Super Soldier by Liang Bufan

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - The Broken Heart Of Su Xiaoxiao!
Chapter 3 - Blood For Blood!
Chapter 4 - The Lovely Yezi
Chapter 5 - Unrequited Love
Chapter 6 - The Death Of The Finger-Breaker
Chapter 7 - Die Soon?
Chapter 8 - Xie Family, Xiao Bing, An Inevitable Clash
Chapter 9 - Suppression By Power?
Chapter 10 - Xiao Bing, Ming Jin Level?
Chapter 11 - Little Yezi, Little Fox?
Chapter 12 - The North Heaven Queen
Chapter 13 - The Way To Kill Xiao Bing
Chapter 14 - Kicked In The Balls
Chapter 15 - A Silent Slap In The Face!
Chapter 16 - Want A Date? Sure!
Chapter 17 - Kissing Will Resume Later
Chapter 18 - A Gentle Kiss
Chapter 19 - The Ye Family’S Second Daughter, Ye Xiaoxi!
Chapter 20 - Xiao Bing, You Are Under Arrest
Chapter 21 - If I’M Going To Jail, You’Re Going To Hell
Chapter 22 - My Name Is Dumbass
Chapter 23 - The Iron King Kong
Chapter 24 - Xiao Bing Wants To See You
Chapter 25 - Chang Huai’An’S Weakness
Chapter 26 - To Hit Someone’S Face Till It Swells
Chapter 27 - No Loose Ends
Chapter 28 - Stepmother Liu Piaopiao
Chapter 29 - The Gentleman In White’, Ye Tianming
Chapter 30 - Ye Tianming, A Brother Who Protects His Sister
Chapter 31 - If Brother Bing Dies, I Won’T Live Either
Chapter 32 - Kill Li Wu
Chapter 33 - Snuggle By The River
Chapter 34 - Ye Bancheng’S Condition
Chapter 35 - Su Xiaoxiao Is Angry
Chapter 36 - Second Meeting With The Peony Fairy
Chapter 37 - Superb Skills
Chapter 38 - Never Argue With Girls
Chapter 39 - Discussing Literature With Su Xiaoxiao
Chapter 40 - The Flourishing Business
Chapter 41 - Xiao Bing, Sealed The Internal Power
Chapter 42 - The Blind Man Comes For Dinner
Chapter 43 - Buried Alive
Chapter 44 - Killing On Route
Chapter 45 - Hold Me Tight, I'M So Cold
Chapter 46 - Brother Bing, I'M
Chapter 47 - Xiao Bing Has To Die
Chapter 48 - There Is A Witch Next
Chapter 49 - Zhu Liya
Chapter 50 - Liu Piaopiao'S Perfume
Chapter 51 - Zhu Liya'S Family Affairs
Chapter 52 - Rescue In The Casino
Chapter 53 - Who Gave Who A Lesson?
Chapter 54 - Set Fire To The Casino
Chapter 55 - Su Xiaoxiao'S
Chapter 56 - Candlelit Dinner
Chapter 57 - Seducing While
Chapter 58 - Su Xiaoxiao’S Rules
Chapter 59 - I Don'T Have A Wife At All!
Chapter 60 - Complicated
Chapter 61 - This Is Called Flower Arrangement
Chapter 62 - Slight Fascination, Slight Intoxication
Chapter 63 - Zhu Liya'S
Chapter 64 - Red Rose, Red Blood
Chapter 65 - Dead
Chapter 66 - First Step Of Vengeance
Chapter 67 - Xiao Bing Came To The Market!
Chapter 68 - Destroy The Heavenly Queen Hall
Chapter 69 - Police Interrogation
Chapter 70 - Dumbass Went Mad
Chapter 71 - The Big Shots In Jiang City Get Together
Chapter 72 - Apologize?
Chapter 73 - Challenge Letter
Chapter 74 - The Deep Feeling Of Love
Chapter 75 - Hurt By Schemes
Chapter 76 - The Death Battle!
Chapter 77 - Xiao Bing Vs Zhu Mingyu
Chapter 78 - Who Lives And Who Dies?
Chapter 79 - Xiao Bing, He Is A Beast!
Chapter 80 - Like Father, Like Daughter
Chapter 81 - The Anger Of Su Xiaoxiao
Chapter 82 - The East Heaven Queen And Ye Xinyi
Chapter 83 - The North Heaven Queen'S Oath
Chapter 84 - Ye Xinyi'S Good Intention
Chapter 85 - The Temptation Of A Beauty
Chapter 86 - The Star'S Confession
Chapter 87 - A Crazy Fan?
Chapter 88 - The Hou Palace
Chapter 89 - Mediation?
Chapter 90 - Something Would Happen To Ye Xinyi?
Chapter 91 - Brother Bing, Can'T You Have An Erection?
Chapter 92 - Ace Of Northern Manor, The Peony Fairy!
Chapter 93 - Brother Bing'S Hug Is Rather Warm
Chapter 94 - Late Night Assassination
Chapter 95 - Some Things Became Clearer
Chapter 96 - The Ghost In The Temple
Chapter 97 - Who Would Be The New Heir?
Chapter 98 - Who Was The Murderer?
Chapter 99 - Cold Brother And Pretty Sister
