The Nine Cauldrons by I Eat Tomatoes

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Book 1 - Chapter 2: He Was Called “Wolf”
Book 1 - Chapter 3: Yang Zhou City
Book 1 - Chapter 4: The Magic Eyes
Book 1 - Chapter 5: Powerful Enemies
Book 1 - Chapter 6: War Of Life And Death
Book 1 - Chapter 7: Tiger Fist
Book 1 - Chapter 8 : The Potential
Book 1 - Chapter 9: Tiger Shaped Magical Arts
Book 1 - Chapter 10: Laugh At Me
Book 1 - Chapter 11: ‘Chun Tian’ – The Fugitive
Book 1 - Chapter 12: Millennium Chronicle
Book 1 - Chapter 13: Millennium Evolution
Book 1 - Chapter 14: Horizon Line
Book 1 - Chapter 15: The Upcoming Storm
Book 1 - Chapter 16: Parties Converge
Book 1 - Chapter 17: Bloody
Book 1 - Chapter 18: Wolf
Book 2 - Chapter 1: Teng Jia Village
Book 2 - Chapter 2: The Difference Between The Past And The Present
Book 2 - Chapter 3: Cousin ‘Qinghu’
Book 2 - Chapter 4: The Battle List
Book 2 - Chapter 5: A One Hundred And Twenty Jin Wolf Fang Mace
Book 2 - Chapter 6: What A Strange World!
Book 2 - Chapter 7: Yearly Ceremony
Book 2 - Chapter 8: Set The World Alight
Book 2 - Chapter 9: The Clan’S Plan
Book 2 - Chapter 10: Choice
Book 2 - Chapter 11: The Spear Skills Of Teng Qingshan
Book 2 - Chapter 12: How Time Flies
Book 2 - Chapter 13: The Hunting Squadron.
Book 2 - Chapter 14: Crazy Wolf Pack
Book 2 - Chapter 15: Returning Home
Book 2 - Chapter 16: New Leader
Book 2 - Chapter 17: The Internal Strength Expert
Book 2 - Chapter 18: Yangzhou Salt Merchant
Book 2 - Chapter 19: The Strongest Plan
Book 2 - Chapter 20: The: 26Th: Day: Of: The: Twelfth: Lunar: Month
Book 2 - Chapter 21: Delivery
Book 2 - Chapter 22: Greed
Book 2 - Chapter 23: 《Earthly Ranking》
Book 2 - Chapter 24: Hong Si Of The White Horse Gang
Book 2 - Chapter 25: Bandits
Book 2 - Chapter 26: Defeating The Enemy’S Leader
Book 2 - Chapter 27: Teng Qingshan’S Tiger Fist
Book 2 - Chapter 28: The Strongest Plan Begins!
Book 2 - Chapter 29: Four Years Later
Book 2 - Chapter 30: Iron Mountain Gang
Book 2 - Chapter 31: Red Copper Hammers
Book 2 - Chapter 32: Hiya! Flying Knife!
Book 2 - Chapter 33: A Way To Live
Book 2 - Chapter 34: Two Hundred Taels Of Silver
Book 2 - Chapter 35: The Visitation Of The Matchmaker
Book 2 - Chapter 36: Teng Qingshan’S Thoughts
Book 2 - Chapter 37: Godly Tiger Form Technique
Book 2 - Chapter 38: The Depths Of The Frost Jade Pool
Book 2 - Chapter 39: Battle Between Man And Python
Book 2 - Chapter 40: Loss And Gain
Book 2 - Chapter 41: Seven Jin And Two Taels
Book 2 - Chapter 42: Expert
Book 2 - Chapter 43: The Main Tower Of Jiangning
Book 2 - Chapter 44: The Spear Is Done!
Book 2 - Chapter 45: Reincarnation
Book 2 - Chapter 46: Local Tyrant
Book 2 - Chapter 47: Come With Me!
Book 2 - Chapter 48: Human Lives Are As Cheap As Grass
Book 2 - Chapter 49: Who Killed Him?
Book 2 - Chapter 50: Horrifying Pebbles
Book 2 - Chapter 51: Returning Home
Book 2 - Chapter 52: He Didn’T Die?
Book 2 - Chapter 53: Desire To Marry My Sister?!
Book 2 - Chapter 54: Falling Apart
Book 2 - Chapter 55: It’S You!
Book 2 - Chapter 56: The Aftermath
Book 2 - Chapter 57: Turbulence
Book 3 - Chapter 1: Jiangning County
Book 3 - Chapter 2: The Examination To Join The Sect
Book 3 - Chapter 3: First Rated Warrior
Book 3 - Chapter 4: Six Thousand Black Armored Soldiers
Book 3 - Chapter 5: Zhuge Yuanhong
Book 3 - Chapter 6: What A Huge Difference
Book 3 - Chapter 7: Only One Left
Book 3 - Chapter 8: Cangjiang Sword Arts
Book 3 - Chapter 9: Innocence Of A Newborn?
Book 3 - Chapter 10: Dark Demonic Horses
Book 3 - Chapter 11: Unpolished Jade
Book 3 - Chapter 12: Lieutenant Bai Qi
Book 3 - Chapter 13: Vigor Of The Reckless Bull
Book 3 - Chapter 14: Power
Book 3 - Chapter 15: Pay A Visit
Book 3 - Chapter 16: My Name Is Teng Qingshan
Book 3 - Chapter 17: The Sixth Stage
Book 3 - Chapter 18: A Move Of Heart?
Book 3 - Chapter 19: Reckless Bull Power Burst, Ninth Stage!
Book 3 - Chapter 20: Summoned Late At Night
Book 3 - Chapter 21: Obsessed
Book 3 - Chapter 22: Yan Danchen
Book 3 - Chapter 23: I Gave An Inch, He Took A Mile
Book 3 - Chapter 24: Purple Gold Mine
Book 3 - Chapter 25: Lord Lieutenant, Are You Alright?
Book 3 - Chapter 26: Stealing Gold
Book 3 - Chapter 27: Legacy Of The Ultimate Flame
Book 3 - Chapter 28: Pursuing In Secret
Book 3 - Chapter 29: Slaughter
Book 3 - Chapter 30: Poisoned
Book 3 - Chapter 31: A Thorough Investigation
Book 3 - Chapter 32: The Arrival Of Ji Hong
Book 3 - Chapter 33: Striving For Self-Improvement
Book 3 - Chapter 34: New Lieutenant
Book 3 - Chapter 35: Master Liu San Of The White Horse Gang
Book 3 - Chapter 36: Back Home
Book 3 - Chapter 37: Who Is She?
Book 3 - Chapter 38: Orders!
Book 3 - Chapter 39: Long Journey
Book 3 - Chapter 40: Bloodstone Slope
Book 3 - Chapter 41: Army Of Thousands Of Men And Horses
Book 3 - Chapter 42: Gold Silk Vest
Book 3 - Chapter 43: Expert
