Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken WN by Fuse

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 01 – Let’S See What I Can Do
Chapter 02 – First Contact
Chapter 03 – First Conversation
Chapter 04 – First Friend
Chapter 05 – First Steps
Chapter 06 – Skill Acquisition
Chapter 07 – First Battle
Chapter 08 – The Power In My Hands
Chapter 09 – Negotiating With The Goblins
Chapter 10 – The Battle Of The Goblin Village
Chapter 11 – Evolving Monsters
Chapter 12 – Preparing Our Environment
Chapter 13 – To The Dwarf Kingdom
Chapter 14 – Trouble
Chapter 15 – A Deal With The Guards
Chapter 16 – The Dwarf Blacksmith
Chapter 17 – The Outcome Of The Promise
Chapter 18 – The End Of Turmoil
Intermission ~Bagworm Gobuta~
Chapter 19 – Return To The Village
Chapter 20 – Toward The Village’S Revival
Chapter 21 – A New Movement
Chapter 22 – The Adventurers Who Finally Arrived
Chapter 23 – Flame Giant
Chapter 24 – Reminiscence~ Funeral March
Chapter 25 – Human Transformation!
Chapter 26 – New Abilities
Chapter 27 – The Ogre Tribe
Chapter 28 – Jobs
Chapter 29 – Lizardmen’S Invasion
Chapter 30 – Envoy
Chapter 31 – Emergency Meeting
Chapter 32 – Stage Curtain Rises
Chapter 33 – Audience
Chapter 34 – The Outbreak Of War
Chapter 35 – War Preparations
Chapter 36 – Participation In The War
Chapter 37 – Encounter ~ Benimaru & Ranga
Chapter 38 – Devil Gelmudo
Chapter 39 – Gears Of Fate
Chapter 40 – Orc Disaster
Chapter 41 – Predator
Chapter 42 – The Great Jura Forest Coalition
Chapter 43 – War Reparations
Chapter 44 – And Thus We Finished The City
Chapter 45 – Those Who Observe
Chapter 46 – A Country’S Name And Two Treaties
Chapter 47 – A City’S Specialty
Chapter 48 – Demon Lords’ Invasion
Chapter 49 – Hurricane Milim
Chapter 50 – Frontier Garrison
Chapter 51 – To The Human City
Chapter 52 – Journey
Chapter 53 – Freedom Association
Chapter 54 – Business ~ The Start Of A Trade
Chapter 55 – Adventurer Registration
Chapter 56 – Ingrasia Kingdom
Chapter 57 – To Learn Magic
Chapter 58 – The Summoned ~ Those Who Are Called Heroes ~
Chapter 59 – The Church Moved
Chapter 60 – A Bit Sudden, But Let’S Have A Test
Chapter 61 – The First Dungeon Conquest
Chapter 62 – A Spirit Is…
Chapter 63 – Children And Spirits
Chapter 64 – Last Days In The Royal Capital
Chapter 65 – The Prelude To Disaster
Chapter 66 – Chance Meeting
Chapter 67 – Forest Assailants
Chapter 68 – Soul And Hope
Chapter 69 – Birth Of Demon Lord
Chapter 70 – Harvest Festival
Chapter 71 – I, The One Who Had Sprouted
Chapter 72 – Upon Awakening
Chapter 73 – The Freed One
Chapter 74 – Veldora
Chapter 75 – Conference
Chapter 76 – Conference – Main Act
Chapter 77 – Ramiris’ Report
Chapter 78 – Demon Lords
Chapter 79 – Dino And Dagruel
Chapter 80 – The Incident Before The Banquet
Chapter 81 – At The Banquet
Chapter 82 – Equality In Death
Chapter 83 – Eight-Star Demon Lords
Chapter 84 – The Downfall Of Falmas Kingdom
Chapter 85 – The Words That Reached
Chapter 86 – Those Who Move In The Dark
Chapter 87 – The Holy City
Chapter 88 – Towards The Second Encounter
Chapter 89 – Different Plans
Chapter 90 – Vs. Holy Knights Part 1
Chapter 91 – Vs. Holy Knights Part 2
Chapter 92 – Vs. Holy Knights Part 3
Chapter 93 – Vs. Holy Knights Part 4
