The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating by Prosperous Every Year

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Chapter 22 - Someone Is Trying To Drug Qi Yihan
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Chapter 39 - Brother Yang, I Feel Like Madam'S Soul Has Been Possessed By Someone!
Chapter 40 - The Incense Burner Of The Qi Family Ancestral Hall Has Been Lost
Chapter 41 - I’Ll Back You Guys Up
Chapter 42 - How Expensive
Chapter 43 - Tang Li, You’Re Already Affecting Me
Chapter 44 - Mrs. Situ, Do You Think The People Of The Qi Family Are Pushovers?
Chapter 45 - Tang Li Showing No Mercy
Chapter 46 - I’M Threatening You, Can’T You Tell?
Chapter 47 - Since You Like Gossiping So Much, Take Your Time
Chapter 48 - Do You Mind If I Join The Talk?
Chapter 49 - Are You Really Staying Here Tonight?
Chapter 50 - If You Doubt My Ability, Find Someone Else
Chapter 51 - A Gluttonous Devil
Chapter 52 - Dealing With A Devil
Chapter 53 - As A Man, Do You Think I’Ll Watch You Sleep On The Ground While I Sleep On The Bed?
Chapter 54 - O You Think I’M A Doll That You Can Hug?
Chapter 55 - Can You Let Me Go First? I Can’T Think
Chapter 56 - Are You In Love With Your Wife?
Chapter 57 - Are You Planning On Doing Something To Me?
Chapter 58 - The Man In A Black Cloak
Chapter 59 - Are You Done Hugging? If You Are, Let Go
Chapter 60 - That Is The Price For Taking Me As A Pillow
Chapter 61 - Brothers, Let’S Make A Bet
Chapter 62 - I Can Cure Everyone As Long As They Are Still Alive
Chapter 63 - Brother Yang, Madam Is Going Out
Chapter 64 - You Will Go Bankrupt Soon!
Chapter 65 - Robbing Money And Sex?
Chapter 66 - Hubby, Why Are You Here?
Chapter 67 - So How Many More “Surprises” Did His Wife Have In Store For Him?
Chapter 68 - You’Ve Stirred My Heart
Chapter 69 - The Sleeping Bag Is Useless And Will Only Take Up Space
Chapter 70 - Go Call My Husband Over
Chapter 71 - Is The Rumor That Fourth Master And Fourth Madam Don’T Love Each Other False?
Chapter 72 - Fourth Madam, Be Careful With What You Say
Chapter 73 - The Antiques Are Coming Back To Life, Help!
Chapter 74 - Kylin! That’S The Ancient Divine Beast, Kylin!
Chapter 75 - You Look Good When You Smile
Chapter 76 - I Am A Man, I Can’T Play Cute
Chapter 77 - Pounce On Him And Pin Him To The Floor
Chapter 78 - A Kiss
Chapter 79 - A Kiss For A Kiss
Chapter 80 - How Dare You Call Me That?
Chapter 81 - Meeting The Host’S Old Classmates
Chapter 82 - I’Ll Be Responsible For Everything
Chapter 83 - They Will Complain About It To Me
Chapter 84 - I Want To Cooperate With Qi Yihan
Chapter 85 - Tang Li, Stop Playing Tricks
Chapter 86 - What Did Fourth Madam Do To Those Mastiffs?
Chapter 87 - Madam You Are Not Supposed To Say That!
Chapter 88 - Go Back To Sleep, I’Ll Go Take A Shower
Chapter 89 - What A Shameless Man!
Chapter 90 - Hubby, Is The Soup I Made Delicious?
Chapter 91 - Tang Li Is Famous Again In The Upper-Class Circle
Chapter 92 - A Face Certificate
Chapter 93 - The Old Man Is Not Gonna Die This Month
Chapter 94 - Qi Yihan And His Three Brothers Come To Pick Tang Li Up
Chapter 95 - They Look Really Miserable
Chapter 96 - The Old Lady Who Adopted Young Master Lingxuan Is Dead
Chapter 97 - I Will Lock You Up Too
Chapter 98 - It’S Raining, I Came To Pick You Up
Chapter 99 - Sui Yang Road
Chapter 100 - My Husband Is With Me Too
Chapter 101 - She’S Really Pretty
Chapter 102 - The Real And The Fake Tang Li
