The Gate Of Good Fortune by Goose Five

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 0002 – Difficult Prospects
Chapter 0003 – Cang Le City
Chapter 0004 – The Secret Within The Body
Chapter 0005 – Yi Xing Mainland
Chapter 0006 – Concealment Technique
Chapter 0007 – Ning Cheng’S Work
Chapter 0008 – Qi Gathering 2Nd Level
Chapter 0009 – Major Event At The Academy
Chapter 0010 – Ten Openings
Chapter 0011 – Listen To Me
Chapter 0012 – Not Of This World
Chapter 0013 – Ning Cheng’S Plight
Chapter 0014 – A Slap On The Face
Chapter 0015 – Kill
Chapter 0016 – Little Nun An Yi
Chapter 0017 – Kindness Is Not Something Expressed In Words
Chapter 0018 – Can’T Marry
Chapter 0019 – Ji Luo Fei’S Sadness
Chapter 0020 – The Sinister Waters Of The Mingot Sea
Chapter 0021 – Golden Cicada Fruit
Chapter 0022 – Forced To Team Up
Chapter 0023 – Frenzied Escape
Chapter 0024 – Powerful Capabilities
Chapter 0025 – Information About The Mysterious Yellow Qi
Chapter 0026 – Formless Creation
Chapter 0027 – Mingot City
Chapter 0028 – The Place Where The Strong Eats The Weak
Chapter 0029 – Clear Heart Academy
Chapter 0030 – Pursued Till Death
Chapter 0031 – A Strange Ship
Chapter 0032 – The Helpless Fang Jiyan
Chapter 0033 – A Different Path
Chapter 0034 – Deserted Island
Chapter 0035 – Lansha Island
Chapter 0036 – Entering The Heart Of Lansha Island
Chapter 0037 – Blood Red Walls Of The Courtyard
Chapter 0038 – Unexpected Wealth
Chapter 0039 – Where To Go
Chapter 0040 – Return To Mingot City
Chapter 0041 – Separated
Chapter 0042 – You’Re Such A Bitch
Chapter 0043 – Ning Cheng’S Demise***
Chapter 0043 – Daan Forest
Chapter 0044 – Ice Type Magical Techniques
Chapter 0045 – A Vicious Person
Chapter 0046 – The Land Of Cultivation
Chapter 0047 – The Overlord Of A Region
Chapter 0048 – A Pair Of Pearl Hair Clips
Chapter 0049 – Asking For The Moon
Chapter 0050 – Medicinal Pills Are Hard To Get
Chapter 0051 – While Haired Old Woman
Chapter 0052 – You Want To Learn Alchemy
Chapter 0053 – Improved Spiritual Roots
Chapter 0054 – Ning Cheng Hooks A Girl
Chapter 0055 – How Can I Get Away
Chapter 0056 – Su Zhu’S Help
Chapter 0057 – Battling True Condensation
Chapter 0058 – A Terrible Battle Scene
Chapter 0059 – Two Kinds Of Murderous Auras
Chapter 0060 – Gold Coins And Spirit Stones
Chapter 0061 – Red Apricot Tree Leaning Over The Garden Wall
Chapter 0062 – Coming Out Of The Daan Forest
Chapter 0063 – The Tai Shu Clan
Chapter 0064 – Wishing That They Had Met Earlier
Chapter 0065 – Tai Shu Shi’S Girlfriend
Chapter 0066 – I Have Not Been A Proper Big Brother For Many Years
Chapter 0067 – Entrusting
Chapter 0068 – The Auction
Chapter 0069 – Successfully Obtaining The True Condensation Pill
Chapter 0070 – You Are Nothing
Chapter 0071 – I Understand
Chapter 0072 – A Narrow Victory
Chapter 0073 – Advancing To True Condensation In A Small Town
Chapter 0074 – Thunder Fall Desert
Chapter 0075 – The King In The Desert
Chapter 0076 – Ning Cheng’S Strength
Chapter 0077 – Lost Desert Country
Chapter 0078 – Joint Exploration Of The Ruins
Chapter 0079 – Blue Sand City
Chapter 0080 – The Grey Robed Man Atop The Blood Pool
Chapter 0081 – The Perfect Moment
Chapter 0082 – My Only Family
Chapter 0083 – I’M Not A Fool
Chapter 0084 – That Busy Body Grandma
Chapter 0085 – You Lied To Me
Chapter 0086 – Mysterious Yellow Origin
Chapter 0087 – Remoulding Of The Meridians
Chapter 0088 – The Tough Imperial Jade Seal
Chapter 0089 – Arriving At Mo Ze City
Chapter 0090 – Rules Of The Preliminary Tournament
Chapter 0091 – Clear Sky Command Medallion
Chapter 0092 – The Terrible Topics Of The Written Exam
Chapter 0093 – Who Is The First
Chapter 0094 – The First In The Written Round
Chapter 0095 – Who Is Ning Xiao Cheng
Chapter 0096 – The Fight For Ning Cheng
Chapter 0097 – Joining The God Wind Academy
Chapter 0098 – Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 0099 – The Old Woman’S Request
Chapter 0100 – Cold River
Chapter 0101 – The Door At The Bottom Of The River
Chapter 0102 – Immortal Mansion
Chapter 0103 – Mother And Daughter’S Reunion
Chapter 0104 – You Must Believe
Chapter 0105 – The First Time
Chapter 0106 – Opening In Advance
Chapter 0107 – Killing In Anger
Chapter 0108 – The First Round Of The Tournament
Chapter 0109 – Unexpected Topic
Chapter 0110 – Ning Cheng’S Total Of Two Rounds
Chapter 0111 – The Most Direct Confrontation
Chapter 0112 – Ning Xiao Cheng Courts Death
Chapter 0113 – The Axe Fist Surprises The Audience
Chapter 0114 – This Must Be Real Strength
Chapter 0115 – The Bloody Tournament Platform
Chapter 0116 – The Real Master
Chapter 0117 – Beaten Back To Their Original Place
Chapter 0118 – The Terrifying Ning Xiao Cheng
Chapter 0119 – Do You Want To Be The First
Chapter 0120 – More Than Just An Arrogant Prick
Chapter 0121 – Controlling The First Position
Chapter 0122 – Going To The Angry Axe Valley
Chapter 0123 – The Yi Xing Ocean
Chapter 0124 – Outside The Angry Axe Valley
Chapter 0125 – Accident
Chapter 0126 – [Angry Axe, The 1St Trace]
Chapter 0127 – The Fight Over The Mysterious Frost Zoysia
Chapter 0128 – So Strong
Chapter 0129 – Bringing A Child To Such An Arrangement
Chapter 0130 – Sensing The Origin Again
Chapter 0131 – Looting Like Crazy
Chapter 0132 – One Against Six
Chapter 0133 – Rushing Out Of The Killing Enclosure
Chapter 0134 – Yue Ying’S Help
Chapter 0135 – The Origin Cultivation Method
Chapter 0136 – Advancing Through Levels
Chapter 0137 – Formidable Essence Building
Chapter 0138 – Do Not Speak Here
Chapter 0139 – Danger May Come At Anytime
Chapter 0140 – Just Who Is Bullying Who
Chapter 0141 – Just Come Straight At Me
Chapter 0142 – Fighting One Against Two
Chapter 0143 – The Different Pure White Wind Spiritual Root
Chapter 0144 – Wu Nian Academy
Chapter 0145 – Detonation Of The Axe Intent
Chapter 0146 – Presently At The Axe Valley
Chapter 0147 – Axe Line
Chapter 0148 – Killing Intent Restriction
Chapter 0149 – Expensive Admission Ticket
Chapter 0150 – The Strange Immortal Mansion
Chapter 0151 – Instant Rise In Spiritual Consciousness
Chapter 0152 – Taking Care Of The Abandoned Soul Essence
Chapter 0153 – Genius Killer
Chapter 0154 – I Also Use The Fist
Chapter 0155 – I Also Use The Spear
Chapter 0156 – Leaving The Valley
Chapter 0157 – Going To The Yi Xing Ocean
Chapter 0158 – The Grave Which Was Split Open
Chapter 0159 – Extreme Scum Of The Society
Chapter 0160 – Serious Injury
Chapter 0161 – An Old Lady
Chapter 0162 – Not Be Able To Stay Warm
Chapter 0163 – Joining A Merchant Caravan
Chapter 0164 – Ghosts Inside
Chapter 0165 – Ning Cheng’S Killing Intent
Chapter 0166 – Twin Radiant Heavenly Cloud Leaves
Chapter 0167 – Golden Angry Axe Line
Chapter 0168 – Fighting Against Profound Congealing
Chapter 0169 – Terrifyingly Huge Sword Shadow
Chapter 0170 – Joining The Cultivator Army
Chapter 0171 – Heaven’S Way
