The Lady’s Sickly Husband by Xiao Mao Yanran

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Chapter 2 - Startling Her Husband
Chapter 3 - Conquering Through The Stomach
Chapter 4 - Planting Seeds
Chapter 5 - The Beginnings Of A Small Vegetable Garden And Her Livelihood
Chapter 6 - Suspicious
Chapter 7 - Zhang
Chapter 8 - Into The City
Chapter 9 - Negotiations
Chapter 10 - Silver Hairpin
Chapter 11 - There Are Many Scandals Laid Before A Widow'S Door.
Chapter 12 - What A Calculation! Corn Bread For Meat!
Chapter 13 - Superb Cutting Skill
Chapter 14 - Prey; Die To Survive
Chapter 15 - Dishonest, A Man’S Mind
Chapter 16 - Laugh, This Unkind Woman!
Chapter 17 - Rage, Sudden Rage
Chapter 18 - Sudden Disease; Witch Dance
Chapter 19 - Panic, 100-Day Limit
Chapter 20 - Pipe Dream, Words From A Dog Mouth
Chapter 21 - Life Saved By Gold Needle
Chapter 22 - Wake Up With Red Eyes
Chapter 23 - Drama By A Unique Creep
Chapter 24 - Intimacy, Change Of Addressing Term
Chapter 25 - Heal With An Open Heart
Chapter 26 - Close, Karma Is Coming
Chapter 27 - Dock, Soft As Jade
Chapter 28 - Root Sculpture, Windfall
Chapter 29 - In The Forest, All Together
Chapter 30 - Companion, A Serious Woman Is Most Beautiful
Chapter 31 - Conscience, Losing Both
Chapter 32 - Scene-Making, The Village Head
Chapter 33 - Embarrassment, Thick-Faced
Chapter 34 - Want To Go, No Way!
Chapter 35 - Bias And Calumniation
Chapter 36 - Driving Away, Punishment
Chapter 37 - Nap, The Prettiest Hand
Chapter 38 - Open An Umbrella For A Beautiful Flower
Chapter 39 - Money, Who Doesn’T Like?
Chapter 40 - A Great Idea
Chapter 41 - To Hire People, Elder Wangsan’S Whole Family
Chapter 42 - Hope, An Ox Carriage
Chapter 43 - Revenge, Stones From Above
Chapter 44 - Beautiful Blossoms And Grass, Gentle Wind
Chapter 45 - Kiss, Jealousy
Chapter 46 - Alas, Heaven Forbid Ancient Society
Chapter 47 - : Fair, Cunning Reward
Chapter 48 - Changyou, Three-Sided Attitude
Chapter 49 - Her Whereabouts Is His Home
Chapter 50 - Boiling, New House Completed
Chapter 51 - Rage, Shocking All
Chapter 52 - Theory, Unfilial Son
Chapter 53 - Retribution, Wang Yushan Defeated
Chapter 54 - Gentle Wind, Son Paying Father’S Debt
Chapter 55 - Compensation, A Satisfactory Answer
Chapter 56 - Sob, Shadow Guard
Chapter 57 - Building A Restaurant And Connections
Chapter 58 - Conquer, Laying Foundation For The Future
Chapter 59 - Encounter, Promise
Chapter 60 - Persistence, Uneasiness Of The Su Qi
Chapter 61 - Seventh Young Lord Awed By Mr. Ning
Chapter 62 - Begging And Rejection
Chapter 63 - Bean War
Chapter 64 - Windfall, Root Sculpture Business
Chapter 65 - Victory Of Bean War
Chapter 66 - A Pair Of Disgusting People
Chapter 67 - A ‘Happy’ Ending
Chapter 68 - Jian Qingyou
Chapter 69 - Su Qi’S Change
Chapter 70 - A Visit To Jian Mansion
Chapter 71 - A Sudden Stroke
Chapter 72 - A Strange Old Man
Chapter 73 - Kick Your Ass
Chapter 74 - The 'Happy' Couple
Chapter 75 - Refusal
Chapter 76 - Prepare For Soy Sauce Factory
Chapter 77 - Tong Family
Chapter 78 - Invitation
Chapter 79 - Tong Zijing’S Condition
Chapter 80 - Confession
Chapter 81 - Day One Of Therapy
Chapter 82 - Day Two
Chapter 83 - Uncle Jing
Chapter 84 - Cute Portrait
Chapter 85 - Become An Enviable Man
Chapter 86 - Tell Me Everything
Chapter 87 - Longevity Birthday Noodles
Chapter 88 - Cold Poison
Chapter 89 - Take Him Home
Chapter 90 - Brother-In-Law
Chapter 91 - A Hot Potato
Chapter 92 - Old Madam Jian’S Secret
Chapter 93 - An Amazing Play
Chapter 94 - The Biggest Loser
Chapter 95 - See Through The Vanity Of Life
Chapter 96 - Get Him A Tutor
Chapter 97 - Ji Xuyao
Chapter 98 - Happy New Year
Chapter 99 - Crush-On Of The Ladies
Chapter 100 - I Lose
Chapter 101 - The Story Of Liangzhu
Chapter 102 - The Vulgar Woman
Chapter 103 - Make It Bigger
Chapter 104 - A Decision
Chapter 105 - Would You Marry Me?
Chapter 106 - A Deadly Trap
Chapter 107 - Fall Into The Trap
