Sweetest Top Actress In My Home by Passion Honey

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - You Must Not Use It Against Me!
Chapter 4 - Who Is The Worthless One Now?
Chapter 5 - Did You Ask Second Young Master Lu?
Chapter 7 - I Guarantee That It Is In High Definition
Chapter 8 - Don’T Want?
Chapter 9 - Caught Red-Handed Again. I Hate This
Chapter 10 - I Am Afraid That I Will Not Be Able To Do It On My Own
Chapter 12 - Can You Repeat What You Just Said?
Chapter 13 - It Was Not Delicious But It Was Special
Chapter 14 - He Was Not Doraemon!
Chapter 15 - Using Her Loved Ones To Threaten Her
Chapter 16 - You Cannot Even Be Compared To A Dog
Chapter 17 - Both Mother And Son, Get Lost
Chapter 18 - But The Bed Is Too Small
Chapter 19 - I Thought You Saw Right Through My Heart
Chapter 20 - It Feels Like There Will Be A Show To Watch Soon
Chapter 21 - Kissed Until It Was Swollen
Chapter 22 - I Will Wait For You… No Matter How Late It Is, I Will Wait
Chapter 23 - Top Actress Huo, Is Snatching People Your Ancestor’S Habit?
Chapter 24 - I Know That You Have A Woman In Your Heart
Chapter 25 - You Are Taking Advantage Just Because I Like You
Chapter 26 - I Like You So Much That I Could No Longer Control Myself
Chapter 27 - The Overbearing Chairman Keeps Trying To Get In My Pants. What Should I Do?
Chapter 28 - Stop Dreaming, Impossible!
Chapter 29 - I Am A Bad Fox Who Can Deceive Hearts
Chapter 30 - Eight Hundred Million?
Chapter 31 - Second Brother, Hurry And Pick Up Your Little Descendant!
Chapter 32 - You Knew That I Would Give Myself To You
Chapter 33 - Let’S Try It Tonight?
Chapter 34 - She Was At Ease Because Second Brother Will Be There Tonight
Chapter 35 - You Have No Right To Discipline Her
Chapter 36 - Stop Being Dramatic!
Chapter 37 - Principal Lu Was Going To Tune Her Tonight
Chapter 38 - You Don’T Like Being Bullied By Me?
Chapter 39 - You Can Continue Acting
Chapter 40 - I Have A Temper Too
Chapter 41 - How About…
Chapter 42 - : But It Matters To Me
Chapter 43 - The Second Time You Are Asking For My Help Is Because Of Her Again
Chapter 44 - Young Boy, Hurry And Greet Your Brother-In-Law!
Chapter 45 - You Want Me To Listen To This?
Chapter 46 - What Is The Elopement All About?
Chapter 47 - Wobbly Legs
Chapter 48 - Sister Yuning, Are You Making A Comeback?
Chapter 49 - Heartache
Chapter 50 - I Will Demolish This Place To The Ground…
Chapter 51 - Are You Satisfied? Little Descendant
Chapter 52 - Look At How Excited She Was
Chapter 53 - His Heart Is Aching
Chapter 54 - Who Would Have Thought That Jiang Yuning Actually Had The Guts To Come
Chapter 55 - Oh, My Brother’S Dignity
Chapter 56 - I Can’T Bring Myself To Say It
Chapter 57 - As Long As You Remember To Make It Up To Me Tomorrow
Chapter 58 - I Have A Big Move Coming Up
Chapter 59 - Steal The Limelight From Them
Chapter 60 - Who Would Not Pamper Their Girlfriend?
Chapter 61 - Jiang Yuning Was Going To Shine
Chapter 62 - It Was Actually A Lu Family Member!
Chapter 63 - Had They Wanted To Embarrass Her?
Chapter 64 - Wait, The Ultimate Move Is Not Out Yet
Chapter 65 - Second Brother…Wanted To Go With Me?
Chapter 66 - No One Dared To Offend Him!
Chapter 67 - Wasn’T She Too Glamorous?
Chapter 68 - Is Huo Yuxi A Fool?
Chapter 69 - Is The Lu Family Still Looking For Another Daughter? The Lazy Couch Potato Type
Chapter 70 - Totally Unexpected
Chapter 71 - Because I Like You Too Much
Chapter 72 - I Swear, Zongye Is Really Your Son
Chapter 73 - You Are An Impostor
Chapter 74 - I Bought You For Two Hundred Thousand Yuan
Chapter 75 - Let You Go? Impossible
Chapter 76 - He Was Her Man Indeed
Chapter 77 - You Should Not Look For Me
Chapter 78 - You Love Me The Most
Chapter 79 - Do You Still Have A Future?
Chapter 80 - How Are You Going To…Feed Me?
Chapter 81 - I Will Only Wear My Second Brother’S
Chapter 82 - They Were Humiliating You Behind The Scenes
Chapter 83 - Why Don’T You Leave Your Coat Behind?
Chapter 84 - Rich Man’S Daughter? Can She Be Considered One?
Chapter 85 - Did Jiang Yuning Ask You To Come?
Chapter 86 - This Was His Fate
Chapter 87 - The Sweetness Is In My Heart
Chapter 88 - You Have To Have The Ability To Take On The Role
Chapter 89 - I Have Never Felt So Humiliated Before
Chapter 90 - I Want To…Show It To You First
Chapter 91 - : I Will Not Touch You
Chapter 92 - Don’T Seduce Me Then
Chapter 93 - Let’S Scare Miss Fu
Chapter 94 - I Am Her Exclusive Agent
Chapter 95 - Still Lying
Chapter 96 - Serves Her Right!
Chapter 97 - You Must Love Me Very Much Then
Chapter 98 - What Is Eight Hundred Million?
Chapter 99 - Then…Can It Be Treated?
Chapter 100 - Young Girl, You Are Really Brave
Chapter 101 - Be Good, Okay?
Chapter 102 - Can You Stop Disgusting Me?
Chapter 103 - You Will Not Have A Good Ending
Chapter 104 - I Want To See You
Chapter 105 - I Am Willful
Chapter 106 - : You Are Finally Smart Again
Chapter 107 - You Are Avenging Yuning
Chapter 108 - Second Brother, You Really Lack Love
Chapter 109 - : Who Are You Trying To Deceive?
Chapter 110 - That Is Interesting
Chapter 111 - No More Accidents
Chapter 112 - You Have Hidden The Truth Really Well All These Years
Chapter 113 - I Feel Like There Will Be A Good Show To Watch Soon
Chapter 114 - Do You Have Evidence?
Chapter 115 - Why Should We Believe Whatever You Say?
Chapter 116 - This Little Fox Was Really Bright
Chapter 117 - I Am Afraid You…Cannot Take It
Chapter 118 - Do You Know Who Your Son-In-Law Is?
Chapter 119 - Why Do You Make Me Worry?
Chapter 120 - Regardless Of The Future, Regardless Of The Consequences
Chapter 121 - No, You Did It On Purpose
Chapter 122 - What Now? Can You Still Be Smug?
Chapter 123 - How Does That Feel?
Chapter 124 - She Is Not An Obedient Artiste
Chapter 125 - Where Do You Stand, Out Of Everyone Who Hates Me?
Chapter 126 - Do I Look Like A Loser?
Chapter 127 - How Did You Know That I Still Have Some Private Savings?
Chapter 128 - You Are The One Who Looks Like A Pig
Chapter 129 - I Just Wanted To See You
Chapter 130 - I…Got Rich Overnight!
Chapter 131 - She Will Spend The Rest Of Her Life Living A Nightmare
Chapter 132 - Don’T Be Impulsive, We Can Discuss This Further
Chapter 133 - Isn’T Jiang Yuning Amazing?
Chapter 134 - I Will Be Hypoxic
Chapter 135 - Bad Reputation All Over Again
Chapter 136 - Do You Dare To Repeat What You Have Just Said?
Chapter 137 - I Hope Jiang Yuning Will Make A Police Report
Chapter 138 - Stop Tossing Me Around, Okay?
Chapter 139 - It Depends On Your Performance Tonight
Chapter 140 - Pretend She Is Crazy!
Chapter 141 - You…Are You In A Relationship?
Chapter 142 - Hello, Younger Brother’S Wife
Chapter 143 - Don’T Blame Me For Taking Action Against Him
Chapter 144 - Let Us Get Married, Okay?
Chapter 145 - Lu Jingzhi, That Pig
Chapter 146 - Miss Jiang, Please Stop Your Nosebleed!
Chapter 147 - Silly Boy, I Want To Take More Photos Of Your Brother-In-Law
Chapter 148 - She Could Investigate Him But She Cannot Bully His Sister!
Chapter 149 - Exploding! Oh My God!
Chapter 150 - If Someone Wants To Give Me Money, Why Not?