Chapter 103 - Who Gave You The Courage To Use My Face To Deceive People?
Chapter 104 - Skeletons
Chapter 105 - Back On The Ground
Chapter 106 - Writing Cheques!
Chapter 107 - The Bed In The Study Is Too Hard, I Didn’T Sleep Well For Two Nights
Chapter 108 - You Don’T Mind Me Removing My Shirt, Do You?
Chapter 109 - I’Ve Never Thought About Liking Someone. If You Don’T Mind…
Chapter 110 - Madam, You’Ve Changed!
Chapter 111 - Tang Li And Qi Yihan Return To The Tang Family For Dinner
Chapter 112 - If I Blame You Now, Will You Take The Money Back?
Chapter 113 - Qi Yihan Brought Gifts
Chapter 114 - Toasting Qi Yihan
Chapter 115 - I’M Drunk
Chapter 116 - Who Can Resist That?
Chapter 117 - A Gift From Her Father
Chapter 118 - Do You Think You’Re Worthy Of Being Spied Upon?
Chapter 119 - What Does Her Death Have To Do With Me?
Chapter 120 - Don’T Get Drunk While I’M Not Around
Chapter 121 - I'Ll Commit It To Memory
Chapter 122 - The Male Lead Appears To Steal Tang Li'S
Chapter 123 - I Have One Condition For Being Your Pillow
Chapter 124 - A Deep Bite Mark
Chapter 125 - Mountain Watcher
Chapter 126 - The Retarded Woman
Chapter 127 - Are You Human Or Demon?
Chapter 128 - Video Call Qi Yihan
Chapter 129 - The Old Man In A Raincoat
Chapter 130 - : A Man With A Snake Body And A Human Head
Chapter 131 - Black Flood Dragon
Chapter 132 - This Woman Is A Jinx
Chapter 133 - Miss Tang Prepare Live Broadcast In Advance
Chapter 134 - : People From Big Cities Are Always Fussy About Everything
Chapter 135 - Wrong. I Am A Demon-Slayer
Chapter 136 - Divine Lightning
Chapter 137 - People From The Mystic Society
Chapter 138 - Begging Tang Li
Chapter 139 - I’Ll Give The Dagger And My Life For You
Chapter 140 - Hubby, I’M Back
Chapter 141 - A Date
Chapter 142 - If You Like, I Can Get Someone To Set Off Fireworks Immediately
Chapter 143 - When You Fall In Love With Someone, There Is Nothing You Can Do
Chapter 144 - Rising Of The Room Temperature
Chapter 145 - Love Rival
Chapter 146 - A Strange Mutation
Chapter 147 - Tang Li’S Help
Chapter 148 - No One Is Allowed To Come Here Before The Surgery Ends
Chapter 149 - You Are Tang Li, My Wife
Chapter 150 - : I Prefer To Be A Couch Potato
Chapter 151 - A Quarrel Between Tang Li And Augustine
Chapter 152 - Tang Li Revealed Her Power
Chapter 153 - Tang Li Goes To Pick Qi Yihan Up
Chapter 154 - Mr. Qi, Is There Someone You Like?
Chapter 155 - A Business Party
Chapter 156 - Do You Want To Come Up And See The Show?
Chapter 157 - Who Exactly Set Up Whom?
Chapter 158 - Beat Them Up! Beat Them Up To Death!
Chapter 159 - Hubby, We’Re Going Back
Chapter 160 - Tang Li Is Intentionally Triggering Second Master
Chapter 161 - Qi Yihan Said, “I’M Sorry, I Already Have A Wife.”
Chapter 162 - A Warm Couple Time
Chapter 163 - Second Madam Was Trying To Get Tang Li To Go Back
Chapter 164 - Tang Li, Who Are You Slapping My Daughter?
Chapter 165 - Are You Taking Me For A Fool?
Chapter 166 - Qi Yihan Helped Tang Li Rip Second Master Off
Chapter 167 - You Look Very Muscular And Sexy
Chapter 168 - Master Feels That The Dress You Design For Madam Is Too Revealing
Chapter 169 - Qi Yihan Brings Tang Li To The Banquet
Chapter 170 - Tang Li Reads People'S Fortune
Chapter 171 - I’Ll Come Find You After The Banquet
Chapter 172 - Fourth Master Qi Is A Little Possessive
Chapter 173 - The War Between The Two Women Begins
Chapter 174 - Tang Li Said, “Get Me A Suona.”
