The Magus Era by Blood Red

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1 – Hunter
Chapter 2 – Malice
Chapter 3 – Challenge
Chapter 4 – Deal
Chapter 5 – Gain
Chapter 6 – Parents
Chapter 7 – Defiance
Chapter 8 – Different Races
Chapter 9 – Calculation
Chapter 10 – Kill
Chapter 11 – Trick
Chapter 12 – Snoop
Chapter 13 – Frighten
Chapter 14 – The Day
Chapter 15 – The Ancestral Worship Ceremony
Chapter 16 – Bloodline
Chapter 17 – The Senior Magus
Chapter 18 – Violence
Chapter 19 – Inherited Magus Treasure
Chapter 20 – Bullying
Chapter 21 – Enemy
Chapter 22 – Jiang Xue
Chapter 23 – Conspiracy
Chapter 24 – Agreement
Chapter 25 – Information
Chapter 26 – Ambush
Chapter 27 – Black Water
Chapter 28 – Transfer
Chapter 29 – Qing Yi
Chapter 30 – Faint
Chapter 31 – Wake
Chapter 32 – The Coldbrook Valley
Chapter 33 – Savage
Chapter 34 – Four Eyes
Chapter 35 – Invulnerable
Chapter 36 – Crisis
Chapter 37 – Puppet
Chapter 38 – Counterattack
Chapter 39 – Stalemated
Chapter 40 – Release
Chapter 41 – Conspire
Chapter 42 – Counterplan
Chapter 43 – Ambush
Chapter 44 – Hurt
Chapter 45 – Push
Chapter 46 – Frustration
Chapter 47 – Failure
Chapter 48 – Punishment
Chapter 49 – Interrogation
Chapter 50 – Aftermath
Chapter 51 – Collusion
Chapter 52 – First Encounter
Chapter 53 – Po
Chapter 54 – Presented Medicine
Chapter 55 – Medicine
Chapter 56 – Awakening
Chapter 57 – Encounter
Chapter 58 – Avoiding The Bait
Chapter 59 – Asking For Help
Chapter 60 – Reinforcements
Chapter 61 – Wild Fire
Chapter 62 – Besieged
Chapter 63 – Allied Forces
Chapter 64 – Soul-Calling
Chapter 65 – Counterplot
Chapter 66 – Strike
Chapter 67 – Trap
Chapter 68 – Snow Melted
Chapter 69 – Massacre
Chapter 70 – Seeking Revenge For The Smallest Grievance
Chapter 71 – Suppress
Chapter 72 – Straw Dog
Chapter 73 – Offerings
Chapter 74 – Bloodline
Chapter 75 – Brothers
Chapter 76 – Truth
Chapter 77 – Private Property
Chapter 78 – Family Property
Chapter 79 – Rainy Season
Chapter 80 – The Temporary Manor
Chapter 81 – Man Man
Chapter 82 – Bodyguard
Chapter 83 – Strength
Chapter 84 – Inhuman
Chapter 85 – Essence Milk Of The Earth
Chapter 86 – Harden The Body
Chapter 87 – Madness
Chapter 88 – Make A Run For It
Chapter 89 – Blood Moon
Chapter 90 – Opening The Sky
Chapter 91 – Runaway
Chapter 92 – Injuries
Chapter 93 – Running Away From The Killers
Chapter 94 – Fight And Kill
Chapter 95 – Kill The Monster
Chapter 96 – First Kill
Chapter 97 – A Difficult Situation
Chapter 98 – Magus King’S Tomb
Chapter 99 – Breaking Jiang Yao
Chapter 100 – A Middle-Aged Man
Chapter 101 – Wen Ming
Chapter 102 – Return
Chapter 103 – The Trial Of Yuan Dan
Chapter 104 – Shocking Information
Chapter 105 – Condemnation
Chapter 106 – The Guards Of Gods
Chapter 107 – Beating Hard
Chapter 108 – Raise An Army
Chapter 109 – Delivering A Message
Chapter 110 – Bad News
Chapter 111 – Loan
Chapter 112 – Force Attack
Chapter 113 – Encircle The Valley
Chapter 114 – Horrifying
Chapter 115 – Going To The South
Chapter 116 – ‘Fellow’
Chapter 117 – Wait A Second
Chapter 118 – Predestined
Chapter 119 – Forcing Assault
Chapter 120 – The Country Of God
Chapter 121 – Prince
Chapter 122 – Tonggong
Chapter 123 – Go Out For A Battle
Chapter 124 – Eliminating The Accomplices
Chapter 125 – Conflict
Chapter 126 – Tidying Up
Chapter 127 – Boiling The Sea
Chapter 128 – The Bet
Chapter 129 – Remains
Chapter 130 – Single One
Chapter 131 – Rush Ahead
Chapter 132 – Breaking The Formation
Chapter 133 – Going Home
Chapter 134 – Transition
Chapter 135 – New Meridians
Chapter 136 – Game Of Powers
Chapter 137 – Changes
Chapter 138 – Invitation
Chapter 139 – The Trade Caravan
Chapter 140 – Sigh
Chapter 141 – Strange Guests
Chapter 142 – Provoke
Chapter 143 – Animal Attack
Chapter 144 – Shadow Attack
Chapter 145 – Blood Curse
Chapter 146 – Warm Heart
Chapter 147 – Danger
Chapter 148 – Life-Taking
Chapter 149 – Furious Man Man
Chapter 150 – The Journey
Chapter 151 – Tax Collection
Chapter 152 – Human As A Tax
Chapter 153 – Kidnap
Chapter 154 – Killing In A Row
Chapter 155 – Destroying The Ships
Chapter 156 – Setup A Monument
Chapter 157 – The Midland
Chapter 158 – Rich Soil
Chapter 159 – Civilization
Chapter 160 – Knowledge
Chapter 161 – Exploit
Chapter 162 – Conquer
Chapter 163 – Crazy Monsters
Chapter 164 – Violence.
Chapter 165 – Break The Armour
Chapter 166 – Lesson
Chapter 167 – Old Friend
Chapter 168 – Magi Palace
Chapter 169 – Apprentice
Chapter 170 – Choose
Chapter 171 – Decision
Chapter 172 – Delve Deeply Into Practice
Chapter 173 – Taisi
Chapter 174 – Jiang Yong
Chapter 175 – Public Enemy
Chapter 176 – Society
Chapter 177 – Proud
Chapter 178 – Enraged
Chapter 179 – Take Their Lives!
Chapter 180 – Shaosi
Chapter 181 – Life Force
Chapter 182 – Plan
Chapter 183 – Friends
Chapter 184 – Surrounded
Chapter 185 – Arrow From The Shadow
Chapter 186 – Sideway Look
Chapter 187 – Partners
Chapter 188 – Killed By The Arrow
Chapter 189 – Making Friends
Chapter 190 – Deadly Curse
Chapter 191 – Task
Chapter 192 – Reunion
Chapter 193 – Team Up
Chapter 194 – Rong Mountain
Chapter 195 – Senior Magus
Chapter 196 – Shadow Thorn
Chapter 197 – Shadow And Light
Chapter 198 – Struck Down
Chapter 199 – Arrows Came At Night
Chapter 200 – Pray
Chapter 201 – Poisonous Rain
Chapter 202 – Release
Chapter 203 – Candle Dragon
Chapter 204 – Weal And Woe
Chapter 205 – Slaves
Chapter 206 – Horrible Bugs
Chapter 207 – Hive
Chapter 208 – Bug Slave
Chapter 209 – Crystal Mine
Chapter 210 – Lie Mountain
Chapter 211 – Trouble
Chapter 212 – Magical Space
Chapter 213 – Holy Weapon
Chapter 214 – Body Strengthening
Chapter 215 – Overall Situation
Chapter 216 – Deacon
Chapter 217 – Prince
Chapter 218 – A False Countercharge
Chapter 219 – Wuyou
Chapter 220 – Shameless
Chapter 221 – Counterplan
Chapter 222 – Interception
Chapter 223 – Confession
Chapter 224 – Bad Luck
Chapter 225 – Fall On Evil Days
Chapter 226 – News Of His Death
Chapter 227 – Sudden Death
Chapter 228 – Association
Chapter 229 – Ku Quan
Chapter 230 – Special Abilities
Chapter 231 – Count Chong
Chapter 232 – Presenting Oneself In Front Of The King
Chapter 233 – Confrontation
Chapter 234 – Being Taken Into Custody
Chapter 235 – Jail
Chapter 236 – Preach
Chapter 237 – Xie Zhi
Chapter 238 – Gui Ling
Chapter 239 – Enjoy The Music
Chapter 240 – Kill Meng Ao
Chapter 241 – Release Souls From Purgatory
Chapter 242 – Kang
Chapter 243 – Delusions
Chapter 244 – Suppressed
Chapter 245 – Domineering
Chapter 246 – Twisting The Situation
Chapter 247 – Join The Army
Chapter 248 – Struck
Chapter 249 – Give A Gift
Chapter 250 – Deal
Chapter 251 – The Yu Dynasty
Chapter 252 – Chi Ban Mountain
Chapter 253 – Special Army
Chapter 254 – Encounter
Chapter 255 – Refugees
Chapter 256 – Pursuers
Chapter 257 – Little Frustration
Chapter 258 – Close Combat
Chapter 259 – Blood Power
Chapter 260 – Evil Blood
Chapter 261 – Snipe Kill
Chapter 262 – Magic Bow
Chapter 263 – The Magic But Formation
Chapter 264 – Emergency
Chapter 265 – Ginger
Chapter 266 – Information
Chapter 267 – Hatch
Chapter 268 – The Ocean Of Bugs
Chapter 269 – Surrender
Chapter 270 – Bug Puppet
Chapter 271 – Bug Attack
Chapter 272 – Infuriating
Chapter 273 – Array
Chapter 274 – Useless
Chapter 275 – Determination
Chapter 276 – Blood Waves
Chapter 277 – Burn The Blood
Chapter 278 – Encircled
Chapter 279 – Tusk
Chapter 280 – Start The War
Chapter 281 – Blood Scent
Chapter 282 – Brutal
Chapter 283 – Encircled And Suppressed
Chapter 284 – The War Between Emperors
Chapter 285 – Watch
Chapter 286 – Yanluo
Chapter 287 – Seeing A Ghost
Chapter 288 – Tangled Fight
Chapter 289 – Fight Again
Chapter 290 – Collapse
Chapter 291 – Teleport
Chapter 292 – Counterattack
Chapter 293 – Retreat
Chapter 294 – Formidable Enemy
Chapter 295 – Nailhead
Chapter 296 – Spies
Chapter 297 – The First Shot
Chapter 298 – The Second Shot
Chapter 299 – Take An Apprentice
Chapter 300 – Yu Yu
Chapter 301 – A Lecture On Toolmaking
Chapter 302 – Forging A Weapon
Chapter 303 – Knowledge
Chapter 304 – Inspiration Of Magic Formations
Chapter 305 – Sudden Rage
Chapter 306 – Curse Casters
Chapter 307 – Curse Battle
Chapter 308 – Fury
Chapter 309 – Save
Chapter 310 – Ji Mo
Chapter 311 – Power
Chapter 312 – Clansmen
Chapter 313: Slaves
Chapter 314 – A Sudden Twist
Chapter 315 – Pounce
Chapter 316 – Magic Formation Artist
Chapter 317 – Mutual Hurt
Chapter 318 – Flying Hammer
Chapter 319 – Rise Of The Magic Formation
Chapter 320 – Magic Formation Kill
Chapter 321 – Magic Formation Escape
Chapter 322 – Chase
Chapter 323 – Capture
Chapter 324 – Kill A Di
Chapter 325 – Kill That Captive
Chapter 326 – Shock
Chapter 327 – The Heart Of A Slave
Chapter 328 – Reprimand
Chapter 329 – A Hard Nut
Chapter 330 – Free Him From The Pain
Chapter 331 – Fiery Pearl
Chapter 332 – Eight Thousand
Chapter 333 – Redeem
Chapter 334 – Glory
Chapter 335 – Blackmail
Chapter 336 – A Heavenly-High Price
Chapter 337 – Extortion
Chapter 338 – Lure
Chapter 339 – Plan
Chapter 340 – Sword Formation
Chapter 341 –
Chapter 342 –
Chapter 343 – Market
Chapter 344 – Black Market
Chapter 345 – Strangely Heroic Woman
Chapter 346 – Forcibly Selling
Chapter 347 – Qian Tan
Chapter 348 – Wildness
Chapter 349 – Explanation
Chapter 350 – Reasonable
Chapter 351 – Enemy
Chapter 352 – Arrow Guards
Chapter 353 – Been Shot
Chapter 354 – Been Caught
Chapter 355 – Collision
Chapter 356 – Thunder Formation
Chapter 357 – A Sudden Change
Chapter 358 – Arrow King
Chapter 359 – Qingniao
Chapter 360 – Cannot Win
Chapter 361 – Spirit Blood
Chapter 362 – Expanding Meridians
Chapter 363 – Be Of One Heart
Chapter 364 – Rounding Up
Chapter 365 – Fighting Over The Tree
Chapter 366 – Dragon-Kind
Chapter 367 – Rich
Chapter 368 – Picking Up
Chapter 369 – Scare Off
Chapter 370 – Magi Master
Chapter 371 – Inner Palace
Chapter 372 – Magi
Chapter 373 – Message
Chapter 374 – The King Of Trees
Chapter 375 – Persuasion
Chapter 376 – True Heart
Chapter 377 – Breaking In
Chapter 378 – Proudness
Chapter 379 – Slap
Chapter 380 – Extreme Rage
Chapter 381 – Qing Mei
Chapter 382 – Yanluo
Chapter 383 – Plan
Chapter 384 – Armament
Chapter 385: Clinch The Deal
Chapter 386: Start
Chapter 387: Make A Show
Chapter 388: A Great Show
Chapter 389: Deep Entering
Chapter 390: Make Battle Formation
Chapter 391: Settle Old Scores
Chapter 392: A Small Loss
Chapter 393: Encircle The City
Chapter 394: Capture Alive
Chapter 395: Abandon The Town
