Strongest Counterattack by Guan Zhong Lao Ren

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - One Day…
Chapter 3 - This Is A Little Awkward…
Chapter 4 - Who Did You Offend?
Chapter 5 What Are You Crying For?
Chapter 6 - This Was The Main Course…
Chapter 7 - He’S Even More Domineering Than Me
Chapter 8 - Don’T Think Too Much
Chapter 9 - No More Chance
Chapter 10 - Always Be There
Chapter 11 - Reunion
Chapter 12 - Grandpa, I Missed You.
Chapter 13 - Shocking
Chapter 14 - Like Leaves Falling Back To The Roots
Chapter 15 - Qin Sheng Couldn’T Do It
Chapter 16 - No Longer Coming Back
Chapter 17 - It’S Finished
Chapter 18 - Unable To Leave…
Chapter 19 - Rather Break Than Yield, And Never Give In
Chapter 20 - Not Giving Up As Long As Not Dead…
Chapter 21 - I Had Been Waiting For You…
Chapter 22 - Thirty Percent Of Strength…
Chapter 23 - I Am Not Totally Contented
Chapter 24 - Kill The Chicken To Warn The Monkey…
Chapter 25 - Walking The Tightrope…
Chapter 26 - Familiar…
Chapter 27 - Give Others A Chance…
Chapter 28 - More Beautiful Than Spring
Chapter 29 - Not Possible
Chapter 30 - Star With Killing One Person…
Chapter 31 - I Have Begun To Like You…
Chapter 32 - Yan Family
Chapter 33 - Big Brother
Chapter 34 - Dead…
Chapter 35 - Do You Understand?
Chapter 36 - Fighting
Chapter 37 - Leaving
Chapter 38 - No Regrets?
Chapter 39 - The Past…?
Chapter 40 - New Beginning…
Chapter 41 - Shangshan Ruoshui
Chapter 42 - Let Me Teach You…
Chapter 43 - Bear Cubs…
Chapter 44 - Everything Was Unknown…
Chapter 45 - It Must Be…
Chapter 46 - The Uninvited Guest…
Chapter 47 - So Strange…
Chapter 48 - Why...
Chapter 49 - If It'S Not You, Who Is It?
Chapter 50 - Have A Try
Chapter 51 - Troublesome...
Chapter 52 - Your Master...
Chapter 53 - Interested...
Chapter 54 - Ambiguous
Chapter 55 - Poaching
Chapter 56 - Being Sneak
Chapter 57 - An Interesting Bookstore...
Chapter 58 - Become A Full
Chapter 59 - The Small Circle...
Chapter 60 - Vented Anger...
Chapter 61 - Who Sabotage Who?
Chapter 62 - Counterpart...
Chapter 63 - Last Minutes Changes...
Chapter 64 - Something'S Going On...
Chapter 65 - All Of You Are Garbage...
Chapter 66 - Vajra...
Chapter 67 - Extremely
Chapter 68 - Am I A Vegetarian?
Chapter 69 - Long Time No See...
Chapter 70 - Passed By...
Chapter 71 - Why Did We Hate?
Chapter 72 - Explanation...
Chapter 73 - I Would Come Over Here...
Chapter 74 - Girls...
Chapter 75 - Going A Trip...
Chapter 76 - Are You Able To Destroy Me?
Chapter 77 - Why?
Chapter 78 - Evil Intention...
Chapter 79 - Camouflage Not Done Well...
Chapter 80 - Tricks
Chapter 81 - Getting Better And Better...
Chapter 82 - No Progress At All...
Chapter 83 - The Cornered Dog Leaped Over A Wall (Part One)
Chapter 84 - The Cornered Dog
Chapter 85 - Car Accident...
Chapter 86 - Quarrel Openly...
Chapter 87 - Damn It, Someone'S Digging His Own Grave
Chapter 88 - A Force Likened To That Of Thunder
Chapter 89 - Ask Around For Information...
Chapter 90 - Farewell
Chapter 91 - I Was Just About To Ask You
Chapter 92 - The Entire Audience Was Stunned
Chapter 93 - It'S Her Unexpectedly
Chapter 94 - A Hotpot Meal
Chapter 95 - Are You Thinking About It?
Chapter 96 - A White Rose
Chapter 97 - Apology
Chapter 98 - Bow To Qin Sheng...
Chapter 99 - Help
Chapter 100 - I Might Have To Go First
Chapter 101 - Traitors
Chapter 102 - A Bad Start...
Chapter 103 - There'S Indeed A Problem
Chapter 104 - This Was Goddamn Confusing
