Tales Of The Reincarnated Lord by Smoke Is A Path

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1 Red Grace Inn (1)
Chapter 2 Red Grace Inn (2)
Chapter 3 Dawn Academy (1)
Chapter 4 Dawn Academy (2)
Chapter 5 Young Noble
Chapter 6 The Origins Of Battle Force
Chapter 7 The First Days Since Reincarnation
Chapter 8 Battle Force And His Days As A Mercenary
Chapter 9 Dynamic Vision
Chapter 10 Aquametal Technique
Chapter 11 Incador Medal
Chapter 12 The Pawn And The Announcement
Chapter 13 Academy Head Levins
Chapter 14 Lakefront Residence
Chapter 15 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (1)
Chapter 16 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (2)
Chapter 17 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (3)
Chapter 18 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (4)
Chapter 19 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (5)
Chapter 20 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (6)
Chapter 21 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (7)
Chapter 22 Locke And Els (1)
Chapter 23 Locke And Els (2)
Chapter 24 Locke And Els (3)
Chapter 25 Locke And Els (4)
Chapter 26 Els’S Request
Chapter 27 Final Preparations
Chapter 28 Selling Books And Requesting Help
Chapter 29 Settling Bills At The Inn
Chapter 30 Battle Force Awakening Course
Chapter 31 Pulse Reading (1)
Chapter 32 Pulse Reading (2)
Chapter 33 Journal Entries And The Duels
Chapter 34 Dueling Period
Chapter 35 President Peterson’S Thanks
Chapter 36 Attendant And Carriage
Chapter 37 Ambush On The Streets
Chapter 38 Counter Kill
Chapter 39 Aftermath
Chapter 40 The Duels Continue
Chapter 41 Counting Earnings And Beggars
Chapter 42 Arrival Of The People From The Family
Chapter 43 Troubles Within The Family
Chapter 44 The Fanatical Female Students
Chapter 45 The Decision
Chapter 46 Convoy Plans And The Oath Of Allegiance
Chapter 47 Knights And Gifts
Chapter 48 Northbound Journey Strategy
Chapter 49 The Academy Armory
Chapter 50 In Which Els Reports For Duty
Chapter 51 The Sloph Slavers
Chapter 52 Slaughter
Chapter 53 Occupying The Bastide
Chapter 54 Reorganization And Maidservants
Chapter 55 Ambush And The Yields
Chapter 56 Baron Miranda
Chapter 57 Various Preparations For The Journey
Chapter 58 The Journey North Begins
Chapter 59 Kill Them All
Chapter 60 Camp Intrusion And Takeover
Chapter 61 Arrival Of The Convoy
Chapter 62 Offense And Defense
Chapter 63 Breaching The Camp
Chapter 64 Winter Night Massacre
Chapter 65 Conclusion And Reorganization
Chapter 66 Mister Tim
Chapter 67 Josk’S Wish
Chapter 68 Strategizing
Chapter 69 The Battle Begins
Chapter 70 Troop Deployment
Chapter 71 Success
Chapter 72 Freiyar
Chapter 73 Trust
Chapter 74 Surprise Attack Successful
Chapter 75 The Final Assault
Chapter 76 Rounding
Chapter 77 Conference Of The Nobles
Chapter 78 On The Road
Chapter 79 A Withered Tree Crumbles Easily
Chapter 80 Forming Yet Another Convoy
Chapter 81 Telesti
Chapter 82 Viscount Kermas
Chapter 83 River-Crossing And Arrival
Chapter 84 Takeover
Chapter 85 The Plan Of The Kenmays Family
Chapter 86 Construction Staff Appointment
Chapter 87 Homecoming
Chapter 88 Power Struggle Rumors
Chapter 89 Inheritance Ceremony
Chapter 90 Three Chief Supervisors And Irina
Chapter 91 Sword Crisis
Chapter 92 Knight Belnick
Chapter 93 Enticement
Chapter 94 Midway Skirmish
Chapter 95 Family’S Forbidden Area
Chapter 96 Whitedeer Mound, Bread And The Slave Camp
Chapter 97 Mercenaries And Metal Armor
Chapter 98 Lorist’S Plan
Chapter 99 Maplewoods Bastide
Chapter 100 Barbarians, Gold Mine And Plotting
Chapter 101 Mistakes
Chapter 102 Trap
Chapter 103 Melee Outbreak
Chapter 104 Bloodshed And Remorse
Chapter 105 Repercussions
Chapter 106 Reward
Chapter 107 Supply Transportation
