The Charm Of Soul Pets by Fishs Sky

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Survival Instinct
Chapter 3: Coerced Into Death
Chapter 4: Looking For A New Soul Pet
Chapter 5: Bramble Demon
Chapter 6: Trapping And Capturing A Soul Pet
Chapter 7: Surpassing 9Th Stage Organism
Chapter 8: Species Mutation, Moonlight Fox
Chapter 9: Soul Pact; Obtaining A Mutated Soul Pet
Chapter 10: The First Fight, Bramble Demon
Chapter 11: Growth, Stage Two Moonlight Fox
Chapter 12: Grind, Train, Improve
Chapter 13: Provocation, Duel Invitation
Chapter 14: New Ability, Ripping Claw
Chapter 15: Ten Legged Centipede
Chapter 16: Second Stage Defeating A Third Stage
Chapter 17: The Nightmare'S Advent
Chapter 18: Encountering A Powerful Enemy
Chapter 19: Ripping Apart The Hundred Eyed Palm
Chapter 20: A Crisis Appears
Chapter 21: Murder, The Indifferent Fox
Chapter 22: Stage Nine Flametail
Chapter 23: The One Who Died Was Luo Chen
Chapter 24: Soul Technique, Chong Mei
Chapter 25: Pitiful Appearance, Mo Xie'S Disguise
Chapter 26: Lethal Moonlight
Chapter 27: Duo Type Soul Crystal
Chapter 28: Devil Crying In The Night
Chapter 29: The Foremen'S Anger
Chapter 30: Death Notice: The Decisive Battle Has Been Shifted Forward
Chapter 31: Chu Mu: The Strongest, Hidden The Most Deeply
Chapter 32: Fear Wolf, The Foremen'S Ruthlessness
Chapter 33: Elimination, Death
Chapter 34: Victory: Ruthlessness When Least Expected
Chapter 35: The Last Fight
Chapter 36: If You’Re Courting Death, Let Me Help You
Chapter 37: Advanced Level Battle Technique And A Moon Blade
Chapter 38: Murderer, Chu Mu
Chapter 39: Evolution: The Second Phase
Chapter 40: Training- Heading Towards A Ninetails Transformation
Chapter 41: New Battle Technique: Flaming Awn
Chapter 42: Leaving Cyan Nightmare Island
Chapter 43: Water Sprite
Chapter 44: Cyan Nightmare Main Island
Chapter 45: Not Enough Funds, Hunting Time
Chapter 46: Second Phase Soul Pet Battle
Chapter 47: Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen
Chapter 48: Killing A Stage Two Gila Monster
Chapter 49: Ten Man Free For All Battle
Chapter 50: Cao Yi’S Conspiracy
Chapter 51: Triggering A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 52: Instant Kill - Changing The Situation
Chapter 53: Striking Fox
Chapter 54: Comparable To A Commander Rank Soul Pet
Chapter 55: Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation
Chapter 56: Mark, Seal Break
Chapter 57: Fighting One Against Ten
Chapter 58: Battle Awn - Reveal Of Strength
Chapter 59: Declaration Of Battle, The Fire Of War Burns!
Chapter 60: Slaughtering Everyone Present (1)
Chapter 61: Slaughtering Everyone Present (2)
Chapter 62: Massacring The Entire Stadium (3)
Chapter 63: White Flame, Chu Mu'S Anger
Chapter 64: Devil Fire’S Flame Awn - Burning Cao Yi
Chapter 65: Unexpected Appearance, Fifth Phase White Nightmare
Chapter 66: Opportunity To Live
Chapter 67: Prison Island - One Out Of Three Thousand Survives
Chapter 68: The Option Of Seeking Death
Chapter 69: An Unknown Creature
Chapter 70: Middle Class Warrior Rank
Chapter 71: Little Cyan Bug'S Unprovoked Anger
Chapter 72: Accidentally Entering The Resting Grounds Of Ice Falcons
Chapter 73: Cyan Bug Pupates
Chapter 74: Abnormal Metamorphosis, Gigantic Cocoon
Chapter 75: Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 76: Capture- A New Soul Pet
Chapter 77: Innate First-Rate Ice Type Talent
Chapter 78: Fragmented Map
Chapter 79: Dual Soul Summons
Chapter 80: The Ice Fairy'S Potential
Chapter 81: Rare Blood Beast, Yang Family
Chapter 82: The Enemy Met With The Blade
Chapter 83: Fourth Phase Bloodthirsty Beast
Chapter 84: Species Mutation, Proud Mo Xie (1)
Chapter 85: Species Mutation, Proud Mo Xie (2)
Chapter 86: Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox
Chapter 87: Soul Technique - Wind Dragon Bind
Chapter 88: Stage Advance - Fifth Remembrance Spirit Soldier
Chapter 89: Following Yang Clan'S Footsteps
Chapter 90: Trapped Savage Beast (1)
Chapter 91: Trapped Savage Beast (2)
Chapter 92: Stalk And Assassinate
Chapter 93: Ice Wall, Separation Of Death
Chapter 94: Old Injury, Defecting Soul Pet
Chapter 95: The Escaped Multi Colored Devil Tiger
Chapter 96: Swallowing Star Wolf
Chapter 97: Wide Disparity
Chapter 98: Illusion, Fatal Attack
Chapter 99: Soul Armor
Chapter 100: Metamorphosis Of The Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 101: New Soul Pet, Devil Tree Battle Soldier
Chapter 102: Elegant Figure In The Rain
Chapter 103: Killing Cao Yi(1)
Chapter 104: Killing Cao Yi(2)
Chapter 105: The Most Beautiful Thing In The Heart
Chapter 106: Three Years
Chapter 107: Monarch Rank, White Nightmare
Chapter 108: Night Thunder Dream Beast
Chapter 109: Bug Kingdom, The Innards Of A God
Chapter 110: Battle Of The Silk Covered Skies
Chapter 111: Dream Shatter: Nightmare Descends
Chapter 112: Molten Fury, Two Fires Merge
Chapter 113: Yang Lengcang
Chapter 114: Emerging From The Pupa, Ancient Soul Pet
Chapter 1: Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 2: Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon Vs Mysterious Unknown Creature
Chapter 3: Split Off Hidden Dragon Egg
Chapter 4: Treasure, Violent Blood Pupil
Chapter 5: If He’S Still Alive, This Position Might Not Be Yours
Chapter 6: Ice Air Fairy Vs Blue Nightmare(1)
Chapter 7: Ice Air Fairy Vs Blue Nightmare(2)
Chapter 8: Title, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince
Chapter 9: Nightmare Palace
Chapter 10: Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen
Chapter 11: One Day, Challenging Five People
Chapter 12: Effective Killing Weapon, Cold Poison Invasion
Chapter 13: Killing People, It’S Become Normal
Chapter 14: The Fight Starts Now
Chapter 15: The Prison Island King That Lost A Soul
Chapter 16: Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox Vs Blue Nightmare
Chapter 17: The White Nightmare That Devours Nightmares
Chapter 18: Bestowed A Sixth Level Soul Armor
Chapter 19: Qin Family’S Young Lady, Qin Menger
Chapter 20: Commander Rank Gale Colt
Chapter 21: Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast, Incredible Speed
Chapter 22: I, Chu Mu, Did Not Die. I, Chu Mu, Have Returned
Chapter 23: Things Are Different Now, A Powerful Chu Mu
Chapter 24: Mo Xie Looks Upon The Fight With Contempt
Chapter 25: Abnormally Strong Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 26: I’M Fine, But We May Not Be Soon
Chapter 27: Forest Gap, Forest Thing
Chapter 28: Chu Family’S Clan Pet, Mo Ye
Chapter 29: Tenaciously Fighting Mo Ye
Chapter 30: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability (1)
Chapter 31: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability(2)
Chapter 32: Mo Ye Vs Mo Ye
Chapter 33: Abandoned Soul Pet
Chapter 34: Family Group Encountering Misfortune
Chapter 35: Raging Flame To The Rescue
Chapter 36: New Soul Pet – Mo Ye
Chapter 37: Causing The Entire Gangluo City To Shake In My Presence
Chapter 38: Territory Crisis(1)
Chapter 39: Territory Crisis(2)
Chapter 40: Dark Night High Winds, Killing Night
Chapter 41: Commotion In The Auction House
Chapter 42: Let Blood Rain
Chapter 43: Devil Tree Demon
Chapter 44: Mo Ye, A Technique That Drove Opponents Crazy
Chapter 45: Robbing And Killing Yang Mantian Father And Child (1)
Chapter 46: Robbing And Killing Yang Mantian Father And Child(2)
Chapter 47: Using The Yang Family’S Money To Auction Against The Yang Family (1)
Chapter 48: Using The Yang Family’S Money To Auction Against The Yang Family (2)
Chapter 49: Chu Family’S Overbearing Eldest Young Lady
Chapter 50: Cleansing The Chu Family’S Inner Dirt
Chapter 51: Preliminary Competition Of The Recommendation
Chapter 52: It’S Only That My Life Is A Bit Tenacious
Chapter 53: The Weakest, Chu Mu, Leading The Fight
Chapter 54: Instant Combined Kill!
Chapter 55: Summoning Three. All Dead
Chapter 56: A Person Is Going To Die, Not A Soul Pet (1)
Chapter 57: A Person Is Going To Die, Not A Soul Pet (2)
Chapter 58: Killing To Bring Out The Family’S Honor
Chapter 59: Yang Family’S Mysterious Contestant
Chapter 60: You Yang Family, Anyone Who Comes Up, I, Chu Mu, Will Kill
Chapter 61: Yang Family, A Great Catastrophe Is Imminent
Chapter 62: Chu Mu, King Of Prison Island!
Chapter 63: Luo Region Nightmare Prince Vs Prison Island King
Chapter 64: A Gorgeous Yet Intense Fight Of Existence
Chapter 65: Monarch White Nightmare, Disregarding Blue Flames!
Chapter 66: Should I Laugh Or Cry? The Mo Ye’S Turn To Fight!
Chapter 67: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (1)
Chapter 68: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (2)
Chapter 69: Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil
Chapter 70: Ghost Type Seal, Blood Devil Seal
Chapter 71: Nameless Old Servant
Chapter 72: Exterminating The Yang Family (1)
Chapter 73: Exterminating The Yang Family (2)
Chapter 74: Exterminating The Yang Family (3)
Chapter 75: Advancement, Eighth Remembrance Spirit Teacher
Chapter 76: Meeting A Powerful Enemy Alone
Chapter 77: Wanting To Kill, Acting An Escape
Chapter 78: Greater Fame
Chapter 79: Ancient City On The Plains, Jia City
Chapter 80: Coincidentally Encountering Princess Jin Rou
Chapter 81: Fight Under The Heavens
Chapter 82: Jia Region Fight
Chapter 83: Exquisite Dodging, Exceptional Speed
Chapter 84: Perfect Warrior Rank Vs Perfect Commander Rank
Chapter 85: Dyed In Blood, Silver Colored Fox
Chapter 86: Tail Is A Fox’S Honor!
Chapter 87: Mutation, Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox
Chapter 88: Evil Pupil Scare, Mind Control!
Chapter 89: Aiming For The Strongest Of The Young Generation
Chapter 90: Princess’S Late Night Visit
Chapter 91: Seizing The Princess
Chapter 92: Forbidden Territory, Breaking Free From Nightmare Palace
Chapter 83: Heavenly Flame Rite, Killing A Spirit Master
Chapter 94: The Ninth Rank Misleading World, Mysterious Forest World
Chapter 95: Dream Underworld, Reverse Killing While Escaping
Chapter 96: Trap, Demon Feast
Chapter 97: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence Of A Crown
Chapter 97-2: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence Of A Crown
Chapter 98: Marvel, Half Man Half Soul Pet
Chapter 99: Perfect Girl, Deserted Soul Pet
Chapter 100: Earth Fiend Dream Demon, Terrifying Dream Trap
Chapter 101: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (1)
Chapter 102: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (2)
Chapter 103: Xia Guanghan’S Soul Pet, Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon
Chapter 104: Inner Darkness, Soul Backlash
Chapter 105: Advance To Spirit Master, Becoming The White Devil!
Chapter 106: Half Devil Chu Mu Vs. Xia Guanghan
Chapter 107: Destructive Power, Three Layered Heavenly Flame Rite
Chapter 108: Terrifying Galactic Demon Emperor
Chapter 109: Xia Guanghan’S Malicious Pledge
Chapter 110: Starlight Soul Pet, Noble Woman
Chapter 111: Scorching Hot Soul
Chapter 112: Untitled
Chapter 113: Cold Beauty, Noble Woman Liu Binglan
Chapter 114: Polar Ice, Sin Source Cold Pond
Chapter 115: Banding Together, Vagrant Brother And Sister
Chapter 116: Purple Robe Dream Beast, Trained After Birth
Chapter 117: Slippery Slope, First Cold Pond
Chapter 118: Spiritual Items Should Be Fought Over
Chapter 119: Sixth Rank Cold Pool, Hegemon Soul Pet
Chapter 120: Killing People Is To Make Money Faster
Chapter 121: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (1)
Chapter 122: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (2)
Chapter 123: Pervert Ye Wansheng
Chapter 123: Hegemon, Centipede Tail Boulder Devil
Chapter 124: Ye Qingzi, Water Heart Healing Heart
Chapter 125: Treasure, Eighth Level Soul Crystal
Chapter 126: You Really Don’T Have An Interest In My Sister?
Chapter 127: Glazed Ice, Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 128: Chu Chen, Are You Stronger Than Chu Mu?
Chapter 129: Budding Emotions Of Childhood, Chu Qian
Chapter 130: Hundred Valley, Eternal Blood Fruit
Chapter 131: I’Ll Single Control, You Can Summon Whatever
Chapter 132: Ice Air Fairy’S Imposing Manner
Chapter 133: Single Control Challenging Chu Mu’S Triple Control?
Chapter 134: Chu Yue? I’Ll Stomp You All The Same!
Chapter 135: Invitation To Take Part In A Competition
Chapter 136: Sealed Pet, Self-Destruction
Chapter 137: Coordinating With Ye Qingzi To Fight The Chu Family Experts
Chapter 138: Chu Mu Vs Chu Yue (1)
Chapter 139: Chu Mu Vs Chu Yue (2)
Chapter 140: Clear The Place And Resolve The Battle!
Chapter 141: Extravagant Gamble, Single Control Vs Triple Control
Chapter 142: Insta Kill Purple Senluo
Chapter 143: Three Forms Of Punishment, You Can Pick Any
Chapter 144: White Clothed Guard, Powerful Main Pet
Chapter 145: Face Strong Opponent, Princess Joins The Battle
Chapter 146: Insufferably Arrogant, The True Chu Mu
Chapter 147: Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox Vs Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox
Chapter 148: Awaken White Nightmare, Devilishly Alluring Princess!