Chapter 175 - Qi Yihan Is Jealous
Chapter 176 - One Day, We Will Restore Our Instruments To Their Former Glory
Chapter 177 - How Did Fourth Madam Know That!!!
Chapter 178 - Tang Li Teaches Professor Guo How To Blow People’S Mind
Chapter 179 - Will You Be Worried If I Anger Augustine?
Chapter 180 - Li, You’Re So Cute
Chapter 181 - Qi Yihan Said, “I Told Father You Slept Late Last Night
Chapter 182 - Restless Female Ghosts (1)
Chapter 183 - Restless Female Ghosts (2)
Chapter 184 - I’M Here To Pick You Up, You’Ve Been Gone For The Entire Night
Chapter 185 - Since Tang Li Likes It, He’S Willing To Try To Like It
Chapter 186 - Su Ziqing Said Qi Yihan Wasn’T Worthy Of Her Cousin
Chapter 187 - Someone Set Up A Field Nearby, We Have Already Entered The Field
Chapter 188 - If You Don’T Behave Yourself, Then I Think I Don’T Have To Take My Promise Seriously
Chapter 189 - Miss Tang, Our Master Is Waiting For You
Chapter 190 - I Heard Miss Tang Is A Fortune Teller
Chapter 191 - Tang Li Made A Bowl Of Noodles For Qi Yihan
Chapter 192 - How Dare You Attack Master. I’Ll Bite You To Death
Chapter 193 - What A Thief Crying “Stop Thief!
Chapter 194 - He Is Not Qualified
Chapter 195 - Yu Meng Was Taken Away
Chapter 196 - Li, Do You Need My Help?
Chapter 197 - You’Re Too Slow, Let Me Do It
Chapter 198 - Tang Li, If You Don’T Talk, No One Will Think You’Re A Mute
Chapter 199 - Tang Li Reads Secretary Si’S Fortune
Chapter 200 - We Can Figure It Out By Practicing
Chapter 201 - This Man Actually Planned Everything
Chapter 202 - Naga (1)
Chapter 203 - Naga Siren (2)
Chapter 204 - Master Doesn’T Like Me
Chapter 205 - The Female Lead Returning Money To Tang Li
Chapter 206 - From Now On, Everyone In The Mo Pavilion Will Be At Your Service
Chapter 207 - His Heart Skipped A Beat
Chapter 208 - Tang Li Goes To Pick Qi Yihan Up
Chapter 209 - A Woman Who Needs A Lesson
Chapter 210 - Welcome-Home Banquet
Chapter 211 - Putting On The Airs Of An Elder
Chapter 212 - 2 Tang Li Said, “It Feels Good To Be Protected By My Husband.”
Chapter 213 - As Expected, Li Is Our Qi Family’S Mascot
Chapter 214 - Old Master Qi Showing Up
Chapter 215 - I’M Not Fortune-Telling Tonight
Chapter 216 - Fourth Sister, You Were So Handsome Just Now!
Chapter 217 - Tang Li Showing Off Her Skill
Chapter 218 - Tang Li’S Mysterious Cousin
Chapter 219 - The First Battle Between The Kylins And Qi Lingxuan
Chapter 220 - Linlin Wants You To Touch Her Head
Chapter 221 - A Tragic Episode
Chapter 222 - Do You Want Me To Feed You, Or Do You Want To Eat It Yourself?
Chapter 223 - Beating About The Bush
Chapter 224 - Qi Yihan Letting Go Of His Power
Chapter 225 - Tang Li Confronts A Bunch Of Loudmouthed Women
Chapter 226 - Tang Li Shows Power
Chapter 227 - Tang Li Made Some Soup For Qi Yihan
Chapter 228 - You Don’T Have This Kind Of Pajamas At Home
Chapter 229 - I Just Couldn’T Help It
Chapter 230 - Leaving Imperial Capital To The Border
Chapter 231 - Whatever You Want To Buy
Chapter 232 - I'M Not Mentally Prepared At All
Chapter 233 - Hiding In The Cave
Chapter 234 - Hubby, I'M Afraid Of The Dark
Chapter 235 - Soul Cry Bird
Chapter 236 - Tang Li Rewards Qi Yihan
Chapter 237 - Qi Yihan Washing Tang Li'S Hair
Chapter 238 - Hugging Tang Li To Warm Up
Chapter 239 - Summoning The Living Spirits
Chapter 240 - I Am Better Than That Useless Husband Of Yours
Chapter 241 - A Resentful Village
Chapter 242 - : Qi Yihan'S Past