Chapter 108 The Pitiful Grandmaster Ciroba
Chapter 109 A Meeting With Telesti
Chapter 110 Intermission
Chapter 111 Breakthrough
Chapter 112 Blissful Night Life
Chapter 113 The Chosen Location And The Duel
Chapter 114 News Of The Mountain Barbarians
Chapter 115 An Unwelcome Guest
Chapter 116 Baron Camorra
Chapter 117 Tabik'S Demand
Chapter 118 The Issue Of Compensation
Chapter 119 The Decision To Deploy
Chapter 120 The Days Of The Expedition
Chapter 121 Duke Loggins'S Plot
Chapter 122 Return In Futility
Chapter 123 Urgent Reinforcement Request
Chapter 124 Warzone Merchants
Chapter 125 Battles Of Nobles
Chapter 126 Knight Carnival
Chapter 127 The Plot Of The Kenmays Family Head
Chapter 128 Request For Peace
Chapter 129 Knight Waxima
Chapter 130 Troop Deployment
Chapter 131 The Massacre And The Suspension Bridge
Chapter 132 Josk'S Fire Arrows
Chapter 133 Rolling Boulders
Chapter 134 Surprise Takeover
Chapter 135 Completion
Chapter 136 Out Of Options
Chapter 137 Aftermath Matters
Chapter 138 News Of The Kenmays Family
Chapter 139 Celebratory Banquet
Chapter 140 Shock
Chapter 141 The Whereabouts Of The Convoy
Chapter 142 Charade The Demon
Chapter 143 The Experiences Of The Messengers
Chapter 144 Hennard'S Ransom
Chapter 145 Release
Chapter 146 Departure
Chapter 147 Dilemma
Chapter 148 The Mounted Archers Unit
Chapter 149 Blockade
Chapter 150 Small Mountain Village
Chapter 151 Bypass
Chapter 152 Noble Rank Elevation
Chapter 153 Trivial Problems
Chapter 154 Lorist'S Strategy
Chapter 155 The Citadel'S Weakness
Chapter 156 Kill During The Darkness Of The Night
Chapter 157 Burn When The Winds Are Strong
Chapter 158 Worriless Journey North
Chapter 159 Assault During A Snowy Night
Chapter 160 Strategies And Plans
Chapter 161 The Long Wintery Night
Chapter 162 Gentle Spring Rain
Chapter 163 River Crossing
Chapter 164 Conditions And Request
Chapter 165 Plunder, Move, And Destroy
Chapter 166 Battle Preparations At Firmrock Castle
Chapter 167 Auguslo'S Counterattack
Chapter 168 Female Unit
Chapter 169 Felicitas Settlement
Chapter 170 Ridden With Matters
Chapter 171 Female Secretary
Chapter 172 Messenger And Alliance
Chapter 173 Top Kek
Chapter 174 Magical Beast Wave
Chapter 175 Central Town
Chapter 176 Goats In The Town
Chapter 177 Wrapping Up
Chapter 178 Ballistas And Metal Materials
Chapter 179 Daily Life Within The Dominion
Chapter 180 Count Kenmays'S Visit
Chapter 181 Facing The Magical Beast Wave Again
Chapter 182 Military Reorganization
Chapter 183 Sid Steel Armor
Chapter 184 Princess Sylvia
Chapter 185 Count Kenmays'S Letter
Chapter 186 A New Sea Port
Chapter 187 Development Plans
Chapter 188 The Ultimatum
Chapter 189 The Onset Of War
Chapter 190 Before The Battle
Chapter 191 Ballista Storm
Chapter 192 The Unfortunate Blademaster
Chapter 193 Confrontation With Princess Sylvia
Chapter 194 Victor Of The Duel
Chapter 195 Four Family Alliance
Chapter 196 Prisoners And Letter
Chapter 197 Escort
Chapter 198 Settling Down
Chapter 199 Master-Disciple Conversation
Chapter 200 Reidy'S Request
Chapter 201 A Failed Experiment
Chapter 202 Assaulted [Cliffhanger 1 Of 5]
Chapter 203 Grueling Battle [Cliffhanger 2 Of 5]
Chapter 204 Bloody Battle [Cliffhanger 3 Of 5]
Chapter 205 Executed [Cliffhanger 4 Of 5]
Chapter 206 Enslaved [Cliffhanger 5 Of 5]
Chapter 207 Mortification
Chapter 208 Wooden Shack
Chapter 209 House-Building
Chapter 210 Barbarians
Chapter 211 Departure
Chapter 212 Setting Out
Chapter 213 Analysis
Chapter 214 Royal Capital
Chapter 215 Arrangements
Chapter 216 The Decision Of The Duke
Chapter 217 Visit
Chapter 218 Whale Island
Chapter 219 Grandmaster Sid
Chapter 220 Flying Fish Of Dawn
Chapter 221 Tax Collection
Chapter 222 Arrival Of The Dominion Lord
Chapter 223 Tax Collector