Chapter 105 - Shall We Have A Chat
Chapter 106 - A Win-Win Deal
Chapter 107 - Receiving Some News
Chapter 108 - What Can You Get In The End?
Chapter 109 - Why Is He Here?
Chapter 110 - Go Find Out!
Chapter 111 - Are You Speaking The Truth?
Chapter 112 - Get Into Trouble
Chapter 113 - Great, Of Course
Chapter 114 - Why Not?
Chapter 115 - Sorry To Offense
Chapter 116 - You Are...
Chapter 117 - Hit When He Is Down
Chapter 118 - Noisily Rush Forward
Chapter 119 - Promoted Again
Chapter 120 - An Ambitious Woman
Chapter 121 - Obedient
Chapter 122 - No More Secrets
Chapter 123 - Let'S Go
Chapter 124 - What A Temper
Chapter 125 - Return To Xi'An
Chapter 126 - The Appearance Of Mother
Chapter 127 - Could Not Return To The Past
Chapter 128 - Hurtful Words
Chapter 129 - Not Appreciating The Effort To Save One From Embarrassment
Chapter 130 - Uncomfortable
Chapter 131 - I'Ll Take A Look
Chapter 132 - What'S The Point?
Chapter 133 - You Tell Me Who I Am
Chapter 134 - Boss Ye
Chapter 135 - All These Were Just Part Of The Show
Chapter 136 - That'S Impossible
Chapter 137 - This Is The Shanghai Bund
Chapter 138 - Thoughtful Considerations
Chapter 139 - Birthday Present
Chapter 140 - Sudden Encounters
Chapter 141 - Disappear Once Again
Chapter 142 - An Ideal Couple
Chapter 143 - He Would Not Miss It
Chapter 144 - No Regrets?
Chapter 145 - Grateful To Have Met You
Chapter 146 - What A Pro
Chapter 147 - A Chance Is Here
Chapter 148 - I Am Definitely Taking Away
Chapter 149 - Time To Get To Work
Chapter 150 - You Dare To Lay Hands On My Son?
Chapter 151 - I Take Over?
Chapter 152 - What A Pro!
Chapter 153 - Take Off My Clothes?
Chapter 154 - Get Lost!
Chapter 155 - Decision Made
Chapter 156 - What'S The Rhythm?
Chapter 157 - There Is No If
Chapter 158 - It Was Too Big
Chapter 159 - Is This Really Ok?
Chapter 160 - Causing A Fuss In The Lin Family
Chapter 161 - Leave It To Me
Chapter 162 - Clear This Obstacle First
Chapter 163 - A New Plan
Chapter 164 - Don'T Give Face
Chapter 165 - Father And Daughter After All
Chapter 166 - Why Could You Have Against It?
Chapter 167 - The Start Of The Evil Plan
Chapter 168 - To Be Called Brothers
Chapter 169 - Incurable
Chapter 170 - Within A Month
Chapter 171 - Spending The Rest Of My Life With You Is Enough
Chapter 172 - Start Of The Plan
Chapter 173 - Before The Storm
Chapter 174 - Bring It On...
Chapter 175 - Is It Over Just Like That?
Chapter 176 - The Dust Settles
Chapter 177 - What Exactly Was Going On?
Chapter 178 - Paternal Love Is Speechless
Chapter 179 - Putting On A Show
Chapter 180 - Spring Blossoms
Chapter 181 - What A Nice Feeling
Chapter 182 - The Sorrows And Joys Of Partings And Meetings
Chapter 183 - The Best Times
Chapter 184 - A Strong Silly Child
Chapter 185 - Once And For All
Chapter 186 - Who On Earth Is It?
Chapter 187 - A Plot Twist
Chapter 188 - What Identity?
Chapter 189 - Slightly Disappointed
Chapter 190 - So That'S Why
Chapter 191 - Healing, Choices…
Chapter 192 - Why Didn'T You Tell Me?
Chapter 193 - A Voice She Knew Too Well
Chapter 194 - Why Was She Crying?
Chapter 195 - Farewell To All
Chapter 196 - New Home
Chapter 197 - Pennies From Heaven
Chapter 198 - A New Job
Chapter 199 - False Alarm
Chapter 200 - Women Are All The Same
Chapter 201 - Reunited In Hangzhou
Chapter 202 - I Will Definitely Take Revenge
Chapter 203 - Husband, Father
Chapter 204 - Start The Meeting Now
Chapter 205 - Getting Interesting