Chapter 100 - "Crazy Killer" Gao Fei
Chapter 101 - Maggie Was A Little Demon
Chapter 102 - Hellish Moral, Heavenly Body
Chapter 103 - Su Xiaoxiao Enters The Fray
Chapter 104 - Decide Your Own Fate
Chapter 105 - Bloodthirsty Xiao Bing
Chapter 106 - The Decisive Battle In Heavenly Palace
Chapter 107 - Desperate Bloody Battle
Chapter 108 - Born For You, Die For You
Chapter 109 - Would It Be The End?
Chapter 110 - The True Color Of The Peony Fairy
Chapter 111 - The Peony Wilted
Chapter 112 - The Innocent Nurse
Chapter 113 - Bitter Bi Tingting
Chapter 114 - Ye Tianming'S Delegation
Chapter 115 - Ye Xinyi, The Undercurrent
Chapter 116 - Ye Xinyi'S Tears
Chapter 117 - Shrewd Master Hou
Chapter 118 - All For Liu Piaopiao
Chapter 119 - Care For The World. Full Of Ambition
Chapter 120 - You Are So Beautiful
Chapter 121 - Kill Uncle Li?
Chapter 122 - Leave No Means Untried, Kill Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 123 - Is Ye Xinyi The One Who Poisons?
Chapter 124 - The Death Of The Beautyeauty
Chapter 125 - Heartlessness!
Chapter 126 - Insanity In A Humane Manner
Chapter 127 - Disclosure
Chapter 128 - Xiao Bing'S Reemergence
Chapter 129 - Conflict
Chapter 130 - Before The Last Fight
Chapter 131 - Domineering Brother Bing
Chapter 132 - East Heaven King And Ye Tianming Fall Out?
Chapter 133 - Confrontation In The Conference Room
Chapter 134 - Xiao Bing'S Deadly Counterattack
Chapter 135 - The Death Of Ye Tianming
Chapter 136 - Yezi Takes Charge
Chapter 137 - Derision From The Board Members
Chapter 138 - No Courtesy
Chapter 139 - Resignation Letters
Chapter 140 - Zhang Situ
Chapter 141 - A Warning To Others
Chapter 142 - Is It Suitable To Stop Violence With Violence?
Chapter 143 - Northern Underworld Crown Prince'S Provocation
Chapter 144 - Xiao Bing Strikes
Chapter 145 - Face-To-Face Engagement
Chapter 146 - Friend Or Foe?
Chapter 147 - Xiao Bing Is A Scary Person
Chapter 148 - Killing Like Rooting Grass
Chapter 149 - Long Xiaoyun Is Dead?
Chapter 150 - The Division Of Forces
Chapter 151 - Lord Long Strikes
Chapter 152 - Master Hou'S Success Story
Chapter 153 - The Assassin At The Concert
Chapter 154 - The Devil'S Interrogation
Chapter 155 - Feels Good
Chapter 156 - French-Kissing In Front Of The Audience
Chapter 157 - Bite The Hand That Feeds You
Chapter 158 - Bring Zhan Hongyan To Heel
Chapter 159 - The Secrets Of The Ghost Nest
Chapter 160 - Not Convenient At Night?
Chapter 161 - Planning The Extermination
Chapter 162 - Passion
Chapter 163 - Trampled To Death Accidentally
Chapter 164 - Team Xiao Bing Vs Ghost Nest Killer Organization
Chapter 165 - Unfathomable Massacre
Chapter 166 - Gao Fei Is Beyond The Transforming Strength Stage
Chapter 167 - Visit Mother Su
Chapter 168 - Zhuge Jiangnan'S Evaluation Of Xiao Bing
Chapter 169 - The Fight Between Martial Artists At The
Chapter 170 - The Battle Of Wits
Chapter 171 - Zhuge Jiangnan'S Advice
Chapter 172 - Gao Fei Has A Pupil
Chapter 173 - I Am Liu Kexin'S Boyfriend
Chapter 174 - Brother Xiao Is The Piano Prince
Chapter 175 - The Trustworthy Man
Chapter 176 - Lobbyist From The Long Family
Chapter 177 - Performing On Stage
Chapter 178 - The Perfect Performance
Chapter 179 - What A Beautiful Hand
Chapter 180 - Forced Marriage
Chapter 181 - Practicing Together
Chapter 182 - Xiao Bing And Lord Long
Chapter 183 - Fighting The Mighty Lord Long
Chapter 184 - You Make Me Distressed
Chapter 185 - Hand In Hand
Chapter 186 - Miyamoto Shinji'S Excitement
Chapter 187 - Playing Chess With "Father-In-Law"
Chapter 188 - A Good Son-In-Law For The Liu Family
Chapter 189 - Obey And Live, Oppose And Die
Chapter 190 - The Overall Situation
Chapter 191 - The Flaw In The Long Family
Chapter 192 - I'Ll Always Be Your Little Yezi
