Superstars Of Tomorrow by Chen Ci Lan Tiao

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Black Street
Chapter 3: Your Friend Has Made It
Chapter 4: Virtual Idols
Chapter 5: New Talent Competition
Chapter 6: Brainstorming
Chapter 7: Qualification
Chapter 8: Awoken By Coolness
Chapter 9: So That’S The Kind Of Little Secretary You Are
Chapter 10: Crowded Out
Chapter 11: Overtaken
Chapter 12: The Shelved Virtual Project
Chapter 13: I'Ll Leave This Mission To You
Chapter 14: Don’T Set The Bar Too High, Young Man
Chapter 15: Do You Follow Pop Stars?
Chapter 16: Graduation
Chapter 17: Creativity
Chapter 18: Longxiang Tianluo
Chapter 19: Professional Extra
Chapter 20: One Freak Dubbing For Another
Chapter 21: Step Aside
Chapter 22: What Do You Think About When You'Re Acting?
Chapter 23: My Version, My Rules
Chapter 24: You'Re F*Cking Messing With Me
Chapter 25: Yanzhou Derby
Chapter 26: First In History
Chapter 27: Gold Brick Road
Chapter 28: Upstairs For A Meeting
Chapter 29: The Label Prizes Its Best Talent
Chapter 30: We'Re Rich Now
Chapter 31: It Can'T Be Him
Chapter 32: Killing By Flattery
Chapter 33: Expansion
Chapter 34: He'S Panicking
Chapter 35: Comeback?
Chapter 36: Bringing Out The Big Guns
Chapter 37: Fiery Bird
Chapter 38: Second Movement: "Cocoon Breach"
Chapter 39: Haven'T Heard Of A Single One
Chapter 40: Pushing Back
Chapter 41: The Assigned Topic Is Over Our Heads
Chapter 42: It'S Actually A Real Photo
Chapter 43: Serendipitous Indeed
Chapter 44: Such A Bully
Chapter 45: Don'T Be Afraid
Chapter 46: Coffee
Chapter 47: Home Purchase
Chapter 48: An Order From Another Continent
Chapter 49: From Whence The Gumption
Chapter 50: This Mofo Ain'T Backing Down
Chapter 51: Exam Time For Secondary Students Again
Chapter 52: Third Movement: "Mission"
Chapter 53: Great Grandfather
Chapter 54: Anguished Tears
Chapter 55: What Is The Title?
Chapter 56: Battle For The Composition
Chapter 57: Battle Date
Chapter 58: Ten Military Postings
Chapter 59: Arrested
Chapter 60: Sideshow
Chapter 61: His Own Grave
Chapter 62: Where Have They Seen This Name Before
Chapter 63: Immortality
Chapter 64: Custom-Made Invitation
Chapter 65: Going Back
Chapter 66: Candy
Chapter 67: You Are Also Children
Chapter 68: Winging It
Chapter 69: The Odd Great-Grandson
Chapter 70: Wait Till You Are Well-Known
Chapter 71: Is That You?
Chapter 72: Fourth Movement: "Eternal"
Chapter 73: Unexpected Foreign Aid
Chapter 74: The Real Composer
Chapter 75: How Scary
Chapter 76: Evidence
Chapter 77: The Decision
Chapter 78: Heading Out To Gather Materials
Chapter 79: Landowners Are Very Much Like Dogs
Chapter 80: Play A Little?
Chapter 81: Winning
Chapter 82: Really Don'T Have One
Chapter 83: It'S From Kowtowing
Chapter 84: My Boss Is A Crazy Fellow
Chapter 85: This Is It
Chapter 86: Cash Or Console?
Chapter 87: On Account Of Your Forehead
Chapter 88: Master Zhao
Chapter 89: The Styles Of Most Dogs
Chapter 90: Collecting Materials
Chapter 91: Dongshan
Chapter 92: Little Pet Dog
Chapter 93: New Voices In Symphonic Composition
Chapter 94: See Fang Zhao
Chapter 95: Live Broadcast Lesson
Chapter 96: Global Lecture Tour
Chapter 97: Complete
Chapter 98: Publicity Film "Chasing Wind"
Chapter 99: Takeoff
Chapter 100: The Dog With A Value Of 50 Million
Chapter 101: Ambassador, An Even More Natural Image
Chapter 102: The Person Behind
Chapter 103: The Only Non-Human
Chapter 104: You Have Too Few Expressions
Chapter 105: Strictest Lockdown Day
Chapter 106: Possession Of Dangerous Materials
Chapter 107: Star-Studded Gathering
Chapter 108: Really, What Sort Of Dog Is This?
Chapter 109: Not For Sale
Chapter 110: What Happened That Day
Chapter 111: Coincidence?
Chapter 112: We Are In The Same Boat
Chapter 113: Tools From The Old Era
Chapter 114: Your Express Delivery Is Arriving
Chapter 115: Astonishing Adaptability
Chapter 116: Your Boss... Is Still Your Boss
Chapter 117: Black T-Rex
Chapter 118: Who Is That Lunatic
Chapter 119: What'S His Background?
Chapter 120: Overtaking
Chapter 121: Bullying Kids
Chapter 122: Who Do You Think You Are
Chapter 123: Bring It On
Chapter 124: Boss, Don'T Be Scared; We'Ll Cover You
Chapter 125: Immortal! Let'S Drink, Old Friends
Chapter 126: If You Don'T Listen To Your Elders, Log Off And Wait
Chapter 127: Sorry, Too Immersed In Character
Chapter 128: God Knows What We Just Experienced
Chapter 129: Silverwing50Polarlight
Chapter 130: You Guys Are Up To Something Again
Chapter 131: Crazy Killstealing Demon
Chapter 132: Please Let Us Off
Chapter 133: Morning, Boss
Chapter 134: Pry Away The Foundations
Chapter 135: Downright Masterful!
Chapter 136: What Is He Playing At
Chapter 137: The King Summons
Chapter 138: Just Fight Again
Chapter 139: Report At Silver Wing Tower 50Th Floor Tomorrow
Chapter 140: That'S Me
Chapter 141: Eight Successive Bombshells
Chapter 142: The Distance Between Virtual And Reality
Chapter 143: A Reporter That Separated Himself From The Inferior Ones
Chapter 144: I Know Who You Are
Chapter 145: It'S Really The Same Person
Chapter 146: Young Man, Stop Being So Solemn
Chapter 147: Such A Great Generation Gap
Chapter 148: Sketchy At First Glance
Chapter 149: Reference Book Taking Human Form
Chapter 150: Follow The Rhythm, Move About!
Chapter 151: Yanzhou'S Shadowless Hands
Chapter 152: Improvised Quarrel
Chapter 153: Boss, You Made The Headlines
Chapter 154: God'S Domain
Chapter 155: Show Me Your Fastest Strumming Speed
Chapter 156: Most Valuable Grave
Chapter 157: Letting Go
Chapter 158: Nostalgic Trend
Chapter 159: Fiery Bird Annual Gala Invite
Chapter 160: "Kings Of The Battlefield"
Chapter 161: Arriving At Imperial City
Chapter 162: You Are Aliveafter500Years?
Chapter 163: Resplendent Night Of Stars
Chapter 164: How Can This Be?!
Chapter 165: Give Everyone A Chance
Chapter 166: Please Do Not Show Mercy
Chapter 167: Evaluation Without Question
Chapter 168: Pure Slander
Chapter 169: Temporary Withdrawal
Chapter 170: Diehard Fan
Chapter 171: Not Worth It
Chapter 172: No Way Of Explaining
Chapter 173: Live Broadcast
Chapter 174: It Still Has This Sort Of Function?
Chapter 175: Rise In Value
Chapter 176: Sir, Could I Trouble You For An Autograph?
Chapter 177: Selecting The Most Difficult Applications