Chapter 206 - Truly In Awe
Chapter 207 - Once And For All
Chapter 208 - Sending News Secretly
Chapter 209 - Interesting People
Chapter 210 - Fought To The End
Chapter 211 - Present In Return...
Chapter 212 - Getting Along With Each Other Well
Chapter 213 - An Agreement Could Not Be Reached
Chapter 214 - Admitting His Defeat
Chapter 215 - Marvelously Quick
Chapter 216 - What A Coincidence
Chapter 217 - Who Are You Trying To Kil
Chapter 218 - Meeting Again
Chapter 219 - Too Tiring...
Chapter 220 - Striking Thunder In This Peaceful Scene
Chapter 221 - Surprises And Disappointments
Chapter 222 - Are We Considered Friends?
Chapter 223 - Then You Stayed
Chapter 224 - Compromise With Each Other
Chapter 225 - I'Ll Try
Chapter 226 - A New Beginning
Chapter 227 - Retribution Is Coming
Chapter 228 - He Is Your Son!
Chapter 229 - Making Big Revenge
Chapter 230 - Qin Family'S Descendant
Chapter 231 - An Presumptuous Request
Chapter 232 - Such A Rewarding Cup Of Wine
Chapter 233 - You All Abandon Me!
Chapter 234 - Are You Going To Give Up That Easily?
Chapter 235 - A Show Is Going To Be Put On
Chapter 236 - It Was Your Turn
Chapter 237 - Can Only Endure
Chapter 238 - Obviously Not
Chapter 239 - Amazing
Chapter 240 - Cao Da'S Plan
Chapter 241 - Trivalize
Chapter 242 - Meeting With Mother-In-Law
Chapter 243 - What Do You Know?
Chapter 244 - Who’S That Beautiful Woman?
Chapter 245 - You Definitely Can
Chapter 246 - You Should Drink Up A Bottle Of Beer First
Chapter 247 - What A Coincidence
Chapter 248 - As Long As You Want
Chapter 249 - Let'S Have A Talk
Chapter 250 - His Small Circle
Chapter 251 - Taking Over The Connections
Chapter 252 - Don'T Cause Me Trouble
Chapter 253 - Are You Interested?
Chapter 254 - Narrow Horizon
Chapter 255 - Such A Big Game
Chapter 256 - It'S Too Late
Chapter 257 - The Show Began
Chapter 258 - He Was Found
Chapter 259 - Me
Chapter 260 - Who Would Win?
Chapter 261 - Could It Also Be Played In This Way?
Chapter 262 - Facing The Challenges
Chapter 263 - Want To Cooperate?
Chapter 264 - Reject
Chapter 266 - Hit And Run
Chapter 267 - He, Whoever Is The Enemy Of Your Enemy, Would Be Your Friend
Chapter 268 - Being Despised
Chapter 269 - You Go Ahead
Chapter 270 - What If I Deny It?
Chapter 271 - The Dugu Family
Chapter 272 - I Am Waiting Right Here
Chapter 273 - The Attitude
Chapter 274 - Who Is He?
Chapter 275 - They Had A Common Objective
Chapter 276 - In One Go
Chapter 277 - What A Small World
Chapter 278 - Running Into A Member Of The Lin Family Again
Chapter 279 - A Stunning Work (Part One)
Chapter 280 - A Stunning Work (Part Two)
Chapter 281 - Not Going
Chapter 282 - Windfall
Chapter 283 - Something Happened
Chapter 284 - Who’S Behind It?
Chapter 285 - What Do You Think Of This?
Chapter 287 - No Need To Consider
Chapter 288 - Look For Trouble
Chapter 289 - Absolutely Impossible
Chapter 290 - Who Made This Decision?
Chapter 291 - When Will I Meet Yan Chaozong?
Chapter 292 - How To Face Yan Chaozong?
Chapter 293 - Exchanging Favors
Chapter 294 - Preparing Himself For Both Eventualities
Chapter 295 - Your Wish Shall Be My Command
Chapter 296 - Bare Humiliation
Chapter 297 - You Know Who I Am
Chapter 298 - Hiding The Truth
Chapter 299 - A Hard Decision
Chapter 300 - Never Give In
Chapter 301 - He Surrendered
Chapter 302 - What The Hell?
Chapter 303 - Take Things As They Come
Chapter 304 - Fight Again
Chapter 305 - Completely Alive
