The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated by Ruqing Rusu

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1: A Bit Much?
Chapter 2: How Cliched!
Chapter 3: Inhumane
Chapter 4: Various Kinds Of Skills
Chapter 5: More Smoothly Than I Thought
Chapter 6: [Limit Evolution]
Chapter 7: The Way To Leave The Forest
Chapter 8: Take Me Out Of This Forest
Chapter 9: Another World, Here I Come
Chapter 10: [Lamdrion]
Chapter 11: [Adventurers Guild]
Chapter 12: Unexpected Status
Chapter 13: Become A Subject Of Renown
Chapter 14: Who Might You Be?
Chapter 15: [Sisters]
Chapter 16: Reunion
Chapter 17: The Only Thing Granted
Chapter 18: [Logic Of The World]
Chapter 19: Quite Cute
Chapter 20: An Overlooked Possibility
Chapter 21: The Decided On Path Forward
Chapter 22: Yet Another Cliched Development?
Chapter 23: First Time Joining An Adventuring Party
Chapter 24: Obligation And Responsibility
Chapter 25: Quest Grade
Chapter 26: Need A Weapon?
Chapter 27: Part Amicably
Chapter 27: [Golem]
Chapter 29: Growth Rate In All Directions
Chapter 30: Need To Put In The Effort
Chapter 31: [Magic]
Chapter 32: Unexpected Words
Chapter 33: The Hero That Cannot Appear
Chapter 34: Secret That Is Absolutely Unknown
Chapter 35: No Longer Needs A Hero
Chapter 36: Why Would I Be Disappointed?
Chapter 37: I Refuse!
Chapter 38: Cant Deal With You?
Chapter 39: Now Its Fine.
Chapter 40: Can'T Be Unfair To Himself
Chapter 41: Really Wont Die?
Chapter 42: Youre Quite Underhanded.
Chapter 43: Im Not, I Didnt.
Chapter 44: [Vivians Party]
Chapter 45: [Magic Sword]
Chapter 46: Is That Some Kind Of Signal?
Chapter 47: End Of The Adventure
Chapter 48: This Really Is Easy Money.
Chapter 49: [Latrard]
Chapter 50: Ill Remember This Favor
Chapter 51: Can You Guarantee That?
Chapter 52: Requirements For Learning The Skill
Chapter 53: [Detection] And [Control]
Chapter 54: Earth-Shattering Mishap
Chapter 55: Then Lets Go Already!
Chapter 56: [Lv.18]
Chapter 57: An Uninvited Guest Appears
Chapter 58: At Your Grandmas.
Chapter 59: Suspicious? Reward?
Chapter 60: Identity Of The Person Subjugated
Chapter 61: The Lie Got Blown!
Chapter 62: This Time, He Really Did Get Done In
Chapter 63: Completely Discomforted
Chapter 64: Return The Favor Here
Chapter 65: Milady Only Wishes To See You
Chapter 66: [Demon King Mansion]
Chapter 67: Lets Work Together.
Chapter 68: So It Was That Kind Of Development After All
Chapter 69: It Was Quite Logical
Chapter 70: That Was A Flag
Chapter 71: Get Married In My Place?
Chapter 72: Leishas True History
Chapter 73: The Guild Library
Chapter 74: [Blessing]
Chapter 75: Still Unknown Effect
Chapter 76: How Unoriginal.
Chapter 77: [Magic]
Chapter 78: Im A Cheat.
Chapter 79: This Is Beginner Class Magic Right?
Chapter 80: "Let'S Pretend I Didn'T See It."
Chapter 81: Emmmmmmm......
Chapter 82: Completely Altered The Atmosphere
Chapter 83: Go Back And Inherit The Family
Chapter 84: F*Cking Unbelievable
Chapter 85: As Expected, I’M Not The Protagonist
Chapter 86: Pretty Exciting Just Thinking About It
Chapter 87: The Gathered People
Chapter 88: The Unwelcome Comrades
Chapter 89: More Troublesome Than Expected
Chapter 90: Rather Looked Down Upon
Chapter 91: Whats A Hero? Thats A Hero!
Chapter 92: The Devils About To Run Wild Again
Chapter 93: Did He Go Back?
Chapter 94: New Magic Item?
Chapter 95: Tossed The Blame Again
Chapter 96: No Merit To Fight Over
Chapter 97: I Cant Guarantee That Anymore.
Chapter 98: [Im A Pig!]
Chapter 99: Need To Practice More
Chapter 100: Properly Get Along
Chapter 101: No Time To Explain, Quickly…
Chapter 102: Any Gentleman Would Understand
Chapter 103: Is That Really Fine?
Chapter 104: So Lets Call It Even.
Chapter 105: So Easily Conquered?
Chapter 106: [Baydr]
Chapter 107: [Lv.24]
Chapter 108: Theyll Get Whats Coming To Them In Time
Chapter 109: The Question Without An Answer
Chapter 110: The Noble Young Master'S Obsession
Chapter 111: “I Will Protect You.”
Chapter 112: It Really Is My Bad.
Chapter 113: Want To Try And See?
Chapter 114: [Bloody Night]
Chapter 115: Anothers Invitation