Chapter 108 - Help Me
Chapter 109 - It’S My Fault!
Chapter 110 - Assassins!
Chapter 111 - Feel-Out
Chapter 112 - Reconsideration
Chapter 113 - Buying Servants
Chapter 114 - Mingyue And Caixia
Chapter 115 - An End Of The Connection
Chapter 116 - Vinegar
Chapter 117 - You Forget?
Chapter 118 - Former Servants
Chapter 119 - Being Forced Out
Chapter 120 - Another Mo Qianxue
Chapter 121 - Dream Broken
Chapter 122 - Chuyi'S Narrative
Chapter 123 - I Don'T Mind
Chapter 124 - A Stupid Thing
Chapter 125 - Poison Triggered
Chapter 126 - An Impasse
Chapter 127 - Plan B
Chapter 128 - Poison Removed
Chapter 129 - Love Palm
Chapter 130 - Nanny Mo
Chapter 131 - Run!
Chapter 132 - The Xie Family
Chapter 133 - Secret Internal Strength
Chapter 134 - Fake Truth
Chapter 135 - Toll The Bell
Chapter 136 - Man Up
Chapter 137 - Lady Is Back
Chapter 138 - The Empress
Chapter 139 - White Silk
Chapter 140 - Beggars In The Way
Chapter 141 - Who Is She?
Chapter 142 - Backbone
Chapter 143 - Grind Her Heart
Chapter 144 - Three Peach Blossoms
Chapter 145 - Old Trash
Chapter 146 - Invitation
Chapter 147 - Don'T You Trust Me?
Chapter 148 - Let Them Do It
Chapter 149 - The Empress’S Parrot
Chapter 150 - Manager Feng’S Report
Chapter 151 - Pay Rise
Chapter 152 - New Arrangement
Chapter 153 - Reshuffle
Chapter 154 - Lu Zhengyang
Chapter 155 - Learn Sword
Chapter 156 - Inside Spy
Chapter 157 - Bait
Chapter 158 - Vice Commander
Chapter 159 - How Did He Die?
Chapter 160 - A Halidom
Chapter 161 - The Seven Days
Chapter 162 - Questioning In The Face (1)
Chapter 163 - Questioning In The Face (2)
Chapter 164 - Questioning In The Face (3)
Chapter 165 - Questioning In The Face (4)
Chapter 166 - Lord Ning Is Here (1)
Chapter 167 - Lord Ning Is Here (2)
Chapter 168 - Peach Blossom Party (1)
Chapter 169 - Peach Blossom Party (2)
Chapter 170 - Peach Blossom Party (3)
Chapter 171 - Peach Blossom Party (4)
Chapter 172 - Dance Competition
Chapter 173 - Poem Competition
Chapter 174 - Fake Servant Girls
Chapter 175 - You, Or Him?
Chapter 176 - A New Master
Chapter 177 - Tea Ceremony
Chapter 178 - The First Talented Lady
Chapter 179 - A Fake Husband
Chapter 180 - A Fake Husband (2)
Chapter 181 - Put Her In Jail
Chapter 182 - Bad Luck
Chapter 183 - Can’T Get Out Now
Chapter 184 - The Emperor’S Reaction
Chapter 185 - The Night Before
Chapter 186 - The Witnesses
Chapter 187 - Mr. Jia
Chapter 188 - The Three Madams
Chapter 189 - Acquired Daughter
Chapter 190 - Impossible!
Chapter 191 - She Is Innocent
Chapter 192 - A Good Opponent
Chapter 193 - New Master Ning
Chapter 194 - Reunion
Chapter 195 - Reunion (2)
Chapter 196 - The Aftermath
Chapter 197 - Comers From Heimu And Ruoshui
Chapter 198 - The Death Of The Founder
Chapter 199 - The Secret Of The Token
Chapter 200 - Tell Him Everything
Chapter 201 - A Visit To Mother (1)
Chapter 202 - The Heartless Master
Chapter 203 - A Startling Conspiracy
Chapter 204 - Ning Shaoqing’S Former Fiancé
Chapter 205 - A Visit To Mother (2)
Chapter 206 - A Visit To Mother (3)
Chapter 207 - Make It Clear
Chapter 208 - A New Chess Piece
Chapter 209 - The First Encounter
Chapter 210 - All Is Worthwhile
Chapter 211 - Her Life-Savior
Chapter 212 - Caught By Surprise
Chapter 213 - Making Invitations
Chapter 214 - Daunt Away Master Mo
Chapter 215 - Mo Sisters
Chapter 216 - Stay Here
Chapter 217 - Junzhu Susu’S Wish
Chapter 218 - A Battle For The Box
Chapter 219 - Lan Ruomeng’S Invitation
Chapter 220 - The Power Of Love
Chapter 221 - The Flower-Appreciating Party
Chapter 222 - Yuwen Hanlei
Chapter 223 - Teach Her A Lesson
Chapter 224 - Two On-Looking Men
Chapter 225 - A Cheap Drama
Chapter 226 - Who Are You, Madam?
Chapter 227 - Slap!
Chapter 228 - Let Old Madam Take Care Of It
Chapter 229 - Make Matches
Chapter 230 - An Interesting Book
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Transmigration? A Chong Xi Marriage? Sickly husband? How worse can this get?