Chapter 193 - Showing Off Wealth
Chapter 194 - Accompanied By A Wolf
Chapter 195 - Mouth-To-Mouth Alcohol Feeding?
Chapter 196 - Brother Bing Wants To Kill Someone!
Chapter 197 - You Are A Dog!
Chapter 198 - You... Are You Brother Bing?
Chapter 199 - Snake King
Chapter 200 - Xiao Bing Vs An Innate Master
Chapter 201 - Xiao Bing Is Dead?
Chapter 202 - The "Devil" Xiao Bing
Chapter 203 - The Pinnacle Of Transforming-Strength
Chapter 204 - Flirting In The Bathroom
Chapter 205 - The Traitor Of The Dragon Gate
Chapter 206 - Live And Die Together
Chapter 207 - The War Officially Begins
Chapter 208 - It'S Better To Die Than Kneel A Little Devil
Chapter 209 - The Guardian Gao Fei
Chapter 210 - Li'L Bei'S Concern
Chapter 211 - Take Your Life
Chapter 212 - Xiao Bing And Poisonous Fox
Chapter 213 - The Poisonous Fox'S Choice
Chapter 214 - Blood Will Run Like A River Within Three Days
Chapter 215 - The Femme Fatale
Chapter 216 - You Merely Love Yourself
Chapter 217 - Xiao Bing, Master Of Early Stage Elixir-Strength
Chapter 218 - War Has Just Begun
Chapter 219 - The Fight At The Bottom Of The Lake
Chapter 220 - Interrogating Zhuge Jiangnan
Chapter 221 - Zhuge Jiangnan And Poisonous Fox
Chapter 222 - Yu Family’S Descendent
Chapter 223 - You Are Young, And Handsome.
Chapter 224 - Lucky?
Chapter 225 - Thrash The Liu Family'S Young Master
Chapter 226 - Convert Enemies Into Friends
Chapter 227 - The Pitiful Yezi
Chapter 228 - Yezi, Can You Help Brother Bing Relieve Sexual Desire?
Chapter 229 - The Little Huarei
Chapter 230 - Evils Out Of Hell
Chapter 231 - Xiao Bing Versus The Devil
Chapter 232 - The Line Between Life And Death
Chapter 233 - Confession
Chapter 234 - Who Did Mr. Buddha Come For?
Chapter 235 - Real Or Fake Girlfriend
Chapter 236 - Tang Xueyan
Chapter 237 - Reincarnation
Chapter 238 - Dumbass'S Breakthrough
Chapter 239 - Master Hou Is About To Die
Chapter 240 - I Would Rather Die Than Fail You
Chapter 241 - The Death Of Master Hou
Chapter 242 - Su Xiaoxiao Got Sick
Chapter 243 - Intimidating The Three Heavenly Kings
Chapter 244 - A Crazy Promise
Chapter 245 - Liu Kexin’S Choice
Chapter 246 - The Generous Yezi
Chapter 247 - Yezi Was The Love Of My Life
Chapter 248 - A Letter From Mr. Buddha
Chapter 249 - Killers Sent By The Buddhism
Chapter 250 - White Hair, One Of The Eight Buddhist Generals
Chapter 251 - Even If Neither Side Wins
Chapter 252 - Lil Bei’S Crisis
Chapter 253 - Gao Fei Vs. White Hair
Chapter 254 - Who Exactly Is Xiao Bing?
Chapter 255 - Will Brother Bing Come Back?
Chapter 256 - The Chance To Become A Dragon When Meet The Storm
Chapter 257 - Heartless Lord Long
Chapter 258 - The Appointment With Yu Miao'S Father
Chapter 259 - Yu Wenhua
Chapter 260 - See Through Everything
Chapter 261 - A Happy Collaboration
Chapter 262 - The Dragon Master In The Casino
Chapter 263 - The Xiang Gang Of The Luo Family
Chapter 264 - A Love Affair
Chapter 265 - Mr. Lu'S Request
Chapter 266 - Complicated
Chapter 267 - Kidnapping
Chapter 268 - Another Breakthrough
Chapter 269 - I Survived
Chapter 270 - The Coy Girl Luo Xiaomi
Chapter 271 - Happy Birthday
Chapter 272 - Breaking The Void
Chapter 273 - Xiao Bing Got Into Trouble
Chapter 274 - Dumbass Killed A Person
Chapter 275 - Breathtaking
Chapter 276 - Han Huabin, The Best Of The Best
Chapter 277 - Xiao Bing, A Man Of Void-Breaking
Chapter 278 - Thank You, Teacher
Chapter 279 - The Luo Brother And Sister Want To See You
Chapter 280 - Couldn'T Stand Up
Chapter 281 - Daughter, Do You Like Xiao Bing?
Chapter 282 - Su Xiaoxiao'S Lifelong Event
Chapter 283 - The Devil In The Heart
Chapter 284 - Farewell
Chapter 285 - Bringing Little Huarui Back Home
Chapter 286 - Are You Mr. Dragon?
Chapter 287 - Yu Miao'S Depression
