The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right by Early October

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Chapter 20 - Chapter 20: Teach You Some Manners On Behalf Of Your Father
Chapter 21 - Chapter 21: It’S A Waste To Not Utilize His Cheapskate Father
Chapter 22 - Chapter 22: I’M His Kid
Chapter 23 - Chapter 23: Hurry Up And Carry Me
Chapter 24 - Chapter 24: So Worried About You!
Chapter 25 - Chapter 25: Do You Dare Respond If I Call You Father?
Chapter 26 - Chapter 26: Didn’T You Say I’M Your Little Precious?
Chapter 27 - Chapter 27: Daddy, Do You Not Want Your Precious Anymore?
Chapter 28 - Chapter 28: You Are Never In His Eyes
Chapter 29 - Chapter 29: She Is Scared Of Someone Like You
Chapter 30 - Chapter 30: No One Would Believe He Is In Love With A Woman
Chapter 31 - Chapter 31: No One Else Is Worthy Of Him
Chapter 32 - Chapter 32: Humiliated By The Person She Likes
Chapter 33 - Chapter 33: That Uncle Is Pretty Wicked
Chapter 34 - Chapter 34: Presenting Oneself
Chapter 35 - Chapter 35: Coward, Hang In There
Chapter 36 - Chapter 36: Fifth Elder Xie Isn’T That Kind-Hearted
Chapter 37 - Chapter 37: Xie Xize Suddenly Holds Her Hand
Chapter 38 - Chapter 38: Fifth Elder Xie, The King Of Conspiracy
Chapter 39 - Chapter 39: Ten Years Of Crush Ends In Vain
Chapter 40 - Chapter 40: She Has A Son
Chapter 41 - Chapter 41: I’Ll Let You Taste What’S Powerful
Chapter 42 - Chapter 42: Get Lost Once You’Re Awake
Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Just You Wait, I Won ‘T Spare You
Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: What A Coincidence, We Meet Again
Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: Are You Here To Please Me?
Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: I’Ll Give You A Candy, It’S Sweet
Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: This Cheap Father Is Really Cunning
Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: You Are The Third Gorgeous
Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: I Like It Very Much
Chapter 50 - Chapter 50: Cheap Father Is Too Cunning
Chapter 51 - Chapter 51: Don’T Make Trouble, Be Obedient
Chapter 52 - Chapter 52: Holding Her Hand Like Holding A Treasure
Chapter 53 - Chapter 53: I Don’T Dislike You
Chapter 54 - Chapter 54: They All Know How Scary This Person Is
Chapter 55 - Chapter 55: You’Ve Already Lost This Baby’S Love
Chapter 56 - Chapter 56: He Doesn’T Just Want People
Chapter 57 - Chapter 57: Mom, Will You Find Me A Stepfather?
Chapter 58 - Chapter 58: Wishing You All Infertility, Full Of Children And Grandsons
Chapter 59 - Chapter 59: Come Look For Me, I’Ll Support You
Chapter 60 - Chapter 60: With My Looks, I Can’T Find Any Man I Want
Chapter 61 - Chapter 61: Qin Xiaochen And The Dog Are Not Entered
Chapter 62 - Chapter 62: What Kind Of Good Thing Do You Think He Is?
Chapter 63 - Chapter 63: Mo Yangyang, Are You Crazy?
Chapter 64 - Chapter 64: You Can’T Touch Her!
Chapter 65 - Chapter 65: He Pushed Her Against The Corner
Chapter 66 - Chapter 66: My Waist Is About To Break
Chapter 67 - Chapter 67: Throw Yourself Into Her Arms
Chapter 68 - Chapter 68: Is He Chasing After You?
Chapter 69 - Chapter 69: Take The Money And Scram!
Chapter 70 - Chapter 70: Come On, Fight With Your Father
Chapter 71 - Chapter 71: Fatherless Little Bastard
Chapter 72 - Chapter 72: I’M Praising You, You’Re As Cute As A Pig
Chapter 73 - Chapter 73: Let This Little Bastard And His Mother Kneel Down To Apologize
Chapter 74 - Chapter 74: Chapter 74: A Cheap Life, Serves You Right To Be Killed
Chapter 75 - Chapter 75: I Feel So Sad When She Cries
Chapter 76 - Chapter 76: I’M Scum, You’Re Even More Scum