Chapter 396: Blood Bait
Chapter 397: Progress
Chapter 398: Control
Chapter 399: Deliver All Living Creatures From Torment
Chapter 400: Convert And Betray
Chapter 401: Itchy
Chapter 402: Close
Chapter 403: Sword Attack
Chapter 404: Sword Kill
Chapter 405: An Army Of Spirit Creatures
Chapter 406: Turn The Weapon Around
Chapter 407: Shock
Chapter 408: Converging Attack
Chapter 409: Nether Moon
Chapter 410: Scramble For The Credit
Chapter 411: Nether Moon Kill
Chapter 412: Attack The Formation
Chapter 413: Magic Formation Fight
Chapter 414: Silence The Sound
Chapter 415: A Fight Between Emperors
Chapter 416: Competition Between The Two Sects
Chapter 417: Chop The Body
Chapter 418: Arrow Rain
Chapter 419: Twist
Chapter 420: Withdraw The Troops
Chapter 421: Meritorious Merit
Chapter 422: Inner Journey
Chapter 423: Sword Wound
Chapter 424: Resuscitation
Chapter 425: Taking Out
Chapter 426: Return
Chapter 427: Return Journey
Chapter 428: Disturbance
Chapter 429: A Female Slave
Chapter 430: Dragooning
Chapter 431: Bribe
Chapter 432: Abduct Her At Night
Chapter 433: Hostile
Chapter 434: Teleport
Chapter 435: Be Obedient
Chapter 436: Migratory Clans
Chapter 437: Snatch
Chapter 438: Capture Alive
Chapter 439: Mightiness
Chapter 440: Eight Magus Kings
Chapter 441: Scapegoat
Chapter 442: Short-Stay Palace
Chapter 443: Quiet
Chapter 444: Bad Guests
Chapter 445: Buy Out
Chapter 446: Beat Up
Chapter 447: Hang Up
Chapter 448: Block The Door
Chapter 449: Convene
Chapter 450: Sky-Offering
Chapter 451: Rewarding
Chapter 452: Celebrating
Chapter 453: Banquet
Chapter 454: Bash The Monkey
Chapter 455: Earth-Splitting
Chapter 456: Acknowledge His Guilt
Chapter 457: Drink At Night
Chapter 458: Advice
Chapter 459: A Heart To Heart Talk
Chapter 460: Tranquil Extinction
Chapter 461: Priest Corpse
Chapter 462: Agreement
Chapter 463: Purchase
Chapter 464: The Journey
Chapter 465: Making A Painstaking Investigation
Chapter 466: Making A Painstaking Investigation (2)
Chapter 467: Making A Painstaking Investigation (3)
Chapter 468: Making A Painstaking Investigation (4)
Chapter 469: Contention
Chapter 470: Bear The Blame
Chapter 471: The Discord Between Brothers
Chapter 472: Redeem The Soul
Chapter 473: Build The Body
Chapter 474: The Soul Came Back
Chapter 475: Allegiance
Chapter 476: Usurp The Throne
Chapter 477: Hijack
Chapter 478: Strike The ‘Mei’
Chapter 479: Summon Them To Surrender
Chapter 480: Surrendered Warriors
Chapter 481: Yao Mountain
Chapter 482: Planning
Chapter 483: A God
Chapter 484: Kua E
Chapter 485: Divine Magic Formations
Chapter 486: Breaking Ground
Chapter 487: Sprouting
Chapter 488: Be A Teacher
Chapter 489: Dojo
Chapter 490: A Secret Visitor
Chapter 491: Enemy Attack
Chapter 492: Flow Bandits
Chapter 493: Pay Tribute
Chapter 494: Sweet-Scented Girl
Chapter 495: Immortality
Chapter 496: Plan
Chapter 497: Warm Fragrance
Chapter 498: Watch
Chapter 499: Dispose
Chapter 500: Dowry
Chapter 501: Totem
Chapter 502: Story
Chapter 503: Insight
Chapter 504: A Lesson
Chapter 505: Slating
Chapter 506: Farewell
Chapter 507: Completion
Chapter 508: Residents
Chapter 509: Educational Administration
Chapter 510: Thriving
Chapter 511: Powerful And Prosperous
Chapter 512: Here Came Xia
Chapter 513: Crow Strike
Chapter 514: Raging Crows
Chapter 515: Crow Attack
Chapter 516: The Grades Of Dao
Chapter 517: Pilgrimage
Chapter 518: Intent Of Dao
Chapter 519: Ambuscade
Chapter 520: Defeat Divine Magi
Chapter 521: Capturing Alive
Chapter 522: Attack The City
Chapter 523: Water Attack
Chapter 524: The Tough City
Chapter 525: Turbulence
Chapter 526: Humiliation
Chapter 527: Excuse
Chapter 528: Accusation
Chapter 529: Father
Chapter 530: Deterrence
Chapter 531: Apologize
Chapter 532: Talking At Night
Chapter 533: Choice
Chapter 534: Being Shrewish And Making A Scene
Chapter 535: Suppressing
Chapter 536: Reason This Out
Chapter 537: Commotion
Chapter 538: Confusion
Chapter 539: Repeat
Chapter 540: Crack
Chapter 541: Come Out To The World
Chapter 542: Come One After Another
Chapter 543: Entrust
Chapter 544: The Secret Of Magus Kings
Chapter 545: Ancient Secret
Chapter 546: Prepare For The Breakthrough
Chapter 547: Essence Sun Fire
Chapter 548: A Major Breakthrough
Chapter 549: Making A Casual Demonstration Of His Capability
Chapter 550: Tit For Tat
Chapter 551: Mutual Aggression
Chapter 552: Bo Qiujia
Chapter 553: Calculation
Chapter 554: Prince Gong Sun
Chapter 555: Non-Humankind Messengers
Chapter 556: A Letter Of Challenge
Chapter 557: Candidates
Chapter 558: Shifu’S Homegate
Chapter 559: Treasures Presented By Xuan Du
Chapter 560: Marriage
Chapter 561: Mr. Crow Upgrading
Chapter 562: The Magical Small Cauldron
Chapter 563: Everything Grows
Chapter 564: Creative Natural Power
Chapter 565: Shopping
Chapter 566: Si Ming
Chapter 567: Grace
Chapter 568: The Young Master Of The Phoenix Kind
Chapter 569: Old Life
Chapter 570: Call-Up
Chapter 571: Tortoise Chariot
Chapter 572: Death Threat
Chapter 573: A Brother And Sister Turn Against Each Other
Chapter 574: Mental Strike
Chapter 575: Above The Sky
Chapter 576: Entirely Different
Chapter 577: Kill With A Thunder
Chapter 578: Close Attention
Chapter 579: World Hunting
Chapter 580: Portal
Chapter 581: Enter
Chapter 582: The Killing Intent Of The World
Chapter 583: A Magical World
Chapter 584: Harvest
Chapter 585: The Least Bit Of Difference
Chapter 586: Intelligent Creatures
Chapter 587: Following
Chapter 588: Visiting The Small Island At Night
Chapter 589: Local Captives
Chapter 590: Holy Spirit Messenger
Chapter 591: Defeat The Messenger
Chapter 592: Holy Spirit Descended
Chapter 593: Be Defeated And Flee
Chapter 594: All Had Different Stories
Chapter 595: Robbery
Chapter 596: Loot The Luck
Chapter 597: A War Between Countries
Chapter 598: Qiong Sang Prince
Chapter 599: Trap
Chapter 600: One From The Holy Land
Chapter 601: Holy Land
Chapter 602: Alive Body
Chapter 603: Holy Palace
Chapter 604: Opportunity
Chapter 605: Take The Opportunity And Break In
Chapter 606: Secret Yu Clan Seal
Chapter 607: Set A Trap
Chapter 608: The Danger Is Coming
Chapter 609: Ancestor Souls Showing Up
Chapter 610: Hunted By The Ancestor Soul
Chapter 611: Adverse Impacts
Chapter 612: River Earl
Chapter 613: Frustrate The River Earl Slightly
Chapter 614: Sneak Attack And Snatch
Chapter 615: Transboundary Loot
Chapter 616: Entering Unavoidable Confrontation
Chapter 617: A Sneak Attack Launched By Priest Corpse
Chapter 618: Space Ancestor Soul
Chapter 619: Destiny
Chapter 620: Elder Destiny
Chapter 621: Reluctant Invitation
Chapter 622: A Surprising Reunion
Chapter 623: A Hidden Worry
Chapter 624: Fight For Fortune
Chapter 625: A Competition
Chapter 626: Honored Guests At Holy Land
Chapter 627: An Army Arriving
Chapter 628: Dragon And Phoenix
Chapter 629: Coordinated Attack
Chapter 630: A Great Mess
Chapter 631: World Accompanying Spirit Treasure
Chapter 632: Wealthy Dragon-Kind And Phoenix-Kind
Chapter 633: An Emergency Mediation
Chapter 634: Evil Jia Clan
Chapter 635: Kill Ancestor Souls
Chapter 636: Especially Strong
Chapter 637: Invulnerable
Chapter 638: The Invincible State
Chapter 639: Frontal Challenge
Chapter 640: Resist
Chapter 641: The Enemies Of The World
Chapter 642: Manipulating The Great Dao Of Nature
Chapter 643: Forcibly Kill
Chapter 644: Chaos Sword Power
Chapter 645: Strengthen The Defenses And Clear The Fields
Chapter 646: Withdraw From The Holy Land
Chapter 647: The Fallen Land
Chapter 648: Pan Xi Divine Mirror
Chapter 649: Great Functions
Chapter 650: Dragon And Phoenix Conspiring
Chapter 651: Educate All Living Creatures
Chapter 652: All Living Creatures Are Miserable
Chapter 653: Di Cha’S Game
Chapter 654: Gong Gong
Chapter 655: Warm-Hearted
Chapter 656: Sign
Chapter 657: Human Lives Are As Cheap As Grasses
Chapter 658: Suffer A Heavy Loss
Chapter 659: Real Fight
Chapter 660: Afraid
Chapter 661: The First Battle
Chapter 662: Sacrifice
Chapter 663: The First Kill Of Elder Destiny
Chapter 664: Elder Destiny Kills In A Row
Chapter 665: Strong Destiny
Chapter 666: Force Back
Chapter 667: Joint Handed Attack
Chapter 668: Awareness
Chapter 669: Pan Xi’S Body
Chapter 670: Supreme Holy Puppet
Chapter 671: Holy Puppet Attack
Chapter 672: Rampant
Chapter 673: Invincible
Chapter 674: A Clone Of Flower
Chapter 675: Seek Refuge
Chapter 676: Cover A Retreat
Chapter 677: Sword Light
Chapter 678: Eight Spirit Star
Chapter 679: Burn
Chapter 680: Invincible Defense
Chapter 681: Frontal Defeat
Chapter 682: Encounter With Pan Xi
Chapter 683: Fight Pan Xi
Chapter 684: Self-Hurting
Chapter 685: Chi You
Chapter 686: Chi You’S Heart
Chapter 687: Push
Chapter 688: The Final Battle
Chapter 689: Fight Hard
Chapter 690: River Earl Fights
Chapter 691: Ji Hao Attacks Suddenly
Chapter 692: Deadlock
Chapter 693: Fort-Crushing Cannon
Chapter 694: Terrifying Strike
Chapter 695: Loot In A Burning House
Chapter 696: Fight Together
Chapter 697: Self-Contradiction
Chapter 698: Self-Destruction Of The Cannon
Chapter 699: Remaining Force
Chapter 700: Tempted
Chapter 701: Sudden Side Change
Chapter 702: Sudden Killing Intent
Chapter 703: A Dangerous Moment
Chapter 704: Be An Onlooker
Chapter 705: Admit Defeat
Chapter 706: The End
Chapter 707: Trap Pan Xi With A Magic Formation
Chapter 708: Fight For Ownership
Chapter 709: A Million Military Credits
Chapter 710: Gong Gong’S Anger
Chapter 711: Gong Gong Left In Anger
Chapter 712: The Final Harvest
Chapter 713: A Shocking News From Home
Chapter 714: Return To Yao Mountain
Chapter 715: The Final Plan
Chapter 716: Dishi Cha’S Soliloquy
Chapter 717: Family Issue
Chapter 718: Evil Water Dungeon
Chapter 719: Money-Giving Elder
Chapter 720: Activating The Divine Magic Formation
Chapter 721: Pan Xi Mutates
Chapter 722: The Great Dao Of Nature Replayed
Chapter 723: Terrifying Counterforce
Chapter 724: The Miserable State Of Liang Zhu City
Chapter 725: Graphic Coordinates
Chapter 726: Family Discord
Chapter 727: Visiting Dark Sun
Chapter 728: Powerful Slave
Chapter 729: Came To Seek A Marriage Alliance
Chapter 730: Purchasing Information
Chapter 731: Supreme Treasure Sky Eye
Chapter 732: Meeting Again In A Black Market
Chapter 733: A Competition Between The Dragon-Kind And Phoenix-Kind
Chapter 734: Exchange Of Interests
Chapter 735: New Problems Crop Up Unexpectedly
Chapter 736: Full Moon People
Chapter 737: High Moon Noble