Chapter 288 - Begin With Brother Bing
Chapter 289 - The Technique Of Chasing Girls
Chapter 290 - Sleeping With Su Xiaoxiao
Chapter 291 - Su Xiaoxiao'S Request
Chapter 292 - Killed Instantly By A Punch
Chapter 293 - Pretentious Brother Bing
Chapter 294 - The Modern Version Of The Godfather
Chapter 295 - You Owe Me One Thing
Chapter 296 - Acting
Chapter 297 - Liu Kexin'S Crisis
Chapter 298 - You Are Dead!
Chapter 299 - The Devil'S Means
Chapter 300 - Xiao Bing'S Crisis?
Chapter 301 - Blood Wolf
Chapter 302 - Law Of The Jungle
Chapter 303 - The Dilemma
Chapter 304 - Making Further Progress
Chapter 305 - Saying Goodbye With Smiles
Chapter 306 - You Adults Are Weird
Chapter 307 - Brother Yu, Thank You
Chapter 308 - Mr. Buddha'S Chess?
Chapter 309 - Yezi Accompanies You To Live And Die Together
Chapter 310 - Lil Bei Departs
Chapter 311 - Fight With The Sky
Chapter 312 - Return To Jingdu
Chapter 313 - Susanoo
Chapter 314 - She Is Damn Attractive
Chapter 315 - Among The Four Masters, You Are The Most Coquettish
Chapter 316 - Learning The Blade Skills Of Shinto Ninen-Ryu School
Chapter 317 - Chasing Girls In Jingdong?
Chapter 318 - A Glimpse That Surprises Xiao Bing
Chapter 319 - What A Pride Cock!
Chapter 320 - War Among The Warriors
Chapter 321 - Smashing A Good Thing
Chapter 322 - Cross The Enemy'S Path
Chapter 323 - The First Round
Chapter 324 - No More Modesty
Chapter 325 - Princess Nami'S Rage
Chapter 326 - An Audience With The Princess?
Chapter 327 - Princess Is Horny? I Won'T Sleep With You
Chapter 328 - Let The Dead Rest In Peace
Chapter 329 - Hated By The Princess
Chapter 330 - Prepare To Sneak In
Chapter 331 - Being Trapped
Chapter 332 - Facing A Dilemma
Chapter 333 - Submit To Me!
Chapter 334 - Till Death Shall We Part
Chapter 335 - The Louder The Better
Chapter 336 - You'Ll Get Spanked If You Don'T Behave
Chapter 337 - Crave My Young Body?
Chapter 338 - A Sense Of Guilt
Chapter 339 - The Chief Executive Gets Someone To Do His Dirty Job
Chapter 340 - Sorry, I Was Wrong
Chapter 341 - Clear Up The Princess'S Mess
Chapter 342 - The Death Of Eguchi Nakayama
Chapter 343 - Sneak Into The Princess Chamber In The Midnight?
Chapter 344 - The Princess'S Complaint
Chapter 345 - The Temptation Of A Drunken Beauty
Chapter 346 - The Chief Executive’S Concern
Chapter 347 - Princess Nami'S "Game"
Chapter 348 - The Pretentious Princess Nami
Chapter 349 - The Authentic Work
Chapter 350 - Aoki Ichiro'S Acquaintances
Chapter 351 - Kiyomto Sachiko
Chapter 352 - The Last Night
Chapter 353 - Entering The Kokyo
Chapter 354 - Envying Me, Are You Entitled To?
Chapter 355 - Xiao Bing And Iza Kawatani
Chapter 356 - Enter The Hall Of Martial Gods
Chapter 357 - Xiao Bing Vs Iza Kawatani
Chapter 358 - Keep Testing
Chapter 359 - The Glory Of The Iza Family
Chapter 360 - The Meeting Between Enemies
Chapter 361 - Do You Want To Push Me Down?
Chapter 362 - Blood Wolf Vs. Mr. Buddha
Chapter 363 - Meeting Feng Xiii
Chapter 364 - Iza Kawatani Is Shocked
Chapter 365 - If I Were To Leave
Chapter 366 - The Legendary Divine Weapon Of Country R
Chapter 367 - In Great Danger
Chapter 368 - Feng Xiii The Shrewd
Chapter 369 - I'M Xiao Bing, A Man From The Cathaysian State
Chapter 370 - Commanding The Fleet
Chapter 371 - Sneaking Into The Cabin
Chapter 372 - The Cunning Feng Xiii
Chapter 373 - He Changed Princess Nami
Chapter 374 - Mutant
Chapter 375 - The Death Of A Compatriot
Chapter 376 - There'S A Femme Fatale In The Mountain
Chapter 377 - Xiao Bing Died From The Fall?
Chapter 378 - Another World
Chapter 379 - Pit Wits Against A Dangerous Beauty
Chapter 380 - A Veritable Femme Fatale
Chapter 381 - A Request From Red Rose
Chapter 382 - King Mamba
Chapter 383 - I'M Willing To Take You Leave.
