Starting With 3 S-Class Talents by Heavy Punch Winner

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 6
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Chapter 10
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Chapter 40
Chapter 41 - The Second Superpower Upgrade Gem
Chapter 42 - Monster Horde
Chapter 43 - Near-Death? Vincent’S Crisis
Chapter 44 - Vincent In The Monster Horde
Chapter 45 - The Battle To The Death
Chapter 46 - The Battle Begins
Chapter 47 - Entering The Battle
Chapter 48 - Vincent'S Thoughts
Chapter 49 - Do You Want The Squadron Leader Position?
Chapter 50 - Identity
Chapter 51 - How Can A Rocket Make A Turn?
Chapter 52 - The Nemesis Of Monsters
Chapter 53 - Change The Principal
Chapter 54 - Awakening Stone
Chapter 55 - Joining The Special Forces
Chapter 56 - Team Battle Training
Chapter 57 - Defeat
Chapter 58 - Completed Successfully
Chapter 59 - : Entering The Black Hole
Chapter 60 - Heading To The Jungle Capital
Chapter 61 - Single Combat
Chapter 62 - Strong Enemy, Jonathan
Chapter 63 - One-On-One Battles In The Quarterfinals
Chapter 64 - The Last Second
Chapter 65 - Vincent'S Destructive Power
Chapter 66 - World Of Hellfire
Chapter 67 - The Two-Men Battle
Chapter 68 - Another City
Chapter 69 - Team Battle Exhibition Match
Chapter 70 - The Suppressed St. John
Chapter 71 - Return To The Black Hole
Chapter 72 - Fusion Of Superpowers
Chapter 73 - Mimicry
Chapter 74 - : Pet, Thunderball
Chapter 75 - God-Slaying Plan And 13 Special-Class Monsters
Chapter 76 - A Secret Conversation Between Sibis And Vincent
Chapter 77 - Headed To Hero City Once Again
Chapter 78 - Ten Missions
Chapter 79 - The Test Of The Mysterious Strong
Chapter 80 - Epiphany, The Essence Of Willpower
Chapter 81 - Entering The Tower, A Civil War Broke Out In Quinn
Chapter 82 - The Inheritance Of A King-Level Powerhouse?
Chapter 83 - If No One Is Doing It, I’Ll Do It!
Chapter 84 - Vincent’S Most Important Person Was Kidnapped
Chapter 85 - Breaking The Mindset
Chapter 86 - The Power Of Black Holes, Devouring Souls
Chapter 87 - Was Born To Be An Ordinary Person, Yet He Did Extraordinary Things
Chapter 88 - Four Months
Chapter 89 - The Entrustment Of Sibis
Chapter 90 - Set Out, The God-Slaying Plan Began!
Chapter 91 - Three Special-Class Monsters
Chapter 92 - Teacher Chris Is Seriously Injured
Chapter 93 - The Team Had No Fighting Power
Chapter 94 - Vincent’S Arrangements
Chapter 95 - Chris Advanced
Chapter 96 - One Step At A Time To Scare Off The Special-Class Monsters
Chapter 97 - Swire’S Confusion
Chapter 98 - Happily
Chapter 99 - Vincent’S Thoughts
Chapter 100 - Vincent On The Verge Of Collapsing
Chapter 101 - Best Use Of The God-Splitting Pearl
Chapter 102 - Vincent’S Thoughts
Chapter 103 - : Choosing Monsters
Chapter 104 - : Was Surrounded
Chapter 105 - The Monster Horde Besieged, And The Team Was Caught In A Bitter Battle
Chapter 106 - The Beast Tribe Village
Chapter 107 - Vincent Is The Bear King?
Chapter 108 - Massacre, Heading To Beast World
Chapter 109 - : Saving Lives, Silya’S Reward
Chapter 110 - Powerful Fox Tribe Background
Chapter 111 - The Distorted Concept Of The Beast World
Chapter 112 - History Exam, Vincent’S World-Shaking Move
Chapter 113 - Infatuated Lover, Merciless Wound
Chapter 114 - Vincent Became The Center Of The Whirlpool
Chapter 115 - The Power System Of The Universe
Chapter 116 - The Warrior Game
Chapter 117 - The Blade Cleaves A Level-6 Creature
Chapter 118 - Was Besieged, And Vincent Revealed His True Form
Chapter 119 - Escape From The Warrior Forest
Chapter 120 - The Might Of A Single Palm Shocked The Entire Scene
Chapter 121 - Looking For Beast Battle Techniques
Chapter 122 - Sky-Burning Sword Technique
Chapter 123 - Ranking Competition, New And Old Students Challenged Each Other
Chapter 124 - Coward
Chapter 125 - Obsidian Dimensional World
Chapter 126 - Life And Death Battle, Mission Regarding Ghosts
Chapter 127 - Killing The Tricolor Lion Brothers
Chapter 128 - Ding! Combat Skills Learned
Chapter 129 - Teaching A Female Ghost How To Pole Dance
Chapter 130 - A Helpless Female Ghost
Chapter 131 - Deceiving Ghosts
Chapter 132 - Being Hunted By Beast And Ghosts
Chapter 133 - The Great War Restarted
Chapter 134 - Blood Test
Chapter 135 - Racial Testing
Chapter 136 - Top Four Schools
Chapter 137 - Gator-Headed Middle-Aged Man
Chapter 138 - Arrived At War School
Chapter 139 - Was Full Of Disabilities
Chapter 140 - Target Practice
Chapter 141 - Night Raid
Chapter 142 - War Is Life And Death
Chapter 143 - Rules Of The Combat Strength Test
Chapter 144 - Against Modric
Chapter 145 - Cultivation Of Strength And Divine Curse
Chapter 146 - Congratulations, New Student
Chapter 147 - Heart Of The Strong
Chapter 148 - Urgart’S Strange Behavior
Chapter 149 - Advancing To The Lord Class
Chapter 150 - Strange And Ambiguous
Chapter 151 - The Unkillable Bear King, The First Challenger
Chapter 152 - Vincent’S Power
Chapter 153 - The School Was In A State Of Shock
Chapter 154 - Taking Advantage Of The Chaos, The Whereabouts Of His Companions
Chapter 155 - Establishing A Miraculous Achievement And Obtaining A Reward
Chapter 156 - Infiltrating Alone To Find Companions
Chapter 157 - Found His Companion And Successfully Recognized Him
Chapter 158 - Sneaking Into The Top Floor And Discovering The Secret
Chapter 159 - Traveling Alone, The Beasts Were In Chaos