Chapter 738: Sky-Opening And Earth-Splitting
Chapter 739: Merging With The Sky Eye
Chapter 740: A Magical Barbette
Chapter 741: A Cultivator On The Tramp
Chapter 742: A Town Near Liang Zhu City
Chapter 743: Experience In The Town
Chapter 744: Family Revenge
Chapter 745: Concentrate On Making Profits
Chapter 746: Prison Manager
Chapter 747: A Tacit Trade
Chapter 748: A Savior Descending From The Sky
Chapter 749: Tempting Money
Chapter 750: Acting Family Leader
Chapter 751: Soul Contract
Chapter 752: In Prison
Chapter 753: Armed To The Teeth
Chapter 754: Teleport From The Prison
Chapter 755: Snitch
Chapter 756: Encircle Black Shark Castle
Chapter 757: Xiu Clan Master
Chapter 758: Mighty
Chapter 759: Fireball
Chapter 760: Forcefully Suppress
Chapter 761: Moho Staff
Chapter 762: Snatch The Treasure
Chapter 763: A Sky-High Price Of A Man
Chapter 764: Seal The Space
Chapter 765: Cover Retreat
Chapter 766: The Power Of The Staff
Chapter 767: Dark Divine Curse
Chapter 768: Shocked Back
Chapter 769: Encircled By A Strong Force
Chapter 770: Injured In A Row
Chapter 771: Sweep Away All Obstacles
Chapter 772: Encircled By An Army
Chapter 773: Reinforcement Comes From The Sky
Chapter 774: Emperor Xuanyuan’S Shifu
Chapter 775: Bygones
Chapter 776: Secret Old Stories
Chapter 777: Pan Gu’S Defence
Chapter 778: The Secret Of Fortune
Chapter 779: Heavy Responsibility From The Sect
Chapter 780: The Dispute In The Base
Chapter 781: Coordinate
Chapter 782: Study The World
Chapter 783: Yu Yu Returns
Chapter 784: The Heaven And Earth Golden Bridge
Chapter 785: Travel Across Space
Chapter 786: The Eye Of Dao Of Sun
Chapter 787: The Seed Of Dao Of Sun
Chapter 788: The First Star
Chapter 789: The Power Of A Divine Magus
Chapter 790: Show Something Of His Abilities
Chapter 791: Violently Conquer
Chapter 792: The Great Ceremony
Chapter 793: Tushan Old Man
Chapter 794: As Wealthy As The Dragon-Kind And Phoenix-Kind
Chapter 795: Monopoly
Chapter 796: A Snowing Night And A Beautiful Girl
Chapter 797: First Appearance
Chapter 798: Bribe
Chapter 799: Arrow Attack
Chapter 800: The Blood Hatred
Chapter 801: Perfect Talent
Chapter 802: Destructive Dark Thunder
Chapter 803: Get Involved
Chapter 804: Reverse The Time
Chapter 805: Xiang Liu Kill
Chapter 806: Beheading
Chapter 807: The Responsibility Of Supervision
Chapter 808: About To Be Activated
Chapter 809: A Trip Across Space
Chapter 810: Following
Chapter 811: A World Of Water
Chapter 812: A Journey With Bad Luck
Chapter 813: Local Water Spirits
Chapter 814: Creature With Instinct
Chapter 815: Escape
Chapter 816: Nest
Chapter 817: Surprise Attack
Chapter 818: Intelligent Group
Chapter 819: A Magical Race
Chapter 820: Saving Them
Chapter 821: Quiet Life Divine Flower
Chapter 822: Quiet Life Divine Fruit
Chapter 823: Deep Underwater
Chapter 824: The Holy Land Of Spirit Mermaids And Mermen
Chapter 825: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 826: They Have Been Here
Chapter 827: Evil Mermaids And Mermen Siege
Chapter 828: Availing The Opportunity To Get In
Chapter 829: Remerging
Chapter 830: Great Causes And Great Effects
Chapter 831: Infinitude Underwater City
Chapter 832: Kappa
Chapter 833: Kappa’S Army
Chapter 834: Ji Hao Sets A Trap
Chapter 835: Ji Hao Boils The Sea
Chapter 836: The Disturbance Of Destiny
Chapter 837: Tushan Construction Site
Chapter 838: A Trap Among Stars
Chapter 839: The Killing Poison Of Snake Xiu
Chapter 840: The Forbidden Card
Chapter 841: Break Into The Heaven
Chapter 842: Into The Heaven
Chapter 843: Occupy The Heaven
Chapter 844: Control The Divine Sleeping Palace
Chapter 845: The Gate Keeper
Chapter 846: The Divine Origin Pool
Chapter 847: Burn Kappa
Chapter 848: Kill Kappa
Chapter 849: Back To Southern Wasteland
Chapter 850: Zhu Rong’S Invitation
Chapter 851: Meeting Zhu Rong Again
Chapter 852: The Fire Sea Divine Palace
Chapter 853: Suppressing The Evils Forever
Chapter 854: The First Chi You
Chapter 855: An Eternal Being
Chapter 856: A Southern Wasteland Man
Chapter 857: Golden Body, Treasure Body
Chapter 858: Human Weapon
Chapter 859: A Powerful Magic
Chapter 860: Flying
Chapter 861: Sky Devil?
Chapter 862: The True Face Of Sky Devil
Chapter 863: The Rising Evil Flame
Chapter 864: Unassailable
Chapter 865: The Sword Formation Kills The Devil
Chapter 866: Intruding The Divine Palace Again
Chapter 867: Possess The Body And Take The Soul
Chapter 868: The Cauldron And The Original Spirit
Chapter 869: Above The Common
Chapter 870: Dimond Cuts Dimond
Chapter 871: Cross Bite
Chapter 872: Unexpected Possibility
Chapter 873: Search For The Devil Million Miles Away
Chapter 874: Encountering Priest Mu
Chapter 875: Priest Mu Sheds Blood
Chapter 876: Follow The Sound Here
Chapter 877: Bullying Act
Chapter 878: Shifu And Disciple Join Hands
Chapter 879: The Fight Between Two Powerful Beings
Chapter 880: Quick Kill
Chapter 881: The Trace Of The Devil
Chapter 882: Two Powerful Beings
Chapter 883: Fight The Devil
Chapter 884: Coming One After Another
Chapter 885: Four Powerful Beings Come Out Together
Chapter 886: The Embryo Chaos Sword
Chapter 887: Nine Suns Devil-Destroying Sword
Chapter 888: A Piece Of Tree Bark
Chapter 889: Nine Suns Stainless Cloak
Chapter 890: Ten-Thousand Arrows Kill
Chapter 891: Teamed Up
Chapter 892: Kill Ten-Thousand Enemies
Chapter 893: Nail Head Arrow Book
Chapter 894: Chase The Soul For Ten-Thousand Miles
Chapter 895: The Chosen One
Chapter 896: Everyone Improve
Chapter 897: Cut Yi Shen
Chapter 898: The Death Of Wuyou
Chapter 899: Gong Gong’S Anger
Chapter 900: Tacit Agreement
Chapter 901: Gong Gong’S Power
Chapter 902: Hundred Dragons Take Up The Water
Chapter 903: The Silence Of Tianming
Chapter 904: The Holy Blood From Xuanyuan
Chapter 905: Lotus Body
Chapter 906: Gong Sun Tianming
Chapter 907: Disturbances
Chapter 908: The Beginning Of Unrest
Chapter 909: Departing
Chapter 910: The Great Formation Activated
Chapter 911: The Weapon Chooses Its Owner
Chapter 912: You Xiong City
Chapter 913: Possessed By Sky Devil
Chapter 914: Divine Thunder Descend
Chapter 915: Facing The Sky Devil
Chapter 916: All Attack
Chapter 917: Killed By Gong Gong
Chapter 918: A Fight Between Fire And The Water
Chapter 919: Mountain Collapsing
Chapter 920: Hit The Mountain
Chapter 921: Heroes
Chapter 922: Guard
Chapter 923: Join Hands
Chapter 924: Give A Suggestion Under The Danger
Chapter 925: Sky-Turning Seal
Chapter 926: A Heavy Rain
Chapter 927: Torrents Of Rain
Chapter 928: Interrogate
Chapter 929: The Change In Pan Jia World
Chapter 930: A Sign Of The Flood
Chapter 931: Worlds Connected
Chapter 932: A Great Disaster
Chapter 933: Volunteering
Chapter 934: A Gleam Of Light
Chapter 935: Asking Help From The Sect
Chapter 936: Work Together
Chapter 937: Violently Break
Chapter 938: The Directory Of Treasures
Chapter 939: Sit And Watch
Chapter 940: Henggong Bars The Road
Chapter 941: Weapon-Proof
Chapter 942: Bringing Henggong Fish Under Control
Chapter 943: An Unexpected Change In The Divine Origin Pool
Chapter 944: The Heart Of Chaos
Chapter 945: Taking The Divine Pivot Hall
Chapter 946: One To Three
Chapter 947: Gong Gong Gets Beaten
Chapter 948: Get Away Safely
Chapter 949: The Beginning Stage Of Water-Control
Chapter 950: Ten-Thousand Dragons Seal The Water
Chapter 951: The Army Of Water Creatures
Chapter 952: The Enormous Shark, King Of Aquatic Creatures
Chapter 953: Shark Brothers
Chapter 954: The Disaster Of The Water-Kind
Chapter 955: Boiling Water
Chapter 956: The God Of Si Water
Chapter 957: Thrilling Fight Against The River God
Chapter 958: Cut The River God
Chapter 959: Catch Alive
Chapter 960: Roasted Octopus
Chapter 961: The Miserable Situation After The Disaster
Chapter 962: Sweep Across And Put Down
Chapter 963: Ambition Of The Dragon King
Chapter 964: Sneak Attack Again
Chapter 965: Bao Shu And Bao Yin
Chapter 966: The Destruction Of Both Of Them
Chapter 967: Bewilder With A Secret Magic
Chapter 968: Have Ample Food And Clothing
Chapter 969: Ominous Omen
Chapter 970: Unexpected
Chapter 971: Go Alone
Chapter 972: Dark Killing Thread
Chapter 973: Going In The House
Chapter 974: The River God And His Sons
Chapter 975: Dark Killing Flags
Chapter 976: Immeasurable Dark Power
Chapter 977: Eat His Own Bitter Fruit
Chapter 978: Deep Dark Soul Cauldron
Chapter 979: Here Comes Yemo Tian
Chapter 980: The Real Purpose
Chapter 981: Take The Cauldron And The Bottle
Chapter 982: Take The Souls
Chapter 983: Kill Si Wen Ming
Chapter 984: A Body Of Breathing Earth
Chapter 985: Devour Each Other
Chapter 986: Deep Dark Soul Cauldron
Chapter 987: Shapeless Deep Dark
Chapter 988: Destructive Weapon
Chapter 989: Shaking The World
Chapter 990: Dachi Makes A Move
Chapter 991: The Twelve Emperors In Power
Chapter 992: Pride
Chapter 993: Ignore
Chapter 994: The Rise Of The Water-Kind
Chapter 995: Unite By Marriage
Chapter 996: Snatching The Bride
Chapter 997: Crazy And Fierce
Chapter 998: The Dao Of Taiji
Chapter 999: Taiji Creation
Chapter 1000: A Big Half
Chapter 1001: Arrow Fight
Chapter 1002: The Ring Of Pangu Bell
Chapter 1003: An Arrow Shot From Hiding
Chapter 1004: Cut Yi Tian
Chapter 1005: Take The Responsibility
Chapter 1006: Accompanying
Chapter 1007: Chen
Chapter 1008: Boy Chen
Chapter 1009: Chaos Monster
Chapter 1010: Attacked By A Group Of Monsters.
Chapter 1011: A Long-Lasting Hatred
Chapter 1012: Ju Fu And Lili
Chapter 1013: Original Spirit Creature God
Chapter 1014: Supreme Magus, Si Xi
Chapter 1015: The Power Of A Supreme Magus
Chapter 1016: Poor Boy Chen
Chapter 1017: He Tu And Lo Shu Great Formation
Chapter 1018: Difficult Situation In The Great Formation
Chapter 1019: The Power Of Si Xi
Chapter 1020: The Calculation Of The Old Monster
Chapter 1021: The True Faces Of The Ancient Spirit Creatures
Chapter 1022: Mission
Chapter 1023: The Fight Never Stopped
Chapter 1024: Forced To Bet With Life
Chapter 1025: Supreme Magic Treasures Have Souls
Chapter 1026: A Great Reversal
Chapter 1027: Red Flame Heaven Strike
Chapter 1028: The True God Of Fire
Chapter 1029: Earth God Hou Tu
Chapter 1030: Hou Tu Divine Seal
Chapter 1031: Feather Mountain Collapses
Chapter 1032: Behead Si Xi
Chapter 1033: In A Quiet Place
Chapter 1034: Slaughter The God
Chapter 1035: Another Unexpected Twist
Chapter 1036: Si Xi Goes Up To The Sky
Chapter 1037: Talk About Supreme Magi At Night
Chapter 1038: The Disaster Comes Again