Chapter 384 - Bai Jun
Chapter 385 - Enslave The World!
Chapter 386 - Rescue Of Living Supplements
Chapter 387 - Bai Jun Vs Red Rose
Chapter 388 - The Genuine Soldier!
Chapter 389 - The Patron Saint?
Chapter 390 - The Meeting Of The Patriarchs
Chapter 391 - A Cruel Plan
Chapter 392 - Cold-Blooded And Cruel
Chapter 393 - Iza Kawatani Is Coming
Chapter 394 - Ceremony Begins
Chapter 395 - Orochi’S Resurrection
Chapter 396 - Big Turn
Chapter 397 - Is Orochi Resurrected?
Chapter 398 - A Hell On Earth
Chapter 399 - Speaking Human Language
Chapter 400 - Boarding
Chapter 401 - Raging Monsters
Chapter 402 - The Disaster On The Mountain
Chapter 403 - Iza Kawatani And Orochi
Chapter 404 - The Brutal Battle
Chapter 405 - A Surprise Attack From Xiao Bing
Chapter 406 - Immortality In Legend
Chapter 407 - Xiao Bing Was Swallowed Up
Chapter 408 - Xiao Bing Vs. Orochi!
Chapter 409 - Leaving
Chapter 410 - The New Identity
Chapter 411 - Maybe This Is The Sound Of Love
Chapter 412 - A Village Girl In Town
Chapter 413 - Red Rose'S Trouble
Chapter 414 - Do The Splits For Me
Chapter 415 - Powerful Men Also Have Weaknesses
Chapter 416 - The Unbridled Brother Bing
Chapter 417 - Situation Was Reversed
Chapter 418 - It’S A Verb
Chapter 419 - Go To See Zhang Yizhi
Chapter 420 - Missing My Wife
Chapter 421 - Meeting Old Teammates
Chapter 422 - To Meet Lil Bei
Chapter 423 - Lil Bei’S Propose
Chapter 424 - The Study Results Of Mr. Zhang
Chapter 425 - The Promise Before They Separate
Chapter 426 - Every One Of Them Has A Breakthrough
Chapter 427 - The Crying Liu Xiaorui
Chapter 428 - Free Su Xiaoxiao, Okay?
Chapter 429 - Dancing Under The Moonlight
Chapter 430 - The Mysterious Man In The Forest
Chapter 431 - Little Huarui Didn’T See Anything
Chapter 432 - This Is Not Lu Family’S Property
Chapter 433 - Problems Will Be Settled
Chapter 434 - Jiang Wantin‘S Advice
Chapter 435 - Confide To Su Xiaoxiao?
Chapter 436 - Ghost Beast Of The Eight Buddhist Generals
Chapter 437 - Lu Fan
Chapter 438 - Do Me A Favor, Give Me A Discount!
Chapter 439 - Why Am I Called Ghost Beast?
Chapter 440 - The Inspiration From Bi Tingting
Chapter 441 - Give Me Strength
Chapter 442 - Xiao Bing'S Secret
Chapter 443 - Loyal Brothers' Arrival
Chapter 444 - Call Me Brother Qiang
Chapter 445 - What A Messy Industry
Chapter 446 - Xu Wenting'S Worry
Chapter 447 - Poisonous Fox'S Advice
Chapter 448 - The Plan Begins
Chapter 449 - The Gathering Of Moguls
Chapter 450 - A Young Master From Jingdu?
Chapter 451 - Li Yan'Er Begins To Act
Chapter 452 - They Are Good At Acting
Chapter 453 - Immortality
Chapter 454 - Ye Xiaoxi'S Trouble
Chapter 455 - Family Brawl
Chapter 456 - Outbreak Of Crisis
Chapter 457 - Lu Fan Of The Lu Family In City Jinghai!
Chapter 458 - Clue!
Chapter 459 - Xiao Bing’S Determination
Chapter 460 - To Wax A Tiger
Chapter 461 - Zhang Qiang'S Progress
Chapter 462 - We Broke Up
Chapter 463 - Xiao Bing And Xu Sheng
Chapter 464 - The Truth
Chapter 465 - Gift From Brother Bing To Lu Fan
Chapter 466 - Xu Wenting And Li Yan'Er
Chapter 467 - Brother Bing, You Must Come Back Alive!
Chapter 468 - The Eve Of Return
Chapter 469 - The Action Of Buddhism
Chapter 470 - You Are Sick And Need A Treatment!
Chapter 471 - Excellency Ape Of The Eight Buddhist Generals
Chapter 472 - Fight Against Each Other
Chapter 473 - Lay Down Your Knief And Become A Buddha
Chapter 474 - A Miserable Life
Chapter 475 - Warm Your Heart
Chapter 476 - Liu Henshui, One Of The Eight Generals Of Dragon Gate
Chapter 477 - The Eight Generals Of Dragon Gate!
Chapter 478 - Brother Excellency Ape
Chapter 479 - He Really Has A Crush On You
Chapter 480 - The Big Boy Who Fell Down On The Street
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Alternative Titles:

Super War Soldier, 超品战兵

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Xiao Bing, who used to be a top soldier in mercenary and came back to normal life because of the death of his best friend. He started over, played dumb and coped with difficulties. He stood on the bones of others and held beauty by his side. Finally, he succeeded and became the emperor of the city.

“Brother Bing, please protect my little sister as well as my families carefully. I feel lucky to accompany you during these 6 years. It is my honor to go through fire and water with you. I’m not regretful!”

I’m not regretful!

Thinking of what Su Peiya had said before dying, Xiao Bing clenched his fists tightly and cried. He made a decision to protect Su Peiya’s families before finding the spy of Long Men and to make rightful claims for Su Peiya.

Xiao Bing did not love Su Peiya, but he regarded her as his only best friend!

He unfastened the seat belt when the plane landed safely. Looking at the urn in his hands, he sighed, “We have arrived at Jiang City. You get home now, Peiya.”

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Chapter 1 - A Fake Dragon Won’T Cross A River

Chapter 1 A Fake Dragon Won’t Cross A River

“Brother Bing, please protect my little sister as well as my families carefully. I feel lucky to accompany you during these 6 years. It is my honor to go through fire and water with you. I am not regretful.”

“I am not regretful.”

Thinking of what Su Peiya had said before dying, Xiao Bing clenched his fists tightly, crying. He made a decision to protect Su Peiya’s families before finding the spy of Long Men and to make rightful claims for Su Peiya.

Xiao Bing did not love Su Peiya, but he regarded her as his only best friend.

He unfastened the seat belt when the plane landed safely, looking at the urn in the hands and sighed. “We have arrived at Jiangcheng. You get home now, Peiya,” he said.

Xiao Bing got out of the plane, having something weighing heavily on his mind. He walked fast in the crowds and got out of the airport quickly. Suddenly, he heard a harsh sound of car-braking. He looked up and saw that a 50-year-old sanitation worker was lying beside the wheel of a car. The old man’s elbow and face were bleeding, and there was a big wound on one of his knees.