Chapter 178: Choice
Chapter 179: Chapter
Chapter 180: Service With Funding
Chapter 181: Worst Luck
Chapter 182: The Middle-Aged/Senior Demographic
Chapter 183: Flying To The Heavens
Chapter 184: Unique Treasure
Chapter 185: Healthy Appetite
Chapter 186: Adapting Well
Chapter 187: Only He Can Eat It
Chapter 188: The More You Eat, The Less Scary They Become
Chapter 189: S5 Is Real Special
Chapter 190: Ratings System
Chapter 191: Mining Is A Techinical Job
Chapter 192: It'S Really Not Deliberate!
Chapter 193: Grade A Power
Chapter 194: I Have Good Hearing
Chapter 195: Entire Planet'S Most Precious Ears
Chapter 196: Fang "Diting" Zhao
Chapter 197: Naming
Chapter 198: Why Don'T You Come Farming With Me
Chapter 199: Purely Natural Energy-Saving Lamp
Chapter 200: Unpresentable
Chapter 201: Our Muzhou Blood
Chapter 202: Breaking Through The Soil
Chapter 203: Transfer Over
Chapter 204: Showing Off Gunplay?
Chapter 205: Attack
Chapter 206: Raging Fury
Chapter 207: How Can It Be Him
Chapter 208: I Disagree
Chapter 209: Blind
Chapter 210: No Interest
Chapter 211: Virtual Vs. Reality
Chapter 212: Meritorious Deeds?
Chapter 213: New Bodyguard
Chapter 214: Promotion
Chapter 215: Power Of An Idol
Chapter 216: Fang Zhao Style
Chapter 217: Military District Established
Chapter 218: Broken Teeth
Chapter 219: Auction Item
Chapter 220: High Valuation
Chapter 221: I Want That Tooth
Chapter 222: First Lot
Chapter 223: Crazy
Chapter 224: Hundred-Billion-Dollar Auction
Chapter 225: Auction Outcome
Chapter 226: Zaro Is Coming
Chapter 227: Please Call Me Smiling Angel
Chapter 228: Life Ark
Chapter 229: Investment
Chapter 230: Collaborating To Purchase Land
Chapter 231: Riding Coattails
Chapter 232: Why Not Raise The Stakes
Chapter 233: Cultural Film Base
Chapter 234: Grabbing Land
Chapter 235: Hurry Up And Return
Chapter 236: Friggin' Spicy
Chapter 237: The Most Expensive Pet
Chapter 238: Imperial Palace
Chapter 239: Why Is He Everywhere
Chapter 240: Flash Mob
Chapter 241: Appreciate
Chapter 242: Dual Function Base
Chapter 243: Revolutionary Project
Chapter 244: Bookworm
Chapter 245: Fang-Style Cursive
Chapter 246: Protection-Fee Collectors
Chapter 247: Those Things About Great Persons
Chapter 248: My Idol Is A Man Of Many Talents
Chapter 249: Idiot
Chapter 250: Swatting A Fly With A Baseball Bat
Chapter 251: Spotted A Suspicious Person
Chapter 252: Ear Value Rising Again
Chapter 253: Who To Play The Role Of "Fang Zhao"
Chapter 254: Transferring Duty
Chapter 255: Blackmail
Chapter 256: Brother Zhao
Chapter 257: Stealing The Show
Chapter 258: Golden Paws
Chapter 259: Unspeakable Secret
Chapter 260: Concert Ticket Advance Sales (1)
Chapter 261: Concert Tickets Advance Sales (2)
Chapter 262: "Diting" Series
Chapter 263: He Is My Older Bro
Chapter 264: "Intrusion"
Chapter 265: Advice
Chapter 266: Paving The Way
Chapter 267: Gathering Together
Chapter 268: Concert (1)
Chapter 269: Concert (2)
Chapter 270: Concert (End)
Chapter 271: "Idiot" Companies
Chapter 272: Pet Archives
Chapter 273: Extremely Fierce
Chapter 274: Ferocious Beasts Inside
Chapter 275: Global Pet Value Chart
Chapter 276: We Meet Again
Chapter 277: Esteemed Guest Award Presentation
Chapter 278: A Hazard Has Arrived
Chapter 279: This Matter, Should We Do It
Chapter 280: What Is He Up To Again
Chapter 281: Poisoned
Chapter 282: Exactly The Same
Chapter 283: Making A Casual Police Report
Chapter 284: Plea For Help
Chapter 285: Expert
Chapter 286: Director Sighted
Chapter 287: You Are...
Chapter 288: Given An Opportunity
Chapter 289: Who Is This?
Chapter 290: Committee Of 100
Chapter 291: Number Seven
Chapter 292: Vote Results
Chapter 293: He Is Just A Kid
Chapter 294: Violent Battering
Chapter 295: Belief
Chapter 296: Bad Luck!
Chapter 297: Inferior To A Dog
Chapter 298: Thigh Hugging
Chapter 299: Takeout Delivery Man
Chapter 300: I Won'T Seek Him Out Even If It Kills Me!
Chapter 301: Premiere
Chapter 302: Starting At The Apex
Chapter 303: Immense Pressure Too
Chapter 304: Innate Talent That Isn'T Too Mainstream
Chapter 305: Stage Name
Chapter 306: When In Doubt, Call Fang Zhao
Chapter 307: Train?
Chapter 308: A Pot Falls From The Sky While One Sits At Home.
Chapter 309: Magical Object Diting Z Series
Chapter 310: Fan Base
Chapter 311: Zaro + Garlic
Chapter 312: Standing On The Shoulders Of A Giant
Chapter 313: Troublemaking Hands
Chapter 314: That Is My Wife
Chapter 315: You Are?
Chapter 316: He Really Composed This Himself?
Chapter 317: How Do You Wish To Die?
Chapter 318: Super-Huge Bento Box
Chapter 319: I'M Not Talking About You
Chapter 320: You Can'T Bring The Dog Away
Chapter 321: Wrap Banquet
Chapter 322: The Disappearing Bullet
Chapter 323: The Dog That Eats Anything
Chapter 324: Really Divine Ears Translator: BeetleBarker Editor: Tennesh Fang Zhao first went over to the kennels. The base had provided the unprocessed and comprehensive sound recording. Regardless of what a normal person was able to hear or not hear, in Fang Zhao's mind, all the sounds created a comprehensive scene. Every person, every dog, and all their activities and paths formed a clear picture in his mind. The spot where the sniper had concealed himself had been planned meticulously. Perhaps he had already been observing for many days. The first shot had been taken when the dogs had finished their meal in the kennel, when they'd been looking for a spot to rest. Curly Hair's alertness was very high. He had evaded before the assassin had fired. Following that, he had taken to his heels and chased the perpetrator while dodging the second shot. Fang Zhao left the kennels, walked over to a large tree, and examined the traces beneath it. This was where the third shot had struck Curly Hair's backside, but Curly Hair had only slightly pause for a bit before continuing to give chase. Surveillance footage here had been obstructed by the rapidly growing branches and twigs from the trees. And the base soldiers that had rushed over behind Curly Hair had not been able to discover any bullet traces here, nor had they been able to determine precisely where the assassin had been. Moving further forward, this was the area where Curly Hair had been restrained by the soldiers from the flying transport. The