Chapter 160 - Finding A Companion And Planning A Counterattack
Chapter 161 - Was Fearless
Chapter 162 - Mosshull’S Calculations
Chapter 163 - Was A Success, And There Was Bad News
Chapter 164 - The Chaotic Battle Had Begun
Chapter 165 - The Principal Stood In Line
Chapter 166 - Gazing Into The Abyss, The Bear King Returned To His Position
Chapter 167 - Headed To The South, Preparing To Return
Chapter 168 - Cup Of Fate, Successful Revenge
Chapter 169 - Crossing The Black Hole And Focusing On Cultivation
Chapter 170 - Establishing Diplomatic Relations With The Human Race. All
Chapter 171 - The Blessing Of The Bear King, The Journey Home
Chapter 172 - The World Was In Dire Straits. The Human Race Was In Danger
Chapter 173 - The Phantom Race, The Accomplices Of Evil
Chapter 174 - Return To The Humans And Turn The Tide Of The Battle
Chapter 175 - The Savior Appears, A New Beginning
Chapter 176 - Scheming And Scheming
Chapter 177 - Spies Of The Arctic Country
Chapter 178 - Cleaning Up Spies, Establishing Prestige In Neighbouring Countries
Chapter 179 - Bloody Battle Black Hole, Witness Of The Strong
Chapter 180 - Shook The Northern Border, Only For The Humans
Chapter 181 - The Prince’S Revenge
Chapter 182 - Oath Was Completed, And It Was Ready To Be Reset
Chapter 183 - Equipment Battle, Black Hole Zero
Chapter 184 - The Battlefield Was Ambushed And Entered The Black Hole Again
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 - The Secrets Of The Celestial Race, The Ugliness Of The Human Race
Chapter 187 - The Expedition Began
Chapter 188 - Defection At The Last Minute
Chapter 189 - A New Dynasty, A New Hope
Chapter 190 - Technological Innovation, A Brand New Empire
Chapter 191 - The Disappearing Emperor
Chapter 192 - The Various Countries Launched An Attack And Retreated In A Fancy Manner
Chapter 193 - The Scorching Sun Country
Chapter 194 - The Strongest King Of Violent Persuasion
Chapter 195 - The Strongest King, The Most Miserable Laborer
Chapter 196 - Building A New City, Grand Architect
Chapter 197 - Teleportation Array Completed, New Adventure
Chapter 198 - Temporary Rebellion. The Situation Had Been Reversed
Chapter 199 - The School Was Established, And The Operation Began
Chapter 200 - The God Race Appeared Again
Chapter 201 - God Is Joking, While Man Is Enduring
Chapter 202 - A Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 203 - Furious Charge, Gather And Attack
Chapter 204 - Eliminate The Monsters, Level Up
Chapter 205 - Successfully Broke Out Of The Encirclement And Reached An Agreement
Chapter 206 - The Will Of God, The Transaction Began
Chapter 207 - Reunion After A Long Separation
Chapter 208 - A Brand New World, A Brand New Race
Chapter 209 - : Esville, Spiritual Race
Chapter 210 - The Master Of Stories
Chapter 211 - Had An Extraordinary Status And Completed The Establishment Of Diplomatic Relations
Chapter 212 - Was Invaded, But It Remained Calm In The Face Of Danger
Chapter 213 - Was An All-Out War. Tactics Were King
Chapter 214 - Was Passed On To Each Other, And They Were Ready To Set Off
Chapter 215 - Began Its Journey, A New Partner
Chapter 216 - Exploration Completed, New Black Hole
Chapter 217 - Dead Civilization, Old Altar
Chapter 218 - Human-Like Civilisation, Body Strengthening
Chapter 219 - Scavengers, Servants Of Evil
Chapter 220 - : Being A Lone Ranger, Becoming A Captive
Chapter 221 - Capital Of All Races, Life And Death Duel
Chapter 222 - The Elven Orphan. The Duel Has Begun
Chapter 223 - Recover Your Strength And Dominate The Arena
Chapter 224 - Consecutive Victories, The New Era Of The Gladiator Arena
Chapter 225 - Heaven-Defying Cultivation, Special Treatment
Chapter 226 - Absolute Evil, Hell’S Race Schedule
Chapter 227 - Began, And The Strong Were Born
Chapter 228 - The Trap Succeeded
Chapter 229 - Played Along And Took Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 230 - The Face Of Evil From The Lingluo Race
Chapter 231 - A Gamble That Ignores Family Ties
Chapter 232 - The Secrets And Authority Of The Lingluo Race
Chapter 233 - General Of Hell, The Battle Situation Had Suddenly Changed
Chapter 234 - The Third Head
Chapter 235 - Life To Death
Chapter 236 - Deciding Victory
Chapter 237 - Ambushed In The Middle Of The Night, Once Again Promoted
Chapter 238 - The Strong Enemy Was In Front, Stalling For Time
Chapter 239 - : Nine Deaths, One Life, Full Of Rewards
Chapter 240 - Luring The Tiger Away From The Wolf. The Plan Went Smoothly
Chapter 241 - Was Open And Honest, Asking For Status
Chapter 242 - Top-Tier Battle
Chapter 243 - Received Power And Split The Spoils On The Spot
Chapter 244 - Double The Misunderstanding, Public Enemy
Chapter 245 - Turning The Tables And Controlling Everything
Chapter 246 - Was Arranged Properly And Became A God’S Secret
Chapter 247 - The Situation Was Different From Before
Chapter 248 - The Flame Authority
Chapter 249 - Was About To Receive A Challenge
Chapter 250 - Began, The Battle Of Divine Powers
Chapter 251 - Power Of Authority, God Of Fire
Chapter 252 - Worked Hard To Recruit Him, And His Goal Was Achieved
Chapter 253 - Taking An Inch And Taking A Mile
Chapter 254 - Was Promoted Once Again. It Was An Exaggerated Appearance
Chapter 255 - Fighting Spirit Is Awesome. Support The People
Chapter 256 - Teaching Disciples, Instant Kill
Chapter 257 - Was Envied And Remembered
Chapter 258 - Attending The Banquet
Chapter 259 - Meeting From All Sides And Socializing Everywhere