Chapter 306 - Qin Sheng Did Not Disappoint Qin Changan
Chapter 307 - A Disturbance Arose
Chapter 308 - How Should He Face His Enemies?
Chapter 309 - Three Strong Opponents
Chapter 310 - You Can'T Leave With Me
Chapter 311 - Wait For Me! Ok, I Will.
Chapter 312 - All Right, I Will Do It
Chapter 313 - Just So-So
Chapter 314 - That'Ll Be Fine...
Chapter 315 - Before Qin Sheng'S Departure
Chapter 316 - Everything Was Gone
Chapter 317 - Jump The Gun
Chapter 318 - Run For His Life
Chapter 319 - Chang Baji'S Plan Was Completely Useless
Chapter 320 - Qin Changan Was Under Great Pressure...
Chapter 321 - A War Was Going To Be On...
Chapter 322 - Why?
Chapter 323 - I'M Not Leaving You Here
Chapter 324 - Horse And Horse
Chapter 325 - Betrayed By His Brother
Chapter 326 - It Ended...
Chapter 327 - I Can Only Go There
Chapter 328 - Safe And Fine
Chapter 329 - Heading For The Next Stop
Chapter 330 - Gu Qingyang Was Dead
Chapter 331 - The Way Of Meeting Each Other
Chapter 332 - Shall We Go Home?
Chapter 333 - Old Love Rekindled
Chapter 334 - A Friend
Chapter 335 - Just Let It Go
Chapter 336 - Here Comes Troubles
Chapter 337 - Go And Get Him
Chapter 338 - Qin Changan Finally Made Up His Mind
Chapter 339 - Physical Pain
Chapter 340 - The Night Before
Chapter 341 - From Now On...
Chapter 342 - Who Are They? And Who Am I?
Chapter 343 - Where To Go From Here?
Chapter 344 - The Truman Show
Chapter 345 - Right Now?
Chapter 346 - The Old House
Chapter 347 - Sis, Don'T Cry
Chapter 348 - Completely Gone
Chapter 349 - Those Things Of The Past
Chapter 350 - A Familiar Feeling
Chapter 351 - That Was His Father
Chapter 352 - Go Ahead
Chapter 353 - Qin Changan Didn'T Give A Damn About It
Chapter 354 - Did Qin Sheng Leave?
Chapter 355 - Break Down The Stalemate
Chapter 356 - Qin Ran'S Uncle
Chapter 357 - Don'T Bully Women
Chapter 358 - A Perfect Win
Chapter 359 - When A Man And A Woman Were Together Alone
Chapter 360 - If You Like It
Chapter 361 - Qin Sheng Began To Change His Mind...
Chapter 362 - Take It Easy
Chapter 363 - Qin Ran Is Wealthy And Confident
Chapter 364 - Weird Opening Remark
Chapter 365 - I Know You
Chapter 366 - Indeed Something Else
Chapter 367 - Cannot Let Go
Chapter 368 - Alone
Chapter 369 - Too Naive
Chapter 370 - A Slap Across The Face
Chapter 371 - On A Jag
Chapter 372 - Trick
Chapter 373 - Mom, I'M Back
Chapter 374 - Mourn For The Mother
Chapter 375 - It Couldn'T Be Better
Chapter 376 - My Way Of Doing Things
Chapter 377 - Making An Exception For You
Chapter 378 - Departure And A Sad Feeling
Chapter 379 - I Know What You'Re Worried About
Chapter 380 - Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust
Chapter 381 - Old House And Old Friends
Chapter 382 - Always Keep The Original
Chapter 383 - Courting Death
Chapter 384 - No Need, No Care
Chapter 385 - To Pay The Price
Chapter 386 - Looking Down Upon
Chapter 387 - Apologize
Chapter 388 - Yes Or No
Chapter 389 - Move On?
Chapter 390 - This Is How A Spring Festival Holiday Should Look
Chapter 391 - Feeling Upset
Chapter 392 - What Matters
Chapter 393 - Grandfather Song
Chapter 394 - Who Was She?
Chapter 395 - A Blind Date
Chapter 396 - Make Some Comments
Chapter 397 - A Turning Point
Chapter 398 - There It Is
Chapter 399 - Will It Be Troublesome?
Chapter 400 - Qin Sheng Can'T Put Up With It
Chapter 401 - What Kind Of Explanation?
Chapter 402 - The Mediator
Chapter 403 - Qin Sheng Could Only Do So
