2128: Progenitor Smoke'S Mountain And Sea
Chapter 2129: Forget Time
Chapter 2130: Who Are You?
Chapter 2131: The Lu Family’S Traitor
Chapter 2132: A Madman
Chapter 2133: The Culprit
Chapter 2134: Opening Ceremony
Chapter 2135: Opportunity
Chapter 2136: A Prestigious Display
Chapter 2137: Extreme Path
Chapter 2138: Suing For Peace
Chapter 2139: Books Of Destiny
Chapter 2140: Doing Something Terrible
Chapter 2141: Explanation
Chapter 2142: Revisiting The Past
Chapter 2143: Names Of The Past
Chapter 2144: The Mad Headmaster
Chapter 2145: Karmic Cause And Effect
Chapter 2146: The Level Is Too High
Chapter 2147: Golden Age
Chapter 2148: Your Ancestor
Chapter 2149: Skyrocketing Cultivation
Chapter 2150: The You Family And The Undying Manual
Chapter 2151: Three Items
Chapter 2152: Immemorial
Chapter 2153: Compensation
Chapter 2154: A Person From The Past With No Memory
Chapter 2155: The Power Of Time
Chapter 2156: If Lu Yin Weren’T Around
Chapter 2157: Heavens Corps
Chapter 2158: Infinity Realm
Chapter 2159: Changing Reality Into The Intangible
Chapter 2160: The Power Of Dual Pupils
Chapter 2161: Lu Yin'S Ambition
Chapter 2162: Wrong Identity
Chapter 2163: Seeing Blackless God Again
Chapter 2164: Exposed
Chapter 2165: Broken Finger
Chapter 2166: Siege
Chapter 2167: God Of Death'S Left Arm
Chapter 2168: Costs And Benefits
Chapter 2169: Senior Brother?
Chapter 2170: Not Qualified Enough
Chapter 2171: Relaxing
Chapter 2172: Starting The Stellular Tribulation
Chapter 2173: Hope Restaurant’S Master
Chapter 2174: Water Bag
Chapter 2175: An Incomprehensible Finger
Chapter 2176: Means
Chapter 2177: The Dealcut Association
Chapter 2178: Restriction
Chapter 2179: Influence
Chapter 2180: Detoxification
Chapter 2181: His Past
Chapter 2182: Miserable
Chapter 2183: Virtue District
Chapter 2184: Yes And No
Chapter 2185: Young And Promising
Chapter 2186: The Academy
Chapter 2187: Professor Hao Yu
Chapter 2188: Arriving At The Stone Pillar
Chapter 2189: Class Time
Chapter 2190: Exploring
Chapter 2191: Living Together?
Chapter 2192: Everything Returns To The Origin
Chapter 2193: Sharpness
Chapter 2194: Deja Vu
Chapter 2195: Challenge
Chapter 2196: See Clearly Before Returning
Chapter 2197: Prof. Wei
Chapter 2198: Identity Exposed
Chapter 2199: A Game
Chapter 2200: Fairness And The Difference In Ability
Chapter 2201: Conjecture
Chapter 2202: Young Master
Chapter 2203: The Old Servant
Chapter 2204: Burial
Chapter 2205: Intimidation
Chapter 2206: Entrust
Chapter 2207: Clues
Chapter 2208: Assassination
Chapter 2209: Attack
Chapter 2210: Trace
Chapter 2211: The Past
Chapter 2212: Suspicions
Chapter 2213: Destruction
Chapter 2214: Fissure
Chapter 2215: Overwhelming Power
Chapter 2216: Deviating Consciousness
Chapter 2217: Origins
Chapter 2218: Crossing The Ocean
Chapter 2219: Absurd Upgrades
Chapter 2220: Chaotic Time And Space
Chapter 2221: Scouring
Chapter 2222: Investigation
Chapter 2223: Sudden Thought
Chapter 2224: Capture
Chapter 2225: Spearhead
Chapter 2226: The Second Sword Attack
Chapter 2227: Testing The Waters
Chapter 2228: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 2229: Deductions And Alliances
Chapter 2230: Convergence
Chapter 2231: Going With The Flow