Chapter 260 - Raised The Price From The Ground
Chapter 261 - Was A Secret, And The Cooperation Was Finalized
Chapter 262 - New Cooperation, Evil Solicitation
Chapter 263 - Cooperation Began. Be Cautious
Chapter 264 - Shadow Demon, Born To Be An Assassin
Chapter 265 - Felt The Danger And Prepared In Advance
Chapter 266 - See You, Goodbye Master And Apprentice
Chapter 267 - Had No Other Choice But To Fight
Chapter 268 - Cruel Slash, Upgraded On The Spot
Chapter 269 - Hypocritical Solicitation, Regaining Vitality
Chapter 270 - Division Of Labor And Cooperation, Tacit Understanding
Chapter 271 - Rising From The Dead And Seizing The Opportunity To Make A Fortune
Chapter 272 - Selling Your Trump Card
Chapter 273 - Research Axis, Looking For Business Opportunities
Chapter 274 - The History Of The Spirit Race. It Was Difficult To Distinguish Between Gratitude And Hatred
Chapter 275 - The Representative Of The Dragon Race, With A Terrifying Background
Chapter 276 - Paying A Visit To Collect A Debt
Chapter 277 - Robbing And Visiting The Dragon
Chapter 278 - Unexpected Gain: The Trade Route Was Opened
Chapter 279 - Began To Buy And Preparing To Leave
Chapter 280 - Having A Backer And A Trump Card
Chapter 281 - Gave Up On The Duel And Started The Bidding
Chapter 282 - Creating Chaos, Preparing A Great Gift
Chapter 283 - Voluntary Snitching And Cooperation
Chapter 284 - Began To Set Up, Causing Conflict
Chapter 285 - Took The Initiative To Plead For Mercy
Chapter 286 - Return The Favor
Chapter 287 - The Hooligan Routine: Trading Life For Life
Chapter 288 - Heart Of Evil, Perfect Performance
Chapter 289 - Watching The Fire From The Other Side, The Chaotic Battle Began
Chapter 290 - Don’T Even Think About Stopping The War
Chapter 291 - Evil Invitation: Opportunity
Chapter 292 - Mediate The Conflict And Convince The Feathered Monsters
Chapter 293 - Was The Same As Before
Chapter 294 - Was Silent, Waiting For An Opportunity To Take Revenge
Chapter 295 - A New Collaborator
Chapter 296 - Exchanging Abilities, The Path To Becoming A God
Chapter 297 - A Large Order, Confirming The News
Chapter 298 - Dual Authority, Cultivation Advancement
Chapter 299 - Began Its Layout And Chaos Began
Chapter 300 - Sweet Talk
Chapter 301 - Witnessed The Transaction And Was Acknowledged By The Dragon Race
Chapter 302 - Revenge, The Worst Of The Past
Chapter 303 - Evil Past, Brothers Turning Against Each Other
Chapter 304 - The Underground World, Paradise For The Weak
Chapter 305 - Greed, Seeking Death
Chapter 306 - Be Ruthless And Clean Up After Breaking
Chapter 307 - The Beast Elites, Tragic Past
Chapter 308 - Nurturing A King, Adding Fuel To The Fire
Chapter 309 - Bite Back And Recommended Helpers
Chapter 310 - Lit Fires Everywhere And Encouraged The Battle
Chapter 311 - The Law Of The Jungle, No Room For Hesitation
Chapter 312 - Deceiving The Vampire Race, Was About To Erupt
Chapter 313 - Waiting For The Wind To Blow, Preparing To Attend The Banquet
Chapter 314 - Drew Its Sword At Each Other, The Conflict Was Beginning To Show
Chapter 315 - Glib Tongue, Inciting Fire
Chapter 316 - Top-Notch Acting Skills
Chapter 317 - Taking Advantage Of The Situation, The Chaotic Battle Began
Chapter 318 - Was About To Leave For The Final
Chapter 319 - Heart Attack Strategy, Causing A Misunderstanding
Chapter 320 - The Dragon Race’S Participation In The War Had Thrown The World Into Chaos
Chapter 321 - No One Was Spared, It Was A Top-Level Battle
Chapter 322 - Was Full Of Surprises, And He Made A Prompt Decision
Chapter 323 - Secretly Observed And Received Information
Chapter 324 - Watching The Battle In Secret, His Whereabouts Were Revealed
Chapter 325 - The Purgatory Of Nature, Alone
Chapter 326 - Teamwork, A Glimmer Of Hope
Chapter 327 - Sudden Accidents, Killing Intent Rising
Chapter 328 - True Purpose, The Final Trump Card
Chapter 329 - At The Final Juncture, Brave The World
Chapter 330 - Failed Interception And Investigation Of The Culprit
Chapter 331 - Asking For The Truth, The Pursuit Of All Races
Chapter 332 - Tried Its Best To Bewitch Him, Refusing To Accept The Carrot And Stick
Chapter 333 - The Blood Law, Was An Exchange
Chapter 334 - Life Force Surged, But The Danger Was Still There
Chapter 335 - Distress Signal, Searching For The Black Hole
Chapter 336 - The Newborn Race, Split Into Two Groups
Chapter 337 - The Time Of Crisis, Arrived In Time
Chapter 338 - Demon Believers Were As Strong As The Clouds
Chapter 339 - Pursue From Within The City And Intercept From Outside
Chapter 340 - Successfully Broke Out Of The Encirclement And Entered The Mountain Range
Chapter 341 - The Change Of Faith, The History Of The Elves
Chapter 342 - Father-Son Feud, Battle Of Faith
Chapter 343 - Sneak Attack From The Back To Take Revenge For His Father
Chapter 344 - Continued The Exploration And Became The Priest
Chapter 345 - Discovery: Time For Assassination
Chapter 346 - Assassination Failed And Successfully Infiltrated
Chapter 347 - Was A Two-Pronged Approach, Each Making Progress
Chapter 348 - The Bet Agreement, Go Enjoy It
Chapter 349 - Hell’S Rose, Special Service
Chapter 350 - Identity Exposed, Sealed In Time
Chapter 351 - The Ninth Underground Floor
Chapter 352 - The Demon Race’S Request, The Origin Of The Earth
Chapter 353 - Analyzed The Pros And Cons, And Reminded Him In Time
Chapter 354 - Being A Good Teacher, Making Fun Of Him