Book 3 - Chapter 44: Bloody Battle In The Late Hours
Book 3 - Chapter 45: Man Of Blood
Book 3 - Chapter 46: The Power Of A Force Of One Hundred And Eighty Thousand Jin
Book 3 - Chapter 47: Strange Occurrence At The Border
Book 3 - Chapter 48: The Two Secret Manuals
Book 3 - Chapter 49: Black Monster
Book 3 - Chapter 50: Teng Qingshan And The Demonic Beast
Book 3 - Chapter 51: Adolescent Beast?
Book 3 - Chapter 52: Black Fire Spirit Root
Book 3 - Chapter 53: Raging Storm
Book 3 - Chapter 54: Guan Lu
Book 3 - Chapter 55: Overestimating One’S Own Capabilities
Book 3 - Chapter 56: Elites Galore
Book 3 - Chapter 57: Yin And Yang
Book 3 - Chapter 58: Fusion
Book 3 - Chapter 59: Gu Shiyou
Book 3 - Chapter 60: Underground
Book 3 - Chapter 61: Red Scaled Beast
Book 3 - Chapter 62: Monopolize
Book 3 - Chapter 63: Encounter
Book 3 - Chapter 64: Kill Them!
Book 3 - Chapter 65: Maturation Of The Spirit Fruit, A State Of Panic!
Book 3 - Chapter 66: A Common Target
Book 3 - Chapter 67: Melted Bones And Flesh
Book 3 - Chapter 68: The Eruption Of The Red Scaled Beast
Book 3 - Chapter 69: Evil Creature!!!
Book 3 - Chapter 70: Innate Master!
Book 3 - Chapter 71: The Strongest!
Book 3 - Chapter 72: Making A Fortune!
Book 3 - Chapter 73: The Spirit Root’S Unique Effect
Book 3 - Chapter 74: Change In The Body
Book 3 - Chapter 75: An Intensive Battle Between The Strong
Book 3 - Chapter 76: Jiangning
Book 4 - Chapter 1: Unity Of Spirit And Qi
Book 4 - Chapter 2: Flying Knife
Book 4 - Chapter 3: At The Main Hall
Book 4 - Chapter 4: The Four Heaven Grade Secret Manuals
Book 4 - Chapter 5: Martial Pavilion
Book 4 - Chapter 6: Character
Book 4 - Chapter 7: The Direction Of The Spear
Book 4 - Chapter 8: The Limits Of The Dantian
Book 4 - Chapter 9: The Map Of The Desolate Land
Book 4 - Chapter 10: Swordsman
Book 4 - Chapter 11: Help Settle Down
Book 4 - Chapter 12: The Boorish South
Book 4 - Chapter 13: To Kill By Poison
Book 4 - Chapter 14: Secret
Book 4 - Chapter 15: Steeled Arms Monkey Mountain
Book 4 - Chapter 16: The Lair Of The Monkeys
Book 4 - Chapter 17: Moving During Chaos
Book 4 - Chapter 18: Kill A Way Out!!!
Book 4 - Chapter 19: Breaking Through The Innate Realm
Book 4 - Chapter 20: Silver Horn Mountain
Book 4 - Chapter 21: Black Small Cauldron
Book 4 - Chapter 22: Black Steel Treasure Map
Book 4 - Chapter 23: The Nine Cauldrons
Book 4 - Chapter 24: Realm Of Self-Actualization
Book 4 - Chapter 25: No Longer There?
Book 4 - Chapter 26: The Guard Tie Ta
Book 4 - Chapter 27: In Gui Yuan Sect
Book 4 - Chapter 28: Father-In-Law?
Book 4 - Chapter 29: Pei San
Book 4 - Chapter 30: The Magical Effect Of The Scarlet Fruit Wine
Book 4 - Chapter 31: The Fourth Strike
Book 4 - Chapter 32: The Turbulent Undercurrent
Book 4 - Chapter 33: Drastic Changes
Book 4 - Chapter 34: Take The Order!
Book 4 - Chapter 35: Golden Scale Guards
Book 4 - Chapter 36: Stones That Cut Through The Air!
Book 4 - Chapter 37: Obliteration Of A Clan!!!
Book 4 - Chapter 38: Vermilion Tiger Roar
Book 5 - Chapter 1: Retreat And Pursued!
Book 5 - Chapter 2: Enemies At The Gates
Book 5 - Chapter 3: Let’S Battle! Let’S Battle!
Book 5 - Chapter 4: Celebration
Book 5 - Chapter 5: Realm Of Emptiness
Book 5 - Chapter 6: Catching People
Book 5 - Chapter 7: Teng Yongfan
Book 5 - Chapter 8: Let The Madness Take Over!
Book 5 - Chapter 9: Bottomless Pit
Book 5 - Chapter 10: Execution!
Book 5 - Chapter 11: Bad News
Book 5 - Chapter 12: A Storm Rises
Book 5 - Chapter 13: Teng Qingshan’S Anger!
Book 5 - Chapter 14: The Underground Lake
Book 5 - Chapter 15: Two Poles
Book 5 - Chapter 16: Heavenly Flooded Palace
Book 5 - Chapter 17: Extraordinary
Book 5 - Chapter 18: Gathering Of The Powerhouses
Book 5 - Chapter 19: Struggling Between Life And Death
Book 5 - Chapter 20: The Blurry Figure
Book 5 - Chapter 21: It’S Him!
Book 5 - Chapter 22: A Team Of Powerhouses
Book 5 - Chapter 23: A Nobody
Book 5 - Chapter 24: Pulling The Willow
Book 5 - Chapter 25: The Tentacle Monster
Book 5 - Chapter 26: Man And Beast Converse
Book 5 - Chapter 27: Two Ways
Book 5 - Chapter 28: Maze
Book 5 - Chapter 29: One Crashed To Death!
Book 5 - Chapter 30: Bone Shrinking
Book 5 - Chapter 31: Pass On The Order
Book 5 - Chapter 32: The Right Road On The Map
Book 5 - Chapter 33: The Doleful And Furious Roars!
Book 5 - Chapter 34: Mountains Beyond Mountains
Book 5 - Chapter 35: You Are Not The Destined One
Book 5 - Chapter 36: It’S Fate!
Book 5 - Chapter 37: A Mystical Place
Book 5 - Chapter 38: Emperor Yu’S Request
Book 5 - Chapter 39: Emperor Yu’S Gifts
Book 5 - Chapter 40: Godly Axe, Unleashes The Limits!
Book 5 - Chapter 41: The Unexpected
Book 5 - Chapter 42: Identity Exposed! Slaughter!
Book 5 - Chapter 43: Becoming A Fish
Book 5 - Chapter 44: Die!!!
Book 5 - Chapter 45: Blast A Way Out
Book 5 - Chapter 46: Orders
