The Almighty Rich Daughter Is Explosively Cool by Tong Nieer

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Tell Him, This Person Is Now Under My Possession
Chapter 3 - Advanced Stage Of Liking-The-Handsome Syndrome
Chapter 4 - Feng Hen
Chapter 5 - Enchantingly Beautiful And Dangerously Handsome
Chapter 6 - From Today Onwards, I’M Yours
Chapter 7 - Jun Yexuan Wants To Investigate Qiao Qing?
Chapter 8 - Breaking Off The Engagement
Chapter 9 - What Are You All Fighting About!
Chapter 10 - A Slap In The Face. Who Are You?
Chapter 11 - Qiao Qing Is Abusive
Chapter 12 - How About I Be Your Son-In-Law?
Chapter 13 - I Can Wait For Qiao Qing To Grow Up
Chapter 14 - The Sect Leader Asked Me To Give You This
Chapter 15 - I’M Looking For Qiao Qing
Chapter 16 - There Are Too Many Mysteries Surrounding That Girl
Chapter 17 - Am I So Undeserving Of Your Fondness?
Chapter 18 - Auntie, I’M Male!
Chapter 19 - Flirtatious Quarrels
Chapter 20 - Third Brother, Why Are You Following Qiao Qing?
Chapter 21 - The Hero Saving The Beauty
Chapter 22 - She Has Severe Face Blindness
Chapter 23 - Strong Murderous Aura!
Chapter 24 - If You Lost Your Memory, Then Go Find The Policeman
Chapter 25 - Luo Chen
Chapter 26 - A Young Man Dressed In White, Walking Out Of A Manga
Chapter 27 - I Promise To Teach Her A Hard Lesson This Time!
Chapter 28 - Who’S Teaching Whom How To Be A Person?
Chapter 29 - Self Directed And Self Performed Drama!
Chapter 30 - You Can Do Whatever You Want To Me, Just Don’T Ignore Me
Chapter 31 - Jealousy
Chapter 32 - Then I Will Marry Her
Chapter 33 - He Was Jealous Like Crazy
Chapter 34 - Dumb But Rich
Chapter 35 - The Ill Intended Qiao Qing
Chapter 36 - Useless Even If You Call Me Dad
Chapter 37 - Sly Boy Jun Yexuan
Chapter 38 - Qiao Qing Angered, Face Slapping Begins
Chapter 39 - Of Course I’M Here To Bring Qiao Qing Justice
Chapter 40: Throw Out These Two Shameless People!
Chapter 41: This Is Qiao Qing’S Current Fiance
Chapter 42: How Sweet
Chapter 43: You Heartless Girl, You Won’T Miss Me At All?
Chapter 44: Am I Unmarriable?
Chapter 45: Parent Teacher Meeting
Chapter 46: The Jerk Who Gives Her Mom Such A Hard Time
Chapter 47: Qingqing, Are You Trying To Take My Spot?
Chapter 48: Face Slapping Is In Progress
Chapter 49: Difference In Treatment
Chapter 50: His Gene Is So Weak That Your Intelligence Took After Your Mother
Chapter 51: Qiao Qing, Don’T Stir Up Trouble
Chapter 52: Does This Mean You Have Accepted Me As Your Future Husband?
Chapter 53: An Unwelcomed Guest
Chapter 54
Chapter 55: Bring Me The Book, I’Ll Get It Signed For You
Chapter 56: I’Ll Teach Those Who Dare To Make The Princess Angry A Lesson
Chapter 57: There Won’T Be A Next Time
Chapter 58: Slap In The Face
Chapter 59: It Is Qingqing Who Is Giving These To You
Chapter 60: Self Inflicted Humiliation
Chapter 61: What If I Told You, I Am Feng Ci?
Chapter 62: Handsome Boy, Beautiful Girl, It’S A Match!
Chapter 63: Little Xuan Is Far Calmer Than You
Chapter 64: Princess Hug
Chapter 65: Might As Well Drop Her And Let Her Die!
Chapter 66: Do You Have No Effing Idea What You Look Like?
Chapter 67: Jun Yexuan’S Overbearingness
Chapter 68: Now That I’Ve Decided To Come Back, I Have No Plan On Letting You Go
Chapter 69: Perhaps By Then, You Would Have Fallen In Love With Me
Chapter 70: She Wanted To Choke The Man Beside Her To Death
Chapter 71: How Much?
Chapter 72: Trust, Okay?
Chapter 73: Qiao Qing Is Angered And Is Standing Up For The Mother And Daughter Pair
Chapter 74: To Provoke Them Or Not, Will Be Up To Me
Chapter 75: Threaten Me? First, Check If You Have The Capability
Chapter 76: I’M Here To Find My Woman
Chapter 77: Qingqing, You Sure Are Stingy!
Chapter 78: Nobody Can Out-Coquet This Guy
Chapter 79: Your Husband Is Being Checked Out, Aren’T You Jealous
Chapter 80: Expelled
Chapter 81: I Can Explain
Chapter 82: Does Big Sis Qiao Need A Girlfriend? I Volunteer!!
Chapter 83: Just Who Is That Girl?
Chapter 84: Face Slapping
Chapter 85: Does Ms. Liang’S Face Hurt?!
Chapter 86: Then, How Do You Feel About My Son?
Chapter 87: Inappropriate To Steal Her From Right In Front Of My Eyes
Chapter 88: The Third Young Master Is Picking Up Qingqing
Chapter 89: Irreplaceable Number One Big Sister
Chapter 90: The Exam
Chapter 91: The Prelude To Face Slapping
:Chapter 92 Did An Honor Student Miss The Last Practice Exam?
Chapter 93: Mr. Yang, Is There A Typo?
Chapter 94: A Deserving Number 1!
Chapter 95: Face Slapping In Progress
Chapter 96: A Hard Slap!
Chapter 97: You Have Good Grades, You Can Be Impetuous
Chapter 98: Didn’T Want Them Alive!
Chapter 99: Have You Gone Crazy Or Have I?
Chapter 100: She Didn’T Counterattack, She Merely Never Revealed Her True Skills
Chapter 101
Chapter 102: A Duck Talks To A Chicken
Chapter 103: That Old Scoundrel
Chapter 104: Do You Even Know Who Figured Out The Exquisite Unrivaled Positioning?
Chapter 105: Someone She Must Spoil Even If She Has To Kneel
Chapter 106: I’M Truly Done For
Chapter 107: Impressing All Those Present
Chapter 108: Birthday Gift
Chapter 109: Interacting With A Dumb Donkey Like Him Lowers My Iq
Chapter 110: Tell Me Which Trash Can You Are Going To Throw It Out In
Chapter 111: Immeasurable Treasure
Chapter 112: I Will Sit Here And Watch You As You Inflict Death Upon Yourself
Chapter 113: Face Slapping In Progress
Chapter 114: Face Slapping
Chapter 115: You Black Sheep Of A Woman! You Think It’S Easy To Make Money?!
Chapter 116: Play Go Against Me? Her? She’S Not Worthy
Chapter 117: Jun Yexuan Is Drunk
Chapter 118: Young Master Jun Purposely Dropped The Ball
Chapter 119: Wrong Assumptions
Chapter 120: A Dumbfounded Qiao Qing
Chapter 121: Public Declaration Of Love
Chapter 122: Qiao Qing Is Furious
Chapter 123: Take Your Third Brother And Get Out
Chapter 124: Scram! I Want Qingqing!
Chapter 125: Three Doctors, Eight Nurses
Chapter 126: Punishment
Chapter 127: If She’S Delusional Over Me, I Would Wake Up Smiling
Chapter 128: He Didn’T Mind Being A Pyscho
Chapter 129: Untitled
Chapter 130: He Who Lies With Dogs Will Rise With Fleas
Chapter 131: Is Qingqing In A Relationship?
Chapter 132: An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth
Chapter 133: Go Competition (1)
Chapter 134: Go Competition (2)
Chapter 135: Call Me Senior Once You Get In
Chapter 136: We Have Placed All Our Hope On You
Chapter 137: Utter Humiliation!
Chapter 138: Teach Them How To Be A Decent Human Being
Chapter 139: Stop Talking Bullsh!T. Which One Of You Three Wants To Go First?
Chapter 140: It Would Be Great If He Can Bring Qingqing Home As My Granddaughter-In-Law
Chapter 141: Face Slapping In Progress
Chapter 142: Asking For Justice!
Chapter 143: Exhilarating And Satisfying
Chapter 144: Don’T You Like Being Alive
Chapter 145: If You Ask The Third Brother To Let Me Go Back, I Won’T Object To You Becoming My Sister-In-Law
Chapter 146: Unless I Die, You Are Mine This Lifetime
Chapter 147: Thank Me Using A Different Method
Chapter 148: Double-Faced Girl