Chapter 355 - The Final Item
Chapter 356 - The Death Of The Elf King, New Doubts
Chapter 357 - Revealed His True Feelings, Father And Son Had A Grudge Against Each Other
Chapter 358 - Alone Requesting For Help, Devil Flame City Lord
Chapter 359 - Behind The Scenes, Life And Death Line
Chapter 360 - Lost Treasure, Narrowly Escaped Death
Chapter 361 - Began To Suspect And Maintain A Tacit Understanding
Chapter 362 - Taking Risks Alone
Chapter 363 - Stunning Three Strikes, Mysterious Diary
Chapter 364 - The Heart Of A Soldier
Chapter 365 - Return With Serious Injuries, Everyone Was Worried
Chapter 366 - Inquiring For Secrets, A Long Time Ago
Chapter 367 - Went To The Slave Trading Center On The Fourth Floor
Chapter 368 - Buying Slaves And Investigating Anomalies
Chapter 369 - Visited The Ninth Floor Again, And The Boss Appeared
Chapter 370 - The Transaction Was Completed, And The Information Was Sold
Chapter 371 - When Enemies Meet, They Are Especially Jealous
Chapter 372 - Father-Son Grudge, Villain Slander
Chapter 373 - The Zerg Race Has Reappeared In The World
Chapter 374 - Headed For The Mountain Range And Was Met With An Ambush
Chapter 375 - Demonized Form, Blade Slaying Demons
Chapter 376 - Personal Grudges Are Difficult To Resolve
Chapter 377 - Playing Hard To Get, Dispelling Stubbornness
Chapter 378 - Reading The Diary, Had Arrived Unexpectedly
Chapter 379 - Saving An Old Friend, A Tragic Experience
Chapter 380 - Was Not Welcomed, Prepare For Battle
Chapter 381 - Relay Lure, Temporarily Safe
Chapter 382 - Dispersed, And The Clansmen Were Reunited
Chapter 383 - Prepare The Forging Knife And Find The Craftsman
Chapter 384 - Battle Of Swords, The Secret Of The City Lord
Chapter 385 - The Treasured Sword Recognizes Its Master And Fights With All Its Might
Chapter 386 - Went Deep Underground, Two City Lords
Chapter 387 - Seizing Energy, Took The Opportunity To Interrupt
Chapter 388 - : Farewell, Enemies, Many Years Of Preparation
Chapter 389 - The Inside Story Of Divinity, Was Full Of Danger
Chapter 390 - Luring The Enemy Alone, Perfect Demonization
Chapter 391 - Fighting Demons Alone, Falling Into The Abyss
Chapter 392 - The Bottom Of The Abyss
Chapter 393 - Opening Up Space And Expanding Psionic Power
Chapter 394 - The City Underwent A Huge Change And Returned In Time
Chapter 395 - New Appointment, Rising To The Top
Chapter 396 - Supporting The Opponent, Godson
Chapter 397 - Took The Initiative To Provoke Him And Beat Him Into A Dead Dog
Chapter 398 - Diary Clues, Ready To Pursue
Chapter 399 - The Perfect Double Arrived At The Ancient City
Chapter 400 - The Shadow Of The Ancient City
Chapter 401 - Battle Between Humans And Demons, Temporarily Safe
Chapter 402 - Destroying The Idol Again
Chapter 403 - : Awakening The Zerg, Cold-Blooded Father
Chapter 404 - Broke Down Completely And Was Quickly Rescued
Chapter 405 - Everyone Had Arrived, And The Decisive Battle Had Begun
Chapter 406 - The City Lord Of Serene Spring City
Chapter 407 - The Battle Of Apostles, The Battle Of Strength And Magic
Chapter 408 - Working Together, Chaotic Battle
Chapter 409 - Succeeded In Killing, Driving The Tiger To Devour The Wolf
Chapter 410 - Agreed To Kill The Zerg
Chapter 411 - Went Underground To Witness Its Decline
Chapter 412 - Tracing The Trail And Returning To The Demon Flame
Chapter 413 - The Soldiers Arrived At The Foot Of The City, And The Gods And Demons Confronted Each Other
Chapter 414 - The Battle Had Ended, Goodbye, Enemies
Chapter 415 - When The City Lord Took Office, He Was United
Chapter 416 - Rather Lose Than Meet An Accident On The Road
Chapter 417 - After Seeing Injustice, He Drew His Weapon And Killed
Chapter 418 - Orphan Of The Family, Returning To The City For Revenge
Chapter 419 - Compromise And Seek The Skin Of The Tiger
Chapter 420 - Breaking The Situation On The Ground And Pursuing The Enemy Underground
Chapter 421 - Discovered The Anomaly And Persuaded The Nobles
Chapter 422 - Persuaded The Elder And Waited For The News
Chapter 423 - Captured Her Again And Told Her The Truth
Chapter 424 - The Race War
Chapter 425 - Reverse Publicity To Cultivate Popularity
Chapter 426 - Temporary Reconciliation, Danger In The Jungle
Chapter 427 - Skill Display, Checking The Cold Pool
Chapter 428 - The Yin-Yang Spring, The Secret Treasure
Chapter 429 - Natural Karst Cave, The Real Hell
Chapter 430 - Finding Darren, The Thief
Chapter 431 - A Chain Of Traps, Trouble Was Brewing
Chapter 432 - Fell Into A Trap And The Apostles Made Their Move
Chapter 433 - The War Between Humans And Demons, The Situation Was Tense
Chapter 434 - Was An Ever-Changing And Terrifying Scene
Chapter 435 - One Against Four, The Slaughter Began
Chapter 436 - Rapid Pursuit, No Way To Escape
Chapter 437 - Kill All And Recover The Source
Chapter 438 - Returned To Serene Spring And Was Executed In A Referendum
Chapter 439 - The Purpose Of Seducing Criminals Was Exposed
Chapter 440 - Successfully Accepted A Disciple And Set Off Again
Chapter 441 - Outside The Imperial City, Strange Phenomena Were Frequently Occurring
Chapter 442 - Obtaining Information And Entering The Imperial City
Chapter 443 - Sword-Slaying Elves, Successfully Infiltrating The Palace
Chapter 444 - The Well Of Filth, Exploring The Unknown
Chapter 445 - The King Of Elves, Tragic Experien
Chapter 446 - Divinities, The Privilege Of The Gods