Mo Qian Xue now lives in a soddy, destitute, small house with broken furnitures. The grass had grown wild and unruly from lack of proper care. The rice pot in the kitchen, it’s left empty. Well, this mess seemed quite manageable, however, why is it they only have one quilt in the house?

Not only does she serve her husband food and refreshments during the day, does she need to make sure he’s well “fed” at night too?

“It’s getting late now… we should go to bed. Said the sickly husband. She simply closed the door, turned off the lights, and went straight to sleep.

“If you dare move, I’ll kick you out of the bed!” She threatened.

In the end, the man still managed to wrap himself around her no matter how she resisted. The sickly husband wasn’t as weak as he appeared to be!

Mo Qian Xue worked hard to become rich. She built workshops, opened factories, one aided by her sickly husband towards prosperity. Fortunately, she could live a peaceful life far from bickering relatives, but then, much to her dismay, she still had to deal with the villagers knocking on her door.

So they want her money? They want her position as a wife? Since when was she, Mo Xian Que easy to bully?! They want to make her lose face? Alright, let them come a little closer then… give them a…. slap!

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Chapter 1 - Rushed Marriage

Chapter 1 Rushed Marriage

The surroundings were filled with noise and gossip, while a festive and ancient tune permeated in the air.

Awakened by the chaotic sounds, Mo Qian Xue faintly sensed someone’s hands holding her back, while a dull ache spread throughout her body. Also, there seemed to be a delicate cloth covering her face…

Mo Qian Xue had an impulse to tear off the annoying cloth and open her eyes so she could see what was going on.

However, at this time, a severe pain suddenly overwhelmed her body, depriving her of the strength to open her eyes. She could only lay powerlessly as the stranger roughly carried her away.

Is this a dream?

Why does it feel so realistic?

Without knowing how much time had passed, she felt the stranger who carried her come to a full stop. Along with his action, the sound of surrounding footsteps also ceased.

Within the noise, Mo Qian Xue heard the voices of several people.

“Bao Zhang**, Ning Xiaoqing is already too sick to awaken, and this woman also seems to be approaching her death. With their condition…….how can they possibly go through the marriage?

(**T/N: Bao Zhang 保長–“Headman” ; a leader who manages a village or clan of ten households)

“We must act now! The room has been prepared so just send both of them directly to the bridal chamber! Hurry!”

This dream, it’s too strange! Mo Qianxue lost her consciousness and fell asleep…

When she awoke in the morning, her body was still aching in pain. The woman shook her head and opened her eyes, when suddenly she was caught by surprise!