Chapter 404 - Heading For The South
Chapter 405 - Silly Lin Su
Chapter 406 - New Year'S Gift
Chapter 407 - Love You, So Do I
Chapter 408 - Grandmother
Chapter 409 - Kinship
Chapter 410 - Things Are Different Now
Chapter 411 - Smile For Me
Chapter 412 - Wait For My News
Chapter 413 - Official Rank?
Chapter 414 - Really Something
Chapter 415 - The Elder And The Young
Chapter 416 - What?
Chapter 417 - From Nobody To Somebody?
Chapter 418 - The Curtain Has Been Lifted
Chapter 419 - Did Su Qin Come Back To Xi'An?
Chapter 420 - Goodbye, Goodbye
Chapter 421 - Acting Properly
Chapter 422 - A Couple Of Gays
Chapter 423 - Who On Earth Was She?
Chapter 424 - A Toast To Both The Past And The Future
Chapter 425 - Here I Am
Chapter 426 - Walking Out Of The Small Building
Chapter 427
Chapter 428 - Can'T Wait
Chapter 429 - How Dare You!
Chapter 430 - Nobody Can Stop Me
Chapter 431 - Ferocious Fighting
Chapter 432 - I Won'T Give In Easily
Chapter 433 - Just So-So
Chapter 434 - Lin Changting'S Eyes Lit Up
Chapter 435 - Believe Me
Chapter 436 - Go And Get Him!
Chapter 438 - Like A Storm (Part 2)
Chapter 439 - Who On Earth Was He?
Chapter 440 - We Have No Choice But To Do So
Chapter 441 - I Lost
Chapter 442 - Playing Dumb
Chapter 443 - I Want Two Things
Chapter 444 - Compromise
Chapter 445 - Back To The Lin Family
Chapter 446 - Dull, Dull, Dull
Chapter 447 - End Of The Story
Chapter 448 - First Meeting
Chapter 449 - What Can He Do Now?
Chapter 450 - It Is Not Understood
Chapter 451 - Am I More Beautiful?" "Aren'T You?"
Chapter 452 - Qin Sheng'S Family Background Was Gradually Uncovered
Chapter 453 - We Will Get Married In Half A Year
Chapter 454 - I Am Not That Strong Yet
Chapter 455 - Hao Lei Stared At Han Bing With A Different Look In His Eyes
Chapter 456 - Straightforward
Chapter 457 - What The Hell?
Chapter 458 - Back To Beijing
Chapter 459 - A Little Girl
Chapter 460 - Ke'Er'S Parents Paid A Personal Visit To The Qin
Chapter 461 - The Back View Of Qin Chang'An Indicated He Was Lonely
Chapter 462 - You Are Very Considerate
Chapter 463 - Killing Via Torture Of Heart
Chapter 464 - Zhang Mi Reaped What She Had Sown
Chapter 465 - Let'S Do Something Mischievous
Chapter 466 - Here Begins The Second Half Show
Chapter 467 - Weird
Chapter 468 - Wait And See
Chapter 469 - Father And Son, Sister And Brother
Chapter 470 - Going Against The Wind
Chapter 471 - Qin Sheng, I'M Sorry
Chapter 472 - An Old Monk In A Small Temple
Chapter 473 - You Really Hate Him?
Chapter 474 - Don’T Worry
Chapter 475 - A Mutual Benefit
Chapter 476 - He Is Already Here
Chapter 477 - I Want To Talk To Her
Chapter 478 - A Misunderstanding
Chapter 479 - Xin Xin Got Jealous
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Everyone had the right to choose his or her life. Maybe many people wanted to live an ordinary life, but Qin Sheng didn’t want to be a mediocre man. He had practiced martial arts under the guidance of his grandfather in the Zhongnan Mountains since he was a child. After two years’ wandering life, he decided to settle in Shanghai, so he contacted Han Guoping, a rich businessman, and took the job as his daughter’s safeguard. He thought that he only needed to protect Han Bing. However, things seemed more complicated. He got to know that Han Guoping offended a powerful figure and his life might be in danger. What would Qin Sheng do to help the Han family? Would he turn the tables?