Chapter 1039: Massive Invasion
Chapter 1040: Pu Ban City Is Surrounded By The Water.
Chapter 1041: Inner Hidden Worries
Chapter 1042: Arrogance
Chapter 1043: Water-Kind Monsters Come
Chapter 1044: Lotuses All Over The World
Chapter 1045: Heng Xing
Chapter 1046: What Saints Can Do
Chapter 1047: Rainbow Like Sword Power
Chapter 1048: The Current Situation Of Pu Ban City
Chapter 1049: Mob
Chapter 1050: Food Crisis
Chapter 1051: Henggong Fish Slave
Chapter 1052: Internal Problems
Chapter 1053: Dispute Over The Selection Of A Person
Chapter 1054: The Problem Of Food
Chapter 1055: Rob Food
Chapter 1056: Food Transportation Troop
Chapter 1057: The Bottom-Line
Chapter 1058: Interceptions
Chapter 1059: Hou Tu And Gong Gong
Chapter 1060: Food Again
Chapter 1061: Trap Gong Gong With The Bell
Chapter 1062: Fight The Army Alone
Chapter 1063: Flying Bears Kill
Chapter 1064: Burn The Cities
Chapter 1065: A Fire Knows No Morals
Chapter 1066: The Right Person For The Mission
Chapter 1067: Teach People How To Fish
Chapter 1068: The Sunlight Shines
Chapter 1069: The Sun Tower
Chapter 1070: The Sun Terraced Field
Chapter 1071: Enemies Spying
Chapter 1072: The Harvest, The Happiness, The Anger
Chapter 1073: All Streams To The Final Land
Chapter 1074: Five Lands Back Into One
Chapter 1075: The City On Water
Chapter 1076: Ignore It
Chapter 1077: Don’T Offend A Woman
Chapter 1078: Precious Cauldron Descends From The Sky
Chapter 1079: A Monkey Jumping Out
Chapter 1080: Strong Oppression
Chapter 1081: The Power Of The Cauldron
Chapter 1082: Make Arrows
Chapter 1083: Arrows Like Tidewater
Chapter 1084: Silent Awe
Chapter 1085: Try The Arrows
Chapter 1086: Wolf Tooth
Chapter 1087: Life-Giving Spring Breeze And Rain
Chapter 1088: Take A Disciple For His Shifu
Chapter 1089: Make Another Armor
Chapter 1090: All-Round Upgrade
Chapter 1091: A Vow Of A Broken Arrow
Chapter 1092: His Life
Chapter 1093: A Visitor Late At Night
Chapter 1094: Fight Wuzhi Qi
Chapter 1095: Neck And Neck
Chapter 1096: Fight With Magic Powers
Chapter 1097: A Chance To Live
Chapter 1098: Boil The Rain And Talk At Night
Chapter 1099: The Transformation Between Yin And Yang
Chapter 1100: Force Stop
Chapter 1101: Arrow Destroy
Chapter 1102: The Extreme Of Fire
Chapter 1103: Came One After Another
Chapter 1104: Si Wen Ming Asks For Help
Chapter 1105: A Difficult Situation
Chapter 1106: Dragon Blood Drunk
Chapter 1107: Pan Gu Defense
Chapter 1108: All Spirit Creatures Go Mad
Chapter 1109: A Flying Moth Darts Into The Fire
Chapter 1110: Slaughter
Chapter 1111: Enormous Spirit Creatures Strike The City
Chapter 1112: Make A Profit In Troubled Situation
Chapter 1113: Descendants Of Water Apes
Chapter 1114: The Power Of The Forbidden Magic
Chapter 1115: Defeat
Chapter 1116: Silver Flood Dragon
Chapter 1117: Being Captured
Chapter 1118: Face The Queen
Chapter 1119: A Sun And Moon Strike
Chapter 1120: Strict Rules
Chapter 1121: Make The Bet
Chapter 1122: A Strike Of Devouring
Chapter 1123: The Great Dao Of Taiji
Chapter 1124: A Destroying Strike
Chapter 1125: Leg And Leg
Chapter 1126: The Secret Dark Sun Magic
Chapter 1127: Dark Sun Inheritance
Chapter 1128: Shayi Fails
Chapter 1129: Yemo Tian Arrives
Chapter 1130: The Sadness Of Snow
Chapter 1131: A Fight Between The Monkey And The Snake
Chapter 1132: Ice Flood Dragons
Chapter 1133: The Flood Dragon King From The North Sea
Chapter 1134: The Only Child
Chapter 1135: Flood Dragons And Snakes
Chapter 1136: An Unpleasant Conversation
Chapter 1137: Cut Xiang Liu Junior
Chapter 1138: A Philosophical Problem
Chapter 1139: Flowing Poison, Without An End
Chapter 1140: Poison Attack
Chapter 1141: ‘Natural Disaster’
Chapter 1142: Yu Mu Volunteers
Chapter 1143: Try The Poison With His Body
Chapter 1144: The Disease God Seal
Chapter 1145: The Disease God’S Legacy
Chapter 1146: Endless Locust Infestation
Chapter 1147: Hundreds Of Millions Of Floating Bodies
Chapter 1148: The Flowing Poison Never Stops
Chapter 1149: Be Uncovered
Chapter 1150: It Has An Affinity For The Flower
Chapter 1151: A Magic Lotus
Chapter 1152: Sweet Words
Chapter 1153: Motionless
Chapter 1154: Sudden Unexpected Change
Chapter 1155: Break The Formation And Kill
Chapter 1156: The Flood Dragon King Changes
Chapter 1157: Endless Iceberg
Chapter 1158: Caught Flat-Footed
Chapter 1159: Helpers
Chapter 1160: Suiren
Chapter 1161: A Lecture Given By Suiren
Chapter 1162: The Water Eye In Huai Water
Chapter 1163: Yuan Sheng
Chapter 1164: Easily Get In
Chapter 1165: Dragon Coffins
Chapter 1166: Coffin Keeper
Chapter 1167: Yu Ancestor
Chapter 1168: Transplant
Chapter 1169: Countless Clones
Chapter 1170: Break In
Chapter 1171: The Man In The Coffin
Chapter 1172: Nine Spirits Back Into One
Chapter 1173: The Date Of Return?
Chapter 1174: A Shocking Plan
Chapter 1175: Before And After
Chapter 1176: Seeing Yuan Sheng Again
Chapter 1177: The Secret Dragon-Slam Art
Chapter 1178: A Familiar Feeling
Chapter 1179: Dragon-Slam Priest
Chapter 1180: Dragon-Slam And Tiger-Blast
Chapter 1181: Slay Yuan Sheng
Chapter 1182: Strange Silhouettes
Chapter 1183: Pretend
Chapter 1184: A Group Of Chaos Monsters Block The Way
Chapter 1185: Candle Dragon Light
Chapter 1186: The Power Of People
Chapter 1187: Take Kun Peng Down
Chapter 1188: Force Back
Chapter 1189: Destroy Thoroughly
Chapter 1190: The Sadness Of Gong Gong
Chapter 1191: Gong Gong Cowered
Chapter 1192: Yu Ancestor’S Plan
Chapter 1193: Kill Yu With Seven Arrows
Chapter 1194: The Wild Goose Flies To The Unseen World
Chapter 1195: Devils Again
Chapter 1196: Terror
Chapter 1197: Arrogant
Chapter 1198: Strife Openly And Secretly
Chapter 1199: Awe The Sky Devil
Chapter 1200: An Embryo Of Dao Rushed In
Chapter 1201: Mole
Chapter 1202: Two ‘Zun’ Attack Suddenly
Chapter 1203: Melt The Sky Devils
Chapter 1204: Greedy And Crazy
Chapter 1205: Frontal Attack
Chapter 1206: Ying Zun’S Power
Chapter 1207: The True Face
Chapter 1208: The Star Guards Of The Humankind
Chapter 1209: The Obsession With Living
Chapter 1210: Cut The Knot
Chapter 1211: The Powers Of Sky Devils
Chapter 1212: Never Peaceful
Chapter 1213: Rock Dragon Old Man’S Soul
Chapter 1214: Life And Extinction
Chapter 1215: Half Step Supreme Magus
Chapter 1216: The Struggling Power
Chapter 1217: The Will Of The World
Chapter 1218: The Instinct Of The World
Chapter 1219: Arbitrariness
Chapter 1220: Emperor Ku’S Offspring
Chapter 1221: Strict Rules
Chapter 1222: What Ji Wu Can Do
Chapter 1223: Datura Poison
Chapter 1224: Break Fei Water City
Chapter 1225: Heavy Penalties During Rough Times
Chapter 1226: All In The City Are Slaves
Chapter 1227: Hunt Him Down With Full Strength
Chapter 1228: Fame
Chapter 1229: The Infinitude Lotus World
Chapter 1230: Complicit
Chapter 1231: Kill, Kill, Kill
Chapter 1232: All Worlds
Chapter 1233: Divine Flame Bead
Chapter 1234: The Golden Bridge Breaks It
Chapter 1235: Priest Corpse Disintegrates
Chapter 1236: Transmigration
Chapter 1237: Be Smitten With Fear
Chapter 1238: Sweep Through
Chapter 1239: The Eruption Of The Intent Of Killing
Chapter 1240: The Confusion After The Battle
Chapter 1241: The Strangeness Of Preist Hua
Chapter 1242: The Holy Seed Of Sky Devils
Chapter 1243: Reap As One Has Sown
Chapter 1244: True Freedom
Chapter 1245: Priest Hua’S Lecture
Chapter 1246: Sum Up
Chapter 1247: Meeting Again After A Long Separation
Chapter 1248: The Nine Water Gates
Chapter 1249: Gong Gong’S Determination
Chapter 1250: Dark Water Yao Yao
Chapter 1251: Hit Below The Belt
Chapter 1252: Trying To Be The First
Chapter 1253: The First Fight
Chapter 1254: Aggressive Ji Hao
Chapter 1255: Qiong Sang Shuang, Dead
Chapter 1256: You Chao Yu Arrives
Chapter 1257: You Chao Rock, Defeated
Chapter 1258: Joining The Fight Enthusiastically
Chapter 1259: Ghost Chariot
Chapter 1260: Force Them Away Together
Chapter 1261: Be Onlookers
Chapter 1262: Suffer Heavy Casualties
Chapter 1263: Stalemate
Chapter 1264: Strong Armies
Chapter 1265: Fire Crows
Chapter 1266: Vent The Anger
Chapter 1267: The Key
Chapter 1268: Sneak Into The Kui Gate
Chapter 1269: The Chaotic Spirit Creature Market
Chapter 1270: A Yu In The Market
Chapter 1271: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 1272: Crayfish Shermie
Chapter 1273: Ji Hao Takes A Disciple
Chapter 1274: Local Villains
Chapter 1275: Teach The Dao And Remove The Mountains
Chapter 1276: Teach The Dao, Give The Treasures
Chapter 1277: Friendly Neighbor
Chapter 1278: Neighbors Should Take Care Of Each Other
Chapter 1279: Control The Core
Chapter 1280: Ao Ao Sends His Army
Chapter 1281: Manhunt
Chapter 1282: Spirit Creature Market
Chapter 1283: Being Surprised
Chapter 1284: The Light Of Wisdom
Chapter 1285: Rich Customer
Chapter 1286: Take Away The Firewood Under The Cooking Pot
Chapter 1287: Invitation
Chapter 1288: The Shell Of A Chaos Monster
Chapter 1289: The Value Of The Shell
Chapter 1290: Netherworld Hierarch
Chapter 1291: What A Big Trap
Chapter 1292: Eighteen Clones
Chapter 1293: Talk About The Great Dao, Gift The Treasures
Chapter 1294: Dragon, Tiger, Lion, Mammoth
Chapter 1295: My Friend, You’Re Destined To Be One Of Us
Chapter 1296: The Great Salvation Seal
Chapter 1297: Break All With The Strength
Chapter 1298: Peacemaker
Chapter 1299: Eat A Humble Pie
Chapter 1300: The Power Of A Spirit Creature King
Chapter 1301: Violent Blood
Chapter 1302: Warm-Up For The Auction
Chapter 1303: Stern Warning
Chapter 1304: Arrogant Crayfish
Chapter 1305: The Treasure From The Dragon Palace
Chapter 1306: Pan Jia Descended
Chapter 1307: This Isn’T Right
Chapter 1308: The Netherworld Blood Ganoderma
Chapter 1309: Impatient Pan Jia
Chapter 1310: Start Fighting
Chapter 1311: Great Liberty
Chapter 1312: Stars In The Sky
Chapter 1313: Pan Gu’S Front Teeth
Chapter 1314: All-Conquering
Chapter 1315: Smash With The Bell
Chapter 1316: Netherworld Soul Chain
Chapter 1317: Gone Traceless
Chapter 1318: Taiji Dragon Horn
Chapter 1319: Young Dragons And Phoenixes
Chapter 1320: The Trade Of Blood Ganoderma
Chapter 1321: A Pair Of Poor Things
Chapter 1322: Large Family People
Chapter 1323: Everybody Has A Plan
Chapter 1324: Assassinate Wu Gu
Chapter 1325: The Twelve Worlds Arrive
Chapter 1326: Return Through The Space
Chapter 1327: The Destination — Pan Gu!
Chapter 1328: Welcoming Ceremony
Chapter 1329: Cut The Serpent
Chapter 1330: Utterly Isolated Gong Gong
Chapter 1331: Dark Water Serpent Slough