Chapter 149: A Giant Misunderstanding
Chapter 150: The Prelude To Face Slapping
Chapter 151: Speak If You Want, Fart If You Must
Chapter 152: Face Slapping
Chapter 153: Face Slapping Continued
Chapter 154: This Face Slap Sure Came Fast!
Chapter 155: Is She Really Stupid?
Chapter 156: The World Must Be Crazy!
Chapter 157: I Was Right About You
Chapter 158: How To Deal With A Love Rival
Chapter 159: The Little Girl Was About To Turn Into An Adult?
Chapter 160: Girlfriend??
Chapter 161: Third Young Master Jun’S Worry
Chapter 162: You Can’T Just Sit In Any Man’S Front Passenger Seat
Chapter 163: You Drank From A Bottle I Drank From
Chapter 164: This Is Unbearable
Chapter 165: Out Of It
Chapter 166: Don’T The Single People Deserve Human Right?
Chapter 167: Why Did It Feel Like His Brother’S Head Was Green
Chapter 168: Exam Marks
Chapter 169: Qingqing, Are You Human?
Chapter 170: Is It Possible That Qingqing Is Feng Ci
Chapter 171: Gown
Chapter 172: The Zipper
Chapter 173: I’M Your Only Choice
Chapter 174: There Are No What If’S. She Can Only Be Mine
Chapter 175: Qi Yusen
Chapter 176: Taking Home
Chapter 177: Number One Scholar
Chapter 178: Crushed Into Pieces
Chapter 179: Young Master Qi Is Here
Chapter 180: Face Slapping
Chapter 181: Let Her Gloat A Bit
Chapter 182: Hundreds Of Families Serve To Please The Family With The Daughter
Chapter 183: Replacing Her Son-In-Law
Chapter 184: Asking For Marriage
Chapter 185: Face Slapping
Chapter 186: The Number One Power Force Of The Capital City – The Third Young Master Of The Jun Family
Chapter 187: Two Extraordinary Men Fighting Over One Girl?
Chapter 188: I Will Wait For The Day Qingqing Completely Accepts Me And Becomes My Bride
Chapter 189: Treat Me Like I’M Your Brother
Chapter 190: Face Slapping In Progress
Chapter 191: Face Slapping
Chapter 192: This Slap Sure Is Loud
Chapter 193: Face Slapping
Chapter 194: Birthday Wish
Chapter 195: When You Meet A Nice Guy Like Him, Why Would You Wait
Chapter 196: Some People Just Don’T Get It
Chapter 197: Heartache
Chapter 198: From Now On, He Would Be The One To Protect Her World
Chapter 199: Between You And I, You Never Have To Say Thank You
Chapter 200: Dinner Party
Chapter 201: Rampaging Jun Yexuan
Chapter 202: Take One Second To Mourn For Qiao Qing
Chapter 203: Mischevious Jun Yexuan
Chapter 204: Qiao Qing Is Drunk
Chapter 205: Hubby
Chapter 206: So It Appeared Her Daughter Was Charming
Chapter 207: Princess Style
Chapter 208: Catching Her Red Handed
Chapter 209: Disinfect And Sterilize
Chapter 210: Why Was She So Naive Before?!
Chapter 211: Punishment
Chapter 212: Jun Yexuan, Overbearingly Protective Of His Wife
Chapter 213: His Brother Couldn’T Survive Without Qiao Qing
Chapter 214
Chapter 215: It Was Over For This Girl
Chapter 216: Face Slapping
Chapter 217: The Call
Chapter 218: Jun Yexuan Is Furious
Chapter 219: Just Who Is This Girl?
Chapter 220: Face Slapping
Chapter 221: Face Slapping Continued
Chapter 222: Let Her Go!
Chapter 223: Asking For A Title
Chapter 224: Third Brother! Someone Is Stealing The Fruit Of Your Labor!
Chapter 225: The Quietest Ones Are The Ones Who Get Stuff Done
Chapter 226: Sister Obsessed
Chapter 227: I Can Give Her The Whole World Myself
Chapter 228: Third Young Master Jun, Where’S Your Shame
Chapter 229: Desire To Survive
Chapter 230: Possessiveness
Chapter 231: I’M Your Real Sister, Right?
Chapter 232: Even Though You Are Her Brother, I Am Not Afraid To Steal Her Away From You
Chapter 233: Jealous Of The Brother-In-Law
Chapter 234: Those Who Don’T Know Would Think You’Re In Love With Her
Chapter 235: Is The Miss Familiar With The Capital City?
Chapter 236: Enemies Often Cross Paths
Chapter 237: Face Slapping
Chapter 238: Face Slapping Continued
Chapter 239: Suspicion
Chapter 240: Drowning In The Boss’S Beauty
Chapter 241: The Possessiveness Of Two Men
Chapter 242: When Do I Get A Title?
Chapter 243: If I Don’T Respect You, You Would’Ve Been Mine A Long Time Ago
Chapter 244: Don’T You Recognize Me?
Chapter 245: Boyfriend Power
Chapter 246: Who The Hell Is This?
Chapter 247: The Ghost Lingers
Chapter 248: Threatening And Face Slapping
Chapter 249: Support
Chapter 250: Mind Sharing A Table?
Chapter 251: Our Boss Sure Is A Hot Commodity!
Chapter 252: It’S Not Like She’S Never Eaten It Before
Chapter 253: Brother Is Nervous
Chapter 254: This Journey Of Pursuing His Future Wife Has Been Difficult Enough
Chapter 255: Qiao Qing Scouting
Chapter 256: Giggling On The Outside, Cursing On The Inside
Chapter 257: Pig Trotter Or Your Brother, Which One Do You Like More?
Chapter 258: You Better Pray
Chapter 259: Brother’S Jealous
Chapter 260: The Instructor Is…
Chapter 261: “Adoration” And “Pretty Woman”
Chapter 262: He Underestimated Him
Chapter 263: Even White Lotuses Aren’T As B!Tchy As Him!
Chapter 264: What She Says Is Never What She Means
Chapter 265: The Audition
Chapter 266: You Also Like Author Feng Ci?
Chapter 267: You Don’T Need To Wield Me Like A Weapon
Chapter 268: Threatening, The Prelude To Face Slapping
Chapter 269: You Need To Trade With The Main Actress Role
Chapter 270: A Test
Chapter 271: Face Slapping
Chapter 272: Why Does He Spoil His Arrogant Sister So?
Chapter 273: Even My Own Mother Wouldn’T Recognize Me
Chapter 274: Balding Old Man
Chapter 275: Jun Yexuan’S Tiny Stomach
Chapter 276: I Have Given You And You Sister A Chance
Chapter 277: Trapped
Chapter 278: Young Master Qi’S Face Turned Dark
Chapter 279: Because You Need Me
Chapter 280
Chapter 281: The Girl They’Ve Done Everything To Protect Turned Out To Be A Lot Stronger Than Expected
Chapter 282: Face Slap
Chapter 283: Counter Strike
Chapter 284: Who’S Our Ceo?
Chapter 285: So What If I’M Doing It On Purpose?
Chapter 286: The Person You’Re Up Against Cannot Be Provoked
Chapter 287: Don’T Fall In Love With Me, I’M Not Into Girl On Girl
Chapter 288: So I’M Your Boyfriend Now
Chapter 289: Am I Her Boyfriend Now?
Chapter 290: Couple Dance
Chapter 291: Face To Name
Chapter 292: A Little Face Slapping
Chapter 293: I Will Teach My Girlfriend
Chapter 294: Just Like A Normal Sweet Couple
Chapter 295: Jun Yexuan, You’Re Taking It Too Far!
Chapter 296: Dance Lesson
Chapter 297: Jealous
Chapter 298: Third Bro, You Want To Meet Feng Ci Personally, Right?
Chapter 299: You Dance, I Watch
Chapter 300: When He’S Not Around, I Can Use My Rights As The Boyfriend?
Chapter 301: Blunt And Violent
Chapter 302: That Bastard Dared To Scare Her!
Chapter 303: How Could I Bare The Thought?
Chapter 304: My Face Is For My Wife’S Eyes Only
Chapter 305: Time For Work
Chapter 306: A Fight
Chapter 307: Did His Girl Have To Be So Cute!
Chapter 308: Qiao Qing’S Zither Playing Skill Was Far Suprior!
Chapter 309: Just Because You Don’T Want To Pursue Further, Doesn’T Mean Others Are Willing To Be The Scapegoats
Chapter 310: The Vinegar Jar Spilled Again
Chapter 311: Are You Two Together Now?
Chapter 312: If You Ask Whether Or Not You Have The Title Of The Boyfriend, You Do