Chapter 0172 – 5 Star Junior Commander
Chapter 0173 – Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings
Chapter 0174 – Counterattacking The Hua Continent
Chapter 0175 – Ning Cheng’S Approach
Chapter 0176 – The Outbreak Of War
Chapter 0177 – Momentary Opportunity In A War
Chapter 0178 – Not Expecting Such A Result
Chapter 0179 – Success
Chapter 0180 – Bottom Of The Junior Commander Battalions
Chapter 0181 – Strange Little Puppy
Chapter 0182 – Ning Cheng’S Challenge
Chapter 0183 – Life And Death Duel
Chapter 0184 – Pu Bu Island’S No. 1 Junior Marquis
Chapter 0185 – Tenaciously Staking It All
Chapter 0186 – Broken Core Pearl
Chapter 0187 – 9 Star Academy
Chapter 0188 – The Most Beautiful Woman
Chapter 0189 – Borrowing A Knife To Kill Another
Chapter 0190 – True Cosmic Devil Metal
Chapter 0191 – Trust
Chapter 0192 – Abundant Harvest Blacksmith’S Shop
Chapter 0193 – Just An Idea
Chapter 0194 – The Terrible Demon
Chapter 0195 – Almost Getting Killed
Chapter 0196 – This Young Master Did Not Do It On Purpose
Chapter 0197 – Forming A Team With Yan Ji
Chapter 0198 – Silver Patterned Demon Wolf Pack
Chapter 0199 – To Take Different Roads And Urge The Horses On
Chapter 0200 – This Is What Is Called As Practicing Cultivation
Chapter 0201 – So Formidable
Chapter 0202 – Rushing Again Towards The Blue Stone Door
Chapter 0203 – The Man With The Little Puppy
Chapter 0204 – Public Enemy No. 1
Chapter 0205 – The Fickleness Of Human Friendships
Chapter 0206 – The Second Segment Of The Law’S Way
Chapter 0207 – It’S Not Like They Are Rare
Chapter 0208 – Wounded In Exchange For Silver Spiritual Blossoms
Chapter 0209 – Zhangsun Yan Asking For Help
Chapter 0210 – Blood River Mountains
Chapter 0211 – Wanting To Form A Team With Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng
Chapter 0212 – The Terrible Blood River
Chapter 0213 – At The Bottom Of The Blood River
Chapter 0214 – The Limitless Array Formation
Chapter 0215 – Yan Ji’S Thoughts
Chapter 0216 – The Puppy That Does Not Take Advantage Of Others
Chapter 0217 – Waking Up
Chapter 0218 – The Powerful Feng Yushan
Chapter 0219 – Searching The Whole Body
Chapter 0220 – Heaven Opening Talisman
Chapter 0221 – One Hundred Years Of Solitude
Chapter 0222 – The Huge Talisman’S Dao Charm
Chapter 0223 – The Fighting Style Of A Madman
Chapter 0224 – The Skeleton That Sat Up
Chapter 0225 – Kill That Devil Cultivator
Chapter 0226 – The Real Devil Cultivator
Chapter 0227 – Rushing Into The Array
Chapter 0228 – Destiny
Chapter 0229 – True Spirit Nectar Wash
Chapter 0230 – Thunder Domain Marsh
Chapter 0231 – Storming Into The Thunder Domain City
Chapter 0232 – The Terrifying Thunder Domain City
Chapter 0233 – Cyan Stone Sphere
Chapter 0234 – Treasure From Time Immemorial
Chapter 0235 – Arrest Warrant
Chapter 0236 – Crisis On Top A Crisis
Chapter 0237 – Being Found Out
Chapter 0238 – Touch Him And I Will Kill You
Chapter 0239 – A Single Terrible Spear
Chapter 0240 – Barricading The Yi Xing Ocean
Chapter 0241 – The Rich Cultivator
Chapter 0242 – Power Of Hope
Chapter 0243 – Chaotic Star Space
Chapter 0244 – The Flickering Ship
Chapter 0245 – Coming For The Mirage Stone
Chapter 0246 – Rushing Towards The Mirage Ship Island
Chapter 0247 – The Colourful Mirage Tree
Chapter 0248 – Crazy For Mirage Stones
Chapter 0249 – Catching An Adulterous Couple In The Act
Chapter 0250 – What Was The Reason For The Help
Chapter 0251 – Reach If Fated, Return If Not
Chapter 0252 – Fu Xiaomei
Chapter 0253 – The Ten Uses Of The Mirage Stone
Chapter 0254 – Self-Righteous Woman
Chapter 0255 – Go So Far As To Destroy Your Own Home
Chapter 0256 – Above Crucible Transformation
Chapter 0257 – Battling Against Soul Essence
Chapter 0258 – Spiritual Techniques
Chapter 0259 – Registration
Chapter 0260 – Auction
Chapter 0261 – Taintless Silver Wing Feather
Chapter 0262 – To Make An Exhibition Of Oneself
Chapter 0263 – Auctioning Of The Jade Strip
Chapter 0264 – Getting Rid Of Ning Cheng
Chapter 0265 – Academy Assignments
Chapter 0266 – The Opportunity To Enter The Small Spiritual Domain
Chapter 0267 – I Choose Ning Cheng
Chapter 0268 – What Kind Of An Onion Root Are You
Chapter 0269 – Cultivation Jade Cards
Chapter 0270 – Old Wang Next Door
Chapter 0271 – The Terrifying Core Lake
Chapter 0272 – The 17Th Assignment
Chapter 0273 – Taking Up The Assignment
Chapter 0274 – Karma House
Chapter 0275 – Greedy Nature
Chapter 0276 – Garbage, Garbage
Chapter 0277 – A Spear That Could Scare You To Death
Chapter 0278 – Angrily Cursing At Crucible Transformation
Chapter 0279 – The Limits Of Small Spiritual Domain
Chapter 0280 – Visiting To Discuss Marriage
Chapter 0281 – Golden Core Catching Fire
Chapter 0282 – Ning Cheng Comes Out
Chapter 0283 – Hard To Shake Soul Essence Cultivator
Chapter 0284 – Vicious Male Cultivator
Chapter 0285 – Heavenly Dao Academy
Chapter 0286 – Exchanging Using Force
Chapter 0287 – Go Out On A Date At Night
Chapter 0288 – Who Let Me Be Soft-Hearted
Chapter 0289 – Underselling The Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar
Chapter 0290 – Sanctions Against Ning Cheng
Chapter 0291 – The Chaos After The Truth
Chapter 0292 – The Formidable Dao Master
Chapter 0293 – The Incomparably Precious Mirage Tree
Chapter 0294 – Cooperation
Chapter 0295 – Ning Cheng Goes Up
Chapter 0296 – The Eight Secret Words
Chapter 0297 – Someone Not Bound By Common Sense
Chapter 0298 – Fighting For Profound Core’S No. 1 In Advance
Chapter 0299 – Fear Breaks Nobody
Chapter 0300 – Leaving
Chapter 0301 – My Scent Is On Your Right Hand
Chapter 0302 – Beauty For A Minister
Chapter 0303 – The Hidden Mist Cemetery
Chapter 0304 – Underworld Soul Flower
Chapter 0305 – Three Years Of Life
Chapter 0306 – I Guess You’Re Not
Chapter 0307 – Geocentric 9 Yin Essence
Chapter 0308 – The Terrifying Vortex
Chapter 0309 – The Forsaken Land
Chapter 0310 – Yin Kongchan’S Reasons
Chapter 0311 – She Does Not Know You Yet
Chapter 0312 – Embracing Yang God Tactic
Chapter 0313 – White Robed Ghost Lake
Chapter 0314 – The Rusty Long Spear
Chapter 0315 – Even A Glance Can Cause Trouble
Chapter 0316 – I Know How To Obey The Law
Chapter 0317 – News Regarding The Heavenly Cusp Flower
Chapter 0318 – Abandoned Spiritual Mountain
Chapter 0319 – The Might Of The Mysterious Yellow Bead
Chapter 0320 – The Eye At The Bottom Of The Lake
Chapter 0321 – Leaving Ya Lun City
Chapter 0322 – Opening The Awakening Spiritual Door
Chapter 0323: Xu Yingdei Severs Her Emotions
Chapter 0324: Shi Qionghua
Chapter 0325 – I’M Afraid I’Ll Be Leaving
Chapter 0326 – Attacking The Soul Essence Realm
Chapter 0327 – Blue Thunder City’S Shadow
Chapter 0328 – To Seek Revenge One Must Make Good Use Of Their Time
Chapter 0329 – Ning Cheng Auctions Things
Chapter 0330 – Rumours
Chapter 0331 – The Various Reactions
Chapter 0332 – The Severing Emotions Peak
Chapter 0333 – The Chaotic Severing Emotions Dao Sect