Chapter 1332: Whose Credit?
Chapter 1333: Because Of Jealousy
Chapter 1334: He Who Has A Mind To Beat His Dog Will Easily Find A Stick
Chapter 1335: The Sin Of These Families
Chapter 1336: Gong Gong Escapes
Chapter 1337: Gong Gong’S Counterattack
Chapter 1338: Aggressive Sword Move
Chapter 1339: Snakes Become Dragons
Chapter 1340: Shock The Group With The Sword
Chapter 1341: Fight The Group Of Devil
Chapter 1342: The Cold Sword Light
Chapter 1343: Accomplishment Of Embryos Of Dao
Chapter 1344: Strength Breaks All
Chapter 1345: A Hysterical Rout
Chapter 1346: Priest Mu Gives Magic Pills
Chapter 1347: Force To Sell
Chapter 1348: Reasons And Causes, And The Netherworld
Chapter 1349: Being Trapped In Heaven
Chapter 1350: The Plan And The Despair
Chapter 1351: Wuzhi Qi’S Hair
Chapter 1352: A Sword In The Heart
Chapter 1353: Make It Personal
Chapter 1354: No Choice
Chapter 1355: Slaughter A God Like Killing A Dog
Chapter 1356: Spirit Creatures Attack
Chapter 1357: Yao Mountain People Kill Spirit Creatures
Chapter 1358: Wuzhi Qi Surrenders
Chapter 1359: Breaking The Last Gate
Chapter 1360: Supreme Treasures Choose Their Owner
Chapter 1361: The Order Of Killing
Chapter 1362: Organize The Army, Prepare For The War
Chapter 1363: Attack At Night
Chapter 1364: The Sun Shining In The Sky
Chapter 1365: Assassinate Si Wen Ming
Chapter 1366: All His Treasures?
Chapter 1367: What Happened In Pu Ban City
Chapter 1368: Levying With A Good Reason
Chapter 1369: The Leader Of Suiren Family
Chapter 1370: The Leader Of Gong Sun Family
Chapter 1371: Go Down With The Ship
Chapter 1372: Sworn Enemy
Chapter 1373: Whose Standpoint
Chapter 1374: This Is Personal
Chapter 1375: Treacherous Undercurrent
Chapter 1376: Kick Out Of The Court
Chapter 1377: A Strong Force Encircles The City
Chapter 1378: Slave-Hunting Army
Chapter 1379: Virus Attack
Chapter 1380: The Moves Of The Non-Humankind
Chapter 1381: The Power Of The Disease God
Chapter 1382: Damn Guides
Chapter 1383: Men Of Sacrifice
Chapter 1384: Blood Moon Scouts
Chapter 1385: Solid Evidence
Chapter 1386: An Opportunity To Make Money
Chapter 1387: Hurt Their Ancestors
Chapter 1388: A Terrifying Deal
Chapter 1389: A Written Complaint
Chapter 1390: A Bad Situation
Chapter 1391: The Anger Of Marquises And Earls
Chapter 1392: The Anger Of The Emperor
Chapter 1393: Cut The Knot
Chapter 1394: The Formation Changed
Chapter 1395: Dig Through
Chapter 1396: Intimidating, Fighting
Chapter 1397: Prepare For The War, Prepare For The War
Chapter 1398: Limited Killing
Chapter 1399: Unhurried
Chapter 1400: Make Up For Their Errors
Chapter 1401: For What Purpose
Chapter 1402: Perfect Offense And Defense
Chapter 1403: Facing Fan Hai
Chapter 1404: A Woman’S Hatred
Chapter 1405: Fan Gu
Chapter 1406: The Shame Of A Sword Strike
Chapter 1407: The Non-Humankind’S Sincerity
Chapter 1408: The Same Master Shifu
Chapter 1409: White Lotus Altar
Chapter 1410: A Messy Start
Chapter 1411: Feel Each Other Out
Chapter 1412: Ao Hao Fails
Chapter 1413: Suppress The Spirit Beast With The Cauldron
Chapter 1414: Yu Clan’S Aphorism
Chapter 1415: Fight Together
Chapter 1416: The Glorious Domination
Chapter 1417: The City Of Domination
Chapter 1418: The Domination Legion
Chapter 1419: No War In Liang Zhu City
Chapter 1420: Enemy At Liang Zhu City
Chapter 1421: Dangerous People Coming In
Chapter 1422: Poisoned Tea
Chapter 1423: Occupying The Nest
Chapter 1424: Meeting By Chance
Chapter 1425: Walking Into The Trap
Chapter 1426: Swim With The Current
Chapter 1427: The Highest Conference Hall
Chapter 1428: Force On Entrance
Chapter 1429: Stepping Into Liang Zhu City
Chapter 1430: Burn Liang Zhu City
Chapter 1431: Countless Captives
Chapter 1432: Terrifying Weapon
Chapter 1433: Kill Him Together
Chapter 1434: Destructive Slaughter
Chapter 1435: Fall One After Another
Chapter 1436: Ever-Changing
Chapter 1437: Polo Do Changed
Chapter 1438: The Hidden Worry Of Destruction
Chapter 1439: Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1440: Great Liberty Arrived
Chapter 1441: Earn Natural Award
Chapter 1442: Invite Them To The City
Chapter 1443: Great Liberty Dies
Chapter 1444: The Great Dao Of True Water
Chapter 1445: Full-Scale Assault
Chapter 1446: Wrangling
Chapter 1447: Yemo Luoye’S Analysis
Chapter 1448: With A Dilemma
Chapter 1449: Dim Glory
Chapter 1450: Leave When It’S Finished
Chapter 1451: A Shaking Bad News
Chapter 1452: Reverse The Situation
Chapter 1453: A Fair Covenant
Chapter 1454: A Secret Agreement
Chapter 1455: Liang Zhi In Chaos
Chapter 1456: Secret Discussion
Chapter 1457: Escape Alone
Chapter 1458: Break The Weapon With The Sword
Chapter 1459: Destruction And Thunder Trial
Chapter 1460: Meeting Chi You Again
Chapter 1461: The Scouts Are Here
Chapter 1462: Sun And Moon Knights
Chapter 1463: First Fight Against The Sun And Moon Knights
Chapter 1464: True Strong Enemy
Chapter 1465: Maul Shayi Heavily
Chapter 1466: A Chance For A Breakthrough
Chapter 1467: A Man Shaped Sun
Chapter 1468: Joyful
Chapter 1469: Demand An Exorbitant Price
Chapter 1470: Break The City With One Strike
Chapter 1471: A Sleepless Night
Chapter 1472: Pan Gu Mother Land
Chapter 1473: Natural Reward Descends Again
Chapter 1474: Gaze At The World
Chapter 1475: Reforge The Treasures
Chapter 1476: Slaughtering, Challenging
Chapter 1477: Gathering The Light, Launching A Strike
Chapter 1478: The Sun And Moon Samsara
Chapter 1479: Pan Yu Genesis
Chapter 1480: One-Eyed Primordial Spirit
Chapter 1481: Race Difference
Chapter 1482: Inhuman Beating
Chapter 1483: Sad Captives
Chapter 1484: Divine Commanders And Warriors
Chapter 1485: The World’S Edict
Chapter 1486: The Proud Ones, The Frustrated Ones
Chapter 1487: The Power Of A Divine Emperor
Chapter 1488: They Only Follow Strength
Chapter 1489: Passionate Dragons And Phoenixes
Chapter 1490: Three Emperors Swallowed Two Species
Chapter 1491: A Sacred Contract
Chapter 1492: The Right To Bargain
Chapter 1493: Failed To Negotiate
Chapter 1494: Dragons Cry
Chapter 1495: Nourish Them With Dragon Blood
Chapter 1496: Ao Bai
Chapter 1497: Someone With Real Wisdom
Chapter 1498: The Army Marched To The Heaven
Chapter 1499: The Divine Sun Palace
Chapter 1500: Control The Heaven
Chapter 1501: The Heaven And Earth Divine Tower
Chapter 1502: Appoint Ministers
Chapter 1503: All Followers Get Promotion
Chapter 1504: Fuso Staff
Chapter 1505: The Essence Of The Sun
Chapter 1506: Crow Warriors Of The Sun
Chapter 1507: The Anger Of Priest Mu
Chapter 1508: Bygones
Chapter 1509: Be Frustrated
Chapter 1510: Crow Warriors Sword Formation
Chapter 1511: Priest Hua’S Destiny
Chapter 1512: Proud Dragons, Arrogant Phoenixes
Chapter 1513: Release Their Full Power
Chapter 1514: The God Of Rain
Chapter 1515: The Great Battle
Chapter 1516: Seek Their Dooms
Chapter 1517: Muffled Thunder
Chapter 1518: Horrifying
Chapter 1519: Golden Bombs Wipe Out The Devils
Chapter 1520: Priest Mu Arrives Again
Chapter 1521: Pure Sun Sword Formation For Extermination
Chapter 1522: Hesitating
Chapter 1523: Harmonization
Chapter 1524: Priest Mu'S Promise
Chapter 1525: Ji Hao’S Confusion
Chapter 1526: A Lot Of Work
Chapter 1527: The Power Of ‘Blood Crown
Chapter 1528: Fight Through Space
Chapter 1529: Netherworld Priest Made A Move
Chapter 1530: Change Directions
Chapter 1531: Powerful Human Beings
Chapter 1532: Yawing
Chapter 1533: The Negotiation Between Worlds
Chapter 1534: I Want Nine Cauldrons
Chapter 1535: All Souls Creation Cauldron
Chapter 1536: Formulate A Plan
Chapter 1537: In A Big Way
Chapter 1538: Intense Preparation
Chapter 1539: Leave For Pan Heng World
Chapter 1540: In The Sun World
Chapter 1541: ‘Welcoming’ Pan Heng
Chapter 1542: The Outpost Fort
Chapter 1543: Brotherhood
Chapter 1544: The Power Of Gold Crows
Chapter 1545: Blood Crown Descends
Chapter 1546: Brutal Invasion
Chapter 1547: Pan Heng Catastrophe
Chapter 1548: Merits Strike
Chapter 1549: We Are Destined To Meet Each Other
Chapter 1550: Giant Kui’S Insistence
Chapter 1551: Pan Heng’S Eight Hundred Guards
Chapter 1552: Blood Crown’S Aggressiveness
Chapter 1553: A Confrontation Of Dao
Chapter 1554: Life And Destruction
Chapter 1555: Harvest Lives
Chapter 1556: Family Test
Chapter 1557: The Main Goal
Chapter 1558: Seeing Samsara Again
Chapter 1559: Pan Heng Green Ancestor
Chapter 1560: Kill Pan Heng
Chapter 1561: The Story Of Pan Heng
Chapter 1562: The Chaos Spirit Milk
Chapter 1563: The Ninth Turn Of The Cultivation Method
Chapter 1564: True Pan Gu Boby
Chapter 1565: The Sealing Place
Chapter 1566: Dead Giant Vine
Chapter 1567: Make A Painstaking Investigation
Chapter 1568: Facing Pan Heng
Chapter 1569: Shocked
Chapter 1570: Failed Negotiation
Chapter 1571: Natural Suppression
Chapter 1572: Finish It With The Axe
Chapter 1573: The Quality Of The Evil Being
Chapter 1574: Be Greatly Shocked
Chapter 1575: Share The Interests
Chapter 1576: Conquering
Chapter 1577: Expelling
Chapter 1578: Watching The Fight
Chapter 1579: The Strike Of Destruction
Chapter 1580: Injure Priest Hua Severely
Chapter 1581: Nine Suns Shine In The Sky
Chapter 1582: Nothing But Interests
Chapter 1583: Chime In Easily
Chapter 1584: Supreme Treasure Of Great Dao
Chapter 1585: Seal The World
Chapter 1586: The Great Dao Of Quietus
Chapter 1587: Your Dao Is My Dao
Chapter 1588: The Quietus Of Gold Crow
Chapter 1589: Half A World
Chapter 1590: Kill The Enemies And Return
Chapter 1591: Hunt In The Chaos
Chapter 1592: Fought Both Of Them
Chapter 1593: Under The Guidance Of A Famous Shifu
Chapter 1594: A Slap
Chapter 1595: Shake People’S Hearts With Money
Chapter 1596: Break The Sky With A Hand
Chapter 1597: Yu Man
Chapter 1598: The Right Dao
Chapter 1599: Shaped Like A Beast
Chapter 1600: Slaughter, Deracinate
Chapter 1601: Leading A Sect Alone
Chapter 1602: Destroy The Wild One
Chapter 1603: Yemo Tian Changes
Chapter 1604: Yu Huo Descends
Chapter 1605: Yu Huo’S Greed
Chapter 1606: A Sudden Intent Of Killing
Chapter 1607: A Disaster Of Soul
Chapter 1608: All Imprisoned
Chapter 1609: A Bloody Surprise Strike
Chapter 1610: The Face Of His
Chapter 1611: Unsealed Wuzhi Qi
Chapter 1612: What Happened In Those Years
Chapter 1613: Zhu Rong’S Warning
Chapter 1614: Throwing Himself Into A Trap
Chapter 1615: The Truth Of Dao
Chapter 1616: The Wonderful Natural Fortune
Chapter 1617: Pan Yu'S Brain
Chapter 1618: Emperor Shun Falling Into The Enemy’S Hands
