The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

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Chapter 55 - Upgrade Successful!
Chapter 56 - The Public Opinion Goes Wild!
Chapter 57 - Raymond’S First Failure
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Chapter 59 - Building The Main Body Of A Warship!
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Chapter 66 - If You Can’T Fight It, Then Enjoy It!
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Chapter 68 - Raymond Wants To Build A Nuclear Bomb?!
Chapter 69 - I Won’T Watch A Live Broadcast Without Raymond!
Chapter 70 - The Ability To Threaten The Pentagon?!
Chapter 71 - A Nuclear Bomb. It Could Be Built At Any Time!
Chapter 72 - Raymond Thought Of An Island!
Chapter 73 - Gadot’S Password!
Chapter 74 - Raymond: I Want Materials!
Chapter 75 - Private Meeting!
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Chapter 77 - The British!
Chapter 78 - Trident No. 16!
Chapter 79 - : Russian Space Agency
Chapter 80 - Raymond’S Blueprint… Do You Understand It?
Chapter 81 - As Expected Of Thunder God! Another New Invention Has Been Made!
Chapter 82 - Thunder God Kicked Her Out Just Like That?!
Chapter 83 - Plasma Engine, Complete!
Chapter 84 - The Essence Of Nuclear Power Generation Is Boiling Water?!
Chapter 85 - Experimental Thrust!
Chapter 86 - Shifting Positions!
Chapter 87 - Why Is The Car Shaking?!
Chapter 88 - 4,000 Tons Of Terrifying Thrust!
Chapter 89 - Could Raymond Lead Mankind Into The Interstellar Era?!
Chapter 90 - Urgent Problems To Be Solved!
Chapter 91 - Gayle Gadot Is Jealous!
Chapter 92 - Raymond Wants To Make Steel Armor!
Chapter 93 - The Story That Raymond And I Have To Tell!!
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Chapter 95 - The Probability Of Being Developed Is Close To Zero?!?!
Chapter 96 - No Scientist Would Understand These Principles!!
Chapter 97 - The Audience Is Stunned!
Chapter 98 - : Secret Rescue!
Chapter 99 - Where Did The Laser Go? Was It Incarcerated?
Chapter 100 - Thunder God Actually Turned Off The Light!
Chapter 101 - Gayle Gadot Makes An Offer!
Chapter 102 - Gayle Gadot’S Inner Struggle!
Chapter 103 - The Odd Events Of Hard Drive Crashes!
Chapter 104 - I Saw The Message Left On The Trident!
Chapter 105 - Warning! Warning! The White House Has Been Locked Down!
Chapter 106 - Nuclear Bomb Launch?
Chapter 107 - 77’S Opinion
Chapter 108 - Breaking Through The Limitations Of Materials!
Chapter 109 - The True Purpose Of A Gundam!
Chapter 110 - Have Gayle Gadot Abort The Mission!
Chapter 111 - Testing To The Limit!
Chapter 112 - The Horror Of Artificial Muscle Fibers! Shocked Audience!
Chapter 113 - Like A Sci-Fi Movie!
Chapter 114 - Full Power! Terrifying Muscle Power!
Chapter 115 - Thunder God Is Mankind’S Future!
Chapter 116 - Is It Truly The Rise Of The Gundams?!
Chapter 117 - Ten Thousand Pounds Of Terrifying Power!
Chapter 118 - Kim Hee-Sun Has An Accident!
Chapter 119 - Personality Of A Sweet Sixteen!
Chapter 120 - When You Have The Power Of Life And Death Over Others!
Chapter 121 - Terrifying Artificial Intelligence!
Chapter 122 - A Gundam’S First Steps!
Chapter 123 - An Artificial Intelligence Controlled Gundam!
Chapter 124 - Dumbstruck Raymond!