Chapter 0334 – The Bloody Battle In The Severing Emotions Dao Sect
Chapter 0335 – Don’T Mind It, But Don’T Mess With This Young Grandpa
Chapter 0336 – Dependence
Chapter 0337 – Sifting Orchid Star
Chapter 0338 – Helping Out One Another
Chapter 0339 – Intercepted
Chapter 0340 – Going To Sifting Orchid Star
Chapter 0341 – Shi Qionghua’S Childhood
Chapter 0342 – A Spear To Rule The Fates
Chapter 0343 – Just A Trivial Soul Essence
Chapter 0344 – The Irreconcilable Crucible Transformation Cultivator
Chapter 0345 – The 9 Ranks Of Body Forging
Chapter 0346 – Shi Qionghua’S Parents
Chapter 0347 – Rank 4 Imperial Body
Chapter 0348 – Another Encounter With Severing Emotions Disciple
Chapter 0349 – To Avoid Being Chased Down
Chapter 0350 – Those Who Have Too Much
Chapter 0351 – Who Is Plotting Against Whom
Chapter 0352 – Uncle Yu
Chapter 0353 – Two Weak Life Essences
Chapter 0354 – Difficult To Advance
Chapter 0355 – Poison Mist Thistles
Chapter 0356 – Battle Disc Sifting Orchid
Chapter 0357 – The Sifting Orchid Star’S Grand Meet
Chapter 0358 – The Sudden Change In The Sifting Orchid Star
Chapter 0359 – The Vast Starry Sky
Chapter 0360 – Talisman For Ripping Through Planar Positions
Chapter 0361 – Three Years
Chapter 0362 – Meeting As If For The First Time
Hapter 0363 – Just A Remembrance
Chapter 0364 – The Terrible Crisis
Chapter 0365 – Ning Cheng’S Idea
Chapter 0366 – Five-Star Battle Officer
Chapter 0367 – Ruolan’S Whereabouts
Chapter 0368 – Cheng Ruolan
Chapter 0369 – Meeting Once Again
Chapter 0370 – Who’S Plotting Against Who
Chapter 0371 – Ruolan Was Injured
Chapter 0372 – Ut’S Just A Regular Drink
Chapter 0373 – The Five Major Experts
Chapter 0374 – Collecting Insect Materials
Chapter 0375 – Insect Material Exchange
Chapter 0376 – The Booth That Caused A Stir In The World
Chapter 0377 – The Second Expert Homer
Chapter 0378 – Conclusion
Chapter 0379 – The Severe Injuries Of Yin Yihui
Chapter 0380 – Jabbes Line Of Defence
Chapter 0381 – The Last Time
Chapter 0382 – Can Only Seek Ning Cheng
Chapter 0383 – The Secret Of Scarlet Robe’S Cultivation
Chapter 0384 – The Bloody Battle
Chapter 0385 – Battling The Insect Queen
Chapter 0386 – Mutually Wounded
Chapter 0387 – Leaving
Chapter 0388 – 36 Axes
Chapter 0389 – Tearing The Void
Chapter 0390 – Returning To The Le Continent Once Again
Chapter 0391 – Meeting An Enemy
Chapter 0392 – Dealing With The Gui Clan
Chapter 0393: Returning To The Ping Continent Again
Chapter 0394 – The Immortal Mansion Recognises Its Master
Chapter 0395 – Furiously Attacking The Pu Bu Island
Chapter 0396 – Rapidly Dispatching The Generals
Chapter 0397 – Luofei Is Back
Chapter 0398 – The Breathtakingly Beautiful Luofei
Chapter 0399 – Attacking Sea Opening
Chapter 0400 – Spiritual Root Derivative
Chapter 0401 – Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique
Chapter 0402 – Who Am I?
Chapter 0403 – Misfortune Of Lian’E
Chapter 0404 – The Disappearance Of Taishu Shi
Chapter 0405 – Gui Clan’S Anger
Chapter 0406 – Tit For Tat
Chapter 0407 – Getting Rid Of Ning Cheng
Chapter 0408 – Killing Into The Gui Clan’S Fort
Chapter 0409 – Crossing The Yi Xing Ocean Once Again
Chapter 0410 – Ning Cheng’S Legend, Part 1
Chapter 0411 – Ning Cheng’S Legend, Part 2
Chapter 0412 – Ning Cheng’S Legend, Part 3
Chapter 0413 – Ning Cheng’S Spirit Stone Black Out
Chapter 0414 – Can’T Come To An Agreement Let’S Fight!
Chapter 0415 – Shocking News
Chapter 0416 – Acting Sect Master
Chapter 0417 – Going Too Far
Chapter 0418 – The Red Star Sword Faction Is Finished
Chapter 0419 – Buying Insurance To Escape
Chapter 0420 – Not Addressing The Root Of The Problem
Chapter 0421 – It’S None Of My Concern
Chapter 0422 – Fuck Off
Chapter 0423 – Sect Surpassing Censure Duel
Chapter 0424 – The Conspiracy Of The Spiritual Vein
Chapter 0425 – What’S The Matter
Chapter 0426 – Who Is The Cannon Fodder
Chapter 0427 – The Competition For The Spiritual Vein
Chapter 0428 – The Powerful Sect Master
Chapter 0429 – The Strange Sword Skill
Chapter 0430 – Driving Away Sang Jiezhu
Chapter 0431 – The Strange Blue Hole
Chapter 0432 – Time Flies
Chapter 0433 – Unable To Get Out Of Trouble
Chapter 0434 – The Besieging Of The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect
Chapter 0435 – Kill Them All
Chapter 0436 – Scaring To Death Someone Above The Crucible Transformation Realm
Chapter 0437 – Destroying The Ghost Rattan King
Chapter 0438 – To Be Regarded As An Old Friend
Chapter 0439 – One Woman Two Husbands
Chapter 0440 – Kill Them
Chapter 0441 – Leaving Behind A True Love Knot
Chapter 0442 – What To Do If There Is No Life Essence
Chapter 0443 – Single Out Only The Red Star Sword Faction
Chapter 0444 – Red Star Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 0445 – Extinguishing The Red Star Ancestor
Chapter 0446 – Ning Cheng’S Wedding
Chapter 0447 – The Rise Of The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect
Chapter 0448 – Nalan Ruxue’S Apology
Chapter 0449 – Breaking Into The Heaven’S Way
Chapter 0450 – Receiving Heaven’S Stone
Chapter 0451 – The Arrogant Newcomer
Chapter 0452 – Called Yan Ji
Chapter 0453 – Rage
Chapter 0454 – The Pitiful Girl
Chapter 0455 – Rootless Black City
Chapter 0456 – Purchasing An Immortal Cave
Chapter 0457 – The Junior City Master Returns
Chapter 0458 – Ning Cheng’S Chain Killing Array Formation
Chapter 0459 – After Going In, They Never Came Out
Chapter 0460 – Plot For Sale
Chapter 0461 – Junior City Master
Chapter 0462 – Coming To Sue For Peace
Chapter 0463 – Competing Against The Junior City Master
Chapter 0464 – Where To Set Up The Ambush
Chapter 0465 – Void Explosive Golden Wasps
Chapter 0466 – Who Dares Kill My Son
Chapter 0467 – Fighting Under The Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 0468 – Achieving Crucible Transformation
Chapter 0469 – Shaking The Black City
Chapter 0470 – Setting Up A Cultivator Army
Chapter 0471 – The Competetive City Master
Chapter 0472 – Setting Up Prestige
Chapter 0473 – Black City’S New Rules
Chapter 0474 – Establishing A Footing
Chapter 0475 – Black City’S Crisis
Chapter 0476 – The Terrifying Explosive Golden Wasps
Chapter 0477 – You’Ll Regret This
Chapter 0478: Luring Away The Explosive Golden Wasps
Chapter 0479 – Shi Qionghua’S Anxiousness
Chapter 0480: Hounded Like A Yin Spirit
Chapter 0481: The Scarlet Robed Young Noble
Chapter 0482: The Three Celestial Scryer Realms
Chapter 0483: Unable To Go Back In This Life
Chapter 0484: Lesser Thunder Star
Chapter 0485: Simple Advancement
Chapter 0486: None To Depend On
Chapter 0487: Friends
Chapter 0488: Cheating
Chapter 0489: Starry Sky Powerhouse
Chapter 0490: Celestial Novice
Chapter 0491: First Battle As A Celestial Novice
Chapter 0492: Sea Of Consciousness Nirvana
Chapter 0493: The Fire Origin
Chapter 0494: Playing Chess In The Starry Sky
Chapter 0495: Hitting The Casino
