Super Necromancer System by John Doever

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: To Be A Hero
Chapter 3: To Blackwater
Chapter 4: Blackwater And Bullies
Chapter 5: Combat Evaluation
Chapter 6: Frame Perfect
Chapter 7: Ghost
Chapter 8: Friends
Chapter 9: The End...And The Beginning
Chapter 10: Necromancer
Chapter 11: First Fight, First Undead
Chapter 12: The Nexus
Chapter 13: Hunting
Chapter 14: A Crucial Hint
Chapter 15: Catching A Ghost
Chapter 16: Catching A Ghost Ii
Chapter 17: Vengeance
Chapter 18: Chosen Undead
Chapter 19: Valera
Chapter 20: Getting Ready
Chapter 21: Phantasmal Mask
Chapter 22: A Pack Problem
Chapter 23: Raising The Alpha
Chapter 24: The Geist
Chapter 25: Geist Hunt
Chapter 26: The Settlements
Chapter 27: The Odinsons
Chapter 28: Gang Wipeout
Chapter 29: Gang Wipeout (2)
Chapter 30: Loot
Chapter 31: Investigation
Chapter 32: Investigation (2)
Chapter 33: Ghastly Preparation
Chapter 34: Trial Quest 1
Chapter 35: Clearing The Trial Quest
Chapter 36: Clearing The Trial Quest 2
Chapter 37: Clearing The Trial Quest 3
Chapter 38: Secret Boss
Chapter 39: Secret Boss Ii
Chapter 40: Secret Boss Iii
Chapter 41: Flergan The Zealot: Youll Also Like
Chapter 42: Becoming A Lich
Chapter 43: The Death Lord
Chapter 44: Ritual Of Eternity
Chapter 45: Planning
Chapter 46: Planning 2
Chapter 47: Variant Nest
Chapter 48: Clearing The Nest
Chapter 49: The Bloodspitter
Chapter 50: Sudden Attack
Chapter 51: The Chrysalis
Chapter 52: Chrysalis 2
Chapter 53: Raising The Chrysalis
Chapter 54: Alchemy
Chapter 55: {A Meeting To Be}
Chapter 56: Meeting In The Red Circle
Chapter 57: Meeting In The Red Circle 2
Chapter 58: An Experiment
Chapter 59: An Experiment 2
Chapter 60: The Final Phase
Chapter 61: Disaster
Chapter 62: {Seth Solar}
Chapter 63: {Seth Solar 2}
Chapter 64: Calm Before The Emerald Storm
Chapter 65: {A Certain Report}
Chapter 66: The Party Begins
Chapter 67: A Night Of Dying
Chapter 68: Acquiring The Editor Sample
Chapter 69: {Unending Misery}
Chapter 70: {One By One}
Chapter 71: {Volantis, The Tyrant Of Bone}
Chapter 72: {Volantis, The Tyrant Of Bone 2}
Chapter 73: Loot And Summons And More
Chapter 74: {Red Circle Defense 1}
Chapter 75: {Red Circle Defense 2}
Chapter 76: {The Final Act}
Chapter 77: Dying Sun
Chapter 78: {The Oceans Call}: Youll Also Like
Chapter 79: {The Oceans Call 2}: Youll Also Like
Chapter 80: The Finale Of Vengeance
Chapter 81: The Finale Of Vengeance 2
Chapter 82: {Dance Of Duels}
Chapter 83: {Dance Of Duels 2}
Chapter 84: Final Duels And Ascension
Chapter 85: Ascension 2
Chapter 86: A Farewell
Chapter 87: The Rise Of A Lich
Chapter 88: Return Of The Lich
Chapter 89: Learning Spells
Chapter 90: Exterminating Pests
Chapter 91: New Mount
Chapter 92: Return Of The Lich
Chapter 93: Connection
Chapter 94: Sky Fight
Chapter 95: Corpse Nova
Chapter 96: Ruler Of The Storm
Chapter 97: Holding Out
Chapter 98: Minuteman
Chapter 99: Resolve
Chapter 100: Knightly Intervention
Chapter 101: Art Of Battle
Chapter 102: Incident Of A Certain Flight
Chapter 103: Incident Of A Certain Flight 2
Chapter 104: Incident Of A Certain Flight 3
Chapter 105: Theory Of A Soul
Chapter 106: Meeting Minuteman
Chapter 107: Twin Wills