Chapter 149: White Demonic Devil Flames, Spirit Master Chu Mu
Chapter 150: Monarch Vs. Monarch
Chapter 151: Mountain Top Shaking, Heavenly Flame Rite
Chapter 152: The Princess Taking Troubles To Heart
Chapter 153: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation (1)
Chapter 154: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation(2)
Chapter 155: The Scare Of The Ninth Phase Monarch
Chapter 156: Imprisoned In The Hibernating Desolation, Transforming Into A Half Devil
Chapter 157: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Insect Obliteration! (1)
Chapter 158: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Bug’S Extinction! (2)
Chapter 159: Same Species Devour, Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect
Chapter 160: Soul Teacher Ye Qingzi
Chapter 161: Brave Stinging Heart
Chapter 162: Abandoned City, Lair Calamity
Chapter 163: Insect Blood, Insect Guts
Chapter 164: Enter Devil Insect Lair (1)
Chapter 165: Entering Devil Insect Lair (2)
Chapter 166: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect
Chapter 167: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect (2)
Chapter 168: Zhan Ye’S New Technique, Heavenly Splitting Claw
Chapter 169: Insect Egg, Shiny Golden Gold Coins
Chapter 170: Lost Soul Pet, Lost Ye Wansheng
Chapter 171: Zhanli Kingdom, Elemental Sect
Chapter 172: Forty Million Gold Coin Equipped Soul Pet
Chapter 173: Brave Stinging Heart, Sixth Phase Sixth Stage
Chapter 174: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (1)1
Chapter 175: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (2)
Chapter 176: Monument Tears1
Chapter 177: Tianxia Road
Chapter 178: Elemental Wall Design
Chapter 179: Ice Air Fairy Vs. Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 180: Untitled
Chapter 181: Four Colored Porcelain Spirit
Chapter 182: Soul Capture Success
Chapter 183: Ghost King
Chapter 184: Soul Palace Young Master
Chapter 185: Comprehend, Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 186: Colored Sky North Mountain, Heavenly Crystal Peak Monarch
Chapter 187: Mid Mountain Rock Cave
Chapter 188: Raging Flame Whirlpool, Raging Flame Fairy
Chapter 189: Ning’S Broken Ice Domain
Chapter 190: Elemental Sect’S Trap
Chapter 191: Escape, Danger
Chapter 192: Crafty Rock Guard Group
Chapter 193: Evolution, Seventh Phase Ning
Chapter 194: Cold Crushing Imprint, Seventh Rank Ice Technique
Chapter 195: The Ghost King On The Peak
Chapter 196: Mountain Peak Lone Fight
Chapter 197: 800 Crafty Rock Guards!
Chapter 198: Chaotic Fight On The Mountain Peak, Coming Across Life In Desperate Straits
Chapter 199: Mass Kill, Severe Towering Ice
Chapter 200: Sixth Phase Ninth Stage, Getting Braver As It Fights
Chapter 201: Monarch Guard, Sturdy Rock General!
Chapter 202: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye Vs Ice Winged Tiger (1)
Chapter 203: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye Vs Ice Winged Tiger (2)
Chapter 204: Mental Combat Against Ghost King
Chapter 205: Heavenly Crystal Peak’S Master, Hegemonic Monarch
Chapter 206: Take A Risk, Gliding On Heavenly Crystal Peak
Chapter 207: Monarch’S Soul Scaring Chase
Chapter 208: Capture War, The Battle With Ghost King (1)
Chapter 209: Capture War, The Battle With Ghost King (2)
Chapter 210: The Ghost King’S Acknowledgement
Chapter 211: Absolutely Better, Monarch Rank Talent
Chapter 212: Conspirer, Yu He
Chapter 213: Unbridled Inside Soul Palace’S Great Hall
Chapter 214: Act First Talk Later
Chapter 215: The Tenth Young Master
Chapter 216: Poisoned Ye Wansheng
Chapter 217: Yu He’S Release
Chapter 218: Transcend, Yu City’S Appointed Fight
Chapter 219: Thousand Wood City, Bloodsucking Wood
Chapter 220: The Trap Of Bloodsucking Wood Demon
Chapter 221: Evoked Brave Jungle
Chapter 222: Abnormal Lineage, Coronary Bloodwood Demon
Chapter 223: Devil Tree, Wood Finger Prison
Chapter 224: Mutated Bloodsuck
Chapter 225: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (1)
Chapter 226: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (2)
Chapter 227: Multikill, Bloody Devil Tree Battle Soldier
Chapter 228: End Of The Dark Forest
Chapter 229: Marsh Corpse Hand
Chapter 230: Bell Noise Concubine
Chapter 231: Ancient Azure Devil Tree
Chapter 232: Eighth Rank Wood Type Soul Crystal
Chapter 233: Whereabout Of The Split Off Dragon Egg
Chapter 234: The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’S Level
Chapter 235: Kingdom Capital, Li City
Chapter 236: Speed And Dodging, Li City Chase
Chapter 237: Li City’S Savage Creature
Chapter 238: Li City’S Savage Creature (2)
Chapter 239: Night City Scare
Chapter 240: Strange Demon Claw
Chapter 241: Terrifying Plot
Chapter 242: A Case With Boundless Danger
Chapter 243: Devil Tree Battle Soldier’S Transformation
Chapter 244: Searching For The Savages In A Rainy Night
Chapter 245: Nightmare Tree, Fighting One Versus Ten
Chapter 246: Devil Tree, Fighting One Versus Ten
Chapter 247: Devil Tree Battle Soldier’S Poison Effect
Chapter 248: Attached Pet, Hundred Mother
Chapter 249: Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 250: Exterminating Savage Creatures (1)
Chapter 251: Exterminating Savage Creatures (2)
Chapter 252: Hidden Dragon’S White Cocoon Silk
Chapter 253: The Hundred Mother’S Master
Chapter 254: Pursued By Death Through The City
Chapter 255: Gluttonous Insect Monster Group
Chapter 256: Underground Palace, Fake Masked Man
Chapter 257: The Meeting Of Many Factions
Chapter 258: Comparing Calmness? Comparing Attitude?
Chapter 259: I Am Yu He, Dong Qing’S Old Wound
Chapter 260: Whoever Kills Duan Xinhe Gets The Dragon Egg
Chapter 261: An Arena That Belongs To Only The Big Factions
Chapter 262: Kill Yu He, Palace Lord Yu’S Favor
Chapter 263: Finding The Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 264: Beauty’S Night Words
Chapter 265: Confrontation Of Schemes
Chapter 266: Fighting Yu He In The Old Hall
Chapter 267: Shockwave Kill, Nine Tail Hammer
Chapter 268: Corpse Diagram, Corpse-Like Decay
Chapter 269: Corpse Type Is Still The Same, Absorb
Chapter 270: Yu He, Dead
Chapter 271: Doubled Plot
Chapter 272: Underground World, Innards Of A God (1)
Chapter 273: Underground World, Innards Of A God (2)
Chapter 274: Split Off Reproduction, Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 275: A Race Against Time
Chapter 276: White Pupil Burning
Chapter 277: Half Devil Vs Gluttonous Insect Monster
Chapter 278: The Cyan Hidden Dragon Awakens
Chapter 279: One Of Five Summits, Xiao Ren
Chapter 280: Obliterating Heart, Killing The Gluttonous Insect Monster
Chapter 281: Collision Of Power, Dragon Vs Beast
Chapter 282: The Great Fight Of Li City, Hidden Dragon’S Might
Chapter 283: The Great Fight Of Li City, Hidden Dragon’S Might
Chapter 284: The Great Fight Of Li City, Hidden Dragon’S Might
Chapter 285: The Great Battle Of Li City, Hidden Dragon’S Might
Chapter 286: White Devil Flames In A Summit Contest
Chapter 287: Metamorphosis Against A Powerful Opponent, Seventh Phase Mo Xie
Chapter 288: Eighth Rank Battle Technique, Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram
Chapter 289: Other Pupil, Devil Monarch, Chu Mu
Chapter 290: From The Nine Underworlds, The Evil Devil Monarch
Chapter 291: Descent, World Startling Devil (1)
Chapter 292: Descent, World Startling Devil (2)
Chapter 293: Arrival, The Devil That Shocked The World (3)
Chapter 294: Arrival, The Devil That Shocked The World (4)
Chapter 295: Supreme Diagram, Hidden Dragon And Half Devil
Chapter 296: Approach The Battle Tenth Phase Pseudo-Emperor
Chapter 297: The Strongest Soul Pet Formation In Li City’S History
Chapter 298 Mass Killing Of Soul Pets Dimensional Devil Flame Sea
Chapter 299: Memory Steal Anger Of Sealing
Chapter 300: Not A Single One Will Leave Alive
Chapter 301: The Fall Of Many Experts, Shattered Heaven Strange Mark
Chapter 302: Human And Devil, Devil And Human
Chapter 303: Ice Cold, Deep Pond Removing Devil
Chapter 304: Nightmare Palace God, Half Devil
Chapter 305: Battle Of The Realm, Emperor Soul Pet
Chapter 306: Startled And Frightened Xia Guanghan
Chapter 307: Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail
Chapter 308: Burn One’S Boat, Entering The Valley
Chapter 309: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (1)
Chapter 310: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (2)
Chapter 311: Break Through The Tunnel Alone
Chapter 312: The First To Arrive, Glamorous Smokescreen
Chapter 313: A Woman’S Favorite, Butterfly Species Monarch
Chapter 314: You Didn’T Treat Me Well Enough, Nightmare Palace
Chapter 315: Hundred Million, Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart
Chapter 316: A Competition Without Age Restriction
Chapter 317: Young Man Vs Middle Aged Man
Chapter 318: Chu Chen, What Person Is He?
Chapter 319: Opponent, Eighth Rank Title Female Soul Pet Trainer
Chapter 320: Soul Palace, Seven Diagram Saint Pets
Chapter 321: Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (1)
Chapter 322: Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (2)
Chapter 323: Glamorous Counterattack, Natural Wood Trap
Chapter 324: I Used To Kill, Hunting Was Just A Hobby (1)
Chapter 325: I’Ve Killed People Before, Conveniently Hunting (2)
Chapter 326: Battle Of The Realm’S Strength Ranking
Chapter 327: Travelling East, Putting Out A Net
Chapter 328: Tenth Level, Folding Skies Bewildering World
Chapter 329: Challenging One’S Limits, Eighth Rank Bewildering World
Chapter 330 - Nearing The Perfect Phase And Stage, Ninth Phase Terror Wolf
Chapter 331: Scary Battle Surpassing Ranks
Chapter 332: Bloodthirsty Rage, Time Of The Grim Reaper
Chapter 333: A Win Drenched In Blood (1)
Chapter 334: A Win Drenched In Blood (2)
Chapter 335: Ten Years One Person, Realm Thrones
Chapter 336: The Highest Authority Female
Chapter 337: Invisible Black Hand, Xia Guanghan
Chapter 338: Second Grade’S Strongest, Hunter Wang Xu
Chapter 339: Ancient City, Ancient Wind Spirit
Chapter 340: Mo Xies Evolution, Eighth Phase Inferno Fox
Chapter 341: Ruined Pillar Broken Wall, Nine Snake Lichen
Chapter 342: Monarch Ghost Transformation, Absolute Defense
Chapter 343: Ancient City, Night Encounter With Nightmare Palace
Chapter 344: Lu Shanli, The Most Powerful Second Tier
Chapter 345: Evil Eye Demonic Pupil, Using Someone Else’S Power To Clear The Path
Chapter 346: Wind Spirit Guard, Tenth Phase Storm
Chapter 347: Destructive Power, Ninth Rank Hurricane
Chapter 348: Wait For The Trap, Natural Wood Trap
Chapter 349: Alarmed Nightmare Palace Lu Lishan
Chapter 350: Life And Death Chase In The Yellow Sand
Chapter 351: Accidentally Running Into Fear Wolf Territory
Chapter 352: Only Fighting Will Result In Survival
Chapter 353: A Must Win Fierce Battle
Chapter 354: Eighth Phase, Demon Night Dream (1)
Chapter 355: Eighth Phase, Demon Night Dream (2)
Chapter 356: Moonlight, Blood And A Fierce Battle
Chapter 357: Spoils Of War After A Bloody Fight
Chapter 358: Mysterious Housha Region, No One Has Stepped Foot Here Before
Chapter 359: Complete Counter, Ghost King’S Might
Chapter 360: Violent Scorpions From Four Sides, Sand Bone Basin
Chapter 361: Abnormal Level Young Expert
Chapter 362: The Third Tier
Chapter 363: Kill Thousands, Sudden Appearance Of Expert
Chapter 364: Emperor Species Mo Ye, Defying Rank
Chapter 365: Soul Pet World’S Devil, Qin Ye!
Chapter 366: Hellish Training, Desert Nomad
Chapter 367: Return, Rematch Against Luo Peng
Chapter 368: Rock Type Monarch, Violent Ghost Monarch
Chapter 369: Violent Ghost King (2)
Chapter 370: Eighth Phase High Stage Night Thunder Dream Beast
Chapter 371: Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (1)
Chapter 372: Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (2)
Chapter 373: The Sobbing Monument’S Enormous Painting, A Distant Memory
Chapter 374: Four Great Wind Zones, Unknown World
Chapter 375: Wind Monarch, Binding Wind Spirit!
Chapter 376: Life And Death, Tenth Rank Wind!
Chapter 377: Onslaught Of Mental Demons, A Struggle Of Willpower
Chapter 378: Accidentally Capturing A Mature Binding Wind Spirit
Chapter 379: Eccentric Teen, Chu Mu
Chapter 380: Advanced Towering Ice, Eighth Phase Ning
Chapter 381: Another Chance At Capturing A Child Binding Wind Spirit
Chapter 382: Marketplace, Encountering Old Friends
Chapter 383: Chu Family Brothers, Reunite In A Foreign Land
Chapter 384: Chu Clan Exile, Chu Tianqi
Chapter 385: Luo Region Sect, Merchant Alliance, Soul Alliance
Chapter 386: New Eighth Rank Soul Technique (1)
Chapter 387: Eighth Rank New Soul Technique (2)
Chapter 388: Leap Through By Buildup, Eighth Phase Fifth Stage
Chapter 389: Night Operation (1)
Chapter 390: Night Operation (2)
Chapter 391: Descendant Of Undying Immortal, Ye Qingzi
Chapter 392: Ye Siblings’ Great Enemy, Shen Yichen
Chapter 393: Mysterious Medicine, Memory Fluid
Chapter 394: Helpless Ye Qingzi
Chapter 395: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu (1)