Book 5 - Chapter 47: Fishing In Murky Waters
Book 5 - Chapter 48: Optical Illusion
Book 5 - Chapter 49: Thinking It Through
Book 5 - Chapter 50: An Instant Explosion
Book 5 - Chapter 51: Kowtow
Book 5 - Chapter 52: A Game Of Guessing Pebbles?
Book 5 - Chapter 53: Two Flood Dragons
Book 5 - Chapter 54: The Descent Of Great Calamity
Book 6 - Chapter 1: Blind Swordmaster
Book 6 - Chapter 2: Didn’T Die?
Book 6 - Chapter 3: Official Bounty Document
Book 6 - Chapter 4: Tea House
Book 6 - Chapter 5: Training On Horseback
Book 6 - Chapter 6: Skill Progressing Into Dao
Book 6 - Chapter 7: Huyue County, Xiao Yao Palace
Book 6 - Chapter 8: Godly Thunderbolt Hawk
Book 6 - Chapter 9: He Is Teng Qingshan!
Book 6 - Chapter 10: Night Visit At A Mansion House
Book 6 - Chapter 11: Who Are You?
Book 6 - Chapter 12: The Search Of The Whole City
Book 6 - Chapter 13: Being Safe Is A Blessing
Book 6 - Chapter 14: Ambush In Yuzhou
Book 6 - Chapter 15: Emperor Yu’S Hall Makes Its Move!
Book 6 - Chapter 16: A Dark And Quiet Time
Book 6 - Chapter 17: Heavy Encirclement
Book 6 - Chapter 18: Catch Teng Qingshan Alive
Book 6 - Chapter 19: Underground Pursuit
Book 6 - Chapter 20: Restriction
Book 6 - Chapter 21: Travelling Alone
Book 6 - Chapter 22: Teng Qingshan’S Ambition
Book 6 - Chapter 23: Blood Flowed Like River!
Book 6 - Chapter 24: Internal Supreme Force
Book 6 - Chapter 25: Whole Gale Tribe
Book 6 - Chapter 26: Send The Riders And Horses Flying
Book 6 - Chapter 27: Transmutation Unity Law
Book 6 - Chapter 28: A Thunderous Roar
Book 6 - Chapter 29: Thinking Of Escaping?
Book 6 - Chapter 30: It’S Him!
Book 6 - Chapter 31: The Nonpareil Martial Force
Book 6 - Chapter 32: The Two Great Messengers Of God
Book 6 - Chapter 33: Tantra
Book 6 - Chapter 34: Came Forth On A Divine Eagle
Book 6 - Chapter 35: The True Identity
Book 6 - Chapter 36: Goddess
Book 6 - Chapter 37: God Of Heaven Mountain
Book 6 - Chapter 38: Strict
Book 6 - Chapter 39: Out Of Seclusion
Book 6 - Chapter 40: The News From Afar
Book 6 - Chapter 41: The Power Of One Punch
Book 6 - Chapter 42: Dark Blaze Rod
Book 6 - Chapter 43: Unexpected
Book 6 - Chapter 44: The Life And Death Cliff
Book 6 - Chapter 45: You Didn’T Disappoint Me
Book 6 - Chapter 46: Flying Away With Just A Back Hit
Book 6 - Chapter 47: Invitation From The God Of Heaven
Book 6 - Chapter 48: The Three Foreign Dignitaries
Book 6 - Chapter 49: Northern Sea Battleship
Book 6 - Chapter 50: Ascending The Island
Book 6 - Chapter 51: Bloody Battle At Dawn
Book 6 - Chapter 52: The Calamity Of The Future
Book 6 - Chapter 53: Set Sail
Book 7 - Chapter 1: A Turbulent Evening
Book 7 - Chapter 2: An Enormous Creature
Book 7 - Chapter 3: A Big Trouble
Book 7 - Chapter 4: A Dangerous Negotiation
Book 7 - Chapter 5: Iron Leaf Island
Book 7 - Chapter 6: Practicing Fist Art Under The Sea! Picking Fruits On The Island!
Book 7 - Chapter 7: Pierced Through With One Thrust
Book 7 - Chapter 8: Fail To Subdue?
Book 7 - Chapter 9: Voracious
Book 7 - Chapter 10: What Is That?
Book 7 - Chapter 11: The Strange Region Of The Sea
Book 7 - Chapter 12: Northern Yan Town
Book 7 - Chapter 13: The Forbidden Area Of The Sword Tower
Book 7 - Chapter 14: Thank You Senior For Instructing.
Book 7 - Chapter 15: Give Me All
Book 7 - Chapter 16: Cloud Piercing Arrow
Book 7 - Chapter 17: Assisting Your Own Blood But Not Justice
Book 7 - Chapter 18: Spear And Sword
Book 7 - Chapter 19: Borrowing
Book 7 - Chapter 20: Celestial Jade Annulus
Book 7 - Chapter 21: The Omnipotent Expert, Poetic Sword God Li Taibai
Book 7 - Chapter 22: Seclusion
Book 7 - Chapter 23: Time Flies
Book 7 - Chapter 24: The Piercing Screech
Book 7 - Chapter 25: Swimming Pisces Body Art
Book 7 - Chapter 26: There'S Still Something Troublesome
Book 7 - Chapter 27: The Mother Of Blue Luan
Book 7 - Chapter 28: Grass Of Immortality
Book 7 - Chapter 29: Human Habitation
Book 7 - Chapter 30: The Only Good News
Book 7 - Chapter 31: Robbing
Book 7 - Chapter 32: Duanmu?
Book 7 - Chapter 33: Danyang City
Book 7 - Chapter 34: Drawing Blades Against Each Other
Book 7 - Chapter 35: Young Master Li
Book 7 - Chapter 36: The Slave Market
Book 7 - Chapter 37: Selection
Book 7 - Chapter 38: Gambling Cage Fight
Book 7 - Chapter 39: Raging Out Of Humiliation
Book 7 - Chapter 40: Boss, Let Me Do It!
Book 7 - Chapter 41: Unpolished Jade
Book 7 - Chapter 42: How Can We Stop Him?
Book 7 - Chapter 43: Ah Shou
Book 7 - Chapter 44: Trouble
Book 7 - Chapter 45: Fu Dao
Book 7 - Chapter 46: The First Follower
Book 7 - Chapter 47: Nanshan City
Book 7 - Chapter 48: Compelling Concupiscence
Book 7 - Chapter 49: Turn Of Events
Book 7 - Chapter 50: The Shocking News
Book 7 - Chapter 51: Godly Axe Mountain
Book 7 - Chapter 52: Pay And Return
Book 7 - Chapter 53: A New Home
Book 7 - Chapter 54: Preparing Gold
Book 7 - Chapter 55: An Unexpected Joy