Chapter 2232: The Vicissitudes Of Life
Chapter 2233: Repeated
Chapter 2234: Confrontation
Chapter 2235: Investiture Of The Gods
Chapter 2236: Master
Chapter 2237: Redirection
Chapter 2238: A Book
Chapter 2239: Obstinate
Chapter 2240: Acquired
Chapter 2241: Time Limit
Chapter 2242: Mass Execution
Chapter 2243: Blood Array Base
Chapter 2244: Active Control
Chapter 2245: Means
Chapter 2246: Targeting The Nong Family
Chapter 2247: Seemingly Fair
Chapter 2248: The Hidden Redback
Chapter 2249: Fairy Miao
Chapter 2250: The Tri-Petal
Chapter 2251: Unconditional Training Promise
Chapter 2252: Cooperation
Chapter 2253: Incomprehensible
Chapter 2254: Another Mountain And Sea
Chapter 2255: Lu Yin And Wang Fan
Chapter 2256: Too Hasty?
Chapter 2257: The Python Ancestor’S Blood Pool
Chapter 2258: A Gap
Chapter 2259: Clash On Dragon Mountain
Chapter 2260: An Old Case
Chapter 2261: Too Despicable
Chapter 2262: Seven-Colored Deer
Chapter 2263: A Lie Exposed
Chapter 2264: Life Experience
Chapter 2265: Two Choices
Chapter 2266: A Bit Of Soil
Chapter 2267: The Sky Beyond The Sky
Chapter 2268: Thrilling
Chapter 2269: Let'S Go
Chapter 2270: One Step At A Time
Chapter 2271: Shocking The Universe
Chapter 2272: New Here?
Chapter 2273: Winning
Chapter 2274: Cloudforest Tower
Chapter 2275: Lu Yin And Bai Wangyuan
Chapter 2276: Yu Hao'S Loyalty
Chapter 2277: First Meeting
Chapter 2278: Planet Ominion
Chapter 2279: Value
Chapter 2280: A New Minion
Chapter 2281: Wielder Realm
Chapter 2282: Undead Warriors
Chapter 2283: Drawing The Saber
Chapter 2284: Please Draw The Saber
Chapter 2285: At His Disposal
Chapter 2286: Exposed
Chapter 2287: Misgivings And Deals
Chapter 2288: Naive
Chapter 2289: No Possible Justification
Chapter 2290: Dance
Chapter 2291: Descending Upon Shenwu’S Sky
Chapter 2292: Battling A Semi-Progenitor
Chapter 2293: Must Die
Chapter 2294: Killing A Semi-Progenitor
Chapter 2295: Domineering Appearance
Chapter 2296: Baring Fangs And Claws
Chapter 2297: Xia Shenji
Chapter 2298: What Makes A Progenitor?
Chapter 2299: Progenitor’S World
Chapter 2300: Under My Charge Now
Chapter 2301: Shackles Of Time
Chapter 2302: Judgment
Chapter 2303: Whose Territory Is It
Chapter 2304: Taming
Chapter 2305: The Nine Clones Secret Technique
Chapter 2306: Prestige
Chapter 2307: The Second Blade
Chapter 2308: The Lively Zenith Mountain
Chapter 2309: The Broken Scythe
Chapter 2310: Feelings Of Hatred
Chapter 2311: An Opportunity
Chapter 2312: A Huge Fish
Chapter 2313: Progenitor Guai
Chapter 2314: Attack
Chapter 2315: Back To The Front
Chapter 2316: Cooperation
Chapter 2317: The Most Familiar Stranger
Chapter 2318: Arrangements
Chapter 2319: That Place
Chapter 2320: Wilderness God
Chapter 2321: Appearance
Chapter 2322: Prepare For War
Chapter 2323: Return
Chapter 2324: You Have My Blessing
Chapter 2325: Unable To Divinate
Chapter 2326: Confirmation
Chapter 2327: Arrival
Chapter 2328: Summoning A Progenitor
Chapter 2329: Unfathomable
Chapter 2330: Gathering
Chapter 2331: One Person
Chapter 2232(2): Star Stomp
Chapter 2333: This Moment
Chapter 2334: Strike First To Gain The Upper Hand
Chapter 2335: Together
Chapter 2336: Admiration
Chapter 2337: Negotiations