Chapter 447 - Dealing With The Apostles
Chapter 448 - Coaxing The Demons To Prepare For The Hunt
Chapter 449 - Stimulated The Demons To Eavesdrop On Secrets
Chapter 450 - Meeting The Unfilial Son Again, Making Proper Arrangements
Chapter 451 - Hotel Spirit, Sneaking Into The Palace
Chapter 452 - Demon King’S Clone Was Deeply Shocked
Chapter 453 - Demon Operation, Night Battle Begins
Chapter 454 - Fancy Bait, True Face
Chapter 455 - Meet The Blade And Slay The Demon
Chapter 456 - Three Days To Fulfill The Promise
Chapter 457 - Sudden Changes, A New Path Forward
Chapter 458 - The Supreme Treasure Of The Demon Race, The Cosmic Thread
Chapter 459 - The Army Besieged The City And Asked For Its Secrets
Chapter 460 - Reinforcements Arrived To Prepare For The Operation
Chapter 461 - Was About To Be Exposed
Chapter 462 - Controlling The Demons, The Clone Appeared
Chapter 463 - : A Tense Confrontation
Chapter 464 - Was About To Start A War
Chapter 465 - Inheriting The Divine Spark And Becoming A True God
Chapter 466 - Endless Bloodshed, There Was No Hope Left
Chapter 467 - Began To Fight Back With Hope
Chapter 468 - The Moment Of Crisis, The Tables Had Turned
Chapter 469 - Equal Strength, Identity Exposed
Chapter 470 - The Battle Of The Imperial City
Chapter 471 - Battle Of Laws, The Entire City Was Evacuated
Chapter 472 - Leave Imperial City Temporarily And Return To Serene Spring City
Chapter 473 - Was Completed, Supporting The Demon Flame
Chapter 474 - Brothers Fighting Together
Chapter 475 - Had A Lot Of Divine Sparks, If You Have The Guts, Come And Get Them
Chapter 476 - Equipment Upgrade, Accept Worship
Chapter 477 - Was About To Be Screened And Voted To Become A God
Chapter 478 - Was Devoted To The Public, Which Was Admirable
Chapter 479 - Failure To Become A God, Demon Oracle
Chapter 480 - Openly Declared War, And The World Was In Chaos
Chapter 481 - Tried To Persuade Her By Force
Chapter 482 - The Operation Began, The Trap Was Beheaded
Chapter 483 - The Same Lesson
Chapter 484 - Treat With Force And Try Your Best To Convince Him
Chapter 485 - Under The Bright Moon City, Waiting For Guests
Chapter 486 - Was A Surprise
Chapter 487 - Had A Sudden Change, And He Was Personally Supporting Them
Chapter 488 - A Frog At The Bottom Of A Well, Dreaming Of Overturning The Heavens
Chapter 489 - Described The Whole Story
Chapter 490 - Misunderstanding Intensifies As Men Are Snatched Away
Chapter 491 - The Battle Went Too Far And Was Stopped In Time
Chapter 492 - Paranoid, Invited For A Duel
Chapter 493 - Drinking And Making Merry, Becoming A God On The Spot
Chapter 494 - Began To Become A God, And There Was A Rift Between Master And Disciple
Chapter 495 - Being Considerate To A Father And Loyal To A Disciple
Chapter 496 - Two Gods, The Revival Of Serene Spring City
Chapter 497 - Could Not Take It Anymore
Chapter 498 - Identity Exposed
Chapter 499 - Long-Distance Communication, Found The Entrance
Chapter 500 - Began To Explore, Taking The Initiative To Seek A Beating
Chapter 501 - The Battle Between Man And Machine
Chapter 502 - Underground Journey, The Truth Emerged
Chapter 503 - The Demons Suddenly Appeared And Attacked First
Chapter 504 - Exploring Imperial City Again, Actively Exposing Himself
Chapter 505 - Split Up To Block The Black Fog
Chapter 506 - Divine Might Appeared In The World To Recruit Believers
Chapter 507 - The Root Of Governance, Looking For A Solution
Chapter 508 - Tracing The Origins Of The Elves
Chapter 509 - Divided The Work And Awakened The Race
Chapter 510 - The Most Miserable City Lord, Teacher-Disciple Relationship
Chapter 511 - Went Deep Into Tias Mountain Range And Caused A Misunderstanding
Chapter 512 - Exterminating Otherworldlings, Harboring Evil Intentions
Chapter 513 - Missing Origin Divine Tree, Displaying Divine Might!
Chapter 514 - Man And God As One, The Pursuers Had Arrived
Chapter 515 - Arrived In Time To Create A Diversion
Chapter 516 - Withdrew The Divine Spark And Reached A Tacit Understanding
Chapter 517 - Life From Death, A Fatal Blow
Chapter 518 - Retreat To Advance, And Fight For A Chance
Chapter 519 - Was Fraught With Danger, They Had Obtained A Divine Artifact
Chapter 520 - Divine Weapon Fusion, Escape Safely
Chapter 521 - Calculations Were In Place, And Every Step Came True
Chapter 522 - Preparing To Return, Causing A Misunderstanding
Chapter 523 - Went Back On His Word And Made Up For It Perfectly
Chapter 524 - Return To The Spirit Race And The Demon Race’S Revenge
Chapter 525 - Killing A Demon General, Improving His Realm
Chapter 526 - Demon Slaughtering, Divine Weapon Upgrade
Chapter 527 - Armor Was Born, And The Spirit Race Acknowledged Its Master
Chapter 528 - Formed A Group To Disguise And Reject Pollution
Chapter 529 - Control Corps, Demon Princess
Chapter 530 - Exterminating The Demons And Capturing The Princess Alive
Chapter 531 - Cold Threats, Learned Of The Secret
Chapter 532 - : Pursuers Had Arrived, And Danger Lurked
Chapter 533 - Strongest Prey, The Trap Had Worked
Chapter 534 - The Bird In The Cage, The Sneak Attack Had Begun
Chapter 535 - Data Terminal, Demon Technology
Chapter 536 - Took The Initiative To Fall Into The Trap, Which Was Unexpected
Chapter 537 - Most Powerful Opponent, Slaughtering Demons Together
Chapter 538 - Everyone Successfully Subdued The Enemy
Chapter 539 - Black Magic Arcana, Demon Secret
Chapter 540 - Behind-The-Scenes Operation, Counter-Attacked