Chapter 116: A Complete Fracas
Chapter 117: How Shameful.
Chapter 118: An Undeniable Truth
Chapter 119: Who Are You?
Chapter 120: The Villains Mind Broke
Chapter 121: "Now Is The Time!"
Chapter 122: Called Up Silence
Chapter 123: [Appraisal]
Chapter 124: Even If Its Just You
Chapter 125: Just Cut It Off
Chapter 126: Small Timer
Chapter 127: Did You Really Have To Take Things So Hard?
Chapter 128: This Time, He Wont Be Shift The Blame
Chapter 129: Dont Blame A Person, Blame A Skill
Chapter 130: Legacies Of The Battlefield
Chapter 131: Cant See Me?
Chapter 132: [Airi]
Chapter 133
Chapter 134: Throw Up At The Sight
Chapter 135: An Unusual Noble
Chapter 136: Lets Have A Chat About Life
Chapter 137: Something Akin To A Whine
Chapter 138: Reason For Opening To The Public
Chapter 139: [Lucilosti Mitra]
Chapter 140: The True Hero Of The Current Era
Chapter 141: Thats Completely Unfair Treatment
Chapter 142: Note: All Of Them Were Men
Chapter 143: Audacity In The Face Of Adversity
Chapter 144: Pretty But Useless?
Chapter 145: [Hero] And [Holy Sword]
Chapter 146: The Reason For Summoning
Chapter 147: [Shien]
Chapter 148: Why Should I Care?
Chapter 149: Can Indeed Trust Her.
Chapter 150: Only This One
Chapter 151: Hn, Thats No Good.
Chapter 152: Its Already Pretty Big, Alright?
Chapter 153: Hoho.
Chapter 154: Unexpected Development
Chapter 155: Really Didnt Mean To Shock You
Chapter 156: Seriously Asking For A Beating!
Chapter 157: I Get It.
Chapter 158: Whos Scared!
Chapter 159: Royal Palace Shocked!
Chapter 160: The Interrupted Match
Chapter 161: You Call This A Spar?
Chapter 162: Lets See What Youre Going To Do
Chapter 163: So Troublesome, So Troublesome.
Chapter 164: Announce That Im Going To Marry You.
Chapter 165: Hidden Waves In The Capital
Chapter 166: Properly Rebuke Her?
Chapter 167: Didnt I Say That I Wasnt The Protagonist?
Chapter 168: So Worth It.
Chapter 169: [Arbin]
Chapter 169: All Be Yours.
Chapter 171: Heh, Women.
Chapter 172: Eat Stuff Given By Strangers
Chapter 173: Be Eaten Up?
Chapter 174: Yeah, Overthinking It.
Chapter 175: So I Just Said It.
Chapter 176: Eats Well, Sleeps Well
Chapter 177: Why Overthink It?
Chapter 178: Unthinkable Situation
Chapter 179: Mutually Countering Matchup
Chapter 180: Wild Imaginings Are Deadly
Chapter 181: An Enemy That Cannot Be Left Alone
Chapter 182: Exposed Again
Chapter 183: Protector God Of The Kingdom?
Chapter 184: Enormous Treasure
Chapter 185: [Stalim]
Chapter 186: Utilize? Propose Marriage?
Chapter 187: I Need To Seriously Get Stronger.
Chapter 188: Theres No Such Thing
Chapter 189: Actually Quite Dangerous To Me?
Chapter 190: Can You Really Avoid Being Affected?
Chapter 191: You Know Me, Right?
Chapter 192: Dont Let That Guy Break It
Chapter 193: The Effect That Shien Wanted
Chapter 194: The Various Voices
Chapter 195: Sorry, I Cant.
Chapter 196: But I Still Refuse!
Chapter 197: What A Nice For The Country And The People!
Chapter 198: Dont Blame Me, Alright?
Chapter 199: Id Rather Jump Down From Here
Chapter 200: Hidden Waves Continue
Chapter 201: The Three Magic Effects
Chapter 202: Freaking Terrifying
Chapter 203: Let Me Take A Peek. Just One Peek.
Chapter 204: Just Going To Have To Use My Hands.
Chapter 205: Marry And Take Her Home
Chapter 206: The Only One Left?
Chapter 207: Earn Some Money First?
Chapter 208: Actually Here To Apologize?
Chapter 209: What Do You Think About It Then?
Chapter 210: Isnt That Bad?
Chapter 211: Nowhere Near Enough
Chapter 212: You Cant Deny That
Chapter 213: Underground Magic Books Library
Chapter 214: The Princesss Advice
Chapter 215: [Astro] And [Enchant]
Chapter 216: He Actually Agreed?
Chapter 217: Just Met A Few Times Is All
Chapter 218: Sorry About That
Chapter 219: You Get It?
Chapter 220: Unnatural Phenomenon
Chapter 221: Blind Arrogance Is Deadly
Chapter 222: [Protection Of The Heroic Spirits]
Chapter 223: The Unbelievably Strange Monster
Chapter 224: You Lazy Princess.
Chapter 225: Ive Got A Cheat.
Chapter 226: Just Who Are You?
Chapter 227: Only Thing That Sustained Me
Chapter 228: [Hero Summoning Ritual]