Chapter 151 - I Will Torture Her Until She Regrets Living
Chapter 152 - I Am Enduring, Not Because I Am Afraid Of You
Chapter 153 - Oh, Someone’S Wife Is Here
Chapter 154 - Husband
Chapter 155 - I Should Go And ‘Move Bricks’ Now
Chapter 156 - Oh My, Boss Really Knows How To Do Business!
Chapter 157 - I Am Worth More Than What You Can Afford To Pay
Chapter 158 - It Is Useless Even If Anyone Objects
Chapter 159 - You Are Sweet
Chapter 160 - I Am Laughing Because You Overestimate Yourself
Chapter 161 - Is Your Main Focus The Movie Or Me?
Chapter 161.1: Who Would Dare To Compare Their Husbands To Yours!
Chapter 161.2: Where Is The Humble And Warm Sister?
Chapter 161.3: They Can Just Come At Us Then. Who Is Afraid?
Chapter 162 - What To Do Now? You Have Seen Right Through Me
Chapter 163 - Wow. This Man Really Wanted To Drive Her Crazy!
Chapter 164 - In Your Arms
Chapter 165 - Was Jiang Yuning Always So Hardcore?
Chapter 166 - Some People Just Want Attention But Please Don’T Overdo It
Chapter 167 - From Now On, I Am Jiang Yuning’S Fan
Chapter 168 - Does That Mean That I Have To Keep Enduring It?
Chapter 169 - You Are Not Wrong. How Could You Ever Be Wrong?
Chapter 170 - She Is Really Quite Impressive!
Chapter 171 - Was Today A Child Care Day?
Chapter 172 - There Is Something That I Need To Confess To You
Chapter 173 - It Has Been Really Difficult For Me To Come This Far
Chapter 174 - Brother-In-Law Is Attentive, You Would Never Be Able To Hide This From Him
Chapter 175 - Better Than Him?
Chapter 176 - Second Brother, You Really Know How To Make Me Feel At Ease
Chapter 177 - This…Is My Husband
Chapter 178 - Just Here To See My Wife’S Work Place
Chapter 179 - Come, I’Ll Hug You
Chapter 180 - I Have Really Spoiled You, Huh?
Chapter 181 - Why Would I Be Afraid Of Her?
Chapter 182 - Yao Fan, You Are So Dirty
Chapter 183 - Who Asked Me To Get Involved With You?
Chapter 184 - Are You Just Going To Meet Your Love Rival Like This?
Chapter 185 - Look Down On Him? Do You Dare To?
Chapter 186 - It Is Already Late At Night. Please Do Not Act Like This. Thank You
Chapter 187 - There Are So Many Blind People
Chapter 188 - You Have More Than Enough Because You Have The Two Of Us
Chapter 189 - My Husband Is Still The Best
Chapter 190 - My Heart Is Aching
Chapter 191 - Sister Yuning, I Am Scared Of Ghosts
Chapter 192 - I Despise All Of You!
Chapter 193 - I Want To Form A Love Line With You
Chapter 194 - Shameless!
Chapter 195 - Everyone Was In Awe
Chapter 196 - And Then? Do You Want To Replace Her?
Chapter 197 - Is It That Exciting?
Chapter 198 - I Am Afraid That You Will Be In Danger
Chapter 199 - Bring Me The Person Behind This Matter
Chapter 200 - Do You Know What Love Is?
Chapter 201 - Did Yuning Leave Home?
Chapter 202 - Second Brother, Let Me Record Another Video?
Chapter 203 - Don’T Make Me Suffer
Chapter 204 - Production Team, Are You Guys The Devil?
Chapter 205 - I Will Replace Him
Chapter 206 - Had A Lion Protected Her Before?
Chapter 207 - She Actually Thought Of That?
Chapter 208 - Jiang Yuning, Pay Us For Our Receding Hairlines!
Chapter 209 - She Admitted Defeat
Chapter 210 - Would Someone Who Is Doted On Have Any Fear At All?
Chapter 211 - I Am Totally One Of Jiang Yuning’S Fans Now!
Chapter 212 - I Am Proud Of You
Chapter 213 - Everything Was Recorded In Her Diary
Chapter 214 - Because That Was Second Brother’S Height
Chapter 215 - Are You Trying To Give Me A Heart Attack Once Every Day?
Chapter 216 - She Would Do It For Her
Chapter 217 - Aren’T You Too Smug?
Chapter 218 - Protect Our Idol
Chapter 219 - Low-Key Life, High Profile Work!
Chapter 220 - Really Hopeless
Chapter 221 - Ditched For No More Than Three Seconds
Chapter 222 - Fool For Love
Chapter 223 - You Can Do Whatever You Want
Chapter 224 - He Should Not Let Them Display Their Intimacy In Front Of Him
Chapter 225 - Fearless
Chapter 226 - Does It Feel Good To Have Me By Your Side?
Chapter 227 - Weak, Helpless And Pitiful
Chapter 228 - Sister Yuning’S Back Is Really Beautiful!
Chapter 229 - Tired Of Living?
Chapter 230 - Would You Like To Know What Lemon Essence Tastes Like?
Chapter 231 - Her Charismatic Husband Was Back Again
Chapter 232 - The Production Team Is Crazy! Sobs!
Chapter 233 - This Should Be The Legendary Blood Meter!
Chapter 234 - Whether We Are Winning Or Losing, I Am Still Following You
Chapter 235 - Almost Annihilated
Chapter 236 - Let Him Go Back And Harm Yuning Instead
Chapter 237 - Sister Yuning, Are You Really That Amazing?
Chapter 238 - Still Arrogant?
Chapter 239 - Will I Not Live To See The Sun Tomorrow?
Chapter 240 - Second Brother, I Miss You So Much
Chapter 241 - I Feel Uneasy Because You Have Been So Obedient For The Past Two Days
Chapter 242 - It’S Frustrating To Be Liked By Someone Like You
Chapter 243 - Always Trying To Humiliate Yuning
Chapter 244 - As Long As I Am Around, You Will Never Be Lonely
Chapter 245 - You Are Just Too Much
Chapter 246 - It Is Really Fun To Be A Tyrant
Chapter 247 - Who Cares? Let’S Continue Watching A Good Show
Chapter 248 - Heaven Yesterday, Hell Today
Chapter 249 - Please Maintain A Low Profile, Thank You
Chapter 250 - Patting On The Head Is Not Enough
Chapter 251 - Big Fool For Love
Chapter 252 - Sorry, You Can’T Escape Anymore
Chapter 253 - How Many Love Rivals Do You Want Me To Have?
Chapter 254 - Aren’T You Taking The Score Too Far Back?
Chapter 255 - : Your Desire To Survive Is Too Strong!
Chapter 256 - You Realize That You Overreacted?
Chapter 257 - Really Have To Admit That You Are Damn Lucky!
Chapter 258 - Young Girl, I Will Not Mess With You Anymore
Chapter 259 - Your Father Is Still Your Father
Chapter 260 - Are You Going To Deliver Gifts Or Kill Someone?
Chapter 261 - This Old Mother Is Comforted
Chapter 262 - Overthinking Lately
Chapter 263 - It Is Everyone’S Responsibility To Look After Children
Chapter 264 - There Are Two Huge Mountains Behind Jiang Yuning
Chapter 265 - Are You Envious?
Chapter 266 - This Little Descendant Is Getting More And More Mischievous
Chapter 267 - Are You Really So Biased Towards Jiang Yuning?
Chapter 268 - Who Are You A Fan Of Again?
Chapter 269 - Where Did This Child Learn All His Cheesy Love Lines?
Chapter 270 - You Are Forever Number One In My Heart
Chapter 271 - The Person That The Film Emperor Is Trying To Get Closer To, Is You
Chapter 272 - Please Tell Us Who That Man Is!
Chapter 273 - Wait For My Lawyer’S Letter
Chapter 274 - Don’T Waste Your Time On Something As Trivial As This In Future
Chapter 275 - I Swear That I Will Never Criticize Jiang Yuning Again
Chapter 276 - Does She Deserve To Be On A Variety Show?
Chapter 277 - I Can Afford To Pay That Small Amount Of Money
Chapter 278 - Give Her Our Vip Service
Chapter 279 - King Of Jealousy In Luo City
Chapter 280 - We Are Already Married, Little Descendant
Chapter 281 - I Have Someone At Home
Chapter 282 - Why Are You Here?
Chapter 283 - You Have Become Much More Attractive. I Love It
Chapter 284 - Giving You A Chance To Get To Know Me
Chapter 285 - Who Wants To Follow Him?