Chapter 224 Hector
Chapter 225 Whitebird Restaurant
Chapter 226 Farama Village
Chapter 227 Imperial Capital
Chapter 228 Paradise Gathering
Chapter 229 Davey And The Princess
Chapter 230 Face-Smacking
Chapter 231 Flipping Out
Chapter 232 Leaving
Chapter 233 Breaching Five Camps In The Night
Chapter 234 Investigation
Chapter 235 Discussion
Chapter 236 Heading To Morante City
Chapter 237 At Sea
Chapter 238 Matters Back At Home
Chapter 239 Port Troubles
Chapter 240 The Secret Of Gunpowder
Chapter 241 Glassmith
Chapter 242 The Curious Case Of Luxcrimson Winery
Chapter 243 Unforeseen Changes
Chapter 244 Shocking Developments
Chapter 245 Two Letters
Chapter 246 Blockade At Sea
Chapter 247 Bathing In Blood [Cliffhanger 2 Of 3]
Chapter 248 Escape [Cliffhanger 3 Of 3]
Chapter 249 Senbaud
Chapter 250 Threat And Expropriation
Chapter 251 Dispute Within The Chikdor Merchant Guild (1)
Chapter 252 Dispute Within The Chikdor Merchant Guild (2)
Chapter 253 Mayflower Merchant Guild Assault Incident
Chapter 254 Setup And Counters
Chapter 255 The Glass War
Chapter 256 The Haphazard War
Chapter 257 Clash Of The High-Tiers
Chapter 258 President Peterson'S Conditions
Chapter 259 The Second Highness'S Assault
Chapter 260 The 5Th Day Of The 4Th Month
Chapter 261 Furybear
Chapter 262 The First And Third Young Masters
Chapter 263 Research And Improvements
Chapter 264 Firearms, War News, And The Nightmare
Chapter 265 Assault From The Hanayabarta Kingdom
Chapter 266 The Aftermath And The March Into Battle
Chapter 267 The Wait
Chapter 268 The Terrible State Of Silowas
Chapter 269 The First Household Blademaster
Chapter 270 Meeting Of The Four Families
Chapter 271 Battle Report
Chapter 272 The Death Of Duke Urubaha
Chapter 273 Before The Expedition
Chapter 274 Money Of All Things Comes The Fastest
Chapter 275 Battle On Shore
Chapter 276 Karman
Chapter 277 Hector And The Slave Camp
Chapter 278 News From Tarkel
Chapter 279 Changing Strategic Arrangements
Chapter 280 Encounter
Chapter 281 Setup
Chapter 282 Arrival
Chapter 283 Royal Capital
Chapter 284 Drunken
Chapter 285 Dueling Grounds
Chapter 286 Three Floors Underground
Chapter 287 Taking Action
Chapter 288 Secret Path
Chapter 289 Trap
Chapter 290 The Ploy
Chapter 291 The Persuasion
Chapter 292 Termination
Chapter 293 The Death Of A Nation
Chapter 294 Arrangements
Chapter 295 Dread Monument
Chapter 296 Garrison Division
Chapter 297 Surrender
Chapter 298 Shocking News
Chapter 299 Reconcilliation
Chapter 300 Refusal
Chapter 301 Jillin Harbor
Chapter 302 The Child'S Play Siege
Chapter 303 Anna And Arri
Chapter 304 The God Of War'S End
Chapter 305 The Odd Situation
Chapter 306 Return To Morante
Chapter 307 The Plight Of Dawn Academy
Chapter 308 Nostalgia
Chapter 309 Dauslyke Hotel
Chapter 310 President Bejisanro
Chapter 311 Preparations
Chapter 312 Arson
Chapter 313 Closing Act
Chapter 314 Ridden With Matters
Chapter 315 Reasons For Coming
Chapter 316 Huge Purchase
Chapter 317 Charade Returns From Seclusion
Chapter 318 Viscount Eidis
Chapter 319 The Duke'S Welcome
Chapter 320 Welcoming Banquet
Chapter 321 Count Chujway'S Narrative
Chapter 322 Duel
Chapter 323 Intelligence Center
Chapter 324 The Tournament Begins
Chapter 325 Three Requests
Chapter 326 Apologies
Chapter 327 The Princess'S Heart
Chapter 328 Missed Initiative
Chapter 329 Dominion Replacement
Chapter 330 Plan Of Attack
Chapter 331 Incident And New Equipment
Chapter 332 The Trouble With Compact Crossbows
Chapter 333 Arrival Of The Second Highness
Chapter 334 Refusal
Chapter 335 Reinforcement
Chapter 336 Negotiations
Chapter 337 Conditions
Chapter 338 Pledging Allegiance
Chapter 339 Lobbying
Chapter 340 Regret
Chapter 341 Landing
Chapter 342 Occupation
Chapter 343 Suggestion