sounds in the recording and the traces on the ground all showed that Curly Hair had been very irritable. Curly Hair had been barking away, starting from when he was restrained continuing even after he was brought back to base. Huo Yi and the others felt that Curly Hair had been like this because he had experienced a shock, but looking at it now... Curly Hair had probably been scolding them. After all, he had been so close to apprehending the assassin. It was unfortunate that he had been restrained by the base's personnel. He couldn't be blamed for being irritable. All the way from the kennel to this spot, the men that Huo Yi had dispatched had followed Fang Zhao, but shortly after, they lost Fang Zhao. The lieutenant colonel only knew this much. In the base, when Huo Yi listened to the lieutenant colonel's report, he wore an amazed look. "At first, the path he took was the same path that Curly Hair took back then." Although Huo Yi had already made mental preparations, when he heard this, he could not help but feel that it was miraculous. "Those ears of Fang Zhao's are really even more impressive than a dog's!" "That is why he is called Divine Ears," lamented an aide standing beside Huo Yi. "Indeed, a dog is like his master. Curly Hair was able to find so many sealed prohibited items, and Fang Zhao can hear sounds that other people are unable to hear. Curly Hair's nose and Fang Zhao's ears, I wish I could keep both of them here." Huo Yi did not hide his own opinions. If it was anybody else, they would surely also feel the same. "Actually, Commander, if you really wish to keep the dog, you can try. My grandfather once said that something that can be loaned out isn't really important, and a really important object would never be loaned out. Since Fang Zhao previously lent us the dog, as long as we are able to show enough sincerity and offer sufficient trading terms, Fang Zhao will surely lend us the dog once again. Commander, if you are able to give him more benefits and sacrifice more, perhaps Fang Zhao might even sell the dog to us!" the aide said. Huo Yi sighed deeply and shook his head in silence. If it was anybody else, Huo Yi might still have considered discussing it, but Fang Zhao was just too difficult to deal with. Fang Zhao did not lack money, and he wasn't obsessed with power or privilege. If Fang Zhao had really wished to develop further in the military, he would have stayed on planet Baiji. Baiji military district even treated Fang Zhao as a mascot and a treasure. Planet Baiji had much better development prospects than planet Wai. At this moment, his internal comms device starting ringing. Huo Yi was flabbergasted. "Southeast garrison region?" "Commander, Fang Zhao has requested Southeast Garrison Region Three's original sound recordings and surveillance footage," stated the other side. Huo Yi was astonished. He has already arrived there? How is his speed so fast? "Give it to him!" Huo Yi exclaimed. As long as Fang Zhao was able to find the target, any assistance to Fang Zhao was fine. Today, the base's southeast direction did not have any training activities, so there was no need to maintain secrecy. Five minutes later. "Commander! According to the leads that Fang Zhao has provided, we have found a suspicious target. We aren't able to see his face and he is wearing our base's uniform. We have already confirmed that it is stolen. The person probably isn't from our base... Twenty minutes ago, the party entered the primeval forest in front of the southeast garrison region. According to ecology and environmental protection regulations, besides the sentry towers, we don't have any monitoring equipment inside. It will be quite difficult to track the target." The person on the other end in charge of giving the report had actually wanted to say that they were poor and had limited funding. In these non-open places, there were only a few old facilities, and the machines there might even be defective, as nobody had maintained them in a long while. However, to save face, he could not speak too directly, just enough that the commander could understand. Huo Yi could naturally understand what the other party was trying to say. "Where is Fang Zhao?" Huo Yi asked. "Fang Zhao... Fang Zhao said he would be heading into the primeval forest to search for the target." Huo Yi became even more alert. "Let him in! You people follow him! Follow him tightly!" "Yes!" Two minutes later. "Commander, reporting... We lost him." Huo Yi sat in front of his desk, his face as black as when he received rejections to his requests for additional expenditures. The lieutenant colonel beside him heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, I wasn't the only one that lost him. Everyone is useless too. Brothers in the southeast garrison region, you guys are comrades who have gone through the same trials and tribulations as I! The reporting personnel from Southeast garrison region asked cautiously, "Commander, what do we do now?" Huo Yi really wanted to wave his hand and shout "Find him," but thinking rationally, now was not a good time to send people in. The primeval forest was an original forest on planet Wai. Although there weren't fierce and savage creatures like on planet Baiji, there were still dangers. Now, it was already getting dark, and the amount of people that could be transferred over to the southeast garrison region was limited. They would also be practically useless if they went. It would still be all right if they had been following Fang Zhao. At least they would still have had someone to follow, but if they were unable to keep track of him, then forget about it. "Remain on standby where you are!" Huo Yi said through clenched teeth. ———— In the primeval forest southeast of the base, a black figure was moving. Bang! A snake darted out from the underbrush, but its head exploded. Snake blood splattered on the underbrush and tree trunks. The sound of gunfire suppressed by a silencer wasn't very loud, and it was very quickly muffled by the sounds of the snake's head exploding and blood splattering. In the gradually darkening forest, these sounds were clear yet not very abrupt.. Nightfall descended and the figure