Chapter 286 - I Am Afraid That We Will Be Beaten To Death
Chapter 287 - This Pyjamas Is Not Fitting
Chapter 288 - Sister-In-Law Has The Most Outrageous Ideas
Chapter 289 - You Are Already Choosing A Guy Over Your Friends!
Chapter 290 - Do You Think He Will Come?
Chapter 291 - I Am Worried
Chapter 292 - Who Dares To Mess With Someone With That Background?
Chapter 293 - You Hid It Too Well, Right?
Chapter 294 - Am I Considered A Lucky Star?
Chapter 295 - Someone Who Needs Help
Chapter 296 - You Are So Precious
Chapter 297 - Annoy That Scumbag
Chapter 298 - We Will Pick You Up At Night, Little Maiden
Chapter 299 - Bash Him, Bash Him, Bash Him!
Chapter 300 - She Is Very Nice And Very Obedient Too
Chapter 301 - Wen Tong, You Dare To Hit Me?
Chapter 302 - Sister-In-Law, You Are So Cool
Chapter 303 - I Can’T Leave You
Chapter 304 - Have I Ever Been Scared?
Chapter 305 - The Alcohol Level Is Too High! I Misbehaved!
Chapter 306 - Why? She Wanted To Humiliate Her?
Chapter 307 - Does My Son Not Want Us Anymore?
Chapter 308 - So Hypocritical?
Chapter 309 - Who Dares To Bully Sister-In-Law? Deal With Them!
Chapter 310 - You Only Have To Pay…A Small Price
Chapter 311 - Is It So Easy To Snatch Something Belonging To Me?
Chapter 312 - Brothers, What A Coincidence! We Are Eating Lemons Together?
Chapter 313 - Do You Have The Ability To Do A Live Broadcast?
Chapter 314 - We Will Place Our Idol At The Top Of The List Tonight
Chapter 315 - : Yuning, You Are A Wolf
Chapter 316 - Is Your Idol Doing A Live Broadcast?
Chapter 317 - Are All The Fans So Outstanding Nowadays?
Chapter 318 - The Cunning Little Fox Is Online Again
Chapter 319 - You Are Still So Dramatic
Chapter 320 - Give You A Chance To Rephrase Your Sentence
Chapter 321 - What…Are You Suggesting?
Chapter 322 - Jiang Yuning, You Had Better Act Properly!
Chapter 323 - Am I Not Impressive?
Chapter 324 - Why Am I So Amazing?
Chapter 325 - Don’T You Get Tired Of The Young Mistress?
Chapter 326 - Come On, Hurt One Another
Chapter 327 - You Have Got It All Wrong!
Chapter 328 - You Raised Your Voice At Me
Chapter 329 - Plastic Sisters
Chapter 330 - Would Anyone Else Dare To Look Down On Her?
Chapter 331 - If I Miss You That Much, Then I Will Come Over And Catch You!
Chapter 332 - Second Brother, You Traveled A Thousand Miles To Send Me Some Warmth?
Chapter 333 - Both Of You Are Married?
Chapter 334 - I Am Coming, Wild Man
Chapter 335 - Let’S Walk The Red Carpet Together, Shall We?
Chapter 336 - Should We Arrange For You To Lip-Synch?
Chapter 337 - Your Little Fox Is Very Intelligent
Chapter 338 - I Am Afraid You Can’T Leave If You Do Not Apologize
Chapter 339 - You Will Not Be Popular Forever!
Chapter 340 - He Received The Gift
Chapter 341 - Such An Embarrassment To B University!
Chapter 342 - Can I Control You?
Chapter 343 - They Could Not Tarnish Her Reputation Anymore
Chapter 344 - Geez, Still Acting
Chapter 345 - Are You Already Feeling Rest Assured Now?
Chapter 346 - The Other Party Inflicted This Upon Herself
Chapter 347 - Jiang Yuning, Come Out And Respond
Chapter 348 - Did Yi Fan’S Fans Get Slapped Across Their Faces?
Chapter 349 - The Case Is Solved! The Case Is Solved!
Chapter 350 - I Don’T Believe You!
Chapter 351 - I Am Not Afraid Of Anyone, I Am Invincible
Chapter 352 - You Are Really Thoughtful
Chapter 353 - Who Said My First Kiss Happened When I Was Eighteen?
Chapter 354 - I Will Do Well And Leave You Speechless
Chapter 355 - Really Courageous!
Chapter 356 - He…Is Inside?
Chapter 357 - All Because I Have To Chase After My Husband
Chapter 358 - Hehehe. So Exciting!
Chapter 359 - Why Didn’T You Watch Your Dog Properly?
Chapter 360 - Jiang Yuning Is Begging To Be Scolded!
Chapter 361 - They Do Not Want To Scold Her Anymore Tomorrow?
Chapter 362 - I Can’T Scold Her Anymore, I Am So Annoyed
Chapter 363 - I Am Interacting With Them!
Chapter 364 - Who Is The Mastermind Behind This Matter?
Chapter 365 - A Compensation Of Thirty Million And Not A Cent Less
Chapter 366 - Brother Nan, I Will Accompany You
Chapter 367 - My Heart Is Really Aching
Chapter 368 - : Garbage Belongs In The Trash Can
Chapter 369 - Brother Nan Personally Came Online To Slap Them In Their Faces
Chapter 370 - You Said You’Re Short Of Money!
Chapter 371 - It Wasn’T That She Did Not Love Him But She Loved Him Very Much
Chapter 372 - Rising Up The Charts
Chapter 373 - Just Because You Have An Older Brother?
Chapter 374 - This Child Needs To Be Taught A Lesson
Chapter 375 - Second Brother Is Too Witty
Chapter 376 - Really Very Sharp-Minded
Chapter 377 - Are You All The Devil?
Chapter 378 - Let Jingzhi Accompany You
Chapter 379 - Anyway, You Are Very Annoying
Chapter 380 - Why Are You Asking Me When You Are Her Fan?
Chapter 381 - It Is Because Of Your Poor Acting Skills! And Your Lack Of Talent!
Chapter 382 - I Am A Little Angry Now!
Chapter 383 - Who Gave Them The Courage?
Chapter 384 - Protect Hou Da! No More Coercion!
Chapter 385 - Jiang Yuning, Are You A Devil Or An Angel?
Chapter 386 - The Popularity Award Is Also An Award
Chapter 387 - So What If My Idol Looks Down On You?
Chapter 388 - Who Is He To Jiang Yuning Anyway?
Chapter 389 - Tonight Was Their Night
Chapter 390 - I Will Make Sure That All Of You Will Get To Know Me Again
Chapter 391 - Heaven’S Reincarnation
Chapter 392 - Second Brother, We Are Already Old
Chapter 393 - Is He…Married?
Chapter 394 - So, Both Of You Are Not Having An Underground Relationship?
Chapter 395 - Look At This Sweet, Sweet Love!
Chapter 396 - Then I Guess A Confrontation Is Inevitable
Chapter 397 - Serves Him Right! Who Asked Him To Be So Sullen!
Chapter 398 - Doesn’T He Cares About His Own Face?
Chapter 399 - They Were All Geniuses!
Chapter 400 - I Am Balding From Scratching My Head So Much
Chapter 401 - You Came Prepared?
Chapter 402 - Fortunately, You Saved Me
Chapter 403 - It’S Too Difficult To Deal With The Ginger Candies
Chapter 404 - Have You Forgotten How To Walk?
Chapter 405 - Who Is Communicating With Your Brainwaves?
Chapter 406 - Sorry, I Have A Temper Too
Chapter 407 - He Was Really Cruel To Himself
Chapter 408 - I Witnessed An Eye-Opening Moment Today
Chapter 409 - The Ginger Candies Will Not Give Face When They Are Out For War
Chapter 410 - You Deserve This Kind Of Review
Chapter 411 - Come On, Let’S Battle
Chapter 412 - I Can Still Be King On My Own!
Chapter 413 - Lay The Foundation First Before Taking It Step By Step
Chapter 414 - A Rumor Can Start Spreading Because Of One Person
Chapter 415 - Empress, Please Notice Our Little Hands
Chapter 416 - Have You Seen An Artiste Like Her?
Chapter 417 - I Am Chipping In Too! Jiang Yuning Definitely Has Eighty Other Plans!
Chapter 418 - Editor, Can You Be More Restrained?
Chapter 419 - I Like To Make People My Sworn Brothers
Chapter 420 - Does Jiang Yuning Like Younger Men?
Chapter 421 - I Feel As Though I’M Choking On Sugar
Chapter 422 - Young Mistress Is The Most Capable
Chapter 423 - Why Hurt His Self-Esteem?
Chapter 424 - How Did You Pull Through Then?
Chapter 425 - Have You Pacified…Second Young Master?