Chapter 108: Into The Bunker
Chapter 109: Portal Girl
Chapter 110: The Final Plan
Chapter 111: Leaving Minuteman
Chapter 112: To Battle
Chapter 113: {Holding The Wall}
Chapter 114: {Culling The Weak}
Chapter 115: Undead Assemble
Chapter 116: Camaraderie
Chapter 117: Formations
Chapter 118: The Humans Strike Back
Chapter 119: The Perfect Moment
Chapter 120: King Of The Oceans
Chapter 121: From Despair, Hope
Chapter 122: The Legion
Chapter 123: The Battle Rages
Chapter 124: A Storm Is Coming
Chapter 125: Spirit Boundaries Activated
Chapter 126: Bring Down The Thunder
Chapter 127: Bring Down The Thunder 2
Chapter 128: Raising Merman
Chapter 129: Valeras Merits: Youll Also Like
Chapter 130: Valeras Merits 2: Youll Also Like
Chapter 131: Valeras Merits 3
Chapter 132: Restoring Seismic
Chapter 133: The Connector
Chapter 134: Danger
Chapter 135: Sudden Attack
Chapter 136: The Counter
Chapter 137: The Final Fight
Chapter 138: Attack, Attack, Attack
Chapter 139: Beatdown
Chapter 140: Quest?
Chapter 141: Contingency
Chapter 142: All Out
Chapter 143: Bear Witness
Chapter 144: Observation
Chapter 145: In The Zone
Chapter 146: Draconic Might
Chapter 147: A Bloody End
Chapter 148: The Voice
Chapter 149: Survival
Chapter 150: Seismic
Chapter 151: Tag Out
Chapter 152: Game Over
Chapter 153: Aftermath
Chapter 154: Sponsor
Chapter 155: A Deal
Chapter 156: Sentinel
Chapter 157: Hat Trick
Chapter 158: Corruption
Chapter 159: Exposing Hat Trick
Chapter 160: Times Up
Chapter 161: One Last Trick
Chapter 162: Last Stage Planning
Chapter 163: Superior Halo
Chapter 164 - Standing By Haven
Chapter 165 - Rebuilding
Chapter 166 - S Rank Encounter
Chapter 167: A Deal
Chapter 168: Hear Me Out
Chapter 169: Imprisoned
Chapter 170: Another Round Of Questioning
Chapter 171: The Colonel
Chapter 172: Second Deal
Chapter 173: Company Politics
Chapter 174: The Unending Thread
Chapter 175: A Crypt
Chapter 176: Until Next Time Crypts.
Chapter 177: Pale White
Chapter 178: Volantis
Chapter 179: Volantis (2)
Chapter 180: Into The Crypt
Chapter 181: 22
Chapter 182: Into The Nexus
Chapter 183: [Bonus Chapter] Into The Nexus 2
Chapter 184: Complete Overhaul
Chapter 185: Bors The Giant Blacksmith
Chapter 186: Fixing Volantis
Chapter 187: Second And Fourth Deathguard
Chapter 188: Volantis Restored
Chapter 189: [Bonus Chapter] Worthy
Chapter 190: Orcish Might
Chapter 191: [Bonus Chapter] A Hard Headed Counter
Chapter 192: Burning Agony
Chapter 193: [Bonus Chapter] A Worthy Rage
Chapter 194: Boundary
Chapter 195: Top Of The Necropolis 1
Chapter 196: [Bonus Chapter] Top Of The Necropolis 2
Chapter 197: Diving Into The Chrysalis
Chapter 198: The Depths
Chapter 199: Warmth
Chapter 200: Love And Fear
Chapter 201: Boundary Overcome
Chapter 202: Boundary Details
Chapter 203: Resting
Chapter 204: Love, Past And Present
Chapter 205: [Bonus Chapter] Love, Past And Present 2
Chapter 0.1: Last Updated
Chapter 0.2
Chapter 206 Love, Past And Present 3
Chapter 207 Love, Past And Present 4
Chapter 208 Ambition And Training
Chapter 209 Learning
Chapter 210 Mana Flow
Chapter 211 The Chrysalis’S Talents
Chapter 212 Shaping
Chapter 213 Competition
Chapter 214 Returning To The Crypt
Chapter 215 Nomads
Chapter 216 The Nomad Chiefs