Chapter 94 – Mastermind
Chapter 95 – Complete Victory
Chapter 96 – Chance To Speak
Chapter 97 – Compensation And Future Relations!
Chapter 98 – Letter Of Invitation
Chapter 99 – Tournament Preparations
Chapter 100 – Underground Labyrinth
Chapter 101 – Smooth Plan
Chapter 102 – Audience With Monsters
Chapter 103 – Monster Slave
Chapter 104 – The Night Before
Chapter 105 – Preliminary Round
Chapter 106 – Tournament – Finals Part 1
Chapter 107 – Tournament – Finals Part 2
Chapter 108 – Tournament – Finals Part 3
Chapter 109 – Tournament – Finals Part 4
Chapter 110 – Tournament – Finals Part 5
Chapter 111 – Tournament – Finals Part 6
Chapter 112 – Tournament – Finals Part 7
Chapter 113 – Tournament – Finals Part 8
Chapter 114 – Tournament – Finals Part 9
Chapter 115 – Underground Labyrinth Exploration Party
Chapter 116 – Evaluation Conference
Chapter 117 – Smooth Sailing
Chapter 118 – Labyrinth And Trust
Chapter 119 – The Way To Enjoy A Dungeon
Chapter 120 – Setting Off
Chapter 121 – Hinata And The Kids
Chapter 122 – Hinata And Yuuki
Chapter 123 – Predestined Fate
Chapter 124 – Birth Of A Hero
Chapter 125 – The Memories Of The Hero
Chapter 126 – The Rebellion’S Beginning
Chapter 127 – Excuse And Reflection
Chapter 128 – Alliance Of Three Kingdoms
Chapter 129 – Yuuki Subjugation Raid
Chapter 130 – A Suddent Invitation
Chapter 131 – Demon Lord Leon
Chapter 132 – Kagurazaka Yuuki
Chapter 133 – Leon Vs Yuuki Part 1
Chapter 134 – Leon Vs Yuuki Part 2
Chapter 135 – After The Incident
Chapter 136 – Eastern Empire
Chapter 137 – A Year Of Progress
Chapter 138 – A Request From The Council
Chapter 139 – The Whole Story Of The Assembly
Chapter 140 – Research Results
Chapter 141 – U An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 142 – Military Affairs
Chapter 143 – The Dreadful Corps
Intermission -Venom’S Story-
Chapter 144 – Underground Labyrinth Capture –Enforcer Scout Platoon-
Chapter 145 – Underground Labyrinth Capture-Capture Of Irresistible Force-
Chapter 146 – Underground Labyrinth Capture –Outcome And Conclusion-
Chapter 147 – The Empire That Start To Move.
Chapter 148 – A Decision Made Too Late.
Chapter 149 – Night Before The War Begin
Chapter 150 – Expectations That Became True
Chapter 151 – Great War Outbreak –Start–
Chapter 152 – Great War Outbreak – Agitation And Resolution-
Chapter 153 – Great War Outbreak –The Beginning Of The Trampling-
Chapter 154 – Great War Outbreak –The Smiling Demon–
Chapter 155 – First Battle Victory And Enemy Main Forces
Chapter 156 – The Mysterious Lion Mask
Chapter 157 – Battle Of The Dungeon.
Chapter 158 – The Absolute Strongest Of The Dungeon.
Chapter 159 – The Capital’S Defensive Battle.
Chapter 160 – The Clean-Up Annihilation War.
Chapter 161 – A Demon Lord’S Work Isn’T A God’S
Intermission –Shinji’S Situation-
Chapter 162 – Reward And Evolution Part 1
Chapter 163 – Reward And Evolution Part 2
Chapter 164 – Reward And Evolution Part 3
Chapter 165 – The Out-Of-Control Gears.
Chapter 166 – A Coup D’État In The Imperial Capital.
Chapter 167 – The Segregation Point Of The Era
Chapter 168 – Guy ? Crimson
Chapter 169 – Negotiations With Guy
Chapter 170 – A Pleasant Tea Party
Chapter 171 – Clash! Storm Dragon Vs Scorch Dragon – First Half –