Chapter 396: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu(2)
Chapter 397: Bloodsucking Devil Tree Battle Soldier’S Great Battle With The Devil Poison Vine
Chapter 398: Undying Zhan Ye Vs Ninth Phase Monarch (1)
Chapter 399: Undead Zhan Ye Vs Ninth Phase Monarch (2)
Chapter 400: Deep Into Enemy Territory, Save Ye Wansheng
Chapter 401: Shen Yicheng? I Said To Kill Him!
Chapter 402: Obliterating Heart, Slaughtering Pool Beast
Chapter 403: Soul Alliance’S Secret, Memory Fluid
Chapter 404: Trending Name, Shocking Tian Xia (Shocking The World)
​Chapter 405: Mo Xie Vs Binding Wind Spirit (1)
Chapter 406: Mo Xie Vs Binding Wind Spirit (2)
Chapter 407: Power, Spirituality, Wisdom
Chapter 408: Soul Cleansing, Memory Wipe
Chapter 409: Psychic Soul Pet Trainer, Chu Mu
Chapter 410: Binding Wind Holy Region, Embarking On A New Training Expedition
Chapter 411: Cooperate With The Binding Wind Spirit
Chapter 412: Ancient Wind Path, Wind Tribe
Chapter 413: Millionth Rank, Soul Pet Empire
Chapter 414: Wind Spirit Tears, Ninth Phase Binding Wind Spirit (1)
Chapter 415: Wind Spirit Tear: Ninth Phase
Chapter 416: New Soul Pet: Binding Wind Spirit(1)
Chapter 417: New Pet, Binding Wind Spirit (2)
Chapter 418: Realm Defender, Chu Mu
Chapter 419: Mo Xie, Thirteen Inferno Hells
Chapter 420: Li Hong, 10 Years As Master Of The Throne
Chapter 421: First Realm, Fighting Beast
Chapter 422: Commander Rank Difficulty, Completely Evolved Creature
Chapter 423: Clash, Ghost King Vs Protruding Bone Beast
Chapter 424: First Realm, Honor Challenge
Chapter 425: Beast Fighting Challenge Progressively Increasing In Difficulty
Chapter 426: Peak Commander, Tenth Phase Flame Bird
Chapter 427: Third Beast Fighting Wave, Terror Wolf Pack
Chapter 428: Experienced With Group Battles
Chapter 429: The Final Fighting Beast Howl
Chapter 430: The Fourth Wave, Invincible Fighting Beasts
Chapter 431: Can Be Knocked Down, Cannot Be Defeated (1)
Chapter 432: Can Be Defeated, Cannot Be Knocked Down (2)
Chapter 433: Can Be Knocked Down, Cannot Be Defeated (2)
Chapter 434: Sound Of Victory, Highest Honor!
Chapter 435: The Hug After The Battle, Fluserting The Beauty’S Heart
Chapter 436: Second Realm, Hunting In The Sacred Holy Realm (1)
Chapter 437: Second Realm, Hunting In The Sacred Holy Region (2)
Chapter 438: Defector Young Woman - Human, Soul Pet?
Chapter 439: Sacred Holy Region’S Riddle, Only One Direction
Chapter 440: Dream Back To Flower Sea, Terrifying Charm Girl
Chapter 441: Overlapping Flames, Three Layers Of Burning Flames
Chapter 442: Wilted Sacred Blue Flower, Searching For Clues
Chapter 443: Sacred Region, Surprised Discovery Of The Cyan Hidden Dragon!
Chapter 444: Soulless Dragon Species
Chapter 445: The Name That Shook The Realm, Soul Palace Chu Chen
Chapter 446: Twelve Years, Exposed With One Word
Chapter 447: Black Hand Behind The Scenes, Defector Young Woman
Chapter 448: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (1)
Chapter 449: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (2)
Chapter 450: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (3)
Chapter 451: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting One Person Pass (4)
Chapter 452: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting One Person Pass (5)
Chapter 453: Hidden Expert, Luo Region Sect Jiang Zhi
Chapter 454: Hidden Expert, Luo Region Sect’S Jiang Zhi (2)
Chapter 455: Departed World Gate, Seconds Under The Other Pupil
Chapter 456: Dangerous Person, Chu Mu
Chapter 457
Chapter 458: High Class Monarch, White Nightmare (2)
Chapter 459: Seventh Realm, Cruel Realm Passing
Chapter 460: New Companion, Princess Jin Rou
Chapter 461: A Wide Net In Waiting, Zhuo Xiao
Chapter 462: Jungle Massacre, The Victor That Emerges
Chapter 463: Jungle Massacre, The Victor That Emerges 2
Chapter 464: Enter The Enemy’S Territory Alone
Chapter 465: Unknown Leader, Nearing The Trap
Chapter 466: Leader Of The Killers, Shen Yicheng
Chapter 467: A Killer Level Higher Than The Killers
Chapter 468: Appearance, Defector Woman
Chapter 469: Escape, Hostage Exchange 1
Chapter 470: Escape, Hostage Exchange 2
Chapter 471: Flames Of Anger, Power To Destroy A Mountain
Chapter 472: Three Main Soul Pets, Rise In Command To Danger
Chapter 473: Three Big Main Pets, Benefiting From Help In The Face Of Crisis 2
Chapter 474: Three Big Main Pets, Benefiting From Help In The Face Of Crisis 3
Chapter 475: Thousand Legged Centipede, Maze Like Cave
Chapter 476: Cave Abyss, Millipede Calamity
Chapter 477: Emperor Rank Strength, Terrifying Master 1
Chapter 478: Emperor Rank Strength, Terrifying Master 2
Chapter 479: Abyss, Surprise Appearance Of Ten Thousand Feet Millipede
Chapter 480: Zhan Ye, Zhan Ye! 1
Chapter 481: Zhan Ye, Zhan Ye! 2
Chapter 482: Zhan Ye, Zhan Ye 3
Chapter 483: Rule Of Survival, Mo Ye Species
Chapter 484: Tenth Phase, Zhan Ye’S High Class Monarch Rank Explosion
Chapter 485: The Old King Sitting Atop A Corpse Mountain
Chapter 486: Peak Monarch, Awakening An Ancient Beast Soul
Chapter 487: Death’S Dawn, Extinguishing ? Of The Abyss
Chapter 488: Killer? Not Even Rubbish
Chapter 489: Treasure, Ninth Rank Soul Armor
Chapter 490: Chen Hu, Chaotic Competitor Fight 1
Chapter 491: Lake Chen, Competitor Skirmish! 2
Chapter 492: Powerful White Nightmare, Subduing The Skirmish
Chapter 493: One Billion In Compensation, Two-Faced Chu Mu
Chapter 494: Heavenly Life Mountain, Unknown Realm Breakthrough
Chapter 495: Eighth Realm, Prisoner Hunting Ground
Chapter 496: Xia Guanghan, Returned Tenfold
Chapter 497: Special Arrangement, Competitors, Prisoners
Chapter 498: Rock Rainbow, Wolf In The Front And Tiger In The Back
Chapter 499: Prisoner Heads Are The Realm Passing Reward 1
Chapter 500: Prisoner Heads Are The Realm Passing Reward 2
Chapter 501: Shimmering 2 Billion Gold, Eighth Rank Prisoner Cai Ji
Chapter 502: These Rules Are A Great Opportunity To Make Money
Chapter 503: Ninth Rank Prisoner, Duan Xinze
Chapter 504: Lost Sword Winged Tiger, Seriously Hurt Shang Heng
Chapter 506: Annihilating Prisoners, Elemental Group Slaughter
Chapter 507: Annihilating Prisoners, Elemental Group Slaughter
Chapter 508: Bloody Nature, Furiously Killing Prisoners 1
Chapter 509: Bloody Nature, Furiously Killing Prisoners 2
Chapter 510: Bloodthirsty Nature, Angrily Slaughtering Prisoners 3
Chapter 511: Chu Mu’S True Main Pet Formation?
Chapter 512: 16 Prisoners, All Exterminated
Chapter 513: Chu Mu Is Just Too Truthful
Chapter 514: A Sign Of Mo Xie Evolving 1
Chapter 515: A Sign Of Mo Xie Evolving 2
Chapter 516: Gluttonous Insect Monster, Ninth Rank Prisoner
Chapter 517: Gluttonous Insect Monster, Ninth Rank Prisoner 2
Chapter 518: Ninth Rank Prisoner, Duan Xinze
Chapter 519: 0 Mothers, Insect Merge, Gluttonous King
Chapter 520: Finish Battle In A Minute
Chapter 521: Your One Billion Gold Head, I’Ll Take It!
Chapter 522: A Great Enemy Nears, Competition Authority Xia Guanghan
Chapter 523: One Touch Before Departure. Li Hen Saving The Day
Chapter 524: Enemy Wind, From All Four Sides
Chapter 525: White Nightmare’S Special Ability, Same Species Devour
Chapter 526: A Massacre For A Warmup, Violent Beast Zhan Ye
Chapter 527: Same Species Fight, White Nightmare Against 3 Enemies 1
Chapter 528: Same Species Battle, White Nightmare Fighting One Versus Three
Chapter 529: The Power Yearned For In The Past Was Very Near!
Chapter 530: Ten Year Throne, Initial Nominations
Chapter 531: The Fight On Heavenly Life Mountain’S Peak, Clash Of Factions
Chapter 532: Challenge The 2 Strongest People Of Nightmare Palace
Chapter 533: The Stage Shocking Powerful Suppor
Chapter 534: Stunning The Entire Field With Ultra Strong Supportive Soul Pets
Chapter 535: Soul Palace? White Nightmare? A Summon That Shocked The Whole Battlefield
Chapter 536: Nightmare Amongst Nightmares
Chapter 537: “Inauspicious”, The White Devil That No One Dared To Master
Chapter 538: Breakthrough, Seventh Remembrance Spirit Master 1
Chapter 539: Breakthrough, Seven Remembrance Spirit Master 2
Chapter 540: Fourteen Billion, Incredible Sum
Chapter 541: Soul Palace Son, Tenth Young Prince
Chapter 542: Chu Mu’S Birth
Chapter 543: An Existence That Surpasses Emperors
Chapter 544: Chu Tianmang, Sealed Secondary Soul Pe
Chapter 545: Ninth Realm, Pull Apart The Curtains
Chapter 546: Death Everywhere, Immortal City
Chapter 547: Defending Creature, Tenth Phase High Class Monarch
Chapter 548: Two Mo Ye? Ninth Phase Middle Stage? Tenth Phase?
Chapter 549: Ten Minutes, Entire Team Gone!
Chapter 550: Altar Plaza, Living Statue!
​Chapter 551: Second Grade’S Strongest Fight (1)
Chapter 552: The Strongest Battle In Second Tier 2
Chapter 553: Awaken, The Rock Guardians Of The Plaza 1
Chapter 554: Awaken, The Entire Plaza’S Statue Guards 2
Chapter 555: Thousand Monarch Catastrophe, Self-Seal
Chapter 556: Thousand Enemies, Lone Shadow!
Chapter 557: The Trap In The Sealed World
Chapter 558: One Human, One Fox
Chapter 559: Three Main Pets Figh
Chapter 560: Torching The World, Seven Sins Fox Inferno Monarch!
Chapter 561: Sin Flame Totem, Epoch Flame Lotus
Chapter 562: Species Catastrophe, Indignant Sin Fox
Chapter 563: The Seal Under The Seal!
Chapter 564: Dawnlight Reaper, Killing Royal Mo Ye In Combat!
Chapter 565: Power Stealing, Crazy White Nightmare
Chapter 566: I’Ll Use Your Deaths As A Form Of Catharsis
Chapter 567: In Front Of An Emperor, Monarchs Are But Bugs
Chapter 568: Sin Seal, Inferno Monarch’S Second Power!
Chapter 569: Ultimate Technique, Flame Monarch Purgatory 1
Chapter 570: Ultimate Technique, Flame Monarch Purgatory 2
Chapter 571: Ultimate Technique, Flame Monarch Purgatory 3
Chapter 572: Now, Who Controls Who’S Life?
Chapter 573: Xia Guanghan, Unable To Escape Death
Chapter 574: Medicine To Heal Qinzi, The Crystal Inside The Holy Stem Flower
Chapter 575: Killing His Way To The Tenth Realm 1
Chapter 576: Killing Towards Tenth Realm 2
Chapter 577: Undead Tower, The Sealed Sinking Wind Dragon
Chapter 578: Oppressive Second Grade, Relax Your Mind?
Chapter 579: Unrivalled Monarch, Sinking Wind Dragon Fighting The Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 580: Soaring Bloodlight Appears, Immortal City’S Blood Beast Empero
Chapter 581: Immortal Dragon Creation, Emperor Bloodline, The Small Hidden Dragon Is Born 1
Chapter 582: Immortal Dragon Creation, Emperor Bloodline, The Little Hidden Dragon Is Born 2
Chapter 583: Immortal Spring Water, Growth Speed Of Five Times
Chapter 584: Puppet, Defector Young Woman’S True Nature
Chapter 585: Black Cloud Slope, True Woman
Chapter 586: Wanxiang City, The Defector Young Woman’S Location
Chapter 587: Surging Anger, Faithful Until Death
Chaper 588 Part 1: The Competition Wraps Up, Chu Mu Reaps Greatly
Chapter 588 Part 2: The Competition Wraps Up, Chu Mu Reaps Greatly
Chapter 589: Emperor System, Spirits
Chapter 590: Honor Palace, The Focus Of Everyone
Chapter 591: Emperor Group, Chu Mu’S Allies
Chapter 592: Trapped In Tianxia City, Chu Mu
Chapter 593: Thunder From Clear Sky, Tian Ting Threatens
Chapter 594: Tian Ting, You’Re Still Not Dead? 1
Chapter 595: Tian Ting, You’Re Still Not Dead? 2
Chapter 596: Plan And Kill To Silence
Chapter 597: Plan Within Plan, Sinister Tian Ting
Chapter 598: Making An Enemy Of The Entire Soul Alliance
Chapter 599: Half Devil Under The Heavens 1 Part 1
Chapter 599: Half Devil Under The Heavens 1 Part 2
Chapter 600: Tianxia Half Devil 2
Chapter 601: Tianxia Half Devil 3
Chapter 602: Half Devil With A Consciousness Part 1
Chapter 602: Half Devil With A Consciousness Part 2
Chapter 603: Li City’S Half Devil? Tianxia’S Half Devil?
Chapter 604: Chu Mu’S Emperor Preparation Team
Chapter 605: Return To Western Kingdom
Chapter 606: The Tough First Phase Little Hidden Dragon
Chapter 607: Chu Family’S Seven Color City, The Danger Of A Natural Disaster
Chapter 608: Community, Tribe, Empire
Chapter 609: Return To Family
Chapter 610: Luo Region Sect With Ulterior Motives
Chapter 611: Enormous First Rank Tribe
Chapter 612: High Class Monarch Rank Secondary Pet Formation
Chapter 613: Servant Rank Army Invasion
Chapter 614: Little Hidden Dragon Slaughtering The Servant Rank Army
Chapter 615: Dragon Soul Pearl, Specter Type?
Chapter 616: Great Disaster, Blood Colored Sunse
Chapter 617: Obstructing A Side Of The Battle Alone, The Devil Tree’S Migh
Chapter 618: Who’S Devil Tree Battle Soldier?
Chapter 619: Eyeing Covetously, Soul Emperor’S Lackey
Chapter 620: Terror Seized, The Trapped Seven Color City
Chapter 621: Peak Monarch, Devil Tree Battle Soldier
Chapter 622: Seven Color City, Great Migration
Chapter 623: Seven Color City, Great Migration 2
Chapter 624: Barbarian Valley, The Life And Death Of Seven Color City 1
Chapter 625: Barbarian Valley, The Life And Death Of Seven Color City 2
Chapter 626: Levelling The Mountain Range, Fox Monarch Totem
Chapter 627: Facing The Panther Species Tribe 1
Chapter 628: Meet Panther Species Head On 3