Chapter 243 - The Demon King Brings Qi Yihan Away
Chapter 244 - Where Is My Husband?
Chapter 245 - A Mortal Fights A Demon
Chapter 246 - I'M Just Spicing Things Up A Bit
Chapter 247 - Li, I Love You
Chapter 248 - A Heavily Guarded Village
Chapter 249 - Witch Race
Chapter 250 - Li, Make Me Look Like That Person
Chapter 251 - I'M Here To Find Yuan Yuan'S Soul, Not To Kill
Chapter 252 - Meeting Ouyang Yi In The Village
Chapter 253 - Working With The Masters
Chapter 254 - Bringing Food For Tang Li
Chapter 255 - Soul Locking Spike
Chapter 256 - : Sisters Killing Each Other
Chapter 257 - Don'T Be Afraid, I Will Definitely You
Chapter 258 - Qi Yihan Faced Mo Chen Head-On
Chapter 259 - : Yuan Yuan'S Soul Returns
Chapter 260 - Tang Li And Qi Yihan Deceived Mo Chen
Chapter 261 - He Actually Has Two Fates
Chapter 262 - : Hitting The Road Again
Chapter 263 - Hubby, You'Re So Sweet
Chapter 264 - My Husband Is Very Good At Chess
Chapter 265 - Qi Yihan Becoming A Househusband
Chapter 266 - Playing Mahjong And Hearing Gossip
Chapter 267 - She'S Not Worthy? Are You Worthy?
Chapter 268 - Jiang Jingyu Is Becoming A Ghost
Chapter 269 - An Undying Love
Chapter 270 - Go On, The Gate To Reincarnation Is Open For You
Chapter 271 - Madam, Will My Outfit Embarrass You?
Chapter 272 - We'Re On Honeymoon
Chapter 273 - Why Is Qi Lingxuan Here?
Chapter 274 - You Look Handsome When You Reject Girls
Chapter 275 - The City Club
Chapter 276 - Tang Li Wants To Enter The Entertainment Industry
Chapter 277 - That Singer Is A Sea Demon
Chapter 278 - What Did You Put In The Wine?
Chapter 279 - Heavenly Secret
Chapter 280 - Fourth Uncle, Fourth Aunt, Why Are You Here?
Chapter 281 - Qi Yihan Wearing An Apron
Chapter 282 - Business Comes
Chapter 283 - First Madam Teaches Qi Lingxuan
Chapter 284 - Don'T Go Out At Night
Chapter 285 - I'Ll Take You To Cloud Nine
Chapter 286 - The Most Terrifying Thing Is The Human Heart
Chapter 287 - Don'T Believe Them, They'Re All Liars!
Chapter 288 - Do They Have Special Abilities When They Grow Up?
Chapter 289 - Qiqi Became Human
Chapter 290 - Qi Yihan Teaches Qi Yihan To Shower
Chapter 291 - Surrounded By Vicious Beasts
Chapter 292 - Nine-Tailed Fox
Chapter 293 - : The Four Of Them Reunited
Chapter 294 - Linlin Got A New Ability And They Left The No Man'S Land
Chapter 295 - When Did Madam Give Birth To Two Kids
Chapter 296 - So Cute! My Heart Is Melting!
Chapter 297 - Yes, Madam
Chapter 298 - : Some People Are Being Naughty
Chapter 299 - Why Is She Back So Early?
Chapter 300 - First Madam Is So Afraid Of Fourth Madam!
Chapter 301 - First Time Playing Computer
Chapter 302 - Ruthless Qi Yihan
Chapter 303 - Calling Tang Li Godmother
Chapter 304 - Someone! My Son Is Hitting Me
Chapter 305 - Tang Li Takes Over The Family Mansion
Chapter 306 - Settling The Score
Chapter 307 - Making An Example Of Him
Chapter 308 - Butler Yang Exercising Authority
Chapter 309 - He Had Seen Many Such Scheming Women!
Chapter 310 - Two Familiar Figures
Chapter 311 - Secretary Si, Be Careful Tonight
Chapter 312 - Escaping A Bloody Calamity
Chapter 313 - Five Million Per Ghost
Chapter 314 - First Master Complaining About Tang Li To Qi Yihan
Chapter 315 - Yihan, How Can You Teach A Child Bad Things
Chapter 316 - Butler Zhang Teaches Kylins
Chapter 317 - Third Madam Sucking Up To Tang Li
Chapter 318 - Tang Li Meeting The Professors
Chapter 319 - Crap, Why Is She Here Again?