Chapter 344 Reason
Chapter 345 An Audience
Chapter 346 Settling Debt
Chapter 347 Letter
Chapter 348 Gold Coins (1)
Chapter 349 Gold Coins (2)
Chapter 350 Bank, Entitlement And Real Estate
Chapter 351 Update On Catapults And Cannons
Chapter 352 Reidy'S Encounters
Chapter 353 Ambush, Pursuit And Assault
Chapter 354 Demongrass Swamp
Chapter 355 Gold Eagle
Chapter 356 Second Highness, The Path Seeker
Chapter 357 The Second Highness'S Strategy
Chapter 358 Made It In Time
Chapter 359 Captive
Chapter 360 Igloo
Chapter 361 Drinking Session
Chapter 362 Surprising Pledge Of Loyalty
Chapter 363 Banquet And Entitlement
Chapter 364 Strategy And Deployment Meeting
Chapter 365 Rainy Season
Chapter 366 Extermination
Chapter 367 City Entrance
Chapter 368 Escape
Chapter 369 Pursuit
Chapter 370 Humiliation Of The Duke
Chapter 371 Arrival
Chapter 372 Tower Defense Tactic
Chapter 373 Onset Of A Great Battle
Chapter 374 Open-Field Battle Preparation
Chapter 375 Victory
Chapter 376 Retreat
Chapter 377 Boblige Mountain Range
Chapter 378 Two Pieces Of Bad News
Chapter 379 Eidelwoke
Chapter 380 100 Thousand Barbarian Cavalry
Chapter 381 The Bloody Battle Of Pedro (1)
Chapter 382 The Bloody Battle Of Pedro (2)
Chapter 383 The Eccentric Queen
Chapter 384 Scheme
Chapter 385 Galini Beloput
Chapter 386 Three Requests
Chapter 387 Property And Taxes
Chapter 388 Mayor Doboff
Chapter 389 Barbarians And Gold Mine
Chapter 390 Jaeger'S Consolidation
Chapter 391 Persuasion
Chapter 392 Admitting Loss
Chapter 393 The Barbarians Cometh
Chapter 394 Defeating The Barbarians
Chapter 395 Gold Mine Obtained
Chapter 396 Insomnia
Chapter 397 Untitled
Chapter 398 Decision
Chapter 399 Effect
Chapter 400 Right Of Inheritance
Chapter 401 Way To Settle The Debt
Chapter402 Marital Bliss
Chapter 403 Negotiations
Chapter 404 Salt Merchant Committee
Chapter 405 The Storm Brews Again
Chapter 406 Inspection
Chapter 407 The Oddity Of The Second Highness
Chapter 408 Carriage Track
Chapter 409 War In The South
Chapter 410 Before The Grand Wedding
Chapter 411 The Wedding
Chapter 412 Survey
Chapter 413 Second Highness'S Scheme
Chapter 414 Changes
Chapter 415 Crossing The Border
Chapter 416 Meeting
Chapter 417 The Allies
Chapter 418 Plotting
Chapter 419 Declaration
Chapter 420 The Battle Begins
Chapter 421 War
Chapter 422 Trenches And Mud Walls
Chapter 423 Stalemate
Chapter 424 Flooding
Chapter 425 The Two Dukes' Decisions
Chapter 426 Rescue
Chapter 427 Migration
Chapter 428 Hot Spring Valley
Chapter 429 Word Of The Swordsaint
Chapter 430 Method
Chapter 431 Three Methods (1)
Chapter 432 Three Methods (2)
Chapter 433 All Quiet On The Southern Front
Chapter 434 The Line Of Succession
Chapter 435 Round Up And Hunt
Chapter 436 Envoy And Conditions
Chapter 437 Moonlight Stones
Chapter 438 Argument
Chapter 439 House Nordingham
Chapter 440 Submission
Chapter 441 Distribution Of Rewards
Chapter 442 Big Business
Chapter 443 Return To The Northlands
Chapter 444 Dealing With Matters
Chapter 445 Trouble And Busywork (1)
Chapter 446 Trouble And Busywork (2)
Chapter 447 Knight Lundmorde
Chapter 448 Conspiracy
Chapter 449 Helplessness
Chapter 450 A Peaceful Year
Chapter 451 Joint Development
Chapter 452 Contract Singing
Chapter 453 Hostage
Chapter 454 Rescue
Chapter 455 Swordsaint'S Domain
Chapter 456 Platinum Beach
Chapter 457 Refusal
Chapter 458 Lorist'S Considerations
Chapter 459 Secret Plot
Chapter 460 Deal Sealed
Chapter 461 Prepare For War!
Chapter 462 Start The War!
Chapter 463 Baron Abott
Chapter 464 Surprise Attack Ongoing
Chapter 465 Siege
Chapter 466 From Attack To Defense
Chapter 467 Danger
Chapter 468 Resolution
Chapter 469 Triumph
Chapter 470 Fall Of The City
Chapter 471 The Coming Of The Rainy Season
Chapter 472 Regroup