Chapter 229: Have Experience?
Chapter 230: [Violent Dragon]
Chapter 231:
Chapter 232: Be Careful Of Those Around
Chapter 233: How Could You Call It Bad?
Chapter 234: Gone Missing?
Chapter 235: Those Stalkers
Chapter 236: Rip Her Head Off
Chapter 237: Focal Point Of Many Things
Chapter 238: What A Lucky Person
Chapter 239: Goodness, Seriously Terrifying
Chapter 240: The Real Big Shot, Unquestionably
Chapter 241:
Chapter 242: Freaking Stimulating
Chapter 243: Want To Make Some
Chapter 244: Freaking Seriously
Chapter 245: Something Had Happened
Chapter 246: Thats Right. Thats Me.
Chapter 247: Go Off And Play With Bananas.
Chapter 248: Whats The Point?
Chapter 249: A Storm Is Coming
Chapter 250: What Are You Going To Do About It?
Chapter 251: [Demon Refining]
Chapter 252: [Original Devil]
Chapter 253: Still Pick This Loli Up
Chapter 254: Suicidal Insects.
Chapter 255: Pop
Chapter 256: Send You A Nice Big Gift.
Chapter 257: Tombstone Of The Garibaldi
Chapter 258: See If You Can Bear That.
Chapter 259: Hell Definitely Come.
Chapter 260: Fate Truly Is Mysterious
Chapter 261: Not To Be Provoked, Not At All.
Chapter 262: Cant You Do It Lighter?
Chapter 263: Are You Serious?
Chapter 264: The Imminent Meeting
Chapter 265: The Moment Of Life And Death
Chapter 266: Awaken.
Chapter 267: Bang!
Chapter 268: [Horn]
Chapter 269: Unthinkable Strength
Chapter 270: Unbearable Past
Chapter 271: Time To Go Home And Take A Bath.
Chapter 272: Compete For Affection
Chapter 273: Why Are You All Like This
Chapter 274: Bathing Out In The Wilderness
Chapter 275: Diere Arbins Story
Chapter 276: True Strength
Chapter 277: [Blessing Of The Goddess Of Fate]
Chapter 278: Ive Got To Marry This Girl!
Chapter 279: [Dragon]
Chapter 280: Near Max Leveled Unbeatable Demonic Beast
Chapter 281: Im A Dragon Knight Too
Chapter 282: Lord Of All Dragons?
Chapter 283: [Yulin]
Chapter 284: Vengeance? Vengeance!
Chapter 285: Resolved Grudge
Chapter 286: Thats Kind Of Stimulating!
Chapter 287: Descending On A Dragon? Youre Amazing Alright!
Chapter 289: The Tumultuous Capital
Chapter 290: Deliver A Gift?
Chapter 291: &%^@ゥ Me!
Chapter 292: Make Me A Noble?
Chapter 293: Lucy Convinces With All Her Might
Chapter 294: Someone Truly Of The Opposite Gender
Chapter 295: I Shall Become A Noble Without Reservations
Chapter 296: None Of You Will Understand.
Chapter 297: One Must Be Filial!
Chapter 298: Try Poking If Dissatisfied.
Chapter 299: Then Should He Go For It?
Chapter 300: Did I Just Get Cursed?
Chapter 301: Were Like Brothers.
Chapter 302: Beautifully Done.
Chapter 303: [Bayztrot]
Chapter 304: Keep You From Going Home Tonight.
Chapter 305: That Personage Of The Demon Word?
Chapter 306: [Moon Demon] And [Dragon Demon]
Chapter 307: Smiling On The Surface, Wtf Inside
Chapter 308: Have At You Then!
Chapter 309:
Chapter 310: Go Ahead And Get Jealous, Hmph!
Chapter 311: [Lv.55]
Chapter 312: Would You Like To?
Chapter 313: Were All People Of Status
Chapter 314: Ive Been Watching You.
Chapter 315: I Have To Go First.
Chapter 316: I Have To Be The First.
Chapter 317: [Dream]
Chapter 318: Even Though I Was The First
Chapter 319: Whats Our Relationship Now?
Chapter 320: Please Be Careful From Now On.
Chapter 321: The Day Of Departure
Chapter 322: [Jiltry]
Chapter 323: Differences Between Viscounts
Chapter 324: You'Re My Wife.
Chapter 325: Going To Have To Be A Beast Then.
Chapter 326: [Beatrice]
Chapter 327: It Was Just A Look Though?
Chapter 328: Cough, Lets Eat Already.
Chapter 329: Release That Child.
Chapter 330: Just A Mere Viscount?
Chapter 331: You Play Some Dangerous Games
Chapter 332: Want To Go With Me?
Chapter 333: A Minor Commotion
Chapter 334: The Newbie Master Can Be Relieved
Chapter 335: The Border City On Lockdown
Chapter 336: Chaos Within The City
Chapter 337: The People Alerted
Chapter 338: Definitely A Fantasy, Right?
Chapter 339: Cosmos In Chaos
Chapter 340: A Hero Descendant Too?
Chapter 341: What Fucking Business Is That Of Yours?
Chapter 342: Youre No Good, Princess.
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Alternative Titles:

The Demon Lord is Already Defeated?!, 魔王不必被打倒

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

———【Holy Sword】



As a brave summoned to another world, Shien is basically invincible.

The goddess told him: “You are the one who is most likely to defeat the devil.”

The princess told him: “I have never seen a foul man like you.”

Even his teammates said: “How about you go to build a country?”

Unfortunately, Shien is so determined to walk his own path.

“I want to be an adventurer, fight monsters without risk and upgrade, and then sneak to defeat the Demon King after i have achieved the max level, and hide my merit and fame.”

However, the Demon King does not necessarily have to be defeated, in fact, it can also be…

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************



[Demon King]

That is an existence that often appears in various myths and legends.

The symbol of evil.

Synonymous with cruelty.

One who endangers the world, endangers humanity, bringing terror and disaster to the masses, and pushing the world into chaos.

That kind of character is the Demon King.

And in many myths and legends, for the sake of defeating the Demon King, gods with generally locate a Hero, grant them various aids, and have them save the world.

What’s more, there are gods who summon heroes from other worlds and have them defeat the Demon Lord. That’s also a kind of conventional development.


“So, I’m the unlucky guy chosen?”

“You can think that way if you like.”

Thus, the above conversation happened due to this kind of situation.

This is the center of an unknown temple.

There are no brilliant decorations in the temple. Nor is there a solemn divine atmosphere. It’s just a pure while construct.

At this moment, there are two figures inside the temple.

One of them is an eternity-like existence, standing in the center of the temple.

That is a goddess.

Yes, goddess.

Because, there are no other words capable of describing her.

She has a head full of silver hair, extending past the attractive curvature of her back, all the way to the back of her knees. It flows generally even without wind, giving off a light glow.

Her eyes are the purest blue, much like the blue of the planet. She wears a pure and holy white dress, with her pure and unblemished feet unadorned. Just standing there bare feet on the ground, along with that impeccable body line and graceful figure, her beauty seems like it can’t possibly exist in the world. She seems more like a completed work of high class art, filled with dreams and fantasy.