Chapter 320 - Encounter With Old Schoolmates
Chapter 321 - He Actually Has Such A Trick Up His Sleeve
Chapter 322 - If I Don'T Hug You To Sleep, I Feel Like Something Is Missing
Chapter 323 - Overhearing The Conversation
Chapter 324 - Perfume
Chapter 325 - Fourth Madam Going To Treat Situ Jin
Chapter 326 - Master, Something Is Following Us
Chapter 327 - Don'T Open The Door
Chapter 328 - Master, They Hit Me!
Chapter 329 - She Will Be A Straight A Student In The Future
Chapter 330 - How Did You Get This Habit?
Chapter 331 - Fourth Aunt, I'Ll Leave My Marriage To You
Chapter 332 - Second Master Situ
Chapter 333 - Who Did You Offend?
Chapter 334 - Asking About The Sugar Daddy
Chapter 335 - How'S Your Relationship With Your Wife?
Chapter 336 - I'M Here To Eat You
Chapter 337 - Hold Him Down, Don'T Let Him Move
Chapter 338 - Do You Want To Live Forever?
Chapter 339 - I'M Not Reading Your Fortune For Now
Chapter 340 - Linlin Wants To Make Money
Chapter 341 - Bumping Into Enemy
Chapter 342 - He Looked Down On Me First
Chapter 343 - Does Third Brother Really Like Xiang Wanwan?
Chapter 344 - I Miss You
Chapter 345 - I Will Make You Unable To Get Out Of The Bed
Chapter 346 - Lying
Chapter 347 - Do You Really Want Situ Jin To Have A Child Soon?
Chapter 348 - Tang Li Shopping With Qiqi And Linlin
Chapter 349 - Meeting The Female Lead
Chapter 350 - Throwing Money On Their Faces
Chapter 351 - Qi Yihan Suddenly Hung Up On Tang Li
Chapter 352 - Surprise
Chapter 353 - Are You Jealous?
Chapter 354 - Grudge Against Su Ziqing
Chapter 355 - Miss Tang, I Want To Beg You For Something
Chapter 356 - Light Show Data
Chapter 357 - Tang Li And Qi Yihan Visiting The Lantern Festival
Chapter 358 - Kill Her
Chapter 359 - Tan Wenjing Began To Scheme
Chapter 360 - So, You Were Reborn?
Chapter 361 - Letting Her Go Is A Mistake
Chapter 362 - She Suffered The Stab For Me
Chapter 363 - Qi Yihan Is Actually A Professor At Imperial University!
Chapter 364 - Don'T Poke Your Nose Into What'S Going On Outside Tonight
Chapter 365 - Seven Little Ghosts
Chapter 366 - Isn'T Master Tang Too Willful?
Chapter 367 - Uncle Xuan He, Do You Know How To Dig Ditches?
Chapter 368 - Summoning The Spirit
Chapter 369 - The Human World Is Safe
Chapter 370 - If She Wants To Harm Me, I'Ll Drag Her Down With Me
Chapter 371 - Do You Want Me To Rub Your Back?
Chapter 372 - You Will Be Very Unlucky This Year
Chapter 373 - Situ Li Coming Out Of His House
Chapter 374 - Madam, Are You Pregnant?
Chapter 375 - First Madam Is Deranged
Chapter 376 - Things Took A Drastic Turn
Chapter 377 - Opening Of The Entertainment Company
Chapter 378 - Press Conference
Chapter 379 - Secretary Si, What Did You Run Away?
Chapter 380 - The End Of Situ Lei And The Actress
Chapter 381 - Do You Mean There Are A Lot Of Elixir Of Immortality?
Chapter 382 - I'Ll Give You Twenty Million, Let My Son Go
Chapter 383 - Do You Think We Can'T Befriend Tang Li?
Chapter 384 - Can Miss Tang Really Save The Dead?
Chapter 385 - You Can'T Deal With Mature Kylins
Chapter 386 - Send Someone To Watch Over There
Chapter 387 - Tang Li Help Tang Zitong Look After The Store
Chapter 388 - I'M A Fortune Teller
Chapter 389 - Qi Lingxuan Will Not Die
Chapter 390 - Tang Li Made Butler Zhang Listen To The Gossip
Chapter 391 - Greedy Security Guard
Chapter 392 - You Have Three Seconds To Throw Her Out
Chapter 393 - Miss Tang, Can You Handle That Corpse?
