Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent by Banana Panting

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 Finding Prey
Chapter 3 Begins To Evolve
Chapter 4 Tree Lizard
Chapter 5 Natural Enemies
Chapter 6 Rainstorm Is Coming
Chapter 7 Wildca
Chapter 8 Acciden
Chapter 9 3Rd Evolution
Chapter 10 Forest Fire
Chapter 11 Latest Findings
Chapter 12 Smart Squirrel
Chapter 13 Exploring The Area
Chapter 14 The Snake And The Squirrel
Chapter 15 Expanding Territory
Chapter 16 Beauty Streamer
Chapter 17 Shocked Chen Meng
Chapter 18 Getting Reputation Points
Chapter 19 Strengthening Determination
Chapter 20 New Skills
Chapter 21 Crazy Hunting
Chapter 22 Fifth Evolution
Chapter 23 Seasonal Change
Chapter 24 Snatching Prey
Chapter 25 Life And Death Battle
Chapter 26 Close Escape
Chapter 27 Zhang Wei
Chapter 28 Encountering The Eagle Again
Chapter 29 Bold Action
Chapter 30 Goodbye Xiao Ma
Chapter 31 New Nes
Chapter 32 Exploring New Territory
Chapter 33 Group Attack
Chapter 34 Surrounded
Chapter 35 Patience
Chapter 36 Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 37 Fish Stealing Thief
Chapter 38 Monkey Group
Chapter 39 Fleeing
Chapter 40 Fang Yun Counterattack
Chapter 41 Honeycomb Trap
Chapter 42 Humans In The Mountain
Chapter 43 Dangerous Chase
Chapter 44 Killing Peoples
Chapter 45 Looking For King Cobra
Chapter 46 Meeting Humans Again
Chapter 47 Peak Match
Chapter 48 Finding Lunch
Chapter 49 New Journey
Chapter 50 Time Flies
Chapter 51 Reservoir Storm
Chapter 52 Fishing Allowed
Chapter 53 Sad Guy
Chapter 54 Beautiful Misunderstanding
Chapter 55 Mysterious Creatures
Chapter 56 Where Is The Big Fish?
Chapter 57 Entering The Fores
Chapter 58 King Of The Marsh
Chapter 59 Acting With Tyranny
Chapter 60 Eating A Leopard
Chapter 61 Exterminating Action
Chapter 62 Meeting Humans Again
Chapter 63 There Is Really A Python
Chapter 64 Xiaoma Appears
Chapter 65 Famous Fang Yun
Chapter 66 Salmons
Chapter 67 Morning Hun
Chapter 68 New Skills
Chapter 69 Harves
Chapter 70 Aggressive Bear
Chapter 71 Discovered Trail
Chapter 72 Almost Got Laid
Chapter 73 Meeting With Poachers.
Chapter 74 Killing Inten
Chapter 75 Unexpected Death
Chapter 76 The Massacre
Chapter 77 End Of The Even
Chapter 78 Was Tracked
Chapter 79 The Battle With A Tiger
Chapter 80 Causing A Sensation
Chapter 81 The End Of The Journey
Chapter 82 Arriving In The Prairie
Chapter 83 Entering The Grassland
Chapter 84 King Of The Prairie
Chapter 85 Who Is The Killer?
Chapter 86 Shocked People
Chapter 87 Mysterious Disappearance
Chapter 88 Lions Hunting
Chapter 89 Wandering Lions
Chapter 90 3 Party Convergence
Chapter 91 A Legendary Battle Maybe
Chapter 92 Annoying Cheetahs
Chapter 93 Evolution And Lion King Lei Bai
Chapter 94 The Fall Of The King
Chapter 95 Fang Yun Appeared
Chapter 96 Shocking The Audience
Chapter 97 Global Craze
Chapter 98 Sci-Fi Movie Replication
Chapter 99 Completing The Main Task
Chapter 100 Changes In Mentality
Chapter 101 Reactions Of The Parties
Chapter 102 Arriving At The Rainfores
Chapter 103 Attack Of Chimpanzees
Chapter 104 Fulfilling The Evolution Requiremen
Chapter 105 End Of Evolution
Chapter 106 Finding A Suitable Location
Chapter 107 Forest Park
Chapter 108 Advertising Plan
Chapter 109 Creating The Fake Monster
Chapter 110 Preparations
Chapter 111 Press Conference
Chapter 112 Diving Service
Chapter 113 Taking Pictures Of The Monster
Chapter 114 Underwater Screams
Chapter 115 Plan Gone Wrong
Chapter 116 Getting Discovered
Chapter 117 Luring The Giant Python
Chapter 118 Deep Sea Blue
Chapter 119 Meeting An Acquaintance
Chapter 120 Underwater Exploration
Chapter 121 Exploration Results
Chapter 122 Monsters And Boats
Chapter 123 New Journey
Chapter 124 Finding An Archipelago
Chapter 125 Juvenile Ham
Chapter 126 Unconvinced Ham
Chapter 127 Shocked Ham
Chapter 128 Preparing To Enter The Sea
Chapter 129 Sardines
Chapter 130 Storm
Chapter 131 Fearful Ham
Chapter 132 Sea Monster Found
Chapter 133 The Giants Hidden Underwater
Chapter 134 A Big Harves
Chapter 135 Sunken Ship
Chapter 136 Alien Civilization
Chapter 137 Mutant Lanternfish
Chapter 138 Monsters Battle
Chapter 139 Island Maru