finally stopped. This was a person that did not seem to have any distinguishing characteristics. He might even be wearing a mask. With his appearance now, even if he was captured by surveillance cameras, it would be difficult for someone to remember his face with just a glance. After this person stopped, he leaned against the trunk of a tree and closed his eyelids slightly. He maintained a specific breathing rhythm and was so quiet that he appeared to blend into the surrounding forest. Not moving for some time, it appeared like he was already sound asleep. "Tsk!" The person who seemed like he was sleeping soundly suddenly sneered. Raising his eyebrows, he looked in the direction of Wai base, his expression full of disdain. Weren't the troops garrisoned on planet Wai supposed to be more impressive than the troops on military districts back on earth? Looking at things now, it seems like this wasn't the case! It made sense. Before planet Wai had made a name for itself, it had just been a small and barren place. Species here were ordinary and did not pose much threat. Over time, the basic quality of the military here might even be weaker than the military districts of the various continents. Relaxing his frayed nerves, he fished out a palm-sized communications device. Then he attached an additional device. This was to camouflage the signal to prevent the military team at the sentry tower in the primeval forest from intercepting his communications signal. He was contacting someone who was waiting in the film entertainment complex. "Have you succeeded?" The other party's voice was rough. It wasn't his real voice. "Failed. That tiny thing is rather difficult to deal with. The price has to be increased. Three times the previous price and I will not let it board the transport. Otherwise, you better find someone else." While he conversed softly, he remained vigilant of his surroundings. The person on the other end reacted as if he had heard something unfathomable. His rough voice became shrill and ear piercing. "What did you say? Failed? Aren't you the 'Dog Butcher' known as the number one at slaughtering dogs? With such a high reward, you actually failed? Now we are really doubting your professional ability." A hint of fury flashed across the face of the person with the nickname of "Dog Butcher," but he calmed down quickly. "Since you don't believe me, go find someone else. But I advise you all to hurry. I reckon that dog will be taken away by Fang Zhao shortly and won't remain on Wai base." The other party's voice sounded very calm. "If the dog is taken away, then we don't have any need to fork out a large some to kill it. Without the dog around, a lot of our goods will not be detected." "Heh!" Dog Butcher laughed sarcastically. "In no rush, really? Your boss's business is really big. All along, he liked to strangle potential threats in their cradle. Now that he has got his sights on earning a fortune on planet Wai, shouldn't he be willing to spend a little more to clear up the path ahead of him?" The other party revealed a hint of alarm. "You know who my boss is?" Dog Butcher grinned as his eyes twinkled with greed. "More or less guessed it. Seven years ago, when I was employed to kill Tobey, the 'divine dog' of spaceports, I had already guessed it. But rest assured, I don't just serve only one client, and I have never ever revealed who my employers are." "Then you better pray that the military doesn't catch you first. Nowadays, interrogation techniques are becoming even more innovative." "Ha, catch me? Are you talking about that bunch of trash? That bunch of trash isn't even able to catch my tail!" Dog Butcher's self-confident tone somewhat pacified the other side. Thinking about it, Dog Butcher was reliable indeed. People in Muzhou really hated Dog Butcher, yet even after so many years, he had never been caught. Dog Butcher also had the ability to back up his confidence. Even when he failed an assignment, he rarely left traces for people to find. The only time he had ever suffered defeat was probably 30 years ago, when he had been dealing with what Muzhou people called a king of dogs that only appeared once every 100 years. Although he had ultimately shot dead that king of dogs, he was also bitten by it. Even now, the scar on his arm had not faded, and the police had a record of his DNA. Dog Butcher had not gone for an operation to remove the scar and instead kept it as a reminder. "Match the price and I will act when I have the opportunity. If you choose not to, I will leave immediately. Staying here isn't safe. There are people from the base looking for me right now. That little thing runs really fast and is rather vigilant. This sort of unexpected speed and vigilance might not even lose out to Muzhou's dog kings. We can't determine the price according to previous calculations." When he mentioned this, Dog Butcher felt a little depressed deep down. He had fired three shots. The first two shots had missed because his estimations had been wrong, but for the third shot, he had already adjusted. He did not understand. According to reason, that shot should have hit, but seeing the dog full of energy and continuing to chase and seeing that dogs speed, it seemed like that shot had missed too. Had his marksmanship deteriorated? Dog Butcher was very displeased. He had clearly already spent sufficient time adapting to the geography and climate here. Today, his operation might have failed because he hadn't completely adapted to the conditions on planet Wai. On top of that, that dog's reactions had far exceeded his expectations, causing him to have errors in judgment. Next time... Next time, when he fired, he would surely not miss. As he set his resolve, Dog Butcher's tone became cold. "What's your decision? I'm only waiting 10 seconds!" He didn't wait for the other party to reply and started counting down. "10! 9! 