Beside the sanitation worker was a luxurious car–BMW X5 whose exhaust pipe was still smoking. A young man who was dressed in famous brand clothes got off the car firstly, and two men followed him, each of whom wore a pair of sunglasses. They called the young boy master.

The young boy looked at the sanitation worker who climbed up with difficulty. “Did you get hurt?” the young boy asked, frowning.

“I am fine.”

Looking at the old man in rags, the young boy felt disgusted. “Okay, you must be careful next time. Do you know what kind of car it is? It is very expensive. If you made my car broken, you would be in debt. You can’t afford it even by selling yourself!”

The old man was frightened and he apologized to the young boy, even forgetting the pain on his body. “I… I am sorry.”

A young girl extended her sexy legs and got off the car next. She was around 23 years old and also very beautiful. Her body was extremely attractive with a beautiful curve, including the breast and the ass which were covered by the long dress. Her white skin was visible under the neckline, and her slim figure and the long legs were alluring, too. She was not only pretty but also graceful.

After getting off the car, she just glanced at the poor man. “Xie Gucheng, are you going to waste time just because of a sanitation man? My dad is waiting to be picked up,” she said, impatiently.

“I almost forget the business due to this old man. I’ll go with you to the arrival lobby to pick up your dad now,” Xie Gucheng said hurriedly.

The beautiful girl became calmer when hearing this. “Miss, the boss will get off the plane soon,” said a 40-year-old man whose skin was bronze and stood behind the girl.

“I know,” said the girl, nodding to him. “Let’s go now.”

Xiao Bing frowned and walked to the front of them fast. Xie Gucheng stopped quickly, nearly touching Xiao Bing’s body. Xiao Bing was wearing the shabby clothes brought back from Africa. Seeing it, Xie Gucheng looked down on him at once, and he also felt very angry. “Are you blind? A good dog should not be in the way. Haven’t you heard of it?”

Xiao Bing pointed at the sanitation worker who got hurt seriously. “One’s life is the most important thing in this world. He is bleeding now. Don’t you see it? If he gets home and finds that he also gets hurt on the inside, who can he ask for?” Xiao Bing said angrily.

“He said he was fine. What do you want me to do?” asked Xie Gucheng.

“I think you should bring him to the hospital,” said Xiao Bing. “And you also need to apologize for what you have done. He is as old as your father. How can you insult him like this?”

“I understand. You are a team. You are just faking an accident and extorting money from me,” Xie Gucheng said and smiled coldly.

Xie Gucheng took out his wallet and extracted a stack of cash, turning back and heavily throwing the money into the old man’s head. The cash scattered around the sanitation man who was shocked and his face went pale.

“I have too much money. Surely thousands of yuan are enough to see the doctor. Take the money and fu*k off! Otherwise, I’ll let others deal with you,” Xie Gucheng said, proudly.

The sanitation man squatted down and picked up the money one by one. Finally, he sent the money back to Xie Gucheng with his body quivering. “I can’t take the money. I am not extorting money. I am not here for your money.”

He picked up the money but he felt broken-hearted.

Xie Gucheng looked at the old man’s dirty hands and slapped away the money. The sanitation man was too old and he fell to the ground. Xie Gucheng spat on him and cursed him disgustedly. “Sh*t! Get away from me, you sanitation man. Fu*k you, poor man.”

The sanitation man was shocked while seeing the saliva and the money on his body. His face was extremely pale.

Xiao Bing could not bear it anymore while Xie Gucheng was still insulting the old man. He did not realize that he was in danger now. “A few thousands is enough for you. Don’t ask for more. Otherwise, you will get in trouble.”

The girl had a look at her watch. She was about to say something but what she was seeing made her shut up. Xiao Bing hit Xie Gucheng on his face heavily, and in the next second, Xie Gucheng was thrown away. The blood sprayed from his mouth as several teeth fell off. How miserable he was!

It was unexpected that Xiao Bing would use force without saying one word. Xie Gucheng had been flying backward before his two guards realized what was happening. They ran into Xiao Bing at the same time but were lifted in the air and their heads bumped together, falling into a coma.

Xiao Bing stood in front of Xie Gucheng, and bent down, looking at him. “We don’t need your money. I can afford the medical fee if something bad happens to the old man. But we need your apologies. You must apologize to him, now.”

Xie Gucheng was trying to stand up. He lost several teeth, so what he said was not clear. “Fu*k you! Don’t even think about it. Do you know who I am? I’m the young master of the Xie Family in Jiangcheng. The family master is my father! You are going to die!”