Chapter 140 Terrifying Creature
Chapter 141 Monster Fish And Giant Python
Chapter 142 Soaring Bio-Energy
Chapter 143 Are There Monsters In The Sea?
Chapter 144 Little Girl
Chapter 145 The Turtles Massacre
Chapter 146 News Fermentation
Chapter 147 Fang Yun’S Growth
Chapter 148 Sea Monster Appears
Chapter 149 The Battle Under The Sea
Chapter 150 Is That A Sea Monster?
Chapter 151 What Is That?
Chapter 152 Stunned Crowd
Chapter 153 Becoming Famous Again
Chapter 154 Professor Hoover
Chapter 155 Catching The Python
Chapter 156 Monster Threat Theory
Chapter 157 Mutant Octopus
Chapter 158 Ham’S Encounter
Chapter 159 The Giant Sea Serpent Appear
Chapter 160 Danger Is Approaching
Chapter 161 The Python Counterattack
Chapter 162 Space Channel
Chapter 163 The Beginning Of The Invasion
Chapter 164 Cretaceous Period Creature
Chapter 165 Fighting A Mutant Octopus
Chapter 166 The Giant Monster
Chapter 167 Great Changes In The World
Chapter 168 The Four Sea Kings
Chapter 169 Thunder Domain
Chapter 170 The Kraken Invasion
Chapter 171 The Serpent Appears
Chapter 172 The World Pattern
Chapter 173 The Return Of The Kraken
Chapter 174 Fang Yun’S Whereabouts
Chapter 175 Thousand Ring Islands
Chapter 176 Who Is The Strongest Monster?
Chapter 177 Hirota’S Video
Chapter 178 The 5Th Monster King
Chapter 179 Studying The Giant Serpen
Chapter 180 The Giant Turtle Secre
Chapter 181 The Thieving Serpen
Chapter 182 Preparation For Evolution
Chapter 183 The Mutant Elsamosaurus
Chapter 184 Capturing The Mutant Elasmosaurus
Chapter 185 Disappointing Discovery
Chapter 186 Mysterious Acciden
Chapter 187 Mythological Gian
Chapter 188 The Prologue Begins
Chapter 189 Kaiju Strikes
Chapter 190 Desperate Escape
Chapter 191 Mysterious Being Appears
Chapter 192 Giant Serpent Appears!
Chapter 193 The Rescue Arrives
Chapter 194 Silicon-Based Creature
Chapter 195 Overclocking Resonance
Chapter 196 Okinawa Island
Chapter 197 Godzilla-Wannabe Kaiju
Chapter 198 Pitiful Kaiju
Chapter 199 Stealing Prey Again
Chapter 200 The Beginning Of The Crisis
Chapter 201 Rescuing The Giant Turtle
Chapter 202 Massive Casualties
Chapter 203 Space Channel Discovery
Chapter 204 Bombing The Space Channel
Chapter 205 Strange Sea
Chapter 206 Full Kaiju Outbreak
Chapter 207 Ruined City
Chapter 208 Crocodile-Kaiju
Chapter 209 Another Discovery
Chapter 210 Nuclear Winter
Chapter 211 Humans Advancemen
Chapter 212 Energy Crisis
Chapter 213 Level 5 Kaiju “Mad Cow”
Chapter 214 The Divine Snake
Chapter 215 Leaving The African Continen
Chapter 216 Kaiju Cloning Success
Chapter 217 Neural Connection Technology
Chapter 218 Animals Mutation
Chapter 219 Exploring Grass Sea
Chapter 220 Sudden Encounter
Chapter 221 New Human Weapons
Chapter 222 Technology Explosion
Chapter 223 Sky Mothership
Chapter 224 Changes In The Ocean
Chapter 225 Practical Training
Chapter 226 Inflated
Chapter 227 Training Event Begins
Chapter 228 Conflict Between Countries
Chapter 229 Intimidation And Retrea
Chapter 230 Devouring Kappa
Chapter 231 Second Bloodline
Chapter 232 Nubra Island
Chapter 233 4-Dimensional Computer
Chapter 234 Jurassic Park
Chapter 235 Li Zhi’S Doubts
Chapter 236 Arena
Chapter 237 Accidents In The Park
Chapter 238 Death Chase
Chapter 239 Fang Yun Wakes Up
Chapter 240 The Roar Of The Serpen
Chapter 241 Giant Creatures Frenzy
Chapter 242 Desperate People
Chapter 243 The Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 244 True Despair
Chapter 245 Aliens
Chapter 246 The War Begins
Chapter 247 Targeting The Giant Serpen
Chapter 248 New Challenges
Chapter 249 Blue Planet’S Counterattack
Chapter 250 Humans Counterattack
Chapter 251 Sea And Air Battles
Chapter 252 The Giant Serpent Debu
Chapter 253 The Amazing Giant Serpen
Chapter 254 Taking A Small Step Forward
Chapter 255 Good News And Evolution
Chapter 256 Three Years Later
Chapter 257 Exploration Team
Chapter 258 Kaiju Mother Exposure
Chapter 259 The Spy Snake
Chapter 260 On The Eve Of The Decisive Battle
Chapter 261 The War Is On The Verge
Chapter 262 The Battle Begins
Chapter 263 Chaotic Battlefield
Chapter 264 Battle Developmen
Chapter 265 Fighting Against The Kaiju Mother