Chapter 629: Barbarian Mountain’S Leopard Emperor, Emperor Vs Emperor Part 1
Chapter 629: Barbarian Mountain’S Leopard Emperor, Emperor Vs Emperor Part 2
Chapter 630: Barbarian Mountain Leopard Emperor, Emperor Vs Emperor 2
Chapter 631: Paradise Under The Moonlight, Rich Spirit Source
Chapter 632: The First Emperor Slain
Chapter 633: Paradise Under The Moonlight, Rich Spirit Source
Chapter 634: 30,000 Spirits, Struck It Rich!
Chapter 635: Human’S Westmost Territory
Chapter 636: Beyond Kingdom Capital, Chu Tianheng’S Excitemen
Chapter 637: Western Kingdom Vs Western Marsh
Chapter 638: 30,000 People All Must Die
Chapter 639: The Disappearing Spirit Source
Chapter 640: Natural Disaster, Barbarian Valley’S Danger
Chapter 641: Kingdom Lord’S Scheme, The Chu Family’S Predestined Fate
Chapter 642: Nightmare Palace’S Female Soul Teacher, Jian Qin
Chapter 643: Seething With Anger, Chu Mu
Chapter 644: Strengthen Emperor Rank White Nightmare
Chapter 645: Confrontation Of Souls
Chapter 646: Emperor, White Nightmare!
Chapter 647 Inside Barbarian Valley
Chapter 648: Your Death Date Is Here
Chapter 648: Chu Mu Fighting Two Spirit Emperors 1
Chapter 649: Chu Mu Fighting Two Spirit Emperors 2
Chapter 650: Purgatory, Incinerate The Pool Beast Emperor
Chapter 651: Kingdom Master? Sect Master?
Chapter 652: Pursuit Through Half The City, The Kingdom Lord That Must Die
Chapter 653: Dying Without Pity, Ruthless Kingdom Lord
Chapter 654: An Expert, A Nomad
Chapter 655: New Region City, New Seven Color City
Chapter 656: Searching For An Expert From The Last Century, Half Human Half Pet?
Chapter 657: Surpassing Emperors, Not Unattainable
Chapter 658: God-Like Young Man, Chu Mu
Chapter 659: Little Hidden Dragon’S Ghost Type Technique 1
Chapter 660: The Little Hidden Dragon’S Specter Type Technique 2
Chapter 661: Numerous Experts Congregated In Wogu City
Chapter 662: Step Into Forbidden Realm, Ten Thousand Valley
Chapter 663: Wuling Cave, Compressed Glazed Ice Crystal
Chapter 664: Rebirth, Ancient Strength Reawakening
Chapter 665: Heavenly Devil Insect, Devil Maggot Legion
Chapter 666: Frightening Hit, Instantly Kill Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor
Chapter 667: The Taken Fourth Soul Pac
Chapter 668: Mysterious And Unknown, Birth Of A Spectral Dragon
Chapter 669: The Little Hidden Dragon’S Fight, Powerful Self-Healing
Chapter 670: With Souls As Food, Strengthen Ghost Dragon
Chapter 671: Yuan Kingdom Master, One Of Five Peaks Lu Zideng
Chapter 672: Throwing A Brick To Get A Jade Back, Infant Pet Trap
Chapter 673: Shocking Appearance Of A Million Manned Devil Insect Legion
Chapter 674: Neglecting The Greater Threat Behind
Chapter 675: Caught By A Trap, Beautifully Stealing The Treasure 1
Chapter 676: Caught By A Trap, Beautifully Stealing The Treasure 2
Chapter 677: Unlimited Reward, The Missing Princess
Chapter 678: Princess Only In Name
Chapter 679: Four Month Seclusion, Reach Spirit Emperor!
Chapter 680: Great Banquet, Fang Li’S Provocation
Chapter 681: Mysterious Female Expert, Liu Binglan
Chapter 682: Ten Thousand Spirits, Heavenly Immortal Ice!E
Chapter 683: Silent And Remote Forest, Seducing Scen
Chapter 684: Flower Type Soul Pet Trainer, Xiang Yiyun
Chapter 685: Unknown Enemy, Mysterious High Class Emperor
Chapter 686: Controlled High Class Emperor Rank
Chapter 687: Liu Binglan, Embarrassing Reunion
Chapter 688: 20 Year Old Spirit Emperor, Don’T Steal His Talen
Chapter 689: Chu Mu, The Defector Young Woman, A Fight Between Mediocre And Outstanding
Chapter 690: War, Hundred Year Hibernating Desolation
Chapter 691: The Guilty Hearted Chu Mu
Chapter 692: Underground Palace, The Labyrinth Prison
Chapter 693: The Female Prisoner Unable To Reveal Her Identity
Chapter 694: Prison Princess, Jin Rou
Chapter 695: Immortal City Ancient Residence, Ghost Emperor Breaking Seal
Chapter 696: Cry Of A Hundred Ghosts, Sinister Land
Chapter 697: Upheaval In Immortal City, Chaos Of The Seals 1
Chapter 698: Upheaval In Immortal City, Chaos Of The Seals (2)
Chapter 699: Run Through Everything, Stepping On Frightening Large Seals
Chapter 700: Universally Shocking Conspiracy, Hunting Tianxia
Chapter 701: Soul Palace’S Female Majesty, A Cruel Choice
Chapter 702: The Chaos Of Immortal City, The Dragon In A Sheep Disguise
Chapter 703: Seven Star Demon Suppressing Monument, Immortal Guardian God
Chapter 704: Ghost Hidden Dragon, Instant Kill!
Chapter 705: Only Exit, Demon Suppressing Monumen
Chapter 706: Spatial Reflection, Reflected Spring
Chapter 707: The Fight That Surpasses The Peak Of Humanity
Chapter 708: Another Instant Kill, Shocking Reversal!
Chapter 709: Kill To One Heart’S Content!!
Chapter 710: Strength Once More Explodes, Emperor Spectral Dragon!
Chapter 711: So This Fight Just Now Turned Out To Be So Important?
Chapter 712: The Coldness That Pierced Through Space, Blood Drenched Spring
Chapter 713: Saving The World Is Fine, But I Can’T Sacrifice Myself!
Chapter 714: Heart Palpitating, The Calamity Spider Emperor’S Terrifying Perception
Chapter 715: Demon Suppressing Monument, Awakening The Saint Pet - Immortal Ming Bird 1
Chapter 716: Demon Suppressing Monument, Awakening The Saint Pet - Immortal Ming Bird 2
Chapter 717: Sacred Pet Immortal Bird Fights The Calamity Spider Emperor
Chapter 718: The Mission Of Summoning The Xuan Zhen Beetle
Chapter 719: Xing Hen, The Attack That Transcends Space
Chapter 720: Underground Palace Female Killer, Leng Lian
Chapter 721: Do You Know Who’S Fox Demon Is Stronger Now?
Chapter 722: Provoking The Defector Young Woman
Chapter 723: The Magnate That Loves To Kill, Probing Blood Wolf Emperor
Chapter 724: Ancient Will, Sacred Pet Inheritance
Chapter 725: A Large Fish Took The Bai
Chapter 726: Closing The Net, Slaughtering Hong Fa
Chapter 727: Hunting The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor 1
Chapter 728: Hunting The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor
Chapter 729: The Upcoming Top Tier Emperor Battle
Chapter 730: Igniting One’S Life Force To Summon!
Chapter 731: The Young Man Facing The Ruler Of Darkness
Chapter 732: Sacred Pet, Giant, The Ignition Of A Large Fight!
Chapter 733: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who Is The Ruler?! 1
Chapter 734: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who Is The Ruler?! 2
Chapter 735: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who Is The Ruler?! 3
Chapter 736: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who Is The Ruler?! 4
Chapter 737: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast Vs Magnate 1
Chapter 738: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast Vs Magnate 2
Chapter 739: Tearing Apart The Ghost Emperor, Chasing The Night Emperor
Chapter 740: Seven Diagram Sacred Beast’S Head, Thousand Wave Beast!
Chapter 741: Throne Candidate, Chu Mu
Chapter 742: Torrential Resentment, Immortal City’S Fight Erupts!
Chapter 743: Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’S Daughter, Bai Jinrou
Chapter 744: Half Devil Bai Yu, Sleeping Hero!
Chapter 745: Strongest Half Devil In History
Chapter 746: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (1)
Chapter 747: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (2)
Chapter 748: Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone, Frozen Nightmare Emperor
Chapter 749: Bai Jinrou, Two Resurrections
Chapter 750: Human Or Devil, The Plaintive Cry Of A Father!
Chapter 751: Anger And Violence Of The Same Species, White Nightmare
Chapter 752: Difficult To Extinguish Grievance Aura, Burning Down Tianxia’S Royal Palace
Chapter 753: Becoming Half Devil, Body Uncontrollable
Chapter 754: Devil Mask, Human Heart
Chapter 755: Half Devil Battle, Bai Yu, Chu Mu!
Chapter 756: Cyan Giant, Empyrean Dragon!
Chapter 757: Fight, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, Half Devil Bai Yu
Chapter 758: Victory At This Moment, Empyrean Dragon Vs Evil Devil!
Chapter 759: Spiritual Depth, Hidden Flame
Chapter 760: Dark Sky Ocean World, Stormy City
Chapter 761: Heavenly Concubine’S Order, Spirit Emperor Young Woman
Chapter 762: Mysterious Species King
Chapter 763: Girl With Special Attraction
Chapter 764: Silver Devil!
Chapter 765: Feeling It Beneath One’S Dignity To Take Action
Chapter 766: Messiah Tree, Spirit Of All
Chapter 767: Concubine Fights Devil Man
Chapter 768: Is This Actually A Forbidden Region Or A Human Region?
Chapter 769: A Direct Descendant Of A Species’ Ancestor, The Crown Phoenix King
Chapter 770: Dimensional Leak, Spatial Hourglass
Chapter 771: Lost, New Life
Chapter 772: Second Heaven Boundary Monument
Chapter 773: Monument Tears, Reconstructing Memories (1)
Chapter 774: Monument Tears, Reconstructing Memories (2)
Chapter 775: New Species, Half Devil Chu Mu
Chapter 776: Equality Soul Pact
Chapter 777: The Grandeur In White, Snow Kingdom
Chapter 778
Chapter 779: Fuse, Chu Mu
Chapter 780: Ice Muslin Valley, Snow Devil Cave
Chapter 781: She’S Everywhere!
Chapter 782: Strengthening Ning From Warrior Rank To Emperor Rank
Chapter 783: Universe Ice Gate, Heavenly Concubine’S Real Intentions Part 1
Chapter 783: Universe Ice Gate, Heavenly Concubine’S Real Intentions Part 2
Chapter 784: Middle Emperor Ning Vs High Emperor Violent Ice Devil (1)
Chapter 785: Middle Emperor Ning Vs High Emperor Violent Snow Devil (2)
Chapter 786: Ning Advances, High Class Emperor Rank!
Chapter 787: Be My Teacher? Keep Dreaming!
Chapter 788: The Strength Of The Ye Family Brother And Sister
Chapter 789: Universe Ice Gate, Ice Mirror World
Chapter 790: Mental Obliteration, Land Of Nightmare
Chapter 791: Advance, High Remembrance Soul Emperor!
Chapter 792: War Goddess, Mad Goddess?
Chapter 793: Microcosm Of A Legendary Land
Chapter 794: Ice Spring, Top Tier Emperor Rank Spirit Aura
Chapter 795: Meeting Wind Cave Again, Danger Of Five Hundred Meters
Chapter 796: Cruel Area, Death Plane
Chapter 797: Sudden News Of A Snow City War
Chapter 798: Impossible To Unravel, Without End
Chapter 799: Almost A Saint!
Chapter 800: Who On Earth Is That Person?!
Chapter 801: Whose Peak White Nightmares Are Those?
Chapter 803: Hidden Expert? Call Me Elder Chen!
Chapter 804: In My Eyes, You Are Also Ants
Chapter 805: In My Eyes, You Are Also Ants
Chapter 806: Thousand Man Fight, Who Will Control Snow City
Chapter 807: Warrior Absolute, Qin Wu
Chapter 808: A Man’S Two Dreams Part 1 & Part 2
Chapter 809: Like A Heavenly Cage, Dominator Rank
Chapter 810: Protection, Qin’S Fight!
Chapter 811: Soul Master Army Final Battle Part1
Chapter 811: Soul Master Army Final Battle Part 2
Chapter 812: Power Difference, How To Make Up For It?
Chapter 813: Eating Away The Enemy, Changing The Tide Of Battle (1)
Chapter 814: Eating Away The Enemy, Changing The Tide Of Battle (2)
Chapter 815: I Will Turn The Fight Around For Your Spirit Master Army!
Chapter 816: Atonement Mutation, Forgiven Fox (1)
Chapter 817: Atonement Mutation, Forgiven Fox (2)
Chapter 818: Why Doesn’T A Monarch Dare Kill An Emperor?!
Chapter 819: Spirit Alliance, Toppling Like A Mountain Falling
Chapter 820: Victory!!
Chapter 821: Party On A Snowy Night!
Chapter 822: Night’S Search, Demon Paradise
Chapter 823: Dream Beast Battle(1)
Chapter 824: Dream Beast Battle(2)
Chapter 825: The Demon Island Lord’S Approval
Chapter 826: Nightmare Kingdom, Eastern Nightmare Territory
Chapter 827: Meaningless Letter
Chapter 827: Ning Maner’S Enemy (2)
Chapter 828: Is There The Strongest Among The Younger Generation?
Chapter 829: Chu Mu Vs Ye Wansheng?
Chapter 830: Ghost King Vs Devil Tiger
Chapter 831: Each More Heavenly Defying Than The Other (1)
Chapter 832: Each More Heavenly Defying Than The Other (2)
Chapter 833: Who Can Stay More Calm?
Chapter 834: Medicine Desolation, Zhu Chao
Chapter 836: Didn’T You Transform Into A Devil?!
Chapter 837: Soul Vessel, Ye Qingzi’S Dream
Chapter 838: Battle Of Soul Ability
Chapter 839: One Fight To Determine The Superior
Chapter 840: Determine The Superior (2)
Chapter 841: Not Understanding The Situation
Chapter 842: Godlike Existence In Human Territory
Chapter 843: Nightmare Palace’S Second Ranked Expert, Shen Qiu
Chapter 844: Cultivating Feelings
Chapter 845: I Was Afraid He Wasn’T Going To Send People To Kill Me
Chapter 846: Lowly Competition!
Chapter 847: Dark Night Killing
Chapter 848: The Creature With Three Main Attributes
Chapter 849: I Don’T Have A Habit Of Leaving People Alive
Chapter 850: Soul Ability Competition Final
Chapter 851: Final Concoction
Chapter 852: Removed Dignity Part 1
Chapter 852: Removed Dignity Part 2
Chapter 853: Today, Great Killing Spree Part 1
Chapter 853: Today, Great Killing Spree Part 2
Chapter 854: I’Ll Engage In A Mass Slaughter Today Part 1
Chapter 854: I’Ll Engage In A Mass Slaughter Today Part 2
Chapter 855: This Place Is Your Execution Stage! Part 1
Chapter 855: This Place Is Your Execution Stage! Part 2
Chapter 856: Phantom, Seven Life Red Flame Demon Fox