Book 7 - Chapter 56: The Assembly Of The Grand Clans
Book 7 - Chapter 57: Blunt Vanadium Stone Tablets
Book 7 - Chapter 58: Sky-High Price
Book 7 - Chapter 59: Best Of Both Worlds
Book 7 - Chapter 60: 《Nine Thunder Blade Scrolls》
Book 7 - Chapter 61: Everything Has Its Vanquisher
Book 8 - Chapter 1: Good Teacher
Book 8 - Chapter 2: Old Wang’S Request
Book 8 - Chapter 3: The Lair Of Bladelike Chi
Book 8 - Chapter 4: The Glowing Cauldron
Book 8 - Chapter 5: Paying A Visit
Book 8 - Chapter 6: A Plea For Help
Book 8 - Chapter 7: Soldiers Are Fiercer Than Bandits
Book 8 - Chapter 8: Reputation
Book 8 - Chapter 9: Hall Of Assassins
Book 8 - Chapter 10: Shuangshan City
Book 8 - Chapter 11: One Cannot Defy Destiny
Book 8 - Chapter 12: Who Captures Who?
Book 8 - Chapter 13: Seduction
Book 8 - Chapter 14: Revenge?
Book 8 - Chapter 15: The Request To Be His Follower
Book 8 - Chapter 16: The Final Phase Of The Supreme Force, A Perfect Body!
Book 8 - Chapter 17: The Most Powerful Technique
Book 8 - Chapter 18: Twenty Years Old
Book 8 - Chapter 19 Dreamy Cloud Ancient City
Book 8 - Chapter 20 Teng Qingshan Versus The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal!
Book 8 - Chapter 21 Dreamy Cloud White Fruit
Book 8 - Chapter 22 The Treasure Hunting Journey In The Dreamy Cloud Swampland
Book 8 - Chapter 23 Godly Beast Dark Elegant Horse
Book 8 - Chapter 24 Return
Book 8 - Chapter 25 Demonic Beast Mountain
Book 8 - Chapter 26 Six Stone Inscriptions
Book 8 - Chapter 27 The Four Successive Moves
Book 8 - Chapter 28 One Year
Book 8 - Chapter 29 Mu Yunyi
Book 8 - Chapter 30 The Choice Of Daos
Book 8 - Chapter 31 My Name Is Yang Dong
Book 8 - Chapter 32 Old Wang’S Story
Book 8 - Chapter 33 The Second Follower
Book 8 - Chapter 34 Big Movements, High Popularity
Book 8 - Chapter 35 Tempted
Book 8 - Chapter 36 The Martial Saintess
Book 8 - Chapter 37 Which One Should I Choose?
Book 8 - Chapter 38 The Ox-Head Mountains In The Eastern Flower Region
Book 8 - Chapter 39 Request To A Duel
Book 8 - Chapter 40 Fiery Gilt Steel Valley
Book 8 - Chapter 41 All Parties Stirring
Book 8 - Chapter 42 One Man’S Fight
Book 8 - Chapter 43 My Territory
Book 8 - Chapter 44 Stalemate
Book 8 - Chapter 45 The Allocation Of The Profit
Book 8 - Chapter 46 The Strongest And Sharpest Blade
Book 8 - Chapter 47 Changing The Battle Situation
Book 8 - Chapter 48 Successfully Conquered
Book 8 - Chapter 49 The Blaze Of Blue Luan
Book 8 - Chapter 50 A Roar That Astounded The Heavens
Book 8 - Chapter 51 The Total Amount Of Fiery Gilt Steel
Book 8 - Chapter 52 The Consequences Of Volcanic Eruptions
Book 8 - Chapter 53 A Skyful Of Red Clouds
Book 8 - Chapter 54 Qingshan’S Hunt For Treasure
Book 8 - Chapter 55 The World Knew
Book 8 - Chapter 56 – A Century Of Sleep
Book 8 - Chapter 57 A Hopeless Situation
Book 8 - Chapter 58 The Tianfeng Martial Immortal
Book 8 - Chapter 59 The Turning Point
Book 8 - Chapter 60 The Descendants Of The Godly Axe Mountain
Book 8 - Chapter 61 Title Hidden
Book 8 - Chapter 62 Title Hidden
Book 8 - Chapter 63 Finally Attaining Emptiness Realm
Book 8 - Chapter 64 The Harmonization Of The Spirit With The Heavens And Earth
Book 8 - Chapter 65 Flames Of Fury
Book 8 - Chapter 66 Hand Him Over!
Book 8 - Chapter 67 The Enraged Tianfeng Martial Immortal
Book 8 - Chapter 68 Recognizing Oneself
Book 8 - Chapter 69 A Breakthrough Once Again
Book 8 - Chapter 70 Vermillion Metal Tiger Roar
Book 8 - Chapter 71 The Greatest Battle
Book 8 - Chapter 72 The Undying Phoenix
Book 8 - Chapter 73 The Power Of The Phoenix
Book 8 - Chapter 74 The Treasure Of Tianfeng Clan
Book 8 - Chapter 75 Depart To Nine Prefectures!
Book 8 - Chapter 1 The Phoenix Island
Book 8 - Chapter 2 Caught Unprepared
Book 8 - Chapter 3 Li Residence
Book 8 - Chapter 4 Gui Yuan Sect Of Jiangning
Book 8 - Chapter 5 A Conversation Between The Teacher And The Disciple
Book 8 - Chapter 6 Three Things
Book 8 - Chapter 7 The Man Who Has Nothing Will Fear Nothing
Book 8 - Chapter 8 Possible Changes
Book 8 - Chapter 9 Identity
Book 8 - Chapter 10 Deployed
Book 8 - Chapter 11 High Priestess Of Snowy Lotus Cult
Book 8 - Chapter 12 An Imminent Upheaval
Book 8 - Chapter 13 Soldiers Assembled In Tielong City
Book 8 - Chapter 14 Barging In
Book 8 - Chapter 15 I Am Not A Good Person
Book 8 - Chapter 16 Nine Ringed Mountain
Book 8 - Chapter 17 Foreign Dignitary Huhe
Book 8 - Chapter 18 Nomination
Book 8 - Chapter 19 Choice
Book 8 - Chapter 20 The Third Disciple
Book 8 - Chapter 21 Honesty
Book 8 - Chapter 22 Bloodbath In Brothel
Book 8 - Chapter 23 Chaos
Book 8 - Chapter 24 A Deliberate Action
Book 8 - Chapter 25 Zhao Danchen
Book 8 - Chapter 26 Gu Yong
Book 8 - Chapter 27 On Qing Hu Island
Book 8 - Chapter 28 Unsheathe And Slaughter
Book 8 - Chapter 29 An Island
Book 8 - Chapter 30 Murderous Intention
Book 8 - Chapter 31 The Nine Wolf Island