Chapter 0496: Treated As A Spoiled Rich Idio
Chapter 0497: The Owner Comes Forward
Chapter 0498: Betting On Arrays Again
Chapter 0499: Bright South Celestial River King
Chapter 0500: Perpetual Moon Pill
Chapter 0501: Ruan Clan’S Power
Chapter 0502: Meeting Jing Wuming Again
Chapter 0503: Imminent Peril
Chapter 0504: Beautiful Woman
Chapter 0505: The Wilfulness Of The Rich
Chapter 506: Shi Yulan
Chapter 0507: Gratitude And Grudges Difficult To Distinguish
Chapter 0508: Concealment Artefac
Chapter 0509: Going To An Auction Again
Chapter 0510: Can’T Afford I
Chapter 0511: A Good Man
Chapter 0512: Dog Slaughterer
Chapter 0513: Breaking Down The Spear Inten
Chapter 0514: Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear
Chapter 0515: Unfathomable Mystery
Chapter 0516: A Challenge Visi
Chapter 0517: To Become A Wanderer
Chapter 0518: Celestial Novice Genius Showdown
Chapter 0519: I Didn’T Do My Bes
Chapter 0520: Wanderer Disappears
Chapter 0521: Cheating
Chapter 0522: Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu’S Invitation
Chapter 0523: A Woman Behind Me
Chapter 0524: Infatuation Or Something Else
Chapter 0525: The Terrifying Rat Tide
Chapter 0526: You Don’T Understand
Chapter 0527: Wasp King Graceful Star
Chapter 0528: Still Living Together In A Room
Chapter 0529: Heavenly Emperor Man Lun
Chapter 0530: Dao Discussion Convention
Chapter 0531: I’M The Primary Genius
Chapter 0532: Who Is The Coward?
Chapter 0533: Every Type Of Cultivator
Chapter 0534: Tang Yu’S Straightforwardness
Chapter 0535: Time Wilderness
Chapter 0536: The Wilderness Opens
Chapter 0537: Dry Well
Chapter 0538: A Best Quality Life Essence
Chapter 0539: Travelling To Perpetual Moon Lake
Chapter 0540: Snatching The Perpetual Moon Pills
Chapter 0541: Flowing Time
Chapter 0542: Talisman Family
Chapter 0543: Twilight Sand
Chapter 0544: The Beauty Of Twiligh
Chapter 0545: The Endless Path
Chapter 0546: Through Dusk
Chapter 0547: Bottom Of The Twilight Sea
Chapter 0548: The Beauty Of Twilight Sand
Chapter 0549: Celestial’S Dusk
Chapter 0550: Ladder Of Life
Chapter 0551: Enemies Often Cross Each Other’S Path
Chapter 0552: The Crazed Ning Cheng, Part 1
Chapter 0553: The Crazed Ning Cheng, Part 2
Chapter 0554: Vengeance Must Be Served
Chapter 0555: News Arrives
Chapter 0556: Ning Cheng’S Revenge
Chapter 0557: The Fearlessness Born From Ignorance
Chapter 0558: Aboard
Chapter 0559: Going Into Seclusion On Board
Chapter 0560: Drifting Starland
Chapter 0561: One Less Genius
Chapter 0562: Twin Wings Of The Heavenly Clouds’ Migh
Chapter 0563: Checking The Ships
Chapter 0564: To Culmination
Chapter 0565: The Familiar Young Girl
Chapter 0566: Starry Sky City
Chapter 0567: Immortal Jade Star
Chapter 0568: The Four Grand Starry Skies
Chapter 0569: Grandmaster’S Inexpensive Training
Chapter 0570: Returning To One
Chapter 0571: Graduating From Apprenticeship
Chapter 0572: Culmination’S Three Towers
Chapter 0573: Nine-By-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower
Chapter 0574: Entering The 50Th Floor
Chapter 0575: Jiangzhou’S Wanderer
Chapter 0576: Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan
Chapter 0577: Playing With Fire
Chapter 0578: Yu Clan Corner City
Chapter 0579: Embryonic Form Of Ning Cheng’S Dao
Chapter 0580: The 81St Level
Chapter 0581: I Like Qionghua
Chapter 0582: Must Have Strength
Chapter 0583: Junior Apprentice Sister Yan’S Secre
Chapter 0584: Changing Earth Nunnery
Chapter 0585: Startling Changes In The Changing Earth Mountains
Chapter 0586: Your Name Is Shi Qionghua
Chapter 0587: Changing Earth Mountain Crumbles To Dust
Chapter 0588: Challenging The Store
Chapter 0589 – Flame Nirvana Material
Chapter 0590: Selling Time Stones
Chapter 0591: The Sensational Auction
Chapter 0592: Sky Treasure Silk
Chapter 0593: To Requite Evil With Good
Chapter 0594: Obtaining The Jade Card
Chapter 0595: Ning Cheng’S Dangers
Chapter 0596: The Gate Of Good Fortune
Chapter 0597: Unexpected Treasure
Chapter 0598: Good Fortune Treasure Fragmen
Chapter 0599: The Insidious Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 0600: Immortal Jade Star Opens
Chapter 0601: Spiritual Consciousness Imprin
Chapter 0602: Ning Cheng’S Moun
Chapter 0603: Origin Appears
Chapter 0604: Crushing Celestial Bridge
Chapter 0605: Fighting For The Exploding Golden Wasp King
Chapter 606: One Against Hundred
Chapter 0607: Frantic Harmonisation With Celestial Bridge
Chapter 0608: The Might Of Celestial Bridge
Chapter 0609: Wind Thunder Aprico
Chapter 0610: Fighting For The Earth Origin Bead
Chapter 0611: The Starry Sky Wheel Emerges
Chapter 0612: Immortal Jade Star Crumbles
Chapter 0613: Saving Ning Cheng
Chapter 0614: Qionghua Looks For Pills
Chapter 0615: How To Advance
Chapter 0616: Reaching Desperate Straits
Chapter 0617: Ning Cheng’S Nirvana
Chapter 0618: Illusory Nirvana
Chapter 0619: I’M Here To Ask For Marriage
Chapter 0620: Eroding Life Cliff
Chapter 0621: Saving Shi Qionghua
Chapter 0622: Starry Sky Wheel
Chapter 0623: Border City’S Familiar People
Chapter 0624: Yi Zhuzhu’S Parents
Chapter 0625: Two Slaps To Depose
Chapter 0626: Item Exchange Meeting
Chapter 0627: Back To Rootless Black City
Chapter 0628: A Fickle Hear
Chapter 0629: Bridge Of Storms
Chapter 0630: I’Ve Been Waiting For You
Chapter 0631: Reunion
Chapter 0632: Undead Realm
Chapter 0633: Battling A Heaven Seated Powerhouse
Chapter 0634: Qionghua’S Concerns
Chapter 0635: Helpless Decision
Chapter 0636: Void Array Entrance
Chapter 0637: The Blood-Stained Heaven Seated King
Chapter 0638: True Spirit World
Chapter 0639: Mysterious Yellow Leakage
Chapter 0640: Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land
Chapter 0641: Beyond Eternal
Chapter 0642: Foreign Heaven’S Arrow
Chapter 0643: The Mistakes Of The Pas
Chapter 0644: Daoist Crow’S Dao Confirming Location
Chapter 0645: Choosing The Array Entrance
Chapter 0646: The Inheritance Of Daoist Crow
Chapter 0647: To Stay Behind And Figh
Chapter 0648: Powerful Dusk
Chapter 0649: Departure
Chapter 0650: Escaping From The Sacred Shrine
Chapter 0651: Eternal Night Domain
Chapter 0652: Luofei’S Adventure
Chapter 0653: Entering The Eternal Night Domain
Chapter 0654: Prodigal Son-In-Law
Chapter 0655: Purple Yin Spirit Spring Pearl
Chapter 0656: The Ice Immortal Ridge Changes Again
Chapter 0657: A Jade Strip
Chapter 0658: Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 0659: Duan Gantai’S Wealth
Chapter 0660: Catching Someone Red-Handed
Chapter 0661: You Can Die, But Not Me
Chapter 0662: Wandering The Void
Chapter 0663: Heaven Seated Enlightenmen
Chapter 0664: The Strange Statue
Chapter 0665: Crisis Upon Crisis
Chapter 0666: Crazy Wood Transformation Fores
Chapter 0667: Statue Of An Yi
Chapter 0668: Dao Law Enlightenmen
Chapter 0669: Ripping The Void And Leaving
Chapter 0670: Coming Ou
Chapter 0671: The Might Of The Heaven Sea