Chapter 857: Moonlight, The Sharpest Weapon!
Chapter 858: Highest Species Rank, Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!
Chapter 859: Cannot Stand Those That Are Stronger
Chapter 860: The Dimension Ripping Spatial Storm
Chapter 861: I Can Also Wear A Mask Part 1
Chapter 861: I Can Also Wear A Mask Part 2
Chapter 862: Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, I Am Zhu Chao
Chapter 863: I Am Half Devil Chu Mu!
Chapter 864: Monument Tear, The Appearance Of Time
Chapter 865: Who Killed Him? How About You Go Down And Ask?
Chapter 866: As If Separated For A Lifetime, Unfamiliarity After 20 Years
Chapter 867: What Do You Mean They Were Close?
Chapter 868: A Lithe Appearance, Mysterious Wing Type Organism
Chapter 869: Fairy Butterfly, Long Fragrant Dance
Chapter 870: A Rank That Cannot Be Dealt With?
Chapter 871: Canopy Becoming A Sea Of Black Fairy Butterflies
Chapter 872: A Lost Life, A Butterfly
Chapter 873: *Hidden*
Chapter 874: Black Fairy Butterfly Empire
Chapter 875: Wedding Night, The Most Beautiful Of One’S Heart.
Chapter 876: Only In The Heavens, Flower Goddess
Chapter 877: Defector Young Woman
Chapter 878: Flower Empress Master Of The Four Heroes, Xia Zhixian
Chapter 879: An Expert From 200 Years Ago
Chapter 880: It Hid Aside
Chapter 881: Black And White, Death Butterfly
Chapter 882: Pouring In, Black Butterfly Wave
Chapter 883: Legendary Creature, Dead Dream
Chapter 884: Dark And Wing Supreme
Chapter 885: Must Obtain!
Chapter 886: I’M Lacking A Wing Type Soul Pet
Chapter 887: Dominator, Strongest Support!
Chapter 888: Blossom, Death Rose
Chapter 889: Rising From The Dead, Revival Cocoon
Chapter 890: Nightmare Death Blade
Chapter 891: Organism In The Second Soul Pact
Chapter 892: Human Territory? Flower Demon Nation!
Chapter 893: Bright-Colored Toxic Flower
Chapter 894: Full City Of Demon Flowers
Chapter 895: Predestined Enemies
Chapter 896: Silver Devil Man, Sacred Blue Flower Concubine
Chapter 897: A Group Of Bandits, Nightmare Army!
Chapter 898: The Fight Between Holy Blue And Evil Silver (1)
Chapter 899: Dead Dream Assistance!
Chapter 900: Taste Of Emperor Concubine’S Blood
Chapter 901: Severely Wounding The Defector Woman
Chapter 902: Dancing On Fire In Xiang Rong City (1)
Chapter 903: Dancing Flames In Xiangrong City
Chapter 904: They Have To Gesture After Victory Too
Chapter 905: Dead Dream, Nirvana
Chapter 906: Next Stop, Wanxiang City
Chapter 907: Thousand Insect Desolation Ground
Chapter 908: Super Emperor, Black War Tiger
Chapter 909: Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon
Chapter 910: Mo Ye, Alone Versus The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon
Chapter 911: As Long As It Isn’T Dead, It’S Fine
Chapter 912: Undead Zhan Ye
Chapter 913: Tramping On The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon (1)
Chapter 914: Tramping On The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon (2)
Chapter 915: Plain, Village
Chapter 916: The Man Who Brought A Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 917: Poison Desolation Nie Yunbin
Chapter 918: Wanxiang City, Wanxiang Altar
Chapter 919: Main Soul Palace
Chapter 920: Fair Competition
Chapter 921: Strengthening The Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 922: Young Generation Fight
Chapter 923: These Two People Are Definitely Not Pure
Chapter 924: Demon Realm, Phoenix Species Lost Ground
Chapter 925: He Is The Hero Chief!
Chapter 926: Nie Yunbing’S Plot
Chapter 927: Great Palace Fight, Dark Fog Snake
Chapter 928: Separate Mirror Space
Chapter 929: Playing With The Enemy
Chapter 930: Swords Drawn And Bows Bent
Chapter 931: Hidden Deeply
Chapter 932: The Endangered Nightmare
Chapter 933: Nightmare Danger Ground
Chapter 934: Enormous Four Fingered Skeleton Seal
Chapter 935: Just That Day, He Became Half Devil!
Chapter 936: Nightmare Ancestor, Appearance!
Chapter 937: Me? Of Course I’M Going To Compete!
Chapter 938: Challenging Three Great White Nightmares
Chapter 939: A White Nightmare Able To Cast Dominator Rank Techniques
Chapter 940: Why Stay Loyal To Nightmare Palace?
Chapter 941: Today I Will Annihilate This Old Monster!
Chapter 942: Crazy Devil, White Nightmare’S Resentment Anger
Chapter 943: Devour Nightmare Ancestor
Chapter 944: Unforgivable Crime!
Chapter 945: Tidying Up Nightmare Holy Region
Chapter 946: When Did They Return?
Chapter 947: Sealed Tower, Broken Seal Soul Pet
Chapter 948: Young Soul Pet, Too Much To Fit!
Chapter 949: Eighth Remembrance Spirit Emperor
Chapter 950: Special Training Method
Chapter 951: Emperor Concubine’S Plot
Chapter 952
Chapter 953: Fleeing Mu Qingyi
Chapter 954: Soul Alliance’S Provocation
Chapter 955: Let Me Deal With It
Chapter 956: Underground King, Yi Jun
Chapter 957: Standoff Between Two Great Factions
Chapter 958: It’S You Who Are Too Weak
Chapter 959: Seven Sin Fox Battles Cyan Hidden Dragon (1)
Chapter 960: Seven Sin Fox Battles Cyan Hidden Dragon (2)
Chapter 961: Nine Tail Hanging
Chapter 962: Facing Fourth Hero Mo Ling
Chapter 963: White Devil Battling Tai Mountain Giant
Chapter 964: Is This Person Really Chu Fangchen?
Chapter 965: Sword Piercing Through, Defeating The Giant
Chapter 966: Intimidating Soul Alliance’S Army Into Retreating
Chapter 967: Pleasant Afternoon
Chapter 968: One Day, You Will Learn To Be Independent
Chapter 969: Cloud Gate Guard
Chapter 970: The Person From The Other Side Of The Dark Sky Ocean
Chapter 971: Popped Out Of A Rock
Chapter 972: The Captured Ning Maner
Chapter 973: Dominator Rank, Star River
Chapter 974: Territory Unification, Spectral Slaughter Bird
Chapter 975: He Will Come Find You
Chapter 976: Lightning Desolation Ground, Diagram Valley
Chapter 977: Thunder Giant
Chapter 978: Strange Valley Of Spells
Chapter 979: Phoenix Species Huge Mountain
Chapter 980: Traversing The Army
Chapter 981: Diagram Valley, Enormous Seal?
Chapter 982: Like A Dream Or Illusion, Curtain Of Fire And Rain In The Sky
Chapter 983: Above The Fire Cloud, Forgiven Thunder Monarch
Chapter 984: Dead Dream, Thunder Monarch
Chapter 985: Thunder Monarch Purgatory, Dead End Fantasy
Chapter 986: Butterfly Movement, Strange Movements
Chapter 987: Reincarnated, Crown Phoenix King
Chapter 988: Deadly Thunder, Lightning Reincarnation (1)
Chapter 989: Fatal Heavenly Lightning, Lightning Nirvana (2)
Chapter 990: A New Life Force, Phoenix Egg
Chapter 991: Birth, Little Dead Dream
Chapter 992
Chapter 993: Stronger Feelings After A Long Time Away
Chapter 994: Blood Dyed Queen Palace (1)
Chapter 995: Blood Dyed Queen Palace (2)
Chapter 996: Mo Ling, I’M Here To Take Your Life
Chapter 997: Son Of Heaven, Wu Kuang
Chapter 998: Invitation To Fight
Chapter 999: Shedding All Pretenses
Chapter 1000: Sacred Region, Black War Tiger
Chapter 1001: If You Want Someone To Die, It Will Be Difficult
Chapter 1002: Icy Death King
Chapter 1003: Fighting Tai Mountain Giant Again
Chapter 1004: Another Dominator Rank
Chapter 1005: Ancient Beast Soul Power
Chapter 1006: White Nightmare? Silver Devil?
Chapter 1007: Done Saying Your Last Words?
Chapter 1008: It’S Already A King, Zhan Ye
Chapter 1009: One Vs Two
Chapter 1010: Stepping On Two Corpses (1)
Chapter 1011: Stepping On Two Corpses (2)
Chapter 1012: Alliance Master’S Soul Pet!
Chapter 1013: Declaring War, Incompatible As Fire And Water
Chapter 1014: Wanxiang Realm’S War
Chapter 1015: Go Towards East Side
Chapter 1016: Ambushing Spring City
Chapter 1017: Encountering An Ambush
Chapter 1018: Group Revival Technique?
Chapter 1019: Take Down Spring City
Chapter 1020: Little Dead Dream Battles Heavenly Thunder Snake
Chapter 1021: Tianxia King Chu Mu?
Chapter 1022: Random Islands, Big And Small Enormous Dragons
Chapter 1023: King Of Prison Island
Chapter 1024: Who Was More Elusive?
Chapter 1025: Fight Between Dragon And Phoenix
Chapter 1026: Burial In The Sky (1)
Chapter 1027: Burial In The Sky (2)
Chapter 1028: The Hermit In Eastern Wild Forest.
Chapter 1029: Ten Thousand Year Curse!
Chapter 1030: Legend Of The Seven Sins Fox
Chapter 1031: Alliance Master Ling Chan
Chapter 1032: Life Fruit, Saving In Heal
Chapter 1033: Ancient, Lost Desolation Garden
Chapter 1034: Devil Tree Empire, Ten Thousand Eyed Treant
Chapter 1035
Chapter 1036: Awoken Wood Type Xuan Item
Chapter 1037: Sealed Mouth Event
Chapter 1038: Snow City Falls
Chapter 1039: Capture Hero Aide Xia Zhixian
Chapter 1040: Surprising Change, Wanxiang City Falls!
Chapter 1041: Traitor!
Chapter 1042: Crown Prince, Chao Lengchuan!
Chapter 1043: Life And Death Unforeseen
Chapter 1044: Massive Army Rendered To Dust
Chapter 1045: The Alliance Master Appears
Chapter 1046: Summoning The Seven Diagram Saint Kings
Chapter 1047: Final Supreme Spot, Underworld Supreme
Chapter 1048
Chapter 1049: Even If I Am Alone, I Must Fight
Chapter 1050: Death Document
Chapter 1051: Main Pet Returns!
Chapter 1052: Destroying An Army Of Ten Thousand, Species Calamity (1)
Chapter 1053: Destroying An Army Of Ten Thousand, Species Calamity (2)
Chapter 1054: Bloody Flag!
Chapter 1055: Bloody Path!
Chapter 1056: Ten Minutes, One Drop Of The Axe
Chapter 1057: Instakilling The Tai Mountain Giant Part 1
Chapter 1057: Instakilling The Tai Mountain Giant Part 2
Chapter 1058: The Strongest Three Enemies
Chapter 1059: Only Want To Kill One Person
Chapter 1060
Chapter 1061: Blood Hourglass
Chapter 1062: The King Of Blood Pool, Blood Devil Buddhist
Chapter 1063: Monument Tear, Ancient Power Awakening
Chapter 1064: Zhan Ye That Drives Enemies Mad (1)
Chapter 1065: Zhan Ye That Drives Enemies Mad (2)
Chapter 1066: Defeat Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist
Chapter 1067
Chapter 1068: Bai Yu, Ice Pupil Unicorn
Chapter 1069: Kill Me? You’Re Thinking Too Much
Chapter 1070: Hundred Thousand Army Of Soul Alliance? Million Strong Fairy Butterfly
Chapter 1071: This Demon Must Be Retracted
Chapter 1072: Empress Concubine, Chu Mu’S Soul Pet?
Chapter 1073: I’Ve Said Before That You Will Become A Slave
Chapter 1074: Sacred Flower Devil Flame Duel
Chapter 1075: Flower Demon Empire? Nightmare Empire!
Chapter 1076: Eradicating The Flower Demon Army!
Chapter 1077: The Second Soul Pact’S Evil Remembrance!
Chapter 1078: Flower Type Ancestor, Evil Good Queen
Chapter 1079: Evil King Half Devil Vs Evil Good Queen (1)
Chapter 1080: Evil King Half Devil Vs Evil Good Queen (2)
Chapter 1081: Dangerous Rank, Middle Class Dominator!
Chapter 1082: Evil Good Illusion
Chapter 1083: A Fierce Battle Comes
Chapter 1084: Evil Slaughter Beast
Chapter 1085: Good Vs Evil, Source Of Energy
Chapter 1086: Seven Sacred Kings Descend
Chapter 1087: Slaughterfest, Slaughter Beast
Chapter 1088: White Nightmare Rank Advance!
Chapter 1089: Evil Mound, Dark Imprisonment
Chapter 1090: Defeat Slaughter Beast, Defeat Ling Chan
Chapter 1091: Loss On Both Sides, Final Ambition
Chapter 1092: Big Empty Sky, Incomplete Heavenly Fox Image
Chapter 1093: Species Mutation, Fox Emperor’S Anger!
Chapter 1094: Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor!
Chapter 1095: Trample Her And Her Arrogance
Chapter 1096: Purple Emperor, Nightmare Arrives!
Chapter 1097: Submitting The Evil Good Flower Queen (1)
Chapter 1098: Force The Evil Good Flower Queen To Surrender (2)
Chapter 1099: Human Shaped Soul Pet?
Chapter 1100: Tears Of Pride
Chapter 1101: The Victory That Came An Era Late
Chapter 1102: Queen? She’S A Slave
Chapter 1103: Alright, Finished Getting Air
Chapter 1104: The Creature That Escaped The Sealed Tower
Chapter 1105: Mysterious Glacier Man
Chapter 1106: Lost Desolation Garden, Fight Again
Chapter 1107: Low Class Dominator Rank Xuan Item
Chapter 1108: Dominator Rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier
Chapter 1109: Dominator Devil Tree Vs Thousand Eyed King
Chapter 1110: Rare Compromise
Chapter 1111: Devil Tree Against Two Dominators (1)
Chapter 1112: Devil Tree Against Two Dominators (2)
Chapter 1113: Low Class Dominator, Devil Tree Battle Soldier!
Chapter 1114: Humans As Soul Pets?
Chapter 1115: Human Subspecies
Chapter 1116: Outside Cloud Gates
Chapter 1117: King Chu!
Chapter 1118: Who Allowed You On My Territory?
Chapter 1119: Cloud Gate Invades
Chapter 1120: Fight, Cloud Gate’S Four Strong
Chapter 1121: Strong Is Good, But Only Three?
Chapter 1122: Dominator Fight, Devil Tree Battle Soldier?
Chapter 1123: Chu Mu Is A Monster
Chapter 1124: Malicious Spirit Retaliation, Hibernating Ghost Scythe
Chapter 1125: Li Kuangdeng’S City Massacring Anger
Chapter 1126: Dying Without Knowing
Chapter 1127: Tell Him To Get His Head Ready For The Taking!
Chapter 1128: Private Territory
Chapter 1129: A Xuan Item To Step Into The Spirit Dominator Rank
Chapter 1130: Capture A Few To Upgrade Our Offspring
Chapter 1131: Independence Bet!
Chapter 1132: Servant Rank Human Species
Chapter 1133: Soul Puppet, Devil Soul
Chapter 1134: Guangtong Bewildering World, Soul Pet Empire
Chapter 1135: Marsh Bewildering World, Marsh Fish Devil!
Chapter 1136: Corpse Attribute Control, Mad Corpse Army