Chapter 426 - Perhaps She Could Pick Him Up?
Chapter 427 - Her Man Was A Big Bad Wolf, Okay?
Chapter 428 - Had The Significance Behind February 19Th Been Exposed?
Chapter 429 - Why Don’T Both Of You Fight?
Chapter 430 - How Could There Be Such An Adorable Man?
Chapter 431 - I Am Having A Hard Time!
Chapter 432 - An Idol With Quality Does Not Talk Without Taking Actions
Chapter 433 - : I Just Dislike You
Chapter 434 - The More They Investigate, The More Interesting She Was
Chapter 435 - But It’S Really Nice To Watch This Couple!
Chapter 436 - This Is The Lu Family’S Car!
Chapter 437 - Who Would Have Known That They Would Be So Disgusting?
Chapter 438 - Didn’T You Have A Lot To Say?
Chapter 439 - You Can’T Blame Her Then…
Chapter 440 - Did She Give Them Any Attention?
Chapter 441 - Foreign Artiste Fishing For Money
Chapter 442 - We Will Not Be Signing The Contract Anymore
Chapter 443 - Wouldn’T Everything Be Okay As Soon As You Put On His Jacket?
Chapter 444 - This Was Her Way Of Loving And Caring
Chapter 445 - This Was Really His Instinct!
Chapter 446 - I Managed To Take A Picture Of…Lu Jingzhi
Chapter 447 - Stinky Couple
Chapter 448 - Look At Her, She Is Glowing
Chapter 449 - She Was Not So Hypocritical
Chapter 450 - Specifically Waiting For Me?
Chapter 451 - Everyone Has Their Limits
Chapter 452 - You Have Your Heart And Flesh, I Have Mine Too
Chapter 453 - When Did They Start?
Chapter 454 - : Deal With Her Own Love Line!
Chapter 455 - It Is Disgusting To See Her Put On A Show
Chapter 456 - He Is That Courageous?
Chapter 457 - I Will Write It Down In My Notebook
Chapter 458 - Other Things Were More Interesting!
Chapter 459 - : The Amazing Brother And Sister
Chapter 460 - Send You Into A Pig Cage?
Chapter 461 - Are You Really So Talented?
Chapter 462 - Jiang Yuning Is Really Amazing
Chapter 463 - : Sugar Giver
Chapter 464 - Is Hou Da Trying To Make The Second Female Lead More Important?
Chapter 465 - Who Would Be Happy In This Situation?
Chapter 466 - Jiang Yuning Was Being Mocked Once Again
Chapter 467 - No, You Are Not That Pitiful!
Chapter 468 - Did You Hide Under My Bed?
Chapter 469 - The Most Outstanding Princess In The World
Chapter 470 - I Was A Hater Who Turned Into A Fan!
Chapter 471 - Mysterious Itinerary
Chapter 472 - Come Out For A Beating, You Piece Of Trash!
Chapter 473 - Iq Is Not High Enough
Chapter 474 - Continue Squatting Tonight
Chapter 475 - This Amount Of Information Was Already Sufficient
Chapter 476 - : I Am Transparent
Chapter 477 - Your Face Is Already Swollen
Chapter 478 - Are You Feeling An Itch?
Chapter 479 - I Waited For You Until I Am Turning Bald
Chapter 480 - The Little Descendant Would Always Be The Little Descendant
Chapter 481 - I Will Upload Everthing On The Internet!
Chapter 482 - What Are You Saying?
Chapter 483 - Crazy Test On The Edge Of Death
Chapter 484 - If You Want Someone To Lose Something, Then You Have To Make Your
Chapter 485 - Wouldn’T His Mental Retardation Be Exposed?
Chapter 486 - It’S Raining, I Miss You
Chapter 487 - Was This Man A Lunatic?
Chapter 488 - I’Ll Get Tickets For You
Chapter 489 - You Are Not A Malicious Person
Chapter 490 - He Couldn’T Have Recovered Just Because Of A Trauma,
Chapter 491 - Sister Yuning, You Were Digging For Information From Me!
Chapter 492 - There Are Many Twists And Turns
Chapter 493 - Yes, Yes, The Earth Should Be Thankful To You
Chapter 494 - Klling Him Heartlessly
Chapter 495 - Sister, Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 496 - How Smart Are You?
Chapter 497 - I Must Be Floating!
Chapter 498 - Suitable For Worship
Chapter 499 - Let Him Fly
Chapter 500 - Are You Sure That The King Of Jealousy Can Tolerate It?
Chapter 501 - Sorry, But I Did It On Purpose
Chapter 502 - No Need For Mentally Retarded Dancers
Chapter 503 - A Pile Of My Ugly Pictures
Chapter 504 - The Connotation Is In Place, This Is Truly Jiang Yuning
Chapter 505 - This Brother Looks So Tired
Chapter 506 - She Is Really Capable
Chapter 507 - Came So Far To Chase You
Chapter 508 - It’S Boring To Get The First Female Lead Just Like That
Chapter 509 - Not Afraid Of Getting Exposed?
Chapter 510 - Jiang Yuning..You Are Hiding A Man In Your Room!
Chapter 511 - Oh, Just A King Of Jealousy
Chapter 512 - You Have To Form A Love Line
Chapter 513 - Is Something Wrong With His Brain? Is He Sober?
Chapter 514 - Your Artiste…Is A Little Too Difficult To Handle, Right?
Chapter 515 - Don’T Believe Any Rumors
Chapter 516 - Why Don’T We Make It Public?
Chapter 517 - Silly Girl…You Are Home
Chapter 518 - Hello? Are They Okay?
Chapter 519 - Why Does She Have To Agree Just Because He Is Chasing Her?
Chapter 520 - : Don’T You Think That She Resembles A Celebrity?
Chapter 521 - I Am Really Going Bald Because Of This
Chapter 522 - Still So Picky In The Middle Of The Night?
Chapter 523 - This Looks So Fake!
Chapter 524 - It Has Been So Many Years Already
Chapter 525 - I Want To Make Our Relationship Public During The Charity Dinner
Chapter 526 - I Am Sorry…
Chapter 527 - Is It Too Late To Cut Off Contact Now?
Chapter 528 - It Is Too Difficult For Yuning
Chapter 529 - Really? Her Face Don’T Hurt?
Chapter 530 - Thank You Daddy For Subduing The Demons
Chapter 531 - The Both Of You Never Met Before, Right?
Chapter 532 - Don’T Tell Me It Was A Mistake
Chapter 533 - My Whole Family Is In Shock. Is This Okay?
Chapter 534 - Sisters, Don’T Worry And Be Brave
Chapter 535 - : Isn’T He The King Of Jealousy?
Chapter 536 - Hurry Up And Kiss?
Chapter 537 - As You Can See, This Is My ‘Scenery’
Chapter 538 - How Could He Tolerate It? How Could Anyone Tolerate This?
Chapter 539 - Dream On!
Chapter 540 - I Want Jiang Yuning
Chapter 541 - Grandpa, We Have No Other Intentions
Chapter 542 - I Think I Am A Little Crazy
Chapter 543 - They Do Not Have A Good Relationship
Chapter 544 - Sister, Sober Up!
Chapter 545 - : These Two People Were Not So Simple!
Chapter 546 - It’S Fine If You Understand, We Don’T Deserve To
Chapter 547 - It’S Not Easy For Me To Be Jealous
Chapter 548 - : Must It Be So Exciting?
Chapter 549 - Jiang Yuning Looks Like She Is Going To Cry
Chapter 550 - You Are Incredible!
Chapter 551 - What A Great Couple!
Chapter 552 - You Are A Wolf! Wolf! Okay?
Chapter 553 - Can I Not Give It To You?
Chapter 554 - Go Away. Let Me Do It Myself, Okay?
Chapter 555 - How Could The Little Descendant Be So Adorable?
Chapter 556 - I Don’T Allow It
Chapter 557 - Can’T Bear To
Chapter 558 - Jiang Yuning Is Rising Too Fast
Chapter 559 - What’S Wrong? Why Do You Look So Aggrieved?
Chapter 560 - Forced To Be Jiang Yuning’S Fan
Chapter 561 - This Drama Is So Damn Good!
Chapter 562 - Can You Leave A Way Out For The Haters?
Chapter 563 - Jiang Yuning’S Secret Service
Chapter 564 - Jiang Yuning’S Ridiculous Customer Service
Chapter 565 - Why Don’T You Talk To My Lawyer?
Chapter 566 - This Was Second Brother’S Ultimate Goal, Right?
Chapter 567 - Let Me Do It Myself
Chapter 568 - Jiang Yuning Is Really Angry
Chapter 569 - Pressure
Chapter 570 - Such A Good Drama