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Chapter 1 - I Am Not A Trash

Chapter 1 I Am Not a Trash

Zhongnan Mountains, the crown of the mountains, the number one Blessed Land under the heavens.

It was said that there were several tens of thousands of hidden cultivators in the mountain. There were all sorts of people, including many rare experts.

At this moment, at the foot of the mountain, near the observation platform, a man with beard was standing in front of a grave that didn’t even have a tombstone.

If there was an expert who understood Feng Shui, he would definitely break out in cold sweat after seeing the Feng Shui pattern of this graveyard.

What kind of person would dare to choose this place?

“Grandfather, your grandson is back.” The man said silently with his head lowered.

His name was Qin Sheng. He was 26 years old this year, 1.8 meters tall and could not be considered handsome.

After that, he poured a bottle of Xifeng 375 to his grandfather’s grave. His grandfather loved to drink this alcohol, and would drink one bottle every day.

It had been two years since Qin Sheng left this city that was known as the Ancient Capital of Thirteen Dynasties. Now, he could finally return.

More than two years ago, he had just graduated from university, but his grandfather had passed away at the age of eighty-nine. Grandfather had warned him before dying that he was not allowed to return within two years.

From then on, Qin Sheng followed his grandfather’s wishes and traveled to the north and south, visiting famous mountains and rivers. He would never forget how many times he had taken back his life from the gates of death.

“Grandfather, I’m going to Shanghai tomorrow. I’ll come back to see you again during the Chinese new year. Take care of yourself.” Qin Sheng said casually after cleaning up the grass on the grave.

Actually, Qin Sheng had a lot of questions to ask his grandfather, but now that his grandfather had passed away, there was no need for these words.

For example, he was not a Xi’an citizen. He only knew that his grandfather brought him here when he was four years old, and from then on, he took root here. As for where he actually came from and who his parents were, he didn’t know anything.

He had asked his grandfather, but grandfather had never said anything about it. He only said that when the time came, he would naturally know about it.

After accompanying his grandfather for a while, Qin Sheng left.

He had just returned, but would have to leave tomorrow. He had to meet some friends.

After Qin Sheng left, the two men that had been hiding in the forest slowly walked out.

“Master, are we really not going to see him?” The burly man with killing intent in his eyes said respectfully to the middle-aged man beside him.

The middle-aged man who wore comfortable linen shoes slightly bent his body. His face was full of wrinkles and his hair was slightly white. He did not speak, but his aura made people fear. Squinting his eyes, he looked at the receding Qin Sheng, then the unremarkable grave beside him.

“He’s gone. I want to know what kind of monster this old man could bring up.” The middle-aged man sneered.

It took 20 minutes to walk from the foot of the mountain to the road, but before Qin Sheng could reach there, he was stopped by three strangers. These three people clearly had bad intentions.

“Young man, hand over that thing and we’ll let you go.” The leader of the group was playing with a dagger as he smiled disdainfully.

“From Sichuan to Xinjiang, from Xinjiang to Qinhai, from Qinhai to Xi’an, aren’t you tired?” Qin Sheng laughed.

“Don’t waste your breath with us, otherwise you will know the consequences!”

Qin Sheng sighed, “How many times have I told you? I really don’t have that thing from your Song Family. Why don’t you believe me? Is there any trust between people? ”

“Looks like we can only make a move!” The man said angrily.

Qin Sheng felt it was boring and couldn’t be bothered to explain. He directly said, “Come on, don’t make a scene if you can make a move.”

When the three men heard this, they rushed towards Qin Sheng without a word.

“Do you all think I’m trash?” The corners of Qin Sheng’s mouth curled up slightly. If it wasn’t for his grandfather telling him to keep a low profile, he would have taken care of these followers long ago.

Now that the time that grandpa mentioned had passed, there’s no need for him to keep a low profile anymore. After all, if you had been despised by others for so long, they would truly think that you were a trash.

When one of the men was right in front of him, Qin Sheng kicked his wrist and caught the cold steel dagger in his hand. He bent down to avoid the sneak attack, then stabbed the dagger into the man’s thigh.