Chapter 1619: Handing Over The Crown
Chapter 1620: The New Emperor
Chapter 1621: Great Ceremony
Chapter 1622: Aid
Chapter 1623: Trap And Capture
Chapter 1624: Break
Chapter 1625: Talking About Qualification
Chapter 1626: Shameless Ji Xia
Chapter 1627: The Real Intention Is Revealed In The End
Chapter 1628: At The End Of His Wits
Chapter 1629: The New Emperor Ascends To The Throne
Chapter 1630: Wrong Orders
Chapter 1631: Tear The Humankind
Chapter 1632: Parting Ways
Chapter 1633: Ridiculous Emperor Xun
Chapter 1634: Punish
Chapter 1635: Encircle Yao Mountain City
Chapter 1636: Beat Them To Death
Chapter 1637: Starting The War
Chapter 1638: He Doesn’T Care About Casualties
Chapter 1639: Suffer Losses
Chapter 1640: This Is Murder
Chapter 1641: The Army Collapses
Chapter 1642: All Evils
Chapter 1643: Two Devils
Chapter 1644: Devouring, Swallowing
Chapter 1645: Disunited
Chapter 1646: Migrating
Chapter 1647: Take The Power Away
Chapter 1648: Extremely Cold Fear
Chapter 1649: Original Devil Seed
Chapter 1650: The Beginning Of Devil
Chapter 1651: The Great Dao Of Destruction
Chapter 1652: A Body Of Destruction
Chapter 1653: Return As Fast As Possible
Chapter 1654: Outside The Sun World
Chapter 1655: In The Flames Of War
Chapter 1656: Facing Emperor Xun
Chapter 1657: Chi You Army
Chapter 1658: No Negotiation
Chapter 1659: Freed Chi You
Chapter 1660: Chi You’S Confusion
Chapter 1661: Shake Chi You With Fists
Chapter 1662: Pan Xi’S Body
Chapter 1663: A Difficult Opponent
Chapter 1664: The Warriors From All Over The World
Chapter 1665: The Sad Melody Of Huaxu Family
Chapter 1666: Family Inheritance
Chapter 1667: Encounter With The Devil
Chapter 1668: Know The Weaknesses Clearly
Chapter 1669: Original Devil
Chapter 1670: An Ancient Secret
Chapter 1671: Human Beings Are Cages
Chapter 1672: Bane
Chapter 1673: Cut The Devil
Chapter 1674: Original Devil Scripture
Chapter 1675: Devil-Breaking True Spell
Chapter 1676: Raise A Devil
Chapter 1677: The Alliance Of Devils
Chapter 1678: Dispel The Dark Clouds
Chapter 1679: The Huaxu Army
Chapter 1680: The Original Eight Magic Of The Devil
Chapter 1681: Converting Spirit Blood
Chapter 1682: Original Devil Spirit
Chapter 1683: The Rising Devil Fire
Chapter 1684: Human Extermination Plan
Chapter 1685: Collecting Weapons From The World
Chapter 1686: The Devil Of Chu Wu Clan
Chapter 1687: Turning Into Devils
Chapter 1688: First Encounter With The Devil-Kind
Chapter 1689: Comparable With Supreme Magi
Chapter 1690: A Terrifying Power
Chapter 1691: Ji Hao Retreats
Chapter 1692: The Nine Caldrons Are Almost Forged
Chapter 1693: Supreme Treasure Of Dao
Chapter 1694: The Gift From Spirit Wa
Chapter 1695: Extreme Creation
Chapter 1696: The Great Dao Millstone
Chapter 1697: Offer The World To It
Chapter 1698: Arrive Across Space
Chapter 1699: Pan Yu World
Chapter 1700: Follow
Chapter 1701: Arriving One After Another
Chapter 1702: Bullying Together
Chapter 1703: Someone Owes Spirit Wa A Favor
Chapter 1704: A Hurting Favor
Chapter 1705: Zhu Rong Rises To The Heaven
Chapter 1706: Spirit Wa Gives Divine Edicts
Chapter 1707: Ji Hao’S Giant Trap
Chapter 1708: Priest Hua And Priest Mu Accuse
Chapter 1709: Fight Spirit Hua And Spirit Mu Again
Chapter 1710: Break Silence
Chapter 1711: Die One After Another
Chapter 1712: Treasures Everywhere
Chapter 1713: The Sword Realm In Heaven
Chapter 1714: The Power Of Six-Billion, Four-Hundred And Eighty Years
Chapter 1715: The Casualties Are Heavy
Chapter 1716: All Clones Merging Back
Chapter 1717: Intrude Into Heaven
Chapter 1718: The God Of Wind, The God Of Rain
Chapter 1719: Endless Rain
Chapter 1720: Giant Rock Falling From Sky
Chapter 1721: Disturbed Magnetic Force
Chapter 1722: Numerous Casualties
Chapter 1723: Natural Rewards Power Falling Like Rain
Chapter 1724: Arrogant Challenge
Chapter 1725: Interesting Sidelights Of The War
Chapter 1726: Kill Mingmo
Chapter 1727: Gathering Armies
Chapter 1728: Chose A Battleground
Chapter 1729: Treacherous Messenger
Chapter 1730: The Inner Concern Of The Non-Humankind
Chapter 1731: Endless Greediness
Chapter 1732: Despairing Infertility
Chapter 1733: Lowly Yu Meng
Chapter 1734: Bloody Dignity
Chapter 1735: A Banquet In Liang Zhu City
Chapter 1736: Stiff Hierarchy
Chapter 1737: What He Saw, What He Heard
Chapter 1738: Borrow A Nest, Lay An Egg
Chapter 1739: Secret Code Of Law
Chapter 1740: The Power Of Magus Curse
Chapter 1741: Nailhead Seven Arrow Book
Chapter 1742: Curse Him To Death In Public
Chapter 1743: Curse Them To Death In A Row
Chapter 1744: Disturbed Poison
Chapter 1745: A Cold Sword Light
Chapter 1746: The Power Of Sword Realm
Chapter 1747: Besieged Circle Upon Circle
Chapter 1748: Slaughtering In The Turmoil Of War
Chapter 1749: The Massacre Continues
Chapter 1750: Worsening Situation
Chapter 1751: Centaurs, Assault
Chapter 1752: The Disturbed Situation Spreads
Chapter 1753: Scramble
Chapter 1754: Sky Devils Dancing In The Sky
Chapter 1755: Being Forced To Leave
Chapter 1756: Heart Fight
Chapter 1757: Surging Undercurrents
Chapter 1758: More Unexpected Changes
Chapter 1759: The Punitive War
Chapter 1760: Xiong Shan
Chapter 1761: Underestimate The Enemy
Chapter 1762: The Clan’S Disaster
Chapter 1763: Warning Signals Of Approaching Enemy Forces Are Seen On All Sides
Chapter 1764: Dragon-Slaying Magic
Chapter 1765: Dumbfounded
Chapter 1766: The Sad Melody Of Dragons
Chapter 1767: The Cauldron Appears In The City
Chapter 1768: The Supernatural Phenomenon Created By The Cauldron
Chapter 1769: The Cauldron Suppresses
Chapter 1770: Incomparably Powerful
Chapter 1771: The Cauldron Creates Marvellous Weapons
Chapter 1772: Offer The Souls To The Cauldron
Chapter 1773: Go His Own Way
Chapter 1774: The Muddy Water Is Deep
Chapter 1775: Teach Him A Lesson
Chapter 1776: The Difficulties Of Transformation
Chapter 1777: Colony Alliance
Chapter 1778: An Envoy From The Humankind
Chapter 1779: Praying And Sanctification
Chapter 1780: Emperor Xun’S Confidence
Chapter 1781: The Power Of Divine Emperors
Chapter 1782: Injure Ao Bai Severely
Chapter 1783: Dragon Mother Blood Blade
Chapter 1784: The Dragon Ancestor Had……Nine Sons?
Chapter 1785: Shixin, Shigu, Shisui
Chapter 1786: Chaos
Chapter 1787: The Lacerated Dragon-Kind
Chapter 1788: Disagree
Chapter 1789: Ao Bai Was Defeated
Chapter 1790: Priests’ Treasure
Chapter 1791: Be Careful About The Three ‘Peng’
Chapter 1792: The Second Cauldron
Chapter 1793: Activate The Secret Magic
Chapter 1794: Yu Meng Became A Saint
Chapter 1795: Stimulating
Chapter 1796: Pan Gu Life And Death Seal
Chapter 1797: Gains And Losses
Chapter 1798: Dragon Mother
Chapter 1799: Dragon Mother’S Power
Chapter 1800: Fall Back
Chapter 1801: Dragon And Devil Together
Chapter 1802: Dragon Mother’S Story
Chapter 1803: Deep In The Chaos
Chapter 1804: The Jade Board With A Priest Sealed In It
Chapter 1805: A Man Who Lived For Booze And Meat
Chapter 1806: Tong Jiong’S Three Treasures
Chapter 1807: The Three ‘Pengs’ Story
Chapter 1808: Tong Jiong’S Guess
Chapter 1809: The Non-Humankind Dispatches Troops
Chapter 1810: Associate With The Evils
Chapter 1811: Everyone Has A Plan
Chapter 1812: Shocking Encounter
Chapter 1813: Dragon Mother’S Old Friends
Chapter 1814: Lazy Tong Jiong
Chapter 1815: Priest Sadness
Chapter 1816: Priest Sadness Cries
Chapter 1817: Besieged By Three
Chapter 1818: Tong Jiong’S Suggestion
Chapter 1819: Heaven Master Tong Jiong
Chapter 1820: Free Tong Jiong
Chapter 1821: All Draw Back
Chapter 1822: Suddenly Turn Hostile
Chapter 1823: The Evil One
Chapter 1824: Peel It Off From The Great Dao
Chapter 1825: Creating The Formation
Chapter 1826: Pre-World Magnetic Life And Death
Chapter 1827: Dragon Mother Returns
Chapter 1828: First Try
Chapter 1829: Cut The Treasure
Chapter 1830: The Sword Lights Break The Space
Chapter 1831: Shock Dragon Mother With The Sword
Chapter 1832: The Armies Reach Yao Mountain City
Chapter 1833: Supreme Dragon
Chapter 1834: Guards
Chapter 1835: Evil Yu Yu’S Warning
Chapter 1836: The Beginning Of Slaughter
Chapter 1837: Seeking Their Doom
Chapter 1838: Yu Meng Visits
Chapter 1839: Yu Meng’S Suggestion
Chapter 1840: Tentative Attack
Chapter 1841: Seal The Camp
Chapter 1842: Emperor Xun’S Awareness
Chapter 1843: Dragon Mother Comes Back
Chapter 1844: The Three Friends From Mount Skeleton
Chapter 1845: A Discussion About ‘Commanders’ Battle’
Chapter 1846: Tit For Tat
Chapter 1847: The Evil And The Devil Against Each Other
Chapter 1848: Ji Hao Watches The Fight
Chapter 1849: Fight To Death
Chapter 1850: Blacklist
Chapter 1851: Killing Each Other
Chapter 1852: Borrow A Knife, Butcher The Devils
Chapter 1853: Xing Tian Cuts The Devil
Chapter 1854: Kill The Devil Together
Chapter 1855: Wild Xing Tian
Chapter 1856: Keep Quite Out Of Fear
Chapter 1857: The Devil Moves All Living Beings
Chapter 1858: The Three ‘Pengs’ Against The Original Devil
Chapter 1859: Old Stories
Chapter 1860: Priest Yun Talk To The Devil
Chapter 1861: Priest Yun Takes An Action
Chapter 1862: Tusks
Chapter 1863: Efforts
Chapter 1864: The Lost Holy Blood
Chapter 1865: The Suns And Moons Rise Together
Chapter 1866: The Cauldrons Guard The World
Chapter 1867: Yu Yu’S Talisman
Chapter 1868: Trapped Saints
Chapter 1869: Raise The Cauldrons
Chapter 1870: The Three ‘Pengs’ Make A Surprise Attack
Chapter 1871: Dragon Mother Suddenly Attacks
Chapter 1872: Monsters
Chapter 1874: Eat Their Words
Chapter 1875: Twist The Great Dao
Chapter 1876: Share A Bitter Hatred Of The Enemy
Chapter 1877: All Make Efforts
Chapter 1878: Pan Yu
Chapter 1879: A Debt Needs To Be Paid
Chapter 1880: Pray Together
Chapter 1881: The Great Xia Of The Humankind
Chapter 1882: The Masters Trap Themselves
Chapter 1883: Pan Yu’S Fierce Power
Chapter 1884: Suck
Chapter 1885: Join Hands In Desperation
Chapter 1886: No Solution
Chapter 1887: Great Sword
Chapter 1888: Die Here
Chapter 1889: Consumption
Chapter 1890: Nothing Worse Then Death
Chapter 1891: Together
Chapter 1892: Netherworld Priest Fights
Chapter 1893: The Eighteen Hells
Chapter 1894: Wildly Beating Gongs And Drums
Chapter 1895: Reforge The Jade Disc
Chapter 1896: The Request Of The Mysterious Man
Chapter 1897: Unexpected Twist
Chapter 1898: Powerful Enemy
Chapter 1899: Fix The Dao
Chapter 1900: The Final Strike
Chapter 1901: Go On A Long Journey
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Alternative Titles:

The Era of Supreme Whuu, The Shaman Era, WuShenJi, 巫神纪

Source: Qidian International
Book Details / Information: Long ago, there were people who stood upon the earth with their heads held high. They never bowed to anyone because of their indomitable spirit. They were capable of controlling wind and lightning, and conquering dragons and serpents. They seemed strong enough to split the earth and shatter the stars with their fists. They traveled throughout the land and called themselves Magi. Eventually, one of them would become a Supreme Magus! These men are the ancestors of human beings. Their blood is what we all share today.

Qing Long is the former strongest man in the world. He traveled through space and time and was reborn as Ji Hao in the Fire Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland. It’s a complicated world. Forces from both inside and outside of the clan want this young and talented boy to die. Under great pressure, Ji Hao makes a deal with a mysterious man, who resides in his spiritual space, never showing his real face. He gains two drops of blood from a dragon and phoenix. Afterwards, Ji Hao becomes increasingly more powerful.

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The sky was grey with billowing clouds roiling steadily across it.

Thunder crackled and a blinding flash of lightning streaked down from the sky, without making any noticeable sound.

Qiang Liang, a demigod[1], held a zax[2] and stood upon a gigantic serpent's head, which had been beheaded just now , and was stunned as he gazed at the sky. He saw, hovering over the horizon, a wriggling purple serpent tail, which almost covered the entire vault of the sky.