Chapter 394 - Went To The Film Crew To Do A Business
Chapter 395 - Have You Had A Boyfriend?
Chapter 396 - Tell Me, Is There Someone You Like Now?
Chapter 397 - Third Sister-In-Law Is A Smart Person
Chapter 398 - Are We Having A Hearing?
Chapter 399 - Did She Finish Copying The Family Teachings?
Chapter 400 - Why Is He Hiding?
Chapter 401 - Tang Zitong Treats Secretary Si To Dinner
Chapter 402 - The Hunter Race
Chapter 403 - It Won'T Be So Much Fun Playing With My Own Children
Chapter 404 - The Situ Family And The Qin Family
Chapter 405 - Kids These Days Are Smart
Chapter 406 - Xiang Wanwan'S Dream
Chapter 407 - The Male Lead Hugged Her, Her Heart Racing
Chapter 408 - Don'T Be Afraid, These People Dare Not Do Anything To Us
Chapter 409 - Why Does It Sound Like They Want Me To Be A Free Consultant?
Chapter 410 - What Do You Think About The Illegitimate Son?
Chapter 411 - Nothing Is More Important To Me Than You
Chapter 412 - Everyone Schemes Against Each Other
Chapter 413 - Bringing People Back To Life Will Reduce Your Lifespan
Chapter 414 - What If They Really Find A Master?
Chapter 415 - Fourth Madam Is So Young, What Can She Do?
Chapter 416 - I Can'T Stand Her Being Arrogant
Chapter 417 - The Gossipy Butler Zhang
Chapter 418 - Cherish This Fate
Chapter 419 - How Can He Be Worthy Of My Cousin
Chapter 420 - I'Ll Turn This Wedding Into A Slaughterhouse
Chapter 421 - They Are Getting More And More Cocky
Chapter 422 - I'M Just Drunk, Not A Fool
Chapter 423 - Beat Her At Her Own Game
Chapter 424 - It Feels Good To Have My Husband'S Protection
Chapter 425 - If You Like An Unmarried Man, Go After Him
Chapter 426 - Second Sister, Don'T You Think Secretary Si Is Very Nervous Now?
Chapter 427 - Last Acupuncture Treatment
Chapter 428 - Recalling The Past
Chapter 429 - Helping Situ Li
Chapter 430 - Preparing To Leave For Jiangnan
Chapter 431 - Don'T Be Sarcastic
Chapter 432 - : Standing Up For Tang Li
Chapter 433 - Ghost Festival
Chapter 434 - Secretary Si Is Enlightened
Chapter 435 - Secretary Si Taking Action
Chapter 436 - Tan Wenjing Is Pregnant
Chapter 437 - Male Lead And Female Lead Falling Out With Each Other
Chapter 438 - Your Third Uncle Is About To Die
Chapter 439 - I'M Afraid
Chapter 440 - This Is A Bad Custom From The Old Times
Chapter 441 - Something Is Wrong With The Boss
Chapter 442 - You Were Actually Not Controlled By Me!
Chapter 443 - If You Die, Do You Think You Will Go To Hell?
Chapter 444 - Is There Something Unclean Hiding In The Pond?
Chapter 445 - Why Do Innocent People Have To Die?
Chapter 446 - I'M Not Even Afraid Of Ghosts
Chapter 447 - Madam, It'S Really Snow Outside
Chapter 448 - Open Up Her Soul
Chapter 449 - Don'T Worry, You Have To Believe In Them
Chapter 450 - Don'T Worry, Godmother Will Come Out Soon
Chapter 451 - Entering An Unknown Tomb
Chapter 452 - Red Liquid
Chapter 453 - The Xuanyuan Tomb
Chapter 454 - Go To Hell
Chapter 455 - Losing The Artifact Spirit
Chapter 456 - Metting Xuanyuan Qing
Chapter 457 - Are You Really Going To Watch Us Die?
Chapter 458 - Food For Zombies And Bugs
Chapter 459: Qi Lingxuan Is In Danger
Chapter 460: Being Pulled Into The Mural
Chapter 461
Chapter 462
Chapter 463
Chapter 464
Chapter 465
Chapter 466
Chapter 467
Chapter 468
Chapter 469
Chapter 470
Chapter 471
Chapter 472
Chapter 473
Chapter 474
Chapter 475
Chapter 476
Chapter 477(End)
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BSTAHVS, 穿书后大佬撕了恶毒女配剧本