8..." When the countdown reached two seconds, the other party finally agreed. "You said it. Don't let the dog board a transport and leave!" the other side exhorted. "Don't worry. You people have to believe in my professional ability. When it comes to slaughtering dogs, I'm a professional. I have even slain Muzhou's king of dogs." Dog Butcher laughed. In the short term, Wai base would not be able to sort out all their chinks. He would still be able to find opportunities to act in this period. Having negotiated the deal, Dog Butcher told the other side to wait for good news. After ending the call, Dog Butcher's lips had barely curled upward, thinking about the large potential payout he would get, when he suddenly froze as he felt a shiver throughout his body. Having spent many years on this path dithering between life and death while tangling with the police and military countless times, Dog Butcher had trained a sharp sixth sense. In that instant, he felt as if he'd been locked onto by an ice-cold gun barrel laced full of killing intent. He suddenly felt an immense pressure, making Dog Butcher's entire body shudder. Who is there! Since when has there something here? Man? Or beast? ... Wai base. Huo Yi had just shut his eyes and prepared to sleep when he received an urgent call from the southeast garrison region. "Commander. Report! Fang Zhao dragged someone out from the primeval forest!" Huo Yi's eyebrows arched upward. The word dragged was subtle. "Alive or dead?" Huo Yi asked. If the person was dead, Fang Zhao might be in a little trouble. "The target is still breathing." "That is good. Don't let him die. You, personally escort him back here! Now!" "Yes!" After ending the call, Huo Yi received a photograph and image of the assassin. Ah, one look and it could be seen that someone had used the method of dragging him like a sack of rice across the forest floor full of rocks and dirt. His body was full of wounds and bruises and his face was bloodied. When Huo Yi got to see the Southeast garrison troops and Fang Zhao who entered the base together, Huo Yi jokingly said to Fang Zhao, "Impressive! That 'Divine Ears' nickname is not in vain! However, I never expected that you would bring him in alive." Fang Zhao raised an eyebrow. "I'm a law-abiding citizen." Huo Yi: "...Hehe." Fang Zhao wasn't bothered whether Huo Yi believed him or not. He continued, "This person is called Dog Butcher, and he is an experienced hand. I reckon he has business dealings with some people in the film entertainment complex. I suggest handing him over to Muzhou's side. This person was involved in the murder of Muzhou meritorious service dogs, at least two of them." Handing him over to Muzhou would let Fang Zhao feel more reassured than leaving him to Wai base. Huo Yi stroked his stubbled chin, and his eyes were full of admiration. Nodding, he said, "All right, I also had this in mind." Following normal procedure, this Dog Butcher person might not necessarily die. Perhaps he might be rescued during the process of transporting him from place to place. There was a higher possibility he would be silenced. But if he was handed over to Muzhou authorities, his fate would probably be, firstly, a life where it would be better to die. Then, a death where he wouldn't even leave behind a corpse to be buried. From Huo Yi's point of view, he could use this opportunity to do a favor to Muzhou and perhaps get another batch of dogs. This would be a rather worthwhile transaction. Meanwhile, Dog Butcher's outcome would also satisfy Fang Zhao. Beneficial three ways! Having gotten Huo Yi's promise, Fang Zhao did not stick around. He left Huo Yi's office, returning to check on Curly Hair's condition. Now, only Huo Yi and his aide were left in his office. "Commander, Fang Zhao looks just like an artistic person, but I can't help feel that he is rather dangerous. I have a conjecture, if... I'm just saying if the person caught was not Dog Butcher, would Fang Zhao have dragged him in alive?" The aide had some doubts in his voice when he said this. In any case, the aide did not believe Fang Zhao's claim that he was "a law-abiding citizen." Huo Yi replied meaningfully, "Sometimes, we shouldn't chase too much for answers or think too much. If you overthink, it is easy to become aged. Take a look at this old face of mine. It is because I think too much!" How could Huo Yi not know what his aide was talking about? Thinking about it, since Fang Zhao had this sort of frightening tracking ability and the ability to capture Dog Butcher, a wanted criminal that Muzhou had been after for so many years, why hadn't Fang Zhao pursued him right from the start? Maybe he'd been worried about the dog, but from a different angle, had Fang Zhao had... a motive in giving the assassin some time to leave the base? In the area nearby, the best place to avoid inspection from the internal military departments was the primeval forest. Inside the primeval forest, what happened was not restricted. Even if Fang Zhao had pursued the target and even killed Dog Butcher inside the primeval forest, as long as he denied it, who could determine what he had done? Making someone disappear in the primeval forest near Wai base was really too simple. Having seen Fang Zhao's military service records on planet Baiji and having seen some confidential files, Huo Yi was just like his aide. He didn't believe the b*llshit Fang Zhao had spouted about being "a law-abiding citizen"! An artistic person? Cough! A g*ddamn f*cking artistic person! What sort of artistic person would fight monsters as if he were chopping up vegetables? What sort of artistic person would head to a completely unfamiliar primeval forest at night to apprehend a suspect and drag him out like a gunny sack? Do you think that just by draping on the skin of an artistic person, I will not know how dangerous this little fella is? However, there were times when it was good to act ignorant. After all, the circumstances weren't bad. Huo Yi's lips curled into a grin. He indicated for his aide to leave the room and stretched, moving some of his stiff bones and picking up his communications device to contact an old friend at Muzhou's Police Dog Academy. Perhaps he might not be able to retain Curly Hair, but he could use this as an opportunity to get even more dogs.
Chapter 325: Death Penalty!
Chapter 326: It'S Over!
Chapter 327: This Life Of Mine
Chapter 328: Where Did You Get This Self-Confidence
Chapter 329: God-Level Advanced Course