Chapter 313: For My Girl
Chapter 314: Doesn’T That Guy Remember He’S An Alumnus?
Chapter 315: You Want An Explanation? I Will Give You One
Chapter 316: Face Slapping
Chapter 317: I’M Sure Everyone Has Questions In Their Mind. Let Me Explain To Everyone
Chapter 318: Face Slap Tian Zhen
Chapter 319: Take You Back
Chapter 320: It Looks Like I’Ve Been Too Kind To You
Chapter 321: I Require Comforting
Chapter 322: I’Ll Use My Head As Collateral!
Chapter 323: I Am Feng Ci, I’M Here For The Opening Ceremony
Chapter 324: Brother, I’M In Love
Chapter 325: I Think Qingqing Is Settling By Being With You
Chapter 326: Third Young Master Jun, From This Moment On, We Are Going To Compete As Equals
Chapter 327: Don’T Assume You Can Sleep In Peace Just Because Qingqing Called You Her Boyfriend
Chapter 328: Even If She Had To Kneel, She Needed To Spoil Qiao Qing
Chapter 329: Do I Look Like A Corpse To You?!
Chapter 330: I’M Not Going To Give You Any Opportunity To Kill Your Husband
Chapter 331: Feng Ci Is Coming Out And Making A Statement?
Chapter 332: Face Slapping
Chapter 333: The Price To Pay For Being Famous
Chapter 334: Elder Bro, Hand Over Our Little Girly Cousin
Chapter 335: Everyone From This Family Was Evildoers
Chapter 336: Take Off Your Pants
Chapter 337: If He Loves Me And Cares For Me, He Wouldn’T Miss My Wedding
Chapter 338: Ancestor Qiao Qing
Chapter 339: Face Slapping In Progress
Chapter 340: A Scribbler?
Chapter 341: Face Slapping
Chapter 342: Face Slap Continued
Chapter 343: This Face Slap Sure Is Loud!
Chapter 344: Are You Going To Hand In Your Resignation Letter Or Should I Fire You
Chapter 345: I’M A Fan Of Such A Fascinating Author!
Chapter 346: Pig Teammates
Chapter 347: I Meant “Trash And Litter” Literally
Chapter 348: Through The Rearview Mirror
Chapter 349: Jun Yexuan, Get Out
Chapter 350: What’S She Got To Compare?
Chapter 351: I’M Here For You
Chapter 352: Qiao Qing Lost Her Composure
Chapter 353: Come Back And Get To Know Your Daughter
Chapter 354: The Engagement Banquet
Chapter 355: To Restore Your Memory, I Need A Laptop
Chapter 356: That’S My Idol
Chapter 357: I’M Not Getting Engaged
Chapter 358: What A Scene Y’All Are Making!
Chapter 359: I Am Yi Feili, The Ceo Of Gr Corporation
Chapter 360: Auntie Lian, Someone Here Is Asking You To Be Her Mother
Chapter 361:
Chapter 362: How Did It Feel To Be Spoiled By His Girl?
Chapter 363: The Ceo Of Sky Entertianment… Is You
Chapter 364: Is There Something Going On Between You And Mu Jinghang?
Chapter 365: Birthday
Chapter 366: God Of Racing
Chapter 367: Even If You Are Not Afraid, I’M Afraid Of Third Young Master Jun
Chapter 368: I Must’Ve Been Blind!
Chapter 369: It Was Indeed Me
Chapter 370: Brother Is Jealous
Chapter 371: Looks Like Someone’S About To Turn Into An Ex!
Chapter 372: They Sure Are Brainless!
Chapter 373: You Don’T Need To Tie Me Down, I’M Not Running Away
Chapter 374: Third Bro, Does Your Hip Hurt?
Chapter 375: Fight Until The End
Chapter 376: You’Ll Never Be Able To Repay Him In Your Lifetime!
Chapter 377: Why Can’T My Girlfriend Be Here?
Chapter 378: To Me, She’S Greater Than Life
Chapter 379: If Dead, I’Ll Bury Her After I Eat
Chapter 380: How Was He Going To Explain This To Those Obsessive Brothers Of Hers?
Chapter 381: Go Away, Let Me Do This
Chapter 382: Is That You, Q?
Chapter 383: Because He Bullied Big Pork Hock!
Chapter 384: Rain And Dew
Chapter 385: The Relationship’S Been Exposed
Chapter 386: Admit My Crime
Chapter 387: Woman, Third Sister-In-Law, Sister
Chapter 388: Date Openly Under Bright Sunlight
Chapter 389: This Country Has The God Of Racing. Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 390: Morons, You’Ll Regret This
Chapter 391: I Wait For Your Victorious Return
Chapter 392: It Would Be Over For His Third Bro
Chapter 393: Success Brings Fame And Fortune, And Failure Brings Laughter And Generosity
Chapter 394: How Come I Feel Like Qingqing Is A Lot More Capable Than You Two
Chapter 395: The Sons Of The Qi Family Were Pitiful
Chapter 396: Pitiful Qi Yunyan
Chapter 397: You Promiscuous Man! You Aren’T Good Enough For My Little Sister!
Chapter 398: My Impression Of Feng Ci Cannot Get Any Worse!
Chapter 399: Who Said Women Are Weaker Than Men?
Chapter 400: The God Of Racing Is Here!
Chapter 401: God Of Racing! You’Re A Dominator!
Chapter 402: God Of Racing, Come Out And Let Us Look At You
Chapter 403: Mini Objects Are Condensed Essences
Chapter 404: She’S A Real Goddess!
Chapter 405: I Now Very Genuinely Believe You Are Not Good Enough For Qiao Qing
Chapter 406: Why Did You Choose Me?
Chapter 407: Just How Many Identities Do You Have? Just Dish At Once
Chapter 408: Nobody Can Hurt Me
Chapter 409: Who Pulled Off That Move Just Now?
Chapter 410: You Curated Your Own Demise
Chapter 411: Everything Ends Today
Chapter 412: Okay, Then Let’S Break Up
Chapter 413: From Today On, I Will Be Your Martial Arts Master
Chapter 414: Teach Me Ancient Martial Arts? You? You Think You’Re Good Enough?
Chapter 415: She Could No Longer Get Up!
Chapter 416: She Must Be The Modern God Of Martial Arts
Chapter 417: How Old Are You This Year?
Chapter 418: How Do I Look Compared To Third Young Master Jun?
Chapter 419: Mr. Steal-His-Girl Is Here
Chapter 420: That Guy Has A Girlfriend Yet He Still Flirts Around?
Chapter 421: Genius Young Woman
Chapter 422: Picking Bones From An Egg + Face Slap
Chapter 423: Young Master Qi And Sect Leader Feng, Which One Do You Prefer?
Chapter 424: Two Young Masters From Two Different Countries Are Fighting Over The Same Girl!
Chapter 425: You’Re Mine
Chapter 426: Let’S Get Registered
Chapter 427: If Those Little Radishes Come Into The World, There Would Be More People Here To Steal You Away From Me
Chapter 428: They Said The Third Young Master Jun And Qiao Qing Are In Love Qing Hotel
Chapter 429: Let Me Tell You, It’S Over Between You And My Sister!
Chapter 430: Brother, It’Ll Be Impossible For You To Break Us Up
Chapter 431: Who Wouldn’T Want A Girl Like That?
Chapter 432: Candy, Candy, Candy
Chapter 433: Why Not Follow His Lead – Lead Of Snatching People
Chapter 434: Curiosity Killed The Cat
Chapter 435: I See No Children In Your Future!
Chapter 436: Qiao Qing Gets Her Fortune Told
Chapter 437: Woman Of The House
Chapter 438: Both My Third Brother, And My Sister-In-Law, Can Give You Hell With A Single Finger
Chapter 439: You Had To Work Hard In Your Past Eight Lives To Obtain Such Luck In This Life
Chapter 440: Get Away From Me!
Chapter 441: So What If I Did It On Purpose?
Chapter 442: You’Re Going To Give Me Children And Grow Old With Me
Chapter 443: He Scared Him Away
Chapter 444: I Will Ban Them From Calling You Their Fourth Uncle
Chapter 445: Party
Chapter 446: How Did That Damn Woman Try To Hurt My Sister?!
Chapter 447: Here To Find An Inheritor
Chapter 448: Third Brother, I Think I Saw Qingqing!
Chapter 449: Qingqing Is A Group Favorite
Chapter 450: Her Iq Is The Highest Here!
Chapter 451: Everyone, How’S The Show?!