Chapter 0672: Is It Really Worth Escaping
Chapter 0673: From Where To Leave
Chapter 0674: Fighting Duan Gantai Again
Chapter 0675: Cooperating Again
Chapter 0676: Perpetual Moon Time Key
Chapter 0677: In The Same Boa
Chapter 0678: Mysterious Yellow Starland
Chapter 0679: An Old Friend In Moyi City
Chapter 0680: The Powerful Female Cultivator
Chapter 0681: Helping Him Once
Chapter 0682: To Each Their Own Scheme
Chapter 0683: The Changed Tian Muwan
Chapter 0684: Passing By For Some Soy Sauce
Chapter 0685: Murdering With A Borrowed Knife
Chapter 0686: None To Depend On Wine
Chapter 0687: Extracting The Essence Qi Vein
Chapter 0688: Worship Me
Chapter 0689: Moved Away
Chapter 0690: Trail
Chapter 0691: Battling A Peak Demonic Cultivator
Chapter 0692: Helping Each Other
Chapter 0693: Time Perishable, Man Changeable
Chapter 0694: Giant Hear
Chapter 0695: Forefather’S Library
Chapter 0696: I Offered My Blood
Chapter 0697: Hard To Survive
Chapter 0698: Rediscovering The Returning-To-One Dao
Chapter 0699: The Cycle Of Life And Death
Chapter 0700: Insanity
Chapter 0701: Life And Death Realm
Chapter 0702: The Black Arrow’S Killing Inten
Chapter 0703: Five-Coloured Star Splitter
Chapter 0704: Cheng Ruolan Artefact-Crafting Store
Chapter 0705: Invitation To The Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain
Chapter 0706: Endless Void Dock’S Dock Master
Chapter 0707: Senior
Chapter 0708: Blasting Open The Mountain Protecting Grand Array
Chapter 0709: Ice Bind Against Setting Sun
Chapter 0710: The Ancient Shadow Temple
Chapter 0711 – The Lively Covered Snow City
Chapter 0712: Also Called Cheng Ruolan
Chapter 0713: You Have Guts
Chapter 0714: The Powerful Bull Demon
Chapter 0715: This Temple Is Mine
Chapter 0716: Compensation
Chapter 0717: Helping Others Too Much
Chapter 0718: Inerasable Familial Bonds
Chapter 0719: Frighteningly Powerful
Chapter 0720: You Don’T Deserve I
Chapter 0721: Jiangzhou Star
Chapter 0722: The Crazed Covered Snow City
Chapter 0723: Rebuilding Jiangzhou Star
Chapter 0724: Celestial River Nirvana
Chapter 0725: To Each Their Own Purpose
Chapter 0726: Mysterious Yellow Sect’S Deputy Sect Master
Chapter 0727: Leaving In Frustration
Chapter 0728: Re-Entering The Time Wilderness
Chapter 0729: Dao Follows The Way Of Spontaneity
Chapter 0730: The Ten Ice Walls
Chapter 0731: Dissipation
Chapter 0732: Not Knowing What Was Happening
Chapter 0733: Xu Binglan
Chapter 0734: A Blind Dog
Chapter 0735: Let’S Start With Hate
Chapter 0736: Joining Hands To Break Into The Temple
Chapter 0737: Fighting Chuan Xinlou
Chapter 0738: The Real Law
Chapter 0739: Ning Cheng’S Trump Card
Chapter 0740: The Five Golden Chests
Chapter 0741: Measureless Gourd
Chapter 0742: Yellow Spring Pond
Chapter 0743: The First Futility Bridge
Chapter 0744: The Only Person To Come Out?
Chapter 0745: Reappearance Of The Glaze
Chapter 0746: Laws Of The Jungle
Chapter 0747: Volcanic Island In The Sea
Chapter 0748: Celestial River’S Advancemen
Chapter 0749: 3000 Weak Water Stream
Chapter 0750: The Ten Innate Waters
Chapter 0751: Good Fortune Treasure Fragments
Chapter 0752: Take What You Need
Chapter 0753: The Strange Yu Clan’S Corner
Chapter 0754: Shen Mengyan Trapped
Chapter 0755: Crushing Yu Clan’S Corner
Chapter 0756: Not Against Ning Cheng
Chapter 0757: Tortured
Chapter 0758: Shen Mengyan
Chapter 0759: Chen Xingwen’S Thoughts
Chapter 0760: Duan Gantai Again
Chapter 0761: Exchanging Items
Chapter 0762: Returning To Graceful Star Mainland
Chapter 0763: Mu Clan’S Stone Table
Chapter 0764: Luofei’S Sister
The Gate Of Good Fortune
Chapter 0765: Past Events
Chapter 0766: Shiluo Xin
Chapter 0767: Returning To Forbidden Grounds
Chapter 0768: Forcibly Entering Jiangzhou Star
Chapter 0769: Is Dao This Easy To Prove?
Chapter 0770: Suppressing Chuan Xinlou
Chapter 0771: Suspected Yin World
Chapter 0772: Life And Death Friendship
Chapter 0773: Opening The Temple Of Time
Chapter 0774: Spirit Technique – Time Wheel
Chapter 0775: A Great Harves
Chapter 0776: Testing Out Each Other
Chapter 0777: Who The Hell Are You?
Chapter 0778: Eternal Self-Detonation
Chapter 0779: Who’S Scheming Against Whom
Chapter 0780: Yan Ji’S Dilemma
Chapter 0781: Le Continent’S Twin Lotus Flowers On One Stock
Chapter 0782: An Acquaintance Presides Over The Auction
Chapter 0783: Where Did The Second-Generation Idiot Come From
Chapter 0784: Mysterious Treasures
Chapter 0785: Terrible Price
Chapter 0786: Who Does This Starry Sky Radish Grass Belong To
Chapter 0787: After The Auction
Chapter 0788: One Punch
Chapter 0789: True Or False
Chapter 0790: Changes In Mysterious Yellow Starland
Chapter 0791: Battling The Devil Emperor
Chapter 0792: Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan’S Advancemen
Chapter 0793: Transferred Away
Chapter 0794: I’M Back
Chapter 0795: The Powerful Golden Light Dragon
Chapter 0796: Origin Dragon Soul
Chapter 0797: Seeking The Eternal Realm
Chapter 0798: Eternal
Chapter 0799: Shocking News
Chapter 0800: Gathering Of Powerhouses
Chapter 0801: Hidden Trump Card
Chapter 0802: No Bow, No Arrow, No Star, No Break
Chapter 0803: Mysterious Yellow Starland’S Changes
Chapter 0804: Time Wheel’S Power
Chapter 0805: Sacred Light City’S Ninth Emperor’S Peak
Chapter 0806: Immediate Refusal
Chapter 0807: Ning Cheng’S Retrea
Chapter 0808: Retreating To The Forefather’S Library
Chapter 0809: There Are Always Good People
Chapter 0810: The Powerful Dagger
Chapter 0811: Good Fortune’S 5 Grand Realms
Chapter 0812: Four Exists One Doesn’T
Chapter 0813: Grand Essence Sea
Chapter 0814: Re-Entering The Ancient Shadow Temple
Chapter 0815: Grey Toottoot’S Whereabouts
Chapter 0816: Seven Bridges Spirit Technique
Chapter 0817: Traceless Gate
Chapter 0818: The Secrets Of The Traceless Immortal Pond
Chapter 0819: Laws Of Space
Chapter 0820: Space Crystals
Chapter 0821: Tearing Space
Chapter 0822: Traceless Sacred Lady
Chapter 0823: Traceless Immortal Pond’S Reward
Chapter 0824: Traceless Immortal Pond’S Sect Master
Chapter 0825: Wedding Dress
Chapter 0826: Comparing Spirit Techniques
Chapter 0827: Acknowledging A Thief As One’S Father
Chapter 0828: The Starry Sky Rainbowfall Sword Sec
Chapter 0829: Array Pattern
Chapter 0830: The Rules That Upset Ning Cheng
Chapter 0831: Old Man Kong He
Chapter 0832: The Apex-Grade Starry Sky Battleship
Chapter 0833: Kong He’S Calculations
Chapter 0834: Siege Caused By The Array Pattern
Chapter 0835: The Ninth Round
Chapter 0836: Insta-Kills
Chapter 0837: What Did You Just Say?
Chapter 0838: Daring To Call Yourself As Emperor
Chapter 0839: Celestial River’S Advancemen
Chapter 0840: Somebody From Butterfly Mountain
Chapter 0841: Butterfly Mountain’S Existence
Chapter 0842: The Powerful World
Chapter 0843: Boundary Essence Spirit Sea City
Chapter 0844: See You Later Nalan
Chapter 0845: Going To Grand Essence Ruins