This……is not her home—a dark room, red curtains, some gray worn down wooden furniture, and……two veiled women standing by the side.

In her astonishment, Mo Qian Xue nervously raised her hand. Hold it! This……This is definitely not my hand!

The hand had long slender fingers, skin as white as jade, and a delicate texture that was not likely to be found in a girl without class.

Is it….

Did she transmigrate?

Unable to accept reality, Mo Qian Xue couldn’t help but scream, causing the two women to jump in surprise.

“Lady Ning, did you wake up?”

Although the woman who was dressed in Tsing Yi felt frightened, she quickly set aside her work and came to the Lady’s side.

The sight of the stranger caused Mo Qian Xue to momentarily forget her pain. She put down her right hand and struggled to sit up. There was a noticeable tremble in her voice.

“This, what is this…”

As she felt around, it seemed as if her right hand wasn’t resting on a firm bed, but rather, on something soft and elastic. She turned around only to find that a man was lying beside her.

She quickly withdrew her hand and stood up in panic, pointing shakily to the man on the bed before staring at the maid.

“H-he, he…..Who is he?”

“He is your husband!”

Mo Qian Xue stared wide eyed at the man she pointed to. She then turned around slowly as she trembled. Her tongue enunciated, word for word…


Did Buddha open his eyes! Was she sent to another time period so she could have a husband?

Suddenly, the other lady in the room opened up and spoke impatiently to the younger maiden, “Fang Fangzi, now that Lady Ning has woken up without any problems, I’ll be leaving her to you care. My family’s pig hasn’t been fed yet so I’ll be heading back first.” The lady who just spoke gave Mo Qian Xue a strange look as if she were a ghost. After leaving some instructions to the maiden Fang Fangzi, she turned and quickly left the scene.

Having bid farewell to her comrade, Fang Fangzi quickly returned to the trembling Mo Qian Xue’s side. Seeing her fear, the maiden reached out to pat her back in comfort.

“Your husband’s surname is Ning–he was known as a respected Scholar in our Wang Village. However a few days ago Ning Xiansheng** suddenly fell unconscious due to an unknown illness. His state was so severe that no one could manage to wake him up, leaving the people deeply afraid that he might never recover. The Elders speculated that bad luck may have been the cause of his sudden illness.

(**T/N: Xiānshēng 先生—title for “Mr.” so you can call him Mr. Ning….but his actual full name is Ning Xiaoqing)

Meanwhile, the villagers had found you by the road, unconscious and nearing death from a high fever, so…..”

So, she became the Chong Xi** bride for his marriage? So yesterday’s dream….

…was true! She was truly picked up and rescued by the clan?

If that was the case, then who was she?

(**T/N: Chong Xi 冲喜—a marriage to a bride in order to bring “good luck” to an ill patient. Is believed to cure the patient of illness by warding off bad luck through the happiness associated with marriage)

Mo Qian Xue’s heart turned cold. She was upset that an event as important as marriage was rushed, and even to a stranger! “What kind of Clan can decide an important life decision without my or my family’s consent? If my parents don’t agree….”

Fang Fangzi listened intently to the unfamiliar woman and responded, “Among the eight to ten households within the clan, none of the people could recognize you or could claim you as one of theirs. You didn’t have a mother or father to support you. Despite your plight, at least you have been wedded to a man who was respected and renowned by everyone here, so please don’t take this sister’s words with ill feelings. If not for Ning Xiansheng’s condition, no one would have been willing to rescue you from the ditch, considering that you were near death from fever.

Nobody asked for her opinion? They didn’t let her make a choice?

Of course, Mo Qian Xue knew that it was unreasonable to argue at this time. She was a complete stranger to this time and place, and she still needed to learn more about her situation before she could decide.


Fang Fangzi was a good person. She carefully prepared her meals daily before sending her food and drink.

The other woman whom Mo Qian Xue had met upon waking up – Zhao Eryao, had once again returned to the house. She brought along her share of food, a mesh of corn porridge, to Mo Qian Xue. Zhao Eryao was displeased with the foreign woman, such that she couldn’t help but clench her teeth.

An old willow tree stood in the courtyard. It was only late autumn. The willow had turned yellow, and fallen leaves littered the courtyard. When the wind blew, the leaves would swirl on the ground, giving forth a dreary scene.

Mo Qian Xue stood in the courtyard and reached out for a fallen piece of leaf. She sighed deeply. It had only been a few days, but she felt as if her world had abandoned her.