Chapter 266 The Last Battle
Chapter 267 The Result Of The Nuclear Explosion
Chapter 268 The Last Strike
Chapter 269 Cataclysmic Explosion
Chapter 270 Reentering The Grass Sea
Chapter 271 Entering The Space Vortex
Chapter 272 Interstellar Colonization Star
Chapter 273 The Spark Of Civilization
Chapter 274 80 Years Later
Chapter 275 Longing For The Ocean
Chapter 276 Two “Islands”
Chapter 277 Huge Discovery
Chapter 278 Zhao Cheng’S Repor
Chapter 279 The Influence Of The Giant Monsters
Chapter 280 The Giant Serpent Awakening
Chapter 281 The Chaotic Crowd
Chapter 282 Leaving The Blue Planet And New Beginning
Chapter 283 The Status Of The Earth Plane
Chapter 284 Important Meeting
Chapter 285 Past History
Chapter 286 Sea Monsters Hunting Game
Chapter 287 Traces Found
Chapter 288 Sea Monster Hunting Game
Chapter 289 The Daily Life Of The Giant Serpen
Chapter 290 Pirate Jack
Chapter 291 Encounter With Pirates
Chapter 292 Battle Traces Discovered
Chapter 293 Thor’S Encounter
Chapter 294 Mysterious Stealth-Type Monster
Chapter 295 Encounter
Chapter 296 Scaring The Contestants
Chapter 297 Lucky Thor
Chapter 298 Lihua Trade Company
Chapter 299 Tian Fu’S Encounter
Chapter 300 Giant Whale Monster
Chapter 301 Area 4
Chapter 302 Looking For The Melville Whale
Chapter 303 Top-Class Mothership ‘Conch’
Chapter 304 Internet Friends Mee
Chapter 305 Surrounded By Two Huge Monsters
Chapter 306 Two Powerful Monsters
Chapter 307 Dangerous Battle With The Melville Whale
Chapter 308 Tang Guo’S Doubts
Chapter 309 Evolution And New Skills
Chapter 310 Surprising Encounter
Chapter 311 Fighting Pirates
Chapter 312 Mysterious Exterminator
Chapter 313 Black Iron Fortress
Chapter 314 Preliminary Exploration Of The Forbidden Land
Chapter 315 Old Dominator
Chapter 316 Exploring The Forbidden Land
Chapter 317 Finding Leads
Chapter 318 Tang Guo’S Experience
Chapter 319 Dangerous Jungle
Chapter 320 Terrifying Monsters And The Great Escape
Chapter 321 The Grand Entrance Of The Giant Serpen
Chapter 322 First Confrontation With The Old Dominator
Chapter 323 The Beginning Of The Preparation
Chapter 324 Sudden Change In The Tang Family
Chapter 325 Beginning Of Contac
Chapter 326 Tang Family Crisis
Chapter 327 Unexpected Appearance
Chapter 328 First Official Contact With Humans
Chapter 329 Official Conversation
Chapter 330 The Old Dominator 2
Chapter 331 Demonstration And Sudden Attack
Chapter 332 Advanced Spaceship Elvira
Chapter 333 The Lord Of The Galaxy
Chapter 334 Skyriver Civilization
Chapter 335 The Start Of The War
Chapter 336 Escape Route
Chapter 337 Silver Fleet Invasion
Chapter 338 The Terrifying Power Of Elvira
Chapter 339 Golden Claw Behemoth
Chapter 340 Fleeing Spaceship
Chapter 341 Two Monsters Confrontation
Chapter 342 Fighting Against The Aliens
Chapter 343 Fierce Figh
Chapter 344 Earth Wandering Plan
Chapter 345 Chapter Situation And New Skills
Chapter 346 The Earth Wandering Plan Star
Chapter 347 Crossing The Wormhole
Chapter 348 Source Stone
Chapter 349 Space Cargo Ship
Chapter 350 Confrontation
Chapter 351 The Start Of The Battle
Chapter 352 Cell Distortion
Chapter 353 Grave Star Battlefield
Chapter 354 Heavenly Stem Solar System
Chapter 355 Brahma Star Field
Chapter 356 Space Lighthouse
Chapter 357 Randall
Chapter 358 Ninth Celestial Domain
Chapter 359 Inter-Galactic Wanted Order
Chapter 360 Whereabouts Exposed
Chapter 361 Undercurrents
Chapter 362 Warhammer
Chapter 363 The Golden Behemoth
Chapter 364 Rematch With The Great Will
Chapter 365 Central Continen
Chapter 366 Secret Area
Chapter 367 The Lucky Race
Chapter 368 The Disintegration Of The Folded Space
Chapter 369 Lucky Find
Chapter 370 Red Coral
Chapter 371 Fang Yun’S Return
Chapter 372 The Death Of The Pirates
Chapter 373 Battlestar
Chapter 374 Star Beast Tide
Chapter 375 Redrick
Chapter 376 Tang Guo’S Crisis
Chapter 377 Heavy Targeting
Chapter 378 Disaster-Class Star Beas
Chapter 379 Fighting Against The Star Beetle
Chapter 380 Fang Yun’S Level
Chapter 381 The End Of The Battle
Chapter 382 Returning To The Red Sun Base
Chapter 383 Elder Lu Yuan
Chapter 384 A New Generation
Chapter 385 Reentering The Central Continen