Chapter 452: If You Want A Hug, You Can Hug Me
Chapter 453: Stealing Under Broad Daylight
Chapter 454: I Want To Have Your Babies!
Chapter 455: Mu Jinghang: My Dad Was In A Car Accident
Chapter 456: Let Us Talk Through Your Liabilities And Responsibilities
Chapter 457: Answer My Two Questions, And I’Ll Let You Go
Chapter 458: I’M Jealous
Chapter 459: Who Is Leng Yan To You? You Seem To Be Protecting Him
Chapter 460: Go To Sky Entertainment
Chapter 461: Who Said She’S Someone Unrelated?!
Chapter 462: You’Re Familiar With The Sky Entertainment Building?
Chapter 463: Do The Kiss Scene For Me Right Now
Chapter 464: Ceo, Come Party!
Chapter 465: The Chase
Chapter 466: You Helped Me Out Once Again
Chapter 467: Is There A Cat Around Here Who Shares The Same Name?
Chapter 468: Why Is He Acting Like He Had Stepped On A Mine?
Chapter 469: Misunderstand What? That You Think Of Me As A Tigress?
Chapter 470: G… Grandma? Why Are You Here?
Chapter 471: What Have You Been Hiding From Me?!
Chapter 472: Big Brother Is A Talented Actor
Chapter 473: Lie. Keep On Lying
Chapter 474: It’S Going To Be Such A Pity For Your Legs To Break Right After They Heal
Chapter 475: It Looks Like We Need To Sleep In The Same Room If I Want To Keep An Eye On You – Love Of My Life
Chapter 476: Good Luck, Buddy
Chapter 477: Third Young Master Qi Vs Third Young Master Jun. This Could Really Be Something.
Chapter 478: Those Three Bastards Sure Knew Exactly What To Do To Piss Off The Entire Family!
Chapter 479: Did He Already Forget All The Glorious Things This Girl Had Done?!
Chapter 480: Taking The Outsider’S Side
Chapter 481: The Year End Party
Chapter 482: What Can This Girl Do For You If You Help Her?
Chapter 483: A Dog Barks Louder When Its Master Holds Its Leash
Chapter 484: To Her, Qiao Qing Could Be Categorized As An Idiot
Chapter 485: Stirring Up Trouble
Chapter 486: Watch The Show
Chapter 487: Whatever You Want To Do, I Will Cooperate
Chapter 488: Face Slapping
Chapter 489: The Person She’S Been Looking Down On Was The Ceo?!
Chapter 490: Dog Bites Dog
Chapter 491: Do You Want To Go To Hr For Your Last Paycheck After The Party, Or Do You Want To Go Now?
Chapter 492: Who Else? That’S Our Ceo!
Chapter 493: Qingqing Is The Sky Entertainment Ceo
Chapter 494: Each Other’S Savior
Chapter 495: Jun Yexuan’S Plan
Chapter 496: You Have No Right To Interview Me
Chapter 497: Face Slapping
Chapter 498: You Wronged My Girl
Chapter 499: Straight Man Qi Yusen
Chapter 500: You’Re The National Hero?!
Chapter 501: I Found The National Hero
Chapter 502: Use A Butcher Knife To Kill A Hen
Chapter 503: I Can Help You
Chapter 504: He Better Not Give Her Any Chance To Escape!!
Chapter 505: Forcing A Donkey To Dance
Chapter 506: She’Ll Sit Here And Watch That Woman Get Herself Killed.
Chapter 507: Brother, Let Me Tell You The Truth. I Am The National Hero
Chapter 508: Could It Be That She’S A Fake?
Chapter 509: National Hero? More Like A National Moron!
Chapter 510: Could It Be That Your Legs Were Healed By Qingqing?
Chapter 511: Are You Surprised? Are You Stunned?
Chapter 512: That’S Qingqing’S Company!
Chapter 513: She Must’Ve Gone To Sky Entertainment
Chapter 514: Qiao Qing Is Furious
Chapter 515: Why Would I Trouble Myself So Much Just To Get Rid Of You?
Chapter 516: Qingqing, No Way You Are Really The National Hero?
Chapter 517: Just What Can’T You Do?
Chapter 518: Qingqing Is Being Possessive Over Me
Chapter 519: Failed Product
Chapter 520: Should We Introduce Her To Them?
Chapter 521: The Dead Pig Is Not Afraid Of Boiling Water
Chapter 522: If You Have Any Available Friends, You Should Introduce Him
Chapter 523: Birthday Gift
Chapter 524: Qingqing, Let’S Go Elsewhere
Chapter 525: A Threat
Chapter 526: Face Slap
Chapter 527: You Think Jing Li Xuan Is Worried About Your Pursuit?
Chapter 528: Modern Version Lotus
Chapter 529: To Visit The Love Rival
Chapter 530: You Care About Me
Chapter 531: I’M Good As Long As Qingqing Spoils Me
Chapter 532: Have A Baby Or Get A Marriage License. What Do You Prefer?
Chapter 533: Save My Dad
Chapter 534: I Don’T Acknowledge Other Species
Chapter 535
Chapter 536: What’S Yours Will Come Back To You
Chapter 537: I Wish You Were My Granddaughter-In-Law
Chapter 538: What Should One Do When One’S Wife Is Far Too Direct?
Chapter 539: I Do Whatever I Want
Chapter 540: My Wife Ran Away
Chapter 541: Where Did Your Son Come From?
Chapter 542: You Better First Get Your Father’S-In-Law To Agree Then Get The Qi Family To Accept You
Chapter 543: A Capable Woman Like Her Did Not Need Anyone’S Protection!
Chapter 544: Finally, Ms. Qiao Is No Longer Alone
Chapter 545: Did You Go To The Capital City?
Chapter 546: Look At That Woman. Doesn’T She Look Just Like My Mom When My Mom Was Younger?
Chapter 547: I Found My Youngest Daughter!
Chapter 548: Though My Husband Isn’T Around, I Have A Great…
Chapter 549: Does Aunty Have A Child? Does She Have A Daughter Or A Son?
Chapter 550: Tiantian, Just Get Ready To Be Officially Welcomed Into The Family Tonight
Chapter 551: We Are There To Ruin Things
Chapter 552: Aren’T You Qingqing’S Friend? How Do You Know My Brother?
Chapter 553: You Think I’M Too Poor To Raise You?
Chapter 554: Celebration
Chapter 555: The Number One Lady
Chapter 556: Accepted Into The Family
Chapter 557: Flattery
Chapter 558: Slow Down
Chapter 559: Accept Her Into This Family? In Her Dreams!
Chapter 560: Evidence
Chapter 561: Who Said There Is No Granddaughter In This Family?
Chapter 562: Big Brother, Please Start Your Performance
Chapter 563: The Big Brother Will Always Be The Big Brother
Chapter 564: Our Sister’S Last Name Is Qiao, First Name Is Qing.
Chapter 565: It Is The Qi Family That Isn’T Good Enough For Qingqing
Chapter 566: If Someone Wants To Provoke The Jun And The Qi Family, Then Please, Try And Hurt Her!
Chapter 567: A Damaging Attack For Someone With Face Blindness
Chapter 568: Big Brother’S Fox Skin Got Ripped Off Fast
Chapter 569: Good Brothers Go Through Thick And Thin Together
Chapter 570: Is Our Sister… Drunk?
Chapter 571: If You Call Me By The Name ‘Fifth Brother’, I’Ll Give You Even My Life
Chapter 572: He Knew His Third Brother’S Journey Would Be Difficult. But He Didn’T Know It Would Be This Difficult
Chapter 573: Run Away From Home
Chapter 574: I Want To See The Pork Hock Crossdress!
Chapter 575: I Don’T Want To Be Separated From My Brother And My Pork Hock!
Chapter 576: Elope
Chapter 577: Why Does This Woman Look Like Jun Yexuan?
Chapter 578: Last Night, She Seemed To Have Done Something Unspeakable
Chapter 579: Fighting For Affection
Chapter 580: What Happened To You?
Chapter 581: Qingqing, What Should I Do?
Chapter 582: She Couldn’T Give Her Hope Just To Take It Away Later
Chapter 583: When Dad Wakes Up, Can We Get Married?
Chapter 584: What’S Wrong? Aren’T You Happy Your Dad Is Cured?
Chapter 585: Fifth… Fifth Brother, Why Are You Here?
Chapter 586: You Don’T Recognize Me?
Chapter 587: Brother, Do A Dna Test!