Book 8 - Chapter 32 Scarlet Fruit Wine
Book 8 - Chapter 33 Ruthless
Book 8 - Chapter 34 News
Book 8 - Chapter 35 An Incoming Storm
Book 8 - Chapter 36 Shooting Sun Heavenly Wolf
Book 8 - Chapter 37 The Great Yan Mountain And The Nine Wolf Island
Book 8 - Chapter 38 Pressing Hard
Book 8 - Chapter 39 Trapped
Book 8 - Chapter 40 A Hopeless Situation
Book 8 - Chapter 41 Earth Elemental Dao
Book 8 - Chapter 42 Savior
Book 8 - Chapter 43 Skinning A Tiger
Book 8 - Chapter 44 Attack! Attack! Attack!
Book 8 - Chapter 45 Attack! Attack! Attack!
Book 8 - Chapter 46 Sovereign Of The Sword Sect
Book 9 - Chapter 47 The Beginning Of The Internal Martial Arts
Book 9 - Chapter 48 An Unexpected Joy
Book 9 - Chapter 49 Emptiness Realm Attained
Book 9 - Chapter 50 A Move That Will Affect The Entire Situation
Book 9 - Chapter 51 Appetizer
Book 9 - Chapter 52 The Intense Battle Between The Five
Book 9 - Chapter 53 Incite Fear In You
Book 9 - Chapter 54 The World Is Astonished
Book 10 - Chapter 1 Yu Tonghai
Book 10 - Chapter 2 A Set Of Godly Armor
Book 10 - Chapter 3 The One With Patience Takes All
Book 10 - Chapter 4 Pei San Meets Teng Qingshan
Book 10 - Chapter 5 The Nine Prefectures Cauldron
Book 10 - Chapter 6 The Most Important Advice
Book 10 - Chapter 7 The Winner Takes All
Book 10 - Chapter 8 Life And Death
Book 10 - Chapter 9 The Feast Of The Emptiness Realm Experts
Book 10 - Chapter 10 The Battle Between The Insightful Realm Experts
Book 10 - Chapter 11 A Shocking Scene
Book 10 - Chapter 12 The Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse
Book 10 - Chapter 13 The Descent Of The Emptiness Realm
Book 10 - Chapter 14 Pursuing The Godly Armor
Book 10 - Chapter 15 Only For The Fated One
Book 10 - Chapter 16 Do Whatever You Want
Book 10 - Chapter 17 Inside Hong Tian City
Book 10 - Chapter 18 Return
Book 10 - Chapter 19 Enrolling
Book 10 - Chapter 20 Waiting In Patience
Book 10 - Chapter 21 Danger!
Book 10 - Chapter 22 Emperor Yu’S Hall
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Chapter 544 - Finally Arrived!
Chapter 545 - Name Scroll
Chapter 546 - Wood, One Of The Five Elements
Chapter 547 - Sixteen Years Later
Chapter 548 - The End Of Qingshan’S Closed-Door Cultivation
Chapter 549 - The Situation Worsens
Chapter 550 - Yuzhou
Chapter 551 - Despotism
Chapter 552 - A Message
Chapter 553 - Yan Danchen
Chapter 554 - Secret Letter
Chapter 555 - Slaughter
Chapter 556 - Truth?
Chapter 557 - On The Verge Of A Breakout
Chapter 558 - Fight!
Chapter 559 - Pressuring Emperor Yu’S Hall
Chapter 560 - Attack!
Chapter 561 - Insightful Emptiness Realm?
Chapter 562 - The Honorable One Of Emperor Yu’S Hall
Chapter 563 - Honorable One
Chapter 564 - Compensation
Chapter 565 - Conspiracy
Chapter 566 - Tracks
Chapter 567 - The Goal Of The Heavenly God Palace
Chapter 568 - Meeting
Chapter 569 - Decision
Chapter 570 - Paying One'S Respect
Chapter 571 - The Discovery Of A Plot
Chapter 572 - A Threat
Chapter 573 - Attack! Kill!
Chapter 574 - An Unexpected Scene
Chapter 575 - The Secret Of The Temple
Chapter 576 - The Strongest Force
Chapter 577 - Guyong!!!
Chapter 578 - Overwhelming Power
Chapter 579 - The Insightful Emptiness Realm
Chapter 580 - Refining The Godly Armour
Chapter 581 - The Elder Of Gui Yuan Sect
Chapter 582 - A Rage Like Burning Flames
Chapter 583 - Flames Of Anger
Chapter 584 - Making The Situation Worse
Chapter 585 - Monstrous Scoldings
Chapter 586 - The Revelation
Chapter 587 - The Mastermind
Chapter 588 - Killing Spree
Chapter 589 - He Gave Me The Answer
Chapter 590 - The Letter From Gu Yong
Chapter 591 - Pei San'S Arrival
Chapter 592 - Pei San'S Palm
Chapter 593 - A Bloodbath In The Temple
Chapter 594 - Omnipotent Armor
Chapter 595 - You Won’T Kill Me
Chapter 596 - What Is This?
Chapter 597 - A Promise
Chapter 598 - Battle
Chapter 599 - Kicked Out
Chapter 600 - The Greatest Clash
Chapter 601 - Life Or Death
Chapter 602 - Pei San’S Transformation
Chapter 603 - The Three Letters
Chapter 604 - The Current Four Most Powerful Cultivators
Chapter 605 - The First Duel Between The Strongest
Chapter 606 - A Trip To The Bright Moon Island
Chapter 607 - The Disappearance Of The Jade Annulus
Chapter 608 - Timeless Cave
Chapter 609 - December Again
Chapter 610 - Qin Shiqi
Chapter 611 - The Breakthrough During The Fight
Chapter 612 - Obstructed By Heaven
Chapter 613 - Recognizing Your Inner Voice
Chapter 614 - One Year Later
Chapter 615 - Observer
Chapter 616 - The Secular World
Chapter 617 - The Transformation And Realization
Chapter 618 - A Marvelous Sight
Chapter 619 - A Chat All Night With Wine (Ending Part 1)
Chapter 620 - The White Horse Lake (Ending Part Two)
Chapter 621 - The Reincarnation Of The Nine Cauldrons. (Ending)
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Total Chapters in book: 621
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Alternative Titles:

Jiu Ding Ji, The Nine Tripod Cauldrons, 九鼎记

Source: volarenovels, Wuxia Translations
Book Details / Information: Emperor Zi Yu used 5 strikes of his axe to split mountains and unify everyone underneath the heavens. He partitioned the land into 9 areas, thus establishing the Nine Cauldrons which eventually became known as the 9 prefectures.

When Emperor Zi Yu died, disputes unceasingly arose

One thousand years later, a once in a generation genius, Celestial Emperor Qing Ling was born. Able to split a one hundred meter river, equipped with his peerless martial prowess, he finally united the land under the heavens. However, once Celestial Emperor Qing Ling died, chaos once again shrouded the land. Another one thousand years passed and no one was able to consolidate the nation.

From contemporary society, great Chinese Martial Artist Teng Qingshan, unexpectedly arrived into this world.

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Book 1 - Chapter 1: Teng Qingshan

Chapter 1: Teng Qingshan

TLC: Tchu

Editor: MrPotatoes, Superposhposh, Kidyeon, Amaranth

On the second floor of a quiet teahouse, a stream of gentle music gently flowed into the listeners’ hearts. There weren’t many customers on the second floor of the teahouse, only about a dozen or so. Small groups and pairs conversed quietly, deeply engrossed in their own topics. Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and many couldn’t help but take a look.

An innocent, pony-tailed, teenage girl who was wearing jeans and a white polo shirt climbed the stairs, as she walked shoulder to shoulder with a tall, short-haired lady wearing purple casual attire.

Inside the teahouse, everyone’s eyes suddenly brightened!

“Look, two hotties! Especially the one wearing that purple casual attire! Tsk tsk, after returning from studying for four years at Suzhou University, I didn’t expect our An Yi County would suddenly have such a beauty. What a sophisticated woman! Although the girl next to her seems a bit too immature, she is also pretty and so innocent-looking.”

“Monkey, no matter how beautiful those women are, they belong to other men. You’d better stop dreaming!”

“Yo, bro, stop hitting me where it hurts. Oh right, who is that tall, short-haired woman? I’ve lived for over 20 years, but she is absolutely one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. Her facial features and aura of elegance… wow… she is just too breathtaking… ”

“Monkey, let me tell you. That beautiful woman is called ‘Lin Qing’ – she’s a very powerful person with a strong background. The Land Rover car that we saw two days ago—the one that costs two million yuan—belongs to her. In An Yi County, she owns one hotel and two teahouses. Yet, those properties in our town are just a small part of all the properties registered under her name.”

“That powerful?” The young guy with the nickname “Monkey” couldn’t help but be awestruck.

An Yi County was just an ordinary county in the Jiang Su province. A two million yuan Land Rover was indeed very dazzling in such a small town.

“Ms. Lin, your room is ready for you. Please follow me.” said the teahouse waitress on the second floor, before walking upstairs. Watched by the prying eyes of many of the teahouse customers, the two women slowly followed the waitress to the VIP room, and closed the door.


Inside the room.

They casually ordered a pot of tea and waited for the floor attendant to leave.

“Sister Lin, you’ve come here every day for the past few days, and you only reserved this room. Haha, your true intentions are very obvious.” The pony tailed girl smiled as she looked out the window at an orphanage across the street.

There were only a few staff members playing with the orphans in the front yard of the orphanage.

“You little gossip girl.” Lin Qing couldn’t help but curse with a smile. However, Lin Qing still glanced out of the window towards the orphanage several times as her eyes tried to search for something they couldn’t seem find, a hint of regret showing on her.

“It’s really strange that there is no sign of Teng Qingshan in the orphanage. Could it be that he didn’t come today? Doesn’t he know that our Ms. Lin is eagerly waiting for him here?” complained the young pony-tailed girl.

“Alright Min, please stop joking around,” Lin Qing chuckled.

The young girl with a ponytail, Xiao Min, nodded and wondered aloud, “Sister Lin, I feel that Teng Qingshan is a very mystical person. Remember the time when we climbed up the Great Xing’An mountain? When you were in trouble, that Teng Qingshan carried you on his back for almost twenty miles up and down a winding mountain road. A mountain road! This Teng Qingshan has a scary amount of strength.”

“He’s very mysterious,” Lin Qing agreed.

Lin Qing still clearly remembered the situation in which she had met Teng Qingshan.

At that time, Lin Qing and some of her friends had gone to the northeast to explore the Great Xing’An mountain range. Since they were veteran hikers, Lin Qing’s group didn’t follow the safe and public tourist trail. They hired a local villager as a guide, and hiked to an area which wasn’t open to the public.

Who would’ve thought…

The exotic, untouched mountain was incredibly charming, and a rare bird species had caught Lin Qing’s attention. In order to take some photographs of the bird, she ventured off and got separated from her friends. By the time Lin Qing had realized her predicament, she could no longer see her group.

There was no cellular signal in the wilderness, so she couldn’t contact her group at all.

In such a situation, even if she shouted for a whole day, no one would be able to hear her. Lin Qing could only resign herself and walk back, but who could have imagined that she would meet a group of poachers in the Great Xing’ An Mountain? When the poachers saw Lin Qing’s attire, they immediately knew what was going on. Because they were in such a deep forest, this group hadn’t touched any women for a long time, and their hormones went crazy after seeing the beautiful Lin Qing. They didn’t hesitate, immediately harassing her. Lin Qing’s spirit was unyielding, and she desperately but futilely resisted. Unfortunately, she was just a single woman fighting against five able-bodied men. How would she be able to win?

Naturally, they were able to injure Lin Qing, and she could do nothing but wait to be humiliated. Just as Lin Qing was close to desperation, Teng Qingshan suddenly appeared alone; next to her, inside the Great Xing’An Mountain. Teng Qingshan’s attacks were like lightning, and before the injured Lin Qing realized, the five guys were already lying on the ground, unconscious.

“Hmm…” While recalling those memories, Lin Qing couldn’t help making a humming sound while a smile slowly crept up her face.

“At first, Teng Qingshan wanted to make me go back alone. Luckily, in the end, he wasn’t that cruel and carried me home on his back.” Lin Qing had memorized every second of it. Lin Qing was lying on Teng Qingshan’s back, like a small boat drifting back to harbor. Despite the bumpy mountain road, Lin Qing still felt that her mind was at peace.

Travelling twenty miles over the bumpy mountain road, Teng Qingshan carried Lin Qing on his back to their destination.

Most people would be so exhausted that they would start panting after walking twenty miles on the mountain road, let alone carrying someone else on their back. Furthermore, it was inside the wilderness of Great Xing’An Mountain. Even commandos in the army would find that unbearable.

After the mysterious Teng Qingshan and Lin Qing said good bye to each other at Da Xing’An, Lin Qing thought that she would most likely never see Teng Qingshan again, but who would have imagined that they would actually meet in An Yi County.

“Teng Qingshan…” Lin Qing muttered, still immersed in those memories.

“Ms. Lin, look! Teng Qingshan appeared!” She was woken up by the excited yell of the ponytailed girl, Xiao Min, and couldn’t help but turn to the window and look outside.

Across the street, there was an orphanage called “Hua Hin Children Orphanage”. Lin Qing and Xiao Min could clearly see the playground of the orphanage from the window. Carrying a large pot filled with apples, a young, short-haired man wearing glasses and a casual attire arrived in the playground.

“Whoa! Apples!”

“Time to eat apples!”

“Everyone line up, there are apples to eat.”

“Don’t rush, everyone stand behind me please. Line up!”

All the children who were playing in the yard just now immediately and obediently formed two lines.

The Hua Hin Children Orphanage provided every orphan with a glass of milk every morning and a piece of fruit every afternoon. The orphan children usually didn’t have any other snacks to eat; therefore, the fruits in the afternoon were quite appealing to them.

“Thank you, uncle Teng.”