Chapter 386 The Annoying Giant Serpen
Chapter 387 Wanted Order
Chapter 388 Captured Team
Chapter 389 Dome Civilization
Chapter 390 The Attack Of The Giant Serpen
Chapter 391 The Federation’S Counterattack
Chapter 392 Dome Civilization
Chapter 393 Attacking The Dome Civilization
Chapter 394 Red Dog Commando
Chapter 395 The Annihilation Of The Red Dog Commando
Chapter 396 The Start Of The War
Chapter 397 Extinction
Chapter 398 Ultimate Gravity
Chapter 399 Approaching Crisis
Chapter 400 Family Meeting
Chapter 401 Battle Star
Chapter 402 Space Battle
Chapter 403 Fang Yun’S Counterattack
Chapter 404 End Of The War
Chapter 405 Turbulence In The Galaxy
Chapter 406 Five Counsellors And One Emperor
Chapter 407 Al-Star Bel
Chapter 408 Appearance In Tianlun
Chapter 409 New Bloodline, Heavenly Snake
Chapter 410 Hunter Galaxy Vs Milky Way Galaxy
Chapter 411 Testing The Skills
Chapter 412 Angelo
Chapter 413 Hunter Galaxy Flee
Chapter 414 Hidden Conspiracy
Chapter 415 The Appearance Of The Great Serpen
Chapter 416 Crushing The Hunter Flee
Chapter 417 Tang Guo’S Disappearance
Chapter 418 Confrontation In Space
Chapter 419 Two Fleets Confrontation
Chapter 420 Appearing In The Border Battlefield
Chapter 421 Norton-Class Planet Destroyer
Chapter 422 Battle Against The Hunter War Flee
Chapter 423 Leaving The Scene
Chapter 424 Entering The Al-Star Bel
Chapter 425 Spear And Roses
Chapter 426 Gathering Information
Chapter 427 Nightmare-Class Star Beas
Chapter 428 Sea Cow’S Ability
Chapter 429 The Death Of Sea Cow
Chapter 430 The Reappearance Of The Golden Behemoth
Chapter 431 Battle And Escaping
Chapter 432 San Marino
Chapter 433 The 13 Elders
Chapter 434 Appearing On The Imperial Plane
Chapter 435 The Influence Of The Giant Serpen
Chapter 436 Super Flee
Chapter 437 Siege Against The Great Serpen
Chapter 438 Abrupt Escape
Chapter 439 Attacking The Imperial Plane
Chapter 440 Lurking In The Void
Chapter 441 Large Infection Area
Chapter 442 Slaughter
Chapter 443 The Pathogen Appears
Chapter 444 Golden Behemoth Vs Imperial Flee
Chapter 445 Mysterious Flee
Chapter 446 Painful Escape
Chapter 447 Evolution And Meeting
Chapter 448 Incredible Pressure
Chapter 449 Guerilla War
Chapter 450 Seventh Heaven
Chapter 451 Roy Berg
Chapter 452 Returning To The Imperial Capital
Chapter 453 The Milky Way Has Changed
Chapter 454 The Chaotic Great Serpen
Chapter 455 Incoming Battle
Chapter 456 Cataclysmic Blas
Chapter 457 Impasse
Chapter 458 Catastrophe
Chapter 459 The Last Ship
Chapter 460 Despair And Escape
Chapter 461 The End Of The Supreme Blue Empire
Chapter 462 The Nine Heavens
Chapter 463 Travelling Across The Void
Chapter 464 The Unexpected Movements Of The Skyriver Empire
Chapter 465 Reaching The Eighth Heaven
Chapter 466 Sakura Academy
Chapter 467 Reckless Drummond
Chapter 468 Drummond’S Death
Chapter 469 Doron’S Reques
Chapter 470 Hunting Lis
Chapter 471 Encounter In Space
Chapter 472 Battle Against Sakura Academy Students
Chapter 473 The Death Of Lao Cai
Chapter 474 Investigation
Chapter 475 Quake Across The Four Heavens
Chapter 476 Declaring War On The Great Serpen
Chapter 477 The Beginning Of The War
Chapter 478 Doron’S Determination
Chapter 479 The War Fleet Appear
Chapter 480 Harel
Chapter 481 Fierce Figh
Chapter 482 Harel’S Death
Chapter 483 Stalemate
Chapter 484 Cade’S Plan
Chapter 485 Black Hole Annihilation
Chapter 486 Mysterious Abilities
Chapter 487 Initial Fame And New Skills
Chapter 488 Outside Influence
Chapter 489 The Eighteen Ruins
Chapter 490 Plan And Undercurrents
Chapter 491 The Stance Of The Eighth Heaven
Chapter 492 Five Fleets
Chapter 493 Splitting Up
Chapter 494 Lisz
Chapter 495 Annihilation And Suspicion
Chapter 496 Suppor
Chapter 497 Hit And Run
Chapter 498 Dilemma
Chapter 499 Chance From Fate
Chapter 500 The Great Serpent’S Plan
Chapter 501 Attacking Finsen’ Fleet.
Chapter 502 Otto’S Thoughts
Chapter 503 The Death Of Finsen
Chapter 504 The Mysterious Creature
Chapter 505 The Arrogant Golden Behemoth
Chapter 506 Virtual Space
Chapter 507 Fang Yun’S Interference
Chapter 508 Terrifying Blow
Chapter 509 Fear And Panic
Chapter 510 Doron’S Awe
Chapter 511 Luxurious Fleet