Chapter 2338: Formalizing The Truce
Chapter 2339: Recognition
Chapter 2340: Lu Sanctum
Chapter 2341: Oppression
Chapter 2342: Big Event
Chapter 2343: We Are Back
Chapter 2344: Showing Off
Chapter 2345: The Way Of War
Chapter 2346: Officially Taking Over
Chapter 2347: Probing
Chapter 2348: Questioning
Chapter 2349: Forgotten Ruins God Strikes
Chapter 2350: Ownership Of The Mountain And Sea
Chapter 2351: Trade
Chapter 2352: Lost
Chapter 2353: Second Visit
Chapter 2354: I’M Taking You Back
Chapter 2355: Blood Debt
Chapter 2356: Disposal
Chapter 2357: The First Meeting
Chapter 2358: Forced To Meet
Chapter 2359: Interception
Chapter 2360: To Fight
Chapter 2361: Verification
Chapter 2362: Can’T Do It
Chapter 2363: Mu Shang'S Confidence
Chapter 2364: Game On
Chapter 2365: Equally Matched
Chapter 2366: Hidden Corner
Chapter 2367: Past Letters
Chapter 2368: One Palm
Chapter 2369: Wielder - Indestructible
Chapter 2370 – Trying
Chapter 2371 – Different Paths Lead To The Same Destination
Chapter 2372 – Demonstration Of Loyalty
Chapter 2373 – The Charisma Of The Lu Family
Chapter 2374: Qiming Star
Chapter 2375: Boss
Chapter 2376: Everyone’S Mad
Chapter 2377: Escape
Chapter 2378: Food Paradise
Chapter 2379: Previous Home
Chapter 2380: Flipping The Sky And The Investiture Of The Gods
Chapter 2381: Lu Yin And True God Wei Yi
Chapter 2382: The Third Emblem
Chapter 2383: Consciousness
Chapter 2384: Direction
Chapter 2385: Search
Chapter 2386: Dominance
Chapter 2387: Lobbying
Chapter 2388: Strange Events
Chapter 2389: Conditions And Confidence
Chapter 2390: Detection
Chapter 2391: The True Headquarters
Chapter 2392: Shocking Change
Chapter 2393: Visit
Chapter 2394: Sword Arts Exchange
Chapter 2395: Terrible Danger
Chapter 2396: Unstoppable
Chapter 2397: Drifting
Chapter 2398: The Only Nemesis
Chapter 2399: Slapping
Chapter 2400: Calculations
Chapter 2401: Wrong
Chapter 2402: Come With Me
Chapter 2403: Attitude
Chapter 2404: Supreme Existence
Chapter 2405: Responsibility
Chapter 2406: From Passive To Proactive
Chapter 2407: Accept Me Or Don’T
Chapter 2408: Sealing Path
Chapter 2409: Aid
Chapter 2410: Battlefield Navigation System
Chapter 2411: Get Out
Chapter 2412: The Progenitor Of Secret Arts
Chapter C.2411: Get Out
Chapter C.2412: The Progenitor Of Secret Arts
Chapter C.2411C.: Get Out
Chapter C.2412C.: The Progenitor Of Secret Arts
Chapter C.2411C.C.: Get Out
Chapter C.2412C.C.: The Progenitor Of Secret Arts
Chapter 2413: Resentment
Chapter 2414: Investigation, Checks, And Balances
Chapter 2415: Cosmic Door
Chapter 2416: The Might Of Lightning
Chapter 2417: Deeds
Chapter 2418: Decision
Chapter 2419: Counterattack
Chapter 2420: Entrance To The Upper Three Gates
Chapter 2421: Launch
Chapter 2422: Hidden Divine Energy
Chapter 2423: Report
Chapter 2424: Under My Feet
Chapter 2425: Preparations For A Stellular Tribulation
Chapter 2426: Sky-Like Field Of Destruction
Chapter 2427: Ambush
Chapter C.2426: Sky-Like Field Of Destruction
Chapter C.2427: Ambush
Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Harem, Ongoing, Sci-fi, Seinen, Xuanhuan Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , Alternative names: Step On The Star, Treading the Stars, 踏星,