Chapter 1137: Devil Soul Competitor
Chapter 1138: Zhan Ye, Advanced To Pseudo Dominator Rank!
Chapter 1139: Devil Soul? Very Easy To Trick
Chapter 1140: Flower Shadow Slaughter, Instakilling Six Dominators
Chapter 1141: Large Hunt, Fight Between 100 Experts
Chapter 1142: Emperor Rank Devil Soul Appeared!
Chapter 1143: Waiting For The Opportunity, Big And Little Devil Soul
Chapter 1144: Silver Devil, Yellow Sparrow Behind
Chapter 1145: Inescapable Net, Dominator Formation
Chapter 1146: Fighting Alone, Crazed Devil Bai Yu (1)
Chapter 1147: Fighting Alone, Crazed Devil Bai Yu (2)
Chapter 1148: Two Devils In This World
Chapter 1149: Devil Nightmare
Chapter 1150: Demon Lock, Dismembering Corpses
Chapter 1151: Terrible Devil Man
Chapter 1152: You Didn’T Encounter The Devil? You’Re Truly Lucky!
Chapter 1153: Mu Family’S Dynasty
Chapter 1154: Crown Phoenix Reincarnates
Chapter 1155: Sixth Rank Realm Capital, Wen City.
Chapter 1156: Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox
Chapter 1157: Rise From The Dead, Helpless Flower
Chapter 1158: Mu Royal Family Princess?
Chapter 1159: Devil Soul Escapes, City Sealing Command.
Chapter 1160: Dominator, Devil Soul Leader!
Chapter 1161: Light Net, Imminent Great Catastrophe
Chapter 1162: Angry Devil Soul, Mental Tsunami
Chapter 1163: Ghost Princess (1)
Chapter 1164: Spectral Princess (2)
Chapter 1165: Fleeing The City
Chapter 1166: Cloud Realm Protector, Rock Wing Dragon
Chapter 1167: Purple Emperor, Giant Tail Under The Demon Cloud
Chapter 1168: Slaughtering Out Of The Surrounded City
Chapter 1169: One Fight To Determine The Winner, Mo Xie Vs. Wing Dragon (1)
Chapter 1170 One Battle For The Win, Mo Xie Vs Wing Dragon (2)
Chapter 1171: Crown Phoenix King, Reborn In Battle
Chapter 1172: Charming The Entire City, Evil Good Queen (1)
Chapter 1173: Charming The Entire City, Evil Good Queen (2)
Chapter 1174: Escape Wen City
Chapter 1175: Soul Pet World Top Organism
Chapter 1176: 46 Cities, Cloud City!
Chapter 1177: The Wanted Chu Tianmang
Chapter 1178: New Moon Ground’S Hidden Dangers
Chapter 1179: Divine Sect Recruitment
Chapter 1180: The World’S Shadow, Darkness Sect
Chapter 1181: Divine Sect’S Exam
Chapter 1182: Hunting The Blood Drinking Demon
Chapter 1183: Darkness Sect’S Killer!
Chapter 1184: Yu Suo, Escape Plan
Chapter 1185: Mental Competition, Fierce Female Devil
Chapter 1186: Advance! Spirit Dominator Chu Mu
Chapter 1187: The Defender Of Past
Chapter 1188: Divine Sect, Darkness Sect, Fight Over The Dominator Devil Soul Part 1
Chapter 1188: Divine Sect, Darkness Sect, Fight Over The Dominator Devil Soul Part 2
Chapter 1189: Lu Yuqin’S Overbearingness
Chapter 1190: I Want Territorial Independence! (1)
Chapter 1191: I Want Territorial Independence! (2)
Chapter 1192: Soul Gathering Spectral Dragon (1)
Chapter 1193: Soul Gathering Spectral Dragon (2)
Chapter 1194: Cloud Realm Intruder
Chapter 1195: Southern Forbidden Realm War
Chapter 1196: Corpses Everywhere, Dragon Of Slaughter
Chapter 1197: Preparing For War, Heavenly Mountain Cloud Gate
Chapter 1198: Initial Battle, Half Devil Bai Yu!
Chapter 1199: No One Will Take Her Soul!
Chapter 1200: Half Devil Bai Yu’S Great Fight Against Wen City’S City Lord (1)
Chapter 1201: Half Devil Bai Yu’S Great Fight Against Wen City’S City Lord (2)
Chapter 1202: Half Devil Bai Yu Battles Wen City City Master (2)
Chapter 1203: Stopping The Kidnapping Before It Happens.
Chapter 1204: Star Supreme, Liu Binglan
Chapter 1205: Starry Sky Summon, Six Dawn Master
Chapter 1206: Star Sky Dust Spirit, Control The Stars
Chapter 1207: Second Half Devil!
Chapter 1208: High Class Dominator, War Beast!
Chapter 1209: Flower Immortal, Flower Progenitor? Evil Good Flower Queen!
Chapter 1210: The Dominant Flower Ancestor (1)
Chapter 1211: The Dominant Flower Ancestor(2)
Chapter 1212: Border Territory Expert!
Chapter 1213: Little Hidden Dragon, Dragon Roar Heavenly Mountain!
Chapter 1214: The Absolutely Frustrating Ghost Type
Chapter 1215: Final Battle
Chapter 1216: Nine Tailed Hades Purple Emperor!
Chapter 1217: Mo Xie, Having A Enjoyable Fight!
Chapter 1218: Fire Wave, Destroying The Glaciers!
Chapter 1219: Independent Land, Those Who Violate Us Will Be Killed!
Chapter 1220: New Moon Land’S Hidden Treasure
Chapter 1221: Fighting Over The Land
Chapter 1222: Divine Sect Sacred Mountain
Chapter 1223: Western Sect Master
Chapter 1224: The Dangerous Lu Fengnan Part 1
Chapter 1224: Unending Trouble Part 2
Chapter 1225: The Sacred Realm Wind Tunnel That Lead Towards Universe Ice Gate
Chapter 1226: Ancient Organism, Dragon People!
Chapter 1227: Double Monument Land, New Moon Land?
Chapter 1228: New Moon Land’S Migration
Chapter 1229: If I Sleep, The World Sleeps!
Chapter 1230: The Disastrous Rule After The Solar Eclipse!
Chapter 1231: Ocean Adventurer, Sang Ying
Chapter 1232: Night, Where Are You?
Chapter 1233: Untamed Ocean, Seventh Level Dominator Wave
Chapter 1234: Boat From The Other Side Of The Dark Sky Ocean World
Chapter 1235: Ocean Faction, Wupan Navy!!
Chapter 1236: Seventh Soul Pact, Ruptured?
Chapter 1237: A Proud Burial Ground
Chapter 1238: Demon Burial Ground Precipice, Demon Graveyard
Chapter 1239: Fresh Blood Precipice, Demonic Burial Mound’S Middle Island
Chapter 1240: Xuan Items Everywhere, Treasure Island
Chapter 1241: Refining Pool, Wolf Demon!
Chapter 1242: Advancement, Middle Remembrance Spirit Dominator
Chapter 1243: Encountering Ocean Commander Zhao De Again
Chapter 1244: Chu Mu Alone Is An Army!
Chapter 1245: Battle Against The Navy Legion!
Chapter 1246 Sweeping Through Zhao De’S Navy Legion (1)
Chapter 1247: Sweeping Through Zhao De’S Navy Legion (2)
Chapter 1248: One Step Produces Dignity, One Step Produces Grandeur (1)
Chapter 1249: One Step Produces Dignity, One Step Produces Grandeur (2)
Chapter 1250 Void Life Armor, Defeating The Ocean Commander (1)
Chapter 1251: Void Life Armor, Defeating The Ocean Commander (2)
Chapter 1252: Precipice Fissure, Second Demonic Burial Mound!
Chapter 1253: Walk With Death, Corpse Type Burial Mound
Chapter 1254: Yellow Springs Road: Protector From Paramita
Chapter 1255: Yellow Springs Path: Powerful Angry Horn Devil
Chapter 1256: Yellow Springs Path: Second Defender, Three Roads
Chapter 1257: Yellow Spring Road: Shadow Beast, Darkness Reaper
Chapter 1258: Yellow Springs Road: No Exit, Berserk Corpse Army
Chapter 1259: Yellow Springs Path, Forgotten River, Middle Potential Forgiven Fox!
Chapter 1260: Yellow Springs Path, Hades Fox Noble Vs Forgiven Fox Rock Emperor
Chapter 1261: Yellow Spring Road: Sand, Purple Inferno, Double Fox Battle
Chapter 1262: Yellow Spring Road: The King In One’S Heart Is Undead!
Chapter 1263: Yellow Springs Path, Strongest Demon, Yellow Spring
Chapter 1264: Yellow Springs Path, Hopeless Fight
Chapter 1265: Yellow Spring Road: Night And Yellow Spring
Chapter 1266: Yellow Spring Road: Ancient Raccoon Man
Chapter 1267: Night, The Expert Standing Until The End (1)
Chapter 1268: Night, The Expert Standing Until The End (2)
Chapter 1269: Night’S Return!
Chapter 1270: Eternal Ocean Son
Chapter 1271: Plundering Xuan Item Riches
Chapter 1272: Flying To New Moon Land, Night’S Speed!
Chapter 1272(2): Crossing New Moon Ground In A Night
Chapter 1273: Main Storage Spatial Ring?
Chapter 1274: If You Go Finding Trouble, Don’T Blame Others
Chapter 1275: White Nightmare General Defence
Chapter 1276: New Moon Navy!
Chapter 1277
Chapter 1278: Crown City, Ninth Division’S Navy Legion Castle
Chapter 1279: Dark Ocean, Rampant Pirates
Chapter 1280: Sworn To Protect The Young Girl
Chapter 1281: Dark Island, Pirate Nest
Chapter 1282: Each With Ulterior Motives
Chapter 1283: Beating Them At Their Own Game
Chapter 1284: New Moon Navy Vs Dark Ocean Pirates
Chapter 1285: Absolute Wood Type Defense, Devil Tree Barrier
Chapter 1286: Demon Massacre, Not Even Leaving A Piece Of Armor
Chapter 1287: Crushing, Sweeping Through
Chapter 1288: Facing The Pirate Leader Zhuo Qing
Chapter 1289: Ruthless Corpse General
Chapter 1290: Unparalleled Departed Spirit Leader!
Chapter 1291
Chapter 1292: Discovery Of Black Nightmare!
Chapter 1293: The Highest Bloodline Nightmare!
Chapter 1294: Stepping Into Wupan Territory
Chapter 1295: Young Lady In The Imperial Palace
Chapter 1296: Losing One’S Power?
Chapter 1297: Leaving The Palace
Chapter 1298: Crystal Stone Luan City
Chapter 1299: Unable To Tolerate A Lamb Entering A Tiger’S Den
Chapter 1300: Chu Mu’S “Hero Saving The Damsel”
Chapter 1301: The Location Of The Messiah Tree Seeds
Chapter 1302: Final Quiet Forest
Chapter 1303: Messiah Tree
Chapter 1304: Head Out Towards Quiet Forest
Chapter 1305
Chapter 1306: Ning Maner’S Escape Route
Chapter 1307: Heaven Boundary Monument, Time And Space Pointer
Chapter 1308: Divine Sect’S Revenge!
Chapter 1309: Berserk, Black Nightmare Descends!
Chapter 1310: The Evil Aura That Enshrouded Lin City
Chapter 1311: Immortal Rank Power
Chapter 1312: Quiet Fort’S Ambush
Chapter 1313: Quiet Forest’S Fort City
Chapter 1314: Quiet Forest’S Protectors
Chapter 1315: Withered Tree And The Young Woman Who Came
Chapter 1316: Quiet Forest Battle!
Chapter 1317: Intruder! Ning Maner’S Anger
Chapter 1318: The Last Protector Species!
Chapter 1319: I Originally Didn’T Have The Time To Kill You
Chapter 1320: Foe’S Meet, Chu Mu Fights Zhen Wu
Chapter 1321: Wind Eagle’S Oath, Protect To The Death! Part 1
Chapter 1321: Wind Eagle’S Oath, Protect To The Death! Part 2
Chapter 1322: Ultimate Good, Extreme Source Of Evil
Chapter 1323: Slaughtering Through The Skies, Silver Colored Nightmare
Chapter 1324
Chapter 1325: Black Flames, Devil Cloud! Highest Blood Lineage
Chapter 1326
Chapter 1327: Five Ghosts, Great Ghost Blood Formation!
Chapter 1328: Dark Blade, Dark Green He Cang!
Chapter 1329: Soul Devour, Black Bloodline
Chapter 1330: Half Silver, Half Black!
Chapter 1331: Black And White, Dual Evil Devil!
Chapter 1332: Fight To The Extreme, To Crazy
Chapter 1333: Cold To The Bone, Two Evil Devil Man!
Chapter 1334: Immortal Rank, Sheep That Can Be Slaughtered At Will
Chapter 1335: Dark Left Hand, Crushing Into Corpse Powder
Chapter 1336: Dark Fire Torture, Soul Torment!
Chapter 1337: Black Flame, This Is It
Chapter 1338: Removing The Hazy Smile
Chapter 1339: Messiah Tree Seed
Chapter 1340: Dead Dream, Automatic Promotion!
Chapter 1341: Night, Immortal Rank!
Chapter 1342: 12 Hours To Travel Through New Moon
Chapter 1343
Chapter 1345: Cloud Gate Elder Disciple Battle
Chapter 1346: Zhengming Main City
Chapter 1347: The Evil Good Queen Content With What She Has?
Chapter 1348: A Huge Reward For Winning A Smile
Chapter 1349: Outstanding Experts Competition
Chapter 1350: Saintess? Permanent Blessing
Chapter 1351: Guang Moon Palace, Saintess Yu
Chapter 1352: Men Are All So Despicable
Chapter 1353: Monument Tear Individual’S Blood Bath Vs Fake Monument Tear Individual
Chapter 1354: Invisible Empire
Chapter 1355: A Romantic Gesture That Overcomes All Hardships
Chapter 1356: Countless Soul Searching Dreams
Chapter 1357: Human Leader Rank Experts
Chapter 1358: Outstanding Experts Competition
Chapter 1359: Handing Down A Several Hundred Year Fight
Chapter 1360: Chu Mu Participating In The Competition
Chapter 1361: Imprint Valley, Sacred Cultivation Ground
Chapter 1362: Take Your Stand, Whoever Isn’T Convinced
Chapter 1363: I’M Not Used To Holding Back At The Last Moment
Chapter 1364: Your Souls Will Be Taken As Well
Chapter 1365: Paragon Dominator, Heaven Eye Toxin Beast
Chapter 1366: Zhan Ye’S Stage (1)
Chapter 1367: Zhan Ye’S Stage (2)
Chapter 1368: Zhan Ye’S Stage (3)
Chapter 1369: Escaping Without A Fight
Chapter 1370: Swift And Decisive As Well As Dull And Slow
Chapter 1371: The Second Monument Tear Individual!
Chapter 1372: Heaven Horn Beast, Sky Piercing Horn
Chapter 1373: Fox Born For Battles
Chapter 1374: Han Erxing’S Defeat!
Chapter 1375
Chapter 1376: So What If I Kill (1)
Chapter 1377: So What If I Kill (2)
Chapter 1378:The Most Pure Evil Aura
Chapter 1379: Han Erxing’S Death
Chapter 1380: Pseudo Immortal Vs Pseudo Immortal
Chapter 1381: Reality And Illusion, Night’S Dream
Chapter 1382: Dark Star Strike, Defeating Tang Zhuo
Chapter 1383: Liu Binglan Assaulted
Chapter 1384: Hidden Pupil Royalty
Chapter 1385: Why Don’T You Guys Get Married
Chapter 1386: Monument Tear Individual, Xuan Gate Xian Zong
Chapter 1387: Lu Kongtong’S Provocation
Chapter 1388: You Really Need A Beating
Chapter 1389: Provoking All Of Xuan Gate’S Disciples
Chapter 1390: Fake Monument Tear Individual, Gu Xisha
Chapter 1391: Heavy Responsibility, Power
Chapter 1392: Imprint Valley, Third Layer Of The Earth
Chapter 1393
Chapter 1394: Imprint Valley Creatures Assault!
Chapter 1395: Guarding In Shifts
Chapter 1396: Evil Scorpions, Full On Assault Chu
Chapter 1397: Black And White Devil
Chapter 1398: More And More Battle Crazed
Chapter 1399: Navy Chief!
Chapter 1400: Immortal, Ghost King (1)
Chapter 1401: Immortal, Ghost King (2)