Chapter 125 - : Is Thunder God Going To Rebuild The Ai?
Chapter 126 - Kim Hee-Sun'S Deep Hynopsis!
Chapter 127 - An Existence Beyond The Understanding Of The Intelligence Agency!
Chapter 128 - This Is Raymond’S Hypnosis?
Chapter 129 - Hypnosis Successful! From Now On, Call Me Master!
Chapter 130 - Unable To Find A Giant Meteorite?!
Chapter 131 - There’S Nothing My Brother Can’T Do!
Chapter 132 - I Hope That Thunder God Slaps Me In The Face Again!
Chapter 133 - Raymond Wishes To Control Nuclear Fusion!
Chapter 134 - Is Raymond Going To Succeed Again?
Chapter 135 - Did Thunder God Just Imprison Himself?
Chapter 136 - Is A Perpetual Motion Machine About To Appear? !
Chapter 137 - An Unrivaled Conversion Efficiency!
Chapter 138 - The Harem Has Been Established!
Chapter 139 - The World Watches! Would The Nuclear Fusion Reactor Succeed?!!
Chapter 140 - Would This Nuclear Fusion Turn Into A Nuclear Bomb?!
Chapter 141 - This Was Too Weak?
Chapter 142 - Raymond Was So Mad That He Wanted To Unplug!
Chapter 143 - Want Some Exercise In A Bit?
Chapter 144 - I Can’T Breathe!
Chapter 145 - If This Thing Were To Shoot, One Could Only Imagine!
Chapter 146 - Raymond Is Driving A Gundam Towards Us!
Chapter 147 - It’S The Droplet!
Chapter 148 - I’Ve Heard So Much About The Thunder God!
Chapter 149 - The Preliminary Awakening Of An Experimental Intelligence!
Chapter 150 - The Alien Civilization Wants To Instigate A Rebellion?
Chapter 151 - Raymond Has Entered The Second Institute!
Chapter 152 - Nobody Touch The Gundam, Not Even In The Slightest!
Chapter 153 - Raymond Could Guarantee The Brain’S Longevity?
Chapter 154 - Thunder God'S Amazing On-Site Operation!
Chapter 155 - It Only Took A Few Glances For Him To Understand Everything!
Chapter 156 - Apparently, Raymond Is Not Omnipotent.
Chapter 157 - Are These Things Made Of Cells?
Chapter 158 - Waking The Cloned Neural Brain Up!
Chapter 159 - The Struggle For Power
Chapter 160 - Want To See The Droplets? As You Wish, Makes No Difference To Me!
Chapter 161 - Is This Thing Alive?
Chapter 162 - The Thunder God Harem Gains Another!
Chapter 163 - The Earthlings’ Bad Habits Actually Helped Me!
Chapter 164 - He’Ll Show Us The Droplet’S Password!
Chapter 165 - If We Could Use Technology To Reshape The Body, Raymond Could Do It!
Chapter 166 - Nobody Can Disturb Sir!
Chapter 167 - The Audience Had Been Viewing Doctored Footage!
Chapter 168 - Thunder God, Madly Sought-After By Netizens!
Chapter 169 - Riven Drove Everyone Crazy!
Chapter 170 - The Terrifying Energy Cube!
Chapter 171 - Too Messy!
Chapter 172 - Everything Is Under Raymond’S Control!
Chapter 173 - For The Rest Of Our Lives, We Shall Live Together!
Chapter 174 - Riven’S New Body
Chapter 175 - Transport It Here At The Fastest Speed Possible!
Chapter 176 - : We Have A Problem!
Chapter 177 - Exposing The Childe Consortium!
Chapter 178 - Can I Swap Droplets?
Chapter 179 - From Now On, You Shall Be Called Alice
Chapter 180 - Smelter!
Chapter 181 - Thunder God’S Secret Recipe.
Chapter 182 - Turn It Off.
Chapter 183 - Tuesday’S Discovery
Chapter 184 - The Giant Egg
Chapter 185 - Is The End Of The World Still Far Away?
Chapter 186 - Arriving In China
Chapter 187 - Is The Live Broadcast Going To Be Shut Down??
Chapter 188 - Chapter 188