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Alternative Titles:

Step On The Star, Treading the Stars, 踏星

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Join Lu Yin on an epic journey across the Universe, pursuing the truth and tragedy of his past. This is a world of science fantasy where the older generations step back and allow the young to take charge of affairs. Heart-wrenching separations, terrifying situations, all with comic relief that will leave you coming back for more. This is a world where the other characters actually matter, and are revisited frequently as their own lives unfold. Dotting Lu Yin’s path are monumental feats of kingdom-building and treacherous political situations where he must tread carefully if he wants to get to the truth of his history.

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Chapter 1: Lu Yin

Chapter 1: Lu Yin

Noxious fumes billowed out from the countless cracks that marred the beaten earth, forming a black veil that obscured the red sunset. Tens of thousands of fearful faces trudged forward on a muddy path, their constant sobs accented by the echoing screams of those who fell into the cracks. This river of despair was nominally guarded by a group of cultivators, once-normal people who had now become unimaginably powerful beings half a year after the Apocalypse struck Earth. They were positioned along the path, each a set distance from the previous, and each responsible for their own section.

Near the back of this large group, Lu Yin suddenly looked up towards a large, burning tree in the distance. A hair-raising sound of flesh being ground apart filled the air before being quickly followed by a loud howl. Then, just moments later, a two-meter-long hound with scarlet pupils charged at the group. Many panicked and screamed at the grisly sight of its large jaws dripping with fresh blood, but Lu Yin’s will remained unflustered as he grabbed an odd weapon hanging from his waist. It seemed to be just a metal rod, but were it sharpened enough, it could eventually become a blade. He jumped forward and smashed the beast’s head wide open with a single heavy swing, dyeing the nearby grass red with blood. Only after the group witnessed the wild hound’s death did they regain a modicum of calm and quell their fears enough to resume walking.

“Seems like it won’t be long now,” Lu Yin muttered under his breath as he gazed at the cracks that covered his weapon.

The last traces of daylight soon slipped underneath the horizon, prompting the cultivators to halt the procession. Each one then lit a bonfire for those under their care, a meager measure taken in the hopes of frightening away any mutant beasts. Walking in the darkness was certain death.

“Third team from the rear, head out and start looking for food sources. Limit the search radius to one kilometer,” Lu Yin said through his communicator; his personal identification number was 103. After glancing thoughtfully at the fresh carcass of the hound that he had just killed, he hoisted it up and unceremoniously tossed it to his group.


Several men moved forward from the group when they received his command. They soon set to work, exquisitely carving the beast apart so as to roast it, not even wincing once at the strips of human flesh that they had to work around. There was only enough meat for twenty-odd people, however, so Lu Yin grabbed his weapon and headed out to find more.

The squelches of his boot trudging through the mud didn’t stop even once, but glowing green eyes lit up in the darkness to stare at him. These were mutant mice; although they were unbearable to look at, they were at least edible. Lu Yin killed about a dozen of them before he obtained enough to feed his group, at which point he returned. Another piercing scream informed him that a fellow cultivator had died, but he had no desire to try to save them; nobody knew what dangers lurked in the darkness, and venomous snakes, infectious mosquitos, and even enormous rats that could chew through metal were common in this areas.

Lu Yin returned to a mute group that was huddled behind the bonfire, as though the pitiful flames would protect them from the countless dangers around them. His gaze shifted towards the dazzling stars in the clear night sky that were no longer polluted by the light and smog of human industry. Of course, that clarity had come with the cost of the mutant beasts’ arrival.

And mutant humans, too.

Nobody knew just what had triggered it, nor how it had happened to the entire world in just one night. All sorts of creatures had mutated into deadly beasts, and many humans had similarly lost their minds and become walking zombies without a hint of rationality. Those that survived saw a marginal boost to their own strength; while that alone wasn’t significant, they had also gained the ability to grow stronger by eating the energy cores of the newly emerged mutant creatures. These survivors had renamed themselves “cultivators.” The world then seemed to regress into ancient times, where the law of the jungle ruled supreme. Lu Yin had personally witnessed the explosions that had destroyed all of the modern weapons and munitions in his city; it was almost as though this new world order would not allow the existence of such advanced technology.

