The Highest Bounty by Nuclear Warhead Boiled in Alcohol

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Chapter 66 - Gu Ding, Flatten His Head Into An Idiot!
Chapter 67 - An Encounter At The Tavern
Chapter 68 - : Who’S The Employer?!
Chapter 69 - I Want To Give Him A Cannon Shell As A Gift
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Chapter 71 - Made A Big Blunder
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Chapter 88 - The Main Battlefield Where The Order Fell Apart
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Chapter 99 - The Best Ingredients In Honor Of My Bestest Friends
Chapter 100 - Bye-Bye, Derisis
Chapter 101 - Backtracking Upon Space-Time
Chapter 102 - Encountering The Magic Race
Chapter 103 - Two Conditions
Chapter 104 - The Irreversibility Of History
Chapter 105 - The Mighty Witch Tribe God
Chapter 106 - The Army’S Meeting
Chapter 107 - A Bottle Of Black Medicine
Chapter 108 - Taboo Energy That Frighten Even The Gods
Chapter 109 - You’Re My Hostage
Chapter 110 - Arrogant Food
Chapter 111 - A Major Crisis
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Chapter 114 - The End Of Space-Time Backtracking
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Chapter 116 - If You Want To Challenge Me, Then Provide Some Reward!
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Chapter 120 - Meeting Senior Again
Chapter 121 - Gu Ding Versus The Army Senior Colonel
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Chapter 123 - Half A Sacred Object
Chapter 124 - An Ax For Ten Billion Universe Credits
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Chapter 126 - An Unexpected High Bid
Chapter 127 - The Cursed Blade
Chapter 128 - Newcomers Get Together At The Food Street
Chapter 129 - An Ominous Divination Result
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Chapter 131 - Neptune’S Plan
Chapter 132 - The Aborted Emergency Backup Plan
Chapter 133 - Invitation From The Holy Gospel Tribe
Chapter 134 - Nisoth’S Prophecy
Chapter 135 - Damn It!
Chapter 136 - Walter’S Plans
Chapter 137 - The Arrogant Bart
Chapter 138 - Bart’S Special Ability
Chapter 139 - A Fallen General!?
Chapter 140 - Resurrection
Chapter 141 - Sharp Is Not Dead
Chapter 142 - The Army’S Raid
Chapter 143 - Gu Ding’S Plan For A Night Raid
Chapter 144 - Female Korazan Gorilla
Chapter 145 - Pirate Biggie Vs General Sharp
Chapter 146 - Robert Turns The Tables On The Battle Outcome
Chapter 147 - Neptune’S Bad News
Chapter 148 - Destroy Every Interstellar Pirates’ Spaceship!
Chapter 149 - Goodbye, Grey-Faced Buzzard…
Chapter 150 - What’S Giving The Army Marshal A Headache
Chapter 151 - The War Begins
Chapter 152 - The Chaotic War
Chapter 153 - Crisis Everywhere
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Chapter 156 - The Target Of The Dark Sectors
Chapter 157 - Gu Ding The Local Tycoon
Chapter 158 - Biggie Has Awakened
Chapter 159 - You Look Really Weak
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Chapter 161 - The Addition Of A New Member
Chapter 162 - Liliath’S Grandfather
Chapter 163 - Liliath’S Dream
Chapter 164 - Lilliath’S Dream 2
Chapter 165 - Lilliath, Let’S Go Home
Chapter 166 - Gu Ding’S New Ability
Chapter 167 - Gu Ding’S Underrated Crew
Chapter 168 - Elsa’S Horrifying Combat Effectiveness
Chapter 169 - The Battle Begins
Chapter 170 - Gu Ding Vs Yarrow
Chapter 171 - Hostages Are Used For Making Money
Chapter 172 - Closed Deal
Chapter 173 - Queen Of The Border River
Chapter 174 - Bonita’S Evaluation
Chapter 175 - A Kitten
Chapter 176 - Into The Nature Reserve
Chapter 177 - The Vipers And The Cat Look At Each Other In The Eye
Chapter 178 - The New Member Tagore
Chapter 179 - The Queen’S Dinner Party
Chapter 180 - Gu Ding’S Crew’S Real Strength