Chapter 217 Negotiating With The Chiefs
Chapter 218 Negotiating With The Chiefs 2
Chapter 219 Negotiating With The Chiefs 3
Chapter 220 Agreement
Chapter 221 Blackwater Students
Chapter 222 Stick And Carrot
Chapter 223 Technos
Chapter 224 Okeanos’S Quest
Chapter 225 Maze
Chapter 226 Invincible Formation
Chapter 227 First Trial Quest Revisited
Chapter 228 Flower Fight
Chapter 229 Training Payoff And Meeting With Z
Chapter 230 Meeting With Z (2)
Chapter 231 Blackwater Allegiance
Chapter 232 [Bonus Chapter] Eileen’Sconversation
Chapter 233 - Stay And Fight
Chapter 234 - Megaloptera
Chapter 235 - Megaloptera 2
Chapter 236 - Megaloptera 3
Chapter 237 - Clint, The Unbreakable
Chapter 238 - Infiltration
Chapter 239 - Desmond
Chapter 240 V-Parasite
Chapter 241 Feast
Chapter 242 Feast 2
Chapter 243 Feast 3
Chapter 244 Feast 4
Chapter 245 Feast 5
Chapter 246 Ln Sync
Chapter 247 - Explore Time
Chapter 248 - Samples
Chapter 249 Lnstinct
Chapter 250 Name
Chapter 251 Road Trip
Chapter 252 ’Cops’
Chapter 253 Diamondback
Chapter 254 Lnterrogation
Chapter 255 Settling Down In Redrock
Chapter 256 V Correspondence
Chapter 257 V Correspondence 2
Chapter 258 Ready To Go
Chapter 259 Randall'S Repairs
Chapter 260 Resolution
Chapter 261 Last Dream
Chapter 262 An Unseen Cold
Chapter 263 An Unseen Cold 2
Chapter 264 An Unseen Cold 3
Chapter 265 Unanswered Questions
Chapter 266 Emergency
Chapter 267 Airbird
Chapter 268 [Bonus Chapter] Clint'S Job
Chapter 269 Seraph
Chapter 270 Cure
Chapter 271 Expectations And Rewards
Chapter 272 More Loot
Chapter 273 Immortal Advice
Chapter 274 Resolve To Fight
Chapter 275 Simmering
Chapter 276 Trial Quest
Chapter 277 Demons
Chapter 278 The Grinner
Chapter 279 [Bonus Chapter] Greater Demon
Chapter 280 Greater Demon 2
Chapter 281 Greater Demon 3
Chapter 282 Insight
Chapter 283 Defense
Chapter 284 Defense 2
Chapter 285 Deimos, The Dark Eye
Chapter 286 Deimos, The Dark Eye 2
Chapter 287 Power Of The Sun
Chapter 288 Power Of The Sun 2
Chapter 289 Third Trial Quest Rewards
Chapter 290 [Bonus Chapter] Final Round Preparation
Chapter 291 Final Prep: Necropolis
Chapter 292 To Take A Tome
Chapter 293 Night Parade
Chapter 294 Stranger
Chapter 295 Familiar Faces
Chapter 296 Judicata
Chapter 297 A Stranger'S Offer
Chapter 298 The Hearing Begins
Chapter 299 [Bonus Chapter] The First Vote
Chapter 300 Second Vote, First Offer
Chapter 301 [Bonus Chapter] Second Vote, Second Offer
Chapter 302 Sentinel
Chapter 303 Sentinel Vote...?
Chapter 304 Attack On The Judicata
Chapter 305 Rescue
Chapter 306 Rescue 2
Chapter 307 [Bonus Chapter] Aftermath Of The Judicata
Chapter 308 The End Of The Attack
Chapter 309 Settling Down
Chapter 310 Vexa'S Merits
Chapter 311 [Bonus Chapter] Project Arachnophobia
Chapter 312 New Laboratory
Chapter 313 Learning Room
Chapter 314 [Bonus Chapter] Spider Bait
Chapter 315 Back To The Nexus
Chapter 316 A Deal With A Demon
Chapter 317 A Reasonable Understanding
Chapter 318 The Forest
Chapter 319 A Trapped Spider
Chapter 320 Capturing The Spider
Chapter 321 Mollusk Hunt
Chapter 322 Mollusk Hunt 2
Chapter 323 Winding Down?
Chapter 324 A New Challenger
Chapter 325 Boss Geist
Chapter 326 To The Death!
Chapter 327 Worthy
Chapter 328 Etal Reversion
Chapter 329 Execution