Chapter 0846: Dao Confirming’S Three Steps
Chapter 0847: Nalan’S Advancemen
Chapter 0848: Nothing But A Fart
Chapter 0849: The Powerhouse On The Edge Of The Defensive Array
Chapter 0850: Going To The Grand Essence Ruins
Chapter 0851: The Origin Of Grand Essence Ruins
Chapter 0852: Seeing The Seven Bridges Again
Chapter 0853: The Raging Defying Ice Mound
Chapter 0854: Mutated Law
Chapter 0855: Nalan’S Departure
Chapter 0856: Seeing The Bridge Of Coping Once Again
Chapter 0857: Once You Enter, You Never Return
Chapter 0858: Collapse
Chapter 0859: Law Soil
Chapter 0860: The First Bridge’S Epiphany
Chapter 0861: One Should Return The Grace Of Dripping Water
Chapter 0862: Law Soil Tasks
Chapter 0863: Dao Confirming Exchange
Chapter 0864: Tough Woman
Chapter 0865: Competition For Dao Fruits
Chapter 0866: Appearance Of Spiritual Consciousness Spirit Technique
Chapter 0867: Ning Cheng’S Quote
Chapter 0868: The Only Bidder
Chapter 0869: I’M Stupid, I Have A Lot Of Points
Chapter 0870: Renting A Cave
Chapter 0871: Cave Under Attack
Chapter 0872: Grand Essence Sea’S Dragon Emperor
Chapter 0873: News Of The Fall
Chapter 0874: Setting Up An Artefact-Crafting Stall
Chapter 0875: Grand Essence Ruins’ Public Square Selection
Chapter 0876: Being Recognised
Chapter 0877: Participating In The Mystic Realm
Chapter 0878: Killing In The Mystic Realm
Chapter 0879: You Dare Kill Me
Chapter 0880: Each On Their Own
Chapter 0881: Ning Cheng’S Role
Chapter 0882: Contradiction
Chapter 0883: Escape
Chapter 0884: Lost Stone Fores
Chapter 0885: Myriad Paths To Perfection
Chapter 0886: Condensing The First Bridge
Chapter 0887: Divine Chalcedony
Chapter 0888: Ways To Get Ou
Chapter 0889: Pill Emperor Ji He
Chapter 0890: The Power Of The First Bridge
Chapter 0891: Bright Cicada True Frui
Chapter 0892: Coming Out Of The Mystic Realm
Chapter 0893: Ji He’S Fiancée
Chapter 0894: A Classical Curse
Chapter 0895: Ji He’S Origin
Chapter 0896: Slapping People In The Sacred City
Chapter 0897: A Woman Surnamed Nie
Chapter 0898: Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill
Chapter 0899: Flame Hive
Chapter 0900: The Grand Essence Great Meet Begins
Chapter 0901: Advancing To The Top 50
Chapter 0902: He’S Not Ji He
Chapter 0903: Intuitive Danger
Chapter 0904: Man Huishan Arrives
Chapter 0905: Star Stepping Tower’S Master
Chapter 0906: The Real Fight Hasn’T Started Ye
Chapter 0907: Beginning Of The Figh
Chapter 0908: The Rogue Cultivator’S Hidden Strength
Chapter 0909: If You Want To Fight, Then Figh
Chapter 0910: Would It Kill You To Not Be A Show-Off
Chapter 0911: Crazy Cultivation
Chapter 0912: Refining The Spirit Spring
Chapter 0913: Man Huishan’S Pursui
Chapter 0914: The Land Of Broken Laws
Chapter 0915: The Cracking Swamp
Chapter 0916: Blue True Hope Tribe
Chapter 0917: Cultivating Spiritual Consciousness
Chapter 0918: Learning About The Conspiracy
Chapter 0919: Attack
Chapter 0920: The Ruthless Maiden
Chapter 0921: Bestowing Lawless Frui
Chapter 0922: Sneak Attack
Chapter 0923: Valley Of Peace
Chapter 0924: Entering The Valley And Taking An Oath.
Chapter 0925: Valley Master’S Dao Sermon
Chapter 0926: Size Of The Dao
Chapter 0927: I Want To Marry You
Chapter 0928: Sect Marriage
Chapter 0929: I’M Just Welcoming You.
Chapter 0930: Hearing About The Child Talisman Again
Chapter 0931: Trading For The Dark Void Milk
Chapter 0932: Restoring The Child Talisman
Chapter 0933: The Sacred Dao Pond’S Grand Ceremony
Chapter 0934: Spirit Union
Chapter 0935: Shui Yueke’S Room
Chapter 0936: Forced Into The Spirit Devouring Lotus Pond
Chapter 0937: Seething In Anger
Chapter 0938: The Second Bridge Of Looking Homewards
Chapter 0939: Yan Ji Wakes Up
Chapter 0940: Longing Without Promises
Chapter 0941: Furnace Sand’S Changes
Chapter 0942: If You Don’T Prove This Dao, Die-Die-Die
Chapter 0943: The Remnant Soul In Mysterious Yellow Bead
Chapter 0944: The Scramble
Chapter 0945
Chapter 0946
Chapter 947
Chapter 948
Chapter 949
Chapter 950
Chapter 951
Chapter 952
Chapter 953
Chapter 954
Chapter 955
Chapter 956
Chapter 957
Chapter 958
Chapter 959
Chapter 960
Chapter 961
Chapter 962
Chapter 963: Exchanging The 5-Elements Heavenly Fruit
Chapter 964: Distribution Of Proceeds From The Orchard.
Chapter 965: Barging Into The Illusionary Fruit Orchard
Chapter 966: The Thirteenth Gate
Chapter 967: Extinct Spirit Herbs
“If It Doesn’T Belong To You, Trying To Take It By Force Might End Up In You Breaking Your Teeth. If It’S My Immortal Corpse Sect’S Alchemist Who Entered The Thirteenth G
Chapter 969: The Real Illusionary Orchard
Chapter 970: Body Possession
Chapter 971: You Win! For Now
Chapter 972: Who Entered The 13Th Gate
Chapter 973: I Won’T Admit It
Chapter 974: The Possessed One
Chapter 975: Profound Aquatic Palace Fancying Ning Cheng
Chapter 976: Yan Ji
Chapter 977: The Most Difficult Dao Transformation Dao Pill To Refine
Chapter 978: The Opening Of The Alchemy Discourse
Chapter 979: The Reward That Caught Ning Cheng’S Eye
Chapter 980: Epiphany Due To Pill Theory
A Dao Transformation Pill Sage Lost To A Dao Raising Pill Sage? Ning Cheng Immediately Thought Of Dou Jiangshi. This Fellow Had Pretended To Be A Pig To Eat The Tiger. He
Seeing Ning Cheng’S Gaze Finally Come To Rest On Le Xichen, Le Jiesheng’S Expressions Soured. Although He Had Complete Confidence In Xichen’S Alchemic Talent, He Still Fe
Chapter 983: Le Xichen’S Ace Card
Chapter 984: Shocking The Audience
Chapter 985: I’M Afraid You Wouldn’T Dare To Refine
Chapter 986: With My Returning-To-One Dao
Chapter 987: Pill Forms, Tribulation Begins
Chapter 988
Chapter 989
Chapter 990
Chapter 991
Chapter 992
Chapter 993
Chapter 994
Chapter 995
Chapter 996
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Chapter 998
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Chapter 1054
Chapter 1055
Chapter 1056: The Two Batches
Chapter 1057: If You Want Respect, You Must Give Respect.
Chapter 1058: The Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor With Low Self-Esteem.
Chapter 1059: I’Ll Take Care Of It.
Chapter 1060: Escalation
How Could Chi Meng Care About Healing His Wounds At This Time? He Quickly Connected The Dots And Understood Where Ning Cheng Had Come From. At This Moment, He Couldn’T He
Chapter 1061: Pure Body Seal
Chapter 1062: Entering The Grand Change Realm
Chapter 1063: The Shallow Cloud Villa’S New Master
Chapter 1064: People Living In The Shallow Cloud Villa
Chapter 1065: Grand Change Alchemy City
Chapter 1066: Taking The Initiative To Visit
Chapter 1067: The Alchemy Competition’S Opening
This Young Man Dressed In Elegant Attire, And No Matter How You Looked At Him, He Didn’T Seem Like A Powerful Individual. However, Ning Cheng Understood This Young Man Wa
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Gate of Creation, Gate of Fortune, Nature's Door, Tạo Hóa Chi Môn, Zaohua zhi men, 造化之门