Chapter 571 - I Want To Arrest You
Chapter 572 - The Weak Do More Evil
Chapter 573 - An Adult’S World Is Really Too Complicated
Chapter 574 - No Hurry. Come And Get It From Me In Three Years
Chapter 575 - She Was The Real Devil!
Chapter 576 - Brother-In-Law, Draw Your Sword!
Chapter 577 - Didn’T You Say We Will Be Each Other’S Angels?
Chapter 578 - Who Can Handle This Stress And Pressure?
Chapter 579 - She Would Fight Back If She Had To
Chapter 580 - This Is Suffocating Me!
Chapter 581 - We Are The Host
Chapter 582 - This Was All Because The Little Descendant Was Simply Too Beautiful
Chapter 583 - Strong, Dominant And Upright
Chapter 584 - This Was A Slap In The Face
Chapter 585 - Empress Jiang, Is Your Wedding Something Trifle To You?
Chapter 586 - So Anxious To Get Married?
Chapter 587 - You Are Giving Up Too Much For The Young Mistress
Chapter 588 - I Will
Chapter 589 - If You Continue Staring, I Will Bite You
Chapter 590 - Did Not Love Her In Vain
Chapter 591 - You Will Always Have A Chance To Work Things Out With Me
Chapter 592 - Did The Golden Partnership Really Break?
Chapter 593 - I Will Dance For You
Chapter 594 - Jiang Yuning Cannot Be Controlled
Chapter 595 - Really So Angry!
Chapter 596 - We Can’T Go On The Hot Search Anymore?
Chapter 597 - Threatened?
Chapter 598 - Isn’T This An Invasion Of Other People’S Privacy?
Chapter 599 - Please Let Me See Your Clever Means
Chapter 600 - Jiang Yuning Will Come Out
Chapter 601 - Is She Joking?
Chapter 602 - What Is There To Comment About?
Chapter 603 - Thank You For Supporting Me So Much
Chapter 604 - A Single Person Should Not Ask For Trouble
Chapter 605 - Ask Her To Leave Immediately!
Chapter 606 - Public Relations Failure
Chapter 607 - Jiang Yuning Is Coming Out
Chapter 608 - Act! Continue Pretending In Front Of Me!
Chapter 609 - There Will Be A Good Show To Watch Tonight
Chapter 610 - I Do Not Want To Embarrass Myself
Chapter 611 - Jiang Yuning Is Incredible!
Chapter 612 - It Feels So Damn Good To Be In Love!
Chapter 613 - Found Him
Chapter 614 - We Do Not Owe Each Other Anything Anymore
Chapter 615 - Don’T Worry, There Is No Backup
Chapter 616 - Are You Happy?
Chapter 617 - Leave, My Ass!
Chapter 618 - If You Marry Me, You Are My Woman
Chapter 619 - Isn’T That Breaking Up?
Chapter 620 - Are They Still Getting Married In November?
Chapter 621 - I Am Just By…Your Side
Chapter 622 - Who Can Stand Him?
Chapter 623 - She Is In My Design Department
Chapter 624 - You Are My Idol
Chapter 625 - Can’T Lead Him, Can’T Lead Him!
Chapter 626 - Was This His New Love?
Chapter 627 - Really Courageous!
Chapter 628 - About To Meet The Parent?
Chapter 629 - It Depends On How Amazing The Photos Are
Chapter 630 - Wasn’T This Enough?
Chapter 631 - People Are Really Invincible
Chapter 632 - Pretending In Front Of Me
Chapter 633 - Not A Rumor, She Really Hit Someone
Chapter 634 - Jiang Yuning Hasn’T Apologized To Me
Chapter 635 - Really Curious
Chapter 636 - Cry Because They Are Going To Lose All Of Their Resources
Chapter 637 - They Are Saying That He Disappeared
Chapter 638 - Good Discipline Is Even More Important Than Anything Else
Chapter 639 - But Your Acting Is Really Too Bad
Chapter 640 - Why Don’T You Take Over Xiya?
Chapter 641 - You Are Still Young
Chapter 642 - That Is Her Stepmother
Chapter 643 - Can You Try The Wedding Dress Now?
Chapter 644 - Sister Yuning, Why Are You So Mean?
Chapter 645 - I Heard That Someone Is Crushing My Second Brother
Chapter 646 - Already Taking The Initiative
Chapter 647 - Play Hard To Get
Chapter 648 - Do You Think Second Young Master Lu Believes It?
Chapter 649 - I Do Not Like To Be Threatened
Chapter 650 - What Did He Meant By Those Words?
Chapter 651 - It Does Not Matter, As Long As The Bride Is Still The Same
Chapter 652 - : Did You Give Him A Chance To Speak?
Chapter 653 - Goodnight, My Bride
Chapter 654 - Let’S Play Big Today
Chapter 655 - All Of Them Were Drama Queens
Chapter 656 - Jiang Yuning Is Worthless!
Chapter 657 - Sue Them!
Chapter 658 - Smiling Like A Fool
Chapter 659 - You Think This Is A School Meeting?
Chapter 660 - Soul Mate
Chapter 661 - Why Is She Retiring?
Chapter 662 - Focus On Snatching Resources
Chapter 663 - Weren’T They Miserable?
Chapter 664 - She Is Cold Now, She Is No Longer Popular
Chapter 665 - I Feel Invincible Now
Chapter 666 - Are You Startled?
Chapter 667 - You Have So Much Confidence In Me?
Chapter 668 - You Will Definitely Win An Award
Chapter 669 - There Will Be Another Time When She Goes Crazy In Future
Chapter 670 - Still A Fairy, Still Beautiful!
Chapter 671 - I Always Had Many Enemies
Chapter 672 - There Must Be Something Shady
Chapter 673 - : Is She Really Going To Retire?
Chapter 674 - Even I Am Yours
Chapter 675 - Officially Taking Office The Day After Tomorrow
Chapter 676 - The Little Descendant Will Always Be The Little Descendant
Chapter 677 - Who Wants To Fight With Her?
Chapter 678 - Why Is She Here?
Chapter 679 - High!
Chapter 680 - Daddy Jiang Will Teach You How To Be A Person
Chapter 681 - Bold But Cautious, Win Through Stability
Chapter 682 - She Felt As Though She Had Been Deceived
Chapter 683 - You Like Excitement And Challenges
Chapter 684 - : The End Result Is Being Kept In The Cold
Chapter 685 - She Came To Stir Up A Storm
Chapter 686 - : I Can’T Control It Anymore?
Chapter 687 - Your Belongings?
Chapter 688 - After Hiring The Bodyguards, She Could Also Live In A Villa By Herself. Wouldn’T She Want That?
Chapter 689 - That’S Right. I Can Still Make A Comeback!
Chapter 690 - We Have To Continue Loving Each Other Deeply
Chapter 691 - The First Show For New Year’S
Chapter 692 - You Are The One Who Does Not Believe It Yourself, Okay?
Chapter 693 - I Want To Deal With It Myself This Time
Chapter 694 - Have A Temper!
Chapter 695 - No One Is Stupid!
Chapter 696 - Redefinition
Chapter 697 - You Can Post Whatever You Want To
Chapter 698 - His Whole Person Is More Advanced Now
Chapter 699 - Do You Know That You Have Been Blacklisted Now?
Chapter 700 - Want To Cry In The Toilet
Chapter 701 - Jiang Yuning Is Heartless
Chapter 702 - Who Are You Trying To Deceive?
Chapter 703 - Performed A Wall Climb On The Spot
Chapter 704 - The Both Of Them Were Crazy
Chapter 705 - I Was Wrong
Chapter 706 - Lastly, There Will Still Be A Good Show
Chapter 707 - Dedication For Life, This Is The Greatest Love
Chapter 708 - You Have A Superstar Potential
Chapter 709 - The Husband And Wife’S Relationship Is Good
Chapter 710 - This Kind Of Sugar Is Too Sweet!
Chapter 711 - Want Him To Be Upright And Frank
Chapter 712 - She Would Tear Whoever She Wants Apart
Chapter 713 - You Will Sleep In The Study Tonight!
Chapter 714 - The King Of Jealousy At Home Is Getting Angry
Chapter 715 - Humans Have Contrary Scales That Hurts When It Is Touched
Chapter 716 - Give You More Homework!
Chapter 717 - Jiang Yuning Looked Down On Him
Chapter 718 - Don’T Think About Getting Famous In Ten Lifetimes
Chapter 719 - Brought A Turtleneck Sweater?
Chapter 720 - Fan Took The Credit