Chapter 512 The Involvement Of Sakura Academy
Chapter 513 Growth And Arrival
Chapter 514 Linna And Interview
Chapter 515 Mike’S Death
Chapter 516 Sudden Attack And Panic
Chapter 517 High-Level Pollutant Clan
Chapter 518 The Weakest Link
Chapter 519 Launching An Attack
Chapter 520 The Zhuo Ping Squadron
Chapter 521 Spider Formation
Chapter 522 Terrifying Catastrophe
Chapter 523 The Fierce Serpent
Chapter 524 The End Of The Allied Fleet
Chapter 525 The End Of The Battle
Chapter 526 Uproar
Chapter 527 Sakura Academy Students
Chapter 528 Battle Against Life Mechas
Chapter 529 Leaving The Eighth Heaven
Chapter 530 Gamma Rays Burst
Chapter 531 Accidental Discovery
Chapter 532 Evolution And Waiting
Chapter 533 Speaker Powell
Chapter 534 Giant Bull Constellation
Chapter 535 First Confrontation
Chapter 536 The Trap
Chapter 537 The Evolution Of The Great Turtle
Chapter 538 Second Attack
Chapter 539 Conjoined Super Attack
Chapter 540 One Trillion Reputation Points
Chapter 541 Dragon Snake
Chapter 542 Fifty Years
Chapter 543 Interception
Chapter 544 The Crisis Of The Giant Turtle
Chapter 545 The Entrance Of The Great Serpent
Chapter 546 Fierce Battle
Chapter 547 Revenge
Chapter 548 Prey And Hunter
Chapter 549 Mental Pressure
Chapter 550 Plan
Chapter 551 Search Device
Chapter 552 Chaos
Chapter 553 Mo Yun And Carmen
Chapter 554.1 Seed And New Skills (Part 1)
Chapter 554.2 Seed And New Skills (Part 2)
Chapter 555.1 “Space Devour” (Part 1)
Chapter 555.2 “Space Devour” (Part 2)
Chapter 556.2 High-Dimensional Creature And War (Part 2)
Chapter 557.1 Dilemma And Dusk (Part 1)
Chapter 557.2 Dilemma And Dusk (Part 2)
Chapter 558.1 Space Base (Part 1)
Chapter 558.2 Space Base (Part 2)
Chapter 559.1 Coexistence And Death (Part 1)
Chapter 559.2 Coexistence And Death (Part 2)
Chapter 560.1 Destruction And Growth (Part 1)
Chapter 560.2 Destruction And Growth (Part 2)
Chapter 561.1 Gu Li’S Death (Part 1)
Chapter 561.2 Gu Li’S Death (Part 2)
Chapter 562.1
Chapter 562.2
Chapter 563.1
Chapter 563.2
Chapter 564.1
Chapter 564.2
Chapter 565.1
Chapter 565.2
Chapter 566.1
Chapter 566.2
Chapter 567.1
Chapter 567.2
Chapter 568.1
Chapter 568.2
Chapter 569.1
Chapter 569.2
Chapter 570.1
Chapter 570.2
Chapter 571.1
Chapter 571.2
Chapter 572.1
Chapter 572.2
Chapter 573.1
Chapter 573.2
Chapter 574.1
Chapter 574.2
Chapter 575.1
Chapter 575.2
Chapter 576.1
Chapter 576.2
Chapter 577.1
Chapter 577.2
Chapter 578.1
Chapter 578.2
Chapter 579.1
Chapter 579.2
Chapter 580.1
Chapter 580.2
Chapter 581.1
Chapter 581.2 The Reappearance Of The Great Will (Part 2)
Chapter 582.1 The Fear Of The Great Will (Part 1)
Chapter 582.2 The Fear Of The Great Will (Part 2)
Chapter 583.1 Investigation Team (Part 1)
Chapter 583.2 Investigation Team (Part 2)
Chapter 584.1 Infiltration And Information (Part 1)
Chapter 584.2 Infiltration And Information (Part 2)
Chapter 585.1 Test (Part 1)
Chapter 585.2 Test (Part 2)
Chapter 586.1 Domain Master Cultivator (Part 1)
Chapter 586.2 Domain Master Cultivator (Part 2)
Chapter 587.1 Intense Battle And Escape (Part 1)
Chapter 587.2 Intense Battle And Escape (Part 2)
Chapter 588.1 Secret Realm (Part 1)
Chapter 588: Secret Realm (Part 2)
Chapter 589: Izumo Empire And Infiltration (Part 1)
Chapter 589.2 Izumo Empire And Infiltration (Part 2)
Chapter 590.1 Burning Legion (Part 1)
Chapter 590.2 Burning Legion (Part 2)
Chapter 591.1 Invasion (Part 1)
Chapter 591.2 Invasion (Part 2)
Chapter 592.1 Discovery And Rescue (Part 1)
Chapter 592.2 Discovery And Rescue (Part 2)
Chapter 593.1 Reversed Roles (Part 1)
Chapter 593.2 Reversed Roles (Part 2)
Chapter 594.1 The Start Of The Invasion (Part 1)
Chapter 594.2 The Start Of The Invasion (Part 2)
Chapter 595.1 Development Of The Defense Line (Part 1)
Chapter 595.2 Development Of The Defense Line (Part 2)
Chapter 596.1 The Fall Of The Gama Empire (Part 1)
Chapter 596.2 The Fall Of The Gama Empire (Part 2)
Chapter 597.1 Conflict With The Izumo Empire (Part 1)
Chapter 597.2 Conflict With The Izumo Empire (Part 2)
Chapter 598.1 Tournament (Part 1)
Chapter 598.2 Tournament (Part 2)
Chapter 599.1 Incoming Danger (Part 1)
Chapter 599.2 Incoming Danger (Part 2)
Chapter 600.1 Ouyang Xue (Part 1)