Chapter 189 - Let Raymond Know The Truth!
Chapter 190 - China’S Expectations
Chapter 191 - Block The Networks Of The Ten Largest Consortia.
Chapter 192 - He Is Exceptionally Strong.
Chapter 193 - The Consortium’S Embarrassment
Chapter 194 - Can You Endure It?
Chapter 195 - Give Tuesday A Body!
Chapter 196 - We Have Not Set A Price, I Will Not Agree To It!
Chapter 197 - The Devouring Plan
Chapter 198 - This Car Is Ridiculously Quick
Chapter 199 - Great Power
Chapter 200 - Poaching People
Chapter 201 - Boring? Not Boring!
Chapter 202 - Self-Building Weapon Generation Technology!
Chapter 203 - Nelson’S Plan!
Chapter 204 - Dna Programming
Chapter 205 - 77 Says, “I Want The Lab!”
Chapter 206 - The Core Purpose Of The Morgan Group
Chapter 207 - Negotiations!
Chapter 208 - Discovered!
Chapter 209 - Research Direction: Weapons!
Chapter 210 - Kidnapping Raymond!
Chapter 211 - Live Without Raymond’S Broadcast Is Meaningless
Chapter 212 - Gamble Away!
Chapter 213 - Preliminary Mastery Of Alien Technology!
Chapter 214 - Awkward Problem!
Chapter 215 - Going Out For A Test
Chapter 216 - You’Re Telling Me That A Pistol Did This?
Chapter 217 - Wager
Chapter 218 - Sneak Attack Squad
Chapter 219 - The Various Systems Of The Spaceship
Chapter 220 - Another Bet
Chapter 221 - Three-Dimensional Scanning
Chapter 222 - Confident Angelo
Chapter 223 - Who Will Have The Last Laugh?
Chapter 224 - Biologist Edwin!
Chapter 225 - Live?
Chapter 226 - Initiating Construction Of The Warehouse
Chapter 227 - Joseph’S Luck!
Chapter 228 - Details
Chapter 229 - Want To Die?
Chapter 230 - Kim Hee-Sun Enters The Pod
Chapter 231 - The Experiment Ends
Chapter 232 - Honest Caroline!
Chapter 233 - Caroline Slaps Faces!
Chapter 234 - Cloning Viruses
Chapter 235 - The Woman
Chapter 236 - Raymond Is Our Bread And Butter!
Chapter 237 - Human Consciousness
Chapter 238 - A Double-Edged Sword
Chapter 239 - : Self-Destruction
Chapter 240 - Success?
Chapter 241 - The Soul
Chapter 242 - She Really Came To Life!
Chapter 243 - Riven Has Awoken!
Chapter 244 - Neural Brain
Chapter 245 - Neural Material
Chapter 246 - : Energy Core
Chapter 247 - Patrick’S Doubts
Chapter 248 - Identity
Chapter 249 - Transfer Of Consciousness!
Chapter 250 - : The Threat Of Tuesday
Chapter 251 (End) - The Alien Spacecraft Took Off?
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"The world's top ten conglomerates had joined forces to create a programme where the crew had quietly evacuated all the people from a city, leaving behind only Raymond and his family, who were kept in the dark. Their purpose was to see this child, who had emerged from the slums of America, get humiliated. The whole world wanted to see this young man named Raymond make a fool of himself, and through what Raymond had done, and all of his doings, they wanted to decry the poor for being short of ambitions. Early the next morning, the show officially began. When Raymond noticed that the world outside was overly and strangely quiet, and when he had determined that all of humanity had disappeared. Just then, the survival aid system was activated, and the system notified Raymond: In a month's time, there will be a huge meteorite hitting the planet, and it is going to cause great destruction.