The other two men had already caught up to him. Qin Sheng calmly dodged their continuous attacks, looking for an opportunity to punch the man on the left in the chest, the man’s two ribs were broken. Then he jumped high and hit the man on the side with his knee.

At this moment, the man on the right side had already struck Qin Sheng’s back with his dagger. As if he had eyes on the back of his head, Qin Sheng turned around and dodged, with his hands grabbing onto the man’s wrist and stabbing the dagger into the shoulder of the man on the left side, the last punch struck the chin of the man on the right side and knocked him out, but he did not stop there, instead he pulled out his dagger and stabbed it into the arm of the man on the right side.

In just a few minutes, the battle had easily ended. Qin Sheng was not injured at all, and the three men had already lost their ability to fight. They were no longer a threat to him.

I was not a trash, why couldn’t you believe that?

“Come on, take out your cell phones,” Qin Sheng said with a mischievous smile.

The three heavily injured men stared at Qin Sheng in confusion. They had no idea about what he was trying to do. They didn’t expect him to be so fierce. Wasn’t he was powerless? Who said that?

“You’re not doing it? Then I’ll do it myself,” Qin Sheng snorted as he personally took out the phones of the three men.

With the phones in his hand, Qin Sheng muttered, “Damn, I’m using the old Nokia, you guys already use iPhone 6s, you really are rich.”

After saying that, Qin Sheng tossed his phone to the ground under the astonished gazes of the three men. He mustered his strength and stomped on it, cursing, “I’ll let you f * cking chase after me! I’ll let you chase!”

Soon, the three phones were completely destroyed by Qin Sheng. The three men wanted to cry but had no tears. They even had the intention to die. In the wilderness of the mountains, if no one saved them, they would die from excessive bleeding sooner or later.

After doing this, Qin Sheng left, leaving behind only three men who had paid their “respects” to Qin Sheng’s ancestors for the last eighteen generations.

Leaving Zhongnan Mountains, he tidied himself up, shaved and changed his clothes. When he returned to the city, it was already afternoon. Qin Sheng was going to a small district in the southern suburbs, where his benefactor lived. He had lived here since primary school, and treated the two elders of the family as his own parents. If it wasn’t for his grandpa’s refusal, perhaps he would have already acknowledged them as foster parents.

“Sheng’er, you’re finally back. Where have you been these past two years? Do you know we’re all worried to death?” Just as Qin Sheng entered, a middle-aged woman hugged him and cried.

Qin Sheng didn’t know how to explain. He knew that women treated him as their own son, so he could only hug her and let her vent her emotions.

After a long time, the woman finally regained her composure and sat down with Qin Sheng. Since she knew that Qin Sheng was coming back, she had prepared a table full of food.

“Aunt, I know everything about the family. Are you in good health? How is Uncle Lin inside?” Qin Sheng calmly said.

He knew that in the two years that he had been gone, his family had almost collapsed. Uncle Lin had been set up by someone and jailed, his company had been taken over by outsiders. He had almost lost his family.

“Sheng’er, your Uncle Lin’s life is full of bitterness …” Speaking of this matter, Wang Li began to cry again.

Qin Sheng felt a bit guilty. Although they were not his biological parents, he had long since joined this family. As a member of this family, as the only man except Uncle Lin, he should withstand the pressure, but …

“Aunt, it’s fine. Just think of it as a blessing. Grandfather said long ago that there would be a calamity in Uncle Lin’s middle age, he should know it himself. But as long as he’s alive, there’s still hope.” Qin Sheng consoled Aunt Wang.

“Your Uncle Lin is fine. He has already looked down on these matters …” Wang Li shook her head as she wiped away her tears.

Qin Sheng continued, “Besides, didn’t I just come back? I’ll think of a way to help Uncle Lin later.”

“Sheng’er, you can’t help me with your Uncle Lin’s matters, don’t hurt yourself. As long as you and Xinxin are fine, then I’m fine.” Wang Li didn’t take Qin Sheng’s words seriously. Qin Sheng was just an ordinary child and Old Lin was involved with a lot of things, what could he help with?

“Oh right, Aunt, where is Xinxin’s college?” Qin Sheng expressed his concern. Xinxin was the only daughter of Uncle Lin and Aunt Wang. She was younger than Qin Sheng by a few years, and Qin Sheng had always treated her as a younger sister.