Chapter 600.2 Ouyang Xue (Part 2)
Chapter 601.1 The Decisive Battle (Part 1)
Chapter 601.2 The Decisive Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 602.1 Hometown (Part 1)
Chapter 602.2 Hometown (Part 2)
Chapter 603.1 Luo Chun (Part 1)
Chapter 603.2 Luo Chun (Part 2)
Chapter 604.1 Blue Planet Empire (Part 1)
Chapter 604.2 Blue Planet Empire (Part 2)
Chapter 605.1 The Tang Clan (Part 1)
Chapter 605.2 The Tang Clan (Part 2)
Chapter 606.1 Distant Memories (Part 1)
Chapter 606.2 Distant Memories (Part 2)
Chapter 607.1 Luo Feng'S Breakthrough (Part 1)
Chapter 608.1 Grey Mist Organization (Part 1)
Chapter 608.2 Grey Mist Organization (Part 2)
Chapter 609.1 Infiltration Plan (Part 1)
Chapter 609.2 Infiltration Plan (Part 2)
Chapter 610.1 Leaving The Metaverse (Part 1)
Chapter 610.2 Leaving The Metaverse (Part 2)
Chapter 611.1 Sea Behemoths' Disappearance (Part 1)
Chapter 611.2 Sea Behemoths' Disappearance (Part 2)
Chapter 612.1 Tang Guo (Part 1)
Chapter 612.2 Tang Guo (Part 2)
Chapter 613.1 Gathering Of Powerhouses (Part 1)
Chapter 613.2 Gathering Of Powerhouses (Part 2)
Chapter 614.1 Conspiracy (Part 1)
Chapter 614.2 Conspiracy (Part 2)
Chapter 615.1 Fierce Battle (Part 1)
Chapter 615.2 Fierce Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 616.1 Clash Of Sages (Part 1)
Chapter 616: Clash Of Sages (Part 2)
Chapter 617: News From The Metaverse (Part 1)
Chapter 617: News From The Metaverse (Part 2)
Chapter 618: Discovered (Part 1)
Chapter 618: Discovered (Part 2)
Chapter 619: Surrounded (Part 1)
Chapter 619: Surrounded (Part 2)
Chapter 620: Cosmic Sensation (Part 1)
Chapter 620: Cosmic Sensation (Part 2)
Chapter 621: The Heavenly Star (Part 1)
Chapter 621: The Heavenly Star (Part 2)
Chapter 622: The Battle Of The Two Powerhouses (Part 1)
Chapter 622: The Battle Of The Two Powerhouses (Part 2)
Chapter 623: Chase Across The Universe (Part 1)
Chapter 623: Chase Across The Universe (Part 2)
Chapter 624: Solar System (Part 1)
Chapter 624: Solar System (Part 2)
Chapter 625: The Shocked Humans (Part 1)
Chapter 625: The Shocked Humans (Part 2)
Chapter 626: Home And Family (Part 1)
Chapter 626: Home And Family (Part 2)
Chapter 627: Heisenberg Empire (Part 1)
Chapter 627: Heisenberg Empire (Part 2)
Chapter 628: Preparation (Part 1)
Chapter 628: Preparation (Part 2)
Chapter 629: Decisive War With The Moon Seeker (Part 1)
Chapter 629: Decisive War With The Moon Seeker (Part 2)
Chapter 630: Special Starships (Part 1)
Chapter 630: Special Starships (Part 2)
Chapter 631: Truce And Incident (Part 1)
Chapter 631: Truce And Incident (Part 2)
Chapter 632: The Enraged Fang Yun (Part 1)
Chapter 632: The Enraged Fang Yun (Part 2)
Chapter 633: The Death Of The Third Prince (Part 1)
Chapter 633: The Death Of The Third Prince (Part 2)
Chapter 634: Half-Step Universe Master (Part 1)
Chapter 634: Half-Step Universe Master (Part 2)
Chapter 635: Chang Zhang (Part 1)
Chapter 635: Chang Zhang (Part 2)
Chapter 636: The Plan Of The Five Empires (Part 1)
Chapter 636: The Plan Of The Five Empires (Part 2)
Chapter 637: The Assistance Of The Five Empires (Part 1)
Chapter 637: The Assistance Of The Five Empires (Part 2)
Chapter 638: The Ten War Generals (Part 1)
Chapter 638: The Ten War Generals (Part 2)
Chapter 639: Battle Against The Ten Fleets (Part 1)
Chapter 639: Battle Against The Ten Fleets (Part 2)
Chapter 640: The Awakening Of The Universe Master (Part 1)
Chapter 640: The Awakening Of The Universe Master (Part 2)
Chapter 641: Battle Against The Universe Masters (Part 1)
Chapter 641: Battle Against The Universe Masters (Part 2)
Chapter 642: Impending Catastrophe (Part 1)
Chapter 642: Impending Catastrophe (Part 2)
Chapter 643: Hao Meng (Part 1)
Chapter 643: Hao Meng (Part 2)
Chapter 644: Fighting The Strongest
Chapter 645: 500 Years
Chapter 647: The Final Clash (Part 1)
Chapter 647: The Final Clash (Part 2)
Chapter 648: History Repeats Itself (End)
Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Fantasy, Mature, Mystery, Ongoing, Sci-fi, Supernatural Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , Alternative names: All Realms Start with Python, 万界之从巨蟒开始,