Chapter 721 - Don’T You Want To Be A Granduncle?
Chapter 722 - Nonsense, I Am Going To Expose All Of You!
Chapter 723 - So, You Can Be Obedient Too?
Chapter 724 - I Really Want To Hit That Shameless Guy
Chapter 725 - He Must Be Lonely
Chapter 726 - Comparing Oneself To Others Would Only Make A Person Angry
Chapter 727 - Did He Show Off?
Chapter 728 - Too Good At Acting!
Chapter 729 - I’M The One Who Should Be Pregnant, Not You
Chapter 730 - Time Cannot Be Delayed Any Longer
Chapter 731 - Gaining New Knowledge
Chapter 732 - I’M Keeping An Eye On You For Brother-In-Law
Chapter 733 - When Will She Wake Up?
Chapter 734 - You Cannot Be Too Greedy Anymore
Chapter 735 - I Can’T Wait To See You Become A Father
Chapter 736 - Haven’T Seen A Strict Husband Before?
Chapter 737 - I Will Take Care Of You
Chapter 738 - Caring For The Little Descendant
Chapter 739 - Yes, Yes. It’S Up To You To Take Care Of It
Chapter 740 - Exceeding Authority?
Chapter 741 - Some Men Are Simply Despicable
Chapter 742 - Don’T Need To Brainstorm?
Chapter 743 - : Isn’T This The Best Gift?
Chapter 744 - No Shame Anymore
Chapter 745 - Little Fool, She’S Even Cuter When She’S Pregnant
Chapter 746 - A Family Of Three From Now On
Chapter 747 - Does She Look Pregnant?
Chapter 748 - You Dare To Abort My Child?
Chapter 749 - She Left. You Satisfied Now?
Chapter 750 - Then I Want To Sleep In The Guest Room Tonight
Chapter 751 - What Kind Of Abuse Are You Looking For?
Chapter 752 - Too Scheming!
Chapter 753 - Your Acting Is Good
Chapter 754 - No, I Have To Go Back And Celebrate
Chapter 755 - Wasn’T It A Loss?
Chapter 756 - Real Couple?
Chapter 757 - Stop Them For What?
Chapter 758 - Let You Guys Have Enough!
Chapter 759 - : They Are The Best!
Chapter 760 - I Asked You To Dig A Grave, Not To Become A Robber?
Chapter 761 - Adulterous Couple! I Will Expose You!
Chapter 762 - Their Perception And Views Were Shattered
Chapter 763 - So, The Man Already Has A Girlfriend?
Chapter 764 - Inferiority, Pulled Back Just Like That
Chapter 765 - It’S Not Enough To Take A Single Glance
Chapter 766 - The Other Celebrities Are Here To Copy The Homework!
Chapter 767 - My Wife Is Five Months Pregnant
Chapter 768 - Explode
Chapter 769 - I Must Destroy Her!
Chapter 770 - This Matter Cannot Be Whitewashed
Chapter 771 - Defeat. It’S All Over
Chapter 772 - Absolutely Not!
Chapter 773 - It’S Okay, She Does Not Care
Chapter 774 - Looks Good!
Chapter 775 - Too Cute
Chapter 776 - Intention To Murder
Chapter 777 - I Want To Go, I Don’T Want To Stay Here
Chapter 778 - It’S Just That No One Dared To Do Anything
Chapter 779 - Do You Know That There Is Light In You?
Chapter 780 - Why Isn’T This Kind Of Person Struck By Lightning?
Chapter 781 - Just Like An Elementary School Student
Chapter 782 - You Beg Me
Chapter 783 - Live With Dignity
Chapter 784 - I Don’T Want. I Am Jealous
Chapter 785 - My Heart Ached Badly
Chapter 786 - Lu Shouyi
Chapter 787 - Really Lazy
Chapter 788 - You Are A Coward
Chapter 789 - Our Hearts Will Ache
Chapter 790 - She Doesn’T Care About Herself
Chapter 791 - : Look, It’S Director Jiang
Chapter 792 - The Barefooted Would Never Be Afraid Of Those Wearing Shoes
Chapter 793 - Does It Look Like I Am Interested?
Chapter 794 - : Is Gu Pingsheng Insane?
Chapter 795 - Is Brother Ku Jie In Love?
Chapter 796 - I Hope You Will Be More In Awe Of Me
Chapter 797 - : I Will Not Go Back On My Words!
Chapter 798 - You Don’T Need To Come To Work Anymore Tomorrow
Chapter 799 - Hurry Up And Give Birth To One
Chapter 800 - It’S Because You Have This Ability
Chapter 801 - Such A Beautiful Dream
Chapter 802 - Prove Your Worth
Chapter 803 - Sometimes, I Am Afraid You Will Work Too Hard
Chapter 804 - Was He Going To Become A Monk Or What?
Chapter 805 - Will Suspect That You Had Plastic Surgery
Chapter 806 - Pretty Good Performance
Chapter 807 - You Are Obviously The One Who Constantly Have Your Hands On Me
Chapter 808 - : Spoiled Like A Child
Chapter 809 - One Dared To Write, The Other Dared To Read
Chapter 810 - What Kind Of Bad Script Is This? Isn’T It Too Melodramatic?
Chapter 811 - We Are Very Happy And Contented With Your Protection
Chapter 812 - You Know I Love You Very Much, Right?
Chapter 813 - [Ku Jie’S Side Story] I Can Break The News With You
Chapter 814 - Why Did You Become A Paparazzo?
Chapter 815 - I Have No Parents
Chapter 816 - Your Words Are Enough
Chapter 817 - Don’T You Need To Practice Your Skill?
Chapter 818 - Do You Know The Value Of That Watch?
Chapter 819 - One Person Is Full, The Whole Family Is Not Hungry
Chapter 820 - Not Deleting
Chapter 821 - Why Must It Be Mine
Chapter 822 - Keep Thinking Of Seeing Someone
Chapter 823 - You Will Be Very Bored, Uncle
Chapter 824 - My Difficulty Is Being Cold-Hearted
Chapter 825 - Which Identity Do You Want To Know?
Chapter 826: Excitement From Preparing For A Boyfriend
Chapter 827 - I Can Settle It
Chapter 828 - It Sounds Like You Want To Support Me
Chapter 829 - Allow
Chapter 830 - I'Ll Will Use Something Else As Trade Then
Chapter 831 - Do I Have Parents?
Chapter 832 - First Time I Have Seen Her Relying On Someone
Chapter 833 - I Feel Distressed
Chapter 834 - Jiang Yuning Is Your Sister?
Chapter 835 - Someone Cooked
Chapter 836 - I Will Dote On You From Now On
Chapter 837 - College Entrance Examinations!
Chapter 838 - He'S Sleeping
Chapter 839 - My Boyfriend, You Are A Regular Now
Chapter 840 - Do You Want To Go On A Trip, Kid?
Chapter 841 - I Am Afraid I Can’T Hold It In
Chapter 842 - I Can'T Wait Anymore!
Chapter 843 - Young Kid, You Are Really Courageous
Chapter 844 - I’M A Little Overly Enthusiastic Now
Chapter 845 - Buy An Apartment To Support Him
Chapter 846 - You Love Me So Much? How Can That Be?
Chapter 847 - Jing & Ning, I'Ll Give You A Daughter Later
Chapter 848
Chapter 849 - Don'T Hug, Hold
Chapter 850 - Good Luck, Husband
Chapter 851 - This Was Too Exciting!
Chapter 852 - Praise Your Child
Chapter 853 - I Miss My Mommy Too
Chapter 854 - My Tears Are Worthless!
Chapter 855 - The Singer Is Filled With Admiration
Chapter 856 - Could She Get Discovered Like That?
Chapter 857 - Just Taking A Look At Him Is Worth It
Chapter 858 - Collective Silence
Chapter 859 - Don'T Worry, Daddy!
Chapter 860 - The Queen Is Jealous
Chapter 861 - Soft And Cute Like A Little Rabbit
Chapter 862 - So Clingy
Chapter 863 - Jiang Yuning Steals Husband And Child
Chapter 864 - Shouyi Is A Little Embarrassing
Chapter 865 - She Is Naughtier Than The Two Children
Chapter 866 - Shouyi Misses Mommy Very Much Too
Chapter 867 - So Obedient, Okay?
Chapter 868 - Mommy And You Have A Secret?
Chapter 869 - I Won'T Let My Children Feel Insecure
Chapter 870 - Daddy Looks So Tired
Chapter 871 - Can'T You Let Us Reunite First?
Chapter 872 - I Missed You So Much
Chapter 873 - Just Kissing, Not Doing Anything Else
Chapter 874 - It'S So Sweet!
Chapter 875 - I Love You, My Deity
Chapter 876 - Fortunately
Chapter 877-End - Lu Jingzhi, You Will Always Be The Scenery For The Rest Of My Life
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STA, 我家影后超甜的