Chapter 1402: Guarded Twenty-Five Days
Chapter 1403: Whereabouts Of The Limbo Flower
Chapter 1404: Light Cloud, Light Phoenix Nest
Chapter 1405: Upper Potential Fox, Seven Sins Fox Light King!
Chapter 1406: Thunder Diagram, Light Diagram, Seven Sin Fox?
Chapter 1407: Light King And The Small Demon Fox
Chapter 1408: Demon Fox Species, Extinct
Chapter 1409: Devil Girl Lin Mengling
Chapter 1410: Spatial Collapse
Chapter 1411: Saving The Light King
Chapter 1412: Imprint Valley’S Plot
Chapter 1413: When Enemies Meet, They Blaze With Hatred
Chapter 1414: Martial Cloud Dragon’S Advent
Chapter 1415: Darkness Sect, Heaven Slaughter
Chapter 1416: The Sealed Light King
Chapter 1417: Sins Fox Monument Tear Individual
Chapter 1418: The Tyrannical Martial Cloud Dragon
Chapter 1419: Vs Hexfire!
Chapter 1420: Darkness Maze, Dream Rules
Chapter 1421: Calm Fox, Counterattack!
Chapter 1422: Snake Dragon Faction Assaulting
Chapter 1423: Spatial Burial (1)
Chapter 1424: Spatial Burial (2)
Chapter 1425: Vs Snake Dragon Faction (1)
Chapter 1426: Vs Snake Dragon Faction (2)
Chapter 1427: The Cunning Golden Snake Dragon
Chapter 1428: Fatal Zone, Spatial Black Hole
Chapter 1429: Don’T Be Impulsive!
Chapter 1430: Darkness Sect, Heaven Slaughter
Chapter 1431: Mutual Destruction, Deranged Dark Sect
Chapter 1432: Shatter, Space Abyss
Chapter 1433: Burying The Navy Alive
Chapter 1434: Heaven And Earth Collapse
Chapter 1435: Unbelievably Powerful, Chieftain!
Chapter 1436: Chieftain’S Death Sign
Chapter 1437: Only Slaughter In His Eyes!
Chapter 1438: The Old Enemy Of Monument Tear Individuals
Chapter 1439: Devil Man, Flower Woman, Half Humans Appear! (1)
Chapter 1440: Devil Man, Flower Woman, Half Humans Appear! (2)
Chapter 1441: Hunting Imprint Valley, Holy Light Unicorn!
Chapter 1442: Doing Something Crazy
Chapter 1443: Imprint Valley Resentment Gathering!
Chapter 1444: Roar That Transcends Dimensions!
Chapter 1445: The Creature That Controls Solar Eclipse
Chapter 1446: White Dragon, The Strongest Magistrate
Chapter 1447: Seven Sins Fox, Dark Death King!
Chapter 1448: Three Leaders Vs Dark Death King (1)
Chapter 1449: Three Leaders Vs Dark Death King (2)
Chapter 1450: A Hundred Immortal Rank Expert
Chapter 1451: Soloing Zhengming City (1)
Chapter 1452: Soloing Zhengming City (2)
Chapter 1453: Mo Xie’S Henchman
Chapter 1454: Purple Wanxiang City
Chapter 1455: Ye Qingzi Is Hidden?
Chapter 1456: Han Tan City, The City Of First Encounter
Chapter 1457: Wedding (1)
Chapter 1458: Wedding (2)
Chapter 1459: Wedding (3)
Chapter 1460: Being Unfair To Ye Qingzi
Chapter 1461: New Moon Land’S Hidden Danger
Chapter 1462: An Urgent Letter
Chapter 1463: Ice City’S Disaster
Chapter 1465: The Flood Dragon Person’S Awakening?
Chapter 1466: Disaster, Monsters Throughout The Glacier
Chapter 1467: Ice City, City Lord Bing Li
Chapter 1468: Saving People From A Million Monsters
Chapter 1469: The Person Ignored By The Ice Mountain Monsters
Chapter 1470: Opening The Path For Three Thousand Refugees!
Chapter 1471: Devil Fire Trigram!
Chapter 1472: Ancient Flood Dragon Person’S Subordinate
Chapter 1473
Chapter 1474: Massive Group Healing Technique
Chapter 1475: New Moon Navy’S Bravery!
Chapter 1476: Vs Extreme Sky Ice Beast
Chapter 1477: Massive Ice Body, Vanquishing Heaven Imprint!
Chapter 1478: Darkness Gate, Crow Swarm Assault!
Chapter 1479: Middle Class Immortal Rank Ice Type Soul Crystal
Chapter 1480: Night, Entering The Low Class Dominator Rank!
Chapter 1481: Invitation Letter From Two Great Royalty
Chapter 1482: Absolute Influence
Chapter 1483: Space Survivor
Chapter 1484: Past Love Reignited?
Chapter 1485: Night’S Blood Mark Infestation
Chapter 1486: She Is The Favored Child Of Nature
Chapter 1487: Creatures That Invaded Ocean Specie’S East Ocean!
Chapter 1488: Demon Species, Ocean Species, Similar Civilization
Chapter 1489: Mermaid In The Flesh
Chapter 1490: Ocean Species, Yellow Spring!
Chapter 1491: Eternal Ocean Small Tyrant, Yellow Springs
Chapter 1492: Love At First Sight Water Type Soul Pet
Chapter 1493: The Strange Yellow Springs
Chapter 1494: The Fifth Heaven Boundary Monument
Chapter 1495: Sudden Kiss
Chapter 1496: Unknown Heaven Palace, White Flood Dragon
Chapter 1497: Freezing Ocean, Ocean Surface Battlefield!
Chapter 1498
Chapter 1499: The Exiled Little Yellow Spring
Chapter 1500: I Will Take Responsibility For Its Misdeeds
Chapter 1501: Royalty Assaulter
Chapter 1502: Independent City He City
Chapter 1503: Royalty Chief Instructor, Yu Fengdi
Chapter 1504: Madam Huo’S Attack
Chapter 1505: New Moon Land’S Survival?
Chapter 1506: Species Civilization Outside Of Humans?
Chapter 1507: Wupan’S Bug Plague
Chapter 1508: Foreshadowing Of Danger, New Moon’S Trouble
Chapter 1509: Royal Family Thief
Chapter 1510: The Skill To Tell A Lie
Chapter 1511: New Moon Land Migration?
Chapter 1512: New Moon Land, Racial Independence?
Chapter 1513: Heaven Palace Really Exists?
Chapter 1514: Subjugation Decision
Chapter 1515: Human Who Has Nothing Better To Do
Chapter 1516: Exile Ocean
Chapter 1517: Blood Eating Iron Whale Clan, To Be Exterminated
Chapter 1518: Meeting The Calamity Ocean Demons
Chapter 1519: Calamity Seabed City Staking Its All
Chapter 1520: Ocean Infant Formation, Over A Hundred Soul Pet Eggs
Chapter 1521: High Class Immortal, Seven Headed Hydra King
Chapter 1522: Fighting The Hydra King!
Chapter 1523: Ninth Ocean’S Supreme Ruler
Chapter 1524: Eight Trigrams Annihilation Diagram, Severely Wounding The Hydra King!
Chapter 1525: Little Yellow Spring’S Amnesty
Chapter 1526: New Moon Land War
Chapter 1527: Ten Thousand Year Wheel, Thousand Year Era
Chapter 1528: Ocean Species Sending Military Aid Part 1
Chapter 1528: Ocean Species Sending Military Aid Part 2
Chapter 1529: Ocean Region? Defense Is Unnecessary Part 1
Chapter 1529: Ocean Region? Defense Is Unnecessary Part 2
Chapter 1530: Holy Region, Nightmare Dynasty!
Chapter 1531: Woman With Split Personality
Chapter 1532: Flattened Nightmare Mountain Range
Chapter 1533: Infiltrating Into Subjugation Alliance Camp
Chapter 1534: Disaster, Dark King! (1)
Chapter 1535: Disaster, Dark King! (2)
Chapter 1536: One City, One Man (1)
Chapter 1537: One City, One Man (2)
Chapter 1538: Nirvana Rebirth, Dead Dream’S Awakening
Chapter 1539: Destroying 100 Thousand Ghouls!
Chapter 1540: One Man, One Butterfly
Chapter 1541
Chapter 1542: Fight, Facing Six Gate Masters
Chapter 1543: Since He Cannot Live, Then I Can Only Offer Sacrifices For Him
Chapter 1544: Blood Rose Amongst Enemy
Chapter 1545: Summoning Nightmare Army!
Chapter 1546: Nightmare, Stage For Slaughtering
Chapter 1547: Splitting Battlefield, Flower Demon Army
Chapter 1548: Alliance Retreat!
Chapter 1549: Cloud Gate Breached
Chapter 1550: Avenge Them!
Chapter 1551: Evil Vessel
Chapter 1552: High Class Immortal Rank’S Power
Chapter 1553: Attacking Tianxia City
Chapter 1554: The Surfacing Ocean Species Army
Chapter 1555: The Mysteriously Annihilated Seventh Ship Legion
Chapter 1556: Immortal Seventh Rank Tsunami
Chapter 1557: Large Turtle Beast, Bi Xi
Chapter 1558: Making A Comeback, Yellow Spring Calamity!
Chapter 1559: Soul Pact Activates, Yellow Spring Soul Pet
Chapter 1560: New Soul Pet Yellow Spring, Leader Chu Mu!
Chapter 1561: Yellow Spring Vs Bixi (1)
Chapter 1562: Yellow Spring Vs Bixi (2)
Chapter 1563: Sunken Ocean, Yellow Spring’S Power
Chapter 1564: Capturing Navy Vice Chief Alive
Chapter 1565: Gate Master Rank? Let Leader Rank Come To Negotiate!
Chapter 1566: Death By Explosion, Cruel Devil
Chapter 1567: Ceasefire? Never!
Chapter 1568: Tall Mountain Deep Ocean, Yellow Spring’S Power!
Chapter 1569: Death Graveyard, Destroyed Stronghold
Chapter 1570: Person From Heaven Palace
Chapter 1571: Pulling Up An Entire Stronghold!
Chapter 1572: War That Swallowed The Enemy Stronghold!
Chapter 1573: Rage, The Craziness That Tore The World
Chapter 1574: Zhan Ye’S Uprising, High Class Immortal Rank (1)
Chapter 1575: Zhan Ye’S Uprising, High Class Immortal Rank (2)
Chapter 1576: The Second Battle Beast Mo Ye
Chapter 1577: The Destroyed Stronghold Under The Blackhole
Chapter 1578: Monument Tear Inheritor!
Chapter 1579: Protect Till Death!
Chapter 1580: Quiet Forest’S Mastermind
Chapter 1581: Devil Soul Race’S Incantation
Chapter 1582: The Spectral Goddess From Ancient Timespace
Chapter 1583: Spectral City Protection Barrier
Chapter 1584: The City Still Stands, You Must Make It In Time
Chapter 1585: Dragon Race, To Be Proud Of
Chapter 1586: River Of Styx Subjugation, Slaughtering Countless Enemies
Chapter 1587: Survived, Wanxiang City!
Chapter 1588: Dark Emperor, Fatal Shadow
Chapter 1589: Ning Maner’S Killing Intent!
Chapter 1590:
Chapter 1591: Postwar Wanxiang City
Chapter 1592: The Princess With Life
Chapter 1593: Princess Jinrou Wakes Up
Chapter 1594: What Only Should Have Been A Kiss
Chapter 1595: Unknown Land, Evil Temple
Chapter 1596: The First Creature Born In This World
Chapter 1597: The Sigil Transmitted By Undying Rank
Chapter 1598: Spatial Energy Shard
Chapter 1599: Heading To Heaven Palace (1)
Chapter 1600: Heading To Heaven Palace (2)
Chapter 1601: Day-Night Wheel (1)
Chapter 1602: Day-Night Wheel (2)
Chapter 1603: Heavenly Land’S Bloodiness
Chapter 1604: Totem Maiden!
Chapter 1605: The Terrifying Heaven Palace
Chapter 1606: Totem Palace
Chapter 1607: The Document Which Recorded Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 1608: Liu Binglan’S Past
Chapter 1609: Woman Of Ten Thousand Transformations, Human Mother
Chapter 1610: Stolen Divine Nectar
Chapter 1611: Heavenly Palace’S Imperial Guards
Chapter 1612: Pavilion Of Myriad Pavilions
Chapter 1613: The Vast Forbidden Palace
Chapter 1614: Strengthening Yu Suo
Chapter 1615: Evil Good Ancestor’S Reproduction
Chapter 1616: Undo Soul Pact!
Chapter 1617: Embracing Evil
Chapter 1618
Chapter 1619: Leaving Heaven Palace
Chapter 1620: One Year Of Snow
Chapter 1621: Yellow Spring Emperor
Chapter 1622: Chu Mu’S Hunting Teams
Chapter 1623: Cleaning Up Monument Tear Individuals For You
Chapter 1624: True Nature Of The Solar Eclipse!
Chapter 1625: Stealing The Solar Eclipse Energy
Chapter 1626: Twin Sisters, Yu Suo And Yu Qie
Chapter 1627: A Twins’ Destiny (1)
Chapter 1628: A Twins’ Destiny (2)
Chapter 1629: Heaven Palace’S Calamity
Chapter 1630: No Mistakes Allowed
Chapter 1631: Born Anew, Evil Good Queen!!
Chapter 1632: Heaven Palace Dragon Pack
Chapter 1633: Chief Of Ten Thousand Dragons, Long Ji
Chapter 1634: Well-Prepared Net
Chapter 1635: The Final Hope
Chapter 1636
Chapter 1637: An Enemy Impossible To Defeat
Chapter 1638: It Awoke Before
Chapter 1639: Peak Immortal Rank, Bone Demon Giant
Chapter 1640: Awakened Ancient Flood Dragon Person’S Tail!
Chapter 1641: Battle Between Father And Son!
Chapter 1642: Life Battle Mo Ye
Chapter 1643: Yellow Spring, Inferno!
Chapter 1644: Demon God, Ancient Flood Dragon Person!
Chapter 1645: Dragon Maiden, Ancient Flood Dragon Person!
Chapter 1646: Monument Tear, Solar Eclipse’S Power!
Chapter 1647: Repairing Soul Pact
Chapter 1648: Heaven Palace, Ten Thousand Years Of Rebellion
Chapter 1649: Refining Crimson Sol Energy
Chapter 1650: Breaking Through The Barrier Of Strength
Chapter 1651: Soul Pact Conditions
Chapter 1652: The Crimson Flame In The Living World
Chapter 1653: Demon God, Evil Dragon!
Chapter 1654: Birth, Tenth Era’S Strongest
Chapter 1655: Black Sol, Black Ocean
Chapter 1656: The Submerged Human Territory
Chapter 1657: Are You Demon God?
Chapter 1658: Heaven Demons Descend
Chapter 1659: Heaven Palace’S Invitation Letter
Chapter 1660: The Strongest Enemy, Time
Chapter 1661: Depraved Human Territory
Chapter 1662: Perfect, There Is A Person To Kill
Chapter 1663: Ten Soul Pets Gathered
Chapter 1664: Yellow Spring Emperor
Chapter 1665: Lifespan Of The World
Chapter 1666: Limbo, Underworld, Inferno!
Chapter 1667: Heaven Palace’S True Appearance
Chapter 1668: The Rage Of Nine Era’S Strongest
Chapter 1669: Human Mother’S Request
Chapter 1670: The Heaven Demon Nest Under Heaven City
Chapter 1671: Severing Heaven Palace’S Lifeline
Chapter 1672: Black Sol’S Child
Chapter 1673: The Possessed Bai Yu
Chapter 1674: Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing
Chapter 1675: Heaven Palace Which Was Destroyed Four Times
Chapter 1676: Ten Thousand Year Wheel Level Phoenix Ancestor
Chapter 1677: The Approaching Collapse Of Heaven Boundary Monument
Chapter 1678: Demon Transformation, Yu Tian
Chapter 1679: Heaven Palace Melee!
Chapter 1680: Crimson Fire Heart!
Chapter 1681: Falling From Star River Into Human Territory
Chapter 1682: One Billion Heaven Demons
Chapter 1683: Flying Towards Crimson Sol
Chapter 1684: He Must Be Fighting
Chapter 1685: Eternal Imprisonment
Chapter 1686: The Crimson Sol With No Escape
Chapter 1687: Without Chu Mu
Chapter 1688: How About I Call You Mo Xie?
Epilogue: She’S In A Certain Space-Time
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Alternative Titles:

Allure of the Pets, Chong Mei, Sủng Mị, 宠魅; 寵魅

Source: Wuxiaworld
Book Details / Information: Author Synopsis: Cloud birds that soar through the blue sky; Terrorblood wolves that roam the wastelands ruthlessly. Dream beasts that dart through the moonlight forests; Ghost kings that dwell on foggy cliffs. Ocean spirit beasts that haunt the depths of the boundless oceans; thousand-eyed treants that stand unyielding on precipitous peaks.

Sword Beetles, Sunset Eagles, Ancient Wood Demons, Chaotic Thunder Sprites, Cursed Demon Fox: Ice… Plants, Beasts, Elementals, Undead, this is the eccentric, variegated, beautiful, and stunning world of soul pets!

Our protagonist, a soul pet trainer, had at first a young, mutated soul pet – a Moonlight Fox. In unending fights, it mutated into the stronger Evil Flamed Six-tailed Demon fox and the even higher leveled Queen Flamed Nine-tailed Firefox!

Under the companionship of this soul pet, he walked on the path to become a king, catching precious and rare soul pets, and never ceasing his endeavor to becoming the very best!

TL Synposis: Many islands dotted the vast oceans of this world. However, some of the islands were a lot more sinister than the rest. Those islands, known as Nightmare Islands, were true nightmares to all but the strongest and most fortunate. Children were kidnapped and thrown on these isolated islands by the Nightmare Palace, forced to sign soul pacts with evil soul pets: Nightmares. These devils slowly devoured the souls of their trainers to grow stronger. If the children did not cultivate fast enough, their souls will be devoured whole, leaving only an empty husk behind.

Chu Mu, the protagonist, was an heir to the Chu Clan, but due to a plotted murder, he was thrown on the island, sentencing him to almost certain death. Dancing on the edge of life and death, he struggled to survive with a small Moonlight Fox he captured. When he finally escaped the devilish foremen on his island, he couldn’t help but let a breath out. But little does he know, the experience was only a beginning to a fated journey with his little Moonlight Fox…

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Nightmare Island

Chapter 1: Nightmare Island

From a bird’s eye view through the wispy clouds, the deep blue ocean could be seen. With this perspective, the entire body of water became a curvy mirror, reflecting the beautiful skies.

There were many verdant islands dotting the boundless ocean, but under a certain raincloud lay a more special one, an island of about forty kilometers wide.

It was a somewhat rhombus shaped island, with a perfectly straight peak at its center. From far away, the vast island looked as if a sword was lodged into it.

This island was entirely surrounded by massive cliffs, without a single beach.

The waters below the cliffs were unusually turbulent; and the sound of angry tides ramming into the disarrayed reefs was often heard.

With this structure around the fringes of the island, it meant that it was a sealed off island upon which no ship could berth!

On the south side of the island, at a protruding cliff, a fifteen year old young boy, wearing thin clothes, sat at the edge of the rocks. He watched the seas and the unknown land beyond with wistful eyes, yet there was also a mysterious trace of grief.

This was a gloomy face that did not match his age. However, he maintained it without any disguise. It was his genuine feelings that were shown...

The storming waves battered the cliff, occasionally spraying upwards. The ocean winds bit into the young boy’s thin clothes, tousling his messy hair.

The young boy sat silently on the cliff like a statue, his insignificant body facing the violent tides…...

After a period of time, a horn sounded out from the depths of the forest.


Hearing the horn, the boy showed a loathe expression, but nevertheless stood up and walked towards the sound.

The boy looked thin, but his movements were agile. In the intricate forest, he dashed with ease. Very soon, he arrived at an open area within the forest.

The open area was circular, with a radius of about 100 meters. Around the open area was a wall made up of thirty meter high wooden pikes, creating a village-like campground.

The campground only had one entrance. At the entrance were four men in green clothes.These four men were all about thirty years old, with nothing that stood out.

But what did stand out were the frightening fangs of the wolf-like beasts beside them!


The four fierce wolves saw the boy walk in and immediately growled, baring their bony white teeth and threatening to pounce on the lean boy.

“Get your ass in here! Coming here this slowly, do you wanna die? Humph, Your body won’t even satisfy my coyote’s nightly snack!”

The young boy stayed out of the coyotes’ reach and ran inside the base.

Looking at the back of the boy, the spiky haired man spat with disdain. “If only I knew who brought this kid in. He looks too weak to do anything, nevertheless withstand the torture of our Nightmare Camps.”

“It was Boss Xia, I heard…...”The other red haired man paused, and in a deep voice continued.

“You know...the kid’s already a dead man.”

“A dead man,” Gulei snorted. “Which one of these little bastards aren’t already dead men?” Gulei said carelessly.

“You don’t understand. That kid used to be the young master of a clan. He offended somebody, so they hired people in the Nightmare Palace to get rid of him.”

“Boss Xia is responsible for this mission, so after he kidnapped this kid, since he was supposed to die anyways, he thought he might as well let him sign a soul pact with a White Nightmare. This way, we would have another slave to work with.”

At the mention of the White Nightmare, the three men beside him all drew in a breath. One man said in a whisper, “How does Boss Xia have things like the White Nightmare? And is that kid really that special? Can he withstand the White Nightmare?”

“No way. If that kid had that sort of power, he’d have been sent to White Nightmare Island already, how would he still be here?”

“I don’t know how Boss Xia got hold of a White Nightmare, but I know Boss Xia’s just using the kid as an experiment, with the mentality that the kid’s dead already. I believe it won’t take long before the kid is devoured by the White Nightmare.” The red-haired man laughed, not caring at all about the death of the boy.

“Ha, so that’s how it is. I’ve always hated that kid anyways, he might as well die. Back to the main topic, Boss Xia doesn’t seem simple, having a Nightmare we haven’t even seen before. I’ll let you know, the leader of the other Nightmare Islands only have one or two Cyan Nightmares at most.”

“That’s to be expected….Oh, times about up, let’s close the door. Tonight, we will feast upon their shrieks, haha….”

The other three laughed along with the first, careless about the lives of the people within the camp.

The boy that sat on the cliff silently was called Chu Mu. What was supposed to be a young boy shining with youthfulness was sharpened to become a concealed dagger.

The reason Chu Mu appeared on this island was indeed because he was kidnapped. And the reason he hadn’t been killed was also exactly because of the devilish experiment Boss Xia did on him.

In reality, on this entire island, other than the aforementioned foremen, all the kids had had this devilish experiment done on them: being forced to sign a soul pact with a Nightmare.

This was the world of soul pets. Those with talent could become soul pet trainers.

Trainers could sign soul pacts with soul pets, making the soul pets fight for them.

The relationship between soul pets and humans were master-servant relationships; humans could command their soul pets to do anything.

But on this completely isolated Green Nightmare Island, things were a bit different.

Every once in awhile, there were many kids like Chu Mu who were sent to this isolated island and subjected to these immoral experiments.

The nightmares they speak of are evil soul pets. Evil soul pets were very unique within the soul pet system. They could also sign soul pacts with humans and fight for them.

However, they had the ability to devour their master’s souls!

The kids, trapped within this place on their first day here, would all be forced to sign soul pacts with Nightmares.

At one point in time, the parasitic Nightmare would eat their master’s soul as food, and humans without souls will soon perish.

The only way to prevent their souls from being devoured was to become stronger, let their cultivation become greater, and let their soul become stronger.

In other words, they had to be stronger than the Nightmare forever in order to live!!

This was the cruellest part of hell. Children deal not with the earnest teachings of teachers, but the fiendish, merciless savages that might take their lives at a moment’s notice!

Here, weaklings would become food for their evil pets quickly, while stronger people were chased by Nightmares forever...forever...

It’s like a never ending nightmare!!

The moon wasn't visible tonight. The sea winds whipped the low-lying clouds, driving them further into the ocean.

The woods wavered in the gale, incessantly crying like a grieving woman.

In the campground, on the spacious flat area, there stood a hundred teens in the whistling wind. Their clothes were all flimsy, but their faces showed a numbing resolve, their blank eyes showing sharpness like that of a beasts.

The hundred of them lined up in a ten by ten squad, standing neatly together.

Around them, standing near the wooden pike walls were ten adult foremen.

These foremen all stood in place. In their eyes were only coldness and indifference. Their gazes were fixed on the hundred children, constantly vigilant.

Near the wooden gate, three men in dark clothes stood with very apathetic expressions.

The burly, middle-aged man standing in the middle took a few steps forward, swept his gaze through the kids, and smiled cruelly.

“Today is the fitness training. You have to face your own savage pets.”

“I can tell you right now, I will only allow fifty of you to continue on training here. That means that half of you will die today in this test!”

“Haha, enjoy the sweetness of death! Only people who frequent the edge of life and death are worthy of entering the Nightmare Palace.”

Hearing this, the hundred kids all showed signs of panic, eyeing the ten foremen restlessly.

Within the hundred, only fifty could survive, meaning that each person had only a 50% chance of living. How cruel was that!

But, these villains wouldn't have any sympathy for the children. With the command of the middle-aged man, the ten foremen standing beside the wall started chanting a string of strange incantations.

Everytime they pursed their lips, a translucent glowing symbol would appear magically around them. The symbols were like words, projecting a blue image onto the ground and creating a glittering light phenomena.


“Awooooooooooo!! Awooooawooooooooooo!!!”

Suddenly, wolf howls sounded out from around them. The smell of blood engulfed the not-so open campground, buffeting the lean children.

Bone white claws dug into the dirt below, with grey hair spiking up. Razor sharp teeth peeked out of their mouths, shining malevolently.

When the ten foremen finished their summoning, ten predators appeared in the campground ----Hunting Wolfs! The savage soul pet known for its sharp and terrifying teeth!

Seeing the ten threatening wolves howling right at them, the children all became pale. A few girls even bit their lips, crying tears.

Regardless of whether or not they were faced against soul pets or the helpless children, Hunting Wolves are very scary creatures. For food, they would attack without the slightest hesitation with all their might until their prey dies.

And in most areas, even adult soul pet trainers had a tough time against a single Hunting Wolf, let alone these unarmed, unlearned children.


Total Chapters in book: 1820
Estimated words: 3635537 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 18178(@200wpm)___ 14542(@250wpm)___ 12118(@300wpm)