That beauty, that purity, that dream and fantasy. Only a word like “Goddess” is capable of describing her.

At least, the other figure in the temple -floating in midair, a bodiless soul-like “person” thinks so.

From the start, “he” could no nothing but stare.

Until the goddess spoke to “him.”

“Although this is rather sudden, please allow me to proceed directly to the main subject.”

What main subject?

To sum it up, that is…

“You have already died, but I hope that you will come to my world and defeat the Demon King. Thus, I plan to resurrect you, make you that hero, and send you to the world of swords and sorcery – [Omnipotlin].”

That’s how it is.

Thus, the conversation at the start happened.

Truth be told, “he” doesn’t really want to believe it.


Demon King?


Sword and sorcery world?

It’s not like “he” doesn’t understand those terms.

But, for those term to become reality and happen to “him,” then all he can do is react with confusion and non-understanding.

“He” doesn’t even know just how long it took for him to finally accept this setting.

However, there is one point that “he: understood very well.

“I don’t really have any other choice, do I?”

If things really are as what the goddess said, then “he” should already be dead. If he doesn’t accept the goddess’s suggestion, then the only result is just disappearing.

In that case, what other choice is there?

As an aside, the use of the term “should” is because “he” doesn’t remember if he really died at all.

No, it should instead be said that “he” doesn’t remember anything at all relating to himself.

Why is this?

Very simple.

“No matter what you choose, those are all unnecessary.”

The goddess stated.

No way around it.

If “he” rejected the goddess’s request, the results have already been stated.

If “he” decided to accept, then for the sake of not letting his previous life affect his new life, and for the sake of not letting the technology and knowledge of his previous life affect the other world too deeply, removing those memories is a fairly straightforward method.

In that light, “he” no longer remembers anything about himself. As for the knowledge of his old world, “he” only retains the portion relating to common knowledge. For example, “he” knows about the existence of the internet, and he knows what it’s for and how to use it, but “he” doesn’t know the base theory behind it or the conditions for creating it, etc.

That isn’t something that the goddess did.

“Once a person dies, they will soon vanish without leaving anything behind. That includes memories. However, since I needed you, I summoned the existence that is ‘you,’ and restored those memories of your common knowledge for you so that you would be able to understand the current situation and what will happen afterwards.”

The goddess explained with a smile while gazed at him with those eyes as beautiful and brilliant as stars.

“You are already dead after all. The memories of your previous life has nothing more to do with you. If you do choose to go to the other world, I also would not want your attachment to your previous life affect your second life. Nor would I want for the technology and knowledge of your previous world to cause major upheavals to my world.”

In other words, the memories of the previous life won’t be coming back either way.

“He” doesn’t have any grievances either.

One, since he’s already forgotten those memories, “he” would naturally lack any attachment to them.

Two, even if “he: opposes it, it’s not like that’s going to have any effect.

It all goes back to that sentence. “He” is already dead, and “he” should have disappeared. Since the other side plans to revive “him” and grant “him” a second life, a second lifetime, what more could “he” ask for?

To be able to live on. To be able to get a second life, a second lifetime. That’s already a kind of blessing.

“He” should know to count his blessings.

“It looks like you’ve made your decision.”

The goddess nodded nonchalantly as if she could see though “his” thoughts and extended her flawless hands towards him.

“Well then, by the name of god, thus I grant you the otherworlder another life.”

Following the solemn voice ringing across the entirety of the temple, the transparent figure in midair bloomed with light.

That light is a brilliant as the sun, as dazzling as the stars.

In that kind of situation, a “sword” just as brilliant and dazzling floated up from the transparent figure.

“From now on, you will be known as [Shien].”

“Don’t disappoint me now.”

“The hero I’ve waited a thousand years for.”

As the voice fell, the “person” and “sword” floating in midair both disappeared from the temple.

After finishing everything, the goddess finally withdrew her hand.

However, with her eyes are still transfixed on the air as if she could still see that figure, the goddess murmured.

“This is the first time I’ve seen such a powerful light. I hope he can grant my long awaited wish.”

Leaving such a whisper, the goddess closed her eyes and allowed the temple to return to silence.

Thus the story, with this as the opening, announced its start.


Total Chapters in book: 342
Estimated words: 569608 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2848(@200wpm)___ 2278(@250wpm)___ 1899(@300wpm)