Chapter 330 Boundary
Chapter 331 The Entity
Chapter 332 The Entity 2
Chapter 333 Arcadia
Chapter 334 Ceasefire
Chapter 335 Support
Chapter 336 Lightspeed And Valkyrie
Chapter 337 The President
Chapter 338 The President 2
Chapter 339 The President 3
Chapter 340: The President 4
Chapter 341: Spider Mining
Chapter 342 An Inheritance Issue
Chapter 343 [Bonus Chapter] An Inheritance Issue 2
Chapter 344 An Inheritance Issue 3
Chapter 345 Hammerhead Meeting
Chapter 346 Hammerhead Meeting 2
Chapter 347 Despair, Ye Mighty
Chapter 348 A New Party
Chapter 349 A New Party 2
Chapter 350 Relationship Progress
Chapter 351 The Soulmonger
Chapter 352 A Sudden Intrusion
Chapter 353 Mel Morales
Chapter 354 Omega
Chapter 355 Three Minds, Three Directives
Chapter 356 Machines And Demons
Chapter 357 Mysteries Of Birth
Chapter 358 Scrapheart
Chapter 359 In The Future
Chapter 360 In The Future (2)
Chapter 361 Plans
Chapter 362 [Bonus Chapter] Plans (2)
Chapter 363 Balar, The Eyed
Chapter 364 Feather'S Meeting
Chapter 365 Raid Plans
Chapter 366 Clint'S Decision
Chapter 367 Assassination
Chapter 368 Healing Procedure
Chapter 369 Preparing For The Aa
Chapter 370 The Journal
Chapter 371 The Journal 2
Chapter 372 Heist Planning 1
Chapter 373 Heist Planning 2
Chapter 374 Journal Entries 1
Chapter 375 Journal Entries 2
Chapter 376 Journal Entries 3
Chapter 377 Panopticon Cure
Chapter 378 Panopticon Cure 2
Chapter 379 [Bonus Chapter] Panopticon Cure 3
Chapter 380: Panopticon Cure 4
Chapter 381: Appraisal 1
Chapter 382: [Bonus Chapter] Appraisal 2
Chapter 383: Appraisal 3
Chapter 384: Appraisal 4
Chapter 385: Dragon Strategy 1
Chapter 386: Dragon Strategy 2
Chapter 387: Dragon Strategy 3
Chapter 388: Heist Intrusion
Chapter 389: Heist Intrusion 2
Chapter 390: Heist Intrusion 3
Chapter 391: The Dinner Incident 1
Chapter 392: The Dinner Incident 2
Chapter 393: [Bonus Chapter] The Dinner Incident 3
Chapter 394: The Dinner Incident 4
Chapter 395: The Dinner Incident 5
Chapter 396: Breaking In
Chapter 397: [Bonus Chapter] {Shuten Doji}
Chapter 398: Happiness
Chapter 400: {Usurper}
Chapter 399: {The Search}
Chapter 401: {Aftermath}
Chapter 402: {Oni }
Chapter 403: Happiness 2
Chapter 404: {To The Vaults}
Chapter 405: {Subject 6A }
Chapter 406: {Break In}
Chapter 407: {Twin}
Chapter 408: A Dream
Chapter 409: A Dream 2
Chapter 410: A Dream 3
Chapter 411: A Dream 4
Chapter 412: Dream'S End 1
Chapter 413: Dream'S End 2
Chapter 414: Raid'S End 1
Chapter 415: Raid'S End 2
Chapter 416: Raid'S End 3
Chapter 417 Raid’S End 4
Chapter 418 Meteor Labs Demolition
Chapter 419 The Return
Chapter 420 Down To Earth
Chapter 421 Lab’S End
Chapter 422 Unsealed
Chapter 423 Cycle Of Life And Death
Chapter 424 Restored
Chapter 425 Swords
Chapter 426 The Monk
Chapter 427 Split
Chapter 428 Sheathed
Chapter 429 Blackwater Plans
Chapter 430 Blackwater Plans 2
Chapter 431 Blackwater Plans 3
Chapter 432 The Convoy
Chapter 433 Infiltration
Chapter 434 Suspicion
Chapter 435 Intrusion
Chapter 436 Necromancer Vs. Capo
Chapter 437 Necromancer Vs. Capo 2
Chapter 438 Necromancer Vs. Capo 3
Chapter 439 Necromancer Vs. Capo 4
Chapter 440 Warehouse Raid
Chapter 441 80%
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