Chapter 473 Banquet
Chapter 474 Reply
Chapter 475 Envoy Krilos
Chaper 476 Invitation
Chapter 477 Lashing Out
Chapter 478 Severely Injured
Chapter 479 Awakening
Chapter 480 On The Run
Chapter 481 Hunter'S Cabin
Chapter 482 Recuperation
Chapter 483 Internal Strife (1)
Chapter 484 Internal Strife (2)
Chapter 485 The Feral Wolves And The Magical Bear
Chapter 486 Karitoke
Chapter 487 War On The Plains
Chapter 488 Bad News
Chapter 489 The Loyalty Of A Scoundrel, The Loyalty Of A Traitor
Chapter 490 Various Matters
Chapter 491 Human Resources
Chapter 492 Heavy Military Reorganization
Chapter 493 Tying Up Loose Ends
Chapter 494 Reinforcement
Chapter 495 To Deploy Or To Not Deploy
Chapter 496 Invincible Fleet
Chapter 497 Northsea
Chapter 498 The First Encounter
Chapter 499 The Second Naval Battle
Chapter 500 Conclusion Of The Battle
Chapter 501 Lorist'S Preparations
Chapter 502 Intel And Final Battle
Chapter 503 Captain Woodleis'S Worries
Chapter 504 Confident Of Victory
Chapter 505 Decisive Naval Battle
Chapter 506 Suicide Charge
Chapter 507 Messed Up Victory
Chapter 508 Meeting After The Battle
Chapter 509 Decision And Promise
Chapter 510 Plan
Chapter 511 Befuddle
Chapter 512 Occupation
Chapter 513 Fall Of The City
Chapter 514 Trouble
Chapter 515 Crisis Control
Chapter 516 The Angle Of Merchants
Chapter 517 Miscalculation
Chapter 518 Pitfall Trap
Chapter 519 Jindoz'S Gift
Chapter 520 Auguslo'S Trust
Chapter 521 Charade'S Plan
Chapter 522 Economic Measures
Chapter 523 Response To The Peace Negotiations
Chapter 524 Leaving The Camps With Nothing
Chapter 525 Dinag'S Encounters
Chapter 526 Protest
Chapter 527 Shocking News
Chapter 528 Rather Miss Than Meet
Chapter 529 Merciless
Chapter 530 Loan Problems
Chapter 531 Two Letters
Chapter 532 Agreement And Rumors
Chapter 533 Two Conditions
Chapter 534 Callisto Hills
Chapter 535 War Discussion
Chapter 536 Approaching Battle
Chapter 537 Duel
Chapter 538 Day Of The Grand Battle
Chapter 539 Duel Of The Swordsaints
Chapter 540 Grand Victory
Chapter 541 After The Battle
Chapter 542 Year 1781
Chapter 543 Arrangements
Chapter 544 Report
Chapter 545 Independence Pact
Chapter 546 Debate
Chapter 547 War Council
Chapter 548 Mountain Path
Chapter 549 Sandbag
Chapter 550 Duke Nikolas
Chapter 551 The Change Of The Tides
Chapter 552 Knight Wecksas
Chapter 553 Count Mireitas
Chapter 554 Duke Peterson'S Demands
Chapter 555 Surrender
Chapter 556 Reconciliation
Chapter 557 Retreat And Leasing Land
Chapter 558 Dominion For Rent At 3000 Gold
Chapter 559 Study
Chapter 560 Still So Busy At Home
Chapter 561 Enfeoffment Talks
Chapter 562 Secret Intel From The Trade Union
Chapter 563 Enfeoffment And Arrangements
Chapter 564 Alisa'S Marriage
Chapter 565 Blissful Union
Chapter 566 Belief And Supervision
Chapter 567 Dean Claude'S Request
Chapter 568 Who Would Assassinate You?
Chapter 569 Arrival At The Imperial Capital
Chapter 570 Terrence-Donkey Whip
Chapter 571 Invitation And Murder
Chapter 572 Kill Them All
Chapter 573 Flipping Out And Falling Out
Chapter 574 Turning Back Suspicion-Filled
Chapter 575 Marquis Krilos'S Frustration
Chapter 576 Suggestion To Demilitarize
Chapter 577 Entanglement
Chapter 578 Free Citizens
Chapter 579 Auguslo'S Provocation
Chapter 580 Plundering Incident
Chapter 581 Auguslo'S Objection
Chapter 582 Huge Blunder
Chapter 583 The Obstructive Andelou Merchant Guild
Chapter 584 Malek'S Defenses
Chapter 585 Taking A Few Steps Back
Chapter 586 Auguslo'S Handwritten Letter
Chapter 587 The Bird Called Bolga
Chapter 588 Trade War
Chapter 589 Lack Of Manpower
Chapter 590 Celebration And Budgets
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Total Chapters in book: 591
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Alternative Titles:

Chóngshēng zhī lǐngzhǔ chuánqí, Legend of the Reincarnated Lord, 重生之领主传奇

Source: LiberSpark
Book Details / Information: In a world where magic is long but a thing of the distant past, where humans have the potential of harnessing a dormant power within them, called Battle Force…

A man from modern day Earth finds himself suddenly waking up in the body of Norton Lorist, a youth of noble descent that had been exiled from his homeland in the North by his family to Morante City, the capital of the Forde Trade Union on the pretext of pursuing his studies.

Little did he know what would await him when he receives summons from his family years later to return to the Northlands and inherit the position of the family head…

This is the tale of his life before the summons…

This is the tale of his journey northward and the allies he gathers along the way…

This is the tale of his rebuilding his family’s dominion and keeping it safe from other power hungry nobles…

This is the “Tales of the Reincarnated Lord”

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************



Singwa hung high up in the sky as always, sending light and warmth down to the streets.

The massive statue of Singwa, the God of the Sun, Light and War, under the illumination of sunlight, stood shiny and gleaming at the shrine, exuding an air of magnificence.

Morante City, the capital of the Forde Trade Union, was the largest trade and port city in the Grindia Continent.

This city had the largest amount of shrines dedicated a pantheon of deities, earning the city the moniker: The City of Shrines.

It also had the most academies on the whole continent, among which included seven of the top ten highest ranked ones, causing it to also be known as the Academy City.

This was the most populated city on the Grindia continent; it had a population which numbered almost eight hundred thousand.

Over here, businesses flourished and people came and go. The amount of gold coins circulating in the daily economy of the city usually amounts to millions. Countless mercenaries, swordsmen, adventurers, artisans, peddlers as well as the common folk and slaves each with their own dreams and aspirations.

The bards often sang about how this city was a favored land of the gods, a land rich with wealth and prosperity…

The second largest waterway on the Grindia Continent, the Silver River, silently nourished the Falik Plains and entered the seas from the west part of the city, giving rise to a bay filled with hidden treasures and a great maritime armada.

The vast and rich Falik Plains, thanks to the abundant sunlight, produced various goods including honey, allowing the city to grow larger and larger thanks to the yearly harvest.