Source: Webnovel
Book Details / Information: “I can’t do it anymore. Stop it…I can’t take it anymore!” The second young master stopped in his tracks and raised his brows as he stared at Miss Jiang. “All you had to do was jog, so—”

Everyone knew that Miss Jiang was an artiste who had been defamed and blacklisted before she became famous again. When she got into trouble, she did not give up but fought persistently. Everyone knew that the second young master was the mysterious head of the enterprise. He was an extremely cold person with an exquisite taste. Moreover, the second young master had recently adopted a new hobby. He took in his younger brother’s ex-fiancée and he was extremely fond of her…

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Chapter 1 - I Was Your Brother’S Fiancée

Chapter 1: I Was Your Brother’s Fiancée


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

Luo City, mid-March.

One week ago, the chairman of Lu Enterprise annulled his son’s wedding engagement to Jiang Yuning when the paparazzi exposed her involvement with a director who was already married. The director’s wife who was heavily pregnant with his child attempted suicide when she found out about the extramarital affair.

The public was enraged and started criticizing the director for his extramarital affair when his wife was pregnant with his child. To protect himself and gain favorable public opinion, the director decided to sacrifice Jiang Yuning and he informed the public that Jiang Yuning was the one who had seduced him. This statement ignited storms and criticisms surrounding Jiang Yuning, which greatly affected her reputation.