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This was a fragmented and disorganized world, this was a place that had been forgotten.

That day, was the most frustrating time for Ning Cheng, when on that day, he was abruptly brought here.

Because this world had Ning Cheng, who would imprint his name in the vast heavens, it would finally shine in the endless universe!

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Chapter 0001 – A Close Call

Chapter 0001 – A Close Call

“Bang ……” a sound emerged, as a rusty iron gate was opened, the echoes of the iron gate opening, which was rising in spirals unceasingly, were blocked by the ancient building.

After a few dozen breaths of time, a drooping young man was dragged by his arms by two prison guards. He was being dragged out from behind the gate. This drooping young man, did not appear to be breathing, and even his thin arms were just bones. From his ragged clothes, which were besmeared with blood, it could be seen how much devastation and suffering this young man had gone through.

“Peng” This emaciated man was thrown onto the floor by the two prison guards, kicking up some dust, then there was no movement.

“This kid should be dead, right?” Asked a stout jailer while staring at the motionless young man on the floor.

Another jailer humphed, “He should be dead, who let him act recklessly and blindly, even dared to be rude to Miss Jian. Now it is good, not only was the Ning Clan destroyed, he himself seems to have fallen out in the same way, he simply got what was deserved.”

“Old man, speak carefully, we are the ones who have to drag him out.” The short and stout prison guard hastily warned the other.

Listening to this short and stout prison guard, the old guard with a shrinking hairline, went to the person lying on the ground, ready to pull him up.

At this time, a somewhat weak and delicate voice cried out, “Two elder brothers, I would like to take my husband away.”

The two prison guards who were just speaking to each other, saw a woman standing at the side dressed in coarse cloths, although this woman was dressed in coarse linen, but they could vaguely see that she was in good shape. The only disappointing thing was that her face had been disfigured. It was covered slightly by her messy hair, letting people not willing to look at her for a second time.

The two prison guards recognized this woman, she was one of the two people from the Ning Clan left alive.

The entire Ning Clan was exterminated, the only ones left alive was the old housekeeper and the young woman standing in front of them. Ning Gao was the housekeeper of the Ning Clan’s residence, but when the Ning Clan’s residence was raided, he had already left the Cang Qin Province to go out on an errand, thus he escaped. But this woman was not only Ning Clan’s daughter-in-law, but also the fiancée of the emaciated man who was just thrown out by the prison guards, and was called Ji Luo Fei. Because she was staying in the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, she also had escaped unharmed.

Of course, this also was because Ji Luo Fei and the Ning Clan were not officially affiliated, the only reason she married into the Ning Clan, was because the heads of the Ning and Ji Clans were close friends. She was betrothed to Ning Cheng during her childhood. But the Ji Clan had a rather bizarre fall, leaving only the disfigured Ji Luo Fei behind. Even so, Ning Cheng’s grandfather Ning Hong Chang still allowed her to marry into his house. After making the preparations for Ning Cheng to start gathering Qi, the two of them would have gotten married.