167 years ago, the Archduke of the old Falik Empire, Forde Morante suddenly announced a reform that led to the relinquishing of the hereditary feudal lord system and the adoption of the republic system. Serfdom was also abolished, liberating up to 400 thousand serfs. This reform greatly startled the various nations on the continent.

Greatly advocating trading as a means to develop the nation, Archduke Forde Morante rallied six other merchant guilds under one banner, forming the Forde Trade Union and began to trade with various other countries. This was later recorded in history as the Great Forde Reformation.

The newly-founded trade union embraced freedom and openness, causing hordes of wealth-hungry people to flock over as well as inciting jealousy from various other powers.

The Krissen Empire, one of the three great empires of the Grindia Continent, declared the Great Morante Reformation to be illegal and proceeded to invade the Falik Plains, starting a war the lasted more than a hundred years.

The newborn Forde Trade Union however did not yield. Rallying countless slaves under the banner of freedom, they met the invasion with similar appalling force. For more than a hundred years, blood stained across the Falik Plains.

Two Krissen emperors, more than ten dukes and countless elite soldiers fell at the Falik Plains to the forces of Morante City. However, the bright blue flag of the Forde Trade Union stood proud and tall.

Over the countless years of war, the trade union grew stronger. With 100 thousand warriors and clever plots, they dealt the empire a final blow that brought down the sole Sword Saint of the empire, winning themselves twenty years of peace and sending the Krissen Empire down the path of decay.

Following the Krissen Empire’s last emperor’s death by sickbed, the three princes started an internal power struggle for the throne, further crippling the already dying empire and allowing the trade union to be free of their threat and to rise and prosper. Within those twenty years, the trade union apexed and became the top superpower on the Grindia Continent. The influence the union had on trade throughout the continent was immeasurably great.

Morante City, the city that persisted, the capital of freedom. Originally, it was known as the Seaview Citadel. To commemorate the great deeds of Forde Morante for fending off the Krissen Empire’s invasion, the name was changed to Morante City. To accommodate for rapid economic development, the Forde Trade Union commissioned for thirty six other districts to be built outside the citadel’s walls as well as a new wall surrounding the newly-built districts, dividing the city into the outer walls and the inner walls.

But Morante himself didn’t call the different sectors of the city that. He termed the inner part the Upper City Sector and City Core. The west outer part was called the Academic Sector, which contained about twenty academies of various disciplines. The northwest part of the outer city contained the Naval Sector, the Port Sector the Business Sector, which occupied the most space, and the Camp Sector which was where non-residents usually resided. To the northeast of the city was the Garrison Sector and the rest of the east and south parts were the Residential Sector.

Although Morante City was the capital of the Forde Trade Union, the union’s highest council was not responsible for the city’s management. Instead, the city’s management was handled by a mayor in the City Core who was elected once every five years by the union council. After the mayor’s five-year term, the council collects evaluations from one representative from every district and decides if the current mayor will take on another term.

The Forde Trade Union was faced with powerful underworld syndicates which resulted in sky high expenditures during the time of its formation. So, to prevent corruption and to streamline the administration process, they set up a brilliant new policy from a mercantile perspective: They legalized the syndicates and put them in charge of the security, taxes and hygiene of the various districts of the city. This achieved multiple things. Firstly, each and every syndicate kept each other in check and prevented the rise of an uncontrollable major syndicate. Second, this decreased the city management’s expenditures and human resources by a huge fraction. Lastly, it also made the syndicates easier to manage. For example, should the citizens of a district be unhappy with the management of the syndicate in charge, the city council will remove said syndicate with the cooperation of other syndicates.

Initially, this policy was not met with much favor. However, that all changed within two years. The security of the area was greatly improved and the crime rate greatly decreased as well. The expenditures saved from having to suppress the syndicates went to the development of infrastructure, further improving the living standards of the city residents.

This result greatly surprised the naysayers of the union and it also prompted many kingdoms to reevaluate the management of the city. The conclusion was that the effectiveness of the syndicates’ management greatly surpassed that of the many kingdoms’ own officials, who were great embarrassments in comparison.

This was Morante City, a haven for merchants, filled with vigor and rife with many curiosities. Some called it heaven while others called it a city of devilish temptation and deprivation.

During the day, the streets were filled with the sound of rowdy merchants and the shrines resounded with hymns of prayer, while the nights were full of merry debauchery. This was Morante City, the city that never sleeps.


Total Chapters in book: 591
Estimated words: 1635811 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 8179(@200wpm)___ 6543(@250wpm)___ 5453(@300wpm)