Chapter 181 - The Angry Gu Ding
Chapter 182 - The Illegitimate Child Of A Higher-Up
Chapter 183 - Faye Cosmic Nation’S Highest Bounty
Chapter 184 - The Amazing Effects Of The Black Crystals
Chapter 185 - Bumping Into The Army’S Hunters
Chapter 186 - The Army’S Plan
Chapter 187 - Identity Revealed
Chapter 188 - Reexamination Of A Prison Identity
Chapter 189 - Warden Thorso
Chapter 190 - Prison Bully Breid
Chapter 191 - Neptune’S Mistake
Chapter 192 - The Battle Situation In The Prison
Chapter 193 - Thorso’S Persistence
Chapter 194 - The Deity’S Will Projection
Chapter 195 - Gu Ding Who Got Caught In The Middle Of A Fight
Chapter 196 - Gu Ding Who Advanced Again
Chapter 197 - I Just Wanted To Have A Bout
Chapter 198 - Ultimate Arts Vs Ultimate Arts
Chapter 199 - End Of The Battle
Chapter 200 - About Deities
Chapter 201 - The Truth
Chapter 202 - A Trade Request From The Lord Of A Cosmic Nation
Chapter 203 - Done Deal
Chapter 204 - Greetings From Monster Concentration Camp
Chapter 205 - The Asking Tower
Chapter 206 - Modican’S Call
Chapter 207 - An Unexpected Interstellar Storm
Chapter 208 - Carole
Chapter 209 - A Dinner Party At The Barbeque Restaurant
Chapter 210 - Encountering Roland
Chapter 211 - Biggie Is Attacked
Chapter 212 - The Altered History
Chapter 213 - Tagore’S Powerful Transformation
Chapter 214 - The Beginning Of A Nightmare
Chapter 215 - A Dangerous Woman
Chapter 216 - Bury Me By The Stream Where The Green Grass Will Be My Companion
Chapter 217 - I’M A Chef
Chapter 218 - The Arena
Chapter 219 - An Unexpected Opponent
Chapter 220 - Getting Out
Chapter 221 - Monster Concentration Camp’S Welcome Gift
Chapter 222 - A New Wanted Notice
Chapter 223 - Biggie’S Horrifying Combat Effectiveness
Chapter 224 - Grand Duke Roland Joins Gu Ding’S Crew!?”
Chapter 225 - The Kidnapped Lilliath
Chapter 226 - The Rescue Plan
Chapter 227 - A Troublesome And Formidable Enemy
Chapter 228 - Liliath’S Terrifyingly Powerful Ability
Chapter 229 - The Little Young Master Of The Childe Family
Chapter 230 - Ross Childe’S Scheme
Chapter 231 - Ross Childe’S Scheme
Chapter 232 - Upgrade To Rank 7
Chapter 233 - Arriving In Red Shield
Chapter 234 - An Incomplete Deity Position
Chapter 235 - Crushing With Skill
Chapter 236 - Gu Ding'S Plot
Chapter 237 - The Witch Potie
Chapter 238 - : The Restaurant Encounter
Chapter 239 - Battle Of The Monsters
Chapter 240 - The Witch Attacks
Chapter 241 - Robert'S Ultimate Kill
Chapter 242 - The Heavily Wounded Tagore
Chapter 243 - Potie'S Personal Domain
Chapter 244 - Dragon Slaughtering Ax
Chapter 245 - The Arrival Of A Deity
Chapter 246 - Giant Golden Dragon
Chapter 247 - Demon Face
Chapter 248 - Bombarding The Childe Family
Chapter 249 - Dr. House
Chapter 250 - Spiritual Healer Orm’S Junior
Chapter 251 - Duke Malcolm
Chapter 252 - Dockett, The Battling Maniac
Chapter 253 - The Failed Treatment
Chapter 254 - Dockett’S Crushing Defeat
Chapter 255 - Divine Forbidden Tome
Chapter 256 - Cultivating God Power
Chapter 257 - Meeting Elizabeth Again
Chapter 258 - Disturbance At The Hotel
Chapter 259 - The Plan To Get Close To Elizabeth
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It is an era of artificial superintelligences, interstellar travel, gene medicine, and virtual reality worlds. Far into Earth's future, 15-year-old Gu Ding is a student of Cerulean Military Academy by day, and tavern waiter by night. His ambition: Become the space pirate with the highest bounty offered by the Universal Federation Government. With the help of Neptune, a neonate super-intelligence, Gu Ding finds himself thrust into a galaxy of shadowy organizations, political underdealings, and otherworldly forces that lie beyond human comprehension…