Chapter 588: Do You Know How Much It Hurts Me To See You Like This?
Chapter 589: Honestly, You Really Shouldn’T Be Sad Or Mad Over That Dad Of Yours
Chapter 590: Gong Yi Said That If We Want His Help, Then Qingqing Will Need To Personally Visit Country Z
Chapter 591: Young Master Qi Has A Dark Heart
Chapter 592: You Are A Man With A Small Heart. You’Re Worried Gong Yi And Leng Yan Would Steal Your Girl
Chapter 593: You’Re Finally Under My Grasp
Chapter 594: I Want To Chat With Qingqing In Private
Chapter 595: Once You’Ve Cheated On Jun Yexuan, I’Ll Help You
Chapter 596: Are You Inviting Me In For A Kiss?
Chapter 597: Isn’T She Third Young Master Jun’S Girlfriend?
Chapter 598: One-Sided
Chapter 599: Provocation
Chapter 600: Hand Me A Club
Chapter 601: Ten Strikes And 10 In The Hole. Not A Single Miss!
Chapter 602: Then Let’S Ride The Same Horse. I’Ll Take Care Of You
Chapter 603: No Way She Actually Wants To Ride The Guy?
Chapter 604: You Had This Day Coming!
Chapter 605: Jun Yexuan Is Qiao Qing’S!
Chapter 606: Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 607: You’Re An Animal Tamer?
Chapter 608: This Human Is Not To Be Messed With
Chapter 609: Acknowledging The Owner
Chapter 610: I Spoil Him Too Much
Chapter 611: Little Yi, You Are Planning On Becoming A Homewrecker?
Chapter 612: Does Third Master Jun Want An Indirect Kiss From Me?
Chapter 613: You Know Better Than Me What I Want
Chapter 614: Maybe I Can Place First, Who Knows?
Chapter 615: Don’T Lust After Someone Else’S Girlfriend!
Chapter 616: You Don’T Have The Capability To
Chapter 617: You’Re Good Now
Chapter 618: Did She Really Think Of Herself As The Ceo’S Wife?!
Chapter 619: Update 1
Chapter 620: Update 2
Chapter 621: Update 3
Chapter 622: Update 4
Chapter 623: Update 5
Chapter 624: Update 6
Chapter 625: Update 7
Chapter 626 - Update 8
Chapter 627: Update 9
Chapter 628: Update 10
Chapter 629: Update 11
Chapter 630: Update 12
Chapter 631: Update 13
Chapter 632: Update 14
Chapter 633: Update 15
Chapter 634: Update 16
Chapter 635: Update 17
Chapter 636: Update 18
Chapter 637: Update 19
Chapter 638: Update 20
Chapter 639: Update 21
Chapter 640: Update 22
Chapter 641: Update 23
Chapter 642: Update 24
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Chapter 646: Update 28
Chapter 647: Update 29
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Chapter 650: Update 32
Chapter 651: Update 33
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Chapter 667: Update 49
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Chapter 671 - Update 53
Chapter 672 - Update 54
Chapter 673 - Update 55
Chapter 674 - Update 56
Chapter 675 - Update 57
Chapter 676 - True Selves
Chapter 677
Chapter 678
Chapter 679
Chapter 680 - Did You Make A Move On My Sister Without Informing Me
Chapter 681 - They Knew Qiao Qing Was Talking About Herself
Chapter 682 - Qiao Qing Is Cute
Chapter 683 - When You Created ‘Wild Green’, Did You Use This Method As Well?
Chapter 684 - Today, She’S Managed To Create A Second Peak
Chapter 685 - More Like She Saved Your Entire Team!
Chapter 686 - The Face Slap Came Quick
Chapter 687 - I Found Out Who The Person Is. It’S Qiao Qing.
Chapter 688 - You Did This To Yourselves
Chapter 689 - Today, He Made Enough Memories For This Lifetime
Chapter 690 - I’D Do It Again
Chapter 691 - She Must Go To Country L
Chapter 692 - How Come Third Young Master Jun Acts Like A Little Wife In Front Of This Girl?
Chapter 693 - Jun Yexuan’S Threat
Chapter 694 - Goddess Qiao Now Looks Like A Ball
Chapter 695 - Uncle Zhou? Qingqing Is Here?
Chapter 696 - Not As Handsome As Me
Chapter 697 - He No Longer Needed To Worry
Chapter 698 - You Travelled All The Way Here To Give Me A Chance?
Chapter 699 - I Don’T Want To Leave Her A Hot Potato
Chapter 700 - Why Didn’T You Tell Me?!
Chapter 701 - When Has He Ever Seen Her Cry?!
Chapter 702 - She Won’T Need To Work Too Hard For Too Long
Chapter 703 - Was Everyone Around Him Like This?
Chapter 704 - If He Dies, I Will Feel Guilty My Whole Life
Chapter 705 - I’M Out Here Trying To Steal Someone Away From The Grim Reaper Zhou Xin Smiled, “Ms. Qiao, No Need T
Chapter 706 - Give Up My Life
Chapter 707 - An Unwelcomed Guest
Chapter 708 - I Wanted To. He Deserved It.
Chapter 709 - The Way You Bite Back At People Is Heaven-Defying!
Chapter 710 - Compared To What He Did For Me, This Is Nothing.
Chapter 711 - Illness Exposed
Chapter 712 - If You Do That, I Will Only Live The Rest Of My Life In Pain
Chapter 713 - Whoever Made Her Cry Should Take Responsibility
Chapter 714 - How Come I Didn’T Know I Was Terminally Ill?
Chapter 715 - He Was Good At Complimenting Himself
Chapter 716 - You Really Think That I, Leng Yan, Can Answer To Your Atrociousness With Kindness Forever?!
Chapter 717 - The Power Of Love Was So Great
Chapter 718 - Their Ceo Managed To Fully Transform Himself Over The Past Few Months!
Chapter 719 - : I’Ve Been Apart From Qingqing For Too Long. I Miss Her
Chapter 720 - What If She Starts To Fall For Me And Sets Her Heart On Me?
Chapter 721 - : Heart Ache
Chapter 722 - Meeting Him Was Her Biggest Fortune
Chapter 723 - But!! The Image He Was Ruining Was His Young Master’S!
Chapter 724 - My Assistant
Chapter 725 - You Think You’Re Worthy?!
Chapter 726 - The Architect For The Deep Sea Honeycomb International Embassy
Chapter 727 - My Brother Has Been Slack. He Can Come With Me.
Chapter 728 - The Brother Started To Brainwash
Chapter 729 - He Didn’T Need To Look At The Young Master’S Face To Know How Awkward This Must Be For Him
Chapter 730 - Self Inflicted
Chapter 731 - If She Knows How To Design, Why Would Leng Yan Come And Find Me?
Chapter 732 - Her Status Was A Lot Higher Than She Originally Imagined
Chapter 733 - Threats
Chapter 734 - Step All Over That Arrogant Woman
Chapter 735 - Live Stream
Chapter 736 - Is That One Of The Six Young Masters, Leng Yan? He’S So Cocky!
Chapter 737 - This Woman Kept On Seeking Trouble!
Chapter 738 - You’Ve Already Wasted Twenty Minutes Of My Time
Chapter 739 - It’S No Joke That Young Master Qi Is Sister Obsessed, And Third Young Master Jun Is Wife Obsessed!
Chapter 740 - Uncle Zhou, Go Get Me A Laptop From Upstairs
Chapter 741 - Astounding The Crowd!
Chapter 742 - She Has The Right To
Chapter 743 - How Come I’Ve Never Heard You Design Anything Notable?!
Chapter 744 - I’Ve Only Designed The Deep Sea Honeycomb International Embassy
Chapter 745 - Where Did You Get This Blueprint?!
Chapter 746 - It’S My Father, Qiao Zibo
Chapter 747 - Mr. Fang, She’S Recording!
Chapter 748 - Shot Herself In The Foot
Chapter 749 - You Deserved It
Chapter 750 - For The First Time In Her Life, She Felt Resentment Towards Qiao Zibo
Chapter 751 - : What’S Meant To Happen Will Happen
Chapter 752 - This Man Was Thinking Of All The Ways He Could Kill This Fox
Chapter 753 - Ms. Qiao, There’S Now A Chance That The Young Master Can Be Saved, Right?
Chapter 754 - Collapse
Chapter 755 - Don’T Even Think About It!
Chapter 756 - I Can’T Bear The Idea Of Tiring Her Out More Right Now