Chapter 77 - Chapter 77: If You Dare To Touch Her, I’Ll Fight You To The Death
Chapter 78 - Chapter 78: Chapter 78-Robbery, Coincidentally, I Have
Chapter 79 - Chapter 79: Even The Gods Can’T Save You
Chapter 80 - Chapter 80: He Descended Like A God, Illuminated By Holy Light
Chapter 81 - Chapter 81: She Fell Into A Strong Arm
Chapter 82 - Chapter 82: Enjoy The Feast I’Ve Prepared For You
Chapter 83 - Chapter 83: How Dare You Touch My People?
Chapter 84 - Chapter 84: Some Things Are More Scary Than Death
Chapter 85 - Chapter 85: Xie Xize, You Bastard, Return My Son To Me
Chapter 86 - Chapter 86: Chapter 86 -Fierce Yang Yang, Losing Her Horse Online
Chapter 87 - Chapter 87: Please, Give Me Back The Spicy Strips
Chapter 88 - Chapter 88: I Will Hand Him Over To You In One Piece
Chapter 89 - Chapter 89: You Didn’T Give Birth To The Spicy Strips, You Don’T Feel Heartbroken, Do You?
Chapter 90 - Chapter 90: Have We Been Scammed?
Chapter 91 - Chapter 91: There Was A Fire In His Eyes
Chapter 92 - Chapter 92: Daddy Is A Duck Used To Trap!
Chapter 93 - Chapter 93: It’S A Man, Go!
Chapter 94 - Chapter 94: He’S Too Fat, Let Me Carry Him
Chapter 95 - Chapter 95: How Could He Let Her Go When She Was Like This?
Chapter 96 - Chapter 96: Xie Wuye’S Awkward Manipulation
Chapter 97 - Chapter 97: I Can’T Be Compared To You, Fifth Master, I’M Even Blacker
Chapter 98 - Chapter 98: I’M Willing To Hug You, What Can You Do About It?
Chapter 99 - Chapter 99: Fifth Uncle, Long Time No See
Chapter 100 - Chapter 100: Old Man’S Tricks
Chapter 101 - Chapter 101: Don ‘T Always Think About Men At Your Young Age
Chapter 102 - Chapter 102: I Want My Son, And You, Too
Chapter 103 - Chapter 103: I Don ‘T Think She’S Worthy Of You
Chapter 104 - Chapter 104: I Am That Wild Man
Chapter 105 - Chapter 105: Daddy Will Be Jealous
Chapter 106 - Chapter 106: Reunion After A Long Time
Chapter 107 - Chapter 107: The Little Master Is Even More Handsome Than Yesterday
Chapter 108 - Chapter 108: Why Was I Blind Back Then?
Chapter 109 - Chapter 109: Mo Yangyang, Get Married
Chapter 110 - Chapter 110: It Isn ‘T Good To Run When You ‘Ve Just Woke Up
Chapter 111 - Chapter 111: I Really Don’T Have That Kind Of Beast Thoughts
Chapter 112 - Chapter 112: So, I’Ve Been A Wreck For You
Chapter 113 - Chapter 113: Think About Marriage
Chapter 114 - Chapter 114: I Don’T Agree To This Marriage
Chapter 115 - Chapter 115: It’S Better To Work Hard To Earn Money Than Find A Man
Chapter 116 - Chapter 116: One Of The Murderers Who Killed His Mother
Chapter 117 - Chapter 117: I Regret That I Didn’T Kill You Earlier
Chapter 118 - Chapter 118: Do You Really Think I Can’T Raise My Knife If I Don’T Torment You?
Chapter 119 - Chapter 119: Let’S Kill Him
Chapter 120 - Chapter 120: My Wife Is Cowardly And Kind At Heart
Chapter 121 - Chapter 121: Stay Away From Me, I Have Obsession
Chapter 122 - Chapter 122: Fifth Uncle, I’M Scared!
Chapter 123 - Chapter 123: Devout Kiss
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Mo Yangyang, the fake daughter was kicked out of the family when the real daughter of the family returned. The real daughter demanded a good reputation, thus Mo Yangyang had to set her off by being the bad girl. She couldn't stand it any longer when she realized she was terminally ill. Even cannon fodder deserved to die with dignity. To leave no regrets behind, Mo Yangyang made a move on the man whom she was secretly in love for ten years, but she ended up being entangled with the man's uncle, the fifth son of the Xie Family whom every woman in Xiacheng was willing to squeeze their heads through a crowd just to meet in person, the man with the name Xie Xize.