Raymond: What the hell??? Then what should he do?

The System responded: I'll help you build a space battleship so that you can escape from Earth!

""Oh my God, he has single-handedly created the Heavenly Eye System, and he is even thinking of creating nuclear-powered engines..."""

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Human Observation Program! All of humanity is missing!


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

“Hello, everyone. Welcome to ‘Humans On Camera.’ I’m the host, Maggie.”

“This program was created by the top ten financial groups in the world.”

“There are a total of five contestants participating in the first season of this program.”

“All five of them are adult males with different occupations. They are from the United States, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, and Russia.”

“The team has spent a lot of effort to evacuate everyone except for the contestants from the cities where the contestants were located, creating the illusion that humans have suddenly disappeared

“The purpose of the program is to observe the behavior of the contestants from different countries under such a background

“Deadline: three months

“This program was jointly created by the top ten consortiums. The credibility of the program guarantees that every contestant does not know about it and there will be no trust. After the program ends, the contestants who do not know will be compensated financially.”

“Next, I will introduce five contestants…”

8 a.m.

In the international live broadcast room.

The Humans On Camera program which had been promoted for nearly half a year commenced as scheduled.

Many people around the world were watching the live broadcast with their cell phones or in front of their computers.

The female host, Maggie, had a professional smile on her face.

She introduced the general situation of the reality show to the audience.

After introducing the premise of the program, she began to introduce the contestants.

“The first contestant is Raymond from the United States. He is 22 years old today and has a high school education. He is currently unemployed.”

Five images appeared on the screen behind Maggie. She pointed at one of the young men. He was blonde and fair.

The young man was lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

It was obvious that he had not woken up from his deep sleep.

“Raymond was born in the slums. Both of his parents died, and he was often bullied when he was studying… Under such circumstances, would he be hostile to society? What would happen if he’s alone in a city?”

Then, there was the second person.

“The second person is an elite worker from Japan. His name is Miyoshi Yamada…”

“The third person is Park Hyun-Yo, a popular Korean celebrity…”

“The fourth person is a best-selling Russian novelist, Czymen Werenski…”

“The fifth person is the chairman of a British company, Aaron Bob…”

The five contestants appeared one by one.

At this moment, all five of them were in a deep sleep and had not woken up.

Naturally, they did not know that there was no one else in the city that they were in.


These five contestants came from different countries and were engaged in different professions. They have all been gathered together in this program.

Actually, if one were to look closely…

One would find that one of them did not fit in with the others.

It was the American contestant, Raymond.

The contestants from other countries were either chairmans of companies or best-selling novelists.

At the very least, the man would be a white-collar elite.

Raymond was a person from the slums, a person at the bottom of society, an unemployed vagrant.

He was actually able to participate in the program with this group of elite people?

Actually, the reason behind this was well-known around the world.

This program had been jointly created by the consortia.

Their real goal was to see the child from the slums lose face.

They wanted to see this young man named Raymond make a fool of himself, hoping to criticize the poor based on his actions where they would assume he was doing as he pleased.

From thereon.

The juxtaposition of his actions would show their sense of superiority and nobility as rich people!

“As we all know, human nature is inherently evil, and people are born with bad personalities

“However, through the nurture of education, one could make people lock up the ferocious beasts in their hearts and show their kind and cultured sides.

“However, I don’t think that this low-class person named Raymond, born in the slums, would have such an upbringing and show his kind side.

“His inferiority has been carved into his bones. From the moment he was born, it was already destined!”

On the internationally famous social media app.

On Twitter.

The world’s special observer, Alan uploaded a new post.

Between the lines, he did not hide his contempt and belittlement for Raymond.

Once this tweet was posted, it immediately received hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

There were even close to a million comments. Many people agreed with his point of view.

“How long do you think this poor boy named Raymond would be able to hold on without making a fool of himself?”

“I think two days is already the limit. It might even be one day.”

“Have more confidence, brother. I have a script here. When Raymond discovers that the entire human race has disappeared in the morning, he will do whatever he wants in the afternoon. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see.”

The comments section was filled with a large number of similar comments.

Although the show had just officially started and Raymond had yet to wake up and take action, these people couldn’t wait to see him make a fool of himself.

Each and every word they uttered reduced the young man from the slums to dust.

After all, everyone knew what a slum was.

It was synonymous with dirt and grime, filled with evil and low-lives.

People who came out of such a place would not be able to do anything good in a society that was not bound by laws and morals.

Of course.

There were also people who came out of the slums among the audience. They refuted the above remarks.

However, such voices were too few.

They carried no impact.


Total Chapters in book: 251
Estimated words: 351280 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1756(@200wpm)___ 1405(@250wpm)___ 1171(@300wpm)