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My Name is Gu Ding



EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

“This is the planet Cerule. It is a 4.5-billion-year-old planet with a radius of 6378.2 kilometers. The name of the planet comes from its cerulean waters that cover 71% of its surface, with the remaining 29% being dry land. It rotates about its axis once approximately every 24 hours, and around its star – Sol – every 365.25 days. It has one satellite named Luna, which rotates around Cerule once every 27.32 days…”

Linna played the video clip introducing the planet Cerule. Her eyes swept over the children in her class and noticed that a pair of eyes were fixed on her. She followed the gaze and identified the owner of the pair of eyes.

The child had a head of short, cropped black hair, and his irides were of the same shade of black. His build was gaunt compared to the other students of his age. There was a hint of suspicion in his eyes, and he was not looking at the hologram behind her, but rather on herself. This made her frown slightly.

Linna had always been confident of her disguises. In her entire career of mimicry, an introverted, taciturn Planetology teacher had been the most boring character she had ever disguised. She frowned. If not that this woman’s boyfriend was a courier of the Federation, she would not have even bothered with putting on a disguise of a woman that did not allow her breasts to breathe freely.

Lucky for her, the cargo was already in hand and the mission was a complete success. She could leave this backwater planet without leaving a trace after this class.

She was annoyed by the boy’s gaze. ‘Did he notice anything?’

While thinking of that, she lowered her head and looked at the teaching panel in front of her. Tapping the boy’s seat number on the screen, she brought up his personal information.

Name: Gu Ding

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Gene Level: Level one

Special abilities: Unawakened

Cell Index: 10

Spirit: 9.8

Battle Prowess: B+

Mental Cognition: A

Noteworthy Incidents: As the student representative in the induction ceremony, he proclaimed in front of the academy that “he wants to be the man with the highest bounty in the entire universe.”


Strengths: Possesses extraordinary mental cognition and battle prowess.

Weaknesses: Stubborn. Unwilling to be disciplined.

Linna was taken aback after reading the boy’s information. ‘He shouldn’t be able to look through my disguise if he doesn’t have any detection abilities. A Gene Level 1 adult usually only had a Cell Index of 1, though it’s not unusual for someone to reach the Level 1 limit of 10 points. But his spirit is so high. That’s not something attainable with just mere training… And he even openly admitted that he wanted to be a space pirate in a Military Academy owned by the Federation. That’s interesting…’

Her lips curled upward, and she had the idea of teasing him. ‘Student Gu Ding, can you tell us what is the proportion of the native population on Cerule?’

Gu Ding looked shocked at first, though soon after, he coolly stood from his seat and answered, “Cerulean natives number about 340 million and comprise about 18.1% of Cerule’s entire population.”

Linna peeked at the answer on her teaching panel, then continued her questioning. “The second question. Other than Cerulean natives, how many immigrant species exist on Cerule?”

“There are 117 immigrant species on the official record, and their total population count is 1.53 billion,” Gu Ding answered without hesitation.

Linna peeked at the numbers again and found that he was entirely correct. She narrowed her eyes and thought for a moment, and continued asking, “Please briefly outline the events that caused the sharp decline in native population on Cerule.”

This topic was an incident that happened before the New Era. It was considered a dark chapter in the history of the planet and mentioning it was still considered a taboo topic. Even the textbooks were vague about what happened. It was evident that Linna wanted to embarrass Gu Ding.