Chapter 757 - How Come His Other Love Rivals Couldn’T Achieve This Level Of Awareness?
Chapter 758 - Have You Forgotten Something?
Chapter 759 - Right Now, Qingqing Is Acting More Like The Pork Hock
Chapter 760 - Dumb@Ss
Chapter 761 - I Was Sad And Needed Alcohol To Feel Better
Chapter 762 - Luo Chen Is Here
Chapter 763 - Why Do You Suddenly Want To Follow Us Around?
Chapter 764 - Then Let Him Die!
Chapter 765 - The Worst Thing The Power Holder Can Do Is To Be Soft-Hearted
Chapter 766 - What Does Grandpa Wish I Would Do
Chapter 767 - This Guy Was Really Planning On Dying Alone Because Of Qingqing?!
Chapter 768 - Qingqing Is A Great Girl
Chapter 769 - He’S Really Got No Heart!
Chapter 770 - Didn’T I Say I Wanted To Check Out The Casino?
Chapter 771 - : I’M Gambling Against The Casino
Chapter 772 - Qingqing Is Good At Gambling Too?
Chapter 773 - So She Was Stupid
Chapter 774 - : Being Rich Sure Has Its Perks
Chapter 775 - Who Said She’S Just An Amateur?
Chapter 776 - You Want To Play Dirty? You Better Know Who You Are Up Against!
Chapter 777 - His Wife Hid Secrets From Him. What To Do?
Chapter 778 - Evil Genius
Chapter 779 - Gambling Techniques
Chapter 780 - The King Of Gambling, Bei Ye
Chapter 781 - I Haven’T Had Enough Fun Yet
Chapter 782 - Oh My God, How Can It Be You?!
Chapter 783 - Why Did His Third Brother Always Focus On The Weirdest Point During Every Conversation?
Chapter 784 - Then, Give Me The Cash I Won
Chapter 785 - You Really Think That I, Qiao Qing, Am That Easy To Negotiate With?!
Chapter 786 - I Can Find Out How Much Cash You Have Here Once I Rampage Through It
Chapter 787 - Leng Jie And That Sloppy Looking Man Looked Half Identical!
Chapter 788 - I’M Going To Tell The Old Man And Ask Him To Kick Out That Mother And Son Pair From The Leng Family!
Chapter 789 - Must You Divide Everything Up So Cleanly Between Us?
Chapter 790 - I’M Starting To Think That You’Re In Love With Me
Chapter 791 - Running Away After Picking Up
Chapter 792 - They Want The Leng Family To Be The Sucker Who Takes The Fall? That’S Not Up To Them!
Chapter 793 - Karma’S A B!Tch
Chapter 794 - Caught Red Handed
Chapter 795 - Weren’T They Afraid Of Getting Struck By Lightning?
Chapter 796 - If You Walk Out Of The Door Today, I Will Die Just To Spite You!
Chapter 797 - Steal The Girl
Chapter 798 - Ling Xi
Chapter 799 - Can’T You Carry Me?
Chapter 800 - Boss, Since You Don’T Want Him, Then I Will Be Making My Move
Chapter 801 - So, I Can Bear His Children
Chapter 802 - Why Would You Come When You Know I Don’T Welcome You?
Chapter 803 - As For Jun Yexuan…
Chapter 804 - : If I Can’T Even Do This Small Thing For Her, What Right Do I Have To Be Her Man?!
Chapter 805 - He’S More Important To You Than Your Father Now?
Chapter 806 - How Can I Control My Heart?
Chapter 807 - The Noble Sir, Rediscovered His Love For Ms. Qiao?
Chapter 808 - First Encounter
Chapter 809 - The Desire To Survive
Chapter 810 - Of Course You Have Reasons To Hurt Him
Chapter 811 - He Has A Disease?
Chapter 812 - Even If I Die, I Wouldn’T Allow That Woman To Treat Me
Chapter 813 - Heart Ache
Chapter 814 - The Emperor Seat Of The Country Of Summer Is Yours To Take
Chapter 815 - A Diplomatic Marriage
Chapter 816 - How’S That My Problem?
Chapter 817 - Life Story
Chapter 818 - I Am A Dirty Being
Chapter 819 - You Don’T Even Know How Much I Like You
Chapter 820 - Pick One To Marry, Then Have Two Kids In Three Years
Chapter 821 - This Guy’S Poisonous Tongue Was Never Going To Soften
Chapter 822 - Quan Zexi
Chapter 823 - Feng Heng, We Are Still Friends
Chapter 824 - Don’T Look Down On People
Chapter 825 - These Men Here Were Not From Ordinary Backgrounds
Chapter 826 - Qingqing, Are You Satisfied With What You See?
Chapter 827 - The Spoiled Wife Of An Overbearing Ceo
Chapter 828 - Saving A Life
Chapter 829 - She Was Naturally Cold
Chapter 830 - She’S No God
Chapter 831 - She Tried So Hard, Hard Enough That The Patient Died
Chapter 832 - Who Said He Was Poisoned With An Incurable Toxin? I Could’Ve Saved Him
Chapter 833 - Do You Wish For Me To Save Him?
Chapter 834 - She Felt Regretful
Chapter 835 - This Is Insane?!
Chapter 836 - Force An Attack
Chapter 837 - The Strokes On This Painting Look Familiar
Chapter 838 - He Had No Idea How Much His Laziness This Time Will Cost Him
Chapter 839 - To Get Back At Qiao Qing, She Must Get That Man!
Chapter 840 - Coercion
Chapter 841 - Have You Ever Seen A Lion Tamer Evaluate A Stray Dog?
Chapter 842 - How Cruel! This Is So Cruel!
Chapter 843 - Double Standard Yexuan
Chapter 844 - Illness Returns
Chapter 845 - Jun Yexuan Is Gone!
Chapter 846 - Finally, You’Re Mine
Chapter 847 - Qingqing, I Am Still Clean, Right?
Chapter 848 - Venomous Creature
Chapter 849 - Self Inflicted
Chapter 850 - After Tonight, There Was No Way She Was Going To Leave Him Alone
Chapter 851 - You’Re More Forward Than Him!
Chapter 852 - Brother, You Have One Too, Right?
Chapter 853 - Once We Find My Father-In-Law, We Go Back To The Capital Country And Get Married. Is That Okay?
Chapter 854 - It Was All Because This Brother-In-Law Was A Big Gossip!
Chapter 855 - Get In Contact With The Leader Of Country Ruan. Tell Him I Will Cooperate With Him
Chapter 856 - Who Am I? Where Am I? What The Hell Is This Man Doing?!
Chapter 857 - : It Means Country Ruan Has Now Got Something That The Country Of Summer Doesn’T
Chapter 858 - “I Am An Intelligent Man. How Did I End Up With A Dumb@Ss Like You?
Chapter 859 - Qiao Qing Was Caught Red Handed
Chapter 861 - Someone As Clean As Him Had To Take Out The Organs Of The Chicken? What A Beautiful Image
Chapter 862 - This Is For You
Chapter 863 - Is Your Life More Important Or Is Your Pickiness More Important?
Chapter 864 - You Two Know Each Other?
Chapter 865 - He Didn’T Like His Future Father-In-Law Very Much
Chapter 866 - Because I Needed To Grow Strong. I Needed To Be Stronger Than Everyone Else
Chapter 867 - Detox
Chapter 868 - Emperor Yin, Duke Xia Has Died
Chapter 869 - The Only Bargaining Chip You Have Is Him.
Chapter 870 - I Can Offend Anyone I Want But I Cannot Offend Her!
Chapter 871 - Does He Ever Use His Brain And Wonder Why I’D Wait This Long If I Wanted The Seat On The Throne?
Chapter 872 - To Threaten Me, He’S Really Using All The Tricks He Can Think Of
Chapter 873 - Grandpa, You Seem Surprised To See Me. Who Are You Waiting For?
Chapter 874 - If It Weren’T For The Fact That You Are His Grandpa, Your Gravestone Would Already Be Erected
Chapter 875 - I Hope You Won’T Regret This
Chapter 876 - Threatening Was More Effective
Chapter 877 - Prepare Yourself. We Are Returning Home Right Away
Chapter 878 - Brother, Perhaps, This Can Be Our Breakthrough
Chapter 879 - Couple’S Costume
Chapter 880 - Cross Paths
Chapter 881 - Does That Silhouette Look A Little Familiar To You?
Chapter 882 - Aren’T You Ashamed?
Chapter 883 - Duke, Do You Mind Taking Off Your Mask?
Chapter 884 - Conditions
Chapter 885 - Why Not Consider Ending Your Collusion And Work With Me Instead?