Chapter 541 - Cat-And-Mouse Game, Marionettes
Chapter 542 - Phantom Demon, Beat Yourself Up
Chapter 543 - Had Won The Preliminary Round And Was Envied By Others
Chapter 544 - : Path To Godhood, Method Of Self-Rescue
Chapter 545 - Night Exploration Of The Treasure Trove, Shocking Discovery
Chapter 546 - Attacking Weak Points, Avoiding Suspicion In Public
Chapter 547 - Brother’S Respect, Superficial Words
Chapter 548 - The Arena Of Life And Death
Chapter 549 - Won The Championship And Retreated
Chapter 550 - Repairing The Soul And Watching The Fire From The Other Side
Chapter 551 - Soul Completion, Carefully Observing
Chapter 552 - Enmity Arose Again, Taking Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 553 - Took The Initiative To Change The Situation
Chapter 554 - Stop In Time, Backstab Your Companion
Chapter 555 - Attracting Trouble To The East, Forcing Independence
Chapter 556 - All-Out Battle To Visit Old Friends
Chapter 557 - Was Full Of Sincerity, And The Fierce Dragon Wept
Chapter 558 - Father And Daughter Were Ruthless And Began To Weaken
Chapter 559 - Vampires Bet
Chapter 560 - Was Still The Same, The Division Was Successful
Chapter 561 - Put The Grudges Aside And Said Goodbye
Chapter 562 - The Situation Had Been Reversed, Victory And Defeat Had Been Decided
Chapter 563 - Volunteered To Die
Chapter 564 - : Was Extremely Dangerous
Chapter 565 - Forced The Demon King Back And Did Not Look Back
Chapter 566 - Arrived At The Inn, A Brand New World
Chapter 567 - A Brand New Job, Three Iron Laws
Chapter 568 - Applied For Membership, Causing A Lot Of Ridicule
Chapter 569 - Admitting When A Powerful Enemy Invades
Chapter 570 - Thunderbolt Strikes And Ends The Battle
Chapter 571 - Completed The Registration And Issued The Mission
Chapter 572 - Secrets Of The Immortals, Priceless
Chapter 573 - Trading Market
Chapter 574 - The Diversion Of Trouble, Receiving A Bomb
Chapter 575 - The Auction Hall Was Extraordinary
Chapter 576 - Taking A Stroll, The Willing Take The Bait
Chapter 577 - The Ultimate Temptation, The Goal Was Achieved
Chapter 578 - Suddenly Went Back On Its Word, Catching The Auctioneer Off Guard
Chapter 579 - Delay Each Other Until The Dragons Arrive
Chapter 580 - The Auction Began
Chapter 581 - Domineering Bidding, Overwhelming Everyone Present
Chapter 582 - Appeared On Its Own Accord And The Nobles Looked At Each Other
Chapter 583 - Public Intimidation
Chapter 584 - Was Full Of Himself And Slapped Many Times In The Face
Chapter 585 - Was Caught Off Guard And Made A Sudden Move
Chapter 586 - One Person In Trouble, Multiple Sources Of Support
Chapter 587 - Repeatedly Extracting And Pulling The Wool From The Sheep
Chapter 588 - Successful Retirement, Accepted By The Dragon Race
Chapter 589 - Dragon Blood In Hand, Ready To Be Cast
Chapter 590 - Accept Your Loss And Come To An Agreement
Chapter 591 - Final Materials, Issued An Invitation
Chapter 592 - Marrow Cleansing, The Team Broke Down
Chapter 593 - Squad Members, Meeting Acquaintances
Chapter 594 - Team Had Been Formed, And The Distribution Was Difficult To Determine
Chapter 595 - The Agreement Had Been Reached, It Was A Huge Gamble
Chapter 596 - Left The Inn And Was Attacked
Chapter 597 - : Meeting On A Narrow Path
Chapter 598 - Was Determined To Go His Own Way, And The Conflict Escalated
Chapter 599 - President’S Disappearance, Awkward Truce
Chapter 600 - : Violence And Abuse, Suddenly Reversed
Chapter 601 - True Purpose Was To Help Out
Chapter 602 - Continued On Their Way
Chapter 603 - Danger Zone, Sudden Situation
Chapter 604 - The Team Is In Danger, Never Giving Up On Life And Death
Chapter 605 - The Spy Has Been Exposed And Is In Danger
Chapter 606 - Was A Huge Fight, A Two-Level Reversal
Chapter 607 - Bone-Crushing And Marrow-Sucking, Suspicious Behavior
Chapter 608 - The Merchant’S Face Was Truly Detestable
Chapter 609 - Cooperation Between Father And Daughter
Chapter 610 - Terrorizing Children And Hiring Young Women
Chapter 611 - Being Watched By Others, Taking The Initiative To Go Easy On Them
Chapter 612 - Facing The Enemy Alone, Reinforcements Arrived
Chapter 613 - Found The Traitor, Not Allowed To Leave
Chapter 614 - A Fair Fight
Chapter 615 - Exterminate The Traitor And Set Off Again
Chapter 616 - Invites The Enemy To Fall Into Their Trap
Chapter 617 - A Plan Within A Plan And A Game Within A Game
Chapter 618 - There Were Unspeakable Sufferings, Enemies And Friends Changing
Chapter 619 - The Demons Were In Danger, And The Ghosts Appeared
Chapter 620 - Went In Both Directions And Attacked Separately
Chapter 621 - Hundred Ghosts Night Walk, Ammunition Replenished
Chapter 622 - Came To Life In The Face Of Death
Chapter 623 - False Gods Humiliated And The Lingluo Race Exterminated
Chapter 624 - Planting Seeds And Meeting Acquaintances
Chapter 625 - Extreme Positioning, Starting The Ruins
Chapter 626 - Secrets Of Extinction, Treasures Left Behind By The Immortals
Chapter 627 - Activate The Domain And Level Up
Chapter 628 - Accepted The Heavy Responsibility And Succeeded In Killing The God
Chapter 629 - Returned To The Inn
Chapter 630 - Officially Declared War And All The Races Responded
Chapter 631 - Reinforcements Arrived, And The Battle Was Reversed
Chapter 632 (End) - Reunion Of Old Friends, Farewell To The Human World (Grand Finale)
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