Mo Yangyang, ""Don't worry, I'm almost dead anyway.

Three months later...

Mo Yangyang, ""Why am I still alive? And why is there another life in my stomach too? Wouldn't Fifth Elder Xie murder me once he found out about it?""

So she ran...

Five years later, the little kid dragged his trembling mother to Xie Xize and said, ""Take good care of your woman, don't make me have to worry about her always."" Fifth Elder Xie, ""How are you going to pay me back for kidnapping my son for so many years?"" Mo Yangyang shuddered, ""I can give you another you want it?""

The little kid, ""I have a chance to start over again. I must take precautions earlier. With my father around, I won't have to worry that mom would be killed like cannon fodder again. It's time to teach those scum a lesson!""

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Miss Mo, we have the result…I’m really sorry…”

“You have a tumor in your head, it’s already in the late stage and the cancer cells are spreading…”

“You only have three months left at most. There’s no point treating it now. I’m sorry, make sure you enjoy your remaining time left… try not to leave with any regrets…”

The doctor’s words echoed in Mo Yangyang’s head like a witch chanting a curse, turning into an invisible noose tightening around her neck to make her suffocate.

Mo Yangyang walked out of the hospital like a zombie. She glanced at the bright sky.

She forgot the last time she had observed the sky carefully. It was clear and blue. She did not have many chances to observe it left.

Mo Yangyang’s vision gradually blurred. She only realized she was in tears when she rubbed her eyes.

Her life was like a never-ending nightmare. It kept crushing her world, her dignity, and her hopes into pieces.

Mo Yangyang thought she was unlucky enough. The parents she had been calling mum and dad for over twenty years were not her biological parents. The house she had been living in for twenty years was not her home.

And today, she realized that there was no limit to the despair that life would deal her.

Mo Yangyang kept walking, lost in her thoughts. When she came to her senses, she was standing at the main entrance of Imperial Park, the place where she used to live.

Mo Yangyang’s lips trembled. Her subconscious had guided her to her parents while she was feeling helpless, but they had already kicked her out. They were no longer her parents.

She gathered her courage, but she did not dare to take another step forward.

A week ago, Mo Yangyang was still the beloved daughter of the Mo Family, whom everyone was envious of. Many celebrities of Xiacheng had shown up at the party of her twentieth birthday.

She whole-heartedly thought she was in the limelight, yet it turned out to be her crisis.

It left her with wounds and bruises, tore off her dignity and pride, and trampled her.

Her world shattered when Mrs. Mo slapped her in the face.

She told Mo Yangyang that she was no daughter of her family!

Her best friend He Shixuan, whom she had known for two years at school was the true daughter of the family.

She was just an illegitimate child of nobody.

Everyone accused her of stealing He Shixuan’s happiness. Not only was she ungrateful, she was trying to set the true daughter of the Mo Family up too! She was a childish ingrate!

Mo Yangyang was kicked out of the family without a chance to explain herself.

He Shixuan’s scornful grin was the last thing that Mo Yangyang’s remembered of the Mo Family.

From that day onward, the people referred to her as the heartless, vicious, ungrateful adopted daughter.

Meanwhile, they complimented He Shixuan for being as pure as a pearl despite the hardship she had gone through.

The people only believed in what they were willing to believe. They could not care less about the truth.

Mo Yangyang was absent-minded during the whole thing. Her name was already notorious before she realized what happened.

Someone suddenly shoved her on the back while she was in her thoughts. She lost her balance and tripped. Her elbow and knee hit the ground heavily, leaving her trembling in pain!

“I was wondering who you were, the ingrate that was kicked out of the family. I bet you have returned to pester the Mo Family after struggling to survive in the outside world. Such a pity…the Mo Family will never let a malicious b**ch like you set foot in their house again.”


Total Chapters in book: 123
Estimated words: 96508 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 483(@200wpm)___ 386(@250wpm)___ 322(@300wpm)