A soft gust of wind then drew Lu Yin’s attention to a blood-soaked newspaper fluttering under a stone, which he picked up to read:

‘February 3rd, 2200.This day shall be recorded in the annals of history as the day that Chinese Air Force 5 landed on Neptune. The first member of the crew to set foot on the gas giant was Bai Qian…’

Lu Yin tossed the newspaper away when a little girl tottered up and carefully handed him a barbecued meat drumstick. He smiled at her as he said, “Thank you.”

Lu Yin contentedly swallowed the hot meat down as the little girl smiled and ran back to the group. The meat was difficult to push down even with the overpowering seasoning, but it was a good source of energy. He suddenly pounded his rod down onto the ground as the bonfire flickered, killing a toxic mantis that had tried to leap through the flames and attack the group. These insects could devastate a group if they succeeded; their blades that shone among the flames were no weaker than his own weapon. Lu Yin only got two hours of rest over the course of the entire night, as he had to kill a dozen mutants that tried to rush through the flames and attack the group. However, the other groups didn’t have someone like him protecting them. Another group consisting of a dozen cultivators and even more survivors were all massacred by a single mutant boar. The creature’s tough hide was covered in bristling spikes that could be shot out at will, and every volley reaped multiple lives. Several stronger nearby cultivators had to join forces to subdue it lest it cause even more casualties.

Still, the sun eventually rose and the group continued its southward march towards the city of Jinlin. This city was the largest rallying point in the surrounding region, and many soldiers and cultivators called it their home. Amongst them was Zhou Shan the Executioner, one of the Seven Sages. In the six months after the Apocalypse, the human race had used what limited information it had to construct a rough ranking system for cultivators. Someone who had just swallowed their first energy cores were unclassified, and those who had gained the power to crush them were in the Realm of Man. Above that was the Realm of Earth. Cultivators at this level could destroy entire cities with ease, but there was still one realm above them. Those in the Realm of Sky could take to the skies at will; perhaps it was due to their terrifying power in battle or maybe it was due to their role as guardians, but they were known as Sages. The Seven Sages were the seven individuals in China who had reached this realm.

The overall group was now only a hundred or so miles away from Jinlin, a distance that would have been covered in mere hours only a few years ago. Now, however, that same distance would take several days to cross, and the once-safe roads were also now plagued with wandering zombies that were attracted to the aura of life. The guards lining both sides of the procession remained endlessly vigilant, but the fear in their eyes was obvious. While the zombies weren’t fast, and even though their monstrous strength could be countered, their blood contained a vile toxin that could seep through skin and infect the brains of any cultivator exposed to it. This toxin would eventually sap its victim of their free will and sentience, turning them into zombies as well.

Lu Yin’s gaze sharpened and he gripped his weapon tightly. It wasn’t too difficult to fend zombies off since they always attacked in the same pattern. Unlike cultivators, they could not evolve and grow; otherwise, there would be no survivors in this world. The largest threat to the procession still came from mutant beasts.

Just as Lu Yin was about to engage the zombies, however, they suddenly went still before turning around and leaving. An ominous premonition bubbled up as his heartbeat accelerated. Just moments later, his omen was fulfilled as the very earth trembled. A thick, dark green vine tore through the ground and lashed out at the head of the procession.  Its broad leaves captured the various survivors and then crushed them like ripe fruit. Cries of despair rang out once again, and the blood of the victims dripped down, fertilizing the soil below. Let alone the commoners, even some of the cultivators turned tail and fled.

Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat. This mutant vine had definitely reached the Realm of Earth; even though their group had multiple cultivators at the Realm of Man, it would be difficult to take down this mutant vine. Even those who had stuck around did not have any intentions of trying to kill it. Intead, they skirted around the edges of the battle, waiting for the vine to eat its fill. By the time it retreated, wails of desperation and sorrow echoed through the battlefield once more. Even many cultivators would break down at such a gruesome sight.