The cute kids behaved very well as they received their lovely, ripe, red apples.

Hearing this, the short-haired youth smiled as he continued to pass out apples to the children.

From the window of the teahouse, Xiao Min and Lin Qing continued to watch the short-haired guy distributıng fruits.

“Sister Lin, Teng Qingshan looks so happy. He seems to be really fond of these children.” Xiao Min sighed.

“Yes, he is really fond of children. Otherwise, he wouldn’t volunteer at this orphanage.” Lin Qing fixed her eyes on the short-haired young man, Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan’s fondness of the orphans, and the sincere smile on his face, had absolutely attracted her. “Xiao Min, I suddenly recalled that I need to do one thing.”

“What is it?” Xiao Min’s eyes lit up.

Lin Qing sighed loudly. “Mrs. Hua Hin has been running that orphanage by herself for nearly thirty years. That really is worthy of respect and admiration… I would be pleased to donate one million yuan to them. Go and contact the orphanage’s representative.”

Mrs. Hua Hin was more than eighty years old, and she was the Headmistress of the Hua Hin Children Orphanage.

“That’s a good deed.” Xiao Min agreed happily.

The short-haired young man, Teng Qingshan, continued to distribute apples, and most of the little children after receiving their fruits, started to happily eat them.

“So small.” A slightly curly-haired little child looked at the apple in his hand, and then stared at the apples of the other children, noticing that his apple was significantly smaller in comparison. When the orphanage bought the apples, it was naturally impossible for all apples to be of the same size. Therefore, the fruits that the children received were not all equally large.

However, children loved to compete against each other! Therefore, receiving a smaller apple was like suffering a loss.

“Brother, my apple is the smallest one. Yours is so much bigger than mine; in fact, it’s almost twice as big!” complained the curly-haired little boy to a bigger boy standing next to him.

“Well, my stomach feels unpleasant today, and I don’t think that I can eat this entire apple. Do you want to exchange apples?” laughed the bigger boy. The curly-haired boy’s black eyes lit up as he asked, “Really?” Though he asked this, his eyes were directed towards the huge apple in his big brother’s hand.

“How could I joke with you?” laughed the big boy as he took the small apple from his little brother’s hand and gave him the bigger one.

Teng Qingshan, who had finished distributing the fruit, caught that scene.

“Those two brothers …” Teng Qingshan eyes shook. A very old scene appeared in his mind.

It was on Lunar New Year’s Eve, a very long time ago …

The snowflakes fluttered, and firecrackers rang incessantly outside. In an unfurnished house, a bunch of big children were shouting in joy while surrounding a sixty-year-old woman.

“These are for everyone. Come, one at a time!” The old grey-haired woman, who watched over these children, gave each one three white rabbit candies. During that kind of era, the era of poverty, having bunny candies on New Year’s Eve was really something incredible.

“Thank you, Grandma!”

These children were bursting with delight as they peeled off the candies’ packaging, one at a time.

They hadn’t eaten any candy for over year and half, and they couldn’t resist the temptation. Everyone was happily eating while shrieking with excitement.

“Brother!” A child wearing an old, patched up shirt curled his lips and looked at his big brother.

“What’s the matter, Qing He?” Next to him stood a slightly taller boy wearing a similarly tattered clothes, who looked at him, puzzled.

“I-I finished all the candies. It was so delicious… and I finished it in an instant…” The little child called Qing He was watching the other children slowly eating their candies, and his drool drooped almost all the way to the ground. The slightly taller boy lowered his head and looked at the two sugar candies in his hand.

”Qing He, take this and eat.”, said the slightly taller boy.

“Brother, you don’t want to eat it?”, Qing He hesitated.

“I have a toothache.”, laughed the taller boy. “I started to get a nasty toothache after I finished the first candy. This is all yours. Remember, do not chew the candy when you eat it. You chewed on them, which is why you finished all three of your candies while the others were still eating their first.”

“Yeah, I understand brother. You’re the best!”, laughed Qing He. “There are two candies, so one for each of us. Okay?”

The taller boy lowered his head. He was also just a little boy, and so he also couldn’t resist the appeal of the candies. He nodded, “Okay, we’ll each take one.”


“One each.” Teng Qingshan whispered softly. “Qing He, twenty years have passed. It has already been twenty years!”

There was an echo of footsteps. Teng Qingshan looked back and saw an old white-haired lady who accompanied by another woman coming towards him.


“Hello, Grandma-Headmistress!”

The large group of orphans yelled in excitement. A smile, like a blooming flower, appeared on the white-haired old lady’s face.

“Grandma-Headmistress.” Teng Qingshan hesitated in front of this white-haired Grandma-Headmistress. In his memory, he still remembered how this grandma took care of him and his brother. “It has been twenty years. The headmaster should be eighty-three years old now.” Teng Qingshan was excited and trembled slightly.

However, he regained his composure and restored his calm in a heartbeat.

“Headmistress, this young man Teng Qingshan came of his own initiative to be volunteer here. He has been working here for six days already and is a very diligent, smart young man.” laughed the other woman.

“Oh, Teng Qingshan?” The eighty-plus-year-old white-haired woman smiled, looking at Teng Qingshan.

“Teng Qingshan, could you please help me take care of the Chief while I go to the kitchen to prepare dinner for little children?” asked the woman with a smile.

“No problem, Aunt Liu,” laughed Teng Qingshan.

“Headmistress, I will go first.” the woman told the Headmistress, while Teng Qingshan went down on the ground before giving the Headmistress a helping hand. This old woman tenderly looked at Teng Qingshan with a gentle smile on her face. “Qingshan, you are twenty three years old now, right? I looked at your resume.”

“Yes, I have just graduated from college.” nodded Teng Qingshan.

“Just by seeing your delicate skin, I knew that you had never done hard work before. Have you been overworked here for the past few days?” smiled the old white haired woman.

“No, I have been extremely happy while working here.” Teng Qingshan said with a smile while escorting the Headmistress.

The Grandma-Headmistress emotionally said, “To be honest, Qingshan, I feel really close to you each time that I see you, and I can’t help but to think about the past. There was a child in this orphanage who had the same name as you, and he was about eight years old. Our orphanage conditions were very poor, and there was only me and my oldest daughter taking care of those children. There were a pair of brothers, one called Qingshan, one called Qing He, and I gave them those names. Your name is also Qingshan… This really is fate.”

Trembling, Teng Qingshan nodded, “Yes, it really must be fate.”

“But Qingshan was adopted and left this orphanage around twenty-two years ago. He must be around twenty-nine years old now, much older than you. Perhaps he even got married and already has children,” Grandma-Headmistress said. “He was a very well-behaved child, but I don’t know how he is doing now. I’m getting weaker day by day. If only I could see him again…”

Teng Qingshan was very touched, “I believe that Headmistress’s wish will one day come true.”