“You studied in Shanghai, so she ran off to Shanghai.” Aunt Wang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Qin Sheng said happily, “Shanghai, this is good. I’ll be going to Shanghai tomorrow. I will be able to take care of Xinxin in the future.”

“But you just came back?” Aunt Wang was surprised.

During dinner, Qin Sheng accompanied Aunt Wang. It was the same taste as before, when he ate the Eight Treasures chili bun, his eyes were red. He only had his grandfather and no parents, while others said that he was an orphan. He could only find the feeling of home here.

Grandfather said, you didn’t have to say out who had done you a favor, just remember it in your heart, when they needed you, stood out.

Thus, whoever bullied Uncle Lin’s family, Qin Sheng would return the “favor” sooner or later.

After dinner, Qin Sheng left the Lin Family and arrived at a barbeque square on the north side of Yan Ta Road. There was a restaurant called Shu Nan Bamboo Stick Barbecue, it’s really delicious. In the past, whenever he came back, he would always come here with a few friends.

Qin Sheng arrived early. He called his four best friends. Everyone was surprised by his reappearance, but there were only two people who could come. Qin Sheng had nothing to say about this.

He knew that life was always moving further, and many things would never return to the past.

“Old Qin, damn it, we all thought you had gone missing. Where have you been these past two years?” His two best friends arrived at the same time. The one who spoke was Meng Zhe, and he was very handsome. In the past, they often called him pretty boy.

“Damn. When you called me, I thought you were a liar, but I didn’t expect that it’s really you!” Hao Lei cursed loudly. He had been a soldier before and had just come back from the military. He was tall and slim.

“Sit down. There are some things that are hard to put into words.” Qin Sheng smiled as he embraced his two best friends.

After the three of them sat down, Hao Lei shouted, “Waiter, 3 boxes of 9 °, 20 Yuan of meat, 20 Yuan of kidneys, 3 pieces of sesame seed cake, 1 dish of roast eggplant, 1 piece of cake …”

“Tonight, we won’t return until we’re drunk!” Meng Zhe said happily.

In this world, people needed to drink, but only by drinking with the right person, people could be able to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. If one were to drink with an uninteresting person, it would only be drinking and meaningless.

Therefore, Qin Sheng was elated. “F * ck you! I’m not afraid of you! No return until we’re drunk!”

The three of them clinked glasses three times before finally starting to chat.

“How have you been these past two years?” Qin Sheng asked.

“I just got demobilized and haven’t found a job yet. Old Meng is already engaged. He will get married next year. When that happens, you’d better not go missing!” Hao Lei laughed.

“What about them?” Qin Sheng continued asking.

Old Meng sighed and said, “Old Xu and Wu Yong are not on the same boat with us now. You probably made a phone call too. We haven’t seen each other more than a few times every year. You understand what I’m going to say…”

Qin Sheng sighed, “Then let’s stop talking. Drink!”

“Come, come, come. Drink, drink!”

It was only the beginning of October, so the weather was still a liitle hot and stuffy. The barbecue square was bustling with activity, people were eating meat and drinking, laughing and scolding. It was a familiar place, a familiar feeling.

Qin Sheng felt that all of this was wonderful.

“Old Qin, what happened with you these two years? Can you tell us more?”

“We’ll talk about it in the future. It’s fine anyway.”

“You brat, then what do you plan on doing in the future?”

“Train at 1 am. After drinking with you guys, I’m going to Shanghai. From now on, I will develop in Shanghai …” Qin Sheng explained. He had nothing to hide from his best friends.

“Shanghai? Su Xin seems to have stayed in Shanghai as well.”

“Old Meng, shut up!” When Hao Lei heard this, he hurriedly stopped him. Meng Zhe also realized that he had said the wrong thing.

Qin Sheng shook his head, “Nothing, just say what you want to say. It’s all in the past now.”

“Drink, drink, stop spouting nonsense!”

Before they could finish the three boxes of beer, the three of them had already left. After all, Qin Sheng was going to take the train later, and the others had matters to attend tomorrow.

Qin Sheng took a taxi to the train station. He didn’t have much luggage. Sitting in the taxi, his eyes were hazy as he watched the night scenery of the city through the window. The mottled walls told the story of time. The familiar name of the road had already changed. The city was like an old man in his twilight years, coldly watching the changes of the times from the sidelines.

When the train started moving, Qin Sheng knew that he was about to start a new journey …


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