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Alternative Titles:

All Realms Start with Python, 万界之从巨蟒开始

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Fang Yun has become a snake and got a system, the system requires him to brush up to 10 million reputation values, or face eternal death. So Fang Yun began to crazily upgrade!

A beautiful outdoor streamer in the mountains, facing the camera and the live friends sending gifts but was caught by a one-meter-long python.

3,000 meters above the sea surface, Lake Logar is suspected of the appearance of water monsters, causing a large number of tourists to explore.

On the calm sea, a luxurious cruise ship is slowly moving forward. Visitors stood on the deck as the sea breeze blow. Suddenly, someone found that under the water behind their cruise ship, a black shadow hundred of meters long is following closely.

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Chapter 1 Reincarnated As A Snake

In a wet jungle, a 20-cm-long grey snake stared at a black-spotted frog not far from it.

The snake was hidden between a cluster of dead leaves. The color of its body made it almost integrated with the surrounding environment. The nail-sized black-spotted frog, although vigilantly shifting its eyes, did not find the existence of the small snake.

“Target: black-spotted frog, amphibious, can provide 1 bioenergy point.”

A mechanical voice rang in Fang Yun’s mind, telling him the basic information of the creature in front of him.

“1 bio-energy point? Not bad.”

Fang Yun flicked his tongue slightly, staring at the black frog, looking for an opportunity. As time passed the frog eventually dropped its guard. Fang Yun muscles instantly tightened, attacking the frog with lightning-like speed.

His mouth opened, biting the black-spotted frog, not letting it go even as it struggled. Finally, after a minute of trashing, the frog stopped moving. Only then did he release his fangs.

As the frog fell into his mouth, he slowly swallowed it, causing a small bulge to raise in his stomach.

At the same time, his stomach began to secrete a large amount of strong acidic gastric juice, digesting the black-spotted frog that he had just swallowed in a short time.

Having finished his meal, Fang Yun rushed towards the pile of rocks on his left, slithering into them.

Inside the rock pile was a huge abandoned ant mound. There are no ants left, allowing it to become a temporary hiding place for Fang Yun.

He laid down in the nest as he quietly digested the black-spotted frog in his stomach.

Snakes are very slow to digest, especially snakes that are still in their adolescent stage. However, because of the particularity of Fang Yun himself, in less than an hour, he completely digested the frog.

Ring! “The host has successfully gained 1 bio-energy.” The previous mechanical voice once again sounded in Fang Yun’s mind.

Hearing this voice, Fang Yun, who had been resting his eyes, opened them to look at the panel in front of himself. Letting out a sigh of relief, Fang Yun said in his mind, “System, open my information panel.”