Unfortunately, the aptitude of Ning Cheng was extremely bad, even after many years of trying to cultivate, he was unable to gather Qi, not only that, he even openly cursed at the disfigured look of Ji Luo Fei. Fortunately, Ji Luo Fei was a homeless daughter-in-law, and had always resigned herself to adversity, so she never said anything. This time when she came back from the Academy, she was informed that the Ning Clan was destroyed. This was the first time she had come to the prison. Originally, she wanted to ask if Ning Cheng could come out, but she never thought that Ning Cheng who, at present, had no breath, would be thrown out of the prison by the guards.

Ji Luo Fei seeing the expressions of the two prison guards, did not wait for them to speak up, and pulled out a dozen silver coins, quickly handing them over, she spoke “Two elder brothers, my husband’s already gone, I……”

“OK, OK, drag him away, put this ugly here to die.” That short and stout prison guard took the silver coins, and said while impatiently waving his hand.

Originally, they were the one who had to handle the corpse of Ning Cheng, actually it was unthinkable for them that somebody would handle it for them, moreover even give them silver coins, this kind of good deal, they certainly would not reject.

Ji Luo Fei hearing this, hurriedly took Ning Cheng and placing him on her back, quickly picked up her speed and soon disappeared from the entrance of the prison.

“That Ji Luo Fei, if had not been disfigured, then she would have been a real beauty.” Looking at the figure of Ji Luo Fei, the other prison guard said while tossing up a silver coin in his hand, with an appraised tone.

“Don’t talk nonsense, whether that Ji Luo Fei’s figure good or bad, she is a person from the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, even if she is ugly, she is beyond us.” The short and stout prison guard patted the shoulders of the prison guard who had just been speaking and walked to the inside of the prison through the iron gate. With another loud bang, the iron gates closed once more.


Ning Xiao Cheng caught a whiff of an exceedingly pleasant and delicate fragrance. When he first opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a spotless white neck. The next moment, Ning Cheng was able to sense, that he was being carried by a woman, and that delicate fragrance was coming from this woman’s body.

No that’s not right, he remembered being rejected by Tian Mu Wan. His mood was extremely bad and he had ended up walking onto a highway bridge. Then, from the horizon came a yellow light which caused him to lose conscious, and then……there was nothing after that.

Could it be that he did not die? What was going on here in the end?

Ning Xiao Cheng was just thinking of this, when all sorts of myriad information swarmed into his mind, he had unexpectedly reborn.

What really made Ning Xiao Cheng feel really shocked, was that the body in which he was reborn into belonged to someone called Ning Cheng.

The reason that he was so shocked, was because originally his name was also Ning Cheng. It was only because he used to have frequent nightmares, in which he would see himself being brought to very strange places, plotted against and thrown to prison, and getting tortured to death. Although it was only a dream to him, but Ning Cheng still changed his name to Ning Xiao Cheng.

He did not expect it to turn a full circle, where he would be called Ning Cheng, and actually be reborn into the same environment that he had witnessed in his dreams.

Ning Cheng wanted to lift his hand, to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead. Turning to look at the woman who was carrying him on her back, he didn’t have much to say.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have the strength to walk.” Seeing this woman turn to take a glance at him, Ning Cheng said apologetically. Making a woman carry him, he was feeling truly uncomfortable.

“The Ning Clan is already dead; it seems you were still lucky enough to be alive.” This woman spoke with a calm tone, it seemed that even if Ning Cheng were to really die, she would still have this kind of tranquillity and calmness.

Ning Cheng became silent, just now he had been rearranging some of his fragmented memories. He would now once again be called Ning Cheng, the sole heir to the Ning Clan in Cang Qin Province. His name was now Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng, anyways, was also his original name.

The Ning Clan was a medium-sized aristocratic family in the Cang Qin Province, but their numbers were too small. The parents of Ning Cheng went to the Mingot Sea to seek for magical treasures when Ning Cheng was still small, but they never came back. Ning Cheng followed his grandfather Ning Hong Chang and lived a prosperous life in Cang Le city, the capital of the Cang Qin Province.

Although the Ning Clan’s residence was large, there were not many people living in it. Ning Cheng, of course, became the head of the mansion, because Ning Hong Chang did not always manage Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng did all kinds of bad things in the Cang Le City, and Ning Hong Chang was the one to bear them. Cang Le City was a city filled with the Royal Family’s relatives, although Ning Hong Cheng was a senior statesman in the Cang Qin Province, but compared to these relatives of the Royal Family, he had quite a poor standing.

Finally, one day, even he could not put up with the basket of evil that was Ning Cheng. He had gone so far as to even offend the Cang Qin’s Jian Clan’s beloved daughter Jian Su Jie, not to mention that Su Jie’s family was untouchable, Jian Su Jie’s fiancé was the Qiu Ying Guang. Someone the Ning Clan did not dare provoke.

Ning Cheng thought of this, and sighed. The result of his deeds, of course, was being locked up and tortured in prison, his grandfather Ning Hong Chang, in order to protect him, depleted his connections and wealth, and as a result, not only was he not able to save him, on the contrary the whole Ning Clan got dragged into it. He heard about this news from the mouths of the prison guards, that the Ning Clan was destroyed completely because of him.

After Ning Cheng cleared up these matters, he sighed again in his heart, this world didn’t make any sense to speak of, as here the one who had the strength was always right.

Meanwhile he also understood who the woman carrying him on her back was, the woman with the disfigured face was his fiancée, named Ji Luo Fei, she was somewhat similar to a child bride back on Earth.

The Ji Clan were foreign to the Cang Qin Province, because the relations between the grandfathers of Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were good, they helped Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei to get close. Later, the Ji Clan inexplicably declined, leaving only the disfigured Ji Luo Fei. But Ning Cheng’s grandfather Ning Hong Chang wanted Ji Luo Fei to have a better home, once Ning Cheng was ready to begin cultivating Qi, he helped the two to immediately get engaged.

Ning Hong Chang tolerated Ning Cheng in other matters, but in the matter of taking Ji Luo Fei as his bride, he did not yield. Originally, Ning Cheng was very dissatisfied with the disfigured face of Ji Luo Fei, he did not hit her but frequently scolded her, but Ji Luo Fei just smiled and bore it, never refuting what Ning Cheng said.

But Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng were different, she was qualified to practice cultivation. Not only that, with the Ning Clan’s help, she was even admitted into the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, and was already at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. In the Cang Qin Province, as long as a person was able to cultivate Qi, they were called cultivators. Once any cultivator advanced to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, their status would immediately shoot up.

At this time, Ji Luo Fei had brought him back to a very small black stone house. Although it was a small black stone house, the area around it was not small, unlike some others. There was even a small yard, the yard also had a deep well.

“How was Ning Clan completely destroyed?” Ning Cheng suddenly asked. Even if it was related to his actions, Ning Cheng must clarify this matter. Although he guessed that it was because of Jian Su Jie and Qiu Ying Guan, but he had to find out for himself.

“You did your own things, why ask me?” Ji Luo Fei’s answer was simple, putting Ning Cheng down at once.

She poured a cup of water and feeding it to Ning Cheng said: “I’ll go boil water for you to bath, there are some things you should forget, as it will not do you any good.”

Ning Cheng looked at Ji Luo Fei boiling water, and did not continue to ask questions, he understood the meaning of what Ji Luo Fei said. With his ability, the more he knew, the more he was likely to die. Even if he doesn’t know anything, in this place, it was another thing to be able to survive.

He did not know what Ji Luo Fei added in that cup of water, but Ning Cheng felt that after he drank the cup of water, he regained some strength.

Ning Cheng was sitting on an old wooden bed, while thinking about his own situation, he was thinking of his younger sister Ning Ruo Lan. At the same time, he also did not understand why Tian Mu Wan did such a thing to him, according to him, Tian Mu Wan was absolutely not that kind of a snobbish girl.


Total Chapters in book: 1071
Estimated words: 2853378 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 14267(@200wpm)___ 11414(@250wpm)___ 9511(@300wpm)