When Fang Fangzi arrived with the meal, she saw Lady Ning sit under the tree absentmindedly. Assuming that Mo Qian Xue was lonely and sad for being forced into a marriage, she immediately went to the Lady’s side and helped her into the house. “The heat out here could burn your back and the wind will only mess up your hair. Once it cools down again, it would be nice to return outside.”

After entering the house, Fang Fangzi removed the meat from the food box, and arranged it on the table.

Seeing that there was a bowl of soup provided, Mo Qian Xue took a serving and sat by the bedside. She gently blew on a spoonful of soup and fed it to the unconscious man. Afterwards she gently wiped off the soup that dripped down the corner of his mouth.

Now that she had recovered, Mo Qian Xue no longer wanted to burden others.

This man was her husband by name so she took over his care, waiting for him to regain consciousness. Once he awakens, they can discuss their situation.

“Just by seeing how Lady Ning handles herself, I think that you may come from a literate family. Your manners are much more refined than the women in our village.”

Mo Qian Xue laughed. “You think so? Just by looking at the food you prepare daily, I can tell that Miss Fang is a neat person.”

Most people enjoyed listening to compliments, and Fang Fangzi was no exception. She laughed softly and asked in a friendly manner, “A few days ago, Lady Ning’s mind was rather confused due to high fever. Does the Lady remember where she’s from now?

Mo Qian Xue’s hand which held the spoon suddenly quivered. Fortunately she was able to conjure up a good excuse these past two days. “I only know that my name is Mo Qian Xue. But where I used to live, or who my family was, I can’t seem to remember at all.”

After saying these words, she suddenly realized that she may no longer have a chance to see her parents. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Gathering herself, she said weakly “I seem to have a headache. I’m afraid I might never get to see my loved ones’ faces in this lifetime again…..” Mo Qian Xue’s words hadn’t finished yet when the kind sister beside her had burst into tears as well.

“It was probably because of your high fever that Lady can’t remember. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just continue to live a good life. After settling down, you can slowly remember it.” Fang Fangzi wiped away her tears and came over to hold Mo Qian Xue’s shoulder in comfort. “Lady Ning, as I’ve gotten along with you these past few days, I can tell that you’re a good girl who cherishes her family. From now on you can consider me as your sister. My mother can also be your mother.”

Originally Mo Qian Xue simply made up the story to fill in her past. She never thought that this sister would have such a kind heart, even offering such words of friendship and comfort. Mo Qian Xue felt a bit guilty inside.

At this time she noticed how Fang Fangzi looked outside the house with caution. Fang Fanzi looked to her and whispered in a low voice, “You must be careful! Right now you are safe, but if your husband remains unconscious and happens to pass away, the village will surely sell you as a slave.”

“Sell…you mean sell me as a slave?! Why?” Mo Qian Xue shook as if she was struck by thunder.

“It’s the law of Tian Qi Dynasty! Does Sister Ning not know? Any women of unknown origins and without parents are, according to the law, to be sold to government officials as slaves!”

Mo Qian Xue gasped. Fang Fangzi comforted, “Don’t be afraid Sister Ning, this is only in the worst case scenario. If your husband recovers then you’ll have him to protect you. Naturally, you’ll be fine.”

However Mo Qian Xue’s expression still remained grave. Sister Fang once again comforted, “Sister Ning, you don’t have to worry. As long as you feed him well and take good care of him, Ning Xiansheng will certainly recover.”

In the future, if he makes a name for himself, perhaps Lady Ning can become the official wife….

However, Mo Qian Xue didn’t seem to hear Sister Fang’s words of advice.

After parting with the maiden, Mo Qian Xue staggered back into the house and stared at the man who lay in bed.

She trembled fearfully!

Heavens, how could the most ridiculous event happen to her!

Back in the modern day, she was forced to a blind date, only to be surprised—her partner turned out to be her first crush?!

When she cried out in astonishment, the tea leaf stuck on her throat, blocking her airway.

Suddenly she woke up before a red curtain, a dark room with beams, along with a faint smell of earth in a battered house.

Before she could compose herself, she was suddenly informed that the strange man in bed was her sick husband, and that she was merely rescued to become a Chong Xi bride, all for the sake of his good luck and recovery.

Not only that, the villagers had even wanted to sell her as a slave?!


Total Chapters in book: 230
Estimated words: 503134 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2516(@200wpm)___ 2013(@250wpm)___ 1677(@300wpm)