A curtain of light appeared in front of him, and on this light curtain was a line of text:

Host: Fang Yun

Race: grey snake (variant species)

Status: Juvenile period

World: Blue Planet (Earth-like Planet)

Main task: The host taking the role “Gray Snake”, must get 10 million reputation points in the world “Blue Planet”.

Mission period: A grey snake life cycle (ten years)

Task Tip: The host can hunt prey, gain bio-energy and evolve himself, improving his power and ability to gain the required reputation value in the world “Blue Star”.

If the host does not gain sufficient reputation point before the character “grey snake” naturally or accidentally dies, the system will determine that the task has failed and will execute the penalty of completely killing the host, Body and Soul.

Host property list: not expanded

After browsing the text on the information panel, Fang Yun couldn’t help but sigh.

It has been ten days since he came to this world, but he still has an unreal feeling, and in his heart, he is always hoping that this is just a dream and that he will eventually wake up.

But every time he looked at the system panel in his mind, he has to recognize the reality. He really did cross over to another world, and most importantly he reincarnated as a snake.

Fang Yun, 18 years old, a high school student without any defining characteristic and no bad habits; An average high school student. That’s why he doesn’t know why this happened to him, why this system chose him.

Ten days ago he set off from home, as usual, going to school to attend classes. Unexpectedly, this system appears halfway to school, killing him and taking him directly to this earth-like planet.

On the first day of crossing into this world, Fang Yun’s mind was filled with boundless fear and despair.

Unlike the excitement of those who cross to new worlds in online novels, he was particularly depressed.

After all, crossing means that he can no longer meet his parents, relatives, and friends, surviving alone in this world. Without even mentioning the fact, of all the things that he can reincarnate into, he reincarnated as a snake.

In such a state of panic, Fang Yun kept praying in his heart, hoping that God would send him back again.

But what he prayed for was not realized. In the end, he could only accept his reality with helplessness, planning on how he could complete the system’s main task.

Not to mention that this bastard of a system that brought him to this place said that if he died, he would die completely, both body and soul, with no chance of ever reincarnating.

Life is better than death. Even if he became a snake, Fang Yun did not want to die so easily. He wants to try to complete the system task. Maybe then he would have a chance to go home in the future.

Fang Yun’s emotions are very complicated in regards to this system in his mind. On the one hand, this system is the culprit, killing him and then taking him to this broken place, but on the other, he has to rely on this system to survive.

This system is called the Universe Adventurer System. As its name implies, it is a system that can take Fang Yun on an adventure throughout the Universe.

But looking at the information on the system panel, If he wants to survive and possibly go back home, he has to complete the task assigned to him by the system; to earn 10 million reputation points in this world.

These so-called reputation points, according to the interpretation of the system, is his fame in this world. The louder his name in the world, the higher his reputation value will be.

However, Fang Yun is still an ordinary snake, not to mention earning reputation value, even if it’s simply surviving, it is still very difficult.

“If I want to complete this task just relying on myself, I don’t know when it will be completed. Fortunately, this system provides me with some convenience.”

In the current world, Fang Yun can gain bio-energy by consuming various prey, and bio-energy allows him to evolve and grow up quickly.

Five days ago, Fang Yun experienced his first evolution, causing his physical attributes to increase linearly.

Looking at the last word in the last line of the information panel, after the “host attribute list,” he said in his mind, “System, expand my properties panel”.

The next moment, the curtain of light in his mind flickered, and the text refreshed.

Host property list:

Level: 2

Bio-energy: 10/15 (once bio-energy is full, the host can evolve)

Skill Points: 1 (rewarded by the system after the evolution, used to activate and upgrade skills)

Body length: 20cm

Diameter: 0.7cm

Strength: 0.1

Defense: 0.05

Speed: 0.2

Agility: 0.2

Spirit: 1.2

Physical strength: 0.5

Skill: None

Reputation value: 0/10000000 (you don’t have any sort of fame in this world)

Seeing that he only needs 5 bio-energy points to upgrade, Fang Yun’s couldn’t help but cheer up. Once he evolves again, his body properties will certainly increase.

In this way, his ability to live in this world will become more solid.

Feeling more secure, Fang Yun is no longer anxious or trying to complete the system main task, but strives to let himself evolve.

His current place is in a jungle that is inaccessible, or at least in the ten days after Fang Yun’s rebirth, he did not find any signs of humans.

In such a jungle, there is certainly no shortage of animals.

Fortunately, in the area around his nest, Fang Yun hadn’t found any carnivorous beasts yet, but this does not mean that he can take the situation lightly.

Because he is too small now. With his current size, even many of the small rodents and animals are his natural enemies: mice, lizards, owls…

While going out to hunt, he will likely encounter at least one of these natural enemies of his.

Therefore, it is very important to strengthen himself as soon as possible to gain the ability to live in this jungle.

Thinking of this, Fang Yun shifted around, wanting to hunt while it was still bright. Slithering forward, he leaves his den to see if he can find other prey.


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