The serpent was so huge that he couldn’t discern its head, and it blocked the entire skyline.

Hiding the sky and covering the earth, the serpent’s body was often submerged in dark grey clouds. Lightning occasionally struck the serpent’s body, and created a horrible atmosphere; which made the giant, Meng Ming, grimace in pain and shiver unceasingly.

"This crazy bitch has gone mad again, who enraged her this time?!"

While Meng Ming cursed, a mottled, ancient round cauldron[3] slowly descended from the heavens and floated in the air; with a sudden bang, thunder and endless lightning surged out from the cauldron. Soon, the sky returned to normal, and the huge serpent also vanished into thin air.


Dark clouds amassed in the sky, torrents of rain lashed onto the earth, and the air was filled with cool mist and showers of water.

A brightly lit crystal pyramid made of glass, illuminated the dark night sky. Dozens of armed men wearing raincoats surrounded the pyramid, and kept a vigilant watch over the place.

Suddenly, the raindrops started to splash rhythmically on the ground, like the beating of a heart. The rain droplets gradually rose more than a foot high from the ground; and the rainfall weaved into dozens of water ropes, silently wrapping around the armed men’s necks.

The water ropes swung violently and broke their necks, taking their lives instantly. A dim silhouette suddenly emerged from the fog and walked towards the pyramid gate, step by step. Every step closer to the gate, the hazy stature became clearer and at last turned into a transparent man of water, who stood in front of the pyramid gate.

In a flash, the water man slightly shook his body, transforming into a real person. The figure was tall , slim, dressed in a bright, black armour, and had a handsome physique. He was Qing Long.

Numerous water drops condensed into water ropes, which were wriggling like snakes, and drilled into the pyramid, cutting off all security equipment lines like sharp knives. A large electrical fire emerged from the pyramid; only the lighting system was left intact.

Forcing the three-foot-thick crystal gate open, Qing Long slowly walked into an exhibition hall.

More than a hundred crystal exhibition tables were placed in a circle, under the brilliant lights of the hall. Cross-legged skeletons were positioned on each of those tables; and notably, the exhibition case in the centre, made of bulletproof glass, held a multicolored, translucent round cauldron, the size of human head. A totem of a dragon and phoenix was embossed on its surface.

Qing Long moved closer and quietly observed the cross-legged skeletons.

These skeletons had a similar structure to that of humans; however, the bones of their entire body had a dark golden colour, and were translucent like glass. If they stood up straight, their height might have reached more than two meters. More astonishingly, in addition to the two dark eye sockets on either side of their face, there was a third eye socket located in the middle of their eyebrows, which was slightly larger than the other two.

"Three-eyed people?" Qing Long pulled out a dagger and knocked the skeleton with it.

The skeleton gave of sparks when it was knocked by the dagger, which had been made from a special alloy and was forged at a level comparable to diamonds. Unexpectedly, the dagger failed to leave even a single mark on the skeleton. Qing Long's expression became serious. Humanoid skeletons which were harder than diamonds must be extremely valuable, he thought.

"This time, I came by myself...hmm, worthy." Qing Long turned around and walked up to the exhibition case in the centre;he chuckled and said, "Hey, if you don’t show up, I may just take these treasures and leave..."

The side door of the hall opened, and a team of warriors came in through the door. They were wearing long, black trench coats and their bodies were wrapped in flames, lightning, hurricanes, and other odd supernatural visions. Walking in the front was a blonde haired young girl with green eyes, she was slim and pretty. Held in her hands was an oddly shaped jade sword.

"Mr Qing Long, we’ve heard so much about you." The girl walked towards Qing Long, slightly bowed to him and continued, "In the past few years, more than a hundred of our people have died by your hands, including three of my former Secret Service directors. However, what’s inconceivable is, this is the first time that we get to see you in person."

"Ayaya, I’m not that handsome!" Qing Long teased the young girl; at the same time, he pressed his right hand onto the bulletproof glass case, and shattered it into pieces with his palm muscles.

“Oh God!” People who were standing behind the girl exclaimed aloud, and unconsciously took a step back. They had heard about Qing Long, who came from the Eastern country of Hua Xia, and was known as the strongest man in the world. However, they never thought that Qing Long would be so powerful!

They had done tests a few days ago and confirmed that even tank guns could not break the case. Did Qing Long just shattered it bare-handedly? This was beyond their imaginations — was it even possible for a humans to be this strong?

Qing Long held the three-legged cauldron with both of his hands, which gave an extremely pleasant feeling. Holding the cauldron, Qing Long felt like he was holding the entire universe.

Qing long carefully put the cauldron into his bag, which was tied around his waist, and said, "These treasures are taken from Liang Zhu[4], the ancient city of my country. I have to bring them back. According to our rules, the strongest man gets to make the decision. You won’t disagree that I reclaim our treasures, will you?"

The smiling girl looked at Qing Long and said with a soft voice, "Mr. Qing Long, you might want to know some of our research results...about these mysterious treasures. You may not guess it, but according to our survey, we found that the soil layer, where these treasures were buried, have at least a hundred thousand years of history.”

Qing Long subconsciously touched his bag. Thousands of years old antiques? Human history was still in its nascent stage, wasn't it? Was it even possible for those ancient people to create such a beautiful and exquisite treasure with such an inexplicable power hidden in it?

The girl turned over her hand, and revealed the jade sword she had been holding the whole time.

The jade sword was three feet long and a palm-size wide, carved out of a single piece of jade. Near the hilt, was an odd totem with an erected tower; scarlet eyes floated above the tower, seemingly evil and cold.

"We have tested that this jade sword is made of Hetian white jade, the material was Hetian white jade indeed. As we all know, white jade is a type of nephrite, which is very delicate.” The young girl smiled, “However, whether natural diamonds or our laboratory’s hardest special alloy, this sword can cut them as easily as cutting a piece of tofu."

The young girl brandished the sword, smiled and continued, "I split a strategic bomber with this sword earlier; across a distance of two kilometres, with my strength, I could split a strategic bomber. Mr Qing Long, I truly can't imagine what would happen if this sword was held in your hands.”

Qing Long's complexion drastically changed, he didn’t take the girl and her people serious at all, they were just a bunch of cannon fodder to him. But, if this sword was as powerful as she said, this may not be that easy.

"So this is a trap, then?" Qing Long asked. In the meanwhile, he twisted his neck and soothed the joints in his body.

"We’ve always wanted to have an opportunity to negotiate face to face, with you." The girl said with a charming smile on her face, "In the past few years, you have caused us too much damage. We hope that you will be able to join us. If so, you can have my position or even my superior's position, you only need to ask."

"Of course, in exchange, we hope that we could have your loyalty and your creation, the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] [5]!” The girl’s breath became disordered when she spoke the last few words.

[Nine Secret Words] is a powerful magic spell. It can develop the human body’s potential and associate it with the vast and mysterious power of the universe.

The [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] was Qing Long’s original magic spell, based on the [Nine Secret Words]. This spell enabled Qing Long to control earth, water, fire, and wind, communicate with the netherworld, travel to anywhere in the world within a moment, and also made him the world’s most powerful human.

"This is, of course, impossible!" Qing Long patted the bag around his waist and said with quirky laugh, “If you have ever heard about me, you should have known that I am the type to seek revenge for the slightest grievance, and I’m also famous for never betraying my ancestors!"

Qing Long’s body suddenly transformed into countless sharp wind knives and dashed towards the girl. Those wind knifes soon gathered into a hazy swirl, enveloping the entire hall.

The girl shook her head and sighed helplessly, "I knew it, those damned idiot bosses insisted on spending so much effort in vain!"

With a cold laughter, the girl held out a golden bamboo slip[6] and threw it upward. Along with an earth-shaking thunder, blood-red lights emerged from the dark eyeholes of the cross-legged skeletons.

With a buzzing sound, the red lights quickly converged into a huge blood-red cage, firmly imprisoning Qing Long inside.

The light cage remained motionless as it was hit by Qing Long’s wind knives; all of the wind knives shattered into pieces.

Outside, the dark clouds billowed over the eastern horizon and waves of lightning were seen, followed by the unceasing rumble of distant thunder.

On the street, innumerable screams could be heard; people looked up at the sky in fear. They saw the clouds drifting and changing forms; behind the dense clouds, there was a gigantic purple serpent slithering above.

Inside the pyramid, Qing Long fell down on his knees, blood smeared all over his body. In the light cage, ninety-nine light spears floated in the air, silently aiming towards him; in the very next second, all of those spears pierced his body.

"Damn! Does this weird stuff really have such a strong power?” The girl excitedly caught the golden bamboo slip, which fell down from the air and shouted hoarsely, "Qing Long, did you see that? You are the most powerful human...yet you are so vulnerable in front of us!"

"These skeletons, this bamboo slip, and that cauldron, they all came from the same place! They are the treasures from thousands of years ago! God, so amazing; according to the methods described on bamboo slip, arranging these skeletons in certain orientations can truly release this much magnificent power!" The girl yelled hysterically.

"What...the...hell is this?" Qing Long moaned in pain and looked up.

"There are records in this bamboo slip which say that this is an ancient strategy[7]; as for the name...sorry, our linguists have yet to decipher that.” The girl shrugged and said, "but these skeletons, they are called..."

Suddenly, purple lightning fell from the sky, and struck the crystal pyramid.

All of the crystal glasses were instantly destroyed by the lightning, the girl and her people were burned into ashes, and the round three-legged cauldron started to emit a faint multi-coloured light that wrapped around Qing Long’s body. Qing Long roared in pain and his body twitched violently. With blood covering his entire body, he felt as though his lifeforce, the essence of his body and his soul were all being rapidly extracted by the cauldron.

The three-eyed skeletons simultaneously raised their arms and pointed at the sky, as if to cast a counterattack. The blood-red light in their pupils condensed into a huge red dragon and rushed towards the purple lightning.

The dragon vanished in the air once it collided into the purple lightning; at the same time, ninety-nine three-eyed skeletons shook fiercely and exploded into golden dust.

Qing Long was enveloped by a purple ray. He felt an inexhaustible power rush down from the sky and destroy everything in its path. The purple lightning then condensed into a human-sized lightning sphere,flashed across the air and disappeared. After a few seconds, everything subsided.

The public square and the pyramid were gone without a trace, nothing was left.

Qing Long

He possesses unsurpassed wisdom and extremely strong spiritual power. He created the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Word]’ based on the [Nine Secret Words]. He was known as the strongest human in the world. To retrieve the lost treasure—the round cauldron, which belonged to the ancient city of Liang Zhu—Qing Long fell into a trap and was gravely injured. After that, he was influenced by an unknown power, unexpectedly traveled through space and time, and was reborn as Ji Hao in the Fire Crow Clan.


[1] Demigod : Half god, half human.

[2] Zax : A tool similar to a hatchet, used for cutting and dressing roofing slates. Old English seax knife; related to Old Saxon sahs and Old Norse sax.

[3] Cauldron: Many cultures, including the ancient people of China and Greece, used cauldrons as ornaments, trophies, sacrificial altars, cooking vessels or tripods, and decorative ceramic pottery.

[4] Liang Zhu: A mysterious, ancient city, located in the Eastern country of Hua Xia.

[5] [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words]: a mysterious magic spell; it can discover the deepest potential of the human body.

[6] A bamboo slip: One of the main medias for literacy in early China.

[7] Ancient strategy: Refers to the tactical deployment of troops in coordination with Magus sorceries.


Total Chapters in book: 1901
Estimated words: 2929087 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 14645(@200wpm)___ 11716(@250wpm)___ 9764(@300wpm)