Teng Qingshan and Qing He were brothers who had been left in at the doorstep of orphanage just after they were born. At that time, Headmistress Hua Hin had just opened this orphanage. Teng Qingshan and Qing He were said to have been in the first group of orphans. Moreover, Grandma-Headmistress Hua Hin slowly raised those children herself. As a result, her affection towards them was very deep.

Lin Qing and Xiao Min observed Teng Qingshan as he worked at the orphanage. He first accompanied the Headmistress, then went and played with the orphans. From the beginning to the end, he didn’t seem impatient at all. All the children there also loved him and called him Uncle Teng. Afterwards, Teng Qingshan took the children to the cafeteria for dinner.

“Sister Lin, he came out!” Xiao Min immediately exclaimed.

Seeing Teng Qingshan coming out of the main door of orphanage, Lin Qing yelled out from the window, “Teng Qingshan!” Only then did Teng Qingshan looked up.

“Come here and sit for a while.” smiled Lin Qing. She knew that Teng Qingshan had already eaten dinner in the cafeteria, although she had invited Teng Qingshan several times before, Teng Qingshan had only ever come here twice to talk to her.

Teng Qingshan smiled and shook his head. “It’s alright. I have something that needs to be done today. Let’s meet up next time.”

“Then… let’s do that.” Lin Qing was a bit disappointed, but she still kept smiling.

Xiao Min and Lin Qing sat and watched Teng Qingshan walk away.

“Sister Lin, Teng Qingshan didn’t give you any face. He didn’t even agree after receiving a personal invitation from the beautiful Lin Qing herself!” Xiao Min laughed.

“It’s alright. Let’s go have dinner at my place.” Lin Qing proceeded to stand up and leave the teahouse with Xiao Min.


In a farmyard in the outskirts of An Yi County.

In the empty courtyard, Teng Qingshan was bare-chested, and he had taken his glasses off. With glasses, Teng Qingshan looked modest and humble. After removing them, he looked intense and unwavering.

At this moment, Teng Qingshan was performing the Three Xing Yi Postures with his upper body naked.

He took a deep breath and suddenly threw his chest out, simulating tiger claws with his hands. His feet moved over the mud like he was riding on air. Teng Qingshan had a solid masculine appeal and gave off the firm aura of a mountain. Regardless of whether he was moving forwards, turning right, or fighting, his demeanor made people feel that he was unshakable.

“Hu, Hu!”

Breezes could be heard in the air.

Once he was in his posture, he stood still – like a cauldron.

His left leg looked like a plow scraping on the ground.Suddenly, he stomped his right, like a big bow, his whole body was bent to the limit, his right fist shot out like a released arrow.


A sound of air exploding came out of nowhere and generated a stream of strong wind in the yard.

His Three Xing Yi Postures changed without hesitation to the ‘Bursting Fist’ of the Five Elements boxing. Like flowing water, it could, without exerting much force, create a large power creating an explosion of air.

If people from the martial arts community could see this scene, they would be stunned with fright.

Teng Qingshan began to move around the courtyard with Three Xing Yi Postures as the basis and occasionally changing to the Five Elements Boxing. Of course, amongst the Five Elements Boxing, his achievement in the cannon fist was already at the highest possible level.

[TL Note- Xing Yi Quan is a type of Chinese Martial Arts]


Turning his body around, Teng Qingshan returned to the preparation posture of Three Xing Yi Postures Martial Arts, as he slowly exhaled.

His mind was as calm as water, like a lake which created no waves. He could clearly sense every single part of his body – from the large organs, to every strand of muscle, to every pore in his skin, and even all of his hair follicles. However, it was still far off when compared to the ‘inner sight’ from the legends.

[ED Note: It’s being able to see inside his body physically so it’s harder to explain what inner sight actually is ;-;]

“Although it’s only missing one final step, it seems like an insurmountable natural barrier. If I am able to enter the grandmaster realm in this lifetime, then I can die without any regrets.” Teng Qingshan could not help sighing.

Having heard The Way in the morning, one may die content in the evening.

Xing Yi Martial Art was one of the three major Internal Martial Arts, and there were several historical people who had been capable of achieving the master realm. However, in modern society, it was very rare to find someone who was able to master it.

“This ground is so fragile that it’s impossible to use my full power while practicing.” Teng Qingshan looked at the concrete ground, which was already cracked. He had just been practicing, and so he hadn’t displayed everything yet. If he were to actually fight, the concrete ground would have been destroyed in an instant.

After he finished, Teng Qingshan sat cross-legged on the ground. The air moved into his nose and wound its way around his body until it reached his heart. His breath was so slight that it could hardly be heard. His mind still as calm as water.

His spirit felt infinitely relaxed.

“Wuh, wuh…” The sound of his blood flowing throughout his entire body was like the faint, slowly growing sound of gurgling water. Even his slow heartbeat could be clearly heard.

Time quickly passed, and soon it was the middle of the night.

Teng Qingshan was still sitting cross-legged in the courtyard, and at that moment, outside on the cement road, a tall, skinny man wearing black clothes lowered his voice. He talked into the microphone which was stuck on his collar. “Grey Eagle, I have just arrived at the target’s suspected location.” The skinny man tried to calm himself down.

He approached the target quietly, taking nimble steps without making a sound.

Using both hands, he grabbed the wall and pressed with his fingers. As if he had transformed into a leopard cat, he jumped over the wall. When he landed, his hands and feet touched the ground at the same time, making an almost non-existent sound.

When the man in black looked around, he suddenly noticed a man sitting cross-legged in the middle of the yard, which scared him to death.

“You guys even chased me here?” The cross-legged man suddenly opened his eyes.

“Run!” The man in black’s face immediately went pale, and didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flee.

The man in black knew very clearly that with a ‘stealthy assassination’, he might have had a slight chance to succeed.

However, he had been detected. According to the intelligence, he had no hope of winning.

“Whoosh” The man in black immediately stormed back while turning around as he tried to flee the yard.


The man in black suddenly saw the cross-legged shadow rushing at him like a storm. The entire concrete floor abruptly shook and cracked open. That shadow looked like a furious tiger and leapt towards him from 7-8 meters away. The man in black was so terrified that he didn’t even have time to take his weapon out.

“Ack!” The man in black felt a strong pain in his throat.

“Wha … ha …” he tried to speak, but not a single word came out. His head hung there powerlessly as he swiftly died.

Teng Qingshan tore the sleeve off the hitman’s shirt and smeared blood on his arm. A dark, extremely complicated barcode tattoo appeared. Despite the weak moonlight, Teng Qingshan could clearly see the tattoo due to his powerful vision. His countenance changed slightly. “I can’t believe that they were actually willing to spend such a large sum and ask the Hand of Darkness to track me down.”

“My whereabouts have already been detected. I shouldn’t stay in An Yi County any longer.”

Teng Qingshan immediately went back to his room. He changed into a new set of clothes, packed his belongings, and quietly left the An Yi County in the dead of the night.


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