Xiao Bing sighed slightly, trampled his knees with the leather shoes, and heard a fierce yell from Xie Gucheng’s mouth. Xie Gucheng was forced to kneel down with broken knee-pan and almost fell in a faint because of pain.

Xiao Bing pressed Xie Gucheng’s another leg and looked at him calmly. Suddenly, the voice of the girl came to Xiao Bing’s ears. Her voice was a little quivering. “Stop! Do you know who he is?”

Hearing this, Xiao Bing laughed. “Sure, he comes from the Xie Family in this city and he is the son of the big boss of the Xie Family.”

The girl was shocked. She remembered that Xie Gucheng had said this before. But this man was not afraid at all even if he knew who Xie Gucheng was. The girl got to realize how serious the situation became. “So who are you?” she asked.

“I am just an ordinary man from another city.”

The girl felt relieved and nodded when hearing this. Then, she became arrogant again. “Do you know what kind of punishment an ordinary man will face after offending someone from the big family? You are just a small potato. Maybe you lied to me and you are really a big person in another city, but you should have heard of a saying.”

“What saying?” Xiao Bing asked.

“A strong dragon won’t bite a strong snake from another place.”

Xiao Bing nodded to her and trampled with his right foot. Xie Gucheng gave a horrible shriek and fell in a faint. Xiao Bing’s trample not only made Xie Gucheng lose consciousness but also smashed the girl’s pride and confidence.

Xiao Bing turned around and looked at the beautiful girl. His eyes were extraordinarily calm, not aggressive at all. But the calms eyes made others feel that he was very strong and confident in his heart.

“I think you’ve also heard a saying.”

“What saying?” the girl asked, angrily.

“A fake dragon won’t cross a river.”

After saying this, Xiao Bing ignored the pretty girl who was stunned, walked to the old man, picked up the money one by one and handed them to the old man. “Sir, let’s go. I’ll take you to the hospital,” he said.

The sanitation man held on to the money and was close to tears. “No, you really don’t need to do this for me,” he said and shook his head.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the hospital to have a check. I need to know whether you get hurt seriously or not.” Xiao Bing supported the man’s body and was ready to leave.

“What’s your name?” the girl asked him suddenly.

Xiao Bing’s body trembled slightly, and he replied to her with pride and confidence. “Xiao Bing,” he said, firmly.

After Xiao Bing and the sanitation man went away, the middle-aged man with bronze skin behind the girl sighed suddenly. “Miss, that boy was so vicious. I am afraid the young master of the Xie Family needs to lie on the bed for nearly half a year because of the two tramples.”

The girl turned around and looked at the middle-aged man discontentedly. “Uncle Li, why did not you help Xie Gucheng just now? Although that kid was beating Xie Family’s members, Xie Gucheng is with us. Beating him means a disgrace to our Ye Family.”

Uncle Li wore a forced smile and shook his head. “I don’t want you in trouble. That man is very strong. I have no ability to defeat him.”

The girl was stunned by what he had said. Uncle Li was a real master-hand, much stronger than the two guards of Xie Gucheng. But he said he could not defeat Xiao Bing.

Uncle Li looked at Xiao Bing who was leaving away, feeling uneasy. “Besides, I can feel the smell of blood on his body. He must have killed more than one person. Miss, I think you had better stay away from this kind of man,” said uncle Li, with fear.

It was unexpected for the girl that uncle Li thought so highly of Xiao Bing. She was wondering why her uncle had said that. At this moment, she ignored the reputation problems of the family and showed the ambitiousness and wisdom a strong woman should have. She turned back and had a look at Xie Gucheng who lost consciousness and also the two bodyguards of the Xie Family. “Send men to take them to the hospital. We need to pick up my father first. I will tell uncle Xie about this in person,” she said, wearing a foxing smile.

“What do you mean, miss?” asked uncle Li.

“If Xiao Bing is killed by the Xie Family in the future, it will not be my business. But if he really is that strong as you said and survive from the Xie Family, I will employ him and use him to do things for me. There is neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies. Do you think so?”

Uncle Li took a deep breath and smiled with respect. “You are a clever girl.”

The girl smiled, and her eyes were shining. She looked so pretty, but she was an extremely ambitious girl. We could see it from her eyes. Xie Gucheng was just a playboy, but this girl was a real powerful person with beautiful appearance.

Xiao Bing sent the old man to the hospital and had a check. After being told that the old man was fine, he took a bus to the place that Su Peiya had told him before death. He held the urn and stood at the door of Su Peiya’s house. His heart became heavy.


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