After waking up, Vincent finds that he has transmigrated to a parallel world where monsters roam, a world that's no longer ruled by science.

In this place, body practitioners can lift 10,000 tons of oil wheels with one hand, and espers can summon wind, rain, thunder, and lightning—born to be strong. Beast tamers can tame powerful monsters that become their most loyal pets.

Vincent, who is just an ordinary young man, has successfully activated the Super God of War System and awakens three S-Class Superpower at the start of everything, making him a top super genius!

S-Class superpower [Rapid Training]: Body is constantly strengthening every second. Even sleeping can increase your strength by 5,000 kilograms!

S-Class superpower [Hellfire]: Burn everything and destroy everything!

S-Class superpower [Monster Affinity]: Can communicate with any monster and tame any monster easily!

Vincent has strike gold!

[Ding! One-handed strength achieved 50,000 kg, life expectancy increased by 300 years!]

[Ding! Instakilled giant monster, Nine-Headed Sea Serpent, obtaining S-grade equipment, Crimson Flame Divine Sword!]

[Ding! Tamed S-class monster, Storm Dragon King, obtaining a Divine Pet Evolution Pill. It can evolve the Storm Dragon King into an SSS-class Dragon God!'

Vincent's heaven-defying path begins…

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Awakening an S-Class Superpower at the Beginning


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

Ellis City, Ellis Intermediate School.

“I can definitely do it!”

Vincent’s face was full of determination as he clenched his fists tightly.

In the past, he was just an ordinary young man. However, when he woke up, he had transmigrated to a world that was filled with danger.

Monsters were rampant here, and ordinary people were slaughtered. Only those who had awakened and became powerful superpowered people could fight against the monsters.

Although everyone had the opportunity to be awakened, there were many types of superpowers, and their levels ranged from low to high. They were divided into F to S-Classes.

There were also six types of superpowers; all with different functions: attack, agility, control, support, special, and elemental.

If someone failed to reach E-Class superpowers, they would not even have the chance to take the college entrance exam, let alone fight against monsters.

For anybody, the awakening of their superpowers was an opportunity to change their future.

“Hey, Vincent, don’t be nervous.”

A handsome and tall young man stood behind Vincent and put his arm around Vincent’s shoulder.