Chapter 330: Doubting One'S Own Existence
Chapter 331: Balance Between Work And Rest
Chapter 332: Preliminary Exam
Chapter 333: Good-Luck Charm
Chapter 334: Finishing Early
Chapter 335: You Absolutely Musn'T Misunderstand
Chapter 336: All The Rage
Chapter 337: You Are Going To Keep A Dog?
Chapter 338: Can'T Even Afford A Dog
Chapter 339: New Assistant
Chapter 340: Boss, Rest Easy And Allow Me!
Chapter 341: Can I Touch?
Chapter 342: High-Pressure Assistantship
Chapter 343: Compulsory Exam Question
Chapter 344: Prize Notification
Chapter 345: It'S Watching Me
Chapter 346: Gift From A Kid
Chapter 347: A Kindly Smile
Chapter 348: Realizing A Short-Term Goal
Chapter 349: "My Neighbor"
Chapter 350: Alien
Chapter 351: Borrowing A Dog
Chapter 352: Film Festival
Chapter 353: Arrival
Chapter 354: Preferences
Chapter 355: Can Eat
Chapter 356: This Story Is Purely Fiction
Chapter 357: Life On The Rebound
Chapter 358: Don'T Ask Me
Chapter 359: Model Student
Chapter 360: Junior Disciple
Chapter 361: It Is Fang Zhao
Chapter 362: Gala Kickoff
Chapter 363: Red Carpet Partner
Chapter 364: Boiling
Chapter 365: Defection!
Chapter 366: Bragging Rights
Chapter 367: Award Winning
Chapter 368: Him Again
Chapter 369: &Quot;High-Class Face&Quot;
Chapter 370: Dog Gamer
Chapter 371: Are You Asking For A Beating?
Chapter 372: Doubting One'S Existence
Chapter 373: This Kid
Chapter 374: Brother, Run?
Chapter 375: Little Puppy
Chapter 376: So Small And So Obedient
Chapter 377: Finally Comprehended
Chapter 378 - What Exactly Am I Rearing
Chapter 379 - Team Of Fools
Chapter 380 - The Only Appointed Guest
Chapter 381 - Heading Out To Gather Materials
Chapter 382 - Cherishing The Young
Chapter 383 - Program Team Scammed Me!
Chapter 384 - Pest
Chapter 385 - Enjoying In Spite Of Suffering
Chapter 386 - Causing Trouble
Chapter 387 - Discovery
Chapter 388 - Unearthing A Treasure
Chapter 389 - Planet Bu'S Opportunity
Chapter 390 - Program Broadcast Begins
Chapter 391 - Superintelligence
Chapter 392 - Little Riches
Chapter 393 - Superfanboy
Chapter 394 - Crazy Test-Loving Monster
Chapter 395 - Celebrity Popularity Chart
Chapter 396 - Bomber
Chapter 397 - The Most Dangerous Person
Chapter 398 - Don'T Worry Elder Nephew
Chapter 399 - Lapse And Let It Rip
Chapter 400 - Too Frightening
Chapter 401 - Song In The Night
Chapter 402 - Which Is More Important?
Chapter 403 - Draft Notice
Chapter 404 - Fight! Started!
Chapter 405 - Done It For Real
Chapter 406 - Why Don’T You Try Touching?
Chapter 407 - Changing Tune
Chapter 408 - This Can’T Be Eaten
Chapter 409 - Graceful Scaling
Chapter 410 - Those Ears Of His
Chapter 411 - Mild?
Chapter 412 - It Knows
Chapter 413 - Where Is The Person?
Chapter 414 - Only Eats Dog Food
Chapter 415 - My Little Zhao Ah
Chapter 416 - Afraid Of Dogs
Chapter 417 - Are You Even Human!
Chapter 418 - A New Year, A Change In Fortunes
Chapter 419 - Ferocious Beasts Inside
Chapter 420 - He. Finally. Talked!
Chapter 421 - Paramour In A Golden Mansion
Chapter 422 - Stupid News
Chapter 423 - Guard Dog
Chapter 424 - Antique
Chapter 425 - Dream
Chapter 426 - Why Are You Playing The Guitar In The Middle Of The Night?!!
Chapter 427 - Poisonous!
Chapter 428 - Purpose Of A Dog’S Life
Chapter 429 - When A Dog Can Talk
Chapter 430 - Online Classes
Chapter 431 - I'M Not Afraid!
Chapter 432
Chapter 433 - Irresponsible Parent
Chapter 434 - Invitation Accepted
Chapter 435 - Insane Luck
Chapter 436 - This Tempo Isn’T Right
Chapter 437 - It’S Fang Zhao
Chapter 438 - Biased!
Chapter 439 - Intense Acting Skills Curls
Chapter 440 - Value Rise Yet Again
Chapter 441 - Old Friend
Chapter 442 - Graduation Concert
Chapter 443 - Ocean Of Stars
Chapter 444 - A Monster Is Hidden Within
Chapter 445 - Limitless Future
Chapter 446 - Graduation
Chapter 447 - Is It So Difficult To Just Purchase Rights?
Chapter 448 - New Residence
Chapter 449 - “My Neighbor’S Dog”
Chapter 450 - Moving House
Chapter 451 - Disappeared!
Chapter 452 - Appetite Really Isn’T That Huge
Chapter 453 - “Enemy Attack Awoo!!”
Chapter 454 - Can’T Fit
Chapter 455 - One Wouldn’T Know How Weird He Is Unless He Looks In The Mirror
Chapter 456 - Tiny Remote Islands Have Lousy Signal
Chapter 457 - Dogs Also Need Goals
Chapter 458 - A Dog That Knows How To Bring Its Owner A Bone Is A Good Dog
Chapter 459 - Ability To Dominate Headlines Is Really Beyond Exceptional
Chapter 460 - Bustling Island
Chapter 461 - Watchdog
Chapter 462 - Apex Predator
Chapter 463 - No Way I Am Worse Than A Dog
Chapter 464 - Setting Off
Chapter 465 - Don’T Even Think Of Stealing The Dog
Chapter 466 - Chase Stars Rationally
Chapter 467 - 2Nd Gen Warps
Chapter 468 - I Am Still A Baby
Chapter 469 - Well-Behaved
Chapter 470 - Watch Your Mouth
Chapter 471 - No Longer Wanting To Be Salted Fish
Chapter 472 - Last Time Walking The Dog
Chapter 473 - The Future Has Come
Chapter 474 - Don'T Be So Reckless!
Chapter 475 - It Transformed!
Chapter 476 - Delicate Little Curly Hair
Chapter 477 - It Talked!
Chapter 478 - : A Trivial Matter Like Walking The Dog
Chapter 479 - Handheld
Chapter 480 - Weakness Of The Universe’S Beloved Child
Chapter 481 - Snack Supplier
Chapter 482 - Infuriating!
Chapter 483 - A Single Model Leads To...
Chapter 484 - New Endorsement
Chapter 485 - Safe And Peaceful Yanzhou
Chapter 486 - Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 487 - It’S Finally Here
Chapter 488 - There Always Has To Be Some Hope In Life
Chapter 489 - Super Powerful Formation
Chapter 490 - Fang Zhao Being Unable To Join Is Great News
Chapter 491 - Crazy Point-Sweeping Demon 2.0
Chapter 492 - Ao!
Chapter 493 - Closing The Door And Beating The Dog
Chapter 494 - Double Standards
Chapter 495 - Make Amends By Doing Good
Chapter 496 - Getting Rich Overnight
Chapter 497 - Something Even More Insane
Chapter 498 - Mission To Safeguard Snacks
Chapter 499 - Youngsters Nowadays!
Chapter 500 - King Nanfeng
Chapter 501 - Don’T Be Shocked Regardless Of What You See
Chapter 502 - Our Secret Weapon
Chapter 503 - Nanfeng——
Chapter 504 - You Aren’T Fang Zhao!
Chapter 505 - Manager
Chapter 506 - Alive After 500 Years
Chapter 507 (End) - I Came From The Past, And I Belong To The Past (End)
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Alternative Titles:

Emperor of Tomorrow, SoT, Wèi Lái Tiān Wáng, 未来天王

Source: Qidian International
Book Details / Information: Well-known Composer Fang Zhao was in the glorious stage of his career, when the Apocalypse arrived; After finally experiencing the bitter difficulties of a thousand dangers, when the Apocalypse was simmering down to an end, he collapsed; When he opened his eyes, he was reborn in a New World, 500 years after the end of the apocalypse, in the body of a student who had been dumped barely after graduation, who had been cheated of his hardwork barely after he started working…

The World of the Future, Virtual Idols PK Real Idols

“Every time background music plays in my head, I feel like there is nothing to be afraid of.” —Fang Zhao

Toward the end of the apocalyptic period, Fang Zhao lost his life. However, instead of dying, he found himself 500 years later in the body of a young and aspiring composer who shared the same name. Having received a second chance at life, Fang Zhao sets out to achieve the previous owner’s dreams.

Armed with the experience of living through an apocalyptic age and his profession as a composer before that period, Fang Zhao uses his talent, wits, and knowledge to make his mark in the entertainment industry of the future.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: The New World After The End Of The Old

Chapter 1: The New World after the End of the Old

Translator: Min Lee Editor: Tennesh

After a devastating meteor shower, the apocalypse beckoned as foreign elements sparked deadly mutations in animals, and micro-organisms invisible to the naked eye unleashed countless epidemics.

On top of their own diseases, mankind had to deal with mutated beasts. Threats loomed everywhere and a torrent of microbiological mutations lurked as illness and disaster halted progress and curbed productivity.

Bustling cities were reduced to ruins and vast plots of fertile land turned to hellish wastelands.


Fang Zhao couldn’t remember how long he lingered in that apocalyptic world, how long he fought.

Ninety-odd years? Or perhaps 100 years?

He could no longer remember.

Before the apocalypse, he was a somewhat well-known composer whose career was on the rise. Just as he was about to release what he considered his best work, the mother of all wars arrived. He fled for survival and led troops into battle.

When conquered lands were recovered one after another, people thought the war would end soon and prosperous times would emerge. Yet this was when he collapsed, in the darkness before the dawn.


"If you don’t have the determination to fight to the death, then this war will certainly be lost."

"That’s why earth’s population has dwindled from 8 billion to 80 million."

"Old Zhao, say, do you think we will win?"

"We will."

"I’m not afraid of death, but I am afraid of a Pyrrhic victory."

"We will win."

"That’s good. When we win, I’m going to find a place and start herding again. Boy, how I loved the ranch where we lived when I was a kid—the blue skies and the green pastures. What about you, Old Zhao? Are you going to relaunch your career as a composer?"

"Relaunch? I never stopped in the first place."


In Fang Zhao’s head, a conversation he once had with his comrade Su Mu suddenly popped up.

The cries of his men facing imminent death and the howls of the mutated animals began to fade. The extreme pain from decades of illnesses and deadly wounds had been wiped from his memory as his body began to recover its senses.

The vitality of a withered tree that meets the spring was confusing to Fang Zhao. After all, he was more than 100 years old, an emaciated old man with damaged fingers. Even though his body had mutated and strengthened as a function of his immune system, he was still bogged down by injury and illness. He was also an old man. He felt like an overheated engine all the time and could no longer relax at will.

Just when Fang Zhao was about to carefully feel out his body, his brain was assaulted by a pain resembling pricking needles and barraged with images he couldn’t recognize, crowding his head to its breaking point.

As he gradually gained control of his body, Fang Zhao’s eyelids spasmed and he sat up to take deep breaths. The overloading of his brain blurred his vision, but as his headache faded, his vision resumed too, and Fang Zhao took in his unusual surroundings acutely.

With instincts and sensitivity honed from countless battles, Fang Zhao could tell without looking that he was in a foreign location.


It wasn’t an unknown location.

A scene appeared in his mind, a seemingly very familiar scene.

This is where he used to live.

He was Fang Zhao and not Fang Zhao at the same time.

He died in that end-of-days war, but now he was reborn into the body of another person also called Fang Zhao. He survived.

Fang Zhao raised his hands and examined his 10 young, intact fingers. He dangled his legs, which were weak but felt no pain.

This was a young and healthy body.

Fang Zhao’s brain contained his own memories—the battles that led to his death were crystal clear, as were his nearly 100 years of fighting and being on the run. But at the same time, he was also equipped with the memories of his new host body.

This young man also named Fang Zhao was merely 23 years old and was about to complete his tertiary studies.

He was a young composer.