In a world full of caped superheroes, supervillains, and monsters, Aldrich is worthless. 95% of humanity has evolved to develop superpowers, but Aldrich is one of the rare few that has no powers at all.

Because of his lack of powers, Aldrich suffers relentless bullying and discrimination. Society looks down on him as a burden. He is reminded everyday that he is better off dead than alive.

Yet one day, at the height of his despair, after Aldrich is spat on, beaten, and broken, when it seems like everything is taken from him, a familiar screen appears in front of him: a screen from his favorite fantasy role playing game giving him the chance to wield the power he has only ever dreamed of.

[Welcome, Host. Choose your Class:]
[Class: Necromancer selected]

Watch as Aldrich rises from weak to strong.

From suffering to finding vengeance.

From standing alone to commanding undead legions.

From mere man to Lord of Death itself.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Prologue: A Dark World

Chapter 1: Prologue: A Dark World

It happened right at the start of the year 2001.

Right on dot with the clock striking midnight and heralding not just a new year, but a new century and a new millennium.

Huge crowds gathered across the world to celebrate modern human history graduating to this new age.

It was a time of new beginnings.

And a time of new disasters.

Something, even now, nobody really knows how it happened or what it was, but something came from space.

Not aliens, nothing as dramatic as that. Something far, far less personal. At least, if it was aliens, then humanity could have rallied together. Maybe they could have brought their scattered pieces, all their different ideals and borders and peoples, together to make something whole if only there was some definite target they could see and hate together properly.

But whatever happened on this new year, well, there was no rhyme or reason for it.

It was just pure chance. Pure chaos.

The incident known as the Altering.

A solar flare, maybe. Still a topic of debate even now, a hundred years later. Some scientists postulated that it was the leftover emissions from a far-off star that had gone supernova.

Whatever it was, it washed over the world, filling the skies with auroras of countless colors that felt so horribly alien that some went insane gazing at the phenomenon, dooming them into wide-eyed comas that they never awoke from.

Almost forty million people fell into this eternal sleep and never woke up from it. Forty million sounds like a lot, but in the global scheme of things, it was just over half a percent of the world's population.

Those, arguably, were the lucky minority of minorities, for they did not have to live through the chaos that came next.

As strange auroras of madness-inducing patterns and seemingly impossible colors lit up the sky, electronics failed all across the planet. Energy grids grew faulty. Vehicles went haywire.

Technology, the defining crown that humanity prided itself on wearing, slipped off its head and broke its owner's toe.

But that was not it. Not even the least of it.

Technology recovered back to normal after just a month or two, but the Altering had left behind a far more permanent marker for humanity, carving this reminder deep into their bodies.

Individuals all across the world began to develop powers.

Powers that corresponded with spontaneously manifested growths in their bodies.

For some, these powers affected them little. Perhaps they could send out sparks from their fingertips. Or maybe they could make a pebble float with their minds.