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Tang Li, a loner learned in the mystic arts, transmigrated into a book, becoming an overbearing CEO's wife who only ever thinks of running away and trying to kill him everyday, even cohaiting with a gigolo and ended up destroyed by the CEO.

Tang Li was speechless, thinking to herself that the Host must be crazy to want a gigolo instead of a CEO who has money, looks, and size!

Eventually, everyone noticed in surprise that she gave up on the gigolo and started competing for the family inheritance. Not only had she accepted one impressive disciple after another, she kept hovering over her husband as well.

""Darling, I think you're having indigestion, I made you warm soup.""

""Hold me, darling. I'm afraid of the thunder~""


Unable to hold it any longer, the overbearing CEO undid his belt while saying dangerously, ""Tang Li, you made me fall for you, and I'll have you know how deep is my love right now!""

Tang Li (I just wanted a husband): ""...""

Listen here, darling...

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Dressed as a Vicious Supporting Actress


Henyee Translations


Henyee Translations

In a luxurious bedroom that was more than 100 square meters, a woman was looking at herself in the mirror in front of a large full-length mirror.

The woman in the mirror had red lips, white teeth, and beautiful features. She had a curvaceous figure and was truly the prettiest in the world.

However, what the woman was doing seemed a little strange.

She was tugging at her collar and swallowing her saliva as she looked at her body inside. Her voice trembled as she said excitedly, “F*ck, this body is so good!

Then, she pinched her delicate and bubbly face. Her eyes were filled with amazement. “This face is as young as a baby’s!”

However, when she thought of the persona of this body, a complicated expression appeared on the woman’s face.

That’s right, Tang Li entered a novel.

She went to treat the head of a hermit clan, and it just so happened that an artifact spirit was fighting with a book spirit in the middle of the night. While watching the show, she was dragged into a novel someone left on the table.

Other people entered novels to be the female protagonist, but she entered a novel to be a vicious female supporting character.

This supporting actress was the daughter of a wealthy family and had graduated from a prestigious school. She was so brainless that, after marrying an executive, she cheated on him by sleeping with a gigolo. Her ambition was so great that she even wanted to kill the executive to live together with her gigolo. After the father of the executive died, she even got involved in helping his brothers fight with him over the inheritance. In the end, she got a divorce letter and was sent to a psychiatric hospital by him.

After getting to know her role in the book, Tang Li only wanted to say, “The author must be crazy!”

As the 99th generation descendant of Taoism, Tang Li had been gifted since she was young. She started taking on business at the age of ten. Whether it was fortune-telling, exercising demons, or curing illnesses, nothing was impossible for her.

Furthermore, she was a super scholar who had entered the top school at the age of 15. She had mastered science and theology and was a talent that all fields fought for. She was also a big shot that rich people fought to invite.

Though she was incredibly capable, her life was unfortunate from the beginning. Her parents died when she was born, and at the age of 12, her master passed away, telling her on his deathbed that as soon as she got married (she could only marry one person in her life, but she could not get a divorce), she would be blessed with a fortunate life.

It was just that she was never a man’s lady, perhaps because they were put off by her capability. In fact, she had a pretty look, yet not a single man was willing to date her, let alone marry her.

At this thought, Tang Li could not help but shed bitter tears.

“Hold on, I’m already married in this book!”

Struck by the thought, Tang Li quickly raised her wrist to look. There was indeed a faintly discernible marriage thread there.

She widened her eyes in disbelief at first, then she cried tears of joy. “Boohoo… My Providence actually changes in this book!”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Cough cough…”

The sudden knocking on the door almost made Tang Li choke on her saliva.

She rubbed her chest before walking over to open the door.

A maid stood outside the door.

The maid said respectfully, “Madam, breakfast is ready.”

“Got it. I’ll get changed and come down.”

Tang Li adapted to the book quite well. Having closed the door, she walked into the cloakroom.

In an instant, she was shocked by the closet that was comparable to a shopping mall.

“D*mn! As expected, the richest person is the executive.”

The Host and the executive slept in separate rooms on the first day of their marriage.

Tang Li’s bedroom was only one of the guest rooms in his house.

“Could there really be a 300 square meter bed in my husband’s bedroom?”

Tang Li was extremely curious. As the 99th generation descendant of Taoism, she was not short of money. However, once she had money, she could not help but buy various rare herbs and famous artifacts.

Hence, she, who only owned a 100-square-meter two-story house, became envious.

She quickly scanned the cloakroom. The clothes inside were divided into two styles.

One was conservative.

The other one was more revealing.

Conservative ones were worn for The Executive to see so that he would not lust after her.