“Hold your ground. The Executioner will be coming to our aid soon,” said a husky voice through Lu Yin’s communicator. The hopeful news lifted the spirits of those who had survived. To them, a cultivator in the Realm of Sky was like a god; so long as they appeared, all problems would be solved.

Sage? Lu Yin scoffed at the rest of the group’s reaction as he surreptitiously flexed his left arm. Even now, the entire left side of his body still pulsed with bone-piercing pain, an ever constant reminder of that fateful night. The entire city had been abandoned, and all of the weaponry and firepower that had yet to be destroyed had been focused within the city itself. The screams from that night still rang vividly in his ear; that was the night he had caught sight of that lofty being with golden eyes.

Liu Shaoge, the Sage of Light. Lu Yin would never forget the man who had caused him unbearable pain — pain that he had vowed to return ten times over.

As always, the bonfires were lit just before dusk. Lu Yin was about to rest when he was alerted by a scream behind him, and upon further examination, there was some crying as well. His brows furrowed as he turned around to see a dozen-odd cultivators surrounding several girls with ripped clothes. The girls were barely able to maintain the last shreds of their dignity as the men salaciously toyed with them.

Unfortunately, this was not an uncommon sight. Humans, too, had reverted to a barbaric philosophy after the calamity. One had to pay a price for protection in this world of beasts. Lu Yin shut his eyes, his consciousness fading away.

Not far away, a girl screamed as she was pushed to the ground. A cultivator towered over her. “Goddamn it, I put my life on the line to protect y’all. So what if I want to have some fun with you? You should consider yourself lucky. A rising starlet slept with me just two days ago, but now, I’d refuse her even if she begged me. Get up!”

The girl’s cheeks were flushed red with anger as she stared at her oppressor, but the surrounding cultivators just laughed raunchily. These people fit right into this kind of world where one could do as they pleased as long as they had the power.

*Whoosh!* A quick gust of wind brought a new member to the crowd, his rod held against the man’s neck as he indifferently stated, “Scram.” The surroundings instantly fell quiet save for the soft sobbing of the girls.

The threatened cultivator’s expression soured and he gritted his teeth. “This has nothing to do with you, Lu. They’re under my command.”

“You’re too noisy,” Lu Yin said emotionlessly as he slammed his weapon into the man’s throat. Skin tore open as blood spilt forth, staining the metal rod a familiar color. “If you’re going to be that vicious, then sure. They’re all yours now. I won’t touch them.”

He then withdrew his weapon and calmly walked back to his previous spot, the silenced crowd watching with confusion. They had already grown used to such acts, and normally, nobody would have stepped forward to save these girls even if they were about to be killed. To them, Lu Yin was the strange one.

The rest of the cultivators all shared a glance as they seethed with rage. However, none of them dared to make a move; they all knew that Lu Yin was more powerful than them. The girls ran over to say something, but when he closed his eyes with no intention to talk, they could only give him a look of gratitude.

Not long after, a stunning young lady dressed in revealing clothing walked over with a smile. She stared at the girls until they lowered their heads in fear, and was only satisfied once they all backed off. She then sat down beside Lu Yin and gently blew into his ear.

However, the response was a calloused hand wrapping itself around her throat. “One more time and you’re dead.”

“Still so heartless,” the woman spat out, forcing a smile onto her face even as her eyes dimmed.

“What do you want?” Lu Yin asked coldly as he released his grip.

“Ack. Don’t you know you’ve already offended somebody?” she asked with a glare, rubbing her throat pitifully. When he didn’t reply, she continued explaining. “Zhang Tong and his group are plotting against you. They have over ten cultivators while you’re alone. You can’t deal with them. Be careful.”

“Thanks,” Lu Yin blandly replied.

The woman groaned helplessly, “You know, I have some backing myself. I can help you out of this. All you need to do is ask.”

“Don’t need it.”

“Sigh. Alright. Well, feel free to call me whenever you want. As for Zhang Tong, don’t worry about it. I’ll handle them for you. See you soon.” She flashed him a smile before turning around, leaving a hint of fragrance in her wake. Lu Yin simply closed his eyes again, completely unaffected by the woman’s arrival and departure.


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