He was dumped after graduation and cheated just when he started his new job. A friend he considered a blood brother betrayed him and stole three months’ worth of his work. Succumbing to the blows, this man chose the final resolution—suicide.

Fang Zhao was puzzled. Apocalypse had been avoided. Why would anyone give up on life in such a beautiful world?

After all, it was merely a case of heartbreak, piracy, and betrayal.

So what?

Did the world fall apart?

People who lived during the end of days tried so hard to survive, and this boy took his life over such petty matters. People from the end of days wouldn’t get it.

But after all, these were peaceful times after what was thought to be the end of days. People thought differently in times of peace. Fang Zhao also lived during peacetime, but it was too long ago and such good memories had already blurred by a giant sea of bloodshed.

How did people from peacetime think?

Never mind. What has happened has happened.

As Fang Zhao canvassed the memories of his host body, exasperation mixed with pity. Someone who chose to resolve things like this was too cowardly. It was a form of avoidance. The host was dead, and yet the person who poached his work was living happily and enjoying greater status. Was his death worth it?

In any case, Fang Zhao felt it wasn’t. Current grievances were best avenged in the present—who knew if there was an afterlife.

The original owner of his body was afraid to confront his circumstances, but Fang Zhao was different.

Someone who had endured the end of days naturally had a different temperament than people from peacetime.

The more memories he uncovered, the more amazed Fang Zhao was.

There really was a new world.

All those years of battle and all those of years of hellish living were worth it. While searching the memories of his new body, Fang Zhao remained vigilant toward his surroundings as well. Even when he was in a safe environment, Fang Zhao couldn’t relax. It was an old habit cultivated during the end of days, which was also why he was able to survive for so many years.

As a whining sound from nearby grew, Fang Zhao stopped searching his new memory and looked over.

He had already sensed another life form in this narrow room, but it posed no threat and didn’t signal the intent to attack. Drawing from his experience from the end of days, beasts like this weren’t of the violent, mutated variety, so he didn’t pay much attention. Fang Zhao only shifted his focus as the noise grew.

It was only a small dog with tangled, finger-long fur. Its coat was stained with an unknown substance. It was very skinny. Remove its fur and all that was left was a veiled skeleton.

The stray dog the original owner of his body had adopted before committing suicide.

After adopting the dog last night, he fed it a spiked dinner. He ate half and fed the remaining half to the dog – both portions were mixed with poison he bought from a drug store.

An empty bowl lay on a table nearby. Its drugged contents were gone, but the plate next to the dog was left untouched.

Fang Zhao knew from his new memories that the dog was in poor health last night. He could barely stand. A day later it seemed in better shape, but it still had trouble getting up. It lay there with its head titled slightly, his neck twisted in Fang Zhao’s direction. Tail wagging, its black eyes started at Fang Zhao.

Fang Zhao dangled his legs. Even though they were weak, he could walk.

He planted his feet on the ground. The wholesome feeling that traveled from the soles of his feet to his brain made his heart race.

Fang Zhao walked carefully and deliberately, as if verifying the reality before him.

One step, two steps...

Soon the probing steps became confident moves, as every cell in his body came alive with his heightened mood.

How lucky he was to return from the dead.

Fang Zhao walked toward the dog, knelt, picked up the plate of unknown material carrying the muck that was the poisoned food and tossed it into the garbage can.

As he bore witness to Fang Zhao’s actions, the dog’s spirits appeared to be lifted and his eyes became more expressive.

There was no more food in the apartment. Drawing from his new memory, Fang Zhao took a bowl from the cupboard. He felt the surface of the bowl and determined it wasn’t a material he knew. It looked ceramic, but it felt like some sort of plastic composite. It was very light.

His brain contained vague memories about the new material, but Fang Zhao could only gather from these fragments that it was a material that dissolves quickly in certain conditions without releasing any pollutants.

Fang Zhao dropped the matter and fetched half a bowl from the pool, which he knew about his new memory, and placed it in front of the dog.

The dog got up with a swagger, looking like it would collapse at any moment. But it stood stiffly and lapped up the bowl of water, its tail wagging slightly.

Even though it was a stray dog, it was still doing its best to survive.

Fang Zhao looked at that dog, then focused his attention on the small apartment.

It was about 20 square meters, crowded and messy. One corner was a total disaster. But his new memory told Fang Zhao that the same corner was the tidiest part of the room before yesterday.

That small corner taking up about four square meters was where the previous owner of his body worked. All the songs he composed in the past two months were completed in that cramped corner.

Many of the tools and appliances in the apartment were alien to Fang Zhou. He had never seen home appliances before. But he could decipher everything with his new memory. As long as his new memory was fully integrated, he could navigate his new world easily.

Fang Zhou walked toward a spot and pressed a small button on the wall. A waist-high cabinet thrust forward. A mirror was placed on top of the cabinet.

Ignoring the mirror itself and the material of the cabinet, Fang Zhao carefully examined the man in the mirror.

The original owner of his new body looked somewhat like Fang Zhao, even though Fang Zhao couldn’t remember what he looked like when he was a young man. Still, the face in the mirror looked a bit familiar, based on Fang Zhao’s own memories instead of his new ones.

The two Fang Zhao were cosmically linked after all.

Even though he didn’t know how he obtained a healthy new body, Fang Zhao disagreed with what its original owner did. But now that he inherited his body and memories, Fang Zhao had to take stock.

Staring at the eyes in the mirror, he said in a serious tone,

"I’m taking over the life you abandoned."

"I will exact revenge for you."

"I will repay your debts."

"So your dream is to become a world-famous composer? It just so happens I used to be one."

Fang Zhao was actually quite ambitious, but he had landed in a new world that he didn’t know, after all. As grand as his ambitions were, they had to be grounded in reality and competence. Maybe he could fulfill the dreams that he couldn’t during the end of days.

Anyone can talk big, but before adapting to his new surroundings and figuring out his skillset, talk was just talk.

Fang Zhao shoved the cabinet back into the wall, walked toward the window and opened it.

It was nearly noon and the weather was great. The curtains had been drawn already, but the apartment was still dim, because this was a "black" street, a slum-like neighborhood.


Total Chapters in book: 507
Estimated words: 1227618 (not accurate)
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