As one of the most prestigious and reputable families in Luo City, the Lu family were unable to accept a daughter-in-law who was involved in such scandals.

Jiang Yuning was then dismissed by Emperor Entertainment, one week after the incident because she had breached their contract by getting involved in a major scandal during the term of their contract. Besides that, the company also sued Jiang Yuning for damages worth sixty million yuan for her breach of contract.

Therefore, it seemed like Jiang Yuning lost everything in the blink of an eye. However, she received a phone call last night and it seemed like she had just received an engagement for a new contract.

After getting dismissed from her entertainment company, Jiang Yuning’s agent decided to send her off for one last time.

“Your house is now filled with reporters and the paparazzi. Furthermore, it is going to be sealed by the council very soon. Do you have anywhere else to go?” Her agent was a man in his early thirties. His hair was bleached silver, and he was dressed very fashionably. He had been serving Jiang Yuning for the past few years.

Jiang Yuning ignored him and continued fiddling around her purse.

“If you do not have any place to go…CEO Huang of Thousand City Enterprise is really interested in you. Why don’t you consider spending the night at his villa? After all, this will be nothing new to you since you already slept with the other director before.”

Jiang Yuning knew that the agent had something planned when he offered to drop her home. Things were never that simple with him. So, he planned to sell her off?

How much did CEO Huang offer to pay him for this?

“I have not slept with any director before. Emperor Entertainment knows better than anyone else the true story behind this scandal,” Jiang Yuning said as she finally took an envelope out from her purse. She looked at the address written on the envelope. “Yuning, I am doing all this for your sake. Your fiancé annulled your engagement and left you, and you are now blacklisted in the entertainment industry. What are your plans for your future? How do you intend to settle your debts?”

Jiang Yuning openly rejected his proposal and said, “I have already found a new home. You do not need to worry about me.”

The agent frowned and tried to hide the look of displeasure on his face. He had already accepted CEO Huang’s payment and he had already promised that he would deliver this woman to his bed but this woman was being difficult now.

“No, Yuning. We have already been working together for so many years. Do you think that I will do anything to set you up or harm you? I can assure you that as long as you stick by CEO Huang and become his woman, you will definitely live a life without any worries. As you can see, we are already on the way to his villa.”

Jiang Yuning was shocked when she heard her agent’s words. She quickly took out her cell phone and made a phone call.

“I have met into a little trouble on the way to Yinhe Road.”

The voice on the other side of the line was low and he merely said two words, but hearing his voice calmed Jiang Yuning’s nerves. “Got it.”

The agent could not help but laugh when he saw Jiang Yuning making the distress call for help. “We are reaching CEO Huang’s villa soon. Yuning, just help me out a little, won’t you? This is not easy for me either.”

Jiang Yuning did not say anything because she was disgusted by his action.

The agent looked at Jiang Yuning who remained quiet and thought that she was no longer resisting. After all, her phone call was most likely a bluff. She was in deep trouble and she was involved in such a huge scandal at the moment, why would anyone be willing to help her?

Therefore, the agent did not take Jiang Yuning’s words to heart and continued driving to CEO Huang’s villa. However, just as he was about to turn into the road leading to the villa, a black car suddenly stopped right in front of his car, blocking the entrance to the intersection.

The agent was shocked but before he could step out of his car to find out what was going on, the driver of the black car had already gotten out his car.

The driver opened the passenger car door and said, “Miss Jiang, please come with me.”

Jiang Yuning lifted her skirt slightly and was about to exit the car when the agent reached out and grabbed hold of her arm.

“Jiang Yuning, you can’t leave.”

Jiang Yuning turned around and was about to reply the agent when the back window of the black car was rolled down suddenly. The person sitting in the back seat glared at the agent and said, “Who can’t leave?” As soon as he heard that voice, the agent quickly turned around and was surprised when he saw the man sitting in the back seat of the car. “Lu—Second Young Master.”

There were four mysterious cars following closely behind the black car in a convoy. Those were the bodyguards who were assigned to protect Lu Jingzhi at all times.

The agent swallowed his saliva and he began sweating profusely.

“Get in the car.” The man with the cold voice was done with the agent and he was speaking directly to Jiang Yuning now.

After he had spoken, he rolled his window up again.

“Wait a moment,” Jiang Yuning said as she turned around and slapped the agent in the face. “This is my final gift to you. As for CEO Huang, you can enjoy his presence yourself.”

The agent was stunned by Jiang Yuning’s sudden slap.

If he had known that Jiang Yuning’s back up plan was Lu Jingzhi, he would have given up on any ideas that he had planned out.

After all, there is no one in Luo City who did not fear Lu Jingzhi.

He was mysterious, rich, and powerful. There were countless rumors surrounding him.

The agent was lucky to have a glimpse of Lu Jingzhi when he accompanied Jiang Yuning to the Lu family feast two years ago.

Jiang Yuning’s ex fiancé was the third young master of the Lu family. When he was still engaged to Jiang Yuning, she was always let off the hook for her mistakes because Emperor Entertainment did not want to offend the Lu family.

When the third young master of the Lu family hooked up with another actress, he colluded with the entertainment company to set Jiang Yuning and the director up in order to annul his engagement to her. Emperor Entertainment then terminated their employment contract with Jiang Yuning as they could never have expected that Jiang Yuning would get into a relationship with the second young master of the Lu family, Lu Jingzhi immediately after the third young master called off their engagement.

Lu Jingzhi’s driver subsequently walked over to the agent and warned him to keep his mouth shut.

This family was really interesting.

The younger brother had just thrown away this pair of broken shoes and the elder brother immediately picked it up—

Jiang Yuning secretly stared at the man who was sitting beside her in the back seat of the back car.

He was dressed in a suit and he was wearing a black windbreaker over the suit. He had a yellow document bag in his hand and he wore an expensive watch on his wrist. He emitted an irresistible and majestic aura that no one could easily resist.

This man was not only tall and handsome, but his well-defined and sharp features were similar to that of a Caucasian man.

He was dressed in a clean and well-ironed suit that explained his obsessive-compulsive disorder that was a fact that had not changed for years. He was none other than Lu Jingzhi.

“That slap was very well played,” Lu Jingzhi praised Jiang Yuning as he looked her in the eye.

“Second Brother Lu, actually—I do not understand why you would want to help—” Jiang Yuning could not finish her sentence. Although she did not have any feelings for her former fiancé, they had already been engaged for a few years because it had been arranged by their grandparents a long time ago. Moreover, her fiancé was none other than Lu Jingzhi’s younger brother.

There was no woman in Luo City that Lu Jingzhi could not get. After all, he was the heir to the Lu family and therefore, he enjoyed incredible status and reputation. No one knew exactly what position he held in the company, but everyone in Luo City feared him nevertheless.

Jiang Yuning was also in shock when she received Lu Jingzhi’s cheque for sixty-million yuan last night. He had not only helped her clear her debts, but he had also invited her to move in with him.

Jiang Yuning knew what this meant, but she agreed anyway.

When he heard Jiang Yuning’s question, Lu Jingzhi looked at her and held up her chin possessively. He then said, “I guess you have to start adapting to your new status starting from today.”

Jiang Yuning’s breathing accelerated due to Lu Jingzhi’s sudden action. “What status?”

Lu Jingzhi casually leaned forward, closing the distance between them before he looked right into her eyes.

Jiang Yuning was caught off guard, and she did not know how to react to his words.

“But I was your brother’s fiancée—”


Total Chapters in book: 877
Estimated words: 1481649 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 7408(@200wpm)___ 5927(@250wpm)___ 4939(@300wpm)