Chapter 172 – Clash! Storm Dragon Vs Scorch Dragon -Last Half-
Chapter 173 – Rage
Chapter 174 – Rimuru Vs Storm Dragon & Scorch Dragon
Chapter 175 – Veldora Released
Chapter 176 – Sword Of Tempest
Chapter 177 – The Black Numbers
Chapter 178 – The Black Numbers Vs The Empire ― First Half―
Chapter 179 – The Black Numbers Vs The Empire – Last Half –
Chapter 180 – Duel On Deck
Chapter 181 – Towards The Final Stage
Chapter 182 – The Entrusted Will
Chapter 183 – Establishing The Contract
Chapter 184 – The Faceoff
Chapter 185 – The Beginning Of A New Game
Intermission – Guy ? Crimson –
Chapter 186 – First Move
Chapter 187 – The One Who Observes
Chapter 188 – Apostle Of The End
Chapter 189 – Army In The Sky
Chapter 190 – Ultimate Skill
Chapter 191 – Ciel-Sensei’S Skill Synthesis
Chapter 192 – Walpurgis
Chapter 193 – To Each Preparations
Chapter 194 – World Rumbling
Chapter 195 – Chaos And Counter-Moves
Chapter 196 – Lion King Vs The Four Fiends Of The Heaven Commanders’ Vega
Chapter 197 – Demon Vs Angel
Chapter 198 – Gobuta & Karion Vs The Four Fiends Of The Heaven Commanders’ Vega
Chapter 199 – Rimuru Disappearance[1]
Chapter 200 – Each Of Their Reactions
Chapter 201 – Preparations On Leon’S Side
Chapter 202 – Moderate Clown Troupe
Chapter 203 – Great Demon Lord Kazaream
Chapter 204 – The Confused World
Chapter 205 – Vs Dagruel Part 1
Chapter 206 – Vs Dagruel Part 2
Chapter 207 – Vs Dagruel Part 3
Chapter 208 – Vs Dagruel Part 4
Chapter 209 – Sprout Of Envy
Chapter 210 – Leon’S Feelings
Chapter 211 – Calculation That Goes Amiss
Chapter 212 – Foolish Kazaream
Chapter 213 – Unjust Ending
Chapter 214 – The Closed World
Chapter 215 – Time Accelerated
Chapter 216 – Vs Dagruel Part 5
Chapter 217 – Vs Dagruel Part 6
Chapter 218 – Vs Dagruel Part 7
Chapter 219 – Vs Dagruel Part 8 –Conclusion-
Chapter 220 – Royal Capital Disturbance
Chapter 221 – Royal Capital Disturbance –Hero-
Chapter 222 – Royal Capital Disturbance -Sudden Change-
Chapter 223 – Royal Capital Disturbance -Evacuation-
Chapter 224 – Royal Capital Disturbance -Defeat-
Chapter 225 – Intersected Checkmate
Chapter 226 – Labyrinth’S Encroachment - Part 1
Chapter 227 – Labyrinth’S Encroachment Part 2
Chapter 228 – Labyrinth’S Encroachment Part 3
Chapter 229 – Labyrinth’S Encroachment Part 4
Chapter 230 – Labyrinth’S Encroachment Part 5
Chapter 231 – Labyrinth Encroachment Part 6
Chapter 232 – Labyrinth’S Encroachment Part 7
Chapter 233 – Labyrinth’S Encroachment Part 8 -Conclusion-
Chapter 234 – Archangel’S Domination
Chapter 235 – In The Northern Land –First Part-
Chapter 236 – In The Northern Land -Middle Part-
Chapter 237 – In The Northern Land -Last Part-
Chapter 238 – Justice And Contradiction
Chapter 239 – Soaring Wall
Chapter 240 – Final Decisive Battle Part 1
Chapter 241 – Final Decisive Battle Part 2
Chapter 242 – Final Decisive Battle Part 3
Chapter 243 – Final Decisive Battle Part 4
Chapter 244 – Final Decisive Battle Part 5
Chapter 245 – Final Decisive Battle Part 6
Chapter 246 – Rimuru Vs Yuuki –First Part–
Chapter 247 - Rimuru Vs Yuuki – Part 2
Chapter 248 - Rimuru Vs Yuuki – Part 3-
Chapter 249
Chapter 250
Chapter 251
Chapter 252
Chapter 253
Chapter 254
Chapter 255
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Alternative Titles:

Regarding Reincarnated to Slime, Tensei Shitara Suraimu datta Kudan, 关于我转生后成为史莱姆的那件事简介, 転生したらスライムだった件

Source: Guro Translation
Book Details / Information: A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his coworker’s new fiance out of the way. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a voice. This voice is strange and interprets his dying regret of being a virgin by giving him the [Great Sage] unique skill! Is he being made fun of ?!

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************


Translator: Clown

Other Stuff: Guro

Death ~and Reincarnation~

A life so normal that nothing can be said about it.

After leaving college, I joined a major general contractor firm and am living alone now at the age of 37. Having no girlfriend.

Filial duty left to my older brother, my life is essentially that of an independent, single noble.

Neither short of height, or wanting of a good face. Yet unpopular. I have tried exhorting effort into finding a girlfriend – and have confessed thrice! – but after being dumped, my heart is left shattered. Well, having reached this age, I can honestly say that this romance thing is naught but troublesome.

And although you could say that I am mostly busy with work, it’s not like I am troubled by not having one.

It’s not like I am making excuses… really.

「Senpai! Sorry for keeping you waiting!」

With a cheerful smile the young man approaches me. And, by his side–a beauty.

More specifically, the young man, Tamura, is a junior at the same company I work at; the one by his side is our company’s renowned Madonna, the receptionist Sawatari-san.

Yep, I have been asked by these guys to offer consultation on their upcoming marriage.

And by the way, this is the reason why I started wondering about my own unpopularity.

The after-work rendezvous was held at an intersection, and there the two hoped to indulge my thoughtfulness and support.

「Yeah. So, what kind of advice are you looking for?」

I ask while greeting Sawatari-san.

「Hello, pleased to meet you. My name is Sawatari Miho. Although we have seen each other before, this would be the first time we are speaking, right? Makes me nervous, somehow. 」

The nervous one is me, damn it! I mean, I am not that good with speaking

to girls in the first place. Cut me some slack! With such words, I silently

complain to myself.

And in the first place, with no apparent love experience, what kind of

advice can I even offer? Aren’t you all just poking fun at me! It’s spite,

isn’t it.

「Hello. I am Mikami Satoru. No need to be nervous or anything.

Sawatari-san is famous with us, so I know who you are even without the introduction. About Tamura–we went to the same University, you know, so we’ve had lots to talk about. After which we naturally hung out a bit.」

「What’s this about being famous? Are there weird rumors floating


「Yeah. Like having had an affair with Chief X, or going on dates with Ykun–things like that.」

It was all just teasing, of course. And although I intended these to be just some light jokes, Sawatari-san’s face turned bright red and she looked at me with watery eyes. Hate to admit it, but she looked adorable.

Well, my jokes lack both delicacy or tact, and I am often told to keep my mouth shut… but I end up saying them anyways.

Yep, failed again, huh? Yep, I am just bad with women.

And as if on cue, in steps Tamura, lightly tapping her shoulders.

Damn it, Tamura you bastard! It’s these situations where you riajuu[1] should just all explode! I should shout this, right?

「Senpai, please leave it at that! And, Miho, you are just being teased!」

With a laugh Tamura continues mediating the situation. Aren’t you dandy,


Bright, cheerful, and without a hint of sarcasm. Isn’t he a lovable guy…

Tamura’s only 28. And although we are so many years apart, we’ve got something in common. Well, nothing to do I guess but to give them my blessing…」

「My bad. I’m just not that good with women. And, well, the location doesn’t help much, does it? Let’s get something to eat and talk there.」

It’s just jealousy, after all. And just when I thought so…


Screams. Confusion.

What? What’s going on?

「Move it! I’ll kill you!」

Turning to the sound of the voice, a man brandishing a knife and holding a bag is running towards us.

I hear the scream. I see the man. I see the knife. Where is it pointing? At….


*Don* I hit Tamura out of the way.

*Dosu* There’s a burning pain in my back.

「Tch, damn hindrance!」

Having shouted thus, I see the man escaping and turn to make sure Tamura and Sawatari-san are safe.

With a shout that resembled no words, Tamura runs up to me.

Sawatari-san is stunned by the sudden turn of events, but appears without other injury… thank god.

That being that, my back burns. Feelings of pain aside, it just burns.

What’s up with this? It’s too hot… can’t it let off a bit?

《Confirmed. Establishing heat resistance. Success》

Could it be… was I stabbed?

Can’t be dying from a stab wound….

《Confirmed. Establishing pierce resistance. Success. Additionally, establishing physical attack resistance. Success》

「Senpai… there’s blood coming out… it’s not stopping… its ain’t…」

What’s up with this loud guy. Feel like his voice was strange just now; well, that much can be expected from Tamura.