Chapter 886 - Could It Be That He Really Had Gotten Married Before And Had A Daughter?
Chapter 887 - How Come The Entire World Was Convinced That He Was A Father?!
Chapter 888 - Quan Zexi Looks Exactly Like Qiao Zibo
Chapter 889 - I’M Not Interested In A Young Woman Like You!
Chapter 890 - The Duke Was Trash
Chapter 891 - It Will Be Too Late For You To Regret It Once Your Memories Come Back
Chapter 892 - I Have Yet To Accept You As My Son-In-Law!
Chapter 893 - Look At His Face, And His Demeanor! He’S Your Son! That’S For Sure!
Chapter 894 - Sc*Mbag
Chapter 895 - My Granddaughter’S Boyfriend?
Chapter 896 - Did He Remarry?!
Chapter 897 - : It Seemed Like He Was Anticipating This Result
Chapter 898 - He Trash-Talked Himself
Chapter 899 - The Parents Meet
Chapter 900 - Even If He Can’T Find His Lost Memories, You Two Can Still Reconnect And Build A Relationship! Translator: Cokezero Editor: Rainystars
Chapter 901 - You Should Consider Getting Me A Step-Dad
Chapter 902 - His Father-In-Law Was On The Fast Track To Death
Chapter 903 - You Don’T Have To Accept Him. When We Get Married, We Just Won’T Invite You To The Wedding
Chapter 904 - : You May Not Want This Seat, But Someone Will!
Chapter 905 - You Must Send Your People And Capture Qiao Qing
Chapter 906 - : You Have Been Disowned
Chapter 907 - Quan Zexi, Your Daughter Is Being Accused! What Are You Doing Standing Around Doing Nothing?!
Chapter 908 - Leave Her For Me To Deal With
Chapter 909 - You Found Evidence?
Chapter 910 - It’S The End Of The Emperor’S Career!
Chapter 911 - Uncle, You Sure Are An Important Figure Here!
Chapter 912 - In Sync With The Father-In-Law
Chapter 913 - It’S Obvious That He’S Here To Support Her!
Chapter 914 - Are You Aware Of What This Woman Did?
Chapter 915 - What Are You Acting Scared For? Hmm?
Chapter 916 - If I Fail To Figure Out The Cause Of Death, You Can Punish Me However You Want
Chapter 917 - Surveillance
Chapter 918 - Self-Inflicted
Chapter 919 - Her Existence Is A Miracle!
Chapter 920 - It Was Amazing How Such A Shameless Person Existed In This World
Chapter 921 - What’S Your Relationship With Duke Quan
Chapter 922 - I’M Sorry, I’M Her Father
Chapter 923 - : Even If I Don’T Try To Overtake Him, He Will Think Of All Sorts Of Ways To Get Rid Of Me
Chapter 924 - You Like My Daughter, Don’T You?
Chapter 925 - Can’T You See That Qiao Qing’S Feelings
Chapter 926 - I’M Going To Break Your Legs!
Chapter 927 - : How Do I Respect You When You Are Like This
Chapter 928 - I’Ve Done A Lot To Deserve His Hate
Chapter 929 - Confrontation
Chapter 930 - Turn Of Events
Chapter 931 - Memories Restored
Chapter 932 - I Feel Like You And My Daughter Have Your Roles Switched
Chapter 933
Chapter 934 - Having A Drink
Chapter 935 - So His Father-In-Law, Even When Drunk, Remembered The Fact That There Was Someone There Wanting To Steal His Daughter
Chapter 936 - After Tonight, The Respectable Duke’S Reputation Will Be Forever Tarnished
Chapter 937 - Is He Drunk Too?
Chapter 938 - Once In A Lifetime
Chapter 939 - What Sins Have I Committed?!
Chapter 940 - You’Re Mine. Nobody Is Allowed To Even Peek At You!
Chapter 941 - Last Night, He Seemed To Have Once Again, Done Something Extraordinary
Chapter 942 - When Did His Status In This Home Fall So Low?!
Chapter 943 - Who Knew Such A Day Would Come For His Father-In-Law?
Chapter 944 - Nobody Could Take Her Away From Him, Not Even His Father-In-L
Chapter 945 - In Qingqing’S Heart, You May Not Even Mean As Much As Uncle
Chapter 946 - To Marry Into The Famil
Chapter 947 - That’S Absolutely The Biggest Humiliation For A Man!
Chapter 948 - When Do I Get To Marry Qingging?
Chapter 949 - When They Push You Past Your Boundary, You No Longer Need To Endure
Chapter 950 - I Could Care Less If You Disagree!
Chapter 951 - Sister Qiao Is The Most Hardy
Chapter 952 - She Remembered It All
Chapter 953 - The Sight Of Qiao Qing Crying Flustered Everyone
Chapter 954 - If You Disapprove, You Simply Do Not Have To Come To Our Wedding
Chapter 955 - A Conference For Self-Reflection
Chapter 956 - How Much The Prince Consort Means
Chapter 957 - Anxiety Before The Wedding
Chapter 958 - Who Is This Again?
Chapter 959 - Brother Qi Asked, “Qingqing?”
Chapter 960 - A Beating
Chapter 961 - Who Allowed You To Hurt Yourself? Did You Ask For My Permission?!
Chapter 962 - These… Were All Planted By You?
Chapter 963 - How Can I Neglect You Of Something All Other Girls Have?
Chapter 964 - Romantic Words From Lil’ Xuan
Chapter 965 - If I Don’T Improve Myself, How Can I Possibly Be Good Enough For You?
Chapter 966 - A Mysterious Wedding Gift
Chapter 967 - The Baby
Chapter 968 - My Son… That Was His Voice, Wasn’T It?
Chapter 969 - The Wedding (1)
Chapter 970 - The Wedding (2)
Chapter 971 - The Wedding (3)
Chapter 972 - The Wedding (4)
Chapter 973 - The Wedding (5)
Chapter 974 - The Wedding (6)
Chapter 975 - The Wedding (7)
Chapter 976 - The Wedding (8)
Chapter 977 - The Wedding (9)
Chapter 978 - The Wedding (10)
Chapter 979 - Wedding (11)
Chapter 980 - The Wedding (12)
Chapter 981 - Bidding Farewells To The Love Rivals
Chapter 982 - Wedding Night
Chapter 983 - Honeymoon 1
Chapter 984 - Honeymoon 2
Chapter 985 - 985 Honeymoon 3
Chapter 986 - 986 Honeymoon 4
Chapter 987 - 987 Honeymoon 5
Chapter 988 - 988 Honeymoon 6
Chapter 989 - 989 Honeymoon 7
Chapter 990 - 990 Honeymoon 8
Chapter 991 - 991 Gong Yi (1)
Chapter 992 - 992 Gong Yi (2)
Chapter 993 - 993 Gong Yi (3)
Chapter 994 - 994 Gong Yi (4)
Chapter 995 - 995 Gong Yi (5)
Chapter 996 - 996 A Pregnancy Spent Being Spoiled (1)
Chapter 997 - 997 The Pregnancy (2)
Chapter 998 - 998 The Pregnancy (3)
Chapter 999 - 999 The Birth (1)
Chapter 1000 - 1000 The Birth (2)
Chapter 1001 - 1001 The Birth (3)
Chapter 1002 - 1002 The Birth (4)
Chapter 1003 - 1003 I’M Never Going To Make You Go Through This Again
Chapter 1004 - 1004 The Children’S Names
Chapter 1005 - 1005 God Mother
Chapter 1006 - 1006 Jun Yexuan’S Face Was Black
Chapter 1007 - 1007 Jun Yexuan Was Insulted By His Son And Daughter
Chapter 1008 - 1008 Jun Yexuan’S Status
Chapter 1009 - 1009 Based On My Calculations, Uncle, You’Re About To Face A Bloody Calamity In The Near Future.
Chapter 1010 - 1010 You Seem To Be Aware Of The Fact That I Am Your Father Since The Beginning
Chapter 1011 - 1011 You’Re Missing A Screw In Your Head. No Wonder You Couldn’T Find Sang Wu For So Many Years
Chapter 1012 - 1012 I Very Much Think It’S Necessary That We Do A Dna Test
Chapter 1013 - 1013 The Meeting
Chapter 1014 - 1014 When I Grow Up, I Will Make This Girl My Bride
Chapter 1015 - 1015 This Dad Truly Was Unreliable
Chapter 1016 - 1016 That Means You Do Have Feelings For Jinghang?!
Chapter 1017-End - 1017 The Grand Ending
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Book Details / Information: For more than a decade, she disguised herself as a weakling while preyed on the strong – Qiao Qing had never viewed reputation as an important matter.