For others, it came to define their lives, twisting their bodies into monstrous forms or rendering their minds unstable.

For further others, it made them something far, far beyond human.

Forgive the rather on the nose wording, but one could even say they became superhuman.

People with marvelous powers that let them soar through the skies faster than jets, lift entire buildings, engulf entire cities in flame or flood, or build technological wonders only seen in the realm of science fiction films.

All of these powers came from those tiny little pebble sized growths that would come to later be known as the Alter Organs.

With the mass spread of powers, chaos and turmoil naturally followed as no government entity had any way to regulate this strange new phenomenon.

It did not take long before particularly powerful Altered individuals sought to use their powers to rule the world around them. Naturally, other Altered individuals rose up to meet them, starting the age-old conflict between villains and heroes.

Clashes between heroes and villains left the world in mass disarray. Some Alterhumans desired to keep the status quo, wishing for peace in the world and for humanity to progress. Others saw their newfound powers and believed themselves worthy of taking a piece of the world for themselves. Still others, driven mad or delusional by their strength, became little more than unpredictable forces of nature.

Yet, it is telling that this period of human history is known as the 'Age of Villains', for more often than not, it was the villains that won out against the heroes.

For almost fifty years, Alterhumans fought and triumphed and won and lost in cycles, but no side could ever triumph, and the endless conflict made many believe the world was to break under its pressure.

Major governments collapsed. The threat of global nuclear annihilation came and went. Countless millions died.

But it all ended with the emergence of those developing powers far beyond even all others.

Superhumans among superhumans.

God-like beings that shone shoulders and heads above even ordinary Alterhumans that made the average, unenhanced human seem like a defective, broken product.

Among these mighty beings was Vanguard, a paragon of might who donned the first proper costume and cape, hearkening to superhero tradition that previously was only in the domain of fiction.

With overwhelming strength, he brought peace bit by bit to the world, for no villain could ever challenge him.

After three hard fought years, Vanguard ended the Age of Villains in 2040 by striking down Zahak, the mightiest villain of all whose power to freely take, manipulate, and alter powers made him worth a thousand Alterhumans by himself.

Yet, Zahak's death was not the end of it.

When Zahak fell, quite literally, into the depths of the earth, some say a volcano, others say a fissure or even an underwater trench, something in him, perhaps it was the stolen powers of countless many, exploded outwards, infusing with the earth itself.

From the end of the greatest villain known to man came the beginning of the greatest crisis known to man: the Monstering.

Monsters known as Variants emerged from the villain's corpse, seemingly binding with the planet, and soon, they proliferated around the entire world, spawning from the dirt or seas with unique powers of their own.

In attempting to beat back the Variants, heroes and villains alike had to band together, and in the end, after ten grueling years, the strongest Variants were beaten back to a few select deep rifts in the world, though the threat of variants spontaneously spawning all across the world never truly ended.

The Monstering left humanity with just half its populace and much of the planet inhospitable. The struggle to survive became intense, but with heroes and villains working together, humanity stood through it all.

The Alter Agency was formed to regulate supers, and the Panopticon, a coalition of technology-oriented Alterhumans, was formed to consolidate progress and development, and with these two organizations, societies restructured in the new and harsh world.

World governments formed again, and a sense of normalcy returned.

Now, fifty years later, at the turn of 2100, the start of yet another monumental century of human, no, superhuman history, the world seems to rumble once more with the echoes of chaos.

Vanguard's disappearance in 2090 catalyzed a return of villainy that only ever simmered beneath the public eye.

But now, crime and villainy has started to return ever stronger, taking advantage of Vanguard's absence.

On top of this, Variant spawning rates have accelerated dangerously, as if sensing Vanguard's loss, threatening cities all across the world at a rate not seen since the Monstering began.

This is the world where Aldrich was born into.

A dark world full of monstrosities and rising villains without any powers of his own. Though, as he would find out later, he would not be so powerless after all.


Total Chapters in book: 443
Estimated words: 749807 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3749(@200wpm)___ 2999(@250wpm)___ 2499(@300wpm)