— Tang Li wanted to clarify this point. The Host and The Executive were betrothed by the older generation for business purposes. The Executive could only inherit the company if he married the Host. In fact, The Executive had never taken the Host seriously.

And the revealing ones were worn for her gigolo to see.

Her gigolo majored in acting. With the help of Tang Li, she was already doing very well in the entertainment industry.

The face comparison between The Executive and her gigolo appeared in Tang Li’s mind.

The Executive was tall, powerful, handsome, elegant, extraordinary, noble, cold, ruthless, and extraordinary in all aspects.

The gigolo was pretty and cute. He knew how to infatuate The Host with sweet words and flirtations. The Host fell for it and listened to everything he said. She was so obedient to him that she would give him her heart if he asked for it.

Most importantly, the Host thought that she hid her gigolo well so no one knew.

In fact, apart from the father of The Executive, everyone in the family knew that they could use her gigolo to bring her down one day.

Tang Li: “…”

What an idiot!

But even if the Host messed up the game, she was prepared to turn the situation around.

Tang Li adjusted her mood, changed her clothes, and walked out of the bedroom. Unexpectedly, just as she reached the stairs, she saw a tall figure in a custom-made suit walking toward the entrance, escorted out respectfully by the butler and a group of servants.

Tang Li swore to herself, “I will treat this husband of mine well and not let him divorce me.”

She had been standing there for too long, and the housekeeper who had returned after sending Qi Yihan to the door saw her and stopped to ask respectfully, “Madam, breakfast has been prepared for you. Do you want to eat now?”

Tang Li withdrew her gaze and looked at the butler.

The housekeeper’s surname was Yang and he was 36 years old. He graduated from Country E’s Royal School with two master’s degrees and had been with Qi Yihan for eight years. He was Qi Yihan’s trusted aide.

Although the butler was respectful to her, he looked at her as if she was a puppet.

Tang Li thought for a second about her position in the family.

The day before she moved in, Qi Yihan made her sign a thick stack of compliance agreements.

The butler was present when she signed the agreement.

Well, she admitted she was just a puppet.

Sitting at the French dining table, she was served a table of sumptuous breakfast and waited on by a group of servants.

Tang Li felt that she was the queen.

The butler, who managed his expression very well, told her, “There’s a family banquet at the family mansion tomorrow night. Young Master asked Madam to spare some time tomorrow night to go with him.”

Tang Li glanced at the butler and suddenly said to him seriously, “Butler Yang, you will face a bloody calamity today. Be careful.”

Butler Yang’s expression remained unchanged. “Thank you for your reminder, Madam. I will take note.”

Inwardly he thought, “That’s funny!”

Tang Li withdrew her eyes and continued eating her breakfast.

After breakfast, everyone thought that she would go out.

However, she went straight upstairs, planning how to change the way Qi Yihan looked at her.

After some time, her phone rang.

She picked up the call and immediately heard a panicked voice. “Madam, something bad has happened! The garden shears pierced into the butler’s thigh and he is bleeding a lot. As it happens, the family doctors are going for their in-service training today. The ambulance won’t be arriving anytime soon. What should we do?”

Tang Li said calmly, “Bring the first aid kit over. I’ll be right there.”

When Tang Li rushed over, a large group of servants was gathered there, not knowing what to do.

“All of you, move aside.”

Tang Li shouted in a low voice, and the servants subconsciously moved aside to make a path.

At that moment, the butler was sitting on the floor with a pale face. The shears pierced into his thigh artery and the blood was flowing out.

One had to know that if the femoral artery did not stop bleeding after being pierced, one would bleed to death in about fifteen minutes.

The surrounding servants were terrified and did not know how to help him.

The butler was surprisingly calm. When Tang Li arrived, he even said, “Sorry for making Madam worry.”

Tang Li gave a casual reply and squatted down before him.

On instinct, the butler covered the wound with his hand. “Madam, please leave. My wound will scare you.

Tang Li ignored him and glanced at the first aid kit. First, she used a piece of gauze to wrap around his thigh. Then, she said to the butler who wanted to stop her, “I’ll take out the shears first and help you stop the bleeding. If not, you will bleed to death when the ambulance arrives.”

With that said, she grabbed his pants with both hands and tore them. After exposing his thigh, she quickly disinfected a piece of cotton cloth with alcohol.. Then, she pressed the cotton cloth next to the shears and held the handle of the shears while everyone gasped with their eyes wide open. She pulled it out cleanly (using mystic techniques)…


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