But people began to take advantage and purposely hurt the ones she cared about.

Qiao Qing then decided to stop hiding her real self.

An incapable good-for-nothing? Her natural genius IQ can explode your eyeballs!

A lowly commoner? Her real identity made her someone who you are not worthy enough to be friends with!

A feeble chick? Her skills in ancient martial art can result in you looking for your teeth all over the ground!

A godly student, a godly Go player, a godly night rider, a godly martial artist… as her real identity revealed little by little, all those snobs who once viewed her poorly began to switch sides and attempted to please her.

Qiao Qing shut the front door. No guests welcomed.

She blocked those who wanted her for their own selfish demands, but she couldn’t stop this one evildoer from approaching her.

Just like that, climbing over the walls and entering through the window became Jun Yexuan’s specialty.

As the President of the Jun Corporation, he had enough to protect Qiao Qing her entire life.

But what bothered him was that Qiao Qing was far too independent and far too capable. Without any of his help, she was able to successfully handle everything.

Jun Yexuan became moody – he felt like he wasn’t needed!

So, on a random day, a cry for help appeared on Weibo, “What do I do when the wife is too capable? Waiting for immediate responses – it’s urgent.”

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 - Paying With My Own Body

Chapter 1: Paying with My Own Body





The City of Brisk.

There was not even the sound of the wind during this silent night.

By the time Qiao Qing finished her night study session and her duties for the day, it was already 10 o'clock at night.

Casually carrying her backpack on one shoulder and with her other hand inside her pocket, she slowly walked out of the school entrance.

After passing by the row of delicious smelling BBQ stands, there was a quiet and empty wooded-pathway.

The streetlight hadn't been maintained for years and merely faint and pale white light shot down.

Everything around here was silent, making the sound of footstep distinct and noticeable in comparison.

Qiao Qing was marching on when she suddenly stopped her footsteps.

Her nose wrinkled and the heavy smell of blood rushed over.

As she worked to figure out what was happening, her ankles suddenly tightened. Something had grasped onto them.

Qiao Qing borrowed the faint light and lowered her head to take a look. A pale hand that was dyed with blood had tightly grabbed onto her ankle.

No wonder she felt a touch of stickiness. Qiao Qing thought to herself.

Her gaze shifted upwards a little and followed the arm of the man. What met her gaze was a face so ferocious, it would startle an entire crowd.

As Qiao Qing checked out Jun Yexuan, Jun Yexun, who was lying on the ground, raised his head to look at her.

His lips were thin and light, and his tone was laced with pain, "Save me."

Qiao Qing was expressionless. The words she spoke out were emotionless and cold, "I don't make unprofitable deals. Give me a reason to save you."

Jun Yexuan's inhale sharply stopped. He didn't think a girl could be as cruel as this. On the other hand, he admired someone who belonged to the same category as him.

So he tossed out a golden temptation, "One hundred million."

Even after his words, Qiao Qing remained quiet and had no indication of making a move.

Jun Yexuan thought to himself, "Could it be that she finds it too little?"

That would make sense. How could his life only be worth one hundred million?

Just as he was about to top up his offer, Qiao Qing's cool voice arose from above, "I don't need money."

Jun Yexuan was astonished and was in awe that there was someone like this in the City of Brisk. Instantly, he became intrigued.

The blood from the wound on his chest continued to flow. Though he was at risk of losing his life any second now, he had an expression of collectedness.

His lips curled into a demonic smile, "How about I pay you with my own body?"

Upon hearing this, Qiao Qing's expression not only did not seem to waver, it also seemed like her patience had run dry.

"Not great."

After throwing down this statement, Qiao Qing struggled out of his grasp and left without lingering.

Jun Yexuan, "…"

He thought he was already ruthless enough and cold enough. He couldn't believe there would exist someone who was worst than him in those areas.

Could it be that he was going to die here today? Jun Yexuan thought mockingly to himself.

At the same time, an idea appeared out of nowhere – if he survives this, he would go find this cold-blooded girl again.

As his consciousness drifted in and out, the sound of footsteps approached. Then, a gentle and as if boneless hand helped him up.

Looking at Qiao Qing, who had returned after deciding to leave, Jun Yexuan's lips curled into a happy shape before passing out peacefully in her embrace.

Warm breaths landed on her neck, making Qiao Qing frown. She knocked his head out of the way and walked forward while holding onto him with one arm.

Before long, Qiao Qing stopped again.

During the several times her eardrums pulsed, four to five men in black had blocked her way. All of them carried killer's intent with them.

Qiao Qing felt her head hurt, thinking that she had saved someone troublesome.

The leader in black, Peng Yue, watched over Qiao Qing, "Young friend, leave behind the man and I can spare you your life."

Qiao Qing sighed at those words, then purposefully eyed Jun Yexuan. "Your target is him this time?"

Peng Yue responded, "That's not your business."

Qiao Qing shook her head, "This person is under my possession so it's not really up to you."

Peng Yue chuckcled in disdain as if he had heard some kind of joke, "There isn't anyone in this world who we want to kill but cannot kill!"

Qiao Qing blew at the bangs before her forehead, "What a coincidence. There isn't anyone in this world who I want to save but cannot save!"


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