But blood? Yeah, that’s clearly leaving. I am human, after all. When stabbed, I bleed!

But pain is unpleasant, isn’t it….

《Confirmed. Removing perception of pain. Success》

Well… this is bad, right? Pain and impatience are muddling my senses.

「Ta… Tamura… you are damn loud. It… is not that big of deal, right?

Stop worrying…」

「Senpai… the blood… you keep…」

His face is pale, on the verge of tears, Tamura continues to hold me.

That’s the face that is the ruin of handsome men.

I tried to take a look at how Sawatari-san was doing, but my vision is too hazy. Can’t see.

The burning sensation in my back is gone. Instead, a ferocious cold strikes me.

This could be bad… when people don’t have enough blood, they die, don’t they?

《Confirmed. Creating a bloodless body. Success》

(Hey, you, what’s this you’ve been going on about the past few minutes….)

I try to speak, but no words come out. This is bad, maybe I really will die….

But hey, I no longer feel neither pain nor the burning.

But it’s cold. So cold, and nothing I can do about it. What’s with this… I am too busy of a man to be freezing in this cold.

《Confirmed. Establishing cold resistance. Success.

Additionally, heat resistance has successfully evolved into 『Thermal fluctuation resistance EX』》

At that time, the dying brain cells of mine, with a flash of inspiration, have remembered the truly important things!

Yes! The contents of my PC hard drive!

「Tamuraa!! If and only if, I say, I die… take care of my PC.

I beg you… submerge it in water, turn it on, and completely wipe the data clean…」

Thus I, having summoned the remainder of my strength, have conveyed the matters of most grave importance.

《Confirmed. Attempting full format of all information. Error, impossible

due to lack of definition.

Attempting alternate interpretation. Establishing electricity resistance. Success. Additionally, paralysis resistance has been acquired»

I don’t know exactly what Tamura was saying at that moment, while giving me that blank look.

But, I understood the meaning of what was said.

「Haha… that’s so like Senpai…」

He said with a bitter smile. Who would even want to look at a man’s crying face?

That grin is so many times better.

「You know, I… about Sawatari, I wanted to show her off to Senpai…」

Heh, I knew it.. .this bastard.

「Tch… jeez. I’ve forgiven all of it, so your girlfriend, make her happy, got it? And take care of my PC…」

The last of my strength, was only enough to say that much.

Completely unsatisfied, Mikami Satoru died.

And at that instant, Mikami Satoru’s “soul” linked with a spawned monster in another world.

Into a dimensional crack so small that no eye could see. His soul linked with a mass of magic essence.

This mass of magic essence was the source that bring forth monsters, and to Mikami Satoru who had linked to it, with his thoughts as the base, the mass constructed him a body.

What is normally is essentially an impossibility with an astronomically small chance of occurrence, Mikami Satoru was reborn as a monster in another world.

A life so normal that nothing can be said about it.

After leaving college, I joined a major general contractor firm and living alone now at the age of 37. Having no girlfriend.

Filial duty left to my older brother, my life is essentially that of an independent, single noble.

Thus, a virgin.

Unbelievable, departing the world without ever been put to use… my ‘son’

must be crying right now.

Sorry, I never could make you into an adult…

When I am reborn, we’ll change things around. Go on the offensive with a

bang. Call them out, and go on devouring spree…. But that’s no good, is


《Confirmed. Unique skill『Predator』has been acquired》

And well, at almost forty years old, the thirty year old virgin that I am, in a

magical world would certainly be a sage… heck, a great sage wouldn’t be

out of the question, would it?

《Confirmed. Extra skill『Sage』has been acquired.

Additionally, extra skill『Sage』has successfully evolved into unique skill『Great Sage』》

….Ehh, the hell you’ve been on about? The hell is『Great Sage』! Are you making fun of me?

It isn’t even a bit unique!

I am not laughing here!

So rude..

Thinking that, I went to sleep.

(So this is death, huh… not as lonesome as I thought.)

Those were Mikami Satoru’s last thoughts before he left this world

[1] A person with successful/fulfilling life, object of envy also object for explosion target for Otakus.


Total Chapters in book: 416
Estimated words: 1129434 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 5647(@200wpm)___ 4518(@250wpm)___ 3765(@300wpm)