Gu Ding raised an eyebrow and continued answering. “Year 7842359 of the Federation Era, or in other words, the Year 2112 of the Common Era on Cerule. A meteor carrying an unknown deadly strain of virus crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. The virus proliferated incredibly quickly and killed off many living creatures on the planet. Not only was the virus deadly, it was even capable of controlling dead hosts to attack living beings. In eight years, its native human population shrunk from 7 billion to 300 million. The survival rate of other species of animals was less than 0.1 percent. The Galactic Federation mobilized its troops to preserve the human civilization on Cerule and removed all traces of the virus in seven months. After undergoing a complete overhaul in its governmental structure, the planet was officially inducted as a member of the Federation, and its name was changed from ‘Earth’ to ‘Cerule’…”

Embarrassment flashed on Linna’s face. She shifted her gaze to the golden-haired boy to the left who was slumped on the table and looked like he was falling asleep. She peeked at the teaching panel that displayed the names of the students again. “You may sit down, Student Gu Ding. Student Reid, please answer this question…”

The day’s classes were soon over. Gu Ding was about to leave his seat, but Reid stopped him.

“Hey, did you notice that Teacher Ellie is acting a little different today?” Reid said with a low voice.

“It’s not quite the same. What about it?” Gu Ding did notice there was something different too.

“I’m guessing that the woman who conducted our lesson just now was a phony,” Reid raised an eyebrow.

“A phony?!” Gu Ding was shocked. His intuition told him that Teacher Ellie was different, though he knew that Reid’s deductions were often backed with solid proof.

“This woman made a lot of minor mistakes. First of all, she used her left hand to tap on her teaching panel, which indicated that she is a lefty. She seemed like she noticed something afterward and switched to her right hand. Everyone knows that Teacher Ellie is a righty.

“Next, Her last question for you is considered a taboo topic in Planetology. It is a topic explicitly banned by the Federation Government to be included in textbooks, and teachers are heavily discouraged to discuss the topic. Teacher Ellie looks like the kind of person who would not touch this topic with a ten-foot pole.

“So far, those are the two biggest mistakes. Of course, there are many minor flaws in her disguise as well. For example, she did not know our names, and she also did not know the answers to the two questions posed to you. That’s why she lowered her head to peek at our seating arrangement and the teaching guides. In the half-hour class, her total speaking time was less than seven minutes. The real Teacher Ellie’s speaking time is usually about eighteen minutes. Should I continue?”

“I’m going off.” Gu Ding was busy tidying his backpack and did not pay attention to Reid’s deductions.

“Don’t you want to know where the real Teacher Ellie went? Or who this woman is? Or what was her objective of disguising as Teacher Ellie?” Reid was still in the mood to be a detective.

“This means that Teacher Ellie has already been offed, and her corpse is only the business of the Federation Army. As for the real identity of that woman, it’s also the business of the Federation Army. I’m heading off to work at Auntie Roastbeef. So long, chatterbox!” Go Ding interjected.

“Hey, I’m not finished yet! The chances of Teacher Ellie being killed off is about 91%, which means that there’s still a 9% chance that she’s still alive! And there’s an above 60% chance that the real identity of this woman is…” Reid shouted angrily, then spewed a bunch of numbers to boast his incredible powers of calculation and deduction.

Gu Ding ‘escaped’ from school and rode on his hoverbike toward the west of the city.

The west of the city was a backward, chaotic place. Piles of garbage emanated a vomit-inducing odor, and sirens rang day in and day out. This was the haven of criminals and the root of all the city’s evil.

There was a nickname to this part of the city: The Red Light District. In other cities, the Red Light District usually referred to as an area with a concentration of brothels, but this was different. The red light was a sign of warning, and so the Red Light District referred to the continuous din of sirens in the area.

Many space pirates made this lawless region their temporary home. Cerule was a newly developed planet, though the number of pirates that set foot on it grew every day. Gu Ding was raised in this district since he was born, and as far as he could remember, the Red Light District had been a wonderland for space pirates from all over the galaxy.

Gu Ding slowed down as he spotted the ‘Rose Tavern’ signboard not too far ahead. He accidentally glanced into a window to his left and noticed a silhouette that seemed familiar.

“Oh? Why is she in the Red Light District?” Gu Ding started to feel suspicious.

The silhouette disappeared in a flash. He hesitated for a while, then curiosity overcame him and he sneaked in after her.


Total Chapters in book: 259
Estimated words: 462486 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2312(@200wpm)___ 1850(@250wpm)___ 1542(@300wpm)