His name was Swire Caesar. He was a rich second-generation kid who came from a wealthy family.

He was a forthright person, and he had helped Vincent many times. He was Vincent’s best friend.

“You’ve been working hard to train your physical strength for the past three years. You’re famous in school. You’ll definitely be fine if you work hard.”

There was a physical requirement for awakening a superpower. According to the records, strength, reaction, coordination, and other aspects could directly affect the level and quality of a superpower.

Vincent was an orphan. His parents were both superpowered people. They had disappeared mysteriously during a mission, and their whereabouts were still unknown.

Although he had relief money, his life was difficult. However, he worked hard and was first place in school for three years in a row.

It was in fact, a real miracle.

“Thank you so much, Swire.”

Swire rolled his eyes at Vincent.

“But you don’t have to worry. Even if you can’t awaken a good superpower, at most, I’ll buy you a bottle of power enhancement liquid.”

Vincent did not say anything. He just looked at Swire with a face full of gratitude.

The enhancement liquid had an extremely low probability of being able to strengthen one’s power.

Even if it managed to successfully strengthen one’s power, it would only have the effectiveness of only 1%.

But even so, it was still worth ten million psionic coins!

Swire was a second-generation rich kid; ten million psionic coins was nothing to him. However, to Vincent, it was a huge sum of money.

“Thank you, my friend. I’ll accept it wholeheartedly.”

However, Vincent would not have accepted Swire’s help in this, even if Swire really bought it.

Nevertheless, his heart was very warm to know that he had such a wholehearted friend.

“Everyone, it’s almost our turn. Don’t be nervous. Bring out your best form.”

At this moment, Class Five’s teacher George came forward.

“Teacher George, I’m not nervous. It’s just that my legs are a little shaky.”

“I’m not nervous at all. Who knows, I might even be able to awaken an S-Class superpower. When the time comes, I’ll be specially recruited by the three great advanced superpower schools. If anything happens, I’ll help everyone!”

“Just you? Hussef, what a joke! How many years has it been since an S-Class superpower appeared in our city of Ellis?”

“I don’t have high expectations. As long as it’s not F-Class, it’s fine.”

After hearing that Teacher George was going to start the superpower awakening process, everyone started to feel nervous.

Even the indifferent Swire had a solemn expression on his face.

“Class Five!”

On the high platform, stood a skinny middle-aged man with a hooked nose. His presence was intimidating.

His name was Houston Mobos, and he was the Dean of Education at Ellis Intermediate School. He was only second to the principal.

His strength attained a high-level superpower a long ago. He was only one step away from becoming an S-Class superpowered person.

His superpower level was C-Class.

Hearing Houston’s voice, George walked quickly and stood two steps away from him. His face, full of respect for the Dean.

“Director Houston, all students of Class Five are ready.”

Houston nodded at George. He then looked at the students of Class Five.

“Class One has awakened one A-Class superpower, two C-Class superpowers, four D-Class superpowers, seven E-Class superpowers, twenty-two F-Class superpowers. Class Two has awakened three B-Class superpowers, three C-Class superpowers…”

“I hope you can surpass them and awaken better superpowers.”

Houston’s words shocked the people in Class Five.

They never expected that there would be four A-ranked students this year. It would have been great if there was only one in the past.

Those who became B-ranked would be able to apply to the three advanced schools, and A-ranked students would have guaranteed admission. Every year, the three advanced schools would recruit a few hundred students.

“Heaven-defying luck, reaching the heavens in one step!”

The people in Class Five began to discuss in low voices. It would be a lie to say that they were not envious.

Although they were all classmates now, the gap between them would widen immediately after their abilities were awakened. The class hierarchy was very obvious.

Being able to go to the three advanced schools would undoubtedly make this class hierarchy even more obvious.

B-Class was destined to be the class that most people looked up to.

Houston coughed lightly to suppress the discussion.

“As I call out your name, please come and lie in the machine.”

Awakening a superpower was not difficult. After many years of development, the machine was well developed.

As long as one laid in the machine and used the medicinal liquid to stimulate the energy contained in the gene, allowing it to explode, the awakening would be completed.


A teen of medium build walked onto the high platform and laid in the machine. A minute later, the machine beeped.

“Emmora, E-Class superpower, special class, double-barreled shotgun.”

Hearing Houston’s words, Emmora heaved a sigh of relief.

Although E-Class was not high, it was still better than F-Class. At least, it had the ability to earn its own living.

Vincent and the others cast envious gazes at Emmora.

E-Class was a level that most students who were present could not attain.


A young girl with a ponytail walked out, her entire body trembling with nervousness.

“Modey, F-Class superpower, support class, house cleaning.”

When Modey heard this, her face turned pale. She covered her face and ran down the high platform. Tears flowed down her fingers and she fell heavily onto the ground.

Time passed by, minute by minute. Each and every one of the students had completed their superpower awakening. Up until now, the highest class in Class Five was only a D-Class support class superpower. It could be said that the result was very bleak.

George’s face turned pale. The awakening of a student’s power was recorded in the performance appraisal. If the results were not good, it meant that his teaching ability was not good. This would affect his career.


Vincent took a deep breath and slowly loosened his tightly clenched fist. He took firm steps and walked onto the high platform.

“Ding! Detected that the host is about to undergo the power awakening ceremony. The Super Wargod System is now being activated…”

‘The Super Wargod System has been awakened! Extracting abilities…’

‘Extracting abilities completed!’

‘S-Class elemental ability, Hellfire; S-Class superpower, Monster Affinity; S-Class support ability, Extreme Speed Training! Not awakened.’

Just as Vincent stepped onto the first step of the platform, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his mind.


Total Chapters in book: 632
Estimated words: 1386752 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 6934(@200wpm)___ 5547(@250wpm)___ 4623(@300wpm)